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Kalona is a Cherokee Ledged. He was like a fallen angel like Lucifer in the Christian religion. Unlike Lucifer he walked on earth and mated with humans. The Bible called them Nephilim and the Greeks and Romans called them Olympian gods. These creatures were beautiful and powerful. Kalona also had an aversion to the Earth because he was a creature of the heavens and thats were he belonged. The Cherokee people spoke of him as beautiful beyond compare, with wings the color of night. He could change form into a creature that looked like an enormous raven. The Cherokee people welcomed him as a god, singing songs and dancing for him. During this time their crops thrived and the women were fertile. Then everything gradually changed. He started to change when he started to lie to the maidens of the tribe. When Kalona bedded a maiden for the first time he became obsessed. He had to have the women. He needed them to satisfy his craving. Although he craved them he also hated them for causing him this lust and obsession. The maidens then turned their backs on Kalona. After this event occurred it wasnt long until he turned into a monster. He then used his incredible powers to rule the men and defile the woman of the Cherokee tribe. After a while his hatred for women grew with an intensity. As he raped the woman they became pregnant. As these babies were born very few were alive, but once in a while on of the offspring would survive. These infants were not human; they were ravens with eyes and limbs of a man. These children were called Raven Mockers. For centenaries the warriors of the tribe tried to defeat him but could not succeed. The Ghigua then called a secret council of Wise Women from all tribes. The Ghigua was a gifted Wise Woman, a diplomat. She was also very close to the Great Spirit. Each tribe had a Ghigua. They all met in a cave deep in the earth where Kalona could not eavesdrop. They used their magic to create a maiden so beautiful that Kalona could not resist. The Ghigua that was most gifted at pottery sculpted a maidens body. Then the most gifted weaver wove long, dark hair that fell in waves around her waist. The dressmaker then made a beautiful white dress. They all then decorated the creation with beads, shells, and feathers. The Ghigua with the most fleet of foot then rubbed her legs, while the Ghigua with the most amazing singing of all the tribes whispered soft, sweet words, giving her the most soothing, present voice. After the creation was finally complete the Ghiguas then cut their palms and used their blood to draw the symbols of power representing the Sacred Seven: north, east, west, south, above, below, and spirit in her body. They then joined hands to use their powers to breathe life into this incredible creation. They called this beautiful woman Aya. The Ghigua told no one about A-ya. At dawn the next day the Ghigua lead A-ya out of the cave and took her to the stream were Kalona bathed every morning. A Ghigua whispers in her ear what A-ya must do. A-ya sat there in a patch of morning sunlight combing her hair and singing a maidens song. Kalona then saw her becoming obsessed with possessing her. A-ya knowing what she had to do fled from Kalona. He then followed A-ya as she led him into the cave. He was so memorized by her he did not hesitate at the mouth of the cage or realize the Ghigua women fallowing behind, nor their soft Chants. When Kalona got to her in the center of the earth A-ya then welcomed him with an inviting body. But the moment her penetrated her it all changed. Her body changed back to what it once been. Her arms and legs turned back to clay that captured him in her embrace. The Ghigua woman then chanted for Earth to seal the cave, trapping Kalona in the embrace of A-ya forever. The moment the cave was sealed his children sung songs of his return and revenge against humans, especially woman.