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100 years young

Jenna Campbell Times Jr Reporter

One Rock takes over Rockyford

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Carseland Aggie Days unites community

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Strathmores first Tri-Smore Triathlon a hit

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Following the celebrations of Fridays Canada day, Strathmore will also be celebrating its 100 years of existence, with events ranging from beard growing contests to the dunk water tank at Fire hall, as well as pie baking contests to face painting. The numerous events will begin on Saturday, July 2, all day and continuing on throughout Sunday, July 3. Many of the weekends events will be celebrated on 2nd avenue, commonly known as the main street of Strathmore. Many events are also being held at Kinsmen Park. A particularly important event is being held at the new Heritage Park and the clock that has been constructed on 2nd avenue. It will be unveiled in the Dedication of Clock and Centennial Times Square, on Saturday morning at 11:45 a.m. Michael Ell, the Chairman of the Centennial Committee believes that the park will be the focus and centre of downtown. Despite the events significance, Ell, who has been a resident of Strathmore for 34 years, is more excited about Strathmores centennial as a whole. Strathmore is 100 years old, and in those 100 years, we have gone from a little bit less than 500 people to 12,000, and here we are today celebrating the centennial, said Ell. Another event which Ell believes to hold great significance is the Chautauqua, which is going to be held at Kinsmen Park at the Bandshell and Coca Cola Stage, on Saturday, July 2, at 1 p.m. The event dates back to the 1920s, and is being brought back to life. The Chautauqua was a travelling educational movement, which was presented to the rural folk as a means of entertainment, culture, and information about what was happening in the world. The Chautauqua often included motivational speakers, preachers, musicians and teachers. Once new technologies like television and radio became more accessible, the Chautauqua movement eventually lost popularity. Instead of focusing completely on the past 100 years, the centennial celebrations are also aiming forwards into the future, viewing Strathmore to not be 100 years old, but rather, 100 years young. We have a history, unfortunately we havent kept our history as well as we should, but it means we have an opportunity to be looking toward the future and where we want to be in the next 100 years. How do we want to preserve what we have today for our future residents, I thinks thats really important, said Ell. More information about Canada Day and the Centennials schedule of events, visit Strathmores home site, or see pages 4 & 5.

Year end fun!

Julianna Bouchard (left) and Angelina Palardy give it their all on at the obstacle course set up as a part of Sacred Heart Academys year end celebrations on June 27. Both girls will be heading into Grade 4 next year. Shannon LeClair Photo





Page 2 Strathmore TIMeS July 1, 2011


Pine PINE CENTRE Pine Centre - 110J, 800 110J, 800 PINE ROAD road,Strathmore, ab STRATHMORE, AB 403-934-3439

OPEN 7 DAYS 11 AM - 9 PM


If you live in the area (Wheatland County, Strathmore & Langdon) and are not receiving your


One Rock, a Christian music festival took place in Rockyford on June 25 and 26, featuring a combined concert with MashetiMoses and FX of Grace. Daxon Jones (left), front MashetiMoses, Ashton Siquera, drums Nick Peloso, lead singer/guitar Andrew Peloso, female singer Nathalie Ivnik and on keys Dylan Jones.

Manny Everett Photo

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Rockyford Rocks Out at annual Christian music festival

Manny EvErEtt Times Contributor One Rock, a Christian music festival, descended on the Village of Rockyford and put on some stellar music performances over the weekend. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, along with local parish St. Ritas in Rockyford, worked hard at bringing One Rock back to the community after last years inaugural debut. Many volunteers came together to book Christian artists and prepare for celebrating various masses throughout the jam packed weekend agenda. Saturday morning started off with an opening address and welcoming prayer by Father Krystian Golisz, who serves locally at St. Ritas parish. I extend an especially warm welcome to the youth and young adults who have come to participate. For many of you, this will be the foretaste and send off with Bishops blessing to the World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. said Fr. Golisz. Saturday was a busy day with lots of very impressive entertainers, including such groups as FX of Grace, MashetiMoses, Unity Gain, Fanny Magnificat, Janelle, Michael Chiasson and John Angotti. Every group was great with the crowds really getting involved. There was a stage set up in the rodeo grounds, as well as a stage set up inside St. Ritas church. In the arena there was a trade fair with many different venues geared toward youth and what is available to them for increasing their faith journey. The crowd was a little smaller on Saturday, but the weather was much better than it was on Sunday. Sunday was a more spiritual day with the Stations of the Cross, the mass and then the Eucharistic Procession, all very well attended. The whole weekend was a very inspirational and entertaining, even if the weather didnt cooperate as well as it could have. Two years ago Father Krystian (St. Ritas current Parish Priest) arrived in Rockyford and right away had this vision of hosting a Christian rock concert right in Rockyford. He talked to Bishop Henry in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary and was immediately supported and encouraged to proceed with the planning. An organizational group was formed in the diocese with many participants, and the first One Rock concert weekend was held in Rockyford last summer and was huge success! This year it was a two-day event whereas last year it was only a one-day event. The event was held in June so the youth planning on attending the World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain in August 16-21 could come and get prepared and inspired by One Rock before they continued on there journey. Dorothy Geeraert (a prominent member of the local parish and resident of Rockyford) stated How great for Father Krystian to see his vision become a reality. Geeraert also said that all of us in Rockyford feel very fortunate and proud to have this caliber of event in our town and hope that it continues to be a success.

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Community cleanup
Approximately 40 volunteers were at the youth centre on June 25 to clean up the building. It was an all day event, and though much was accomplished, there is still more to come. The Youth Club of Strathmore will run the centre once the building is ready to be re-opened.


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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 3

Saying goodbye after 35 years

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Its been a long, happy road for Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy, TLCA, Principal Harold Warr, whose time as an educator is about to end. Ive decided to retire. This is my 35th year in education and Ive always had this sort of dream of freedom 55, but Im 56 now, so Ive sort of missed the dream by at least a year, but now Im looking forward to sort of not being a slave to the bell, said Warr. Warr and his wife had come to Strathmore in August three years ago, when the year the school opened. Upon looking at the school, the Warrs saw that it was vacant and were concerned about being able to get everything ready in time for the first school year. They had about two weeks to get everything ready, but Warr said the support from the community, the division and parents helped open the school on time. There were times Warr thought they would have to postpone the opening, and was pleased when they didnt have to. Its been absolutely wonderful ever since then. Mainly because of the kind of support that the school has received, said Warr. The school was able to raise the money for the playground in the first year, something Warr thought would take five years, and get it installed in the second year. We started this year with the major task of (acquiring) active boards, they were the latest tool in a teachers world and we didnt have any, and you know it just happened and now we have active board in each classroom, said Warr. Its been successful and so rewarding to see all of these things unfold that, even though I will miss the school and
After 35 years of working in education Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy, TLCA, Principal Harold Warr has decided to retire. Pastor Nick, left, presented Warr with a framed photo as a way to say thank you for his years of hard work at TLCA on June 22.

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8:00 pm Nightly, closed Mondays

shannon LeClair Photo

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the students and the parents, I feel like Im retiring at the right time. A lot of the things that I thought would take a lot longer to accomplish, were accomplished in a short time frame and its just been rewarding to see that happen and to be working with kids who are excellent in so many ways. The kids are already beginning to compete in, and win regional competitions, which he is happy to see that unfold in just three short years, and he said the staff is second to none. Warr said it has really been a joy to work in Strathmore, a town he had never heard of until seeing an ad for a principal in a new Christian school on the educations Canada website. He always dreamt of living in different parts of Canada, so it was easy for him to say yes. The plan now is to explore this part of the country more fully because its been really busy here and we have gone back to Newfoundland in the summer time since we arrived here, the past two summers, said Warr. We havent had a whole lot of time to explore Alberta, and the neighbouring provinces and the states so were going to explore and travel. Definitely next year is going to be a year to take it easy and just sort of plan for the next part of our lives.

114 2nd ave, strathmore, aB

Gigantic community garage sale brings in record amount

Manny everett Times Contributor The long anticipated Garage Sale in Standard came off as a huge success on June 25 with many people finding treasures, and in some cases necessities. The Standard Community Hall Board had been collecting items for just over two months from all around the community. People had donated everything imaginable from antiques and collectibles to household items and toys. When the doors opened at noon, a crowd had already gathered to get the best of the pick said Donna SandenNelson, as large items were leaving the Arena. A silent auction area was set up for interested buyers to make bids up until 4 p.m. Many were hovering to keep placing and upping their bids for coveted items such as a secretarys chair, antique dining set, nativity set with crche and the very popular Danish blue figurines as well as framed pictures and antique horse apparel. During the day, one could find themselves getting hungry with all their shopping and were easily satisfied with a variety of pies available at the sale donated by many community folk for the fundraising event. The pie sales certainly contributed to the success of the day. People trickled in all day long at the Arena with many coming back for second and third glances and purchases. Overheard many times was the comment that other peoples discards are treasures for someone else. Marel Clark, one of the sales organizers, said that the day was quite success with lots of people browsing and visiting over pie. The day was just so enjoyable for all who came and all those who volunteered to help with the event. Clark stated that just over $6,100 was made over the day with the sale, antiques and pies.

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Times TidbiTs

Standard held a gigantic garage sale on June 25 to help raise funds for the new community hall. Pie sales went well. Bottom photo: Two of the organizing volunteers that helped make the day go smoothly, Donna Sanden-Nelson and Traci Rasmussen.

Manny Everett Photos

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900 Westridge road, strathmore

Page 4 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

We heard theres room in...

town of


will be held July 6th & 20th at 7:30 pm.

Agendas are available on the Town Website under Council.


Come Join the Fun Friday, July 1st, 2011

7:30 10:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 12:00 Noon Firefighters and EPCOR Pancake Breakfast (Held a the Fire Hall 721 Lakeside Boulevard) Kiddies Karnival, Sponsored by Community Crisis Centre Flag Raising at Kinsmen Park by Royal Canadian Legion Mayors Welcome, Dignitaries Shelbi Ramsay Miss Teen Wheatland County Singing of OCanada & Shalom Brentwood Choir Introduction of New Citizens Best Dressed Contest Prizes Kevin Sorensen Cake Decorating Cake Auction Auctioneer: Kevin Sorensen Cake Cutting for Citizens Music by Ken (Ken Stobbe) Canoe Races Kinsmen Lake Strathmore Boys & Girls Club Nightingale Karaoke (S.W. Gazebo) Contest & Prizes Food Booth Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 Keister Family Fiddlers Katie Rox Keister Family Fiddlers Calgary Dance Express Youth Bands Pulse Fireworks

CeLeBRATinG 100 yeARS!!!!

Town of Strathmore in conjunction with The Fireworks Factory are planning to produce the most extravagant Fireworks Show ever seen in Strathmore! Join the Mayor & Council at Kinsmen Park on July 1st, 2011 at 11:00 P.M.

12:45 p.m. 12:45 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 11:30 2:00 p.m. 2:00 3:30 p.m. 1:00 5:00 p.m. 1:00 6:00 p.m. 2:00 2:30 p.m. 2:30 4:00 p.m. 4:00 4:30 p.m. 4:30 5:00 p.m. 6:00 8:00 p.m. 8:00 10:45 p.m. 11:00 p.m.


On Sale at the Town Office $40.00

The Irrigation System for the year 2011 will not be running. Please watch for a credit on your next Utility Bill for monies that had been pre-paid.


The Town of Strathmore wants to continuously clean up our community and make it an even more beautiful place. In some of the yards, we have noticed some old vehicles that you may want to have picked up. These vehicles can be picked up free of charge and recycled. If you have any old vehicles that you are interested in having recycled, Please call Eagle Head Auto at 403-934-3434. They are a government registered auto recycling facility.

ODD Numbered Houses Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. eVen Numbered Houses Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.


Water bills will be processed in early July. If you wish to receive them electronically, please contact the Town of Strathmore with your e-mail address.


The Development Permit for the Discretionary Use listed below has been conditionally approved in accordance with the Town of Strathmores Land Use Bylaw.

APPLiCATiOn 10/D-030

CiViC ADDReSS 380 Ridge Road

LeGAL DeSCRiPTiOn Lot 5, Block 1, Plan 9913397

DeVeLOPMenT Parking Stall Variance (40 stalls), and the landscaping requirements for Addition to existing Building,

The town encourages all residents to pick-up a Weed Wise brochure at the town office. It has information on which plants to avoid in your garden and offers good alternatives. You can also visit www.invasiveplants.ab

The above permit shall not be valid until fourteen days after the Notice of Decision has been published. Any person wishing to appeal this decision may do so by mailing a Notice of Appeal with a fee of $100.00 to the Secretary, Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, 680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1J1 within the fourteen days. Notice of Decision published this 30th day of June, 2011. Tammy Henry, M. PL, RPP, MCIP Director, Planning & Development
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 403-934-3133 Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 5


10:00 2:00 Eagle 100.9 FM Live Broadcast, 2nd Avenue 10:00 Antique Car show on 2nd Avenue 11:00 Beard Growing Awards - The Cutting Crew Barber Shop, 2nd Avenue 11:30 Raising of the Flag Kinsmen Park 11:45 Dedication of Clock and New Heritage Times Square park, 2nd Avenue 12:10 Vintage Plane Fly over just look up! 1:00 - 4:00 Horse drawn Wagon Rides, East side of Kinsmen Park 1:00 Chautauqua in Kinsmen Park at Bandshell & Stampede Stage o Stampede Line Dancers o Mike Newton Magician o Strathmore Stompers o Chuck Bayley - Balladeer o Calgary Stampede Princesses o Lindsay Goebel and The Scavengers o Strathmore Theatre Players o Careless Murphy o Expressions Dancers o Doug Thurn o Strathmore Childrens Choir 2:00 - 4:00 Dunk Tank near the Firehall 7:00 - 8:00 Gleichen Choir Concert at the Bandshell Also watch for: Calgary Stampede Princesses Roving Mascots Line Dancers Food vendors 2nd Avenue Sidewalk Sale


2:00 - 6:00 Olde Fashioned Picnic in the Park: o Childrens games o Tug of War o Jumpy Castle o Balloon toss o Face Painting. 2:00 - 6:00 Marble Slab Creamery Sundaes on Sunday in Kinsmen Park 4:00 - 6:00 M & M Meats food vendor, Kinsmen Park 1:00 - 3:00 Pie Baking Contest & Auction, Kinsmen Park (proceeds to Boys and Girls Club of Strathmore) 6:00 Community Worship at the Bandshell (Sponsored by the Strathmore & Area Ministerial. Pastor Winston Sproule speaker. Also: See Historic display of Churches. Tour the new Heritage Banners along Lakeside Blvd and in the North parking lot of Kinsmen Park. Check out the Heritage Mural on the Strathmore Dental Bldg on 2nd Avenue. Visit the Centennial Community Garden at St. Michael and All Angels Church.

For your comfort: Be sure to bring your lawn chairs to the Saturday Chautauqua as well as the Sunday events

Check the Town of Strathmore website for up to date event details:

Page 6 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

July 1 - 4th!

All hArdy shrub roses

Varieties such as Morden Centennial, Winnipeg Parks, Morden Sunrise, Hansa, Blanc De Coubert, Navy Lady and may more.. Check out our for details of our

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Pizza in the Park!

The Grade 6 class from Hussar school enjoyed a Pizza in the Park after a great day of swimming June 23 in Drumheller. Students from Hussar School have been enjoying swimming lessons down at the Drumheller Aquaplex at various points during the school year. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 enjoyed a day of swimming, diving and sliding before the Hussar Home and School put on the Pizza in the Park.


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Photo courtesy of Pam Collett

Happy 10th Anniversary Sacred Heart!

Sacred Heart Academy, with the help of the Strathmore Fire Department, celebrated their 10th anniversary by taking a photo from way up in the sky June 24. Students formed the number 10, while a photo was taken from Strathmores newest firetruck.

(403) 934-3622
fax (403) 934-3626

Mario Prusina Photo Saying goodbye

Times TidbiTs

Located 5 km east of Strathmore lights & 2.5 km (Range Road 245) south off of Hwy 1.

When disaster strikes

Donella Swan Times Contributor When devastating forest fires swept through Slave Lake, it left its residents without much - some without anything. The outcry for donations was well heard by Albertans and people across Canada, but Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy of Strathmore did something truly remarkable. A clothing drive was held in the gymnasium of TLCA and the response was tremendous. I think it was a disaster that occurred and to see the overwhelming desire of the people of Strathmore and area to help fellow Albertans was truly heart-warming, said Principal of TLCA Harold Warr. The school council, students, and parent volunteers collected the donations made by citizens of Strathmore and surrounding area. It was the great effort of these volunteers that made the clothing drive possible. Coming in on the holiday Monday, Victoria Day on May 23, these volunteers gave up a day off to accept and sort the donations brought in to help Slave Lake. We were pleased with the opportunity to help. I mean you hear of all these disasters all over the world, but this one occurred in our own backyard, said Don
Westmount Grade 6 students end the year in anticipation for their enrolment into junior high with a water fight and BBQ last Thursday after school. it was a bittersweet goodbye for the teachers, who are sad to see them leave but excited for what lies ahead for them.

Canada is HUGE!
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Wendi Tashlikowich Photo


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Curbrelan enterprises StoreFront Student-of-the-Month

This program, sponsored by Theo Timmer of Curbrelan Enterprises, provides a $100.00 award for the Strathmore Storefront Student-of-the-Month. We sincerely thank Mr. Timmer for making this contribution to our school. The faith of community is important to all students.

at Rodeo alley (Main Street)

new location
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The Curbrelan Enterprises Strathmore StoreFront Studentof-the-Month for April, 2011 is

Alexis Muise

Alexis is a Junior High Student that has worked hard to complete her studies. Alexis continues to thrive in her studies, keep excellent attendance, and encourages her peers to do the same.

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Congratulations to Alexis for all that she has accomplished.

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ChooSe honour

Anyone wishing to get involved to help students reconnect with the community, please contact the Strathmore StoreFront School.

Derraugh, Chair Person of the Parent Council at TLCA. Businesses of Strathmore were of great help in advertising for the clothing drive. We posted notices all over town. Many of the businesses were eager to help, said Derraugh. Many clothing donations were made, but toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were given as many residents of Slave Lake were left with nothing, including the bare necessities. We really just cant thank people enough. They really stepped up to the plate to help Slave Lake, said Derraugh. These generous donations are currently being stored because they are eagerly awaiting the green light from Slave Lake. The northern town has been overwhelmed by donations from Alberta and across Canada. Due to the high volume of donations made to Slave Lake, and not enough volunteers to go around, they are just not quite ready to accept the generous donations at this time. The tremendous efforts of the school council, students, and parents of Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy and all the citizens of Strathmore who made donations will help in the rebuilding of Slave Lake and the rebuilding of the lives of its citizens.

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 7

Dan Shute, board chairman for the Westerm irrigation District, WiD, presented a cheque to Crowther memorial Junior High, CmJH, on June 22. CmJH in turn presented board and staff members of the WiD with a framed, autographed photo, thanking them for help in sending the students on the two-day field trip.

Town of STraThmore

Where Quality of Life is A Way of Life


The proposed Bylaw # 11-17 proposes to: (a) To change the land use designation for a portion of NW 22-24-25 W4M within the Town of Strathmore from A-G (Agriculture General) to R1N (Residential Narrow Lot Single Detached District), R3 (Residential Apartment District), UR (Urban Reserve), P1 (Public Service District) as shown on the attached Schedule.

Learning more about our water

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Water is quickly becoming a rare commodity and its important to teach our youth to conserve in every way they can. Seven Grade 8 classes from Crowther Memorial Junior High, CMJH, approximately 170 students, took part in RiverWatch. This was the second consecutive year the school has sent students. This year unfortunately the water level was too high and we werent able to go on the river, but we did all of the water quality testing before and after the Bonnybrook wastewater treatment plant, and we toured the waste treatment plant, said CMJH Grade 8 teacher Sonja Smart. RiverWatch is a program that sees thousands of Alberta students spend time on their local rivers in a floating laboratory each year. Smart said it fits in with the science unit in Grade 8 about fresh and salt water systems, and will help the students in Grade 9 and 10 classes as well.

Shannon LeClair Photo

The students each paid $20 for the trip, the WID helped out by donating another $20 for each student, and CMJH paid for the bussing. We are very closely tied to the river, and we take our water out of the river, and when these students are interested in whats happening on the river, we wanted to support that, said Erwin Braun, General Manager for the WID about why they support the program. We found out about the program and found that it would support of curricular goals, so we looked into getting sponsorship to go, said Smart. As part of the unit there were five different tests and each test was based on one of the curriculum outcomes for the unit. Instead of writing the test, the students also had the option of taking part in a song-writing contest. Sho Blunderfield was the only student who took the opportunity to write a song. His song relayed a powerful message that he believes everyone should use less water and try to conserve so there will be water for future generations.

A copy of the proposed Bylaw may be inspected by the public during regular office hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday at the Town Office. Please contact the Town Office if you would like an opportunity to review and provide input on the proposed amendments prior to the Public Hearing. The Public Hearing will be held at the Council Chambers, Strathmore Municipal Building, 680 Westchester Road, on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011, commencing at 7:30 pm with procedures in accordance with the Town of Strathmore Council Procedural Bylaw #07-11 and amendments thereto. Any person or group of persons, or person acting on his or their behalf, who claims to be affected by any or all of the proposed bylaws may present suggestions or concerns by making a submission to the public hearing. Written submissions to the Public Hearing or the name of any person wishing to make an oral presentation at the Public Hearing must be received by the Planning and Development Department prior to 12:00 noon on Wednesday June 29th, 2011 as outlined in Bylaw #07-11 and amendments thereto. If your written submission is not received by this time, please provide fifteen (15) copies for distribution at the Public Hearing. Each person wishing to address Council at the Public Hearing shall complete their verbal presentation within five minutes. Please note that written submissions will become public documents once submitted to the Town, unless otherwise requested. Tammy Henry, M.PL, RPP, MCIP Director of Planning and Development

Dance students recognized for their hard work

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Dance can be a tough sport, with many challenges but also with many rewards. This year four Expressions, the Dance Gallery, EDG, students were recognized for their hard work. Neve Raycroft was awarded title of Dancer of the Year and was presented with a $500 scholarship to assist with future dance endeavors. Raycrofts favourite things about dance are the, costumes and going on stage and her Broadway baby costume which she wore for her solo this year was her favourite. She has been dancing since she was three-years-old and loves it just as much now as she did then. Use it towards the summer camps (the summer intensive), said Raycroft about how she plans to spend her scholarship. Dance isnt all fun, and doing bar work is the one thing about dance lessons that she doesnt like, but her favourite styles of dance are, jazz and ballet and musical theatre. Next year Raycroft is excited about her duet with her friend Erin. Alexandra Stewart, 14 was the first runner up and received a $400 scholarship. Three years ago she began dancing. Her sister had joined EDG and Stewart decided to give it a try too. I love dance. My favourite styleIm going to have to say contemporary, said Stewart. I get to meet new people and I just get to have a lot of fun because Im not into other sports. Its just a good way to stay active too. She too plans to use the money she received for the summer dance intensive program. She usually practices five days a week, and though its only been three years she knows she wants to continue with dance in her future. I want to go to a school in New York and keep training once I graduate from here, said Stewart.

The four dancers were: Back: mercedez Allen (left) 12 years old. Alexandra Stewart (right) 14 years old. Front: Neve Raycroft (left) 9 years old. Sydni Sundgaard (right) 7 years old.

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Sundgaard

Sydni Sundgaard, 7, was the second runner up, winning a $300 dance scholarship. She has been dancing since she was two and a half and her favourite style of dance is jazz, which she loves for the music and the beat, plus the spins and jumps. She admitted to being surprised when she got the scholarship, and plans to keep dancing at this point. Sundgaard likes the competition dances the best, and her jazz duet was her favourite performance this year. These kids work really hard, even when they are just little they work really hard. Sydni works very hard, practicing at home all the time in between, giving up birthday parties once in awhile, said Sydnis mom Sharon Sundgaard. Mercedez Allen, 12, was the third runner up and she also received a scholarship in the amount of $200. I was super excited, said Allen. I do tap, jazz and ballet, and I help out with some hip hop. Her favourite costume was from when they had a jazz number, and the costume was similar to a dress with all sorts of patterns and colours on it. Im hoping to do a duet next year, said Allen about how she plans to use her scholarship. Tap is her favourite style of dance because, I just like the sounds the taps make. They all love dance for different reasons, and were all surprised but happy to hear they had been picked to receive scholarships.

Page 8 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

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Our flag, our history
The search for a new Canadian Flag started in earnest in 1925 when a committee of the Privy Council began to research possible designs for a national flag. However, the work of the committee was never completed. Later, in 1946, a select parliamentary committee was appointed with a similar mandate, called for submissions and received more than 2,600 designs. Still, the Parliament of Canada was never called upon to formally vote on a design. Early in 1964, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson informed the House of Commons that the government wished to adopt a distinctive national flag. The 1967 centennial celebration of Confederation was, after all, approaching. As a result, a Senate and House of Commons Committee were formed and submissions were called for once again. The exercise captured the imagination of the country. The committee held 46 sittings. It listened to hours of testimony from experts, historians and ordinary citizens. It was flooded by more than 2000 proposed designs. Thousands of Canadians responded with flag designs of their own, using everything from beavers munching on birch trees to the northern lights shining over the Arctic Ocean to represent the country. In October 1964, after eliminating various proposals, the committee was left with three possible designs - a Red Ensign with the fleur-de-lis and the Union Jack, a design incorporating three red maple leaves, and a red flag with a single, stylized red maple leaf on a white square. Mr. Pearson himself preferred a design with three red maple leaves between two blue borders. The names of Mr. John Matheson and Dr. George Stanley are well known in the story of the evolution of a new Canadian flag. Mr. Matheson, an Ontario Member of Parliament, was perhaps one of the strongest supporters of a new flag and played a key advisory role. Dr. Stanley was Dean of Arts at the Royal Military College in Kingston, and brought to the attention of the committee the fact that the Commandants flag at the College - a maple leaf on a red and white ground was quite attractive. The committee eventually decided to recommend the single-leaf design, which was approved by resolution of the House of Commons on December 15, 1964, followed by the Senate on December 17, 1964, and proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to take effect on February 15, 1965. The National Flag of Canada, then, came into being - almost 100 years after the Dominion in 1867.

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4 cups rhubarb, 1 inch pieces 1 cups granulated sugar 1 tsp grated orange zest 1 tbsp cornstarch cup orange juice 1 cup flour cup brown sugar tsp salt 1 cup quick cooking oatmeal (not instant) 12 tbsp cold butter, diced

Rhubarb Crumble

Preheat oven to 350F Toss rhubarb, cup of granulated sugar and orange zest together in large bowl. In a measuring cup, dissolve the cornstarch in the orange juice and then mix into rhubarb. Pour the mixture into an 8 by 11 baking dish and place it on a sheet pan to catch drippings. Topping: Combine the flour, the remaining cup granulated sugar, the brown sugar, salt and oatmeal. With a mixer on low speed, add the butter and mix until the dry ingredients are moist and the mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle the topping over rhubarb, covering it completely and back for about an hour or until fruit is bubbling and the topping is golden brown.

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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 9

Letters to the editor

Questions regarding the Centennial Celebration

To the Editor Recently the Centennial Committee and/or the Town of Strathmore hired an out-of-town company to launch the fireworks for Strathmores 100 Birthday Celebration. This contract was not published for tender. The vendor advertises in a local paper to launch and sell fireworks, but does not have a business licence to operate in the Town of Strathmore (an out of town business licence). Previously a number of displays by this company have been launched for nonprofit organizations, not requiring a licence under the bylaw but they do require one for any other business within Strathmore including this event. Do they also purchase a permit to launch or are they exempt from that as well. No tender was held for this contract and there are other Licensed Fireworks Display Technicians in Strathmore. As for the plans to produce the most extravagant Fireworks Show ever seen in Strathmore! it should not be too difficult due to the fact that it has been the same company with the strangle hold on all of the events. Just add a sparkler and you have improved substantially. Tax payer money is spent on this event and no paperwork on tenders. Were the Centennial Pins tendered out? Was anything tendered out? Rumour has it that $60,000 was budgeted for this event with tax payers money. A Black Tie Event to be held in the fall for a large fee per ticket means Exclusive and not Inclusive. Hold a Free Event for everyone at the Civic Centre or the Arena to grow together as a Community rather than a Pat Yourself on the Back Event for the Committee and Council. Where does all of the money go and why are there no tenders? Puzzling considering that Council ran on the platform of Transparency and Accountability. Mr. John M. Whieldon Strathmore

The comforts of home

This group of robins calls eagle Lake Nurseries home. The nest was built on a gargoyle statue inside of the tent.

Photo courtesy of Eagle Lake Nurseries

Raising awareness for animal cruelty

To the Editor Just recently I was invited to a Facebook page called Animal Cruelty in Delacore/Conrich area. I was shocked and appalled to see the pictures on the page. It is my understanding that this guy is going into peoples personal yards and shooting their pets. As he was quoted saying on one picture of his victim, I shot him because I didnt like his eyes. What gives you the right to do that?!?!?!? I am trying to make the public aware that there is some guy(s) out there that are shooting these family pets for no reason at all! I know that Delacore is 15 to 20 minutes away from us, but stuff like this can/could be happening in our backyards as well! This senseless act has been going on since 1991 according to the pictures on the page. Just recently, a lady had her doberman dog shot and then drug down a gravel road and left in a farmers field. This is a list dating back as far as 1991 (Dates and animals names that have been killed): Lady killed in 1991, Tippy killed in 1992, Cujo killed in 1999, Lak killed March 22, 2010 and Doberman killed June 10, 2011. Yoshi (although not killed, was threatened to a child nonetheless) quote Looks like your parents got me more target practice. There is not a lot of information on the page due to it being a fairly new page, but from my understanding the one family affected by this has had six dogs killed by these individuals and several other families have heard disturbing comments from these people as well. This individual needs to be stopped before someones child accidently gets shot because of this guy. Michelle Helfrich, Strathmore

Potable Watergate scandal in Strathmore?

To the Editor Your potable water recycling (sewage) charge is determined by your potable water meter reading. However, potable water that is used outdoors is not recycled through the sewage system. Therefore, it is inappropriate to charge a recycling fee for potable water used outside. However, there is no other way of metering your sewage other than the intake of potable water. To correct for this, the town applied a procedure to exempt outdoor watering from this inappropriate charge. From May 2004 until September 2010 (seven summers) your utility bill contained the following statement, During the months of May to August inclusive, the Variable Sewer charge is based upon your average potable water usage during the previous eight months. This is logical as it assumes your summer usage will be a combination of indoor and outdoor usage. By billing only your average usage for the preceding eight months the outdoor usage is exempted. It is conservatively estimated that average (not 2010) outdoor usage is 40m3 per year (although the Town has cited 114m3 when it was trying to claim residential irrigation was being heavily subsidized). For the first five summers the variable component of the sewer charge was $0.45/m3, but for the last two summers it increased to $0.63m3. It is now $1.60/m3. The actual bill was not calculated as stated on your bill. There was no recycling exemption for outdoor usage. You were charged a sewer charge for all of your potable water. Based on an average of 40m3/year the overcharge would amount to approximately $387,000 for the full period (seven summers). This is after tax income and does not include interest. This may have seemed like a windfall to council, but it was not. A windfall is an unexpected gain. This was neither an accident nor unexpected, although it may be illegal. However, it was not done for personal monetary gain. Like Nixons Watergate it was more about political gain. The Town administrations response to an individuals request for a refund on his 2010 sewage over charge was simply rebuffed. The town removed the false statement from the utility bill. This resolved the issue of misrepresentation but you are now paying 1.60/m3 sewage charge when you water outside. Perhaps it is time for council to investigate the handling of this issue. Refunding the total amount has several problems, but there are potential solutions that could simultaneously address this and other issues.


Tracey Rogers Office Manager

Bob Carver, Strathmore

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Page 10 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

What a year for Strathmore music students!

Karly ZinKen Junior High & Senior High Band Teacher SHS and CMJHS music students are finishing up a year filled with great musical experiences. September started with the new Grade 7 band students receiving their instruments for the first time. They participated in a band clinic where professional musicians taught the students about the intricacies of their instrument. The clinic day finished with the Grade 7s able to play five notes! The Grade 7s were faced with the challenges of having 38 students in their class, but they were focused and dedicated and improved by leaps and bounds throughout the year. For a week in October, we hosted Professor Wendy Grasdahl as our artist in residence. Professor Grasdahl worked with each band Grade 7 Band, Grade 8 Band, Grade 9 Band, CMJHS Jazz Band, SHS Concert Band, and SHS Jazz Band. We learned about the importance of good breathing, how to warm up effectively, how to play with expression, how to work together as a group, and how to be accurate players. Throughout the semester the SHS choir had the opportunity to collaborate with Burton Harker, a local voice teacher and music educator. Burton presented the choir with a workshop on the basics of singing technique, and gave the choir a solid foundation to build on. Burton continued to work with the choir as an accompanist and musical consultant. The choir performed a haunting rendition of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables and Sarah McLaughlins I Will Remember You at the SHS Remembrance Day Ceremony. In November, I attended the Alberta Music Conference. This is a unique opportunity for Alberta Music Educators to gather together to listen to internationally renowned speakers and outstanding musical performances which inspire and energize us to take the information home to our students. During this conference Taryll Wiebe, a member of the SHS Concert Band, played with the Alberta Honor Band. Along with hundreds of other band students from around Alberta, Taryll prepared an audition for the band. She was one of the 80 students who were chosen to represent top Alberta band students. WOW! December was the month of Winter Concerts. This first concert of the year allowed students to share the culmination of months of practice. The theme of these concerts was Classical Classics and introduced students and their parents to famous classical music. The CMJHS Winter Concert showcased the amazing accomplishments of the Grade 7 Band and showed the progression of learning throughout Grade 8 and 9. Bugs Bunny would have been proud to hear so many classics featured on Loony Toons! The SHS Winter Concert featured the choir and the concert band. The SHS Winter Concert has a history of being so enjoyable that our vice principals young daughter decided to postpone putting up the Christmas tree to attend! This concert exceeded expectations. The choirs energetic and expressive singing was followed by the concert bands lively playing. The concert featured folk classics such as Loch Lomond, music from Hairspary, the Can Can, and concluded with a combined choir and band presentation of Ode to Joy. December concluded with a Talent Show at SHS and featured performances by the SHS Jazz Band and a number of soloists from the SHS Choir! We have a talented bunch here in Strathmore. February marked the beginning of the Electronic Music class at SHS. Through the Strathmore Public School Music Parents Association, we applied for a Community Initiatives Program Grant through the Alberta government. The SPSMPA was able to supply the music program with 15 MacBook computers! These computers have become an integral part of the Electronic Music class where students experiment with creating, recording and producing their own music. The course included a trip to The Beach Advanced Audio Recording Studio, where students experienced the inner workings of a professional music studio. The SHS Jazz Band performed at the Alberta International Band Festival on Feb. 23. What a time for the band to peak! They pulled together for their best performance of the year thus far. Abby Kaunhoffen joined the band for the performance of Cole Porters Under My Skin and wowed the judges. As well in February Cyrus Fiori, a Grade 9 Band student, participated in the Southern Alberta Honor Band. The Honor Band provides an advanced performance experience for Albertas top Junior High band students. The students have the opportunity to work with top music educators for three days of intensive rehearsals and then perform a concert. Congratulations Cyrus! March was a busy month for band students. The annual Spring Concert and Silent Auction was a fantastic success. Students performed the pieces they were preparing to play at festival. The Silent Auction brought in over $2,500 which goes directly back into the band program! Thank you so much to all of the generous donations from the community. A few days after the Spring Concert, the SHS Concert Band departed for a Banff Band Retreat. In the midst of the beautiful mountain scenery, the band had the opportunity to work with topnotch musicians. The group split up into sections to work with professional music instructors. The instructors were impressed by the high level of maturity and musicianship in our students. After a night out in Banff, the next day was spent with Mr. Brian Uzick from Strathcona Tweedsmuir. Again, Mr. Uzick was extremely impressed by the level of responsiveness in our students. What a great group of kids! April was the month of recruitment. The SHS Band toured to Westmount, Wheatland, Brentwood and Carseland elementary schools demonstrating to the students how awesome band is. This fun program included band requests such as The Simpsons and Hawaii 5.0. These concerts generated a lot of excitement and interest in music and were a great success. The Grade 7 Band also worked hard recruiting students for next year. Each elementary school brought their Grade 6 classes to Crowther for a concert and presentation by the Grade 7 students. The SHS Jazz Band and the CMJHS Jazz Band showed off their stuff at Jazz Night on April 12. This rockin concert featured Latin songs, rock tunes, swing and a little Mowtown. This concert marked the culmination of months of after school rehearsals for the SHS and CMJHS jazz bands. In May, the Grade 8/9 Band and the SHS Concert Band attended the Alberta Band Association Provincial Festival of Bands. Each band is required to play a march, a piece from the festival list, and a lyrical piece. In addition, there is a sight-reading component where students are given a piece of music for the first time. We have five minutes to talk through the piece and then we perform! This year, the adjudicators were very excited to hear our bands play because of the high level of performance. What really amazed the adjudicators was the sight reading; our students are amazing readers! The overall rating for the Grade 8/9 Band was 2 Excellent. This is a major achievement. The overall rating for our SHS Band was 1 Superior. We received a Superior Band Award which is an immense honor. Concert season wrapped up on June 3 with the Concert in the Park. Even though the weather did not cooperate, we had a delicious BBQ and a fun concert. The concert featured student requests such as Van Halens Jump, Star Wars, Edelweiss, and The Pink Panther Meets the Flintstones. The concert concluded with a guest performance from the Rocky Mountain Concert Band an adult concert band based out of Calgary. I have been playing with the band for a few years, and the students really enjoyed hearing their teacher perform! It has been a great year - jam packed with awesome musical experiences. I have enjoyed watching my students grow and develop both individually and as members of the team. I am so lucky to be able to share my love of music with students, and then experience the results. We are looking forward to an exciting time next year and are keyed up for our California trip! I would like to thank the Music Parents Association and the parent volunteers for all of their help this year. It is amazing to have this support and means that our students have access to the best experiences available. Thanks for a great year!
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Thank You
The Strathmore High School and Crowther Memorial Band Classes would like to thank the following businesses who donated to our Spring Concert Silent Auction. A & W Restaurant All Breeds Dog Grooming Best Western Hotel Boston Pizza Bumper to Bumper Byron Smith Ford Canadian Tire Chinook Credit Union Chiropratic & Massage Co-op Corbiell Electric Country Escape Spa & Wellness Crystal Ridge Pharmacy Curves for Women Dairy Queen Days Inn Diamond Hair Salon Dominos Pizza Dorward & Co. Down to Earth Garden Design Fountain Tire Gold Key Insurance Golden West Jewellers Grateful Grape Hidden Secrets Home Hardware Jumphouse Gymnastics Lardon Rentals Linde Canada Ltd. M&M Meat Shops MacDonalds Restaurant Marlin Travel Music Centre Canada Napa Auto Parts New Reeleases Video Noosa Beach NV Hair Paragon Pharmacy Phinney Phixxers Phoenix Signs & Graphics PJs Appliances Pure Country Meats Queens Nails & Spa Ribbitz Red Carrot Re-Max Realty Ripperz Roadhouse Restaurant Scrapbook Obsessions Sears Sky Nails Strathmore Building Supplies Strathmore Dental Care Strathmore Flooring Concepts Strathmore Florist Strathmore Golf Course Strathmore Homes Ltd. Strathmore Massage Strathmore Motor Products Strathmore Motor Sports Strathmore Station Studio 86 Tanning Sevick Veterinary Services Sweeny Todd Salon Target Fitness The Bank Athletic Club Tims Glass Town of Strathmore Travelodge Value Drug Mart Wal-Mart Wheatland Metal Products Inc.

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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 11

Awards night in Standard

Students from Standard school were recognized for a variety of different achievements during the schools annual awards night on June 13. All the students who won awards in both Junior and Senior High in Standard.

Manny EvErEtt Times Contributor Standard School junior and senior high students were recognized for their achievements in academics and athletics in front of a crowd of parents, teachers and classmates on June 13. The Keith Schneider Memorial Ambassador Award was presented by Gwen Schneider on behalf of Strathmore Vision. It is an award that recognizes a student who will be pursuing further education and who is proud of where they came from. So it was with great pleasure that Mrs. Schneider presented this award with a $500 cheque to Lindsay Petersen. Ms. Jenna Firkus was recognized for a number of awards that evening, receiving the Jordon Roppel Award, the Ed Cornett Award and the Citizenship Award - as well as Athlete of the Year for senior high girls - all while maintaining honors throughout her final year in high school. Stephanie Wise received the ATA/Wheatland Teachers Association Award and was recognized for her academics in maintaining First Class Honors with Distinction. Wise was also the Valedictorian this year for the Grade 12 class. The Andrew Patterson Award was received by Kristine Anderson. The Lionettes Award was given to Marleen Palsson. Palsson also won the Calgary Herald Class Act Award and was recognized for her accomplishments with a write-up in the Calgary Herald during the month of June. The Merit Construction Award was given to Cory Edwards. The Haskayne Gleichen Cluny Bassano Entrance Award Scholarship in the amount of $4,000 was applied for and received by Jorgia Robinson, Carlene Papp and Kaitlynn Stewart. Student of the Year for Grade 7 went to Christopher Everett, Grade 8 to Stephanie

Manny Everett Photo


1:40 a.m. on March 22 a fire raged through a home at the corner

Traffic sTop leads seizure infant and the intoxicated of the fire and at To cash p.m., a Strathmore and bothof to theresidenceHospitalmale were wind direction. The occupants thethe Strathmore whereand have the fire On June 24, 12:15 transported RCmP were not home at traffic enforce- since residence Witnesses could not tell if started officer was conducting the time. A secondbeen to the first, was ment on Highway 1 in damaged by impreza the Town of Strathmore. theinmaledrunken condition thought he was giving the fire. observed traveling or his was purposely trying to drown the infant A red Subaru was above the speed limit and the officer conducted a traffic stop. When the officer approached the driver he detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver for possession of marijuana. A search of the vehicle located a small amount of marijuana, two cans of pepper spray and a gym bag full of Canadian Currency wrapped in elastic bands. The cash is estimated at over $27,000. Police have charged 23-year-old Brandyn David Funk of Calgary, with Possession of Proceeds of Crime, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Prohibited Weapon. He was released on bail to appear in Strathmore Provincial Court on July 19. rcMp respond To Male drowning child On the 24 of June, at 5:00 p.m., RCmP in Strathmore received a 911 call that an intoxicated male had attempted to drown a small child in the Kinsman Lake in Strathmore. When police arrived on scene they spoke to several upset witnesses who stated they had watched an intoxicated male walk out into the Kinsmen Lake with his infant daughter and appeared to be drowning the child. Witnesses and a friend of the male ran into the water and took the infant away from her father and called 911. Police located the heavily intoxicated male sitting near the lake and placed him under arrest. emS was called to the scene her a bath. The 20-month old girl is currently in the custody of Child and Family Services. RCmP have charged 24-year-old Clinton eldon Sunwalk of Siksika Nation with Failing to Provide the Necessaries of Life, Section 215(2)(b) of the Criminal Code and Breaching bail conditions. At the time of this offence Sunwalk was out on bail with numerous conditions relating to charges of Assault and Breaching court orders on April 14. Sunwalk was remanded into custody and will appear in Strathmore Provincial Court July 5. shoTs reporTed in rocky View counTy On monday, June 27 at approximately 12:36 a.m., the Strathmore RCmP received a complaint of shots being fired in area near Wrangler Way, in Rocky View County, to the east of Calgary. Strathmore RCmP attended the area and were assisted by Chestermere RCmP and Calgary Police Service units, including HAWCS, in searching area for suspect vehicle. One vehicle was located and a high-risk traffic stop was conducted, however the occupants were eliminated as suspects in this incident. investigation revealed one building had been hit by bullets, however received minimal damage. Anyone having any information in relation to this or any other crime is requested to contact the Strathmore RCmP (403-938-3968) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TiPS.

Briarwood Road and Briarwood Crescent in Strathmore. Four neighbouring homes were evacuated for the safety of the occupants due to the severity

RCMP Briefs

Larsen, and Grade 9 to Matthew Geeraert. Athlete of the Year for junior high boys went to Nick Gerritsen and the girls to Stephanie Larsen. Athlete of the Year for senior high boys went to Duncan Michie and the girls to Jenna Firkus. The Sportsmanship Award for junior high boys went to Christopher Everett and the girls to TeddiAnn Skibsted. The Sportsmanship Award for senior high boys went to Dale Palsson, and girls to Carly Melcher. The following students were recognized for their academic performance this year: First Class Honors with Distinction (over 90% average). In Grade 7 went to Christopher Everett, Grade 8 went to Stephanie Larsen, Grade 9 went to Alana Muenchrath, Grade 10 to Shaun and Shannon Brinton, Grade 11 to Toby Noy and Brandon Thomas. First Class Honors in Grade 7 went to Catrin Thomas, Grade 8 to TeddiAnn Skibsted, Marrisa Dumonceaux and Taylor Stewart. Grade 9 went to Paige Nelson, Matthew Geeraert and Taylor Elder, while Grade 10 to Berge Malmberg, Julian Love, Payton Vallieres, Matthew Lauridsen and Dale Palsson. Grade 12 went to Stephanie Wise and Brittany Huseby. Honors recipient(s) in Grade 7 was Kennedy Adamson, Grade 9 was Kristen Couture, Grade 10 was Russell Treacy, Grade 11 to Ethan Stinn, Abe Jensen, Duncan Michie and Owen Dahm and Grade 12 to Jenna Firkus, Carley Papp and Jorgia Robinson. Most Consistent Effort in all classes and school life for Grade 7 went to Christopher Everett and Kennedy Adamson. Grade 8, the award went to Stephanie Larsen and TeddiAnn Skibsted. Grade 9 the award went to Matthew Geeraert. Congratulations to all students who won awards and were recognized for their achievements this year.

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The Strathmore Safe Grad Committee would like to extend their appreciation and thanks to all involved with making this years Safe Grad a huge success. Together we were able to meet our intended committee goal of Nobody gets hurt. Special thanks to Dr. Piesas, all the parent and community volunteers and the local businesses listed below:


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Page 12 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

CAC11119.TRU.6.2C.SMT.03.indd 1



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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 13

Summer reading fun

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter The Strathmore Municipal Library is getting ready once again for their summer reading program. Children aged two to 11, and teens aged 12 to 17 will have a chance to take part in some of the fun activities being planned. Our goal is just to keep kids reading throughout the summer, having lots of fun, and staying active and safe, said Loralee Lenox, who is running the childrens program. Our theme this year is Splash so everything were going to be doing, will revolve around water, and summer and being outside. The program is set to start July 6 and runs once a week until August 20. Lenox said the program provides the opportunity to keep kids reading and learning, while having fun. There are two teen programs available this year, the teen summer library experience is online and the other teen program is held in the library. The online program will include teens from all across the Marigold Library system. For the online program the teen registered will have to complete a set of challenges to qualify for grand prizes, which include a Kobo Ereader, a Flip ultra HD camcorder, a $150 shopping mall gift card or an 8g IPod Nano. Also within the library we have the program running, and we have special events on Thursdays, said Kaytlynn Fowler, the teen program organizer. The time isnt official yet, but it will be a weekly drop in class. The first one will be a meet and greet on July 7 and following that, the nights are open to suggestion. Fowler said there would possibly be a games night, and a sports night.

Congratulations to all the 2011 Graduates!

Loralee Lenox (left), childrens program organizer, and Kaytlynn Fowler, teen program, organizer, are excited about the upcoming summer reading programs. The theme for the childrens program this year is splash.

Shannon LeClair Photo

Strathmore Canadian tire

Locally Owned & Operated by Randy & Shelley Orford

Were going to also have a movie versus books night. Im running that along the lines of Harry Potter versus Twilight, said Fowler. She said so many kids will say, oh yeah Ive seen that movie but have never heard of the book. Fowler feels its really important to encourage that love of reading and it helps kids get ready for the next school year because it helps keep their reading level up. Both programs have a lot to offer and tend to be a fun way to spend the summer. The childrens program tends to be very, very busy. We have the 5 to 7 (age group), book up within a day basically. The teen program, it needs a little bit more encouragement but that has also been fairly successful, said Fowler. All of the programs offered are free. To register for the childrens program, or the in library teen program go to the Strathmore Municipal Library, located at 85 Lakeside Blvd. To register for the teen summer library experience, go to http://

#109 - 900 Pine Road, Strathmore 403-934-9733

Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede

Looking for items

sponsor VoLunteer BAnquet
being held on July 26th, 2011.
for more information call gail 403-934-5502 or the strathmore & District Agricultural society 403-934-5811 email:
Items must be in by July 15th.

We are

for the siLent Auction on the evening of the

Fraser Institute cant measure true educational value

DoneLLa Swan Times Contributor The Fraser Institute report for 2011 did not show the same results for high schools in Strathmore as in previous years. According to the latest report, Strathmore High School scored 5.7 out of 10 and Holy Cross Collegiate scored 6.2 out of 10. The report is an average taken from diploma exam results. The best work [by students] is never measured said Holy Cross Colligate Principal Lavern Evans. He added that diploma exams can be a very stressful time for Grade 12 students; the exams being weighted for 50 per cent of the students final mark. Strathmore High School Associate Principal Kyle Larsen said, I feel the report is a fairly narrow focus. Larsen also felt that it was pretty unfair because schools with fewer students can have a really good report one year, and rank near the bottom the next just depending on the group of kids. Some Calgary schools that have almost 1,000 students per graduating class, so it is more likely to have a more consistent average, as there are more test results being measured. It makes it more difficult for Strathmore High School and Holy Cross Collegiate to compete as there just isnt that many students. Its kind of like comparing apples and oranges in a way, said Larsen. I really feel for the kids. There is a lot riding on one exam and they can have a wonderful semester and do badly on one exam and it really affects their final mark said Evans. Both Evans and Larsen feel the Fraser Institute report is just a small indication of what the students abilities really are. It is what it is. We work together to reach a variety of different learners and the [Fraser Institute] report is a pretty small indicator. There (are) many wonderful things that happen outside the classroom that isnt accounted for said Evans. With Holy Cross Collegiate growing in size each year, as well as Strathmore High School, academics will obviously continue to be a huge priority. I feel that the diploma exams are weighted too heavily [as it is] and the majority are multiple choice and there are other ways to asses when youre reaching a spectrum of learners said Evans. Larsen added that there is enough pressure as it is [for students] and this report doesnt exactly paint an accurate picture.

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We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the high school Graduates of Holy Cross Collegiate, Strathmore. Through Gods grace may you recognize Him as your constant companion wherever lifes journey may take you. God Bless.
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools 1 McRae Street, Box 1318, Okotoks, AB T1S 1B3 403-938-2659 Member of Caaa & aaaa

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413 - 3rd St. Strathmore

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Page 14 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore, AB 403-934-3334



2009 Buick Lucerne CX 51,305km $14,900

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2008 Chev Silverado 1500 LT 67,700km $18,900

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2011 Lucerne Stock# 11801

Strathmore Price $34,679
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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 15

Storefront Sequoia

Daryll Buck

Kourtney Buck

Ryan Carr


Travis Pelletier

Ashely Black Face

Kim Brass

Lillian Brass

Reno Calf Calf

Tia Ledesma

Dalaree Many Guns

Danielle Red Crow

Lisa Sitting Eagle

Braeden Spring Chief

Shannan Strangling Wolf

Chantel Weasel Head

Siksika Holy Cross Collegiate

Mackenzie Jerry

Jason Little Light

Travis Maguire

Ty Maguire

Zachary McHugh

Ashtin Many Heads

Thomas Many Heads

Kelsey Poor Eagle

Ty Rabbit

Sarah Red Crow

Shelby Running Rabbit

Cassie Winnipeg

Colton Albig

Carter Aschenbrenner

Zac Beemer

Tyler Cooper

Megan Crosby

Warren Davidson

Coral-Lee Dixon

Andrew Enslen

Jessica Gyurek

Robert Hammel

Amanda Hendricks

Alisha Holzmann

Taylor Illes

Cody Kemps

David Kemps

Gawie Koen

Letitia Koen

Stephany Kowbel

Leah Mathieu

Colin McCarthy

Nick Nobert

Charles Peneyra

William Pitt

Austin Schultz

Lisa Simenoff

Sarah Slater

Austin Sproule

Shanice Tanton

Marc Tarriela

Jeffery Thiessen

Clay Vogelaar

David Wallace

Nicholas Wallace

Emma Wopler

Alan Yungwirth

Laiken Zaytsoff

Page 16 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011


Kristine Anderson

Zac Code

Vince DaSilva

Corey Edwards

Jessica Ellis

Josh Engelhardt

Jenna Firkus

Casey Hager

Brittany Huseby

Sean Huseby

Brianna Kathol

Dean Knight

Chantelle LaFlamme

Austin Larsen

Melissa Larsen

Justin MacKay

Marleen Palsson

Carley Papp

Lindsay Petersen

Keith Rasmussen

Jorgia Robinson

Kate Schlinker

Kaitlynn Stewart

Katherine Wallace

Stephanie Wise


Jesse Aberdeen

Chaiwut-Wood Aimvanich

Andrew Aiton

Stephen Andersen

Brittany Anderson

Dylan Anderson

Marylee Audet

Taylor Ayoungman

Kaitlyn Ballantyne

Cody Bangen

Kirsten Barrett

Mathew Bates

Haley BearChief

Kylie Beckwith

Sally Beech

Carson Beingessner

Devon Bennett

Clinton Bestmann

Kyle Bexte

Codi BigOldMan

Racey BigSnake

Alison Bogstie

William Bowers

Megan Bradley

Cody Brown

Jenna Campbell

Jocelyn Carlson

Scott Chaisson

Kyle Chizmazia

Jennaya Christensen

Melanie Chudo

Braeden Clarke

Amy Collins

Benjamin Conley

Lindsay Conti

Franquie Corallini

Jordan Dallas

Jacqueline Daniels-Berry

Breanne Davis

Ashley Dedman

Jeremiah Dempsey

Mitchell Devisser

Leslie Doore

Emily Dronyk

Gary DrunkenChief

Amanda Ducheminsky

Rebecca Dunlop

Rachel Ellis

Keenan Fanning

Zihao-Ian Feng

McCole Fong

Justin Fraser

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 17


Ryan Fraser

Rebecca Friesen

Brock Gale

Yizhe-Emily Gan

Melanie Gaudet

Madison Gauthier

Megan Gieck

Sarah Gigantelli

Carissa Glasier

Katherine Goertz

Jasmine Gordon

Shanessa Gosling

Justin Gough

Cassidy Graff

Jenna Graff

Vernon Grant

Travis Greig

Jessica Griffiths

Rebecca Gyulai

Travis Hall

Justin Harrison

Zachariah Healy

Lyndsay Helfrich

Grant Hiebert

Eric-Karlan Hoerger

Timothy Hopwood

Michelle Howe

Taylor Huebschwerlen

Kyle Huhn

Tay-Lynne Hunt

Lindsay Huxted

Morgan Jackson

Ashley Jodoin-Foucault

Kylie Johansen

Jake Johnston

Danielle Kabtoff

Yulyana Katz

Evan Kelly

Jesse Kemp

Matthew Kennett

Samantha Knihnitski

Keely Kobluk

Jordan Kraft

Kink Krishnamra

Jessica Lais

Sarah Laite

Luke Larsen

YiuSing-Patrick Lau

Shelby Lausen

Lance Lesperance

Wenjie-Jack Li

Irina Liakhar

Talon LittleChief

Yilun-Allen Liu

Karen Lo

Catherine Loades

Kayla Lochhead

Stella LopezdeFreitas

Alisha Lundy

Heather MacDonald

Lyndsay MacDonald

Logan MacKay

Jordan Maier

Kiu-Yan-Karen Mak

Kaela Malinowski

Kenneth ManyHeads

Justin Matile

Riley Mayes

Ryan McCartan

Nicole McKinney

Dakota McMahon-Angus

Joshua McQuitty

Hannah Meers

Crystallee MeltingTallow

Jared Mitzner

Kyle Moore

Tyler Mulcahy

Cody Nabseth

Zachary Neale

Jesse Neufeld

Tyrel Nickel


Page 18 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

Shawn Niven

Darnelle Noel

Kyle Oliphant

Scott Pagenkopf

Priscilla Palendat

Ryley Paquette

Julia Patterson

Daniel Pedersen

Jared Petruska

Coleton Phillips

Tyler Pomeroy

LokYee-Michelle Poon

Tylr Proulx

Alana Rangen

Mikayla Reinhardt

Christopher Reiter

Spencer Rideout

Austin Roszell

Taylor Rowley

Denver Roy

Jolaine Royal

Shelby Running Rabbit

Paz Rye

Mauricio SanchezOlguin

Sasha Sandmaier

Carleen Schappert

Devin Schultz

Tamara Semchuk-Syrenne

Matthew Severin

Charlie Sharpley

Taylor Shelley

Bailee Simonin

Ashley Smith

Caylie Smith

Cody Smith

Cole Snydmiller

Mackenzie Soltys

Richard Sparvier

Emily Sproul

Dylan St.Laurent

Elizabeth Steele

Jessica Steffens

Tye Stevens

Rattisate-Beam Success

Georgius-Kevin Sugiarto

Spencer Sumner

Qigui-Sean Sun

Terry Suykens

Brettney Swainston

Chanon-Nat Takwutthiwong

Blake Taylor

Sierra Thompson

Trevor Thompson

Kyle Tishauser

Adrianna Tooth

Connor Towne

Yanni Tsimaras

Kate VanKruyssen

Cody vanSoest

Debrah Wagler

Brittany Walker

Brandi Walls

Josh Walstra

LiuYi-Cindy Wang

Brendan Warren

Ashley Webb

Jordan Weiss

Matthew Weiss

Keltey Whelan

Taryll Wiebe

Blake Williamson

EmilyWing-Tung Wong

Blayne Wright

Chantell Wright

Jiehao-Windson Wu

Yan Wu

Chalaine YellowOldWoman

Jake Yochim

Cody Young

Daniel Zacharias

Yifan-Zoe Zhang

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 19

Robert Desjardins 403 934-5533

"The Sign of experience"

caLL robert & taMara 403-934-5533
caLL nicoLe
peRfeCT family home

Strathmore & area 24 HR. REAL ESTATE HOT LINE

caLL nonie

Keith Garrioch 403 333-8411

MLS c3471730

Fully Developed on 4 Levels 5 Bedrooms/ Tandem Garage Amazing Yard! Mature Trees


caLL Shauna

wesTlake Condo $232,900

2 story condo in Westlake Glen 3 bdrms, 1 1/2 baths Low condo fees Perfect for anyone

MLS c3464526

La Shaun Andrews 403 850-4593

caLL robert & taMara

Sheila Bassen 403 361-0390

MLS c3480708

Hardwood/Tile/Big Windows Appliances 2011/3+1 Bedroom/Den 22x24 Garage/BBQ Gas plus!

baCking onTo Canal $399,652

caLL nicoLe

160 Acres - Pasture and Hay. Completely Renovated Home. Hip Roof Barn. Perfect Horse Set-up. Many Outbuilding. Beautifull Mature Yard

new lisTing

caLL nonie


caLL Shauna

Renovated home on 10 acres near Standard 1200 sq.ft. guest house partially finished 40x60 shop 20x60 barn

aCReage wiTh guesT house $367,000

caLL robert & taMara

land neaR ChesTeRmeRe

4.0+/- Acres Good Well Great Building Sites

caLL debbie

Jim Buckle 403 325-7347

MLS c3468312

MLS c3469958

Pay your own mortgage instead of someone elses, why rent when you can own! This home is perfect for singles, first time buyers, empty nesters.
owneR says sell! bRing all Reasonable offeRs $149,900
Immaculate, tastefully decorated condo. Why rent when you can own! Corner fireplace, bungalow style, 2bdrms, oak cabinets, all appliances including washer/ dryer included.


we Can help you find youR dReam home!

caLL chantaLe

caLL Shauna

gaRdeneR's paRadise in RoCkyfoRd $169,900 Upgraded home across from park 2+2 bdrms, 2 full baths. Original hardwood floors. Single detached garage

caLL robert & taMara

baCking onTo soCCeR field! $412,500

Gorgeous Bungalow Open Concept 2+2 Bedroom/3 Full Baths/In-Floor Heat Walk-Out Basement Fully Developed

caLL debbie

new lisTing

caLL Shauna

Jody Buckle 403 560-2652

MLS c348965

MLS c3464541

MLS c3479672

Gated Community 1520 sq ft, Single Garage 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Vaulted Ceilings Huge Covered Deck Call to View Today!

Over 1800 sq.f.t. of living space 4 bdrms, 3 full baths Luxurious owner's suite Walkout on 3rd level to yard

hillview esTaTes $379,900

caLL La Shaun

Nicole Cordes 403 901-5855

MLS c3474713


Home shows 10+ with quick possession! Loads of room all around, 3 bedroom, 3 baths with large rec room! Plenty of parking too! Large fenced yard backs to green space!

fully developed, CambRidge glen aRea $298,700!

caLL debbie

Over 2600 developed space in this Hillview bungalow with 2 gas fireplaces, new hardwood, ceramic, carpet. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, + den. Nothing to do but move in!

caLL chantaLe

MLS c3475376

MLS c346562

Gated Community, Overlooking Soccerfield. Beautiful 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Open Concept, Vaulted Ceilings, Covered Deck, Immaculate Condition!


foR all mls lisTings visiT ouR websiTe


caLL La Shaun

Tamara Desjardins 403 934-5533

MLS c3480850

laRge bilevel fully finished wiTh walkouT $314,900!

4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Large country kitchen. 24x24 garage 220 wiring. Reduced, just needs trim & small jobs finished in basement.

caLL debbie

Lovingly cared for inside and out! A rare find this close to Calgary! 9.65 Acres with 3+ bedroom 1257 sq ft bungalow. Acerage is complete with 5 stall barn, outdoor riding arena, 4 pastures, beautifully landscaped with lots of trees.

caLL chantaLe

adulT living aT iT's finesT!

Top floor end unit with SW view. 2 Bed 2 Bath and Den. 2 Heated Parking Stalls. Solarium fully developed amazing home $424,900!
Open concept with vaulted ceilings over 1566 sq ft on the main level with fully finished basement. 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, 2 fireplaces, upgrades throughout, the list goes on! Ready for a new family.

caLL tracy

MLS c3481778

MLS c3451768

MLS c3466776

3 acreS, fuLLy fenced, hoMe, 3 car garage $379,900! Easy communte to Calgary & Strathmore. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Open concept with large family room. Fenced & cross fenced. Horse shelters. Oversize triple garage.

Debbie Enslen 403 852-5923

caLL La Shaun

fully developed bungalow paRk CommuniTy $329,900

4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Infloor heat, 2 laundry roooms. Comes with 6 appliances and more. Backs to green space and adult living!

caLL chantaLe

Nonie Hall 403 934-3382

MLS c3480542

caLL La Shaun

bRand new downTown Condo's wiTh eveRyThing sTaRTing $170,900

Awesome floor plan. Cork flooring/carpet. 6 appliances. Assigned parking with electrical. Only $75 condo fees. Call for showing today!

Chantale Hill 403 325-3860

MLS c3451266

reaL eState?
call robert at real estate for more details.
caLL nonie

career in

thinking of a

caLL tracy

MLS c3476993

MLS c3450472

Show of owners pride. This home is freshly painted throughout. A pleasure to show! Bright and spacious, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, fenced yard and parking pad for 2!

why RenT! affoRdable living $47,000!

caLL ron

MLS c3466341

Remarkable renovated two story home. Oversized heated double garage. Gorgeous landscaping @ trees, flower beds. New front veranda. So much for so little!
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

puRChasing poweR $214,900

caLL tracy

6 loTs ChanCelloR $17,000

Located between Standard & Hussar. Perfect for shop/garage! Easy commute off the 561!
caLL Lorna

MLS c3467429

caLL SheiLa

speaRgRass villa fully developed $364,900!

Simply amazing quality, this home is totally upgraded with hardwood, granite, carpet and more! Open concept up & down looking on to golf course with views all around!

caLL ron

fabulous loCaTion!!

new loweR pRiCe

Location, price, and low taxes. Substantial renovations complete. Single garage. Huge fenced lot with RV parking space. First time buyer or rental revenue. $139,000.
MLS c3475570

12.04 aCRes $539,000

Ron Kaechele 403 934-1097

MLS c3464887

caLL SheiLa


Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

Fabulous Home 1915 2.5 Storey Home. 6 Bdrms. Large Barn Tons of Trees

amazing deal don'T pass This one up!

Quick possession. Renovated inside and out. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. Oversize garage 26x28 & heated. All this on mature lot walking distance to shopping, parks, schools!

caLL ron

Paul Kautz 403 875-4166

MLS c3462058

MLS c3474817

Large condo - small fees Open floor plan, newly painted. 3 large bedrooms, 3 baths, family room Single garage Near schools, recreation, shopping. $264,900
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

so muCh foR so liTTle

caLL Lorna

46.56 aCRes
Many options on this parcel of land, 25 minutes east of Calgary. $599,000.

caLL SheiLa

Ryan Kautz 403 875-1170

MLS c3480542

CambRidge bungalow fully developed $329,900

Open concept with vaulted ceiling. This home has awesome floor plan! 2+2 bedrooms, all nice size with 3 baths! Infloor heat in basement and 2 laundry rooms! Large back yard with green space behind!


caLL ron

MLS c3452843

Beautiful condo designed for independent living. All appliances, gas stove/ fireplace. Single garage, deck, walkoutm to patio. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. $279,900.
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

adulT Condo oveRlooking lake

caLL Lorna

Brand New 1419 sq ft bungalow in The Ranch

Shauna Kenworthy 403 934-5533 Tracy Larsen 403 934-5533

caLL SheiLa

peRfeCT foR exTended family $321,900

Spacious 1370 sq.ft. home 3+1 bedrooms, 3 full baths Professionally developed suite for family only. Centrally located with large back yard.

caLL nonie



caLL ryan

on The pond! $369,900

1400 SQFT Walkout Home. Brazlian Cherry Hardwood Floors. Dark Oak Cabinets. Call Ryan for more information 403.875.1170

caLL Lorna

Located in Wildflower, 1100+ sq ft Bi-level villa. Backs onto green space.

foR all mls lisTings visiT ouR websiTe www.

Lorna Phibbs 403 874-7660

T1P 1Z1

# 1 0 6 - 3 0 4 3 r d A v e n u e, S t r a t h m o r e, A l b e r t a

Page 20 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

Royal Canadian Legion For information regarding hall rentals, darts and crib, please call 403.934.5119 Strathmore Elks Lodge #491 meets 3rd Tuesday at the Strathmore Curling Club 6:30 pm. Steak Supper at 7 pm. New Members welcome. Call Greg 403-888-6155. MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays 9:30am 11:30am at the Strathmore Alliance Church. Babysitting available for ages 0 - 6. For more information call Jennifer at 403-934-5799 or visit Strathmore Parent and Tot Playgroup, meets every Thursday at 9:30 - 11:30 am. in the Strathmore United Church Basement. For more information call Tammy at 403-983-7284 or Ali at 403-934-2089. $1 per child Strathmore District Health Services Auxiliary Meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month @ 1:30 pm, (excluding July & August). Lower level Conference Room at the Strathmore Hospital. New members welcome. For more info please call 403-934-4436 Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce meets the third Monday of the month @ 7:00 p.m. All members welcome. Check web page for meeting location. For more information call 403-901-3175 or Come Fly With Us 903 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Sqn. Meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the blue building and Quonset on the Ag grounds. Boys & Girls welcome between 12 & 19 years. Call Joanna Howard at 403-983-5796 for more information. HIV Edmonton providing support, education and advocacy for those infected with, affected by or at risk of HIV and AIDS for 25 years. Go to or call toll free 1.877.388.5742. TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly Want to Lose Those Unwanted Pounds?? Need support to reach your goal? We are here for you! We meet every Thursday at 6:30 pm @the Anglican Church. Contact Melissa @ 403-901-1566 or Lynne @ 403-934-4359 to join our journey to a fitter you. The Hope Bridges Society Board meetings held the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at #3-236-3rd. Avenue. Please visit our website at or contact us at Meals on Wheels is available in Strathmore. For information or to obtain this service please contact Wheatland FCSS at 403-934-5335. Strathmore FASD Parent Support Group at the Strathmore United Church. For more info call Pam @652-4776. Strathmore Caregiver Support Group This is an opportunity for caregivers to find support and benefit from interaction with others in a similar situation. For more information or to register call Amy Yaneza at 403-361-7176. Sunday School for All Ages: Lord of All Lutheran Church offers Christian Education opportunities for ages 3 years to adult, on Sunday Mornings. All are Welcome! For more information please call Margo Sevick 403-901-2044 or call the Church Office at 403-934-2374. Wheatland Conservation & Wildlife Association (Your local fish & game club). Meetings 2nd Thursday every month, 7:30pm at the Clubhouse. Call Larry at 403-934-4388 for more information. Wheatland Rural Crime Watch. Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each Month. Featuring guest speakers. For more information call 403-934-4055. Strathmore Lions Club meets the first and third Thursday at the Strathmore Civic Centre at 6:45 pm. Strathmore Country Gardens Club Meetings at least once per month. Tours, guest speakers, workshops and much more included in a membership. $20 single, $30 family. For more information visit or phone Linda Pekrul 403-901-0017. Free Tree for all New Born Babies Attention all infants remind your parents to register your birth so a tree can be planted commemorating your birth in the Chinook Credit Union Birth Forest in Strathmore. Registration Forms are available at the Town office, Chinook Credit Union and Health Unit. (A Communities in Bloom Project)


Whats happening is a free weekly community calendar. if you are a non-profit group and have a special event you would like to promote, please email your information to or call 403-934-5589 or fax 403-934-5546 and we will include your information on this weekly Community page. Due to space restrictions, please keep information to a minimum.

Strathmore Masonic Lodge #53 meets the first Monday of each Month at 7:30 p.m. Call Glen at 403-901-6038. Website: Adult Competitive Volleyball at Crowther Memorial Junior High in the gym every Wednesday from 7-9 pm Contact is Lavern Lein 403-934-4646. Strathmore Regional Victim Services Society needs community members to be Advocates (volunteers). Training is provided. Contact Victim Services through the RCMP Detachment at 403-934-6552 Strathmore Homeschool Familes. Any Strathmore and Area familes that are homeschooling are invited to join our Yahoo Group. groups. Healing Rooms, open for prayer Mondays from 7 to 9 pm. at the Harvest Healing Centre at 115A-3rd. Avenue in Strathmore. Everyone is Welcome. Strathmore Full Gospel Church Were a Pentecostal Bible based family church that has something for all ages. Call 934-2225 or visit SENIORS 50+HAPPY GANG, General Meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 1:15. For more information call 403-901-2377. Strathmore Musical Arts Society, If you love music and musicians and have a special soft spot for the Blues, you would enjoy being part of this group. Call 403-934-4196 or 403-6807721 to get on our phone or email list and be notifies about meetings and upcoming events. Kidz 1st Network Parent Link Centre, We offer programs for children (0 6 yrs.) and their parents (caregivers) Strathmore Drop-In Program Stay & Play Mondays 10:00 12:00 and Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:30 and 4:30 to 8:30. For a list of all other programs, please visit our website at: All programs are free. Please call 983-0016 for program details.

Upcoming Special Events....

Next meeting of the Fun Country Riders is on Thursday, June 30 at 7:30 pm at Global Training Centre. For information call Nora at 403-934-3101 or Bea at 403-936-5398 or visit our website at Everyone welcome.

Mark Your Calendars for these

Fun Country riders

Thursday, June 30 5-7pm at the Strathmore Municipal Library Join Author Lynn Squire and Cover Artist Darlene Crane for evening Book Reading and signing. Lynn will be reading from her new book, Joabs Fire: A Distant Hope, to be released this fall. Darlene will have a selection of her artwork on hand for viewing. For more information view our website at

Author/Artist Visit

Community Crisis Society Presents the Canada Day Kiddie Karnival. Games, face painting, hotdogs & pop. Friday, July 1, 10am - 2pm at Kinsmen Park.

CAnAdA dAy Kiddie KArniVAl

heritAge dAys stAmpede 3rd AnnuAl strAthmores got tAlent

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 (doors open at 5pm), at the Strathmore Civic Centre. No Age Limit!! Deadline for entries is July 15 @ noon. Call Judi at 403-934-5737 or 403-361-0808

The Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce is looking for VOLUNTEERS for the upcoming Strathmore Heritage Days Parade on Saturday July 30th. Banner Carriers Grade 9 12 for the parade and parade deputies. Call 403-901-3174 or email for more info.





TEE TIMES: 403-901-1134

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 21

Fun for the whole family

Carseland Aggie Days held this past weekend, had tons of fun for the whole family. From face painting to tractor pulls to car show and even digging for hidden treasure, young and old were well entertained for the entire day.

Wendi Tashlikowich Photos

Brentwood student breaks the reading record

Brentwood elementary School held their annual recognition assembly on June 28. The Grade 6 students were bid farewell as they prepare to head to junior high and many other students were recognized for outstanding achievements. Top photo: every year a piece of art work created by one student in every grade is picked to display in the school. This years lucky artists show their newly framed pieces, which will be hung up, around the school. Bottom photo: As part of the reading program at Brentwood, students collect points for the number of books read. Previously the top reader had earned 600 points, a number the school never thought would be beat. This year Grade 5 student elijah maddox earned 1026 points. He still has one year at Brentwood to go, and there arent enough books left in the school he hasnt read. He loves mysteries and has recently finished the Narnia series. maddox was given a certificate commemorating his achievement, a framed photo collage of memories, and a photo of him will be hung in the library for years to come.

The 12th annual Strathmore Poker Run was once again a huge success. The money raised from the run will be going to the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. Left photo: All of the committee members involved with helping make the event happen. Right photo: Kris Owen set the record for raising the most money for a head shave in the history of the Poker Run. Owen had more than 20 inches lopped off on June 24.

Strathmore Poker Run Committee & Tracey Rogers Photos

Poker run has record breaking head shave

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter The 12th annual Strathmore Poker Run was once again a success. It began on June 24 at Cooters with a head shave, and some fun. It went really well. Kristopher (Owen), I think he raised $4,300, he broke our record for head shaving, said Whitey, who has been involved with the Poker Run since its inception. The run initially began in 2000 and was organized by Matt Janzen to help benefit the Child Find Alberta Society. Matt Janzenhe passed away from cancer and he was the one that started the run. We decided well well help kids cancer as our main receiever and its been that way ever since, said Whitey. It was in 2003 when the Poker run began donating the money to the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. Its three days of fun, motorcycle riding, and games. Since the Strathmore Poker Run began working with the Kids Cancer Foundation they have raised approximately $96,000 and the goal this year was to break $100,000. Though the final numbers werent in at press time Whitey said they were looking at approximately $22,000 brought in this year, bringing the group well above their goal. On June 25 participants in the Poker Run took a ride throughout the surrounding communities, gathering cards for their poker hand before coming home to see who had the best hand, and heading to the final party and dinner spot just east of Strathmore. We had live auctions and silent auctions, and we raised a pile of money on that. Then Sunday we had game day, which kids were welcome, said Whitey. There was a keg toss, where people would see how far they can throw the keg, barrel races, similar to the ones at a rodeo with horses, just with motorbikes instead. Though the Poker Run is done for another year, the money raised will go along way to helping children and their families cope once a diagnosis has been made. The poker run will be donating its proceeds to kids cancer until kids dont have cancer no more, said Whitey

Shannon LeClair Photos

monday 6:30 pm July 4, 11, 18 & 25 Kinsmen park
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Kelly 629-7465 or

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July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 23

Held every Friday 3:00 - 6:30 pm Strathmore ag Grounds

Local business helps those in need
Some of the staff members of Tinas No Frills, along with other western Canadian No Frills locations, helped raise $148,000 in order to aid Slave Lake following the devastating forest fires that ripped through the northern Alberta town. Donella Swan Photo


Florence grows most of the fruit on her acreage at Lyalta that she uses in her jams, jellies, salsas and pies. She will be giving away a gift certificate for her product to a lucky winner of the draw.

Harrison Farms

Saying goodbye to another year

Storefront school held their annual BBQ as a way of saying thank you to all of their volunteers and supporters of the school on June 28. edna Nixon (left), and ethle Bartelen enjoyed a piece of cake after snacking on a burger. Shannon LeClair Photo

New education solution comes to Strathmore, Wheatland County

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Bow Valley College, BVC, is bringing a new academic upgrading program to Strathmore starting this fall with the Real Time Online courses. The Real Time courses offer students access to more of a traditional teaching environment but through technology, said Debbie Scott, BVC Real Time Online Instructor. So they log into a computer and they attend class at exactly the same time as other students attend class. They can communicate with other students, and they can communicate with the teacher all through the technology. The idea is to basically provide opportunities for people to upgrade their high school whether they didnt finish or didnt like their marks, said Scott. She said offering the course this way breaks through a lot of the isolation some home study students used to experience. During the daytime they have a variety of courses available and in the evening they have the Grade 12 level available. If a student wants to just participate in a class they could sign up for one or two classes. Three classes are considered a full course load, which Scott said would be a lot of time on a computer in a day. She said BVC wouldnt stop students from doing three courses in a day, but recommends building up to that point. Everything for the course is sent out through the Internet so students can download the necessary work directly, and then can email or fax their work back. Another real advantage to these real time courses is, everything is recorded, said Scott. So both what they see on the computer, as well as the audio. If they want to go back and go through the material again later they can re-listen to the whole class and have both audio and visual parts of it all repeated. They can slow it down or speed it up, however they feel like. Scott said she thinks a lot of time students would like to study from their home and the advantage of the Real Time Online courses is the students are able to do that while still having access to a real class and a real teacher. She said a lot of students really enjoy having the recording. Scott said a lot of students who are upgrading have had difficulty in school, or English is not their first language and so to be able to participate in the class and then go back later is a huge benefit. There are fall and springs courses available, the semesters are four months long. For more information or to register for Real Time Online courses, visit or call Yvonne Prusak, BVCs Student Liaison Officer at 403-410-1545.

Water fun
miss. Christensens Grade 4/5 class enjoyed the afternoon at the water park as part of their end of the year celebration. The water park has been packed this week with all the wonderful weather.

Remember Farm Fresh Fridays. The Strathmore Farmers Market will be giving away two $25.00 gift certificates for redemption at a vendor in the market. Be sure to enter the draws for your chance to win.

Wendi Tashlikowich Photo

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Page 24 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

Students awarded for their achievements

Trinity Lutheran Christian Academy celebrated their students during awards day on June 22. Students were recognized for achievements that made them stand out throughout the school year.

Carseland Public Benefit Club

Carseland publiC benefit Club In July 1912 a group of thirtytwo Carseland and district women founded the Carseland Public Benefit Club. Over the years their undertakings were many and varied including helping local families in need, public assistance to local children and flowers for the sick. During the wars they had an extensive program of knitting socks and sweaters, and sending food parcels to the boys overseas. The Carseland PB Club also assisted in the finishing and furnishing of the new Hall, catering and planning, preparing and hosting bridal showers for local brides and bridegrooms. Quote from Trails to the Bow Carseland and Cheadle Chronicles Since 1912 the Carseland Public Benefit Clubs intention has been to augment programs for those in need as well as provide a service to improve community welfare. As a not-for-profit organization, the PB Club exists solely to promote the health, well being, safety, and education of the general population of the Carseland district. For ninety-nine years the PB Club attempts to fill or enhance any void in needed service areas that relate or affect Carseland and its surrounding population. The PB Club is not facility driven, nor sports or agriculturally focused, but has supported a variety of populations within the larger county area (i.e.: seniors, children, maternity, voluntary associations). Historically the PB Club has been for female members only. However this was more due to the fact that the men were either working the land or serving in the armed forces. The division of labor was so much more distinct back then; females predominantly did stitching and cooking. In 1998, open membership was discussed and it was agreed that any community member was welcome to join. There has yet to be a male member. The Carseland Public Benefit Club does have a broad-based membership of ladies living in and around Carseland town-ship. A wide array of events and programs enhanced the community through PB Club efforts. They include: aiding medical treatment programs by furnishing and providing equipment of the maternity room at the Valley General Hospital in Strathmore; providing relief to the poor by semi-annual donations to the Wheatland Food Bank; publishing of Carseland and Cheadle chronicles book Trails By The Bow (1971) and More Trails to the Bow (2007) providing further education opportunities or informational sessions in a variety of topics (i.e. fire safety, health, local history) The membership of the PB Club establishes and provides all program delivery, and all programs benefit the local community and extended county, not the club members self-interest. In April 2012 the Club will celebrate their 100th Anniversary. Because their original undertakings included extensive support to the Red Cross (for example: knitting socks for deployed soldiers, sewing bandages and slings, and maintaining a Prisoner of War Fund) they have chosen a military theme to celebrate their centennial. The Club believes the power of future community success lies within our next generation and, in this theme, has invited the Alberta Army Cadet League to participate in their celebration; showcasing their training, discipline and commitment of youth to building our nation. Feature Decade: 1922 1932 Feature Decade Member: Mrs. Ottille (tilly) Kruse In December, 1910, Mrs. Kruse and her young son travelled from South Dakota to join her husband Theodore. Theodore had come in earlier in July of 1910 and settled just northwest of Carseland via a land seekers ticket. The years that followed were hard work; breaking was done with a onebottom plow and large rocks had to be picked. Mrs. Kruse helped with the cutting of the crops and operating the binder, while Mr. Kruse did the stooking. But the early settlers also knew how to have a good time many house parties, skating parties, dances, card parties and outdoor sports were enjoyed. Mrs. Kruse was a willing worker in the United Church Aid, took an active part in the P.B. Club and worked hard for the Red Cross, knitting socks and sewing badges. She passed away in 1936 but her family continued to reside on the home farm for three generations. World events from this decade: 1923: Womens One Piece Swimming Suit in fashion and accepted to be worn in public. 1926: Gertrude Trudy Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel. 1927: A manual washing machine cost $15.95. For city dwellers who had electricity an electric washing machine cost $79.00. 1929: Over 200,000 people die from the Influenza Epidemic. 1930: First year of the Great Depression; high unemployment caused problems in every area of life. PB Club events from this decade: PB Club membership dues were 25/year. Monthly meetings were held at the homes of members. The host was to serve a maximum of 5 dishes at the meeting, and was fined 50 for violation of this bylaw! The Club appointed a committee to assist in the opening of the new Carseland School. They also financed and served hot lunches for the children at the school. The Club donated annually to the Red Cross and the Calgary Herald Sunshine Fund. In June, 1932 the PB Clubs bank balance was $40.70.

Shannon LeClair Photo

Honouring their students

Sacred Heart Academy held their year-end awards June 27 in the schools gymnasium.

Jenna Campbell Photo

At 1:40 a.m. on March 22 a fire raged through a home at the corner of Briarwood Road and Briarwood Crescent in Strathmore. Four neighbouring homes were evacuated for the safety of the occupants due to the severity of the fire and wind direction. The occupants of the residence where the fire started were not home at the time. A second residence next to the first, was damaged by the fire.

Kaelyn michayluk is hard at work on June 18, making sure her measurements are correct.

Field school comes to an end for another year

Every week students involved in the archaeological excavation will be submitting their own account as to how things are going. Readers will have an opportunity to follow along as they unearth pieces of history. Ryan Jevons Field school has come to a close. The course was long, sometimes tiring, but incredibly fun and a great experience. I, along with my classmates, became Archaeologists by the end of the field season. We had experience in setting up quads, using the equipment, and using the finest tools to brush the dirt gently off artifacts without destroying them. I myself have found several objects of great interest, such as a core for stone tool production, and my colleagues found other objects of great interest ranging from the stone tools themselves to posts in the ground. I find myself missing the field school already, and I do wish I could have my experience in digging before I move on, but after just the one field season I feel much more confidant and secure as an archaeologist thanks to the knowledge that Dr. Walde imparted to me. The field season was an experience I wouldnt want to miss, and it was a fantastic way to spend the first part of my summer. Gina CaRRoll When you ask a child what do you want to be when you grow up? you arent just asking them a generic questionyou are asking them to tell you their hopes and dreams, asking them not WHAT they want to be, but WHO they want to be. I remember being asked this question plenty of times as a child, and my answer rings as true then as it does now. I want to be an archaeologist. I want to peer into the past and bring people, cultures, and traditions back to life, making my place in the world by making sure the people who laid the foundation for everything we are, arent forgotten. Fortunately for me, the 2011 field school run by Dr. Walde and his T.A Lance Evans has given me the opportunity to live my dream, and the skills to pursue it into the future. The past six weeks have taught me more than I could have ever imagined, and its something I am truly sad to have finished. Luckily for me, I fully intend to take the skills Ive learned out in the field and in the classroom and create my own little niche as a professional archaeologist sometime in the near future. Maybe, just maybe, youll hear from me again. Kaelyn MiChayluK By the time the last week of field school rolled around I didnt want it to end. This has been an incredible experience and definitely affirmed that I am studying the right thing. Once I learned the excavation techniques and became comfortable with them it was exciting to focus simply on uncovering the artifacts and features. From when we started to the end of the dig we had uncovered a large area and it was really something to see the different features appearing. A couple units had very prominent hearth features, which Dr. Walde explained are rare in the shape and prominence of those found at the Cluny site. I would encourage the public to visit Blackfoot Crossing and head down to the Archaeology site when it is field season. Making the connection between the knowledge and displays at the interpretive centre and what is happening at the site is pretty incredible!

Shannon LeClair Photo

j u ly 1 , 2 0 1 1

The bantam B Venom team fought long and hard this past season and came out on top.

Photo Courtesy of Strathmore Bantam B Lacrosse

Venom takes home the gold

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter The Strathmore Venom bantam B lacrosse team has had a fantastic season, taking everyone by surprise. The kids are playing fantastic. The chemistry between all of them is great and they are really playing to their potential, said coach Stephan Lecavalier. Its very exciting to watch. Theres so much skill on that team its great to be there and see them getting better. June 24 to 26 the team took part in the first round of playoffs. On the 24 it was to determine whether they would be in the A pool or B pool for the finals. The Venom won their first game of the weekend, and lost the second. Sunday it was do or die for the Venom. The team came out of the first period down 4-1, but had a good talk and Lecavalier said the kids werent giving up and they ended up finishing off the game with an 11-5 win, sending them into the gold medal game. They came back really strong, (Im) really proud of their accomplishments it was really nice to see, they were playing really strong. It was really great to see them play at their best like that, said Lecavalier. On June 28 the team headed into the gold medal game. It was an up and down game. We were down by one after the first period, up by two in the second period, then they came back and they ended up tying it and it went into overtime, said Lecavalier. With a 1:28 left on the clock the Knights scored, tying the game. The game went into five minute over-time where the Venom were able to score the game winning goal with two minutes left on the clock. It was a hard fought the battle against the Knights and Im proud of each and every one of my players, said Lecavalier. The team ended the season 11-1-0 and had two shut outs, which is something Lecavalier said he has never seen in lacrosse. He said even when the team lost the one game, they never gave up, they played hard and put their best into the game. He said they have really grown a lot this year and they have been fantastic kids to coach. Theyve grown skill wise, and making sure they play well defensively.

Strathmores first annual family triathlon, Tri-Smore, took place on June 25. Hundreds of participants came out for the day, some coming from as far as Saskatchewan. The event was open to anyone and everyone able to take part in a triathlon, and there were even a few participants who were only a year old.

Tri-Smore a success
Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Strathmores first family oriented triathlon, Tri-Smore took place on June 25. Brent Blvd was packed with 276 participants who came from Saskatchewan and B.C. and all over Alberta. I didnt know what to expect being the first year, but everybody seemed to be having so much fun, and (there was) such a good vibe in the air. Things went as smoothly as we could have hoped for, it was great, said Niki Johnson, who created and organized the event. Were opening up Strathmores new century actively. Johnson has attended triathlons in other communities that were a family event, and she decided it was something Strathmore should have. It was a busy day with Johnson trying to coordinate and organize a number of things. She had to tell herself once in awhile to take a deep breath and look around, giving herself a chance to take in how well it all came together. I had a great committee, my committee was

Shannon LeClair Photos

absolutely awesome. They were so good to work with, said Johnson. She said there has been positive feedback about how well organized it was, and many people told her they would be back next year. There is a tentative date set for the second annual Tri-Smore, which will be revealed, later. This year there wasnt really any funds left over, but in the future Johnson said they would like to raise enough money to be able to help out with healthy initiatives around town. I see us having proceeds in about three or four years, and then what wed like to do with that is donate it back to promote healthy, active lifestyles, said Johnson. Whether it be helping finish off bikeways and pathways that arent completed yet or possibly an outdoor fitness park, or programming that gets people active.were not there yet so we havent made that decision. Johnson said for next year they would like to get a few more signs, a race results board and a lost and found. She said its just the small things they need to focus on next year, and she feels they covered the big things well this year.

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Page 26 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011

Season ends for Black Spurs

The Strathmore Black Spurs won their last season game 3-2 against Langdon June 23. They look forward to a rematch this weekend in the Chestermere wind up tournament. The soccer season always seems so short with rained out games and poor weather conditions. Despite the weather the kids had a great year and look forward to playing again next year.

Wendi Tashlikowich Photo

Rockyford Soccer ends another season

Rockyford had another successful season with soccer this Spring and just had their wrap-up on June 21. A lot of little ones came out this year so it looks like it will be a great couple of years coming up with some strong players for the surrounding communities. Laurie DArgent took care of doing a fantastic job coaching the 3-5 year olds to get them interested in the sport. They concentrated on learning skills and have short games. Rockyford has been promoting this affordable program in their community for the last 7 years under the direction of volunteer head coach Seamus Ryan and ian Lawn, who continued with older children interested in the sport. Volunteer coach Laurie DArgent with the littlest group of 3-5 year olds.

Manny Everett Photo

Silversharks compete in Medicine Hat

Shandell Laycraft (left), Tamara Adamschek, marina Laycraft, Liam Schoepp. Three of our swimmers: Tamara Adamschek, Liam Schoepp and marina Laycraft qualified for the 2011 Team Aquatic Supplies Alberta Age Group Trials - Long Course held in medicine Hat on June 17,18 and 19th (Swimmers 14 and under) competing against swimmers from across Alberta. To qualify for this meet Swimmers must achieve their distinct age meet Qualifying Time (mQT) for the 400 freestyle or 200 im, within the qualifying period, either short course or long course. The meet was extremely successful for our swimmers. Tamara Adamschek won 4 silver medals in the 100 breast, 50 freestyle, 50 fly and 50 breast. Tamara also obtained the A time standard in the 50 free final. Liam Schoepp won 2 silver medals in the 200 im and the 100 fly. marina Laycraft won a bronze medal 50 back. This is the first time that swimmers from the Silver Sharks have competed at this level of competition. The swimmers were coached by Head Coach Shandell Laycraft and Asst. Coach Jen mertz.

Photo Courtesy of Lloyd Schoepp

The village of Standard was filled with fun activities during the annual sports day, which took place June 25 and 26. Top photo: Playschool float that came in first place in the judging. Right photo: Darren Firkus of Gleichen Transport took his first dunk in the Tank to help raise funds for the New Community Hall.

The Rockyford Fire Fighters would like to thank the 2011 Golf Tournament Donors & Sponsors
Agrium ATB Financial BASF Berts Small Engine Big S Automotive Bob & Colleen Hill Cargil Ag Horizons Chinook Credit Union Chi-Rhon Enterprises Crowfoot Ag Solutions Draught Horse Bar & Grill DynAgra Early Bird Air Encana Encana Evergreen Equipment Franklin Supply Fred & Twena Koester Gates Agencies Gerritsen Drilling Glen & Lois Koester Gregory Harriman & Associates Greta Stinn HD Windows & Doors Hi-Way Services Husky Oil ID Apparel Jackie Brassard Ken & Linda Arnold Kim & Gary Geeraert Kneehill Soil Services Louis Dryfus Lyalta Lux Windows & Doors Marshman Greenhouses Meyers Norris Penny Newell Livestock Hauling Odo & Sharon Melcher Pioneer Hi-Bred Darcy Koester Quality Auto Parts QuickSilver Resources Randy Melcher Ray DenBoer Refinish FX Renu-L-Tech Rhino Enterprises Richardson Pioneer Rockyford Agencies Rockyford Grocery Rockyford Repairs & Sales Rockyford Steel Ron Clyne Rosebud Gas Coop Ryan Seeley Safeblu Silver Fountain Greenhouse Southland Transportation Sparkys Parts Services Strathmore Motor Products Superior Feed & Supply The Fireworks Factory The Nociars The Recharge Center Three Hills Golf Club Tri-West Agro UFA Laurie Keeler Viterra Beiseker/Rosebud Ag WalMart Strathmore Wayne & Tracy Clyne Wheatland UFA Petroleum Wholesale Fire & Rescue Your Cup Coffee Shop

Thank You

Standard comes together for a successful Sports Day

Manny EvErEtt Times Contributor Slow-pitch games, a parade, a gigantic garage sale and happy kids filled to the brim with candy is what was seen in Standard on June 24-25. The entire community came together for a fun-filled weekend and it was evident that many hands make for light work as everyone pitched in to do their part in making the weekend a huge success. Slow-pitch games started on Friday night and were played on into Saturday evening at the two ball diamonds north of the village. Teams came from all over to participate in the annual event. The beer tent was open with entertainment from local rising star Drew Gregory at the open mike both nights. The activities started early on Saturday with a pancake breakfast at the Community Hall followed by the annual parade through town. Groups as far as Calgary came to be part of the day. The Maxwell Clan (a Pipe Band) that was formed in 1987 from Don Maxwells family, started with four boys (two drummers and two pipers). The group quickly grew to a whopping 45 members and they travel to different functions throughout the province, said Master Piper Maxwell. The group came attired in their Ancient Duncan tartans with seven members in attendance that day. The parade included local groups such as the Lion and Lionettes, the Standard Co-op, the Library board, the popular Playschool float to name a few. The morning parade wrapped up with the local fire department blowing their sirens and shooting water from the trucks at the gathered crowd up Main Street. Childrens games, face-painting, minigolf and two bouncy houses occupied the littler ones throughout the day at the camp kitchen, while the adults took part in the slow-pitch games whether they participated or were spectators fun was had by all. Many adults also made their way to the Standard/Rosebud Arena for the advertised Gigantic Garage Sale with all proceeds going to the building of the New Community Hall. Another highlight of the day was the dunk tank at the sports grounds where many prominent members of the community came to do their share at raising some more funds for the Hall. Darren Firkus started off the morning with a half hour shift, raising just over $100. Other participants included: Kim Berquist, Steve ONeill, Austin Larsen, Christopher Everett, Nicole Ellis, Grant Christensen, Dustin Larsen, Sean Brindle and Allen Larsen. A total of just over $420 was raised. The day concluded with a roast beef supper at the Community Hall and dance to follow. It was obvious that Standard knows how to throw a great party and come together in their various fundraisers for the betterment of the community.

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Charity golf tournament aims to help those in need

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter The Strathmore Chinook Credit Union has been a major supporter of the Foothills Advocacy in Motion, AIM, Society since they came to town. This year Bill Crawford, branch manager for Chinook Credit Union and Craig McKenzie, program manager with the AIM Society, have paired up to bring a new fundraising event to town. The AIM Society has had sort of an all branch (golf) tournament I invited Bill Crawford last year to attend as one of our guests, said McKenzie. He liked it so much that following last years tournament he called me up and said, Craig heres a proposal for you, Id like to do the same thing for (the) Strathmore branch, and we will be the major sponsor for it. The first annual Chinook Credit Union Charity Golf Tournament in support of the AIM Society will be taking place on July 8. A hundred bucks gets you green fees, a cart, 18 holes of golf, a steak dinner and maybe some prizes, said Crawford. Were looking for prizes. The community has really stepped up well with donations, so weve collected a fair bit of money which is really nice but we dont want to spend a lot of that, or any of that really on prizes. He said they are looking for things like golf shirts, hats, balls and things like that to give away. Crawford said the whole community is behind the program in High River because they have such a high profile, something thats missing here in Strathmore. He is hoping to help raise the profile in Strathmore for the society. There are 50 confirmed players but Crawford said he would like to see 80 to 100 players. While it is a fundraiser there wont be people trying to collect money at every hole. You enter, were going to sell you mulligans at the beginning and then were not going to beat you up again. Well have a silent auction at the end, said Crawford. All of the funds raised at the tournament will be going directly to the Strathmore AIM Society. We utilize the funds we raise to help support the adults that we work with to help find new opportunities and grow the program going forward, said McKenzie. Crawford said he would like to see $10,000 raised but knows that is going to be hard to get. Im thinking somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 would be more realistic and then in the future years somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000, said Crawford. Clients of the AIM Society will be at the tournament helping out in anyway they can. The AIM Society is a support system for people with disabilities and is there to help each person achieve success no matter what it means to them.


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Frank edward

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 27


for sale
KnaaCK trUCK tOOL BOx. 4x2x2. $100. BOW FLex revOLUtiOn HOMe gyM like new. asking $1200, new $3600. eLeCtrOniC dart BOard (bar style). darts and tips included. in good shape asking $500. Phone 403826-6367.


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garage sales
Canada day Bargain Fest toys, tools tool hardware, household items, antiques and lots more. Friday & saturday July 1 & 2, 9am 4pm. 22 greenview Cres.

Frank passed away peacefully at his rural Cluny care facility sunday June 26, 2011 at the age of 92 years. Frank was born in the original Bates farm house 3 miles south of strathmore and resided in the house he built in 1945 through 2008. He spent his life dedicated to building a successful farming and ranching operation and raising his family. in 2007, he was proud to receive the alberta Centennial award for 100 years recognition of the Bates family operation. Predeceased in 1995 by his loving wife doris (nee. Frederick) of 49 years, his bother William and sister edith; Frank is survived by his sons Brian (sherry), gavin (Frances), greg (Lana); seven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. Frank had many practical skills and will always be remembered for setting an example of patience, respect and kindness. in lieu of flowers, donations may be made directly to the alberta Cancer Foundation (1331 29 st. n.W., Calgary, alberta, t2n 4n2). to send condolences, please visit www. WHeatLand FUneraL HOMe Ltd. (strathmore) in care of arrangements. 403-934-5666.

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Strathmore Hospital

business opp
BridaL sHOP FOr saLe (inventory incl. - sewing shop, truckload of fabrics). also separately - fabrics, dresses, Headpieces, store fixtures, mirrors and more). Located in Calgary. For More info. Call 403 630-3202.

July Birthdays Ann Heuver Jaskarn Jawanda Mechthilde Rodehutskors Ruth Ginn

The Strathmore and District Chamber of Commerce Is looking for

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Call Tracey 403-934-5589

For the Upcoming Strathmore Heritage Days Parade on Saturday, July 30th. Parade Duputies Banner Carriers (Grade 9 to 12)
If you would like to volunteer please call (403) 901-3175 or email



For bookings call

De Jongs Tours
August 22-26, 2011 Cost $740/person dbl. Five Day Trip to visit Edmonton, Jasper and Banff National Park

Say Hi to Rona J. Shes 40 today!

Love D, K and R

Five Day Trip to Rocky Mountain Circle


notices announcements

Cuts On Wheels
At Your Home or Mine
Buy 10 Haircuts and Get 1 for FREE

Sept. 7 - Oct. 1, 2011 Cost $3,350/person dbl. Includes transportation, 24 nights accommodation, all breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners. Call for a detailed brochure including all of hte attractions.

Twenty-Five Day Trip to Eastern Canada

Come & Go Shower for

Megan Mitchell
- bride of Scott Freeman

November 14-29, 2011 Cost $2,195/person dbl.

Includes transportation, 15 nights accomodation, 2 lunches, 6 dinners, 8 shows in Branson. Call for a detailed brochure.

Sixteen Day Trip to Branson New Orleans

The bride & groom are registered at the Bay or a Wishing Well is available if you prefer to give money. Everyone welcome.

Wednesday, July 6 7:30 pm Freemans, 9 Wheeler Place, Strathmore

For any further information on these trips and for a detailed brochure call 1-866-362-5416 or visit our web site

Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct

FORM 5 FORM 5 Irrigation Districts Act Irrigation Districts Act (Section 85/86) (Section 85/86)

Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3

thank yous

Strathmore Hotel

Thank you to the students at

Crowther Memorial School Junior High Leadership class

NOTICE OFIRRIGATION DISTRICT THE AREA OF AN APPLICATION TAKE NOTE that applications have TO CHANGE toTHEbeen receivedDistrict. AREAbyOF the Western Irrigation District change the area of the Applications to remove parcels consist of: AN IRRIGATION DISTRICT
TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District. Applications to remove parcels consist of:
Name of Landowner Number of Irrigation Acres Legal Land Description



Thank you Mrs. anne Paskevich for sending the students to help us at our Lodge all throughout their school year. Well Done you guys!



Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.

Kenworthy, Roy Francis


SW 26-26-23 W4 W 19-25-27 W4
Legal Land Description

Don Murray
June 30, 2002 Our Grandpa Grandma mentioned your name today I stopped and listened to what shed say, As her thoughts drift back to you She paused, she smiled, she missed you too. My thoughts too, went back in time Its been 9 years since you were mine, At family gatherings your memory is there We laugh, we joke, we really do care. We know one day we will meet again Grandpa, were not sure exactly when, But when we do I will be proud to say I thought of you Grandpa, everyday. With all our love Your Grandchildren

McIntosh Tree Farms Inc. 50

Name of Landowner

Western Irrigation District Applications to add parcels consist of:

Jim Webber, P. Eng. General Manager

Number of Irrigation Acres

Yule, Jeffrey D. & Stephanie M. Koester Acres Ltd. 705370 Alberta Ltd.

65 50 50

NE 13-23-22 W4 SE 12-26-24 W4 NW 25-26-26 W4

Friday, July 10th One Night Only

No Cover Charge! Everyone Welcome Corner of 3rd & 2nd Avenue


Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.

Erwin Braun, P.L. (Eng) General Manager Western Irrigation District

Page 28 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011


help wanTed

help wanTed
F.T. COOkS $13/hr 3-5 years experience required, Cooks helpers $11/hr experience perferred. Email to: F.T. COOkS $13/hr 3-5 years experience required, Cooks helpers $11/hr experience preferred. Mail to: 510 Hwy #1 Strathmore AB T1P1M6.

help wanTed
GOLD REGISTRY LTD. Full time Registry clerk needed. Experience preferred. Drop resume at Gold key Registry - 233-3rd Ave, Strathmore.

help wanTed

help wanTed

Get your Classified ads in! Call Tracey 403-934-5589

11 pm - 7 am. 2 positions available. $12/hour to start.

Please submit resume to 350 Ridge Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1B5 or fax (403) 901-0016

night auditor

Full Time

Required to provide in-home services. Part-time flexible hours Wages are competitive and based upon experience, reimbursement for mileage Successful applicants will be required to complete a security check

home support

Gleichen and District Agricultural Society Recreation Facility

FT/PT Cooks & Kitchen Help

Contact Brian for details (403) 934 2299

Now Hiring

OpeRAtiOn & MAintenAnce

1 full time position 1 part time position
Duties include caretaking, maintenance and your dream come true operating an ice resurfacer (zamboni)!

Full time Welder / Apprentice

position available for local fabrication and international installation.

Check Us Out on Facebook!

Straight Line Contracting
Straight Line Contracting specializes in renovations and new construction projects. We believe in a sense of team and empowering people to make decisions. We are looking for an individual who is responsible, reliable, assertive, and has leadership skills to join our team. We offer excellent pay as well, other pending opportunities. Duties Include: Leading small crew and directing activities Demolition, construction, & finish of projects Working with and directing sub trades Working with customers The successful candidate must have: Working knowledge of general construction practices Valid drivers license Preference given to those with experience in: Interior finishing experience (base, case, hanging doors) Exterior finishing experience (roofing, siding, installing windows) Subcontractors will also be considered. Please send resumes to or phone Greg at 999-0429.


Construction Lead Hand

Turn key operation, modern kitchen. Take advantage of a very busy recreation facility at a very reasonable cost. All utilities and equipment included in rent.

RecReAtiOn FAcility kitchen FOR Rent.

Our organization has a history of sustained and profitable growth. Any CNC experience is an asset. Email or fax resumes to: Jon Rilling (403) 934-6456 jon.rilling@

TODDLE INN DAYCARE, vacancies available for Child Care Worker. Duties include supervising children and program planning as well as light cleaning duties. Job requirements; criminal record check, 1st aid and must hold a childcare professional certificate. Drop off resumes at the day care, 309, 2nd Ave. Strathmore.

Drop off resumes at wheatland Family and community support services:

help wanTed

85 lakeside Blvd., 9 - 4:30 mon - Fri or fax: 403-934-2457

The Town of Chestermere has an opening for a permanent full-time

Please contact: Director Grant Schalin 485-8556 Director Gord Stewart 934-7159

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Call Tracey 403-934-5589


We are looking for an individual with experience in purchasing and inventory control of supplies and goods for the daily operations of the Public Works Department. Duties will include but are not limited to purchasing of goods, materials and equipment as per annual budget. Monitoring of stock, operate and organize parts room, provide input into operational budgets and other duties as assigned. Must have a valid AB Class 5 drivers license. A drivers abstract and Standard First Aid with CPR Level C will be required. For more information see our website at This posting will remain open until July 17, 2011. Send resume to: Town of Chestermere PURCHASER Public Works 105 Marina Road, Chestermere, AB T1X 1V7 Fax: (403) 204-7681 or Email: The Town appreciates the interest of all applicants; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Help Your Community

WHeatland CountY Food Bank requires

Great opportunity with small town living!!!

- Clinical Resource Nurse (CRN)

Sagewood Supportive Living Community Strathmore, Alberta
AgeCare is one of Canadas fastest growing providers of innovative communities of care and wellness for seniors. We offer our residents a safe and secure home-like atmosphere. We are seeking an LPN Manager- Clinical Resource Nurse (CRN) to oversee optimum care and client services in collaboration with Alberta Health Services Home Care in meeting all applicable standards. This individual will be responsible for all care-related operations, including staff supervisions, guidance and performance as well as client satisfaction. Qualifications CPLNA Registration 3-5 years of management / leadership experience Experience in geriatrics is an asset Working knowledge of computers (Word, Excel and Outlook) Ability to adapt easily to change and to multi-task Must possess excellent communication and organizational skills To apply, please submit your resume to We would like to thank all who apply however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Volunteer Screeners
The position of Volunteer Screener entails the following duties: Commitment Time Honesty Discretion and confidentiality are essential in the understanding of the clients unforeseen circumstances for the need of assistance from the Food Bank. The position is a very important one at the Wheatland County Food Bank and the above criteria will be emphasized in the potential screeners interview.

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 29

CONDOS Starting At $154,900

Industry Leading Fit and Finishes 622-924 sq ft.
From 622 - 924 sq ft. floor plans | Exotic Wood Cabinets | Granite Counters Throughout Counter Depth Stainless Steel Appliance Package: Smooth Top Range, Dishwasher, Freezer/Refrigerator, OTR Microwave Full Height Glass Tile Backsplashes | Hardwood Throughout

Starting At

All Units Include Granite Counters, Hardwood Floors & Exotic Wood Cabinets!


Bi-Monthly Payments

Your Choice of 6 Premium Colour Theme Packages

4 Baseboards + Flat Panel Doors, All Window Coverings, Premium Lighting, Underground Parking, Storage Space



Register at

Sale Manager - Tony Trutina 403-333-3539 Register At And Receive $1000 Towards Your New Home!
*Bi-Monthly mortgage payments based on 10% down payment, 5 year at 3.40% 30 year amortization, insurance premiums apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply. Clients may have to qualify at a higher rate. O.A.C., E. & O.E., Price includes GST.

Page 30 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011


ChinooK iii. First months rent is halF price! 2 bdrm $900/mth or 1 bdrm $800/mth. +dd required. heat & water included. no pets. Call Jane at 403-9346896. 3 Bedroom Townhouse availaBle July 1. Quite, sunny, very clean, with walkout balcony. includes all appliances and washer/dryer. 1 & baths. $925/month + utilities. no pets, no smoking. wellington Cove, strathmore. Call 403-934-0996. 416 sQ. FT. CoTTage. 14 km east of strathmore. Clean & well cared for. radiant heat flooring. n/s, n/p. monthly rate $750.00, includes utilities. Call 403-934-3219.
GeT your ClaSSified adS in! Call TraCey 934-5589

CommeriCal reTail spaCe in downtown strathmore. approx. 1700 sq ft (including storage), $1000/mth, 6 month commitment with references. Call 403-983-4896. Clean 2 Bedroom Condo in secured non smoking, no pets, adult only building. Fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer included, gas fire place. plug in parking stalls, gas and water included. $1100.00 a month rent. $1100.00 security deposit. available august 1. phone 403-934-0718. large 2 Bdrm Furnished BaChelor, includes all utilities along with bedding, dishes etc. $995/mth and month-to-month rental available. d.d required & n/p. Clean and comfy, responsible working tenants only. Call 403-936-5541 or 403-615-5678.

Available September 1, 2011
Located in beautiful Cambridge Glen, this 1190sq.ft bungalow includes fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer & dryer, central vacuum, 8 person Hot tub, double attached garage, underground irrigation with south facing backyard onto green space with walking paths, playground and close proximity to schools, hospital, and numerous recreation facilities. $1600 per month +utilities, $2000 D.D on a 1 year lease.

Townhouse - 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, garage. n/p, n/s, d.d. rent negotiable Call 403-533-2315.

heaTed sTorage shop For renT - 10 miles east of strathmore. 40X40. $1100/ month + d.d - utilities included. Contact 403-901-5325.

Home for rent

classifieds check Us out on Facebook!

real estate

real estate

Acreage for Sale by Owner

$99,00 Mobile Home on a lot YOU Own! Renovated. Why rent at this price. Call Neil 403-901-7871

Call Craig @ 403-804-5958 to view.

real estate

Newly Renovated Home on 10 acres, $685,000 Detailed Listing & Additional

Photos on #45933

Tel: 403-934-6617 or 403-650-0598

1324 sq. ft finished bi-level single family home with walkout. 3 bdrm up, 3 down, 3 full baths. Great location on quiet street close to schools, hospital and recreational facilities. Motivated sellers. WeList 46101 for more information.

Remarkable Custom Built Bungalow

MLS# C3469692


Strathmore Commercial/ Retail Space for Lease

1500 ft2 Good access to Highway #1. Kitchen facilites available.

real estate
Ideal Quiet Location. Spacious Living Area. Great 3rd Floor West View. 1 Oversized Bdrm. Low Condo Fees. $196,000

Featured ProPertieS
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Just listed

403-861-6258 or 403-870-4356

real estate


Call Toll-Free:



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Feature Properties
Tina Scott 403-901-5388
Specializing In Country Properties


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2200sq.ft. newer character home on huge lot. Wrap around verandah overlooking manicured fenced yard with heated shop. Many extras. Call now. $519,900.
call nonie

Custom BIRCH cabintry -pull out drawers Features BI recycle bins, spice rack, appliance garage Front veranda--interlocking brick drive Fully finished basement with WALK OUT Radiant heated 28x28 garage Massive treed & fenced yard Quiet cul-de-sac
Please see our Virtual Tour


Nancy Stairs & Steve Farran

403.934.1625 403.901.9335

Constantly Selling More Real Estate

nonie hall agent

Your Local Real Estate Experts

Canyon Creek (Strathmore)


Its a GREAT Time to BUY! Low, Low Interest Rates! 106 - 304 - 3rd avenue, Strathmore
beaUtifUl brick bUnGalOw

Serving Strathmore and rural area for 25 plus 10 years expereience

RE/MAX Platinum Club, Hall of Fame, 100% Club MLS Million Dollar Club 25 Years Serving Strathmore & Rural areas.
call lorna
call lorna

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tUrn keY OPeratiOn

Manager in Place Retail Outlet. 28 Contracts Priced at $375,000

brand new $349,900

1420 sq ft bungalow, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwoods


Paved Circle Drive Lots of Trees Walking Distance to all Amenities Attached Double Garage


Hiway frontage. Cultivated land. Surface rights income.

call lorna

120 acres! $289,900!

call lorna

call lorna

views, trees! 4.22 acres $199,000

Pole shed. 40 gal well. 1/2 mile to pavement.

If you are looking for a new home or thinking about selling your current one my personal

Associate Broker

touch and

ranch estates! $92,900

Call lorna Phibbs 403-874-7660 to buy or sell!


expertise will ensure your needs are met!

call lorna
call lorna

Huge country kitchen. Backs on soccer field. Retire here!

call lorna

$35,000 + inventOrY
Includes training, all shelves, racks, cooler, great location!


Gorgeous new villa. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, large double garage. Walk-up basement. C3478854 Backs onto greenspace.

lOcatiOn - lOcatiOn $331,900

call lorna

fOr YOU! $149,900

Tons of friendly people! Guest Suite! Great second floor location! SW deck with views. Newly decorated.

call lorna

brand new bUnGalOw, view Of cOUntrYside redUced $343,900



2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths and over 1400 sq ft of development, upgrades throughout.

call lorna

10 acres $348,000
Nice Bungalow Hardwoods Garage/ Barn Mature Trees

106 - 304 - 3rd Ave., Strathmore

Yes it is 3 bedrOOms $159,900

Yes corner unit to, less than rent!!

call lorna

On the Park
Listen to the Birds Sing! Or the Friendly People Walk Downtown

call lorna


brand new villa! $299,000





3 Bdrms, 3 Baths Double Garage Open Concept Oh so Open!!



Professional Directory
carpentry day care mortgages

July 1, 2011 Strathmore TimeS Page 31

rental equipment


35 years experience


Newborn to Kindergarten NEW Before & After School
Licensed & Accredited Charitable Organization
Specializing in Purchases, new home construction draw mortgages Home Equity Lines Raw Land Mortgage Refinance
Vonnie Bosch Mobile Mortgage Specialist Ph: 403 701 8407


Lar-Don RentaLs Ltd.

Light Construction & Garden Equipment Trenching New & Used Equipment Sales & Service

Finishing Painting Decks siDing

No Job to Small Exceptional Work at Affordable Prices

Echo Power Equipment

Kelly franKs 403.533.2169 carpentry 403-934-5139 fax 403-901-6265

15 Spruce Lane, Strathmore Bus: 403-934-3727 Fax: 403-934-3849

furnace & duct


rv storage
Minutes from Strathmore!

Custom Carpentry & Renovations

Ph. 403.901.0884 c. 403.710.2165

Furnace Replacement Repairs & Maintenance Air Conditioning Certified HVAC Technicians Plumbing Duct Cleaning

Carmon Wiebe

Our Team aT YOur Service!

Greg Wilson 153 Orchard Park Road, Strathmore, AB

Gated, Secure, Low-Rates, Gravelled Sites,



Large Pull Through Sites Available

general contractors

metal roofing

Marv Poettcker
Specializing in Insurance Claims Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia Continuous Eavestroughing Windows & Reroofs Aluminum and Smart Board Batons

Check Us Out on facebook!

waste disposal

Iop row ltd.

Steel Aluminum Copper Aluminum Copper Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Copper Aluminum Copper Metal Roofing Custom Flashings Accessories MetalMetal Roofing Custom Accessories Accessories Metal RoofingRoofing Custom Flashings Accessories Custom Flashings Flashings
Bay A, 1115 - 48th Avenue S.E.

Your Painting Pro

Painting since 1975
Specializing in Repainting (Inside / Outside) Residential Light Industrial Commercial

Waste Disposal & Port-A-Potties
Serving Strathmore, Drumheller & Areas
10B Bayside Place, Strathmore, AB

Calgary, Alberta T2G 2A7 Cell: 403-968-9211 Work: 403-934-43341115 Bay A, 1115 - 48th Avenue S.E. Bay A, - 48th Avenue 1115 - 48th Avenue S.E. Bay A, S.E. Fax: 403-934-4422 Email: toprowtom@telus.netCalgary, Calgary,T2G 2A7 T2G 2A7 Calgary, Alberta T2G Alberta Alberta 2A7 For a FREE QuotE Call tom

279-2766 Fax: (403) 770-2277 Fax: (403) 770-2277Fax: (403) 770-2277 Toll Free: Toll Free: 1-866-279-2766 1-866-279-2766 1-866-279-2766 Toll Free:

Bus: (403) 279-2766 Fax: (403) 770-2277 Toll Free: Bus: (403) 279-2766 1-866-279-2766 (403) Bus: (403) 279-2766 Bus:

co-alta Holdings
O 403.901.1137 C 403.880.3299

general contractors

mobile repairs

piano lessons

Handy Kinda Guy

Painting Plumbing Small Renovations Decks & Fences Bathrooms Flooring General Maintenance Basement Renovations Call BoB 403-861-7822




window cleaning

by Rachel Neil

Mobile RepaiRs & FabRication

general contractors

WIndoW ClEanIng
by Roy Chester
Power Washing Window Cleaning Residential Commercial Interior Exterior Eavestrough Cleaning & Repairs Spider Control

127 Aspen Circle, Strathmore

real estate

general contractors

Whole Home
We make your house a HOME

Tina Scott
Constantly Selling More Real Estate

Roy Chester 403-520-1974 water well drilling


general Contractor / Handyman Email: Specializing in:


Canyon Creek (Strathmore)

Water Well Drilling Water Conditioning Equipment

Drilling Co. Ltd

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Call the strathmore Times 403.934.5589

Painting Basement Development Family Rooms Kitchen Renos Bathroom Renos Play Rooms Tile Work Laminate Flooring Hardwood Flooring Plumbing Light Electrical Deck & Fence Repair
Call Today for a FREE ESTIMATE

Pump Systems: Supply, Install & Repair

403-934-4271 Strathmore
Serving the rural Community for 58 yearS


Page 32 Strathmore TimeS July 1, 2011



Dont pay administration or documentation fees, air tax, or any other fees and save big!





Airdrie Dodge Jeep is proud to sponsor Olympic Silver Medallists, Team Bernard. The same winning values of hard work, dedication, talent and training that helped Team Bernard climb the podium are what make Airdrie Dodge Jeep the most trusted and respected dealership in the province.









#1119080 (for illustration only) #111950 (for illustration only) #1119240


SXT package, towing package and much more. MORE FOR LESS PRICE

The true Man Van. Leather, DVD, power everything. Must be seen!

$0 DOWN $148




$0 DOWN $242


Canadas #1 Crossover Vehicle! MORE FOR LESS PRICE


$0 DOWN $135











Loaded including the fuel saver 3.6L V6. MORE FOR LESS PRICE

$0 DOWN $232


Total luxury in this hard top convertible. MORE FOR LESS PRICE

All-wheel drive. Fully loaded, including sunroof and dual exhaust.


$0 DOWN $259




$0 DOWN $257


3.3L V6, alloy wheels, rear heat and ac, power seat, full Stow n Go, 40,000 kms


2.7L V6, alloy wheels, power steering, power locks, 23,816 kms.
# 13165

B/W $17,988 or $125 OAC**


OAC** $21,988 or $153 B/W



Payments based on Customer Choice nance program; based on 84 mo. term with 3% variable interest rate. Prices reect all dealer rebates. Ask a sales professional for details. **Payments based on biweekly payments. GST not included in any prices or payments. Some exclusions apply, see dealer for details. Vehicle images are for illustration purposes only, actual vehicles may not be exactly as shown.




3.5L V6, tilt, cruise, air conditioning. #13171

OAC** $17,888 or $148 OAC** $18,848 or $148 OAC** $17,888 or $140 B/W B/W B/W


5.7L V8, air conditioning, tilt, tow package. #13192


3.7L V6, auto, cruise, 4x4 only 62,174 kms. #13207


5.7L V8, tilt, cruise, fog lights, 3.8L V6, manual, 4x4, air conditioning. #13045 convertible roof. #13045
OAC** $23,888 or $172 B/W


OAC** OAC** $15,888 or $126 B/W $15,888 or $125 B/W


3.7L V6, sunroof, tilt, cruise, air conditioning. #13173




1 877 429 8593