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Questions for Actionscript 3.0

Category: Default - (86 questions) Actionscript 3.0: _____ class manages an application window, and is different from Application Actionscript 3.0: _____ is a singleton manager that acts as a proxy between browser and application Actionscript 3.0: difference between Application and SystemManager SystemManager


Application is the main, or top level window in an applicationSystemManager manages an app window. An area where visual of application are displayed. creating the Application instance and adding it to the Flash Player displayer list activityLevel (0-100) Microphone.codec Nellymoser - defaultSpeex Nellymoser - which is default 16Hz voice activity detection (VAD)reduces bandwidth 0

Actionscript 3.0: SystemManager's most important job Actionscript 3.0: Property that returns the amount of sound the microphone is detecting Actionscript 3.0: how to get or set codec for compressing audio Actionscript 3.0: 2 codecs used for audio compression on Microphone Actionscript 3.0: codec required to be able to set sample rate using Microphone.rate Actionscript 3.0: what is sample rate set to if using Speex codec Actionscript 3.0: Speex audio codec includes ____ detection and automatically ____ when no voice is detected Actionscript 3.0: when using Speex codec, what is recommended setting for Microphone.setSilenceLevel Actionscript 3.0: how to enable Speex voice activity detection Actionscript 3.0: how to set encoded speech quality when using Speex codec and what is default Actionscript 3.0: how to set # of Speex speech frames transmitted in a packet and default

Microphone.setVAD = true Microphone.encodeQuality (0-10)default is 6

framesPerPacketdefault = 2

Actionscript 3.0: how to set amount by which microphone boosts the signal and default Actionscript 3.0: how to set the max attenuation of noise in dB used for Speex encoder Actionscript 3.0: how to set the rate at which microphone is capturing sound Actionscript 3.0: amount of sound required to activate the microphone and dispatch activity event Actionscript 3.0: how to read/set the number of milliseconds between time microphone stops detecting sound and time the activity event is dispatched Actionscript 3.0: how to find out if echo suppression is enabled / set it Actionscript 3.0: how to route audio captured by a microphone to local speakers Actionscript 3.0: what event is dispatched when a microphone starts / stops recording due to silence Actionscript 3.0: event dispatched when microphone has sound data in a buffer Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies if info about a group can be exchanged on IP Multicast Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies whether streaming is enabled for NetGroup Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies whether object replication is enabled for NetGroup Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that says if peer-to-peer connections are disabled for NetGroup Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies whether posting is enabled for NetGroup

gain (0-100)default = 50


rate silenceLeveldefault - 10

silenceTimeoutsetSilenceLevel()default is 2000 (2 seconds)

useEchoSuppressionsetUseEchoSuppressio n setLoopBack ActivityEvent.ACTIVITY

Flash 10.1 or higherSampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA ipMulticastMemberUpdatesEnabled





Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies whether directed routing methods are enabled for NetGroup Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier property that specifies whether members of NetGroup can open channel to server Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method that causes associated NetStream / NetGroup to make an initial connection to specified peerID Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method that initiates the associated NetStream / NetGroup to join a specified IP multicast group Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier methods that returns a string that represents passwords for IP multicast and posting Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method to encode and return a string that when appended to groupspec gets NetStream / NetGroup to initially connect to specified peerID Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method to encode string that when appended to groupspec gets NetStream / NetGroup to join specified IP multicast group Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method to encode a string representing posting / publishing password Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method that returns the opaque groupspec string with / without authorizations Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method that adds a pseudo random tag to groupspec Actionscript 3: GroupSpecifier method to set the publish / posting passwords Actionscript 3: get estimate of the number of NetGroup members Actionscript 3: how to find out quality of service statistics about NetGroup








encodePostingAuthorizationencodePublishA uthorization groupspecWithAuthorizations()groupspecWit houtAuthorization() makeUnique() setPublishPassword()setPostingPassword() estimatedMemberCount .inforeturns a NetGroupInfo object

Actionscript 3: NetGroup properties to get a range of address this node is "nearest" and responsible for Actionscript 3: NetGroup property for number of group members to which this node is connected Actionscript 3: what are 2 types of receiveMode for NetGroup object Actionscript 3: 2 types of NetGroup replicationStrategy Actionscript 3: what event is thrown if user rejects P2P permissions dialog Actionscript 3: NetGroup method that adds objects to set of objects this node advertises to neighbors Actionscript 3: what event does NetGroup's addHaveObject trigger Actionscript 3: manually adds a record that peerID is a member of the group Actionscript 3: how to enable RTMFP P2P automatic bootstrapping Actionscript 3: how to manually bootstrap peers into a mesh Actionscript 3: how to allow LAN peer discovery when forming RTMFP group



EXACT - only receives message if this nodes exact address usedNEAREST - accepts from neighbors without an exact match LOWEST_FIRST - objects with lowest index firstRAREST_FIRST - objects with fewest replicas among neighbors NetGroup.Connect.Rejected addHaveObjects

NetGroup.Replication.Request addMemberHint() GroupSpecifier.serverChannelEnabled = true; use NetGroup.addNeighbor() method GroupSpecifier.ipMulticastMemberUpdated = true;GroupSpecifier.addIPMulticastAddress( );then create a NetStream with GroupSpecifier if you set posting or multicast pasword, the one, "with" can post or multicast and the one "without" is receive only 64KB

Actionscript 3: different uses in GroupSpecifier for groupSpecWithAuthorizations versus groupSpecWithoutAuthorizations Actionscript 3: when doing file sharing P2P, what is max size of chunks for object replication Actionscript 3: how to inform NetGroup that you have a 2 MB file to share Actionscript 3: how to say you want data from data provider in NetGroup

break it into 32 chunks of 64KBNetGroup.addHaveObject(0,32); NetGroup.addWantObjects(index, index)

Actionscript 3: what event is triggered on DataGroup data provider after receiver calls addWantObjects Actionscript 3: what should DataGroup data provider do after receiving "NetGroup.Replication.Request" Actionscript 3: event received by data receiver when DataGroup data provider issues NetGroup.writeRequestedObject() Actionscript 3: how to grab the groupAddress of NetGroup peer if you have peerID Actionscript 3: how to route a message in NetGroup to final destination via closest neighbor node Actionscript 3: event when receiving NetGroup Direct Routing message Actionscript 3: how to detect if NetGroup.SendTo.Notify is for your node Actionscript 3: 2 ways to send message to connected neighbors with NetGroup Actionscript 3: method to post a message to all members of NetGroup Actionscript 3: what event must be received before using Actionscript 3: change to syntax for setting values in shared objectold syntax: = something Actionscript 3: a remote shared object allows client / server to send a message using ____ to all clients connected to shared object Actionscript 3: NetStream properties to set whether video / audio are sent with full reliability over RTMFP Actionscript 3: NetStream properties that determine if other peers can capture audio / video streams Actionscript 3: NetStream property to set max buffer for live streaming content


write data to group with NetGroup.writeRequestObject( ) "NetGroup.Replication.Fetch.Result"

NetGroup.convertPeerIDtoGroupAddress() NetGroup.sendToNearest( message, groupAddress) NetGroup.SendTo.Notify if ( == true ) sendToNeighbor()sendToAllNeighbors() NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect so.setProperty("x", value)





Actionscript 3: NetStream property that determines whether NetStream.send() call's are sent with full reliability Actionscript 3: how to control sound in NetStream object Actionscript 3: new object to render video that takes advantage of underlying video processor of machine Actionscript 3: what setting must be present to use stage video Actionscript 3: what is effect on HTML content when using wmode="direct" Actionscript 3: how to access StageVideo object Actionscript 3: event that will inform about stage video availability Actionscript 3: 10.2 new feature that allows bitmap-based mouse cursors that can run at OS level rather than display list in Flash Player Actionscript 3: what object is used to specify look of native mouse cursor Actionscript 3: how to register MouseCursorData that represents native mouse cursor Actionscript 3: how to add global error handling Actionscript 3: what happens when there are multiple streams in NetGroup with same name Actionscript 3: what is effect of each stream published in RTMFP group Actionscript 3: when a client is in RTMFP group, how to control the number of neighbors the node is a relay point for and what is default Actionscript 3: when using NetGroups, publishers can call _____ to inject data into a group


use .soundTransform StageVideo

wmode="direct" Flash Player runs in its own context and having overlapping HTML content on top of the player is not possible var v:Vector.<StageVideo> = stage.stageVideo;var sv:StageVideo = v[0]; StageVideoAvailability.STAGE_VIDEO_AVA ILABILITY native mouse cursors

MouseCursorData Mouse.registerCursor

loaderInfo.uncaughtErrorEvents.addEventLis tener( ) client plays first stream with that name that it can find each group member consumes and relays all streams, even if streams aren't playing at that specific client NetStream.multicastPushNeighborLimit4


Category: Video - (18 questions) ActionScript 3.0: Basic syntax for connecting video object to NetStream object ActionScript 3.0: to play video from external source you _____ ActionScript 3.0: tool to create FLV file in CS4 suite ActionScript 3.0: how to find out if user gave permission to attach to camera ActionScript 3.0: basic syntax to create Video object and add to DisplayList ActionScript 3.0: what is protocol used by Flash Media Server to stream FLV files ActionScript 3.0: FLV files were originally designed to be streamed in real time from _____ ActionScript 3.0: basic syntax for connecting video object to NetStream object ActionScript 3.0: to view the video that the camera is currently viewing ActionScript 3.0: camera setting to detect motion level ActionScript 3.0: how is FLV file meta data handled ActionScript 3.0: NetStream method to jump to specific location in video ActionScript 3.0: NetStream methods for stopping / resuming playing of FLV files ActionScript 3.0: how to get video to start playing from NetStream object ActionScript 3.0: how to attach a camera or microphone to a NetStream ActionScript 3.0: how to remove current image in Video object ActionScript 3.0: the video class inherits from ___ and must be added to ____ before it is visible. video.attachNetStream(stream) 1.) instantiate a video object2.) pass it a NetStream object Flash Video Encoder camera.mutedcamera.unmuted var video:Video = new Video();addChild(video); RTMP - real time messaging protocol Macromedia Flash Media Server

video.attachNetStream(stream) attaching the camera to a instance Camera.setMotionLevel when meta data is read from FLV the onMetaData() callback is called for NetStream playing back FLV .seek(offset:Number) stream.pause()stream.resume() url ); call to attachNetStream() on camera or microphone .clear() DisplayObjectDisplayList - addChild(video)

ActionScript 3.0: what object is used is display any non-embedded video Category: DisplayObject - (43 questions) Actionscript 3.0: methods to draw rectangles on DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: methods for changing drawing position and drawing a line from there Actionscript 3.0: when drawing an object how to indicate that DisplayObject is finished and can be rendered Actionscript 3.0: DisplayObject syntax to draw partial curves Actionscript 3.0: class for basic button with different images for states Actionscript 3.0: how to set up type of line drawn in DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: what is base abstract class for all DisplayObjects that will interact with mouse / keyboard events Actionscript 3.0: 2 events for InteractiveObject getting / losing focus Actionscript 3.0: lightweight DisplayObject type for drawing shapes (wrapper for Graphics object) Actionscript 3.0: DisplayObject type for creating basic UI elements (support for mouse / key events) Actionscript 3.0: purpose of buttonMode property of Sprite Actionscript 3.0: Sprite property to set what part of Sprite can be clicked Actionscript 3.0: object for displaying graphical objects with frame-based animations Actionscript 3.0: MovieClip methods for going to a particular spot in a clip Actionscript 3.0: MovieClip methods for going to next / previous frame / scene


.graphics.drawRect().graphics.drawRoundRe ct() .graphics.moveTo(x, y).graphics.lineTo(x, y)


.graphics.curveTo() SimpleButton graphics.lineStyle() InteractiveObject

FocusEvent.FOCUS_INFocusEvent.FOCUS _OUT Shape


controlling how cursor changes when mouse passes over object hitArea MovieClip

gotoAndStopgotoAndPlay nextScene / previousScenenextFrame / previousFrame

Actionscript 3.0: MovieClip properties that tell total frames in clip / frames loaded Actionscript 3.0: event that tells you an DisplayObject has entered frame Actionscript 3.0: Sprite method to test if point is within hitArea Actionscript 3.0: how to swap position of 2 children DisplayObjects Actionscript 3.0: how to add text to TextField Actionscript 3.0: how to set size of displayed text in TextField Actionscript 3.0: properties to scale / rotate TextField Actionscript 3.0: object used to create a CSS stylesheet Actionscript 3.0: how to use HTML in TextField Actionscript 3.0: object type for formatting TextField Actionscript 3.0: how to get most control over text font within TextField Actionscript 3.0: how to turn TextField into an input field Actionscript 3.0: event fired when HTML link is clicked in TextField Actionscript 3.0: event fired when user changes text in TextField Actionscript 3.0: base object for dealing with text in FlashPlayer Actionscript 3.0: object at the top of the Flash Player display list Actionscript 3.0: property to control how object reacts to objects below it on Stage Actionscript 3.0: what class has methods that can create a vector shape within another DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: how to define the background of any drawn shape

totalFramesframesLoaded Event.ENTER_FRAME hitTestPoint swapChildren( ) .text += "...".appendText("...") width .scaleY.scaleX.rotation Stylesheet .htmlText = TextFormat use an embedded font with TTF file .type = "input" TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT TextField Stage blend mode Graphics


Actionscript 3.0: core class that is extended by every class that displays on screen Actionscript 3.0: methods to translate local coordinates to global and back Actionscript 3.0: DisplayObject property that gives info about matrix, color, transform, and pixel bounds Actionscript 3.0: what object is between Stage and DisplayObjects Actionscript 3.0: how to access any display object of DisplayObject container without .name syntax Actionscript 3.0 - DisplayObject property to control how transparent an item is ActionScript 3.0 - how to generate alert popups Actionscript: property to control how an object with layer interacts with objects below it Actionscript: how to change the style for all Button objects Category: Event Handling - (21 questions) Actionscript 3.0: base class for event dispatching Actionscript 3.0: 3 phases of event flow

DisplayObject localToGlobalglobalToLocal transform Dictionary

DisplayObjectContainer .getChildAt(index).getChildByName(name)

alpha .blendMode

var style:CSSStyleDeclaration = StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration("Button"); style.setStyle("color", "Red");

EventDispatcher .eventPhase ==EventPhase.CAPTURING_PHASEEventP hase.AT_TARGETEventPhase.BUBBING_P HASE from stage down to target object, allowing events to be monitored at higher level. Then bubbles back out. IEventDisplatcher dispatchEvent( .. ) event object an nothing else(event:Event)

Actionscript 3.0: what is the event flow in ActionScript Actionscript 3.0: what interface is required to develop event dispatcher Actionscript 3.0: method used to signal an event happening Actionscript 3.0: the only argument that an event handler should have is _____

Actionscript 3.0: methods to add / remove event listeners Actionscript 3.0: interface for marking a class capable of dispatching events Actionscript 3.0: how to create a new Event object Actionscript 3.0: best practice on event strings Actionscript 3.0: how to control order of event listeners Actionscript 3.0: which phase of event flow will event handler be called and how to control Actionscript 3.0: how to listen to all MouseEvents in program Actionscript 3.0: properties to get local/global coordinates of MouseEvent Actionscript 3.0: property of MouseEvent to indicate amount mouse wheel moved Actionscript 3.0: event for mouse moving over / away from object Actionscript 3.0: event sent when user changes focus with mouse Actionscript 3.0: event thrown if user changes focus with keyboard Actionscript 3.0: what are Input Method Editors Actionscript 3.0: events thrown by Input Method Editors ActionScript 3.0: how to add custom events to class Category: Printing - (2 questions) Actionscript 3.0: what class can be used for printing

.addEventListener("eventType", eventFunction).removeEventListener("event Type", eventFunction) IEventDispatcher use Event constructorpublic function Event(type:String, bubbles:Boolean=false, cancelable:Boolean=false) either subclass Event or make it a static const string so it can be changed later there is an optional priority parameter in addEventListener, higher is more priority default is target and bubble phasecan use useCapture parameter of addEventListener, can only use bubble or capture but not both listen to the stagethis.stage.addEventListener(...) global - stageX / stageYlocal - localX / localY delta MouseEvent.ROLL_OUTMouseEvent.ROLL _OVER FocusEvent.MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE FocusEvent.KEY_FOCUS method used to input Chinese and other asian characters sets IMEEvents set metadata above class definition[Event (name="..." type="")]public class MyClass extends UIComponent { }


Actionscript 3.0: 3 basic methods to print using PrintJob Category: External Communication - (15 questions) Actionscript 3.0: URLStream property for telling if any data is available to read Actionscript 3.0: method to send data to server without grabbing return info Actionscript 3.0: object to get data from outside web service Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader event that is called as progress is made on large file download Actionscript 3.0: how to set HTTP request type for URLBuilder Actionscript 3.0: how to navigate to a new web page Actionscript 3.0: how to add request parameters to URLBuilder object


.bytesAvailable URLLoader

request.method = "GET" = "name=josh&login=true";or use URLVariables objectvar urlVars:URLVariables = new URLVariables(); = "will"; = urlVars; Loader which is an DisplayObject type .load (URLRequest) .dataFormat URLRequest Event.OPEN US URLStream

Actionscript 3.0: object used to load and display pictures or SWF files Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader method to send request and get data from server Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader property that tells you what type of data was received Actionscript 3.0: object used to grab URL from web server Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader event if there is an error in receiving a stream Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader events for start / finish of load events Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader event if HTTP status code is received Actionscript 3.0: object used if you need access to data being downloaded before it is finished

Category: Timer - (4 questions) Actionscript 3.0: 2 primary events for Timer class Actionscript 3.0: how to create a Timer Actionscript 3.0: how to kick off Timer / pause / stop Actionscript 3.0: methods on Timer for tracking where you are in repeatCount Category: Security - (4 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to explicitly allow loading of SWF file by another domain Actionscript 3.0: how to check the type of security sandbox in which the calling file is operating Actionscript 3.0: how to explicitly set the security context of a loaded SWF file Actionscript 3.0: how to trigger download of crossdomain.xml file in code Category: General - (23 questions) Actionscript 3.0: file ending for ActionScript classes Actionscript 3.0: keyword to inherit a class from another Actionscript 3.0: statement to bring in code from class so you can use with shortened name Actionscript 3.0: setting default values in function definitions Actionscript 3.0: explicit way to access methods of superclass Actionscript 3.0: generating a random number Actionscript 3.0: syntax to declare a constant Actionscript 3.0: keyword to access instance variable within a method .as extends import com.example.shapes.Rectangle in constructor of SWF file call Security.allowDomain(....); Security.sandboxType() TimerEvent.TIMERTimerEvent.TIMER_COM PLETE var timer:Timer = new Timer(delay, repeatCount); .start().stop().reset() .currentCount().repeatCount()

by setting the LoaderContext.applicationDomain to ApplicationDomain.currentDomain() Security.loadPolicyFile()

function myFunc(name:String = "Will") { } super keyword Math.random() const keyword this keyword

Actionscript 3.0: syntax for looping over values in object Actionscript 3.0: way to group classes and control who can access outside of package structure Actionscript 3.0: syntax to override a function in subclass Actionscript 3.0: keyword to call base method when overriding method Actionscript 3.0: how to cast a variable as a certain type Actionscript 3.0: syntax to test if variable is a certain type Actionscript 3.0: syntax to pass variable number of arguments to function Actionscript 3.0: syntax to create a function expression Actionscript 3.0: way to apply a function to every element of array and create new array Actionscript 3.0: object type for associative array with key Actionscript 3.0: basic syntax to create function Actionscript 3.0: basic syntax for declaring a variable Actionscript 3.0: 4 keywords to control scope of variables Actionscript 3.0: syntax for created a dynamic class (that can be modified runtime) Actionscript 3.0: how to create an Object with properties Category: XML - (15 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to access elements in XML objects Actionscript 3.0: how to search XML object for children with a certain name

for (var element:String in TargetObject) { }forEach (var element:Object in targetObject) {} namespace

override keyword Type(var) is keyword function sum(... numbers) var doSomething:Function = function(arg:Object) { } map(functionName) Dictionary public function doSomething (arg1:Object1,...):void { } var name:type = initialize; publicprivateinternal - available within same class packageprotected dynamic keywords var o:Object = {name: "will", hair: "brown"};

dot syntax with [index] for arraysmyXML.beta[1]; .child("name")

Actionscript 3.0: how to access attribute values in XML object Actionscript 3.0: XML method to grab parent element Actionscript 3.0: syntax to assign XML to variable Actionscript 3.0: how to use namespaces when accessing XML nodes Actionscript 3.0: how to access text within XML element / text of element itself Actionscript 3.0: duplicate an XML object Actionscript 3.0: object that represents a numbered set of XML tags at same level Actionscript 3.0: load XML data from external sources Actionscript 3.0: 2 ways to add items to XML Actionscript 3.0: syntax to filter within XML Actionscript 3.0: syntax to directly access descendant nodes without worrying about path Actionscript 3.0: how to embed ActionScript directly into XML data Actionscript 3.0: class used to communicate with XML socket server Category: URLLoader - (2 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to load cross domain files with URLLoader Actionscript 3.0: URLLoader property for data from load operation Category: NetStream - (47 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to initialize a NetStream for downloading FLV over HTTP connection Actionscript 3.0: the NetStream class has a ____ event handler

@ - attribute identifiermyXML.beta[0].@delta .parent() var myXML:XML = <tag1><tag2><tag3 var=value1/></tag2></tag1> the :: operatorname::elementName .toString() - text within.toXMLString() .copy() XMLList URLLoader to load then feed to XMLmyXML = XML( ); + and +=orappendChild( ) parentheses filter operation ( ).(year < 1990) movieList..title

enclose code in braces {...} XMLSocket class

the 2nd domain must have crossdomain.xml file that lists all the servers that may load files from it .datait is null until operation is finished

var connection:NetConnection = new NetConnection(null);var stream:NetStream = new NetStream(connection); onStatus()

Actionscript 3.0: how to catch the onMetaData event of NetStream

define a client object as an Object and define the event listeners. Then assign to .client property of NetStreamvar clientObject:Object = new Object();clientObject.onMetaData = metaDataListener;netStream.client = clientObject; .client

Actionscript 3.0: NetStream property to add object listening for onMetaData and onCuePoint events Actionscript 3.0: syntax for adding event listener to NetStream Actionscript 3.0: NetStream property to add SoundTransform object to control volume / panning of video Actionscript 3.0: NetStream property that gives number of seconds of data in buffer Actionscript 3.0: if you are working with media server what object is used to stream information from user's camera to server Actionscript 3.0: NetStream method for closing connection and making stream available for another use Actionscript 3.0: NetStream properties for number of bytes loaded / total bytes of file being loaded Actionscript 3.0: object for regular expression ActionScript 3.0: NetStream invoked method when a peer-publishing stream matches a peer-subscribing stream ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection - how to tell if a secure connection with TLS instead of HTTPS was made ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection method to add a context of header to the AMF packet structure ActionScript 3.0: NetStream - when publishing directly to peers what is peerID in new NetConnection set to ActionScript 3.0: how to use NetConnection to connect to a video file on a local computer

videoStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEv ent.NET_STATUS, onStatus); .soundTransform




RegExp onPeerConnect




use null in connection callconnection = new NetConnection()connection.connect(null);

ActionScript 3.0: what is farID of NetConnection object ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection what is farNonce property ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection - what is reciprocal to to farID ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection what is the reciprocal to farNonce property ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection what is RTMPE protocol ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection what is RTMPS ActionScript 3.0: Call the NetStream _____ method to play a live or recorded stream ActionScript 3.0: NetStream property that returns a NetStreamInfo object with stats about quality of service ActionScript 3.0: how to send audio / video / text messages from client of Flash Media Server ActionScript 3.0: NetStream - when creating connection what should peerID be set when connecting to FMS ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection property that gives total # of inbound / outbound connects that this instance of Flash Player allows ActionScript 3.0: NetConnections - object with all the peer subscriber NetStream objects that aren't associated with publishing NetStream objects ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection what is RTMPT / RTMPTE ActionScript 3.0: a NetStream object is _____ ActionScript 3.0: Call the NetStream _____ method to give the stream a unique name and send data over stream to server ActionScript 3.0: NetStream method to add meta data to live audio or video

identifier of Flash Media Server instance to which this Flash Player is connected value chosen substantially by Flash Media Server, unique to this connection nearID nearNoncevalue chosen substantially by this Flash Player, unique to this connection encrypted RTMP HTTPS based RTMP .play .info





HTTP tunneling RTMPHTTP tunneling encrypted RTMP a channel within a NetConnection object .publish( )


ActionScript 3.0: NetStream - # of seconds in subscribing streams buffer in live mode ActionScript 3.0: NetStream methods for setting DRM authentication credentials / deleting cached credentials ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection - nearID is used as the ____ for new NetStream connections to this client.Subsequently, this identifier is the _____ in any peer NetStream connection to this listener. ActionScript 3.0: Subscriber NetStream objects that are associated with publishing NetStream objects are in the ____ array ActionScript 3.0: the object assigned to NetStream.client property can listen for the following data points (6) ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection how to set fallback connection methods if initial attempt fails ActionScript 3.0: NetStream methods to set or determine if audio / video will play on stream ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection property used to tell what type of AS encoding to use as default when making calls ActionScript 3.0: NetStream property to set the frame rate for incoming video ActionScript 3.0: NetStream property for number of frames per second being displayed ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection property that indicates method used to make a connection if it is connected ActionScript 3.0: NetConnect purpose

liveDelay setDRMAuthenticationsCredentialsresetDR MVouchers peerIDfarID


onCuePointsonImageDataonMetaDataonPla yStatusOnTextDataonXMPData proxyType


NetConnection.defaultObjectEncoding - all subsequent created NetConnects.objectEncoding - particular instance receiveVideoFPS currentFPS


to connect client to Flash Media Server or server with Flash Remotingcan also be used to play video or MP3 files client

ActionScript 3.0: NetStream property that indicates the object on which call back methods should be invoked

ActionScript 3.0: NetConnection property that indicates whether app is connected to a server through RTMP ActionScript 3.0: NetStream - when playing directly from a specific peer what should peerID be set to in initialization Category: URLStream - (1 questions) Actionscript 3.0: URLStream method for reading available data before download is finished Category: Arrays - (4 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to do conditional processing on arrays ActionScript 3.0: how to loop through an array passing to a function ActionScript 3.0: 2 ways to sort an Array ActionScript 3.0: syntax to add items to an array Category: Sounds - (16 questions) ActionScript 3.0: syntax for loading local file / url to Sound object ActionScript 3.0: class for controlling volume and panning for SoundChannel ActionScript 3.0: how to monitor sound level on microphone ActionScript 3.0: properties of Sound that give metaData for file size / downloaded so far ActionScript 3.0: class for controlling loading data into sound object ActionScript 3.0: how to get spectrum data for sound being played in SoundMixer ActionScript 3.0: how to control level of sound microphone will transmit ActionScript 3.0: class for checking if user has audio / streaming audio capabilities every


specify that peer's identity


- booleansome - booleanfilter returns new array of all trues .forEach( functionName )

.sort( ).sortOn( ) - based on properties .concat( item1, item2, ...)

var sound:Sound = new Sound ( new URLRequest("sound.mp3") ); SoundTransform Microphone.activityLevel bytesTotalbytesLoaded

SoundLoaderContext SoundMixer.computeSpectrum(); silenceLevelsetSilenceLevel Capabilities classCapabilities.hasAudio()Capabilities.has StreamingAudio()

ActionScript 3.0: to create a microphone object ActionScript 3.0: how to get a songs ID3 tag info ActionScript 3.0: 6 characteristics of SoundTransform used to vary Characteristics of sound being played ActionScript 3.0: name of song metadata on MP3 files ActionScript 3.0: how to buffer 5 seconds worth of audio before playing

call the static methodMicrophone.getMicrophone()returns 1st working microphone monitor the ID3 event callback volumepanleftToRightleftToLeftrightToLeftrig htToRight ID3 tag use SoundLoaderContextvar context:SoundLoaderContext = new SoundLoaderContext();context.bufferTime = 5000;var song:Sound = new Sound( new URLRequest("location", context) ); SoundChannel SoundMixer Sound

ActionScript 3.0: class for single Sound being fed into SoundMixer ActionScript 3.0: class that is manager for all sounds being played back in FlashPlayer ActionScript 3.0: class that holds the audio data for a sound Category: Error Handling - (2 questions) Actionscript 3.0: how to throw an error Actionscript 3.0: how to output logging information to Flash Category: Remote Communication - (7 questions) Actionscript 3.0: native way of communicating in binary with server Actionscript 3.0: protocol used for Flash Remoting Actionscript 3.0: what object is used to connect to a server for flash remoting Actionscript 3.0: event used by NetConnection to signal status of connection Actionscript 3.0: NetConnection methods to open / close connection to server Actionscript 3.0: how to invoke a flash remoting command on NetConnection

throw new Error("string", code); trace(...)

Flash Remoting AMF - Actionscript Message Format NetConnection NetConnection.NET_STATUS .connect.close .call("commandName", responder, arg1, .. )

Actionscript 3.0: flash remoting server solution in PHP Category: Local Storage - (6 questions) Actionscript 3.0: object used to store preferences and other information for program to use later Actionscript 3.0: By default when you save info to a local shared object, it is associated with _____ Actionscript 3.0: how to modify storage location of SharedObject so that all SWF's from same domain can share Actionscript 3.0: how to change SharedObject encoding to share with ActionScript 1.0 / 2.0 Actionscript 3.0: how to explicitly find out if data storage space is available and prompt user Actionscript 3.0: interface used to mark a class serializable for use with SharedObject Category: File Upload / Download - (6 questions) Actionscript 3.0: 2 classes for supporting file upload / download Actionscript 3.0: how to prompt user to pick a file for upload Actionscript 3.0: class used to describe file types for upload Actionscript 3.0: what events are used by the file browsing object to indicate user selected / canceled dialog Actionscript 3.0: how to trigger upload of file with FileReference Actionscript 3.0: how to trigger a download of a file Category: Filter Effects - (18 questions) Actionscript 3.0: package that contains Photoshop-like effects for DisplayObjects

AMFPHP - open source


the SWF that created it

pass 2nd paramater to SharedObject.getLocal("Name", "/"); SharedObject.defaultObjectEncoding = ObjectEncoding.AMF0() sharedObject.flush()

IExternalizable ceList .browse of FileReferenceObject FileFilter Event.SELECTEvent.CANCEL

.upload( URLRequest ) URLRequest )


Actionscript 3.0: where are all the filter objects stored that have been applied to DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: how to apply a drop shadow to DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: what controls shadow offset of DropShadowFilter Actionscript 3.0: how is blur effect created Actionscript 3.0: how to control the light source direction of DropShadowFilter Actionscript 3.0: 2 classes for applying bevel to DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: 2 classes to apply glow effect to DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: class used for complex color transformations such as changes in color saturation, hue, etc. Actionscript 3.0: filter used for advanced effects such as edge detection, embossing, and sharpening Actionscript 3.0: filter for applying distortion and texture effects to display objects Actionscript 3.0: how to apply more than 1 filter to DisplayObject Actionscript 3.0: how to rotate objects with filters Actionscript 3.0: how to use bitmap fill with drawing or Graphics object Actionscript 3.0: how to apply a gradient to drawing line Actionscript 3.0: how to generate a gradient fill when vector drawing Actionscript 3.0: method to draw circles / ellipses on Graphics object Actionscript 3.0: what is the effect of Mask on Graphics drawing Category: Animation - (28 questions)

.filters (array)

DropShadowFilter object .distance property BlurFilter .angle BevelFilterGradientBevelFilter GlowEffectGradientGlowEffect ColorMatrixFilter


DisplacementMapFilter circle.filters = [ filter1, filter2, ... ] draw contents of DisplayObject to BitmapData object and display this and rotate BitmapData objectgraphics.beginBitmapFill( ) lineGradientStyle .beginGradientFill() .drawCircle.drawEllipse you will see only part of object that exists within mask

Actionscript 3.0: what is the recommended frames per second and default in Flash CS3 Actionscript 3.0: how to refresh animation after a timer event Actionscript 3.0: event that is triggered at start of each animation frame Actionscript 3.0: call used to calculate elapsed time since last frame Actionscript 3.0: in animation the key frames are called ____ and the in-between frames are called _____ Actionscript 3.0: in animation the change in speed through a tween is called ____ Actionscript 3.0: XML used in Flash to describe animation Actionscript 3.0: object used to play animation with motionXML Actionscript 3.0: what is package used for animation in Flex Actionscript 3.0: class that allows you to apply geometric and color transformations to display objects Actionscript 3.0: Transform property for setting up geometric transformations Actionscript 3.0: Transform property for setting up color transformations Actionscript 3.0: class that is main focus of API in Flash 9.0 for working with bitmaps Actionscript 3.0: how to embed an image asset in Flex Actionscript 3.0: in Flex how to create an instance of embedded image Actionscript 3.0: object used to display BitmapData object Actionscript 3.0: how to copy screen shots from DisplayObjects Actionscript 3.0: how to make a copy of one BitmapData object to another

30 fps recommended12 fps default event.updateAfterEffect(); Event.ENTER_FRAME flash.utils.getTimer(); keyframestweens

easing motionXML Animator mx.effects flash.geom.Transform

.matrix .colorTransform flash.display.BitmapData [Embed (source="file.jpg")[private var myImage:Class; var myBitmap:BitmapAsset = new MyBitmap(); flash.display.Bitmap BitmapData objects have a .draw() method .clone()

Actionscript 3.0: how to copy a region from 1 BitmapData object to another Actionscript 3.0: how to copy red, green, blue or Alpha channel from one BitmapData object to another Actionscript 3.0: how to merge 2 BitmapData objects Actionscript 3.0: how to apply fills to BitmapData objects Actionscript 3.0: how to detect areas by color in BitmapData Actionscript 3.0: BitmapData method to replace colors Actionscript 3.0: BitmapData method to dissolve pixels Actionscript 3.0: remap the color palette of BitmapData object Actionscript 3.0: how to add Perlin noise to BitmapData Actionscript 3.0: how to add a filter to BitmapData object Category: Binary Data - (3 questions) Actionscript 3.0: object used for binary data Actionscript 3.0: max value in each element of ByteArray Actionscript 3.0: methods for rapidly reading / writing objects to ByteArray Category: Binary Communication - (3 questions) Actionscript 3.0: class used for binary socket connections to servers Actionscript 3.0: event to listen for incoming data on Socket Actionscript 3.0: how to send messages to server with Socket Category: Deployment - (1 questions) Actionscript 3.0: Flash Player required for ActionScript 3.0

copyPixels() copyChannel()

.merge() flllRect()floodFill() getColorBoundsRect() threshhold() .pixelDissolve() .palletMap() .perlinNoise() .applyFilter()

ByteArray 255 .writeObject().position = 0.readObject

Socket ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA .writeFloat / writeObject / etcthen.flush() to send to server

FlashPlayer 9.0 and up

Category: Javascript - (3 questions) Actionscript 3.0: class to call Javascript functions from Flash and ActionScript from JavaScript Actionscript 3.0: syntax to call JavaScript from Flash Actionscript 3.0: how to call ActionScript from JavaScript flash.external.ExternalInterface"function", "param1"); within ActionScript register a functionExternalInterface.addCallback("runFl ashScript", runScript);then call by referencing id of SWFObjectdocument.getElementByID("flash objectId").runFlashScript();

Category: Local Communication - (2 questions) Actionscript 3.0: what is used to communicate between local Flash applications Actionscript 3.0: how to send / receive message with LocalConnection Category: Data Binding - (2 questions) ActionScript 3.0 - how to setup variable binding in ActionScript ActionScript 3.0 - what is returned by BindingUtils.bindProperty call Category: Input Parameters - (3 questions) ActionScript 3.0 - what can be used as alternative to QueryString to pass variables into SWF file ActionScript 3.0 - syntax to pass in FlashVars to SWF file FlashVars BindingUtils.bindProperty(...) ChangeWatcher which can be used to set other handlers for change to data / property

.send()on receiverreceiver.client = this;receiver.connection(connectionName);

in object tag<PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE=[var1=val1&var2=val2...]for embed tag<EMBED FlashVars=[var1=value1&var2=value2....] .. > LoaderInfo(this.loaderInfo).parameters

ActionScript 3.0 - how to grab FlashVars or QueryString parameters passed into loaded SWF file Category: Bitmap - (21 questions) Actionscript: how to draw rectangle with bitmap fill named bitmapAsset ActionScript: how to attach BitmapData objects to a Bitmap object

g.beginBitmapFill(bitmapAsset.bitmapData); g.drawRect(....)g.endFill(); .bitmapData property of Bitmap object

ActionScript: how to combine a source image & filter and draw on BitmapData object ActionScript: free memory used by BitmapData object ActionScript: methods to prevent / allow objects that reference BitmapData to update when BitmapData changes ActionScript: Method for detecting collisions between 2 rectangular shaped objects ActionScript: method to find out if a mouse is over a particular point ActionScript: BitmapData function for determining 2 BitmapData objects and says whether any of their pixels overlap ActionScript: What must be done to make hitTest more functional than hitTestObject

applyFilter method

.dispose() lock / unlock

hitTestObject hitTestPoint BitmapData.hitTest

the Bitmap must have transparent background. This is done in constructor:new BitmapData(width, height, transparent, color) opaque - 24 bit 0xRRGGBBtransparent - 32 bit 0xAARRGGBB - the AA is the alpha information num.toString(2);

ActionScript: difference in color values between transparent / opaque Bitmap object ActionScript: how to see binary representation of a numbervar num:int = 240; ActionScript: how to trigger a function when data binding occurs Math: Computer Science: semi-Thue system morphism with domain X and codomain Y string rewriting system (SRS) - rewriting system over string from a (usually finite) alphabet string rewriting system - given a binary relation R between fixed strings in the alphabet, called rewrite rulesdenoted by s -> t,an SRS extends to left/right hand side of rules appear as substringUsV -> UtV Sigma - alphabet, usually finite - groups of alphabet symbols - wordsR - binary relation on string from Sigma

Computer Science: SRS

Computer Science: SRS symbolism

Computer Science: L-system

Lindamayer system is a parallel rewriting systemV - alphabet of symbols that can be replicatedw - (start, axiom, initiator) defining initial statesP - production rules to define how variables can be replaced hom-set between X and Ycollection of all morphisms from X to Y for a set S with respect of finite encodings of its elements is the algorithmic problem of deciding whether 2 given representations represent the same element of the set method of programming vector graphics using a relative cursor (the turtle) on a Cartesian plane continuous fractal space-filling curve

Math: category theory meaning of Computer Science: word problem

Computer Science: turtle graphics

Computer Science: Hilbert curve Category: Logging - (7 questions) ActionScript: how to include time, level, categories when logging with TraceTarget ActionScript: how to add TraceTarget to Logging ActionScript: how to specify a category when logging ActionScript: how to set TraceTarget to accept only certain categories ActionScript: how to set logging level for a TraceTarget ActionScript: how to define your own logging targets (ex: send a message to remove server) ActionScript: how to target built in trace messages for WebService, HTTPService and RemoteObject Category: Debugging - (7 questions) ActionScript: how to find out if flash player is debug version ActionScript: how to compile application with debug data within SWF

on a TraceTarget object.includeTime = true;.includeLevel = true;.includeCategory = true; Log.addTarget(_target); Log.getLogger("").info("mes sage") _target.filters = ["com.oreilly.*"]; _target.level = LogEventLevel.FATAL; implement ILoggingTarget interfacecan use AbstractTarget class which implements default set of behaviors _target.filters = ["mx.messaging.*"];

flash.system.Capabilities.isDebugger -debug=truemxmlc -debug=true main.mxml

ActionScript: how to get Flash Debug Player to highlight areas of running app that are being redrawn ActionScript: command line debugger Actionscript: how to log messages in debug flash player Actionscript: the logging framework consists of 2 main components


FDB trace( 'message' ) logger - used by app to configure the logging environment and send messages that are output by a targettarget - specify where log messages are output mx.logging.targets.TraceTarget

Actionscript: class for setting the debug target Category: Capabilities - (1 questions) Actionscript: how to get the version of flash being used