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DevNetJobs, Surveillance Medical Officer , National Polio Surveillance ...

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DevNetJobs, Surveillance Medical Officer , National Polio Surveillance ... Subscribe to Indian Job e-Updates

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Surveillance Medical Officer National Polio Surveillance Project

Location: Anywhere in India Last Date: June 25, 2011

Email: (Reference:

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TITLE: SURVEILLANCE MEDICAL OFFICER DURATION: Special Services Agreement up to the 31st of December 2011 (To be renewed based on the need of the project & also on the performance of the individual) LOCATION: Anywhere in India

TERMS OF REFERENCE The position would work under the guidance and report to the Sub-Regional Team Leader/Regional Team Leader at the WHO National Polio Surveillance Project. However, s/he could be posted anywhere in India as per the project needs.

The SMO would be required to also report and work in close coordination with the focal person for the under-served strategy on all related issues. (only relevant to SMO’s focusing on under-served issues as well).

The approvals of leave and the appraisal would be carried out by the Sub-Regional Team Leader / Team Leader.

The overall responsibility of the Surveillance Medical Officer shall include the following:

Administrative / Finance Function:

  • 1. Maintain cash book expenditures, and perform other administrative duties according to

established project guidelines;

  • 2. Provide supervision and training to Driver and an Administrative Assistant; (Only

applicable to SMO’s handling the unit).

Technical Responsibilities:

  • 3. Provide training, technical and logistic assistance and motivate the government

counterparts as needed to promote timely reporting, investigation, follow-up and response to cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) within a designated area according to

guidelines and procedures provided by the NPSP and the Government of India;

  • 4. Identify & workup AFP cases with inadequate stool specimen for Expert Review and

submit documents timely;

  • 5. Plan, organize, and conduct meetings with government officials, professional

organizations, hospital staff, non-government organizations, and others to promote understanding of, support for, participation in, and effective implementation of activities related to surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis and polio eradication;

  • 6. Maintain up-to-date AFP case data and laboratory results for area of responsibility and

submit to the National Polio Surveillance Unit (NPSU) as per program guidelines. Analyze and interpret case data for follow up actions, and keep Regional Team Leader


  • 7. Plan, induct and maintain a network of reporting units and informers for AFP case

reporting and case investigation. Analyse need

DevNetJobs, Surveillance Medical Officer , National Polio Surveillance ...

of expansion of reporting network & initiate immediate means to improve;

  • 8. Plan and conduct regular meetings with staff of medical colleges and major reporting

units to provide updates to new staff members and to sustain motivation;

  • 9. Maintain up-to-date data related to immunization activities for the area of responsibility

and ensure analysis and interpretation of

this data for improvement of immunization activities in the area.

  • 10. Develop and maintain close working relationship with Government officials responsible

for immunization and surveillance in their designated area, as well as with other individuals and organizations related to disease surveillance;

  • 11. Provide training, technical and logistic assistance for planning and implementation of

NIDs and mopping-up activities and strengthening coverage for routine EPI to ensure proper micro planning, implementation & monitoring of immunization activities in accordance with guidelines & procedures provided by NPSP & Govt. of India.

FOR SMO-US: Apart from the above,

  • 12. Identification and mapping of high-risk areas (HRAs) in coordination with the SMOs of

NPSP, social mobilization partners like UNICEF and CMO/BMO’s of government;

  • 13. Review micro plans of these high risk areas to ensure identification induction of

members from the local underserved

communities as vaccinators, third team members and influencers;

  • 13. Ensure participation of key influencers/ institutions from the underserved communities in

planning and implementation of the polio eradication programme. This includes their participation in district and block level


  • 14. Orientation of trainers, vaccinators, influencers and others deployed in HRAs on IPC in

underserved areas;

  • 15. Participate in mobilization and advocacy activities organized by SMC/DUC/BMC and

provide technical guidance and inputs;

  • 16. Identify other previously untapped opportunities for advocacy and immunization in

underserved communities.

Preparation of Reports:

  • 1. To prepare spot maps and present AFP case data as required;

  • 2. For the Surveillance Medical Officers posted at the State headquarters, s/he has to

coordinate the weekly and monthly state report to NPSU. The person would also be carrying out other tasks/activities as and when required by her supervisor at NPSP.

Education Qualification/Experience:

  • 1. Essential: MBBS with at least 2 years of experience;

  • 2. Desirable:

o Post graduation in community medicine, preventive social medicine, pediatrics, MPH/MHA o Experience in public health/program management.

o Experience of working in the IPPI Programme. o Diploma in computer applications.


The individual should possess:

  • 1. A pleasant persona;

  • 2. Excellent Communication skills (both written and spoken);

  • 3. Good analytical skills;

  • 4. Ability to multi task;

  • 5. Ability to work in different environments;

  • 6. Good presentation skills;

  • 7. Good inter-personal skills.

The incumbent will receive a Special Services Agreement with the World Health Organization. The remuneration will be

DevNetJobs, Surveillance Medical Officer , National Polio Surveillance ...

starting from Rs 90,000/- per month onwards at FG 5(1) / (2) / (3), taxable as per Indian laws.

(Female public health professionals are encouraged to apply)

Interested candidates are requested to send their resume at

DevNetJobs, Surveillance Medical Officer , National Polio Surveillance ... starting from Rs 90,000/- per month

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