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Jane : Hi Xinyi ! Xinyi : Hi Jane ! How are you ? Jane : I m fine , thank you . Do you read the Star newspaper this morning ? Xinyi : No , anything happened ? Jane : Yup , the surroundings are polluted and the there s a flood in Kuala Lumpur because of deforestation . Xinyi : Oh I see . So there are how many pollutions are there in our country ? Jane : There are four types of pollutions in our country , they re air pollution , water pollution , sound pollution , and the pollution of environment . Xinyi : Oh ! What are the causes of these happens ? Jane :One of the main causes of air pollutioning is manufacturing . This source of pollution spews particulate matter and chemicals into the atmosphere. Xinyi : Oh ! Then how about the pollution of water ? Jane : The main causes are the human are irresponsible ! They throw all the rubbish and some chemical liquid into the river . Then the factories also release their chemical liquids , and the oils into the river , makes the river become dirty and dirty . Xinyi : What are the causes of the sound pollutions ? Jane :Most noise pollution comes from machines, especially automobiles, trucks, and aircraft. Construction equipment, farm machines, and the din of machinery inside factories can be dangerously loud. Some home appliances, shop tools, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers can also be noisy, as are guns, firecrackers, and some toys. Even music, when played at very high volume, particularly through personal headphones, is as damaging to the ears as a roaring chain saw. Xinyi : Oh I see that ! So what are the causes of the pollution of the environment ? Jane : The human throw their rubbish everywhere makes the environment very dirty and unhealthy . The smoke makes our heart spoiled . So we must take care of our body , do not throw and spit everywhere , because that can cause the pollution of the environment ! Xinyi : Thanks for answering my questions ! Jane : Welcome !