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Pastors & Church Leaders


A Final Call to Preach on „The Imminent Return of Jesus Christ


March 2011

The end times are upon us. The Lord has revealed that Many pastors are not preparing their congregations beforehand for the Rapture and Jesus’ second coming. The end result will be that both these pastors and the unprepared believers will all be left behind. The believers who are left behind will vent out their anger of not being raptured and will take their revenge on those pastors who had taught them in error during their lives. The pastors will die brutally by hands of their church members who were left behind. This event will occur throughout the world, in all places and churches.”

Beloved brothers and sisters, to whom Jesus has entrusted the care of His precious flock:

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks to us today. He is awakening us to the reality of the lateness of the hour we are living in. The revelation given to Apostle John concerning the things which were to take place soon are unfolding before our eyes. For about 3 years now, the apostasy which the Bible foretold has come to pass; the man of sin which our Lord warned us is alive today and has been revealed; some seals (Revelation 6) have been broken. There is no longer any delay. The End Times are upon us! But, are our church members prepared for the Rapture?

Looking around, one can easily say that all things including inanimate objects are telling us: Prepare Yourself, Jesus is coming! Looking at the increase of earthquakes in various places today, change in weather; disaster taking place here and there; fish, birds and many animals dying all over the world, we can tell the time is near.

From heaven God looks down to the world that He loved so much and alas His heart is broken! The Father‟s heart is saddened that His sheep are not being prepared for these end times! God‟s top priorities right now are of the End Times. People need to be prepared to stand before the Son of Man. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. Regardless of our doctrines and theology, God demands that we teach His people about: The Rapture, The Mark of the Beast & Jesus’ Second Coming. God demands that we align our priorities to His.

The desire of the devil right now is to block us pastors so that we do not preach about the end times. This will work in his favor because people will be caught unaware! Are we called to please the devil or to bring joy to our heavenly Father? If we pastors do not prepare the sheep for Jesus’ imminent return, know that:

- Most Christians will be left behind. When this happens, many Christians will end up taking the mark of the beast, which the Bible clearly tells us that if anyone receives it, He will forever be separated from God (Revelation 14:9- 12). Now, what would be our reward and joy, if our flock end up spending eternity in hell for lack of knowledge in spite all the wonderful sermons they have heard and all the serving they did in our churches!

The Lord has spoken, now we know what to do and we must act now!

Blessed is that slave whom his master finds giving his household their food at the proper time(Matthew 24:45-46).

All glory, honor & praise to our Eternal Bridegroom King, Jesus Christ who was, is and is coming

Unknown pastor,