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Issue 9

March-April 2011

Voice of the Indian Bakery industry

We want to encourage and build entrepreneurs in the bakery industry. Vishakha Shroff & Prakash Nair How to Start a Bakery Quality & Safety Testing of Food in the Bakery Industry


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March-April 2011



We want to encourage and build entrepreneurs in the bakery industry
Sarita Nair gets a peek in to the new bakery venture oated by leading industry duo,Vishakha Shroff and Prakash Nair

FMs excise preheat turns off bakers

Bakery industry, largest among food processing sectors continues to get a raw deal. Manoj Kumar and Vijaya Kandpal strives to understand why such government apathy

Quality & Safety Testing of Food in the Bakery Industry
A technical insight into the importance of food safety standards


Keeping It Fresh: Baggers and Closures

Baggers and closure systems feature new designs that allow smoother operation, less downtime and quicker changeovers


Baking is believing!
Chef Savio Fernandes, Pastry Chef at JW Marriott showed several ways of how European Pastry when blended with Indian Mithai create a fusion

Industry Update Market Report Business Tips Products Show Preview

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Editor and Publisher: Pradeep Gopalan Nambiar Reporter: Prajakta Patil Editorial contributors: Savio Fernandes, Beena Menon, Charmaine DSouza, Patricia Trinidade, Daniel Koshy, Kunal Arolkar, Sonjuhi Malhotra, Sarita Nair, Manoj Kumar, Vijaya Kandpal Marketing Business Head (West): Chetan Salvi Dy.Manager - Sales (South): Farzana Gandhi Business Head (North): Aashish Kohli Manager Sales (North): Rajat Sethi Support: Amit Hadshi, Madhav Sherigar
Printed by Pradeep Gopalan Nambiar and published by Pradeep Gopalan Nambiar on behalf of Hospitality First, 81- Above Ajanta Auto, 1st Floor, E. Moses Road, Next to Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai 400018, Maharashtra and printed at Sanwad Print, A2/334, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013 Maharashtra and published at 81- Above Ajanta Auto Garage, 1st Floor, E. Moses Road, Next to Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai 400018, Maharashtra and editor Pradeep Gopalan Nambiar. Address all editorial and business enquiries to Hospitality First, 1st Floor, Above Ajanta Auto, Next to Four Seasons Hotel, 81, E.Moses Road,Worli, Mumbai - 400 018. Tel.: +91 022 2495 5376, Fax: +91 022 2495 5356 This issue of BakeryBiz Magazine contains 48 + 4 pages cover. All printed matter contained in the magazine are based on information from those featured in it. The views, ideas, comments expressed are solely of those featured and the Editor and Publisher do not necessarily subscribe to the same.

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March-April 2011


Time to stand up and win over Government apathy

Dear readers,
Often heard is the lone voice, that industry issues are hardly addressed or demands adequately represented; but rarely a unied one. The bakery industry is a casualty most of the times when the Union or State budgets are announced. Baked goods today are a dietary need, no longer a luxury one to be weighed in the same scale as other government-cofferlling sectors. Today, lifestyle changes are turning yesteryear luxury products into common fare. Seldom does the industry get recognition on its own merit or relief by way of taxation. Subsidies have always been by default and not by design; sadly though, given the fact that it is the largest among food-processing sectors. With so much positive upheaval and investor interest in the sector, it is only time that the industry stood up to be seen and to be heard. Ination, excise hike, fuel hike these are all major impediments to fast-track growth. But the bright side is a growing youth population with high disposable income; new and big consumers who will keep the growth story steady. Multiple trade bodies and a non-cohesive approach make it equally difcult to win favours from policy makers. Well-structured trade bodies like BAKE in Kerala, who besides adopting a self-regulated approach, have been successful in lobbying effectively at the State level. Our cover story brings you a bouquet of views on how and why government apathy needs to be addressed. This besides all our regulars and for all those who could not attend the Live Bakery Theatre demonstrations at the Bakery Business 2010 Show, we bring you recipes from the leading bakery and pastry chefs. Happy reading!

Pradeep Gopalan, Editor

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March-April 2011


Parle, largest biscuit maker, now sets eyes on snacks biz

The countrys top biscuit maker Parle Products is restructuring its snacks division to emerge as a signicant player in the Rs 4,000crore market. Snacks is one segment where we are trailing behind and have not been able to make much progress in the last three years since we forayed into the segment, according to a report in The Economic Times quoting a top ofcial. Parle Products, which recently beat Britannia to become the countrys largest biscuit maker, hopes to become the second largest snacks player with a onefth share in the market by the end of the year. The Mumbaibased company at present has only a 5% share in the snacks market, which is dominated by PepsiCo Frito-Lay, which holds almost 60% of the market share with brands such as Lays, Kurkure and Cheetos. Other top players in the market include ITC, Haldirams and Balaji Wafers. Apart from snacks, Parle Products is also betting on the health food segment as the next growth driver. After the success of Actit Digestive Marie and Actit Sugarfree Cream Cracker biscuits, the company now plans to roll out more such products under the Actit sub-brand. Parle Products dominates Indias Rs 12,000-crore biscuit market with a 45% share and is the countrys second largest confectionery maker after Perfetti, with a 15% share in the Rs 2,500-crore market.

Jubilant Food Works to bring US chain Dunkin Donuts to India India d

Jubilant Food Works (JFM), which runs restaurant chain Dominos Pizza in India, has signed a master franchise agreement with US leading baked food and coffee chain DunkinDonuts to bring the brand to India. As part of the agreement, JFW will set up the rst DunkinDonuts store early next year, although it did not specify the location, and expand gradually in the next couple of years. The franchise agreement requires Jubilant to develop at least 500 DunkinDonuts outlets in a span of 15 years. The e agreement does not cover ice-cream maker Baskin Robbins s owned by Dunkin brands, parent of DunkinDonuts. The US restaurant chain, with sales of $6 billion, has over ver 9,700 restaurants globally in 31 countries. DunkinDonuts, known primarily as a breakfast k i il b kf t chain, has seen the popularity of its coffee soar in the US in recent years, competing with Starbucks and McDonalds for consumers seeking a small breakfast before heading to work. Dominos India is the fastest growing company across 60 countries. It is condent of maintaining a similar growth for DunkinDonuts. With 364 outlets across 87 cities, Jubilant has been a success in ramping up of the Dominos chain. Jubilants chief executive Ajay Kaul said, We are in the process of identifying the location for the Dunkin store. The store could be in various formats. However, to begin with, the average store size is likely to be 750 x 800sq.ft. JFM plans to open 25-30 DunkinDonuts stores in three years. Nigel Travis, CEO, DunkinDonuts, said, Expansion in India is an integral part of the Dunkins international growth plan, adding the company may also look at localising its fare. Last month, Starbucks Corporation signed a pact with Tata Coffee Ltd to set up retail stores in the country.

Orana launches food service under Osterberg brand

Orana India Pvt Ltd ., a subsidiary of Orana Denmark one of the leading brand in the fruit based Industrial raw materials is entering into the Food service segment with its innovative products for Hospitality industry under the brand name OSTERBERG which is Oranas globally reputed brand for food service. The products will be targeted for Restaurants, cafes, hotels, ice cream. The product range includes GREEN ICE TEA SYRUPS: These are ready to use after dilution with water with a goodness of Fruits and green tea. CARBONATE SYRUPS: Similar to Ice Tea these can be diluted with Carbonated water to make a carbonate drink with a real fruit in it .Apart from regular fruits Company will have innovative products like Black Currant and green Apple. FRUIT CRUSHES: In this category company will have innovative fruits like Musk melon, Green Apple, Forest Fruit which can go in beverage and Topping application. FRUIT FILLINGS: Fruit Fillings will be launched in avours of Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, dark cherry and Red Cherry. Fruit llings can be used as Filling as well as topping both for bakery and ice cream application and are bake stable. All the products are manufactured in the world class facility of Orana with highest quality of fruits. The company expects with

launch of all these innovative products the Indian consumer will have excess to highest quality products in the hospitality sector.

Transworld and PCB join hands in the Indian market

Transworld sets a new milestone. Transworld and PCB join hands in the Indian market, TWE has been appointed as an exclusive distributor for PCB, Transworld now brings the amazing world of PCB embossing& printing for your Chocolate, Sugar & Marshmallow. PCB through this tie-up will bring their complete range of readymade decorations, eye-catching relief for your chocolates, crumpled look to give a new look, thousand and one transfers to decorate your ice cream and mousse. One can mix things up with different looks and ingredients to offer a range of decorations that will steal your customers heart. In a year, PCB releases 2 cataloguesone for spring and one for autumn giving umn refreshing ideas every 6 months. hs. Also available, are superbly ly nished two and three dimensional products. Lollipops, mini CDs, dolls, eggs, jigsaw puzzles, cards. They provide an amazing

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alif a

Biscuit, Bread, Bakery Product & New Investor

Fully Automatic Travelling Diesel / Gas / Electric Biscuit baking line, Bread Baking Line, Bakery Plant / Machinery. Rotary Rack Oven, Packaging Machinery for Rust (Toast) & Biscuit ranging from 50 gms to 200 gms, 2&4 Biscuits, FFS Machine for Liquid, Powder, Granules, Paste, Tablets etc. Also we supply all kinds of wrapping material / films in Roll & Pounch forms for Biscuits, Cholocate, Detergent, Soap. We take complete Biscuit & Bread line on turnkey basis and even provide man power & Technical support for chemicals/ Ingredients.
Bread Baking Oven

Manufacturers & Exporters of:

Rotary Rack Oven

Biscuit Baking Oven


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1 / 1F/13/2, Karam Ali Ka purva, Civil Lane, Near Hawai Kothi & D M Residence, Faizabad (U.P) 224 001

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March-April 2011


Top cake designers battle for best cake artist in america title
As the countdown to the Royal Wedding continues, Food Network puts the icing on the cake with the season two premiere of Last Cake Standing. The six-week series places eight of Americas top pastry chefs in intense challenges with crazy twists as they vie for the title of Best Cake Artist in America and an incredible $100,000 grand prize. Justin Willman (Cupcake Wars) serves as host, with the judging panel led by notable faces of the ever-popular Food Network Challenge: renowned pastry chef and Denver-based owner of D Bar Desserts, Keegan Gerhard, along with celebrated cake designer and master sugar artist, Kerry Vincent. These competitors have no sweet escape as they face extreme and grueling challenges. From designing over-the-top monster cakes, to ones that sing and dance for a talent show, to those inspired by Marvels classic comic book series, The Fantastic Four, and Sin Cityinspired illusion cakes, these competitors are pushed to their artistic limits. The competition heats up midway through the season as the competitors endure game-changing twists including a scavenger hunt around Las Vegas, a round of blackjack and additional surprise cake challenges. Just as the competitors think they have completed their nal task, one more awaits: design a cake that tells the story of their $100,000 dream. At the end of this marathon competition, one cake designer wins the grand prize and the bragging rights of the Last Cake Standing.

Parle -G still rules the world, says a Nielsen study

Parle -G with its taste and quality has been popular for generations of Indian. Parle-G, the glucose biscuit brand from Parle Products, has consolidated its position as the worlds largest selling biscuit brand, says a report by Nielsen. The study, for last year, says Parle-G has topped brands like Krafts Oreo, Wal-Marts private labels and Mexicos Gamesa in volume sales to lead the 11,295-crore Indian biscuits category. The Nielsen study adds India is the worlds leading market for biscuits, ahead of the US, Mexico, China, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

array of gifts for your customers. To complete innovation in the pastry world, they also have their high quality Velvet sprays, Colours, Gold & Silver Leaves, Isomalt, Sprinkles etc. Looking for something out of the ordinary for your desserts? Something to impress your guests? Look no more Its right there at TWE.

Cadburys to Launch Oreo in India by April End

After much of anticipation from Kraft to launch Oreo in India nally Cadbury now under Krafts food division here in India would launch world famous Oreo biscuits . As were the urry of activities were enough for people in the market to guess about the launch and recent being the law suit by Kraft against local giant Britannia. As reported in news Cadbury would be launching Oreos by April end and would manufacture the biscuit here locally. Mrs Bectors Food Specialities will supply locally made Oreos to Cadbury thus bringing down cost of Oreos (HT). Indian Biscuit industry would not be the same if Krafts goes for aggressive launch and marketing. Competition would be from local Big 3 Britannia, Parle and ITC and

new mncs entrants like United Biscuits , Pepsi and Unibic .Recent launch of Treat -O from Britannia and Dark Fantasy from ITC can be seen as competition in this segment .Britannia would be impacted most as the leader in premium segment of biscuits with brands such as Pure magic and Cream Treats . Oreo has already taken over Chinese biscuit market being leader in this category. Imported Oreos was already available in select stores across India, at price tag of Rs 50/- for 14 biscuits. It plans to take on low cost strategy to compete with local brands from Rs 5/- for 3, Rs 7/for 10 and Rs 20/- for 14 biscuit thus relying on volumes to make margins (TOI). Its also big news for biscuit raw material, equipment, packaging suppliers and advertisers. A report in Deccan Herald Confectionery maker Cadbury India today announced its entry into the countrys estimated Rs 12,000 core biscuit market through the launch of Oreo brand from the global portfolio of its parent Kraft Foods. The introduction (of Oreo) marks the entry into a new category in India, with the aim to make the worlds favourite biscuit, Oreo, one of Indias favourite biscuits, Cadbury India said in a statement. Oreo is around 100 years old brand and currently generates revenue of USD 1 billion globally. In India, the company will be launching the biscuit in dark chocolate avour. Introducing Oreo marks the beginning of our journey in this growing category and we are readying ourselves to make Oreo a preferred choice with Indian consumers, Kraft Foods President South Asia and IndoChina and Cadbury India Managing Director Anand Kripalu said. (source: Deccanherald. com). Cadburys major products have been 5 star , Bournvita , Perks, Dairy Milk Chocolates with only products from Krafts food portfolio being Tang .It would be rst time that Cadbury India forays into biscuit segment .Cadbury would promote Oreo as its brand here in India.

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March-April 2011



Partners in excellence

Dabon International PVT LTD. New-Delhi - 011-4576 2222 - Mumbai - 022-2830 1214 - Bangalore - 080-4160 2213 -

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March-April 2011


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Britannia Industries Q3 net prot up

Indian food manufacturer Britannia Industries has said it has maintained its growth trajectory in an intensely competitive market, as it recorded a 24% increase in third-quarter prots. The biscuit and cereal manufacturer said yesterday (9 February) that net prot reached INR373m, up 23.8% on the year, which it attributed to improved efciency and sales. Operating prot increased 46% to INR475m. Net sales rose 22.5% to INR10.8bn. The company has maintained its growth trajectory in an intensely competitive market and continued to drive innovation in the industry, said managing director Vinita Bali. Britannia continues to focus on cost reduction and driving consumer up-take to generate protable growth.

Dark Fantasy from ITC

Sunfeast brand of biscuit from ITC has recently launched its premium cream biscuitDark Fantasy with chocolate and vanilla avours. Its cream biscuit for premium segment of biscuits priced Rs20/- for 104 g. ITC have launched Dark Fantasy biscuit to compete with Britannia s Pure magic and Parles Hide n Seeks premium biscuits. ITC has now representation in all major categories of biscuits from glucose , marie ,nice , cream, bourbon and salty .

Parle to Launch Cream Cracker Variant

Biscuits and confectionery major Parle Products is all set to launch a cream cracker variant next month in the countrys eastern zone. This was informed today by company Group Product Manager B Krishna Rao after the launch of the tenth edition of Parle Saraswati Vandana under the initiatives of Parle Center of Excellence here. Mr Rao said the company had come up with such product in the western and southern regions in India, adding the same would be launched in the north and the east w in a months time. We are expecting the cream cracker to grab a decent market share. Such biscuits, g being digestive, are replete with health b v values. Currently the company has a market s share of seven-eight per cent under its health portfolio Actit, Mr Rao added. Informing that around 70 per cent of the c companys products were made through c contract manufacturing, the Group Product M Manager said the company eyed a growth of 15 1 per cent this scal in its business.

iba 2012: features high prole summit meeting

iba 2012 will begin wi with the new iba su summit. One day be before the trade fa fair starts, the in international summit m meeting for bakers an and pastry chefs will ta take place for the rst time. The key focus will be a dialogue on time the current topics within the sector. iba 2012 will begin with the new iba summit. On 15 September 2012, one day before the trade fair starts, the international summit meeting for bakers

and pastry chefs will take place for the rst time. The key focus will be a dialogue on the current topics within the sector. Experts from all over the globe will present their take on current industry questions. For example, the Vice-President of Welthungerhilfe and former Head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Prof. Klaus Tpfer, will present a speech on the future of world nutrition. Further topics addressed during the talks will be consumer trends, innovative business models and marketing strategies. iba is a brand that stands for success and provides the sector with a tremendous boost. In 2012 this will be further enhanced by the iba summit, which will provide a new strong component for the supporting programme. The meeting has been designed by professionals for professionals. As such, the iba summit offers a unique opportunity to gather information. Furthermore, in between sessions, it will encourage a lively exchange of ideas between colleagues from around the world. To this end, I would be very happy if many exhibitors take advantage of this unique contact platform with their customers, said Peter Becker, President of the German Bakers Confederation (ZV) and the International Union of Bakers (UIB). Simultaneous interpreting will be provided for the entire iba summit, which is organised by the German Bakers Confederation. The conference languages will be German and English. The advance booking of summit tickets is already underway. The event will commence at the International Congress Centre (ICM) in Munich. At the end of the summit, all participants are invited to attend the opening evening. Further details and registration forms are available via telephone on +49 (89) 949 55-152; via fax on +49 (89) 949 55-159 or via email at iba@
(The above industry news has been collated from various industry magazines, newspapers & websites. Hospitality First does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.)

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March-April 2011



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March-April 2011



Global Bakery Products Market to Reach US$410 Billion by 2015

looking for low prices that would allow them to stretch their nances The recession resulted in price increase of bakery raw materials in the last few years. This coupled with rise in energy costs, resulted in the subsequent increase of bakery product prices. The market for bread and other bakery products suffered marginal decline during 2008. On the other hand, recession brought forth opportunities for cereals. Consumers looking for best value preferred the more reasonably priced breakfast cereal to other morning goods. Several bakers adopted a more careful approach during the recessionary period in terms of product innovations, as consumers were hesitant about spending money on new, unknown and untried products. Several companies eliminated preservatives and articial avors in their products in a bid towards image changeover as makers of healthier and natural bakery products. About 35% of the global cereal product launches in the year 2009 claimed to be functional cereals with health benets. The market for breakfast products in the UK sailed past the recession with ease, and the country witnessed an increase in the number of bakery businesses during the period. Baking industry in the US remained moderately unaffected by the economic crisis. Bakers did however, experience decline in sales in private labels, particularly for products that were not promoted. Europe, driven by Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland and Sweden among others constitutes the largest regional market worldwide, as stated by the new market research report on Bakery Products. The United States and Latin America trail behind as the next important market in terms of overall size. However, with respect to long term growth potential, the

he global baking industry is currently facing opportunities as well as challenges created by the economic crisis. The still volatile nancial scenario is changing the way bakers approach their businesses. On the consumption front, similar to the US, the bakery industry in Europe is witnessing a decline in traditional bakery products. However, the decrease in demand is being offset by rising purchase of bite-sized sweet goods, on-the-go breads, between-meal snacks, easy-to-carry sandwiches and such other products. There is an increase in the number of on-thego bakery product introductions and new avors to meet the requirements of the extremely mobile population of today. With consumer preferences undergoing tremendous changes, bakers are literally on their toes suiting the product rollouts to the dynamic consumer preferences. Meeting the demands of the fast paced consumer lifestyles are singleserve, small-size bakery products, leading to an increasing demand for breads and rolls, donuts and pastries. There has also been a noticeable shift towards natural and healthy bakery products comprising of vitamins, whole grains and bers. Bakers introduced organic baked goods, breakfast cereals, breads and biscuits, enriched with nutritional and natural ingredients in single-serve and portable packaging. Private label products gained considerable importance in retailing strategy of savory snacks, in spite of the disadvantage of ownership and management of inventory. In recent years, however, the bakery industry has been plagued with high costs of production and increase in raw material costs in real terms in many markets. Intense price pressure is another feature of the bakery products marketplace in many developed markets of the world.

Asia-Pacic market is projected to take the lead, expanding at the highest CAGR of more than 5.0% through 2015. The segment Bread/Rolls represents the largest and most popular bakery product.
Product appearance signicantly inuences impulse purchases of bakery items, and therefore constitutes an important consideration in the purchase of bakery products. Next to appearance is the aroma and price. Attractive displays play a vital role in making a purchase decision. Pre baked and freshly delivered products are among the fastest growing segments, while frozen dough and scratch mix products exhibit slow growth. On the regional front, the bakery industry in the US underwent signicant changes owing to steady changes in consumer trends, which primarily leaned towards health, convenience and indulgence. Bakers were able to leverage these pockets of growth by capitalizing on the indulgence trend of consumers through suitable product innovations that focused on health and included functional variants. In-store bakeries are increasingly gaining signicance in the bakery products market, especially in the sale of fresh, unwrapped bakery items. This trend is obvious in the continued expansion of major food retailing chains such as Tesco in the UK, and Carrefour in France. In developed countries the increased demand for functional foods has prompted companies to develop value-added baked goods. The global market for bakery products is being increasingly consolidated through the penetration of major multinational food companies. As a result, international brands like Oreos of Nabisco are expected to explore into hitherto unexplored territories. With the tumbling of the global economy in the year 2009, an increasing number of consumers are pinching pennies and Asia-Pacic market is projected to take the lead, expanding at the highest CAGR of more than 5.0% through 2015. The segment Bread/Rolls represents the largest and most popular bakery product, while the Morning Goods segment is likely to emerge as the fastest growing market over the assessment period 2007-2015. Key market participants in the report include Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG, BAB, Inc, Britannia Industries Ltd, Brueggers Enterprises, Inc, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group Inc, George Weston Foods Ltd, Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V, Hostess Brands, Inc, Kellogg Company, McDonalds Corporation, Nestle Chile, Riviana Foods Inc, Sara Lee Corporation, Strauss Group Ltd, The Great Canadian Bagel Ltd, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, United Biscuits and Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. The research report titled Bakery Products: A Global Strategic Business Report announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides comprehensive industry overview, market trends, product overview, product innovations, recent industry activity and proles of market players worldwide. Analysis and overview is provided for major geographic markets such as US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacic, Latin America and Rest of World. Market analytics are provided in terms of value (US$) for product segments including Bread/Rolls, Morning Goods, Cakes/Pastries, Savory Biscuits, Sweet Biscuits and Other Bakery Products. The study also provides historic data for an insight into market evolution over the period 2000 through 2006.

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Bakery Ingredients......Unlimited

Our product range

? Instant Cake Emulsifiers for Cake pre mixes, Muffin mixes, Cup cake mixes, Industrial cakes ? Emulsifiers for Cake Gels, Cake Improvers, Bread Improvers ? Whey protein concentrate ? Cocoa Powder ? Xanthan Gum ? Modified Starches ? Fruit concentrates like Blueberry, Strawberry, Kiwi, Raspberry, Cherry, etc ? Fat powders for improving crumb texture & Shelf life ? Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin
KUSHALCHAND SONS C 301/302, Marathon Nextgen Innova, Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Upper Worli, Mumbai 400013 Tel: +91-22-66182000, Fax: +91-22-66336904 Email:

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March-April 2011


1 4

How to Start a Bakery

ou need to have the basic know-how and expertise to run a thriving bakery business. Besides, a lot depends on the scale of operations. You can operate on a large scale, medium scale or just stick to being a small homespun unit. But you need to understand the nuances of starting and running a bakery because the dynamics differ from other businesses. To run a successful bakery, youll have to don two hats: that of an outstanding baker and a shrewd businessman. Besides you need to have basic knowledge of accounting, human resources and management. This is because bakeries are involved in both retailing and manufacturing operations. You may decide to altogether set-up a new bakery, begin one in-house or purchase an existing one. In all three cases youll have to do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. Dont go at it alone. Youll have to take legal opinion. Also consult an accountant to make a study of estimated costs and future earnings. Work out at what point youll break even and when you can expect prots. The most vital thing to consider while starting a bakery is the location. Ensure that the location has a wide potential customer base. Around 1000-2000 families should serve your purpose. Also, you need to size up your competition. Find out how many established bakeries are already operating in the vicinity. This should tell you whether its viable to begin another bakery in the area. While deciding on a location, also gure out if there are schools, colleges or movie theatres in close proximity. Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. Competition may also unintentionally end up sending business your way. Its all about how you use your marketing strategy to turn your competition into an advantage.

Starting a bakery may prove to be highly satisfying but is certainly no cakewalk

Never mind the size of your bakery, your decor should be pleasing to the eye. The lighting and array of your products should be just right to capture interest. Before purchasing any equipment consult a professional to make sure that theyre in good working condition. As far as advertising is concerned, begin before you set up shop. Send out pamphlets and feelers to homes in the locality. Once youre all set and raring to go you can also put in an advertisement in the local newspaper. The next important decision is pricing. Dont price your products too low because you have to leave a sufcient margin for prots. Keep a daily account of expenses. Try to narrow down your suppliers to those who offer the best rates while maintaining an acceptable quality standard. Needless to mention, always buy in bulk for better rates. The most valuable resource no matter what your scale of operations is manpower. Employees can make or break your business. Take pains while recruiting and train them well. Take inventory at regular intervals and maintain records of supplies and spillage. Maintain a proper system for keeping accounts of cash inows and outows, utilization of provisions and getting rid of stale stocks. Starting a home bakery is relatively less complicated. The equipment you need is less sophisticated and you can cater to a number of retailers. Though you need a license to operate, with the co-operation of purchasers you can wait until you recover a few of your costs to get one. While operating a bakery you need to keep control over your costs. Watch every penny. Make sure every customer leaves happy. This is the perfect recipe for a booming bakery business.

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09/03/2008 09:25:54

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ProductNews Coverstory
November-December 2010 March - April 2011


54 16

FMs excise preheat turns off bakers

Bakery industry, the largest among food processing sectors continues to get a raw deal. Manoj Kumar and Vijaya Kandpal strives to understand why such government apathy to an industry with significant contribution
nion Budget proposals, announced by nance minister Pranab Mukehrjee in February, will adversely impact the bakery industry. The increase in excise duty from 8% to 10% will make products such as biscuits, cakes, and pastries costlier the next nancial year. This will put a spoke in demand from consumers, thereby affecting the earnings of bakers. The Budget has nothing much to offer. Prices for raw materials have gone up because of ination. Prices of bread will go high, which will affect the industry as it is the most consumed bakery product, Raghuram, director at bakery equipment maker CS Aerotherm, echoes the concerns of the industry. In its pre-Budget wish list, Indias apex body of industry ASSOCHAM had recommended that bakery and confectionery items must be exempted from central excise duty. This move will save the industry from

Just Replace Normal Sugar With Invert Sugar Syrup

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ProductNews Coverstory
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maintenance of cumbersome records and procedural formalities under the Central Excise laws. An exemption can be given based on turnover as is given to small-scale units under Central excise laws which, at present, is Rs 1.50 crore per annum, the trade lobby had suggested. But the nance minister did not heed to the most pressing issues of the industry while he put together the countrys Budget for the nancial year 2011-12. Bakery industry, which has been severely impacted by rising fuel prices besides food ination, was in fact expecting relief in many areas from the nance minister. I expected the Budget would have reduced excise duty on bakery products, says Raghuram. Ination has raised the prices of the bakery products and tax has aggravated the problem, concurs Mirza Ali who runs Sarvi Bakers in Hyderabad. Not many in the industry expected the Budget to be so harsh. I expected tax cuts in the imported and also in the domestic bakery products. We also expected the Budget to lower the taxes on bakery products and key ingredients like oil, sugar and our.

Tax is a big burden, Mirza Ali voices the wishes of thousands of small-scale bakers across India. We also wanted the budget to include stability in the market and pricing, he adds. The worst signal for the bakery industry came in the form of an increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. This would denitely make transportation of raw material as well as nished good cost more to the manufacturers. The problem with the bakery industry is that there are no concessions given to the industry on the raw material. For instance, wheat is a raw material for maida which in turn is a key ingredient for bakery products, N Krishnamoorthi, general manager at raw material maker Ruchi Soya Industries, told Bakery Biz.

Excise duty - an industry dampner

Overall, the Budget tends to do a balancing act between lifting economic growth and containing scal decit. Bakers are not encouraged by the government. There is 16% tax on cakes in spite of its high supply and demand level. The government should look at it practically. The industry makes Rs 200-300 crore a year. There should be reasonable taxation on bakery products, Krishnamoorthi adds. As cakes, pastries and confectionery items are now excisable; consumers will need to spend more for these items. However, by rationalising tax structure, the nance minister has given some tax relief to the salaried people who mostly belong to the middle class. Income tax exemption for salaried class has given some relief to them, who have been reeling under high prices of food prices, because they will

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have more disposable income. This may spur demand pulses, palm oil, vegetable, bajra, jowar, ragi and other for bakery goods. The neprint of the Budget has a millets, which would help increase domestic supply. positive aspect for the bakery industry. It is tilted towards Going forward, what needs to be done to achieve sparking off demand for bakery products from the middle the goals of the industry, individually and collectively? class as well as rural population, said a baker who did Industry veterans have many suggestions. Many feel trade not wish to be identied. associations can do a lot. State-level associations can Budget 2011 will severely dent the prospects of play a major role in getting a deserved recognition at auxiliary industries also, which has already been reeling state level. To give an example, associations in Kerala under inationary pressure on raw materials. played a key role in bringing down taxes Packaging sector, which is a crucial ally of the on the bakery products from 12% to 4%, bakery industry, for example, will also be hit says Krishnamoorthi. The bakers in Kerala hard, except for corrugated boxes and cartons approached the 140 state legislators and sent manufactured by stand-alone manufacturers which them letters elaborating the contribution of have been given a relief of 4% on excise duty. the bakery industry to Keralas economy and In the Budget, hefty allocations are made requested them to lower the taxes. to NREGA programme, which will give a llip But, does the government listen to to the rural economy. Bakers can now push their associations or are they ineffective in making H.R. Raghuram products to the rural market. Increased outlays solid representations, like other industries

I would like to suggest that reservation for the small-scale industries should be removed so that bigger companies should step in to contribute more to the bakery industry.
on rural development and increase in MGNREGA salary to the rural workers will result in more money in the hands of rural populace. This would denitely increase sale of bakery products in these areas. This is the Budgets sole positive implication for the bakery industry, says an economist at a domestic brokerage. such as, for instance, liquor or telecom? Sometimes they do. I think in order to make the industry prominent there should be more of exposure given to the industry. Food parks must be established for the bakery industry to derive more benets, says Raghuram. Many in the unorganised sector, however, are weary how seriously governments take associations demands. I dont know much about the associations but even without them government should listen to the expectations of the bakers, says Mirza Ali. However, Krishnamoorthi believes that the government will only help if they see a company generating revenue. Revenue comes from the tax paid on raw materials. The moment raw materials come from the bakery industry it will surely help the industry to generate more revenue, he substantiates. Raghuram supports this view. He believes the government must reduce taxes on raw materials. There should be tax exemption on raw materials of bakery products, he asserts. Mirza Ali, on his part, favours some

Fighting a lone battle

The bakery industry of India is a varied cluster of manufacturers. While the brute majority of them belong to the unorganised sector, a small but burgeoning number of them are corporate entities evolving into behemoths. It remains to be seen what these big manufacturers will do in order to offset the pressure put on them by Budget 2011. The reduction in surcharge on taxes to 5 % from 7.5 % would help corporates while there is a slight increase in minimum alternate tax (MAT) from 18% to 18.5%. I would like to suggest that reservation for the small-scale industries should be removed so that bigger companies

Government should provide incentives to the bakery industry. There should be concessions on investment loans. There should be slab-based taxation system that divides a big bakery company from the smaller ones.
should step in to contribute more to the bakery subsidy on the raw material of bakery products, industry, Raghuram argues. and adds, There should be relief through But this view is not subscribed by the small stability in the pricing of the raw materials. manufacturers who crowd the countrys bakery The bakery industry in general feels that the space. Government should provide incentives government does not give it the recognition it to the bakery industry. There should be deserves since it gets clubbed under the food concessions on investment loans. There should processing sectors. I dont think bakers are be slab-based taxation system that divides a big getting due recognition. The number of food Krishnamoorthy bakery company from the smaller ones. There processing units has increased but that isnt should not be uniformed taxation system, says enough. Bakery industry has been revolutionised Krishnamoorthi. with the concept of fresh baked products and if the In the run-up to the Budget, the bakery industry was government isnt interested in an industry like this, it is a rooting for reduction of cost for raw materials, packaging pity, says Mirza Ali. cost, fuel cost, corporate tax, and excise duty as well The bakery industry is optimistic that the government as relaxation in labour laws. In the Budget, there are will take a lenient view towards its worries given the tax rebates and incentives for cold chains and storage importance of bakery products for the common man and for food processing industry. There is an allocation of its scope for employment creation at the unorganised cumulative Rs 1,200 crore to help higher production of sector.

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We want to encourage and build entrepreneurs in the bakery industry

When a highly technical bakery expert and a seasoned marketing professional team up, an industry devoid of technical and marketing expertise is bound to gain. Sarita Nair meets well known industry duo, Vishakha Shroff a bakery industry veteran and Prakash Nair, a seasoned marketing professional to get a peek in to their new venture. Besides plugging this essential market void, the duo aims to facilitate entry of new investors while helping build scale and quality standards among existing players and more
Let me begin with the most obvious question, why did you decide to move on? What was the driver behind starting something on your own?
Monginis has taught me many invaluable lessons and I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure of four years there. However, I have nurtured within me, for many years now, the dream to do something on my own for the bakery industry. The time is right and the market ready and waiting to be explored. The consumer today is more informed and aware of the tastes and senses of their requirement. The Indian market is opening up to the bakery industry. You would nd a lot of positive developments in the industry like new entrants who are carving a niche rather than the traditional bakery business, investors willing to put in their money in the latest global technology, young Indians who want to do something different in the market etc. And this is when I thought why not do something to support and encourage them, why not build entrepreneurs. That is how my partner, Mrs. Vishakha Shroff and I thought of this business venture. She brings in the technical knowhow, having spent around twenty ve years as the technical expert with Monginis and I bring to the table my experience in sales and marketing in this industry.

combination of technology and co marketing. m

M Ms. Shroff (Smiles): They call it the L Lethal Combination! Mr. Nair: We both have a similar vision an that makes working together exciting. and

W What is the business model that you are w working on?

M Mr. Nair: We are working on a 3 tier m model. The rst module we are looking at revolves around live bakeries which w would be around 300-350sq ft in space. It incorporates everything involved from ba baking to the nishing. The technology us used has a multi-utility unit and will gi give owners the power to control the pr production within their premises. The pr products can be replenished at the location depending on the demand. The second module involves a larger space of 3000-5000sq ft. This set up is equipped to meet the demands of 15-20 smaller bakeries in the vicinity. The third module involves manufacturing units which are much larger and would be able to cater to the demands of around 100-200 retail outlets. Our brand of products will be manufactured, sold and promoted in above outlets. Ms. Shroff: We are also exploring product specic imports and some of the units may cater to this type of product demand.

We were then joined by the lady herself, Mrs. Vishakha Shroff.

Ms. Shroff, how does it feel to do something on your own after giving so many years to an organization? Freedom is the rst word that comes to my mind. Freedom to do what I want, the way I want to! Isnt that the beauty of having your own business? I cant wait to share all I have been fortunate to learn in my career with anyone who is willing to learn and do something challenging. Maybe ve years back I would have hesitated to do this. But today, I feel the time is right.

What changes do you hope to bring to the bakery industry through your initiative?
Mr. Nair: Along with encouraging entrepreneurs to set up new Greeneld projects, we are also looking at revamping the unorganized bakeries. There are many standalone bakeries in major cities as well as Tier-II cities like Nagpur, Vapi, and Kolhapur etc which churn out amazing products and have a huge following in their domain. The willingness to learn and upgrade themselves is worth admiring in these folks. All they need is a little support, guidance and some updation on the latest trends in bakery, increasing shelf

You both seem to be the perfect team, just the right

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life etc. We hope to give them the required support in their business through consultation by sharing with them knowledge that we have gathered over the years. Ms. Shroff: One needs to have an eye for spotting talent and nurturing it. I remember many years ago there was a roadside vendor in Mumbai who gave these interesting shapes to his sugar candy and thus, attracted a lot of customers. I approached him and asked him if he would be interested in working for the company. He was a wonderful asset because he would create these lovely gures out of sugar and our cakes would have anything from handmade Easter bunnies to football players. He was very good with his hands. One can never underestimate the source of talent. This is what we would like to be involved in. Support anyone who has a dream to grow in this industry and nurture them.

When do you intend to roll out the modules and the school?
Mr. Nair: The first module will be rolled out by the end of March with our first set-up in Navi Mumbai. We shall make a formal announcement of the brand and inauguration soon. Ms. Shroff: We hope to put the baking school in place before the end of the next quarter.

What kind of response are you receiving from your colleagues in the industry?
Ms. Shroff: We are quite overwhelmed with the response we have been receiving from all around. Everyday we are approached by people with the zeal to do more. There are existing bakers who would like to revamp their set-up; there are businessmen who want to invest in our new modules. We have companies approaching us to use their products and bakery equipment for our bakery school. Then there are who wish to contribute something back to the industry by sharing their knowledge and experience at the school. The vibes are indeed very positive. Mr.Nair: The industry is ready for a change and we are happy to receive their support and encouragement towards our initiative. Their radiance, excitement and enthusiasm were contagious. A duo on a new journey, that promises to bring about change, one that seems to be as fruitful for others in the business as for them. Denitely a space to watch out for in the near future.

You did mention about sharing your knowledge and talent, how do you plan to go about that other than through the business?
Mr. Nair: Skilled manpower in this industry is hard to nd. We look forward to start a baking school in Mumbai and then grow to few other cities where one can learn the skills of baking as a fresher or those already in the business can choose to update themselves with the latest both in terms of product and technology. The staff of a bakery would be exposed and trained in production as well as marketing and also with the soft skills required in this kind of industry where the business is completely customer driven.

One can never underestimate the source of talent. This is what we would like to be involved in. Support anyone who has a dream to grow in this industry and nurture them.

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ccess to good quality food has been mans endeavour from the earliest days of human existence. As the age old adage goes, we are what we eat. Research over the ages has shown that our nutritional status, health, physical and mental faculties depend on the food we eat. But what exactly denes food quality? While nutritional value of food seems the most obvious answer, it is not the complete denition of food quality. Safety of food we consume is of equal importance. Food safety implies the absence or safe levels of chemicals, microbes and additives in the food. Because food products are by nature perishable and have a limited shelf life especially bakery products - ensuring safety of food products calls for multiple levels of testing. Some of the Testing that is regularly required by the baking industry is mentioned below:

Quality & Safety Testing of Food in the Bakery Industry

Energy / Calories (Kcal) Carbohydrates Sugars Proteins Fats Saturated Fats Trans Fat Cholesterol Dietary Fibre Vitamins Minerals

Accelerated Shelf Life Study

The constituents of baked products like fat, wheat and sugar, in either the raw material or the nished products form; are a suitable medium for microbiological proliferation. Food can be subjected to microbiological contamination at any stage of the life cycle; right form contamination of raw material, during preparation, during storage, during transportation etc. Micro-organisms have the notorious quality of spread through a variety of vectors thereby causing cross-contamination which can happen at all stages of the life cycle. For a food manufacturer it is critical that proper Hygiene be maintained and ensured at all these stages. Microbiological Testing of raw food as well as nished products is therefore, necessary to ensure the food quality and safety. Microbiological analysis includes checking for presence or acceptable levels of micro-organisms. Some of the frequently tested microbes are as follows: Total Bacterial Load Coliforms E. Coli Salmonella Shigella Staphylococcus aureus Yeast and Mould

Microbiological Testing

A variety of baked products have gained mass acceptance due to their delicious taste and better keeping quality. The life of a product can be established by doing Accelerated Shelf Life Study. In this study the Organoleptic as well as Microbiological suitability for human consumption is analyzed over a period of time under accelerated conditions to determine for how long after production and in what conditions the food product is suitable for consumption.

Chemical Testing

Nutritional Labelling

As per the PFA Rules, it is compulsory for the Nutritional Information or Nutritional Facts per 100 gm or 100ml or per serving (where amount in gm or ml per serving measure needs to be mentioned) of the product should be given on the label. Nutritional Labelling essentially species percentage or amount (in grams or milligrams) of various nutritional components. This informs health-conscious consumers of the quality of food being consumed. Nutritional Labelling involves the analysis of the food for all or some of the following Nutritional parameters:

Chemical testing of food and bakery products includes checking for a wide array of organic and inorganic chemical parameters which indicate their suitability for consumption: The qualitative analysis of Food products can be broadly divided into the following: Proximate Analysis where general biochemical parameters are analysed (like Ash, Water / Acid Insoluble Ash, Total Solids, Starch and other nutritional parameters mentioned above) Ultimate Analysis where specic elements or compounds are analysed. (For e.g. heavy metals, pesticides, food additives or colorants, preservatives etc.) Some chemical parameters which have a special application in bakery industry are Trans fat: Due to the use of hydrogenated vegetable fats or bakery shortening. CONTINUED ON PAGE29

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March-April 2011



Keeping It Fresh: Baggers and Closures

ess than a century ago, bread was sold unwrapped. Not until the rst slicer was introduced in the late 1920s did it become common to wrap bread to preserve its freshness and moisture. The rst slicing machine was introduced to the baking industry in 1928, and it still stands today as a hallmark invention weve all heard the saying, the greatest thing since sliced bread. Bread was originally overwrapped with opaque waxed paper, and then companies turned to transparent packaging such as cellulose lm. One of the major problems with overwrapping bread this way was that once the packaging was open, it was difcult to close it again. Bags have been used the last 50 years, and reclosable clips and ties allow consumers to re-secure bags after use so that product stays fresher longer. Today, bags premade from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are the most common materials for packaging bread and buns. LDPE is a lower-cost option compared with cast polypropylene, which also is used for packaging bread. LDPE provides a good moisture barrier, but its optics generally are not as clear as the cast polypropylene nor its touch as crisp as cellophane.

Baggers and closure systems feature new designs that allow smoother operation, less downtime and quicker changeovers
environmentally friendly systems that use minimal electricity, compressed air and materials, he added. Formost Fuji offers two models for bagging bread. The GTS is our top-of-the-line bagger model with a servo overhead option, easy-to-operate touch screen, gentle product handling and the latest computer and electronic systems, Mr. Gunnell. The second, the FFB model from Formost Fuji, is widely used for tortillas as well as bread, buns, rolls and other varieties of bakery products. With the focus on sustainability, Formost Fuji has worked to reduce the electrical and air consumption of its machines, according to Mr. Gunnell. In addition, he noted that the company continues to make improvements to sanitation, adhering to BISSC with a 3A Diary-certied model available. Whereas Formosts baggers use a paddle that pushes the loaf into the bag, AMF Bakery Systems two high-speed automated bread baggers the Mark 60 and the Mark 75 employ scoops that pull the bag over the product, according to Larry Gore, director, sales and marketing, AMF, Richmond, VA. AMF redesigned its bread baggers during the past couple years, and its scoops are now driven by a patented pendulum scoop drive system. The pendulum rotary system does not stop and start, greatly reducing maintenance requirements and also increasing longevity of the machine as well as the speeds at which it can operate versus the traditional camoperated scoop drive, Mr. Gore observed. As their names suggest, the Mark 60 can bag up to 60 1-lb loaves per minute but generally runs in the 50 to 55 bags per minute range, while the Mark 75 is designed to sustain speeds of 60 to 65 bags per minute with capability of up to 75 1-lb

Bread baggers

When it comes to bagging equipment, bakers desire reliable machinery and automation systems to eliminate downtime, quick and easy changeover capability, and service and parts availability for ongoing maintenance, according to Dennis Gunnell, vice-president, sales and marketing, Formost Fuji Corp., Woodinville, WA. Bakers are also looking for

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March-April 2011



loaves per minute. The two baggers operate using the same principles, with the main difference being the robustness of the equipment, according to Mr. Gore. The Mark 75 is built heavy duty for the higher rotation speeds, he noted. AMF also added a patented usher discharge conveyor, eliminating the usher bar on its baggers. The ighted conveyor moves product away from the scoops so the next product can be bagged. One of the problems is a usher bar at high speeds has a tendency to kick the product harder, causing it to turn over, Mr. Gore said. Our usher conveyor sets the product down gently onto the conveyor. The THG 2000 bread bagger from The Henry Group is a mechanical machine that the company has manufactured for many years, and it is tried, true and proven, according to Darren Jackson, vice-president, business development. The Henry Group, Greenville, TX. Our bagger is really smooth, and we put a timing belt on it to keep the bagger from working against itself, he said. The unit can bag up to 70 loaves per minute, but slicers generally are not able to reach that speed. Slicers usually run about 45 to 55 loaves per minute, thus they are the bottleneck, according to Mr. Jackson. One of the more critical operations for the baggers is getting the mouth of the bag open and holding it that way until the loaf is bagged. Anything you can do to reduce bag utter and keep that bag stable and from moving around will improve the bagging situation, Mr. Jackson said. The bread bagger also features automatic bag changers.

The wicket table carries with two sets of bags and a photo eye monitors the current wicket. When one wicket empties, the table slides to the next position and keeps bagging without interruption, according to Mr. Jackson. The automatic changer enables the operator to do a more such as run two baggers, he said. Automatic rotary bag feed tables from Formost Fuji facilitate fast changeovers and wicket changes, according to Mike Day, Northwest regional manager, Formost Fuji. This works well with just-in-time manufacturing because of the exibility it offers, he added. AMFs baggers offer a precise bag ination system that injects air into the bag. Much work has been done over the past couple years to get a precision system that inates the bag each time, and the wicket table designs have been reworked to give better support to the bags so the blow-up is more precise, Mr. Gore explained. AMF also improved the electronics on its packaging machines as well as the electronic synchronization between the bagger, the slicer and other upstream equipment, he said. This eliminates mechanical connections between the machines, thus saving on maintenance and downtime, Mr. Gore continued. Anytime you have mechanical chain drives, or even belt or shaft drives, you have maintenance you must do on them. Our machines are basically electronically synchronized with each using their own separate drives. Additionally, the electronics package offers recipe-driven control systems so operators can set up the bagger and slicer

The THG 2000 bread bagger from The Henry Group is a mechanical machine that the company has manufactured for many years, and it is tried, true and proven, according to Darren Jackson, vice-president, business development.

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for different products easily. There are still some set-ups such as guides that have to be done mechanically, but the majority of set-up can be completed with the push of a button at the operator interface, changing from one product to another, including speeds, lattice set-up at the slicer, etc., Mr. Gore explained. When bakeries acquire slicers and baggers together from AMF, the equipment manufacturer offers a new common conveyor between the two pieces of equipment. This permits smoother transfer of the sliced loaves to the bagger, allowing higher speeds and gentler handling of the loaves, he said. The Henry Group integrates both the slicer and tyer with its baggers. The discharge conveyor on the slicer is slavedriven off the bagger, so once it passes the blades, we drive off the slicer into the bagger, Mr. Jackson said. This is necessary to get accurate timing between the two pieces of equipment and because you have a ighted conveyor to feed the scoop bay. Also, every new bagger the company builds is equipped with a network switch that ties into a bakerys central system. Because of this, all baggers will have dedicated IP addresses. The Henry Group also incorporates color touchscreen panels on all of its baggers because that is what customers want, according to Mr. Jackson. In addition to building its own bread bagger, the company also reconditions older bread baggers. If a company has an old Mark 50, we gut it and build them basically a new bagger, but it costs about 20% less than a new bagger, Mr. Jackson added. AMF, the OEM for the Mark 50, is in the R&D process of developing a bun bagging machine, according to Mr. Gore.

added. The driving force is that information is power, and if you know what is going on what products are running, how fast they are running and if there are any issues on the line you can continually make better decisions, he said. Slicers are not a bottleneck for bun baggers, according to Mr. LeCrone. Its baggers are capable of running 70-plus packages per minute, depending on package type, and its slicers can process product for up to 100 bags per minute, he stated. LeMatics baggers are versatile and can create a variety of package formations. Changeovers are straightforward and fairly quick, and they can be automated to the level that a bakery needs. We automate what makes sense and leave manual where that makes sense, Mr. LeCrone said. It is not always cost effective to put a motor on all parts. We have to be cost competitive, so sometimes it makes sense to have manual guide adjustments to keep costs in line.

Closure systems

Bun packaging

We put a lot of effort into re-energizing our bun bagging business, said Dale (D.J.) LeCrone, c.e.o. of LeMatic, Inc.,

After bagging, the product enters a closure unit that is generally integrated to the bagger. It applies either a tab lock closure or twist tie on the neck of the LDPE bag. Instead of plastic clips or twist ties, a bakery could opt for tamperevident tape, but this closure system is not as popular as the other two options. The decision to use either tab locks or twist ties is generally one the bakery will make based on a marketing decision, according to Mr. LeCrone. Mr. Jackson said certain closures are preferred in particular markets, noting that twist ties are generally used by bakers in the South. Next year will mark the half-century mark for the rst automated twist tyer built by Burford Corp., Maysville, OK. The company developed its rst mechanically driven twist tyers in 1961, according to Don Ivey, sales account manager,

The driving force is that information is power, and if you know what is going on how fast they are running you can continually make better decisions, Dale (D.J.) LeCrone, c.e.o. of LeMatic, Inc.,
Jackson, MI. The company builds packaging lines that take the buns from the cooler, index and orientate them, slice them, stack them and put them in a bag. LeMatic has made its bun baggers more operator-friendly, eliminating manual adjustments. Our original baggers were extremely adjustable, and we could run many things, Mr. LeCrone said. But because they were adjustable, people had to be able to understand and operate them. What we found prevalent in todays workplace is that operators are changing more frequently, and bakeries are even using temporary workers in some cases. So we have had to make our machines as exible as possible with as few adjustments as possible. The OEM began incorporating servo drives about three years ago to allow smoother operation, longer runs and faster speeds. Also, it improved the information systems, allowing Ethernet connectivity to make the bagger an integral part of the whole bakery system, Mr. LeCrone Burford. The tyers were reliable but a lot noisier and required more maintenance because of moving chains and parts than todays servodriven twist tyers, he observed. The company launched its rst servo-driven twist tyer in the mid-1990s, and nearly three years ago, Burford updated the machine. After having our servo twist tyer in the market for 12 years, we were looking to do a redesign, said Mitch Lindsey, technical sales, Burford. We listened to complaints from our service techs and plant engineers as to what were common failures and what they would like to see changed, and we incorporated all we could in the new machine. Its newest model features brushless DC motors that last longer than the previous motors. When we originally designed the servo tyer, brushless motors werent available, Mr. Ivey said. We also made a lot of improvements with new electronics that are now available. In addition, the new unit uses less twist-tie material,

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Partners in excellence

Dabon International PVT LTD. New-Delhi - 011-4576 2222 - Mumbai - 022-2830 1214 - Bangalore - 080-4160 2213 -

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thus companies are able to save on materials, according to Mr. Lindsey. It also consumes approximately 10% less power than the previous model, he added. The new twist tyer features a lightweight, removable head. Ergonomically, it is easier for maintenance to access everything, Mr. Lindsey observed. A sealed-end coder also extends the life of the motor. Its been almost three years since its launch, and we have not seen failures in those areas. That was our hope when we did the redesign. Burfords newest twist tyer can operate at speeds as high as 110 bags per minute, and it has proved this by running a machine for several hours at this rate at a bagging machine manufacturer, according to Mr. Lindsey. The only way we have seen it run that fast in production is to be fed by two baggers, he added. Kwik Lok Corp., Yakima, WA, is unique in that it not only builds the bag closing equipment but also produces the tab lock closures that run through the equipment. There is no need for two sources of supply to close the bags, said Hal

Miller, vice-president of sales. Kwik Lok is the original; we are not a copy. Kwik Lok offers both fully and semi-automatic bag closing equipment to serve the packaging needs of the baking industry from the small mom-and-pop operations to the large corporate bakeries, he said. We offer closing equipment for high-speed lines, up to 120 bags per minute; machines to close paper bags; as well as specialty bag closing equipment for pita bread and tortillas, Mr. Miller said, noting that the company has been in the bag closure business for 56 years. The companys closures open and close the same way each time. The shape of the Kwik Lok closure does not change, Mr. Miller added. It does not become wrinkled and twisted, making it difcult to use. The fact that the closure does not change shape makes the code always readable when printed on the closure. One of its newer pieces of equipment has a standard model that allows the machine to apply either a closure label or simply a closure without the need for any additional equipment. Kwik Lok is further developing its laser printing options. The manufacturer is able to accommodate bakeries enhanced printing requirements from best before dates to real time and scannable barcodes for traceability and promotional opportunities. We are seeing an increase in the desire to offer cross promotion and couponing programs in the bakery sector and now have the ability to offer scratchoff game possibilities for fundraising opportunities, Mr. Miller added. We are able to meet this need by using the Kwik Lok closure label. Todays baggers and closure systems are faster, smarter and more efcient than ever because equipment manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve and enhance their machines for todays high-speed bakeries that require less downtime and greater output.

/50 16 s. nly R O

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Quality & Safety Testing of Food in the Bakery Industry

CONTINUED FROM PAGE22 Rancidity: As fat is a major ingredient and it becoming rancid will affect the quality of the food. Gluten content: Wheat is a rich source of gluten. Products made without wheat are made have to be tested for the presence or absence gluten before they can be labelling as Gluten free able in market and what specic attributes can be improved or changed to increase the chances of market success. Today, the preparation of bakery and confectionery products requires the application of modern, sophisticated processing and production technology. Accuracy and perfection plays a major role in the preparation of good quality products. Over and above this, testing methods as outlined above can give bakeries powerful insights into their product quality. This helps them improve quality of product, manufacturing processes and hygiene & sanitation standards. Ultimately helping them to boost sales and stay one step ahead of the competition. Moreover, many of the tests that determine food quality have become mandatory by law and industry regulation. To sum up, the specic objectives of testing include: Imparting the scientic and technical knowledge of food science. Study the factors affecting food acceptance. Develop the awareness about food microbiology, food hygiene and sanitation. Enable the entrepreneur to understand the relationship between nutrition and human health. Increase the awareness about food laws, regulations and quality control. Ensure food safety by doing hygiene audit for industries for a check quality of air, water, food, swab, beverage etc. which will affect the nal product. Dr. Priyanka EQUINOX LAB Email: Website:,

Sensory Evaluation Studies

Consumers of all age groups prefer bakery products because of their attractive appearance, smell, color & taste. Two products in the market may have the same face value and may be microbiologically, nutritionally and chemically acceptable; but still they perform very differently when it comes to consumer preference. This is due to the elusive aspect of human perception of intangible aspects like Taste, Flavor, Texture and several more which contribute to the Overall Eating Experience All these features of bakery products which are subjectively judged by the consumer can be scientically studied through a Sensory Evaluation process. In Sensory Evaluation Studies, a forum of food technologists, who are trained to consciously judge and evaluate the intangibles in food; study the various attributes of the product and give it a tangible score. Comparative analysis of various products in the market can also be done by this method. Sensory Evaluation Studies are very helpful to nd out whether your product is accept-

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BakeItYourself ProductNews
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Baking is believing!
Bakery Biz brings you recipes demonstrated by leading bakery and pastry Chefs at the Live Bakery Theatre, from 8-10th December, 2010 held alongside Indias only show for bakery and pastry professionals, Bakery Business 2010

n this edition of bake it yourself; you will come across some very interesting and easy recipes that you can introduce / add in your menu. These recipes have been demonstrated at the Live Bakery Theatre which was held on 8-10th December, 2010 alongside Indias only show for bakery and pastry professionals, Bakery Business 2010. Chef Savio Fernandes, Pastry Chef at JW Marriott showed several ways of how European Pastry when blended with Indian Mithai create a fusion.

Method Pour the cointreau over the gulab jamun & allow it to rest for a couple of hours. Scald the cream, add in the saffron strands & pour it over the beaten yolks & sugar. In a soup plate place a few drained of jamuns. Pour the brulee mix into the plate & bake it at 150C for 30 minutes. Chill & serve with torched sugar.

Jamun brulee

Ingredients Fresh cream: 1 litre Sugar: 200 grams Saffron: 1 grams Yolks: 16 nos Gulab jamun small: 20 nos Cointreau: 180 ml

Rabri apple tart

Ingredients Rabri: 750 grams Fresh cream: 250 grams Granny smith apples: 4 nos Butter: 50 grams Sugar: 100 grams Mawa: 100 grams Yolks: 12 nos Sweet paste: 500 grams

Method Line an apple pie mould with the sweet paste & half bake. Heat a pan scorching hot and throw in the diced apples and the sugar till it caramelizes, then stir in the butter. Cool it Scald the cream stir the yolks, sugar & pour the cream followed by the rabri. Put the apples into the half baked tart moulds & pour in

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For more information, please visit www.gulfood. com.

Organised since 1987, Gulfood is the regions largest and most important industry event of the year and a strategic platform for buyers and


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the rabri mix. Grate the mawa on the top of this mix. Bake this at 180C for30 mins till the custard is baked Serve warm.

Chocolate rasmalai
Ingredients Rasmalai: 20 nos Butter: 250grams Icing sugar: 150 grams

to set for a couple of hours Soak the almond sponge in the rasmalai milk & place it in a plate. Stir the condensed milk into the whipped cream & pour it over the mousse, Place the mousse over the soaked sponge and serve chilled.

Balsamic strawberry & jalebi

Ingredients Strawberry: 500 grams Balsamic vinegar: 70 ml Demerara sugar: 200 grams Mascarpone cheese: 200 grams Yolks: 6 nos Sugar: 100 grams Water: 50 ml Vanilla essence: 20 ml Pepper corn: 5 nos Jaleebi: 3 nos Wine: 200 ml Strawberry: 200 grams Sugar: 100 grams Tuille tubes:

White chocolate: 600 grams Whipped cream: 1 litre Whipped cream: 200 grams Condensed milk: 100 grams Almond sponge discs: 2 nos Method Drain the rasmalai & keep it aside. Cream the butter & icing sugar till light & uffy Now pour in the melted chocolate followed by the whipped cream. Layer the rasmalai with the chocolate mousse & allow it

Method Place the wine, strawberry & sugar over a double boiler for 20 minutes. Carefully drain of the liquid without pressing the fruit, cool & keep aside. Boil the sugar and water till soft ball stage. Pour hot sugar into beaten egg yolks & continue to beat till the sabayon cools. Fold in softened cheese & vanilla essence followed by the whipped cream. Fill it into the tuille tubes & keep it aside. Toss strawberries with balsamic & sugar, keep it aside for a couple of hours. In a soup plate spoon out some of the balsamic strawberries, jalebi topped with the mascarpone tuille. Pour in the cold strawberry wine & serve.

hef Martin Fernandez, corporate chef Technical & Operations, at Euro Foods took the traditional route in demonstrating Stollenkonfekt traditional Christmas bread while his pumpkin seed bread caught up with the recent trend in healthy baking.

Wheat our (Maida): 500 grams Yeast: 30 grams Milk (35 C), approx: 350 ml Starter Total Weight: 866 grams Method 1 Mix all ingredients (Starter) in a spiral mixer for 2-3 minutes Keep mixture aside for 20 minutes C: Dough: Starter Mixture: 866 grams Wheat our (Maida): 250 grams Rex Bavarian Dark: 250 grams Butter: 250 grams (soft) Sugar: 250 grams Marzipan: 125 grams (raw) Spice mix: 10 grams Fruit mixture: 1375 grams Total weight: 3376 grams Method 2 Mix all ingredients, starter mixture and fruit mixture in a spiral mixer on slow speed for 2 minutes and then on fast for


Stollen is a traditional German cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season,Its called Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen all over Germany. A similar cake from the Dutch cuisine is called a Kerststol. In Italian cuisine the panettone also shows a similar likeness. Ingredients A: Fruit mixture: (To be soak overnight) Sultanas: 750 grams Candied orange peel: 200 grams Candied lemon peel: 200 grams Rum: 125 ml Almonds, chopped: 100 grams Total Fruit mixture: 1375grams B: Starter:

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Bakery&Pastry2012 is Part of

Also Featuring:

Since 1978

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8 minutes. Maintain Dough temperature at 27 C Bulk fermentation time: 20 - 25 minutes Scaling weight: 600 g Intermediate proof: 15 minutes Baking temperature: 220 C, giving steam, dropping to 190 C Stollen instructions: Roll out 2/3 of the dough at. Make a slight hollow near one end with the rolling pin. Take the unrolled dough, fold over and place in the hollow. Press the rolling pin into the dough at the folded edge.

Water: 950 ml Total Weight: 2515 grams Method Mix all ingredients to form dough, knead the dough for 4-5 minutes. Dough temperature: 27 C Bulk fermentation time: 20 - 25 minutes Scaling weight: 500 grams Loaves/100 grams Roll Intermediate proof: 15 minutes Baking temperature: 230 C, giving steam, drop to 200 C, open dampers 10 minutes before the end of baking time. Baking time: 20 - 25 minutes (100 grams) Baking time: 40 - 45 minutes (500 grams)

Pumpkin seed bread and morning goods using Dark German Rye Flour
An Enjoyable session with Pumpkin Seeds, Discover the Pumpkin seed bread Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of the minerals, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. They are also a good source of other minerals including zinc, iron and copper, in addition, pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein and vitamin K. Ingredients Wheat our: 700 grams DARK Rye Flour: 300 grams Sour Dough Flour: 50 grams Pumpkin seeds: 90 grams Bread Improver: 7 grams Gluten: 10 grams Yeast: 30 grams Water, approx: 650 ml Total Weight: 1837 grams

Herbed Flat Bread

Something with a Mediterranean taste herbed and at with topping

Method Mix all ingredients to form a dough, maintaining dough temperature at 27 C Bulk fermentation time: 20 - 25 minutes Scaling weight: 80 grams & 350 grams Intermediate proof: 15 minutes Baking temperature: 230 C, giving steam, drop to 200 C, open dampers 10 minutes before the end of the baking time Baking time: 20 minutes (80 grams) Baking time: 35 - 40 minutes (350 grams) Instructions for use: Divide the dough into desired pieces, process into rolls or mini baguettes. Decorate with rye our or pumpkin seeds and cut before baking.

Ingredients Wheat Flour (Maida): 1000 grams Rex Milano Flour: 400 grams Gluten: 10 grams Yeast: 35 grams Salt: 10 grams Olive Oil: 50 ml Format (Bread Improver):10 grams Water: 900 - 950 ml Total Weight: 2445 grams Topping Fresh Basil Chopped: 20 grams Dark Olives: 30 grams Mozzarella Cheese: 100 grams Spring Onions: 50 grams Sundried Tomatoes: 30 grams Capsicum: 50 grams Yellow Peppers: 50 grams Red Peppers: 50 grams Fresh Tomato: 50 grams Chopped Fresh Garlic: 15 grams Extra virgin olive oil: 50 ml Crushed black pepper: 05 grams Total Weight: 500 grams Method Mix all ingredients to form dough, knead the dough for 4-5 minutes. Dough temperature: 27 C Bulk fermentation time: 20 - 25 minutes Scaling weight: 500gms Loaves Put into a at baking tray or into 1 kg cake rings, garnish with the above topping. Intermediate proof: 15 minutes Baking temperature: 230 C, giving steam, drop to 200 C, open dampers 10 minutes before the end of the baking time Baking time: 40 - 45 minutes ( 500 gms )

Corn Potato Bread

Ingredients Wheat Flour (Maida): 1000 grams Corn Mix: 400 grams Boiled Potato: 100 grams Yeast: 35 grams Format (Bread Improver):10 grams Gluten: 10 grams Salt: 10 grams

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hef Kunal, pastry chef from Zanzibar also took turns at teaching a class. In his sessions he taught the class some Italian and American treats.

Italian pick-me-ups !!

As attractive as the people of this nation, are their desserts!

Diabetic pannacotta

This dessert is a derivative of an Italian descent, originating in a yet unknown period, in Piemonte, Italy the panna cotta, or cooked cream was set using an extract of boiled sh bones, contrary to the gelatine sheets of today. The Cream is mostly avoured with vanilla beans, sweetened, cooked and set using gelatine. Being such a simple dessert and not requiring an oven, it has quickly gained importance

in many domestic kitchens. Its versatility with avour and stability are the features that enable it to be used as a Diabetic dessert, by replacing sugar with an alternate natural sweetener that is a Stevia leaf extract. Ingredients: Cream: 500gm Milk: 350gm Stevia Extract: To taste Gelatine sheets : 8 sheets Rose-water / Fruit Puree: 150 grams Litchis: 01 small till Method: Boil the cream and milk with the sugar. Bloom the gelatine by dissolving it in cold water for 5 mins and allowing to absorb moisture When it boils, reduce for further 5 mins Add the bloomed gelatine, the rosewater and cool over a ice-bath till 28deg C. Adjust the sweetness to taste with Stevia drops Pour into glasses/moulds and set in the fridge Serve with quartered litchis (fresh or canned) *Serving suggestion Pannacotta can be made my heating and slightly reducing cream and milk, and adding 100g of puree and approximately 15gm of gelatine to a litre of boiling liquid. Mango, Berries, Vanilla, Rose, Passionfruit, Jasmine-Tea, etc are a few avours that come to mind.

Traditional tiramisu

Literally Pull/Pick Me Up! In Italian, this dessert is made of Savoiardi biscuits dipped in Coffee,and layered with an aerated mix of sabayon and mascarpone, with the

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adequate use of Coffee liqueur. Although the debate of its origins have pegged that the current version is a much recent invention dating 1971 by Giuseppe de Clemente, the dessert has an universal appeal. Here and today, we attempt at making 10 portions (130gmeach) of tiramisu in its simple tradtional style with a few changes, in terms of cooking the eggs and subsititution of Savoiardi with a Sponge ngers :Ingredients Mascarpone Cheese: 450 grams Egg yolks: 90grams Castor Sugar: 80grams Water: 20grams Gelatine: 2 sheets Whipped Cream: 150 grams Coffee Powder: 30grams Sugar Syrup: 150 grams Fingure Sponge: 200grams Kahlua (optional): 20 grams Method Bloom gelatine in cold water for 5 mins. Mix the coffee powder, warm sugar syrup and kahlua together. Whisk egg yolks lightly and add in sugar and water cooked to 121deg C or til the whole mix starts boiling intensely for 2mins, and whisk a sabayon. When the sabayon is at

about 30deg C add in pieces of mascarpone cheese, and mix well. Add in heated bloomed gelatine and mix well Dissolve the sponge ngers/ Savoiardi biscuits in the coffee syrup and line the base of the mould or the glass being used Layer the mould with the mix and the sponge ngers Allow to cool for 2-4 hours before serving, or 5 hours before cutting. Lightly freezing can be done to aid in a smooth cut but should be avoided Dust with cocoa powder and place a half of a strawberry, a coffee bean and/or a chocolate garnish (optional) Serve cold. Can also be put into a large bowl instead of individual portions *Serving suggestion A Tiramisu can be served with a Coffee ice-cream, a Coffee sauce or Chocolate derivatives of a similar nature. Fresh berries help offset the sweet creamy texture and cocoa powder helps neutralize the potent coffee taste.The plain Mascarpone Creamy Mix can be inunced by various avours like GreenTea, Fruit Purees, Nut pastes, the list is seemingly endless.

Simply tart-i-licious !!

A Tart is a baked dessert comprising a shortcrust pastry base, with an open top usually docked and covered with an almond cream, a preserve or a custard and can also be savoury. Tart is also called a Flan or a Pie in the USA and a slight innovation by the French resulted in the Tarte Tatin. The origins are not denite, but argument is rife that around 1550AD

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March-April 2011



Europeans enriched dough was used to make pies with a meat stufng, instead of the common sweet llings of the present day. Today, we set out to make 2 types of Fruit tarts, one is Apple Crumble Tart and the other is an Almond Cream stuffed Tart topped with Peach Slices. But rst, we must make the Shortcrust dough that forms the Tart shell.

Almond cream stuffed tart

Butter (Soft, cubed): 200 grams Icing Sugar: 160 grams Whole Eggs: 85 grams Flour: 320 grams Almound Powder: 80grams

Method: Sieve our and icing sugar Mix the above, with almond powder and soft butter When the above gets to a sandy texture, add in the eggs slowly mixing to a dough Cool, rest for atleast 2 hours. Sheet to 2-3mm thickness with a rolling pin /Sheeting machine

CRUMBLE MIX Butter (Softened) 250grams Castor/Grain Sugar: 250 grams Flour: 500 grams Method Mix all the ingredients till they attain a sandy texture and form lumps Rest and use by sprinkling over the lling and semibaked tart and bake till its golden in color Can be refrigerated for future use

Spiced apple lling

Line oured dry tart moulds, bake blind at 150deg C for 12-15mins, till the the crust hardens. Cool. Stuff and bake completely, Now that the shortcrust dough is ready to make the tarts, lets get the llings done.

Apples ( Green/Red): 600 grams Brown Sugar: 100 grams Butter: 80 grams Cinnamon Powder: 5 grams Raisins: 20 grams Method Wash, peel and slice apples Heat butter with spices and saute the apples till tender Add sugar and raisins and cook till pulpy Check spice and sugar and cool Fill the semibaked tart and bake the tart at 185deg C for 20-25mins till the top is golden Cool and cut, reheat and serve warm with a scoop of Ice-cream.

Almond cream (topped with peaches & nutsmakes 1 Large Tart or 8small Tartlets) Butter: 250grams Castor Sugar: 250 grams Eggs Whole: 6 nos Flour: 170 grams Almond powder: 250 grams Peaches (canned / fresh): 300 grams Chopped Nuts (Almonds / Cashews, etc): 50 grams

Method: Cream butter and sugar till aerated Add the eggs one by one and mix slowlyFold in the dry ingredients and spread on the semibaked tart till 3/4ths Arrange slices of fruit or nuts and bake at 180deg C for 20-22 mins (till rm on top) When the tart is baked, chill the tart Cut into equal portions and serve with a scoop pf Vanilla Ice-cream Serve Warm *This tart is ideal for dinner but seems a heavy option for lunch and is usually served during the colder months. Adding ginger and spices is also a festive variant to this tart. (Makes 1 large tart or 6-8 Tartlets)

Apple crumble tart

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Les Blueberry pie filling Les Strawberry pie filling Les Dark Cherry pie filling Les Red Cherry pie filling Les Cranberry pie filling Les Apple Les Pineapple Les Raspberry filling Les Mango filling Creamfill Lemon Passion fruit with seeds

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Internationally acclaimed improvers for bread and pav

Pavet (Pav Improver) Pavet is designed to give the best Pav/ g Buns/ Ladi Pav. Pavet improves crumb structure & texture of the loaf. It improves water absorption and strengthens the gluten structure. Pavet speeds up dough maturing. Pavet is available in 25gms food grade craft laminated bags / corrugated boxes. Dosage to be used: 30-100 grams/ 100 kg oor (depending upon the quality of oor) Covet: Covet has perfect blend of various enzymes, our treating agents, emulsiers and other ingredients blended in perfection to give the nest bread properties. Covet improves volume, crumb softness, colour & water absorption. It reduces the rate of crumb rming/ bread stealing, covet also speeds up dough maturing and increases the bread yield. Covet is available in 25 kg in food grade kraft laminated bags / corrugated boxes. Dosage: 50-100 grams/100 kg our (depending upon the quality of the our) PDBake(Baking Powder) : PDBAke is double acting baking powder which is not only very cost effective but much more powerful leavening agent compared to other brands of baking powder available in the market. PDBake has dual action on the dough with instant results. It gives volume & also increases shelf life of the baked products. PD Bake is available in 25 kg in food grade laminated bags/ corrugated boxes. Dosage: 20-80 grams / 10 kgs Pavet, Covet and PD Bake are marketed in India by PD Navkar Bio-Chem Pvt. Ltd., (PDNBC). PDNBC is a trusted name in manufacturing high-quality Food and Flour Additives, Micronutrients and Quality Chemicals.

batters such as sponge cakes, pound cakes, mufns and all types of cakes. Palsgaard SA 6610 is specially designed for production lines where the premixing is less intensive or short. Palsgaard SA 6610 provides benets such as: Fast reacting, One-step production, Easy and stable emulsion, Free-owing powder, Long shelf life, Low dosage and Non allergenic. Palsgaard SA 6610 will meet the usual demands from the cake industry, but differentiate in one very important parameter- the reaction time, which is by far faster than other powdered emulsiers. Due to the high performance of Palsgaard SA 6610 the requested dosage is considerably lower contrary to the use of gels or dispersions. When making replacements a compensation for water and starch is needed, which will make the cost-in-use price even more attractive. Palsgaard emulsiers are exclusively marketed in India by Khushalchand Sons. They are the distributors and importers of Bakery and Food Ingredients, De- hydrated products, Stabilizers and Texturants. Started in the year 1992, the company is continuously rising on the growth chart and setting very high quality standards.

Whip up Your Talent with Elle & Vire!

The Elle & Vire brand was established in 1947 by the Elle & Vire Dairy Cooperative. Elle & Vire offers foodservice professionals a complete range of top quality, highperformance dairy products. The result of ongoing research and innovation, Elle & Vire products meet the needs of the most demanding Chefs. Elle & Vire is an excellent whipping cream matching worldwide standard in terms of cream and taste. It has excellent whipping capacity with easier incorporation and inimitable dairy fresh taste. It is used to make pastries, whipped creams, mousses etc. Its slim pack ensures easy handling. Elle & Vire whipping cream is authentic in taste. It responds to all your pastry needs (garnishing, dcorations, nishing etc.), its whipping performance guarantees impeccable results. The UHT sterilizing process ensures a good tasting product in compliance with the HACCP standards. Thanks to the UHT technology, Elle & Vire can preserve the taste, quality and the security of its products, even on markets where chilled logistic is a problem. Elle & Vire always aims at bringing real products advantages to its markets through constant innovations and a constant update of the recipes and packaging of its products. This dedication aims at offering products with a strong appeal to the consumers. Elle & Vire is a standardsetter, accompanying restaurateurs, hoteliers, Pastry Chefs and other foodservice professionals throughout their careers. Elle & Vire product range also includes butters, creams, dairy desserts and milk. Elle & Vire is marketed in India by Dabon International.

New recipes. New ingredients. New possibilities

PALSGAARD is specialized in the manufacturing of emulsiers and stabilizer blends. For industrial bakeries, Palsgaard presents a new, unique, fast reacting, all-vegetable, non-trans and non-GMO functional emulsier. It is a nonsoya product. The functional properties are designed to meet the uniformity and stability demand from automized industrial production. Palsgaard SA 6610 is an excellent all-in cake emulsier for aerated and non-aerated cake

For more product information on this page contact: Mumbai: Chetan Salvi, Mob: 098213 31426, E-mail: Delhi: Aashish Kohli 098101 72099, E-mail:

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For Indian sweets made from mawa & cashewnuts, Rasgullas & Cookies (Centre-filled, wire-cut & ice-box cookies)


Precision sheeting of various pastry sheets from table top sheeters, Manomat, Automat, Ecomat, Kondustar, fully computerised dough sheeters & production lines

for 4 / 5 / 6 pocket Buns / Roll lines including Automatic Panning Systems

20i 1 Floor,Hansraj Damodar Wadi, off Kennedy Bridge, Opera House Mumbai 400004 Tele/fax: (022) 23852629 /23852631/32/33 Office mobile no.: 00 91 9324408411 Website: Email:
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Apple Bakery Machinery Pvt Ltd

March-April 2011



Save Time and Money While You Increase Productivity

Its hard to beat the economy and efciency of Sares gas convection oven. High quality products are baked at lower t tempera temperatures, reducing energy costs. Food is cooked in less time, increasing productivity. High evenness throughout oven cavity. The e compact design requires less oor space to compa yield up to ve times the product of a standard yield oven using the same amount of space. o Its features include: The gas convection ovens cook about 25 percent faster than normal ovens deck ovens with Baking temperatures that are de oven eck lower than normal deck ovens. Thus a smaller lo ower tha oven g gives about 25% more production with lower fuel consumption. It has 6 to 16 tray capacities (tray cons sumptio Size 330 mm x 508 mm) with ample spacing between racks mm adjustable r and adj table racks to accommodate products that require more height. Large oven with small oor space required. o It has a specially designed aerodynamic high capacity Low Power Blower. Steaming arrangement incorporated. Fully automatic with actual ame sensing microprocessor sequenced burner controller with ame on indicator and audio visual ame failure/fault alarm system. Its fully safe. Single microprocessor based thermostat. One temperature through the whole main baking area. Horizontal linear heat ow pattern (as per the latest oven theory) gives excellent bake quality unlike ovens with bottom and top heat sources. Full stainless steel construction. Insulation with latest Cerawool for excellent heat retention and life. Large double layered glass doors for excellent heat retention and full visibility of products. Extremely fuel efcient. Sare Industries are manufacturers of automatic gas red and electric bakery ovens, direct red convection ovens, racks, commercial / industrial, automatic gas red / electric fryers, commercial and industrial food cooking equipment , paint ovens, conveyor ovens, industrial ovens / furnaces, industrial process heating, Automation of gas combustion systems. Premium Cake & Food Decorating Piping Bags with Coupler Attachment: P.U. coated, light paper weight, soft, strong, exible, washable and durable. Noor cake and food decorating piping bags can be used for all of your cake and desert decorating requirements. The bags are provided with quick change plastic couplers for easy change of nozzles, no need to empty and rell the bag when changing nozzles. Noor Icing Syringes: Noor Icing Syringes and nozzles are basic professional tools you will require for cake, desserts and other food decoration. Use your fantasy and ingenuity to create the adventure and enjoy the reward that decorating brings to you and your most admirable loved ones. Make an ordinary occasion into a super special event. NOOR is a household brand for cake and food decorating workmanship, experience and feedback, we have mastered and crafted nearly 75 different patterns and designs of Icing and Meringue nozzles (tips) to decorate your cakes, pastries and food. Each nozzle is manufactured with utmost precision and personal touch that even the most intricate designs can be crafted easily and smoothly. The distinct patterns of nozzles take care of individual needs of professionals in the eld.

For more product information on this page contact: Mumbai: Chetan Salvi, Mob: 098213 31426, E-mail: Delhi: Aashish Kohli 098101 72099, E-mail:

Goodlife cookies drop and Bakery machines

Cookie-Drop Machines are available in different models and different capacities for automatic forming and dosing on trays of soft, dense and hard dough. The computer can store different programs which make product changeover simple and quick. The machine is built to suit rough & tough conditions and can run 24 hours x 365 days continuously without air conditioning. Technical features and equipment: Adjustable speed and time of depositing rollers. Reverse cycle of depositing rollers for clean detachment. Adjustable speed for rotation of nozzles. Automatic advancement of tray. Height adjustable conveyor belt. Complete set of nozzles. Free of cost. Single person operation and continuous cycle mode. Convenient position of electrical panel for easy maintenance. Anti-slip conveyor belts in order to ensure the precise position of the cookies on the tray. Adjustments for number of biscuits to be deposited per tray. Heavy duty motors and electronic circuits designed to tolerate varying power supply conditions. Motor protection circuits breakers used. Single phasing protection. Password protection to protect alterations of essential parameters by workers. The entire wiring of machine is done on international standards in R, Y, and B coding & marking. Fault display and method of rectication of fault automatically displayed by computer.

Unleash your creativity & enhance your expertise

Icing Nozzles: Noor Icing Nozzles are made from No ozzles brass with collar rings. They are manufactured c with utmost precision so as to give any decoration utmost pre the clear outline of pattern which makes it into cle out ear a work of distinction. The patterns made by w nozzles can be varied according to the angle at nozzle es which the nozzle is held and the amount of wh hich th pressure used on the handle of the syringe pressur or t bag. Moving speed and direction the also varies the pattern - for instance, als a zig zag movement with a star nozzle zi gives cable effect.

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Success is
a pinch of Love
a generous handful of Know-how

a touch of Audacity

We use the same ingredients as you do

Partners in excellence Elle & Vire, partner of your success

Lemon and Hazelnut Millefeuille - Created by Stphane Glacier - M.O.F. Ptissier 2000 Glacier Conseil Formation -
Dabon International PVT LTD. New-Delhi 011-4576 2222 Mumbai 022-2830 1214 Bangalore 080-4160 2213

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March-April 2011



Machines are available in single phase or three-phase supply as per requirement. Good life Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are a leading and distinguished manufacturer and exporter of Bakery Machinery like Spiral Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Wire Cut Machines CookieDrop Machines, Ovens & various Dies and Nozzles required for manufacturing of cookies, cakes and breads

Expobar - Italian Expresso / cappuccino coffee machine

Compact automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water lling and copper boiler with 6 litres capacity with heat exchanger per g p group and cleaning valve. One steam tap (stainless steel) and one hot water tap. tap Automatic grinder, coffee cutting blades 60 mm diameter, motor 445w. bl Provided with thermic protection, 1300 Prov rpm. rpm Fitting dispenser from 5 to 12 gr. Also available is complete range of automatic / semi automatic coffee machines with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the el coffee dosages volumetrically. High performance European machines at economical prices. Quality at par with eco any other European brand in coffee machines.

Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading importers of kitchen equipment for hotels and other institutions catering to the needs of food and beverage industries of India. Renowned for its customized service, Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range to the hospitality industry. Complete range of equipment for kitchens as well as refrigeration equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Ice Cream Parlours, Coffee Shops, Super Markets, and Food Centres.

Wafe Iron by Akasa

AKASAs introduces new Wafe Iron. The on. n. fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect wafes will delight the most mo ost discerning palates from children to adults. It o is the user-friendly and space-friendly device en ndly for the small restaurants and eating joints. It tin ng is the perfect model of all makers and has the ability to deliver de eliver yummy wafes in very less time. The T heavy die-casted plates spread heat evenly ea at resulting uniformly cooked golden & crispy n wafes. Stainless Steel nish gives an elegant look to the product. Temperature is controlled by German capillary thermostat for better sensing & accuracy.

For more product information on this page contact: thi contact: ntact: t ct: Mumbai: Chetan Salvi, Mob: 098213 31426 98213 31426, E-mail: Delhi: Aashish Kohli 098101 72099, E-mail:
1 KG OF WOOD = RS 3.00/KG
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A replacement to liquid fuel

By use of gasication system one can save up to 70 % of fuel used in the production. Gasication is a process of extracting energy from many different types of organic materials, and also has applications as a clean waste disposal technique. The organic materials used in it include wood, briquitted agriculture waste, other agriculture waste, woodchips and coconut shell. Manglam Biomass Gasire based in Jaipur, a manufacturer of gasire machines, has been serving the bakery industry from last ve years. During this period it has successfully installing its Gasire in various mixed industries ranging from Lead melting industries , Bakery Units, Biscuit Manufacturing Units, Bakery, Namkeen Manufacturing Units, Bread, Confectionary, Corn Flakes, Gwargam Industries, bre industries , tiles industries , tea drying , iron melting and others.

Savings Analysis for using producer gas viz a viz other fuels.


Rs 33. Rs 27. Rs 38. Rs 34.

3.59 Kg 3.52 Kg 3.48 Kg 4.24 Kg

Rs 10.77 Rs 10.56 Rs 10.44 Rs 12.72

Rs 22.23 Rs 16.44 Rs 27.56 Rs 21.28

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March-April 2011



Quality Indian burner beating the imported

Laxminarayan heating systems, a Surat, Gujarat based ISO 9001:2008 Company manufactures oil & gas burners that are safe & reliable heating solution for food & bakery industry. Their latest Laxminarayan burners have all safety features with a compact design. Their application can range from textile industry, steel plants, powder coating, metal melting furnaces, ceramic industry to food, agrovet & bakery industry. Laxminarayan has a special range of burners in C series designed for bakery & food industry. These burners are compact with respect to output capacity, are easy to install, operate & maintain. The combustion head is designed for green emission and it obtains all ecological values with energy efcient performance curve. Thanks to one decade of market experience Laxminarayan burners have been facilitated with fast start up timing, easy mounting & connection system, more stability against the power uctuations and easily available parts and responsible service back up.

Decorative Glazes from Nasarias

Nasarias entered the food service industry in 1985 and today supply to ne retail, wholesale and in-store bakeries, and food service establishments. They present their Ready to use glaze for decoration of cakes and pastries. This can also used as cover on fruits. It is stable, good in taste and gives rich shine to enhance the quality of cakes and pastries. Being neutral, any colour or avour can be mixed to achieve new colour. It is manufactured and packed in full hygienic conditions keeping in mind the tough international norms and ISO and HACCP benchmarks. The glaze is also 100% Vegetarian. Available in pack size of 2.5 kg bucket; decorative glazes come in avors like Crystal, Strawberry, Mango, Lemon, Pineapple, Blueberry, Chocolate and Kiwi. The company also manufactures Whip Topping, Color Powder, Cooking Cream, Eggless Cake Powder, Fruit Fillings, Mufns Mix, Brownie Mix and Dark Fantasy (Chocolate Sponge). These products are manufactured and packed in a fully automated plant so as to keep the highest standard of quality. Narsarias is dedicated to HACCP and meets additional standards that are more stringent than the FDAs basic requirements. Though based primarily in New Delhi, it also has a strong network across all states in India.

For more product information on this page contact: Mumbai: Chetan Salvi, Mob: 098213 31426, E-mail: Delhi: Aashish Kohli 098101 72099, E-mail:

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March-April 2011



AAHAR emerges as largest tradeshow on food and hospitality in S. Asia

ahar, the international food and hospitality fair, is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) every year. The exhibition offers an excellent platform for the food industry to showcase the latest developments and innovations in the processed food and hospitality. The trade fair familiarizes the importers, representatives and distributors with the areas such as processing of food, refrigeration and packaging machinery, agricultural products, and restaurant and hotel equipments. The event is being organised with the support of the ministry of food processing industries, Government of India, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Co-Associates of Resource companies for the Hospitality Industry of India (ARCHII), New Delhi, AIl India Food Processors Association, New Delhi and Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (HOTREMAI) adds greater strength to the show. The government too uses this platform to encourage investments in India. The fair, to cater more effectively to the ever growing exhibitor response now has been divided into two independent shows viz. FOOD INDIA covering food & beverages sector and HOSPITALITY INDIA representing Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery & Confectionary equipment and supplies. Aahar 2011 will thus offer a segmentised platform for showcasing the developments and progress achieved in the processed food and hospitality sectors, through an ambit of display covering products, technologies and services, and the scope embodied by them for investment and tech upgradation. Around 300 hospitality sector companies and approximately 200 F&B companies are expected to be part of Hospitality India and Food India respectively. Food India would cover the entire gamut of food and processed foods sector, while Hospitality India would represent the hotel & restaurant, bakery & confectionery

Aahar celebrated its silver jubilee year in 2010 and is now in its 26th year. Aahar will open doors for the hospitality and foodservice professionals from March 10th -14th, 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
equipment and supplies industry. The theme for this years show would be Moving away from commodities to processing, aptly selected given the low scale of processing in the country.

Indian Food Processing Industry

The Indian food market, according to the India Food Report 2008 is estimated at over US $ 182 billion and accounts for about two thirds of the total Indian retail market. Further, the retail food sector in India is likely to grow from around US$ 70 billion in 2008 to US $ 150 billion by 2025, accounting for a large chunk of the world food industry, which would grow to US$ 400 billion from US$ 175 billion by 2025. The food processing industry in India is presently growing at 14 per cant against 6-7 per cent growth in 2003-04. Foreign direct investment (FDI) totaling US$ 143.80 million was put into the food processing industry in 2007-2008 against US$ 5.70 million in the previous scal. The food processing industry provides crucial connections between industry and agriculture. To aid the growth of the food processing industry, the government has implemented cold chains facilities, value-added centres and modern abattoirs. Aahar series of fair have been playing a signicant role not only in bringing together the potential business partners from India and abroad but also providing a platform for implementing Government schemes for infrastructural development like establishing food parks, packaging and value-added centres, integrated cold-chain facility, irradiates and modernized abattoir. It also offers a reliable and timetested forum for B to B transactions, exploration of joint ventures and technological up-gradation and sourcing opportunities.

Vision 2015 undertaken by the Ministry of Food Processing Industry entrails:

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March-April 2011



Three-fold growth in the size of the processed food sector. Increasing level of processing of perishables from 6 per cent to 20 percent. Value addition to be raised from 20percent to 35 percent Share in global food trade to go up from 1.5 percent to 3 percent

This exposition helps the visitors from the hospitality sector to nd a one window solution to their need for providing hygienic environment at the back of the house (Kitchen) good quality food and higher level of productivity.

Products on Display

Policy Initiatives

The Indian government has abolished licensing for almost all food and agro- processing industries Automatic investment approval (including foreign technology agreement within specied norms), up to 51 percent foreign equity or 100 percent for NRI and Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs) investment is allowed for most of the food processing sector. Wide- ranging scal policy changes has been introduced progressively. Excise and Import duty rates have been reduced substantially. Many processed food items are totally exempt from excise duty.

All kinds of foods, processed food, alcoholic & other beverages, food processing, packaging, mill machinery and equipment; poultry & farm equipment and supplies, dairy & confectionary equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration & cold storage systems, air & water pollution control equipment & accessories, hotel & kitchen equipment & tableware, laundry, interior and housekeeping, health & tness equipment, consultancy services and hospitality supplies.

Special highlights of the event

Hospitality Industry in India

Culinary show coordinated by Indian Culinary Forum featuring live demonstration along with competition relating to cooking and tasting of various kinds of food items. Seminars and Conferences by Co- Associates in coordination with Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.

Hospitality Industry is poised for a major growth. Twenty thousand additional hotel rooms were built for Commonwealth Games. To cater to the demands for rooms, a 5year tax holiday for 2, 3 & 4 star hotels as well as convention centres with a seating capacity of not less than 3000 was declared. Hospitality industry in India helps upgrade manufacturing standards to to meet international competition. For achieving this investment is being made by manufacturers on improving manpower skills, on quality machinery and tools and latest technology. Areas which have witnessed remarkable change in these years are Bakery, Laundry, and Food Service Equipment.

Visitor Prole

Foreign buyers, Importer & Wholesalers, Overseas trade delegations, Businessmen, Policy makers, Media persons, Suppliers, marketing and direct selling companies, government agencies etc. ITPO provides a wide spectrum of services to the trade and industry and acts as a catalyst for growth of Indias trade. The organisation approves holding of international trade fairs in India and regulates holding of various expositions in India primarily to avoid any duplication of efforts while ensuring proper timing. For more information: visit

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The Bakery Industrys Biggest Show is here!


Book a stand today!

80% already sold out! Few more stalls to go.

3rd Edition of India Bakery & Pastry Challenge

Live Bakery Theatre

Daily product demonstrations by leading bakery and pastry chefs

Knowledge Seminars
Learn from industry experts on trends inuencing and shaping Bakery Business in India

Look forward to welcoming you to Bakery Business 2011!

Mumbai: Chetan Salvi - 98213 31426 Delhi: Aashish Kohli - 98101 72099
Organised by


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