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Curriculum Vitae

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Nguyen Ngoc Duy (Mr.) Mar 20th, 1987 2 / Xm 1A C Nhu, Trn Cung, T Lim, H Ni 04 37540210 0988 69 39 43


I am a double characteristic man. Sometimes I enjoy the silent but in other circumstances, I am a little bit talkative. I do not easily give up problems and I would like to discover the problem in many ways before taking action. My short term goal is to find and accept any chances to work in IT to gain experiences and apply everything I have learnt at University. My favourite quote is Success is the ability to go from failure to failure. I want to work in Banking, Finance fields and also other embedded systems. And I would like to try any positions at the company. They are all good things for my future development.


January 2011 May 2011 : FPT University Capstone Project Position : Developer, Tester Description : Develop Warranty Management System for IT equipments store. Achievement : .NET language, web service application, Telerik tool for design. October 2009 May 2010 : FSE-FPT Software Position : Developer, tester Operation Group 7-Division 5 Description : Java core development. Achievement : Understanding about SQL Server, SVN, Eclipse and lots of tool in FPT Software such as Defect Management System. January 2007 December 2010 : FUs projects Description : Various projects while studying at FPT University such as Online Computer Store. Achievement : Java coding, C/C++ coding skill, Object Oriented Programming, Database knowledge, Software Engineering Process.


: January 2007 Present : FPT University Major : Software Engineering Degree : Bachelor of Software Engineering Achievements : - GPA 7,0 (11 terms)

September 2005 December 2006 : Hanoi University of Mining and Geology Major : Geology Degree : Bachelor August 2002 June 2005 : Hanoi Amsterdam High School School : Specialized in physics Achievements : - GPA 7.8


Basketball and Tennis Club Position : Senior member Gained : Good health and good relationship. Acknowledge a lot about team working. Other activities - Attending Chinese chess and got bronze price. - Being the member of University events (English Day, English Melody Contest)


Language skills English : Advanced TOEIC mark (test at FPT University): 790 French : A little Soft skills Working in group: organize and connect members in the group, make the decision, manage the time and lead the group to follow targeted goals Working individually: critical thinking, planning and ability to work under pressure


Reading books, travelling, listening to international music. I also excited in learning other languages especially French. In addition, I can play tennis, basket ball and in summer swimming is my favourite sport.