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Wheat Grass Juice 1. Tea Rusk not happening 2.

Milk and Museli ( 30 gm with 250 gm of Milk ) with nuts and raisins Can have wheat bran or muesli ( harvest crunch unsweetened ) or the best oats porridge ... lowers cholesterol too 3. hav bf within 1 hr of waking up mid morn ... fruit ... apple preferably ... oranges r cool too 4. Salad and slim curd lunch ... hav multi grain roti ... sabzi avoid potato prefer greens ... add s alad n curd hav more veg when hungry rather tha.n addng one more roti helps detox ... 5 green tea in eveing eveng can hav fistfull peanuts ... 6. soup - cabbage palak dudhi tomato 7. cabg will do wondrs or hav stir fry veg on particular days ... other days when u r non vege . hav ch ickn either roasted grilled or hav less gravy more pieces prefr only breast pieces good protein no fat More protein /no carbs hav soya nuggests ... munchies ... tofu as good protein options on veg days fr d inner

Today [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:47pm whenever u kno u havhad loadza a this n tht junk hav green tea before sleepng [You] Report 2:47pm ohh alright wht does tht do ...helps digestion and all ? :):) [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:48pm lunch ... hav multi grain roti ... sabzi avoid potato prefer greens ... add sala d n curd hav more veg when hungry rather tha.n addng one more roti helps detox ... [You] Report 2:49pm ok [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:49pm whtwvr junk we eat ... inc toxiins tht end up being fat cells so us din j

ka junk usi din detoxified [You] Report 2:49pm aah thts really informative [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:50pm eveng can hav fistfull peanuts ... good fat in it n water ... plz inc ur water u need to doubl it [You] Report 2:51pm ok [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:51pm water kam hone ki vajah se weight gain hota hai [You] Report 2:52pm will try keep a count ohhh hooo will definitely keep a count then [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:52pm hav soya nuggests ... munchies ... tofu as good protein options on veg days fr d inner hav more proteins fr dinner reduce carbs actually [You] Report 2:53pm yaar ek aur baat ...raat ko paani peene se weight gain hota hai kya ..i mean bef ore sleeping [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:53pm start writing ur diet ... mail me ... keep a track of where u go wrong [You] Report 2:53pm water retention or something i alwys go wron on weekends but from tomorrow onwards will send u my diet evry day' [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:54pm pani se nahi par agar namak vala pani ho ya watermeln .. chaas... soyasauce ... to haan [You] Report 2:54pm hmm ok [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:55pm vodka taquilla raat ko agar lo ... they though r fluid dehydrate ur system its alcohol not water na so [You] Report 2:55pm ha ha ah ...okies [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:55pm it causes water retentn [You] Report 2:55pm got it ohh hmm ..i drink a lot of water next morning

to get out of hangover :):) got ur point [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:56pm jab pani kam hoga to water retentn ki vajah se swellng n wt. gain hoga hav good water n green tea the next day p.s. a secret ... u must b gettng blueberries there ... [You] Report 2:57pm yes lots of them [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:57pm its the best anti ageing food [You] Report 2:57pm and i do eat a lot of them i read ur article :):) [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:57pm forget wt. loss remembr anti ageing [You] Report 2:57pm do you get it there ? okies [Pri Ahuja] Report 2:58pm no re just a handful of stores hav it .. damn expensive 500 bucks fr 200 grams :-(:-( [You] Report 2:59pm ohh its expensive here as well ...200rs for 200 gms ...but easily available evry ehr [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:00pm good things comes in expensive packages ;-);-) [You] Report 3:00pm true [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:00pm my wheatgrass juice is waitng fr me ;-);-) [You] Report 3:01pm wow!!! go ahead pls [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:01pm hehehe wht time is it rite now [You] Report 3:01pm this i will find out if i get it here its 3 pm hey do you sty near airport in Mumbai or is it far off [Pri Ahuja]

Report 3:02pm oh n cake is already prepared ?? [You] Report 3:02pm ? yes why ? i keep baking smthng or othr [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:03pm not very near ... but yeah cant call it far offf ( near as compared to the m at lokhandwala ... 45 min to one hour ... to airport ... n thtz near sm1z coming in here ??? [You] Report 3:05pm not right now ...but i will keep a chk if sm1z is coming [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:06pm need thng frm here ??? lemme kno i travel to n fro around almost every other day not tht m a cabbie here ;-);-) [You] Report 3:07pm he he ...surely will let you know ...but oi thnk u knw wht u want u chk out this and let me know [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:08pm hehehe first u check ur weight ... lets see it disappear ;-);-) [You] Report 3:09pm yeah thts very important .... [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:10pm ;-);-) [You] Report 3:10pm but this store is really nice and next to my house but ..yes ..Thanks a lot [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:11pm u r turng super healthy on ur hubbyz day ... superb !!! [You] Report 3:11pm this is relly informative and helpful thts a b'day gioft for him :):) [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:11pm :-):-) [You] Report 3:11pm so u back home ? frm work [Pri Ahuja] Report 3:12pm yup .. [You] Report 3:12pm Ankur ..tols me you planning to quoit and start ur own ...hws tht going