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Annual Report for Year Ended 31 December 2000 Happy Vale Home For Senior Citizens was set up in 1.1.1989 as a society. It was registered under the Charities Act on 1.7.1990. Charity Registration Number ROS Registration Number Registered Address Management Committee : : : : 1234 ROS 012/1989 8 Sunset Way Singapore 129446 The Management Committee was elected at the 10th Annual General Meeting held on 1.7.2000. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Trustees : Mr David Lim Mr Peter Ho Ms Alice Tan Ms Betty Teo Mrs Lily Koh Mr William Tay Chairman Hon Secretary Hon Treasurer Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member

The premises at 8 Sunset Way is held in trust for the charity by the following trustees by the trust instrument of 1 September 1989: 1) Ms Leslie Chan 2) Ms Joyce Wong 3) Mr Jerrod Tan

Banker Auditor Investment Adviser(s) Other Adviser(s) (please give details) OBJECTIVE

: : : :

XYZ Bank Ltd F.W. Tan & Co. ABC Financial Consulting Co. 1) Mr Albert Chia 2) Dr. Cheryl Tay Legal Adviser Medical Adviser

The objective of the Home is to provide care and a shelter for the needy aged and the aged sick in Singapore irrespective of race or religion. POLICIES Finance & funding The Home is funded by the Government and from public donations. The Home also collects nominal fees from the family members of the resident. Such fees are based on the familys financial background and their ability to pay.

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Application for admission to Home Applications for admission are made directly by family members of the applicant or by the hospitals medical social workers. The applications were processed by the Management Committee. REVIEW OF YEAR 2000 Staffing Staff are recruited locally and abroad. The nursing staff recruited from overseas have to go through a series of training sessions to equip them with the skills to look after the residents. As at 31.12.2000, the breakdown of the staff strength is as follows: Matron Admin Nurses Health Attendants Driver Cooks 1 3 8 5 1 2 20 Local staff Foreign staff 6 14 20

Occupancy There were 148 residents as at 31 December 2000. A breakdown is shown as follows: Male Female 64 84 148 Chinese Malay Indian Others 88 24 27 9 148

In 2000, we received 25 applications for admission to the Home. However, due to space constraint, we were only able to admit 10 residents 7 on Public Assistance. Two of the new residents are charged at a fee between $700 to $900. Calendar of Events January February August September October November December Residents who are mobile visited the Jurong Bird Park. Chinese New Year celebration. MP for Clementi GRC came and distributed ang pows to the residents. National Day celebration. Walkathon to raise funds for the extension of the Home. Mooncake Festival celebration. Deepavali celebration.. Senior Citizens Week. Students from Jurong Junior College put up a cultural performance to entertain the residents. Christmas and Hari Raya celebrations.

Weekly physiotherapy sessions are conducted by physiotherapists from Changi General Hospital for the residents. The residents are also taught to make handicrafts. REVIEW OF FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS STATE AND EXPLANATION OF MAJOR FINANCIAL

The Home recorded a surplus of $28,000 in the year 2000. We wish to thank our donors, friends and supporters who have made significant contributions to the Home and the Homes Building Fund.
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We have spent $10,000 to purchase health equipments for the physiotherapy room. A walkation was held on 10 September 2000 (Sunday) and a total sum of $5,000 was raised.

EXPLANATION OF THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE CHARITYS ASSETS ARE HELD 1) Land and Building at 8 Sunset Way: Property purchased in 1989 by charity for the purpose of running the home for senior citizen 2) Passenger Van Plate no. P1234G : Van purchased in 1998 by charity for ferrying residents to and from hospitals and home. FUTURE PLANS AND COMMITMENTS Construction of the new wing which can house another 50 beds has begun in June 2000. The new wing is expected to be completed by June 2002. The Government will be funding 90% of the construction costs and the Home will bear the remaining 10%. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS Statement of accounts for the financial year ended 31 December 2000 is attached.

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