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Original found @ 5-24-10 Dear Casey, It was great seeing you last wk.

If Id had known they werent taking you out of the court room during the recess, Id never have left. What a great surprise to see you when I came back in. Thanks for having Jose acknowledge Donna & Glenn. They have been my life line this past yr. and a half. They started being my church family and now Donna is like a sister. She remembers meeting you with Caylee at Adam Lynchs Grandmas condo @ cocoa beach. Donna and Sarah are great friends. Sarah and I have become friends as well. Ive gone out with her and Chuck. Adam is living outside of Gainesville as a firefighter. His brother just had a son a few months ago. The baby is so cute----Sarah showed me pictures. She was very fond of you. Im not sure if you would remember Katie and Kyla Cox, they are Donna and Glenns girls. Katie is Mallorys age, Kyla will be 22 soon. Its funny because Donna is a good friend of Sherri Chancellors. They were at Justins graduation party. We probably met them a long time ago. Small world. Lee and Donnas son Dustin went o to Colonial at the same time. They were friends. Dad and I just got back from visiting Aunt Ruth and Uncle Basil. Lexi graduated two weeks ago from college and Lil Basil just graduated Saturday from high school. We went to their open house on the 15th. Got to see all the Eddys and Aunt Sonnie and Tracys (?) We had a lot of fun. Grandma and Grandpa A just spent the night with us on their way back home. We had a nice visit with them and Lee and Mal. On our way home from Aunt Ruthies we stopped to see Shane. We got to go to his Sunday morning service last week. They are doing great and they all send their love to you. Including all of the family. Dad and I just spent last Thurs. with Grandma P and Grandpa P. They both are doing well. I picked up your clothes last Fri. from Jose. Cried when I saw your grey pants and white blouse. I remember our last hug in that outfit. (10-14-2008)I wish I knew what size pants to get you. Tell Jose which ones fit you the best and I will try to get you some more. You look so good and thanks for my compliment. Still not sure if I want my hair long or not but I might as well let it grow until I absolutely hate it. I love seeing your hair long. So I understand that the Jail and the Sheriffs Office think I committed mail fraud. They must think Im really STUPID. Why would I send you a card and put another address besides mine on it. What purpose would that serve? None! Did Jose tell you that I freaked out when I saw the SWAT team in court last month? He said they are always with you. I was worried that theres treats (s/b threats) on your life and they are finally being taken seriously. I swear there are maniacs out there. I hope they step up security next year for all of us. Its going to be nuts. Hopefully by then somebody will actually look at the evidence and clearly see that they need to be looking for the real person that took our Caylee. I still think they need to find out how Leonard knew Caylee was going to be found 2 days before it happened. (BTW Im not convinced it was Caylee.) I think it was all staged and Leonard knew something was going to happen. Why else did he fly here on Tues. And Thursday was when Kronk went back into the woods. Funny this time he was too shook up to call the police himself. Didnt stop him in August to call three times and not be upset in fact was humming. Still very fishy. Somehow its all linked together. Too bad the Sheriffs office was to busy building a case against you that theyve overlooked all the facts that nothing has tied you to the sight at Suburban drive. One big cover up to cover up shoddy police work. At least some of the local reporters

are not buying the BS that was shovelled to them. Many are looking on their own and are seeing that all they have is a theory and nothing to back it up. My understanding there is still an investigation but I still think theyre trying to find some proof you did it. Dont they understand you cant find something on someone if they didnt do it. Never searched Ricks condo------which they should have. Caylees blanket and that pink shirt was in his apartment and since I hadnt seen either of them Id thought they would have checked his place for the fibers they never found in your car & why didnt they search Jesses truck. I told them Jesse was driving another vehicle for about 1 week after he knew I was suspicious when his truck matched one of the tips in July. Why would Jesse pose as a deputy on Caylees disappearance and set up an appt. to meet a tipster in Georgia only to cancel 5 min. away from the meeting and lie about being late for his nieces 3rd birthday? He clearly doesnt have a niece and Caylees 3rd birthday was a matter of days away. He went way out of his way to back out after she described the truck and the 2 men that she saw. I guess she was afraid she would ID him. You stay strong Casey. Many many people believe in you and are trying to get to the truth. Not everyone has been brainwashed and not everyone is trying to cover his/her butt. There is a lot of deputies that disagree with what went on in 2008 re: you and Cays. I have faith it wont be long before someone breaks their silence and says enough is enough. There is still a lot of good people who believe in doing what is right. (Sorry , its late and Im having a hard time seeing this blue paper.) Oh get this, I just found out that Mark N. Solicited Teresa Nieves ( Ron Cummings Mother ) She said mark went to see her and said he could help. Next thing she knew, her & Ron and Misty went to Marks office and the media was there (surprise! Sounds like our scenario) Mark and Tim M. Set Misty up. Such a dirt bag trying to get more media attention and solicitation is not allowed. I hope Teresa files a bar complaint. She has nothing to lose. One of these days Mark will get his just desserts. He is such a sleaze. God takes care of people who take advantage of people when they are down. Mark is a parasite that lives off of other peoples misery. I heard hes going to write a book. Tall tales from The Troll! I know I shouldnt make fun of his size but he is a little man. Now he doesnt have much credibility. Hes stooped to the level of J. Morgan with his TV ads and his billboards. Funny how Mark told me once that he would never stoop that low. I guess he finally realized that he didnt have to stoop------he was already that low! On another note, I think now that Judge Perry is on the case Mr. N. Wont be able to play his games anymore. I told you that Jesus came to me. Things are changing and Gods hand is working. Have faith. I see his little miracles every day. I love you, Always and Forever. Love,mom.

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