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Date:22nd March, 2011

Day: Tuesday

Time: 60 mins

Subject: English Language

Topic: Visiting a Restaurant

Level: Grade 5 Time Resources(Material) Assessment

57mins Flash cards Multimedia Menu card Table cloth Disposible glass, plates and spoons  Flowers  Napkins/Tissue papers  Paper money      

Objectives Plan(methodology)
1.To enable students to enhance their communicative competence by exposing them to real life situation. 2.They will be able to write a skit on a restaurant scene. .  Procedure:  Brainstorming: A visual of a restaurant will be shown to students. Following questions will be asked. Q.1 What kind of place is this? Q.2 Do you like to visit to a hotel or a restaurant? Q.3Which is your favourite restaurant? Why? Q.4 Have you ever ordered anything for yourself? Presentation:  Activity1:  Students will be divided into four groups.  Information gap activity will be done. Each group will be given a flash card. After readind, one volunteer from each group will come up and share information with other groups.  Practice:  Students will be divided into pairs.  Visuals of restaurant will be shown one by one with dialogues to familiarize them with real life situation. .


Students creativity and learning will be assessed through their performance during activities


 Students will discuss their role with each other as customer and server.  They will act in front of the class as customer and server.(giving and taking orders)

 Recapitulation:  A few questiions will be asked related to information-gap activity.  Q.1 Where did Mr. Johns family go?  Q.2 How did the waiter greet them?  Q.3 What did they order? Product:  Students will be divided into four groups (5 members each) and they will write a skit about a dinner in a restaurant, that includes greeting someone, making suggestions, ordering food and beverages and paying the bill.  Teacher arranges a table and provides them a restaurant setting within the classroom.  Each group will perform according to its written skit. HW:
 Visit any restaurant on coming weekend with your group members and share your experience in the next class.




Evaluation of teaching
Were clear instructions given to the students? Was the lesson time bound? Was the students understanding and activity according to my planning?

Evaluation of students learning:

Students creativity and understanding will be evaluated through their work on skit and their performance.

Mr. Johns and his family decided to visit a restaurant. It was a pleasant Sunday evening when finally they went. The whole family was quite excited. Everyone planned to order his\her favourite dish. Mr. Johns son Jack and daughter Elizabeth chose their favourite place to sit. It was near beautiful and colourful fountain. A lot of people were enjoying eating at that time. The environment of the restaurant was pleasant. Soft music in low volume was being played. There was a large sized LCD on which people were watching a football match.

Mr. Johns chose a peaceful corner. The whole family was eager to give order. The waiter came and greeted Mr. Johns. Good Evening Sir! What do you want to take? Waiter gave them menu card as well. Mr. Johns asked his family about the food and beverages items they wanted to take. Jack, his son wanted to eat fried fish , Elizabeth his daughter wanted to eat vegetable rice, his wife was also interested in eating fish.

Waiter told them that fried fish was not available at that moment. Jack and his mum got upset and finally agreed to take beef stacks. Jack was still unhappy and insisted on fish. Waiter told them that in that case they had to wait for another half an hour. His mum tried her best to convince him and promised to make it at home next day. Jack gave his consent and got ready to take beef stacks. So, Mr. Johns gave order accordingly.

After fifteen minutes waiter brought their order. They started eating. Besides that they were also busy in discussing their upcoming family events. Jack enjoyed stacks but Elizabeths rice dish was not up to her expectation but she enjoyed the desert. After eating Mr. Johns paid the bill, Jack requested his father to give more tip to the waiter. Jack and Elizabeth decided to visit the restaurant again with their friends and they left with sweet memories.