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Crompton Greaves Limited


15th January, 2010


Logo and identity

The Idea Transformation Through Action is based on the management mantra Stop talking. Start doing. For any transformation, involvement is essential. True transformation will only happen when people help each other and keep the development process on. In other words, it is sustainable development through teamwork. The Design This is a graphic representation of CSR. The three shapes represent community people joining hands and coming together. The shapes form an invisible triangle pointing upwards, i.e., in the direction of growth. The three distinct colours represent the Triple Bottom Line approach to CSR on the Economic, Environment and the Social front. On a subtle level, along with the background splash of colour, they also indicate unity in diversity.

SR. No.

INTRODUCTION Ripple Approach Three Wave Affirmative Action Programme WORKING WITH UNIVERSITIES Nashik KK Wagh College of Engineering Bhopal Maulana Azad Institute of Technology Indore SGIT College Goa Padre Conceicao College of Engineering VOCATIONAL PROGRAMME Mumbai, Mulund, ITI Nashik, ITI Gwalior, ITI Ahmednagar, ITI Goa, Mapusa, ITI Bhopal, Govindpura, ITI Graphics & Multimedia Centre at Sunder Nagri, East Delhi Fashion Design & Handicarafts Centre at Sunder Nagri, East Delhi Adoption of ITI, Satpur, Nasik EDUCATION TO PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CANDIDATES PREPARING FOR ENTRANCE EXAM TO PROFESSIONAL COURSES Ahmednagar: Efforts Academy and Chaitanya Classes CII CG FINISHING SCHOOL PROJECT Innovative Initiatives on Affirmative Action CG - CII Finishing School Batch for AA students at Bharatiya Vidhyapeeth BOOK SPONSORSHIP FOR MENTORING THE AA GIRL CHILD EDUCATIONAL SPONSORSHIP OF AA STUDENTS NIT Calicut Extending the coverage OTHER INITIATIVE WHICH PREDOMINANTLY CATERS TO AA CANDIDATES Kanjur Unit: Partnership with NGOs to improve Government Primary Schools with a predominant SC/ST population Bhopal: Gurari Ghat Village, up-gradation of the School catering solely to SC population. Malanpur: Organising a Plant Visit to T2 Division Goa: Providing books for students by Fans Division

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Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL) signed the CII-Code of Conduct in November 2006, with the objective of contributing to the cause of providing social justice to the AA category. As a signatory to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Code on Affirmative Action, Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL) has made a conscious effort to promote the progress and the betterment of AA candidates through several initiatives. The Company adopted the Ripple approach while focusing its efforts in the area of providing educational support to the Affirmative Action group. The model is depicted below:

CROMPTON GREAVES RIPPLE APPROACH Central to the theme, lies the philosophy of making education as the vehicle for facilitating social justice to the AA Group. The first two ripples represent the area of direct influence under which the Company arranges to provide education to the target population belonging to the AA category. This is followed by the third, fourth and fifth ripple, which constitutes the wave of secondary influence in which the Company provides a medium through expert agencies, which help the students of the AA group, get into professions of their liking and thus join the mainstream of society. The last two ripples represent the tertiary influence in which direct support by way of grants/sponsorships to the meritorious AA students are extended, to help them in their careers.


Our initiatives unfolded through the Ripple approach in form of a Three Wave Affirmative Action Programme which is as under:-

We are elaborating the projects launched on a dedicated basis for the Affirmative Action Category under each Ripple on a year wise basis, at our various locations.


CG Location Ahmednagar Nashik Bhopal Indore Goa Institute Efforts Academy & Chaitanya Classes K.K.Wagh Maulana Azad Institute of Technology SGIT College Padre Conceiceo College of Engineering & Goa College of Engineering Total Students SC/ST Students supported in the years 2007 2009 72 210 94 94 95 567

1. Nasik KK Wagh College of Engineering

The Switchgear Units, located at Nasik, interact with the engineering students of KK Wagh College, for a period of 6 weeks every academic year. The students visit the Unit on a regular basis every Sunday and are divided into the following three batches:

Batch 1 - FE & SE Students (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) Batch 2 - TE & BE Students (Electrical Engineering) Batch 3 - TE & BE Students (Mechanical Engineering)

At the end of the training, each group was asked to present their learning to the VP and GMs of the 4 units. Coverage of students 2007-2009 Number of Students 33 80 97

Month & Year February 18, to April 8, 2007 March 2, to April 27, 2008 January 25, to March 22, 2009
A classroom session with the 2008 batch of KK Wagh students

For the 2009-10 students, the batch is scheduled to be held in February-March 2010. Details of the coverage are given below: Sr. No 1 FE & SE Students (Electrical & Mechanical) CNC Machines Turning Centre Machining centre CNC Machines Turrent Punch Press Bending Non-destructive testing cutting tools Basics of Auto CAD Sheet Metal Working & Plating (Zinc & Silver) Visit to Powder coating/ painting/ etc. TE & BE Students (Mechanical) Calibration Surface finish measurement Concepts of Quality Quality Control Types of gauges Statistical quality control Process capability Acceptance Sampling Types of sampling plan & Auto CAD TE & BE Students (Electrical) Circuit Breakers (VCB & PCVCB) Testing of Instrument Transformers & Lightning Arrestors SF6 Gas filled Circuit Breakers Impulse Voltage Generator Lighting Arrestor Partial Discharge measurement Capacitor & Tan-d Measurement in EHV Laboratory Insulating Oil properties (Chs) Test Methods & Actual Testing Training on Soft Skills Development

Six Sigma methodology Quality Standards (ISO, OHSAS and EMS) Quality concepts like Kaizen, Cause and effect diagram, Pareto analysis, etc Training on Soft Skills Development

Jigs & Fixtures (various types of practicals)

Instrument transformers Product knowledge

In all, 244 man-days of training inputs have been imparted to the Affirmative Action candidates. Last year CG, Nashik was able to cover 210 students from the SC/ST/NT category, of which 183 students were only from the SC/ST category. The detailed list of the students is in Annexure 1, 2 & 3.



T3 Division, at Mandideep, Bhopal manufacturing power transformers, initiated the first stage of training for the students of this college. The training consists of classroom sessions as well as visits to the shop floor. The classroom sessions were followed by projects in the units. In all 94 man-days of training inputs were imparted to the Affirmative Action candidates at Bhopal. Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Date 8.03.07 9.03.07 10.03.07 14.03.07 15.03.07 16.03.07 Topic An overview of CGL followed by a visit of the T3-Plant. Application & Basic Concepts of Power Transformers. Energy Efficient Drives. Design Aspects of a Transformer. Transient Conditions in a Transformer. Cooling Arrangement in Transformer. SC 11 11 9 10 11 11 4 Total 67 ST 5 5 4 3 4 4 2 31 Tot 16 16 Coverage 13 13 15 15 6 94 3rd year Electrical students

1/06/07 to Vocational Training/Projects 30/06/07

Shop-floor and classroom sessions for the students at T3


The Railway Signalling Division, located at Pithampur, began its association with this college on 24th January, 2007. The first session was held at the college and was followed by a discussion with the various heads of departments who felt that an interaction with CG would benefit the students as well as the faculty of the college.


Pictures of the sessions in progress

Sr. No. 1 2 3

Date 24.01.07 14.02.07 18.05.07

Topic Embedded Systems Plant Visit Micro Controller Networking SCADA Type Analog MODEMS & their configurations Protocols in Networking Total

SC 22 22 12

ST 11 11 6

Tot 33 33 18

Batch 4th year Electronics and IT students Faculty of the college


9 65

1 29

10 94

In all 94 man days of training inputs, were imparted to the Affirmative Action candidates at Pithampur.


Expanding the Industry-Academia Network for Affirmative Action at Goa

The M1 & M4 Units, located at Mapusa and Kundaim in Goa which are manufacturing LT and FHP motors, had discussions with both these colleges. The dialogue with the Principals focused on understanding as to how best they could have an academyindustry interface. The discussions culminated in CG agreeing to plant visits, interactive sessions and in particular projects which would benefit the Affirmative Action students the most.


Sr. No. 1

Date 9.04.07 18.04.07

Topic Plant Visit : M4 (Morning) M1 (Noon) SAP 1. Overview of SAP 2. PP Module 3. MM Module Six Sigma 1. Overview 2. Case studies Crompton Greaves Production System (CGPS) 1. Introduction 2. Concepts 3. Use of CGPS tables 4. Introduction & usage of MOP software. Six Sigma 1. Overview 2. Case studies Each project had a group of 4 students working simultaneously. The projects were: 1. Noise and vibration analysis of electric motors 2. Optimization of heat transfer in electric motors Total

SC 3

ST 22

Total 25

Batch 2nd Year Mech/Elec 3rd & 4th Year IT/Mech/Comp 3rd & 4th Year IT/Mech/Comp



20.04.07 to 21.04.07




4th Year Mech

17.08.07 2 mts

4th Year Mech

Aug & Sept 2007

4th Year Mech


1 84

1 95

Crompton Greaves Limited organises technical vocational courses on a regular basis to build the vocational skills of the Affirmative Action candidates to increase their employability. The results which have been registered at the various locations are as under:-

As mentioned earlier, CGs Affirmative Action programme, has a holistic approach. At the ITI in Mulund, Mumbai, CG has updated the electrical laboratory and included a transformer, making it the most sophisticated laboratory among the ITIs in India. The laboratory was inaugurated on 2nd December, 2008. CG engineers have also been involved in re-designing the course curriculum at the Institute. They are also examiners, for the Institutes Vocational Courses. CG sponsored a batch of 12 SC students for the 3 month trade courses, at the ITI in Mulund. Details of the coverage are given in Annexure 4.


CG entered into a tripartite collaboration with the German Technical Co-operation and ITISatpur to run a six-month electricians course for 25 SC/ST students.


The syllabus of the course was designed under the Indo-German Bilateral Agreement on Technical Co-operation with the Ministry of Labour, GOI, under the German Technical Cooperation. CG bore the cost of the faculty fees and provided the equipment required for the course. ITI-Satpur provided the space by way of their classrooms and shop floor as well as free hostel accommodation to 50% of the students who hailed from the village of Nandurvaidya. The students, who commuted daily to the Institute, were provided with a conveyance allowance @ Rs.25/- per day by CG, for the entire duration of the programme. The objective of the project was to provide training that would build the vocational skills of the Affirmative Action candidates thereby increasing their employability and supplement income generation. The first batch of 25 AA students completed their six-month electrician course in August 2007, the second batch of 25 students in August 2008 and the third batch of 24 students on 6 January 2009. The students of the first two batches have either been employed by the industry or have set up their own business. The Company also supported the candidates by providing them with comprehensive tool kits free of cost. The Joint Certification by the Government of India and GTZ, Germany under the IndoGerman Bilateral Agreement has resulted in a high level of credibility to this programme.

Building Employability and Course Delivery Capabilities at ITI-Nashik


The first batch of students at the passing out ceremony

At the passing out ceremony, each candidate was presented with a certificate in addition, a tool kit was gifted to each of them

Inauguration of the 2


batch in March 2008

3 batch of students passing out in January 2010


The number of AA students that have benefited from this intervention in a period of three years is 74.

T2 Division in Malanpur, Gwalior, manufacturing distribution transformers, selected 12 students from the Institute for a six-months training, post completion of the certification course. The first batch commenced from 16th May, 2007 and was completed on 15th November, 2007. The batch comprised of 3 SC/ST and 9 OBC students. In 2008, the Unit selected 4 students who have completed their 6 months training, and gave them in-plant training at the Unit, which has strengthened their technical skills. The selected students were paid a stipend of Rs.1,500/- p.m. and were provided free uniforms, shoes, transportation and meals. In addition, each of them were provided with a tool kit and reading material to enhance their learning. At T2 Division, the chosen path has been vigorous shop-floor training for the candidates in the manufacture of distribution transformers. The 6 months exposure has considerably enhanced their employability levels.

ITI, Gwalior

Expanding the Intellectual Base at Morar, Gwalior

The T2 Division had also earlier sponsored 5 AA candidates from the adjourning village for undergoing a 2 year ITI programme, following which they were absorbed on the permanent rolls of the Company in the technical cadre.

Certificate issued to each candidate

Group of AA Students who were offered permanent employment

The Pumps Division manufacturing domestic, agricultural and industrial pumps, has till date sponsored 13 students for courses in lathe machines, electrical wiring, welding/fabrication and mechanical/diesel operations. These trades are of a general nature, which will enable the Affirmative Action candidates to avail opportunities in various industries. Period of Training Lathe Machines Electric Wiring Welding/Fabrication Other trades Total September 07 - March 08 1 3 1 3 8 April 08 October 08 2 3 5

The first batch commenced their training on 4th September, 2007 and concluded by end March, 2008. The students were provided training that will enhance their market value and a certificate was presented to each, at the end of the practical training provided for six months.

The second batch of the programme for Affirmative Action candidates commenced on 15th April, 2008 and concluded in October, 2008.


The M1 Unit in Goa, manufacturing LT motors, selected 12 students from the ITI in Mapusa, for a months inplant training. Of these 2 students are from the ST and 2 students from the SC background. This programme commenced in May, 2007 and concluded in June, 2007 on completion of 30 days.


A batch of 134 students who were undergoing their 3 year course at ITI in Bhopal, specialising in the field of Electrical, Filters and Computers, paid a visit to the T3 Unit in Mandideep for a shop-floor visit. Of these students, 27 belonged to the SC/ST category.


The Northern Region Office, which has its headquarters in Delhi, is responsible for the sale of all products manufactured by CG in the states of UP, Haryana, J&K, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttaranchal. They have set up a computer centre in Sunder Nagri, East Delhi, where the majority of the population belongs to the SC/ST category.

A view of the renovated community centre from out and within

The Centre caters to the local community children and was inaugurated in October, 2008. The project cost is Rs.5.25 lacs and CG employees have worked with St. Stephens Hospital, an NGO who has done enormous work in this community. The following table


details the courses conducted and the student coverage. In all 50 SC/ST students were covered.

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Courses Computer Awareness Certificate course in Accounts Computer Literacy course Certificate course in Graphic Designing Certificate course in Web Designing Secretarial and Office Assistance Multimedia and Animation Corel Draw and Tally Total

Student coverage 35 5 119 36 9 27 35 7 273

In order to bring down the cost of the project, the space used for community work was handed over to CG to run the classes. The premises were renovated and 10 computers installed.

Photographs of the students who have attended the Graphics & Multimedia Courses


An Academy of Fashion Design & Handicrafts, aimed at providing training to the girls from the weaker sections of society who lack training for want of financial resources was organised. The objective of the project is to impart training and skills to enable them earn a livelihood and to improve their standard of living. The courses are conducted by an IIFT graduate who is the lead trainer/instructor, who has also helped identify the various machines/equipments required for this centre. The premises in Sunder Nagri, East Delhi, were renovated and six automatic stitching machines, one fashion maker, three dummies, a LCD TV, were installed. The Centre was inaugurated on 8th September, 2009 and the first batch consisted of 45 students across various courses at highly subsidized fees. A part-time instructor has also been recruited to conduct personality development courses for these students. CG has borne the expenses for the capital goods installed and will also bear the recurring expenses of the Centre for a period of two years after which the Centre will be self supporting.


CG signed an MOU with the ITI in Satpur, Nashik, under Government of Indias Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme, for a period of 5 years. The MOU was exchanged during a function organised at ITI Nashik on 18th August, 2009. Through the MOU CG has committed to the development of the following which will make the ITI a world class training institute: 1. Introduce a Learn & Earn environment, at the ITI; 2. Alter the syllabus to cater to the need of the neighbouring industries; 3. Ensure employability by creating a recruitment cell at the ITI and facilitate industry networking; 4. Create sought after finished products (students and products) at the ITI; 5. Ensure that the ITI is a Profit Centre.

Mr. JG Kulkarni VP-CG Power Asia, unveiling the Satpur ITI partnership ties with Mr. Wakade Dy Director Vocational Education and Training( DVET)

Mr. JG Kulkarni and Mr. Wakade exchanging signed copies of the MOU

Three meetings of the IMC were held on 7th May, 2009, 12th and 17th November, 2009, and the following points were decided on, towards up-gradation of the educational levels of the ITI :
Sr.No. 1. Item Training to be imparted to ITI Instructors (120 Nos) covering technical upgradation, HR and other current management trends. Technical skill training - Electrician and wiremen trades to be reviewed and changes to be incorporated in the syllabus by end November, 2009. On-the-job training to students was discussed and it was agreed that 2 weeks training to batches of students will be imparted at CG. Data of the last two years with respect to the Passed out percentage of students was presented and analysed. Actions are being taken to ensure that the passing out percentage is at least 75%. Issues regarding Water fountain & garden development were taken up by Mr. Shimple, Principal-ITI, with the IMC Committee, as well as approval for the present Xerox machine repairs, installation of Projector in the Conference Room and COE Training Room. Mr. MK Patil, Vice Principal, ITI, requested technical advise from CG to review the proposals for maintenance of CNC machines (CNC turning and CNC Comix milling). Upkeep and House Keeping at the ITI Current Status Completed in November 2009


In progress


In progress Classes for students on Basic Mathematics have been started and are conducted on every Monday & Tuesdays by CG Engineers at the ITI. Completed in November 2009, by Mr. SV Bansode and Ms. Sujata Tongaonkar of CG. Mr. HD Patil, Senior Manager Engineering & Maintenance, extended technical advice to the ITI authorities and the IMC. A group from CG is working on this initiative





The total amount spent till date has been Rs. 45,000/- and the contribution by way of employee engagement has been 310 hours. (Approx. 40 mandays).


CG Units have already identified five physically handicapped children belonging to the AA category in the five villages of Nandurvaidya, Shevta, MP Housing Board, Ratanpur and Morar, It will purchase free prosthetics for them. In addition, CG has announced educational sponsorship at DEEDS, Mumbai for the deaf and dumb AA students from the above villages. The process of identifying the recipients continues at all the Units of the Company. The Units were really not able to register significant results in this particular area. This project would be taken up in the third wave.




To assist the AA students appearing in the Common Entrance Examination in Ahmednagar, a batch of 23 students was sponsored through the Efforts Academy. This project which was initiated in 2007 by the LT Motors Division, Ahmednagar, received an overwhelming response. The Efforts Academy, is a leading coaching centre to train the students which had been identified by us. Under this project, the Affirmative Action students were fully sponsored in terms of 100% tuition fees @ Rs.9,000/- per student for the entire programme. The objective of the project was to provide the wherewithal to the needy deserving SC/ST students to compete in the prestigious entrance examinations. It is our hope that the successful students covered under this programme would be able to join the main stream of society. The classes for the Common Entrance Test, started for the first batch of 23 Affirmative Action candidates at the Efforts Academy, Ahmednagar. The batch commenced on 20th March, 2007.

Students, Professors and CG employees interacting on the last day The exams of the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test were held and the performance of the Affirmative Action candidates was reasonably good. The second batch consisted of 26 AA students who were tutored for the CET Examination at Chaitanya Classes, run by Mr. SM Phadke and commenced in mid-March 2008, immediately after the XII standard examination. The cost incurred towards the


training for the entire batch was Rs.2.25 lacs. 14 students secured seats in the engineering colleges. SUMMARY OF SC/ST STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED THE CLASSES Students Secured admissions in BE Secured admissions in other Graduate Courses (B Sc/BPharm/BCS) Secured admissions in Diploma Courses Secured admissions in other Vocations Courses (Air Hostess) Failed in Std XII Total Students Nos 11 8 3 1 3 26

The third batch of 23 students from the Affirmative Action category commenced on 8th March, 2009 and concluded in May, 2009. The detailed list of students is in Annexure 5.

6. CG CII Finishing School Project

Taking the Second Wave of Affirmative Action at CG forward, the Senior Leaders committed to taking sessions for AA candidates from Sydenham and TISS under CII-AA Finishing School Project. In the project organized by CII at Mumbai, CG contributed through the expertise of its senior leaders who took sessions for the AA candidates in the Finishing School Project.

Finishing School session in progress at CGL, Kanjur


The objective of the programme is to enhance the communication skills of the AA students, so that they can compete with others on an equal footing. CII selected a batch of 34 AA students from the Bhartiya Vidyapeeth at Vashi, Mumbai. The classes were conducted at the college premises. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. S Parasuraman, Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Inauguration of the CG-CII Finishing School Programme Two of the sessions were taken by CG employees as under:


Session on Expectations from an Engineer by Dr. Samar Srivastava, General Manager - Human Resources. Session on Preparing for Group Discussions by Mr. Sanjay Ghanghaw, Senior Manager - Human Resources.


To support women empowerment, CG has committed a book grant of Rs.5,000/- to girl students (AA category) who have passed standard XI from the villages of Nandurvaidya, Shevta, MP Housing Board, Ratanpur and Morar, if they are amongst the first 5 rank holders. The list of books pertaining to the XII standard, will be furnished by the AA student, and will be purchased and awarded by CG.


On Affirmative Action, CG is presently targeting the meritorious students of the following National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other Institutes across 16 states as possible beneficiaries:Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Name of the Institute NIT, Calicut NIT, Suratkal NIT, Warangal NIT, Trichirappalli Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology NIT, Raipur NIT, Nagpur NIT, Silchar NIT, Jamshedpur NIT, Durgapur Nehru National Institute of Technology, Rourkela Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad NIT, Kurushetra Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur National Power Training Institute Location Kerala Mangalore Andra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Surat Chatisgarh Maharashtra Assam Jharkhand West Bengal Orissa Uttar Pradesh Haryana Madya Pradesh Punjab Rajasthan Faridabad Power Discipline

Electrical Mechanical Electronics Metallurgy

During the academic year 2008-09, CG has extended the tuition fee scholarship to AA students who rank among the top three in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic and Metallurgical branches of engineering in 16 NITs across the country.

1. Success at NIT Calicut

At NIT Calicut, an AA student secured the top rank in the cumulative scores of the first three years of Electronics Engineering. NIT-Calicuts Training and Placement

Department sent the details of the student to Corporate Personnel. After a review of the candidates profile, it was decided to extend the CG AA sponsorship to Mr. Karma Sonam Bhutia. Mr. Bhutia registered outstanding results during his academic program and has secured a CGPA of 9.56. He ranks first among the Electronics Engineering students at NIT-Calicut. Mr Bhutia hails from the Phamlagang area of the State of Sikkim and has an interest in painting, photography and trekking. He is keen on studying Digital Circuits, DSP and Microelectronics Circuits. Having won many awards and accolades in the past, the trend continued during his association with NIT-Calicut. Mr. Bhutia was felicitated at a function on 1st August 2008 at the Institute.

Online edition of India's National Newspaper Monday, Aug 04, 2008/ePaper News: Kerala - Kozhikode Award for NIT-C student Staff Reporter KOZHIKODE: Karma Sonam Bhutia from Sikkim, a final year student of National Institute of Technology, Calicut, (NIT-C), has bagged the award constituted by M/S Crompton Greaves Ltd, Mumbai, to the final year top performing Affirmative Action candidate among the 20 NITs in the country. S. Srivastava, General Manager (Human Resource) of the company presented the award to the student at NIT-C on Friday. He said the award was part of the corporate social responsibility to top Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates. Mr. Bhutia, who belongs to ST category, is studying in seventh semester at NIT-C. The award consists of Rs.15, 000 and a certificate. G.R.C. Reddy, Director, NIT-C, presided. Sandeep Manager, corporate social responsibility, Crompton Greaves, and T.K. Suresh Babu, Head, Training and Placement, NIT-C spoke.

Left to Right: Mr. S Kumar, Dr. Kutty, Mr. GRC Reddy, Mr. Karma Bhutia, Dr. SB Srivastava & Dr. S Babu

Unfortunately, only one student has qualified for the scholarship till date.


During 2008-09 we aimed to take the programme further by extending it to students who have finished the 1st and 2nd year of engineering. The selection of the candidates would be based on cumulative scores as mentioned below. The award would be sponsorship of academic year tuition fees. For a 1st year student : Cumulative scores of Semester 1 & 2 For a 2nd year student : Cumulative scores of Semester 1, 2, 3 & 4 For a 3rd year student : Cumulative scores of Semesters 1, 2,3,4,5 & 6 This is open to the engineering streams of the following disciplines: Electrical Mechanical Electronics Metallurgy


However, no one has qualified for the scholarship, in spite of the extension of the coverage of the scheme. For the academic year 200910, the Company also extended its scholarship programme to Affirmative Action candidates who rank among the first 10 rankers in the overall NITs, which CG is associated with. At the core of this change lies the desire to extend this benefit to more AA candidates.


CG is closely involved in school and local community development in Kanjur Village, where its Units and some Corporate offices are based. This area is predominantly populated by the bottom of the pyramid population which is predominantly in the AA category. CG has collaborated with a local organization called Chetna. Through this organization, CG has undertaken the following projects:

CG with the permission of the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) - Education Authority renovated the entire BMC school. CG also helped the school authorities to initiate the English Medium classes for the slum children. CG provided the school with special desks for the pre-primary students, as well as , uniforms, bags and books. Reviewing the parents interest and the renewed involvement, the school authorities have decided to extend the classes to the II Standard in the academic year 20092010. In July 2009, an on-the-job training in retail marketing was provided to 20 AA youth of Kanjur village. The skill building training was provided by Pratham (NGO) from Bhandup, at a notional cost of Rs. 6,000/-. Today, all the 20 youngsters have been successful in getting job placements.

Kanjur Unit: NGO Partnership for Community Development We are working with an NGO in Kanjur, Mumbai, named Helpers of Mary where we needed support for establishing contact with the probable beneficiaries. The selection of the NGO was primarily based on their presence in the area and we are encashing in on their expertise to work on the following assignments:

Self Help Groups (SHG) formation 43 SHGs exist, of which 4 have received Rs.2.5 lakhs in form of a loan from SBI. 8 SHGs have secured contracts for mid-day meal supply in BMC schools. 22 SHGs received Rs.1,000/- as revolving funds for each group. Computer classes for slum children.


The T3 Division in Mandideep adopted the Gurari Village that houses the SC/ST community of Ratanpur. Gurari Ghat Village, which is at a distance of 8 kms from the T3

Plant, Mandideep, is a part of the Ratanpur Panchayat. The village is inhabited solely by the SC community. The Government school in the village was unfinished and the structure over the years had reached a decrepit condition. The school caters to the Affirmative Action category of students of Gurari Ghat and the surrounding villages. When the CG representatives visited the school, it was in shambles. The school only sported brick walls with no roof. After CG adopted the Village, the school was completed and children up to the VII standard study in it. The photograph, bears testimony to the fact that the structure was in a neglected condition. A visit to the makeshift school revealed that there was a lot of keenness amongst the students to use the facility for shaping their future. The T3 Unit at Mandideep, was convinced that it was a deserving project and adopted the village. The first project they undertook was that of rebuilding of the school.

BEFORE School Building for the Affirmative Action Candidates at Gurari Ghat


The total cost of the project was Rs.5.13/- lakhs, which included civil construction and providing the basic classroom facilities. Number of beneficiaries: 2008-09 15 2009-10 65


T2 team organised an exclusive plant visit for 35 AA students on 17th November, 2009, from ITI-Gwalior, who are from the Electricians and Fitters trade.


During the academic year 2009-10, Fans Division, Goa, distributed books to 35 economically backward students from the SC/ST community.


Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 Annual Report 2007 2008 2009 2010 Disclosure Proposed



Sr. No. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES WORKING WITH UNIVERSITIES Nashik KK Wagh College of Engineering Bhopal Maulana Azad Institute of Technology Indore SGIT College Goa Padre Conceicao Collage of Engineering & College of Engineering VOCATIONAL PROGRAMME Mumbai, Mulund, ITI Nashik, ITI Gwalior, ITI Ahmednagar, ITI Goa, Mapusa, ITI Bhopal, ITI Graphics & Multimedia Centre at Sunder Nagri, East Delhi Fashion Design & Handicrafts Centre at Sunder Nagri, East Delhi Adoption of ITI, Satpur, Nasik EDUCATION TO PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CANDIDATES PREPARING STUDENTS FOR THE ENTRANCE EXAM TO PROFESSIONAL COURSES Ahmednagar; Efforts Academy-2007 Chaitanya Classes-2008 & 2009 CII FINISHING SCHOOL PROJECT Innovative Initiatives on Affirmative Action CG - CII Finishing School Batch for AA students at Bharatiya Vidhyapeeth EDUCATIONAL SPONSORSHIP OF AA STUDENTS NIT Calicut Extending the coverage OTHER INITIATIVES WHICH PREDOMINANTLY CATER TO AA CANDIDATES Kanjur Unit: Partnership with NGOs to improve Government Primary Schools - Predominant SC/ST Population Bhopal: Gurari Ghat Village upgrading the Affirmative Action School. TOTAL MANDAYS CONTRIBUTED BY CG EMPLOYEES RESULTS REPORTED FOR THE PERIOD OF 2007 - 2009

Projects implemented at 5 locations with the help of 5 Engineering Colleges and supported 495 Affirmative Action students.

Project implemented at 7 locations with the help of 6 Institutes and 1 organisation provided direct support to 237 Affirmative Action students.

Five cases have been identified for providing support.

74 AA candidates received direct support.

90 AA candidates received direct benefit from the programme

Unfortunately only 1 student has received the scholarship in 2 years.

Direct beneficiary members would be identified and reported in the next submission. The Beneficiaries in Gurari ghat village number 15 in all. 3055 Man days


11. ANNEXURE - 1
Technical Sessions for KKW (1st Batch) March 2007 to April 2007 Name of Student Studying in class Category Ahire Ritesh Arun FE (Mech) SC Thorat Vilobh Sukhdeo FE (Mech) SC Kakvipure Santosh Shankar FE (Mech) SC Gangawane Vishwajit Vithoba FE (Mech) SC Bansode Virendrakumar Hari FE (Mech) SC Sable Mahesh Popatrao FE (Mech) ST Adhav Abhijit Ravindra SE (Mech) SC Salve Dada Ashokrao SE (Mech) SC Choudhary Sunny Chunnilal SE (Mech) SC Samudre Rahul Indas TE (Mech) SC Gaikwad Pradip Vishwasrao BE (Mech) SC Gaikwad Nilesh Yashwantrao BE (Mech) SC Meshram Vikrant Bhimrao BE (Mech) SC Pawar Atul Sopan BE (Mech) SC Chovhan Dheeraj Gajanan BE (Mech) ST Chavan Rajendra Natha BE (Mech) ST Deogade Anshula Pravej FE (Elect) SC Chandankhede Pradnyawant Surendra SE (Elect) SC Bhalerao Yogesh S. SE (Elect) SC Miss.Jadhav Priyanka Sanjay SE (Elect) SC Miss.Tayade Priti Ramchandra SE (Elect) SC Gangurde Vaibhav Chandrakant SE (Elect) SC Miss.Ghegadmal Kavita Prakash TE (Elect) SC Khadtale Pranil Suresh TE (Elect) SC Miss.Adhav Prajakta Ravindra TE (Elect) SC Zole Anant Ramesh TE (Elect) ST Badade Nilesh Deoram TE (Elect) ST Vetal Sandip Vilas BE (Elect) SC Shahare Amarjeet Nrupraj BE (Elect) SC Bachhav Nitesh Nanaji BE (Elect) SC Sanawane Mahesh Bhagwan BE (Elect) SC Dhanve Ravindra Sopanrao BE (Elect) SC Gavit Nitin Morarji BE (Elect) ST

Sr.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33


12. ANNEXURE - 2
Technical Sessions KKW (2nd Batch) March to April, 2008 (41 New, 10-Old) Sr.No. Name of Student Studying in class Category 1 Maule Yogesh T. FE (Mech) ST 2 Vedhe Vaibhav P. FE (Mech) ST 3 Khandni Sunil A. FE (Mech) ST 4 Shinde Ajay B. FE (Mech) ST 5 Suradkar Amol E. FE (Mech) SC 6 Chavan Sharad N. FE (Mech) SC 7 Waghmare Santosh P. FE (Mech) SC 8 Donde Paratik S. FE (Mech) SC 9 Bhadane Nandu N. FE (Mech) SC 10 Kambale Ashish S. FE (Mech) SC 11 Gourkar Sugandh V. FE (Mech) SC 12 Nikale Neelam V. FE (Mech) SC 13 Thakare Pranil V. FE (Mech) SC 14 Wagh Hemant B. FE (Mech) SC 15 Tayade Jitendra H. FE (Mech) SC 16 Khairnar Sagar P. FE (Mech) NT 17 Lendhe Mahesh D. FE (Mech) NT 18 Kate Anil D. FE (Mech) NT 19 Najan Atul K. FE (Mech) NT 20 Ghuge Nikil S. FE (Mech) NT 21 Bhadange Ganesh N. FE (Mech) NT 22 Rajput Kuldipsing R. FE (Mech) NT 23 Tamkhane Shivraj D. FE (Mech) NT 24 Pore Abhijit T. FE (Mech) NT 25 Patil Gopal B. FE (Mech) NT 26 Ms.Chavan Sunita A. FE (Mech) NT 27 Ahire Ritesh A. SE (Mech) SC 28 Thorat Vilobh S. SE (Mech) SC 29 Kakvipure Santosh S. SE (Mech) SC 30 Gangawane Vishwajit V. SE (Mech) SC 31 Bansode Virendrakumar H. SE (Mech) SC 32 Wadekar Amol M. SE (Mech) SC 33 Chavan Abhishek K. SE (Mech) SC 34 Telangi Ajay D. SE (Mech) SC 35 Sable Mahesh P. SE (Mech) ST 36 Khirari Shrikant A. SE (Mech) ST 37 Munde Pravin M. SE (Mech) NT 38 Kakad Sandeep T. SE (Mech) NT 39 Adhav Abhijit R. TE (Mech) SC 40 Salve Dada A. TE (Mech) SC 41 Bhalerao Vishal A. TE (Mech) SC 42 Ms.Salve Poonam M. TE (Mech) SC 43 Choudhary Sunny C. TE (Mech) SC 44 Shaikh Taufikahamad J. TE (Mech) NT 45 Kumawat Devendra R. TE (Mech) NT 46 Benake Indrajit P. TE (Mech) NT 47 Lahamge Nitin A. TE (Mech) NT 48 Jumnake Shivkumar S. BE (Mech) ST

Technical Sessions KKW (2nd Batch) March to April, 2008 (19-New, 10-Old) Sr.No. Name of Student Studying in class Category 49 Dhakne Vishnu M. BE(Mech) NT 50 Bhand Amol H. BE(Mech) NT 51 Samudre Rahul I. BE (Mech) SC 1 Ms.More Tejashree D. FE (Elect) SC 2 Pagare Rohit B. FE (Elect) SC 3 Kamble Abhijit R. FE (Elect) SC 4 Tayade Yogesh R. FE (Elect) SC 5 Sapkale Swapnil S. FE (Elect) SC 6 Ms.Sable Kalpana G. FE (Elect) ST 7 Ms.Vardikar Shraddha P. FE (Elect) NT 8 Sangle Sudhir B. FE (Elect) NT 9 Deogade Anshula P. SE (Elect) SC 10 Jadhav Mangesh D. SE (Elect) SC 11 Ms.Kedare Priyanka B. SE (Elect) SC 12 Chandankhede Pradnyawant S. TE (Elect) SC 13 Miss.Jadhav Priyanka S. TE (Elect) SC 14 Miss.Tayade Priti R. TE (Elect) SC 15 Gangurde Vaibhav C. TE (Elect) SC 16 Ms.Nikale Swati P. TE (Elect) SC 17 Pawar Kiran N. TE (Elect) SC 18 Dhangar Ramkrishna D. TE (Elect) NT 19 Kumawat Rahul M. TE (Elect) NT 20 Katkade Ashish P. TE (Elect) NT 21 Ms.Ghegadmal Kavita P. BE (Elect) SC 22 Khadtale Pranil S. BE (Elect) SC 23 Ms.Adhav Prajakta R. BE (Elect) SC 24 Zole Anant R. BE (Elect) ST 25 Badade Nilesh D. BE (Elect) ST 26 Govekar Rahul B. BE (Elect) NT 27 Wadile Yogesh J. BE (Elect) NT 28 Pardeshi Devendra M. BE (Elect) NT 29 Ms.Pawar Jayashree D. ME (Elect) SC

13. ANNEXURE - 3
Technical Sessions KKW (3rd Batch) 25th January, 2009 to March, 2009 Sr.No. Name of Student Studying in class Category 1 Salve Ajinkya K. FE (Mech) SC 2 Ms. Tayade Manisha D FE (Mech) SC 3 Salve Vishal R. FE (Mech) SC 4 Kunwar Sushil A. FE (Mech) SC 5 Jadhav Amar R. FE (Mech) SC 6 Ahire Suraj B. FE (Mech) SC 7 Sonawane Sumit P. FE (Mech) SC 8 Bhalerao Nikhil B. FE (Mech) SC 9 Shambharkar Swapnil V. FE (Mech) SC 10 Jadhav Atul L. FE (Mech) SC 11 Dahiphale Pradip M. FE (Mech) NT 12 Bhabad Sunil A. FE (Mech) NT 13 Vitnor Suyog K. FE (Mech) NT 14 Gosavi Rakesh D. FE (Mech) NT

Technical Sessions KKW (3rd Batch) 25th January, 2009 to March, 2009 Sr.No. Name of Student Studying in class Category 15 Avhad Sunil A. FE (Mech) NT 16 Rajput Yogesh B. FE (Mech) NT 17 Pardeshi Sunil K. FE (Mech) NT 18 Dhanagar Gaurav S. FE (Mech) NT 19 Ms. Thorat Yugandhara S. FE (Mech) NT 20 Pardeshi Rahul V. FE (Mech) NT 21 Mane Mayur S. FE (Mech) NT 22 Jadhav Mayur J. FE (Mech) ST 23 Gavit Suman J. FE (Mech) ST 24 Dhadwad Ganesh R. FE (Mech) ST 25 Kantewar Prashant P FE (Mech) ST 26 Bhoye Rajesh E. FE (Mech) ST 27 Pawar Somnath P FE (Mech) ST 28 Ms. Pawar Bhagyashri S. FE (Elect) SC 29 Ahire Girish P. FE (Elect) SC 30 Pagare Sudeep D. FE (Elect) SC 31 Ms. Rathod Shweta N. FE (Elect) NT 32 Pardeshi Chaitanya P. FE (Elect) NT 33 Satav Akshay L. FE (Elect) NT 34 Gosavi Shrikant A. FE (Elect) NT 35 Chavan Kamlesh R. FE (Elect) ST 36 Ms. Pawar Ujjwala J. FE (Elect) ST 37 Pawar Atul D SE (Mech) SC 38 Suradkar Amol E. SE (Mech) SC 39 Kambale Ashish S. SE (Mech) SC 40 Nikale Neelam V. SE (Mech) SC 41 Thakare Pranil V. SE (Mech) SC 42 Panchal Ajay R. SE (Mech) NT 43 Shinde Bhivaji T. SE (Mech) NT 44 Kate Anil D. SE (Mech) NT 45 Tamkhane Shivraj D. SE (Mech) NT 46 Patil Gopal B. SE (Mech) NT 47 Ms.Chavan Sunita A. SE (Mech) NT 48 Lendhe Mahesh D. SE (Mech) NT 49 Pore Abhijit T. SE (Mech) NT 50 Najan Atul K. SE (Mech) NT 51 Ghuge Nikil S. SE (Mech) NT 52 Shinde Ajay B. SE (Mech) ST 53 Khandni Sunil A. SE (Mech) ST 54 Vedhe Vaibhav P. SE (Mech) ST 55 Sapkale Swapnil S. SE (Mech) SC 56 Ms.Vardikar Shraddha P. SE (Mech) SC 57 Gangawane Viswajeet V. TE (Mech) SC 58 Ahire Ritesh A. TE (Mech) SC 59 Chavan Abhishek K. TE (Mech) SC 60 Telangi Ajay D. TE (Mech) SC 61 Kakvipure Santosh S. TE (Mech) SC 62 Kakad Sandeep T. TE (Mech) NT 63 Bachkar Kushal K. TE (Mech) NT 64 Garje Amol B. TE (Mech) NT 65 Sathe Sandip B. TE (Mech) NT 66 Holkar Prasad J TE (Mech) NT

67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97

Chavan Nitin M. Munde Pravin M. Lohar Dinesh B. Bhavsar Sachin S. Sable Mahesh P. Jadhav Mangesh D. Ms.Kedare Priyanka B. Mhsake Dnyaneshwar M. Jogi Nitin V. Jawale Sagar N. Choudhary Sunny C. Salve Dada A. Adhav Abhijit R. Bhalerao Vishal A. Lahamge Nitin A. Kumawat Devendra R. Benake Indrajit P. Ms. Ghuge Sonali T. Ms.Nikale Swati P. Miss.Jadhav Priyanka S. Miss.Tayade Priti R. Gangurde Vaibhav C. Chandankhede Pradnyawant S. Pawar Kiran N. More Sunil S. Dhangar Ramkrishna D. Kumawat Rahul M. Vairalkar Shrikant C. Katkade Ashish P. Karad Nilesh R. Ms.Pawar Jayashree D.

TE (Mech) TE (Mech) TE (Mech) TE (Mech) TE (Mech) TE (Elect) TE (Elect) TE (Elect) TE (Elect) TE (Elect) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Mech) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect) BE (Elect)


14. ANNEXURE - 4
Details of the list of candidates sponsored at Mulund ITI for 3 month trade courses Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 Name of candidates Satish K. Salve Preeti P. Bodhade Vaishali Mule Pramod G. Jadhav Rohit P. Kadam Pramod S. Kamble Mangal R. Gudekar Vandana B. Magre Kishore Jogdand Sheetal Devrukhakar Shaila M. Jadhav Rahul Gawai Educational qualification Graduate X Std XII Std X Std XI Std IX dropout X Std X Std X Std XII Std X Std XII Std Age 33 17 19 18 18 31 27 19 17 28 21 21 Category/ca ste SC/Buddha SC/Buddha SC/Buddha SC/Buddha SC/Buddha SC/Buddha SC/Mang SC/Buddha SC/Boudh SC/Chambar SC/Boudh SC/Boudh

Course Computer Hardware & Networking

Motor vehicle servicing & repairing Electrical-wiremen repairing/maintenan ce of domestic appliances

15. ANNEXURE - 5
LIST OF SC/ST STUDENTS COACHED FOR THE MH-CET EXAMINATION AT CHAITANYA CLASSES (AHMEDNAGAR) IN THE 2008 BATCH SR Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Arawade Niketan Barde Piyush Bhambal Pradnya Bhise Vrishali Bhingardive Sumit Bhingardive Suraj Bhingardive Viabhav Dolas Sujata Durge Mayur Gaikwad Harshal Ghorpade Ashirwad Kamble Kaveri Kshirsagar Sandip Londhe Trupti Malasamider Narayan Nagtilak Usha Najan Ujwal Panchmukh Archana Pathare Sagar Ranadive Mayur Salave Vinay Shinde Guddi Suryavanshi Pallavi Teltumade Bharat Thakare Kiran Zarekar Abhijit College / Institute Vikhe Patil College, Ahmednagar NA New Arts College, Ahmednagar Agricultural College, Rahuri New Arts College, Ahmednagar Marathwada Mitra Mandal, Pune New Arts College, Ahmednagar New Arts College, Ahmednagar Sinhagad College, Kondhwa NA Vishwabharati College, Ahmednagar Sinhagad College, Kondhwa NA Aditya Engineering College, Beed NA NA NA NA Vikhe Patil College, Ahmednagar Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar Genba More College, Pune Bharati Vidyapeeth New Arts College, Ahmednagar Moze College, Wagholi PICT, Pune COEP, Pune Cast Mahar Bhill Mahar Mang Mahar Mahar Mahar Mahar Branch BE (E&TC) NA FY (BSc) FY (BSc) FY (BSc) BE (IT) FY (BSc) FY (BSc) Failed in 12th Failed in 12th Remarks

Chambhar BE (E&TC) Mahar Mang NA BE (Mech)

Chambhar BE (Comp) DIP Mahar (Pharm) Mang Boudha Mahar Dhangar Mahar Mahar Mang Mahar Mahar Mahar Mahar Kokani BE (Comp) DIP (Mech) NA DIP (Pharm) Air Hostess BE (Mech) BCS BE (Mech) B. Pharm FY (BSc) Failed in 12th

BE (Comp) BE (IT) B. Tech. Chambhar (Civil)


16. ANNEXURE - 6

LIST OF SC/ST STUDENTS COACHED FOR THE MH-CET EXAMINATION AT CHAITANYA CLASSES (AHMEDNAGAR) IN THE 2008 BATCH SR Name 1 Bhagwane Akshay Kishor Bhawal Ganesh Ashok Bhosale Shamrao Laxman Buddhiwant Vishal Bhimrao Pacharne Prathmesh Parmeshwar Pacharne Pratik Parmeshwar Talape Rajiv Tukaram Chandole Amit Salim Kadham Rahul Pradeep Kamble Nilesh Shivaji Pawar Namdev Rajendra Shinde Meena Rakhamaji Jagtap Rajesh Vishwas Bagadi Rohit Ramesh Solse Narendra Tanhaji Shinde Pankaj Sarjerao Tak Ashitosh Pradeep Gaikwad Sonali Nivrutti Sontakke Pravin Laxmanrao Waghmare Sachin Shivaji College / Institute Ahmednagar College, A.Nagar L.N.Hoshing. Jr.College,Jamkhed L.N.Hoshing. Jr.College,Jamkhed L.N.Hoshing. Jr.College,Jamkhed L.N.Hoshing. Jr.College,Jamkhed L.N.Hoshing. Jr.College,Jamkhed P.V.P. College,Loni Ahmednagar College, A.Nagar Residential College, Shevgaon Shri Tilok Jain Vidyalaya,Pathardi Babuji Avhad College, Pathardi Shri Tilok Jain Vidyalaya, Ramrao Chavan College,A.Nagar Ahmednagar College, A.Nagar S. T. J. College, Pathardi Shri Tilok Jain Vidyalaya,Pathardi Ahmednagar College, A.Nagar P.V.P. College,Patoda P.V.P. College,Patoda P.V.P. College,Patoda Cast Bhangi Branch B.Sc. Comp. Sci. B.E. Ele.& Tel. Comm. B.E.Mech. B.E. Mech B.E.Comp. Eng. B.E. - Ele. & Tele. Comm. B.E. (Mech.) B.E.Mechnical Eng. B.Sc. B.Pharm B.Sc. B.Sc. Nursing. B.Sc. B.C.S. B.C.S. Fashion Designing D.M.E. D.Ed. NA NA Failed in 12th Not Appeared For CET Remarks

2 3 4 5

Mang Thakar Chambhar Chambhar

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Chambhar Kolimahadev Bhangi Mahar Chambhar Mang Chambhar Mahar Bhangi Mang Mang Bhangi Mahar Dhor Chambhar


21 22 23 24 25

Suryawanshi Yogesh Babasaheb Thakur Narayan Dilbahadur Shirsath Nitin Rajendra Londhe Dileep Bhagwan Jagtap Deepak Ambadas

Kalikadevi Shirur (Kasar) P.V.P. College,Patoda Ramrao Chavan College,A.Nagar P.V.P. College,Patoda Janta Junior College,A.Nagar

Burud Thakar Mahar Chambhar Chambhar


Repeating CET Failed in 12th Failed in 12th Failed in 12th Failed in 12th


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