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Account Determination Analysis

July 24, 2010

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Issue / Problem Statement

You encountered account determination error while posting Invoice document to accounting. You want to know what caused the document failed to post to accounting and want to make corrections to allow document to post to accounting. You also want to understand how SAP determines the GL account so that you can stop avoid invoice posting failures in future.

What Went Wrong

For posting billing documents to accounting, SAP uses the posting rules that you setup in VKOA configuration (also called as account determination rules). Accounting posting for an invoice document fails when SAP is not able to search for the relevant GL account to post the invoice document to. This can happen because you failed to setup a VKOA rule for a particular key combination or it may also happen when the user performed a master data maintenance mistake causing the billing document to form a key combination that is not maintained in VKOA rules. Therefore, before you start your analysis, it is really necessary that you understand these rules that exist in your organization. For example, You may have accounting posting rule setup as : Chart of Accounts + Sales Org + Customer Account Group + Material Account Assignment Group + Account Key = GL Account ABCI + A001 + A1 + 01 + ERL = A00001 You performed account determination analysis on the billing document (follow STEPS section below for step by step instructions) and found that the key that SAP is using to post the billing document is ABCI + A001 + B1 + 01 and since there is no rule available in VKOA for SAP to automatically find out a GL account for this posting, Invoice document failed to post to accounting.

How to Perform Determination Analysis

Menu Path : SAP Menu Logistics Document Display/Change Transaction code : VF03/VF02 Sales and Distribution Billing Billing

Steps to Perform Analysis

Below are the steps to help you identify the GL account determination criteria that was used by SAP to post the invoice document to accounting. 1. Open the Billing document using the respective transaction code or going through the respective menu path. 2. Now follow the menu path Environment Acc.determ.analysis Revenue Accounts to get to the account determination analysis screen. 3. The account determination analysis screen is divided into 2 parts. The left side contains the account determination procedure, condition types, access sequences in a tree like structure. Click on each of the pricing condition types shown on left and the right side screen will tell you exactly which access failed due to which SAP system could not determine the GL account. 4. Click on each access on left will show up on right side, the search key used by SAP to search for the GL account and also whether SAP was able to find GL or not.

How to Resolve/Avoid it in Future

Always remember that account determination analysis in SAP will only take you till this level, i.e., helping you identify the search criteria that SAP is using for finding the relevant GL account to post to. Once you know that ABCI + A001 + B1 + 01 is the culprit where B1 is the real culprit that you never defined in the VKOA posting rules, you have to check with your business users team on whether they introduced any new biz rule and the ABCI + A001 + B1 + 01 key is accurate. If yes, you need to get the relevant GL account to which this key combination should post to, from your business team and assign the GL account to this key in VKOA. If not, then you need to make sure that you correct the Customer Account Assignment Group for this customer from B1 to A1, so that future billing documents do not fail posting to accounting. For correcting the current transaction, come back to Billing Document in change mode, change the customer account assignment group key from B1 to A1 in the billing document header tab and post the billing document to accounting. Similarly, if your document failed to post not due to wrong customer account assignment group but due to wrong material account assignment group, you can change the material account assignment group in billing document item details tab, to post the document to accounting. To stop future failures due to wrong master maintenance, change the material account assignment entry in the material master