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Women at the Top

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Donna Imson QNet Executive Chairperson

Dear Readers,

Margaret Thatcher once said: If you want something said, ask a man if you want something done, ask a woman. In this sense were dedicating this issue of OBTAINER to working women. Were reporting about strong women, about courageous women, about successful women. Were reporting about women who move something, about women who have children and a very promising career. Women who go to to the parents evening in the evening and on the following morning hold a meeting and carry out discussions with customers. These women are making a career, theyre successful at what theyre doing. Theyve found ways to realize the many aspects of their personality. They neither forgo children and a private life nor do they forgo professional recognition. Never have women had so many opportunities as today and, nevertheless, for them it still means making great efforts if in their working lives they want to achieve what is a matter of course for many men: a career and a family.

For more than 200 years innumerable women in many places have been attempting to assert themselves in a world dominated by men. The key concepts of the French Revolution, Liberty and Equality, also became the ideals of the womens movement. In 1791 the French advocate of womens rights, Olympe de Gouges, composed the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen in order to present them to the French National Assembly. That was also a bitter necessity because the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of the French Revolution appealed exclusively to men. Women were denied these rights. They werent permitted to choose their profession or elect their parliament. They werent allowed to occupy any public offices, they very rarely enjoyed higher education and had no right to property. Women were raised to be complacent wives and obedient housewives. Nevertheless, here the Age of Enlightenment was to turn out free equal people for the future


and part of this was now that women claim and are permitted to claim the same rights as men. Thus the first article of de Gouges text was also: Woman is born free and remains equal to man in rights. That women today still find it more difficult than men to have a career in the classic world of work is generally known. And also those mothers whove managed to reach a leading position frequently dont rise any higher in their profession. They are dully stretched balancing their families and their jobs. Perhaps this is the reason why more than 13 million women are networkers. Thats more than 80% of all networkers active worldwide. Its just for them that the DSWA, the Direct Selling Womens Alliance, exists. Network marketing can offer women what the classic world of work cant do so simply: compatibility of career and family. Of course, female networkers also have to work extremely hard, but they can dispose of their time

flexibly and decide their own workload for themselves. If, for example, one of the children gets sick, the female networker can ease off for a few days thats something that the female company manager cant do so easily. Some of these successful female networkers are introduced to our readers in our cover story where they get the chance to have their say. All of us can learn from them. And, of course, we provide portraits of networkers in our accustomed manner and here too female networkers are in the foreground. If successful networking means acting on their own authority at the highest levels and constantly reaching decisions that guide their own lives in one direction or other, then the women in this issue are masters (or rather mistresses) at the wheel. Most of them control not only their own fates but also that of a whole family. Lets wish them that they will continue to be successful and that they will withstand all advedrsity.

Yours Michael Sander



Leading women in the Network Marketing Industry

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Women in MLM

How does one combine family and career? Almost everybody has heard this question in one context or another. However, it is always aimed at one member of the family: the woman. Men seem to be able to combine family and career just fine. No

man really has to worry about his professional existence or his career just because he has a wife and kids. Or is this a question that simply does not concern men? It is almost exclusively always a question that is posed to women. Nowadays, many women feel it is important to stand on their own two feet and be financially independent. They want to partake in social change, want to be actively involved in changing themselves, want to experience professional recognition based on their want to realize other aspects of their personality and not just see themselves reduced to domestic drudgery. They want to use and build upon their abilities and grapple with the world outside of the house in short: they want a job.

qualifications and their abilities. Devoting themselves entirely to their family simply isnt enough for most women. They also



According to a study carried out by the European Commission, on average women earn an hourly rate, which is 15 percent lower for exactly the same job.
The world has changed dramatically over the last 50 years and following a whole decade in a new millennium the image of the modern women is also completely different. Completely different? Is equality relating to family and career real equality? According to a study carried out by the European Commission, on average women earn an hourly rate, which is 15 percent lower for exactly the same job. The study also indicated that this was particularly pronounced in Germany. As always, the greatest difficulty in women gaining elevated positions is the age-old topic of pregnancy and children. The study indicates women who take two to three years off work as a result of having children endure the largest financial discrimination when they return to work. Role allocation within a household with two working partners is, just as before, disadvantageous to women, with women spending around 24 hours a week doing housework, in comparison to men spending only a mere seven. Only few women live the child-andcareer lifestyle, as in addition to social obstacles both children as well as career call for the appropriate commitment and devotion. Despite this there is an ever-growing number of women who are prepared to fit everything in, as various studies, books and the following stories demonstrate. In search of answers and solutions the OBTAINER interviewed top female networkers; women, who have made it, women who wanted to share and pass on their success stories. Even though their individual backgrounds vary greatly, the rise of the present day power women is inextricably linked to irrepressible desire and a strong sense of team spirit. They are women who do business independently, who are experts in the field of leadership and teamwork, women who have overcome hurdles and havent allowed themselves be swayed from the path of achieving their goals. But has this path always been open to journey down?

I did it and so can yo It is all a question u too. of the organisation and unwavering determination!





Enlightenment paves the way
Throughout the course of mankind in most cases women have managed to get what they wanted, having fought for it. The human and civil rights of the French Revolution were the rights of men. The universities of old Europe were reserved for male students only for several centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, it however became apparent to men in the Western world that women wanted to have a say in whom they were governed by. The last two centuries have led to many The people who burst into the era of modernity at the end of the 19th century, are the people who come from the tradition of Enlightenment. That intellectual revolution, which encompassed all aspects of life and aimed to leave behind free and changes as regards the rights of women. The roots of these changes in male dominated society lie in the era of Enlightenment, an era, which pushed the self-determined enlightened individual into the foreground.



equal human beings. Humankind had discovered themselves as self-responsible people, and the world appeared alterable and above all else improvable through humankind, the enlightened individual. Curie discovered radium and Max Planck the universal constants. At this time, the world began to change on all levels. And with it changed the way in which women viewed themselves. But then there was an abrupt interruption, a numbness that halted the feminist movement. This incisive event that altered Europe if not the entire world was the eruption of World War I, which heralded the beginning of the end of European Imperialism. But even a war will come to an end at some stage. But not the efforts of women striving for independence.

The world is changing

At the beginning of the 20th century, women found themselves right on the cusp of their emancipation, which has been continuing right until this present day. In the meantime Marie


Times have changed or have they?

Today, high-ranking female scientists, accredited female artists and powerful female politicians are firmly rooted in society. We also now have women as Heads of State, women who govern empires and women who enter the battlefield. Women ultimately want nothing more than that which men have been entitled to without any questions for centuries. They want to be able to prove themselves in various aspects of their personality and become independent. Men pursuing a career despite having a family is generally accepted. Nobody makes a big deal of it. Nobody asks how they manage to bridge this gap between career and family. The answer is simple, because it is only possible for men to achieve professional success and support their family through one thing: their wives! Modern women, educated women, daughters of the enlightened world for starters you are a mother, have a family, which in the most cases changes your life massively. The huge emotional change that occurs after having your own firstborn child is not what is being referred to here. No, it is a different change. The money you earned independently, professional recognition, personal development at work, the financial independence all of this is initially put on hold. And this is often where it remains. After maternity leave many are content with returning to their old job with a mediocre wage and pottering on without any ambition to achieve a better position. Many work half days in order to be home when the kids get home from kindergarten or school. Many stay at home altogether. Very few do ten to fourteen hours of work a day to promote their career, to experience recognition, to experience a world outside of the house and to earn a mountain of cash. How can they if there is nobody to take care of things at home? Family has a huge role to play as far as the female career is concerned. Professional perspectives can perhaps be realized in the working world with one child, however with two or even three children it would be difficult if the childrens father doesnt have an extremely well paid job and can afford a cleaner, gardener and childcare. As according to an investigation by the Federal Statistical Office in Germany, despite all emancipation efforts it is still women who perform 80 percent of the entire domestic and care work. In comparison to men in relationships without children, men with families only help out at home for six minutes longer per day. The decision to have a family and career has not really gotten a whole lot easier for women over the last century; for men nothing has changed in this regard.



To excel in a job, to get a firm grip on the career ladder and begin climbing, flexibility is often the magic word. But those who have a family, for which he/she must care, are less flexible. Those who have a family cannot at the drop of a hat remain in work until 10pm because a meeting has gone on longer than expected or work through the weekend or spend a couple of days in another city as a branch office is located there or a client needs to be visited. This sort of flexibility is very difficult to reconcile with children. In addition to this, the greater part of society still believe that demanding work and children cannot be combined. Despite all good intentions men and women quickly find themselves back in their traditional roles. The man escapes to work and the woman takes care of house and home, even though 62 percent of mothers and fathers believe that both must have jobs and should look after their offspring together. The birth of the first child is the caesura. This normally then leads to retraditionalisation, says Kai-Olaf Maiwald from the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt. Does society therefore expect that after the baby is born that the mother will take care of it? Are mothers who go back working after having a child placed under pressure to justify themselves? The image of the good mother, who looks after her child is deeply rooted in Germany, says Barbara Keddi, family researcher with the German Youth Institute in Munich, hinting at the German term Rabenmutter (bad mother) being a turn of phrase for women in employment. According to Keddi: Other countries dont have an equivalent expression. Although on average just as many female students as male students excel academically at University, having a child would appear to be a career killer, as men seem to predominantly reign in high positions still. With work from home concepts, flexible working hours and a company kindergarten some companies are already working on the workplace of the future, from which they themselves, co-workers and predominantly their families will benefit. Particularly well suited to the child-and-career-mother is the Network Marketing Industry, which as a home-based business fits seamlessly into this lifestyle, while at the same time offers every professional opportunity. The freedom of working independently and having flexible working hours in Network Marketing is a real alternative. Nobody will then be able to utter the words bad mother, as despite working the networking mothers child can still be of top priority. Some mums in the USA have even built up a multi million dollar networking company from a simple idea and a small business.



The Alternative
As was already described another form of flexibility does exist. One that is intrinsically linked to independence. A flexibility that isnt demanded by others, but one that people or better: women - integrate into their lives in a self-determined manner. Network Marketing offers you the freedom of being able to decide when you invest the time, effort and money, which will make you successful. Network Marketing offers the opportunity of self-determined work, it creates scope, which allows individual creativity to flow and opportunities for individual time management, which is so important for women with responsibilities back home. In addition, in this business both genders are given equal remuneration opportunities. Network Marketing therefore offers the opportunities and scope that are necessary in combining an individual lifestyle with the demands of a career. Around 16 million people (in 2009) and rising work in the Direct Selling industry either part- or full-time. The DSA, the Direct Selling Association, which has more than 200 MLM companies as members, publishes statistics about the distribution of gender in the industry alongside turnover figures, age and the education of networkers - on their website. 82.5% of all networkers are women. That is more than 13 million women across the globe. Only 17.6 percent of networkers are men. Yet time and time again we hear about the huge success of male networkers, of huge downlines, whose upline consists of men, of company founders and of Silver Presidents. Where are all the women? Some of the 13 million female networkers must have set up companies or be presidents and managers? Look no further; the successful women in Network Marketing do exist. The powerful women, the independent women. They all lead huge marketing organizations, support hundreds of partners, organize charity projects, are at the very top of massive downlines. We will continue by introducing some of these women. They come from different countries, have completely different cultural identities and have personal backgrounds that couldnt be more different. Yet they all have one thing in common: They have a successful career. They are confident, independent women, who do things their own way.





hou Nicki Keoho

ied, WA, marr f the DS A degree der o n, B Co-Foun - CEO & , 6 grandchildre & Education, tion ildren 2 ch inistra hington ess Adm t Central Was in Busin ing a Train Teacher rsity Unive Hawaii - Lives in e giving ey whil the journ Enjoy Motto: y! humanit back to

Strong Women Successful Networkers

One of these women is the American Nicki Keohohou, CEO and Co-Founder of the Direct Selling Womens Alliance (DSWA), who lives in Hawaii. She is very well educated, a mother of two grown-up children, grandmother to six grandchildren, has been actively involved in the Network Marketing industry for over 30 years and is now a successful networking coach. Her daughter, Grace, is the president of the DSWA, the Direct Selling Womens Alliance. Nicki previously worked as a teacher until she became pregnant with her first child. Looking back she says: Back then I wanted to stay home and have a career that would create abundance and freedom. She didnt want to have to choose between family life and her career, she wanted both: MLM is an automatic fit in the life of women and men. This profession offers women hope. An opportunity for women to create a life that works for both themselves and their families. Today she

travels around the world with her husband, works long hours everyday in a not so conventional profession, with which she is fully content: Women are natural networkers and love to build relationships, she explains to us. She always finds a way of making her idea reality, develops training tools, builds up relationships and creates plans to put her visions into practice. Women do not need to choose between a career and family life, she says, I feel that if more women could be home to raise their children and still make a fair income it would absolutely make a difference in our world. Nicki Keohohou has high moral standards, according to which she runs her business and passes on to others during her trainings: Alongside ambition and the unwavering determination to be successful, a women needs a solid work ethic. She says: In order to establish solid relationships five principles need to be in place: Service, trust, authenticity, integrity and respect. In addition to this, she also believes a career



Anja Zorn
39 years old, married, 2 children Motto: If you want to be successful yourself, help others become successful.

can be planned. And if a woman happens to also be a mother, to have a family, then she has to plan her career anyway, as a single mother. And Network Marketing can also outdo the normal working market in this regard. Female networkers can stay at home when their child is ill, or is performing in the school play, when the dog needs to go to the vet or for dentist appointments. Women excel in MLM because they can do the business with a family, says Nicki Keokohou. Men and women have the exact same opportunity with the same compensation plan. Sometimes in traditional business, politics come into play and the opportunities are not always given to the best person; things are different in Network Marketing. The native of Germany, Anja Zorn, also appreciates the equal opportunity and the financial independence that Network Marketing offers her. The slim blonde has been enjoying success with LR since 1994. I liked the nature of recommendation marketing and the gigantic opportunities that were asso-

ciated with this mainly because as a women (or even a man) you are very rarely given the opportunity to earn 5,000 Euro or more. The unique freedom, of determining your own life and sharing these opportunities with other people is fascinating, summarizes Anja. She is happily married and has two children. She spends her free time with her children and she determines when she has this time. My biggest motivation is to secure the future of my kids, she tells us, and to not only start enjoying time with my husband when we reach 70, but doing this at least 25 years before this. Anja Zorn is successful and she is inspired by business. To women who feel the same she has the following advice: Listen to people who are successful and do not let yourself be influenced by people who have not made anything of their lives. If you want to be a professional soccer player, get lessons from a professional footballer and not from the backer next door.



Casting another look stateside, it would be very difficult to pass one of the top earners in the industry: The MonaVie Crown Ambassador Black Diamond, Gina Merritt from Delray Beach in Florida, has three daughters aged 23, 20 and 18 as well as a four-year-old son and has been married for 25 years. In her old job as a flight stewardess, which she worked at for 24 years, she earned very little: In the fast-paced world we live in there are no secure jobs anymore. Anybody can be replaced by someone else.

Everything finally fell into place, because for me, I believe what has helped me a lot, is all I learned when I studied psychology. Probably the most important lesson was learning to listen instead of talking that much. I am a good listener. She doesnt have a typical everyday routine: I go through the day by appointments sometimes, other days phone calls, other days I stay at home with emails and I meet with one of my downlines, she tells us. She visits her nephew everyday; since Estela lost her fianc a

This does happen as it also happened to me! So why not be your own boss in an industry that is basically crying out for women who feel they are worth more than what they are getting paid at their job? she asks provocatively. She doesnt believe luck is a decisive factor for success in Network Marketing. Of course, it is helpful to do the right thing at the right time, but planning your career is far more important. I was in the right place at the right time and not afraid to talk, meet or go the extra mile. Some say I was lucky and got in at the right time, no such thing - I got involved after the company MonaVie had been operating for one and a half years and we flew by everyone who got in above us as they were standing still. There is no luck in that! MLM comes naturally to women, many are great organizational talents anyway, who are used to taking responsibility and Gina is definitely one of these women. Making appointments and visiting events is one days work, but sometime you can literally be waiting for tasting parties to share the opportunity of health and prosperity to others. Gina has the following advice for female networkers and those who want to become one: You must take the responsibility of making it happen for you, your family, and your organization. Stop looking for the company or your upline to make you a success. Everyone is watching you and when they see you becoming a go-getter they will go out and do the same. Just be the best you can be! Be real as people can spot a phony. Stay focused and give yourself time to succeed. The Mexican and 500K with XanGo, Estela Salinas, has always given her best. At school she was good at sport, at 14 she won the National Tennis Championship, but was never much good with numbers. To get away from math, she ended up studying psychology. Today she is a successful networker, who has the following to say about herself and her journey:

few years back to an accident and a short while after this her father was also the victim of a fatal accident, she has always very much valued having contact to her loved ones each day. She says: Be sure to share your dreams and passions with your family. If your family is involved in this, if you share your ups and downs, they will be there for the lows and will celebrate with you your success as their own. For Estela the flexible working hours, independence, freedom and great opportunities, which Network Marketing offer are important. I live in a Third World country, she says, sometimes people ask me how do I do it because the average income is so low. But this business is not about money, its about dreams, its about hope its about being willing to pay the price. Most of my business is in Mexico, and here like any other place in the world, you can find dreamers, and people just waiting for an opportunity to do whatever it takes to change their life forever. Prior to her becoming a top leader with XanGo, she had been with Amway for 13 years. After just three years she had built up a downline of over 36,000 people and after only two years she had even reached the Diamond position. She tells us: When I began my Amway business, a guy on stage told me how I could become Diamond in 2 years. Nobody told me that was near impossible. Only a very small number of people in the history of that company have made it to Diamond in 24 months, and I did because nobody told me I couldnt. Three years later she left the company, frustrated that the majority hadnt even begun earning money; that was the end of her Network Marketing career, or so she thought. But the tables turned: Two years later she was introduced to the US company XanGo by her sister-in-law today she has reached the highest possible rank with the company.



Gina Merritt
49 years old, married, 4 children, MonaVie Crown Black Diamond, former flight attendant Motto: To be simply the best!

Born in M Psycho exico City, Sin logist, gle, 500k X anGo

Estela Sa linas



The Philippines is also a country where it is not easy for women to pursue a career. Especially not for a single mother of three children. But Donna Imson made it. At the beginning of the 90s she began networking, 1998 she was a founding member of QNet and throughout the years has held various management positions with QNet and its parent company. In addition to this, she is a trustee for the RHYTHM Foundation, QNets charity organization. She was nominated for the Best of the Best Network Marketing Industry award by the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), she is a speaker at prominent events, like for example at the elite Network Marketing Congress in Singapore and the prestigious MLM Mastermind Event in the USA. In addition to this, she is the driving force behind IM ALIVE, a special training program for women in MLM. How did she achieve all this? Belief and desperation led me to MLM. 18 years ago, I found myself one night watching my three small kids sleeping, and the realization that I was singularly, unequivocally responsible for them, hit me like a ton of bricks, she says. I had just separated from my now exhusband, and my children and I were temporarily sheltered in the basement of a missionary couples home. I was a college

drop-out, didnt have any special talent, and the only kind of typing I knew was the 2-finger method; so my prospects at best was a minimum-wage job. However, this wasnt enough by a long shot. Donna firmly believed God had something better in store for her. And it is quite apparent he had just that: MLM gave me an amazing opportunity to do what I desperately needed to do - provide for my children - and do what I wanted to do: Be present in my childrens lives. I didnt see the logic of going out there to work at minimum wage, then hiring someone to take care of the kids while I was out there working for someone else and then having to come back and split my meager salary with the person I hired it simply didnt make sense. I knew there had to be a better way, and MLM was it! Her children being a top priority in her life has always been a given for Donna. Her youngest daughter was only three years old as Donna began taking her to presentations. She planned her day according to the children who else? To assume a leadership position, women have to first recognize that we are worthy of the leadership position; that we deserve it, and that the organization needs us, she says, we are the heart of an organization. Can you imagine what an organization would be like without its heart? Most times we dont lead because we

Execut ive C hairpe Trustee rson with Netwo of the RYT QN rker, single HM Founda et, childre tion parent n of thr , ee Motto : Tran sform the wo yourse rld! lf, tran sform

Donna Im son



dont believe we can. We hide under the excuse that women are better followers. Network Marketing is filled with strong, determined men. Thats not an arena that we can compete in and win. Instead, we need to embrace our unique strengths, harness these, and work on adding incredible value to the organization, while maintaining our feminine edge. Her strengths have also helped Salsabila al Harbi, called Sally, to reach success. The Networker from Saudi Arabia has managed to make her way in a world dominated by men. Even in her previous job as a dental assistant she worked her way up to management level and worked as a trainer. In addition she is a certified public speaker, a title she received from the International Public Speaking Organization. Before she was made aware of the opportunity of Network Marketing and realized the potential this had to offer, she had held a management position. Even though I had a nice paying job I wanted more for myself and my family, I had a dream house in mind and I wanted to do charity work without any second thoughts or calculations. Network Marketing is an ideal medium for women to earn money, Sally explains to us: In my opinion there are more

women Leaders in MLM due to the flexibility that MLM offers, whether it is time flexibility or working locations. A woman can prioritize and balance easier in MLM apposing to a traditional corporate job. Also the environment of MLM helps women be more involved as they are working in teams and with teams it is a more nurturing environment, which is closer to a womens style than corporate competition that can be an emotional and energy drainer for many women. Sally works together with many mothers, who very much appreciate the flexible working hours that working from home offers. When asked what tips she gives to her female downline, Sally says: Anything is possible if you really want it to work out. They must start reorganizing their schedule; there are many things that can be delegated. Many women try to do it all themselves, this is impossible. She works hard and she also asks this of her female partners. I worked with a lot of moms and they were able to set a schedule because they wanted to succeed, she says. The traditional Arab world just needs to get used to the idea of female networkers: Especially in my culture the family and the husband have a big say in the activities that the wife, daughter or sister, are doing. This is all new to our culture, many questions and eyebrows are raised; it takes a while to get the family to support and understand.

Sally) bila Al Harbi ( Salsa

abia, certifrom Saudi Ar 40 years old, eaker, FLP sistant and sp fied dental as Middle East with FLP top distributor Life is full s dream big Motto: Alway rprises! of beautiful su



Onyx Coale
44 years old, 3 children, Royal Black Di amond with Mona Vie Motto: Life is for living!

Paula Pritchard
Graduate of Kent State University, Traine r and Consultant, Author OWNING yourself



In western cultures on the other hand Network Marketing has long since been a lucrative business model. And nevertheless women still have little or no backing when they begin to build up their own business. Onyx Coale is a 44-year-old single mom, who is now in a committed relationship. She was born in Washington DC, spent her childhood years in South Florida, studied at Emerson University in Boston and is a mother of three children. Over the years, Onyx encountered many MLM companies, all of which she literally ran away from at the beginning. Five and a half years ago the babysitters parents approached me about MonaVie. About the five and half years she says: They have been some of the best years of my life. My business now consists of over 300,000 people. I have a huge business in the USA. But I also have a huge business in Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. One of the things she likes most about Network Marketing is that your ethnical background, sex, religion and education are not important. We all start at the same place, she says. The babysitters parents called and invited her to the first meeting in Palm Beach county. She said NO. Then they came by on a boat (they lived on the same lake). She saw them coming and went running inside and said Hide me. Hide me. Then they came by and dropped off a hot bottle of MonaVie juice and told her to drink it as it was good for her. The bottle went onto the kitchen counter. Then under the kitchen counter. Then into the garage. Then they called and changed their approach. They said, Onyx we really value your opinion, please would you come over and see what we got ourselves into. So she thought if she didnt go they would never leave her alone. So she had a plan. She was going to attend the meeting but she was going to leave her checkbook at home. So she went to the meeting and their where 30 people. The guy presenting was making $8k a week and he had done this in 8 months. He then started to explain the binary compensation plan and suddenly her business lights starting going off. She realized that you cannot make money unless you help others make money and this is something that really appealed to her. Long story short: She left that night and called a friend to tell them about what she had just seen. And her friend laughed and said; oh no you have drunk the purple juice.

Over the first couple of years, Onyx worked extremely hard. I shut off my TV, she says, I signed my kids up for fewer after school activates and I focused on building my network marketing business. By the one and a half year mark I had strategically built my business and it was self-replicating and growing. Onyx is guided by the idea of giving something 100 percent of her attention: Balance is Boloney. Dont try for this. Instead, choose to be fully present in each activity you do, she says, when I am working with MonaVie, I am fully present. When I am with my children, I am fully present. She thinks balance is something many women strive for and when they dont achieve it they feel like a failure. Balance is not obtainable, just be present, stated Onxy. Network Marketing is particularly suited to women, explains Onyx: I think being a woman and building a network marketing business is easier than any other way to make money. Women love to talk. And we love to share ideas with our friends, whether thats what movie we saw or what we should name our children. Or a new juice we are drinking. Times are changing all over the world. And woman are recognizing their power more and more. One of these powerful women is Paula Pritchard. She spearheaded the expansion of four different companies to Europe, therefore generating turnover of several hundred million US Dollars. She built up an organization with more than 200,000 people in over 15 countries. She was always at the very top of every company she was active in and she ran her business with style, ethics and professionalism. Paula was the first lady to reach the Diamond level with Amway in only four years. Today, she is a highly soughtafter trainer and speaker, and has the following to say about Network Marketing: MLM is the purest example of free enterprise. By being successful in this industry you learn a lot about yourself, your personal strength, self-discipline, attitude and endurance. Building a network marketing business gives you more than money. It gives you freedom to spend time with those you love and do the most important things in your life. It also sets a great example for your children of hard work, no excuses, taking responsibility, priorities and creating the freedom to make choices. Paul records her experiences in a book entitled OWNING YOURSELF.



e Gloria Roset

n, 2 childre married, ith old, utor w 59 years ren, No. 1 Distrib urse. ndchild 4 gra ertified n le East, c FLP Midd riven life purpose d o: Live a Mott

Jesscia Stmmler
tor 45 years old, JEMAKO Top Distribu your Motto: If you are aware of dont let yourself be talked strengths, and into believing something else clearly define your trust in yourself to your dreams and designate these as ls. goa



Responsibility is not a problem for Gloria Rosete. The mother of two children and grandmother of four children worked as a nurse for twenty-six years in the Philippines. She then made a life changing decision and became a networker. With huge success. Gender cannot define who can do the job better, she says, I believe, the one who has the most determination has the upper hand in leadership. We then asked Gloria what is the price that she pays for success. I find myself having so little time for myself she says, but winning can be very addictive! I have the mind of an entrepreneur and there is one common thing among these select breed of people. They do things that many people do not want to do, so that they can live a life that many people cannot afford to have. If Gloria were to give the women in her downline advice, Gloria would talk about the flexible working hours. It is all a matter of time management, she explains, there is no need to sacrifice one thing for the other. If you really want both, you are going to find a way to make it work. This is the exact route Jessica Stmmler found and went down. Jessica has been having great success as a distribution partner with JEMAKO since 2003. Alongside the opportunity of earning an above average income a good networking or direct selling company offers the modern woman the neces-

sary flexibility in everyday life, she says, it is already evident that it is predominately women in network marketing and direct selling who generate the turnover. With my team partners I bring professional aims, family and career in harmony with each other. Jessica views Network Marketing as a particularly family friendly system, which can be excellently integrated into the everyday life of women, particularly mothers. MLM offers alternatives to the ridigity of professional life and in addition women can earn an above average income doing work with flexible working hours. This is particularly interesting for mothers: The man is only the main bread winner in very few families, she states, women with a family however often tend to remain doing part-time jobs, regardless of how qualified they are. As networkers, women can make use of their God-given strengths. While men are more competitive and act in their own best interests, women tend to lean towards team building and work together with others. Jessica explains: Women are team players and in a traditional job are navigating a working environment that is governed by rules, with which they are unfamiliar at the onset. Men battle pecking order and communicate in a status-orientated manner. These rules are something that most women have to learn at the beginning, similar to learning a language. Additionally many do not realize that good performance alone in this environment will only gain little recognition.

Daniela Szasz
lver Presidents 38 years old, Si Team with PM re laugh Motto: Perseve ! and carry on

On the lookout for a lucrative part-time job, the native of Romania and OBTAINER columnist as well as top leader with PM-International, Daniela R. Szasz, stumbled upon Network Marketing in an advertisement in a magazine 15 years ago. The thing that motivates her the most in this business is the success of her team partners. The qualified office clerk, who arrived in Germany at the age of 17, admits having sacrificed a family for the current success she enjoys today. This was a price I decided to pay. This is why in comparison to others I have reached certain levels quicker. What MLM certainly does offer is equal pay and the same opportunities regardless if you are a man or woman. Whether someone uses these or not is another story, states the 38-year-old to the OBTAINER. In her opinion the key qualification for success in MLM is in stamina: If you get shot down get back up and keep going! If you are loved keep going! If you are hated because you are successful keep go-

ing! If it hurts keep going! If those green with envy speak ill of you behind your back laugh and keep going! Daniela does not see a great difference between the leadership potential of men and women. The difference is sometimes due to the fact that men work in top management positions and women are often content with lower positions, she says, continuing after a moment of brief reflection: The difference could also be that women do not really like to have to fight their way through, when something gets in their way and many men live true to the motto after me the deluge the main thing is I achieve my goal. Therefore that which Daniela shares with the female readers of the OBTAINER applies to both male and female networkers alike: Start and never give up! Wendy Wiger also sees a huge opportunity for women to become successful in Network Marketing. The native of Ethiopia currently lives in Oslo, Norway and leads a team with TNI. She says: I think most women have the need to socialize as



Born in Addis Abeba (ethiopia), of Norwegian decen t, currently lives in Oslo

Wendy Wiger

well as feel financially independent and in charge of their own lives. Being away from home and family can sometimes be a very high price to pay, for some women more than others. Network Marketing is a near to perfect solution because it makes it easier to change your life and priorities along the way. Talking about leadership qualities, Wendy does not see one gender having an advantage over another: With regard to what skills and characteristics are important for anyone on the way to assuming leadership positions, I think they are the same for both women and men. A leader should be an example in action, not in words, she explains. Of course, social competences in Network Marketing are very much sought after, in order to lead others you have to communicate with them from where they are in their lives. Wendy says: You must also be enough of a people per-

son to understand when you are inspiring others and when you need to let go. The greatest leaders are those who are generous enough to share their vision with those who have not yet learned to see the reward behind the obstacles. Occasionally leading personalities have to make difficult decisions in order to remain successful. Wendy tells us: I have had to make some tough decisions as to what kind of energies I want in my life and what kind of people and energies I can and cannot trust. Not everyone can be friends. Women often find it difficult to turn somebody down. Being able to say No is however not only in Network Marketing a necessary characteristic in order to hold a successful leading position. And this business is still an excellent opportunity for women to accommodate both family and career. Wendy says: Network Marketing gives women the flexibility needed to be there for family and friends, while building their own solid business & enjoying a great social life at the same time.


The Sky is the Limit

The plethora of newspaper articles, guidebooks and books that deal with the topic of women-family-career prove that despite all the emancipation efforts it is still something somewhat out of the ordinary for women to have a career, sit on the bosss chair, have power and make decisions that change the world. The latest study carried out by the German Institute for Economic Research clearly shows that at leadership level more men than ever hold leadership positions. Women who have made it to the top are less likely to be married and to have less children than their male counterparts in top management positions. The strong women in our article prove that it is possible to have both: a family and a successful career. With all the differences that exist between all of these women, their cultural identity, their social background, their journey through life they all have one thing in common: They have worked unbelievably hard for their success. None of them have simply rested on their laurels, they have battled on. They found ways of merging life with a family, with kids, with the dream of freedom and independence, they persevered, irrevocably believing in their path and did not let themselves be led astray. Men and women are not the same. They never were. Nor do they have to be. This is because in our world people do not need to be the same, but ought to be equals. It is not a matter of being the same, but of fairness, of being equal, of having

equal rights, equal opportunities. Network Marketing offers everyone the same opportunities for being successful regardless of gender. The difference between genders possibly makes it easier for women to be networkers. In Network Marketing, the willingness to work as a team and soft skills especially are very much in demand this combination is an important prerequisite in being successful in this industry. Networkers need to want to talk about their products if needs be around the clock. They must be able to listen, to approach others and inspire them. Having fun while doing this is also an important precondition; then is it possible to carry those in your surroundings with you and inspire them. Your individual goals must be brought into harmony with those of your partner, empathy, willingness to cooperate and communicative competencies are required. These are often traits, which women possess. Network Marketing is therefore an opportunity for women to stand on their own two feet, have a career and financial independence with a family of their own. Times are changing and in a few years this topic will be destined for the history books, just like the role of women in the 60s. We owe this to the women, who show us day in day out that having children and a career work well together. The top female networkers stories are a paragon in a time when new strategies and alternatives are needed just as much as authentic and personal stories. Stories that give you the courage for success! We look forward to your very own personal story!







Off to V-Con 2011 from QNet

he annual convention from QNet and V (QNets Marketing and Training Department) is

where information on them can be obtained. As everyone who has been to an annual convention from QNet knows, a party atmosphere, entertainment and a great mood are intrinsic parts of the event. This year, QNet has arranged for cricket legend and QNet ambassador Muttiah Murali Muralitharan to be available for photos and autographs, as well as for an F1 car from Virgin Racing to be displayed, which QNet sponsors. There is even something for the little ones to do thanks to V-Kids, providing exciting and fun activities during the convention. The V has also announced that Firework from Katy Perry will be the conventions official song. The song describes this years motto BELIEF! perfectly, because the song is about belief in ones self and the trust needed to master

upcoming challenges. In an interview, Katy Perry explained that the song was written for those chasing their dreams in difficult times. I think that in life, people are challenged to get to where they want to be, to reach their goals. Hopefully, they can hear this song and be inspired and find out that those challenges arent really difficult to get past, clarified Ms. Perry. However you look at it, this years V-Malaysia 2011 will be more than just a convention it will be a festival. Those interested in experiencing the exuberant mood and contagious enthusiasm present at the convention should take a look at this short video from last years convention: com/watch?v=sBppVVKvyII. Watching it will give you the strong desire to book a flight to Malaysia for the end of May!

coming up. From May 27 to 31, 2011, things will be getting serious in Putra Stadium in Kuala Lumpur with the motto BELIEF! In the 16,000 person indoor arena, more than 10,000 QNet distributors, clients, and VIPs from around the world are expected. At the five-day event, a host of guest-speakers will address those attending, and there will be a number of great network training sessions. The highlight is sure to be the introduction of a few new products in the areas of nutrition, energy, and vacation. In an additional section, there will be an exhibit of more than 25 product brands, in which all of QNets products can be viewed, tested, and purchased, and



World-wide patented,

unrivalled biotechnology
Cell signaling -The main prerequisite for optimal health
The mysterious language of our cells has been deciphered

Award-winning business model

Expansion into new markets around the globe


Switzerland now has a face! PM International celebrates the opening of a branch in Switzerland

n Thayngen in Switzerland, near the German border, the opening of a newly built branch for PM Inter-

International AG, Rolf Sorg, during the press conference. This idea has been brought to life here as an integrated well thought out construction project, something that isnt exactly common with industrial buildings: whether were talking about the solar panels on the roof, the consistently implemented method of constructing a low energy building or the clear color scheme and design. The focus is on the employees, who make

vest in such a forward-thinking manner in a market that is so fast moving that many dont even know whether theyll still exist tomorrow? In such a situation who counts on property and accepts the responsibility? Not many, but Rolf Sorg certainly does. The decision was made in 2008 and Dieter Ltterfelds took on responsibility for the construction project. At the end of 2009 the construction phase began and the result can speak for itself. The acquisition of the branch in Thayngen will replace the branch in Schaffhausen. In the last few weeks the employees have performed splendid work; many of them have been working here for years and theyre part of the success story., said Daniel Hayoz, Distribution and Branch Manager of PM International Switzerland. Why the community of Thayngen you might ask; to this question I can give you a quite clear answer:

national was celebrated last weekend. In the small community of Thayngen in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen a new chapter in the history of PM International is beginning. Here tribute is being paid to the steady growth and the highest turnover outside Germany with the largest branch of PM International abroad. On the occasion of the opening OBTAINER was on the spot and many things impressed us: Near the local station surrounded by green fields we are greeted not by an ostentatious building but by a building radiating solidity and clarity. Adapted to the colors of the PM logo, the guests are greeted by a blue carpet leading into the blue and gray building. I dont build for one generation, here were building for several generations, said the Founder and Chairman of PM

just as important a contribution as the distribution partners in the field with the customers. Rolf Sorg doesnt stand for pointless luxury, but when it makes sense and is a lasting benefit for the staff on a sustainable basis, then he is happy to invest in this. Here investment is the driving force and that too is almost an exception. Which networking company has the necessary capital of 5 million Swiss francs available for such an expansion? And even if it had it, who wants to in-




The strategic position, directly opposite one of the main customs offices in Switzerland, the rural location that supports our wellness philosophy plus, in addition, extremely attractive concessions from the community of Thayngen and, of course, compliance with the proviso that I wouldnt have supported any move that would have expected our staff to travel over 20 km more to get to work, said Rolf Sorg this is also the social commitment of a businessman who knows what pillars support his company and his vision. So far the rooms, which are designed to cope in the medium term with a doubling of staff numbers and a tripling of Swiss turnover, havent been decorated. The transfer of the 27 members of staff, which has been planned with military precision, is scheduled to take place in two weeks. But one group has already moved in as the very first, a group were particularly pleased to see: this is the World Vision Child Sponsorship Scheme, which is supported be PM International Switzerland. Photos and stories of all the sponsored children have been placed on the stairway and are therefore the first to take behalf of the charity together with a check for 10,000 Swiss francs that was officially presented during the gala. Many distribution partners from Switzerland, including the No. 1 in Switzerland, Marcel Desz, and many distribution partners from Germany, including Carsten Ledul and Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner, attended the opening ceremony and were visibly delighted by the new building and the radiance that will stream from here to all parts of Switzerland. And many inhabitants of the place also didnt let the opportunity slip to take a closer look at the new branch; the guided tours through the building were heavily frequented with about 700 guests a real waiting line built up waiting for the employees to take small groups on the tour. But nobody was doomed to spend their time waiting after all, a few things had been organized for the festivities: live music, a program for the children, special offers in the Direct Sales Center and an exclusive interview with the cyclist, Bruno Risi, who has been world champion on numerous occasions as well as being an Olympic silver medalist. Switzerland continues to be an extremely their places in their new home. A sign of how important the sponsorships are for Rolf Sorg, but not just for him this consciousness reigns in the whole company. At the charity gala in the evening this commitment was also a continuing theme: 50% of the ticket proceeds went to World Visions marketing manager on With this new building, which is intended to become a meeting point for all distribution partners, Switzerland has now received a face. And every stone that has been erected here is the achievement become visible of all the employees and all the distribution partners here in Switzerland, said Daniel Hayoz with pride. attractive market for the distribution partners on the spot, but also for all of those who only want to build up a team in Switzerland. Italian and French Switzerland still havent been opened up yet, so theres still a lot of potential which has probably received a real boost with the investment in the new branch. Quite literally carved in stone are 650 names on a stone sculpture symbolizing the Matterhorn, which has been erected in front of the logistics center. These 650 names stand for people whove performed great service in successfully building up distribution in Switzerland. And somewhat later Rolf Sorg complemented this by adding: Now there probably isnt any better location in Switzerland for PM business than right here. Use the building to present your business with a branch office like this that builds up trust, that is transparent and open to all. With their work 650 people have already raised a monument to themselves here. So that even more people from Switzerland can immortalize themselves here, weve thought up a competition which, as always, is starting with immediate effect. So a heads up for the Swiss partners, get the exact details for this competition.




DubLi Dream Days in Dubai

rg Wittke and Tom Schmitz announced it during the 6th DubLi Day in Ransbach-Baumbach.

The next DubLi Day will be bigger yet. Even significantly bigger because it will be held in Dubai, and the event is going to last three days. That is why the 7th DubLi Day of the Allstars United Team from June 24th to 26th 2011 in Dubai is more than a DubLi Day it is the DubLi Dream Days No. 1. The event will also be a true dream because the mix of part business part entertainment has been accomplished to perfection. During each of the three mornings there will be training sessions, and with the activities in the afternoons there will be dream-like impressions of which one will say: You had to have been there to grasp that. The choice of location for the accommodation and the training sessions also makes a dream come true for many DubLi BAs. By choosing the world-famous five star Hotel ATLANTIS The Palm, the Allstars United management Tom Schmitz and Jrg Wittke made the right choice for true Dream Days. The DubLi Dream Days begin on Friday at 11:00 a.m. with a small welcome reception before the first four hour training session kicks off. Afterwards, a rich




lunch buffet helps gain new strength to get to know the initial Hot Spots of the emirate of Dubai. The DubLi Dream Day Package also includes tickets for the Dubai Creek Aquaventure and a visit to the Lost Chambers. But a visit of the Dubai Mall is also worthwhile since one can get great deals duty free. With the Burj Khalifa, Al Qasr Souk or Wild Wadi, Dubai offers something for everyone. On Saturday, the second training session with subsequent lunch buffet will be taking place at 11:00 a.m. Then, a visit of the desert, DubLi Jeep Safari, is planned. An unforgettable experience is the dune bashing where well-trained drivers with their jeeps conquer the dunes of the desert. A camel ride or sand boarding also provide for exceptional fun. At the latest during the BBQ dinner you are going to be one with the desert and you are going to have captured its magic. Sunday also starts with a training session before the first DubLi Dream Days come to an end with a farewell surprise trip. This big surprise is of course still a secret.

But not only the Fascination of Dubai will make these DubLi Dream Days an experience for all attenting BAs. During the training sessions with executives from all over the world, there will be two premieres among other things. DubLi Founder Michael Hansen himself will be reporting and holding trainings during the world premiere of the new DubLi partner program. In addition, also a world premiere, the new Allstars DVD will be presented. USCountry Manager Dean Mannheimer or Chief Technical Officer Brack Jaskey will have news for the BAs, as well. Registrations for the first DubLi Dream Days can still be made until June 15th at




QNet Proud Sponsors of the 3rd Charitable Handicapped Exhibition

ver the past few years, corporate entities have strived to bridge the gap between eco-

of the 3rd Charitable Handicapped Exhibition. The event which lasted three full days - May 12-14 from 10am to midnight was organized under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and not only showcased but also sold products created by disabled children from six special needs centers across the UAE. The sole purpose of the exhibiton was to not only raise money for various centers, but to also raise awareness for these centers, which perform such meaningful work. The setting chosen for this exhibition was also none other

than the worlds largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall. Upon entering the most prominent section of the Dubai Mall, the Star Atrium, on Thursday May 12 at 10am, ones eyes were automatically drawn to the large circular exhibition area, a vast area containing a dozen stands, all of which boasted the main sponsors logo. A flurry of activity was also to be seen at the QNet stand, where enthusiastic distribution partners were busy preparing for the exhibition and opening ceremony, which was to be inaugurated by a prominent member of the royal family, none other than His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Mak-

nomic achievement and sociological impact. One company, which has made some of the most notable progress in bridging this extensive gap in the international world of Network Marketing is QNet. A fundamental part of QNets corporate social responsibility program, is the RYTHM Foundation, which is actively involved in supporting, caring and building opportunities for underprivileged members of our society. QNet and the RYTHM Foundation once again confirmed their unwavering commitment to those less fortunate by becoming the main sponsors




toum. It was also evident that QNets Independent Representatives were fully behind the event: All work carried out here at the QNet stand is done voluntary. Supporting charitable events sponsored by QNet is very important to the companys I.Rs, its the feeling of giving something back to society, stated Wafa Eltayeb Salih a VC with QNet, proving how important being actively involved in charitable events is not just for QNet as a company, but also for its distribution partners. The opening ceremony was shrouded in Arab flair; HH Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum cut the ribbon amid enchanting music, heralding the opening of the exhibition. He then made his way around the various stands, taking

time to view the products on offer and speaking to some of the children who had made the products by hand. He also made sure to make a stop at the QNet stand, where he thanked the main sponsors for the large part they had played in making the exhibition possible. By now a large group had accumulated at the exhibition and were being entertained by various performances, which had been put together by the disabled children from the various special needs centers. The organizers of the event, the prestigious Dubai Media Inc. then began the awards ceremony; their way of thanking everyone involved for their continued help and support. QNet was among the recipients of an award and Mariam Almur Mohammad Bin Huraiz,

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility with Dubai Media Inc. praised and thanked QNet for its generous supporting efforts. All in all, the 3rd Charitable Handicapped Exhibition was a complete success in raising both money and awareness for these special needs centers, which do such important work. Through supporting the event, QNet proved just how important a companys corporate social responsibility program is and just what an impact such a program can have on the lives of others. It is evident that QNet, the RYTHM Foundation and the companies distribution partners place huge value on supporting others less fortune in society and ought to be applauded for their continued efforts.




Top hairstylist and trend trainer joins NUMONDU

he NUMONDU catering concept is ideal for bars, hotels and other catering establishments.

ual styling and his fine nose for taste and trends. And recently theyve been able to enjoy an extra energy kick because Marciniak has a new fashion product in his salon NUMONDU Aai. The professional has been active in the hair business for over 20 years and with Marciniak Haare he has created a location whose ambiance is such that customers are prepared to travel extremely long distances to enjoy it. As a businessman, top-class stylist, team leader and trend trainer hairdresser is by no means adequate to describe Marciniaks job anymore. All-rounder and businessman are descriptions that are more likely to spring to mind considering the development of his own skincare range or the range of creative options available to

his clients such as, for example, a photoshoot or the use of his premises for the Perfect Day. As a qualified NLP trainer and an achiever Marciniak knows what its all about quality and energy. This is also how he considers it in his seminar Giving your life direction and his successes as a trainer are the best proof for this because he could guide many hairstylists and promote their careers with his training sessions. Today not only people from his profession benefit from his qualification as an NLP trainer but also people from many different professions. The all-rounder, who has been a member of the Circle of Excellence since 2006, quickly recognized that his salon offered a perfect framework for

And that would be about it you might think. Wrong because NUMONDU is so trendy that it fits excellently into just about any business such as, for example, a hair salon. NUMONDU and hair salons do they fit together? Certainly you can find the answer in Marciniak Haare at Bahnhofstr. 12 in Wiehl in the Oberberg District. This hair salon has nothing to do with the conventional hair salon. Both the equipment and the range of services on offer clearly distinguish it from the common or garden variety. Michael Marciniaks clients value the perfect consultation, his excellent craftsmanship, the individ-





Are you enges? ke chall ething new? li Do you ying som en on tr ke ccess wit
su nd enjoy part of y team a Become o, join m If s e rest. who Forget th winners, s in Dubli. ork of lobal netw w road to succe a huge g ne chosen a have all erce. e-comm s to in acces ucts and li you ga d With Dub f innovative pro ry own so p your ve thousand buildu rn how to lea ss. e-busine blime a Du y to beco ister toda Reg aner! Contact r efe 30 Ruth Ho 84 9585 l.: +49 26 Te m ext@ E-Mail: n .next.mill eb: www W




appealed to me already on the basis of design alone. OBTAINER: How does the NUMONDU energy drink fit into your salon concept? Michael Marciniak: We pamper our clients as if we were receiving a good friend in our living room. Chocolates, sparkling wine, special teas from the delicatessen or a late-evening whiskey for the gentlemen are standard with us. Why not also offer a guest an energy drink? OBTAINER: In the industry youre a prominent presence. What distinguishes a good hair salon? What should we pay attention to in the range of services on offer? Michael Marciniak: Choose a proprietor-managed, well-booked salon that avoids putting products in the window for advertising purposes. It isnt the products that make a hairstylist good were craftsmen and craftswomen. If there are dead flies lying in the window run for your life! And if a salon is called something like Hairkiller run away too. After all, you dont go to restaurants called Barfs or Chunder! OBTAINER: How do you like the taste combining business and taste with NUMONDU. The reason why Michael Marciniak is enthusiastic about NUMONDU is the way NUMONDU fits into his salon concept of what constitutes a successful hair salon and to find out what NUMONDU has to do with jelly bears (the German equivalent of jelly beans) read the following interview. Michael Marciniak: Im always on the lookout for new impulses and Im firmly convinced that its important to try out new things. Here NUMONDU OBTAINER: Many thanks for the interview and lots of success in the future. OBTAINER: Mr. Marciniak, you stand for hair-styling services at the highest level. Why has the NUMONDU energy wave grabbed you? Michael Marciniak: I love the NUMONDU taste. THAT is up-to-the-minute and tastes a lot better than liquified jelly bears. of NUMONDU Aai?




Help Has No Boundaries The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Continues To Strike New Paths

itled For a place to feel at home! Joint support with heart and mind, the latest project leads the

Since the people of Greece currently have to watch every cent themselves due to the countrys debt burden, those who need help the most are affected first. For Lyoness, it is another reason to enter into new territory in Greece. In Slovenia, the Child & Family Foundation is actively involved in a national project to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities. Together with the volunteer association Medobinsko drutvo Soitje Maribor and Lyoness Slovenia, the Foundation turned its attention to a project that particularly deserves support. The project partner is a charitable association founded in 1965 that supports people with mental disabilities, their parents, experts, friends and sponsors. The goal of this involvement is to enable approximately 28 disabled children and adults to have a normal life. Through active incorporation into their environment and diverse working processes, these people can lead a meaningful and fulfilled life as part of society. In order to make this happen, the key of the collaboration is to establish disability-friendly work places so that

people with disabilities can take advantage of their full potential when working on their woodwork, textile or art projects. The Child & Family Foundation provides specially equipped computers, modified screens, computer mouse and keyboard as well as individual programs helping the users to acquire more knowledge and new work and social habits within a group. The purchase of a new sewing machine for the textile shop or a pyrograph and a batteryoperated drill for the woodwork shop help to bring the associations equipment up to date. These seemingly small purchases create the framework conditions for people with disabilities that are stimulating and increase the individual abilities which can easily be read in the smile of these people and the pride to have made something on their own. In Switzerland, the Child & Family Foundation supports the SRK therapy place in Buchs. The project Untersttzung der allgemeinen Frhfrderung fr Kinder und Jugendliche ohne Versicherungsund Kostengutsprache in der SRK-Therapiestelle (Support for the general early

Child & Family Foundation onto new territory. Although the place of action may be new, help continues to go to the weakest link of society children. Thirty children between the ages of 3 months and 15 years live in the childrens home of The Smile of the Child in the Greek town of Thessaloniki. In order to provide the children with a better quality of life in addition to having a roof over their head, the Child & Family Foundation among other things is involved in taking care of the maintenance of the building. In addition to painting, electrical and installation work, the oil tank for heating is being refilled as well as new toys, clothing, medication and foods are provided. Since children do not only need love, food and a safe home, the Foundation also donated schooling and educational materials from its collection so that the brain is being fed as well. The Greek non-for-profit organization The Smile of the Child takes care of a total of 256 children across Greece and is exclusively financed through donations.




intervention for children and adolescents without insurance and cost absorption in the SRK therapy office) has the goal to provide the children and adolescents without any insurance or cost absorption with financial support and to grant them access to therapy sessions at the SRK office that they need as part of their general early intervention. What started in 1974 as a consultation office for children with cerebral movement disorders of the section Werdenberg-Sargans for the Swiss Red Cross, has today become the SRK therapy office for children and adolescents Sargans Buchs Altsttten. Today, about 20 therapists take care of children with a variety of diagnosis and disability levels with movement, cognitive or speaking disorders as well as development deficits and behavioural disorders. A sick child is already enough of a worry for the parents and if they can then not afford an extremely necessary therapy, the parents suffering cannot be imagined. Here, the Child & Family Foundation can not only help the children but also take a weight off the parents shoulders they didnt have to worry about in a perfect world. That indulgence and philanthropy are close together showed this years Indulgence Ball Graz on March 5th at the Grazer Congress. The 850 guests were spoiled by 14 Styrian top chefs live on location with culinary delights and also with the especially for the ball created wine, a Styrian Cuve made from the types Welsch Riesling, Muskateller and Weiburgunder provided for indulgence of the highest kind. Just for the charitable purpose, the wine was created by the three wineries Primus Polz, Georgiberg and Hannes & Ewald Zweytick for the Child & Family Foundation. The Foundation gave the entire net proceeds from the sale of the wine to the Anton Afritsch childrens village at the Grazer Steinberg. The cheque for EUR

3,000 was handed over during a festive ceremony on April 7th and will be used for the individual support and fostering of children in the areas of art therapy and biographical work. Sometimes, Lyoness does not have to go too far to be philanthropic. Sometimes, destiny strikes right in front of its own door as the tragic and way to early death of two-time father and long-time Lyoness business partner Harald Redtenbacher shows. The shock was great when the family found out about the serious disease, and the doctors did not see any chances for recovery. In order to help the family not only share the heavy emoADVERTISE

tional strains but also the financial burden, Franz Rudolf Freidinger, Austrian member of the Lyoness Presidents Team, initiated a donation campaign and raised funds within his organization and within the Lyoness Community. In total, the family was handed EUR 20,000, half of it through donations and the other EUR 10,000 were personally donated by Franz Freidinger, in order to help secure their future. This tragic case is an example for the great solidarity in the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility of Lyoness and shows that the often quoted claim of many network marketing companies We are family is not just an empty phrase for Lyoness.




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aving fun shopping and saving thats what DubLi has always stood for. But as Dub-

interesting gift card offer for each and every person. The categories are divided into:

Li announced on May 11, now you can save even more. The company, likely the worlds most innovative Web 2.0 network marketing company, introduced its new Xpress gift card auctions that day, with which all V.I.P. members can save even more. The gift cards can be turned into cash and can be used for practically any product or service worldwide. The new Xpress gift cards are divided into six different categories, always made available simultaneously. In addition, all V.I.P. members around the world can bid on the gift cards, making for quick discounts in their prices: With each Xpress bid on the gift cards price, its cost sinks by 0.20 cents whether the gift card is in Euro or dollars. That means that the price of the gift card can sink far below what it is actually worth within a few minutes. Once a bidder is happy with the price, they can buy, paying the active price and receiving the full value of the gift card. For example, if a V.I.P. member buys a gift card worth 200 dollars for only 120 dollars, then he or she will have saved 80 dollars or 40 percent with the successful bid, and 200 dollars will be applied to his or her gift card. With the six different gift card categories, practically all goods and services are covered, so that there is truly a very

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Household costs - Energy, gas, heating, telephone bills, internet bills, cable/satellite television, insurance, water and sewage, interest payments and leasing costs, childcare costs, doctor and hospital bills, hair, nails and expenses for beauty and cosmetics, car payments, car repair and service costs, tires, car parts and insurance, mobile phone bills, health insurance, and fitness club memberships.

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Cameras, TVs, video, audio, home telephones, mobile phones, Smartphones, laptops, desktops, network electronics, monitors, computers, software, TIVO, DVD & Blu-Ray players, auto & boat




ning in the second month of membership), access to the V.I.P.-only gift cardauctions, and 5 percent cash back on all purchases in the shopping mall. In addition, the V.I.P. packet includes unlimited access to DubLi Entertainment, the DubLi Mastercard, free shipping on all auction products purchased, two chances at the monthly DubLi lottery, and access to both the V.I.P. client referral program and to the DubLi e-wallet. When you take advantage of it, then you will quickly amortize the packets price of $28.95 US, 19.95 Euros, or $29.95 Australian. Enter a bid, strike quickly, and win the gift card! But then what? Once you have made a successful bid on an Xpress gift card, the gift cards value will be applied your internal account. Under Your gift cards, all transfers into and out of your account are visible. Once your account and its transfers are verified, the money in the account is freely accessible, and can be transferred, according to your preference, into your eWallet account GPS, watches, notebooks, eBook readers, disk drives and additional components. cosmetics, sporting goods, animal food and accessories for your pet. or the DubLi Debit Card (MasterCard). The transfers generally take 24 hours, between Monday and Friday, to arrive after sending. With the introduction of the new, worldwide Xpress gift card-auctions, DubLi has definitely once-again caused a great deal of excitement and has once As mentioned, a V.I.P. membership package is necessary in order to enjoy the pleasure of the new Xpress gift card-auctions. The V.I.P. membership includes 10 credits (25 credits beginmore increased fun-levels on the DubLi platform. The Xpress gift card are, in the truest form of the words, worth cash money. That leaves only one thing to be said: Bid like a V.I.P. - only at DubLi.

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Those in possession of gold, always have money. A quote from Alan Greenspan Gold is no longer just for the filthy rich. True to the motto: Pecunia Aurea Mundi we offer you the opportunity to safeguard your assets.
KB Vision Knigstrae 52 D-70173 Stuttgart Tel.: +49 (0) 711 12040830 E-Mail: Website:



Gold has been the real currency of the world for 2600 years in 194 countries. Banks, governments and renowned business and financial figures safeguard their finances with gold in order to remain solvent in times of economic downturn. Something that is important to those in power, should be equally as important to those who arent.

Gold every household

belong in




KB Vision kicks-off with full strength in Northern and Southern Europe



As part of the expansion plans by KB Vision, the course for the future will be simultaneously set in different parts of Europe. In Northern Europe, two executive meetings took place in the Swedish city of Gteborg at the Hotel Apple on April 30th, 2011 and respectively on May 1st, 2011 in the Danish city of Billung at the Hotel Propellen. Approximately 20 executives at each of the meetings recognized the potential of gold and above all of KB Vision and that this is not only due to the current high demand for gold. The participants recognized that it is first and foremost up to them to take responsibility as executives and to support others in building their business. Although this requires extreme dedication as an executive in a newly opened country on the one hand, this moment also provides the most profitable opportunities in network marketing on the other hand. Already during the opening webinar, the countries, which have only been opened on April 1st, 2011, showed a golden business opportunity with participation of more than 200 Scandinavians. The seriousness of the interest was demonstrated by the numerous new registrations and the acquisition of new customers. After the executive meetings, the participants anonymously agreed: It is up to us to turn KB Vision into one of the biggest gold traders in our countries and to introduce as many people as possible to this business opportunity. An event in Germany was also cause for an additional spirit of optimism amongst distribution partners. As part of the Gold Academy on May 7, 2011 in Stuttgart, Harald Seiz once again demonstrated how important a foundation of transparency, honesty and reliability is for a gold network company and that this is the only way to create a global player. In addition, the business partners learned that work had been done on the technical parameters and the administration processes so that they would be able to fully focus on building their business. A significant factor in this area is the completion of the accounting tool and the customer accounts within the corporate software. In their back office, the business partners have the control and overview of their team structure, the customers and commission calculations. Within the customer accounts of KB Vision, deposits and gold stock can be viewed and a variety of delivery options can be selected, as well. Olaf Meier enlarged upon the technical part with the explanation of the OSS-System, an administrative support of the software program to acquire new clients and business partners. A highlight as part of the changes is the expansion of the product portfolio. KB Vision is going to issue special editions

of the gold cards that will be manufactured for special occasions and events such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings etc. Subsequently, Franz J. Herrmann, chairman of the Bund der Sparer e.V. (savers association) spoke about the opportunities and risk of common financial products compared to a gold investment. As could be seen in the past the future will also show that the opportunity/risk ratio of gold, compared to most other financial products, ranks among the best. After this insight into the financial world, the event continued with a training of the executives with regard to building a successful business. Bent Carstensen explained why network marketing demands just as much willingness to perform as everything else when you want to be successful. This business does not run on its own, especially not in the first few years when the foundation was being laid for a golden future. But with enough perseverance, endurance and a strong will the business was going to show a steep equity curve just like the gold chart demonstrated in the last few decades. In addition, Carstensen spoke about the positive effects of live events which, time and time again, inspire new ideas, convey motivation and show opportunities for improvement. As an another speaker at this event, Olaf Letsch introduced the new marketing tool Goldinfoprsenz (gold information presence) that the business partners can individually customize according to their own wishes. The first two executive meetings were characterized by a tangible atmosphere of optimism, and the executives from Northern Europe, Jimmy Larsen, Jesper Bentzen or Klaus Fries also believe that KB Vision made a dream start. For that reason, the next event has already been scheduled for June. But KB Vision did not only set the course in Northern Europe and Germany, but made progress in Southern Europe, as well. In Italy, the new country representative Pietro Fazio was introduced who has already been involved in network marketing since 1995. The advantages of this industry, namely to achieve high financial goals with modest initial capital, fascinated the Italian so much that he can live well with the negative aspect of this industry, the quick appearance and disappearance of many companies. One only has to choose the right company, he believes, and he has done that with KB Vision. After many legal matters for the gold business in Italy had been solved and the plans had been implemented to perfection, the KB Vision business is being built stronger in Southern Europe, as well. During a personal interview with Pietro Fazio, we asked what Italy can expect from KB Vision and what challenges are waiting for him.


OBTAINER: First, lets talk about network marketing and Italy in general. What does the Italian network marketing industry look like? What do the Italians think about this business model and how much blue sky potential is still there? Pietro Fazio: Network marketing is made for Italians. The business model suits the family oriented thinking. Personal referrals and word-of-mouth promotion is common practice in Italy. That is why we are convinced that there is lots of blue sky potential. OBTAINER: You are KB Visions new country representative for Italy. What are your next tasks? What challenges are waiting for you? Pietro Fazio: After a long preparation period, the foundation to create a successful business has now been laid in Italy. Now, it is important to provide the sales reps and the MA with any kind of support required. OBTAINER: A legal foundation had to be created for the KB Vision business in advance as well as a corresponding plan for the launch to the market. Is all of that done and can you now focus on the day-to-day business? Pietro Fazio: Yes, all tasks have been accomplished and the next steps are now to provide our sales staff in Italy with any kind of support required.

Pietro Fazio: We would like to establish ourselves as a successful company in Italy and together with our staff starting in Italys North we would like to work our way down to the Southern regions by the end of the year and thus inform people and organize events. Our goal is to organize informational events in all of Italy by the end of this year. OBTAINER: Are there any conventions or a city tour planned for Italy this year? Pietro Fazio: Together with Mr. Seiz and our Italian executives, we plan to conduct several meetings in Italy. OBTAINER: What significance does gold have for Italians? Is it also interesting as an investment opportunity besides being jewelry? Pietro Fazio: Of course. Italians possess great savings and in Italy, gold stands for a safe and stable investment that is now finally also available to the normal people. Until the end of the year 2000, investments in gold were hardly possible for the Italian people and the purchase of gold was regulated by the government. OBTAINER: How do you explain the KB Vision business and the gold business to an amateur? Pietro Fazio: It is the perfect symbiosis between a unique product and a genius sales model. OBTAINER: Please tell our readers why especially

OBTAINER: What makes KB Vision special and why is the company a good fit for you? Pietro Fazio: KB Vision is a young and flexible company that currently performs with rapid growth. We are operating in a market that is in demand like no other at the moment. My challenge is to contribute to making KB Vision successful. OBTAINER: What guidelines does the corporate management set out for Italy in 2011? Which goals are supposed to be accomplished?

now is the ideal time to start with the KB Vision business. What can an Italian networker expect from KB Vision in Italy? Pietro Fazio: Timing could not be better. He will be involved from the start and possess some sort of a unique selling proposition in Italy. KB Vision is going to rise to one of the largest online gold traders in Italy where both MA and customers are going to feel equally well taken care of. OBTAINER: Thank you very much for this interview.



Pietro Fazio




SUCCESS of a person catcher

business with PM. In addition to product training sessions this also, of course, includes target planning. The PM Presidents Team member counts on the 6-Pillar Success Concept, with which every new partner can immediately begin business and adapt their method of work in accordance with their goals. The first pillar of business consists of a business launch or an open day. Here they can present the new products together with their sponsor in informal surroundings and recruit their first customers. The famous 2-on-1 situation is here a decisive advantage and the first successes will further motivate the partner. Pillars 2 and 3 are the customer roundtables and product talks. These ought to take place at least once a month. This ties in the customers and through the transmission of knowledge it makes them into new recommenders. If a customer shows any interest in the business at these activities, it makes sense to follow up with a business presentation. Pillar 4 means regular attendance at PMs Business and Anti-Aging Academies. These events are ideal for keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest knowledge and are also a good opportunity to exchange information with other partners. Customers or other interested people who are brought along to a Business Academy

Margit B

Margit Br is an extraordinary networker. The mother of two grown-up sons manages to do what only very few people succeed in doing: She really infects other people with her positive attitude to life and her inspiring manner. She has absolutely no fear of making contact and can talk about her business to anybody anywhere anytime. Her friends even describe her as a person catcher which, of course, is only understood in the most positive sense of the word. Margit comes from Neuendettelsau, one of the largest villages in Bavaria. Theres even a university there! As long ago as the 1980s she had her first contact with network marketing and began her work in direct distribution with a large cosmetics company. At that time the flexible time management possible in network marketing was the the decisive argument for her to start in MLM. In this way the trained pharmacists assistant was able to look after her children and, nevertheless, earn a bit of extra money. So Margit Br is as far as MLM is concerned an old hand. The combination of almost 30 years of experience in networking and her ability to attract other people, which was mentioned at the beginning, is probably also the key to Margits success. If shes recruited a new partner, this person will be prepared intensively for




For me its important that we work with the tools offered by the company and that everybody doesnt just do their own thing. In this way you remain easily duplicable.
often also become new business partners. The 5th pillar is formed by the monthly meetings with her team partners and leaders. Here she speaks with her partners about the general development of the team, gives tips and advice and compares target plans with the results. The 6th and final pillar of success for Margit Br are finally the regular telephone conferences with leaders and partners who live further away. So in her team work Margit Br counts on tried and tested means and here she also uses PMs events and work materials. Margit also explains why: For me its important that we work with the tools offered by the company and that everybody doesnt just do their own thing. In this way you remain easily duplicable. My main training tools are the team meetings and constant contact in person or by phone. What is called corporate identity, i.e. identification with the company, is of great significance for Margit and her team. This is shown by the fact that the the premises of the DSCs, which are available to all PM distribution partners on request, are also used regularly for product presentations and training sessions. The tool Margit provides to her team partners is extremely effective when used properly and practically guarantees increasing personal success. Margits partners learn in particular what distinguishes a good networker: switching off all fear of making contact, addressing strangers directly about the products and business with PM. Learning this skill, shedding fear of other people, is something that Margit teaches her partners in the first months. And that is an additional reason why she lays great value on regular participation in events and training sessions. In the final analysis these form the basis for success because everybody who wants to start in a job must first undergo training. Even if in professional terms you dont have to learn very much in network marketing, there are here important aspects of training such as time management and self-discipline, directly approaching potential customers, creation of promotional measures and campaigns and much more. All of this is learned by the partners at first hand from the experienced top-class networker and everything can be implemented straightaway thanks to the first-class materials. Contact details:

And ultimately success is also fun. Their own enthusiasm for PM Internationals products combined with the personal attitude that strangers are nothing but friends you dont know yet smooth the way to financial freedom. There are, said Margit Br to OBTAINER, a few things that everybody whod like to be successful in MLM has to remember: Its actually quite simple. I can reveal the recipe for success to the readers of OBTAINER in a couple of sentences. First you have to be sure that you can achieve anything if you want to. Secondly, its the case that alone you can achieve some things but in a team you become unbeatable. The famous saying United we are strong is nowhere as applicable as in network marketing. However, disagreeable things are also part of the business. Things you dont like doing. Here the rule is: Swallow the bitter pill first, i.e. start with the disagreeable things, whether this is the fist telephone contact or the first business appointment. Putting this off will only inhibit you and prevent you from succeeding. Concentrate on the IPA, the income-producing activities, and start doing this right after your registration. Replace the word problem by the word task and think of solutions. And finally: Do everything because youre convinced yourself; you can only infect others if you yourself are burning with enthusiasm! Have fun doing business and youll succeed faster than you think. Whoever would like to take a closer look at these mental techniques should read the book Die Gesetze der Gewinner (Laws of the Winners) by Bodo Schfer. Her own implementation of these points and the decades of experience in MLM mentioned at the beginning are without doubt responsible for the great success that the Presidents Team member (a level meaning a monthly turnover of at least 100,000 after all) can show with her team. Ultimately, this success is also the best argument for the fact that Margit is doing everything right. How you, dear readers, can also achieve this is something that Margit will be pleased to show you in a personal discussion.


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Claudia Seubert, Doris Kumpfmller and Andrea Winter


Claudia Seubert, Doris Kumpfmller and Andrea Winter are best friends. But that isnt simply a matter of course as the three networkers got to know each other at Mannatech. What links the three of them is merely that they all belong to the successful team of Marie-Luise Gruber; Claudia, Doris and Andrea are what are called crosslines. Admittedly, in other companies crosslines also work together now and then, but these three girls are as close as peas in a pod. Not a trace of competitiveness. Between the three of them theres a good relationship of mutual trust. Andrea and Doris came to Mannatech in 2003 and Claudia began building up her business in 2006. For all of them Mannatech is their first network and the three of them are sure that theyve found the right haven here. Their sponsor, the top networker Marie-Luise Gruber, plays a prominent role here, as the trained teacher Claudia Seubert emphasizes: Network marketing was recommended to me by Marie-Luise. She isnt just one of the most serious and loving people in my life, shes also always had a good nose for business opportunities. At Mannatech she felt that in the best possible context. I didnt need any more to get me to say yes. Ill always be grateful to her for that. Here Ive realized everything my heart desired, something that isnt inherent in conventional aid projects. Ive also known the products themselves since 2003 and I also decided for the business a good decision as it turned out. Doris Kumpfmller came to network marketing in the classic manner through a newspaper advertisement. Until 2001 Doris was the proprietor of a respected import company, which shed built up in 21 years of hard work. But, unfortunately, for private reasons she had to give up the business and she handed over her shares to her business partner. When she wanted to offer her services on the labor market again, the offers she received were almost exclusively for network marketing. This prompted Doris to study the industry, she recognized her chance and started in MLM. Since they started with Mannatech, the three ladies have experienced a lot. But unanimously they report that to this day theyve only been good experiences. The work at Mannatech is Doris, Andrea and Claudia exchange such success reports and regularly consider together how they can continue to build up business with Mannatech. The networkers work closely together in spite of the fact that theyre crosslines. For this collaboration and their close friendship all three are grateful and they make Marie-Luise Grubers inspiring and humane manner responsible for this. The chemistry in the Gruber Team works and thats the most valuable thing that can happen to a networker. The three friends can trust one another when they work together and they complement one another perfectly. Of course, each of them does their own downline work. But its the meetings together that again and again maintain the momentum in their own teams. Andrea describes the extraordinary situation in the following words: Id never have thought that you could find your best friends among your competitors. Marie-Luise was our mutual friend but before Mannatech we didnt know one another. For network marketing and also for our downlines, however, its more of an advantage the way things are. I believe that here in our whole group we are role models, i.e. to show that as crosslines its also possible to have so varied and humane that they could fill a whole book. With gleaming eyes the three networkers tell of the positive feedback they always get from their teams whether theyre about good earnings or fantastic experiences with the products as Doris reports: My nicest experience is basically one thats very often repeated. Namely that people express their thanks to me on the telephone and say that they have absolutely no idea how they can ever repay me for the fact that I brought these extraordinary products to their attention.



an excellent cooperative working relationship. We certainly dont always agree were too different for that but I believe that we complement one another very well because each of us has different strengths and weaknesses. That makes us, at least in my opinion, successful again together. We can be just as happy about the success of the others as about our own success. And all of that can be felt throughout our whole group. The successful collaboration of the three women shows once more that network marketing is a business that is now being dominated more and more by women. Without doubt women are probably better networkers and again and again they can reconcile work in MLM in an ideal fashion with their own family. At Mannatech the proportion of women is particularly clear as Doris Kumpfmller reports: Mannatech is firmly in female hands! For this reason Id like to call on all men to study this company! We dont have any men in leadership

positions! At least not here in Germany! In Scandinavia and Austria things look a bit different. With us wed actually need a male quota to achieve gender balance. Mannatechs work is distinguished by a special corporate image. The company dispenses with any hype and exaggerated motivation events. Andrea, Claudia and Doris have already appreciated this fact for many years and also see here the secret of the companys success: Mannatech has always been one of the best kept secrets in Europe. Mannatech invests in its people, which is also reflected in the unique remuneration plan. This is also a reason why there is hardly any fluctuation at Mannatech; once somebodys gotten to know the company, they find it difficult to change to another network. Also the special social responsibility that the company fulfills with its current aid project (as reported in OBTAINER) mo-




tivates the distribution partners again and again to achieve new record turnovers. For ever turnover of 100 a needy child receives the high-quality products for a whole month from Mannatechs child relief organization. In this way people are doing something good in many different respects. In Andrea, Claudia and Doriss opinion the whole way the company presents itself the whole company philosophy that is oriented on people also makes the company attractive for all networks who are interested. Here Claudia Seubert detects significant differences compared with other companies: After speaking to many networkers during my career, I see the differences quite clearly. Mannatech isnt a company that is honest and socially committed just on paper, you also feel it in your experience as a distribution partner. Naturally, as a mother children in general are close to my heart and the Give for Real aid project links your own success absolutely brilliantly with a social action in the world. Mannatech can definitely be described as outstanding. Becoming well-off and healthy by helping others to be well-off and healthy things couldnt be better. And At Mannatech events informative talks and product training sessions dominate the proceedings. Even if Mannatechs reAt Mannatech many things simply run differently than at other companies. The company lives out the concept of social responsibility as not other does. Whether its the remuneration plan, the social commitment through the child relief organization or the highly effective products with first-class quality for the distribution partners and the customers its perceptible at all times that Mannatech also really stands for the slogan Welfare and Health. Doris Kumpfmller adds: For me its the people that count. At Mannatech quite special people gather. People who have an honest interest in others, people who embody particular values, people who fell its important that others have a real benefit through the products and though the opportunity to earn income. For me the company management is also something quite special. For example, Sam Caster, the company founder, is a person who is really in the service of a great cause. On a scale that for me means real service to others. And perhaps its also here that the greatest difference to the other networks lies.




search field the development of high-quality glyconutrients appears at first to be really complicated, ultimately every person knows what kind of negative effects industrially refined sugar can have. For this reason Mannatech is researching the healthy constituents of sugar. These can improve the communication between the cells and thus ensure better absorption and utilization of nutrients at cell level. To successfully build up a business with Mannatech no medical training is required and you dont have to be a nutrition expert either. Claudia Seubert and Andrea Winter explain this as follows: If you understand that every body benefits from better cell communication and nutrition and you like to and are able to explain explain this insight to others, then youre suitable for doing business with Mannatech! Ultimately, for me as a business partner its only important to know that the company is always trying to optimize the products again and again in line with the latest scientific knowledge so that the consumer can have the best possible result. Thats whats very important to me personally. I dont really need to know how all the production processes work. The product has to work so that our customers get the best results and also want to buy the products again and again. Together with their sponsor, Marie-Luise Gruber, the three of them will continue to push Mannatech to the fore in Germany and in the course in addition to great success theyll also experience lots of fun and joy. Thats something that the three inseparable crosslines are in agreement about as in almost everything else, too.

But what is understood by the term a product that works? The products are described by Mannatech using the term real food technology. This means nothing other than that with all Mannatech products its a question of genuine nutrients for the cells, not just foodlike substances. The products are made from purely natural ingredients and are free of artificial ingredients or toxins. The highest quality and the bioavailability of the ingredients are the demands that the company places on itself. In addition to the 42 registered patents, this ensures the unique selling point that will also be so important for the networking company in future. This is also something that the three friends, Andrea, Claudia and Doris, are aware of. Here at Mannatech everything is just right: the people, the company and the products.



Ruth Hoefer and her Team 77 at DubLi

Rules Business

Being successful does not have to be complicated - Ruth Hoefer is the living proof of that. The Rhineland native is a networker with heart and soul and has called the MLM industry her home for 27 years now. Today, she is working as a sales director for DubLi and is on track to become Vice President. Everything began in 1984 with Amway and Avon. Since then, much has happened in the life of Ruth Hoefer, and her experiences in the industry are invaluable today. After studying business administration, Ruth launched her own corporate consulting company and soon realized the meaning of being self-employed: In my company, I always worked myself and without a break. I exchanged money for time. Ruth wanted to escape the cycle and stumbled over a book that ignited an initial spark. The dreaming dolphin opened her eyes, she recognized herself within the book and knew where the journey was supposed to go. Being willing to leave my comfort zone, the many obstacles and encounters of the third kind, the dangers lurking behind every corner in order to finally, after having been through everything, ride a gigantic wave. A dream? Maybe in the beginning but by now a dream come true.

Ruth Hoefer was introduced to MLM the very classic way through personal product consumption; afterwards she discovered the gigantic potential of this global industry and began to exploit it. Right from the start, Ruth was fascinated by the people in the industry, the dynamics and the infinity. Her positive attitude, thirst for knowledge and her passion for people paved the way for a ground-breaking career. Of course, she was not able to do everything herself, personal dedication and hard work were also the basic foundation of her success: Product and business presentations every week, weekend seminars in all cities across Germany, daily recruiting, personal talks, weekly team meetings, monthly meetings, events, product introductions, leader trainings, trade shows, country openings, entrepreneurial panels I took part in all of it. And she also counts the odd negative experience among paying her dues, even though Ruth considers her path to MLM to be positive overall. The trick is to turn negative things into positive experiences. Today I know for sure: Negative experiences are a part of life and only make us stronger. A bad year in the books with losses on one hand but personal gains in my life on the other hand.




Today I know for sure: Negative experiences are a part of life and only make us stronger. A bad year in the books with losses on one hand but personal gains in my life on the other hand.
Now, Ruth Hoefer has arrived at DubLi. What intrigued her right away with DubLi: Competence coupled with an online support system that is unparalleled to everything else out there. As it turned out today, the system was going to be even much better than ever before. The most spectacular internet project of all times was waiting to be launched by me. Online-Business par excellence. Working from any place in the world reach the entire world with one click. The reason why the company is such a great fit for her is that it doesnt make success complicated but simplifies it. The key is the genius online business that works future oriented, fast and on a global scale simply not just another classic network but more so a modern franchise. Simplicity rules our business since it is online, international, time and cost saving compared to all common ways of founding a business. We do not have any product purchases or sales ourselves and thus, no storage risk with out-dated merchandise. You see: advantages over advantages.

as, the DubLi-Days which enable a first-hand experience of the company. Of course, it is important to work goaloriented, to let oneself be guided by a personal common thread in order to let success take place. Group goals are being defined and consequently realized a much more efficient method than an untargeted approach. Weekly online conferences make it possible to stay in touch with each other, ask questions and receive direct support. Success does not have to be complicated - Ruth Hoefer is the living proof through her own career. But of course, success does not just happen by itself. Therefore, Ruth recommends: Begin today and never stop living your dream. Dont listen to those who just try to talk you out of it. It is also important to work goal-oriented and with a clear plan in mind especially to ensure that there is also family time. One day off per week is a must in order to reserve time for your personal life, friends or other social activities, to recharge. For that, it is also important to work methodically and to recap the day at the end, to plan the next day step by step and to work with to-do lists that way you dont lose perspective. Condition yourself and stay on track. Nobody other than yourself is responsible for what you make out of your valuable business launch. That this approach pays off is a given considering Ruth Hoefers path. She was able to realize her dreams through perseverance and a passion for what she does and yet has not stopped dreaming and setting new personal goals. The big objective to become Senior Vice President for DubLi in 2013 is tangible. The future is a blank sheet of paper. It is up to you what will be written on it the saying that has always motivated Ruth Hoefer to keep the ball rolling and to move forward with curiosity and fun. Contact information:

With her Team 77, Ruth is going full speed to the top. Thereby, future-oriented networks, which guarantee both trust as well as having fun at work, are very important. Most important is the collaboration through teleconferencing, webinars and conferences over the internet, as well Webseite

Ruth Hoefer eMail :


Offer your busin Gulf and is perf

We will organiz opportunities th



Business Meetings in surroundings

ness partners that special setting. Dubai is THE metropolis of the Arabian fectly suited for extravagant meets & greets.

Dine in the 7 star restaurant of the Burj Al Arab A VIP sightseeing tour in a Hummer limousine A visit to the Dubai shopping mall (the biggest shopping centre in the world) with a delicious meal afterwards in front of the Burj Khalifa Whisk your guests off on a trip to the desert including a desert style BBQ Enjoy a helicopter ride over Dubais skyscrapers Party in the 360 Degrees one of the hottest clubs in Dubai (centrally located in the Arabian Gulf, with a view over Dubais stunning skyline) Experience the Arabian sunset onboard a luxury yacht and admire Dubais breathtaking coastline

ze the perfect event for you and your guests. Discover the diverse hat are on offer in the land of 1001 nights and get in touch: E-Mail: Tel. UAE: +971.(4).801-9264 Tel. Germany: +49.(0)176.810.76883



Rita Kloepper and Edmund Berr at BEMER

class, not

Have you heard about BEMER International AG? The firm from the little Principality of Liechtenstein has been active in the market since 1999 and it is considered to be the innovative technological leader in the physical treatment technology sector today. With its scientifically researched and highly developed technology to spur microcirculation which has been verified by medical studies, the firm has a product with a unique selling proposition. BEMER therapy devices offer a physical regulation therapy at the cutting edge of research. BEMERs scientists have successfully managed to have a positive impact on the vital to life microcirculation (blood circulation of the smallest vessels). It is precisely in this area, which comprises 74% of our circulation, where processes vital for life take place:

cells and organs receive nutrients and oxygen, the toxic end products of metabolism are eliminated. Thanks to enhanced circulation, the effect of drugs can be improved as well and subsequently, the dose can be reduced, too. The better the circulation, the better cells are supplied with nutrients and all the better substances have a positive effect physically due to the nourishment of substances digested. To this end, BEMER has crafted various programs, also including one for the treatment during the resting period. The BEMER devices moreover offer a sleep program that is one-of-a-kind worldwide which supports the body overnight for key regeneration and healing processes.


A one-man enterprise has transformed into a direct specialized distribution firm over the past ten years that can now bank on more than 4,500 distribution partners. BEMERs successful partners also include Rita Klpper and her partner, Edmund Berr. The two Regensburgers have dedicated themselves to the 50 plus generation for several years now. Rita actually comes from the hotel and gastronomy industry. After completing her training in hotel management, she started a long-standing distribution activity for gastronomy suppliers. In 2005, she fulfilled a dream and moved to Southern France, where she lived until 2009, renting out vacation apartments. However, love led her back to Germany. Together with her life partner, Edmund Berr, she founded BDS management consultancy in 2008. The firms core focus is on marketing and distribution as well as on consulting for start-ups and concepts for the target group of persons over 50. In this context, she came across the company BEMER more by chance thanks to a customers order. Rita Klpper described the process like this: Due to a contract in the fall of 2010, we concentrated on the target group of 50 plus for the first time. It mainly had to do with the issue of health and to design concepts for start-up enterprises in this seg-

ment and all of this in collaboration with physicians, alternative practitioners and therapists. The prerequisite for the products was scientifically tried and proven effectiveness. For this purpose, we focused extensively on products from the healthcare sector and we also considered the network marketing issue for start-ups. Unfortunately, the products we have marketed to date were not suitable for this concept or MLM was not acceptable as a start-up. In early December 2010, we discovered the solution by chance: a good friend sent us videos with information on the product that was just right for our concepts. It referred to the physical regulation system of BEMER International AG in Liechtenstein. The products convinced me and the opportunity to earn supplementary income here independently attracted me, too. Thats how we came to BEMER. Initially, the two entrepreneurs naturally did not know very much about the innovative, driving force technology behind BEMER. However, the company, among others, is characterized in that it also enables its distribution partners to receive well-founded training to become a medical product consultant. The companys trade margins are exceptionally attractive as well so that a full-time entry is possible, too. The partners specialized support due to collaboration with physicians and professional speeches held Germany-wide moreover facilitate the business. You retain the qualifications achieved even if you are sometimes not as active. That is also not a matter of course. Rita and Edmund are obviously happy at BEMER and they can make use of and leverage their strengths and experi05/2011 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE


ences. For Rita, it has always been important to collaborate personally with her business partners, which is also absolutely essential at a firm like BEMER, particularly because the products require explanations. Not everyone has an expert background in the microcirculation and physical regulation therapy sector. But no need to worry because as already mentioned the business partners are exceptionally well trained in distribution activities and they are supported by the two management consultants. BEMER also backs this concept of well-founded training itself and explains this in a press release as follows: The BEMER therapy is a physical regulation therapy, i.e., a medical technology product which requires instructions. Thats why we place tremendous importance on the training of our business partners. BEMERs one-week academy trains all newcomers for their future business in an ideal way. You can also complete a training program to become a medical product consultant with BEMER in order to work with medical experts. Expert speaker training is offered, too. In addition, the business partners have the opportunity to participate in regional team meetings each week. BEMER International AG supports business partners in building up their own team, also by holding monthly winners days. You can send out invitations, attend and enthuse

your guests at this event. The business partners are therefore not left alone to fend for themselves and they are continually motivated and supported. Rita Klpper and Edmund Berr also consider it to be important that BEMER banks on quality for both products as well as for the partners training. Thats because quality over quantity is what counts for Rita. She was never a friend of continuously sponsoring musts or of subscription sales. None of that exists at BEMER. In order to earn well at BEMER, just one single customer or one business partner is often enough. For Rita and Edmund, it has to do with serious and responsible work as well as providing first-class consulting services to customers. They also pass this on to their team because Rita knows that this work method is the only way to ensure sustainable success. Together with their small yet dynamic team, Rita and Edmund demonstrate every day that their decision for BEMER was the right one. Success supersedes all arguments. Contact via: BDS Rita Kloepper & Edmund Berr GbR 93053 Regensburg Phone: +49 (0)941 - 784 22 89 Mail: URL:




Are you a Global Player in Network Marketing and looking for a fresh Challenge?
We consult companies and marketing organizations in the field of direct sales and network marketing across the entire globe. No matter if you are a company who has just discovered direct sales, would like to set up your own company or even optimize your existing distribution system: We offer tailor-made solutions for every situation. The OBTAINER MEDIA GROUP is backed by a global network. This gives our customers access to market and industry knowledge from around the world. Thus ensuring our global customers are extremely well informed about the latest trends. The OBTAINER WORLDWIDE is a global magazine that not only reports about the trends of the industry, but sets these very trends. We look forward to hearing from you. Youre future begins here and now!




From skeptic to passionate networker

Christian Weiss and his career in network marketing

The decision to leave beaten paths and to conquer new horizons always provides a good story but this risk isnt always rewarded. The story of Christian Weiss is different. A resident of Regensburg by choice, he started on his career traditionally and on a rock solid basis. As a business administration graduate Weiss worked his way quickly to the top and spent the greater part of his career so far as an executive in the distribution department of a well-known grocery discount chain. As the man in charge of more than 650 members of staff who generated an annual turnover of more than 300 million you might be of the opinion that things couldnt be better. But Christian Weiss quickly recognized the downside of success: At this time 80+ hours a week were absolutely normal. Because of this my wife and I decided at some stage or other that things couldnt go on like this. So in August 2008 Weiss fulfilled his long-cherished dream of profession-

al independence. He established himself as a management and personnel consultant for chains such as bakeries and medium-sized commercial enterprises. Business went very well, but in taking the step into self-employment Id overlooked one essential point. By this Christian Weiss means the physical fact that, although he was his own boss, he could, of course, only achieve a profit when he actually worked. So illness or vacations simply werent permitted or were at least connected with loss of income. As a freelance Weiss regretted the systems lack of leverage to also make it possible to generate income even if for various reasons you couldnt work yourself. At this point, in 2009, Weiss came into contact with network marketing for the first time. Here his first impression was anything but positive. For me at first glance it was just a dubious snowball system and not a real business model. But



this impression was deceptive. The trigger was concepts such as passive income and leverage, which awakened the interest of the businessman. Weiss started to do research in order to validate his prejudices and was persuaded otherwise. In fact he very quickly recognized that with MLM were dealing with what is probably the fairest business model altogether because in no other sector is personal commitment better rewarded than here. Entry into network marketing demanded an individual approach from him because the classic instruments such as, for example, the name list didnt work for Weiss and cold calling didnt offer the efficiency expected. For him the key was combining classic MLM with online & social media marketing. And its precisely in this combination that Weiss sees the future of MLM. Of course, the company, the products the marketing plan and the support are important, but in the final analysis the tools and systems

are decisive for your own success. Today in the form of the d3business academy Weiss offers this knowledge not only to his team partners but to all networkers. Together with them through personal coaching and with digital information products he places their business in network marketing on a solid footing and helps them to develop it more successfully. Particularly important for Christian Weiss is personal contact with his distribution partners so that the first contact can develop into a fruitful and long-term business relationship, a relationship that all participants can benefit from. The support tools concentrate primarily on the new media and range from a training website via a support network to webinars and individual coaching. For Weiss the advantage here lies unequivocally in the lower costs with significantly higher effectiveness class hotel


As a freelancer Weiss regretted the systems lack of leverage to also make it possible to generate income even if for various reasons you couldnt work yourself.



meetings alone cant offer this. However, it isnt just in the virtual world, but also in reality that Weiss is available at all times to deal with questions in a supportive manner. Since 2010 Weiss has also been working as a distribution partner for a renowned direct distribution company. What convinced him wasnt just personal acquaintance with the company founder and proprietor but more the authentic company philosophy and, of course, the products, which rise above the crowd and lead to a direct wow experience and possess a must-have character. The outstanding remuneration plan rounds out the package and completely convinced Weiss to launch his new career in network marketing. And success has proved him right. Within a few months his team has already grown into a Europe-wide one. The passionate networker and online & social media marketer doesnt regret for one moment that hes left the beaten track of conventional business models. With online network marketing Christian Weiss has found his vocation and hes certain that MLM is the distribution form of the future and will spread significantly more strongly in the coming years. The reason for this is the transformation of the economy in recent years, which has prompted many people to go in

search of alternative sources of income. For Weiss network marketing has proved to be the best opportunity to lead a self-determined life in freedom and to realize his own dreams. Today he helps everybody who would like to take this road together with him to develop themselves further, to learn and to grow. In addition he supports networkers to recognize their own potential and to develop it in order to place their own dreams on a solid base. More information on why its worthwhile to tread new paths with network marketing and and how you can also combine classic MLM with the most modern online & social media marketing can be found on his blog. At Weiss is offering all readers a free e-book. Download this today and learn how you can also successfully use the most modern marketing tools for your business! Contact: Christian Weiss +49 (0)176 10 71 00 70 E-Mail: Blog: Website:




Family or Career? Anja Zorn, Gold-Organizational Leader at LR Health and Beauty Systems GmbH, manages both.
These days, it is often a principle decision when considering one of two paths: Family or career? Especially for women it is difficult to reconcile the two and, not uncommonly, it means sacrificing one for the other. Anja Zorn can do both be a mother and have a storybook career; made possible through her distribution partnership with LR. The mother of two began her career as a social insurance clerk and soon realized her limits: I had no opportunities for advancement in my regular job. Thus, Anja already started in 1994 to look for part-time job alternatives, and in this context also got a first taste of network marketing. She attended training sessions of various companies; however, her gut feeling never truly gave the green light for one of these direct marketing companies. Soon after, a connection with LR was established through a cold call. Anja Zorn was immediately convinced by the product with which she could identify herself with instantaneously, and in her opinion, the marketing plan was simply gigantic because, in addition to the exceptional income opportunities, it offered her the parttime independence she was looking for. Anja Zorn never doubted that LR was the best choice: I have never made a change and have never thought about it in the past 15 years. I live LR 1,000 % - and that will never change even if I was offered millions. For her, the overall picture of LR is completely coherent up to the executive management who is always there for the partners and actively supports them on their path. Thus, it is hardly a miracle that Anja can look back on almost exclusively positive experiences in network marketing: Alone for the people I have met through this business, the friendships I have made, the team that has formed through the collaboration, to meet people who all Anja herself offers her team monthly meetings at hotels or conference centres so that the direct exchange among each

work together to accomplish their goals this is all fascinating and motivating to me. For Anja, network marketing is simply a win-win situation for all involved. According to Anja, it is also crucial to operate the business with heart and soul in order to infatuate others with personal excitement. She built her team with lots of heart and personal dedication her most important tool for success if nothing else. For newcomers, she has handy advice available that can make the start remarkably easier. She advises to start in ones personal environment and to stay close to the respective facilitator or the successful upline through sponsoring evenings and meetings. Because it is important to listen to the people who are successful and not to get influenced by those who did not accomplish anything. She has a suitable comparison. If you want to become a professional soccer player you would want to learn from a successful coach and not from a bakery around the corner. On the way to the top the most important factor in MLM was perseverance as well as excitement. On that note, Anja says: Those who do not burn cannot ignite a fire in others. Perseverance is required, because in networking you always realize what you are doing one to two months delayed; the stability of the structures simply takes a certain amount of time. As a leader, one first and foremost needs loyalty, directness and the ability to kindly demonstrate a firm will. My people know they can always count on me, use me but not abuse me. All that can be learned in workshops and through the connection to the successful Upline.


other can take place and new partners or those interested may have easier access. To establish personal contacts, which, according to Anja, are most important for sustainable success, she makes appointments with her first lines and also those interested preferably in her own living room, because there is a comfortable atmosphere that creates the necessary trust. Of course, trainings and seminars are also important in order to be successful in the long term. With her own educational centre directly next to her home, Anja Zorn was able to make a little dream come true that additionally strengthens the connections within her team. Besides seminars and meetings, Anja naturally also uses new forms of media to connect to her partners and those interested. For that, LR provides a fantastic online presentation that enables her to address those who live further away. However, online is never sufficient, Anja Zorn knows very well. You are only successful in network marketing if you have a connection to the team. After all, network marketing feeds off of emotions and the direct contact to each other. Many things can be easier explained this way than only with pictures and in writing even though MLM is very easy to understand: Each person already makes our business because everyday he or she recommends our products or services to others but does not get anything in return. MLM works through word-of-mouth, and respectively the recommendation of a business idea or our products. However, we receive money for that on a regular basis. Anja Zorn has a positive outlook on the future. She is sure MLM is going to tremendously develop within the next few years and become an established part of the economy because nothing else provides such risk-free opportunities.

She herself would like to help other people to change their lives for the better. Her big goal is to have helped 500 people make at least 2,000 Euro per month with LR. Her wishes however are not only limited to business but are significantly bigger. Id wish everybody had this much sense of responsibility so that we all could live together in harmony without wars, nuclear weapons or other craziness. Above all though stands the well-being of her family especially her children. Through her job as a distribution partner for LR she would like to secure their future. For herself and her husband she wishes that they will be able to enjoy life not only when they are 70 years old but at least 25 years earlier. Until then, Anja Zorn enjoys to merge both family and career. MLM is the best thing that can happen to a woman! We can make our own hours and organize ourselves and still have a career. Here, nobody compares who you are, what you can do but plain and simple what you want. I myself lead a family business; all my family members are partners, provide me with leads and support me, Anja Zorn sums up. And last but not least her success tip for all OBTAINER readers: Always hold your own opinion - and do not let anybody or anything get in your way. The things you did wrong you do not regret as much as the things you have not even tried! Contact: Zorn & Partner Anja Zorn Neureuter Hauptstr. 142 76149 Karlsruhe Phone: 0721-6276780 Email:








Why so many social media channels make sense!

Many people have only been taking notice of social media since Mark Zuckerberg made it into their awareness as well. But social media already existed long before Facebook. In Europe, there are over 400 platforms, 40 of them should be taken seriously depending on the industry and the target group to mention the bad word right at the start. But more about that later. There is much more out there than XING, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tupalo, Quora, Foursquare, Gowalla, LinkedIn, Yasni, Google, Yahoo, Blogs etc. Which ones should I join and if so, where? True to the old saying: be where the customer is, different channels at the same time make indeed sense. My customers in the different target groups and communities are present in different channels. There are lots of people who tweet excessively but think Facebook is evil and are only available on Twitter because they spend time THERE on a daily basis. XING remains the platform for business. Despite all rumours, XING still has a strong presence in this segment and everyone who wants to do business should be present with a premium account that is subject to a charge. The investment pays off: presumed one takes care of the contacts but that is true for all platforms. The word networking contains the word work. International contacts in business I am achieving and maintaining pretty well via LinkedIn. I am increasing my online reputation via Yasni and there, I am meeting different contacts than through other channels. It is the nature of things that a presence, no matter where, takes time and several presences take more time! Everyone can decide for themselves what may seem productive to them, where to find people, men and women, existing or new contacts, to reach out to or maintain. It is great to chat with someone in Hong Kong (once you spend time in different time zones through your computer). There are people who say: Before I would chat with XX (insert a platform of your choice) or post something Id rather meet this person for a coffee. Yes, absolutely, thats exactly where so many people fail: combining the virtual world with reality! On the other hand, Vienna-Paris is simply too far just for a quick coffee although it is in the same time zone which already makes things a lot easier. However, with social media I can share in someones life very easily and whenever I want.

Fed up with the channels?


A little bit on the subject of target groups: We live in a time of upheaval and change in the way people communicate. That Facebook is only a hype comes from the same people who said that Google would be gone within two years. Today, the recipient decides if he is part of the target group not the other way around. The people who drive an Aston Martin and have a penthouse in both Madrid and London still fly from A to B for 29 Euros; targeted marketing doesnt help here either. Who already had a cell phone in 1996? A few people for sure. Who thought in 1996 that, at one point, a 10-year-old would come home crying because it doesnt have a cell phone yet? Not me.

other anyway, except on XING: so please consider that each individual platform has its own set of rules, learn about them and follow them) and customize them in a way that makes sense to you. Dont be hesitant to change things. For example, it may take a while to find a profile picture one can live with. For the purpose of recognition, every platform should have an identical picture, not a similar one. For example, there are two brands that have a bat in their logo. One you can drink (choose the attitude toward alcohol of your country) and the other you can visit at the movie theatre. Similar logo two different brands! When Nick Carter needs 500 girls in front of his hotel in Co-

As always, the world is changing and the goal should be to be a part of the solution not the cause of the problem. Once in a while, one should think about the fact that people under 20 do not know a life without internet, and that also answers question what is hype and what will last, even if it goes through changes and adjustments. Therefore: Choose your channels carefully (we are all social and on a first-name basis with each

logne for a video shoot these days, then hell send ONE tweet one day in advance. Cost-neutral, viral, prompt and customized to the audience. If only everything was that simple. Autor: Richard Bl, Kontakt: Web:

Nick Carter



General Manager for Germany and France, MonaVie

Claudia Harteneck-Kohl:

With MonaVie its possible to shift things



OBTAINER: Before you changed to MonaVie on October 1st, 2010, you were working for Herbalife; most recently as Country Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now you have more than six months a MonaVies General Manager for Germany and France behind you. Is it possible to compare the tasks in the two companies or where are the differences? Claudia Harteneck-Kohl: The tasks are comparable only to a certain extent. Of course, its a matter of managing a company and the operational tasks that involves. But in a start-up company such as MonaVie the tasks are somewhat different. Creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and extreme flexibility are particularly called for in a start-up company.

On March 5th, 2011, MonaVie celebrated the Grand Opening Germany in the Frankfurt Congress Center with more than 2,200 distribution partners. What has happened in Europe since then? Has the expected development happened? Has it been possible to carry the spirit of this day to Europe? The opening ceremony and the launch of EMV are events that have moved Europe and continue to do so. After all the Grand Opening was the first European event. Distribution partners from all the European countries were able to make contact with one another and these new friendships are still being fostered today. And, of course, were working flat out on opening up additional European countries as was announced at the Grand Opening. At the Grand Opening the new energy drink EMV was

So what does a working day for a General Manager for Germany and France actually look like? Do you travel much? In these technological times traveling remains within reasonable limits. Webcasts, Blackberry, iPad etc. make this possible. And, nevertheless, the working day continues to consist of one really important component: personal relationships with the distribution partners the be-all and endall in direct distribution. When you started with Monavie, you must have set yourself some goals and the company must have had certain expectations. Have you achieved the goals you wanted to achieve within six months?

launched. In Europe the energy drink market is a huge growth market. How well has EMV positioned itself so far? It the energy drink being well received? Our core business is and will remain the aai fruit juice. However, the sales o EMV are surpassing our expectations and its positioning itself as an ideal door-opener for our distribution partners. As MonaVies General Manager for Germany and France you know both countries very well. What is the difference between Germany and France, on the one hand, with regard to network marketing and, on the other, specifically with regard to MonaVie? I want to just answer that with the clich about savoir-vivre.

Believe it or not, my personal goals arent expressed in figures. For me it was and still remains important to have personal and direct contact with our leaders and with as many distribution partners as possible. Only through this personal component can I get to know the the needs of our distribution partners and thus the needs of the market. Here Ive already achieved quite a bit, but again and again you meet new distribution partners, and so this is a continuing process.

The French lifestyle is generally more easy-going. Thats also reflected among our MonaVie distribution partners. Somehow or other their nonchalance helps them to achieve success in a natural manner. France is a country that is surpassing our expectations. What do you say to somebody who maintains that MonaVie is only another juice network just like all



the others? What distinguishes MonaVie from its competitors? A juice store with the ideal juice. As far as the product itself is concerned, I can only say: a delicious mixture of valuable fruits. The emphasis here lies on delicious. How many can say that about their product? But its not just through the product itself that MonaVie distinguishes itself; it also does so through its inner attitude. Thats difficult to describe. Starting with the Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dallin A. Larsen, and reaching as far as every single colleague Ive met so far, this company has something special. What can Europe expect from MonaVie in the next few years? Out goal is a wide presence in Europe in order to establish a global brand and in this way to be able to offer our distribution partners worldwide an international business. Which headline would you like to see in all the daily newspapers about MonaVie?

If I opened the daily newspapers and read the news that in Brazil with the MORE Project MonaVie had again helped thousands of children and their families who are in need to change their lives. To change them in such a way that they no longer had to worry about food, accommodation, clothing and a good education. You cant have the slightest idea what an incredibly heartwarming feeling this evokes in me and how proud it makes me to work for this company. Because its precisely this that distinguishes MonaVie with its charitable initiative, the MORE Project all of us together would like to give back to the world what weve already received from the world and as Dallin A. Larson puts it so nicely: We dont want to be the best company in the world, but the best company for the world, and I think that its precisely from this that you can recognize how, working together with this commitment and support, all of us at MonaVie can achieve everything that at first might appear impossible. With MonaVie its possible to shift things. Thank you very much for the interview.




In March 2011, MonaVie celebrated the Grand Opening of the German market and ofcially opened the new Ofce in Neu-Isenburg with a ceremony performed by Dallin A. Larsen, MonaVie Founder, Chairman and CEO. Claudia Harteneck-Kohl serves as the General Manager for Germany & France and gives a positive summary about the rst, not quite 100 days. MonaVie was founded in 2005 and is one of the fastest growing, international companies in the world, that offers premium quality nutritional products in the direct selling industry. good to go, explains Claudia Harteneck-Kohl. MonaVie is a ve star opportunity, that is: THE RIGHT PRODUCT easy, delicious and healthy. THE RIGHT TIMING one of the largest companies in the direct selling industry, repeatedly recognized and registered in 19 countries worldwide. THE RIGHT LEADERSHIP an innovative and dynamic team with over 100 years of combined leadership experience. THE RIGHT COMPENSATION PLAN an exceptionally rewarding Compensation Plan with 10 different ways to earn income. Reliable, weekly compensation checks. THE RIGHT CAUSE The MORE Project. Our way of giving back to a world that has given so much to all of us.


The direct selling industry has great potential and especially in economically difcult times there is a number of people who could benet from the chance to build up a successful business with MonaVie. MonaVie is dedicated to offering this opportunity to everyone who wants to get involved. In Europe, MonaVie is just at the beginning. For the upcoming years, MonaVie plans continued growth and a higher level of awareness. Also, MonaVie strives to be widely known as a company with rewarding opportunities and to expand throughout Europe, currently focusing on Austria, Portugal and Hungary. MonaVie is constantly working on how to enhance the existing product portfolio. With the latest product launch from April 2011, the innovative Energy Drink EMV, MonaVie has introduced a revitalizing blend of potent aai berry and other antioxidant fruits, 80% juice, B vitamins as well as Palatinose (Isomaltulose) and is another exclusive addition to the existing premium quality product family of MonaVie and MonaVie Active in Europe.


This year, the MonaVie International Convention will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 9th through 11th , 2011. The biggest MonaVie event of the year will once again bring together thousands of independent MonaVie distributors from all over the world.

ABOUT CLAUDIA HARTENECK-KOHL Claudia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After her education with Siemens, Argentina to become an Industrial Business Management Assistant, she completed studies at Ecle Htelire de Lausanne in Switzerland and achieved her Bachelor of Science International Hospitality Management. Before Claudia came to Herbalife in October 1998, she worked in different management positions for renowned Hotels and Hotel Chains.


MonaVie offers independent distributors rewarding business opportunities. The Compensation Plan is considered one of the best in the entire industry. Our distributors do not have to invest hundreds of Euro in product purchases to get started. Just enroll and you are







OBTAINER: Lets look first of all into the past. They simply wanted, in 1993, to earn some D-Marks but instead got their start at PM-International. Was this your first contact with network marketing and how did you get your start in the industry? Carsten Ledul: Rolf Sorg was already, even before joining PM-International, a good old time friend of mine. I got to know him at Liguma at which Rolf worked. I was, as you know, looking for an additional income, since I was already 18 years old, had left home, and my training pay at BASF was only 650 DM monthly which was not sufficient to live on since my rent, alone, already cost DM 480.00 Thus, I had no money and did not even want to start, but Rolf offered me, in advance, the cost of joining. In the first month at Liguma I already earned DM 650, additionally, which was as much as my training pay. Rolf told me then that he wanted, at PM-International, to create a new product leader and shortly thereafter Dr. Schmitt joined the company and developed the FitLine products group about which I was very impressed. I decided, in 1994, to fully join,- and if I decide to do something then I give it all. The word profession comes from being professional, and with that I saw a personal opportunity. The products helped me so much that I could recommend them and the business with a clear conscience. I had, since I was eight years old, big problems with allergies, had to take cortisone which unfortunately put an end to my sports career. But thanks to the FitLine products I could get the allergies under control so that after three years of use I no longer needed allergy medication. And, therefore, I participated since 1994 with complete enthusiasm, and if work is fun then one is committed every day with the same intensity, and this is the way it also happened.

Like you, PM-International has also grown steadily. The company is stable, growing steadily, is innovative, globally focused and expanding. Why is PMInternational as successful as it is today? Could this have been foreseen earlier? Have you noticed that it is becoming a successful global player? PM-International has a driving force which is called Rolf Sorg. Rolf understands how to direct and motivate people. Despite the great success he does not relax and sit back but continues moving forward. He has managed to gather a team around him including Dr. Schmitt the father of all FitLine products. He always managed to attract motivated and competent people and be a winner for himself, his company and his ideas. I always see PM as a puzzle: All parts together form the image and then form a solid foundation for success. PM-International is not known for spectacular growth, even people who know MLM from experiences with various different American companies, say that PM maybe even boring and un-sexy. But this is exactly what insures long-term success and the typical German growth, which PM has shown. Unspectacular, but sustainable. The philosophy is not to build a company in three or four years and then take on the next project, but its more that one should consider the company as his own son that one rears until he grows into an independent, successful, and value-oriented person. This attitude, which was there from the beginning, is responsible for our development. Our team and Rolf always hold the reins and provide leadership. This is the secret of long-term success - the continuous development of the entire company and its partners. And ultimately, I am convinced that PM is


a reliable business partner and that we can pass the business on to our children so that they can, in the future, continue to build an even more successful business. The potential is still so huge. PM has what it takes to be a true global player, a reputation which it truly deserves. But now, lets get to the present. How do you assess the current market situation specific to our industry? First, for Germany, then for Europe and also globally, and additionally, the situation specific to PM-? I represent the attitude Work locally think globally. That is, one should build his business so that we can act quickly. I have, of course, also partners in Asia, of which I am very proud, but my capabilities due to distance and flight times are very limited and so I often rely on the Internet. This, of course, does not replace important personal contacts with partners. I have started my business in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) because I have, of course, mastered the language and can by car be relatively quickly at the required location. One should always know the mentality of the people which is, of course, (for me) true for Europe. In addition, please note that PM-International - although it is a German company - has obtained only about 5% of total market potential. Also with us so much more is possible which our distributors prove every day anew. There are, for PM-International, still white spots on the map for Germany that indicate which areas have never heard of FitLine.

In addition, the purchasing power in Germany is very good - our fellow citizens can usually afford our products if they wish. That means for every new partner: build your business in Germany first to the point that you and your family can live from it. Then you can think about further European and global expansion. I see PM as a global player, with the Asian market at the moment producing the greatest growth potential, taking advantage of the fact that the Asians are thrilled by Made in Germany products and are very quick in team building. More difficult is the market in the U.S., there the mentality of Network Marketing has changed significantly; emphasis is more on binary plans and rapid growth. Personal meetings are being replaced by webinars, which makes everything more difficult. But in the intermediate term PM is will also be successful in the U.S. In which countries do you operate yourself? Do you continue to build your own business while opening new foreign country affiliates? I work mainly in German speaking countries, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Im growing a strong line in Luxembourg and more and more in Italy thanks to a German executive who works there. Of course, as mentioned, the East Asian market is growing very strongly. I am concentrating on Western Europe, especially in France and Spain. I dont work in the market until the logistics of the company are in place, until the first consultants are active or events are underway.



So I am not an advocate of the principle of the importance of the first hour and, therefore, do not need to be there first. Many executives I know were just not first to participate. This point is so overrated. So I am building the business ever Step-by-step as not make haste because a successful business has to give new partners also a good base and the products have to be available, the logistics in place, brochures have to be there and everything has to be functioning in unison. Only then can one establish a solid business. Stability is important and, therefore, the Western European market is, initially, sufficient. Im not a globetrotter, and have decided to stay in Germany; to pay my taxes here and to stay deeply rooted here together with my family. For the network marketing industry company volatility is not beneficial. Barely on the market and gone after a short time. How would you rate the short life of many network marketing companies? It is indeed not a positive when companies continually disappear and leave their partner high and dry. I wish that when people decide to work for a business that they do so with all their heart and also consider the background of the business. When I was training at BASF and I had the opportunity to get a stable income of DM 2,000.00 after completion, - I first looked to see if the company is a stable employer, what I can earn in the future, what I can contribute, is my job secure, and what about social security benefits, etc.

That just belongs to the occupational decision making process. But, unfortunately, many people in this country are inspired by pie in the sky actions and events. It may well be that the money can be found on the street, but you do have to bend down to pick it up. That means: I certainly will not get rich by doing nothing! Anyone who says this is a liar; I say this right out and with a great deal of confidence. Sadly, one recognizes dubious company easily by the fact that they promise fast money. This applies to all interested net-workers. You need to look carefully at the partner company and compare it to similar possibilities that are available to you. Financial issues, marketing plan problems or pricing error problems of short-lived companies can often have a negative impact; for example, if a US Company turns out to be practically bankrupt delays of up to one year can occur before resolutions can be obtained in Germany. Unfortunately, I had to watch this over and over again. Tell our readers why now an optimal time to start a PM-business is. What can a Net-worker expect from you and PM-International? The optimal time to start is now because PM has grown into an established company that is about to become a global player. All initial difficulties have been taken care of and our producers now have the capabilities to function in a global setting. I have looked at other global players and also once remarked that they all achieved the leap into the international market after they were in the market for 12 to 16 years. From there it went up rapidly, and companies have reached the one billion plus mark. We Germans are sometimes a bit





slower: PM is now for 17 years old, but the time for global expansion is definitely here. We are still in an upward trend; our revenues are currently at 160 to 170 million, and the stated goal of Rolf Sorg and PM are to surpass the one billion mark. If we look at the other global players such as Herbalife, Amway or FLP, we find that these, as they have crossed the billion mark, had the necessary capacity for the appropriate growth and corresponding stability. These things are also in place at PM, but we still have a long way to go if we want to cross the 1 billion mark. From me, you can expect one thing: I have been living the business for 17 years and enjoying it. Im still working hands on in the business and work daily with my partners. I strongly believe that my team will be able to achieve the billion level. Everyone in my team is now in the second growth phase and can participate actively at PM. Please allow us to take a look into the future. Where will PM-International be in five years? Desirable it is, of course, to crack the billion mark. It is, however, important if the limit is reached in five or in ten years. The fact is, I firmly believe it will be reached. A marathon is won only at the end and not in the first 400 meters. However, when I look at the rate of development of my team, I can say that if it continues to develop along similar lines, then PM will be one of the largest businesses, if not even the largest in all of Europe. Your career with PM-International is unstoppable. In September 2002, you reached the highest level of the marketing plan and reached as the first PM-International distribution partner the Champions League. As if that were not enough, since March 2010, you are the leading distributor in the Silver Level Champions League. Is the end in sight or where would you still like to go? Have you ever thought of stopping to enjoy the sweet life? I did, when I reached the Champions League, I promised my five President team partners that when they reach this same position I would stop and I would like to keep that promise. Of course, in the meantime new people have climbed the ladder, who also have earned the right to be in the Champions-League at PM one day. As I said, as long as it continues to be fun it is the business for me. I also know that Rolf Sorg continues to need us to reach the end goal, that of global player, and I still want to achieve that goal with him and give many people the opportunity which Rolf has given me in 1994. Its not over by a long shot, and while its

not primarily about money, it is about achieving the visions and goals that we all have. Of course we also enjoy the sunny side of life, but being permanently idle would be boring. The sweet life will have to wait a bit. How, in your opinion, will the network marketing business look in the future? A difficult question! Of course, the Internet is becoming increasingly important, and, of course, we also work with the new technology. The problem is that personal contact becomes less and less important. A product line within my team had at the beginning worked strongly with the new media, but in the meantime they are also using Dinosaur methods such as meeting or visits. I think a sound mix is the best method and one should not focus only on one way. You can even bowl on-line, but people meet to bowl and have fun together. In other words, the focus is on people, as it is a person to person business. Friendships and values are more important than simply making money or focusing on the bottom line. I would hope that in future that one thinks less about quotes and more about individuals. At end I would like say something basic. What is success for you and what is happiness? Success for me does not mean owning a lot of material things. Of course, it can also mean the opposite, that the person has to have achieved something, but you always have to see how the person has achieved whatever the achievement was. Has he or she an inheritance, or perhaps, takes over a successful business from his father? Or has he or she done it alone and enjoys the recognition? Success is equated in my mind with appreciation or social prestige, but success can also be defined by the confidence of the people that surround you. Success is also that I can do things on my own without having other people telling me what to do. And success is being able to throw themselves into every day life, to get up every morning and to start the day by being fit. Happiness for me is to be healthy, to be with family and friends, to have common experiences as well as enjoying trust in one another. The inner satisfaction that one feels at night when you know that you have done your best possible, and you know that youve done something good and meaningful - that is happiness. In short, happiness is very multi-faceted Thank you for the interview.








OBTAINER: Mr. Hickmann, EVORA has premium quality cosmetics, such as those from Dr. Nabet, and in addition, high quality perfumes. EVORA sells only Eau de Parfums. What does that mean? Achim Hickmann: There are various levels of quality among perfumes, which are made of alcohol, perfume oil, and water. The most expensive ingredient is perfume oil: the more oil used in production, the better and more expensive the scent. Mostly Eau de Toilettes are marketed, because they are cheaper to produce. An Eau de Toilette is generally made up of between 4 and 8 percent perfume oil. Eau de Parfum is more valuable, and generally consists of 8 to 15 percent perfume oil. Given that most consumers are not aware of these differences, they often buy what is supposedly the more cost-effective variety. EVORA is about quality, and so we offer only Eau de Parfums, all of which are made up of 15% perfume oil. You yourself have a lot of experience with perfume, thanks to your past with LR. What makes a good perfume and how can a person recognize quality? How can someone find the perfect perfume for them?

tion carries weight, and we offer our clients a consultation to determine what scent is right for them. Quality perfume is what is most important to us. We save on everything else; apart from the commission, that is :- ). We use standardized bottles, individually printed with the name of the scent. Perfumes are purely a matter of taste, and have to suit the particular person wearing them. What does EVORAs product portfolio of scents and perfumes look like? Can everyone find their own scent? Are there trends, as in fashion? Perfumes are divided into families of scent, such as fresh, flowery, fruity, or oriental notes, for example. Naturally, we offer scents from all of these families, and also their sub-groupings. With over 20 different scents for women, and 15 for men, everyone can find their favorite. Real trends are seldom, and when they appear, we incorporate them immediately. Who is responsible for the development of new perfumes and scents at EVORA? How should we imagine the process, from conception to the finished bottled product? How do you know that a new scent is good, and that it will please the customer? In the house of EVORA, Ms. Matousek is responsible for all

Perfumers judge a perfume according to different criteria as a consumer. For them, the development and harmony of scents is very important. Consumers on the other hand want a perfume that pleases them. It should last long on the skin, and should not by any means have an obtrusive smell. The perfect perfume first pleases the person wearing it, and then many, many others. Perfumes from renowned designers or stars can easily cost 50 EUR, and prices above 100 EUR are not out of the ordinary. EVORA on the other hand, is offering women 50 ml bottles of Eau de Parfums for 19.50 EUR, and men 100ml for 25 EUR. How can EVORA afford to offer such a quality product to its clients for so little? Many clients buy a perfume because they like the advertising. So a lot of money is paid out for ads. That can quickly add up to campaigns costing 20 to 50 million, if not more. Without this advertising, perfumes just cannot be sold in traditional stores. Designs and licensing, for celebrities for example, push prices even higher. Over 80% of the sales price is not invested in the actual product, the scent, but in its marketing. In direct marketing, a personal recommenda-

product development. When we recognize specific trends in our market research, we contract the perfumers we work with to develop a flowery scent, for example, which should either smell sporty, seductive, or eccentric. Then, suggestions are developed until we are happy with the results. The variation of the scent we decide upon is ultimately then produced in large quantities and filled into bottles. Simultaneous to production, a fitting name for the perfume is generated. In doing so, we have been using the names of islands for womens scents, and city names for mens. How well the perfume is received among clients becomes clear in the following months. What portion of the total product portfolio does the perfume line make up? Our perfumes are of significant value to us, because of the ease with which they can be sold, particularly in comparison to products that need explaining.


A host of products can be sold over the telephone or Internet. As a consumer, you even take the risk of ordering fashion without trying it on first, just by looking at pictures of the product. That is not the case for scents, because a consumer of perfume generally wants to know how the product smells. The marketing possibilities for business partners over the Internet are equally limited in that respect. Offering an English consumer a perfume while in Germany is surely complicated. Is the fact that it really is a personal face-to-face business an advantage or disadvantage for business partners marketing EVORA perfumes? How can the Internet nonetheless be helpful in selling perfume? You can of course describe a perfume with pretty words on the internet, and clients would respond by ordering, but you would also have to count on a lot of returns in the process, because the scent does not meet a clients expectations. That is why our consultants sell perfumes only in the course of personal meetings, during which clients can smell and try out the perfumes. How should we imagine a sales presentation? Would the business partner have all of the EVORA scents with as samples, and the client can try all of the perfumes out, just like in a shop? That is exactly how it happens, and it works great.

Recently, EVORA Perfumes has released a Star Edition. The Turkish singer CanKan has his own perfume with EVORA. Is CanKan only a marketing instrument, as among other perfume vendors that hire stars for marketing, or is there a larger story behind this decision? How did the agreement between EVORA and CanKan develop and what is the nature of your cooperation? CanKan learned about our business through an EVORA consultant, and he then also started up as a consultant, because he immediately recognized the business possibilities. His favorite products were the Power Pearls and the EvoCell Series. In a short time, he built up an organization made up of hundreds of partners. We chose to recognize his commitment by producing a scent for women and one for men, which he was able to help develop. CanKan was the first member of EVORA perfumes new Star Concept. The singer Aylince also now has her own perfume, and in July a scent by the Turkish musician and star Dogus will begin being marketed. What is the philosophy behind the new marketing concept? Are stars scents helpful to all of EVORAs business partners? What makes our star concept special is that we do not hire celebrities in and sell perfumes in their name. Our stars identify with EVORA and actively sell the perfumes themselves, along with other EVORA products, and as consultants they are also building up their own organizations.

What do the new scents mean for the Turkish market or for the German market, given that many of CanKan, Dogus, and Aylinces countrymen live in Germany? As of yet, we are not active in Turkey, but in the long term that will unavoidably change. At the moment, our Turkish clients in Germany, Austria, and BeNeLux are very happy with the perfumes. Will EVORA at some point offer scents from German stars, or other international stars? What criteria have to be met, or, how are stars chosen? We are open to cooperation with German stars. For us, identifying with EVORA and its products is the prerequisite to any cooperation. Which perfume is your personal favorite? Which one do you wear? Because I find myself at the source, I of course use a number of different perfumes, chosen according to my mood. Riva, Oman and the CanKan perfume Marivkan are my favorites. In the womens line of perfumes, I especially like Masira, and then Madeira and the Aylince perfume. Thank you very much for talking with us.





During an interview with OBTAINER, Fatih Altintas alias CanKan, Orhan Baltaci alias Dogus, Aylin Balci alias Aylince tell how they were involved in creating the EVORA fragrances.

CanKan: At first, I wanted to build a consultant organization and I did that. We only had the idea for a personal fragrance later. Dogus: It was the same for me. The focus is on building the

OBTAINER: As musicians you are stars in Turkey, Germany and many other countries. People think one hit is enough for retirement and still you are distribution partners at Evora with your own fragrances. Do stars these days have to be also business men and women in addition to being artists? Is a pure career in music with concerts and CD sales not sufficient anymore?

EVORA business. I consider the personal fragrance a Thank You from EVORA for my dedication. Aylince: It is quite crazy to have a personal perfume. It is lots of fun to sell EVORA products and to create excitement for this business in other people. OBTAINER: How much were you involved in the de-

CanKan: One never knows how long the success lasts in the music business. A second leg to stand on provides lots of security. Dogus: There are lots of artists in Turkey who were only successful with one or two hits and then found themselves left empty-handed. OBTAINER: How did you actually get involved in the network marketing industry? Were you already familiar with the business model? CanKan: Someone I knew told me about it. After the EVORA business had been explained to me in detail I was fascinated with the opportunities. Dogus: Fatih (Cankan) explained network marketing to me with so much enthusiasm. OBTAINER: How did you learn about Evora and where did the idea come from to launch a personal fragrance to the market?

velopment of the fragrances, the perfume bottles and the packaging? How did the collaboration with Evora work? CanKan: I was involved in all processes starting from the fragrance to the flacon to the packaging design. I was even allowed to choose the name Marivkan. Dogus: It was very easy. I described what I had in mind and EVORA realized my wishes. Aylince: I liked the way we developed the fragrance, too. EVORA had already done good work ahead of time and getting the details down worked really well. Now I have my favourite perfume in my favourite bottle with my favourite name. OBTAINER: Now you have your own fragrance. Do the perfumes correspond with your character, your essence? Are you satisfied with the final products and can you identify with them 100%? Please describe the character and specifics of your fragrance!





CanKan: I am 1,000 % satified if that was possible. How do you describe a fragrance - it simply smells good. Dogus: Yes, same here. Of course, my perfume smells better than Cankans. Aylince: Mornings, mid-days and evenings. Id love to bathe in this perfume. It is fantastic. OBTAINER: The network marketing industry provides the opportunity to pursue this career based on flexible time management. There are part-time networkers who work three to five hours per week up to full-time networkers who dont do anything else but networking. How much time are you putting into operating your Evora business and how well does it cut across with your music career or can it even be integrated? CanKan: I am focusing on my music career but when I see how much time I spend with EVORA I am asking myself what is really my main business. Due to our celebrity status, the music career and the EVORA business can be joined together well. Dogus: Although, Fatih is the crazier networker I also use every opportunity to talk about the EVORA business. Aylince: During my concerts, I always get talking with my fans. And that can quickly go into the direction of additional income and fragrance. OBTAINER: In addition to perfume, Evora also offers cosmetics and skin care products. Did you already try

these products? How do you like them? Are you selling these products as well or just your own perfume? CanKan: We started with the EVORA business before we had our own perfumes. My favorites, besides the perfume, are the Power Pearls and die EvoCell skin care line. Dogus: I got to know the EVORA buiness through the Power Pearls and the EvoCell products. These are really good cosmetic products. Aylince: It was the same for me, and in the meantime I became acquainted with the products by Dr. Nabet. I didnt think that there are such great cosmetic products out there. With the Revitaxin mask I looked five years younger right away, and I like to spray on the Zen Lotion before and during my concerts. OBTAINER: What are your plans and goals for 2011, of course as musicians on one hand but on the other hand also as Evora distribution partners? What can we expect? CanKan: I am working on a new album right now, and afterwards I plan to fully focus on building my organization. The goal is the highest career level. Dogus: I am focusing on the music right now. The goal has also to be able to live off of the EVORA income alone. Aylince: For me, fun is most important. I want to create excitement in people with my music and with the EVORA business. OBTAINER: Thank you very much for this interview.



This is your chance.


Achim Hickmann

Do you have... dreams, wishes, goals? Are you... hungry for success, passionate and a little bit crazy?
Then Im exactly the person you need. I will help you become successful or even a millionaire, just like I have done with others before you. If you are ready to put in the hard work and give above average commitment, then you have the unique opportunity here and now to break new ground. Follow me on the path to making your dreams and aspirations a reality. I am putting together a new success team that is limited to 24 people. Are you one of these 24? Do you accept the challenge? If you are interested in a cooperation, please send me detailed information on you to:

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A network marketing organization is often like an orchestra. The work between team members always has to function, and the tone has to be just right, and when harmonies are then developed, it is like a beautiful concert.

Beate Schwandt


PM-Internationals Vice-President, Beate Schwandt, grew up in intensely musical surroundings. Raised in Apolda, a village in Thuringia, this top networker loves to play piano and is a trained singer. With the closing of the Stendal Theater in 1993, however, where she was a soloist up until that point, her life quickly changed. As the proud mother of two small children, jobs in far-flung theaters were not an option. Nor did Beate simply want to be a stay-at-home mom, so she began seeking a different set of responsibilities. Through an advertisement in Cosmopolitan, she arrived at the American direct marketing firm Avon. She tested their cosmetic products and was quickly convinced of that model companys quality. In following, she enjoyed a ten-year long career as regional director for the firm, for which Beate remains thankful. She learned a great deal in that time, and since 2009 she has continued to implement the knowledge and experiences she gained there very successfully, now for PM-International.
Naturally, it interests us to know how Beate Schwandt works and what her personal recipe for success is. To find out, OBTAINER met with the experienced top-networker together with her sponsor, Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner, for a personal discussion. OBTAINER: Ms. Schwandt, first of all, we would like to thank you for your time and for meeting with us for an interview. You were, according to what we understand, not originally convinced off networkings promise, but started instead in traditional direct marketing with Avon. What reason did you have for starting in traditional marketing and what experiences did you have in the first months and years? Beate Schwandt: Well, there were naturally also offers from networking firms back when I was starting out. As early as in 1992 I had contact to a networking firm through a colleague. But when they requested I pay 4,000 Deutschmark for a starter pack, they scared me off. That made the business not seem serious to me, so that from then on I remained closed to anything having to do with network marketing. With Avon, the framework and conditions just fit. In May 1994, I became familiar with the products, and kept on reporting about them with great excitement. Then, in September 1994, I was hired as Regional Director and began my second career there. From 1996 to 2000, I was in the Circle of Excellence and thus belonged to the best Regional Directors in Germany. Thats also an aspiration for my PM business. OBTAINER: You say because of that first negative experience, that you at first did not want to have anything to do with network marketing. What changed your opinion and what ultimately led you to PM-International? Beate Schwandt: Through my experience in direct marketing with Avon, I quickly learned that the best products are sold in There is a saying that can really be applied to any network. You will not be successful when you a) talk to too little and b) shut up too soon. This guideline was really helpful to me, especially when I was getting started. Also, the 1000 No List from PM is a good supplement to help train patience.

direct marketing - and I needed them. In 2001, I suffered a total breakdown in my health, and through 2007 I took 100mg of Cortisone every day. The side effects from my medication were fierce and took a very heavy toll on me. So I specifically sought after nutritional supplements that could help me to heal. It was Wolfgang who told me about the PM products, and I promised him, if the products were able to help me, then I would join up and help him. As you can see I had to honor my promise, because the PM products truly did help me, thanks to Wolfgang! Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner: When I heard Beates story, I immediately thought of the Fitline products. I knew that they are among the best nutritional supplements on the European market, and recommended she just try them out for three months. It was after that that we first discussed further business opportunities. It makes me very happy that everything worked out so well, and that Beate is now my teams best partner. OBTAINER: We can see that: the chemistry between you two really is clearly evident! Ms. Schwandt, in your opinion, what are the basic requirements needed for successful teamwork? Beate Schwandt: 1. Regard for each of your business partners, and I would include, among many other things, always providing them help and guidance in building their businesses. 2. 3. Implementing and living out, as an example to others, what is taught in the trainings. Always giving my partners the feeling that they have equal rights.


OBTAINER: What is the 1000 No List? Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner: It is a piece of paper numbered from 1 to 1000. Each time you are told No thank you, its just not for me while talking to a potential partner, you cross off a number from the list. By the time you hear the 1000th no, given the percent chance of someone agreeing, you have likely built a large team and have reached financial independence! Thats because 1000 people saying no means, as a general rule, 300 have said yes. Beate Schwandt: Oh, I could have explained that better, Wolfgang. But its true: you have to keep working and generating new contacts until you have worked through the list. That means, naturally, that you have to talk with at least 1000 people. It is impossible not to find a new partner in doing so. The list keeps you from giving up too soon. Plus, it shows you that you will not become a millionaire by tomorrow, but rather that businesses are built slowly and solidly. After all, the songand-dance events held by other companies positively drive me away. Often, I have the feeling that people are being made fun of, or that the company is only holding itself above water by charging extremely high ticket prices! I find that kind of business conduct absolutely dubious and damaging to the whole industry. And then there are the adventurers who try to make the whole world go crazy with their Pre-Launch Phase. Then, a year or

two later, they are trying to pull off the same kind of theater with the next ultimate billionaires chance. Bla, bla, bla... Honestly, it happens so frequently that new business partners turn and say to me: If I had gotten to know networking as what you practice, then I would not have had such an aversion to it. That is a nice compliment, and it shows me that I am on the right path. OBTAINER: That led us right to our next question. How does your teamwork function? Do you work online or offline, have hotel meetings, or do you always seek out personal discussions? That there are no song-and-dance routines has become pretty clear, but how do you work with your team? Beate Schwandt: I am very careful to work together with my partners personally. In doing so, it is important to me that we work on developing their strengths in interacting with people in every personal talk. And that without giving my business partners the feeling that I am being domineering. I work hard within the framework of meetings to allow each person to speak up, according to their abilities in the field. In doing so, I also try to make it clear to my partners that I am not just the teacher but am also a student. I pass this method on to my team leaders, in order to guarantee that this friendly, familiar and trust-filled relationship transfers through to the very last team partner.



I think that it is great that anyone can use PMs space in the DSCs; that helps make the ever so important good first impression. Thanks to that arrangement, we do not need to organize any hotel meetings. When I sponsor a new partner, I support them from the beginning on. I help them with the 2:1 talks, regularly lead info-meetings and push public relations work. Chattering is part of the trade, and particularly those that have never had anything to do with the business, have difficulty approaching strangers. It is my point of view, that no one can build a big business out of their own personal acquaintances, friends, and family. Thinking out of the box, inspiring the courage to move in new directions, and in addressing potential business partners is where I support my teams partners. Ultimately, that is exactly how my sponsor, Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner, did it. Personal discussions are the most important and effective. I use online presentations primarily to provide initial information to newly interested partners. Online and telephone conferences are mainly advantageous for overseas business. You see then, that we use the whole range of technical possibilities to support our partners and maintain a team orientation. Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner: That is the right way to do it too, because working successfully also means recognizing and creating synergies. Each partner can and should bring their own strengths with, because it is thanks to them that he can ultimately be a help for the whole team. OBTAINER: That is exemplary and must be what interested networkers conceive of as perfect team performance. Last question: How can an interested newcomer to PM-International develop an income of, lets say 500 Euros? What do you put in the hands of such a person? Contact: Beate Schwandt Tel. +49 (0)177 3616085

Beate Schwandt: That is not very difficult. Our new partners know best what they would like and how they imagine their future. That is the basis for the cooperative work on goal setting. From that moment on, our systematic operative methods take over, supported and rewarded by the PM Marketing Plan. We help the new partner first in establishing their initial five business partners and clients. We then work together on the depth of the developing organization to stabilize it, and in doing so we guarantee that our new partner learns our functional system by doing: that they learn the system by working it. In this way and over time, we make ourselves dispensable, because we are duplicating our capabilities in the process. The nice side effect for the new partner assuming that he really WANTS and DOES is a monthly income on the side, which quickly exceeds 500 Euro. That is how it happened for me, and is exactly how I work with my team. And as a member of PMs top management, I do not need to talk about how it theoretically could be, but can instead point to my own career with PM, as well as those of many of my team partners. OBTAINER: tive talk, Thank Ms. you

very much for the informaSchwandt. Thank you very much, Dr. Schwertner!







How you can mobilize your inner strength



The sun is shining, your mood good, and everything you do flows from the hand with a magical lightness. Whatever you take on - it goes perfectly. The next day, things are completely different. Nothing works, the stress is overwhelming, you are in a bad mood and thoughts of throwing everything out the window keep forcing themselves into your mind. Whats different? Why does everything work out as if by itself on some days, and nothing wants to work on others? The truth is as simple as it is painful. The difference is you. Our thoughts and, with them, our subconscious programming reinforce or weaken us each day. That raises the question, are we powerless against our own nature? And if not, how can we use our own strengths? The secret lies in our ability to mobilize our own internal source of power. There are various methods to create a positive attitude, such as autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, or NLP (Neurolinguistisc Programming). Affirmation is another of these methods, and with it you can successfully recognize, anchor and utilize your internal source of power. The term affirmation comes from the Latin affirmatio meaning, in essence, to affirm, to confirm, or to reinforce. By using affirmation, you make a conscious decision to carefully monitor thoughts and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. In other words, affirmation is nothing more than taking responsibility for your own thoughts. Affirmations give power and courage, and whats more, they can help you to relax and slow down when you need to. Our internal mindset is conditioned by personal beliefs that we learn from society, upbringing and our own experiences. Through new experiences and continual learning, our way of thinking changes, and in the process even the oldest and most well established beliefs adjust to new experiences. Life means confronting ongoing change, and that is after all what makes life worth living. Indeed life is a single process of development, but we are not helplessly subjected to what happens: we can make our own decisions. Unfortunately, only very few people work to influence their own thoughts and beliefs, and take life into their own hands. Whether one thinks, Yes, I can! when confronted with a challenge, or overcomes the thought, This will be difficult I dont know if I can do it, you can do a lot to influence the outcome. The necessary courage and determination slumber in each of us. They just have to be called upon at the crucial moment. The more frequently that happens, the more these positive thoughts will manifest themselves in our subconscious. Affirmations are positive, motivating and life-affirming statements that are internalized until they are saved into

us as part of our basic attitude, and positively influence the way we think every day. Through affirmations we can trick our subconscious, by telling it what it should subconsciously tell us back. First, one has to formulate the appropriate affirmation, which should above all be strengthening and life affirming. The formulation you use should stress neither your system nor your spirit. Affirmations are most effective when they address personal potential, though our desires and the goals we aspire to but which we do not think we will accomplish equally belong in affirmations. Important is that you trust the affirmation, and that with it you take on the goal, the ability, or the desire you have formulated. Believe in the potential that lies within you. An affirmation is more than only a set of beliefs. Working with affirmations also means connecting yourself emotionally and bodily with the affirmation. It is about saving the positive emotion in body and soul. In doing so, it helps to adopt a body posture that reinforces the effect of the sentences, the words, and the emotion you experience. For beginners, it is absolutely acceptable to start out using pre-formulated affirmations. These can be found in various books on the topic or on the Internet, for example. With time, the pre-formulated affirmations can be adjusted to your own needs, and changed to match your own notions. In formulating your own affirmations, there are a few simple rules to respect. These rules serve to better facilitate the affirmations entry into your subconscious, so that they can be more effective.

1. The shorter the better.

The sentence should be a short and precise statement: what you want to achieve, feel, have, or be able to do. Brevity is the soul of wit, as they so aptly say. An affirmation like, Its easier and easier to stay on my diet, or for a sentence from the network marketing industry, like, I am always self-confident when presenting, is short and meaningful.

2. Stay in the present.

The here and now is important when teaching your subconscious something new. Fearful drivers who have always thought negatively about driving, and are afraid of sitting behind the wheel, have continually reinforced their problem. In order for the affirmation to change the way you think, it should become part of a new experience and attitude in the


here and now. After a while, the new message will replace the old one, until driving is ultimately how the affirmation formulated it: Driving is fun and it is safe.

the affirmation. Use the sentence from the fearful driver, Driving is fun and it is safe. Imagine, right now, that you are sitting in the car driving. Feel how much fun it is to drive the car.

3. Positive formulations only.

Use strong, convincing, incisive words to formulate a clear, and above all positive affirmation. Words like no, never, or none could be misunderstood by your subconscious and fudge the message you would like to send. Other words with negative associations, like suffer, sick, or problem, should be avoided. Instead of saying I will beat this sickness, the better version would be I am feeling better and healthier again.

Literally feel how you are driving. In this relaxed state, begin writing the sentence 20 times, one after another, in the notebook. While writing, forget your surroundings and let yourself fall into your thoughts and the sentence. Try to shut out your spirit from its daily surroundings, and concentrate yourself on the affirmation. In this absolutely relaxed state, the brain produces slower alpha waves and transports the simultaneously thought, felt, and written message directly into the subconscious. Do this every day for least three weeks, during a relaxed part of your day. It only takes about five or ten minutes, and you will continually recognize new effects in the days ahead. Motivation, mood and temperament will improve, and you will feel less stressed. After three weeks look back on your experience, and when you have truly let yourself engage in the project, you will recognize it has had a positive effect. If that is the case, then you have done everything right, and you can develop further affirmations to optimize other parts of your life. There are a great number of books that deal with this topic more intensively, and illustrate various means of developing, using and improving the effectiveness of affirmations. Have fun trying out some affirmations, and dont forget: Life is beautiful!

4. Be convinced.
You have to trust the contents of the sentence. It has to be realistic and you have to believe it. Only then will it later develop into the subconscious conviction you desire. When you read, write, or recite the affirmation, your bodys posture should be as positive as the words. If you feel the sentence, you will take it in and internalize its strength and motivation.

Use Affirmations
Once an affirmation is formulated and chosen, there are various ways to use it. Each person has to decide for themselves whether they like to write, read out loud or quietly, recite or think them. When, how often and where you concentrate on your affirmations can equally be decided according to your personal lifestyle. It is completely unimportant whether you do them after waking up, in the car on the way to work, or in the checkout line at the supermarket. Whether once a day or whenever you have a few minutes is also not important. The only thing that is important, is that you feel well, confident, and that you truly and consciously feel and internalize the Affirmations. You can memorize them, use an associated picture, write them on a card or even keep an affirmations diary. The possibilities are almost limitless, but we still present a good method in following. The learning effect of writing remains strongest for the human brain. That is why you should write your affirmations in a notebook. Note the date each day, and warm yourself into




Masoala Peninsula



Madagaskar, often called the eighth continent, is a large island in the Indian Ocean, isolated from the large continents. Here, many ancient animals and plants have survived until today. In a small area, the most different types of ecosystem can be found: rainforest, savannah, highland steppe and dry thorn bushes. Most Madagascan animals and plants are native to the country, and have adjusted to their surroundings in fascinating ways.

Untouched Nature Straight Out of a Fairy Tale



An absolute highlight on a visit to Madagascar is a visit to the Masoala Peninsula and the national park of the same name, located in the Northeastern part of this, the worlds fourth largest island. Here you will not only find yourself in one of the oldest and greatest rainforests in the world, but will also experience the intact underwater world of a marine park with beaches and reefs just like in a fairy tale. Inland, the island has mountains extending 2,900 meters high and is thickly wooded. Clouds pushed by the Southeastern trade winds dam up against the border to the highlands, dividing the island into a wet region in the east and a dry region in the west. Steep cliffs transition into a variety of coastal forests with mangroves, sandy coasts, and bizarre rock formations. From the coast, massive coral reefs stretch out to sea. In the bay formed by the peninsula, dolphins chase the fishermens boats, and in July, humpback whales come to the region to bear their young. Inside of the bay lies the island of Mang-





abe, since 1966 a special reserve for the aye-ayes, a type of lemur, and formerly a resting point for sailors and a slave island. On June 26, 2007 which is, incidentally, Madagascars independence day Masoala Nation Park was officially named a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The Masoala Peninsula is above all known for Masoala National Park, which is approximately 23,000 km2 large, and lies in the central part of the peninsula, taking up more than half of its total area. In 1997, the Parliament designated the whole area as protected, because it is not only unique, but also has an incredible diversity of species. Since 1991, many different development agencies and conservation organizations (CARE International, Wildlife Conservation Society, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Peregrine Fund, the Zurich Zoo) have fought to protect this area, which is home to almost 1% of the worlds species. Today, the national park is run by the Madagascan conservation administration, AN-

GAP, together with the Wildlife Conservation Society and with the support of the Zurich Zoo. The attention brought to Masoala because of the Zurich Zoos work on the Masoala rain forest contributed significantly to UNESCOs learning about the area. The park includes half of the peninsula and is administered by Madagascar National Parks together with the American Wildlife Conservation Society. The goal of the Masoala Project is to protect the unusual biodiversity of the peninsula from human interference, because Masoala contains a variety of flora and fauna that is largely endemic, meaning that Madagascar is rich in species that only exist naturally there. For example, over 99% of all amphibians in Madagascar are endemic, and at least 85% of all plant varieties (in total almost 12,000), 25% of all plant species (in total circa 1,600) and 3-4% of all plant families (totaling 180) are native to Madagascar. The relationships are sometimes not easy



to clarify. For example, the closest relatives of the national plant, the Travelers Palm (Ravenala madagascariensis [Streliziaceae]), are to be found in South America. The east coast and its many lagoons are sewn with coral reefs, most of which are protected as part of a marine reserve, and mangrove forests. In Antongil Bay there are five islands, of which the largest is Nosy Mangabe, which is 5.2 km2, whose highest point is 320 meters, and which has been a rserve spcial since 1965. One of the few hotels in the area is on the island. The Masoala Forest Lodge ( offers exclusive lodging for nature-lovers and adventurers. In direct proximity to the natural park, in a protected bay, you can stay in luxurious tent-lodges, decorated in traditional Malagasy style, and experience as-yet untouched nature up close.



Column Torsten Will

Since 1994 Torsten Will has been providing inspiration for tens of thousands of participants as a success trainer, career coach, keynote speaker and author. Prominent celebrities, including politicians, television presenters, musicians and top-class athletes, even Olympic champions, attend his seminars to maintain their position at the top. Leaders and staff of international corporations and organizations use his expertise for motivation, communication and success. Torsten Will: Entrepreneur + Consultant = Guarantor of success! Torsten Will started off as an entrepreneur at the early age of 18. In less than three years, while doing his high school diploma and then his alternative service, he succeeded without any vocational training or college education in establishing a network of companies in 19 countries with a turnover worth millions. The contents of his lectures and consultations therefore arise from practice and can be used straightaway with success by all participants. The business magazine, DMEuro, recommends Torsten Will as one of the three best smart coaches in Germany; according to surveys by Business For Home he is also well-known in the USA as one of the most successful trainers on the topic of career coaching and success training. He has been included in the Deutsche Rednerlexikon (a directory of German speakers) as a prestigious speaker. In just ten years more than 250,000 people in 19 countries have taken part in events with Torsten Will. In 2010 more than 45,000 listeners used Torsten Wills MP3s and podcasts for their success.



For better or for worse!

This was how it was recently at the dream wedding of the decade which flickered across our television screens and gave us an impression of deep emotions in the English capital. Two billion people took part as William and Kate exchanged vows. Vows that at best ought to last till death do them part: for better or for worse. How do things look with their commitment? Dont worry because Im not talking about their family situation. Im concerned with their commitment to their firm and product, their commitment to the attitude and obligation to think and act in a success-oriented manner. Yes, I delegate authority and Im happy Heres a quick test that is intended to check whether youre still 100% committed to your commitment: Yes, Im 100% convinced of my product and believe that that its the best thing on the market at the moment; Yes, Im 100% convinced of my company and Im sure that its the best thing on the market at the moment; Yes, Im prepared to commit myself 100% and to look after my customers and partners perfectly; Yes, I know my goals and Im sure that Ill achieve them within a reasonable period of time with what Im doing; All the big earners in this industry have held on to their commitment for better Most cordially yours, Can you agree with these statement without reservations just like that? Congratulations, then youre well on your way and will quite definitely succeed. A distribution partnership is like a marriage: belief in it, trust in it and the security of being on the right track thanks to measurable successes. All of these are components that make it simple to hold on to it even in stormy times. For that reason partial goals make it easier to stay on track and daily declarations of love only damage those who arent receiving them. As the saying goes: Love it, change it or leave it! But leaving is really the very last alternative. Yes, Im 100% convinced that for money at the moment theres no better business idea than the one I can offer. to rely on my partners; Dont listen here to the voices of those who give up after a few yards or shortly before reaching the goal. Instead you should relish the motivation from those urging you on. And if theres doesnt happen to be anybody standing there on the roadside, then adopt the motivation program yourself by rewarding yourself for all that you achieve. Yes, I continue training my self on a daily basis and Im working on myself, my knowledge and my skills; Yes, I recognize that Im on the right road because my successes are measurable and sustainable; Yes, I assume my responsibility as a sponsor conscientiously and responsibly. My partners can always rely on me; Please remember: Rule Number One for kings: If you hang your head, then the crown could fall off. So always keep a stiff upper lip and keep going with full passion; every sprint costs energy but anybody whos continually in the flow of things can manage long stretches easily and feels better after every mile tackled. Yes, my motivation and my commitment are growing from day to day; Yes, I know my partners goals and or for worse and have never for one second had a bit on the side. The result: great financial freedom. Only consistency accounts for the real winner. Of course, there are always reasons for a separation, but ultimately in every relationship people are just human. Its a question of making your self aware on a daily basis why you chose your bride or bridegroom. I wish you the feeling of networking first love for this spring with royal success! Im doing everything so that they can achieve their goals quickly, simply and permanently;





Pardon? This title for the column of a business etiquette trainer? Something must have gone wrong with the layout! Not at all because women really arent what they use to be anymore in professional life. What do I mean by this? Well, we all know the sayings like Ladies first! and hopefully we know how a perfect gentleman should behave towards a lady. But in the context of emancipation forms of behavior and business etiquette recommendations have also been modified. Whereas in private life the lady definitely still wears the crown and are definitely

treated like ladies by those with proper manners, in professional the rules to determine whos wearing the crown are different. Whos wearing the crown? Using this image I train people in my business etiquette seminars who should make which gestures of politeness to whom. And the recommended forms of behavior in professional life are no longer oriented on the distinction between ladies and gentlemen but are primarily determined by hierarchy and customer relationship. Lets take a simple example: According to the etiquette recommendations (of the Arbeitskreis Umgangsformen International [AUI] International Working

Party on Manners) the person without the crown greets the person with the crown first, i.e. the employee says Hello to the boss first. Why? Because according to the company hierarchy the boss occupies the higher position and so wears the crown. And here whether the employee or the boss is a man or a woman doesnt play any role. Whether the greeting is followed by, for example, a handshake, as is typical in German-speaking countries, is then a decision that is taken by the person wearing the crown. And whereas in private life the lady would definitely now have this privilege,



Women are no longer what they used to be

in professional life the invisible crown on the head of the person higher up in the hierarchy is decisive. The background to this is the fact that unequal treatment of women and men in professional life is incompatible with the emancipation and equality of women. Also the familiar recommendation that the age difference is decisive, that the older person wears the crown, plays no role in professional life. So in line with the rules of business etiquette the porter whos on the verge of retirement would greet the significantly younger junior manager and the latter would have the privilege of deciding whether to shake hands. Incidentally, the recommendation of politeness towards your elders has also been modified for private life by the AUI. Age is now only used to determine who

is wearing the crown, if the age difference is at least one generation. In the private ladies sphere, and

however, the distinction between gentlemen continues

to be one of the decisive factors for determining the crown position. In other words, in private life its the lady who is greeted and who decides whether to shake hands. I look forward to your questions on the topic of behavior and business etiquette at



Column Leadership

Do Women
Make Better Managers?
Dear Readers, When asked to think about leading employees, most people are quick to imagine a man in the bosss chair. However, over the last number of years the number of female managers has increased significantly, which has recently raised questions again and again, such as whether woman make better managers or whether they lead differently. In this issue of OBTAINER Magazine I will be taking a closer look at this matter, because it is clear that people react differently to men and women in leadership positions. After reading the following, you will be able to better identify such differences, and you will recognize the ways these varying reactions to female management influence womens leadership itself. You will also find potential solutions designed to help pave the way for women already in leadership positions, and those who intend to take such positions.

Differences During the last presidential election in the United States, Americans took us all on a pretty exciting voyage as they took their first steps towards electing the first female President. But just as Hillary Clintons campaign was gaining momentum, soon before the first primaries, a frivolous comment about the low dcollet on one of her dresses during a speech before the senate received a disproportionate amount of press. Just as her campaign was trying to present her as a congenial and heart-warming candidate, in order to supplement the characteristics of strength and experience that clearly seemed central to the success of a female candidate. It seems as if the rules on what is acceptable for women in powerful public roles remain strictly defined and are easily broken. Woman can be neither too demanding or soft, too shrill or accommodating, or even too asexual or sexual. It seems all too easy for women in leadership positions to fall into such conflicts with their followers or their colleagues, as soon as they deviate from the clearly but narrowly defined rules of behavior, as soon as it comes to a conflict between the rules of cultural femininity and the subject of leadership.

is important that women who lay claim to leadership positions (or would like to do so), and want to work effectively in such positions, are conscious of these different expectations as should be the men around them. It is these different expectations that have an inevitable influence both on the manager and her employees, which is why both groups should understand which reactions can be helpful in facilitating their interactions in this context. Women in leadership positions elicit different reactions than men in the same positions Power and leadership responsibilities act as a kind of social structure, in which numerous practices serve to reinforce the cultural system. These different practices can be traced back to the different inspirational values of men and women in these roles, and to a lesser extent, to their different leadership styles. Female executives elicit different reactions than male executives. This is due to our own socially acquired expectations, reinforced and traditionally dominated by our societys social structure, transcended in some respects, but which often breed a tendency to undermine female efforts to be effective, powerful and influential. Women should incorporate compassion into lead-

Confronted by the necessity to fulfill two of their audiences often very different expectations, women in leadership positions are clearly judged according to a higher standard than their male colleagues. As a result of this double-standard, it

ership In a number of studies, researchers have shown that most people think man when they are asked to think about



Many do not listen to or accept instructions from women as readily as from men.
leadership and that this transcends cultural differences. Due to the irreconcilable divide between the expectations of femininity and those of leadership, women are often forced to soften their leadership styles in order to their employees adherence. Women who refuse to temper their strength and competence with warmth and friendliness risk being disliked or less influential. Yet people do not expect men to remain congenial in their leadership. Women who have a more autocratic style of leadership automatically become the target of more animosity and disfavor than those that use more democratic methods of management. In the meanwhile, men can afford an autocratic style of leadership without fear of consequence, as long as they remain effective leaders. When women demonstrate effective leadership in a male-dominated environment, they quickly become disliked and are vilified. Most people believe that women are more talkative than men. No scientific evidence for this stereotype, however, has been found in any of a number of studies. Just as with temperatures, there is a significant difference between what is perceived and what is real. Yet it ultimately seems as if people often use womens perceived talkativeness as an excuse to tune out as soon as a woman begins speaking. Again and again, women in leadership positions have reported that they have the feeling that they are not really listened you, and when they make comments or share ideas in meetings, that their contributions are ignored or downplayed. This despite the fact that the same comments and contributions receive Many do not listen to or accept instructions from women as readily as from men



more recognition and are understood as more significant when made by men, thus giving the latter greater influence. In one experiment, researchers had men and women lead mixed-gender groups of co-workers. The male and female presenters were trained so that they could make identical suggestions, using the same words and manner of presentation. Members of these groups reacted to male executives attentively, making positive comments, nodding and smiling. In contrast, they reacted to female executives by looking away and furrowing their eyebrows. Incredibly, the group members were not aware that they treated the male and female executives differently. Yet this pattern of behavior is not only evident in laboratories, but also and particularly in the real world: field experiments studying regular meetings among small groups within organizations show that female managers are the targets of more negative emotions than their male counterparts, even when both are perceived as being equally competent. Women who promote themselves and their capabilities, often earn disapproval Given that women are stereotyped as being less capable than men, female executives are sometimes advised to overcome their humility and instead to promote and even advertise their own abilities, strengths, and successes. Of course, this type of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement can be dangerous for women. Indeed, as previously mentioned, women who appear to be more self-confident and assertive than expected, are both in danger of not being accepted and run a greater risk of rejection. Research shows that when a woman does more to promote her own performance, it can lead her co-workers seeing her as more competent, but at the cost of their sympathies for her. Men who consistently promote themselves do not reap the same results: as long as they do not go too far, their self-promotion results both in better recognition of their capabilities and in more sympathy for them among their co-workers. In some contexts, Women need more external recognition than men In light of the questions raised thus far, it is not surprising that women often need more affirmation from others to be accepted and recognized as leaders. Particularly in highly competitive, male-dominated contexts, good leadership training or expertise in a specialized area does not go far in guaranteeing female executives success. Often, legitimacy

through another, established manager is needed in addition. Personal stereotypes about men and women often hinder the ability of observers to recognize a female executives capabilities, and it is thus sometimes necessary to reinforce her credibility through a third person, who has the status to do so in the eyes of employees. Reacting to reactions: how does leadership feel to women? There is now scientific evidence that women are more conscious of the potential costs of a position managing employees than many men. Women think more about the paradoxes of female behavior, and the demands that a management position brings with it. When young women are asked to imagine themselves in management, they tend to judge these positions less positively than young men of the same age. In addition, women often relate that it is clear to them that relationship problems could arise when they hold such positions in the long term. Some even describe themselves in such positions as very unlikeable, using words in doing so such as dominant, aggressive, dogmatic, power hungry, mean, authoritative, direct and aggressive. Clearly, they recognize the almost unavoidable softening of their image, and the authority, determination and capability that will be demanded of them in order to convince others of their capacity for leadership. Women that already work in management positions, even those in male-dominated contexts, are conscious of the narrow path they believe they have to follow, and find their own kind of payment for the apparent balancing act demanded of them in such situations. Namely, they talk about feelings of competence, their positive influence and the opportunity to empower others. Such gratification, they say, helps them to compensate for the high expectations and caution demanded of them due to the contradictory expectations they face as female executives. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell how many women never make it to that point, because they turn away from their ambitions of becoming a manager, because of the difficulties and sacrifices that may await them. Changing social structures changes reactions A study made up of interviews with women in leadership positions in France and Norway determined a few years ago, that changes in the social context could make the difference in experiences with daily leadership. Norwegian women expressed happiness and a feeling of effectiveness in their leadership roles. French women, on the other hand, spoke



of difficulties, conflicts, loneliness, and marginalization. These divergent experiences appear to be directly related to the sharp contrasts these women face and the different ways they perceive their acceptance as executives. In Norway, with its long and deeply rooted history of including women in political leadership, female managers had a strong feeling of legitimacy in their leadership roles. In France, where women are relatively new and novel in leadership positions, this feeling of legitimacy was not present, and women in such positions were repeatedly required to prove themselves.

ation of the understanding of traditional male and female roles, as well as changes in the public perception of what leadership and leadership positions really are, women have broken into such positions. However, in those contexts in which public opinion understands the position as a masculine one (for example, in military command structures, the highest levels within corporate headquarters, presidencies), women continue to confront high hurdles, which result from the difficulties surrounding the simultaneous transcendent and compromising nature of sexual stereotypes. Our intellectual understanding of these barriers aside, the only way

Research has since clearly shown that context accounts for the essential difference, heavily influencing the way in which women are perceived in leadership positions. It determines if female managers take to their positions with ease, how much influence they have, and how they perceive the difficulties they confront. Women see themselves as facing the greatest resistance to their leadership and influence in areas dominated by men, or which characterized as being masculine. The acceptance of women in leadership positions has changed just as much as the social attitude in the same area, and has grown proportionally. The Network-Marketing sector is an example of just such a transition in a social context. Conclusion In many countries, it is no long surprising or unexpected when a woman is hired as the director of a public high school, director of a company, dean of a university or moderator of a local news show. Beginning with a general relax-

to break through them is for the first few smart, determined, thick-skinned women to dance past the barricades on their tiptoes, and to blaze a trail for others. It is possible both for organizations and individuals to support women in this process, so that advances can be made in changing social structures, so that women in leadership positions are the norm, and so that they can even play a role and establish themselves in what are now male-dominated areas and relationships. Businesses can try to avoid isolating women as symbols in male-dominated departments, in which their gender is de facto blamed for every perceived mistake. Well-known executives should support women and legitimate their efforts to reach higher positions. Already in 2005, the renowned consulting firm Caliper developed four central messages on female managers in the course of a year-long study:



Well-known executives should support women and legitimate their efforts to reach higher positions.
Female managers are more convincing than their male
counterparts; co-author Daniela Szasz, and to recognize in her path just how far she has made it in this industry. When I am not mistaken, she has even once again successfully joined the ranks of the best of the best, securing her place at the top with the PM-International AG. In light of this, I would like to close with a simple question: how many women do you have in your business or in your downline, in top positions? Sincerely, Particularly in network marketing, we have seen an everincreasing number of women succeed over the last years, breaking into top positions and proving themselves in what was originally a very male-dominated industry. I recommend you take a closer look at the career of my much-valued Your Nuno F. Assis

When female managers confront rejection, they often

continue on with an Ill show you attitude;

Female executives show an integrative leadership

style, which is based on team-building and is oriented towards problem-solving and making effective decisions;

Female managers tend to more readily ignore rules

and take risks.



Column by Dany Szasz

Tribute to a (my) special-

Sometimes youre aware of the value of your team and sometimes you recognize it even more in very special moments. In moments where not only do they need you, but above all you also need them. I, for example, was aware that I had brilliant people and team partners and and super leaders that I couldnt do without. But they became really without parallel for me in recent days, weeks and months as I myself was waiting for qualification and also more recently when I officially received my award. Nothing is as strongly moving as when, for example you consider the qualifications of individual team members and who might now achieve what. Then you try to do everything possible to make it happen. Possibly you do additional special promotions that require an extra budget or workshops etc. and you see that the plan works. Everybody achieves their goal. It looks as if you yourself wouldnt make it any further, but you think to yourself: It doesnt matter, all the others have moved forward and thats the most important thing! me every single one of you! tant is to understand that this isnt just a matter of course. me deeply. one day to the next. All at once, without you expecting it, people from your team say: No, we want you to make it too what has to be done? And suddenly, almost unexpectedly, you also reach the next level because your team wanted you to. Because they think youve earned it. Those are the brilliant moments that touch me very much and I think: My god, what super people are there and theyre all in my, in our team. Or at an official company award ceremony your name gets called out, you get up from your place wanting to run away and behind your back a storm of jubilation breaks out; you only think: Whats happened now? You finally arrive on the stage and only now do you see how many people are now clapping and cheering in front of the stage. You see how the faithful souls from your team are there and making themselves of again in recent days and weeks.

stand out by cheering loudest. That brings tears to your eyes because youre so touched and theres nothing youd like to do more than to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL because youre soooo super! THANK YOU for belonging to my to our team. It means so much to me! You mean so much to

Those are the things youd like to say so much if you got a chance to get hold of the microphone in order to say it. But even if you dont get hold of it, you can project it and hope that it comes across or you can say it another time. Whats impor-

I experienced just those things Ive described and it touched

If you think this is a matter of course, a normal occurrence, then imagine what it would be like if they all disappeared from

Yes, sure, you may think, you could build up everything again anew. Thats also true it is possible. But team spirit and team cohesion arent something you can build up overnight. That needs time. And even if its there, it shouldnt be regarded as normal. Thats something I became strongly conscious

If you dont have that yet, then perhaps you should take a look at the basic values your business and your team is built on. Maybe you see everything as business, pure business, then it will be difficult for you to succeed. Perhaps your basic values are success at any price, then you can also only succeed with difficulty or youll only attract people that are also just like that. But perhaps at the moment you only have a small team and you think you cant do it because there are only so few of them. Believe me, I also started alone. Then three joined and



then ten etc. It started like that for all of us. But start now to build up good team cohesion for yourself. If you only start to do it when your team is large, then it wont succeed as well or as quickly anymore.

I can only give you the tip to reflect on good values if such a team doesnt yet exist around you and then build it up slowly for yourself. For today Id like exceptionally to use the opportunity to

I myself have always wanted to have people in my team that I get on well with, a team where super trusting relationships are the rule, perhaps even individual friendships. No stop-atnothing principles, instead you should embody values. Im very happy to be able to say that I can find that in large numbers in my team.

thank my team publicly here. As representatives of every single team partner Im saying thank you to my top leaders such as Robert Ahsendorf, Tino Wessels, Angela Ahsendorf, Christian Krncke, Dieter Becker, Robert and Vera Giorgia Prokop, Bruno Klemm and Stefan Sommer. To all the team partners from my team I say: THANK YOU

Of course, theres also always another side to our business. The side of the envious people around us, people who on principle just cant grant you anything or at least nothing more than they have themselves and go on about everything. It simply has something to do with themselves. The dont grant anybody anything except themselves. Thats part of it and its best to pay it no attention. Look to what gives you energy. And as a rule thats the team around you.

AS that youre all so super! THANK YOU for belonging to my to our team. It means a lot to me. You mean so much to me! Until next time, wishing you lots of team power, Yours Dany



iS better thAn heAling
H ealtH is not everytHing , B ut witHout H ealtH
notHing matters

(A rtur S choPenhAuer , P hiloSoPher )

My wife Sabine Seidel and I work in a large network of health professions and other enthusiasts, where a highquality and natural dietary supplement based on fruits, vegetables and berries as an offset to deficits, as well as, for dietary optimization is very helpful to us. I am looking forward to your feedback on my columns, which I have been writing at this place for months, and also about contacts for our prevention team.

What is health, are there different definitions (for example the extensive one by the World Health Organization WHO), does everyone have a different perspective? What is theory, and what is reality? How do I personally deal with this admittedly highest of all goods? Surely, an adequate (simply healthy) diet, which unfortunately is being denied to many people on our earth, is part of it, also physical health

(the silence of the organs nothings aches, crunches, howls, wheezes), mental and emotional health, preferably also financial health (money) after all, as well as, a healthy environment (community). For many years, I have occupied myself with prevention and avoiding illnesses; since April of last year it has even been my main occupation.


meD . m AnfreD c onrADt InternIst and dIetIcIan and

Kevin Abdulrahman
Athletes, Celebrities, CEOs, Direct Selling Groups, Executives, Government Entities Models, Musicians, Private Companies, Public Organisations, Royalties, Schools, Sports Teams and Universities call for Kevin Abdulrahman when it comes to wanting an International Speaker and Mind Nutrition Expert to Consult, Coach, Train Work with and Speak in the areas of Motivation, Leadership, Developing High Performing Teams and Public Speaking Coaching. You can Receive Kevin Abdulrahmans gift to you by going on Enter code vision to receive your full free e-copy of The Book on What Ever Youre Into courtesy of Kevin Abdulrahman and Obtainer Magazine. visit his website on www.BestMotivationalSpeaker.Me or contact Kevin Abdulrahmans Management Team on





I was speaking with a client redilemma. He told me how he was able to work through and achieve what ever goals he set out to do in different areas of his life, except for when it came to his business. He longed to build a bigger business and generate a larger stream of income, one that would give him the financial freedom and flexibility he desired. Upon further questioning, it became rather apparent that in every aspect of my clients life, one constant held true. Where he achieved his goals, he had first believed them to be true. He believed that it was possible and had no doubt that he was going to achieve them. Subsequently, he would go on to achieve them. When it came to his business results, things were different. And if you have heard me speak or have listened to any of my audio programs, then you would have heard me talk about how the results in any aspect of your life is an outcome of the actions youve taken, the I suggested he develop his beliefs. After all, if he was going to be owning a set of beliefs, why have ones that will hold him The answers ranged from it possibly not being a priority, him not being creative, not having the resources to deal with big orders, right through the spectrum to it takes money to make money. All his reasons were in actual fact excuses (because he didnt have any of these things holding him back when it came to setting and achieving his goals in other areas of life). He was harbouring beliefs that were limiting- and it showed in his business results. Sir Richard Branson is obviously an inspirational business icon. Someone who has a winning mind and winning beliefs, which has resulted in him being able to generate the string of successes he has enjoyed with The Virgin Group. It would be fair to say that when Sir Richard Branson wants in something, he gets out there and makes sure it turns into reality. He believes that he can, and thereStill a puzzled look ensued my suggestion. However, now I could see my clients eyes widen with interest. I suggested that he borrows Bransons beliefs. I asked my client to write a list of what he felt stopped him so far? What was it that was holding him from being where he wanted to be? decisions youve made, thoughts youve had, which stem from the beliefs you harbour. In short, your results are the outcome of the beliefs you hold. With a puzzled look and over a very silent few seconds I could tell that he didnt believe that would be possible either. So I gave him what so many people hope for (no not a silver bullet, magic potion, Abra Cadabra, but a how to tip). back in business, when he could choose to have ones that propelled his business results? cently when he shared with me his





Believe that you will always find solutions when faced with challenging circumstances


Believe that you are in control of your future


Believe that as you grow, so will everything else around you

fore he does. Who would have thought of Virgin Galactic? Branson did. And before doing so, first and foremost he believed it to be true. I went on to suggest to my client that from this point on, when it comes to any of his business matters, I wanted him to think of Sir Richard Branson. Where ever he came to having a business thought, having to make a decision or take an action, I wanted him to ask two questions, What would Branson Believe in this moment? And what would he do? But Im not Sir Richard Branson, my client rushed to state the obvious, and some of you reading this would have thought the same as well. Indeed you may not be Branson today, but you can certainly borrow his winning beliefs. By borrowing his beliefs you can walk in his shoes so to speak. And in doing so, you begin to model a successful figure. By believing like one, you begin to think like one, deciding like one, acting like one until one day you enjoy the results that is a reflection of a winners belief. Also we as humans are creatures of habit. Soon you will find that although you might have borrowed Bransons Beliefs to start of with, they end becoming part of your repertoire, and therefore its the new and improved version of you. Your

beliefs form the baseline for all your business results. The quality of your results is ultimately determined by the beliefs you hold. Make sure you develop winning beliefs like Bransons, and if you find it challenging to start of with, feel free to borrow Bransons beliefs until you develop your own winning ones. Believe that you will make it big in business, and it will hold true, as it always does for every winner out there. Whether you believe that you can or believe that you cant, you will always be made right. Here are 10 quick fire Winning Beliefs that you can borrow (until they become your own). Instil these beliefs to help you create the business results you desire for this year and the many more years to come. 1. Believe for things to be possible. 2. Believe in abundance of money, resources and talent 3. Believe that you are capable and can certainly learn whats required in order to achieve your business goals

8. Believe that failures are simply expensive lessons in business 9. Believe that you have courage to pursue what you seek 10. Believe that you are the best person for the job. If anyone else can do it, so can you Until we meet in person, Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going !!! Athletes, Celebrities, CEOs, Direct Selling Groups, Executives, Government Entities Models, Musicians, Private Companies, Public Organisations, Royalties, Schools, Sports Teams and Universities call for Kevin Abdulrahman when it comes to wanting an international speaker and mind nutrition expert to consult, coach, train, work with and speak in the areas of motivation, leadership, developing high performing teams and public speaking coaching. You can visit his website on www. BestMotivationalSpeaker.Me or contact Kevin Abdulrahmans Management Team on Receive Kevin Abdulrahmans gift to you by going on Enter code vision to receive your full


Believe in your vision, even if you are the only person who sees it.

free e-copy of The Book on What Ever Youre Into courtesy of Kevin Abdulrahman and Obtainer Magazine.



International Author, Inspirational Speaker on Motivation and Leadership. The Authority in the eld of Mind Nutrition.

No one needs to give you permission to be Great. You hold that Authority

Kevin Abdulrahman

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