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Since passing the states largest-ever budget, Republicans have repeatedly offered compromises to prevent and end Gov. Daytons shutdown.
Owatonna Peoples Press, Editorial June 19, 2011

For all of his posturing about the Republicans being unwilling to compromise, the governor misses the point that his loyal opposition has compromised several times, in fact.
Detailed Budget COMPROMISES
GOP Legislature . . . Gov. Dayton . . .

Blueprint Negotiation OFFERS

GOP Legislature . . . Gov. Dayton . . .

Total OFFERS in the past 100+ days

GOP Legislature . . . Gov. Dayton . . .

Number of Budget Detailed GOP Leaders Requests to Gov. COMPROMISES Dayton for a Lights-On BILL to get MN back to work...

GOP Legislature passes balanced budget, first compromise - largest general fund spending ever in MN

3 0

7 5

10 5

GOP leaders offer budget schedule Gov. Dayton accepts

GOP leaders offer 2nd compromise budget offer - 100 percent Gov.s request on education, courts & public safety

GOP leaders offer 3rd compromise offer - drop tax cuts & relief, increase spending to higher ed, transp, environment

GOP leaders offer 2-day shutdown prevention negotiation schedule, Gov. accepts

GOP leaders offer spending increases in multiple offers to avert shutdown

In meeting with Governor, Senate & House Majority Leaders formally introduce lights on legislation to keep government open & operating

In meetings with Governor, Senate & House Majority offer lights on bill to get people back to work & deliver government services

In an open letter to the Gov. published in the states largest newspaper, House Majority Ldr Matt Dean asks for a special session for a lights-on bill

APR-MAY MAY 16 MAY 18 MAY 20 MAY 23-24 MAY 24 JUNE 2 FEB 11

Gov. Dayton releases complete budget as required by statute


Gov. Dayton just said NO to Republicans Kids, Courts & Cops Offer

JUNE 16 JUNE 22 JUNE 29-30 JUNE 30 JULY 1

Gov. Dayton just said NO to Tax Cut Exchange Offer Gov. Dayton makes offers, all but one* includes tax increases. *offer revoked Without budget, Gov. Dayton shut down state services

JULY 5-6-7
(July 6) Gov. Dayton makes 2 offers including income and cigarette tax increases, both include education shift


MAR 21
Gov. Dayton releases supplemental budget following budget forecast

Gov. Dayton releases so-called compromise, wont release any details of spending or revenue proposals

Gov. Dayton just said NO to conference committee reports

Gov. Dayton just said NO to Republicans offer to negotiate spending reductions totaling $1.8 Billion

Legislative session ends, Dayton vetoes entire GOP budget solution

Gov. Dayton just said NO to Republicans complete budget compromise

Gov. Dayton just said NO to his commisssioners participating in LCPFP & NO to negotiating to avoid a government shutdown

As DFL Party Chair Ken Martin said: Theres more to governing than just say no.


MNSRC, 7/9/11


10 GOP 4 Dayton

Number of Times DAYTON SAID NO. . .