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Presentation on biogas plant using US Technology by OPTION ENERGY PVT LTD, New Delhi 104 Somdutt Chambers II,

9 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066, Tel +11 2610 5066

A brief presentation by Option Energy Pvt Ltd, Delhi

Option Energy Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, has the best technology from Andigen, USA to set up and operate plants for generation of green energy from organic waste such as cattle dung, food waste, agro-waste, industrial and municipal waste. The technology has been developed by Utah State University, USA and we have exclusive right on technology for India. Our technology has extremely lower retention time of 5 days for anaerobic digestion process as compared to 25 days in German/Austrian technology and 40-45 days in our conventional system. We produce extremely high amount of clean electricity, biofertilizer and water from wastes. For example, about 180-200 tons of dung from 10,000 cattle would generate 1 MW power on 24X7. The technology is robust, tested and it enables generation of higher capacity of electricity on 24 hours per day basis. We efficiently treat any organic waste stream, generate methane, and produce power using motor-gen sets. We can also produce Bio-CNG for vehicles, pump-sets and industrial/ commercial use. The plant can be scaled up, if the amount of waste increases. It doesnt use turbine and therefore it doesnt require water. In fact, it produces large quantity of water, which is reused by our plant for making slurry. Following features make it different from conventional methods:

This technology is ideal for Dairies, Abattoirs, Municipalities, Mega-city Developers, Fruit & Vegetable Markets, Temples, Sugar Mills etc. There are seven plants already operating in USA and Canada, using our technology. These plants are compact, sleek and automated and also controlled remotely through internet.

Continuous flow (24X7 for 365 days) Short retention time (5-6 days vs 25-30 days) Consistent fibre quality of the organic fertilizer 70-80% methane Hydrogen sulphide is removed (to the level of less than 10 ppm) Pre-engineered, modular and scalable design Computerized and automated operation Low maintenance as few moving mechanical parts

BOO basis: Option Energy Pvt Ltd is providing all the services under one roof. We are consultant, technology licensee, investor & owner, installer of the plant, project manager, operator of the plant and also responsible for any post operative maintenance. Even with the best technology, good commercial viability, and generous government support, biogas plants dont succeed because all the above mentioned roles are not played by one company. We are ideally geared up for BOO project and therefore we will be successful. Multiplication of this model: This plant can be replicated by other gaushalas, dairies, slaughter house etc. Slaughter house waste produces three to five times more power.

Presentation on biogas plant using US Technology by OPTION ENERGY PVT LTD, New Delhi 104 Somdutt Chambers II, 9 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066, Tel +11 2610 5066

Our team: We have an excellent team headed by Abhay Sinha, a B.Tech from IIT Delhi, and an MBA from Melbourne Business School, who has brought this new technology from USA. PTC is our 20 % equity holder and debt provider. PTC also provides
advice and logistic supports.