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Data Sheet

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Electro-Mechanical / Solid State Tap Changer)

Description: In electro-mechanical voltage stabilizers, regulation is achieved by the selection of one of a number of tapings of a transformer, by means of relays. They usually reduce input voltage variations of 15% to 6% of constant load. Load variations will degrade this accuracy to about 10%. Solid tap changers use TRIACS in series with the taps of a transformer. Eight or more TRIACS may be used, however it depends on manufacturers design. The incorporation of isolation and surge protection into tap changes results in this type of device often being called a power line conditioner or electronics line conditioner and sometimes Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizer.

-Model: Wall Mounting Salient Features: Micro-Controller based design. Attractive Design, Clean and Quiet operation. Regulated output supply. High-Low Voltage Cut Off Overload and Short Circuit Protection Specifications:

( -Model: Floor Mounting LCD / LED / Analog Display available. Controls fluctuating input supply Rugged Design Time Delay Function Available in powder coated attractive colours

5 KVA 7.5 KVA 10 KVA Single Phase 90 / 140 / 160 to 270 V 50 Hz 3% Single Phase 220 V / 230 V 10 % or as desired 50 Hz 3% 10 % for all line loads 0.8 to 1 lagging Natural Forced High / Low Voltage Cut off, Automatic Time Delay function (TDR) of Safety Features 2 4 sec cut off and 5-6 minutes restart delay. Wave form distortion No effect of load Protection Overload & Short Circuit Analog / Digital / LCD Voltmeter for displaying input & output voltage. , Ammeter is Front Panel display optional for current display. Time Delay bypass with Instant ON, Selector switch for displaying Input & Output Front Panel Controls parameters. Perforation for Natural / Forced Airflow, 3 way input terminal Strip, Single Phase MCB Rear Panel Terminals for Input On, and Power Cable / 3 way Output terminal Strip. o Ambient Temp. Range E0 to 45 C Relative Humidity Better than 95 % max. 0 Environment Designed for indoor tropical use. Withstands temperature up to 50 C Phy. Dim. (WxDxH) mm 340x260x182 330x310x350 330x310x390 Pkg Dim. (WxDxH) mm 380x300x242 370x350x390 370x350x430 Phy. Dim. (WxDxH) mm 320x110x245 350x130x265 375x150x282 Pkg Dim. (WxDxH) mm 360x150x285 390x170x305 415x190x322 12.5 16 20 38 55 Net Weight (Kg)2Kgs 10.5 14 18 35.5 52.5 Manufacturing Standards ISO Quality Management Systems followed. Design Specifications Conforming to IS: 8448 with amendments 1, 2 and 3 Director General of Quality Assurance, Min. of Defence, Govt. of India Approvals & Registrations Controllerate of Quality Assurance Establishment. National Small Industries Corporation, Govt. of India Due to continuous R & D, the above specifications are subject to change without notice. H.O.:403, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Panchkula-134113 (India) Telefax: 0172-2593350, 2591669 E-mail: Visit us at

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