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Studio Policy

2009 - 2010
Susan West, NCTM Kelsey Gilsdorf, Piano Instructor Angie Blank, Piano Instructor 715 Haskins Road Bowling Green, OH 43402 419-353-4176

Philosophy Statement
The Studio Connection is an independent piano studio devoted to promoting a love for music to
students of all ages that desire to learn. Our musically trained, professionally qualified instructors strive to educate, motivate and guide students to discover and develop their potential as a creative musician. Recognizing the unique learning style of every individual, we are committed to tailoring a well-rounded curriculum presented in a positive and supportive learning environment.

Studio Calendar
Students will be given a calendar at the start of each semester outlining dates of private lessons, enrichment sessions, make-up weeks and performance opportunities.

Private Lessons
Lessons are available in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Most students will begin at 30 minutes and increase lesson length upon recommendation of the instructor. During individual lessons students will concentrate primarily on solo repertoire, while incorporating proper technique and other necessary areas of musicianship. Such areas to develop will include technique, sight-reading, ear training, theory, transposition, basic improvisation, performance and accompaniment skills.

Enrichment Sessions
Each forty-five minute enrichment session consists of groups of three to four students, and is scheduled approximately once per month, replacing the private lesson for that week. Students are expected to come to their scheduled group times, prepared to perform when assigned. Exceptions will be made for adult students. Major concepts will be introduced and/or developed through the means of games and activities. Special emphasis will also be given to ensemble playing and performance preparation.

Missed Lessons (Attendance Policy)

Prompt attendance is expected in order to establish routine and maximize your investment in the personal attention of private lessons. If you wish to cancel a lesson, please call 419-353-4176 before noon the day of the lesson. There will be no refunds for lessons missed because of occasional illness or other conflicts with the lesson time. Reasonable attempts will be made to make-up lessons due to sickness, weather, or family emergencies. Make-up lessons will rarely be scheduled within a regular lesson week, however the week of enrichment sessions may have available time slots to reschedule. Lessons missed by the instructor will either be rescheduled or credited financially. Enrichment sessions cannot be made up. If known in advance that a student cannot attend their specified class, they may take part in a different class with the instructors permission.

Financial Responsibilities
Based on a yearly schedule of 35 lessons divided equally into 10 months, tuition is as follows: 30 minute lessons 45 minute lessons 60 minute lessons $70/month $105/month $130/month

Fees, payable in advance of lessons, are to be paid monthly. Invoices will be mailed approximately two weeks before the due date, which is the first lesson of each month. These monthly statements will include tuition, activity fees, and materials purchased for the student. A family discount will be granted to those with two or more students enrolled simultaneously. First student rate is full price, second student discounted 10%, and third student discounted 15%. Payments not received in full by the 10th day of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee. Performance opportunities may include an application fee (non-refundable). Involvement in these activities will be discussed before registering the student and adding the fee to the students account. Throughout the year, the instructor will purchase necessary music for the student, and the account will be charged accordingly. To keep costs low, use of the studio music library will be encouraged and taken advantage of as much as possible. Additional costs involved in piano lessons may include the purchase of a metronome and regular tunings to an acoustic piano at home. Recommendations of piano technicians will be given upon request.

Communicating with your Instructor

Communication is extremely important in creating a positive and successful learning environment. If you are dissatisfied with an instructor, please speak to them directly. Complaints are taken very seriously and complements are deeply appreciated. Every effort will be made to resolve problems before discontinuing lessons, whether it is a personality conflict, boredom with lessons, or financial need. In the event that it is still necessary to withdraw from lessons, one months notice is required to allow the studio to prepare for this absence.

Parental Involvement
Parental involvement is so beneficial to the success of the student. The establishment of a regularly scheduled practice time must be enforced and encouraged by the caregiver. Practicing is the means to realizing the students potential, and coming prepared to lessons is crucial. Students under the age of 10 should have a person who can regularly supervise their practice at least twice a week. For help in establishing realistic practice goals and understanding studio expectations, please refer to the Practice Agreement that each family will be asked to sign.

Final Considerations
It is our privilege to work with families of the community as we find joy in seeing students progress in their love and understanding of music. While these policies are meant to establish clear goals and expectations on our end, we hope you will find us accommodating and easy to work with. It is our pleasure to have you as a part of The Studio Connection! You can now check us out online at