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Online chat is a form of communication that utilizes computer programs that allow for two-way conversations between users in real time (events that occur in cyberspace at the same speed that they would occur in real life). Typically the users will connect to a chat server using a chat client and meet in a chat room. Once the users are in the same chat room, they can converse with one another by typing messages into a window where all of the other users in the chat room can see the message. The user can also see all of the messages entered by the other users. Conversations are then carried on by reading the messages entered by the other users in the chat room and responding to them.

How does online chat work?

The technologies that allows users to converse in real time via typed messages are the chat servers and the chat clients. These special servers allow the messages to be quickly received and posted so that the chat clients can receive the messages and display them in the window on the users' computers. Fortunately, most chat clients are relatively inexpensive shareware programs, and there are a number of chat servers that let the user connect to them for free. Online chat could be an alternative to meeting in a traditional classroom. While all of the participants would still be able to freely converse with one another, they would carrying on the conversation from the comfort of their own home, thus avoiding the expense and inconvenience of traveling to another place. Chat server: A chat server is a specially equipped computer connected to the internet that allows users with chat clients to converse with one another via typed messages in real time. There are a great number of chat servers which let users connect for free. Some of the more popular chat servers are,, etc. You can find a list of many chat servers on the chat resources page.

Chat client: A chat client is a software program that allows users to connect to chat servers and communicate with other users via a chat room. The majority of chat clients are shareware programs easily downloadable from various sites on the internet, and they are available for a wide variety of computer platforms. Typically, a chat client supplies the user with a means of connecting to a chat server, and then the program lets the user communicate with other users via a window where messages are shared. Most chat clients also have smaller windows which show the number and identity of the other users in the chat room, and some of the more complex programs even allow users to choose icons and sounds to represent them in the chat rooms.

Types of Chat
1. Synchronous Chat: Text only web based synchronous forum that enables multiple users to be online and in the same online "room" typing their comments to each other. As soon as the user clicks "enter" his/her text message appears immediately on the screen of all users who are in the "room." Messages appear in the order in which they were entered. 2. Asynchronous Chat: Asynchronous Chat is way of saying Forum, Message Board or Bulletin Board.

Synchronous Chat
There are three types of online chat:

Web-based chat rooms:


Virtual forums that allow for messages to be written and read in real time by all individuals present in the room. A chat room is usually devoted to a particular topic such as movies, sports, emerging technologies, and others. 3

Web-based chat rooms can be located throughout the Internet on pages such as fan club websites, online gaming sites and personal websites, among others. Individuals can discuss a variety of topics, including computers, games, movies, music. Many popular search engines have their own chat platform and can be run under most operating systems, provided that the software that allows you to communicate with others in the chat room has been installed.

Real-time chat:

Real-time chat, sometimes referred instant messaging, offers users the ability to communicate in real time with individuals who have been added to a buddy list. Generally, the chat is centered on an actual conversation as opposed to a theme which would be found in a web-based chat room or an Internet Relay Chat channel.

Real-time chat is messaging software that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time. Features include a quick launch bar, music file support, and a new answering service. Some versions also work with Internet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) connections, allowing communication behind firewalls (see NETWORK fact sheet for more on TCP and IP).

Advantages of Instant Message Programs are:

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You can be alerted when your friends, family or chat partners are online. You can leave messages for Chat partners when they are not online. You can send files, share web site information, and surf the internet together. You can arrange a group chat so additional users of the software can join in on your chat session. The Cost = free. Many Instant Message Programs are free! 4

Below are some of the most common Internet Message Programs.

Instant Messaging Clients (IM) Google Talk Adium AOL instant Messenger Ebuddy Pidgin Psi Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

iChat ICQ Kopete Miranda MSN Instant Messenger Yahoo Instant Messenger Trillian

Internet Relay Chat allows users to communicate in real time with individuals located throughout the world who belong to the same network (connected to the same server). IRC differs from real-time chat in that conversations are centered on a particular theme within a network of people s/he is not likely to encounter in real space.

Internet Relay Chat requires a specific program that allows a user to download the software, select a nickname, choose and connect to an IRC server using that software. Once the application is downloaded and a user is connected to the server, they can choose from a large selection of chat channels covering many topics. Private communications can also occur on IRC however the message is not be completely secure from other users. Then, you can choose one of the thousands of channels (virtual rooms) available. The content of many IRC chat areas are uncensored and, because they are publicly accessible, attract a diverse range of people. IRC Clients:

Most popular Pirch for PC Virc for PC IRCLE for Mac

When to choose Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

If you want to chat with random people from around the world. (note: you

can also log on to different IRC servers around the world to chat with people from specific regions).

If you want to enter themed chat channels If you want to chat with large groups of people

Asynchronous communication
Asynchronous communication is the relay of information with a time lag. Discussion forums and email are two examples of how asynchronous communication is employed in online learning. It is very helpful to communicate in this way, because students have plenty of time to formulate thoughts. By communicating via email, students are able to respond in detail to a question or topic that they might have answered incompletely in a real-time conversation. This time lag in communication helps students internalize information by giving them time to research certain ideas or merely extra time for contemplation. The main disadvantage to asynchronous communication is time lost waiting for a response.

Advantages and Limitations

Advantages of Internet chatting:

You meet new people You exchange your views about certain subjects You can relax because you don't have to see the person physically If you are shy this is a way of making friends You can treat some special friends you've met like pen pals, but you are chatting

instead of writing letters like they use too 20 years ago Disadvantages of Internet Chatting:


just never know whom you are talking too. It could be an older man who is a may trust this person and give out your full name; address; email addy; your

pervert and acting out like he is young.


phone/cell number. This is very dangerous! Tell me nothing when it comes to your identity.

may think you are falling in love with the person you are chatting with, but

could live thousands of miles away and long distance relationships seldom work out.

you are shy you are far more vulnerable to being hurt by someone on the

Internet and may slip up giving them too much information which they could use against you and cause a myriad of problems for you.

is at it's peak especially among teens. This means a group of kids

(just for the heck of it) pick on one person and it's really getting out of control. There are threatens (often the group of teens will act on their threats if they live in the same area.)

is another problem. This is where one, two or more teens picks on

another teen and constantly calls them names. Being young and stupid they don't realize what they have done and the suicide rate connected with this is going up in leaps and bounds.

Difference b/w the three are: Irc IM WEB-Based

In Irc one has to connect to a server. In Irc one has to join a chat room and normally talks in that chat-room or better still a channel Irc channels are moderated and have their own rules of acceptable behavior the owner or creator of the channel is the moderator.

In IM one has to build ones own list of users or chat-buddies by inviting them to join. There is no need to log onto any server or chatroom and chat is not moderated. With certain IM clients one can even leave an offline message (eg. ICQ)

Web-based Chat For this kind of chat one has to enter a web-site that offers this service. Such sites are, and other sites that offer chat as an add-on to attract traffic. Web-based Chat used to offer such a service but it gradually closed down its chat rooms on the premise not certain if true or not of abuse (pedophilia or pornography) The interface looks more or less like an Irc client.

These days everything on the Internet is going social. As more and more people are becoming accustomed to sites like Facebook and Twitter, the demand for social features is on the rise. People want to be able to communicate with one another, share content easily and feel as if they are a part of the content they are consuming.