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Teacher Name: Shahid Mehboob Class: 9th Topic: Application of Computer in Education Heading A.V Aids
(Audio visual Aids)

Method i. White Board, Board Marker, Pointer etc. ii. Chart showing the application of computer in general and in education in detail To overviews various issues related to the educational application of computers on both the theoretical and practical levels. To teach application of computer in different fields. To encourage to think critically application of computer in daily life. To understand how computer application in education changes and expands over time

W. B
(White Board)

Objectiv es a. General

b. Specific

To teach application of computer in the field of education To explore how computers help enhance teaching and learning in a constructive learning environment. To learn, observe, and explore computer applications in education.

Introduct The teacher will enter the class and says Assalm-o-Alaikum and then inquire ion about the health of student. The teacher will start from these words. Our brains have capacity to solve the difficult problems. But it can be solved Previous Knowled by computer more quickly and accurately. The teacher will ask some question to check the previous knowledge of students.

ge Testing Topic Announc ement

i. ii.

Do you see computer? Where you see computer?

Application of Computer in the field

iii. For what purpose/s it is being used? The teacher will announced the topic on the base of question number Q. No.3. To day I will teach you the application of computer in the field of education The teacher writes the topic on the white board.

of education

Teaching Method

Lecture and Demonstration method will be used. Process evaluation will be conducted during the lecture.

Presenta tion

Computer is a electronic devices which is used to solve the problems according to set of instruction given to it. Computer takes raw data in the form of input (from input devices) , process and convert it into useful information ( in CPU) and display it as out put (By out put devices).

Display the Charts representin g the application of computer

Application Of Computer In Different Fields

APPLICATION IN EDUCATION FIELD Computers are used in a variety of settings within the educational field.

They can be used by guidance counselors, administrators, web masters, library media specialists, students, teachers, clerical workers and food service employees for many different reasons. Computer technology has become an essential part of the Educational system. i. On line Learning and Distance learning There are different online learning modules are available on the net where the instruction


virtual Class room

Many institutes are providing distance learning programs. The student does not need to come to the institute. The institute provides the reading material and the student attend the virtual class room. In virtual class room the teacher deliver his lecture in his own work place. The student can attend the lecture at home by connecting to a network. The student can also ask the question to the teacher. The answers are given to the student by e-mail.

Computer Aided Learning Recourses

Multimedia (Projectors) an example of Computer aided

learning resources. It is widely used in class rooms replacing the blackboard and

white board.


Search Engines

There are so many search engines providing the searching facilities on a single click in all over the word in any time on any topics. There are a lot of literature available on any topics in the forms of WebPages, e-books, research journals, surveys reports, thesis etc.


On Line Registration and Examination

The trends of online examinations are becoming popular. Different online examination GRE.GMAT and SAT are conducted online all over the world. Questions are marked by computer which helps in minimizing the chance of mistakes. It enables to announce results in time.


Computer Simulation

It is a special type of artificial model of computer system used to train and educated the learner in artificially created real environment. It reduces the cost of training in real world. It is used in education institutes to understand effectively the working of various phenomenon and systems.

Recapitu lation Summary Home Assignm ents

1. What is first distance online university in Pakistan? 2. Name the any on line learning course? 3. Give the example of CAL. 4. What are advantages of on line registration and examination? .. .. 1. 2. Define computer and its application in different field Write down the application of computer in the field of education in detailed. 3. Write one example each of the followings briefly?

a. CAL Resources b. Online Examination c. Search Engine

d. Online Banking e. Entertainment mode

Supervisor Remarks