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What is Solar Air Conditioner?

Should buildings be cooled with the help of solar energy, then water assisted air
conditioner systems or ventilation system can be powered with heat that is made available by solar collectors. No long-term intermediate storage is necessary in months of high solar energy gain. The sun can provide a substantial part of the energy needed for air conditioner. Combination water- assisted systems and ventilation systems are also possibilities. The basic principle behind (Solar) thermal driven cooling is the thermo chemical process of sorption: a liquid or gaseous substance is either attached to a solid, porous material (absorption) or is taken in by a liquid or solid material (absorption). The sorbent (i.e. silica gel, a substance with a large inner surface area) is provided with heat (i.e. from solar heater) and is dehumidified. After this drying or desorption, the process can be repeated in the opposite direction. When providing water vapor or steam, it is stored in the porous storage medium (adsorption) and simultaneously heat is released. Processes are differentiated between closed refrigerant circulation systems (for producing cold water) and open systems according to the way in which the process is carried out: that is whether or not the refrigerant comes into contacts with atmosphere. The letter is used for dehumidification and evaporative cooling. Both processes can further be classified according to either solid or liquid sorbents. In addition to the available refrigerating capacity, the relationship between the drive heat and realized cold energy (coefficient of performance; COP) is also an essential performance.

Energy Balance
Without the use of solar energy, thermally powered climate controlled raised the primary energy use (Thermal and Electrical) for all of the tested locations. The reason for this is the lower operating numbers of this process in comparison to electrically powered compression refrigeration machine.

Whether the absorption or adsorption refrigerating machines are used, a solar covered share for cooling of 30% and almost 50% is required to affect a primary energy savings. The solar-covered share for cooling is the portion used for cooling during the summer that come from heat made available by the solar thermal system. With coverage shares of up to 85%, the primary energy use can be decreased by over 50% compared to the conventional reference system. The result where ascertained from an example reference office building and can therefore not simply be applied to other cases or buildings. In summer with high temperature the sorption assisted air conditioner, in combination with a compression refrigeration machine, led to a small primary energy saving with a solar coverage share of 30%. If the sun delivers 85% heat for the air conditioner, then just about 50% of primary energy can be saved. In this case there are two apparent positive aspects: the sorption-assisted air conditioner can effectively be used for air dehumidification and additionally and it can achieve relatively good overall efficiency.

Compare with current AC

Current AC available technologies are neither practical nor cost effective. Photovoltaic (PV) systems cost is many times more than conventional Air conditioner. Thermally driven absorption cooling requires costly, high temperature collectors and undesirable cooling towers.


Solar Air Conditioner absorb Solar Energy to heat inside the medium by using the vacuum Solar Collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange.

The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the System cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor instead of Standard compressors to run our System which save Electricity dramatically. A smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and work together with our solar collector to save electricity.

How Does the Solar Air Conditioner Save the Energy?

First, it uses the majority of Solar Energy. Second, it adapts to a highly efficient heat transfer system. Solar Collectors/ Heat absorbers collect a certain amount of Solar Energy for Air Conditioning to work as a Energy supplement offering an effective distribution system and greatly reducing the compressing energy loss; Third, the intelligent controlling of the Solar air-conditioning system can automatically guarantee Solar Collection as part of the normal energy supply. Then, the use of thread, hydrophilic aluminum foil, for the heat transfer system optimization match, reducing energy loss improving overall efficiency and effectively guaranteed result. Therefore, Solar Air Conditioning is much more convenient than regular air conditioning saving you allot of energy usage.

Advantage of solar air conditioner

1. Zinc coated metal steel anti-corrosion treatment, suitable to use near the sea. 2. Four fold evaporator and two rolled condenser make the unit very powerful.


3. Blue fine heat exchanger makes the unit high EER and COP, reach European standard of class A. 4. World famous brand of compressor like Hitachi, Toshiba, Sanyo, insure the high quality. 5. Unit including the copper kits, power card, electricity wire, remote controller, water tank, solar collector, you are not request to buy any kits from your local. 6. Wooden packing for sample order to protect the unit during long transportation. 7. The copper pipe we are using is made of copper, not like some other factory use the aluminum pipe, which is cheaper and not good quality. 8. Sample order accept, mixed 3 model in one container is acceptable.

Solar air-conditioner units are similar traditional air conditioner Solar collector helps provide more efficiency to the solar air conditioner when placed in the sun. Shorter piping connected to the solar collector from the outdoor and indoor unit, for better cooling results. To be installed by the professional. Installed according to the requirement of the installation manual. Install in a location for a nice appearance.

FAQ of solar air conditioner

Q: What is the working principal of your solar air conditioner?


Ans: Solar Air-Conditioner absorb solar energy to heat the inside medium by using the vacuum solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and works together with our solar collector to saving electricity. Q: Can your solar air conditioner operate at night and when cloudy? Ans: Our solar air conditioner units collect solar heat energy by solar collector. The solar air conditioner also can operate with efficiency at night and cloudy days. Our solar air conditioner units use a storing energy box in the solar collector to help store solar heat energy. Q: Is your solar air conditioner full solar powered? Ans: No, our solar air conditioner is a hybrid solar system, at least can save energy 30% to 40%. Q: What about installation of your solar air conditioner? Ans: Our solar air conditioner units are similar to traditional air conditioners, easy and convenient for installation and compact size. Q: How much percentage energy saves of your solar air conditioner? Ans: With our thermal solar processing helping heat the medium reducing the compressor workload, with high efficient heat transfer system, our solar systems actually save energy of 30% to 40%. Q: What is the temperature of the water in the water tank reached can help the system?


Ans: After the water in the water tank been heated, when the water inside the water tank keep the temperature between 60 degree to 958 degree, no matter when you start running the system, more or less energy been saved, the high temperature of water the more energy saved. Q: Why your solar air conditioner can save energy? (in winter) Ans: By piping system optimization, utilize the heat power from the solar collect tubes, assist the compressor operation, share the workload of compressor, so that save the electricity. Q: When the winter comes, the temperature goes down or when the cloudy sky, the sunshine will be short, the solar collector effect not very so obviously what can we do? Ans: We use the solar collect tube to collect the solar power, even there is short sunshine, and our system still can absorb the heat from the atmospheric to heat the water inside the water tank. Meanwhile, we suggest you a short cut, when the temperature is too low, you may add hot water into the water tank, in this way, the water tank can be a temperature preservation box, in this way, and you can improve the energy saving by yourself.

Commercial Questions
Q: 1) What is the warranty years and how about after sale service? Ans: We guarantee the compressor five years, parts three years, 1% spare parts will be provided free of charge shipping along with the container. Q: 2) What is the MOQ of your solar air conditioner? Ans: 1 X 20 container mixed with at most 3 different models.


Q: 3) What is the requirement to be your agent? Ans: We would like to sign exclusive agreement with our sole agent of certain region for three years to someone who can make orders of quality of 1000 units for the first year, 2000 units for second year, and 3000 units for third year. For some small country, the quality can be negotiated. Q: 4) Does the quotation including all the Solar Heating Parts? Ans: Yes! Q: 5) How about your sample packing? Ans: We would supply you a special wooden crate based on our cost to protect the sample through long transportation. Q: 6) Can we have a special requirement for your solar air conditioner to meet our local market habit? Ans: Yes, we have many experienced in customer made project, let us know your requirement, we will have our professional engineer team with you.