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Urban design principles

1. Learn from the past to plan for the future
Reveal the rich history of the
Promote exciting new uses for
the redundant historic setting
2. Reinforce the varied landscape character along the
1 5
1. The Creative Quarter
2. Harbour Square
3. Harbour Front
4. Harbour
5. The Sand Beach
6. Marine Parade
7. Shingle Beach
8. Pier Head Quarter
9. Stone Pier
10. Lower Leas Park
11. Green Walk
Derek Jarman's garden, Dungeness
3. Create an exemplary pedestrian and cycle environment
Build a continuous public
domain along the waterfront
Ensure that all buildings
enliven the public realm with
active frontages.
ntroduce safe pedestrian
Reduce the width of vehicle
Tame and humanise the one
way system
Barcelona Waterfront
along the seafront - the 'best place on two legs'
4. Re-connect the town centre with the Seafront
Provide strong connections
between the Town Centre and
the Harbour
Create a new public square as
the heart uniting the Harbour
and the Town Centre
mprove accessibility between
Upper and Lower Leas
Bercy Village, Paris
5. Re-use the former rail line as a 'green' pedestrian and
cycle route
Restore the rail line as a
strong new link between East
Folkestone and the Seafront
Create a green link for
pedestrians and cyclists
Celebrate the harbour arm as
a place to refect the towns
history and creativity
Establish the harbour arm as a
new part of Folkestone's public
Promenade Plantee, Paris
Highline, New York City
6. Revitalise the harbour as a lively and vibrant
Redevelop the harbour with
small scale retail & leisure
Build on the unique maritime
Promote water festivals and
sea sports
Celebrate the regional and
national culinary traditions
of the country and seaside,
promote locally sourced food
Fish Market
7. Use a variety of designers to create complexity and
variety in the architecture
Old High Street
8. Create a strong linking boulevard along Marine Parade
Create a place of lively seafront
Make the Marine Parade part of
a high quality public realm
Establish a series of linked
events and activities
A coherent connection between
Lower Leas Park and the
Newcastle Quayside
9. Develop a phased and pragmatic plan to develop the
Redevelop the seafront
gradually, not by comprehensive
Each building should;
- sit on the ground on its
own site.
- have its own front door, own
access and car parking
- have its own architectural
expression and character.
Pre-phase 01 beach nourishment Phase 01
Phase 02
Phase 04
Phase 03
Phase 05
10 Develop a collage of different character areas
along the Seafront and Harbour
The Creative Quarter
Lower Leas
Coastal Park
Marine Parade
Harbour Square
Harbour Front
Outer Harbour
The Sand Beach
Pier Head Quarter
Harbour Arm
Shingle Beach
The Green Walk
1 The Creative Quarter
2 Harbour Square
3 Harbour Front
4 Outer Harbour 5 The Sand Beach 6/7 Marine Parade and Shingle Beach 8 Pier Head Quarter
9 Harbour Arm
10 Lower Leas Coastal Park
11 The Green Walk