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C/ SFC Day, Kristin April 1, 2011 Echo Company

Media Impact & Influence

In most cases Conflict Resolution is not met easily or at all in real life situations or events that take place between one another. The behavior of an average human being is to further release stress or anger when he or she has reached their limit only to sufficient enough to start up conflict within their territory or group of individuals that leads to an even greater challenge for that same person to resolve what he or she has started in order to gain conflict resolution. The media plays an essential role in media violence for it can give its viewers thoughts and ideas of what they have watched and sometimes especially in the case of younger adults or children experiment on what they have seen in real life. The greater impact of media violence does not come from any exact genre of television but what genre displays within their programming. Often many are misled of what is and what is not so called media violence which progresses to the Liberal state of elimination for particular programs or the idolized character of the program which leads to feelings of the user community to search for the need of a surrogate character or program for when it is denied. People in general have their own set limits of what they wish to see and how gruesome it may be till they can shut it off but others sometimes enjoy more than a scene of decapitation such as viewer delights for the movie Saw. In the movie Saw and several other chapters to it there are a variety of traps made from its creator which explore numerous tests with the chosen victims in which they must determine the level of pain they are willing to give or go through with to survive. Within each scene and movie there are twists and turns and often gruesome scenes of suffering and death as well as a given story line which is hinted every once in awhile. Because the movie gives its audience fear along with suspense many are willing to watch and enjoy the numerous outcomes it has to offer including the variety of traps to lead you to your death. The media violence impact of this film would to some satisfy the need to certain types of people to experiment while others to once in awhile remind or remember but necessarily does not affect how people would go out to pursue a new trend on Jack the Ripper.

One effect of watching media violence is most common in every person to not feel or have sympathy with the chosen characters that may die in either literature or film. The least amount of emotion is unraveled only when it is based on fact more over fiction and when the book or film reveals the scene to be over emotional or in some cases the viewer relates to the expressions presented. An example of this would be the stacking tragedies of Japan and its 8.9 earthquake. When hearing over the news or simply a broadcast the death of over a hundred or even a thousand many people do not have the impression of feeling present only the expression over the amount of lives lost. If one had known that one of those whos lost their life in the unfortunate event then feeling would be compensated for but unlike the compassion for relatives we share a similar trait of disregarding those who died while feeling for only the suffering that may be occurring. What is often mistaken for media violence is often cartoon violence due to the fact there are various perspectives of what violence practically is and how it may affect you or those around you as well as children. For instance, Invader Zim, an adored show of mine that was cancelled a few years back for one of the reasons being too dark of a theme and in some parts of several episodes a small amount of what they state as disturbing scenes had high ratings for fans and unlike other cartoon shows it had a unique theme with characters with their own distinct personalities which most fans adored selecting their favor. Being a huge fan I had reviewed every scene that mainly parents and adults have come to claim over the line and admit the storyline doesnt suit exactly a younger age group but is decent enough to watch. Eventually the show re-aired due to fans a and certain organizations that helped organize for Nickelodeon to bring the show back but currently fans are still struggling to fight for release of newer episodes. A huge impact of Nickelodeons unreasonable action soared invader Zim products to higher prices which is also still in effect because of Bandais limited reproduction.

The problem or conflict now in society is Americans are censored to what can be seen which isnt at all a negative idea but when people become over liberal especially highly regarding parents it does more harm than good to the ones that they are hiding it from as well as the ones they love.

Children, teenagers, as well as young adults are known to eventually break through one or more rules when overly disciplined or often be like Thing One and Thing two off Cat in the Hat because they will feel the need to reach out and see or find what it is that is denied from them which further interests the individual even more. At a young age everyone feels the need to explore but sometimes not through positive intentions most often. Once it is often heard curiosity killed the child when parents or those who take responsibility into their own hands own weapons for safety and self-defense that end up being the result if not properly handled or locked securely increasing the risk of harming your children but this is more over an example of how young ones explore for what they cannot have or see and end up in a risky situation or as tragic as this unfortunate event.

Besides the fact that many young adults go against the standard rules of the house it can be accounted for within the time period of the Generation Gap. When Elvis Presley first started out many parents or several adults were unhappy with his outlook as well as his style of dance which also once censored on film. Over hundreds of teenagers flocked just to see him perform and were inspired by his achievements. It was no sooner that when Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show he regained mutual respect from differing fans. What most of all earned him the greatest respect from both sides of the Generation gap is his service during World War ll which he not only became much more of every girls dream date but one who was willing to serve or do his duty which in fact expected during the time period that those of today are incapable of doing or increase a lack of responsibility to even at times their own family. Interestingly enough Presley once sworn in boarded a bus to Fort Hood, Texas for basic training then eventually transferred into the Third Armored Division after the unfortunate death of his mother. These events would change how many would view him as well as strengthen the belief of the American Dream.

Aside from how young curiosity leads to greater risk one final affect from barring many events such as historical or documentation can leave one to repeat history or become what those who feared not to let happen. Most everyone today in Americas society is familiar with several great tragedies that are believed to serve a lesson and bear greater meaning in what must be acknowledged of history.

After the September 11th attacks upon the World Trade Center many of those who had taken film or pictures were warned as well as foretold not to release them publicly or the display of them at one point in New Yorks media. One of the photos that acclaimed the emotion of most New Yorkers was that of the Falling Man. In the photo positioned head down displays one about to meet death who apparently chose not to burn to death acknowledging the fact he was not going to see life any longer with not much time to loose. More than 200 of these jumpers took their lives for the same reason but some unfortunately did not intend to fall when climbing out of the windows to escape the burning ash and debris left from the aftermath of the first and second attack. As many struggled to escape the fumes of the fire many who were above the 93 and 99 floors soon realized that hope of savior would not become possible because of the impact of the crash and elevators that cut off and eventually lost power. Those who jumped became known as the jumpers but most would agree that they too would have faced the inevitable fate of falling rather than suffer the fate of being burned. After the horrific tragedies many new Yorkers banned or prohibited images especially film from being released and displayed which gave the public the sense of fear and reminding depression of that day which would make its way into the history books. The Falling Man, later identified as Jonathon Briley, who worked above the North Tower in a restaurant portrayed the reflection of many of those who jumped whose story could compare with countless lives of saying a last good-bye to their family.

Unfortunately New Yorks citizens became ignorant when it came to acknowledging the jumpers. The jumpers were less reminded of and The Falling Man many tried to put behind but would soon come to learn that it was something that could not be disregarded for. In the case of The Falling Man several journalists and others set out to find the true identity of the man in the picture. The picture some could say holds more than a thousand words due to realismfrom the distinct clothing, background, and most of all the position for which the man is in. most unique of this still is that it is real and none of artwork portraying realism as it is some can see and create their own depiction of the moments leading up to him and the taken picture. Behind the photograph there is meaning that must not be turned or ignored for the promise of Never Again. The Holocaust in captured

photographs is given proof and understanding of those deprived of choice which is the same for this photograph that first many reject. As the Holocaust currently there is a museum dedicated to the 9/11 attacks and the lives that were lost along with various events during the day that took place such as recovered stories of firefighters who survived and some who perished, the heroic passengers who thwarted another attack onboard Flight 93, and one special tragedy which till this day is not fully acknowledged as it should be which is the man who predicted 9/11 Rick Rescorla. Those who see the importance of the Holocaust can see through what photographs can aid in teaching later generations for the sake of not having another similar event take place for those not to forget and to remember so as to be prepared not to forget or even overlook and let again ignorance fall into place.

Eventually New Yorkers eased down but the greater term would be have become less ignorant and much more understanding towards greater representation for the event captured forever on media. Although sometimes what can be seen as horrific and undesirable to watch can be what must be in order to overcome that fear for those who couldnt see their family, friends, or neighbors once again till it engraved your responsibility for remembrance and search for certain justice.

One last impact of media violence that occurs is most often the differentiation of views or political conflict that stirs society to become uneven when one group confronts another. Numerous examples of this include the Jackson riots, OJ Simpson Trials, several peace protests of both martin Luther King and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and possibly millions more. The media is a daily influence that inflicts most everyone highly including young people. Mainly news networks tend to favor certain political ideologies that blend into specific parties. Some even cover their tracks in disguise of another party which has open possibilities to discouraging others for favor of one particular group. In media there is hardly no such thing as neutrality because every film, documentary, countless forms of entertainment, and best of all news is bias no matter what. Most cannot see through the boundaries crossed when words or actions reflect upon views or values that can lead to conflict if addressed or interpreted to others who take it not lightly. Unfortunately when General George S. Patton expressed his discourage to a soldier found

weeping which he slapped deservedly in front of others who were present he was almost in political trouble of possibly losing much rather than the lucky let off of to appear publicly to announce an apology to the soldier who he supposedly offended. Unfortunately in todays society many people in America are pathetically over sensitive that praise singling any who speak out and sending you off for Happy Dale. One side effect of over sensitive want to Communists is their many misinterpretations such as the social issue which sparked when many citizens came to relevant conclusions of the Arizona Law. Another example of this is the issue of the ground Zero Mosque which many new Yorkers were angered yet Mayor Bloomberg insisted it was discrimination that was the issue rather than the fact that not only was it on grounds of New Yorks greatest tragedies but if rebuilt would go upon ground that may still hold bodies of the victims uncovered which many are still missing presently. It was soon to be discovered that Mayor Bloomberg had in fact taken funds from the reconstruction project of the World Trade Center to throw for the Mosque and kept secret from its citizens which stirred eventually protests and those who survived or lost love ones having to re-emerge and remind others what was lost and partially forgotten. For Mayor Bloomberg it is Americas regret that we have not made grand memorials to Japanese kamikazes that let about the destruction of over 8 battleships which some luckily were resurfaced and the death of over 2,000 lives including civilians. The Freedom Tower as of now is being reconstructed from the Silverstein Project currently on Ground Zero with a dedicated memorial which will open to the public to revision the events as a walkthrough such as the Holocaust for reminding Americans and even foreigners that freedom is not one without a price.

Film production such as Loose Change or even animated movies or TV shows excessively highlight numerous social issues of continuous bias which most young adults fall for and protest for while the next group comes into play of confrontation. When mentioning one statement of your own unrelated to the view of the viewer especially many young adults or sometimes adults conflict can in fact sir and lead to violence when one is angered by words of offense. Media can impact violence when it generates differing points of view, criticism upon various subjects, and even lack of newsworthy material. One regret that is of todays media is it hardly maintains awareness of events or most importantly

crime, missing or abductions. Often entertainment produces less morality and promotes as so called entertainment three main points; drugs, sex, and money. It is understood when parents try to bar their children from these but when they encounter viewing such things they can be influenced to buy into it as successful tobacco companies sell their products to young and most likely young ones who lack proper education or understanding of these harmful effects that change them into who they are. At times media violence can influence, or lead others to believe the cover the cover of a book much more than what is contained and sometimes can define examples of violence and their consequences but most of all the bias of media outlets and numerous forms of entertainment is the first step of how a conflict may occur and the reaction of the individual who becomes confronted. From there it will take the individuals knowledge, values, and beliefs to open the path they set upon their course of action for conflict resolution.