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1. An unknown is a quantity whose value is not known. 2. An unknown can be represented by a symbol or a letter. 3. An algebraic term with one unknown is the product of an unknown and a number . The number is known as the coefficient. For example: 5p Coefficient Unknown 4. Like terms are that have the same unknown. For example: 2k , 3k 5. Unlike terms are term that have different unknowns. For example: -3m , 2n , 6p 6. An algebraic expression consists of two or more terms that combined by addition or subtraction or both of the operations. For example: 3x + 4y - 6 is an expression with three terms. 7. The like terms in an algebraic expression can be simplified by adding or subtracting the coefficients of the unknowns in the algebraic terms. For example: x + 4y + 2x 3y = x + 2x +4y 3y = 3x + y


1. M students from N society have collected p kg of old newspapers and q kg of tins in a recycling campaign. State the letters that represent the unknowns and objects.

2. What is the coefficient of -12a? 3. Diagram 1 shows a list of algebraic terms.

-13h , 6k , - h , 1.2h , k/5 Diagram 1 State all the like terms of 3h 4. Determine the number of terms in the expression 5x + y + 3x 4y 2 5. Simplify x + y + 4y + x + 2x 6. The weight of an empty basket is 5y kg. The total weight of the basket filled with durian is (7y 3) kg. Find the weight , in kg , of the durian. 7. Simplify p + 3q + 2p 2q 8. Simplify 6x y (-x) + y 9. Simplify 5m n 4m 2n + 7 10. Hassan is (5x + 23) years old. His son is 7x years old. Find the difference between their age in terms of x.