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21. Recentstudieson arriru"u ,,rggest that life could have originated 1. extraterrestrially seeded and throughmeteoriteimpacts. 2. in shallowcoastalareas. 3. in deephydrothermalvents. 4. in hot, terrestrialhabitats. 22. If the ratio of the number of nonsynonymous to snynon)rmous substitutionsper site in protein coding geneis greaterthan one, it is an evidence of selectionthat is 1 positive. 2. negative. 3. neutral. 4. random. 23. The following is the biochemicai pathway for purple pigment production in flowers of sweetpea: colorlessprecursor t Colorless precursor2 -------+
A llel eB

3.105 4.145 25. Thetransition flowering plants to in requires 1. growthof plants under long_ day conditions.
2. growth of plantsundershort_ dav conditions. 3. reprogramming the shootapical of meristem. .4. synthesis the flowering hormone of florigen. 26. In an altruistic act, if a donor sacrifices 'C'offspring which helpsthe recipient io gain 'B' offspring and the donor is relatedto the recipientby a coefficient 7. under which condition would kin seiectionfavour this altr,.ristic trait? 1 . B > C. 2 . 8 > y C. 3 . y B -C: 0 . 4 . y B -C> 0 . 27. Aneuploid females with only one X chromosome is a characteristic of individuars with l. Cri du chat syndrome. 2. Klinefeiter syndrome. 3. Down syndrome. 4. Turner slmdrome. 28. Which of the foliowing food crops has recentlybeengeneticallyengineired to obtainedible vaccineto develop immunityagainsthepatitisB? L Banana 2. Maize 3. Potato 4. Tomato

Allele A



Recessive mutation of either gene A or B leads to the formation -of *nit, flowers. A cross is made betweentwo parentswith the genotype: AaBb x aabb. Consideiing that th; two genes are not linked, the phen,ctypes of the expected progenies are l .g p u r p le:7white. 2.3wh ite:1purple. 3. lp u r p le:1white. 4. 9 purple : 6 light purple : I white.

.A,and ,a, 24.The frequencies alleles of ina populationat Hardy_Weinburg 29. The most commonly usedmethod of equilibrium are0.7 and 0.3, respectively. estimating primary productivity of a pond In a randomsampleof 250 individuals involvesm.ururern.nt of the u-ourrt of takenfrom the population,how many 1. COzutilized. are expected be heterozygous? to 2. autotrophbiomass. . t. rt2 3. oxygenreleased. 2. 8r 4. organiccarbon.

30. The areaof allowedregiohsin the

1. G i y. 2. L-Ala. 3. L-Prol. 4. cr-methylL-valine.

rnap will be least for Ramachandran

35. Which of the cyclins have/hasessential of functionsin S-Phase cell cYcle? 1.A+ype. 2. B-tyPe. 3. D-tYPe. 4. Both B- andD-tYPes' 36. During generationof an action is potential,depolarization due to 1. K* efflux' 2. Na" efflux' 3. Na* influx. 4. K- influx. are 37. G protein-linkedreceptors transmembrane Proteinsof 1. single-Pass. 2. three-Pass. 3. five-Pass. 4. seven-Pass. of 38. Release nutrients,oxidantsor to donorsinto the environment electron occurring naturallY stimulate to degradea microorganisms contaminant,is referred to as l. 2. 3. 4. biostimulation. phYtoremediation' bioaugmentation. bioremediation.

3 1 . Small


internallY with RNAs sequences that form complementary hairpin-like structure' synthesized .as percursor RNAs and cleaved bY to Lnclonucleases form short duplexes are called 1. snRNA. 2. mRNA. 3. IRNA. 4. miRNA.

32,. A much greater proportion of energy fixed by autotrophs is transferred to the herbivore level in the oPen ocean than in a forest.ecosystem ecosvstern because are 1. aquaticautotroPhs smali' 2. aquaticherbivores are more efficient feeders. are 3. terrestrialautotrophs less efficient feeders. havemore 4. terrestrialautotrophs indigestibletissues' 33. Polar bearsmaintaintheir body they havemore of because temperature l. transducin Protein. 2. uncouPling Protein. myoglobinProtein. 3. 4. FoFrATPase. 34. Transportof water acrossaquaporinsis of by regulated the presence which of of threehighly thi following sequence amino acids? conserved 1.Ala-Asn-Pro. 2. Pro-Asn-Ala. 3. Asn-Pro-Ala. 4. Pro-Ala-Asn.

that can causea geneto 39. A mechanism move from one linkage group to another is over. 1. crossing 2. inversion. 3. translocation. 4. duplication. 40. Thz response is generated and maintained mainlY bY which of the following Pair of cYtokines? l.IL-4 andIL-10. 2.IL-12 andIFN-Y. 3. IFN-Y and TNF-ct. 4.IL-z andIL-12.

41. Cy'toplasmic deteminants coding for anterior structure cf Drosophila embrya, if injected elservherein the recipient embryo,would leadto i. normal development. 2. formationof additionalectopichead. 3. degeneration. 4. a phenotypewith two headsand rw.c tails. 42. The dwarf pea nlutant (e) used by Mendel was defective in which of the following enzyne ;nvolved in gibberellinbiosirnthesis ? 1. ent-Kaurene synthase. 2. GA 3B-hydroxylase. 3. GA 20-oxidase. 4. ent-Kaurenoic acid hydrorvlase. 43. ELISA assay uses 1. an enzymewhich can reactwith secondary antibody. 2. an enzymewhich can react with the antigen. 3. a substrate which getsconverted into a colouredproduct. 4. a radiolabelled secondarr,, antibody. 44. Which of the following rnolecules is involvedin Ca'* -dependent cell_cell adhesion? 1. 2. 3. 4. Calmodulin Cadherin N-CAM Calpain

1. TRP1 2. SUP4 3, LRA3 4. CEN 47. In amphibian oocyte, the germplasm wirich gets segregated during cleavage to give rise to primordiai germ cells (PGC's)is nonnally tr. distributedevenly throughoutthe oocyte. 2.localired at animalpole. 3. localized vegetai at pole. 4" aggregated centralpart of oocyte. in 48. Which of the foilowing sratemenrs with respect to alternate oxiciase activity in c-vanide_ resistant respiration plants, no! correci? in is l. Alternate oxidase accepts electrons directly from cytocitrorne C. 2. Some plants exhibit thermogenesis during inflorescene deveiopmeit. 3. Transcripticn of alternate oxidase gene is trften induced bi, r.arious abioticstresses. 4. When electrons pass tc altemate oxidase, t\\ o sites of protrln pumping are bypassed. 49. In mature .'lral:itlopsis embryo, root apicai meristem cons;sts of cells derivedliom l. embrl'oand apicaisuspensor celi. 2. embryc cnly. 3. suspeusor onl;n'. 4. hlpophysisonly. Na*-K' ATpaseis a terramer 2crand of 2p sui:units. whiclr of the fbllovin_c On subur:its tire I'ia* and K* binding arr-: sitespi:esent? i. bothon Ey. 2. both on B 3. Na* on n and K* r:n $ 4. Nanon p anti K* on cr

45. The 5'Cap of RNA is requiredfor the l. stabilityof RNA only. 2. stability and transportof RNA. 3. transportof RNA only. 4. methylationof RNA. 46. Yeast artificial chromosome (yAC) vectors contain selectable rnarkers. Loss of which marker at the cioning site distinguishes the religated yACs from the original vector marker?

5 1 . A mother of blood group O has a group O child. The fathercould be of blood type l.Ao r BorO. 2. O only. 3 .Ao r B. 4. AB only.

Which of the follorving methodsof plant transformation be usedto can introducea geneinto chloroplast genome? 1. Agrobacterium-medrated transformation 2. Particledelivery system 3. Permeabilization 4. Electroporation

Follorving figure shows N4cArthur and Wilson's equilibrium model of biota on a single island. In this figure. terms A, B, C and D in order are

The p and o of wing length(a in normally distributedparameter) a populationof fruitflies are4 and 0.2 mm, respectively.In a randomsample of 400 fruitflies, how rnany to individualsare expected havewing lengthsgreaterthan 4.4 mm? 1 .2 0 2.64 3. 10 4.336

No of sgeciesot'esent

1. extinction, immigration, equilibrium number species, of species of size pool. 3. immigration,extinction,equilibrium numberof species. size of species poql. i. extinction,immigration,size of species pool, equilibriumnumber of species. 4. immigration,extinction,sizeof pool, equilibrium number species of species.


Which of the following is a characteristic of an earlv seral communit.v? 1"Narrow niche specialization. 2. High species diversity. 3. Low communityproduction. 4. Openmineral c,vcling.

58. A culture of an E. coli strain that is

lysogenicfor phage iambda is grown at 32'C. lnduction of the prophagefrom the hosi chromosomeu,ill occur when the cultureis exposed to 1. 40 "C. 2. ultra violet radiation. 3. infra red radiation. 4. wild tlpe E. coli culture

5 3 . Routinelyusedglrrcose biosensor
estimates blood glucoselevel by sensing the concentratir:nof 1. glucose. 2. oxygen. d-gluconolactone. -?. 4.HzAz 5{. Name the ectothermicanimal that can thermoregulate behaviouralmeans by ratherthanby physiologicalmeans. t. Bumble bee in an orchard. 2. Tuna fish in the Ocean. 3. Lizardin a desert 4. Flatworm in a pond.

59. During urine formation, the filtration

of blood at the glomerulusis 1. an activeprocess. 2. an osmoticprocess. physicalprocess" 3. a pressure-dependent 4. a non energy - mediatedtransport Drocess.

60. If the core body temperatureof a human
rises above norrnal, which of the following processeswould be initiated for Thermo-regulation? sequentially increased vasodilation, 1. Peripheral rate of respiration,tachycardia. vasoconstriction, 2. Peripheral rate of respiration, increased bradycardia. decreased 3. Peripheralvasodilation, tachycardia. rate of respiration, vasodilation,decreased 4. Peripheral rate of respiration,bradycardia. 6l With which protein of Yersinia would integrin proteinsof mammaliancells interact for internalizatran ? 1. Pilin 2. Fimbrin 3. Invasin 4. Adherin with is 62" Gravesdisease associated f . insufficiencyof thyroid hormones. of 2. excess thyroid hormones. 3. insufficiency of corticosteroids. of 4. excess growth hormones. 1. simple mycelia. of 2. no known mechanisms sexual reproduction. relationship. 3. unkown phylogenetic against 4. lost its survival mechanism harsh environments.

66. The photoreceptorcommonly involved

of in light entrainment the biological clock in flies, moulds and Plantsis tr. phytochrome. 2. rhodopsin. 3. carotenoid. 4. crlptochrome.

67" The free energyAG of a dissolved

solute with soluteconcentration. f . increases rvith soluteconcentration 2. decreases of 3. is independent soluteconcentration. 4. depends only on temperature. 68. Which of the following is not a characteristicof phylum Chordata? slits 1. Phaqmgeal 2. Amniotic egg tail 3. Postanal 4. Notochord

63. The fidelity of replicativebase selection

can be reducedby a factor of 102when involves the repairof DNA synthesis l. AP endonuclease. 2. ABC exinuclease. 3. DNA photolyase. 4. TLS DNA polymerase. 64. What is the minimum number of NTPs requiredfor the formationof one peptide bond during protein slmthesis? 1. On e 2. Two 3. Four 4. Six

69. In India, brcwn antlereddeer(sangai)

is found only in the floating landmasses of 1. Wular lake. lake. 2. Sasthamkotta 3. Dal lake. 4. Lok Tak lake.

70. Both halophytes and glYcoPhYtes

cytotoxic ions into compartmentalize the intracellular compartment or actively pump them out of the cell to the apoplasts with the help of membrane transport proteins. Among these,the Na- - H- antiporter,NHXI, is localizedin the l. plasmamembrane. 2. chloroplast(inner enveloPe). 3. mitochondria(outermembrane). 4. tonoplast.

'Imperfect fungi' is a group represented which have by fungal species