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Civ Joewel Valcueba Saba PNP-Program Management Office NHQ- PNP Camp Crame Quezon City, 1111 Philippines

MASTER IN DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT 1. What is your career objective for the next (10) years?

The next ten to fifteen years are critical period for the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Government of the Philippines (GOP) along with the 191 United Nations member states and at least 23 international organizations because of the demands in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). As Project Development Specialist of the PNP and as one of the MDGs advocates, I would focus my career in helping the PNP on the implementation of the Integrated Transformation ProgramPerformance Governance System 2030, an initiative created and being implemented to support the good governance effort of the present government while performing its mandate to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community which are all contributory to meet the requirements set by the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) and the MDGs. Secondly, with the changing times, I would further improve my professional background by taking a doctoral degree in the field of public administration to have substantive skills, knowledge and necessary values required for greater participation in governance. I believe that having thorough legal, ethical and political backgrounds, I will understand more the nature of administrative functions and even gain expertise in strategic planning, advanced management techniques, program implementation and results/rights-based leadership. Lastly, given my more than three years experiences in community development and religious sector, I would expand my involvement by applying the knowledge and skills I have and the gains I would learn in the next years to come in these fields. I have

considered community work and the church as means for integration by building a relationship between psychological sense of community and greater participation to achieve a positive cause. Through this, I am sure I will be able to give more value on my professional background while I am fulfilling my responsibility as a citizen of the country and as a creation of God. 2. What benefits do you expect from your participation in the MDM program?

On the basis of a changing and more challenging world where progress towards reaching goals are uneven, I am sure that this program would fill my necessity for a more effective means of running an organization, both as a private citizen and as an employee of the PNP. I know that keeping myself learn and unlearn is a way to advance my career by continually acquire new knowledge and staying on top of trends or developments in my field and other areas of interests. On a personal level, I always have the passion of advancing my career in social development initiatives and advocacies, following a results-based method. As an important factor in meeting my goals to become an improved and empowered citizen, I want to learn and apply effective managerial strategies to have a better performance on my immediate and societal responsibilities. On a professional level, I want to be a successful resultsoriented employee. I have finished advocacy and peace development projects in the past but I want to improve some field where I feel I am not good at. Today, since I am handling the PNP Retirement and Pension System Project, the PNP Legal Assistance and Legislative Agenda, consultation for PNP Human Rights Project, the Health Mo Okey Project and the activation of the Regional Engineering Offices, all under the PNP ITP-PGS 2030, I want to be on top of the game and significantly finish all these within the timeline. Further, I believe that the good reputation of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and the diversity and the interactive approach of the institutions experts will augment my present knowledge and skills, while motivating me to a practical means of providing impacts. As young as 25, I am challenged and I am

taking this opportunity not only to experience MDM but to use this as fuel for ground application. 3. What are your strengths? What ideas could you improve on? Keeping aboard. I consider my career as something beyond what I am currently doing in my present position. Thus, I keep seeking out opportunities serve as an advocate, an officer, a leader, a private tutor, as an adviser or as a writer, where I can build my reputation as someone who is passionate and dedicated not only to my job but to other fields as well. Learning not to say no. When asked to help, I have learned not to say no to reliable people and important jobs that need my help. Volunteering to help out other personnel or simply receiving an immediate responsibility is sometimes challenging but surely increases my value within the organization. It shows an interest and desire to help the organization to succeed. Developed people skill. As a professional English major teacher, I have learned to be confident in reaching out to people, resulting to stronger interpersonal skills. Additionally, as I am employed in the PNP, I believe that I already have adjusted to all kinds of attitudes and personalities. These things made me play a crucial role in gaining the respect of my boss and coworkers. Being friendly, outgoing, and personable are likable attitudes I maintain especially in pressuring times. Listening to mentors. I believe that listening is an important aspect of learning and a requirement to become an effective communicator. Developing mentoring relationships is important as they are great sources of information and career guidance. In my leadership in the community, I am always considered as a democratic leader and even a brother. I always listen and weigh things from the most important to the least until a conscientious consensus comes. Keeping abreast. I always seek for growth and continuously looking for means to advance my career. With my youth, government and other private networks, I have strengthened my knowledge to be kept inform with what things happening around and why do they happen.

For all of these, I hope to develop my ideas to become more structure-oriented and framework-driven. I believe that I should have a strong edifice in whatever things I do in life to keep a maximum goal done within a minimum period. 4. What was your community activities? awards received, if any. most significant involvement in Specify its duration and mention

I started as a young community and church head leading and conducting festival-related tournaments, running a Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) and other activities until high school Supreme Student Council (SSC) involvements. During my college life at the Mindanao State University, Main Campus, I was exposed to various community development works and activities. After graduation, I was exposed to various leadership development activities local, national and international as participant, organizer, officer, president and founder. However, the most significant involvement I experienced is when I took the challenge as president of the Youth Advocates for United Nations (YAUN) in 2009 from a national election held in Silliman University. YAUN is a network of globally competitive young Filipino and international leaders, guided by Filipino values, that works with the United Nations agencies for the localization of policies and ideals geared towards the sustainable development of the Philippines. It is a self-sustaining organization of youth helping to achieve the goals of the MDGs. From a one-year stint, we have conducted various community activities (health, environment, poverty and livelihood), visited universities and colleges for leadership and MDGs fora and conducted the 4th MDGs Summit for Young Leaders last May 2010 held at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Gawad Kalinga and Quezon City Memorial Circle, participated by youth all ver the globe. Currently, I am a Board Member of the YAUN as the youth continues the flame burning in the pursuit on the realization of the MDGs. This and other leadership background made a mark so that I would become a matured individual in helping the PNP for the

implementation of the PNP ITP-PGS 2030 as a Project Development Specialist. Now, while I understand the internal stakeholders of the PNP, I also have the chance to bring the PNP closer to the youth and the general populace, where interoperability can be initiated and undertaken. 5. List all other citations, honors, and awards received in any capacity whatsoever: academic, professional, socio-civic or community, and others. Here are the list of other citations and leadership backgrounds: LEADERSHIP

Lecturer, Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); Organizer, Seminar Series on the Culture of Peace in the celebration with the National Peace Consciousness Month sponsored by the Peace Education Program, Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao, MSU-Youth Peace Advocates in collaboration with the GOP-UNMDP ARMM Act for Peace Program last September 7, 13, 16, and 20, 2006; MSU Delegate, 5th Mindanao Rizal Youth Leadership Institute (MRYLI) Convergence at Chali Beach Resort, Cagayan de Oro City; Marawi City Coordinator, Mindanao Rizal Youth Leadership Institute (MRYLI) held in Cagayan de Oro; President, College of Education English Major Students Organization (CEEMSO); Founding President, MSU-Youth Peace Advocates; Editor-in-Chief, College of Education Publication (The Ember) 2006; Adviser, Seniors Council (October Graduation) AY 20072008. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in English; Meritorious Awardee as 2nd Placer National Essay Writing Contest Sponsored by the United Nations Association of the

Philippines (UNAP) at the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila; College Leadership Awardee; College Best Orator of the Year; Quiz Wizard of the Year; College Writer of the Year; College Best Declaimer of the Year; College Best Orator of the Year; Best Student Teacher of the Year (Elementary Department); University Student Leadership Award (USLA) 1st Runnerup; Consistent Academic Scholar; Chancellors Lister and Consistent Deans List (October 2003- October 2006); Champion, Oratorical Contest , 43rd College of Education Foundation Day; Champion. Declamation Contest, 42nd and 43rd College of Education Foundation Day; Champion, Pagsulat ng Sanaysay Regional Contest sponsored by the Kagawaran ng Wikang Filipino (2004); Champion, Educational Sciences and Mathematics Society Quiz Bowl (2003); Champion, Tulang Pasalaysay, 43rd CED Literary-Musical Contest; 1st Runner-Up, Oratorical Contest during the 43rd MSU Foundation Day; 1st Runner-up, 13th Annual Kapariz Dictionary Quiz Show at Mindanao State University, Marawi City; 1st Runner- Up, Extemporaneous Speech, 43rd CED Literary-Musical Contest; 2nd Placer, Socio Quiz Bowl 2005; 2nd Runner-Up, Aktwal na Talumpati, 43rd CED LiteraryMusical Contest; 2nd Runner-Up, Poetry Reading, 43rd CED Literary-Musical Contest; 3rd Placer, Pagsulat ng Tula Regional Contest sponsored by the Kagawaran ng Wikang Filipino (2004); 3rd Placer, Pagsulat ng Sanaysay Regional Contest sponsored by the Kagawaran ng Wikang Filipino (2005);


Describe your interest and hobbies.

I get fun and fulfilment in going to streets and squatter areas to teach children and deal with the youth. For how many years of experiences, I have learned how to absorb the various problems of every community I had visited, of every mother saying she is sick and of every child smiling despite hunger. I am also interested in visiting more communities like Gawad Kalinga Villages to be inspired on the glaring transformation they are doing for the poor and homeless families. Most of all, I am interested of making the best effort for the PNP transformation program because I believe if you transform the PNP, you transform the country. Lastly, I find fun by running in the PNP oval or swim in the PNP pool. Also, I find time for the gymnasium so that as I fulfil my responsibility and commitment, I am healthy and well. 7. Discuss any matter other than those already mentioned that you believe will strengthen your application for admission. As part of the PNP ITP-PGS 2030, particularly on Human Resource Development and Management, there were already nine (9) personnel of the PNP-Program Management Office who graduated from the AIM both in MM and MDM degrees. Also, Two (2) of the PNP-PMO officers are presently undergoing MM studies. Thus, as part of the organizations thrust of advancing the competency of its personnel, this capacity-building measure is very important in the pursuit to improve the personnel skills and education to better equip the PNP-PMO personnel with the necessary tools and knowledge in the performance of mandated duties. PNP-PMO is one of the vital offices in the PNP.