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Good day. We are students from De La Salle University, who are taking up education as our major.

The result of these survey questions will be used as reference in our research paper. Thank you for your participation. Part I. Name (optional) : ____________________ Gender : Masculine Age : 19 School : La Salle Green Hills Nationality : Filipino Part II. Direction: Please, mark () the appropriate response for each of the given statements which are about information and communication technologies for education. Information: PowerPoint, a part of the Microsoft Office software package, is used for preparing a sequence of slides that are displayed to the audience on a computer-guided monitor. Each slide typically contains information, font, color, background and graphic. (Mason & Hlynka, 1997). Evaluation: 5 4 3 2 1 Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree 5 4 3 2 1

Statements 1. I have an idea about the term, PowerPoint. 2. I have a content knowledge about the term, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PowerPoint. I acknowledge the needs of PowerPoint for the teachers. I acknowledge the needs of PowerPoint for the students. I think PowerPoint is an effective technology for education. I am adept in using PowerPoint and its various functions. I am adept in using PowerPoint and its various

functions for academic affairs. 8. I prefer to use PowerPoint as part of the instructional materials I use in class over traditional ones. 9. I would like to learn more about PowerPoint. 10. I am willing to attend the seminar, about the uses of PowerPoint for education, if any chance is given.

Part III. Direction: The aim of these next set of questions is to measure your knowledge about the mechanics of using PowerPoint. Please read each question carefully, and specify your answer. 1. What color of background do you usually use in PowerPoint for the lecture? Any color that has moderate or low saturation 2. How many graphics (picture, illustrations, graphs and etc.) do you normally use for your lectures? As much as needed 3. Which font style/s do you usually use? Sans serif fonts 4. To what font size do you usually set your text at? Minimum: 24, maximum: 96 (for titles) 5. How many colors of fonts do you usually in each PowerPoint slide? At least two 6. How many bullets do you usually use? 2 or more 7. How many paragraphs or sentences do you usually put in each PowerPoint slide? 3 or less paragraphs 8. How many sound effects do you usually put in each PowerPoint slide for the lecture? I dont use sound effects. 9. How many sliding effects or animations do you usually put in each PowerPoint slide for the lecture? Usually, around 2 or 3 effects 10. Do your PowerPoint presentations cause you to overlap your prescribed lecture time? No.