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Scott E.

Cowman April 23, 2008 Page 3

April 23, 2008

Scott E. Cowman Member Cajun Custom Homes, LLC 3170 State Street Drive New Orleans, LA 70125 Scott: It has come to my attention that you continue to ignore the corporate directives passed by the membership of Cajun Custom Homes. Two immediate examples of this are: You had discussions with a subcontractor implying that you still retain some level of control within the company. This cannot be further from the truth given the Resolution passed that suspended all authority you had. This is a personal and business friend of Mike. Your continuous interference is embarrassing to us as an entity. 2. In front of a witness, you called Mary Vastola at Coldwell Banker TEC and libelously slandered the President of CCH, Mike Smith.

Given your past and continuous actions, I believe it is necessary to inform you as to the next steps in our relationship. I have instructed Mike Smith to deal with Regions Bank. There have been tremendous inconsistencies in our corporate account we need to rectify. To that end, Mike will be filing an Affidavit of Fraud with the bank. This will include our reference to your potential misappropriation of funds. Secondly Bruce and I have contacted the New Orleans Police Department to escort Mike Smith as he secures not only our corporate assets, including the new vehicle you still have not titled, licensed nor insured properly, but my personal belongings left in our offices as well. A partial list of those items was sent to you in my last correspondence. Citing that letter from April 18:

3170 State Street Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125 Phone: (504) 272-4770

Scott E. Cowman April 23, 2008 Page 3

Mike Smith is traveling to New Orleans the week of April 21 and would like to meet with you. Please contact Mike this weekend to schedule a mutually convenient time for him to collect the items listed below. He will require access to the laptop and all corporate documentation in order to analyze the current state of Cajun Custom Homes. The following list is a start:
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o.

Invoices due Corporate documentation regarding taxes (e.g. 941 deposit records and forms, sales tax receipts, etc.) Workers Compensation audit information and results All employee timesheets Bids and corporate proposals Contracts with Scope of Work Agreements Previous pay history Insurance certificates for General Liability and Workers Comp for all vendors paid by CCH Quotes and pending jobs Pricing policies and procedures Floor plans from our vendors Contact information for all related entities of CCH Any pending liabilities or incurred debt of CCH Any pending receivables Any other documents he may require in order to ensure a smooth transition

This notice is to serve as final notification of the corporate decision for you to cease and desist all activities related to CCH. It is and remains the desire of the majority of the membership to retain control of the operations of the corporation and not allow your past activities to continue. Again, all authority you had with CCH has been suspended indefinitely and if your actions continue, criminal charges will be filed. It is not my intention to notify you via email and regular U.S. Mail, but you have not returned calls placed to you. Instead you continue to try and muster support where, frankly, there is none.

Since your actions have not changed and you refuse to be bound by Corporate Resolutions, I have had no other alternative but to contact the authorities. Your constant interference is a detriment to the ongoing business operations that need to be in place to rectify the financial situation of the corporation.

3170 State Street Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125 Phone: (504) 272-4770

Scott E. Cowman April 23, 2008 Page 3


Joseph F. Turi Managing Member cc: Bruce Moore, Member Michael W. Smith, President

3170 State Street Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125 Phone: (504) 272-4770