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Cells Golvonic Electrochemicol - chemicol in oxidotionspontoneous systems which produce cells.

usefulelectrochemicol reoctions ) ref er to f igure2 ond3 on page 696 is the zincelectrode beingoxidized, formingZnz' ions into releosed solution:Zn(s) ) ZnZ*+ 2e-

- copper copper ionsin solution reduced odding arebeing * Cu?* 2e- t Cu(s) otoms the electrodez to - oxidotion occurs the of occurs the onode reduction of ond e ond cothode electronslowf romthe onod to the f cothode. - the strongest present the cellis olwoys in agent oxidizing of areduction the cothode. undergoes - the strongest on reducing ogent olwoys undergoes oxidotion the onode. of - the two holf-cells connected o solt-brid the ge, by ore purpose being completethe to circuitwithoutreocting cell. with the ionsin the electrochemicol - the stondord for form of writinganeguotion on electrochemicol is osfollows: cell (-) (.) cothode I electrolytell electrolyte I onode (reduction) (oxidotion) phose phose indicotor indicotor solt bridge

- holf-cellpotentiols be usedto predict if on oxidationcon reduction reoction occur. will - af the cellvoltoge or the overollreoctionis positive, fhe f as reoction proceed written. will Problem Somple ondcothodereoctions the Write the onode for electrochemicql cell: (1.0M) | Ag(s) (1.0M)ll Ag.(oq) cr(s) | Cr7.(oq) And cof culotethe cellpotentiol. Sof ution: Bosedon toble C9, Ag is the stronger oxidizingagent, ond therefore reduces the cothode,ond Cr is the stronge? of reducingagenf,ondtherefore oxidizesof the onode. Anode: Cr(s) ) Crz.(og)+ 2eEo= +0.91V Cothode: 2Ag.(og)+ 2e- ) 1Ag(s\ E" = +0.80V * Cr(s)* ZAg.(aq)) Cr2.(og) Ag(s) Eo= *L.7!V **NOTE; neve? the voltogewhenmultiplying multiply individuol eguotions. - cellvoltoge(overoll is of reoction) o meosure howeosily on oxidotion-reduction reoction proc will eed.


- ofter o timethe concentrotion the sofutions of chonge os do the moss the electrodes the cellwill not of ond produce sqm voltoge. the e - eventuolly, system l reocheguilibrium the wif whereEo= 0.

Stoichiometry CellReoctions of Byonofyzing holf reoctions the tokingplocein on electrochemicof l ondby moking cef su?e thot the number elecfrons ondgoined equol, mofcr of lost are o refotionship between components the cellcon the of be determined. The'mof relotionship importont determining e' is in the voftoge generated in colculotions detennine ond to fost by the onod ond/orgoined the cothode. moss e by Somple Problem Bywhotmoss, groms, o chromium in will increose cothode it when is coupled o mognesium to holf-cell which in the (ossume mognesium onode loses 1.539? ions chromium in solution Cr3.). ore Solution q) Write holf-reoctions the electrochemicol f or cells: M9 ) Mg'* + 2ec?3"+ 3e- ) Cr
Bolonce number electrons the of ondodd holfreoctions get bolonced to redox reoction: 3Mg)3Mg'.+6e2Cr3'+6e-)ACr 3Mg + 2Cr3.) 3Mg2.* 7Cr


r \-/


of Determine mqss Cr produced: + 3Mg + 2cr3.) 3M92* \cr 72.99 t04g 1.539 mc'. LO4 Cr g 72.9g Mg" tO4g Cr * 1.53 gMgz. 72.9g Mg'.

i) moss 72.99 t04g ii) qctuolmoss !!o gMgz. 1.53


= 2.18 gCr