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MARCH 2011

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Big News
After many months of thought and prayer, I have decided not to return for a 2nd STINT year in Argentina. This was such a tough decision but I feel like, come November, it will be time for me to be back and stay in the U.S. Only God knows what is in store for me after that, but I am excited to find out and will trust in Him to provide for me when I get back as He has for me here.

Back to School...
The month of March brings many things here in Buenos Aires, but one of the more exciting ones is the beginning of a new school year. Classes began around the 10th of March, which was great timing considering that it was right after our retreat, and I was elated to get back on campus and be out of the Campus Crusade office. The past few weeks on campus as a whole have been great. We have been fortunate to nd some other believers and have shared with many non-believers as well. This month has mainly been focused on promoting Vida Estudiantil and making our presence known on our campus. For this reason we have been working at our table for the majority of our time promoting Vida, giving out free coffee and pens, and promoting our English club. As a whole I feel like campus has been a lot more encouraging for me this year so far. I can probably attribute a lot of that to the fact that I am much better in Spanish now, but also it is because there is more student involvement with Vida on campus and it hasnt just been us STINTers. I have been able to go out and share the Gospel accompanied by different students on several occasions already this month! Seeing them grow in that passion to share their faith and ability to do so has been so encouraging to me, and it really makes me hopeful that we can achieve the goal of a student-only led movement on the agronomy campus very soon.

Prayer Requests
AGRONOMY CAMPUS That student leaders would be raised up That Joaquin (a student on Ag and one of my best friends here) would realize his need for a Savior PERSONAL That I would see spiritual multiplication happen within my personal ministry

One of the nicest people Ive met down here by far who is also one of my best friends is named Joaquin. He is such an awesome guy, but he is not a believer. Well, he believes in God, but doesnt want a relationship with him. I have been very intentional with our relationship, have shared the Gospel with him, and he knows what I do and why Im here but he just doesnt see the need to have a relationship with God right now. He says that in this moment he is very content with his life, family, studies, friends, etc., and just doesnt feel like he needs God. This really pains me and he has been on my heart for some time. Please pray that his eyes would be opened to his need of a Savior and that he would come to know Christ.

Joaquin and I playing Wii


Vida Estudiantil started off the month of March with a retreat for staff, STINTers, and students at a place just outside the city limits. I mentioned the plans for this retreat in my previous newsletter and how its goal was to get together with people in our movement and cast vision for the year, discuss our aspirations, etc. It was denitely a success! We had many students come that are excited about sharing their faith with us on campus this year. The retreat lasted for 3 days (a holiday weekend) and involved several speakers, including the national director of Campus Crusade in Argentina. There were talks on the Holy Spirit, discipleship, spiritual multiplication, and how to connect with the lost. We also split up into our different campuses and developed strategic plans for the upcoming year. It was very uplifting to see such fervency in the students, and I feel like everyone left with a lot of eagerness to start the school year.

Group shot from the retreat