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CLOSE MINDEDNESS:- T he One T hing We Dont Lack India will be a knowledge superpower of the world!!!

It sounds great and the one liner is enough to boastfully expand any Indian chest. But, have we ever had the reality check. India may be producing (literally!!!) millions of engineers, doctors and managers, but how many of them are worth what they are? The answer is a very few and it will remain so, until and unless we dont open up our minds. Open up our minds to the world around us and instead of just criticizing it, learn and strive to improve it. Inspite of the immense cultural and lingual wealth that has been bestowed upon us, we have closed our minds to such an extent that we seize to learn from them. Instead, we have fallen into the trap of caste, religion and gender based discrimination, which has limited the extent to which we could analyze and observe the things with an open and free mind. This attitude of ours, has led to development of a society, where every one is limited to himself. A society, where women wants reservation for them while opposing caste based quota and various caste groups want quota for themselves while opposing religion based reservation. A society, where being included in a backward category list is of so much pride, that people go even to the extent of rioting. In a country, where the burden of expectations are put upon the shoulders of children since early years, the quality of professionals that are passing out every year from the colleges may seem to be surprising. It itself shows the truth that we are not to understand, that innovation and management are the qualities that can only be developed intrinsically and not by learning loads of books for a couple of years. It can be attained only through learning by experience with open minds. We dont need to go too far to experience the management skills that can be developed without studying, an Indian housewife. Many inspite of being uneducated, take care of household with brilliance. Infact, innovation and management are an art of human mind and not some scientific concepts that can be gobbled up. To be the real innovators, we should try to develop our minds like an open garden where everyone (read experience), whether good or bad, could enter because each one could teach us something that no other can. However, we have made our brain like a closed room with a door, where only those with permission could enter and in process we miss on some important learnings. The biggest problem, thats holding us back from proceeding towards more constructive and open environment, is lack of discussion. Whether its parliament or a school competition, whatever happens is a Debate. In a debate, we could not change our stance, because if done, we will be considered a loser. So, even if we realize that our position was wrong, we could not admit it and we forcefully convince our brain that we are right, which eliminates the whole purpose of learning through debate instead what is produced is arrogance. Thus, it is not very surprising that all around the world during parliamentary debates public representatives resort to violence. In contrast, discussion is much more down towards and constructive. During discussion, the participant could change his perspective at any time and cold do so without the fear of loosing. However, inspite of these advantages barring some 5-10 minutes of GD during job screening discussions are rarely popular in our country.