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MURRAY (& Daniel) THOMPSON: PESTICIDE-RELATED SYMPTOMS Murray Thompson PO Box 5761 South Windsor NSW 2756 1st May 2011 Update

PESTICIDE POISONING & MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVE (MCS) SYMPTOMS FOR: Murray Thompson The following details represent an extensive listing of symptoms generated in me (and my son) from exposure to a synthetic pyrethroid termiticide/pesticide called Biflex. This chemical barrier termite pesticide was forced on me even after voluminous objections by myself at my New South Wales Department of Housing unit in north-west Sydney. For my son I include symptoms (mainly psychological) generated from his exposure to Biflex at my unit and then, later, to his further exposure to herbicide vapour in his mothers house located next to a golf club. These notes may be of assistance to those who have experienced chemical poisoning resulting in psychological and more overtly physical Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) symptoms. Some qualifications exist for the list below: I have had minimal pain in my right wrist and back pain (from an old work injury) for some years prior to being poisoned on Dec. 7th 2000 via the inhalation of hydrocarbon (solvent) vapour from the above-mentioned pesticide/termiticide treatment. As well, for around 25 years I have had mild asthma that reacted to dust, flysprays and some building caulking products. I experience now and have experienced only since my major poisoning with pyrethroid termiticide on Dec. 07, 2000: SEVERE LIMITATIONS IN THE AMOUNT OF EXERCISE I CAN DO. In sharp contrast with my physical state of health/energy before being poisoned (very strong & very fit), if I exercise more than 30 mins on any day I inevitably experience extreme fatigue for the next 24-72 hours commensurate with the additional time over 30 minutes. And yet I must do some exercise, otherwise the usual fatigue that has become a normal part of my MCS life since being poisoned becomes unbearably deep, internal, utterly persistent and clinging, like a disease that will not go away, and one waiting to inflict greater traumas ahead on the basis of the lethargy welded to every cell in my body. It is a horrible sensation, and one that started 10 minutes after the termiticide spraying commenced Dec. 07, 2000, once the solvent vapour from the Biflex termiticide entered my unit and elicited a cascade of symptoms, including: dizziness, incoordination, headache and massive fatigue. SEVERE PAIN FROM AN INFLAMED STOMACH LINING. This occurs almost every time I become significantly fatigued. It requires either/both Buscopan and tea made from Sage leaves to ultimately eliminate the crippling pain over a period of 1-2 hours. It takes quite a while to reduce the pain below a level where it prevents me from doing anything else. blood. BLEEDING. Every time I blow my nose or clean my nose, there is blood. Every time I brush my teeth there is

VARIOUS SMALL MUSCLE SPASMS IN THE ARMS, SHOULDERS & EYELIDS. I did not get muscle spasms before my nervous system was attacked by the Biflex application. SEVERE BACK SPASMS that occur for no reason and while doing absolutely nothing (they cripple me for days).

CONSTANT GASTRIC REFLUX, I believe from stress. I never stop belching and have constant ABDOMINAL BLOATING. CHRONIC BACK PAIN. I experience constant pain in the upper right quadrant of my back which requires constant manipulation and 'clicks' to relieve. As well, I have almost constant neck pain (particularly the right side), which frequently leads into headaches demanding the use of Panadeine Forte. This was for a time being treated at the Westmead Hospital Chronic Pain Clinic and the Hawkesbury Hospital with physiotherapy with some small beneficial results. My physiotherapy stopped as of 2010. Further general benefits in terms of back and neck pain were gotten from lifting light weights, but my back is still very prone to sudden strains, and my neck is still prone to significant levels of pain

and consequent nauseous headaches. Note that lifting weights, although beneficial, represents a trade-off. I now experience a significant level of finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain as a result of the use of weights. SENSITIVITY TO MEDICATION. For example: o Panadeine Forte makes me very dizzy, and generates a horrible sensation of impending death. o Pariet (a medication for chronic acid reflux) gives me tongue ulcers. o A tetanus vaccination (see below) has given me chronic knee and hip joint pain. o Zantac (a medication for chronic acid reflux) gives me a headache and makes me nauseous.

EXTREME SENSITIVITIES TO PERFUMES, DEODORANTS, VEHICLE EXHAUST EMISSIONS, INK IN BROCHURES, FUMES FROM PARTICLE BOARD, EMF RADIATION, etc. If a woman with, particularly, an older style perfume sits in front of me on a bus or train, then I must move seats. On a peak-hour train you cannot escape the odour (I previously got off a train I was on to avoid the odour and reduce the symptoms; now I avoid peak-hour trains). Smelling perfume on the street can even send me reeling. I even snort in order to attempt the removal of the scent from my nose. I have had a coughing fit breathing perfume on the street. As well: o I am made very ill by breathing vapours from car workshops (e.g. just walking past a car body shop). o I become physically ill, dizzy, nauseous and uncoordinated within 4 m of a green street-level power substation. The sensation can be described thus: nausea and a general cross between a pervasive yet 'dull' burning sensation and a feeling of being 'overwhelmed' throughout my body. I actively avoid walking near them. I cannot be within 1 m of a larger-sized TV, within 1 m of a photocopier, and within 40 cm of a smaller-sized TV. o Vapours from printeries, junk mail, particle-board cupboards, plastic wrapping, detergents, toilet rolls, etc. All have considerable impact (the smell and the burning/exploding head sensation makes me recoil and I try to force to odour out of my nose). o TVs also magnify my tinnitus (see page 5).

VACCINE REACTION. On the 6th September 2006 my GP gave me a tetanus toxoid shot after cutting my hand inside a bus. Not only did I gain a raft of knee and hip joint pains immediately (within a week or so) after this vaccination (and which still persist to this day), I also totally forgot that she gave me the shot (???). She had to show me her medical notes and the vaccine label, I was so adamant that I would not have allowed her to give me the vaccine because of my specific concerns about potential vaccine injury. I cannot explain not remembering getting this vaccination. I will note here that my GP is a marvellous lady who has been extremely supportive of all my many and varied complaints regarding pesticide and stress mediated injuries over the years. JOINT PAINS. I developed a raft of painful joint pains (knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists) after the initial exposure to termiticide on 7th Dec. 2000. As well, there was pain in not easily definable joints in my legs, and restless legs syndrome. Also, since accidentally handling herbicide-sprayed weeds in May 2008 at the back of my exs residence (against the east perimeter fence of the Windsor Country Golf Club) I have developed further joint pains in both knees, and particularly the left knee joint. With this recent condition, the weakness, discomfort and pain I experience walking down steps (and while walking on a slope that drops down to the right) is almost identical to the same type of pain problem that developed during 2001 immediately after the termiticide pyrethroid exposure (which condition took about 3 years plus to dissipate). However, the additional feature of the sensation of looseness (particularly in the left knee joint) has appeared again, and this symptom is a signature of the loose hip and knee joints problem noted after my

tetanus toxoid vaccination of 6th Sept. 2006. Further (as of March 2009), inhaling dust while weeding (dust very likely carrying herbicide residue as it was located in the golf club herbicide sprayed area) has produced new symptoms and the usual joint pains. Also see HERBICIDE POISONING SYMPTOMS below. Also see FINGER JOINT (MCP) DAMAGE & LEFT/RIGHT WRIST JOINT PAIN below. As of August 2010, the knee joint pains appeared to be around the medial collateral ligament, and occur in both knees. I have recently experienced significant pain in the right knee in the medial ligament area, this time with swelling and considerable pain causing limping. A GP in Sydney suspects the cartilage there. I had to stop walking for around 3 days for the swelling and pain to disappear. Dr. Mark Donohoe has provided me with TWIMC letters proscribing vaccinations of any kind. PAIN IN THE LOWER LEGS. I cannot go jogging anymore because I experience a great deal of pain below the knees (not in the thighs). This means that my fitness is severely compromised, and adds to my depression (I grew up exercising, hiking, lifting weights, doing callisthenics, etc.). KIDNEY STONES. I had one kidney stone prior to the major poisoning event; 3 KIDNEY STONES after. STREP THROAT. I am very predisposed to this, especially if a vitamin pill scratches my throat.

INFECTION. I am very predisposed to this (redness, swelling, pain) on my finger tips after biting my fingernails or getting a scratch from weeding, picking up sticks, etc. PAINFUL NECK. In using my asthma inhaler or in blowing my nose, I am very predisposed to getting a sudden and extremely painful spasm causing pain in the neck lasting for days. This restricts my ability to turn my head, causing considerable discomfort. SPERM DAMAGE. A Sydney IVF test in 2004 (3.5 years after the poisoning) appears to indicate some variety of unusual sperm damage in terms of abnormal readings in both "motility" and morphology. The test readings/determinations were defined: unusually low. Ejaculate volume was 2.2ml. In contrast to this morbid state discovered in 2004, my son was easily conceived in 1991. Another Sydney IVF sperm test performed in June 2009 then demonstrated all normal results except Low ejaculate volume (1.6ml), apparently still indicating some measure of morbidity. I have never been able to get a professional opinion on this matter, though my research article titled: MurrayThompson_Pesticide-&-Sperm-Impact-Research.pdf indicated clearly that sperm motility and morphology can be affected by exposure to, respectively, ESTROGENIC PESTICIDE and ENVIRONMENTAL DDT. ASTHMA (acute) has generally not been a significant concern for me since the poisoning, however the prominent sensation of drowning in wet cement which appeared around 2005 and then retreated a little after around a year (and then returned strongly after this period) has been genuinely distressing (see next bulleted point for its prominent re-appearance) below. What is really annoying is not being able to complete long sentences anymore, and never feeling like I can fill my lungs adequately/completely. Further, to always be getting normal results in lung function tests is irritating from the perspective that the tests appear to ignore that my previous athleticism gave me superior lung function (see notes below) and that what I experience as a deficit now since the poisoning is never interpreted realistically by medical professionals (who dont appear to be interested inside their confined areas of expertise and perspective in the wider context of your health history) as a genuine drop in my lung capacity. SEVERE ASTHMA. During 2007 I travelled on a train north from Sydney up to Hervey Bay. While on this overnight train I experienced highly anomalous asthma so bad I had to take 2 X 25 mg Prednisone tablets () to alleviate the asthmatic reaction. I always have had mild asthma since 1979 (after developing it in response to 2 X work stints in 1977 & then 1979 in a grout factory where the air was always filled with grout, synthetic colour, water softener, cement and sand dusts), so this train episode was extremely unusual. I believe I was reacting to a pesticide treatment previously performed on that train. REDUCED LUNG CAPACITY. I am tired of having respiratory tests only to be told I have normal lung function and capacity when I know that I only have around an estimated 85-90% of my total lung capacity available to me. I was extremely fit and strong immediately prior to the pesticide exposure of Dec. 7th 2000 (and had been vigorously and

consistently exercising since early childhood), so I believe I then had an above-average lung capacity (you need that to be able in my thirties to run 400m in 59 seconds). Because my legal case is based in my original statements to the DOH where I had warned them of my asthmatic chemical sensitivity, much focus has been (in terms of investigating my condition for my legal case) on my lung function. All respiratory specialists state nothing of note in terms of the possible effect of the pesticide exposure on my lungs. I developed a feeling of "drowning in wet cement" (approx. 2005-2008), which then more notably reduced in severity, but has not totally disappeared. Then, in March of 2009 (see immediately below), I was exposed to herbicide residue in soil dust. My lungs were then hit with chronic infections and shocking congestion. However, by the time I got to see 2 X respiratory specialists in July and September of 2009, my lungs had recovered back to the 85-90% lung capacity typical of my general post-pesticide exposure state. Inevitably, all lung function tests registered as normal. The medical professional assumption will remain that my lungs have never been significantly affected by my original 2000 pesticide exposure or any other events since. HERBICIDE POISONING SYMPTOMS. On 18th March 2009 I was EXPOSED TO DUST while weeding at the back of my ex's residence in McQuade Avenue Sth. Windsor. Her property backs onto the Windsor Country Golf Course and the golf club have consistently sprayed herbicide up against the porous and gap-ridden paling back fences of dozens of homes in this and another street in the same area. See THIS LINK for photographic evidence of these herbicide spraying events. While pulling the weeds I began to feel ill. I experienced chest pain, pain in my right arm, and felt extremely winded and uncomfortable. I did not recognize what was happening. Eventually, I felt as though I was going to drop dead suddenly. The next day at my residence I tried pushing a mower and using a grass cutter, and felt unusually winded again. o On 22nd March I felt extremely winded with bad chest pain from 11pm onwards. From 11:30pm the chest pain was severe. As well, a lot of new joint pain appeared in the 4th finger left hand, first phalange joint. o Thereafter, and within the next 2 weeks, I experienced: Bouts of severe abdominal pain that did not react to buscopan or panadeine forte; Sore throat; Very itchy skin; Elevation in old joint pains; Prolonged head cold symptoms; Dry sinuses; Pimples outbreak on shoulders and face (unusual); A great deal of chest congestion, with significant adverse impact on vocal chords and ability to speak. TIA/STROKE. This occurred around 29th July 2008 @ 52 years of age, a few weeks after exposure to herbicide residue in dust while weeding (see immediately above). o Symptoms: o Distortion of speech o Partial facial paralysis ON LEFT SIDE OF FACE ONLY, and unusual contortion of and sensation in left facial muscles o Effects lasted about 1 week, gradually diminishing to almost nothing. I have noticed general problems in terms of a difficulty in forming words as distinctly and readily as I used to be able to since the event. Since that event:

Symptoms: o I have noticed a sensation denoting or suggesting mis-alignment of the knee and lower left calf. This sensation focuses on the inner knee, perhaps the medial collateral ligament, the area affected in both knees by the tetanus toxoid shot I had in Sept. 2007/2008. o In examining my left leg, I notice that the lower left leg has started to point laterally and is also now rotated slightly anti-clockwise. It swings out to the left when moved and feels uncomfortable when doing so. MUSCLE EFFECTS (Noticed only at the end of January 2010 after close examination): Symptoms: o Loss or change in muscle mass/distribution in lower/inside LEFT calf muscle o However, my GP measured both calves and said they were of equal size (probably due to the large amount of walking Ive done for years), so what I see and feel is a DISTORTION in the local muscle shape, and is, in fact, a significant alteration in muscle shape over what it used to be (the calf muscle is no longer as rounded and uniform as it once was) o This includes a significant wasting/disfigurement of muscle (I can feel that muscle mass/form is missing; muscle fibres are missing).

A GP has prescribed Aspro Protect for the TIA. EYESIGHT DETERIORATION. My eyesight has deteriorated markedly since the exposure (an OPSM test in 2007/2008 verified this). I did not require glasses at all before Dec. 07, 2000. Everything I look at is blurry, especially in my right eye.

LOSS OF BONE DENSITY IN ANKLES: T-score = -1.70; and Z-score = -0.64 (Australian Bone Density Testing Centre, 18th Oct. 2004; report previously given to Dr. Donohoe). Could a CRACKED (and extremely painful) TOOTH, which I had removed at Hawkesbury Hospital recently, relate to this? CONSTANT TINNITUS. It never goes away, and is particularly bad in the morning and around 6pm.

CONSTANT INFECTIONS/SORES IN BOTH EARS. I get a ready build-up of wax in both ears and experience almost constant pain in both ears. PIMPLES/LESIONS on right upper arm and shoulder.

PERMANENT DEPRESSION. My poisoning has left me with little hope for a healthy future, and the length and inherent stress of my legal case have left me severely depressed. I consider that the following points contribute to my negative outlook: o the Dept. of Housing (DOH) has always been unwilling to accept responsibility for my original poisoning; o the abusive nature of the legal process (unreasonable subpoenas requiring information that does not relate to the poisoning issue); o an anticipated unhappy life where my health and mind no longer function optimally; o an anticipated inevitable and early decline into a degenerative disease arising from my poisoning; o not being able to have a new partner and safely father children (I only have one child who was conceived before I was poisoned, but who was also badly poisoned along with me in my DOH unit). ECHOGENIC LIVER. An ultrasound scan about 1-2 years ago has shown that I have an echogenic liver. A markedly increased predisposition for developing kidney stones was apparent in the same set of scans, and I believe this condition to relate to the extreme thirst I have experienced since the poisoning. This may all relate to information I have seen describing heat intolerance as a signature of pesticide poisoning. I have always felt that my 'water balance' has been skewed since the 2000 poisoning and the summer heat has become intolerable. My son also appears to have an inordinate thirst as a response to his pesticide exposures. FINGER JOINT (MCP) DAMAGE & LEFT/RIGHT WRIST JOINT PAIN. X-rays of my right hand show on the first 3 MCP joints, some PERIARTICULAR LOSS OF BONY DENSITY and this was most marked around the MCP joints (Dr. Ken Simmons, Castlereagh Imaging, Dec. 03, 2004). The pain in these MCP joints developed between 2002 and 2004 and limit free positional movement via joint pain, and consequently limit my ability to paint (I am a professional artist: & and most other things. Applying any

kind of force (e.g. using a shovel) will give me finger and especially significant and explosive wrist pain (with even just minor movements) for days afterward. I now get my son to do a lot of jobs around the house (dishes, raking leaves and all of the vacuuming) because of this pain. My right hand hurts lifting things, moving things, using toilet paper, doing anything. Still, I can exercise and lift heavy things and apply leverage with my hands/wrists/arms, but will then pay the price in wrist joint pain in both hands/elbows wrists/shoulders for a number of days afterward. ABSENT-MINDEDNESS. I forget appointments; forget why I entered a room, why I performed an action in anticipation of WHAT? I constantly lose things (in and out of the house), make continual mistakes on my PC (delete the wrong files, format over the wrong hard drive, etc.), forget what my initial line of thought was during conversations. I have had at least 3 oil fires in a frypan in my kitchen because I start to heat up the frypan, walk out of the kitchen and totally forget what Ive just initiated. I cannot manage numbers or sequences of anything. I rely heavily on my son now to recall things we've both witnessed. I become totally confused over the simplest of things: working with physical or mental things. And yet I can still just manage to work with complicated and sophisticated mental concepts in terms of my PhD Sociology thesis. I feel utterly incompetent in most areas of my life, excepting in terms of researching and authoring material on poisoning. I note that research on lightning strike victims shows that brain messages take indirect routes, which might explain why I'm so slow and faltering in everything I do. Could a FUNCTIONAL MRI be of value here? Am very mentally dysfunctional. My son observed that my thoughts appear "walled off from each other". Neuropsych testing Ive had indicates considerable problems with speed of information processing and memory, problems not consistent with my general IQ. My anticipated new career (University lecturer, after completing my PhD) was to be the basis for an anticipated new family, and that included children (I love kids). Given what occurred from Dec. 07, 2000 and onwards, all of those ideas/dreams have changed radically. I do not believe I can now safely father children (note my Sydney IVF/Andrology test results above), given that US toxicological research (including a new discipline called epigenetics) shows that significant health problems, including an amplified predisposition toward cancer, arise in children from chemically exposed parents. After I was poisoned, and as I became aware of the ever-expanding range of negative impacts from pesticide exposure, I reluctantly decided that a future relationship was not possible on this basis. I now must be content with retiring to the country with my son in order for both of us to detoxify and attempt some form of recovery or, at the very least, a strenuous and tedious life compensating for my clinging disabilities. What occurred on Dec. 07, 2000 was like the dimming of a light switch (with frequent electric shocks). My health, energy, physical flexibility, emotional stability, intellectual prowess, positive attitude, spontaneity, future hope & courage have all minimized. I have experienced depression on a level that I have NEVER experienced before. My young and optimistic mindset was replaced by a nightmare: a body that is weak and pathetic, and a brain that does not give me the intellectual and functional performance I enjoyed before the exposure. The only notable characteristic that I have managed to keep fairly consistently intact through this monstrous landslide is my love for my beautiful son. Even the intense curiosity that has fired my University studies is waning in the face of the onslaught of this depression and slowmoving avalanche of poisoning and MCS symptoms.

SYMPTOMS FOR: Daniel Thompson only

Note that my son was not at my unit on the days that the Department of Housing (DOH) ordered Biflex termiticide treatments (7th Dec. 2000 & 21st Feb. 2001). These treatments were ordered despite my having in writing at least three times over three years, over the phone, and in person to 3 different pest technicians at the very least warned of my sensitivity to chemical insult, and at most (and most often) warned of my chemical vulnerability and specifically prohibited the use of orthodox pest treatments on my DOH-rented property. A few weeks after my units concrete slab was saturated with pesticide (see: and see also these links: Plan of My Unit, Photos 1, Photos 2, Photos 3, Cross-Section of Concrete Slab, My Units Vapor Intrusion Gaps, YouTube Video of Pesticide Drill Holes [Photodex Equivalent: Drill Holes], YouTube Video 1 of Excess Slab Concrete [Photodex Equivalent: Video 1], YouTube Video 2 of Excess Slab Concrete, YouTube Video 3a of Excess Slab Concrete [Photodex Equivalent: Video 3a], Youtube Video 3b of Excess Slab Concrete [Photodex Equivalent: Video 3b])1, a heavy organic, kerosene-like odour started rising up from the carpet and filling the interior of my units living space.

Biflex that was injected into the soil around the residence by an applicator would likely have pooled on the shallow underground ledge, followed by absorption into the porous concrete, rather than diffusing into the soil below. This would have created a long-term reservoir of Biflex (including the active ingredient and hydrocarbon solvent) at a shallow depth involving concrete saturated with the solution. Given the proximity of this contaminated concrete to the residence and the poor condition of the exterior of the residence

In the new year immediately after this pesticide treatment (2001), the odour was found to be (in retrospect) situated long-term inside my unit. At this time I had just started on what was to be a nightmarish adventure dealing 24/7 with a raft of morbid pesticide solvent exposure symptoms, a slow moving avalanche of a kaleidoscope of symptoms. The burden of these symptoms as well as the normal vicissitudes of just getting a child off to primary/elementary school each day consumed all my mental and physical resources. During 2001 my son awoke each morning complaining of stomach pain and nausea. Much later a doctor told me that non-specific abdominal pain is a classic symptom of pesticide poisoning in children (Dr. Brendan Grabau 2005). All parents take note! During 2002 (the solvent odour was still detectable in my unit up to about April 2002), when my son would come to my unit on the weekends only, I noticed that he startled very easily. He said he felt nervy while at my unit. In 2003, after moving with his mother immediately next to a golf club in western Sydney, he became rapidly verbally aggressive (see below). I later discovered that the golf club sprayed copious amounts of herbicide up against and through the wooden paling fence at the back of his and his mothers new residence.
SCHOOL YEAR 12 (HSC: Higher School Certificate) YEAR & EVENT 2010 DANIEL'S AGE 17 to 18 years. SYMPTOMS As immediately below. As a result of Dans immersion in schoolwork (doing something constructive as a response to the stress of his psyche reaction in the face of multiple bouts of pesticide poisoning), he does spectacularly well, e.g. getting 92% for Advanced Maths & 88% for Biology! As immediately below. Aggression, etc. continues, all the time, but is restrained by a more mature mind. Also: Tinnitus, EMF sensitivity, a predisposition to joint pains, and a "condition perilously close to diabetes" (Dr. Morris 2008, pers. comm.), slightly echogenic liver, significant odour sensitivity & 'nervy' @ my unit. Immersion in schoolwork. Aggression, etc. continues, all the time. Immersion in schoolwork. Aggression, etc. continues, all the time. And: chemical sensitivity: "my stomach over time got aches, pains and I also felt a strange coldness in my throat and chest. Plus all my classrooms smelt strange" (Dan Thompson, 2006, student statement, 11th April as a result of carpet cleaning at his high school). Dan immerses himself in schoolwork to avoid social contact. Aggression, etc. continues, all the time. Daniel isolates himself socially at school. Aggression, etc. continues, all the time. Very 'nervy' at my unit only ("Startle reflex"?). Then, after an early year move (approx. April) to a house next to a golf club where herbicide was sprayed consistently against & through the back fence: increasing aggression, paranoia, retreat from social interaction, & verbalization (to me) of violent threats against school & schoolmates all the time. Very 'nervy' at my unit only. Very easily startled (staying @ mother's unit Monday-Friday). Abdominal pains and nausea every morning upon waking (staying @ my contaminated unit Monday-Friday).

11 10

2009 2008

16 to 17 years. 15 to 16 years.

9 8

2007 2006

14 to 15 years. 13 to 14 years.

7 6 5

2005 Daniel starts high school. 2004 Daniel completes primary school. 2003

12 to 13 years. 11 to 12 years. 10 to 11 years.

4 3

2002 2001 Pesticide odour constantly detectable inside my unit 24/7. Daniel exposed heavily to this odour, & lightly @ mother's unit (from neighbouring unit repeatedly treated for termites over extended time). 2000 Bifenthrin-based pyrethroid termiticide applied to my (Daniel's father's) unit on Dec. 07, 2000.

9 to 10 years. 8 to 9 years.

8 years old @ December 2000.

None, because Daniel was not at my unit when it was treated.

Murray Thompson: updated 5th April 2011.6

sons residence over a period of years. (Whitmyre 2010:1)