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Blind Browser



Blind Browser Today lots of daily activities such as education, shopping and mailing are done through the Internet. By rapid growth of the Internet and the easy access to it, a great deal of private and personal information is available on the web. On the other hands, nowadays the Internet in not only for special groups of people, but peoples from any age and different groups are using the Internet. There are many websites for children on the Internet and the children using the Internet for various activities such as entertaining, educating, etc. The elderly people communicate and chat with their children and relative using the Internet. In addition to regular peoples, the disabled peoples are also using the Internet. The Blind Browser software allows the blind in a easy way of accessing the Internet . Blind can hear different categories(categories may include SPORTS,NEWS,EDUCATION,etc) provided by the software in different stages. The Blind can access the browser by pressing the numbers according to their will representing different categories . According to the selection of the category suitable URL is selected which are already stored in the database. The selected URL is sent to the actual browser(like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). The output of the selected URL can be heard by the blind.

Existing System:
In the current scenario it is not possible for the blind to have access to the internet. The reason for this is that, other than their disability no software has been developed that can help them in accessing the internet ,which was considered impossible until now due to the high complexity in programming and the large amount of data that has to be handled during this scenario . All of these difficulties made it impossible for the blind to access the internet and also with their limitations. All of these difficulties were overcome by our proposed system.

Proposed System:
The main objective of the proposed system is to make internet accessible to the blind by overcoming all the difficulties that we witnessed before. In our proposed system Blind Browser 2

Blind Browser we have made it possible for the blind to easily access the internet without any difficulty. Here we have created a software that integrates GUI with efficiency. We just have to install the software just like any other programme in the machine before we can start working with it. Once installed an icon will appear on the desktop which can be activated like any other software or we can make it appear by just turning on the machine. The main advantage is the ease with which this software can be accessed by the blind. The other main attractive feature here is that all the URL will be stored in a database as a matter of which the user will not have to remember them which has proven rather difficult. There are mainly two users of the software . They are the administrator and the blind user. It is the responsibility of the administrator to add the different categories required by the client. The blind person is the one who uses this software so as to access the internet.

Modules Of The Project :

The project is basically divided into four modules. They are 1. Administrator Module The role of the Administrator is to manage different categories in different stages. For Example In stage 1 there is category called Sports. If the client select the sports category then in the second stage different sports items should tell to the blind like cricket,football,hockey etc. These kind of categories adds by the administrator in different stages. Administrator should crawl URL and there contents, and mine meaningful data from the web page and categories in separate knowledge list. Each category has multiple sub category and these sub categories have equivalent URL's (Lot of URL for a single category). These process are fully handled by the administrator. 2. Blind User Blind understands the things by hearing. In this software they are allowed to hear different categories provided by the software. According to the need of the user they selects different categories. and getting suitable web pages and hearing the content of the web page. This service limits the keyboard usage of the blind. He could just traverse through the categories , subcategories and URL. 3

Blind Browser 3. TTS T TS is using hear for converting the Text content to speech. Text to voice conversion can be handled by language supported voice conversion software. 4. Key Logger Key Logger is using here for understanding the key pressed by the blind user. According to the pressing of the number key the user traversing in the software.

Software Specification :
Front end Back end Operating System IDE : : : : Java/ .Net Mysql/Sql Server Windows NetBeans/Visual Studio

Hardware Specification :
Procesor System Bus RAM HDD Display Key Board : : : : : : Pentium IV 32 BIT 512 MB 40 GB SVGA Color Windows