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Issue 1, July 2011

FCEF now Fijis National Private Sector Organization

FCEF celebrated 50 years of Shaping the Future of Business for a better Fiji in October 2010. This also saw a Resolution passed by the members that the former FEF, be now called the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation. The renaming of FCEF will allow a more business and commerce oriented image which will assist in addressing most of the current perception. There is definitely an opportunity to reign in new members. FCEF has established itself as the premier employer organization representing the interest of employers in Fiji. From a consultative advisory role dealing primarily with Industrial Relations and as defense against the trade union movement FCEF is now expanded its role by representing the collective voice of members in all industries on a wide range of business concerns. This is now the primary core business of FCEF. FCEF now Fijis NPSO under the umbrella of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization, is a logical step given the status and role we play in nation building to be the most representative of the private sector. Being the NPSO we have witnessed growth in our membership base including government statutory organizations, small entrepreneurs, SMEs and micro enterprises. This increase in membership reflects in the increase in our subscription base. FCEF is the Source of Information, Advice, Training and Assistance to be the Employer of Choice.

Message from the FCEF President, Digby Bossley On behalf of the FCEF Board I welcome you to our first Newsletter The Federation has grown considerably over the past few years and as a service organization we remain committed to provide assistance and advice to all our Members. Please feel free to contact me, or other Board Members and the Secretariat if you have any concerns. This is your Newsletter and I look forward to your contributions as we move forward.

From the Kona Office

Welcome to FCEFs 1st ever newsletter! which is scheduled for the 1617 September at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa in Nadi. This is a NOT TO MISS event as the topical issues are current and speakers will be drawn from both locally and abroad. FCEF led by President, Mr. Digby Bossley, Vice President West, Mr. Babu Bhai Chawda and myself recently conducted a courtesy visit to our West members; and the members expressed their satisfaction with the much improved service now being delivered by FCEF. This was a great opportunity to meet directly with our Western members and hear first hand the

Inside this issue:

FCEF now the NPSO From President & CEO Council Reports Editorial Health & Safety ILC Report, Geneva Upcoming Events

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It is our intention to have quarterly newsletters which would inform and highlight employment issues that affect business in Fiji. We also will feature key articles of intent for our international partners the International Labour Organization and the International Organization of Employers. We trust that you will enjoy reading our newsletter and will contribute to its future publications. In this 1st issue we will be highlighting our TOPEX Conference

Nesbitt Hazelman Chief Executive

issues and problems they are facing. We anticipate to have these visits as a continual exercise.

Issue 1, July 2011

Council ReportsFCEF Members may attend any of the following 6 Councils!

Capital Gains TaxThe new Decree was discussed and a verbal summary provided by Lisa Apted of KPMG which was very useful to attendees. Reserve Bank and Off Shore Insurance PlacementsMembers were advised on the RBFs tightening stand on these placements and the strict observance of the procedure for requests to place with overseas insurers with Financial Penalties for breach. SpeakersIt was agreed the Council would look to invite guest speakers to future Meetings. These would be for approx 15 minutes. Chairperson Human Resources Council Ms. Sala Nadakuitavuki The Employer Newsletter will certainly promote the idea that employers are of the view that the nation need to develop and implement holistic human resources policies to ensure a more productive and cost competitive workforce. The HR Council is said to be the biggest Council of FCEF and the meetings are normally well attended by the members; The Council has tried to rotate our meetings to accommodate the growing number of membership which shows service improvement at FCEF. The next meet of the HRC on the 2nd of August will be held at the Natural Waters of Viti Ltd in Yaqara. This meeting will see a presentation from the International Labour Organization on Business Disability Forum. Chairperson Manufacturing Council Mr. Kalpesh Solanki Like the other Councils, the Manufacturing Council membership has seen an increase in its membership. The Council held a workshop to develop a Strategic Plan which was endorsed by the Board. The Council will contact and consult the relevant Government authorities to seek endorsement and hopefully included in the 2012 National Budget so the Manufacturing sector makes a big boost. Made in Fiji & Buy FijiThe Government had allocated a budget of $200,000 for promotion and marketing of this initiative in the National Budget 2011. The 5 working groups namely; Incentives, Promotions, Logos, Advertising and Criteria had completed their work and handed their reports to the Ministry and which will be circulated to the stakeholders. Chairperson Tourism & Transport CouncilMr. Jim Sherlock Tourist arrivals are picking up taking into consideration the natural disasters in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The declared policy for Tourism Fiji is Brand Marketing. Fiji is in demand as it is sucking traffic out of the other Pacific Island countries and has become a hot destination. The Industry also has to be tactical in order to increase the yields. Important point to note is that the Continental Airlines will suspend its services from 25th September 2011. Members have applauded the effort of LTA to impose the Dress Code for PSV drivers. The National Training & Productivity Centre has completed the Bus Drivers Standard which was circulated amongst stakeholders. After the approval from LTA, it will be incorporated in the National Qualifications Framework. Chairperson Mining & Quarrying Council, Mr. Harvie Probert The Council has requested that the Department of Lands (Land Use) and the Department be invited to the next Council Meeting to sort the queries of the council as the Council believes there should be a clear mandate for the bonds; and also who is responsible for enforcement. Council Member, Aurum Exploration finally got license to explore. While most members continue work on their sites. Some of the members are still identifying and exploring drilling targets, but progress on work in the mining and quarrying sector is going fairly well. Council Vice Chairperson, Mr, George Niumatawalu will be relocating to PNG/ Austra-

Chairperson Retailers Council Mr. Hamendra Prasad, Courts Fiji Ltd It is indeed a pleasure to be part of the first Newsletter of FCEF. The Retailers Council was formed a year ago. The council meets on a monthly basis to discuss concerns in the Retailing Industry in Fiji. Over the last year the Council has discussed a lot of important and critical issues concerning the Retailing Industry and this has been channeled to the relevant authorities for their perusal and decision. Joining the FCEF has enabled the retailers to have access to a lot of important information concerning the industry and also general information on other sectors of business in the Country. We also have benefited a lot from the Public Programs and Initiatives organized by the Secretariat. As we enter into our 2nd year, the focus will be more on the pressing issues faced by the retailers in this challenging economy and ensure that we have the best environment for all the stakeholders in the retailing industry. Chairperson Professional & Financial CouncilMr. Paul Dunk, Marsh Ltd Recently the Council has witnessed an increase in the number of attendees, some for the first time. The meetings are also now attracting a cross section of members working in Financial and Professional Services Industries. Our discussions are centred around :Risk Management Workshop be conducted at the 2011 TOPEX but covering the areas of Natural Disasters and Business Recovery after a loss. The council agrees and has offered to organise this again and the Board has been notified accordingly. VAT on InsuranceThe Council was advised that whilst this has been in force since August 2010 negotiations are taking place between FIRCA and the Insurance Industry to clarify any grey areas.

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Health & Safety

TOPEX 2011 Sustainable Business Responsible Employers

Scheduled to be held at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa on Denarau Island on the 16th and the 17th of September; this Annual get-together of Senior Executives, is set to be another successful FCEF event. The committee have finalized the thematic areas which will see both overseas and local speakers facilitating. TOPEX 2011 Thematic Areas:

Issue 1, July 2011

The ILO organized the World OSH Day at the Holiday Inn on April 28th for the tripartite partners; the event also witnessed the signing of an MOU between Fiji and PNG for technical assistance by MOL Fiji to the PNG counterparts The Secretariat has organized a series of workshops on the HIV/ AIDS Decree and OHS Awareness for Workplace Representatives & Committees Modules 1 & 2 for members in Central & the Western Division. The Draft National Code of Practice on Occupational Noise has been sent to all members for their comments so the Secretariat can compile a collective submission. The Ministry of Labour has sent an invitation to FCEF members who are interested to attend the series of Workshops on HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Train the Trainers Program.

Bula and we welcome you to our first issue of The Employer Newsletter. This will be a quarterly newsletter for employers. The aim is to keep employers up to date with developments in training and research, new legislations which may affect them, and details of how FCEF can help. The Employer Newsletter also features good news stories about the employers we work with, and is a great opportunity for members to share best practice with their contemporaries. The Employer Newsletter is inviting members to contribute articles on best practices, human resources and industrial relations for quarterly publication. The articles, which should be between 6001,200 words in length, will be credited with the authors byline and company name/ logo. Members can email their articles to For further details call Suka on 3313 188.

Productivity Labour Market Trends Risk Management Trade Relations Governance Social Responsibility

.. Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy...

Participation at the Conference is not only set for members, invitations will also be sent out to non-members and other regional national private sector organizations.

Save the Date

FCEF at the 100th session of the International Labour Conference, Geneva 2011
As a member state of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Fiji is obliged under the ILO constitution to send a tripartite delegation to the annual ILO conference. Cabinet endorsed Fijis participation at the 100th session of the International Labour Conference which was held at Geneva in Switzerland from Tuesday, May 31 to Friday June 17. The decision was based on a submission by the Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Filipe Bole. Bole led the tripartite delegation to the conference. FCEF was represented by Mr. Kalpesh Solanki,

FCEF Board Member and Managing Director of Ranjit Garments. The minister, however, attended the last week of the conference to address the plenary session after a courtesy meeting with the ILO Director-General, Mr. Juan Somavia. As required, the tripartite delegates participated in all the committees throughout the conference to develop and discuss responses to the various policy matters on the agenda before the conclusions and recommendations of these committees were tabled for discussions and voting in the plenary sessions during the last week, when ministers and other key delegates addressed the conference. Labour Minister Filipe Bole has appealed to the international community for support of his Government's plans to bring about a

better society. In his address to the 100th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Mr. Bole said Fiji was committed to building a society of "equal citizenry". Mr. Bole said the Government was seeking "more understanding from the international community to remove all forms of social, economic and political discriminations". He also thanked all countries that have understood Fiji in its commitment to build a modern Fiji with equal citizenry.

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Activities over the quarter!

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VISION To be Fijis premier employers representative promoting good governance and leadership, excellence and innovation that shapes and enhances the business environment.


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Training & Development

Training your workforce is an important commitment. It takes time and money, so you want to know you're getting a quality product. At FCEF, quality comes right at the top of our priorities and we strive constantly to further improve our services to you. Our Training Calendar sets out what you can expect when you engage in training with FCEF. The Training Calendar initiative helps employers to invest in skills, giving employees the ability, confidence and motivation to deliver real business results. The training can help employers:

Get the essential skills to boost business performance Improve business efficiency and increase profits Help staff grow in motivation and confidence

ized so they can incorporate the provisions of the decree to their company policies; HIV/ AIDS Decree, ERP 2007 This year, the HR Council had endorsed a Training Committee to assist the Secretariat with its Annual Training Calendars and also vet applications for overseas programs. PIPSO on the other hand have been assisting the Secretariat with funding of certain projects. UPCOMING TRAINING FCEF plans a series of workshops on the Companies Decree as soon as it comes into effect.

FCEF also alerts members on training available through APO, ILO Conferences and meetings; and other overseas training providers with fully funded opportunities; members are urged to send in their nominations for relevant programs. Over the last months, our focus had been on the Crimes Decree in areas of Good Governance, a specific session for HR Practitioners was organ-