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REF: DFI/COM2/OFFER/ESTHER/11-12 Ms. Esther Kashung Guwahati Phone +91 94355 50947 Email esther_kashung@yahoo.


DATE: 31.05.11



The precise tuned machine system guarantees an accurate And uniform injection which is able to inject 5% to 40% of liquid into 1000 kg of meat. Equipment: Stainless steel conveyor belt removable for permanent hygiene and grip The non-slip stainless steel belt takes care of an exact feed for all products and that means repeat accuracy of injections. Hygiene problems dont exist because neither protein nor salt have an aging effect on the belt.

High Displacement stainless steel pump goes easy on the meat fibers during injection The high displacement impeller pump primes even large feed amounts uniform and with extreme low wear. The process is so gentle at the same time that the meat develops no tears at all. Un-coverable processing area for perfect cleaning Two steps uncover the whole processing area in no time at all. This removes all obstacles for a complete and fast cleaning.

Pressure gauge controlled adjustment for always the right pressure The accurate injection control allow priming with repeat accuracy and even pressure for all processing situations. Dynamic needle system for low wear during extreme applications Every needle adjusts itself through spring force to even bony material fast and reliable. And because the needles have enough margin they hardly ever broke even when curing pigs heads Large surface filter system for pressure stability with viscous brine

The large filter units enable enough throughout even when ice brine or viscous brine is used. This guarantees exact pressure and uniform injection.

2 year Guarantee because we guarantee long-term quality Because we constructed our machines to handle the toughest conditions, we guarantee the functionality of the total machine system except the expendable parts and as long as the operating hours dont exceed 2000 Price Ex Delhi 02 Rs. 13,50,000.00


Price Ex Delhi

03 SCHARFEN GRAVITY FOOD SLICER HALF AUTOMATIC (GERMAN) MODEL G 330A (AUTOMATIC CARRIAGE) With automatic carriage movement-change over to manual operation is possible, Easy to operate, quick and easy to clean, large slicing capacity Infinitely variable speed 22-58 strokes per minute, Cutting length 320 mm, cutting height 225 mm, slice thickness 0-25 mm Powerful motor for continuous operation for all kinds of food-such as meat, sausage, ham, roast beef, even vegetables & fruit. TECHINCAL DATA Counter space required : Overall dimension : Weight : Voltage : (1 x w): 460-550 mm adjustable x 420 mm (L x B x H): 700 x 790 x 590 mm approximately 65 kg 3-phase or 1-phase Voltage and cycles as required Power requirement : 0,6 kW Knife : 330 mm Hollow ground, hard chromed, stay sharp quality. For cutting bread a toothed blade is available. Slice thickness : 0 to 25 mm (infinitely variable) Cutting length : 320 mm Cutting height : 255 mm Sound level : < 70 dB (A) Speed of carriage is infinitely variable; 22 to 58 strokes per minute. Powerful cutting Powerful motor for continuous operation with high power transmission to the blade because of Power Grip belt drive. Carriage can be tilted aside for easy cleaning. Sharpening device is removable. Machine can be manually operated.

Price Ex-Delhi 04

Rs. 3,50,000.00


Features: Heavy duty # 304 stainless steel construction plus transparent lid Jumbo chamber size suitable for bulk production 220V/60 Hz/ 1 ph Lid hold down device Equip with 21 m3/h vacuum pump to have very fast cycle time 20 programs digital control panel with motor over warning oil change indicated Vacuum Pump Capacity Seal bar length Seal bar distance With: Soft Air Sensor Controlled Price Ex Delhi Rs. 3,15,000.00 : 21 : : 830 mm 310 mm

Terms & Conditions: Price : Ex-Delhi Payment : 100% advance Delivery : 8-10 weeks from the date of receipt of confirmed order & payment. Sales Tax : Extra at actual Freight : Extra at actual Installation : Additional charges for installation, air fare, to & fro charges lodging, boarding on your account will give estimate if asked for. Validity : Offer valid for 30 days. For Dr. Froeb (I) Pvt. Ltd.