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The Enrichment Project
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Activities
1. House questionnaire.
Create a questionnaire with four answers to each question to determine which house the
kids belong. The questions should be given a more like me choice. The questionnaire
may hint at the activities that will be done. This will give everyone something to do while
waiting to start. Those who are late will be sorted according to spots left.
2. Sorting hat.
Look through your Halloween decorations for an old witchs hat or nd a very unusual hat
to use for a sorting hat. Explore ways to make your sorting hat ceremony magical.
NOTE: If you didnt have a chance to check everyones hair for lice DO NOT put the hat
on participants heads. Hold it over their head instead.
3. House leaders.
Each house will need to have the required number of adults. However, the heads of house
and prefects can help lead activities so the adults roles will be less obvious. Find teenage
volunteers to ll these positions or have the house members choose from their group. Be
sure to let the leaders know what will be expected of them.
4. House cup.
The House Cup award can be tied into participation in classes, winning challenges,
behavior or any rules you set forth at the beginning of your event. Be consistent in
awarding points. Provide a clear list of ways to earn and lose points.
5. Classes.
Classes can be held by year or by your available location and materials. See the
Enrichment Project supplement, SUPP_HPHA_Classes.pdf, on classes for a listing of
which classes are held each year, a description of the classes and some activity ideas.
6. Magical sheets.
To help learn about their magical world, younger kids may receive coloring sheets.
Older kids may receive information sheets with areas to record the items they learn about
Magical creatures
Magical items
Famous people at the event
Maps to areas
These sheets, when completed, should be placed in each kids notebook, folder or tote.
You could also collect the sheets to create a keepsake book at your event.
Harry Potter:
Use some or all
of these activities
to help get your
participants into the
mood for your Harry
Potter adventure.

Specific activities
7. Owl post.
Under drawings, photos or stufed owls, place a clothespin to attach notes, lost items, mail
from home, etc. Make one owl specic to each group or house. Make this a daily activity
with announcements from your director / leader.
8. Magical skits.
Each house gets points for the skits they perform for the entire group. Magical inclusions
count as extra points. You may wish to let your participants know beforehand so they can
nd skits to bring to your event.
9. Magical creatures.
Ask a nature center, zoo, etc. to bring animals that were in the movies such as owls and
snakes. Give a presentation about them to your participants.
10. Magical creature hunt.
Place magical creatures for the kids to nd on a scavenger-type hunt. Give them maps
to mark with an X (like the Marauders Map) to show where the creatures are hiding.
Alternatively, instead of nding magical creatures, the hunt might feature items to create
a potion, materials they need for a class, the missing golden snitch or other themed hunt
ideas. Use your imagination to create your own unique hunt.
11. Actual magic.
Invite a magician (illusionist) to perform for your participants. Make sure your magician is
aware of your theme so it can be incorporated into the act.
12. Yule ball.
Host a dance for all participants. Let them know beforehand so they can bring special
clothing. You can teach them dances before the ball. Choose more modern dances such as
the Electric Slide and YMCA, country dances or even more classical dance like the ball on
the movies. You can choose or let your participants vote for their type of ball.
13. Pranks for all.
Pranks can be a lot of fun. Explore the pranks Fred and George Weasley pulled and those
available at Zonkos Joke Shop. Brainstorm your own pranks. Create a secret book of your
14. Graduation.
Whats better than graduation? Create your own Hogwarts certicates or use one of the
ones provided in the EP supplement listed below. Make sure you create a nal graduation
event that your participants will remember.
15. Awards ceremony.
At the end of your event, a ceremony is a great way to recognize volunteers, hand out
awards and more. Ask your volunteers or House Cup winners to create a Harry Potter
themed ceremony to t with your event. Provide a list of items, recognitions, etc. you need
and who will be presenting so they can be included in the nal ceremony.

Arithmancy Personality, Arithmancy Birth Date and Describe Yourself in Numbers
Classes listed by year, description and ideas to incorporate into your event
A few divination methods to introduce, printable palmistry information from Web
and fortune teller printables (2)
Graduation certicates for years 1-7 plus a blank one
SUPP_HPHA_House_Gryf ndor.pdf
House information and graphics
SUPP_HPHA_House_Huf epuf.pdf
House information and graphics
House information and graphics
House information and graphics
Places and ideas for Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and Hogwarts
Sorting hat ideas and poems
Sites to Explore
Check out larajlas Enrichment Project
to start your own adventure.