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Wednesday July 13, 2011 Vol XI, Edition 283

City bans new massage parlors

San Carlos passes emergency ordinance;officials also mull ban on Styrofoam,plastic bags
By Michelle Durand

San Carlos officials agreed Monday night to ban new massage permits for 45 days with hopes the county or state will help close licensing loopholes they believe make it easier for prostitution to ourish. The emergency moratorium can be extended another year by council

vote at the end of the 45-day period. Massage permits werent the only city issue facing termination at the council meeting. The City Council also directed staff to further investigate the possibility of banning both single-use plastic bags and polystyrene food containers, said Assistant City Manager Brian Moura. The primary question for those bans are not necessarily if theyre

desired but if the city will use a county template, possibly saving themselves up to $150,000 for an environmental review, or author their own anti-polystyrene ordinance. Under the county umbrella, an idea received favorably, that jurisdiction would handle outreach and enforcement. The council seemed to denitely be leaning toward a polystyrene ban but what the single-use bag ban will

ultimately look like is anyones Foster City also guess, said Mayor considers ban Andy Klein. on polystyrene The council will See page 3 revisit the idea in the fall. The city is also hoping the county tweaks its massage ordinance which it can then follow. The state took over massage therapist licensing from individual cities in 2009 and,


since then, Sheriffs Capt. Greg Rothaus, head of the San Carlos Patrol Bureau, said the number of questionable applications has risen signicantly on a weekly average. The San Carlos Patrol Bureau of the Sheriffs Ofce has also elded a number of complaints and some massage businesses have been found on escort websites, Rothaus said.

See MASSAGE, Page 20

Census: Share of U.S.children hits record low

By Hope Yen

WASHINGTON Children now make up less of Americas population than ever before, even with a boost from immigrant families. And when this generation grows up, it will become a shrinking work force that will have to support the nations expanding elderly population even as the government strains to cut spending for health care, pensions and much else. The latest 2010 census data show that children of immigrants make up one in four people under 18, and are now the fastest-growing segment of the nations youth, an indication that both legal and illegal immigrants as well as minority births are lifting the nations population.


See CENSUS, Page 20

South City to cover Pacificas dispatch

By Heather Murtagh

Larry Jacobs,left,co-founder of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, picks a couple artichokes grown for the Food For Usprogram.This program grows seasonal vegetables for the employees of Jacobs Farms to eat.The farm mainly grows sustainable and organic herbs.Top right, one of the greenhouses on Jacobs Farm where workers propagate organic rosemary. Below right, Jacobs walks through the farm where one of the employees is harvesting the organic rosemary.

Meet the man behind the herbs

Family farm grows into nine sustainable agricultural properties
By Erin Hurley

South San Francisco may soon be answering calls going to the Pacifica Police Department as the two cities consider sharing dispatch services. If South San Francisco opts to provide dispatch services for Pacica, it will then be doing so for three cities. Restructuring could take up to six months and means $600,000 in income for South San Francisco during the rst year. For Pacica, outsourcing helps realize $1.5 million in total budget savings this year.

See DISPATCH, Page 20

hen Larry Jacobs and his wife Sandra Belin started a farm in Pescadero, they expected it to stay a family farm. But it has grown into something much more. Most peoples experience with Jacobs herbs is selecting it from the top shelf of the produce aisle. But behind those little plastic containers is a business of nine organic sustainable agricultur-

al properties in California, and a sustainable growers association in Baja California, Mexico. Jacobs was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1974 with a degree in soil sciences. Belin was born in the Midwest and studied early childhood development at the University of Kansas. Jacobs said he was interested in farming because he wanted to do something that I felt was real and meaningful. I wanted to do something that people really needed, Jacobs said. So the day that I was on

my deathbed and dying I could say, Boy, I made some contribution, I did something that was important. At this point, organic and sustainable methods werent the accepted way of farming. Jacobs said his ideas about farming without chemicals were seen as impossible. But he rmly believed in the effectiveness of using more natural means like using benecial insects to eliminate pests and building up the soil life, which

See JACOBS, Page 18

Wednesday July 13, 2011


Snapshot Inside


Quote of the Day

I wanted to do something that people really needed.So the day that I was on my deathbed and dying I could say, Boy,I made some contribution,I did something that was important.
Larry Jacobs, farmer Meet the man behind the herbs, page 1

Oil imports increase trade deficit

Losses go up over 15 percent in month of May

See page 10

Local Weather Forecast

Wednesday: Areas of low clouds and fog and drizzle in the morning then partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 50s to lower 70s. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Thursday: Areas of low clouds and fog and drizzle in the morning then sunny. Highs in the mid 50s to lower 70s. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Friday: Areas of low clouds and fog and drizzle in the morning then sunny. Highs in the mid 50s to lower 70s. Friday night through Sunday night: Patchy low clouds and fog and drizzle. Lows in the 50s. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 70s.

NL wins MLB All-Star Game

Milwaukees Prince Fielder drilled a three-run homer to give Senior Circuit home eld for World Series


Aidan Martin, 8 right, pours water on Jessica Martin, left, and Connor Tille, 6, at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.The area has been under a heat advisory as temperatures hit 100 degrees Tuesday.

See page 11

July 9 Super Lotto Plus
4 5 21 23 27 23
Mega number

This Day in History

Daily Four
4 7 7 6

Thought for the Day

There are people who want to be everywhere at once, and they get nowhere. Carl Sandburg, American writer (1878-1967).


July 8 Mega Millions

1 2 22 37 50 45
Mega number

Daily three midday

8 1 8

A sign consisting of 50-foot-tall letters spelling out HOLLYWOODLAND was dedicated in the Hollywood Hills to promote a subdivision (the last four letters were removed in 1949; the sign itself was replaced in 1978).


Daily three evening

2 6 7

Fantasy Five
8 16 19 23 29

The Daily Derby Race winners are Big Ben, No. 04,in rst place;Winning Spirit,No.09,in second place; and Hot Shot, No. 03, in third place. The race time was clocked at 1:48.82.

State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Nation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-15 Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-19 World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19-20 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Classieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-28 Publisher Jerry Lee Editor in Chief Jon Mays

In 1787, Congress enacted an ordinance governing the Northwest Territory. In 1793, French revolutionary writer Jean-Paul Marat was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday, who was executed four days later. In 1863, deadly rioting against the Civil War military draft erupted in New York City. (The insurrection was put down three days later.) In 1886, Father Edward Joseph Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town, was born in County Roscommon, Ireland. In 1939, Frank Sinatra made his rst commercial recording, From the Bottom of My Heart and Melancholy Mood, with Harry James and his Orchestra in New York for the Brunswick label. In 1960, John F. Kennedy won the Democratic presidential nomination on the rst ballot at his partys convention in Los Angeles. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Thurgood Marshall to be U.S. Solicitor General. In 1972, George McGovern claimed the Democratic presidential nomination at the partys convention in Miami Beach.

Actor Patrick Steward is 70.

Actor Harrison Ford is 69.

Actress Didi Conn is 60.

Actor Patrick Stewart is 71. Actor Robert Forster is 70. Actor Harrison Ford is 69. Singer-guitarist Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) is 69. Actor-comedian Cheech Marin is 65. Actress Daphne Maxwell Reid is 63. Actress Didi Conn is 60. Singer Louise Mandrell is 57. Actor-director Cameron Crowe is 54. Tennis player Anders Jarryd is 50. Rock musician Gonzalo Martinez De La Cotera (Marcy Playground) is 49. Comedian Tom Kenny (TV: SpongeBob SquarePants) is 49. Country singer-songwriter Victoria Shaw is 49. Bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent is 49. Actor Kenny Johnson is 48. Actor Michael Jace is 46. Country singer Neil Thrasher is 46. seen in the 1928 silent movie White Shadows of the South Seas. The lions roar was played on a phonograph. *** In 1938, candy manufacturer NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) introduced the Skybar. It was the rst candy bar that had four different avors in the center caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge covered in chocolate. NECCO rst announced the new candy bar to the public with a skywriting campaign. *** The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) conducted research on how consumers use labels on drugs and determined that labels needed simple language in an easy to read format. In May 2002, OTC (over the counter) medicines were required to carry a new drug facts label that lists the active ingredients of the product and the purpose of the medication. *** Answer: G means the movie is acceptable for a General Audience, PG means Parental Guidance, NC, usually listed as NC-17, means No Children under 17, R stands for Restricted. In 1984, PG-13 was added to the ratings system, which means Parental Guidance not recommended for children under 13.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs in the weekend and Wednesday editions of the Daily Journal. Questions? Comments? Email or call 344-5200 x114.

Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290 To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Classieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

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Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

Answer: A

Sign Up for the IAFLOFCI (OFFICIAL) Jumble Facebook fan club

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: ALPHA MURKY KETTLE WEAKEN Answer: With the high price of gas, a full tank can lead to AN EMPTY WALLET

A measurement of body fat content based on the height and weight of adults is called BMI (body mass index). A high BMI may indicate future health problems. A BMI between 18.5 and 24 is healthy. A BMI over 30 is considered obese. *** The 1968 Beatles song Back in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) begins Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC/ Didnt get to bed last night/On the way the paper bag was on my knee/Man I had a dreadful ight. BOAC is British Overseas Airways Corporation, which became Britains state airline in 1939. *** On average, a CEO (chief executive ofcer) in corporate America earns a base salary of $609,508. A CFO (chief nancial ofcer) earns an average base salary of $270,642. *** The rst DVD (digital versatile disc) player came on the market in 1997. A

standard DVD holds seven times more data than a CD (compact disc). *** The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) introduced the current movie ratings system in 1968. Do you know what the movie ratings G, PG, NC and R stand for? See answer at end. *** John Mauchly (1907-1980), a physicist, and J. Presper Eckert (1919-1995), an engineer, developed the rst computer in 1946. Known as the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator), the computer weighed 60,000 pounds and contained 18,000 vacuum tubes. The U.S. military used the computer for calculations. *** The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), a government agency. The purpose of the FAA is to establish regulations that promote safety in aviation and to conduct air trafc control. *** James Cash Penney (18751971), founder of department store JCPenney, opened his rst store in 1902 at age 26. The Golden Rule in Wyoming was a dry goods and clothing store. By 1911, Penney and partners operated 22 stores that made more than $1 million in sales. *** The trademark of MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) is Leo the Lion. The roaring lion is seen at the beginning of every MGM feature lm. Leo was rst


attempt on the 1000 block of Cadillac Way before 5:13 p.m. Wednesday, June 29. No loss was incurred and it was unknown if an entry was made. before 9:40 a.m. Saturday, June 25. The equipment was worth approximately $3,000.

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Police reports
Dangerous driver
Someone in an SUV drove over a lawn and caused $4,500 worth of damage at the intersection of East Hillsdale and Edgewater boulevards in Foster City before 8:35 a.m. Sunday, June 26. The suspect was arrested for driving under the inuence.

Vehicle burglary. A vehicle was burglarized on the 100 block of Cedar Street before 6:35 a.m. Thursday, June 23. Vehicle burglary. A vehicle was burglarized on the 1500 block of Magnolia Avenue before 6:01 a.m. Thursday, June 23. Hit and run. A hit and run occurred on the 400 block of Walnut Street before 1:05 a.m. Thursday, June 23.

Burglary. A stereo was taken from a vehicle on San Juan Boulevard before 10:44 a.m. Monday, June 27.

San Mateo Square parking garage on the 400 block of San Mateo Drive before 11:56 a.m. Tuesday, June 28. Fraud. Counterfeit bills were passed on the 1300 block of Hillsdale Boulevard before 11:44 a.m. Tuesday, June 28. Hit and run. A hit and run was reported at the Hillsdale Shopping Center on the rst block of 31st Avenue before 8:19 a.m. Tuesday, June 28.

Petty theft. An unknown suspect took the entrance key to the clubhouse/gym of the Port Royal Park on Port Royal Avenue before 3:15 p.m. Sunday, June 26. Theft. A white single speed bike was stolen from in front of the Vibe on Shell Boulevard before 5:35 p.m. Saturday, June 25. Grand theft. Two leaf blowers, a lawn mower, a hedge trimmer and a weed eater were stolen from a truck belonging to Valleycrest Landscaping on Lakeside Drive

Vehicle burglary. Two vehicles were burglarized on Woodside Road before 3:07 p.m. Thursday, June 23. Residential burglary. Upstairs rooms were burglarized and a laptop was stolen from a home on Seabrook Court before 12:40 p.m. Thursday, June 23. Petty theft. A woman was seen attempting to steal a barbecue and then jumping the fence on Gordon Street before 12:15 p.m. Thursday, June 23.

Vandalism. Two cases of vandalism were reported on the 1100 and 1600 block of Broadway, respectively, before 6:50 p.m. Thursday, June 30. Fraud. A suspect did not pay his hotel bill on the 700 block of Airport Boulevard before 1:28 p.m. Thursday, June 30. Burglary. A lock was damaged in a burglary

Theft. A person took beer from behind a store on the 600 block of Concar Drive before 3:06 p.m. Tuesday, June 28. Assault and Battery. An assault and battery was reported on the 400 block of West 20th Avenue before 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, June 28. Hit and run. A hit and run occurred in the

Push on to get rid of Styrofoam

Another city considers ban on polystyrene products
By Bill Silverfarb

Styrofoam continues to be targeted for bans in the county as yet another city will consider forbidding restaurants from using the food service containers for take-out orders. The Foster City Council will consider a ban on Styrofoam, known also as polystyrene, that mirrors a recently passed county ordinance. While some on the council say the ban should be enacted immediately, others say the impact to businesses should be considered rst. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors recently passed an ordinance banning the use of all polystyrene-based take-out containers in retail food establishments in the unincorporated areas of the county. The ordinance went into effect July 1 and requires all retail food establishments to use only compostable containers. The Board of Supervisors has urged all cities in the county to adopt identical ordinances for the purposes of consistency. In cities where the identical ordinance is adopted, county restaurant inspectors would enforce the city ordinance. In San Mateo County, there are ve cities that have existing polystyrene or Styrofoam bans Burlingame, San Bruno, Pacica, South San Francisco and Millbrae. Belmont and San Carlos are also currently considering such a ban. In February 2009, the Foster Citys Environmental Sustainability Task Force recommended that the city consider banning both plastic bags and polystyrene products. Councilwoman Pam Frisella sat on the task force at the time and would like to see the ban take effect sooner rather than later. Why wait to analyze it. It will be done eventually, Frisella said. We should make a decision and approve it now. Im all for it. Critics of polystyrene say it is a large component of litter and is hazardous to marine life when it enters waterways. It is also non-recyclable, non-biodegradable and not reusable. There is also some evidence that the chemicals used to make polystyrene can be hazardous to human health. Polystyrene products, however, are widely used in food establishments because they are inexpensive, lightweight, moistureresistant and an effective insulator. Some say, however, that banning polystyrene places an undue nancial hardship on small restaurants by requiring them to switch to more expensive products. For this reason, Councilman Charles Bronitsky would rather weigh the impacts to restaurants in Foster City before approving such a ban. Bronitsky wants to make sure restaurant owners who use polystyrene have the opportunity to address the council on the issue. The cost and impact should be studied further, Bronitsky said. He does agree that polystyrene poses environmental risks, however. It is an issue that should be looked at in greater detail, he said. The Foster City Council meets 6:30 p.m., Monday, July 18, City Hall, 620 Foster City Blvd., Foster City.
Bill Silverfarb can be reached by email: or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 106.

Wednesday July 13, 2011


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Burial or Cremation: Why does this matter?

By Paul Larson
MILLBRAE Are you ever asked the question: Burial or Cremation? Im sure youve thought about this but have you ever seriously thought about this? It is tough for some of us to give this topic the time of day but for many more of us this is a topic of curiosity, and also a topic we will need to deal with at some point in our lives. Burial or Cremation is always a personal choice but did you know that in the long run there is little difference between the two, also a BIG difference but not in the way you think? In the eyes of the state both Burial and Cremation are considered a form of final disposition. Still, it is not that simple. A basic explanation would be this: Burial is a final location; Cremation is a step to a final location. What does this mean? In scenario number one: following a visitation & funeral service the deceased is taken to a specific cemetery to be placed in either a ground burial location or a mausoleum space BUT in a second scenario: following that same visitation & funeral service the deceased would be taken to a crematory to complete the cremation process. When the cremated remains are ready a choice would be needed by the next of kin on whether the cremated remains are to be buried in a cemetery, scattered at sea, taken home, etc. So, when Cremation is selected, Burial can still be the final disposition following the cremation, among other choices. People dont deal with this topic every day, and I know that it is imagined by some that Cremation means the deceased is taken away and will just disappear. That is never the case, and there is always the necessity to properly give the deceased a final resting place. The state legally requires it, and the funeral home is mandated to complete & file necessary paperwork reflecting it prior to any final disposition. I know all this may seem complicated, but it is our job as Funeral Directors to make it all very simple and guide you every step of the way. It is our duty to support families as they maneuver through a sometimes daunting situation and unfamiliar territory, and to provide various options on what is available. Many prefer to make pre-need arrangements years in advance so choices can be made in a more relaxed atmosphere. Pause and imagine yourself as the next of kin following the death of a loved one and being asked the question Burial or Cremation?. Can you knowledgeably answer that? It may be a good idea to at least give the question some thought now. Ive served a few families in the past who couldnt answer that question and ended up making a quick decision they later regretted. It wont hurt to let this topic cross your mind, or even to discuss this question with your family, loved ones, clergy or those who give you support. Look back at your family traditions and use that as a guide. Its important for those who care to have a way to say farewell, and for many to have a place to go following the funeral as a way to visit and begin the healing process. If you ever wish to discuss cremation, funeral matters or want to make preplanning arrangements please feel free to call me and my staff at the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS in Millbrae at (650) 588-5116 and we will be happy to guide you in a fair and helpful manner. For more info you may also visit us on the internet at:
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Although Measure X passed, the district attempted to pass a parcel tax in the same year, hoping to generate up to $492,000 annually, but it failed by a fraction of a percentage point to reach the two-thirds threshold. Parcel taxes are typically for general use including salaries and bond measures are for facilities. A number of other districts are also considering measures for the November ballot. In June, the San Bruno Park Elementary School District Board of Trustees voted to put a $40 million bond measure with a rate of up to $30 per $100,000 of a propertys assessed value on the ballot. The measure will help with facilities projects including finishing upgrades at Parkside Intermediate School. The San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District is considering asking only Foster City residents to fund a bond to build a fourth elementary school in the city. Lastly, the Burlingame Elementary School District is discussing a parcel tax to fund programs. Burlingame called a special meeting next month to discuss the possibility of putting the measure on the November ballot.

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Millbrae eyes $30M bond measure

By Heather Murtagh

Senate Bill 445 by state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, to provide 21st century privacy protections for California library patrons, has been signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. Californias library privacy laws were created before the use of the Internet. As a result, an individuals interaction with the library outside of the typical library book circulation is not protected under current law, according to Simitians ofce.

A $30 million bond measure could be going before Millbrae voters in November in an effort to continue facility upgrades not covered in a 2008 bond of the same size. On Monday night, the Millbrae Elementary School District Board of Trustees expressed support for such a measure. An ofcial vote is expected Monday, July 25, said Superintendent Linda Luna. Such a measure would allow the district to nish projects not covered with the rst bond such as a state-of-the-art cafeteria to accommodate all Taylor Middle School students. Such a measure would require a 55 percent passage rate. Weve brought everything up to code. Now its time to update for learning, said Trustee Jay Price. Millbrae voters approved Measure X, a $30 million bond measure equating to a $19 annual tax per $100,000 of a propertys assessed value, in 2008. A facilities plan generated at the time showed needs higher than the bond could meet. Now the board hopes to showcase how the rst bond was used in hopes of getting public support for another bond. Lower than expected construction costs means the district will nish about $38 million in work using the original $30 million. Price explained the upgrades are hard

Weve brought everything up to code.Now its time to update for learning.

Jay Price,Millbrae Elementary School District trustee

to notice but all the bathrooms and sidewalks, for example, are upgraded. Essentially, Measure X allowed the district to reinforce the structures. Additional funds would allow for expansion or buildings to support educational programs, he said. If the district went for a second $30 million measure, it would cost property owners about $25 per $100,000 of assessed property value. With the addition of a new cafeteria at Taylor, the project list will stay true to the original goals of Measure X that werent met. The cafeteria is currently not large enough to house even half the students attending, ofcials said. A new cafeteria, as presented to the board earlier this year, showed an expanded facility with additional covered outdoor picnic benches and a larger kitchen allowing for the district food needs to be produced in one location. Such a building could also act as a community center or be built to include recreation options like a basketball court. Working with the public is a necessity in Millbrae, as residents are historically tough on tax proposals.

Thursdays special meeting of the San Mateo Union High School District Board of Trustees to interview candidates to ll a vacant board seat will now begin at 4:30 p.m. in conference room A at the District Ofce, 650 N. Delaware St. in San Mateo. The meeting originally was set to begin at 5:30 p.m. The public is welcome.

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Wednesday July 13, 2011

al distribution for the semiconductor company M a x i m Integrated Products and a registered sex offender. Prosecutors Scott McKibbin say in October he convinced the 16-year-old he met online to y from Vancouver to San Francisco International Airport and took him to a hotel. He was apprehended by Burlingame police and FBI agents when he brought the boy back to the airport to change his ight reservation. The boys parents had contacted authorities once they discovered him missing. In May, the boy and his family sued McKibbin in Santa Clara County Superior Court for negligence, assault and battery, emotional distress and sexual battery. In 1999, McKibbin was convicted of oral copulation on a minor in Santa Cruz County. He reportedly took a 14-year-old from San Jose to Santa Cruz, plied him with alcohol and took advantage of the boy. He is currently in compliance with sex offender registration requirements, said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, although he is not currently listed in the Megans Law database. McKibbin is free from custody on $50,000 bail and returns to court Sept. 7 for a review conference.


Alleged child lurer pleads not guilty


Woman crashes into fire Stepfather gets six years for molestation station,arrested for DUI

The San Jose executive facing criminal and civil charges he lured a Canadian teen to a Burlingame home for sexual activity pleaded not guilty yesterday to several inappropriate acts. Scott Del Marshall McKibbin, 40, is charged with felony communicating with a minor to commit a lewd act and arranging a meeting with a minor for a lewd act. He is also charged with a misdemeanor count of arranging a meeting with a minor for an inappropriate purpose. He waived his right to a speedy trial and will learn at a Sept. 20 preliminary hearing if hell stand trial. McKibbin is the director of glob-


San Mateo police Ofcer Jason Reed collects evidence at the scene of a DUI in which the driver crashed her SUV into Fire Station 27 late Monday night.

A San Bruno man from India who originally claimed his stepdaughter accused him of repeated sexual abuse because he tried to keep her from becoming westernized was sentenced to six years in prison after accepting the prosecutions new plea deal offer. Rohit Dhir, 30, pleaded no contest to child molestation and ongoing child molestation in return for six years in prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Dhir will also be third-striker if ever prosecuted again.

Dhir was accused of molesting his 15-year-old stepdaughter between September 2009 and 2010, beginning when the family lived in India and resuming when they moved to a onebedroom apartment in San Bruno. The girl entered foster care after her mother did not support her molestation claims against Dhir, according to the prosecution. Dhir reportedly denied any abuse and said the teen made up the allegations because he tried to keep her from becoming westernized. Specically, she wanted an education and not an The robber was described as a heavyset black man between 25 and 30 years old, police said. He was wearing a red-and-black beanie with a bill, a dark green puffy coat, a white surgical mask, dark jeans and white athletic shoes. Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call South San Francisco police at (650) 877-8900.

arranged marriage, according to the District Attorneys Ofce. Trial was under way, with opening statements near beginning, when Judge Jonathan Karesh ruled that prosecutor Ivan Nightengale could not use Dhirs statement to police because he was insufciently advised of his Miranda rights. Nightengale, who previously offered Dhir a maximum 10year prison sentence, then extended a six-year deal. Dhir, who has been in custody in lieu of $800,000 bail, receives credit of 773 days against the term. its Human Services Financial Assistance Program. Possible recipients are groups helping low and moderate income households in Redwood City and meet the citys established priorities for homelessness and human needs. The HSFA funds local nonprots who provide human service needs for Redwood City residents. The money isnt intended to solely support any agency and all recipients must contract with the city by detailing their specic objectives for the funds. Project proposals are due by noon Friday, Aug. 5 either hand-delivered or by mail at the Fair Oaks Community Center, 2600 Middleeld Road, Redwood City. Incomplete or late proposals will not be accepted.


An Oakland woman who crashed her SUV into a San Mateo re station on Monday night while her teenage daughter was in the car has been arrested for driving under the inuence and child endangerment, a police sergeant said. Lasheena Cardona, 36, lost control of her GMC Yukon on State Route 92, left the road and crashed into a rolling garage door at the San Mateo Fire Departments Station 27 on De Anza Boulevard at about Those interested can learn more about the requirements and receive technical help at a workshop 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, July 15 at the Fair Oaks Community Center, Classroom one, 2600 Middleeld Road, Redwood City. For more information, visit and click on the Apply for HSFA Funds tab or call 780-7510.

10:50 p.m., police Sgt. Dave Norris said. Cardona was pulled unconscious from the vehicle and taken to a hospital, Norris said. Her 17-year-old daughter was treated for a minor injury at a hospital and released. There were reghters at the station when the accident happened but no one was injured, Norris said. The crash, however, caused extensive damage to the building, he said. Cardona, who was still in the hospital this morning, has been arrested and cited for felony DUI and felony child endangerment, Norris said. Many of the protesters demanded the case be dropped against DeShon Marman, who was arrested June 15 aboard a US Airways ight in San Francisco. They believe Marman was discriminated against since the airline allowed another man wearing skimpy womens panties and mid-thigh stockings to y on a cross-country ight six days earlier. Marmans mother, Donna Doyle, told supporters there were lessons to be learned. We have to learn from this that sometimes we are judged by our cover, Doyle said. But this stand that we are making here allows people to see that we wont tolerate being judged by our cover. Its not OK.

Local Briefs
Man wearing mask robs Shell station at gunpoint
Police are searching for a man who donned a surgical mask and robbed a South San Francisco gas station at gunpoint on Monday night. At about 8:40 p.m., a man armed with a black semi-automatic handgun went into a Shell gas station at 899 Airport Blvd. and demanded cash from the register, according to the South San Francisco Police Department. The suspect also tried to take money from the clerks purse, but she told him she didnt have any and he ed on foot, police said.

Public input sought for human services projects

Redwood City ofcials have more than $117,000 earmarked for homelessness and basic human needs services and want the public to propose the best way to spend them. The $117,511 in city general funds will be for eligible projects as part of

Man kicked off flight because of saggy pants gets support

Dozens of people gathered Tuesday outside San Francisco City Hall to rally in support of a college football player after his arrest last month for allegedly refusing to pull up his saggy pants on an airplane.



Wednesday July 13, 2011

CSU approves tuition hike


Deputy AG appointed as secretary of California EPA


LONG BEACH California State University on Tuesday approved another 12 percent increase in student tuition this fall to offset a deeper-than-expected cut in state funding. With a 13-2 vote, the CSU Board of Trustees passed the annual tuition hike of $588, which comes on top of a previously approved 10 percent increase for 20112012. CSU ofcials said the increase is needed to preserve educational quality and avoid large-scale enrollment cuts that would prevent tens of thousands of students from attending one of the systems 23 campuses. These are not easy choices, board Chairman Herbert Carter said. We dont take great delight in doing this. We do it because we think it is in the best interest of the young people of this state that this university be available to them. One third of the new revenue will be set aside for nancial aid. Annual tuition for in-state undergraduates will increase to $5,472, which doesnt include room, board or campus fees averaging $950. Annual tuition will increase $678 for credential program students and $720 for graduate students. Earlier in the day, the nance committee

They keep on taxing the students.The CSU claims to be an affordable,accessible and a quality education.But thats no longer the case.
Pati Guerra,Cal Poly Pomona student

of the board voted for the increase. The recently approved state budget reduces CSU funding by $650 million, or more than 20 percent. The system stands to lose another $100 million if the state generates less revenue than projected. The enormous reduction to our state funding has left us with no other choice if we are to maintain quality and access to the CSU, said Chancellor Charles Reed. About 50 students marched and chanted outside the board meeting in Long Beach, carrying signs that read Fund instruction, not corruption and No cuts, no fees. We are vehemently disappointed in what has happened today, said Gregory Washington, president of the California State Student Association. The sad truth is that California isnt prioritizing its higher education. Pati Guerra, 21, said shes tired of seeing CSU trustees deal with the budget crunch by pushing fees higher and higher. The Cal Poly Pomona student said one of her younger brothers had to drop out of school because of the increases, and another brother is looking into studying

out of state. They keep on taxing the students, she said. The CSU claims to be an affordable, accessible and a quality education. But thats no longer the case. Shortly after the tuition vote, the board approved a controversial $400,000 compensation package for Elliot Hirshman, the new president of San Diego State University. Thats $100,000 more than that of his predecessor Stephen Weber. In a letter to the board chairman, Gov. Jerry Brown criticized the move, questioning whether Hirshman should be paid twice as much as the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. I fear your approach to compensation is setting a pattern for public service that we cannot afford, Brown wrote. CSU ofcials defended the move, saying the university needs to provide competitive compensation to recruit and retain top administrators. Carter acknowledged the governors concerns and said the board would create a task force to review CSUs policies on selecting and paying administrators.

SACRAMENTO Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed Matt Rodriquez, the states chief deputy attorney general, as secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. Brown made the announcement Tuesday. Rodriquez, who is 58, has represented the attorney generals ofce and state clients such as the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission and the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Rodriquez joined the Department of Justice in 1987 and became a chief deputy attorney general under Brown, who served as attorney general before running for governor. Rodriquez, a Democrat, also worked in Jerry Brown the governors ofce during Browns previous administration, from 1981 to 1983. If conrmed by the Senate, Rodriquez would replace Linda Adams, who was former Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggers lead negotiator on Californias landmark global warming law, AB32. The annual pay is $175,000.


your PATHWAY to SUCCESS! Career Training

Talks continue on splitting state

By Jacob Adelman

Visit our website:


LOS ANGELES Elected ofcials in Riverside County endorsed a proposal Tuesday to discuss cleaving California in two, but with a catch: No public funds can be spent on the budding secessionist movement. Staffers for Jeff Stone, the Riverside County supervisor who dreamed up the idea for what hes calling South California, said proponents will turn to private donors and possibly sympathetic city councils with cash to spare to sponsor work toward the scheme. After the meeting, we were ooded with people wanting to volunteer and help, Stones chief of staff Verne Lauritzen said. But the lack of nancial support from the county is bound to make what was already a longshot proposal even less likely to gain traction.

Its not clear how this would work out in practice, said University of California, Riverside political science professor Shaun Bowler. Stones largely agricultural district of desert plains and boulder-studded hills saw rapid population growth during the last decades housing boom, and he wants 13 mostly conservative California counties to break away to create a 51st state. The Republican supervisors formal motion, which Riverside Countys board passed 4-0 with one absence after adding the no-public-funds caveat, calls for ofcials from the 13 counties to come together and discuss the idea. Stone has called California too big to govern and chastised state lawmakers in Sacramento for raiding local government coffers to support what he characterized as runaway spending. I have come to the conclusion ... that the political priorities of Southern California

and Northern California are completely different, Stone wrote in his motion. Stones version of South California would encompass coastal Orange and San Diego counties, and more sparsely populated, inland areas such as Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Riverside, San Bernardino and Tulare counties. It would have a part-time Legislature and no term limits. But even if those counties do decide to join under Stones South California banner, they would face numerous hurdles, such as the U.S. Constitutions requirement that says no new state be formed without the consent of Congress and the state Legislature. Federal lawmakers would be especially unlikely to sign off on a new state because it would dilute their own power by bringing a fresh pair of South California Senators into the mix, said University of Southern California constitutional law professor David B. Cruz.


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Wednesday July 13, 2011

In essence, McConnells proposal would greatly enhance Obamas authority to avoid a default, while also virtually absolving Republicans of responsibility if one occurred. At the same time, it would allow Republican lawmakers to avoid having Mitch to support an increase in the McConnell debt limit, something many of them nd odious. Republicans will choose a path that actually reects the will of the people, which is to do the responsible thing and ensure the government doesnt default on its obligations, McConnell said in a speech on the Senate oor. He also excoriated the administration for seeking tax increases along with spending cuts as part of an agreement to raise the debt limit. His plan drew criticism from GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich, who quickly tweeted it was an irresponsible surrender to big government, big decits and continued overspending. There was no immediate response to the GOP proposal from the White House, where Obama hosted his third meeting in as many days with congressional leaders struggling to avert a nancial crisis. The talks have revolved around attempts to meet Republican demands for decit cuts at least as large as any increase in the debt limit. Negotiators have grown testy in recent days as Obama and Democrats pushed for higher tax revenue as part of the deal, a line Republicans say they will not cross. It was unclear whether McConnells proposal could show the White House and congressional leaders of both parties a way out of a deadlock that Obama and others said threatened calamitous results for an economy still struggling to recover from the worst recession in decades. It would obligate Obama to outline deep spending cuts, something Republicans have been trying to force him to do for months without much success.


GOP: Give Obama new debt limit power

By David Espo

Around the Nation

Betty Ford remembered at bipartisan memorial
PALM DESERT First ladies, past and present, and others who called the White House home remembered Betty Ford on Tuesday, not just for her decades-long work against substance abuse but for contributing to a political era when friendship among lawmakers helped them govern. Ford, who died at the age of 93 on Friday, had mapped out plans for the ceremony well in advance, including who would deliver her eulogies. A second funeral will be held Thursday in Grand Rapids, Mich., where Gerald Ford was buried at his presidential museum. Former rst lady Barbara Bush was expected to attend that event. California Highway Patrol motorcycles and squad cars escorted Fords hearse and her family members to Tuesdays service in four black sedans and six SUVS. Other mourners arrived later by the busload, after the family was given private time inside the church.

WASHINGTON With compromise talks at a vituperative standstill, Senate Republicans unexpectedly offered Tuesday to hand President Barack Obama new powers to avert a rst-ever government default threatened for Aug. 2. Under a proposal outlined by Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Obama could request increases of up to $2.5 trillion in the governments borrowing authority in three separate installments over the next year, as long as he simultaneously proposed spending cuts of greater size. The debt limit increases would take effect unless blocked by Congress under special rules that would require speedy action and even then Obama could exercise his authority to veto such legislation. Signicantly, the presidents spending cuts would be debated under normal procedures, with no guarantee they ever come to a nal vote.

Congressional showdown over light bulbs?

By Jim Abrams

Creator of Brady Bunch, Gilligans Island dies

LOS ANGELES Sherwood Schwartz, writer-creator of two of the best-remembered TV series of the 1960s and 1970s, Gilligans Island and The Brady Bunch, has died at age 94. Great niece Robin Randall said Schwartz died at 4 a.m. Tuesday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was being treated for an intestinal infection and underwent several surgeries. His wife, Mildred, and children had been at his side. Sherwood Schwartz and his brother, Al, started as a writing team in TVs famed 1950s golden age, said Douglas Schwartz, the late Al Schwartzs son. They helped shape television in its early days, Douglas Schwartz said. Sherwood is an American classic, creating Brady Bunch and Gilligans Island, iconic shows that are still popular today. He continued to produce all the way up into his 90s.

WASHINGTON How many government bureaucrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? A lot of House Republicans think the answer should be none. They say the government should just stay out of it. To them, those newfangled curly uorescent light bulbs are the last straw, another example of an overreaching government thats forcing people to buy health insurance, prodding them to get more fuel-efcient cars and sticking its nose into too many places it doesnt belong. For most Democrats, its an exasperating debate that, just like the old incandescent bulbs being crowded out of the market, produces more heat than light.

Republicans in control of the House moved toward a vote late Tuesday on legislation that would seek to overturn light bulb energy-efciency standards and keep the marketplace clear for the cheap, energy-wasting bulbs that have changed little since Thomas Edison invented them in 1879. The standards in question do not specically ban the old bulbs but require a higher level of efciency than the classics can produce, essentially nudging them off store shelves over the next few years. Four of Edisons descendants said the great inventor would be mortied to see politicians trying to get the nation to hang on to an outdated technology when better bulbs are available. The standards have not been particularly contentious before now. They were crafted in 2007 with Republican participation and signed into law

by President George W. Bush. People seem to like the new choices and the energy savings they bring, polling nds. But now they have become a symbol of a much larger divide in Washington over the size and reach of government itself. The new bulbs suggest to some conservatives that big government is running amok. Now the government wants to tell consumers what type of light bulb they use to read, cook, watch television or light their garage, said Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas. Im not opposed to the squiggly tailed CFLs, said Rep. Joe Barton, R Texas, a driving force behind the effort to save the old incandescents and sponsor of the bill to overturn the standards. But making the old bulbs go away seems to me to be overkill by the federal government.

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Wednesday July 13, 2011

A remarkable example of sport

here were as many things wrong with Sundays soccer match between the women of the United States and Brazil as there were things right. But at the end, the right result xed all the wrongs and emboldened a battle-tested team of top athletes. The end was a win in penalty kicks after forward Abby Wambach squared off a header into the goal from a perfect delivery off the foot of midelder Megan Rapinoe for a stoppage time, extra time equalizer. That header came in the stoppage time created by the boorish fake injury by Brazils Erika to waste what was left of the 2-1 lead. That fake injury was on top of incredibly poor ofciating that made it seem as if the x was in. To overcome such adversity to top an incredibly skilled team of players led by Marta, hands-down the best womens player in the game, was nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. In 1999, the world was riveted by the U.S. women defeating China in the nals and the

Other voices
dence that the U.S. women will be heading to the nals. But there are no guarantees. Host Germany was a favorite and was knocked out by underdog Japan and the entire tournament has been a panoply of upsets, triumphs, excitement and intrigue. The action has been nothing short of remarkable. If the games leading up to Sundays U.S. victory couldnt catch the attention of our nation, then the amazing comeback surely should. The games have provided riveting action and story lines. These women usually play under the radar for many in our nation obsessed with baseball, football and other mens sports. But every now and then, they take center stage. As they should. These women dont have multi-million dollar contracts. They play for the love of the game, for their country, for each other and to inspire and connect with all of us. This tournament has presented a window into the purest form of sport at its nest. And it is something we should watch and enjoy. The nal is Sunday.

image of Brandi Chastain ripping off her top in victory will always be emblazoned in our nations collective consciousness. That team brought forth a number of heroes for little ones and grown-ups alike and set the stage for a surge of the games popularity for both women and men. That popularity ebbs and ows with the success of the team and our nations divided attention. The rst womens professional soccer league was launched after the landmark win, but eventually folded as fans dwindled. Another effort at such a professional league has also had its challenges. But make no mistake, the will to win was evident this weekend and that focus and determination is the hallmark of both teamwork and dedication. The Womens World Cup continues today and there should be a certain amount of con-

Government should define oil emergency

The Oregonian, Portland

Letters to the editor

Redwood City/Bay destruction plans
Editor, As somebody who used to work at Pacific Shores, I can tell you that the Cargill site is a bad place to put homes, schools and seniors. Seaport Boulevard is lined with giant piles of metal and cement which are loaded onto ships at the port. All of this activity generates dust and noise which would impact the people in the housing that Cargill wants to build. Many Pacific Shores workers complain when their parked cars are coated with dust from the industrial activity next door. Safety is also a major concern as some of these companies have had major fires with big plumes of toxic smoke. There have been at least two incidents of fires (Sims in 2007 and Granite Rock a few months ago) in just the past five years alone. Silicon Valley needs to be able to ship materials. We need metal recycling, cement and other building materials. Without such industries we would have a hard time building our cities. Currently, these port industries are far from housing. If housing is built next door to these industries, then the residents will be exposed to dust and other hazards. Thus, they will start to demand to close down the industries. Just look at Cupertino where residents are trying to shut down a 100-year-old cement plant. This problem is avoidable. Do not put housing next to heavy industry.

A continuing effort
Editor, The article about the eight-year effort of San Mateo High School students to create a new sign for the school (Years in the making, a new sign for SMHS in the July 4 edition of The Daily Journal) is commendable. I would challenge students to repair the loss of the bronze plaques listing those students who died in World War I and World War II. These plaques were on the wall as you entered the building. In rebuilding the school these lists disappeared. Also, students working to redo those plaques could create plaques of those San Mateo High School students who have died in subsequent wars. Students attending the school now should be aware of the costs paid to preserve our freedoms.

John Gregory San Mateo

Credit where credit is due

Editor, Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, letter writer Keith De Filippis (Punishing the rich in the July 6 edition of The Daily Journal) believes the Republican mantra that tax benets for the rich will create jobs. That didnt work under Bush, whose tax reductions and unnecessary wars ate up the surplus he inherited from President Clinton, while jobs were lost. Clinton, however, created millions of jobs without special tax benets for

those better off than the rest of us. Why would a few percentage points reduction of the tax rate for net taxable income over a certain limit, whether $250K, $500K or higher, create jobs? Quite the opposite. The top earners are CEOs, hedge fund managers and other Wall Street employees, and people living off their investments hardly people who would care about job creation. Instead, they are more likely to lay people off, and spend money and invest abroad, which doesnt help our economy. On the other hand, extra tax income enables the government to reduce the decit and fund larger projects, which again will stimulate the economy, create jobs and increase the tax base. Thats how it works, contrary to the old Republican myth. Expecting those better off, who can afford it, to carry their share of the social burden, is not punishment, just a fair surcharge for those who benet the most from a well-organized society, with a population with purchasing power that ultimately will benet the owners of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Even though the Bush tax reductions have been extended, unpatriotic Republicans keep chanting where are the jobs? Nevertheless, against compact resistance from the GOP, president Obama has been able to create new jobs. How about some old-fashioned honesty and credit where credit is due?

ho doesnt want to pay less at the pump? Although the role of government intervention in gas prices can be debated, no one wants to pay nearly $4 a gallon for gas. President Barack Obama and the International Energy Agency are trying to lower the high price of gas, but their decision to release oil reserves creates a danger that the bar for accessing the reserve supply will become too low. The president recently joined with the International Energy Agency and several other European and Asian countries to release a total of 60 million barrels. Republicans and OPEC have expressed outrage with the decision and many have questioned the timing of the release. The Republicans argue that Obama tapped the reserves only as a political move to gain popularity. OPEC claims that there was no reason for the release as the market currently has more than enough supply. But, for American consumers, the timing couldnt be better. More people travel by car in the summer, driving gasoline prices higher. Though the oil reserves are supposed to be accessed only in times of emergency, neither the United States nor the International Energy Agency has defined exactly what an emergency is. Instead of criticizing President Obama for lowering gas prices for American consumers, we should ask the International Energy Agency to redefine the term emergency, so there are fewer disputes over such a release in the future.

Compromise on the debt ceiling

Financial Times, London

Matt Sweeney Los Altos

Jorg Aadahl San Mateo

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he deadline for raising the U.S. debt ceiling is approaching. The Treasury says it will be unable to meet all its obligations after Aug. 2. Legislators must agree some days before that to allow a law to be written and passed. The consequences of failing to raise the ceiling would be grave. Republicans and Democrats should curb their ambitions for this settlement, make a deal that gives something to both sides and postpone broader negotiations until later. The main sticking-point up to now has been the Republicans refusal to raise taxes. This is an indefensible position. However, there are signs of movement. Influential GOP figures have begun to suggest that they are open to raising modest additional revenues, so long as tax rates do not rise. The White House has such a plan. Looking farther ahead, revenues and spending must both be on the table. It would be marvelous if a balanced, mediumterm plan for fiscal consolidation could emerge from the talks but this looks unlikely, and the consequences of failing to agree are too serious to contemplate. A temporary pact with modest spending cuts and revenue increases could pacify aggrieved supporters on both sides without doing much harm to the weak recovery no triumph, but better than failing to avoid default. A grand bargain on fiscal policy comprehensive reform of taxes and entitlements cannot be postponed for ever. But the debt-ceiling debate is the wrong context for that discussion. Time is too short and the risks are just too high.


Wednesday July 13, 2011



Stocksslide continues
Dow 12,446.88 -0.47% Nasdaq 2,781.91 -0.74% S&P 500 1,313.64 -0.44% 10-Yr Bond 2.9080% -0.0090 Oil (per barrel) 97.45 Gold 1,565.00

Wall Street
the month. Earlier Tuesday, minutes from the Federal Reserves last meeting on June 21-22 were released. In those minutes, several Fed ofcials said that the government would have to consider new monetary policy to stimulate the economy, especially if growth remains too slow to reduce the unemployment rate. That raised hopes that more economic stimulus might be on the way. The Dow rose about 60 points after the minutes were released, but retreated not long after. Stocks bounced between small gains and losses for most of the day amid worries that Italy would need help managing its debts. A successful auction of new Italian government bonds and a promise to fast-track that countrys austerity measures helped ease those fears. The news sent Milans main stock index up 1.2 percent. A default by Italy, the thirdlargest economy in Europe, would cause far more damage to the global nancial system than one by Greece, which is a much smaller economy. Investors also felt some relief after a meeting of 17 European nance ministers Monday resulted in a statement that implied they were open to buying distressed Greek bonds.

NEW YORK Hope that the Federal Reserve might consider more economic stimulus wasnt enough to keep bad news about Ireland from sinking stocks. Irelands government bonds were downgraded by ratings agency Moodys to junk status shortly before U.S. markets closed Tuesday, sending stocks sharply lower and erasing the days gains. Ireland joins Greece and Portugal, whose debt was also recently graded as junk. The move puts Ireland back on the list of heavily-indebted European countries in danger of default. The country has already received a nancial rescue package from other countries. If a European country fails to pay its debts, it could cause widespread disruptions in nancial markets and lead to a slowdown in lending. Worries about debt problems in Europe sent stocks down through the rst half of June and appear to be having the same effect in July. The Standard & Poors 500 index fell 5.85, or 0.4 percent, to close at 1,313.64. The S&P is now down 0.5 percent for the month and 2.2 percent for the week. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 58.88, or 0.5 percent, to close at 12,446.88. The Nasdaq composite fell 20.71, or 0.7 percent, to close at 2,781. Both the Dow and Nasdaq are still up about 0.3 percent for

Big movers
NEW YORK Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market: NYSE Alcoa Inc.,down 20 cents at $15.71 The aluminum producers quarterly prot grew thanks to higher sales and prices, but costs for raw materials are rising. Wolverine World Wide Inc.,down $2.87 at $39.73 The shoemaker maintained its earnings forecast for the year.The predicted range mostly fell below Wall Street expectations. ReneSola Ltd.,up 3 cents at $4.71 The Chinese solar wafer manufacturer cut its second quarter forecasts for revenue, prot margin and shipments. Nasdaq News Corp.,down 13 cents at $15.35 The media company raised its stock buyback program to $5 billion after the hit to its shares amid a phone hacking scandal. Radiant Systems Inc.,up $6.54 at $27.99 ATM maker NCR Corp. will buy the company, which makes software for the hospitality and retail industries,for $1.2 billion. Seattle Genetics Inc., down 74 cents at $19.80 The FDA raised questions about the biotech drugmakers studies of its experimental therapy to treat Hodgkins disease and lymphoma. Microchip Technology Inc.,down $4.55 at $32.93 The chip maker said its quarterly results will be weaker than expected because demand has slowed from auto and computer customers. Quest Software Inc.,down $2.82 at $19.77 The IT software provider forecast second-quarter results that fell short of analyst expectations,and cut its revenue outlook.

Oil imports drove May trade deficit up

By Martin Crutsinger

WASHINGTON The U.S. trade decit surged in May to the highest level in more than two and a half years, driven wider by a big increase in oil imports and a decline in exports. The Commerce Department said Tuesday that the decit increased 15.1 percent to $50.2 billion in May. Thats the largest imbalance since October 2008. Exports declined 0.5 percent to $174.9 billion. Imports rose 2.6 percent to $225.1 billion. Oil prices have fallen since May, so the effect of higher prices should ease some in the coming months. The decit is running at an annual rate of $563.2 billion. Thats 12.6 percent higher than the 2010 imbalance. A higher trade decit subtracts from overall economic growth because it means consumers are purchasing more foreign-made goods and fewer products made by U.S. workers. Analysts said the wider decit in May means that the economy probably grew at an even slower pace in the April-June quarter than they had previously forecast. Paul

Dales, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics, said he was now looking for economic growth of around 2 percent in the second quarter. Thats roughly the same pace as the rst three months of the year. The decit with China jumped to $25 billion, the largest monthly gap since November. The decit with Japan fell 26.4 percent to $2.6 billion. Japanese imports shrank further because of supply-chain disruptions caused by the March earthquake and tsunami. Economists say Japan is starting to rebound from the crisis and a parts shortage that followed those disasters is beginning to dissipate. As a result, Japans factories should increase shipments to the United States over the next few months. As the supply chain disruptions continue to unwind, we expect imports from Japan over the next few months to recover and for the overall trade decit to modestly widen later this year before leveling off in 2012, said Troy Davig, an economist with Barclays Capital. Jennifer Lee, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets, noted that while total imports from Japan declined, imports of Murdoch and News Corporation to withdraw their bid for BSkyB, it read. The resolution is nonbinding but is likely to be seen as a powerful expression of united opposition to any substantial expansion of Murdochs holdings.

Japanese auto parts rose. She said that indicates that Japanese auto plants were starting to resume more normal operations and supply U.S. factories with critical component parts. American companies depend on component parts supplied from Japan. The supplychain disruptions have slowed production at U.S. factories, particularly among those companies that make autos and electronics. Manufacturing has been one of the strongest areas of the U.S. economy in the two years since the recession ofcially ended. Sales in foreign markets have been helped by increased demand and a weaker dollar, which makes U.S. goods cheaper overseas and imported goods more expensive. Last year, the U.S. decit with China hit $273 billion. Its the largest decit the United States has ever had with any country. The huge trade gap between the two countries has prompted many companies and members of Congress to criticize China for manipulating its current to gain a trade advantage. U.S. manufacturers contend that China is keeping its currency undervalued against the dollar by as much as 40 percent.

Business Briefs
UK government turns against Murdoch Sky TV bid
LONDON Rupert Murdochs cozy relationship with the British power structure came to an abrupt end Tuesday after Prime Minister David Cameron joined the opposition in calling for the media magnate to withdraw his bid for control of a lucrative satellite broadcaster. Camerons turnabout means all three major political parties are now lined up against Murdoch in his bid for the BSkyB gold mine, which enjoys prots that dwarf revenue from his dwindling British newspaper holdings. The news came in a stunning announcement from Camerons ofce indicating that the government would join the opposition in a parliamentary vote Wednesday urging Murdoch who until recently kept British politicians in his hip pocket to withdraw the bid The statement was a clear indication that Murdochs magic carpet ride is over, at least in Britain: This House believes that it is in the public interest for Rupert

Facebook teams with Time Warner to fight bullies

SAN FRANCISCO Facebook and Time Warner are ganging up on bullies to address a problem that torments millions of children and young adults. The partnership announced Tuesday calls for Facebook and Time Warner to use their clout to raise awareness about bullying and encourage more people to report the abuses when they see them. Facebooks participation reects a growing recognition that its online social network consisting of more than 750 million people has become an outlet for harassment as well as friendship. We believe that by working together with parents and teachers, we can teach young people to speak up and stop bullying, said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks chief operating ofcer. The anti-bullying campaign will be waged on the Internet, on TV and radio and several major U.S. magazines. Its being billed as Stop Bullying: Speak Up, a theme that Time Warners Cartoon Network has been trumpeting since last year.

EA to pay $750M for PopCap Games, dims 2Q outlook

REDWOOD CITY Electronic Arts Inc. says it will buy mobile and social-network game maker PopCap Games for at least $750 million. The video game publisher also says its rst-quarter results will be better than it anticipated but its second-quarter results will fall below analyst estimates. EA said Tuesday that it will pay PopCap $650 million in cash and $100 million in common shares. PopCap will get up to $550 million more if it reaches certain nancial milestones. EA also expects scal rst-quarter revenue of $975 million to $1 billion and an adjusted loss of 37 cents to 40 cents per share better than it had predicted. The company forecast an adjusted second-quarter loss of 5 cents to 15 cents per share. Analysts are expecting a prot of 12 cents per share.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Fallen fans widow thanks Josh Hamilton, Rangers


Josh Hamilton

BROWNWOOD, Texas The widow of the reghter who fell to his death at a Texas Rangers game says the team, baseball and Josh Hamilton remain precious to her and her 6-year-old son. In a statement released Tuesday, Jenny Stone also thanked everyone who has reached out to help her family since her

husband, 39-year-old Shannon Stone, died Thursday night. Among those mentioned were team president Nolan Ryan and a man who helped care for young Cooper the night his father died, and then visited the grieving family on Sunday. We are also thankful for Nolan Ryan, Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers, the Rangers fans, and all baseball fans,

which have showed such concern and compassion, Jenny Stone wrote in her rst public comments. While I was certainly surprised to hear Nolan Ryan on my phone on Friday morning, I was not surprised that he would act just like we all see him, as a true Texas gentleman. Josh Hamilton remains Coopers favorite baseball player, the Texas Rangers will always be our team, and baseball will

always be our favorite game. ... Shannon loved going to watch the Rangers and he loved Cooper. And, at the very end, he lived life to its fullest, doing something he loved. Stone lost his balance reaching for a ball thrown by Hamilton Coopers favorite player and fell headrst 20

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By Ronald Blum


PHOENIX Pitching, speed and a little bit of power. The National League is back on top in the All-Star game, using the same formula that worked during its dominating run in the 1970s and 80s. Prince Fielder hit a three-run homer and Roy Halladay and his relief combined on a six-hitter to lead the NL over the AL 5-1 Tuesday night, giving the senior circuit its rst two-game winning streak since the mid-1990s. The NL claimed home-eld advantage in the World Series, its only blemish being a home run by Adrian Gonzalez off Cliff Lee. With several big names as no-shows at Chase Field, the AL lost more than the game. Boston right-hander Josh Beckett warmed up, then bowed out with a sore knee. Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera left after hurting his side. Even before they were hurt, many stars were missing. Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez and many other aces started Sunday and were ineligible, Chipper Jones and Alex Rodriguez were among those on the disabled list and

Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers hits a three-run home run in the fourth inning of the AllStar Game in Phoenix. (Right):Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants hits an RBI ground rule double in the seventh inning.

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Dahlkemper on fast track All eyes on U.S Team

By Julio Lara

Like every young female soccer player in the country, former Sacred Heart Prep superstar and Daily Journal Girls Soccer Player of the Year Abby Dahlkemper has been glued to her television set or computer taking in the 2011 Womens World Cup in Germany. But the difference between everyone else and Dahlkemper is that donning the red, white and blue one day and representing the United States is an actual possibility for her. Unless youve been living under a rock, you know all about Dahlkemper and her stellar career as a Gator. In four seasons at SHP, Dahlkemper has been at the forefront of one of

the best girls soccer programs in the Central Coast Section. Yet, what might have been lost to those out of loop, is Dahlkempers rise up the United States soccer ranks. Recently, she received a callup to the Under-20 national team as a defender she is one the youngest members on that team that will report to Los Angeles July 23. They just announced the location of the U20 World Cup. Its in Uzbekistan, Dahlkemper said, This is the last camp before the college season starts. So this is early preparation. These are pretty important camps. Were excited about that (and) these camps that youre invited to are super important to


MOENCHENGLADBACH, Germany The Americans feel just ne, thank you, not tired a bit. The high they were on after that epic Brazil game? Thats so yesterday. The U.S. women are one game away from reaching their rst World Abby Wambach Cup nal since 1999 the last time they won soccers biggest prize and the only thing on their minds now is beating France. Losing is not an option, Abby Wambach

said Tuesday. We want to win this thing, and France is standing in our way right now. The Americans are the top-ranked team in the world and defending Olympic gold medalists, yet they were almost afterthoughts when the tournament began two weeks ago. Twotime defending champion Germany was considered the heavy favorite, sure to get a boost playing on home soil. Then there was Brazil, runner-up at the last three major tournaments and led by Marta, FIFAs player of the year ve years running. And the U.S.? They had to win a playoff with Italy just to get here, and theyd been uncharacteristically inconsistent with three losses in a ve-month span.

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Wednesday July 13, 2011

Jose Joaquin Rojas of Spain was third. The top three completed the stage in 3 hours, 31 minutes, 21 seconds. Cavendish is one of the most outspoken cyclists, his comments sometimes scathing. But after beating Greipel to win last Fridays seventh stage in Chateauroux in much the same way Greipel beat him Tuesday with a late sprint the two cleared the air. We had a chat after the Chateauroux stage and he said I have a big respect for your sprint Greipel said. I think he has shown he is one of the fastest sprinters on earth. Cavendish repaid the compliment, giving credit where it was due. Now Im happy for him. Hes come to the Tour de France and hes won, Cavendish said. I feel I made a mistake, but Greipel beat me so theres not an excuse I can say. Cavendish thinks he should have timed his run better. I didnt commit early enough, I didnt kick, he said. I kind of rolled round the last corner. ... Greipel just came past me and beat me. Greipel comes across as mild and placid, so much so that his team told him to be more aggressive. The message seems to be sinking in. When I step off my bike Im a really, really nice guy, Greipel said. Of course, I have to learn to be a bit more aggressive on the bike. ... Actually, for the sprint you need this. Greipel punched the air in delight as he crossed the line. On the podium, he looked tearful as he celebrated. Its the moment Ive been waiting for all year, he said. Its the most beautiful race in the world and the most famous. To win here is sensational. He dedicated his ride to teammate Jurgen Van Den Broeck, who was hurt in Sundays crash-lled stage and withdrew along with such other injured riders as Kazakh star Alexandre Vinokourov and American rider David Zabriskie.


Greipel lets bike do talking


CARMAUX, France After all the feuding and hard words, Andre Greipel nally got what he wanted and it had nothing to do with talk: a winning ride in the Tour de France. The German sprinter beat Mark Cavendish his former teammate and sometimes adversary by the length of a wheel Tuesday to capture the 10th stage of a three-week race that is soon to leave the atlands for the perilous climbs of the Pyrenees. Thomas Voeckler of France kept the yellow jersey after nestling safely in the main pack for most of the day. Defending champion Alberto Contador did much the same, and the Spaniard had even more reason to be careful after hurting his right knee during crashes in the fth and ninth stages. At the beginning of the stage, I wasnt sure what to think, said Contador, a three-time champion. But as the stage progressed my knee was feeling less sore. Contador, the best climber in the world, trails main rivals Cadel Evans of Australia and Andy Schleck of Luxembourg by 1:41 and 1:30 entering Wednesdays at run. Tuesdays 98-mile trip from Aurillac to Carmaux ended with Cavendish applying brutal acceleration and seemingly headed toward his third stage victory in this Tour. Instead, Greipel got on his wheel and surged ahead in the last 20 yards, a winning leg in cyclings showpiece race at last secure. Greipel and Cavendish clashed last year while on the HTC-Highroad team. Greipel, who now rides for Omega Pharma-Lotto team, was in a conciliatory mood. I have a lot of respect for Cavendish he was won 17 stages of the Tour de France. Now I have one, Greipel said. He was not always really friendly with his comments (about) me. This is not my level. I just try to show on the bike what I am able to do. I always said to my teammates that we need to believe in our race and do our own things.


Roger Clemens arrives for the rst day of his perjury trial,at the federal courthouse in Washington

Clemensjury selected

WASHINGTON An overwhelmingly female jury with little interest in baseball will decide whether former pitching star Roger Clemens lied to Congress when he said he never used performance-enhancing drugs. The jurors who took their seats Tuesday include a woman whose cousin, former outelder Al Bumbry, was a coach for the Boston Red Sox when Clemens played for the team. Another woman on the jury said she believes Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was done wrong in his criminal conviction in connection with dogghting. The jury took shape after four days of questioning by U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton and lawyers for both sides. Clemens defense team said the seven-time Cy Young Award winner will begin his defense by questioning the propriety of lawmakers investigation into whether Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs. Opening arguments are scheduled for Wednesday. Both sides seemed to want to start with a blank slate and sought jurors who dont have many preconceived notions about the case or Clemens himself. When the Eagles fan said

during questioning that she didnt know a thing about baseball, Clemens attorney Rusty Hardin responded, Thats a plus. The jury includes a 22-year-old aspiring fashion designer who works two part-time jobs and cares for her young daughter and an older woman who said her three-times-a-week dialysis treatments will not keep her from attending the trial. Another juror is a yoga teacher and lawyer who said she nds U.S. drug laws a bit heavy-handed. The two sides threw out the maximum number of 20 people before the jury of 10 women and two men along with four alternates were seated. The jurors themselves were not told who among them are alternates but they were told to avoid news and sports programs. To keep the panel from encountering the dozens of journalists at the courthouse, the judge told them they will meet off site each daily, be bused into a back entrance and use nonpublic corridors. They will be served breakfast and lunch in what was once a judges chambers so they dont have to use the cafeteria where reporters, attorneys and Clemens himself take their meals.

More NFL questions


NEW YORK Think back four months to that disappointing day in March when the NFL lockout began. The general opinion was the owners and players would reach a new labor agreement long before training camps opened. They had plenty of time and about 9 billion reasons to get it done. Well, some training camps open at the end of next week, and the two sides have not yet gotten it done. Yes, they are closer than ever, with several key issues particularly how to split more than $9 billion in revenues just about settled. But there is serious doubt that a disruption to the preseason can be avoided. While the regular season still appears safe, the situation isnt as simple as shaking hands and going back to business as usual, even assuming owners and players patched everything up when face-to-face talks resume Wednesday an unlikely scenario.

Yet without a collective bargaining agreement in place soon, many teams will need to delay training camp. The New York Giants and Jets and Baltimore Ravens already have canceled out-of-town camps and will do all their preseason work at their home facilities, at a signicant cost to the communities where they normally would have gone. The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions will go on as scheduled on Aug. 6. But the game the following day between the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears is in jeopardy, which certainly would put a damper on the festivities. And with owners and players haggling over the rookie wage scale, guidelines for free agency and how benets for retired players will be funded, the next few days are critical. Should the differences remain strong and prevent a timely deal, the rst full weekend of preseason games could be canceled at a cost upward of $60 million.


Vaughns secret gives him a hint of how tough it must be for a homosexual athlete to hide his orientation in a locker room. If Im not gay and I am afraid to mention it, I can only imagine what an athlete must be going through if he is gay, Irvin said. I would like to see players come forward and be happy with who they are. Hopefully, as we move forward, well get to a place where theres no way its even considered; it just is what it is and everybody can do what they do. Thats the ultimate goal. Irvin said he believes the fast life hes led was to accentuate his heterosexuality. He said he wanted everyone in the locker room to see him have the most women and the nicest car so that everybody says, Michaels the man. Maybe some of the issues Ive had with so many women just bringing women around so everybody can see maybe thats residual of the fear I had that, if my brother is wearing ladies clothes, am I going to be doing that? Is it genetic? Irvin said.

Wednesday July 13, 2011


Irvin tells magazine brother was gay


Sports Briefs
Bundy, Brian honored as top prep athletes
LOS ANGELES Pitcher Dylan Bundy of Oklahoma and soccer player Morgan Brian from Georgia were honored as the national prep athletes of the year Tuesday. Bundy, who was selected fourth overall by Baltimore in Junes major league draft, became the rst baseball player to win the award in nine years. Brian was the rst soccer player. Bundy went 11-0 with a 0.20 ERA and 158 strikeouts in 71 innings for Owasso High. Brian scored 71 goals with 30 assists for Frederica Academy in St. Simons, Ga. She led team to 17-2-1 record and fourth straight Georgia Independent School Association Class AA state title. Brian has signed with Virginia. Bundy and Brian were among 12 nalists nominated based on athletic achievement, academic excellence and exemplary character.

DALLAS Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin says his womanizing may have stemmed from seeing an older brother whom he idolized dressed as a woman and learning the brother was gay. In the latest issue of Out magazine, Irvin said he was 12 when he discovered his older brother Vaughns secret life. He said his father told him: Yes, thats your brother. And you love your brother. The former Dallas Cowboys star now appears on the NFL Network and on his own radio show in Miami. He has supported same-sex marriage on his radio show and has said hes waiting for an active player in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL to declare publicly that he is gay. Until we do that, were going to be stuck in the Dark Ages about a lot of things, Irvin told the magazine. When a guy steps up and says, This is who I am, I guarantee you Ill give him 100 percent support. Irvin said carrying the burden of

Tiger Woods gets bio treatment in comic book

PHILADELPHIA Golfer Tiger Woods is the latest celebrity and athlete to get his own unauthorized biography in a comic book. Publisher Bluewater Productions Inc. said Tuesday that it will release its one-shot issue Fame: Tiger Woods on Wednesday in book stores, comic book shops and online, as it expands its already burgeoning line of biography comics that have proled people from politics to music to lm. Written by C.W. Cooke and illustrated by Marcelo Salaza, the 32-page issue is part of the Vancouver, Wash.-based companys look at celebrity culture and how those in it rise from obscurity to notoriety and deal with life in the public eye.

Cover of latest OUTmagazine issue with Irvin.

Is Durant going overseas?


Noah to play for Team France

CHICAGO A person familiar with Joakim Noahs decision says the Chicago Bulls center plans to play for the French national team in the European Championships in Lithuania. The person spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss Noahs plans. Noah was limited by a thumb injury last season, averaging 11.7 points and 10.4 rebounds in 48 games while helping the Bulls to a league-best 62 wins.

TIANJIN, China Kevin Durant isnt ruling out playing basketball abroad next season if the NBA lockout isnt resolved. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward said Tuesday during a promotional tour in China that he thinks more players will follow Deron Williams example and play overseas if the NBA season is disrupted. Williams has said he will play for Besiktas in Turkey if the lockout remains.

Well see, I would like to try something new, Durant said. But of course, my rst option is playing in the NBA. So now I want to see how this lockout goes. He said hes still hopeful that a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached. If not, I will make a decision on where I am going to play basketball, said Durant, who added hes in no hurry to make a decision. I am going to take it slow, everybodys going to wait to see how this plays out. D-Will, you know, he

made his decision quick and I am sure you are going to see a lot of guys kind of follow his footsteps. So, hes very brave to be the rst guy to do it. He added it is tough to see Yao Ming retire, and the 7-foot-6 Houston Rockets center deserves to be in the basketball Hall of Fame. Durant said it has been an honor to play Yao, who is expected to announce July 20 that hes retiring from the NBA after nine seasons because of leg and foot injuries.


Wednesday July 13, 2011




WSOP bigs
still in hunt


@ Padres 7:05 p.m. CSN-BA

@ Padres 7:05 p.m. CSN-BAY

@ Padres 5:35 p.m. CSN-BAY

@ Padres 1:05 p.m. CSN-BAY

vs. Dodgers 7:15 p.m. CSN-BAY

vs. Dodgers 7:15 p.m. CSN-BAY

East Division Philadelphia Atlanta New York Washington Florida Central Division Milwaukee St.Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago Houston West Division San Francisco Arizona Colorado Los Angeles San Diego W 52 49 43 41 40 L 40 43 48 51 52 Pct .565 .533 .473 .446 .435 GB 3 8 1/2 11 12 W 49 49 47 45 37 30 L 43 43 43 47 55 62 Pct .533 .533 .522 .489 .402 .326 GB 1 4 12 19 W 57 54 46 46 43 L 34 38 45 46 48 Pct .626 .587 .505 .500 .473 GB 3 1/2 11 11 1/2 14

East Division Boston New York Tampa Bay Toronto Baltimore Central Division Detroit Cleveland Chicago Minnesota Kansas City West Division Texas Los Angeles Seattle Oakland W 55 53 49 45 36 W 49 47 44 41 37 W 51 50 43 39 L 35 35 41 47 52 L 43 42 48 48 54 L 41 42 48 53 Pct .611 .602 .544 .489 .409 Pct .533 .528 .478 .461 .407 Pct .554 .543 .473 .424 GB 1 6 11 18 GB 1/2 5 6 1/2 11 1/2 GB 1 7 1/2 12

LAS VEGAS Nine former champions are still competing in the World Series of Poker main event in Las Vegas, with three having already played their way to a third session. Six titleholders, including 2006 champion Jamie Gold, 2005 champ Joe Hachem and 1996 winner Huck Seed were among 2,490 players who returned to the tables Tuesday for a second session in the no-limit Texas Hold em tournament. The eventual winner, to be determined during a final table in November, will win $8.71 million after emerging atop the field of 6,865 players. Despite being sick and only ve hours of sleep, I seem to be playing quite well, Seed, a four-time gold bracelet winner who won $1 million for the main event title, said on Twitter. Chip leader at my table now. Seed said he was up to 95,000 chips after two hours of play. Last years winner, Jonathan Duhamel, was eliminated from the tournament on Monday, but three former winners made it through their second 10 hours of play. Phil Hellmuth Jr., who took the main event title in 1989, will play on Thursday along with 1983 winner Tom McEvoy and 2009 champion Joe Cada.



vs. Angels 7:15 p.m. CSN-CAL

vs.Angels vs. Angels DH 1:05 1:05 p.m. p.m. CSN-CAL CSN-CAL


@ Tigers 4:05 p.m. CSN-CAL

@ Crew 4:30 p.m. CSN-BA

vs.Van. 7:30 p.m. CSN-BA

@RSL 7 p.m CSN-CA

vs.D.C. 7:30 p.m. CSN-BA




vs.Portland vs.Colorado @ Galaxy 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. CSN-CA

American League TORONTO BLUE JAYS Traded OF Juan Rivera to the L.A. Dodgers for a player to be named or cash considerations. HOCKEY National Hockey League ANAHEIM DUCKS Agreed to terms with G Jeff Deslauriers on a two-year contract. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS Extended the contract of vice president/assistant to the president Al MacIsaac through the 2013-14 season. EDMONTON OILERS Traded C Andrew Cogliano to Anaheim for a 2013 second-round draft pick. FLORIDA PANTHERS Agreed to terms with D Tyson Strachan on a one-year contract. MINNESOTA WILD Named Kirk Olson strength and conditioning coach. NEW YORK ISLANDERS Named Eric Boguniecki assistant coach of Bridgeport (AHL). PHOENIX COYOTES Named John Anderson assistant coach and signed him to a multiyear contract. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS Re-signed C Mike Zigomanis to a one-year National Basketball Association MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES Fired coach Kurt Rambis. SOCCER Major League Soccer SEATTLE SOUNDERS Removed F OBrian White from the DL.

Philadelphia New York Columbus Houston Kansas City D.C. Chicago Toronto FC New England W 7 6 7 5 5 5 2 3 3 L 4 4 5 6 6 5 5 9 8 T 7 10 6 8 7 7 12 9 7 Pts 28 28 27 23 22 22 18 18 16 GF 21 34 21 23 23 24 20 17 16 GA 16 24 19 22 24 29 24 36 24

W L T Pts GF GA Los Angeles 10 2 9 39 27 16 Seattle 9 4 8 35 28 20 FC Dallas 10 5 4 34 26 19 Real Salt Lake 8 3 6 30 23 12 Colorado 6 5 9 27 22 23 Chivas USA 5 7 7 22 24 23 San Jose 5 6 7 22 22 21 Portland 5 9 3 18 21 31 Vancouver 2 10 8 14 19 28 NOTE:Three points for victory, one point for tie. Saturday, July 16 Colorado at Seattle FC, 1 p.m. Real Salt Lake at Vancouver, 1 p.m. San Jose at Columbus, 4:30 p.m. Sporting Kansas City at Houston, 5:30 p.m. Portland at Chicago, 5:30 p.m.

Saturdays Games Atlanta 4,Philadelphia 1,11 innings L.A.Dodgers 1,San Diego 0 San Francisco 3,N.Y.Mets 1 Sundays Games Florida 5,Houston 4 Philadelphia 14,Atlanta 1 Pittsburgh 9,Chicago Cubs 1 Washington 2,Colorado 0 Milwaukee 4,Cincinnati 3 St.Louis 4,Arizona 2 L.A.Dodgers 4,San Diego 1 San Francisco 4,N.Y.Mets 2 Mondays Games No games scheduled Tuesdays Games NL All-Stars 5,AL All-Stars 1 Wednesdays Games No games scheduled Thursdays Games Florida at Chicago Cubs,5:05 p.m. Milwaukee at Colorado,5:40 p.m. San Francisco at San Diego,7:05 p.m.

Saturdays Games N.Y.Yankees 5,Tampa Bay 4 Chicago White Sox 4,Minnesota 3 Toronto 5,Cleveland 4,10 innings Boston 4,Baltimore 0 Kansas City 13,Detroit 6 Texas 7,Oakland 6 L.A.Angels 9,Seattle 3 Sundays Games N.Y.Yankees 1,Tampa Bay 0 Toronto 7,Cleveland 1 Boston 8,Baltimore 6 Detroit 2,Kansas City 1 Minnesota 6,Chicago White Sox 3 Texas 2,Oakland 0 L.A.Angels 4,Seattle 2 Mondays Games No games scheduled Tuesdays Games NL All-Stars 5,AL All-Stars 1 Wednesdays Games No games scheduled Thursdays Games Cleveland at Baltimore,4:05 p.m. N.Y.Yankees at Toronto,4:07 p.m. Kansas City at Minnesota,5:10 p.m. Texas at Seattle,7:10 p.m.


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of pitching, which has become resurgent as the Steroids Era has receded. Scoring in the rst half of this season dropped to its lowest level in 19 years and the major league batting average shrunk to its smallest midseason figure since 1985. The home runs were the rst in the All-Star game since J.D. Drew connected at Yankee Stadium three years ago. The AL nished with six hits for the second straight year. Given the temperature outside, the theme song for this game could have been the Buster Poindexter song Hot Hot Hot. And except for Lee, thats what the NL pitching was. San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy became a winner in his second All-Star try, following a defeat in 1999, and gave Giants closer Wilson, the 10th NL pitcher, got two outs for the save. Texas C.J. Wilson, the fourth AL pitcher, took the loss for the team managed by the Rangers Ron Washington. Despite the weather outside 99 degrees at gametime two separate groups opposed to Arizonas controversial immigration law protested outside of Chase Field before the game. One quietly passed out white ribbons that symbolized peace and unity and the other loudly chanting in bullhorns and marching in circles with signs that read Boycott hate and Stand with us. lofty standards, Dahlkemper managed to dominate as she had in three previous seasons. It wasnt just at SHP, but her club team, the MVLA Avalanche. Her play caught the attention of the U-20 national team decision makers, who invited her to join the team as they made a trip to La Manga, Spain. Her callup came in the middle of SHPs run through the CCS playoffs as the No. 3 seed in Division III. My senior year was probably one of the funnest years (Ive had), Dahlkemper said. I couldnt play my last senior year game which we ended up losing and that was kind of a bummer. But I couldnt miss an

Wednesday July 13, 2011

They will have to be because, much like Brazil, France has creativity and air. Playmaker Louisa Necib, she of the silken touch and deft passes, has been likened to Zinedine Zidane, the highest compliment a French player can get. Her control of the mideld is masterful, the driving force behind Frances quick, uid offense. Les Bleues often appear seamless no surprise considering 10 of the 21 players are teammates at Olympique Lyonnais, which won this years womens Champions League nal. For us, its very important to be patient, Sundhage said. We need to pick up the rhythm and dictate the tempo, and we need the mideld to get more involved. I dont want to make it a stretch game. Or make it a (physical) ght. But France has struggled against bigger, more physical teams in the past, and they dont come much stronger than the Americans. Its true weve had one additional day of rest, French coach Bruno Bini said. I think its quite fair because the American team is in better shape. While the Americans have their quickest turnaround of the tournament, getting just two days rest between games, France hasnt played since Saturday. But Les Bleues had an emotional doozy, too, beating England 4-3 on penalties after scoring in the 88th minute to tie it 1-1. equally huge opportunity for Dahlkemper. For her, the choice was pretty simple. One, I denitely clicked better with the UCLA girls, she said. I had a better experience on my visit there, which was pretty important to me. I felt like I really connected with the coaches better at UCLA as well. The program is super promising this year, I just like to be a part of something that. Were going through this together, 11 freshman that make it through four years. Its kind of cool to see how we can change the program. Dahlkemper goes into the program as arguably the best freshman defender in the country. Its a bit of


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Derek Jeter wanted a break. In all, 16 of 84 All-Stars were dropped. Tyler Clippard got the win despite allowing a single to Adrian Beltre, his only batter. Relievers Clayton Kershaw, Jair Jurrjens, Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, Heath Bell, Joel Hanrahan and Brian Wilson combined to keep the NL ahead. Fielder won the MVP award after becoming the rst Brewers player to homer in an All-Star game. The World Series edge could help him later, with Milwaukee and St. Louis tied for the Central lead at the break. The NL dashed around the bases and stole three bags, all in one inning. Bell showed some speed, too the reliever provided the image of the night, sprinting in from the bullpen in the eighth inning and tearing up the turf with a slide just short of the mound. In all, the Nationals have enjoyed their best run since taking three in a row from 1994-96 they had lost 12 straight games played to a decision before a 3-1 victory at Anaheim last year. Andre Ethier and Pablo Sandoval also drove in runs for the NL. Before a crowd of 47,994 that included Muhammad Ali, this was no desert classic except for fans

Continued from page 11
And the U.S.? Theyre still playing, and they go into Wednesday nights seminal with more than a touch of swagger. We have what it takes, Wambach said. Its just a matter of putting it all together. The biggest uncertainty for the Americans isnt their tness, its their backline. Rachel Buehler has started all but one game the last two years, and her bruising style of defense she isnt called the Buehldozer for nothing has been vital. But shes suspended for the seminal after getting a red card for taking down Marta in the box in the 65th minute Sunday. While U.S. coach Pia Sundhage wouldnt say who will play in Buehlers place, Becky Sauerbrunn was working with the starters during training Tuesday. Ive been fortunate enough to play with her (with the WPS magicJack) so were very connected that way, said Christie Rampone, the U.S. captain and its other central defender. Becky and I feel condent together. Well watch some lm on France today, see what little tactics they have, what little tendencies they have with their forwards, communicate with each other and well be ne. opportunity to go to a national team camp. As much as I loved high school, it was denitely hard (but) I know everyone knew I made the right decision. Its tough. You got to do what you got to do, take those opportunities and not take anything for granted. With the senior season over, it became time for Dahlkemper to choose where to play her college soccer. She choose UCLA, thus joining one of the most talented and deepest recruiting classes in school history. Eleven players signed letters of intent to join the Bruins, including nine other national team standouts. Its an unbelievable accumulation of talent for UCLA and an

Continued from page 11
feet onto concrete. He died an hour later. Hamilton, in Phoenix for the AllStar Game, said he plans to reach out to the Stone family at some point. Obviously, I want it to be personal, face to face, he said Monday. Id love to know what kind of man Mr. Stone was and just meet his wife and his little boy and see where it goes from there. .. Nothing we can do is going to bring him back. But the organization can take care of the family and see that everything is going in the right direction. Two nights after Stones death, Hamilton hit a game-winning, ninthinning home run for the Rangers, a release of sorts for a man who was once addicted to drugs and lives with an abundance of Christian faith. He was simply tossing the ball toward a fan who had a young boy with him. Just a random act of kindness turned tragic, Hamilton said. It just lets you know how quickly life can change, just in a blink of an eye, that quick. Stone was remembered during ceremonies in Brownwood on Sunday and Monday. The memorial drew about 1,000 people, including reghters, police and other emergency personnel from across the state, as well as Ryan. switch for her after spending time lighting up the scoreboard with goals as a Gator. Its so fun attacking and going forward, she said. But I think it kind of helps me understand the forwards and what theyre thinking (when theyre attacking). I was willing to play any position that can help the team do well. If its attacking, Ill attack. If its defending, Ill defend. For now, shell be content enjoying the rest of the womens World Cup with the rest of the globe. And if all goes according to plan, the idea of seeing Dahlkemper sporting the U.S jersey at the 2015 World Cup in Canada is a strong

Continued from page 11
show well and hopefully get invited back. Considering the noise shes been making on the national scene, invitations to these camps seem like a formality for the ex-Gator. It was quite the senior season for Dahlkemper. It started with a pretty serious ankle injury that put her out of commission for four months. She recuperated in time for the start of the high school season and even after an admittedly slow start by her

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Wheres the beef? Michigan State to find out

By Jeff Karoub

DETROIT A small herd of cattle from Michigan State University was recently slaughtered with two goals: boosting the amount of locally produced food on campus and creating a system of tracking beef from the farm to the plate. Animal scientists at the East Lansing-based school are working on the state-funded projects starting with 10 steer and barcode tags on the beef that comes from them. The small-scale effort has large aims, according to one of the project leaders. Associate Professor Dan Buskirk said in addition to verifying whether the beef came from

Even if it has a little bit of value to consumer,it also adds incentive to producers to get involved in these programs.A lot of these things are things producers might be doing,but consumers have no way of knowing....Maybe it makes it more real if its grass-fed,grain-fed or organic.
Dan Buskirk,Associate Professor and project leader

a local source, shoppers eventually could use a smart phone or kiosk to nd out if it came from grass-fed, grain-fed or hormone-free cattle. Even if it has a little bit of value to consumer, it also adds incentive to producers to get involved in these programs, Buskirk said.

A lot of these things are things producers might be doing, but consumers have no way of knowing. ... Maybe it makes it more real if its grass-fed, grain-fed or organic. The cattle were killed and processed late last month at off-campus commercial facilities. The frozen packages with barcode labels

soon will make their way back to Michigan State and onto residence hall menus. Buskirk said the projects grew out of Michigans first-in-the-nation, mandatory livestock tracing program, which was adopted in 2007 to track the states cattle herds to battle bovine tuberculosis. All cattle in Michigan herds have radio-frequency identication tags attached to their ears to provide animal health ofcials a tool to trace individual animals back to where they were born. There was a group of us here on campus asking, How do we exploit those tags to add some additional value? he said. Helping Buskirk and his colleagues take the next step are Bradenton, Fla.-based

See BEEF, Page 19

Survey: Diners frown on Books help you get to texting, tweeting at table know your food culture

NEW YORK When you pick up the menu, put down the cell phone. Thats the message from restaurant-goers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, who told the most recent Zagat Survey that they think its rude to text, tweet, check e-mail or talk on cell phones during a meal. It may not matter. Tim Zagat, who founded the survey with his wife, Nina, said the presence and use of phones at the table is part of the changing culture of restaurants, like T-shirts instead of coats and ties. And while a few restaurants have rules against talking on cell phones, none regulate texting. Youre not going to tell a young person not to text at a meal, he said in a telephone interview. And if you do, youre likely to lose a client for life. Sitting with two friends at a cafe in the Chelsea neighborhood on Monday, Beau Frank agreed that its rude to use a cell phone at dinner though his was in front of him. It bothers me, but I would be the rst to admit that I do it, Frank said. I would never take a phone call, but I would answer a text. Of the 40,569 surveyors who rated restaurants for the 2011 Zagat guide to New York City restaurants, 64 percent said that texting, checking e-mail or talking on the phone is rude and inappropriate in a restaurant. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, 67 percent and 63 percent of surveyors agreed respectively. Another 32 percent of New Yorkers said the behavior is acceptable in moderation, 2 percent said it is perfectly acceptable and 2 percent had

no opinion. The New York City guide, released Wednesday, rates restaurants for food, decor, service and cost. It found that the sputtering economy continues to take a toll. The average cost of a meal dipped by a nickel this year, from $41.81 to $41.76. Zagat said the only other time the cost declined in New York was after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Also dropping was the number of restaurant meals surveyors ate. Out of all their lunches and dinners in a given week, the meals that were eaten at or ordered from restaurants fell from 53 percent in the 2010 survey to 52 percent in 2011. The drop in patrons means restaurants are less crowded. Just 23 percent of surveyors listed noise/crowds as the thing that irritates them most about restaurants, down from 33 percent two year ago. Zagat Survey began in 1979 as a guide to New York City restaurants and now rates airlines, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping and other entertainment categories in cities around the world. The new edition of the agship New York restaurant guide lists 2,115 eateries. The ratings are based on average scores of survey participants who voted on each establishment. Gramercy Tavern repeated as the citys most popular restaurant. Part of Danny Meyers growing empire, Gramercy Tavern was No. 1 in 2010 and has been either No. 1 or No. 2 in the mostpopular category every year since 2000. Diners said the ower-lled restaurants ambiance, service and sophisticated new American cuisine justied the $112 average price tag.

By Michele Kayal

If you think apple pie is the all-American food, think again. An inspiring collection of new books dips deep into the melting pot to serve up stories and recipes that trace the multi-ethnic and cultural origins of what our country eats. Jane Ziegelmans 97 Orchard offers an eminently readable history of ve families German, Irish, Italian and Eastern European all living in a tenement on New Yorks Lower East Side at the turn of the last century. The book is lled with fun facts that pickles were once considered a stimulant; that goose pastrami was bar food. But the books beauty lies in the insight and intelligence with which Ziegelman tells the story of real, live people who came to this country and brought their food with them. Using census records, shopping lists, recipes and other documents, she brings her characters to life, and illuminates how immigrant food such as hot dogs and pizza became American food. A must-read for anyone interested in food, ethnicity and culture. In Breaking Bread, chef and English professor Lynne Christy Anderson has collected stories about the power of food to recall a lost world for those who have left much behind. She leads us around Boston and its suburbs to a Lebanese family that cuts grape leaves at the nearby arboretum, a house painter from Cote dIvoire who makes a mean sh dish, a nurses aide who clings to the groundnut stew of her native Ghana.

Anderson also turns the pages over to her subjects, who offer advice (only talk to your husband when hes got a full stomach) and reminiscences (rum coke, and dancing always fueled cooking in Xotchil Gaarns Venezuela home) that informs and delights. Told with verve and voice, Joseph Dabneys The Food, Folklore and Art of Lowcountry Cooking offers an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) history of this Southern cuisine and the immigrants who inuenced it. More than 130 recipes for items like she-crab soup, chicken bog, and shad roe with grits are sprinkled lightly through text from locals, home cooks and well-known chefs in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. A thorough and informative look at this very specic Southern cuisine. Joan Allers Cider Beans, Wild Greens and Dandelion Jelly tackles the foods of southern Appalachia with credit to the native and immigrant cultures that spawned them. Cherokee Indians originally cultivated the area from East Tennessee across the northern parts of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and were closely followed by the Spanish, African slaves, and Europeans from other American colonies. Primarily a cookbook, Cider Beans offers more than 100 recipes for items like Cherokee pepper pot soup made of beef bones and bell peppers; an African chicken-cabbage soup sweetened with Vidalias and tomato; German cabbage and meat pies called bierocks; and chocolate gravy from the Melungeouns, a tribal people possibly descended from Iberians who ed the inquisition.



Wednesday July 13, 2011


Pack ingredients,let kids assemble lunches

By Alison Ladman

Kids love the chance to assemble their own lunches. Not the night before, mind you. Theyre quite happy to leave the packing of lunch to you. Were talking about when they eat it. Present them with a variety of agreeable ingredients, and the little ones have a blast assembling their own sandwiches, pizzas, fajitas and other kid-friendly creations. Its part of the reason those boxed lunches available at the grocer are so popular. But theres no reason you need to pay a premium for those, or be a slave to their questionable quality. When you assemble your own, you can use healthier ingredients you and your kids love. You also can include a wider variety of ingredients than the typical box includes, and have it assembled in little time. The rst step is to get a lunch box with multiple small compartments. Bento-style lunch boxes are popular and widely available online. But a collection of small plastic containers works just as well.

Then have your kids help choose what goes together and what goes in their boxes. And take the whole thing a little less seriously. Be creative with the combinations; its supposed to be fun. Weve started you off with some ideas for combinations, but let your imaginations go. Do-it yourself lunch boxes:

Pretzels Crunchy breadsticks or cracker sticks Hummus Assorted veggies cut into sticks Tzatziki (cucumber yogurt dip) Salad dressing Jam

Small corn or our tortillas Green and red bell pepper slices Shredded cheese Sliced chicken breast Guacamole Salsa

Cracker sandwiches
Graham crackers Whole-wheat saltines Peanut butter and jelly Ham, cheddar and apple slices Cream cheese, cucumber and deli turkey

Yogurt or cottage cheese Toasted walnuts or sliced almonds Sunower or pumpkin seeds Granola or dry cereal Sliced peaches or nectarines Sliced fresh berries

Crackers Small pitas or atbread (such as lavash or naan) Pizza sauce or salsa Shredded mozzarella Sliced pepperoni Cherry tomatoes, olives, or chopped peppers


Pack the ingredients for a fajita and let the kids assemble them.

Peanut butter and jelly cubes

Sometimes peanut butter and crackers or a piece of fruit just isnt enough for the kids after a long day of learning. To keep snacking interesting, try one of these simple recipes. The peanut butter and jelly cubes need time to set up, so be sure to start them well in advance. The blueberry blendies are a quick, healthy frozen beverage that appeals to both kids and adults; its sort of like a drinkable soft-serve ice cream. Sweet quesadillas are a fun treat for days when something warm and comforting is called for. All of the snacks are easy to change around to suit your kids favorite avors. Start to nish: 6 1/2 hours (1/2 hour active) Makes 32 cubes Six 1/4-ounce envelopes unavored gelatin, divided 4 cups grape juice, divided 1/2 cup honey, divided 1/2 cup cool water

1 cup boiling water 1 cup peanut butter 8-ounce package cream cheese, room temperature Spray a 9-by-13-inch pan with cooking spray, then line with plastic wrap. In a medium bowl, combine 4 of the envelopes of gelatin with 1 cup of grape juice. Let sit for 5 minutes. In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the remaining 3 cups grape juice and 1/4 cup of the honey to a boil. Pour into the bowl with the gelatin and stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and refrigerate until rm and set up, about 3 hours.

In a small bowl, combine the cool water with the remaining 2 envelopes of gelatin. Let sit for 5 minutes, then add the boiling water. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Set aside. In a large bowl, use an electric mixer to beat together the peanut butter, cream cheese and remaining 1/4 cup of honey until smooth. Slowly beat in the gelatin mixture. Pour and spread this mixture over the set up grape jelly in the pan. Refrigerate and allow to set up completely, about 3 hours. Using the plastic wrap to assist, remove the set up gelatin from the pan and peel off the plastic wrap. Cut into cubes. Store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


Wednesday July 13, 2011



for the companys employees in a program called Food for Us. The Pescadero farm workers also live in solar-heated homes on the property alongside Jacobs and Belin. Part of the farms sustainable aspect is making sure not to think of the workers as numbers, Jacobs said. It was at this same time that Jacobs and Belin were inspired to bring their farming experience beyond the countrys borders. In 1985, they took a vacation to Mexico to drive a friend to a workshop, and on the way back they visited some of the farms in Baja. We had an epiphany that we could do a Pescadero South, Jacobs said, and they presented a plan to the director of rural development in Los Cabos County. Belin said their experience working in Guatemala was what got them interested in doing something beyond agriculture. We saw an opportunity to create a model that was based on a business that would improve peoples livelihood and that would be sustainable by being protable, Jacobs said. The idea was to teach people to grow crops organically. The Del Cabo growers association started with eight families, Jacobs said, and some were skeptical of his ideas about farming without chemicals. But pesticides were expensive for them and the farmers didnt have anything to lose, Jacobs said. So they gave it a try. When Del Cabo began Jacobs said each family made about $3,000 a year and now they make about $30,000 a year. Del Cabo is now operated by the farmers in Baja, and they are responsible for their own prots. Jacobs said between 400 and 500 families are now part of Del Cabo, and the number is still growing. Today the enterprise that started as a family farm has what Jacobs called a life of its own. There are bigger dreams to continue making the entire organization healthier and reach out to more people, Jacobs said. But its critical that the mission of providing avor and enriching our lives with food ... all of that has to stay.

Continued from page 1
he uses on his properties. Jacobs would soon prove to be a forward thinker. Jacobs said he didnt realize sustainability was something he wanted to pursue until he was around 20 and running a tree nursery in the San Fernando Valley. He said he had a problem with aphids on his oak trees until the county inspector sold him a chemical pesticide, which made Jacobs sick. You dont ever want to be that sick, he said. That experience set him on a different path for nding ways to work with plants and soils and insects that would maintain a balance, he said. After college Jacobs worked on a small farm in Maine and in 1976 met Belin, who was working on a neighboring farm. Belin came to the farm after college and moving around for different jobs because she said she felt a strong pull to work in a rural setting. Jacobs said he and Belin left Maine when it got really cold to pursue a job opportunity in Costa Rica but they never got there. On the way, Jacobs said they met a member of a research team building a soils testing lab for the Canadian government in Guatemala, and were given a job helping to set up the lab. After three years in Guatemala, however, Jacobs wanted to try farming for himself. I was making these suggestions on how these small-scale farmers would manage their farms based on the analysis of the soils, and Id never grown any of these crops, Jacobs said. It felt disingenuous. It struck me that I should farm. Jacobs started looking for a piece of land in California. He said he liked the Pescadero climate and the good soil. In 1980, Jacobs Farm was started in a similar way to many young people who are starting farms today; we had lots


Larry Jacobs, co-founder of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, explains the importance of farming in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. He sits on a bench in front of the pond, the reservoir which is the source of water for the whole farm.
of different crops, Jacobs said. Eventually the farm focused on what Jacobs called a specialized niche culinary herbs such as rosemary, basil and mint. The physical realities of growing food are stark, Jacobs said. You cant erase it when something goes wrong, you have to deal with it. Jacobs said he and Belin didnt think about the farm becoming a successful business it started as just a family farm. The beginning years were mostly putting in the infrastructure, according to Jacobs, but by the mid-1980s he said we were doing pretty well as gourmet cooking became more popular and chefs grew more interested in using locally grown food. That was when the farm latched on to growing culinary herbs for chefs, according to Jacobs. We werent looking at the nancial statements and seeing how much money we were making ... but we knew it had to be a sustainable enterprise, Jacobs said. In the mid-1980s, the farm was successful enough that Jacobs and Belin could expand. Jacobs Farm now has a network of four farms in Pescadero, one in Swanton, another in Wilder Ranch State Park, and greenhouses in Watsonville, Freedom and Pajaro. All are in San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. The produce is distributed all over the country, but Jacobs said some is reserved for local markets. He said some land on every property owned by Jacobs Farm is also dedicated to growing food

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some papers. The two men met alone in a room. As Wali Karzai was signing the papers, the assassin took out a pistol and shot him with two bullets one in the forehead and one in the chest, Wesa said. Another ofcial, however, Ahmed Wali said the wounds were to Wali Karzais head, hand Karzai and leg. Wali Karzais bodyguards then rushed into the room and gunned down Mohammad. The assassination took place less than two hours before the president held an outdoor news conference with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Kabul. Before it started, tears welled up in the eyes of Karzai associates. When Karzai arrived, he spoke in a somber voice. This morning my younger brother Ahmed Wali Karzai was murdered in his home, the president said. Such is the life of Afghanistans people. In the houses of the people of Afghanistan, each of us is suffering and our hope is, God willing, to remove this suffering from the people of Afghanistan and implement peace and stability. for the selection of a constituent assembly that will draft a new constitution, allaying fears by many Egyptians that Islamists likely to dominate parliamentary elections due in September would elect an assembly that would give the document an Islamic slant. The militarys warning to protesters Tuesday came ahead of a planned rally demanding a wider purge of members of Hosni Mubaraks regime and bringing to justice police ofcers accused of killing protesters during Egypts uprising.

Wednesday July 13, 2011


Continued from page 16, which is developing the database, and South Portland, Maine-based Advanced Traceability Solutions, which is responsible for labeling and barcoding. He said the database is creating two-dimensional barcodes similar to what are used on mail that would provide a wealth of information about the animal and how it was processed. Buskirk said his team also has applied for federal funding to help develop software that would offer a more user-friendly look and feel to the data. Beef-tracking efforts are under way elsewhere. Technology that allows meat to be traced back to the farm has been used in Europe and other countries for more than a decade. IdentiGEN Ltd., based in Ireland with U.S. ofces in Lawrence, Kan., was founded by researchers from Trinity College in Dublin, who developed the process that assesses genetic markers in meat with DNA analysis in the mid-1990s. Its working with Richmond, Va.-based distributor Performance Food Group on supplying DNA-traceable beef to thousands of restaurants. DNA TraceBack uses natures own barcode the DNA of each animal to identify and trace each cut of meat from the animal to fork, Ronan Loftus, CEO of IdentiGEN North America, said in a news release in May. There is a lot of marketing noise out there. DNA technology cuts through that noise, and provides the ultimate proof of product integrity. Buskirk said he sees the technology as a potentially complementary system to the work he and his colleagues are pursuing. They envision a broad-based, voluntary program that ties Michigan livestock producers with food service and retail operations. Although thats a long way off, he said a small, focused project is the best way work out the kinks and go beyond doing this on a farmers market scale.

Karzais half brother gunned down


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan The powerful half brother of President Hamid Karzai was gunned down in his heavily fortied home by a close associate Tuesday, setting off a power struggle in southern Afghanistan and raising doubts about stability in a critical area for the U.S.-led war effort. The assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai, a wheeler-dealer and the key to his half brothers power in the south, leaves the president without an inuential ally to handle the tricky job of balancing the interests of the regions tribal and political leaders, drug runners, insurgents and militias. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, but ofcials immediately cast doubt that they were involved. If they were, it could undercut the presidents own effort to talk peace with insurgents as foreign forces begin their exit. The gunmans motive was unclear. He was identied as Sardar Mohammad, who had provided security for Wali Karzai and members of his family. Tooryalai Wesa, the provincial governor of Kandahar, described Mohammad as a close, trustworthy person who had gone to Wali Karzais house purportedly to get him to sign

Later that evening, the president ew south to Kandahar to be with his slain brother and relatives. A funeral was scheduled for Thursday, and Wali Karzai was to be buried in Karz, the Karzai family village in Kandahar province the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban movement and the site of recent coalition military offensives. Wali Karzai, who was in his 50s, was for years a lightning rod for criticism of corruption in the government. He was seen by many as a political liability for Karzai after a series of allegations including that he was involved in drug trafcking. He denied the charges. The president repeatedly challenged his accusers to show him evidence of his siblings wrongdoing, but said nobody ever could. With no concrete evidence to force his ouster, U.S. ofcials worked to persuade Wali Karzai to align his activities with coalition goals, or at least not impede them. Mr. Karzai has been the target of endless accusations about being a drug dealer and many other things, said Bruce Riedel, an ex-CIA ofcer and former adviser to the White House on Afghan policy. As far as I know, talking to people in the U.S. government, these are accusations backed up by very little evidence. teenage son and Filipino nephew before dawn Tuesday from a southern Philippine island near a stronghold of al-Qaida-linked militants, ofcials said. Suspicion fell on the notorious Abu Sayyaf, which has been blamed for ransom kidnappings, beheadings and bombings in the last two decades, or a Muslim rebel commander whose group has been linked to previous abductions. The 400-plus Abu Sayyaf militants, who are ghting for an Islamist state in the predominantly Christian nation, are holding three other kidnap victims, including a child, as part of desperate efforts to raise funds, according to the Philippine army. No contact or ransom demand has been made by the abductors, and their identities remain unconrmed, de Ocampo said.

Around the World

Egypts military warns protesters against violence
CAIRO Egypts military rulers sternly warned protesters on Tuesday against harming public interests as demonstrators continued to lay laid siege to Cairos largest government building and threatened to expand their sit-in to other sites in the capital. The military also rejected criticism of its handling of Egypts transition to democratic rule, vowing not to give up its interim role in managing the countrys affairs until an elected government takes over. It also pledged to produce binding regulations

Two Americans abducted in southern Philippines

MANILA, Philippines More than a dozen armed men abducted a naturalized American, her

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sengers all over, to Turkey, to New York, to Paris. We receive emissaries who are saying, Gadha is prepared to leave. Lets discuss it, Juppe said, without identifying the envoys. Moammar The U.S. State Gadha Department said that Washington, too, is getting visitors. We have a lot of folks claiming to be representatives of Gadha one way or the other reaching out to lots of other folks in the West, said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. But the These raise urgent questions about whether todays children will have the resources they need to help care for Americas growing elderly population. The numbers are largely based on an analysis by the Population Reference Bureau, a nonprot research group in Washington that studies global and U.S. trends. In some cases, the data were supplemented with additional census projections on U.S. growth from 2010-2050 as well as gures compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundations Kids Count project. Nationwide, the number of children has grown by 1.9 million, or 2.6 percent, since 2000. That represents a drop-off from the previous decade, when even higher rates of immigration by Latinos who are more likely than some other ethnic groups to have large families helped increase the number of children by 8.7 million, or 13.7 percent. Percentages aside, 23 states and the District of Columbia had declines in their numbers of children in the centurys rst decade, with Michigan, Rhode Island, Vermont and D.C. seeing some of the biggest drops. On the other hand, states with some of the biggest increases Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas also ranked in the bottom one-third of states in terms of Pacicas City Council approved the contract in June, said City Manager Stephen Rhodes. Pacificas police department has numerous cuts this year, totaling $634,000, including the layoffs of six full-time employees. Mullin sees the partnership as a rst step toward talks of expanding shared services between cities in the northern part of the county. Its a balancing act to maintain savings but not require building new facilities, he said. In other business, South San Francisco ofcials will consider extending a moratorium on issuing business licensees to retail tobacco stores. Noting an abundance of places selling tobacco, a cry for less smoke downtown and an effort to curb access of tobacco products to children, the council approved a 45-day temporary ban in June with a 4-0 vote, with Councilwoman Karyl Matsumoto, who brought forth the item, absent. The council will tonight consider extending the moratorium for an additional 10 months and 15 days. The ban will affect retail tobacco stores dened as having more than 15 percent of the total oor dedicated to the sale of tobacco, tobacco smoking prodexisting locales to renew their permits as long as all therapists have valid, unconditional certicates from the nonprot California Massage Therapy Council. To obtain a certicate, a person must pass a background and identity check and complete 250 hours of training. The CAMTC also issues conditional certicates to those who graduated from schools not requiring the same number of classroom or study issues. These can be a sign of illegitimate practitioners, Rothaus said. messages are contradictory, and we remain to (hear) a clear-cut message more importantly, the TNC (Transitional National Council representing the rebels) remains to have a clear-cut message that Gadha is prepared to understand that its time for him to go, she said. French ofcials and their allies have insisted that Gadhas giving up power is key to ending the hostilities, which began in mid-March, and Juppe said that more and more countries agree on that point. There is a consensus on how to end the crisis, which is that Gadha has to leave power, Juppe said. That (consensus) was absolutely not a given two or three months ago. child well-being as measured by the Kids Count project. The project calculated child well-being based on levels of poverty, single-parent families, unemployment, high-school dropouts and other factors. The slowing population growth in the U.S. mirrors to a lesser extent the situation in other developed nations, including Russia, Japan and France which are seeing reduced growth or population losses due to declining birth rates and limited immigration. The combined population of more-developed countries other than the U.S. is projected to decline beginning in 2016, raising the prospect of prolonged budget crises as the number of working-age citizens diminish, pension costs rise and tax revenues fall. Japan, France, Germany and Canada each have lower shares of children under age 15, ranging between 13 percent in Japan and 17 percent in Canada, while nations in Africa and the Middle East have some of the largest shares, including 50 percent in Niger and 46 percent in Afghanistan, according to gures from the United Nations Population Division. In the U.S., the share of children under 15 is 20 percent. Depending on future rates of immigration, the U.S. population is estimated to continue growing through at least 2050. ucts or tobacco accessories/paraphernalia; or stores that devote more than a 2foot-by-4-foot section of a shelf display for the sale of tobacco or tobacco accessories. Lastly, the council will consider approving a one-year contract with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 829, ending June 30, 2012. Under the agreement, employees would receive no across-the-board wage increase. In addition, the contract will no longer have a no layoff or furlough clause nor will it have a me too clause. A side letter will also be added to allow extra shifts should South San Francisco begin providing dispatch services for Pacica, according to a staff report written by Human Resources Director Kathy Mount. The council meets 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 13 at the Municipal Services Center, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco.
Heather Murtagh can be reached by email: or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. 105.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 Blood Pressure Screening. 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Senior Focus, 1720 El Camino Real, Suite 10, Burlingame. Prepare with an eight-hour fast, water and meds only, delay diabetes meds. No appointment necessary. Screening is free. $2 blood glucose. For more information call 696-3660. Computer Coach. 10:30 a.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. Drop in for basic computer help. For more information email Kiwanis Club Luncheon Meeting. Noon. Poplar Creek Grill Municipal Golf Course, 1700 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo. Kiwanis Club of San Mateo is a nonprot organization for underprivileged children. For more information call (415) 309-6467. Summer Mall Camp: Hula and Hawaiian Dance Class. 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. The Shops at Tanforan, 1150 El Camino Real, Suite 170, San Bruno. Ages 2 to 12. Registration not required. Free. For more information call 8732001. Candidate Seminars. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Elections Ofce, 40 Tower Road in San Mateo. A seminar for candidates and their staff, but open to anyone who is interested in the process. For more information email Duct Tape Luggage Tags. 3:30 p.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. Create cool luggage tags for future travels and backpacks. For ages 12-19. For more information email Dinner Dance. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Twin Pines Senior and Community Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont. Enjoy an elegant evening of dining, including wine and dessert, and dancing. $25. For more information or to reserve a spot go to Summer Concert Series in Menlo Park. 6:30 p.m. Fremont Park, University and Santa Cruz avenues, Menlo Park. Music by The Distractions (rock n roll). Bring a picnic basket, blanket, family and friends and enjoy a fun-lled event at the park. Free. For more information call 330-6600. Damn Yankees. 7 p.m. Carlmont High School Performing Arts Center, 1400 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. Presented by San Carlos Childrens Theater. $12 for tickets in advance. $14 at the door. For more information and tickets go to The Club Fox Blues Jam presents the Leah Tysee Band. 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City. $5 at the door. For more information go to THURSDAY, JULY 14 Managing Your Online Presence: Social Media and More. 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. San Mateo Adult School Room 22, 789 E. Poplar Ave., San Mateo. Northern California Human Resources Association presents a class on how to strategically use social media to achieve signicant business and personal value. $35, free for members of the NCHRA. For more information visit Twin Pines Cafe Monthly Birthdays Lunch. 11:30 a.m. Twin Pines Senior and Community Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont. A lunch catered by Poplar Creek Grill for those with birthdays in July including birthday cake and prizes. $4 for attendees ages 60 and up, $8.50 general admission. For more information or to reserve a space call 594-7444. Hot Harvest Nights San Carlos Farmers Market. 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Downtown San Carlos. Specialty foods and live entertainment. Shops downtown will be open late. Free. For more information call 593-1068. Get Ready for the Big One: Earthquake Preparation. 7 p.m. RE/MAX, 282 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood Shores. Free. For more information call 888-9268. Pet Loss Grief Support Group. 7 p.m. Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo. The event will take place in the Conference Room. Free. For more information call 3407022. Damn Yankees. 7 p.m. Carlmont High School Performing Arts Center, 1400 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. Presented by San Carlos Childrens Theater. $12 for tickets in advance. $14 at the door. For more information and tickets go to Stanford Summer Theaters Memory Play Festival: Old Times. 8 p.m. Stanford University Campus, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford. The festival also includes a free lm series. $15 to $25 for tickets. For more information and tickets go to Movies on the Square: True Grit. 8:45 p.m. Courthouse Square, 2200


Envoys say Gadhafi ready to go

By Elanie Ganley

Broadway, Redwood City. Rated PG13. Free. For more information call 7807340. FRIDAY, JULY 15 Be a Mentor Information Session. 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Silicon Valley Community Foundation, 1300 El Camino Real, San Mateo. The 2011 Summer Mentoring Challenge is here-come to this session to learn how to start Mentoring with Friends for Youth. Free. For more information or to sign up go to Boswick the Clown. 11:30 a.m. Menlo Park Library, 800 Alma St., Menlo Park. Sponsored by the Menlo Park Summer Reading Program. Free. For more information go to San Carlos Summer Concerts 2011: Brother Buzz. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Burton Park, 1017 Cedar St., San Carlos. Sponsored by the San Carlos Rotary and Lions Club, Peninsula Pet Resort and Friends of the San Carlos Library. Free. For more information call 802-4382. Music on the Square: Native Elements. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway, Redwood City. Native elements, a reggae group, performs. Free. For more information visit Damn Yankees. 7 p.m. Carlmont High School Performing Arts Center, 1400 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. Presented by San Carlos Childrens Theater. $12 for tickets in advance. $14 at the door. For more information and tickets go to Learn How to Meditate. 7 p.m. Yoga at Change, 400 Ben Franklin Court, San Mateo. For more information go to Salsa Networking. 7 p.m. RWC Underground Pub, 2650 Broadway, Redwood City. A fun-lled night of business networking at 7 p.m. and salsa dancing lessons at 8 p.m. Ages 21 and up. $10. For more information email The Music Man. 8 p.m. The Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway, Redwood City. Presented by Broadway by the Bay. For more information and tickets go to Stanford Summer Theaters Memory Play Festival: Old Times. 8 p.m. Stanford University Campus, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford. The festival also includes a free lm series. $15 to $25 for tickets. For more information and tickets go to An Evening with Pop Fiction. 9 p.m. Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City. Pop Fiction, an 8-piece party band extraordinaire, will perform non-stop dance hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. $13 in advance/$15 at the door. For more information email SATURDAY, JULY 16 AARP Driver Safety Class. 9 a.m. The Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City. Upon completion of two classes, a DMV Certicate is given to the participant which will entitle the driver to a discount on their Auto Insurance for 3 years. $12 for members. $14 for nonmembers. For more information and reservations call 780-7270. New Home Orientation. 10 a.m. to Noon. War Memorial Activity Room, 6655 Mission St., Daly City. Own a new home in Daly City. 36 affordable homes available. For more information call (415) 625-1011. For more events visit, click Calendar.

PARIS Frances foreign minister said Tuesday Paris has had contact with emissaries from Moammar Gadha who say the embattled Libyan strongman is prepared to leave power. It was not immediately clear whether such an offer is credible or amounts to a potential breakthrough in the Libyan crisis. But Gadha has refused to leave or give up power. Alain Juppe said that while the contacts do not constitute proper negotiations, everyone (involved in Libyas civil war) has contacts with everyone else. The Libyan regime sends its mes-

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Currently, the share of children in the U.S. is 24 percent, falling below the previous low of 26 percent of 1990. The share is projected to slip further, to 23 percent by 2050, even as the percentage of people 65 and older is expected to jump from 13 percent today to roughly 20 percent by 2050 due to the aging of baby boomers and beyond. In 1900, the share of children reached as high as 40 percent, compared to a much smaller 4 percent share for seniors 65 and older. The percentage of children in subsequent decades held above 30 percent until 1980, when it fell to 28 percent amid declining birth rates, mostly among whites. There are important implications for the future of the U.S. because the increasing costs of providing for an older population may reduce the public resources that go to children, said William P. OHare, a senior consultant with the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation, a childrens advocacy group. Pointing to signs that many children are already struggling, OHare added:

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Its something that makes sense for both Pacifica and South City, said South San Francisco Mayor Kevin Mullin. Pacica saves some money and South San Francisco earns a little money, he said, adding it will also allow South City to hire a few new people. South San Francisco currently dispatches for the Colma Police Department from midnight to 8 a.m. daily and 24 hours during certain holidays. Adding another city would require increasing South Citys staff by four at the communication center, according to a staff report by Police Chief Michael Massoni. Also, the South San Francisco Police Department would need to restructure positions lled by civilians within the department by consolidating communications, records and evidence into one unit with a manager and three supervisory positions, Massoni wrote.

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Without any right to deny applications or revoke licenses, Rothaus worried the city is attracting fronts for prostitution and possibly human trafcking. At least one establishment on El Camino Real has been investigated several times, leading to multiple arrests. The emergency moratorium allows

Prior to the council vote Monday, CAMTC CEO Ahmos Netanel said the nonprot actually does revoke or suspend questionable licenses. In June, the Belmont City Council approved a similar 45-day emergency moratorium. But while at least these two San Mateo County cities are worried about the state takeover leading to more prostitution, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said his ofce has not seen a commensurate increase in cases.



Wednesday July 13, 2011


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50 52 53 54 55

Meaningless talk Ripe old age Goes at a rapid rate Barely enough Dept. store inventory

dOWn 1 Stick together 2 Clay pot 3 Targets (hyph.) 4 High dudgeon 5 Soggy 6 Readies the press 7 Nuns apparel 8 Counting-out start 9 12th-graders 10 Blond shade 11 Cal Tech grad 12 Pats cohost 17 Constantly, to Poe 20 Pays for 21 Nape 22 IRS form expert 23 Tune for a diva 24 Half, in combos

26 Like some potatoes (hyph.) 27 Qatar ruler 28 Rangy 31 Signs off on 35 At sunup 36 Bway posting, once 39 Lotto info 40 -a-brac 41 Ferber or Best 42 Babysitter, often 45 Curriers partner 46 Grant territory 47 Pacino and Unser 48 Switch positions 49 Bar mem. 51 Engine speed, for short

Tuesdays PuZZle sOlVed

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PReVIOus sudOku ansWeRs

Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 through 6 without repeating. The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes, called cages, must combine using the given operation (in any order) to produce the target numbers in the top-left corners. Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in the top-left corner.

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Jumble Page 2 la Times Crossword Puzzle Classifieds drabble & Over the Hedge Comics Classifieds kids across/Parents down Puzzle Family Resource Guide

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In the year ahead there are some strong indications that some friends will play key roles in your affairs, not only socially, but business-wise as well. Be friendly to all, because you dont know which ones will step up and open those doors.
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104 Training
TERMS & CONDITIONS The San Mateo Daily Journal Classifieds will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion, and its liability shall be limited to the price of one insertion. No allowance will be made for errors not materially affecting the value of the ad. All error claims must be submitted within 30 days. For full advertising conditions, please ask for a Rate Card.

110 Employment

110 Employment
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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245362 The following person is doing business as: Dennis Coffey Construction, 465 West 25th Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Dennis Michael Coffey, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Dennis Coffey / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/20/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245364 The following person is doing business as: Skin Care by Mona, 15 West 43rd Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Mona Obegi, 140 22nd Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Mona Obegi / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/20/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245360 The following person is doing business as: C & L Associates Co., 1430 Avondale Road, Hillsborough, CA 94010 is hereby registered by the following owner: Albert Chou, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Albert Chou / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/20/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #244862 The following person is doing business as: Behrman Keller Medical Transcription, 230 La Cruz Ave., Millbrae, CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Ruth Maria Jocksch, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 05/16/2011. /s/ Ruth Maria Jocksch / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 05/18/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11).

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110 Employment

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245383 The following person is doing business as: DeMartini Construction, 217 Poplar Ave., MILLBRAE, CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Matfhew Jozef DeMartini, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on N/A. /s/ Matthew Jozef DeMartini / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/21/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245291 The following person is doing business as: Kayla Grewp, 205 De Anza Blvd., #139, San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Kenyon Lee, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Kenyon Lee / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/15/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245292 The following person is doing business as: Alpha Ridge, 205 De Anza Blvd., #139, San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Kenyon Lee, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Kenyon Lee / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/15/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245158 The following person is doing business as: Private Eye, 49 E. Hiillsdale Blvd., SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Loretta Liu, same address. The business is conducted by an indiviual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Loretta Liu / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/07/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245073 The following person is doing business as: Ready for the Finale, 1017 Magnolia Ave #7, MILLBRAE, CA 94030 is hereby registered by the following owner: Robert Ready, 1840 Sequoia Ave., Apt. #303 Burlingame, CA 94010. The business is conducted by an Indiviual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on N/A. /s/ Robert Ready / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/02/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245443 The following person is doing business as: Hillsborough Auxiliary to Community Gatepath, 1764 Marco Polo Way, BURLINGAME, CA 94010 is hereby registered by the following owner: Hillsborough Auxiliary to Community Gatepath, CA. The business is conducted by a Non Profit. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 04/24/2002. /s/ Vicky King / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/24/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245572 The following persons are doing business as: Century Rental Tents, 582 1st Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066 is hereby registered by the following owners: Pablo Moto & Ramon Moto, same address. The business is conducted by Copartners. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Pablo Moto / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 07/01/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245293 The following persons are doing business as: (1)Green Cab Peninsula, (2)Millbrae Green Cab, (3)Burlingame Green Cab, (4)San Mateo Green Cab, (5)Hillsborough Green Cab, (6)Belmont Green Cab, (7)San Carlos Green Cab, (8)Redwood City Green Cab, 907 Granada St. #3, Belmont, CA 94002 is hereby registered by the following owners: Attia M. Matat and Safaa E Hamam, 570 Menker Ave., #C, San Jose, CA 95128. The business is conducted by Husband and Wife. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Attia M. Matat / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/15/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245342 The following person is doing business as: (1)Lilys Crepes & Gelato, (2)Lilys Creperie & Gelato, 108 De Anza Blvd. at Crystal Springs Village Shops, San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Scott Dawe, 2221 Lake Road, Apt. 1, Belmont, CA 94002. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Scott Dawe / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/17/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11).

Wednesday July 13, 2011

203 Public Notices
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245332 The following person is doing business as: 24 Hr. Emergency Locksmith Inc., 922 Terminal Way, San Carlos, CA 94070 is hereby registered by the following owner: 24 Hr. Emergency Locksmith Inc., CA. The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Shay Ben Simon / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/17/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245532 The following person is doing business as: Senspire, 453 E. OKeefe St., Apt. 304, East Palo Alta, CA 94303 is hereby registered by the following owner: Senspire, LLC, CA. The business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 05/13/11. /s/ Gregory Willis / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/29/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/06/11, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245351 The following persons are doing business as: MLM Partnership, 3708 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owners: Eric T. Lee & Linda L. Lee, 241 Ivy Place, Orinda, CA 94563. The business is conducted by a General Partnership. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 05/27/2011. /s/ Linda L. Lee / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/17/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11, 08/03/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245462 The following person is doing business as: The Funding Broker, 751 Celestial Lane, Foster City, CA 94404 is hereby registered by the following owner: David Fast, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 06/15/2011. /s/ David Fast / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 06/24/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11, 08/03/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245663 The following person is doing business as: Galaxy, 1555 W. Hillsdale Blvd., #213, San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby registered by the following owner: Galina Abramova, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Galina Abramova / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 07/08/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11, 08/03/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245639 The following person is doing business as: Kathys Kreative Kakes, 631 South B Street, San Mateo, CA 94401 is hereby registered by the following owner: Kathys Kreative Kakes, CA. The business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on 01/15/1976. /s/ Kathleen Luzzi / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 07/07/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11, 08/03/11). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #245612 The following person is doing business as: Anywhere/Anytime Bay Area CPR & First Aid, 205 Del Rosa Way, San Mateo, CA 94403 is hereby registered by the following owner: Jonathan S. Bailey, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on /s/ Jonathan S. Bailey / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 07/06/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/13/11, 07/20/11, 07/27/11, 08/03/11). STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT of USE of FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #M-223079 The following person has abandoned the use of the fictitious business name: James L. Parent Delivery Service, 1039 Fiesta Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403. The fictitious business name referred to above was filed in County on 06/21/2011. The business was conducted by: James L. Parent, same address. /s/ James L. Parent / This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 06/21/2011. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 06/22/11, 06/29/11, 07/06/11, 07/13/11). NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF JANICE P. PICKELS Case Number 121350 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of: JANICE P. PICKELS. A Petition for Probate has been filed by: Grace Nichols in the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo. The Petition of Probate requests that Grace Nichols be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The petition requests the decedents will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless


203 Public Notices

they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection of the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: August 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063. If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in Probate Code section 9100. The time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hearing date noticed above. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner: Dawson G. Crawford, Esq., #178373 Law Offices of Dawson G. Crawford 253 Almendra Ave. Los Gatos, CA 95030 (408)395-9898 Dated: 07/01/2011 Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on July 6, 13, 20, 2011.




Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

298 Collectibles
GAYLORD PERRY 8x10 signed photo $10 (650)692-3260 GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condition never used $12./all. (650)345-1111 JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Richard (650)834-4926 JOE MONTANA retirement book signed authenticated $39. (650)692-3260 MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x 17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238 POSTER - framed photo of President Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash, (650)755-8238 VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers, perfect condition, $25., (650)345-1111

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

Fictitious Business Name Statements, Trustee Sale Notice, Alcohol Beverage License, Name Change, Probate, Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, Notice of Public Sales, and More.
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.

210 Lost & Found

LOST - 2 silver rings and silver watch, May 7th in Burlingame between Park Rd. & Walgreens, Sentimental value. Call Gen @ (650)344-8790 LOST - DUFFEL bag. Dark red on wheels filled with workout clothes. De Anza Blvd. San Mateo April 14. Generous reward! 650-345-1700 LOST: Center cap from wheel of Cadillac. Around Christmas time. Chrome with multi-colored Cadillac emblem in center. Small hole near edge for locking device. Belmont or San Carlos area. Joel 650-592-1111.

Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 Email them to:

302 Antiques
1912 COFFEE Percolator Urn. perfect condition includes electric cord $85. (415)565-6719 ANTIQUE STOOL - Rust color cushion with lions feet, antique, $50.obo, (650)525-1410 ASSORTED ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, (different shapes and sizes) Sets $10-30 obo, (650)343-4461 CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot, solid mahogany. $300/obo. (650)867-0379 LARGE SELECTION of Opera records vinyl 78's 2 to 4 per album $8 to $20 ea. obo, (650)343-4461

296 Appliances
AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent condition, $100., SOLD AIR CONDITIONER- GE 10K BTU side mount window unit 141/2 in. wide 201/2 in. high excellent cond. SOLD! CHANDELIER (650)878-9542 NEW 4 lights $30.

304 Furniture
DRESSER WITH matching bunk/twin bed frames, includes comforter, no mattress $75/all 650-728-5831 END TABLE marble top with drawer with matching table $70/all. (650)520-0619 END TABLE solid marble white top with drawer $55. (650)308-6381 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - Oak wood, great condition, glass doors, fits large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo. (650)261-9681 FOAM INCLINER for twin bed $40 650-692-1942 FOLDING PICNIC TABLE - 96 x 30 with 7 folding, padded chairs, $100., (650)364-0902 FREE 3 pine bookcases. Nude, ready for stain or paint. 6'1" x 3' Excellent condition. 650-685-6159 FUTON - full size excellent condition $95. Eddie 650-218-1118. HAND MADE portable jewelry display case wood and see through lid $45. 25 x 20 x 4 inches. 650-592-2648 HOSPITAL BED, new $1,100/OBO. Call 650-595-1931 LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover & plastic carring case & headrest, $35. each, (650)592-7483 LOVE SEATS, 2 beautiful Bassett, brown sofas-/ love seats, 1 opens to a full size bed, like new. $400. San Mateo, SOLD MATCHED PAIR, brass/carved wood lamps with matching shades, perfect, only $12.50 each, 650-595-3933 MATTRESS TOPPER chrome full size $15., (650)368-3037 MIRROR/MEDICINE CAB. 3 dr. bevel glass 30X30" $35 (650)342-7933 MIRROR/MEDICINE CABINET 26" $10 (650)342-7933 MIRROR/MEDICINE CABINET 16" X 30" $20 (650)342-7933 16" X

306 Housewares
CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, tall, purchased from Brueners, originally $100., selling for $25.,(650)867-2720 DINNERWARE - 30 piece set white, like new condition, SOLD! LAMPS - 2 southwestern style lamps with engraved deer. $85 both, obo, (650)343-4461 PERSIAN TEA set for 8. Including spoon, candy dish, and tray. Gold Plated. $90. (650) 867-2720 SOLID TEAK floor model 16 wine rack with turntable $60. (650)592-7483 SOUP TUREEN -white ceramic with flowers. Italian. 3 quart capacity. Has accompanying plate. Asking $30., (650)364-5319 STANDUP B.B.Q grill lamp 5ft tall. Never used. $75 obo, (650)343-4461

CHOPPERS (4) with instructions $7/all. (650)368-3037 ELECTRIC HEATER - Oil filled electric heater, 1500 watts, $30., (650)504-3621 GEORGE FOREMAN Grill hardly used $20. (650)692-3260 HOOVER PORTABLE VACUUM CLEANER with attachments, good condition, $35., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 MAYTAG DRYER: electric $100 650 342 7933 MAYTAG WASHER: full electronic controls. $100 650 342 7933 MONOGRAM GE 30" microwave exhaust fan $75 (650)342-7933 with

303 Electronics
46 MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great condition. $400. (650)261-1541. COLOR TV - Apex digital, 13, perfect condition, manual, remote, $55., (650)867-2720 DEWALT HEAVY duty work site radio charger in box $100. (650)756-7878 FLIP CAMCORDER $50. (650)583-2767 PANASONIC TV 21 inch $25., (650)6378244 TV 25 inch color with remote $25. Sony 12 inch color TV, $10 Excellent condition. (650)520-0619 TV SET Philips 21 inch with remote $40., (650)692-3260 VINTAGE SEARS 8465 aluminum photo tripod + bag. Sturdy! $25 See: 650-204-0587

307 Jewelry & Clothing

49ER'S JACKET (650)871-7200 Adult size $50.

LADIES BRACELET, Murano glass. Various shades of red and blue $100 Daly City, no return calls. (650)991-2353 LADIES GOLD Lame' elbow lengthgloves sz 7.5 $15 New. (650)868-0436

RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric, 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621 RCA VACUUM tube manual '42 $25. (650)593-8880 SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse power 9 gal wet/dry $40. (650)591-2393 SMART SERIES 13" Magnavox TV with remote, works perfectly, only $26, 650595-3933 SUNBEAM TOASTER -Automatic, excellent condition, $30., (415)346-6038 VACUUM CLEANER excellent condition $40. (650)878-9542 VACUUM CLEANER Oreck-cannister type $40., (650)637-8244 WASHING MACHINE- Admiral, lightly used. $75/obo. Call Sold.

308 Tools
CHAIN HOIST- 1/2 ton $20. 3-ton $50 both new/unused, SOLD! CIRCULAR SAW, Craftsman-brand, 10, 4 long x 20 wide. Comes w/ stand - $70. (650)678-1018 CLASSIC CRAFTSMAN jig saw, cast iron base needs work $85 best offer. 650-703-9644 CLICKER TORQUE Wrench, 20 - 150 pounds, new with lifetime warranty and case, $39, 650-595-3933 CRAFTSMEN 16" scroll saw, good cond. $85. (650)591-4710 DRAFTING BOARD with machine magnetic face. Excellent Condition. Made in Paris SOLD! ENGINE ANALYZER & TIMING LITE Sears Penske USA, for older cars, like new, $60., (650)344-8549 leave msg. JOINTER - 6 inches, BAND SAW - 12 inches, $125. each, (415)218-8161 PRESSURE WASHER 2500 PSI, good condition, $350., (650)926-9841 RADIAL ARM SAW -10 inches old style heavy duty Black & Decker $99., Bruce (650)464-6493 SPEEDAIR AIR COMPRESSOR - 4 gallon stack tank air compressor $100., (650)591-4710 TABLE SAW 10", very good condition $85. (650) 787-8219 WOODWORKING HAND TOOLS - Antique and collectibles, good users $5.$85., (650)591-8561

304 Furniture
2 END Tables solid maple '60's era $40/both. (650)670-7545 4 DRAWER FILE CABINET -27, dark beige, $99., (650)364-0902 42" ROUND Oak Table (with 12") leaf. Clean/Great Cond. $40. 650-766-9553. 62" X 32" Oak (Dark Stain) Coffee Table w/ 24" Sq. side Table, Leaded Beveled Glass top/Like New - $90. 650-766-9553 ARMOIRE CABINET (415)375-1617 $90., Call

297 Bicycles
BICYCLE - Sundancer Jr., 26, $75. obo (650)676-0732 GIRL'S BIKE HUFFY Purple 6-speed good cond. $35 - Angela (650)269-3712 YAKAMA 3 Bike Car Trailer w/straps 2" hitch $45., (650)843-0773


BANQUET DINING chairs $29/all. (650)692-3260


BASSET LOVE Seat Hide-a-Bed, Beige, Good Cond. Only $30! 650-766-9553 BEDROOM SET - (Childerns) 5 & 6 drawer dressers, wall mirror, 2 twin bed frames. $350/all, (617) 640-8651(cell) BREAKFAST NOOK DINETTE TABLEsolid oak, 55 X 54, $49., (650)583-8069 CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candelabre base with glass shades $20. (650)504-3621 COFFEE TABLE - brown, perfect condition, nice design, with storage, $50., (650)345-1111 DINING SET glass table with rod iron & 4 blue chairs $100/all 650-520-7921/650-245-3661 DISPLAY CASE wood & glass 31 x 19 inches $30. (650)873-4030 DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side tray. excellent cond $75. (650)949-2134

PINE BEDROOM SET - triple dresser, 7 drawers, plus 2 night stands, 2 drawer apiece, excellent condition. San Mateo, $350 SOLD. ROCKING CHAIR - Traditional, full size Rocking chair. Excellent condition $100., (650)504-3621 SOFA- BROWN, Beautiful, New $250 650-207-0897 STORAGE TABLE light brown lots of storage good condition $45. (650)867-2720 TV STAND with shelves $20. SOLD!

298 Collectibles
1982 PRINT "A Tune Off The Top Of My Head" See: 650-204-0587 $75 49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all, (650)592-2648 ARMY SHIRT, long sleeves, with pockets. XL $15 each (408)249-3858 BAY MEADOWS UMBRELLA - Colorful, large-size, can fit two people underneath. $15 (650)867-2720 BAY MEADOWS bag & umbrella $15.each, (650)345-1111 COLORIZED TERRITORIAL Quarters uncirculated with Holder $15/all, (408)249-3858

306 Housewares
"PRINCESS HOUSE decorator urn "Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H $25., (650)868-0436 6 PANELS of burgundy and beige striped drapes. Like new. $50 obo, (650)3434461

309 Office Equipment

CALCULATOR - (2) heavy duty, tape Casio & Sharp, $30/ea, (650)344-8549 OFFICE LAMP new $7. (650)345-1111


Wednesday July 13, 2011

310 Misc. For Sale 310 Misc. For Sale
BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE PICTURE - colorful hot air balloons, 25 x 19 enclosed in glass wooden frame, very good condition, Burl., $11.,(650)347-5104 BOOK NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC NATIONAL AIR MUSEUMS $15 (480)249-3858 BOXES MOVING storage or office assorted sizes 50 cents /each (50 total) 650-347-8061 BROTHER'S ELECTRIC TYPEWRITEr in excellent condition. $45 obo, (650)343-4461 CAESAR STONE - Polished gray, smooth cut edges, 26x36x3/4, great piece, $65., (650)347-5104 CANDLE HOLDER with angel design, tall, gold, includes candle. Purchased for $100, now $30. (650)345-1111 DAHLIAS BEAUTIFUL hybrodized $4 / each (20 total) SOLD DANIELLE STEELE newer books - 1 hardback $3., one paperback $1., (650)341-1861 DOOM (3) computer games $15/each 2 total, (650)367-8949 DUFFEL BAGS - 1 Large Duffel Bag ,1 Xtra Lg. Duffel w Wheels, 1 Leather week-ender Satchel, All 3 at $75., (650)871-7211 ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER Smith Corona $60 650-878-9542


310 Misc. For Sale
HAIR BLOWERS (2) - One Conair, one Andis Hang Up Turbo, $15. both, (650)525-1410 JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS - 4 hardback @$3. each, 3 paperback @$1. each, (650)341-1861 KITCHEN HOOD - Black, under mount, 3 diff. fan speeds, $95., (650)315-4465 MEN'S ASHTON and Hayes leather briefcase new. Burgundy color. $95 obo, (650)343-4461 METAL CABINET - 4 drawers, beige 16.5 inches W x 27 3/4 H x 27 inches D. $40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 NEW LIVING Yoga Tape for Beginners $8. 650-578-8306 NEW WOOL AFGHAN, colorful, handmade, 4x6 ft.. $25. SOLD! NORITAKE CHINA -Segovia Pattern. 4 each of dinner , salad and bread plates. like new. $35., (650)364-5319 PACHIRA PLANT 3ft. H. (Money plant) with decorative Pot $30. (650)592-2648 PERSIAN KLIN CARPET - 66x39, pink and burgandy, good condition, $90., (650)867-2720 SF GREETING Cards (300 w/envelopes) factory sealed $20/all. (650)207-2712 SHOWER DOORS custom made 48 x 69 $70., (650)692-3260 SLUMBER REST blue heated throw, electric, remote, $15., (650)525-1410 SPORTS BOOKS, Full of Facts, All Sports, Beautiful Collection 5 Volumes, $25. 650 871-7211 STUART WOODS HARDBACK BOOKS - 4 @$2.50 each, (650)341-1861 SUITCASE - Atlantic. 27 " expandable. rolling wheels. Navy. Like new. $ 45., (650)364-5319 TEA CHEST from Bombay store $35 perfect condition 650-867-2720

310 Misc. For Sale

TOWELS FULL size bath towels $3 / each (8 total) SOLD! TRIPOD SEARS 8465 aluminum photo tripod plus bag $25. 650-204-0587 VIDEO CENTER 38 inches H 21 inches W still in box $45., (408)249-3858 VR3 BACK UP CAMERA & VR3 backup sensor $100.00 all, (650) 270-6637 after 6 p.m. only. WHITE MARBLE piece - all natural stone, polished face, smooth edges, 21 x 41 x 3/4 thick, $75., (650)347-5104

316 Clothes
LANE BRYANT assorted clothing. Sizes 2x-3x. 22-23, $10-$20. ea., brand new with tags. (650)290-1960 MANS SUEDE-LIKE jacket, New, XXLg. $25. 650 871-7211 MEN'S SHOES (650)756-6778 Brown.

322 Garage Sales

(15) GEORGE Magazines all intact $50/all OBO. (650)574-3229, Foster City 10 PLANTS (assorted) for $3.00 each, (650)349-6059 13 PIECE paint and pad set for home use $25., (650)589-2893 2 MATCHING blankets - full/queen size, solid cream color, vellux, hyproallergenic, great condition, $38., (650)347-5104 4 IN 1 stero unit. CD player broken. $20 650-834-4926 5 NEEDLEPOINT sets still in package $10/each, (650)592-2648 7 UNDERBED STORAGE BINS - Vinyl with metal frame, 42 X 18 X 6, zipper closure, $10. ea., (650)364-0902 9 CARRY-ON bags (assorted) - extra large, good condition, $10. each obo, (650)349-6059 ANGEL WITH lights 12 inches High $12. (650)368-3037 ART BOOKS hard Cover, full color (10) Norman Rockwell and others $10 each 650-364-7777 ARTIFICIAL FICUS Tree 6 ft. life like, full branches. in basket $55. (650)269-3712 BARBIE BEACH vacation & Barbie princess bride computer games $15 each, (650)367-8949 BATMAN AND James Bond Hard cover and paperback 10 inch x 12 inch $7.50 each 650-364-7777 BBQ SMOKER BBQ Grill, LP Coleman, Alaskan Cookin Machine, cost $140 sell $75. 650-344-8549 BBQ SMOKER, w/propane tank, wheels, shelf, sears model $86 650-344-8549 BEADS - Glass beads for jewelry making, $75. all, (650)676-0732 BOOK "LIFETIME" (408)249-3858 WW1 $12.,

- New, size 10, $10.,


JULY 16 & 17 9 am to 4 pm
A bounty of new, gently used and vintage items including, a pinball machine, antique buggy, chicken coops, salvaged wood, vintage tools. Maps and details at and at all lucky 13 locations. Proceeds benefit the FarmerVeteran Coalition (, the Girl Scouts, CASE ( Coastal Alliance for Species Enhancement), Puente Community Resource Center.

MEN'S SUIT almost new $25. 650-573-6981 MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size 36/32, (408)420-5646 NEW BROWN LEATHER JACKET- XL $25., 650-364-0902 PROM TUXEDOS. Size 36 - 38. all 3 sets for $85 obo 650-344-8549

311 Musical Instruments

2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for both. (650)342-4537 BALDWIN C-630 ORGAN. Very clean $30., (650)872-6767 FREE UPRIGHT piano Hallet Davis & Co. SOLD KIDS GUITAR for 6 years and Up $40, call (650)375-1550 PALATINO CLARINET with case, like new, $100. (650)591-4710 PIANO VINTAGE - Upright, Davis & Sons, just tuned, $600., (650)678-9007 SPANISH GUITAR 6 strings good condition $80. Call (650)375-1550.

317 Building Materials

15% OFF
Expires 8/31/11

312 Pets & Animals

BIRD CAGE 14x14x8 ecellent condition $25 Daly City, (650)755-9833 DOG CAGE/GORILLA folding large dog cage good condition, 2 door with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949

Building and Landscaping Supplies | Natural Stone Retaining Walls | Rock, Sand and Gravel | Pavers Delivery Services


July 16, 23, 30 - 10am-3pm Fill a Bag for $5 (No tax)
Episcopal Church 1 South El Camino Real San Mateo 94401

ELECTRONIC TYPEWRITER good condition $50., (650)878-9542 ELVIS PRESLEY $20(650)692-3260 poster book

GAME "BEAT THE EXPERTS" never used $8., (408)249-3858 GEORGE FOREMAN Grill good condition $15. 650-592-3327 GM CODE reader '82-'95 $20 650-583-5208

315 Wanted to Buy GO GREEN! We Buy GOLD You Get The $ Green $
Millbrae Jewelers Est. 1957 400 Broadway - Millbrae

Redwood City Concrete & Building Materials 330 Blomquist Street 650.482.4100 MF: 7:00am 4:00pm



Limited to stock on hand. No refunds or returns. Price good at the Graniterock Redwood City Concrete and Building Materials branch, only. Expires 8/31/11.

Make money, make room!

610 Crossword Puzzle

610 Crossword Puzzle

610 Crossword Puzzle


CORRIGATED DRAINAGE pipe perforated, 4 in. X 100 ft., Good as new $35., Redwood City, (650)367-8146 WHEELBARROW - like new, $40., (650)364-0902

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 1 Pop singer Jackson 6 Create a cobbler 10 Rubella symptom 14 Tabriz resident 15 Astonishes 16 Pelvic bones 17 Mens clothing category 19 53-Across et al. 20 Harmonizing groups 21 Sushi bar spirits: Var. 22 1993 military directive 26 Building supporter 27 Orbital extreme 28 Emilio Estevez, to Martin Sheen 29 Sony portable since 1984 33 Bad thing to be caught with at work, with a 38 Seers 39 Large loafer letters 41 Droll comic Wright 44 Overfamiliar 46 Wears greatly 51 Small streams 52 Prized statuettes 53 Translucent stone 54 Rock and roll band whose lead singer often played flute solos 58 Musical Horne 59 Snack with a removable top 60 Dutch export 61 Shuteye aids? 62 Exxon, previously 63 Serene spots DOWN 1 Sail at the front 2 Jackies O 3 Pester 4 Passes, as legislation 5 Grunts helmet 6 Javanese handdyed fabric 7 Prize 8 Kutchers That 70s Show role 9 Aliens subj. 10 Trattoria tubes 11 Its tapped in a pub 12 Black as night, e.g. 13 Bother 18 Lavish parties 21 Mar. honoree 22 Party spinners, briefly 23 Im really impressed! 24 Simone of jazz 25 When repeated, squeals 29 Beloved princess 30 Monsters, __ 31 Cardinal letters 32 Friend of Fidel 34 Animal Farm et al. 35 Work code subject 36 Letterman rival 37 Sharon of Boston Public 40 Pipe shape 41 Leisurely walk 42 Republic of China capital 43 Bond girl Britt of The Man With the Golden Gun 44 Without thinking 45 Like some retired racehorses 47 Gardeners, at times 48 __ Park, Colorado 49 Allergic reaction 50 Alt. spelling 54 Java 55 Gran- suffix 56 Architect Maya __ 57 22-Downs vinyls

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316 Clothes
49 SWEATSHIRT with hood size 8 extra large $100 obo. (650)346-9992 AUTHENTIC MEXICAN SOMBRERO, $40., (650)364-0902 BLACK LEATHER MOTORCYCLE JACKET - Size small/woman, $60., (650)290-1960 BLACK Leather pants Mrs. size made in France size 40 $99. (650)558-1975 BLACK LEATHER tap shoes 9M great condition $99. (650)558-1975 BOOTS - purple leather, size 8, ankle length, $50.obo, (650)592-9141 DENIM JACKETS Ladies (2) Small/Medium, like new, $15/each, (650)577-0604

318 Sports Equipment

"EVERLAST FOR HER" Machine to help lose weight $40., (650)368-3037 13 ASSORTED GOLF CLUBS- Good Quality $3.50 each. Call (650) 349-6059. 2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed, putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238 BASKETBALL RIM, net & backboard $35/all 650-345-7132 Leave message. CLASSIC PING IRONS complete set, excellent condition, number 3 to sandwedge, $100. (650) 345-5446. HALEX ELECTRONIC Dart board, with darts, great cond. $35. (650)591-4710 MORRELL TODD Richards 75 Snowboard (Good Condition) with Burton Boots (size 6 1/2) - $50. 650-766-9553 SPEEDO OPTIMUS Training Fins size 10-11. Perfect for your training. $25 call jeff 650-208-5758

335 Rugs
WOOL AREA RUG - Multi-green colors, 5 X 7, $65. obo, (650)290-1960

335 Garden Equipment TABLE - for plant, $25., perfect condition, (650)345-1111 345 Medical Equipment
CRUTCHES - adult, aluminium, for tall person, $30., (650)341-1861


A Place For Fine Hats Sharon Heights
325 Sharon Heights Drive Menlo Park

379 Open Houses

322 Garage Sales

GENUINE OAKELY Sunglasses, M frame and Plutonite lenses with drawstring bag, $65 650-595-3933 JACKET (LARGE) Pants (small) black Velvet good cond. $25/all (650)589-2893 JACKET LADIES Tan color with fur collar $25. (650)308-6381 LADIES DOWN jacket light yellow with dark brown lining $35. (650)868-0436 LADIES JACKET size 3x 70% wool 30% nylon never worn $50 650-592-2648


(off Ralston Ave.) Sat. & Sun. July 16 - 8am-5pm July 17 - 9am-3pm More Treasures than you can imagine!


List your Open House in the Daily Journal. Reach over 82,500 potential home buyers & renters a day, from South San Francisco to Palo Alto. in your local newspaper. Call (650)344-5200

LADIES ROYAL blue rain coat with zippered flannel plaid liner size 12 RWC $15. (650)868-0436 LADIES SHOES- size 5, $10., (650)756-6778

380 Real Estate Services HOMES & PROPERTIES

The San Mateo Daily Journals weekly Real Estate Section. Look for it every Friday and Weekend to find information on fine homes and properties throughout the local area.

310 Misc. For Sale

310 Misc. For Sale

440 Apartments
By Pete Muller (c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.


REDWOOD CITY- 1 bedroom close to downtown, $ plus $600 deposit, (650)361-1200


440 Apartments
BELMONT - prime, quiet location, view, 1 bedroom $1350, 2 bedrooms $1650. New carpets, new granite counters, dishwasher, balcony, covered carports, storage, pool, no pets. (650)344-8418 or (650591-4046

Wednesday July 13, 2011

620 Automobiles Dont lose money on a trade-in or consignment! Sell your vehicle in the Daily Journals Auto Classifieds. Just $3 per day. Reach 82,500 drivers from South SF to Palo Alto
Call (650)344-5200


620 Automobiles
XLT FORD Ranger 02 126k miles. One owner NEW 15x8 wheels, radial tires, 5 speed, new clutch. Best offer. $3,800 650- 481-5296

670 Auto Service


A Full Service Auto Repair Facility

672 Auto Stereos

California Auto

Auto Tops Boats All Furniture Antiques - Classic Cars 20 years of Service Call Omar for quotes

625 Classic Cars

DATSUN 72 - 240Z with Chevy 350, automatic, custom, $5800 or trade. (650)588-9196 FORD 36 SEDAN Chevy 350 Automatic new brakes and new tires. $21K obo.(650)583-5956 NISSAN 87 Centura - Two door manua, stick shift, 150K miles. Clean title, good body, $1250., (415)505-3908 PLYMOUTH 72 CUDA - Runs and drives good, needs body, interior and paint, $12k obo, serious inquiries only. (650)873-8623

470 Rooms
HIP HOUSING Non-Profit Home Sharing Program San Mateo County (650)348-6660

760 El Camino Real San Carlos (650)593-8085 SUMS AUTO REPAIR

Mobile Garage Transmission & Engine Rebuilding We Come to You! Bay Area (415)368-5969


We Sell, Install and Repair All Brands of Car Stereos
iPod & iPhone Wired to Any Car for Music Quieter Car Ride Sound Proof Your Car 31 Years Experience

Room For Rent

Travel Inn, San Carlos

1803 El Camino Real, San Carlos

$49 daily + tax $294-$322 weekly + tax

Clean Quiet Convenient Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom Microwave and Refrigerator 950 El Camino Real San Carlos

(650) 593-3136
Mention Daily Journal

CHRYSLER 06 300 Sedan, 28k mi., sun roof, excellent condition. $18k. (650)590-1194 FORD 93 250 flat bed, diesel, 100-gallon gas tanks, completely rebuilt, $2800. 650-481-5296 HONDA 10 ACCORD LX - 4 door sedan, low miles, $19K, (650)573-6981 MERCEDES 05 C-230 66k mi. Sliver, 1 owner, excellent condition, $14,000 obo (650)799-1033 MERCEDES 05 C230 - 40K miles, 4 cylinder, black, $15,000, (650)455-7461 MERCEDES 06 C230 - 6 cylinder, navy blue, 60K miles, 2 year warranty, $18,000, (650)455-7461 MERCEDES BENZ 04 E320 - Excellent condition, leather interior, navigation, 77K mi., $14,900 obo, (650)574-1198

Repair Restore Sales
Mercedes-Benz Specialists

2001 Middlefield Road Redwood City (650)299-9991

630 Trucks & SUVs

FORD 05 350 Super Duty, 4x4 Crewcab, fully loaded, 125K miles, $23,500., (650)281-4750 or (650)492-0184 TOYOTA 95 PICKUP - 122K miles, runs well, SOLD!

670 Auto Parts

2 SNOW/CABLE chains good condition fits 13-15 inch rims $10/both San Bruno 650-588-1946

510 Commercial for Rent

2165 Palm Ave. San Mateo

680 Autos Wanted Dont lose money on a trade-in or consignment! Sell your vehicle in the Daily Journals Auto Classifieds. Just $3 per day. Reach 82,500 drivers from South SF to Palo Alto
Call (650)344-5200

MERCEDES BENZ REPAIR Diagnosis, Repair, Maintenance. All MBZ Models Elliott Dan Mercedes Master Certified technician 555 O'Neil Avenue, Belmont 650-593-1300


Belmont/San Carlos
440 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. Starting from $664/mo. Units include rollup doors, 3 phase power, water, space heater, restrooms Great access to Hwy 101


Dealership Quality Affordable Prices Complete Auto Service Foreign & Domestic Autos 880 El Camino Real San Carlos 650-598-9288 CAMPER/TRAILER/TRUCK OUTSIDE backup mirror 8 diameter fixture. $30. 650-588-1946 CHEVY TRANSMISSION 4L60E Semi used $800. (650)921-1033 EXPLORER 02 Ford 20 inch wheel & Tire $99/all 650-669-0049 FORD 73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet, Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans. Complete, needs assembly, includes radiator and drive line, call for details, $1250., (650)726-9733. HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or SUV $15. (650)949-2134 TRUCK RADIATOR - fits older Ford, never used, $100., (650)504-3621

635 Vans
NISSAN 01 Quest - GLE, leather seats, sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks new, $15,500. (650)219-6008

640 Motorcycles/Scooters
BMW 03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call 650-995-0003 HARLEY DAVIDSON 83 Shovelhead special construction, 1340 ccs, Awesome!, $5,950/obo. Rob (415)602-4535.



Call 650-595-DEAL (3325) Or Stop By Our Lot 1659 El Camino Real San Carols
TOYOTA COROLLA 93 WAGON 243K miles, no accidents, $2700. firm, (650)483-1723

645 Boats
MOTOR - Evinrude for boat, 25 HP, $1000., (415)337-6364 PROSPORT 97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade, (650)583-7946.

& Paint Expert Body and Paint Personalized Service

411 Woodside Road, Redwood City 650-280-3119


CALL (650) 631-1151

DONATE YOUR CAR Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork, Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas Foundation. Call (800)380-5257. Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets Novas, running or not Parts collection etc. So clean out that garage Give me a call Joe 650 342-2483

655 Trailers
PROWLER 01 Toy carrier, 25 ft., fully self contained, $5k OBO, Trade (650)589-8765 will deliver








for as low as

MENAS Cleaning Services (650)704-2496

Great Service at a Reasonable Price


16+ Years in Business

Offer your services to over 82,000 readers a day, from Palo Alto to South San Francisco and all points between!

Carpet Windows Move in/out

Professional | Reliable | Trustworthy

Call (650)344-5200

Concrete Cabinetry



License Number: 799142

Residential & Commercial Carpentry & Plumbing Remodeling & New Construction Kitchen, Bath, Structural Repairs Additions, Decks, Stairs, Railings Lic#836489, Ins. & Bonded All work guaranteed Call now for a free estimate

(650) 580-2566
What we do: New Construction Additions Kitchen/Bath remodeling Electric & plumbing Painting: exterior/exterior Earthquake retrotting Siding Decks & Stairs Carpentry Windows Concrete work We have payment plans

Decks & Fences

NORTH FENCE CO. - Specializing in: Redwood Fences, Decks & Retaining Walls. (650)756-0694. Lic.#733213



Wednesday July 13, 2011


Decks & Fences

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors





Lic #733213


Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing Free Estimates

Specializing in:

Redwood Fences Decks Retaining Walls

Joe Byrne 650-271-0956 Ofce 650-588-8208 Gardening

(2) GALVANIZED planter with boxed liners 94 x 10 x 9 $20/all, (415)346-6038 (30) BAMBOO poles 6 to 8 Ft $15/all, (415)346-6038 FLOWER POTS many size (50 pieces) $15/all, (415)346-6038

Lic #514269

Hardwood Floors

Furnaces Water Heater Air Condition

650-756 0694

Hardwood & Laminate Installation & Repair Refinish High Quality @ Low Prices Call 24/7 for Free Estimate



Painting/Waterproofing Drywall Repair/Tape/Texture Power Washing-Decks, Fences No Job Too Big or Small
Lic.# 896174

Call Mike the Painter

General Contractor

Fences Decks Balconies Boat Docks
25 years experience
Bonded & Insured. Lic #600778


and Landscaping Full Service Includes: Also Tree Trimming Free Estimates (650)315-4011
PLANTS ASSORTED $5/each obo (10 total), (650)218-8852 POTTED PLANTS (7) $5/each 650-207-0897

800-300-3218 408-979-9665
Lic. #794899


(650)271-1320 Tile

1091 Industrial Road Suite 185 - San Carlos 10% Off and guaranteed completion for the holidays.

Marble, Stone & porcelain Kitchens, bathrooms, floors, fireplaces, entryways, decks, tile repair, grout repair Free Estimates Lic.# 955492



Call now 650-631-0330


State License #377047 Licensed Insured Bonded Fences - Gates - Decks Stairs - Retaining Walls 10-year guarantee Quality work w/reasonable prices Call for free estimate (650)571-1500


We Carry a Large Selection of * Cabinetry * Countertops * Flooring * Tile/Deco Free Estimate/Design 755 Old County Rd., San Carlos 650-817-5452

Mario Cubias (650)784-3079

Handy Help

Window Washing


Carpentry, Cabinets, Moulding, Painting, Drywall Repair, Dry Rot, Minor Plumbing & Electrcal & More! Contractors Lic# 931633/Insured


Fences Decks Arbors Retaining Walls Concrete Work French Drains Concrete Walls Any damaged wood repair Powerwash Driveways Patios Sidewalk Stairs Hauling $25. Hr./Min. 2 hrs.

CALL DAVE (650)302-0379

HOUSE REPAIR & REMODELING HANDYMAN Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Kitchen & Bath Rem, Floor Tile, Wood Fences, Painting Work. Free Estimates

Francisco Ramirez

Free Estimates 20 Years Experience




Quality, Dependable Handyman Service
General Home Repairs Improvements Routine Maintenance

Haul Any Kind of Junk Residential & Commercial Free Estimates! We recycle almost everything! Go Green!


Call Joe (650)722-3925 B BROS HAULING

Free Estimates
Junk & Debris Removal


Specializing in: Homes, Apts., Storages Professional, friendly, careful. Peninsulas Personal Mover Commercial/Residential
Fully Lic. & Bonded CAL -T190632



Specializing in Any Size Projects

for all your electrical needs

Painting Electrical Carpentry Dry Rot

40 Yrs. Experience Retired Licensed Contractor

Call Armando (650) 630-0424

Refuse Removal Free estimates Reasonable rates No job too large or small


Same Day Service Available Any household junk/misc. items, garage clean-up, leftover items from garage sales, backyard clean-up We recycle! Free estimates!



NOTICE TO READERS: California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license number in their advertising. You can check the status of your licensed contractor at or 800321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking jobs that total less than $500 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.



Since 1975 Commercial & Residential Excellent References Free Estimates

Lic # 840752

Steves Handyman Service Prompt, Tidy, Friendly Stephen Pizzi


Lic.#888484 Insured & Bonded

Call Rob (650)995-3064

Lic #321586




Huge credit card debt? Job loss? Foreclosure? Medical bills?

Know your rights.
Free consultation Serving the entire Bay Area Law Offices of Timothy J. Kodani Since 1985


Facials, Waxing, Fitness Body Fat Reduction
Pure Organic Facial $48. 1 Hillcrest Blvd, Millbrae


Call for a free consultation

This law firm is a debt relief agency

1-800-LAW-WISE (1-800-529-9473)



Wednesday July 13, 2011



Health & Medical


Massage Therapy
Grand Opening! $10. Off 1-Hour Session!


OPEN EVERYDAY 6:30AM-3PM Bagels,Santa Cruz Coffee, Sandwiches, Wifi, Kids Corner Easy Parking



BARRETT INSURANCE Eric L. Barrett, CLU, RHU, REBC, CLTC, LUTCF President Barrett Insurance Services (650)513-5690 CA. Insurance License #0737226

1482 Laurel St. San Carlos

(Behind Trader Joes) Open 7 Days/Week, 10am-10pm

680 E. 3rd Ave & Delaware


(650)212-1000 (415)730-5795
Blurry Vision? Eye Infections? Cataracts? For all your eyecare needs.

(650)508-8758 Pet Services

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 1050 Admiral Ct., #A San Bruno



1720 El Camino Real #225 Burlingame 94010

(650)589-2222 NOW OPEN!

(650) 697-3200

We Buy Gold! Bring your old gold in and redesign to something new or cash it in!
Watch Battery Replacement $9.00 Most Watches. Must present ad.


All natural, byproduct free pet foods! Home Delivery


Real Estate Loans
We Fund Bank Turndowns!
Direct Private Lender Homes Mixed-Use Commercial Based primarily on equity FICO Credit Score Not a Factor PURCHASE, REFINANCE, INVESTOR, & REO FINANCING Investors welcome Loan servicing since 1979

Burlingame Farmers Market

Rich Mans QualityPoor Mans Prices

1236 Broadway Ave., Burl.

(650)242-1011 SHANGHAI CLUB

Chinese Restraunt & Lounge We Serve Dim Sum

of Diseases and Disorders of the Eye Dr. Andrew C Soss O.D., F.A.A.O. 1159 Broadway Burlingame (650)579-7774 GREEN ISLAND HEALTH CENTER
Asian Massage & Bodywork Salon Open 7 Days a Week 10am - 9pm Grand Opening $10 off 1 Hour Session

Jewelry & Watch Repair 2323 Broadway Redwood City


1107 Howard Ave. Burlingame

(650)342-9888 SIXTEEN MILE HOUSE
Millbraes Finest Dining Restaurant

390 El Camino Real Suite U, Belmont. X St Davy Glen Rd (650)508-1168


Affordable non-attorney document preparation service Registered & Bonded Divorces, Living Trusts, Corporations, Notary Public

Wachter Investments, Inc. Real Estate Broker #746683 Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System ID #348268 CA Dept. of Real Estate

Come Sing Karaoke Sat. Night 9 pm-12 am


2608 S. El Camino Real & 25th Ave., San Mateo

I am not an attorney. I can only provide self help services at your specific direction



Closed Mondays!

$30.00/Hr Foot Massage $50.00/Hr Full Body Massage

Let the beautiful you be reborn at PerfectMe by Laser

A fantastic body contouring spa featuring treatments with Zerona, VelaShape II and VASERShape. Sessions range from $100$150 with our exclusive membership! To find out more and make an appointment call (650)375-8884

448 Broadway (650)697-6118

Real Estate Services



Low-cost non-attorney service for Uncontested Divorce. Caring and experienced staff will prepare and le your forms at the court.
Registered and Bonded Se habla Espaol.

Crowne Plaza
1221 Chess Dr., Hwy. 92 at Foster City Blvd. Exit Foster City

MEDICAL SPA 31 S. El Camino Real Millbrae


YOUR SMALL BUSINESS Get free help from The Growth Coach Go to
Sign up for the free newsletter

Representing buyers and sellers! Call or Email Larry, RE Professional



THAI TIME Restaurant & Bar
Join us for our Daily Lunch Specials
1240 El Camino Real San Carlos (650)596-8400

Lic #01407651


The Bay Areas very best Since 1972 We are not a law rm. We can only provide self help services at your specic direction.

STOP SMOKING IN ONE HOUR Hypnosis Makes it Easy Guaranteed Call now for an appointment or consultation 888-659-7766

Massage Therapy

$48 per Hour
New Customers Only Open 7 days, 10 am -10 pm 633 Veterans Blvd., #C Redwood City

Burlingame Villa & Mills Estate Villa

- Assisted Living - Dementia Care - Respite, Hospice - Post-Op/Vacation Care 1733 California Drive Burlingame

VERIZON CAR charger, still in sealed factory package, $10, 650-595-3933


14 large screen HD TVs Full Bar & Restaurant

FREE Consultation for Laser Treatment


1819 El Camino, in Burlingame Plaza

APPLE STYLEWRITER printer only $20, 650-595-3933 MACINTOSH COMPUTER complete with monitor, works perfectly, only $99, 650-595-3933

Breakfast Lunch Dinner 2009 1st Place Winner Best Crepes

Dr. Richard Woo, DPM 400 S. El Camino Real San Mateo

Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 4-6 pm 1/2 Price Food Specials Premium Imported Beers only $3.00 106 East 25th Ave. San Mateo (650)522-9800

119 Park Blvd. Millbrae -- El Camino Open 10 am-9:30 pm Daily

Lic.#4105088251/ 415600633

851 Cherry Ave., #16 San Bruno (650)589-3778



Every Time
1250 El Camino Real -- Belmont 945 El Camino Real -South San Francisco 15 24th Avenue -- San Mateo 1222 Broadway -- Burlingame

GODFATHERS Burger Lounge Dental Services

Center for Dental Medicine Bradley L. Parker DDS
750 Kains Avenue, San Bruno 650-588-4255 ------------------

Gourmet American meets the European elegance ....have you experienced it yet? Reservations & take out

(650) 637-9257
1500 El Camino Real Belmont, CA 94002




World Training Center
Martial Arts & Tae Bo Training


Call Now To Get Your Free Initial Implant Consultation


Join us for Happy Hour $3. Pints M-F, 4-6 pm
731 Kains Ave, San Bruno


General Dentistry for Adults & Children

324 N. San Mateo Drive, #2 San Mateo 94401

Steelhead Brewing Co. 333 California Dr. Burlingame (650)344-6050

CA insurance lic. 0561021






(Reg. $189.)

Early Bird Special Prime Rib Complete Dinner Mon-Thu
1699 Old Bayshore Blvd. Burlingame

Bedroom Express
Where Dreams Begin
2833 El Camino Real San Mateo - (650)458-8881 184 El Camino Real So. S. Francisco -(650)583-2221

$65. Exam/FMX
(Reg. $228.)
New Patients without Insurance



Wednesday July 13, 2011


for a cool summer!

Boogie Woogie Ballroom 551 Foster City Blvd, Suite G Foster City, CA 94404
Ballroom, latin & social dance instruction by certified professionals Awesome Beginner Program! Dance party every Fri, Sat & Sun Rent practice time on our professional floor Independent instructors welcome Come see our beautiful new dance studio! PREVIEW Dance Party! Saturday July 16 8-9pm drop-in lesson 9pm-midnight Dance Party $12 for lesson & dance $10 after 9 PM for dance only Dont miss the professional dance performances and cake & ice cream!

Hot new looks


131 W. 25th Avenue San Mateo CA, 94404 650 350 1795

650-627-4854 Open Mon-Sat 1 PM to close; Sun 3-9 PM


PerfectMe by Laser is a new kind of body shaping and contouring spa that uses a combination of purely non-invasive FDA approved technologies such as Zerona, VelaShapeand VASERShape to help you slim down, reduce cellulite and reshape your body without invasive surgery! Special Financing Plans are available through CareCredit on lenders credit approval. Call us for details.


Let the beautiful you be reborn!

Sessions range from $100-$150 with our exclusive membership!


1200 Howard Avenue #103 Burlingame