THE BLACK LIST could not determine whether or not the writer is currently represented.THE BLACK LIST was compiled from the suggestions of over 90 film executives and high-level assistants. It is. and questionable “2005” affiliations. . Enjoy. it is so indicated. at best. incorrect representation identification. If no representation information is listed. All reasonable effort was made to confirm the information contained herein. If they are not. misattributions. THE BLACK LIST apologizes for all misspellings. THE BLACK LIST is well aware of the irony of its name. THE BLACK LIST is not a “best of” list. each of whom contributed the names of up to ten of their favorite scripts that were written in or are somehow uniquely associated with 2005 and will not be released in theaters during this calendar year. a “most liked” list.

THE Jordan Cahan Peter Morgan BWCS ICM Bill Zotti Doug Maclaren five mentions 1% MORE HUMID DANCE OF THE MIRLITONS HORRIBLE BOSSES LONNY THE GREAT QUEEN. THE Adam Goldberg Stephen Belber WMA BWCS Ken Freimann Todd Hoffman eight mentions AGAINST ALL ENEMIES Jamie Vanderbilt Endeavor Adriana Alberghetti seven mentions A KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW PEACOCK Travis Beacham Michael Lander & Ryan O.THE BLACK LIST twentytwenty-five mentions THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE Allan Loeb CAA Carin Sage 2005 twentytwenty-four mentions JUNO Diablo Cody Gersh Sarah Self fifteen mentions LARS AND THE REAL GIRL Nancy Oliver UTA Tobin Babst fourteen mentions ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK Allan Loeb CAA Carin Sage thirteen mentions CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR Aaron Sorkin Endeavor Jason Spitz ten mentions KITERUNNER. THE Liz Garcia Evan Greenberg Mike Markowitz Jay Reiss Peter Morgan CAA CAA CAA Endeavor ICM Jill Cutler Jay Baker Brian Kend Bryan Besser Doug Maclaren four mentions BILL BLIND COUNTING DOWN STOP LOSS Melissa Wallack John Buffalo Mailer Daniel Giat Kim Peirce Endeavor CAA UTA CAA Bill Weinstein Jay Baker Keya Khayatian Beth Swofford . Roy WMA Endeavor Cliff Roberts Elia Infascelli-Smith six mentions MIDLIFE PIRATES OTHER BOLEYN GIRL. THE David Benioff CAA Todd Feldman nine mentions FANBOYS POWER OF DUFF.

THE SURVIVOR TENURE TICKET TO RIDE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT Albert Torres Bob Nelson Craig Brewer Will Forte Gustin Nash James Frey Tim Dowling John Burnham Schwartz Peter Craig Adam Turner Matt Harris Albert Torrres Mike Million Kelly Fremon Melissa Wallack CAA BWCS WMA UTA WMA UTA Endeavor ICM ICM Endeavor CAA CAA Endeavor APA Endeavor Jay Baker Todd Hoffman Charles King Matt Rice Alan Gasmer Tobin Babst Dawn Saltzman Ron Bernstein Patti Detroit Phil Raskind Jay Baker Jay Baker Adriana Alberghetti Ava Jamshidi Bill Weinstein 2005 two mentions 102 MINUTES ANALOG BABEL BRIDGE. THE DAN IN REAL LIFE DANDY DEM DIAMOND DOGS DIRT. THE DREAMLAND EWERT FACTORY GIRL FUR HATFIELD AND MCCOYS IN DEFIANCE OF GRAVITY KASHMIR Billy Ray Mike Million Guillermo Arriaga Peter Tomasi Michelle McGrath John Lee Hancock Peter Hedges Ben Coccio Brandon Noonan Matthew Michaud Rich Wilkes Dante Harper Neil Alsip Captain Mauzner Erin Cressida Wilson Eric Roth Ned Benson Dan Weiss BWCS Endeavor UTA CAA CAA CAA CAA Gersh CAA CAA Endeavor CAA Endeavor CAA CAA CAA Gersh CAA Bruce Kaufman Adriana Alberghetti Shana Eddy Martin Spencer Carin Sage David O'Connor Michael Peretzian David Kopple Todd Feldman Martin Spencer Tom Strickler Jay Baker Phil D'Amecourt Todd Feldman Rowena Arguelles David O'Connor Ethan Antonucci Todd Feldman .THE BLACK LIST three mentions ALTERED CARBON BILL FROM MY FATHER BLACK SNAKE MOAN BROTHERS SOLOMON CHARLIE BARTLETT MILLION LITTLE PIECES OUTSOURCED RESERVATION ROAD SOUTHBOUND SPIDER BABY STARLING. THE CHIP ON THE OLD BLOCK COUNTER TERRORIST.

THE QUEBEC SASQUATCH DUMPLING GANG.) K-TOWN SUPER FROG LOST BOYS OF THE SUDAN MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH NICK AND NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST 2005 Scott Coffey Margaret Nagle Rawson Thurber Lorene Scafaria John Posey Jennifer Kirby Steve Conrad Tim Skousen Dan Wilson & David Gilberth Daniel Chariton & Stacy Weiss Rob Greenberg & Bill Corbett Aaron Sorkin Jonathan Sadowski & Ben Brandstrader Innovative UTA CAA WMA Gersh CAA CAA Sloss Metropolitan Endeavor BWCS Endeavor Metropolitan CAA CAA Paradigm CAA Circle of Confusion Max Roman Keya Khayatian Greg McKnight Cliff Roberts Ethan Antonucci Greg McKnight Spencer Baumgarten Daniel Steinman Ryan Saul Chris Donnelly Sophie Holodnik Jason Spitz David Boxerbaum Greg McKnight Spencer Baumgarten Matt Bedrosian Maha Dakhil Noah Rosen Alan Gasmer OXLEY'S ROAD PROPOSAL. David Rabe Jamie Linden & Cory Helms Kyle Pennekamp & Scott Turpel Eilis Kirwan & Larysa Kondracki Gustin Nash WMA one mention 21 25 TO LIFE A PERSON OF INTEREST ADMAN AND THE SEA. Brian Koppelman. THE SMART AND SMARTER SPECTACLE STARSHIP DAVE STUDIO 7 THIS BILL SMITH UNTITLED DAIRY PRODUCTS UNTOUCHABLES: THE BEGINNING WE ARE MARSHALL WEDDING THE WINTERBOTTOMS WHISTLEBLOWER.THE BLACK LIST two (cont. THE AFFECTION AFTER MINDY FLIPPED OUT ALICE ALOFT ANATOMY OF A STICK FIGURE ANDREA BERLOFF 9/11 PROJECT ANTARCTICA APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA APRIL TWENTY-THREE ARMAGEDDAGAIN: THE DAY BEFORE TOMORROW Peter Steinfeld Kaile Shilling DV DeVincentis Carlos Coto Jake Nachmani Elena Song Hoeber Brothers Steve Conrad Abram Makowka Andrea Berloff Dave Digilio Robert Benton Hanna Weg Travis Oates & Robert Moniot Andrew Kevin Walker CAA ICM UTA Rothman Brecher ICM Metropolitan Endeavor CAA Endeavor UTA UTA CAA UTA Gotham Endeavor Scott Greenberg Dan Rabinow Blair Belcher Jim Ehrich Daniel Talbot Ryan Saul Bryan Besser Spencer Baumgarten Bryan Besser Tobin Babst Shana Eddy Tory Metzger Shana Eddy Lyndsay Williams Chris Donnelly ARMORED . THE YOUTH IN REVOLT Kim Barker David Levien.

THE BRUTUS COMPLEX.) BAKER'S VALOR BARNES BARROW BARSTOW BECOMING A MAN BELIEVE IT OR NOT BLADES OF GLORY BLINDSIDED BLOOD DIAMONDS BLUR BREACH (aka HANSSEN) BREAK. THE DEATH AT A FUNERAL DEATH EVERY DAY DEXTER DICE MAN. THE BUCKET LIST. THE Peter Haynes Johnson Jordan Roberts Dave Callaham Thompson Evans Dan Fogelman Alexander & Karaszewski Krinsky & Altschuler Jeff Stanzler Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz 2005 Unrepresented ICM UTA Paradigm WMA Endeavor Endeavor CAA CAA Lynn Pleshette BWCS ICM CAA WMA CAA ICM WMA Paradigm WMA CAA UTA Endeavor Preferred CAA ICM UTA CAA WMA Original Artists CAA ICM Paradigm Metropolitan UTA Paradigm CAA Stacey Rosenfelt Jason Burns Rich Freeman Danny Greenberg Tom Strickler Tom Strickler Maha Dakhil Rand Holston Lynn Pleshette Bruce Kaufman John Burnham Brian Kend Ramses Ishak Billy Hawkins Doug Maclaren Michael Cooper Chris Till Craig Kestel Shari Smiley David Kramer Dawn Saltzman Lew Weitzman David Styne Daniel Rabinow Julien Thuan Rob Kenneally Alan Gasmer Jordan Bayer Brian Kend Doug Maclaren Trevor Astbury David Boxerbaum Blair Belcher Lee Cohen Scott Greenberg Insley Pearre Billy Ray David Twohy Ari Rubin Justin Zackham Chris Pappas & Mike Bernier Doug Wright Jonathan Igla Nicole Pearlman Jarret Schaefer Justin Haythe John Stockwell Matt Nix George Saunders Herb Ratner Graham Tallman Brad Copeland Keith Samples Henry Bean & Nick Kazan Jude Bass Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard Peter Howitt Lisa De Morale & Lisa Phelps Dean Craig Dave Kajganich Jim Manos Daniel Waters . THE BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON CHALLENGER CHAPTER 27 CHARLIE JOHNSON AND THE FLAMES CHASING THE WHALE CHASING VERMEER CIVILWARLAND IN BAD DECLINE CLEAN BREAK CODENAME: SIMON CORPORATE RETREAT COUNTERFEIT CRAZY DOG DA VINCI'S MOTHER DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL DANGEROUS PARKING DAWN OF WAR.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. THE BUNK'D BURIAL.

THE EZZY FISH FADE OUT FAIR WARNING FAST & FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT FATAL ENCHANTMENT FELLINI BLACK AND WHITE FERNANDO LOPES FORGER.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. THE HEARTS AND MINDS Christopher Landon Felicia Henderson David Loucka Rylend Grant Matthew Huffman Patrick Sisam Dan Weiss Alex Harakis The Mulroneys Mike Demski Jocelyn Moorhouse Doug McGrath Andy Selsor Tamar Halpern Michael Cristofer Keith Curran Chris Morgan Mike Price Henry Bromell Becky Johnston Rich D'Ovidio Jeff Vintar Richard Price Andrew Stock & Rick Stempson 2005 UTA Endeavor Original Artists CAA CAA WMA CAA WMA CAA Underground CAA CAA Original Artists Unrepresented ICM Tobin Babst Susan Solomon Jordan Bayer Scott Greenberg Greg McKnight Michael Cooper Todd Feldman Cliff Roberts Todd Feldman Trevor Engleson Beth Swofford Craig Gering Matt Leipsig Doug Maclaren BWCS CAA UTA WMA BWCS WMA CAA UTA Turnpike Endeavor CAA Paradigm UTA CAA CAA Industry Cassarotto ICM Endeavor UTA Emile Gladstone Jared Hoffman Liz Ziemska Sara Bottfeld Emile Gladstone David Lubliner David O'Connor Tracey Jacobs David Ginsberg Lis Rowinski David Styne Mark Ross Brent Weinstein Adam Kanter Martin Spencer Lauren Rothstein Elinor Burns Dan Rabinow Phil Raskind Marty Bowen Chris Provenzano Gregory & Huyck Rand Ravich Deena Berezin & Christian Papierniak Karen Lewicki Pete Jones Danny Rubin David Coggeshall David Solomons T. THE FOUNDATION FREEDOMLAND GARY THE TENNIS COACH GET LOW GOLD OLD-FASHIONED ORGY GREGORY BURNS HAL BUCKLEY HALEY MEANS UNPLUGGED HALL PASS HANGING TALE.) DISTURBIA DOUBLE DUTCH CHOCOLATE DREAM HOUSE DRIVE EDDIE DICKENS AND THE AWFUL END ELIOT ROCKETT ENDERS GAME ENEMY OF GOD EQUALS ESTER JONAS EUCALYPTUS EVERY WORD IS TRUE EX-FACTOR. THE HANGMAN HAPPY ENDINGS HAROLD HAWK IS DYING. Sean Shannon & Greg Fields Julian Goldberger Helen Crawley .

THE LORD VISHNU'S LOVE HANDLES LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA LOVE SUCKS LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN LUST FOR LIFE MAMA'S BOY MAN WHO'S NEVER BEEN KISSED. THE HOAX HOME HONEYMOON WITH HARRY HOT ROD HOWL I LUCIFER ICEMAN IN BLOOM INCURABLE (pilot) INFINITE JEST INTERROGATORS INTERROGATORS. THE LEGION LIBERTY LIGHTNING ON THE SUN LITTLE CHILDREN LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE LONELY MAIDEN LONG D. THE JEFF THE DEMON KELLER KICK THE BUCKET KILLER ELITE.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. THE HIGHWAYMEN. THE 2005 Javier Rodriguez John Fusco William Wheeler Adam Alleca Paul Haggis Pam Brady Vince Dipersio Dan Harris & Mike Dougherty Keith Bernstein Emil Stern Will Strouse Keith Bunin Joel Fields David Scarpa Tom Scharpling & Joe Ventura Lawrence Block David Mahony John Jarrell Michael Cahill Matthew Carnahan The Peoples Matthew Chapman Louis Mellis & David Scinto Andrew Marlowe Burr Steers Todd Field & Tom Perrotta Michael Arndt Michael LeSieur Seth Rogen. THE LEDGE. THE KING OF CALIFORNIA KINGDOM LAST TOUR. Judd Apatow Grant Morris Ron Harwood Jane O'Brien Jason Smilovic Jillian Tohber Hank Nelken Joe Robert Cole Mad Hatter WMA UTA WMA CAA UTA Ensemble CAA Original Artists CAA UTA CAA CAA HML Rothman Brecher/CAA Michael Connelly Steve Rabineau Shana Eddy Kimberly Bialek Byrdie Lifson Pompan David Kramer Jeffrey Thal Todd Feldman Matt Leipsig Jay Baker Julien Thuan Rowena Arguelles Jill Cutler Bayard Maybank Dennis Kim/Greg McKnight CAA WMA Endeavor WMA Endeavor Shapiro Lichtman CAA CAA CAA CAA Endeavor Endeavor UTA UTA WMA ICM UTA CAA CAA WMA WMA Matt Snyder Craig Kestel Jason Spitz David Lonner Chris Donnelly Martin Shapiro Martin Spencer Brian Kend Robert Bookman Todd Feldman Jason Spitz Bill Weinstein Jason Burns Blair Belcher Philip Grenz Ben Smith Geoff Morely David Styne JP Evans Alan Gasmer Ken Freimann .) HERETIC.

THE PU 239 PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS QUID PRO QUO Butcher and Cornwell Tony Gilroy Lorene Scafaria Rebecca Robinson Asher Levin Sandy Sternshein Gough & Millar Jeff Roda Holly Hester Mike White & Jared and Jerusha Hess Alan Rautbort David Chariton Michael Sheresky Cori Wellins Dawn Saltzman Sharon Sheinwold Todd Hoffman Jill McElroy Chris Donnelly Jay Baker Chris Donnelly Andrew Cannava Lisa Callamaro Nick Reed Patti Detroit Nicole Clemens Tom Strickler David Styne Jeff Gorin Sally Willcox Bob Sobhani Martin Spencer Keya Khayatian Jason Burns Spencer Baumgarten Brian Kend Robert Nelson Matt Corman & Chris Ord Patrick Marber Fernley Phillips Andy Kevin Walker Josh Friedman Glenn Gers Amy D'Addario Peter Craig Ronnie Christiansen Laeta Kalogridis David Arata & Peter Weir Berkley Johnson Kem Nunn Oliver Tatom Michael Petroni Jonathan Nolan Scott Burns Steve Conrad Carlos Brooks . THE NOTES ON A SCANDAL NUMBER 23.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. Steve Zahn & Clay Tarver Kustom CAA WMA Adam Kolbrenner Craig Gering Jeff Gorin Endeavor WMA BWCS CAA WMA Unrepresented ICM Miners Mills WMA WMA Endeavor UTA BWCS Benderspink Endeavor CAA Endeavor UTA Lisa Callamaro ICM ICM ICM Endeavor CAA WMA CAA Magnet CAA UTA UTA CAA CAA Dawn Saltzman Micahel Carver Emile Gladstone David O'Connor Cliff Roberts MEAT IN THE FREEZER MESSAGE FROM THE KING MICHAEL CLAYTON MIGHTY FLYNN. THE MORE THAN WORDS MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPERS MOUTHS OF THE UPRIGHT MUMMY 3. THE POMONA QUEEN PRECEDENT. THE OLD MAN JOHNSON ORPHAN'S DAWN OSTRICH INCIDENT.) MANIAC DU JOUR MARGARET MARRIAGE MASTER AND MARGARITA MAXX POWERS AND THE LOVE TRIANGLE OF DOOM 2005 Marc Freshman Kenneth Lonergan Ira Sachs Nick Blake Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Mike Judge. THE PRESCIENCE PRESTIGE. THE OTHERWISE ENGAGED OVERBEARING PASSENGERS PATHFINDER PATTERN RECOGNITION PLAN. THE MY ALL-AMERICAN MY MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND NACHO LIBRE NEBRASKA NEW FOON.

THE RECKONING. THE SUCK THE MARROW SURRENDER TEN.) RABBIT GARDEN. THE TRICYCLE TRUCE TURISTAS Joe Gazzam Winfield Han Bill Broyles Alex Rockwell Jeff Roda The Mulroneys Keith Bernstein John Orloff Richard Shepard Albert Torres Matthew Vaughn Jim Janosky Eric Poppen David Iserson Scott Nuestadter & Michael Weber ICM UTA BWCS CAA CAA CAA WMA WMA Endeavor UTA BWCS GoldenHouse Jon Huddle Barbara Dreyfuss Bill Zotti David Styne Jared Hoffman Todd Feldman Mike Lubin Michael Eisner Tom Strickler Shana Eddy Todd Hoffman Lisa Brause Rand Ravich Marino & David Wain Charlie Stratton David Magee Jeremy Levin John Altshuler Tim Firth Vince Gilligan Monique Peek Dayan Ballweg Oscar Thor Alexson Jill Soloway Stu Beattie Michael Ross WMA ICM Innovative Gersh Joanne Wiles Patti Detroit Nancy Nigrosh David Kopple . THE RED CELL RIGHT AS RAIN RIGHTEOUS KILL RUSE SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO GET ME 2005 Jaime Dawson Ted Tally Chris McQuarrie David Benioff Russell Gewirtz Siavash Farahani David McHugh & Matt Flanagan UTA ICM Key Creatives CAA CAA Endeavor CAA BWCS Gersh CAA Seven Summits WMA CAA Original Artists CAA Gersh CAA Endeavor Liz Ziemska Patti Detroit Ken Kamins Todd Feldman David Styne Adam Levine Adam Kanter Emile Gladstone David Kopple Robert Bookman Paul Canterna Cori Wellins Todd Feldman Matt Leipsig John Campisi Abram Nalibotsky Jay Baker Phil Raskind SCARED STRAIGHT SECOND GENERATION SHADOW DIVERS SHADOW HAND SIEGE OF FULTON AVENUE SLEEPING FATHER SOMNABULIST SOUL OF THE AGE SPRING BREAK IN BOSNIA STAIN STARDUST STARS STRAIGHT FOR THE SUN STRONGMAN'S SON.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. THE TERESE RAQUIN TIME AND AGAIN TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE TIN SOLDIERS TOM FOOL TONIGHT HE COMES TOO HOT TO HANDLE TORTILLA CURTAIN TRAVELER.

THE UNTIL GWEN UP RIVER VERN TELLS IT LIKE IT IS VERY PRIVATE GENTLEMAN. A WANTED WEATHER SOMEWHERE ELSE. THE 2005 Alexander Stuart Rob Letterman Josh Olson Antonio Macia & Scott Kennedy CAA WMA Paradigm Rabineau Wachter Metropolitan CAA WMA Koan Mgmt Endeavor CAA UTA HML Endeavor CAA CAA Endeavor Endeavor John Campisi Jeff Gorin Matt Bedrosian Brooke Ehrlich David Boxerbaum Spencer Baumgarten Jeff Gorin Nathan Santell Chris Donnelly Sally Willcox Julien Thuan Devra Lieb Chris Donnelly Todd Feldman Robert Bookman Adam Levine Adriana Alberghetti Skander Halim Laura Harrington Michael Brandt & Derek Haas Laura Suau Matt Carnahan Peter Landesman Brad Copeland Tab Murphy Jeff Baena David Benioff Joan Didion Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal Jamie Vanderbilt WHITE JAZZ WHO KILLED DANIEL PEARL WILD HOGS WILDLIFE WINGED LIFE WOLVERINE WOMAN WITH THE NERVE OF A BURGLAR.) UNDER THE SKIN UNPROFESSIONALS.THE BLACK LIST one (cont. THE ZODIAC . THE WORDS.

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