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Brain activity of men and women and their differences.

GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about the differences between mens and womens brain work and their outcomes towards mens and womens characters. Central idea: The differences of mens and womens brain on mechanisms and how it affects the characteristics of men and women in daily life.

1. (Attention Getter) Something I wonder all this while is why do my sister and my late

mom cannot think and feel like I do?

2. (Relevancy Statement) Mens and womens brains work differently. It is a generally

accepted which most of us ignored of. They are not just typically not same. They depend on what are they actually which is meant to be left or right brain.
3. (Credibility Statement)The thought of sister and my late mom always contradicts

mine. Made me wonder of the difference. Dont they feel what I feel? They actually do, but their brain tell them other way.
4. (Reveal Topic) Now, I want to tell you what makes them so different. 5. (Preview) The thing makes the differences is how the electricity or neurons in their

brain work. Thus, make the character between men and women also different in nature.

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Brain activity of men and women and their differences.

Body 1. (MP 1) How our brain work significantly. (Internal Preview) Men brain tends to work on the right side while women are on the left side and unique trait in each of them. A. (SP1) In an article said that left brain are for verbal activities while the right one is for nonverbal and spatial intuitive. a. Girls has done talking much even before the age of two. b. Boys usually prefer physical activity even as small toddlers.
B. (SP2)Male and female ratio on many other psychiatrics condition is not equal. a. In hostility and impulsive, neurons on women brain works more than

b. In a research by UC Irvine researchers, the participants play a hostility

game, which allows the winner to blast a noise towards the loser which later can be retaliated. Men prefer short blast with highest volume whilst women prefer a sustained, long noise.
c. On nicotine effect, amazingly it equalizes the practical difference

between men and women. C. (SP3) Male brain can work on eliminating of what the wish whilst women cant.
a. When men are hungry and they try to put aside the hunger feelings,

they can succeed in changing their brain chemistry thus decreasing their desire for food. Women brain doesnt have this ability.
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Brain activity of men and women and their differences.

b. That is why statistically, womens obesity are higher than men, plus

their own estrogen who should be blamed with. (Internal Summary) Brain do their job on what have been setup for them.

(Transition) We have know the mechanisms, now lets move on to the effects and outcomes.

2. (MP2) The characteristics of men and women is all because what their brain being

up to.
A. (SP1) Men are usually stands upon what they believed in and think

right to do. Whilst, women tend to take many considerations into their decision.
a. Male response if female says something that he does not wants

to hear is move over towards anything else, which is regard as nonverbal.

b. Male usually will not have the same view as they talk with their

girls because of this.

B. (SP2) Men response towards a situation tend to be manly and calm.

Women will have their own girly ways on overcoming it.

a. Dr. Steven Potkins said this is because the attention paid, short

term memory, planning, mood, emotion and language are different between men and women.

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Brain activity of men and women and their differences.

b. Women who smoke are barely able to quit smoking due to their

left brain which has stronger memory keeping than men do.
C. (SP3) Men usually seem to be easier to forgive though they wont

forget. Men tend to ignore the small problem. a. The impact is women are easily frustrated because of men ignorance
b. Men ways on solving problems between them also much

different than the women do. In terms of approaching, women are tend to be more impulsive or shed tears if they failed in doing so. (Internal Summary) Brain does a very significant job to us. (Transition) We have known what it is about this brain do for us. I got to come to a conclusion.

1. (Summary statement) Brain is the main centre on determining who we are. Men and

women and all of our specific characteristics have been setup here. We can hardly change, because it is within ourselves.
2. (Memorable Closing Statement) I hope now, all of us understand why we, men and

women are different. As we going through our own marriage someday, and hard time comes by, try to remember my speech today. We are borne with it, thus moderation is the best in anything.
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Brain activity of men and women and their differences.


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Sayn Husselton Intellectual Property(2011)

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