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taking the length of the tunnel as 25mts/81feet the outer to outer is (wall 19"+space 24"+wall 19"=62 inches or 158cms)

normal red clay brick is 9" by 3" by 2" inches these are used for 60 feet walls only the rest 20 feet is made of firebrick in w hich 10 feet is firing wall the dimensions of the wall are 20" by 972" by 56" all in inches so the no. of bricks required for wall of one side is length 60*12/9.4=77 (.4 inch is due to the cement) width 20"/3.4=6 (here the wall is 20 inch wide) height 54'/2.4=23 (the heigh tof the wal is 4.5 fe et) so the total no. of redclay bricks are (77*6*26=12012)*2=24024 bricks say 25000 bricks cost of normal bricks 2.75 rupee so 25000*2.75= the no. length width height of firebricks for hot wall are 20*12/9.4=say 25 20/3.4=6 54/2.4=23 say 67000 ------1

so total no. of firebricks is (25*6*23=3450)*2=6900 say 7000 bricks cost of firebrick asusuming 5 rupee per brick so 7000*5= 35000 considering the builder builds 10 feet of wall a day it takes 16 dys so 16*450= say 8000 -------2


taking the cost of redclay for building the normal walls at 16.6% of total brick cost mortar 67000/6= say 11200 ------4 taking the cost of the mortar for hot wall at 25% of the total firebrick cost firmortar 35000/4= 8500 ------5 so total for tunnel walls is 1+2+3+4+5 67000+70000+8000+16000+35000= 129700 ------A

cost of cars considering a plate of 1cm thickness made of steel the dimensions of the plate are 1cm*60cm*2450cm so the volume of plate for 1 meter is 1*60*100=6000cm3 i.e 6 ltrs the density of steel is 7.2kg per litre so the weight steel plate of 1 car is 7. 2*6=43kgs so the cost of one car plate is taking the cost of steel as 40rupee pr kg then 43*40=1720 there will be 25 cars in the tunnel and another 6 for loadin and unloading so total cost of car plates 1720*31= 53300 -----6 -----7

for wheels and for their welding taking 10000 rupees

for tracks taking a 5mm*40mm steel patti (the tunnel is one way so we nee d two traks) total length is 110mtrs so the total weight is (total length 110 meters is due to two tracks for two ways) 5mm*40mm*(110mtr*1000mm)=22 ltrs*7.2kg per ltr=158.4 say 160 so cost is 160*40 rupee perkg = 6400 the same is required for the base of the track so the total cost becomes 12800 say 13000rupees + cost of welding at 20% so 13000+2600= 15600 say 16000 ------8

now the bricks for the car dimensions for car is 1m(length)*.6m(width)*.4615m(height) so the no. of bricks is lenth 101feet*12/9.4= 129bricks width 24inch/3.4= 7 bricks height 18inches/2.4= 7.5 say 8 we will take three layers of firebricks for the top surface and the lower layers will be of normal bricks the toal no of normal bricks 5*7*129 = 4500 say 4600 12650 2200 say 2750 -----11 -----12 sy13000 -----9 -----10

cost of these bricks 4600*2.75 = cost of mortar(cement) at 16.6% is 13000/6 = no of firebricks cost of these bricks cost of mortar(cement)at 25% 3*7*129 = 2750*5 = 13750/4 = 2709 13750 3500

assuming the no of saggers(pipes of 2 feet by 10inch dia) 6 saggers for 1car so we have 31 cars*6=186 saggers so the length is 186*2=372 feet pipe the pipe comes in sizes of 20 feet so we get 19 pipes the cost of each pipe is assumed to be 3000 rupees so the total pipes(saggers) cost is 3000*19= 57000 -----13

so the total cost is A+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 A 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 129700+53300+10000+16000+13000+2200+13750+3500+ 57000= 304450


the estimate is without the roof of the tunnel and without the burners and contr ols related with it I assume we still miss some more items to be included in this estimate the Estimate may come to around 3.25 Lakhs without the burner setup and the roof and the capacity as i assume can be around 3 tonnes of ore per day that comes to 2 tonnes of sponge per day if we take 1500 profit for 1 tonne sponge we get 3000 rupee per day as profit w hich I consider is the worst case profit(actual maybe 2to3times more)

so the project can see break even period of less than 6 months i.e we get back t he money invested within 6 months ****------------------****---------------****---------------****---------------****----------------------****

volume of the sagger radius 5inch*2.54=12.7cm volume 3.142*(12.7*12.7)= 506.8*(24inch*2.54)=30888 cubic centimeter=30.8 ltr density of ore is around 4 kg per ltr density of coal is around .8 kg per litre ratio of ore to coal is 2:1 by weight hence volume i spoke to a person Mishra who is selling this technology he is from nagpur his company is combustion systems and the site is he said for a plant of 7 tons per day the investment is around 1 crore we will seee abt this after my exams ALSO STUDY THIS FILES IN THIS SITE the quote received for firebricks of size 9"x4.5"x2" is 18 rupee ex-bellary per brick for order of 10000 bricks from ahmedabad the quote received for firebricks of size 9"x4.5"x3" is 32 rupee ex-banglr per brick for order of 3000 bricks from banglr 10 ltr ore is 40 kgs approx 20 ltr coal is 16 kgs approx but we can compress to increase the weight/