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Juniper WXC Implementation

Service Description
The Nova Datacom Juniper Networks WXC Implementation service provides specialized support by Certified Juniper Networks Engineers who have the skills and experience to help you implement and optimize WAN optimization and application quickly, securely, and efficiently at your operation centers. This implementation service also includes onsite knowledge transfer and 15 calendar days of post-installation deployment support during which engineers are available for follow-up questions. The implementation service is intended for all Juniper WXC applications accelerators and is delivered in five phases: Phase 1: Pre-Qualification and Recommendations Our certified Juniper engineer gathers the following information from your organization:
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Product and functional requirements Existing physical and logical network topology Special traffic requirements: Replication / VOIP / Remote Access Baseline existing WAN and Application performance VPN requirements

The engineer will then make recommendations about:

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Placement in network Deployment options: Inline or off path (WCCP) WXC Stack considerations WXC Community Topology (Hub, Spoke, Mesh, Point-to-Point) Features to be used (MSR, NSC, QoS, TCP acceleration, Fast connection Setup, Forward Error Correction) Tunnel mode (IPComp, UDP, Multi-Flow emulation, Application Visibility) Licensing requirements and configuration recommendations WXC Software Client Acceleration Any special setup needed based on the applications and resources

Phase 2: Implementation Planning When you receive your customized WXC Implementation Plan, it addresses:
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Cage: 4RLJ8 DUNS: 169242760 GSA: GS35F0322U Schedule 70 SBA-certified 8(a) Minority Woman-Owned SDB

Network placement and connection to surrounding network gear WXC Community Topology WXC Tunnel mode Features configured for reduction and acceleration QoS recommendations Advance features

Phase 3: Implementation The engineer identifies the recommended WX OS release for the device and begins the implementation. Activities include:
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WXC system configuration Branch WXC connectivity and registration to registration server Source/Destination Filters Configuration of Application filters and features


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Configuration of QoS Wan Performance monitoring options Custom applications configuration WXC Software Client Acceleration Testing and verification of application acceleration Testing and verification of failover The following steps may be initiated remotely and completed during the onsite visit: Load recommended WX OS release onto device/licenses Assist in post-deployment monitoring while customer executes test plan

Nova Datacom responsibility Provide a Certified Juniper Networks Engineer to:


Phase 4: Knowledge Transfer During the onsite phase, your engineer provides informal knowledge transfer. Topics covered during this information exchange may include:
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Basic configuration and administration Review of implemented configuration Basic troubleshooting Reviewing acceleration and compression reports Monitoring of events and logs

Recommend configurations and implement the WXC at your Central office and up to 3 branch office Be available for 15 days of remote post-installation support Provide onsite knowledge transfer

Phase 5: Post-Installation Support Once deployed, your organization receives support for 15 calendar days. During this phase, you can pose WXC configuration-related questions to our Engineering staff by phone or e-mail. These Firewall engineers are available Monday through Friday, through 9 am to 5 pm local time and have one business day to respond,

Customer Responsibility 0 Complete and submit pre-implementation questionnaire prior to the scheduling of Nova Datacoms onsite resource 0 Provide a designated project manager or point-ofcontact to interface with Nova Datacom for daily issues and coordination of resources 0 Provide access to applications, databases, and inhouse technical resources as required 0 Have a test plan for all critical applications 0 Provide all power and interfacing cabling to the equipment

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