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Questionnaire for training need analysis and talent identification Organisations Name:

Name of staff member: Reports to: (with designation) Department: Training Needs 1. To perform your current job: What training do you still need (either on-the-job or a formal course) to perform your current job competently (eg, Excel, bookkeeping, English as a second language, etc)?


To perform other jobs in the organisation: What other roles in the organisation would you be interested in doing if a vacancy became available (eg, transfer to another section, supervisor position, etc)?


To perform other jobs in the organisation: What training or experience would be required (eg, machine operation, negotiation skills, Occupational Health and Safety Awareness, etc)?

Future Development Needs 4. What are your career aspirations?

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What training or development do you need to help make this happen (eg, external degree study, formal meeting procedures, leadership training, etc)?

Recognition of Prior Learning 6. What training have you attended within the last three years? (This will help identify if any training sessions have been missed or if any refresher training is required.)


What training or skills have you acquired outside your current job that may be relevant to the wider organisation?

Action Plan 8. Agreed training and development to be provided over the next 12 months: (Record the details of training courses, on-the-job experiences, buddy systems or mentor arrangements, and include the recommended dates the staff member can expect these to occur.) Training Date

To be filled by the HODs or Supervisors only

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9. Please answer the questions below keeping your reportees in your mind.
Strongly disagree Is aware of the overall business of the organisation. Is professional and well groomed. Is a pro active individual and shows a lot of enthusiasm in the work Speaks English good enough to carry on work related activities. Is able to write grammatically well structured e-mails Can express his thoughts speaks up in the meetings. and Slightly disagree Neutral Slightly agree Strongly agree

Communicates and works in association with other team members. Prefers a top- down approach. Completes the given tasks before time Always aware of what is being done. Is free to discuss when new ideas strike. Is comfortable in giving receiving negative feed back and

Finds out some time for himself during the office hours Enjoys others success and shares the responsibility for a dip in the performance. Signature of Staff Member Signature of Supervisor

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