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4 January 2007 BSE Sensex: 13872 INDIA RESEARCH

Godrej Industries
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Analyst: Nikhil Vora (91-22-6638 3308; Suchit Sehgal (91-22-6638 3333;

Mkt. Cap: Rs50.8bn; US$1.1bn

We recently met Mr Adi B Godrej, the chairman of Godrej Industries (GIL), to get the latest update on the companys core business of chemicals and its investments and subsidiaries. While various business segments and subsidiaries (Godrej Agrovet, Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej Sera Lee, etc) promise robust growth, we believe the property development arm, Godrej Properties, offers attractive value creation potential. GPL currently has 20m sq. ft of area under development in and around Mumbai as also in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata for residential, commercial, IT and mall purposes. Based on our SOTP valuation, we arrived at a fair enterprise value of USD 1.3bn and per share value of Rs204 for GIL. In our valuations, we have not factored in a potential upside of development rights of Godrej & Boyce properties in Mumbai.
Corporate structure
Godrej Industres (GIL)

Goldmohur Foods and Feed (100%) Golden Feed Products (100%) Girikandra Holiday Homes & Resorts (100%) Godrej Waterside Properties (100%) Godrej Realty Pvt Ltd. (51%)

Joint Ventures

Swadeshi Detergents Ltd (41.1%) Godrej Upstream Ltd (40.43%) Compass Connections Ltd (20.74%) Pensonalitree Academy Ltd (26%) Creamline Dairy Products (26%) Creamline Nutrients Ltd (26%) Polychem Hygene Laboratories Ltd (26%)

Equity Investments
Godrej Consumer Products (10.9%)

Godrej Agrovet (57.7%) Godrej Properties (82.9%) Ensemble Holdings & Finance (100%) Godrej International (100%) Godrej Beverages & Godrej Global Solutions(48%) Foods (100%) Godrej Beverages & Godrej Hi Care (85.9%) Foods (48%) Godrej HiCare (85.9%)

Godrej SaraLee (20%) Cbay (20%)

Mid East (100%) Godrej Global Solutions (Cyprus) Ltd (100%) Godrej Global Solutions Inc (100%)

Key Valuations (Rs m) Company name

Godrej Sara Lee Ltd Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Godrej Properties Godrej International Ltd. Godrej Global Solutions Ltd. Godrej Beverages and Foods Ltd. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

18,000 15,000 40,000 2,942 189 6,000 36,135

% holding
20.00 57.69 82.88 100.00 100.00 48.00 10.90

GIL's share
3,600 8,654 33,152 2,942 189 2,880 3,975

EV/ share
12.33 29.64 113.53 10.08 0.65 9.86 13.61

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The chemicals division growing steadily

GIL is the largest producer of fatty alcohol, fatty acids and AOS and is one of the top three producers of glycerin in India. This chemicals division generates ~80% of the companys overall operating turnover. Despite contributing 80% of GILs operating revenues and 10% of the PAT, the division accounts for less than 8% of the total enterprise value.

Godrej Properties (GPL) aiming high (83% holding by GIL)

The Indian real estate market is worth an estimated USD 22bn and is expected to register over 20% CAGR in the next five years. GIL has a major presence in this market through its subsidiary, GPL (83% stake), which undertakes property development projects. Though GPL currently has about 20m sq. ft of property under development for various residential, commercial and retail projects, the area under development is expected to grow over four times in the next five years, due to the huge land bank lying within the Godrej Group as also prospects of doing JVs with other land bank owners like its subsidiaries, Godrej Agrovet (100 acres of land in Bangalore). The existing projects under development are located in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Banglore and Kolkata and entail a usual gestation period of 3-4 years. While GPL predominantly undertakes development projects in a joint venture with the landowner, in some cases it also buys out the land for development. Joint Ventures: In this type of an arrangement, GPL enters into a joint venture with the owners of the land, wherein consideration is either as a percentage of the profit, the space or the sale proceeds. Buy and Develop: Under this arrangement, GPL purchases the land and then develops it. As a policy, the company does not usually allow the purchase price of the land to exceed 30% of the entire proceeds that it would receive from the project as of today. GPL is also considering the option of entering into a joint venture with its group companies in the future and developing the land owned by them. For example, Godrej Agrovert has close to 100 acres of land close to Bangalore, currently operating as a poultry-breeding farm. GPL is expected to register a net profit of close to Rs400m in FY07 on the 20m sq. ft of land under development compared to a net profit of ~Rs134m in FY06, an increase of 200%. The growth momentum appears sustainable and we expect GPL to clock a net profit of Rs1bn in FY08 and Rs1.5bn in FY09. Interestingly, Mahindra Gesco one of the largest property developers in India has 18m sq. ft of land under development for residential purposes and is expected to register net profit to the tune of Rs290mn for FY07 and is valued at Rs.37bn, which gives us an indication of the huge growth potential in store for GPL. Also, looking at the sheer scale of the projects that GPL is entering into, it may also consider raising funds through its SPVs or/and go in for an initial public offering diluting approximately 15% of its stake.

Godrej Agrovet (GAVL) Asset Rich! (57% holding by GIL)

Among the different businesses in GAVLs portfolio, the ones offering scale are its poultry feed business and the new value added retail chains Aadhar and Natures Basket. Natures Basket is into retailing of local and exotic fresh farm produce similar to the retail chain of Reliance (Reliance Fresh) and is expected to have 40 operational outlets by FY08. Aadhar, on the other hand, offers agricultural products like fertilizers and animal feeds to farmers and is trying to capture the rural market of India, similar to ITC (Chaupal Sagar) and DCM Sriram (Haryali Bazar), which is the next market with a high growth potential. GAVL added seven new outlets of Aadhar in the previous year, taking the total tally to 23. It has plans to have 70 operational outlets by FY08. GAVL reported a turnover of Rs6bn in 2006 and is expected to clock revenues of Rs7bn for FY07. GAL is also a asset heavy company with assets of 100acres of land in Bangalore, which is up for development. We believe the value of the property could be in the region of Rs10bn with potential development rights with Godrej Properties.


Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) gaining meaningful proportions (11% holding by GIL)
GCPL is a major player in the Indian FMCG industry with a presence in toilet soaps, hair colour, liquid detergents and other toiletries. Second in toilet soaps business with a market share of 9.5% and a market leader in the rapidly growing hair colour market with a 42.2% share, GCPL is sitting pretty on a huge opportunity. While we like GCPLs willingness to scout for overseas inorganic growth opportunities (Rapidol), it is facing intense competition from international brands like LOreal in the fashion colour segment in the domestic market. GCPL reported a profit after tax of Rs1.21bn for FY06 and is expected to show a PAT of Rs1.5bn for FY07 a yoy growth of almost 25%.

Godrej Beverage and Food (GBFL) riding on growing consumerism (48% holding by GIL)
GIL has transferred its foods division (except for its Wadala factory in Mumbai) at a consideration of Rs700m to its 48% subsidiary Godrej Beverage and Food (previously Godrej Tea). GIL also purchased Nutrine during the course of the year for Rs.2.7bn to mark its entry into the Rs15bn chocolate and confectionaries market in India, which took the entire GBFL product portfolio to Tea, Confectionery, Soya Milk (Sofit) and Vegetable Oil (Sunshakti). GBFL reported a turnover of Rs4bn and a PAT of Rs300m in FY06. With increasing consumerism of packaged foods in India, we expect this business to show significant upscale in the coming period.

Godrej Sara Lee (20% holding by GIL)

Being the largest manufacturer of home insecticides in the domestic market with brands such as Goodnight, Jet, Hit and Banish, Godrej Sara-Lee reported revenues of Rs6bn for FY06 with a profit after tax of Rs650m and a 15%yoy growth rate for the past few years.

Godrej Hi-Care on a strong wicket

Godrej Hi-Care, a pest management service business, is undertaking major quality initiatives to enhance service delivery to customers and aggressive expansion plans in the domestic and the global market. Godrej Hi-Care reported a turnover of Rs200m and a profit after tax of Rs10m in FY06 and growing at a CAGR of 50%.
Valuations SOTP gives per share value of Rs204 Company name
GIL Operations Holding companies Godrej Sara Lee Ltd Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Godrej Properties Godrej International Ltd. Godrej Global Solutions Ltd. Godrej Beverages and Foods Ltd. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Compass connections Gharda Chemicals Swadeshi Detergents Ltd. Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Boston Analytics LLC C-Bay Systems Ltd. Ensemble holdings and Finance Ltd. Unquoted Investments Total Investments Less: Debt Add: cash Equity value No of Shares Value per share (Rs) EV/ Sales 3x EV/ Sales 1.5x EV/ EBITDA 20x EV/ Sales 1x EV/ Sales 2x Sales 1.5x Market cap Book Value Book Value Book Value Book Value Book Value Book Value Book Value Book Value 18,000 15,000 40,000 2,942 189 6,000 36,135 20.00 57.69 82.88 100.00 100.00 48.00 10.90 3,600 8,654 33,152 2,942 189 2,880 3,975 12 1 19 52 26 406 132 30 63,748 5,172 911 59,487 292 204

EV/ Sales 1x


% holding

GIL Share


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