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SAMPLE QUESTIONS LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION 1) He exercises the power to revoke, for cause, licenses issued to security guards:

a) Chief PNP b) Undersecretary for Peace and Order c) Secretary, DILG d) Chairman, NAPOLCOM 2) All regional appointments of commissioned officers commence with the rank of: a) Senior Police Officer 1 b) Inspector c) Police Office III d) Senior Inspector 3) It is the premier educational institution for the police, fire and jail personnel: a) Philippine Military Academy b) Development Academy of the Philippines c) Philippine College of Criminology d) Philippine Public Safety College

4) All of the following are members of the Peoples Law Enforcement Board, EXCEPT: a) Three (3) members chosen by the Peace and Order Council from among the respected members of the community b) Any barangay captain of the city/municipality concerned chosen by the association of barangay captains c) Any member of the Sangguniang Panglunsod d) A bar member chosen by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines 5) Two or more persons forming an organization must identify first the reason for establishing such organization. They must identify the organizations _________: a) strategy c) mission b) vision d) objective

6) To improve delegation, the following must be done, EXCEPT: a) establish objectives and standards b) count the number of supervisors c) require completed work d) define authority and responsibility 7) Those who are charged with the actual fulfillment of the agencys mission are the _______ personnel: a) staff c) management b) supervision d) line
8) The number of subordinates that can be supervised directly by one

person tends to: a) Increase as the physical distance between supervisor and subordinate as well as between individual subordinate increases b) Decrease with an increase in the knowledge and experience of the subordinate c) Increase as the level of supervision progresses for the first line supervisory level to the management level 9) PNP in-service training programs are under the responsibility of the: a) PNP Directorate for Plans b) PNP Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development c) PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management d) PNP Directorate for Comptrollership 10) This means controlling the direction and flow of decisions through unity of command from top to bottom of organization: a) Audit b) Monitoring c) Coordination d) Authority

11) An appeal filed with the NAPOLCOM regional appellate board shall be decided within ____ days from receipt of the appeal: a) fifty c) twenty b) thirty d) sixty

12) A police officer who manages a police station must use all of the following skills, except: a) conceptual b) interpersonal c) technical d) communication

13) Which of the following statements is true: a) Performance evaluation measures credibility of the police b) Performance evaluation is not a basis for salary increases or promotion c) Performance evaluation is done once a year among police personnel d) Performance evaluation is implemented to determine the quality of work performance of personnel 14) a) b) c) d) The NAPOLCOM is an attached agency to the DILG for _______: Administrative control Operational supervision Administration and control Policy and program coordination

15) Police Officer X and Police Officer Y report to the same supervisor. This is the principle of __________: a) delegation of authority b) unity of command c) span of control d) chain of command 16) It is the formal process of choosing the organizational mission and overall objective for both the short term and the long term as well as the divisional and individual objectives based on the organizational objectives: a) Planning b) Organizing c) Directing d) Managerial decision-making 17) The provincial governor shall choose the provincial director from a list of _____ eligibles recommended by the PNP regional director:

a) b) c) d)

six three five four

18) RA 6975 provides that on the average nationwide, the manning levels of the PNP shall be approximately in accordance with a police-topopulation ratio of: a) 1:700 b) 1:500 c) 1:1000 d) 1:1500 19) a) b) c) d) Direction that is provided on a one-on-one basis is called: administration management supervision organization

20) It enforces all traffic laws and regulations to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians and attain an orderly traffic: a) Civil Relations Unit b) Traffic Operations Center c) Traffic Management Command d) Aviation Security Command 21) The Chief, PNP exercises __________ since he has the lawful authority over his subordinates by virtue of his rank, position and assignment: a) control c) administration b) command d) order

22) When an unusual emergency arises and it would take too long to contact a superior to check the method of handling the situation, the best procedure to follow is: a) confer with any other superior b) take no action c) confer immediately with your men on the best action to take d) act according to your best judgment 23) Each police officer is allowed a great deal of ___________ in deciding what to do while on beat especially when encountering citizen in conflict with the law:

a) b) 24)

discretion power


responsibility d) authority

Which of these statements is FALSE? a) The larger and more heterogenous the society, the more organizations and associations exist within to hold it b) Organization needs to adapt to new circumstances simply in order to live c) The quality of leadership changes as the organization becomes well-established d) Organizations can have a long life even goals to attain 25) This effecting a) b)



is a policing style where police officers give high priority to arrests: big brother style c) service style legalistic style d) watchman style

26) The command and direction of the Chief, PNP may be delegated to ___________officials with respect to the units under their respective command: a) qualified c) next-in-rank b) efficient d) subordinate 27) The introduction of police reforms and professionalization of police service was started with the passage of the ________: a) RA 6425 b) Commonwealth Act No 175 c) Presidential Decree 1184 d) Police Act of 1966 the

28) A PNP member who retires compulsorily from the service shall, for purposes of _______, be retired one rank higher than the rank he last held: a) retirement pay c) month salary b) longevity pay d) pay and allowances 29) A PNP Regional Director must have the rank of _______: a) P/Director c) P/Senior Supt b) P/Superintendent d) P/Chief Supt All, EXCEPT one, are grounds for police reforms: a) low credibility on the part of the police b) adequate power and functions


c) d)

public alienation toward the police low pay scale and allowances

31) Health and physical condition of police members shall be a concern for police administrators. The following are the needed tests to be conducted regularly, EXCEPT: a) performance test c) psychiatric test b) medical examination d) physical agility test 32) It means the orderly and organized physical movement of elements or units of the PNP within the province, city or municipality for purpose of employment: a) deploy c) sent or mission b) employ d) assign

33) Appeals from demotion or dismissal from the service, imposed by the Peoples Law Enforcement Boards (PLEB) are limited to the following, EXCEPT: a) may be appealed by either party b) appeal shall be within 10 days from receipt of decision c) appeal may be addressed to the National Appellate Board (NAB) d) appeal shall be addressed to the Regional Appelate Board 34) The character of the police requires adherence to the rule on merit and fitness system: a) civilian c) social b) authoritarian d) demographic


The PNP Chief has a term of office of ____ a) three c) four b) six d) five


36) The participation of local chief executives in police administration is a nagging issue. The mayor exercises disciplinary powers over policemen in his jurisdiction aside from: a) choosing the chief of police from a list of five (5) recommendees of the Provincial Director b) appointing police officers c) recommending location of police precincts d) recommending quota allocation for recruitment 37) The concept that the manner in which the police were viewed was likely to influence the degree of cooperation they were to receive was espoused by: a) Sir Robert Peel c) Max Weber b) Friedrich Taylor d) Edwin Sutherland 38) The PNP is the most inspected and audited agency in government. The inspection and audit authorities include the National Police Commission, Civil Service Commission, Commission on Audit and: a) Internal Affairs Service b) Presidential Management Staff c) National Bureau of Investigation d) Department of Justice 39) Republic Act No 8551 provides for the reorganization of the PNP. Which of the following is NOT a guiding policy in the preparation of the reorganization plan? a) Enhancement of community and service orientation of the police b) Maintenance of a civilian and national police force c) Attainment of efficiency and effectiveness d) Adoption of military command structure 40) Appeals from decisions of the Chief, PNP are a) National Appelate Board b) Regional Appelate Board c) PLEB d) PNP Summary Disciplinary Board filed with the:


Planning is the formal process of choosing the following, a) purposes for which the organization performs


b) an organizational mission and overall objectives for both the short run and the long run c) strategies to achieve the objectives d) divisional, departmental and individual objectives based on organizational objectives 42) These are work programs of line divisions which relate to and extent of the workload and the availability of resources: a) administrative plan c) strategic plan b) operational plan d) tactical plan the nature

43) Which of the following is the most important characteristic of a good operational plan? a) only one officer is responsible for its execution b) need for on-the-operation modification or amplification is minimized c) presents objectives and allocation of resources but not the methodology d) all the details of the plan are properly identified and evaluated and such details are known by implementers 44) The budget is a ________ in terms of expenditure a) tactical plan c) work plan b) financial plan d) control plan requirements:

45) Designed to outline a series of related operations to accomplish common objective normally within a given time and space: a) contingency plan c) supporting plan b) strategic plan d) campaign plan

46) Which of the following best reflects the first step, logically and to some extent chronologically, in planning the budget for an operating unit of a police agency: a) forecast of workload b) find out how much money was given last year c) establish a priority for each task or activity d) take no monitoring of present equipment 47) A police station should have a ________ plan which includes every step that has been outlined and officially adopted as the standard method of action to be followed by members of the police organization: a) tactical plan c) management plan b) procedural plan d) operational plan

48) A _______ plan relates to the problems of equipping, staffing and preparing the police station to do the job rather than the actual operation of the organization: a) management plan c) procedural plan b) tactical plan d) operational plan 49) These procedures relate to the assignment and method performance of police tasks away from headquarters: a) field procedures c) staff procedures b) headquarters procedures d) systems procedures of