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Pro-Choice Violence and Illegal Activities in Indiana

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Feticide and Criminal Abortion (2 incidents) On October 7, 1988, abortionist James Thomas Howard performed an abortion on a viable six-month pregnant girl in violation of state law directing that another doctor be present during late-term abortions, and that measures be taken to try to assist viable babies to live. The State Board of Medical Examiners suspended his license to practice medicine on an emergency basis. Reference: Frontline Updates. "Indiana Abortionist Charged With Feticide, Unlawful Abortion." National Right to Life News, April 6, 1989, pages 4 and 5. Assault (3 incidents) In August 1989, while Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League was making a speech, pro-abortionists screamed the whole time and spit and vomited on him. Police finally had to remove him from the platform for his safety. Reference: "CALL Veteran Joins Pro-Life Action League."

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Battery, Criminal Mischief and Destruction of Property

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This is a good case of how out of control a person can get when every one of his whims or wants no matter how disordered or bizarre is catered to. Tara Boes was a transgendered person, a guy who liked to dress up in womens clothes. So when the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) brought its huge signs to his (her, its?) campus at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) on November 2, 2010, this grossly confused person, of course, took offense. He jumped the barriers around the display and began tearing apart the pictures. The GAP staff decided to watch, but when Boes grabbed a metal pole and started swinging it around, they called campus police. Boes struck one GAP staffer in the eye with his elbow and struck another with the metal pole. Mark Harrington, Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest, said that When the student appeared willing to endanger the staff, we had to get involved and call the campus police. We dont protect equipment because the equipment can be replaced, but when it comes to someone physically harming someone we obviously have a right to protect ourselves or to protect other people. University police appeared and arrested Boes. When Boes had a subsequent interview with the student newspaper The Communicator, he compared the unborn child to a parasite, and said that he became enraged when he saw abortion being compared to the lynching of African Americans. He said that Approaching the display, I started to feel really physically ill. I thought it was really disgusting that someone would compare abortion to genocide. To compare a woman ridding her body of a parasite to a lynching thats pretty disgusting. This is typical of pro-choice thinking They support free speech, as long as they agree with it. Boes sniveled that, when he was taken into custody, his gender identity as a woman was not respected, and that he was forced to sleep in a cell with other men. Later, he said that he regretted his actions not because of the damage he had caused or the injuries he had inflicted on other human beings, but because he had been caught and would have to suffer consequences for his actions. He said Yeah, I regret what I did. I have legal fines to pay. I am being charged with battery and criminal mischief none of that stuff is really worth what happened. Reference: Matthew Anderson. Transgender Student Attacks Genocide Awareness Project. LifeSite News, November 19, 2010.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Attempted Murder, Attempted Feticide, Torture, Rape, Battery and Death Threat On November 20, 2003, Michael Harney was enjoying the services of a prostitute when his pregnant girlfriend, 32-year-old Terina Gonzalez. walked in on them. Harney wanted to cover up his solicitation of prostitutes, so he tried several times to kill Terina. Harney forced Terina to drink industrial strength cleaner, raped her, and, after she tried to escape, he dragged her back into the apartment, bound her and beat her. Witnesses who had been in a library across the street heard the commotion and called police. The witnesses saw Terina run outside naked and heard Harney tell her "Now you're going to die." Harney was arrested over the weekend and charged with attempted murder, attempted feticide, torture and rape. He also has a long history of arrests dating back to 1975, most recently serving time for battery.

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On July 21, 2004, Harney was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his crimes. References: "Man Accused of Torturing Girlfriend Due in Court." WISH Television 8 [Oklahoma City, Oklahoma], November 25, 2003; Vic Ryckaert. "Boyfriend to Receive 25 Years in Assault." The Indianapolis Star, June 29, 2004; Rob Schneider. "Man Gets 25 Years in Attack on His Pregnant Girlfriend." The Indianapolis Star, July 22, 2004. Rape (2 counts), Wrongful Death of a Fetus (3 counts), Sexual Assault (3 incidents), Forced Abortions (3 counts), Criminal Abortion (2 counts), Death Threat, Battery (2 incidents), Criminal Recklessness (2 incidents) and Income Tax Evasion Abortionist Pravin Thakkar seduced and impregnated Bonnie Coffey-Myers. During a July 1987 medical examination, he forced medical instruments into her uterus. She suspected she was pregnant, but had not considered abortion. She jumped from the examining table and wouldn't let him proceed due to the extreme pain. She later allowed him to complete the abortion which he had initiated without her knowledge or consent. He was convicted. The abortionist also seduced and impregnated Kathy Collins. Later he aborted her preborn child without her consent and over her protests during an examination on January 9, 1988. She sued for emotional distress, assault and battery, and wrongful death of a fetus. He was convicted. He also seduced and impregnated Carmen Hertzinger (also known as Carmen Singer). She was eight months pregnant when she went into a drug-induced sleep in Thakkar's house in 1983. She briefly awoke to hear the muffled sound of a baby's cry, and Thakkar told her the baby was still-born; she did not consent to terminate the pregnancy. Thakkar disposed of the viable baby, refusing to tell her what he had done with it, and threatened her life if she dared tell anyone of the incident. No death certificate was filed for the unborn child because the body had vanished. He was convicted. Thakkar was also found guilty of numerous episodes of sexually inappropriate or criminal behavior. A patient having an IUD inserted requested the presence of a nurse. He told her that the nurse was busy elsewhere. She felt Thakkar's penis inserted into her vagina. She pulled away and found Thakkar with his erect penis exposed. Another patient said that he tried during an office visit to give her his home phone number, and requested that she call him at home. Later that day he came to her house asking to use her phone to answer a pager call. He wandered off in her house and she sought him and found him standing nude in her bedroom, at which point he raped her. The abortionist left a medical residency program in Texas in 1981, after a patient complained that he made sexual remarks to women and was known as a doctor who would "conduct a pelvic exam for a head cold." He was indicted in 1989 of evading IRS reporting laws and reported a gross annual income of $500,000, according to news story. His Indiana medical license was suspended by emergency order on February 23, 1989 because he was a "clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety," and his license was revoked on allegations of having sex with numerous patients, including the three he was known to have impregnated and aborted. He was diagnosed by board-ordered evaluation as having Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Thakker was also investigated by the Indiana Medical board for lewd and immoral conduct toward female patients under his care. On June 11, 1991, a jury found Thakker guilty of two counts of battery, two counts of illegal abortion and two counts of criminal recklessness. Thakker was sentenced on July 31, 1991 to prison in the Indiana Department of Corrections. After being convicted of the three forced abortions, prosecutors feared that Thakkar would flee the country, having received a tip that he had applied for hospital jobs in Canada and Africa under an assumed name.

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Thakkar was sentenced to 16 years in prison. References: "Physician Indicted for Illegal Abortions." Washington Times, November 3, 1989; Tyler Morning Telegraph, June 12 and 13, 1991; Ken Kusmer. "Abortions Cost Doctor 16 Years." The Oregonian, August 1, 1991; Frontline Updates. "Indiana Abortionist Gets 16-Year Prison Term." National Right to Life News, August 13, 1991, page 12; The Indiana Health Profession Bureau Case #89 MLB 003. Child Molestation (2 counts) and Sexual Misconduct with a Minor (4 counts) [Franklin] According to official police documents and media reports, the following events occurred in and around Franklin, Indiana. Jonathan James Hartman is another "pro-choice" minister who gives Christians a bad name. Atheist and anti-theist Web sites were gleefully pointing to his case as a glaring example of Christian hypocrisy. And, you know they are right! But, conveniently, they never mention that he is "pro-choice," because that is all right with them. Hartman was a volunteer youth pastor at the Salvation Army-Johnson County Corps Center of Hope in Franklin, Indiana. He used his position of authority to sexually molest three 15-year-old girls over a three-year period. He impregnated one of them and pushed her hard to have an abortion. Franklin Police Detective Kevin Scheuermann said that "His reaction was that he wanted her to get an abortion, and he was pushing her for it." The detective added that a DNA test showed that Hartman was the father of the girl's baby. On April 23, 2009, Hartman was charged with two counts of child molestation and four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Reference: Jason Thomas. "Youth Pastor Held on Sex Charges." Indianapolis Star, April 23, 2009. Death Threat On November 6, 1998, pro-abortionists mailed letters to two Catholic churches and a pro-life group with threats that they contained anthrax bacteria. The victims were St. Matthew's Church and School in Indianapolis, Queen of Martyrs' Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Chicago office of Joe Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League. The letters said "You have been exposed to anthrax." Reference: "Anthrax Threats Against Catholic Churches, Pro-Life Group." Briefs, November 10, 1998. Gross Negligence and Malpractice (3 counts) Indiana Attorney General Jeffrey Modisett filed civil charges against abortionist Robert J. Morgan, who worked at the Clinic for Women abortuary, on February 18, 1999. Morgan was accused of nine counts of failing to exercise reasonable care and diligence in the treatment of his pregnant patients or their newborns during delivery. Morgan has had 23 medical malpractice complaints filed against him at the Indiana Department of Insurance during his career. The attorney general's office reports that in at least 3 instances, a medical review panel determined Morgan committed malpractice. The focal point of the hearings had been the death of Rober James Rollins III, the newborn son of Lori Rollins. Rober James was born comatose, deaf and blind and died a little over two months after birth. The Indiana Catholic World News

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Attorney General's office investigated and found the baby's death was a direct result of Morgan's negligence in responding to Lori Rollins' botched abortion during which her uterus ruptured. Finally, in February 2000, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board stripped the abortionist of his Indiana medical license, and barred him from reapplying to practice medicine in the state for a period of seven years. Despite all of this, Morgan would not be prevented from committing abortions in other states. Reference: "Dangerous Indiana Abortion Practitioner Stripped of License." Pro-Life Infonet, February 26, 2000; "Abortion Practitioner Faces Malpractice Charges." Pro-Life Infonet, February 26, 1999; February 23, 1999 and February 25, 2000 press releases issued by Indiana Citizens for Life; Indianapolis Star, February 20, 1999. Uncivility (not a crime, unless youre pro-life) [Noblesville] Many pro-lifers find it hilarious that pro-choicers consider it uncivil to protest outside an abortionists house, but not at all uncivil to put what longtime Planned Parenthood abortionist Michael S. King did on his lawn. Pastor Adam Briggs had often picketed the abortionists lavish home, and it was obviously getting to him. On Mothers Day [May 8] 2011, King erected an effigy of Pastor Briggs on his front lawn wearing a T-shirt that said "Jesus loves you, but the rest of us think you're an asshole!" Not a peep from any of the pro-choice groups about the uncivility of this display, showing that they support it. Of course, if a pro-lifer did this to King, there would be an immediate lawsuit.

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Richmond, Indiana
Murder Ceeatta Stewart-McKinnie was striving hard to overcome a difficult childhood and seemed to be making it. She was a college junior and planned on being a journalist. She was working as a nurse's aide to help pay her way. Ceeatta had had abortions before, but now she was pregnant with her long-time married boyfriend's baby and was determined not to abort again. She was looking forward very much to having this baby, so much so that, when her name was called in a college class, she announced proudly to everyone there "I'm pregnant!" She had already named her little girl Amarea Kimae. She sang her preborn baby lullabies and had already bought little dresses, sleepers and diapers. Her professor said "I've never seen anybody that wanted something as much." Her married boyfriend, Willis E. Anderson, was not as pleased, especially when Ceeatta told him that she would expect child support for the baby. He was worried that his wife would find out and that his comfortable middle-class existence as a state government accountant might be disrupted. On April 10, 2002, Anderson met Ceeatta about a mile from her apartment. She got into his car, and

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they drove to a secluded wooded area. She realized she was in danger, and jumped out of the car and tried to run. But she stumbled and lost her shoes and glasses in the pitch black woods. Anderson caught up with her easily and beat her to death by striking her at least 25 times with a heavy hammer or other tool. Turkey hunters found her body three days later. Prosecutor Michael V. Gerrard said "He was worried [the pregnancy] was going to interfere with his lifestyle. She was going to have this baby. She was going to hit him for child support. It was definitely going to interrupt his way of life." A jury convicted Anderson of murder, and he is currently serving a fifty-year sentence. Ceeatta's aunt, who was stabbed seven times when she was pregnant, opened five homes to assist battered and needy women. She calls them "Ceeatta's Houses." Reference: Donna St. George. "Violence Intersects Lives of Promise: Relatives and Friends Evoke the Women and Their Paths Toward Death." Washington Post, December 20, 2004, page A01.

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