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************************** PORTABLE GIS ************************** Thankyou for downloading PORTABLE GIS.

This suite of programmes is distributed u nder the GNU General Public License Version 3. Please find a copy of the license agreement in ./usbgis/docs/license.txt TO USE- See the full documentation pdf in ./usbgis/docs/pgis_docs.pdf, but if yo u're impatient: 1: Unzip the entire folder into the root directory of a USB stick or hard drive. This should give you the folder USBGIS and the files AppList.ini, Autorun.inf, Menu.ini and PortableGISMenu.exe in the root directory. If this is not the case , the programmes will not work. 2: Double-click on PortableGISMenu.exe, or if autorun is enabled double-click on the drive icon to start the control panel. Most of the functionality of PORTABL E GIS can be accessed from the Control Panel. 3: Some programmes require setting up before use, please run the setup programme from the control panel. 4: Start and/or stop programmes using the control panel to ensure they work as t hey are supposed to. 5: If using a USB stick, don't forget to stop all the programmes and safely ejec t the stick before removing it from your pc. 6: Documentation pertinent to individual programmes can be found in the relevant programme file. WARNINGS AND SUCH LIKE: 1: This suite is designed to work only with windows, and not with any other oper ating system. It has been tested with Windows 2000, Windows XP professional and Windows Vista Home Premium. No guarantee is given that it will work with any oth er version of windows, although evidence that it does (or doesn't) would be grat efully received. 2: Security settings on your firewall may prevent different parts of this suite from working, in particular the web elements. The writers are not responsible fo r the settings on your firewall. 3: This suite is for testing purposes only. The security settings on files and d atabases are for ease of use and not for a production environment. The writers t ake no responsibility for how you deploy and use the suite. UPGRADES AND SUPPORT: 1: Some aspects of these programmes have been adapted to allow them to work unde r a portable environment. Consequently upgrading by and end-user may cause them to stop working. You are advised to wait for the next release of PORTABLE GIS to get the latest versions of the software. Releases will be announced to anyone w ho has expressed an interest or signed up. 2: Support will be provided via email for aspects of the programme that are rela ted to portable use and the setup as a whole, but not on the workings of the ind

ividual components, although we are happy to point you in the direction of appro priate support for individual programmes where necessary. Please contact portabl for support for PORTABLE GIS.