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: Lim Qiu Shan (890813-02-5676)

Mathematics Lesson Plan Date Day Subject Year Time Class size Topic Learning Area Learning Objective : 13.07.2011 : Wednesday : Mathematics : 4 Kreatif : 8.15 a.m. 9.15 a.m. : 27 orang : Time : Reading and Writing time : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be taught to i. Read a calender

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to ii. Extract information from a calendar. iii. Solve simple real life problem involving reading the calendar. Vocabulary : leap year, January, February, March, April, May, Jun, Julai, Ogos, September, October November, December, Holiday : Pupils have acquired knowledge of: i) Understand, read and write time in hour and minutes. Thinking skills : Critical thinking, recall, decision making Teaching and learning resources : alarm clock Moral value : Hardworking, cooperative

Prior knowledge



Induction Set (5 minutes)

Song lyric Twelve months, and then you start back over. Twelve months, shout it in a cheer! Twelve months, and then you start back over. Twelve months are in a year. January, February, March, April, May, Jun, July, August, September, Oktober, November, December. Those are the months. 12 months in a year. (Repeat x 1)

1. Teacher ask student to bring calendar to the class. 2. Teacher put the lyric in the board. 3. Teacher plays the song one time to let student familiar with it. 4. Teacher and student sing together the 12 month song.

Teaching resources  Calendar

Thinking skills  Recall

Moral value  Appreciate

Vocabulary  Calendar

Developm ent 1 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher asks every student to take out the Calendar: calendars they bought. 2. Teacher ask student to Month : 12 months see the different between the calendars they bought. Days : 28, 30 or 31 3. Teacher ask student to sit in the group and discuss Highlight : Scholl holiday what they can get from a calendar Symbol : Public holiday 4. Teacher poses some question for student to Question: answer. 5. They can search answer 1. Which month has the least from the calendar. days? 2. Which month has the most days? 3. When is Hari Deepavali?

Teaching resources  Calendar

Thinking skills  Making connection

Moral value  Confident



: Lim Qiu Shan (890813-02-5676)

4. What is the day of 13 August? 5. When is school holiday?


January, February, March, April, May, Jun, Julai, Ogos, September Oktober November December

Developm ent 2 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher post a problem in the board. Problem 1 : 2. Student are given time to Gillian sat for her monthly test read and understand the starting on 5 March 2011. If question. the test lasts for 5 days, when 3. Teacher gives student will her test end? chance to think a way to solve the problem. Way to solve the problem. 4. Teacher teaches student i. What is given? the way to solve the ii. What is asked for? problem. iii. What operation is 5. Teacher gives another needed? example for student to try iv. Solve the problem to solve. v. Check the answer. Problem 2: Molly is sick on 29 of May. She has to rest for one week. When is she coming back to school?

Teaching resources  Problem Thinking skills   Solving problem Making decision

Moral value  Confident

Vocabulary  -

Consolidati Example : on (20 minutes)

25 Jan 7 Jan 19 Jan 18 Jan 23 Jan 13 Jan 22 Jan 1 Jan 10 Jan

1. Teacher divide student Teaching into 4 persons in a group. resources: 2. Each group will be given  White board a box with 9 numbers  Marker pen inside and a task paper.  Alarm clock 3. One of their group  Question in a members will choose a box number. Thinking Skill: 4. They will refer the


: Lim Qiu Shan (890813-02-5676)


What date is the first Friday in January? (7 )

2. What date is the second Thursday (13) in January?

Evaluation (10 minutes)

number to the question in the task paper. 5. Student has to find the answer by using January calendar 2011. 6. Once they find the answer, they need to look for the answer at Bingo box. 7. If the answer is there, they will cross the answers in the box. 8. The group whose is the first group to cross 3 answer in a row or column will consider the winner. 1. Teacher gives instruction to the pupils to complete the question for given worksheet 2. Worksheets are create according to three group of student according to level. 3. Student can discuss in group to find the answer. 4. Student can bring back as homework if not finish.

Decision making

Moral Value:  Cooperative

Teaching resources:  Worksheet Thinking Skill: Recall Decision making Moral Value:   Confident Cooperative  


The important of calendar The help remember important date To know the day of a date.

(5 minutes)  

1. Teacher guides pupils to recall what they had learned of today lesson. 2. Teacher repeats the main point of today lesson. 3. Teacher chooses a few dates and ask student to find the day of it.

Teaching resources:  Different schedule Thinking Skill:  Recall Moral Value:  Confident