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Author: Ieromonk ARSENIE BOCA


The Way to the Kingdom Having collected many words answers to the many tears shed on the holy confession table, where the pity of God shines like the sun on the morning dew drops... We, spiritual father and earthly fathers give that brightness found in those tears as teachings in advance to the descendants for generations to come, not to leave them groping in the night of ignorance and absence of advice which brings all the wretchedness that tortures the people, darkens the ages and brutalizes the earth too often. There is only one serene way: living according to the Christian teaching in all its depth and in our total sincerity. This is the only sure way which we need to always keep learning and pass on to each successive generation. To all those who work hard for salvation and to all Christians, with fatherly love and much piety, Arsenie Boca


Hanging from the helm of the mind To begin, we must remind ourselves of the things we already know: all men, with no discrimination, are at the same time children of men and children of God (John 1, 12-13). This means that by flesh we are earthly creatures and by spirit we are heavenly creatures who must temporarily spend some time in earthly tents (2 Corinthians 5, 1). We are born of God, (1 John, 5-19), we spend time on earth and then we return to God. Blessed is the one who returns straight Home straight instead of going in circles. This is the Way. Some never return they are those who lend their ears to the hostile charm which makes them loose their way and, through ill earthly desires get confused and end up badly tangled in the things of this passing world. In time, that charm or spell of sin weakens the mind and confuses it even to the point of calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5, 20) and from children of God they become enemies of God. Their time is passing, the light of their mind is dying out and so the night comes and catches them (John 9, 4) death lost, stranded, having wandered from God, and not being able to return Home. This is the tragedy of the man who fell among thieves while on his way to Jericho (Luke 10, 30), meaning Adam and his descendants giving up Paradise for this world. But, the Merciful Samaritan, meaning the Lord Christ Jesus, came down from Heaven. He is Who made us in debt to God to acquire the knowledge of : what we are, who our Parents are, where we came from, what we are doing here and how to behave in such a treacherous world, Who is calling us Home and who is setting traps for us? Because from the helm of our mind hangs our final destination. An invisible companion In front of men, there are two opened paths: one, wide, full of temptations and for that reason there are many who go by (Matthew 7, 13); and another one narrow and rising and few who are traveling on it (Matthew 7, 14). The wide and broad path is that of perdition. Two kinds of travelers run on it: Lucifer with his army of angels cast to the earth and all the people he deceives (Revelation 12, 9-13). And he is deceiving by pricking them with the pleasant needle of sin which dulls the soul for a time or for the whole terrestrial life. To God, 3

they are dead despite the fact that they believe that they are alive (4 Revelation 3, 1), but they are only flesh (Genesis 6, 3). All of these people who dont know of God, are together, with the evil angels, travelers to hell (Job 21, 13), on the path of perdition. On that path, all Adams nephews have traveled for thousands of years. But the Merciful God, out of His love for mankind, did everything from His part to have men return from the path of perdition to a new path, the one of redemption. That is why the second Person of God was incarnate as a Man a perfect one, free from sin to show us the Way. Therefore, the Way to Redemption is exactly the way God Himself traveled on as a true man, showing Himself as an example and giving us courage. Since then, on that path, they are two kinds of companions traveling with us an invisible and good Companion traveling with us, with each one of us, each day, for generation to generation, even to the end of the age (Matthew 28, 20), God Himself with His angels accompanying invisibly the mankind. Noah and Jesus What once was the ark of Noah above the flood of waters; it is now the Church of Christ One with the Cross above the flood of perdition. The difference between them is that Noah was shut in by the Lord and nobody could enter anymore (Genesis 7, 16), while the Ark of the Church the ark with the Cross on the mast has the entrance open and men flooded in turmoil could still enter. Over there was Noah, here is Christ, and in the waves of life the killer, drowning the men. But something very incomprehensible its happening: those who moil and toil in the waves, in spite of their desire to live, yet not all of them want to escape by getting in the ark. Even more, they spit upon the hands stretched out at the arks entrance. Those hands are fatherly arms: the arms of the seven Sacraments of God which save the people out of the flood, rising them from body unto Spirit (Colossians 2, 12), from this bitter world to the heavenly one. Those who do not want to escape in the ark governed by Christ bearing the Cross are the sons of perdition (John 17, 12), because they did not receive the love of truth that they might be saved. For that reason the Lord allows to come upon them strong lies, delusions, deceit, to give credit to the lie and to fall under condemnation all those who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thessalonians 2, 12). So, in time, with Gods permission, the enemy of the salvation of mankind became more and more skilful in evil: he also invented some arks with which he prowls over the flood waters to gather those

who want to be rescued, but spit on the Church. For them, for the sons of perdition, God allows Satans works of deception (2 Thessalonians 2, 10), which became so far more than 800 false christs (Matthew 24, 24), who are in fact devils. So far, the infamous one has invented over 800 sects (800 in 1946, now approximately 3000), boats or false churches, where he takes many who use human reasoning instead of true faith. The deception is easy to be discovered: the foe sailor and the false christs do not have the cross on the mast and inside they dont have the seven Sacraments. The deception is even more evident, because any of the false christs, taken individually, is not the son of the Father; the proof is that they do not let their disciples to recite Our Father, although it is written: In this manner therefore pray (Matthew 6, 9). Consequently, the false christs take disciples from the sons of God the Father and make them sons of perdition. Those are the ones who are uncertain about the truth, but certain about deception. Then, each one of the false christs, taken a part, is not the son of the Most Holy Virgin, the proof is that they teach their disciples to utter badly about the Mother of God and finally, to think about the Apostle Pauls question: Is Christ divided? (1 Corinthians 1, 13) How they get the pray of the deception, it will be clarified at the right moment. Here, answering those who consider themselves above the Church and saints, it is enough to remind them the deception of the Jewish people, the killers of the just, the first travelers to hell with the Scripture in their hand, asking them: not according to the Scriptures did they have crucified God? Out of sinners, Saints Salvation, Redemption is the merciful act of God through which He delivers us from sin if we accept it and toil for it. If we do not want it, it is no way to be saved by force. This is the Will of God, that the grace of Gods Redemption (Eph 2, 8) shall be at the same time the fruit of our knowledge, of our will and as well as of our love, but God is so merciful that He again is helping us to desire it and to labor for it. The way of redemption or the Way starts when the man comes very often hardly alive from the quarrel with death and enters in the visible Church, the true one, which is: The holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Our Savior founded and has only One Christian Church, not hundreds (or thousands as nowadays). That Church is Holy because her Founder is holy and therefore She stays always holy, and even sanctifies the sinners. The other churches- the gathering houses of the sects are not holy, because they are founded by men enslaved by rebellion and therefore, they dont sanctify anyone.

Christs Church is catholic, meaning established and based on the seven synods or councils of the whole world which, through the storms of history is invisibly guided by the Redeemer Himself (Matthew 28, 20), not by a substitute, above the synods. The Church in which we find our salvation is apostolic, meaning She has Her own servants as a grace given through the laying of hands, (Acts 6, 6) and passed on from one to the other successively and incessantly through the ages, climbing up to the Apostles and through them, to Christ Jesus. All the others churches that later popped are aside the right path (or out of the way) just because of that, therefore not even close to salvation. Consequently, we who stay under the sign of the Cross (1 Corinthians 1, 18), the time we pass in our terrestrial tent, we walk on the path of salvation in the visible or in the earthly fighting Church. The rust of wickedness, made by earthly circumstances can not blacken the Church. She stays undiminished and intact, untouched because, in spite of the fact that she is burnt in time in the furnace of persecutions and has to undergo incessant heretic storms, she doesnt weaken a bit in her teaching under the burden of the trials, either in her life or in faith and tradition. For that reason she straightens by grace the good will of those who meditate piously about her. She is calling, on one hand the unbelievers, bestowing upon them the light of the true knowledge, on the other hand, she shepherds with love those who are contemplating her mysteries and Sacraments, watching over non passionately and without imperfection their eye of understanding. And for those who suffered some convulsion or shaking, she calls them again and, by word or stimulus, she restores their ill understanding. (St. Maxim the Confessor, Answers to Talasie, question no. 63, Filocalia, Sibiu, 1948, Ed. I, vol. 3, p. 364). And after our untying of earthly things, if we fought the good fight (1 Timothy 6, 12) on earth, we go in the triumphant Churchs community in heaven, - perfection does not know limits, or boundaries. The Church on earth is called the Warrior, because down here, under her guidance, the members of the community have to bear the thrice battle which lasts the entire life: the fight against themselves, with the passions against nature, according to the body and to the spirit; a fight against the cold-hearted and unfaithful world; and the fight against the plot of the Evil One. The priesthood of the Church pursues no division in ones self in any of the sons of the Father or to brake loose from the community and from the spirit of love of Christ. For He is Who unites the members of the community, therefore nobody could be saved if separated from the Church, no matter how much he or she believes that the Spirit of Christ dwells in them.

And the Heavenly Church is called Triumphant because is made out of the community of the good and triumphant martyrs, of the holy servants and of the pious and of all the holy bearers and confessors of God (Revelation 12, 11), where all the disciples of God are expected - until the end of the age (Revelation 17, 14). Some have been counted worthy to already live here on earth invisibly with the saints, to be sifted by the Mother of God and by the Heavenly Powers and even to see God. The return of Paul on the way to Damascus is well known (Acts, 26, 12-18) and how he was caught up into Paradise (2 Corinthians 12, 4). So, the Way of Redemption takes us away from earth to Heaven like those that know that we came from God and we will return to Him and leave the world. Blessed is he who returns The fight for Salvation On such a glorious path, no one could walk all by himself unless they first join in the community of the Church to be guided by the invisible Hand of the Redeemer through His visible disciples, the priests, sent by Him generation after generation. For the Forefathers uttered this word: who wants to be saved, on this salvations journey has to journey questioning; question shall be mans companion, because he who decides to get out of the way of sin or of the feud of transgressions, will suddenly find himself suffering persecution (2 Timothy 3, 12), longsuffering and afflictions from three enemies, one after another. They are: the world, the flesh and the devil as spoken of by all the Holy Parents. By world we understand the category of sin, meaning the flock of unbelievers (John 1, 10), those who willingly united themselves to the counseling of the devils (1 John 3, 8: he who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning). It is not for that world that the Savior has prayed (John 17, 9). That world called villages mouth, neighbors mouth and many times, the mouth and deeds of ones household (Mt 10, 36). Those ones are going to forgive you any vile action, no matter how much you ruin your soul, but they will never forgive you if you make a step forward in the right direction and you become better. These people have a strange shame about being good. Ones goodness burns them and they labor to blame with all kinds of insults, offences and mockeries. The world is the present evil age (Galatians 1, 4), men pleasers (Ephessians 6, 6) and vain glory (1 John 2, 16). The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one (1 John 5, 19). For that reason we have the commandment: Do not love the world or the things in the world: the lust

of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, they are not of the Father (1 John 2, 1516). Whosoever wants to overcome that first obstacle in the way of salvation, has at hand these three: patience, forgiveness and prayer. Our first duty is to display patience because, before we came back to Gods way or to the efforts and pains of salvation, we also did the things of the world, making all kinds of iniquities and martyr the others and therefore, we became debtors; well, we have to pay now for what we have done then in order to earn Gods Redemption by practicing patience. Whatever evil weve enjoyed doing in the past, we have to pay back with sorrow. It is true and just. St. Maxim the Confessor, defining the virtue of patience, explains that thought : To stay still in hard times and to endure the wrong doings; to wait till the end of the temptation without letting loose the anger; neither to talk nonsense, nor to think of something inappropriate for someone devoted to God. For the Scripture says: the long suffering, enduring patiently one will suffer for a time, but the reward will be a lasting joy (The Wisdom of Jesus the Syrah 1, 22-23). Those are the signs of patience, but above all is to consider oneself as the cause of the trial, because most of whats happening to us is for our guidance or for the death of our past sins, or for the straightening of our misguided or present absence of mind, or for the avoidance of future sins. Whosoever considers oneself guilty for the trials will suffer without rebelling especially if one has an awareness of his sins neither does he accuse the one by whom the trial came for, through one or another, the cup of the divine judgment has to be drunk the foul instead, implores Gods mercy and, when the mercy comes, he does not receive it, for it did not come as he expected, but as the Doctor of souls considered beneficial or useful to him. For that reason, he becomes insensitive and confuses himself and at times, he is at war with the devils and blasphemes God; therefore, finding himself unsatisfied, only receives the club. (St. Maxim the Confessor, The ascetic word, Philokalia, Sibiu, 1947, ed. 1, vol. 2, pp. 13-14). Whosoever wants to be triumphant over the world, his duty is to pick up the rarely used weapon of forgiveness, no matter the hardships one has to endure from the people of this world, as one who sees his brothers lying in a foreign bondage, in the darkness of not knowing God and themselves. Whosoever wants to triumph over the world, prays to the Father for any son of God, in secret or in thought, regardless of their evildoings. For the patient endurance of evil, the forgiveness of brothers and the prayer in secret are in themselves very powerful before God and because of that, God Himself triumphs instead of men, turning into good any wickedness

coming from the world. Showing perseverance in these things, you become the basis of your worldly brothers salvation. Prayer does not judge, is pious, humble, and remembers our own iniquities and not those of the world. The request of true prayer is for the world to be forgiven, not condemned. The enemy can do nothing against meekness, humility or piety. Doing it in this way, with or without the permission of events- helped by God, you overcome the first obstacle raised before you by the enemy through your worldly week-willed brothers (1Thessalonians 5, 14). At the time of war whosoever has the gift of love, of patience and of pious thought, if he battles according to the law (2 Timothy 2, 5), and the law is love - can see marvelous things, unexpected beautiful turning backs to God. For example, we dont know the mysteries of God: who is to be saved or condemned. If someone will behave wildly towards you because of his own darkness but God knows that he could still be saved - his salvation can be achieved with your help also, through the graces given to you, those of patience, forgiveness from the heart (Matthew 18, 35) and prayer. Then, for your meekness, God will triumph and chase away the hostile spirit from inside that brother. But, on the other hand, if that brother still has to suffer in foreign bondage, or will even loose his soul, his wretchedness will escalade seeing your godly behavior and he will become even wilder, turning with his whole being against men and provoking God. Therefore, do not forget that we are enlisted as soldiers (2 Timothy 2, 3) of God. And soul, be worthy, knowing in Whom you believe (2 Cor 10, 4), with whose weapons you fight in warfare, Who is your Helper that God will not loose someone because of your own inability; for the Holy Parents said that the basis of salvation is your neighbor. Those who overcome the world (1 John 5, 4) are not a helpless army, a flock of idle people. By enduring the works of evil doers with patience and love, they are soldiers of the King - although they appear to be weak in the eyes of others the King, Who through the endurance of the Cross triumphs not only over the world, but over the power of death. Redemption is the crown of victory. The endurance of hardships proves that the patience and faith of the saints (Revelation 13, 10) is the only way that God allows to consume the power of evil and make it meaningless and powerless in the world.

Merciful enemy and malicious friend When the enemy of our salvation saw that the first obstacle he raised in front of the servants of God was overcome - the easiest one pride does not let him surrender, but makes him raise a second hindrance through vices of the flesh or self carnal love. With any progression in the battle for salvation, the flesh starts to complain, expecting pity; it is the astute lamentation of corruption, which should not be listened to, but uprooted and human nature cleansed again. For that reason the Parents of the Church called the flesh: a merciful enemy and malicious friend. When neglecting salvation, the flesh grows vicious in passions and desires, becoming depraved and getting out of the rule of the mind, or more precisely, putting the mind out of rule; it rebels insolently against the soul, tormenting it in all kinds of manners and even rising against God. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be (Romans 8, 7), so each one of us caries an atheist, an unbeliever on his back, his own body. From this condition until it becomes a Temple or a Church of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3, 16) its a war state that most of the time could last a life time. Bodys nature is deaf, blind and dumb; you can not get an agreement with it unless it goes to fatigue and starvation, but everything being done with much discernment, not ruining ones health. This kind of treatment makes the nature of the body docile at the point that it is not in enmity with God any longer. Prayer and fasting chase away demons of lust and anger from the body. The starving calms down the beasts. By all means, we bring to your attention that the warfare shall be done under the guidance of a skilful spiritual father who knows to ponder for each separate individual: the measure, the need and the possibility of each one in part - the fasting made a lot of people healthy and according to each ones endurance and type of temptation. Moderation and right reflection teaches us to do so. Whoever rushed in without taking into consideration the moderation, failed or lost the battle? For the Parents said that those who rushed into getting rid of the passions, they harmed themselves more by fasting than eating too much, believing that they were glorifying the right reflection and moderation as the highest virtue. The passionate value of flesh turns many against the spiritual father. Because they failed to listen to their spiritual father, they became ill, thus returning them back to him; others, consumed by pride, dont even allow themselves to go to the spiritual father, in spite the fact that they were longing for. At the time of humility which some day comes upon each


one those consumed by pride will also triumph over the obstacle and get into the fight for salvation. The unclean baby St. Maxim the Confessor calls self love the first born of the devil. It is another side of the second obstacle which the hostile stirs in us: physical self love which is the source of pride. Against this one the Redeemer demands from us to decide the denial of self, saying: if anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me (Luke 9, 23). This denial can be done only by the one who raised his mind above vain things, detached himself of the worldly love and oriented all the power of his love towards God. Or, in other words, whom God helped to break the ties of love for the world, will help him to put an end to the interior ties of self love. When you want sincerely and vigorously to conquer the second obstacle of the vices of the mind, believing that it was you, then God increases His Love towards you and your love towards Him; the bigger the obstacle, the more His Love increases. Indeed, this bodily self love which is full of arrogance only the burning Love of God could get rid of it and transform it perfectly into ashes by the humilities with which He burns it. Normally, we do not know how much danger the self love puts us into, but we can deduct it by the care of God Who, due to His Love for mankind, helps us to get salvation by allowing reprehensions, trials and hardships to come upon us, with the purpose of getting sick of ourselves and not taking any pleasure in the things of the world, because otherwise we can not die to ourselves that we might live unto God (Galatians 2, 19). Those who, by the grace of God, got rid of the interior ties of self love behaved and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on earth (Hebrews 11, 13). For in this tent we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed with our habitation which is from Heaven (2 Corinthians 5,2). We see then why, with the right reflection advised by the spiritual father, the flesh becomes silenced and had vicious deeds killed (Rom 8, 13). The words of the Savior are the testimony about all this when He says:He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it (Matthew 10, 39). We understand that he who finds his worldly and fleshly style of life will lose his life. Or, we hear the same word uttering: For whomever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and for the gospels will save it (Matthew 8, 35).


The soul also has a passionate side which, if neglected, grows vicious with the fleshly life, he indulges and he binds so much to the pleasures of this world that he doesnt want the body to die anymore, but he would like this passing life to be eternal. Maybe for this reason God allows this life to be so miserable, to be sick of it and desire to depart from it. Therefore, the poor (Luke 6, 20), free from life pleasures, are more blessed than the rich. Because the rich says: Soul, you have many goods bestowed on you for many years, take your ease; eat, drink and be merry. After such a calculation, God called him: Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will all those things be which you have provided? (Luke 12, 20) So, to be saved, we have to lose our souls easy inclination towards worlds friendship, Body and wealth, because all will be left here. However, we didnt escape from traps, for some are cleansing their souls through many tribulations and the soul has his passions as well: the illusion, vain glory and pride and, if some get rid of those lying joys and instead, get true spiritual joys from God, when the soul is cleansed it is a danger to fall in love with your own soul because you can loose your soul. Irrepressible joy, even though you have true spiritual gifts could make you forget that you did not come out totally of the kingdom of temptations. The soul who will be saved will not live any longer for himself, but for God that soul that got rid of the self love lives like a departed of this world. His whole life and love is lived only for God, Who makes him forget about the self, and when he returns to this world, he hates himself. John the evangelist talks about this third stage of the fight with self according to the word of God that says: He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life will keep it for eternal life (John 12, 25). Therefore, even we shine spiritually like the sun, which happens very seldom, we have to keep in mind one thing: that we dont belong to this world and our love shall not be nailed down here. When we reach at such a reflection about ourselves, then the Love of God will burn us, and burns with it the obstacle which keeps us from returning Home Those who gathered and oriented all the strengths of their being united with God and not with the world, triumph over the world and themselves.


The sign of cross Our Christianity would be mainly misunderstood if we were not also considering the real and personal existence of the demon and of the fallen angels. Our faith would be incomplete and would easily vanish, from a revealed religion into a simply human doctrine or, in the best case, into protestant rationalism, with no supernatural and personal. But the other extreme is not good either, to admit the evil as a principle, parallel with God, or to talk about the demons more than they deserve in reality. Not to admit the personal existence of the fallen angels and not to recognize their influence on the life of souls, especially on the mind, proves a dry and arrogant rationalism or an ignorance of ones self sufficiency. To admit the evil as a principle parallel to the good means that we plunge in the very tenebrous depth of history, at the time when we didnt have a full and complete revelation of the spiritual realities. In our times, with a complete revelation, to still linger with out of date elements of religions history, it goes without saying that it is question of a lot of mental obstinacy. And to wave too much and inconsiderably the name of the evil one, proves of course that it is question of lack of judgment if not, of mental unbalance. Therefore, examining the obstacles for salvation at their right weight, we say that on the path to salvation or the return Home, arises another opposition: the enemy himself, the power of the evil in person or the evil angel. His pride does not tolerate beating or defeat, this is the excruciating pain of his sin, yet still has to get it. So, if he got defeated when he was fighting with us from outside, throughout the worlds mouth, if he had to run away full of shame, after tens of years of interior battling of the flesh and soul, then the soul and the mind, becoming clean, are able to catch him in his invisible presence. Well, since there is no other choice, he comes in person to war with us. At this point, the war of the mans mind with the evils mind begins or the invisible war, as it is called. Nobody shall dare to get into that war, unless he has been called by God with the mission to put to shame the hostile power and to reinforce the helplessness of men in that war, not even for the fun of it. For the moment it is good to be content knowing that you have three weapons to fight against the devil; the Name of the Lord and of the Mother of God of whom St. John the Ladder says: We have no weapons on earth or in heaven stronger than the Name of God. And a second weapon we have against the inimical power is the Holy Cross. (1 Corinthians 1, 18) (I am asking those without the cross: with what sign do you defend


yourselves against the devils?) They do not have that sign because he does not let them make it. Not in vain the Church calls the sign of the Cross: You gave us Your Cross as an invincible weapon against the demon. And the third weapon of defense is the meekness of the soul. Then, just at your troubling hour, utter in the depth of your heart: For my sins I endure all these, Lord, save me from the evil one. No matter what bad thoughts you have in mind, go back with a good heart to God, for the Almighty Father sees the endeavor of the son and for sure, He would not abandon him.

In the wilderness of Karantanya So far, the drama of the perfection of the human being might or not be understood. Because it has been difficult to understand, to pursue and to do, it was mandatory to have God re-create man and through Christianity, to make him able to understand and accomplish his own personal fulfilllment. This perfection of man, intended and expected by God, has been revealed to us in the person of Christ Jesus, real and visible, Who has been given to us as a model, as an example of God-Man. For this is why He is both, natural and the supernatural Way of perfection. Christ Jesus didnt need Redemption, but without His descending, incarnate as a re-created man, born blameless, our Redemption would have been impossible since we were and are in need of salvation. Therefore, Gods love for mankind, felt by us like a faith burning for salvation, gave us a life model in the real person of Our Savior Christ Jesus. He is for us, mankind, and the measure of perfection; but the reveled model must be followed. Since God did everything for our salvation, it doesnt mean that we have to become lazy or negligent, because God did everything and there is nothing left for us to do. God did everything from His behalf: He made Himself of no reputation; He brought Himself low, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men (Philippians 2, 7), true man with no sin in Him, to show us the way in deed and in His Person. Being true God also, He walked humanly on the new path. For that reason we call the way to salvation Gods Way, because He was the first to walk on it. Therefore, those who want to be saved, have to walk on the same path, the whole way. And because we have to trample on vipers and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy


(Luke 10, 19) and because we are only men, Jesus of the Cross helps us, giving from His person and His life everything that we need, but greater than our nature. Further more, He Himself fights for us in order that we may follow Him faithfully on our earthly journey. From their lips, many follow the Lord, but when the time comes to pass by death of crucifixion the perfect self emptiness, the perfect self denial most step back. All of these linger on the way. For I say, whoever wants to see the Lord eternally after resurrection, has to walk with Him all the way, and not only to a certain place or for a certain time. In all times, because of fear, (Rev 21, 8) many stayed behind, but even more so in our days, fearing that somehow, because of faith, they might jeopardize their life. But instead we say: where is that happiness of us also falling in the jeopardy that God fell in; and if we dont endanger ourselves for God, it is clear that we are not worthy. Beside the knowledge of salvation, we have to take in consideration the ordeal or the efforts and the ascetic character of the way, and thus, we encounter the teaching of St. Maxim the Confessor (Migne P.G. 90, 911-957, in Romanian Philokalia, Sibiu, 1947, ed. 1, vol. 2, pp. 1-35). He is one of the most illuminated minds of the Church. Lets spin the yarn of the path of the way of the Ascetic Word of St. Maxim for patristic documentation and for the depth and the beauty of this Saint teaching. Christ Jesus, God by nature, accepting to become man out of His Love for mankind, descended and put Himself under the power of the Law, keeping the commandment of the Law like a man, in order to abolish the old punishment of Adam. And the Lord, knowing that the whole Law and the prophets hang on the commandment of loving God and men, He was eager to keep it as a man, from the beginning to the end. These commandments, which resume the Scriptures, have to be guarded against anyone who wants to make them fall; they have to be defended and lived against human nature and the enemy, otherwise, no salvation. Jesus fight against the enemy was double: against temptations of the pleasure and against the trials of pain. Behold the temptation of pleasure: the devil believed that Jesus was a man like any other, since he has been baptized, declared by the Father and, having received the kindred Spirit from heaven, went in the wilderness where the devil tempted Him. Believing so, the devil called into play a full war: perhaps he could make Jesus put Him too the material world above Gods love. Therefore the devil, knowing that food, wealth and glory are three things that every human being is concerned about, tempted Jesus in the wilderness through them, one at the


time, hoping to throw Him too in the gulf of perdition, like any other man. It is necessary to mention that Jesus, incarnate true man, defeated the devil as man, not as God; for that by the power of God, he fell from heaven like lightening (Luke 10, 18). Jesus came to fight against the devil, as true man, because only in this way He could drive us to the courage we needed; and earning as man a perfect victory on him, He granted it to us for us to fight like Him. The Saviors triumph taught us the art of war, giving us two means: knowledge and power; actually, He is all of them: art, knowledge and power as well as our fighting model on the path of salvation for how long it takes As a matter of fact, the Savior came into the world to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3, 8) and to throw his dominion that keeps mankind in bondage. Thus, when the devil tempted the Lord in the desert of Karantanya (Luke 4, 1-13) asking Him to make bread out of stones for He had endured starvation in His humanity for forty days, He won him with the Scripture, saying: It is written, a Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God! But the devil did not give up the battle; he tempted Him this time with the magnificence of the kingdoms of the world for the vain glory of political power telling God: All this authority I will give it to You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours. Concerning these arrogant words of the tempter, St. Cyril of Jerusalem is questioning himself if Satan lied or, forced by the presence of God, told the truth (St. Cyril of Jerusalem Catechesis, Sources of Orthodoxy, Bucharest, 1943, vol. 6, Catechesis VIII, ch. 7, pp. 205206)? But Jesus answered again from Scripture, beating him one more time: it is written, You shall worship the Lord Your God, and Him only you shall serve (Luke 4, 8). When the devil saw that he was beaten with the Scriptures words, he took the Scripture also, for he knows It, but diabolically, because his crazy mind distorts the meaning of each word because he sits on falsehood, and not on truth. So, he brings Jesus on the pinnacle of the temple of Jerusalem telling Him: If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from here. For it is written: He shall give His angels charge over You, and, in their hands they shall bare You up, lest You dash Your foot against a stone. This time, Jesus cut short this temptation answering: It has been said in the law you shall not tempt the Lord your God!. After the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time, meaning that he would still return, but in some other way.


Love is the Way The enemy tested the Lord through three most common human weaknesses: helplessness of the flesh, vain glory and temptation of God. All of these trials have the lure of delight, or the sting of sin (1 Corinthians 15, 56), but in a different manner. All these together make the first signs of war or, as St. Maxim calls it, temptation of pleasure. If Jesus would have been conquered by any of them, He would have fallen from the love of God; He would have had trespassed the first commandment for He came to fulfilll in this world: to preach among men the commandment of love of God as Father of mankind and act upon (Matthew 5, 48). For the enemy knows that earthly pleasure has the diabolical power to unbind the man of earthly pleasure from the love of God and turn it towards anything else, but God. Therefore, as long as we have our heart attached to earthly things, the prince of this world would keep us tied to his kingdom, for our love for God did not burn yet that attachment thread. After the devil was defeated in Jesus Holy soul in the wilderness of Karantanya sinless, of this world like a desert came to defeat him among men. The Evangelists words describe that aspect of the war saying: And when the devil ended every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time (Luke 4, 13), meaning that he would come again, but this time, making war to the Lord through the men of this world. Satan has risen against the Savior through the powerful men of that time; the malicious of the old world, the weak men of huge authority: the learned and Pharisees, the devils puppets. Perhaps Jesus more likely would curse or hate them and thus, trespass the second commandment, that of love of men. This is, as St. Maxim calls it, the second temptation that of suffering, set up by the enemy hoping to put enmity between Jesus and men and between men themselves. Behold the words of St. Maxim the Confessor: Then, after Jesus overcame the temptation of pleasure, upsetting the powers, Rulers and the evil Principalities design, God allowed them to pass to the next step: the attack, which is the last test left, the atrocious suffering. (St. Maxim the Confessor, Answers to Talasie, Question no.1, Filocalia, Sibiu, 1948, ed. 1, vol. 3, p. 65). Lets follow now the snares of the enemy. Lets see his method and Gods method explained by the same Saint: Because the devil did not succeed make the Lord trespass the commandment of love of God by his promises in the wilderness, he does everything in his power once back in the world, to make Jesus trespass the commandment of love of men.


Then Satan (meaning the enemy) started to instigate the weak Jews, the learned and Pharisees, to plot against Jesus, make Him suffer and endure more and more severe trials. The enemy really believed and hoped until the last minute that Jesus, not being able to endure those trials, would hate those who set traps for Him and thus, would trespass the commandment of love of men. But as God, the Lord knew the enemys thoughts; therefore, He didnt hate anybody He is Love and by nature all good. On the contrary, the Lord didnt cease to counsel, to reprove, to frighten, to pity all those submissive to Satan, allowing him to govern over them instead of rejecting him. Cursed, mocked, despised, Jesus has shown a long enduring patience. The Redeemer indeed reproved and reprimanded them (John 8, 41-47), but He hated no one; He didnt cease to love and teach them (John 8, 48-59), for He has reprimanded and humiliated not man, but the devil, exposing and burning him with the truth. Jesus had endure their evil doing, full of compassion, displaying only acts of love, teaching them the paths of life, portraying by His deeds the way of a heavenly life; He did announce the resurrection of the dead and did promise to the believers eternal life and the Kingdom of God; and to the unbelievers (atheists), the frightening eternal damnation; and he (Satan), who has worked through them (atheists) got bitten by Jesus with His love of men, atheists included, though they decided to follow the devil. O wonderful war! Instead of hatred, Jesus shows love, destroying the father of wickedness with His goodness. Keeping always in mind and heart the purpose of His coming into the world, Jesus had to endure so many ill-doings from them as a matter of fact, for them; for the commandment of love, He had to suffer in a human way pains to death, and for earning the victory against the devil, He received the crown of resurrection for us. Thus, the New Adam renewed the old one (St. Maxim the Confessor, Ascetic Word, Philokalia, ed. 1, vol. 2, Sibiu, 1947, pp. 8-9). God warned the temples mighty through the vision of Zachariah the prophet, to be vigilant for he will be tempted also. There it is: And He showed me Joshua (Jesus) the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan at his right hand to resist him (Zach 3, 1). The prophet saw that taking away the filthy vestments from the high priest Jesus and clothing him with garments and setting a fair mitre upon his head, and the angel protested unto Joshua, saying: Hear now O Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the Branch


(Zach 3, 8). Nevertheless, wrapped up by this world, they couldnt understand the temptation in which they were falling into, by showing enmity to Jesus. On the love of God and on the love of men hang the law and the prophets (Mt 22, 3740) fulfillled perfectly by Jesus, thus showing very clearly that Jesus is God and God is love (1John 4, 8). The whole mystery stays in this: we have two commandments and, if we live by them, there is no doubt that we will defeat the devil. For behold: God is hidden in His commandments, as the Saints Mark the Ascetic and Maxim the Confessor ensure us (See Philokalia, vol.1, ed. Sibiu, 1946). To live those two commandments means to burn the devil so badly that he raises hells powers and all together to instigate the men conquered by him to attack Jesus and His disciples. And through the Law, the rulers of this world, the servants of the temple: the chief priests Anna and Caiaphas, and through Judas the betrayer, the devil, suffering no longer to see his kingdom plundered, requests the unjust crucifixion of Jesus along with the two thieves. Just when the invisible war between hatred and love reached its summit, Jesus prevailed as man, not to forget against the devil, through the flesh powerlessness and unworthiness - (John 6, 63), in other words, by the perfect self denial or acceptance of death on His own Will and with His own accord. He drove away the pleasure, staying firm in His decision, for He has had a great longing for pain and sorrow (Lk 12, 50), thus fulfillling perfectly the mission He came for, to free mankind from Satans slavery. So far, we could see that the Savior fight against the enemy for the sake of the commandments and for our salvation presents some differences compared to the steps man has to take when he decides to walk on the footsteps of the Redeemer. First of all, the Savior defeated the enemy in spirit when he showed himself in person in the wilderness by the love of God, not giving unto the temptation of pleasure offered by the material world. We, mortals, dont have to see the enemy face to face, for as some say, we will go insane to brave such a terrifying apparition. It is known that our nervous system, overwhelmed by our own iniquities or by those of the successive generations of predecessors, wont be able to bear such frightening impressions, therefore we are spared. The Saviors followers, first of all, have to start with the purification of their own passions that to attain, after a long period of time, the state of physical and mental health capable to endure, with no great danger, what only the Savior is capable of facing. The medical science proved that the traumas that overwhelm the very sensible point of endurance of our nervous system could bring to person illnesses like mental disequilibrium or epilepsy, close to what the Gospel recognizes as devils possession. Of course, in the battle


against passions which could last a life time since we are only beginners we have to encounter the devil, and fight with him, in spirit. Due to the divine economy, we are spared to see his frightening presence. Except this, the rest of the battle for salvation is the same, both the Savior and the disciples together, following the same pattern and steps. Thus, after the Savior in His soul, battled the enemy in the wilderness, he also had to battle him in the world which was and still is under his power and dominion. For that reason we concluded that the salvation isnt won by an act here and there, but implies a social aspect as well; no one could save alone, we depend on each other, ones salvation lies on a multitude of human beings; we are all interconnected. In our human society, Jesus defeated the enemy with His love for men, in spite of the pains inflicted upon Him by wicked men, the devils servants. And at the very end, - by divine economy He prevailed, giving His body to be crucified in weakness (2 Corinthians 13, 4) like any evil doer. Satan wasnt aware of the fact that by crucifying the man, whom he heartily and joyfully or hatefully swallowed, was God Himself. The evil didnt know anything about the Cross Mystery and that would tear his inside in pieces, that Christ Jesus, the Man-God would resurrect the righteous of the Old Testament, and give eternally that victor over the evil to His brother and disciple, the man (Mt 28, 10). This triumph of Jesus incarnate has restored the human nature, opened the gates of the Kingdom of God and has brought the good news about resurrection and salvation by grace (Eph 2, 8). The Path of St. Paul Since weve got here, lets make clear some questions: - first, to strengthen up the false opinion of some Christians about the salvation by grace won by Jesus. It doesnt mean that we have only to believe and we are saved; nothing else is to be done. Lets see how St. Paul understood and how he acted upon as St. Maxim the Confessor describes it: Paul was fighting against the work of the devils of pleasure in bodies by the weakness of his flesh. He, Paul, shows us also through deeds in which manner we can prevail against the evil one who battles to bring the faithful to hatred. Using and instigating some careless men against them (the Apostles), the devil hoped that they would fall in the temptation of trespassing the commandment of love. But St. Paul


says: Being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we endure; being defamed, we entreat. We have been made as the filth of the world, the off scouring of all things until now. The devils have orchestrated on purpose revilement, defamation and persecution of the Apostle, to raise in him hatred against the person who reviles, blasphemes and defames or persecutes and thus, to make him act contrary to the commandment of love. But the Apostle, knowing their thoughts, was blessing those who were reviling, enduring those who were persecuting and comforting those who were blaspheming that, by driving away the devils who were working all these, he united himself with the Good Lord. In other words, he annihilated those enemies by paying evil always with good, walking thus in the footsteps of the Savior. In this manner Paul and the other Apostles delivered multitudes from the power of the enemy and united them to God, triumphing in their defeat over those who were hoping to come off victorious. Then, you too, brother, if you keep in mind and heart the same goal; you will end up by loving those who hate you. If not, no hope of salvation at all (St. Maxim the Confessor, Ascetic Word, Philokalia, Sibiu, 1947, vol. 2, p. 10). Then the salvation, even is accorded by grace, still be acquired through continuous battle, constant effort and pain. The example of the Savior caused St. Paul a lot and deep meditations. Behold, this time its question of a sinner like one of us, striving for that goal, reaching forth unto those things which are before (Phil 3, 14), counting not himself to have apprehended, (Philippians 3, 13), confessing merely at the end of his race: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith (2 Timothy 4, 7); henceforth, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4, 8), - the perfect union with Christ. Therefore, we dont have any reason to say - that we have an excuse for our laziness that Jesus was God and of course, it was easy for Him to prevail against the powers and the stubbornness of the human nature; for behold, Paul was a sinful man, of poor health and look at now him, fighting under the law (1 Corinthians 9, 200) for the law which resumes Scriptures and salvation, making himself above the slipperiness of pleasure and sharpness of sorrow. He threw himself out of the vicious circle of pleasure and pain our life usually is spinning in around, turning to absurd. Look at how great is the council of the Holy Trinity: one of Them to become man for us and for our salvation, meaning to re-create our fallen human nature. The Redeemer, like any man, walked and still walks humanly before us, making Himself Way from man to God. We are in awe before such great love and wisdom of God, incarnate in the


person of Christ Jesus, the God-Man. Worthless proofs, we know the love He has for us, but no one on this earth could express it. To the physical eyes of man, He is invisible, walking and searching His brethren (Mt 28, 10), watching and running after each individual as He did for Paul until He will catch again all of them, (St. Maxim the Confessor, Heads for Love, Filocalia, Sibiu, 1947, ed. 1, vol.2, p. 77) and finding no rest till everyone will get back Home. And He did and still does this for ages, in each successive generation until the end of the world. We can not keep quiet about this. And whoever saw the Lord and His incomparable Cross, which He is still carrying among men who continue to slap on His face with fierce hate till the end of this age, flinches, forgetting all about self conservatory love and prays, crying out to impart in this world Gods destiny. Such man is a free man, living like absolved of this life and any wrath of times could do nothing against him, but perfecting him even more, getting in the end pure as gold. If we feel the suffering beyond compare of our God and Redeemer, that of love of men, our life gets cleansed; for love of men is the fire sent by God on earth: the burning fire of love which kindles the world, burning the evil powers (Luke 12, 49) and shine with divine light His meek followers who are turning back Home. Despite everything, Gods longing for the biggest sinner is incomparably bigger than the longing of the most holy man after God.



Saul and David Nobody can walk alone on salvation path if he/she doesnt allow to be guided by the unseen hand of the Saviour, through the priests of the Church, His seen servants. Because He said: Anyone who welcomes you welcomes Me (Matthew 10, 40). So, on Spirits path you cant walk without apprenticeship to a priest/ confessor. The multitude of temptations, the cheatings of the unseen enemy, fighting with us through the seen persons and things, could anytime get out the Gods apprentice from salvation path and lose it if the confessor wouldnt have the art, the knowledge and the power from God to allways diffuse and ruin the works of the enemy. Hence, we understand that the apprentice or the beliver must obey the confessor with love, because without his gift it is impossible the delivernace from difficulties and salvation. Holy Scripture shows us many good obedients, but also many disobedients. For learning, we choose from the good obedients on king David, who stayed under the exhortation of his confessor, the prophet Natan. We call Natan confessor and not kings councillor, because he was a straightener of the spiritual aspects and an intermediate between Gods law and humans inquities, different from a councillor who is an intermediate between humans. And from the disobedients ones, we choose king Saul, who didnt receive Gods advice through Samuil and in the end because of disobeying, he received the payment for that, being lost for good. How a debt begins Before being a king, David, the eighth child of his parents, was a paid sheperd and he was living a balanced life together with his brothers. But when he became king, having a good level of living, he was invaded by desires. It happened once that a neighbour of his, Uries woman, was bathing. David saw her and the sexual immorality desires was burning in him. After founding who she was, he made a hypocritic and crafty plan to sent her husband in danger to death where that man finally died- and so david took that woman. So, look at David, the one glorious named king by God and with the gift of prophecy, killing the man and commit sexual immorality with that ones widow. With his function, he was king, with


his gift, he was prophet, but the body..was enemy of God (Romans 8,7) and mans murderer. And the Scripture says: That action, David did, was wrong in front of God (2 Kings 11,27). Payment time Lets see now, just to learn from it, how God arranged Davids reformation. We know that he was named king by Samuil the prophet, but that one was now dead. So, God sent David on Natan, the prophet, who, by correspondence, managed to aware David of his own sins and deadly guilt. A simple man talked to the emperor. The emperor dressed in purple was not angry because he was not watching to the one who was talking, but to the One who sent that man. David was not blind by the cohort of army arround him; contrariwise, he was thinking at Gods angels army and he was shaking in front of << the unseen one, as if he had seen him>> (Hebrews 11,27)Did anyone have any proof against him? Did people know his act? The act happend fast; the prophet quickly was there to reprehend him. (Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, page 76) The prophet or the one who see before the ones who will return to God, made him understand the law which hangs over the inquiry. He showed him that, by killing a person, a sword will allways hang over his house. And because he took someone else woman, so his woman will be taken by others just in front of his eyes. What he secretly does to other, will be openly done to him, in front of all the people. This is the unalterable justice law of God which brings on you what you have done to your neighbour.What you have done will be done to you too; what you have said will be told to you; the what you burden on other, you will carry too. When Gods justice returns against us, it is time for payment or the penance. The penance is not a punishment from God, it is a wisdoms tool, a tougher redressing. And because Gods justice allways keeps the balance between fact and payment, we can even talk about the justice law as if a mercy law by which we are cleaned of bad actions stains. During the penance time, when the sorrows come over us, if we endure those by free will, without any avoidance, God helps us; and if we dont want to receive what come over us, because we dont understand those, God will not help us, even if He would wished to. Only the confessor can do all this work of explaining the apprentice of the spiritual ones, the unseen laws, where from come all the seen ones. The confessor was given the art, the knowledge and the power to help human in attempts, sa that human to wish the cure offered by God, according to the kind and necessity of his/ her illness.


Confessing When David understood his mistake and its consequences, said to the one who came to him, or better said, to the One Who sent him, confessing his guilt: I sined in front of God (2 Kings 12,12). See the emperors humbleness. From that awareness and understanding of the sins, made in front of a confessor, the redressing hangs and begins. This is the confessing according to Gods will. And because he confessed immediatly after he sined, fast came the forgiveness from God. And the prophet who scared him, soon said: And now, God raised the sins from your head and you will not die (2 Kings 12,13). See how fast God changes with love for humans! We understand from here, that during we keep unconfessed our sins, hidden by free will, the punishment for those hangs on us, like a sword which stays to fall on our life. As soon as we confess our sins and guilt, the danger of death, which hangs on us, is eliminated by God. Attempts God easily forgives us, but we, humans, being weak by nature and mind, must consolidate our peace with God, through pains or needs. However, God immediately forgives our guilt after the confessing. We must fight, sometimes our entire life, with the habit of sinning . This time of attempts teaches us not to return to our first habits, is even the time for fortify our souls health. That teaches us best the Gods path. Dont forget that the battle and the sufferance of the confessed one is different of the unconfessed ones sufferance. The first one has lighted mind, he/she is peaceful and gets back his/ her inocence; the other one is darked and goes deeper. The first one listens and obeys a confessor, making the attemps to seem easier, while the other doesnt listen to anybody, making difficult his/ her redressing. God, knowing the habit of humans nature, warns David through the prophet, in the same time mentioning about a key of peaceful reign, saying: You have provoked Gods enemies. You, king, had many enemies bevause of your rightness; but your inocence (castity) was fortifying you. But because you have droped your best weapon, you have rasised the enemies against you (St. Cyril of Jerusalem, pg. 77). In that way the prophet presented the situation to David and clearifyed him. Although the happy David first heard the words: God forgot you sin, still the king didnt let the penitance and he was dressing in clothes made by burlap, instead of porphyry, and he


was sittig in ash and on the floor, instead of the golden trone. But not just he stayed in ash, but also he was eating that, as he himself told us: Instead of bread I ate ash (Psalm 101, 10). His high councillors asked him to eat bread, but he didnt listen (St. Cyril of Jerusalem). He kept that fast for seven days (2 Kings 12, 17-18). As higher someone stays on collective responsabilities scale, God carries him a greater love and concern. Look how God carries David through the bitterness of that lesson or how He takes him on the sufferance way, which fixes the human in good. The sword which would hand over his life if he wouldnt had confessed his sin moved over his child, born from unrightness. The prophet predicted David the death of his unborn child. In kings house started all kinds of temptations over the rest of his sons. The king punished one of his sons that for two years to not see his face. That was a hard punishment for a kings son. But that punishment had unexpected consequences; his son, by the endured sufferenace, won the love of the people, but he made a wrong fact with that, planning to take down his father from the trone. On the other side, the cheater, the evil spirit, tried the king too, advicing him to separate the people in two parts, one for him and one for his son and to fight one against other for protecting the trone and by that causing many slaughters. See how God allows the cheater, the keeper of the skies customs, to approach Gods servants and to try them with the purpose of finding in their hearts some clue of self-love, pride or self-esteem and by those to dirt again the souls in the first sins and to push them into bigger ones. King David (or if you want: the soul) was sick of slaughter, and he didnt want to protect his kings pride, and he chose to run away from the trone: the last humiliation for a king. His run proves not the biggest weakness, but the biggest power of wisdom. Because receiving the humiliation represents the biggest power of the right one; while the war for pride is the proof of the biggest incapacity. David first in his heart earned the Gods forgiveness and not his trone and so he decided to fully penance his unrightness and not to embroil in the same sins. For that, runing from his sons oppression: He went to Eleon Mountain with tears in his eyes, while was walking; his head was covered (that was Jewish law), he was barefooted and all the people who were with him, had covered heads and were crying (2 Kings 15,30).


Through the fire of humbleness This sufferance has anouther purpose too. For instance, through it God allows anyone, with an insignificant face or function, to say you the worst injuries. And who can do it better than a worthless man, but still having something to do with God. So, when the king was passing in tears, out of nowhere, a man started to throw stones after him and all the people and to curse: Go, go, lawless and murderer! (2 Kings 16,7) Look how God allows you to hear your acts by name. Because the enemy circles very often arround the attempted ones, for their past sins and so to take them out of salvation path, tempting them not to be humble and to protect their honour. But if the cheater couldnt determine David to slay his own people in two sides, he was almost sure that at least a human death could obtain from him. And beacuse the cursed couldnt take him out of penitence way and to insert into him the killing anger, the enemy was content to enter inside one of kings councillor and to ask the king that mans death: Why does that fainted dog curse my king? I go to cut his head off! (2 Kings 16,9) Devil advices everybody but he has no power over the ones who dont listen him! (St. Cyril of Jerusalem, pg. 67) But David, lighted by God through Natan the prophet, his confessor, was warned and knew about the attempts need, as God allowed and with his behaviour must pass for his sins through the fire of humbleness (Wisdom of Jesus Sirah 2,5), like a good obedient of God. Thats why the king, instead of listening the enemys temptation, from his companion, cuts it with wisdom and blandness saying: Let him curse, because God ordered him to do so. Who can tell him: why do you do that?(2 Kings 16,10). But the kings companion, being possesed by the bad spirit, who asked for that mans death, didnt give back so easy, thats why the king repeated him many times those words. (It is known that for taking out a bad though from someone mind, you must enveil it many times with the good word, to escape it from the slavery of foreign though. This is the longest way: from the ears to the heart.) And because the councillor didnt stop with the defence of kings honor, finally the king confessed to his companion the secret of his patience, saying: maybe God will see my humiliation and will reward me with good, for this curse of him (2 Kings 16,12). Words of a beautiful proof for the king, who being aware of those, remained humble. And so each of them went on his path: the king to the way of penitence and obeying God, the reviler on remonstance path; and the enemy perished too, being fired by the humbleness let the councillor in peace.


Still we might wonder: why does god allows those slaps over the right one cheeks? We answer that their is no othert way of being saint and that in front of God not even the sky is clean (Jov 15,15); and there is no sanctity without humbleness. God has no way to remember us the sinners and lumpish ones, our known and unknown sins, in order to be aware of those and to confess if we dont consider Churchs teaching- so, being more hit by the bat of insults. If we would know how sinners we are, the gulits penance would be easier. But when we dont know our gulits, we are wrong about our opinion regarding our rightness and unknowing ourselves, we dont endure what comes on us, by Gods judgement. So, when you hear someone calling you in all kinds of bad ways and curses, dont rush with your mind and dont say anyting saying what it shouldnt be said. Dont ask him: why do you blame me, but ask yourself why that one blame me? Anyway answer like David did: for my sins, God ordered that man to blame me; but I hope Gods mercy for affliction of the insult. Lets say, in your opinion, that you have a good life, according to Gods laws, you have a good husband and good children and suddently your own child or husband say straight in your face hard and bad words: wretch, thief, murderer. And you, without knowing yourself guilty of neither of those or understanding what it is in the middle, it might happen to react as biten by a snake and with harder words to attack the one who blame you, pressing and killing him/ her with your anger. It is not good to rush, but think well: maybe you didnt confess any mistake with your own husband, before the time, and now your husband remembers you now, in an anger crisis, whitout knowing that the sin in the end still gets out, no matter how much forgetfulness lays on it. Maybe the child in his blaming shouts a sin of his parents, made with word or though, by which he should have been spared. Maybe, for a bad though regarding his life, he remebers you at proper time, under the shape of indecency, the mistake you wanted to do to him. You forgot to confess, to be unbond by those sins and now those reveal to you. Because for the closer ones we receive the most cleaning burns, being known that it is not injustice from God. On the other part, maybe we have only few more days of life and by Gods allowance, the enemies who adviced us to sin, and through a weak mouth shouts us the forgotten guilts which were not erased by our confessing and tears. Having the light of knowledge, be happy when you are in sorrows (1 Thessalonians 5,16). Because for the one who is enlighten in Gods ways, everything that happens is for receiving more light, even if we understand or not. Our concern must be the one of not ruining what God arranged. Think about the end of any unwished sorrow and you will find in that the death of the sin. If you were injured or blamed by someone, dont consider those now, and wait the future ones. So you will find that man was cause of many godnesses, not only in this


time but also in future life (St. Mark the Ascet, About spiritual law, in Philokalia, ed. I, 1946, vol. 1, pp. 238 and ed. II, 1947, pp. 236, 240). The light of sufferance Redressing through attempts has a proper time, shorter or longer, depending on how we undertand and follow or not Gods way. If the soul fixes in goodness and also the external actions, the bitterness of the attempts passes and everytimg turns again to joy, together with all the things, which do not stay against us anymore The bitterness time usually helds as long as we are prone to pride; because to the humble one nothing stays against: neither the things, the humans or the devils. In front of God the real virtue is humbleness, which heals, cleans, protects and turns everything to peace. So, when the bitterness of the attempt acomplishes its purpose, God turns again everything to joy. Saint Maxim the Confessor teaches us too about this reversal of things in a way or other (St. Maxim the Confessor, Ascetic Word, p. 34), saying: Love everyone from the heart; but dont put your hope in nobody. Because while we are supported by God, we are surrounded by a lot of friends and all our enemies are powerless. But when God abandons us, then our friends abandon us too and the enemies obtain power against us. But also the one who dares, trusting in himself/ herself will have a deplorable fall. The one who fears God will raise again. Thats why David (as one who passed through those) said: I will not trust my bow and my sword will not save me. Because You, God saved us from the ones who annoyed us and You shamed the ones who hated us.(Psalm 43, 8-9) Look how in Davids life the unseen Helm of things turns everything to good. The kings rebel son was killed in a battle. His father wanted to forgive him, but is so how it is paid in front of God the childrens revolt against parents. David becomes king again. On the way, when crossing the Jordan, the man who had injured and cursed him before, went forth to David and asked him forgiveness for that mistake and not kill him for that. See how, for kings patience then, God turned back the one who chagrined him then and now that man looked for forgiveness, confessing his mistake. And instead of the dead child, God gave David on Solomon, the most wise of the Orients sons (3 Kings 2, 35). The way God taught and cleaned David, the king- prophet let us in written form. That is the Psaltery. All the Psalterys words prove the knowledge obtained from difficulties, or the teachings from pains, the only way by which human can learn something. He was reaching with his writtings at Psalm 31. Within it we see hidden the knowledge he aquired after doing


the two wrongdoings. The ones decribed here represent a help in understanding this psalm. Still a brief explanation will not harm. 1. Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. 2. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord does not count against them and in whose spirit is no deceit. This psalm was written after expiation of his transgressions, when his soul was covered again by that mood of happiness, caused by the reconciliation with God. Thats why it begins by making happy the one, whom God forgave the sin. Still, the knowledge aquired by sorrows is realized in such way that in happiness times of the soul, you cant forget the bitterness, used by God to teach you the right lesson. And, to remember, David counts the paining souls conditions a human passes through, if he/ she doesnt want to confess the wrongdoings. 3. When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. 4. For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer. After a while, when the pain caused by the sins becomes unbearable, God sends David a confessor, an intermediary, whom he says: 5. Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. 6. I said, I will confess my sin. In this part, it is good to notice the testimony of prophet David himself, that after the confessing God raises the punishment of that sin; - still you endure attempts and many times lasting for years. To clear that: those attempts are not punishments, but school, light for the mind and mercy from God. Why do you feel those as sufferance? If not, you will not learn anything. As pleasure is the teacher of sins, so the pain is the teacher of wisdom; and since now from rest, nothing to worth came out. Look then the precious and hopeful teaching, the prophet offers for the tempations from the attempts time, and also for the faith in God, which maintains the humans balance: 7. Therefore let all the faithful pray to you of the mighty waters while you may be found; surely the rising my transgressions to the Lord. And you forgave the guilt of

will not reach them.


8. You are my hiding place; with songs of deliverance.

you will protect me from trouble

and surround me

9. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. And again he advices the ones who dont understand the purpose of strenghten the soul in attemting times, saying: 7. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you. 8. Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lords unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him. The psalm ends with the joy calling of the one forgiven by God and redressed as a right one again: 12. Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart! And in psalm 33 the joy, the knowledge and the advice are used again: 1. I will extol the Lord at all times; 3. Glorify the Lord with me; his praise will always be on my lips. 2. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice! let us exalt his name together. 4. I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. 5. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. 6. This poor man called, and the Lord heard him; He saved him out of all his troubles. 7. The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and He delivers them. 8. Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him! 9. Fear the Lord, you His holy people, for those who fear Him lack nothing And so is the entire Psaltery: a brightful confessing of Gods goodness, held by David as a torch, which caresses any soul crushed by the sins. Its light attracts the awareness of Gods helm over the entire world, spurs the soul to obeying and humbleness, by which all the barriers from salvation path can be destroyed and by which the soul can resist the temptations.


Censorship of the envy Those described here are only a part of the attempts David had to endure. The bitternest days were caused by Saul, by whom God was replacing David, during the time he was learning how to be king. King Saul is also a loud case of envy against David. Because of good actions overwhelming, Saul found a reason for a war with David. Once, released by furies, due to Davids strings soft songs, he tried many times to spear his benefactor. Other time, David saved him and his entire army by the shame which was impended by Goliath and the dancers, without malice, sang victorys hosannas, assuming more credit for victory to David than to Saul, saying: David beated thousands of people and Saul a thousand (1 Kings 18,7) for that single word and the confessing of the real truth, Saul planned to trap David and to kill him with his own hands. Now, David was a fugitive; still Sauls anger was not lessen, and he went with an army of 3000 soldiers to look for David, searching all over the dessert. If he would have been asked the reason of that oppression, he would have to admit the well doings of David. But, during the oppression, the things reversed and David catched Saul during his sleep. But the rightness of the Lord, protected one from death and the other one from blemish his hand. Still, Saul didnt give up even God intermediated between them and he raised army again to follow David and for the second time, Saul was catched in a cave. Those acts show the virtue of the oppressed one shiner and the malice of the oppressor more obvious. The envious doesnt receive a doctor for his illness and cant find a healing cure for his sufferance, even the Scripture is full of those. He waits the relief of the illness only by one way: see the reason of his envy falling down. The end of his hate is to see that passing from happiness to unhappiness, from luck to unluck. Some are palliated by the well doings, realized by the ones they envy. But the evious one gets more malice because of the well doings, and more the number of those acts increases, more the envious one boils in his own rancour, he gets more anger. Thanking for the gifts received from the benefactor, more gets upset by that one behaviour. What beast dont they exceed with their bad habit? What wildness dont they exceed with their cruelty? The dogs, by receiving a peice of bread are domesticated; lions, if get attention, they become tame. But, the envious more irritates when he/ she receives attention and carrying. (St. Basil the Great, About envy, P.G. 31, col. 376 377)


The wounds of envy are deep and hidden and those dont allow healing, as ones enclosed their own blind pain within their consceince hiding. The envious is enemy of his/ her own souls health. The eviable one may escape and avoid the envious; and the envious cant run from hiself/ herself. You, envious one, your enemy is with you, your enemy is allways in your heart, the danger is locked deep in you, you are bond with unbearable ties, you are envys prisoner and no solace comes to help you. Persecuting someone blessed by God and hating the happy one, is a trouble without cure (St. Ciprian, De zelo et livore, c.9; in Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, Ed. G. Hartel, Wien 1868/ Texts translated by Prof. I. Coman in Censoring the envy at Plutarch, St. Ciprian and St. Basil the Great in Homage to Nocodim patriarch volume, pg. 151). The sun of humbleness Even David passed so well through so many attempts and censorships, still, being human he couldnt show us something ideal; however if we were acting like David during the atonement of sins, we would rather increase our chances in salvation path. David was an icon of Jesus before he had been coming. But Only the One without sin can show us and give us something perfect in penance too. That means that His obey and His atonement fulfilll what is missing from the obeying and atonement of us, the sinners. We have the ideal teaching from the One Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to His own advantage; rather, He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And by becoming obedient to death being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself

- even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth. (Philippians 2, 6-10) Eduring the bad or humuliation, for faith in God, is the biggest power against the evil in this world. The perfect model for humiliation was given to us by the Saviour on the cross: He, Fathers Son and Slave, true God, didnt oppose and received to pass through the greatest humiliation on earth, because He knew the great power of humiliation. Enduring beatings, spitting in the face, crown of thorns, nails and hanging on the cross, and over the soul the blasphemy of the unright ones, however those werent the hardest cross; that He had on his back. The hardest cross, on which His face was being crossed, was represented by His dissimilar pain of His mercy for humanity.


Those humans, who were ill because of their malice and who didnt understand anything from Saviours divinity, those ones represent that coalition of soul venom against the Saviour. Those people, poissoned by the malice, represent the top of human envy against the sublime. Why did the Saviour was envable? Because of His miracles for the poor and unpriviledged ones, the first ones called for salvation. The hungry ones were fed, the provider was hated; the deads were resurrected, the envious were dieing because of spite; demons were banished, and to the One who commands demons to exist, they made traps; the lepers were cleaned, the lames were walking, the deafs were hearing, the blinds were seeing, and their benefactor was presecuted. Finallly, they convicted to death their life giver, they lashed humans Saviour and they judged to death of the worlds Judge (St. Basil the Great, idem, column 377, C.). And He asked Fathers forgiveness for those. The love for humanity, as it is, never had a shadow of decreasing, and that love created an dissimilar harder cross, which He carries and the Saviour targets on with each of our malices until the end of the world. But Jesus perfectly obeyed Father in all of those; with His humbleness, He gained here on earth and also in hell. Because through the secret of the cross, breaking the locker of the hell which was full of human kind because of disobedience, He ressurected Adam from hell and all the right ones and since then there is salvation. Therefore, salvation is the fruit of Saviours obedience until humiliation. Jesus gave Himself to the last humiliation, just to gain for us the salvation for what He had come in that world. Thats why He is the Tree of life from Heaven, and return to heaven, or salvation, is the fruit of that Tree, which gaves eternal life to the one who will eat from it. We know the Tree, its fruit is given to us, - but if we dont eat, we will not be saved. We should follow Saviours entire earthly way, at least as much as hunger and thirst hurry us towars the perishing ones. Saviour perfection in obeying and Self- abandon, because of love for humanity, has raised among Christians the countless number of pious and winning martyrs, who, for His love, were happy to suffer too tortures coming from the unbelivers of those times. And the same once, David killed Goliath and the lion, so Christians were beating the unseen lion, because the love to the death for the One Who showed us the path and gave us as invincible weapon, our self abandon on the cross, that love made them stronger than the hell, which vainly was throwing waters of hate on them, was putting crown of thorns on their heads, was beating redness nails in their legs or was burning them alive in furnaces. But nothing could separe them from Christs love, neither fear of death, or love for life. Those, the saints, were beyond pleasure and pain, and they have stunned life and death. Within them Lords death and resurrection was happening. The youngs from Babylon are only a shy


beginning, but also there the love for God extinguished the flame of furnace, the wrath of fire run from Gods face, which He transformed in dew and saved the saints. The customs must be pass, shaming from here, from the earth, the skies tax customs, and so when we cross over, they must know the divine fire which burned within us their things, and so not to be able to stop us with an unpayed debt from this time, the time ordained for attempts. Because the parents say, that the time from now is given for us to penintence. And there is no other higher break of enemies works than enduring with love the sorrows, because those burn our debts and all their stuggle. Us, the sinner ones, even if we think at earthly things and we walk on sins way, still nodody put the crown of thorns of our heads and didnt beat nails in our soles. But I say: who wants to follow Lord and to be alike Him, to resemble with Him in cross and as much as human nature can cover, will be alike Him. The ones that have no problems All our sorrows come from our mistakes and not from God. He just allows them and washes away with those our guilts. Humans hardly understand that the redressing through sorrows proves not God abandon but His mercy. But through those we know God takes care of us, if we are in troubles. Being so good and so wise, He carres about us and with mercy, He washes us, even if we want or not, even if we understand now or later. Because: God is long patient and more mercyful, but He doesnt let anything unpunished (Naum 1,3). He waits for a while to see: we hurry to penance by free will or not; we learn from others sorrows or we wait to face troubles too, like that ones? God wants to help everyone, but not all receive His care. Is so that there are sinner who have no troubles. God abandoned those. Knowing their nature, that they have no cure and that they dont understand anything of His helm, He let them within their sins. Those are the ones about David said: They have no sufferance until death and are full of health; they have no fatigue like the others and are not beated like others too. They laugh on everybody else and speak with pride. See the unbelivers luxuriate in this world and collect treasures. Viewing that, many persons, without knowing: They wish the unbelivers faith (the earthly one), seeing the prosperity of the sinners; but when they understand the end of the sinners and that comes only when they enter in Gods Altar only then their queries spread. Because at Lords Altar, where There are hidden all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom


(Colossians 2, 2-3), that means Christ Jesus, they find out that for their ruse God put them on slippery ways and let them fall in abyss and they are lost. (Psalm 72, 3-19) Dont consider happy the ones who dont have sorrows in this world. Because, knowing God that they dont have mind to understand His ways, plans for them no redressing through attempts, but the punishment in the other life. See why, the mercy God, even when He punishes to hell He is still mercy as the One Who knows everything from begining, and dont send them sorrows according to their sins, because their pride doesnt endure the humiliation of attempts. Contrariwise, Gods effort to wash them through the unwished sorrows, for them will have the adverse effects. Because they, loving so much the pride and the vainly slave of that life, instead of the humbleness and obedience to God, their weak mind throws them in despair, which cause the biggest and the last sin in this world: suicide. All the sins together are less than this sin. Thats why because of this Gods incomprehensible mercy for their infirmity, dont put them in the fire of humbleness, because the cockle dont stand for this type of test, and they will go to condemnation, but not in the biggest one, suffered by the ones who committed suicide. According to Saint Mark the Ascet: If someone, who visible sinned and didnt repent, and dint receiv anything until death, think that there His judgement will be mercilessly (Saint Mark the Ascet, Philokalia, ed. I, vol. 1, pg. 242 and ed. II, vol I, pg. 240). Planning the fall In front of God even an entire people may be wrong. Therefore, Saul, the first king of Jews, was asked to be elected by all Israils elders, without Samuel the prophets approval and without Gods will (1 Kings 8,4; Osea 8,4). Still God let them with their thinking and gave them what their heart chose. In front of humans says the Wise one there is life and death and what theyll like, theyll receive. But He didnt allow anybody to heathenishly work and He didnt allow anybody the freedom to sin (Isus Sirahs wisdom 15, 15-20). Letting God in their wills, loook the elders of the people, indebt with their conscience, submitting to a hard debt they had to pay together: king and people. To this advice of them, God, said, through Samuel, the prophet: Listen people voice, because not you they adandoned, but they abandoned me so that not to rule them anymore (1 Kings 8,7). See the moment in history when people depart from God stronger than now, cast Him from citizen works, where from now on they dont need anymore Gods guidance. This is the falling moment from theocracy to royalty.


Samuel fought with the people because he didnt want them to do such a mistake; but seeing them the slave from neighbour kings courts and the one of the kings who beaten them, the bright of gold took their minds again and injured their hearts with pride and vainly slave. Thats why they didnt listen Gods advice through the prophet and kept their own: Give us king and well be like the others people! (1 Kings 8, 19 20) And God said the second time to Samuel: Listen their voices and give them a king! (1 Kings 8,22) So, God showed them on Saul, who deviated to Samuel, the prophet looking for some lost donkeys (1 Kings 9,20 ). He named that one king by pouring holy oil on his head. He kissed him and told him the responsabilities and rights of a king and also that he will change and become another man, God offering him another heart and even the gift of prophecy. (1 Kings 10, 1,6,9) After a while, in the celebration day, Samuel clenched them regarding Gods commands, remembered them again how great was the sin of asking a king in front of God. Samuel strenghten that word, asking flash and rain during the harvest times and so it was, so that the people was seized with fear of God and fear of Samuel. Hardly at the third admonition with sign, the people admitted the mistake and said: Pray to the Lord your God for your servants so that we will not die, for we have added to all our other sins the evil of asking for a king (1 Kings 12, 19) This would be the place when we wonder: why did the prophet allways remember the people its mistake? He did that with the purpose that the people understand that was wrong in changing theocracy with royalty and understanding that, to ask forgiveness from the deep of the heart, because otherwise it didnt come. Many, until they understand their wrong doings, think they are clean and they defend saying that they didnt kill, they didnt fired etc. etc. Actually their mind is locked and tied by a darkness veil which will break only when you bump their sins in front of them. Thats the effort of the prophet: to work as he could better the deep penance of the people, so that to come from God redressing mercy way and revivification times (Acts 3,19) and not punishment and great wrath.


The power which do not listen In those times, God sent Samuel to Saul to tell that one: I remember what the Amalekites did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys. (1 Kings, 2-3) That was Gods command to Saul, who wearing a sword, received to obey a command related to sword. But Saul and his people acted up of their own: they spared Agag, king of Amalekites, and the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs - everything that was good. These they were unwilling to destroy completely, but everything that was despised and weak they totally destroyed. Then the word of the Lord came to Samuel: <<I regret that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions>>. (1 Kings 15, 8-10) See how from the diobedience starts the fall from God and the mistakes come one after another. Just for some lambs and cattle and because the army spared the king of Amalek, was God so angry that to lament to the people that He was sorry for making Saul king? The Holy Scripture, Book of God, has letter and spirit. Thats why there are two type of reading. If God unbinds the hidden secret from letters, you will understand; if not you will understand only the letters. So, getting deeper the times, over the multiude of centuries, we find the Abrams vision: Genesis 15: 12. As the sun was setting, Abram fell into a deep sleep, and a thick and dreadful darkness came over him. 13.Then the Lord said to him, Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there. 14. But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions. 15. You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age. 16. In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure. What do those words represent? A discovery made to Abram, a word from God to the human, by which He revealed His concern in guiding the people over times towards the


expiation and salvation of people. That word of God said to Abram hundreds of years before, came to be acomplished during Sauls time. Thats why, God word for Saul through Samuel was: I remember what the Amalekites did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. (1 Kings 15, 2-3) This word of Gods guidance was not listen by the king; thats why God was angry and He was sorry for making Saul king, because he didnt fulfillled exactly His command, the word which bent His will over times and now was reaching humans again. Through Parentss interpretation Saint Maxim the Confessor deeps the sense of Sauls history with spiritual elements. So Saul is elucidated, after a meaning, as <<asked hell>>. Jews people, by choosing a life of pleasures instead of a virtuous life lived within Gods spirit, asked to rule over them the kingdom of hell, that being the unknowing insted of knowledge. Because all that is felt from divine love is possesed through pleasure by the law which cant obey none of Gods commands or doesnt want to (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers to Talasie, pg. 421). God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth. (John 4, 24) and not letter... Because it is impossible to exist and work together the bodily part and the divine part of the law, that meaning the letter with the spirit, once there can be no harmony between what is ruining the life with what destines it by nature (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 433) Saul represents also the type of written law, the letter of the law, David represents its spirit, its reason. This spiritual David, even envied by Saul, is not defeated. On the contrary, due to his great love for people and the reached condition without passions, even he was hated, through the spirits guitar calms the enemy, tortured by the bad spirit and allays it, saving him from the bad desease of earthly thinking, as if it was a crafty devil. Because all of those who hate from envy and evily slander the one who is harder in virtuess needs and richer in Gods knowledge word, all of those represent a Saul tortured by the bad spirit, because they dont stand the fame and the happiness of the one better in virtue and knowledge, but they get more angry if they cant kill the benefactor. Often browbeats with rancour even on the beloved Jonathan, the consciences secret thought, which condemns the unfair hate and says the truh about the hated one diligences. The envious one behaves like Saul, the madman from old times, whom Samuel said, after disobeying Gods commands:


Crazy you had worked, because you infringed my command, which was given to you by God! (1 Kings 15,19). And Saul is, as I said before, the written law or the Jewish people, who live according to written law. Because from those two, interlacing in earthly face, will move away the Gods Spirit, that meaning the spiritual contemplation and knowledge, and instead of those the bad spirt, represented by earthly thinking comes and tortures with continuous sexual immoralitys and agitations, specific to the ones submissived to the time and damage, as something shaked by the the deasease of thoughts flightiness. (Those match so well to our times, when people is against the Spirit, thats why there is no letter to reconciliate them). Because the law, considered only by letter and comprehended only in the material sense, it seems like being controlled by the epilepsy, being shaked by countless contradictions and having no harmony with itself; and the Jewish like mind, confussed until madness by the toss and the flightiness of the material things, is necessary to allways change its mood. (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 447 -448) It must be added that the ones saved by Jesus (Navi) are killed by Saul. Because the ones saved by the spirit are killed by the letter, thats why God, Who named Saul king that meaning the written law- to rule over Israel, is sorry when He sees that the Jewish understands the law only by material sense and gives power to the kingdom of Spirit, which is close to the letter, but better. << The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to one of your neighbors - to one better than you.>> (1 Kings 15, 28) because how David was the neighbour of Saul, so the Spirit is the neighbour of the letter, following to reveal after the letters death. (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 449) According to another meaning, Saul represents the humanity, is the mind, is the soul given by God through the Sacrament of Oil with the Holy Chrism, king of Israel. He receives the command of starting war with Amalek, by which we undertand the devil, and to destroy the entire kingdom with all that it has: women pleasures, their babies evils cubs, animals passions against nature, in a single word everything that belongs to Amalek, which strumbled the exit of Israel from Pharaohs slavery, another icon of devil. Neither our Saul, who exists in each of us, doesnt obey, doesnt fulfill the command and spares the ling and some good-looking cattle. He doesnt kill the king of evil with the obediance to God, he doesnt kill the most good-looking animals the passions with inocent appearance but still there are passions too, even are undercovered in lambs face or the innocence face. We, Christian people, new Israel, through the Three Sacraments by which we enter the great christian collective: Holy Christening, Holy Oil (Unction) and Holy Communion, we


are named priests, kings and emperors over the passions. So, unified within us with Gods word, we received the command and the power to kill Amalek and all represented by that to be destroyed. And if we act like Saul did and we dont obey to carry the war according to the command and power received from above, among us, hangs like a sword the regret of God. (Genesis 6,6) The fall of a king The prophet, the seer beyond letter and things, suffering because the kings mistake, tries to redress it. Because, as one who oiled him king, he was spiritual connected and responsible for him. So the confessor calls the king to penance, saying: You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time. But now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept the Lords command. (1 Kings 13, 13-14) After saying those, he helps him praying for an entire night. He met for the second time with the king and he told him again his mistake, that: For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has rejected you as king (1 Kings 15, 23). Hearing those Saul makes a fake penance only to escape from the prophets mouth, saying: I have sinned. I violated the Lords command and your instructions. I was afraid of the men and so I gave in to them. Now I beg you, forgive my sin (1 Kings 15, 24 -25). See that were is defence there is no penance, so there is no confession and neither forgiveness; pride remains the master; you cant make diplomacy or compromise with God. So, as it was expected: the human with splited heart sees everything splited, and also whats unique he/she splits too. Because see him splitting the word of God from the word of the prophet - as if it wasnt the same command. Also he justifies himself, arguing on fear of the people. But his fear was caused by the abandon from above (Wisdom of Solomon, 17, 1112), fear which he felt in his heart, as the one who didnt kill the foreign king, the cattle of pride, or the lambs of self love. Thats why when Samuel returns and tries to guide him to penance, the king jumps from penance to the pertinacity of pride, saying: I have sinned. But please honor me before the elders of my people and before Israel (1 Kings 15,30). This jump makes the penance impossible; and instead of attempts with the purpose of penance, from God comes the decision of dethronement.


Then God told Samuel: How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king. (1 Kings 16,1) Saint Maxim the Confessor writes a short teaching about the power and the measurement of human prayers to God, based on the prophets inclination between the decisions of the Mastery from above and the pertinacity of the mastery from down, the one of the king. A prayer works when it is unified with the facts of the commands. So, when the prayer is not just empty words, laying in lazzyness and without conscience, but it is refreshed and alived by fulfilling the commands, then the prayer is workingIn another way (when is made for others) is working when the one who needs the right one prayer, respects the facts of the prayer, redressing his life and so strenghten the prayer of the right one through his behave. Because the prayer of the right one doesnt work for the one who more likes the pleasures then virtues. For instance, the great Samuel once he was mourning on Saul who sinned, but he couldnt persuade God to be mercy, because he didnt have as a help for his tears the proper redressing of the sinner. Thats why God, stopping His servant from unuseless crying, says to him: How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? (1 Kings 16,1) Thats why the prayer of Jeremiah, who suffered because of the Jewish people, mad because of devils delusions, is not listened, because it didnt have the power of Jewish unbelivers redressing. Thats why God stopped him too from his prayer, saying: <<And you stop praying for that people and dont come to Me anymore for they, because I will not hear.>> (Jeremiah 7,16) It is really a great unconsciousness, for not saying madness, that someone who splits his / her soul in pleasures to ask salvation through those right ones prayers, and also is a great madness to ask forgiveness for the acts by which actually he/she praises, defiling with the wish. The one who need the right one prayer dont have to let it unuseless and unmoved if he/she really hates the bad ones and to make it useful and powerful, arming it with his/ her own virtues and capable to the One Who can forgive the mistakes. (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pp. 299 - 300) And Saint Mark the Ascet says all of those briefly: Sin to death is the impenitent sin. Even if a Saint will pray for such a sin of other, he will not be hear. (Saint Mark the Ascet, About the ones who redress by facts, Philokalia, ed.I, vol. 1, pg. 254, and ed. II, vol. 1, pg. 252) Thats why Samuel was sent to David, a blonde child, with beautiful eyes and nice face.


Samuel, knowing David, by spirit, took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David. Then the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him and even Sauls attendants said to him, See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you. (1 Kings 16, 12-15) We must show that if he didnt want to redress when he had the Spirit of God, now, tormented by devil, it would be harder and even impossible to redress. This is Gods punishment over the pertinacity of an envoy. Thats why, from times it is known that when the powerful persons of those times were rasing a hand against Gods servants, their power didnt last anymore. Saul, mastered by the bad spirit, revolts against God and His servants. Saul, being under devils possesion, was searching to kill the work of the humans killer because he tried twice to pin David to the wall with his spear, with the intention of killing him (1 Kings 18, 10-12; 19,10). He was wild against Samuel too, because he was protecting David, but he couldnt do anything. His mind became darker and darker; he ordered that all Gods priests to be killed, because they have sided with David. And so the guards did, murdering in that day 85 priests. (1 Kings 22, 17-18) That act of Saul was proving the madness of his mind and the alienation from penance, which attract continuous punishments and sorrows from God. Samuel the prophet dies, he has no consellor. He leave with army against David, but with divine intervation, David spares his life several times; even he robbed Sauls spear under his head, and other time cut a piece of his coat, wishing to prove his goodness. God showed him that he didnt want his death but his return. And how did God shake him to return if not by David goodnesss proofs, by which he saved Sauls life several times? (1 Kings 24, 1-20) But a mad mind doesnt understand the good ones, it cant rise to understand the unseen ones from the seen ones. A dark mind cant be trusted, because even when it talks about good it has no stability. Thats why the afflictions come: the last way God use to wake up the humans mind. In those days the Philistines gathered their forces to fight against Israel (1 Kings 28,4). Saul gathered the entire people and set up camp. When Saul saw the Philistine army, he was afraid; terror filled his heart (1 Kings 28,5). This shake has a meaning and consequences; once it reveales his nervous disequilibrium, and second, this disequilibrium increases in a terror moment and from now on, his acts are getting more and more crazy. Just a last blink remained from God but soon it faded too. Saul inquired of the Lord, but the Lord did not answer him by dreams or visions or prophets. Saul then said to his attendants <<Find me a woman who


is a medium, so I may go and inquire of her.>> <<There is one in Endor>> they said. Saul changed his clothes and went to see the medium. (1 Kings 28, 6 -8) God, knowing that he will do that, did not answer to him; because his mind was no longer capable to make the difference between good and bad, God and the devil. See now Saul, abandoned by God and going to the medium, the devils apprentice. Spiritism He asked the medium to raise Samuel from deads, because he didnt listen that one when he sould. God brings the want over the humans, so that, by this way to apreciate still the advice in such a way that even from deads to struggle to bring back the ones they didnt listen when they could do that. But those who are so contrary and only the deads might return from that way even if someone will resurrect from death, they still will not belive (1 Kings 28, 68). Disobedients, with obturate and weak minds because of pride, will not benefit from the gifts of advice. Because, abandoning the good advice given in proper time, God also departs from them and leaves them in the evil ones advice. So happened to Saul, because - according to Saint Gregory of Nyssa s interpretation about that it wasnt the spirit of Samuel who came back from hell (because all the rights from the Old Testament were going to hell, except from Enoh and Eliaj), but from hell came out the bad spirit, the one with the medium was working, and that spirit took the appearance of Samuel and so the cheat Saul in a perfect way. See the past king worshiping the devils work, who extended his mastery over Sauls life too so that even his end was told too. 1 Kings 28: 15. Samuel (the one with the face of Samuel) said to Saul, Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up? I am in great distress, Saul said. The Philistines are fighting against me, and God has departed from me. He no longer answers me, either by prophets or by dreams. So I have called on you to tell me what to do. 16. Samuel said, Why do you consult me, now that the Lord has departed from you and become your enemy? 17. The Lord has done what he predicted through me. The Lord has torn the kingdom out of your hands and given it to one of your neighbors - to David. 18.Because you did not obey the Lord or carry out his fierce wrath against the Amalekites, the Lord has done this to you today.


19.The Lord will deliver both Israel and you into the hands of the Philistines, and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. The Lord will also give the army of Israel into the hands of the Philistines. Hence, the unrightness of speaking to deads or spiritism has old roots. Nowadays, it became a trend for the elite and being one of the finest cheat, it is also the most dangerous roam. To be clear: Church doesnt allow the spiritism, it stops it. See why: The spirit who comes cant offer any solid proof about its being or identity. It may count proof after proof, showing that it knows things, which we think only the defunet could know. But also the bad angels or spirits can know those very well. We cant be sure about the identity of the one who speaks or writes alike the dead one. It happens the most masterly substitution of the person, who is perfectly replaced and copied, as you knew him/ her, so that our deceit, came from good faith, to be perfect: and so we belive a cheating work as being the most true discovery from beyond. And, seeing those many discoveries happen after, you receive without any control the last cheat. And that happens most to those who avoid the holy Sermons of the Church and look for the wonderful cheat so that those ones to advice them toward the world from beyond. It is easier in this way: the spiritism doesnt fight with itself, it doesnt ask for santification of life, it doesnt ask for recognition of the Saviours divinity, it doesnt stop the lure of God because this is the spiritism. And if you really care about that, for fear of not mistaking, belive also in spiritism too, that meaning believing in something else than only in Church built by God. In time, winning your trust, you may receive advices against salvation or prade of halucinations which remove the mind from the right judgement. We could be welcomed by the spiritisms partisans with the word that many saints have spoken with angels and many of them talked also with dead persons and even resurrected persons from dead; but that happened with Gods allowance, as a proof of souls immortality and collective resurrection and Gods slave for the saints. From time to time, it is showed to humans how much does God listen to the saints, when within them burns the love for people and they want to save people from an unrightness to come over them: they ask God the confessing of the one from beyond the grave. But there is a big difference between Gods miracles through saints and the discoveries of spiritism, as big as the difference between saints and one who allures God. The life of saint Cyprian, who was a great sorcerer and humans cheater before becoming a Christian, may stand as a proof against spiritism. Another cause why the Church stops its sons from the deviously path of all types of spiritism and sorcery is that one: it was noticed that the practice of spiritism leads to madness. A research done somewhere, in a madness house, revealed that 70% of the insanes had


practiced spiritism. How it can lead to madness is easy to understand: each session of spiritism can be realized only if everybody gathered there allow to lend from them a certain nervous power, useful for the spirit from beyond who talks or writtes through a presented person. That one loses his/ her conscience during the session and fall into trance. The lending of nervous power requested by the spirits to communicate beyond is more an assent to robbery, based on the health of nervs, a robbery which leads step by step, faster for some, slower for others, to the situation of not being capable of using their mind and nervs, because robbed by the spirits they become weak and change the nature, so that they see everything through a foreign spirit, different from normal persons. It so how the madness starts to reveal, many times without turning back possibility. For documentation of what have been written before, we bring as support, the book of a psysician called Occult sciences and mental disequilibrium (Dr. Philippe Encausse, Sciences occults and desequilibre mental, Paris, Payot, 1944, ed. II, pg. 314). That book has the quality of including here also the answers of occultism, spirtism practicants and some important orientalists. All of their advices are nothing more than alarm calls against the cluster avalanche toward mental disequilibrium. See some answers for the following question: May the occult sciences the famous science of good and bad lead to mental disequilibrium or not? One aswered: I dont think that occult sciences, by themselves, lead to mental disequilibrium, if the one who studies or practices those has no intelectual force. But a thing is sure that many persons with mental disequilibrium are attracted to practice occult sciences and they find there only an aggravation of their agitation or a subject to rave about. (Alajovanine, in Sciences occultes et desequilibre mental, pg. 92) See the answer of an orientalist (Mrs. H. Blavatsky): The best and the most powerful mediums suffered because of the experiments done within their soul and body. Remember the woeful death of H. Forser, who died in an insane asylum, because of angry madness; remember Stade, who is epileptic, Elington, the first medium of nowadays England, who sufferes by the same desease. See what kind of life Douglas Home had. Think then at the sad fate of poor Washington Irving. Finally look at sisters Fox, the oldest mediums, the founders of modern spiritism, who after more than 40 years of contacts with angles, got mad without cure, due to those angelsThe science of good and bad is full of dangers and full of traps. (H.P. Blavatsky, in op. cit., pg. 92) An experienced spiritualist (Stanislas de Gnaita) focuses: You can see that I dont negate with preconception the price of the spirits. I bitterly judge the doctrine - usually one of the most important only because of its consequences, which leads to a fatal way: psychic


promiscuity and spiritual anarchy The adventurous experimenter, when he/ she wants to enter in his/ her body, may find it ocuppied by a larva which has installed there, took the organs in mastery, it consolidated there as within a fortress, just to say differentlyOr he/she enters without having the power to take out the ghost; from here arise the madness, the monomania or at least the possesionOr the larva remains master on the body, as on a battle field: from now on it will vegetate in that body and this is the imbecility. (Stanislas de Gnaita, in op. cit. , pg. 112) That answer bustles to a connection. Once the Saviour remembered the ones saved by the bad ones, that the bad spirit (recognized by us through the work of a passion), being banished by the humans penitence united with Gods gift, having no place where to stay, takes another seven spirits, worst than itself, and returns to the house from where it was banished. So, if they find a clean house, but the master the mind, the soul - is left from home, whom knows, in some astral travels looking for information, leaving the doors and windows open because it cant be otherwise of course the last ones of that person will be worst than the first ones. Would be interesting to know what the Holy Parents understood, when they disciplined their apprentices, teaching them to allways have their soul in the same place like the body and to oppose minds rapture from the body. Here is needed something more then the simple dispersal of fantesy, which, if it is not controlled it brings strong decline. Another spiritualist (Allan Kardec) answers in a similar way: One of the greatest danger of being a medium (capacity of some persons to enter, even without their will, in some connections with spirits, due to the fact that the nervous system has no normal adherence to real world) is represented by obsession, that meaning the domination some spirits may exert on mediumsThe obsession has three essential stages: simple obsession, fascination and subjugation. (Allan Kardec, in op. cit. pg. 116) A professor (Laiquel Lavastine) also points some other sides: The study of the occultismhas no deficiency as regards moral health of the balanced ones. But is happens that the background for those studies to be represented by an abnormal or even an invalid tendency. In that case those may be harmful. And more harmful may be the practical applications. Some of the applications are experiments for personalitys dissociation. It may be undestood from here how harmful are the subjects of which mintal synthesis is more or less insuficient. The existing mediums can be split in three categories: 1. the cheaters and the charlatans, who eneter under courts jurisdiction; 2. the fools, who within a systematic delirium, make the spiritism to look like a spring of new elements;


3. the ones, who in most of the times are mental debile, and for those spiritism is nothing more than the casual cause for the deliriums apparition. So, spiritism is harmful, because it facilitates the apparition of delirium. The role of the psychiatrist is to show its deficiency and dangers. (Laiquel Lavastine, in op. cit. pg. 118) The most terse alarm call is given by an English magician and orientalist (C.W. Leadbeater), who said: The tools of the ones before sorcery (black magic) can give life to artificial powerful elements and this type of life can be very malicious sometimes. But those elements react with a terrifying power against their author, if that person is protected by those powers, due to his/ her clean nature. So that the story with the sorcerer cleft by the devils he called it is not just a story, it might have a real basis. I declare that anyone pay attention not to struggle in waking up those redoubtable energies, if they are not guided by an experienced person, because I noticed on my own example, to what tragic consequences an unexperienced and wrong guided person is exposed, when he/ she wants to play with those very serious things. To throw within those experiences, whitout having the proper knowledge, is much to dangerous than the game of a child with nitroglycerin (dinamite). (C. W. Leadbeater, in op. cit., page 119) Comparing the reasons which attract people to spiritism, the most serious ones are the unconsoled pains for a loving one death; and the less important reasons are the curiosity and naivety. Normally would be that the ones remained in that life to wish to remake and to fix up with the decision above them, who ordered those things. But they do the contrary: they dont want reconciliation, they revolt, dont want to break the connection with the ones from beyond, refuse to be pleased only with the intermediation of the Church for their soul. They want to cross the boundaries God decided to exist between the two kingdoms of souls life. Their restlessness may put they in conflict with the divine Providence; and that abnormal condition may push they towards mental disequilibrium- or, thinking as reverse, this retlessness actually proves the hidden disequilibrium, which only now displays on the reason of a death in family. The human must have some knowledge about life and death; and for that has time and occasions- then he/she must dominate the pain. Because if he/she doesnt stop the pain with resignation and reconciliation with the state of the things, according with their sequence from the beging of the human, and more, refusing the alleviation given by Christian faith, the poor pained one has nothing left to protect a healthy mind. The love understood in a limited


manner, accelerates and lenghtens the pain, which provokes obsessions and advices to spiritism; and from there hangs on the remaining mental health, where everything ends. We agree that with the burning desiree from the conclusion from a medicine doctorate thesis that: Desperate creatures, pushed by naivety, fear or madness, not to be allured to a costing and also dangerous experience for their agitated soul. (Dr. Philippe Encausse, in op. cit., pg. 242) With this occasion it maches an observation regarding the one who are spiritualist whithout their will, or beter said, the ones possesed by spirits, more or less by their free will: there are lot of people apparently healthy, but the spirit says to them many precipices. Those feel within them a second person, who speaks to them, and in time, they get totally absorbed by that spirit, who name itself as archangel, or a certain saint, and even it assumes the name of Christ Jesus. In some other cases, when we dont have a person inclined to faith, that second person pretend to be one of the most important historical personage. It is clear, without any other examples, that the unity of human person is broken, the censorship of reasoning is no longer functioning, all the content of the person s subsoil flares up without any barrier; we are facing a tragedy from the nervous pathology domain. The Holy Parents, in the same thought, warn the faitful ones by the temptations of deviously cheats: so Saint Cyril of Jerusalem calls: Run away from any devilish work Dont pay attention to astrologersDont even allow to hear about charms, spells and the unjustice facts of the ones who call the spirits! (Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, op. cit. pg. 133). See also the words of Saint Gregory of Nyssa, in his letter to Bishop Theodosius:Some of our ancestors had the impression that the medium really called the soul of Samuel and for sustaining that opinion they bring the fact that Samuel was deeply impressed by Sauls abnegation (from God) and even the search for that medium was done thinking to God, meaning that by dealing with sorcery he wanted to find a deceiver answer to the questions he asked. Because the prophet being upset due to the fact that he didnt want the loss of the sinner, thats why God allowed that the soul of the prophet to be called through that magic, so that even Samuel to see that defending Saul was useless, showing by the speaking of the belly that the prophet was against him and arranged so that he personally say that to Saul when he called him But thinking at the abyss, the Gospel told us about, the abyss between the kingdom of the good ones and the one of the bad ones, as that patriarch said, or better what God told the patriarch (the parable with Lazar and the rich man) that none of the condemned ones can rise to the celestial ones and none from the skies, can descend in the collective of the bad ones I


personally dont believe in those magical conceptions and I know that the only discovered truth is the one from the Holy Gospel As far as we know, how great is Samuel among the saints and how blamable is the fascination of magic, also I am convinced that in that perfect rest stage of Samuel, he couldnt pass by his will or not, the abyss which separates the cohort of the good ones from that of the bad ones; - not without his will, because that would mean the devil was allowed to cross that abyss and to move that saint prophet from the cohort of good ones in another place; by free will, it is not possible too because he wouldnt be capable to do so and also he wouldnt wish to interfere with the bad ones. Because who once stays in right ones, it is absurd to say that would pass by free will to the bad ones. But even if he would intented to do so, the bigness of that abyss dont allow that crossing What does it mean the problem we talk about? Viewing that the enemy of human nature is our opposer, he has no other though than hiting the human where most hurts, creating deadly wounds. And what can be the most mortal wound than banishing humans from God, lifes creator and to let them to roll by free will towards loss? Because many of the ones who are concerned about the bodily ones, are avid to know the future, hoping that they might change it, if it is bad or to acomplish it if it is good, thats why for making humans not to animate their eyes only to God, the crafty nature of the devil invented a multitude of liar methods to know the future, such as: guessing from the birdss flight, interpretation of signs, oracles, searching the innards, calling the deads, guuessing in trance moments, incitation (tempation) of a god, inspiration and so on. In that way is the guessing, by which human allows to be allured I knowing the future, and so it is sure that the human falls in the clutches of the catchy and deceitful devil. The devil is the one who advice the one who observe the flight of eagles to put his/ her hope in signs as: special beatings of the wings, or specific movements of the liver, the babble caused by the inflamation of the ganglions, the eyes blinks, all of those prove as many cheating ways the crafty devil use to deceive the human, with the purpose that humans, departed from God to search their cure to the devil, from whom they also believe theyll receive it.. One of those many cheats is the talking from the stomach or the pitonia, by which it was belived that it might be evoked or brought to life the souls of the deads. Desperate regarding his salvation, when strangers rose against him with all their armies and thinking then that Samuel might help him, Saul went to that woman, the medium, who believed herself and other people belived so that the devil reveals to her under different shapes, which Saul didnt see, only the medium did. When she started to do that magical act and before that


woman eyes those fanstasms started to reveal, then the devil made Saul to believe that those visions were representing the reality, especially that the woman decribed the clothes of Samuel as Saul remebered as it were and so he hardly believed that he was not wrong with that womans visions. After she said that she saw some gods raising and a standing man dressed in two clothes, then what do the real servants of the Scriptures texts must say? That was Samuel himself there and that medium did really see two gods rasing up to skies? The Scripture knows the devil too what it says: All pagans gods are idols (Ps. 95, 5). Or did the Samuels soul stay with the idols? Dont be like that! The spirit by which the medium was continuously possesed was the one that took another spirits to cheat that woman and through that one to cheat Saul. In that talking from the stomach thise devilish spirits made that woman to say that they were gods, they described even the clothes they were supposed to be dressed with and also they learned her their voices and the way of speaking in a prophetic manner, announcing the future, helped by a credible conjuncture, indicated by the appearance, as being something logical according to presented facts. Also that evil spirit revelead itself, without wanting, saying the truth: <<Tommorow you and your sons will be with me>> (1 Kings 28, 19). But if was really Samuel there how was possible to stay near a person guilty of so many crimes (Saul)? (Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Epistle to Theodosius, Migne, P.G. 45, col. 407 -414) Nowadays there are many books which present many messages from beyond. Those messages, especially the ones which pretend to be from the saints of even from the Saviour Himself, lead, without our will, to a comparison with the Holy Gospels. To a such confrontation those give away. Put on two different columns, those gorgeous platitudes and nothingness near a page of the Gospel, and so the sublime and the ridicule are more obvious. The literary quality, the font, the highness of thinking, everything reveal an audacious and unbelievable daring fake, which I dont think it can be done by the souls of the deads ones, but only by the father of lie (John 8, 44) and the fake christs (Matthew 24,5). The Church is indebted to spare its sons by the tempation of falling winthin the spirits robbers; thats why the Church stops that and warns the belivers with the advice of Saint Paul, given to the Thessalonians, which were also looking for secrets: 2 Thessalonians 2: 7. For the mystery of iniquity do already work. 9. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,


10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. 12. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Because the unright way is loved by the ones who deviously rake out the secrets of God, the ones locked in future days. The last payment for disobedience And now, the Scriptures confessing about the guilts and payment Saul received for disobeying and for searching a medium: the ones said by the spirit of lie, who worked through the medium and cheated Saul with the appearence of Samuel, became true. So: 1 Kings 31: 3. The fighting grew fierce around Saul, and when the archers overtook him, they wounded him critically. 4. Saul said to his armor-bearer, Draw your sword and run me through, or these uncircumcised fellows will come and run me through and abuse me. But his armor-bearer was terrified and would not do it; so Saul took his own sword and fell on it. 5. When the armor-bearer saw that Saul was dead, he too fell on his sword and died with him. 6. So Saul and his three sons and his armor-bearer and all his men died together that same day. 1 Chronicles 10: 13. And so Saul died because of his crime, made in front of God: because he dindt keep the word of God and he went with his question to a medium 14. And he didnt look for God. Thats why he was killed and his kingdom given to David, son of Jesse. See how, from disobedience and lack of penance, it starts the loss path which brings him in front of death, without having any piety and collapses him into the eternal loss. See how the ones with the heart full of pride and self-love until death, by not receiving the lights of advice, fall from one mistake to another, until bigger and bigger sorrows come over them; and being under the burden of pains, the disobedients ones fall in despair and suicide, by


which the hell devours with no return way. Because the suiciders have no forgiveness, not now, not in the time will come; and the Church is stopped to pray for those. See why the Parents said that the payment for disobedience is the loss of salvation; and also thats why they said that for multiplying the disobedince God took the advice from humans. And the Gospel, for the same reason, says that: priestly instruction in the law will cease, the counsel of the elders will come to an end. (Ezekiel 7,26) And we confess again: that God has nothing to lose. God called even on Saul, but, if he didnt want to understandJudas understood, but he didnt want to come Despots in penitence A big part of people fall in despair as regards their salvation. The despair is a wrong way of meditation on the mistakes done; on the contrary, the good way of this meditation is hope. Badness, nothingness, devil, those are not healthy subjects to think about, because those ones disease the mind through the association of ideas. The penance must be a growing breakup of the soul and of the entire health. Viewing that we talk about the kings teachings, see how Saint Cyril of Jerusalem raises the moral of the belivers, mentioning about the patient waiting of God for sinners return: And Manasseh was a man of the unjustice; he cut with the saw on Isaiah (Hebrews 11, 37), he defiled himself with all sort of idols services and he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood (4 Kings 21, 16). Still, when he was taken as slave in Babylon, Manasseh used the endurance of the sorrows attempt to cure through penance. Indeed the Scripture says: Manasseh humbled in front of God and prayed, and the Lord listened him and brought him back to his kingdom (2 Chronicles 33, 12-13). If the one who cut the prophet with the saw was saved through the penance, what do you think about your salvation, viewing that you didnt have such a great sin? What do you think about Nebuchadnezzar? Havent you heard from the Scriptures that he was bloody, wild and with a will of a lion (4 Kings 25, 1-20)? Havent you heard that he took out from the graves the emperors remainings (Jeremiah 8,1; Baruh 2, 24)? Haventt you heard that he took in slavery the Hebrew people? Havent you heard that he took out the emperor s eyes (4 Kings 25, 7), after that one saw his children being stabbed? Havent you heard that he destoyed the cherubim - not the spirtual ones, I mean the statues of the cherubim (Exodus 25, 18-20). Havent you heard that he destroyed the ilastir by which God


was talking (Exodus 25, 22)? That he trampled the iconostasis of the sanctity? That he took the altar of the thurification and put in the idolstemple (Daniel 1, 2)? What punishment does Nebuchadnezzar deserve for blinding the emperor, for burning the holly ones, for taking into slavery the Hebrew people, for bringing the holy vessels to idols temple? Wasnt he worthful of death for thousands of times? Did you see the greatness of the unjustices!? Come now to see Gods love for humans! Nebuchadnezzar became wild, he was leaving in wildness; he was lashing for salvation. He had nails alike the lions claws, because he robbed the holy ones. He had lion hair because like a lion he was robing and he was howling. He was eating grass like the ox, because he was like a cattle which dont know the One who gave him the kingdom (Daniel 4, 29). His body was drenched with the dew (Daniel 4, 30) because, even if he saw before the dew extinguishing the fire, he still didnt believe (Daniel 3, 20-17). And what does happen?(Saint Cyril of Jerusalem , op. cit. , pg. 79-80; 83 -84) At the end of that time, I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven, and my sanity was restored. Then I praised the Most High; I honored and glorified him who lives forever. His dominion is an eternal dominion; His kingdom endures from generation to generation. All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing. He does as He pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. No one can hold back his hand or say to him: What have you done? At the same time that my sanity was restored, my honor and splendor were returned to me for the glory of my kingdom. My advisers and nobles sought me out, and I was restored to my throne and became even greater than before. Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride he is able to humble. (Daniel 4, 31 -34) So, when he met the Most High One, when he thanked God, when he regreted all that he did, when he admitted his weakness, then God gave him back the kings dignity. How so? On Nebuchadnezzar, who did so many wrongs, God forgave and after confessing, he receieved back his kingdom, and as regards you, who penance, dont you think you will receive Gods forgiveness for your sins and the Kingdom of Heavens, if you will leave in worthful way? God loves humans and He is hurried to forgive and He is dilatory to punish. Nobody must lose the hope of his/her own salvation! (Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, idem, pg. 84-85)



God prays Almost allways, the deepest words of any persons are the last ones, because those are said with the most careful awareness. The Saviour still has a word like that, for the last times, which in the same time, represents the prayer of the biggest seen love from earth. This word also being a prayer helps us to see the incomparable effort of God Man to win our entire being for the salvation, which for He came in the world, in human society. About the fire Gods heart aches for us, wishing to pull us to Him, John, the apprentice of love, writtes: Johns Gospel 17: 1. Jesus said these things, and lifting up his eyes to heaven, He said: "Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may also glorify you; 2. Even as you gave him authority over all flesh, he will give eternal life to all whom you have given him. 3. This is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and him whom you sent, Christ Jesus. 4. I glorified you on the earth. I have accomplished the work which you have given me to do. 5. Now, Father, glorify me with your own self with the glory which I had with you before the world existed. 6. I revealed your name to the people whom you have given me out of the world. They were yours, and you have given them to me. They have kept your word. 7. Now they have known that all things whatever you have given me are from you, 8. For the words which you have given me I have given to them, and they received them, and knew for sure that I came forth from you, and they have believed that you sent me. 9. I pray for them. I dont pray for the world, but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours. 10. All things that are mine are yours, and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them. 11. I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep them through your name which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are. 55

12. While I was with them in the world, I kept them in your name.Those whom you have given me I have kept. None of them is lost, except the son of destruction, that the Scripture might be fulfillled. 13. But now I come to you, and I say these things in the world, that they may have my joy made full in themselves. 14. I have given them your word. The world hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. 15. I pray not that you would take them from the world, but that you would keep them from the evil one. 16. They are not of the world even as I am not of the world. 17. Sanctify them in your truth. Your word is truth. 18. As you sent me into the world, even so I have sent them into the world. 19. For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they themselves also may be sanctified in truth. 20. Not for these only do I pray, but for those also who believe in me through their word, 21. That they may all be one; even as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that you sent me. 22. The glory which you have given me, I have given to them; that they may be one, even as we are one; 23. I in them, and you in me, that they may be perfected into one; that the world may know that you sent me, and loved them, even as you loved me. 24. Father, I desire that they also whom you have given me be with me where I am, that they may see my glory, which you have given me, for you loved me before the foundation of the world. 25. Righteous Father, the world hasnt known you, but I knew you; and these knew that you sent me. 26. I made known to them your name, and will make it known; that the love with which you loved me may be in them, and I in them. So, to save and to inherit eternal life with God, we must know it and live it with God, even since this temporal life. That means that we have to be inhabited and impregnated by God, to be revealed within us the divine life. And, on the other side, as there is no dissention in God, so there has to be within the ones who have Him as basis for their lives. The state of


peace with all the creatures is such a great miracle that amazes the people and make them to recognize in that Gods work. The kingdom of eternal life was preached and it is open; we know the Emperor and His love; but the servants hardly gather to be one, thats why they need trumpets song, according to each Kingdoms servant hearing level. All we have to do is to recognize God as Father and us as sons and according to that the knowledge to arrange our earthly life. Until we dont admit that we have double nature and double life: an earthly one and an eternal celestial one, which starts from this life, we keep ourselves apart from what God wants to raise up to. We must know that we all Kingdoms servants are celestial creatures, timely sent to live in earthly tents and to pass a great exam: to see and to be seen where from we balance with our hearts and minds and for what we balance that to have for our eternity. If we hope to God, well inherit Him and eternal life; if we balance to perishing nature, we will banish from Gods face and well stay with the evil one forever. Even we are persihing with our earthly nature, we are immortal with our celestial nature; but from us hangs where well spend our eternity. God brought us from nothing to life, but He cant save us without our will. Thats why, He calls us in all sort of ways to know Him as Father and us as brothers and sons of the same Father. A sure knowledge about that and faith helps and brings that assurance balances the heart, or the love, to fulfill with all our will the biggest command of love, on which is condensed the entire Gods effort. Because the lint of love raises the sons to the celestial Father and descends the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit within them. And God of love unifies His sons to become one and when that is happening, it astonishes the world and obliges it to recognize God from the sons, because the sons unified in love live in Him and show in the world the earthly terminal of celestial Kingdom. Shortly this is the will of the Father and the Sons prayer, to catch the human society in the same Trinity love. To that way of spending the eternal life, which starts from here, God calls his children by various voices, through many trumpets. See some of those: 1. Inner call of conscience 2. External call of the word 3. The call through lifes sorrows 4. The call through deaths sorrows 5. The call through signs above nature 6. The call through the last pains from Antichrist 7. The call to Judgement


The voice of conscience It is a quiet voice, a smooth call, which you hear or understand that comes from inside, but still beyond you, it comes from God. Even the word conscience means knowing together, the same. And the ones who know together, the same, are God and the human. Hence, the mind and the conscience is the eye God sees the human and the same eye human sees God. How I see Him I fell that he sees me - simulan sight from two sides. The passions, bad will and over those the sins, but especially the tuning out of this voice, bulk over that eye some waves, some scales, which fade the voice that can bearly be heard. Then God fades from our eye too so that we think there is no longer God. Because of our sins, the human end of our conscience gets sick. Viewing that, we understand why God is so dark in the eyes of the sinners, so that those by truthfulness, in the malice of the unfaith which covered them, think that only now they reached the truth. But the voice of conscience, being also the Gods extremity from His sons, by our nature, it cant be allways extinguished, during our eathly lives. In a certain moment it starts to call inside us, saying our mistakes in front of God and in front of us; and if we dont reconcilate with this claimer, while we stay in the same way (Matthew 5, 25) as travelers in this life, we have Gods word that He will listen the claimer and will give it right and will take us in the pains of hell. There are humans inveterated in bads who dont want to know about God and near their lives end, when the pertinacity of the nature became weaker, they are facing a furious inrush of the sick conscience, which breaks all the dam of the wrongdoins, throws those in their face so that even their sleep runs away and for some even the mind runs away. Because veritably runs away the mind of those who an entire life did nothing else but fading the voice of conscience. Thats why God doesnt want you to exit in this life, whitout knowing that you murdered the best advicer, which you had everywhere and He doesnt let you to leave without seeing from here where you will go. Is so how things are arranged, that wishing or not, each of us, to see what allways had to see by faith.


The call of the word and the silence brought to account The noice of life and the rumble of humans vainly concernes call in human ears their earthly needs louder than the voice of conscience calls their spiritual needs. Humans bearly hear those from beyond and those seem to be far away: the deafness becomes stronger and the smooth calling is not heard anymore. But mercy God, arrange the external call through His servants, in order not to lose humans in their wrongdoings. Not human calls you through the priests and so put your hope in humans, but God calls you to change your life as a human. Since old times God called humans through priests and levites, through laws and prophets, that meaning a calling through cleaner consciences, which didnt deforme the call of God. And when the time was there, God Son Himself or God the Word came to us. Who ever did call humans more sentimental than Jesus, to know God as Father and humans as brothers and sons of God? Its true, Jesus was calling with the external voice too, but nobody, never talked more inner, closer to conscience, the Fathers call to His sons, like He did. Because Jesus was burning by mercy for them, as a God He was. He preached, telling us about the Kingdom of Heavens and by His blessed Resurrection, the victory against death, the message and the discovery of the gratest joy on earth. His apprentices from then, preached the Emperor of Heavens, melting people to gather by the way of being in the native country and at the table of the Emperor. We, His servants, dont wear our priesthood, or the priesthood of the old law, but we carry and preach the imperial priesthood of Christ Jesus. So we dont call people with human appeal, but God the most mercy one calls His children, through the human voice of His seen servants. We dont preach ourselves, but God preaches Himself, being capable to save us. See on Whom we follow, by listening the high lighted consciences. It is not humans voice, it is Gods will which calls to people, from saints, a stronger call. We dont know the saints, but the ones indebt with the word we know. Their responsability is clear and the silence has no defence. But, how somebody said: the longest way on earth is the way from ears to heart, because you cant solve it neither if years pass. Thats why, because the consciences eye lost a part of sight and the ear doesnt understand the call of the word, which comes from beyond the words, the mercy God, arranges a stronger call so that not to let people being lost.


The biting calling Louder and more loving than Jesus called people, no one can do in this world. But lifesorrows, take people harder from another part, pushing them to look for God. Sorrows are not Gods work but consequences of our mistakes, allowed by God to happen and so we to become wiser. We can add that, human being wrong with all his/ her wish, enter under another mastery, where many of the spiritual features are robbed or lost and in most of times even the freedom of the conscience whithout which the human feels many pains. You worship a thing when you dont have it anymore. There are two types of sorrows. The ones for our sins and the ones for the Gospel (Thessalonians 2,2). Here we talk about the lifes sorrows caused by the sins, which by their bitterness, have the mean of being believed by the one who suffer those. And the ones who wants to escape from them has no other way than redress his/ her behaviours according to Gods will. So when an unexpected attempt will come over you, dont blame the one by which it came and wonder for what did it come? And you will find an answer. Because you have to taste the bitterness of Gods judgement by that attempt or another. (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Extremities of love, Philokalia, ed. I, vol. 2, pg. 64) Based on sufferance lets see a discussion between God and the human: The man askes God to escape him from sorrows and God askes man to change his behaviours. Now judge, who should listen to whom first? This harder call is caused by the multitude of sorrows and afflictions, wants and calamities, dissentions between people, battles between parents and children, wars and slaughters, damages, illness, dryness and starvation and all sorts of devastations: all of those are consequences and amply payment for behaviour and lack of mind, due to the fact that humans dont want to understand where love for sins leads to. The fact that lifes sorrows are a harder voice of God to the ones with slower or catchy mind, the Scripture stays as proof. There are thousands of years since those were written, but theyll allways remain as proof that we oblige God to beat us: Leviticus 26: 3. If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands, 4. I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit. 5. Your threshing will continue until grape harvest and the grape harvest will continue until planting, and you will eat all the food you want and live in safety in your land.


6. I will grant peace in the land, and you will lie down and no one will make you afraid. I will remove wild beasts from the land, and the sword will not pass through your country. 7. You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall by the sword before you. 8. Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you. 9. I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you. 10. You will still be eating last years harvest when you will have to move it out to make room for the new. 11. I will put my dwelling place among you, and I will not abhor you. 12. I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people. .. 14. But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, 15. And if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, 16. Then I will do this to you: I will bring on you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and sap your strength. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. 17. I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you. 18. If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over. 19. I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. 20. Your strength will be spent in vain, because your soil will not yield its crops, nor will the trees of your land yield their fruit. 21. If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve. 22. I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children, destroy your cattle and make you so few in number that your roads will be deserted. 23. If in spite of these things you do not accept my correction but continue to be hostile toward me,


24. I myself will be hostile toward you and will afflict you for your sins seven times over. 25. And I will bring the sword on you to avenge the breaking of the covenant. When you withdraw into your cities, I will send a plague among you, and you will be given into enemy hands. 26. When I cut off your supply of bread, ten women will be able to bake your bread in one oven, and they will dole out the bread by weight. You will eat, but you will not be satisfied. 27. If in spite of this you still do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me, 28. Then in my anger I will be hostile toward you, and I myself will punish you for your sins seven times over. 29. You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters. 30. I will destroy your high places, cut down your incense altars and pile your dead bodies on the lifeless forms of your idols, and I will abhor you. 31. I will turn your cities into ruins and lay waste your sanctuaries, and I will take no delight in the pleasing aroma of your offerings. 32. I myself will lay waste the land, so that your enemies who live there will be appalled. 33. I will scatter you among the nations and will draw out my sword and pursue you. Your land will be laid waste, and your cities will lie in ruins. 36. As for those of you who are left, I will make their hearts so fearful in the lands of their enemies that the sound of a windblown leaf will put them to flight. They will run as though fleeing from the sword, and they will fall, even though no one is pursuing them. 37. They will stumble over one another as though fleeing from the sword, even though no one is pursuing them. So you will not be able to stand before your enemies. 38. You will perish among the nations; the land of your enemies will devour you. 39. Those of you who are left will waste away in the lands of their enemies because of their sins; also because of their ancestors sins they will waste away. 40. But if they will confess their sins and the sins of their ancestorstheir unfaithfulness and their hostility toward me, 41. Which made me hostile toward them so that I sent them into the land of their enemiesthen when their uncircumcised hearts are humbled and they pay for their sin,


42. I will remember my covenant with Jacob and my covenant with their parents and and I will remember the land too. Instead of any interpretation, we say that nowadays we can see that those nut people still dont redress. It is a great pain to see that people dont understand and the pastors dont even read them the Scripture to not go wrong, spliting with the divine rightness. It is no way to escape from the punishment, fighting with it, but only changing your life. The answer of the people See now the penance of the people, enlighten by its advicers, they all returned from the bitter teaching of slavery, which was able to change from God things evolution. Nehemiah 9: 1. On the twenty-fourth day of the same month, the Israelites gathered together, fasting and wearing sackcloth and putting dust on their heads. 2. Those of Israelite descent had separated themselves from all foreigners. They stood in their places and confessed their sins and the sins of their ancestors. 3. They stood where they were and read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a quarter of the day, and spent another quarter in confession and in worshiping the Lord their God. Then a scholar wise in the right ones and a good knowing of the law which hangs over the unrightness, makes God this wonderful confessing of ancestors sins, before the people: 8. Lord you God,.. ....................................................................................................................................................... 14. You have shown them Your Holy rest 15. In their hunger you gave them bread from heaven and in their thirst you brought them water from the rock; 16. But they, our ancestors, became arrogant and stiff-necked, and they did not obey your commands. They refused to listen and failed to remember the miracles you performed among them. 17. They became stiff-necked and in their rebellion appointed a leader in order to return to their slavery. But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. Therefore you did not desert them, 18. Even when they cast for themselves an image of a calf and said, This is your god, who brought you up out of Egypt, or when they committed awful blasphemies.


19. Because of your great compassion you did not abandon them in the wilderness. By day the pillar of cloud did not fail to guide them on their path, nor the pillar of fire by night to shine on the way they were to take. 20. You gave your good Spirit to instruct them. You did not withhold your manna from their mouths, and you gave them water for their thirst. 21. For forty years you sustained them in the wilderness; they lacked nothing, their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet become swollen. 22. You gave them kingdoms and nations. 25. They captured fortified cities and fertile land; they took possession of houses filled with all kinds of good things, wells already dug, vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees in abundance. They ate to the full and were well-nourished; they reveled in your great goodness. 26. But they were disobedient and rebelled against you; they turned their backs on your law. They killed your prophets, who had warned them in order to turn them back to you; they committed awful blasphemies. 27. So you delivered them into the hands of their enemies, who oppressed them. But when they were oppressed they cried out to you. From heaven you heard them, and in your great compassion you gave them deliverers, who rescued them from the hand of their enemies. 28. But as soon as they were at rest, they again did what was evil in your sight. Then you abandoned them to the hand of their enemies so that they ruled over them. And when they cried out to you again, you heard from heaven, and in your compassion you delivered them time after time. 29. You warned them in order to turn them back to your law, but they became arrogant and disobeyed your commands. They sinned against your ordinances, of which you said, The person who obeys them will live by them. Stubbornly they turned their backs on you, became stiff-necked and refused to listen. 30. For many years you were patient with them. By your Spirit you warned them through your prophets. Yet they paid no attention, so you gave them into the hands of the neighboring peoples. 31. But in your great mercy you did not put an end to them or abandon them, for you are a gracious and merciful God.


32. Now therefore, our God, the great God, mighty and awesome, who keeps his covenant of love, do not let all this hardship seem trifling in your eyesthe hardship that has come on us, on our kings and leaders, on our priests and prophets, on our ancestors and all your people, from the days of the kings of Assyria until today. 33. In all that has happened to us, you have remained righteous; you have acted faithfully, while we acted wickedly. 34. Our kings, our leaders, our priests and our ancestors did not follow your law; they did not pay attention to your commands or the statutes you warned them to keep. 35. Even while they were in their kingdom, enjoying your great goodness to them in the spacious and fertile land you gave them, they did not serve you or turn from their evil ways. 36. But see, we are slaves today, slaves in the land you gave our ancestors so they could eat its fruit and the other good things it produces. 37. Because of our sins, its abundant harvest goes to the kings you have placed over us. They rule over our bodies and our cattle as they please. We are in great distress. 38. In view of all this, we are making a binding agreement, putting it in writing, and our leaders, our Levites and our priests are affixing their seals to it. So is how they promised, under adjuration, to behave according to Gods law. The human natures changeability, in time, with new coming generations, made that the light of sufferance, which caused historys tragedies, to fade or even die. Thats why the adversity of times unleashes for each generation. The time of danger Many people have no concern about the words of the calling even if they see with their eyes or feel those. But if after the bitterness of such callings, which blister the skin of life, people still dont turn back to God, life starts to be in danger: it begin the sorrows of death, the fourt tumpets call. We have our life from God: by Him we live, we move, we exist (Acts 17, 28). That means that God is the begining, the support and the purpose or destiny of our life. If we walk, according to those, our life is assured by God, the background of it; if we dont do so, and we embroil in all our wrongdoings and abjectness, which diabolize the soul and the body and so we stay for a long time, then God disjoins from our life. Still He doesnt disjoin just after we did the mistake, but He bears for a time the humans lost, His younger son, calling Him in all kinds of ways.


And we have death from the killer. So, when people entirely link to devils wished, their lives are in danger and also they put others in danger too. And if they stick their hearts, like slaves, to this world and to the wills of the body against nature, their mind gets awry, and they dont make anymore the difference between truth and roam; the God darks from their minds, their hearts and their wish and they come to not wanting to know about God and so the sentince to death arrives, so the fatality arrives, for each generation of people. At the begining, people lived longer. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died (Genesis 5, 27). In time, when people number on earth started to increase, the spoil of sexual immorality multiplied too. And God said: My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 6,3). And after a time passed and the wrongdoings increaded among people, David said: The days of our lives are 70 years, and for the stronger ones 80 years; and what exceed those years, is nothing else but toil and pain (Psalm 89, 10) So it was on old times; today the multitude of deseases and the density of wars shorted peoples lives. But those accomplish, with Gods allowance, the bitter punishment for sins. We are not under the kingdom of the old law, but in the Kingdom of Grace, acquired for us by Jesus for our salvation; but if the slouch one stays against Christ, for the sake of the the wrongdoings, falls from grace under the law and so hangs on him/ her the rash death punishment, which is accomplished by wars and afflictions, as it is written in the law: 1. And the one that smites his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death. (Exodus 21,15) 2. And the one that will curse his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 21,17) 3. And the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that man shall die. (Deuteronomy 17, 12) 4. The one who shall not keep the sabbath , will be killed. (Exodus 31, 14) 5. You shall not suffer a witch to live. (Exodus 22, 18) 6. Whosoever lies with a beast shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 22, 19) 7. You shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. If you afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; and my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless. (Exodus 22, 22-24) 8. My sword was made to lose the unfaithfull one. (From Jesus Sirachs wisdom 39, 36)


9. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day is to be put to death. (Exodus 31, 15) 10. Wo takes out the sword, will persih by the sword. (Mattehw 26, 52) (But what about babies killers, what hangs over them?) 11. Whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of death. About them, Saint Paul said: That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep. (1 Corinthians 11, 30) The first one who stole the Holy Communion was Judas, the son of loss, who hanged himself, he felt from the hangind and broke his head and his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out, as payment for his wrongdoings. (Acts 1, 18) So, doing any of those, all that we do is to return the time of an unexpected danger, which ourselves put in our way and not others. See what sort of things we must take out of us and among us, because those bring the time of death danger and the sword hangs in an unseen way over our lives. And if, instead of redressing, which God give us time for, we still persist against Gods will, it happens that, fulfilling the measurement of our mistakes, the sword to fall and to plunge in our mindless head. What God looks for Until the last judgement, salvation can be obtained anywhere, even on battle fields; and it can be obtained even from hell; and it can be lost anywhere, even in abbeys, in Apostles Cohort and it was lost in heaven too. The robber, crucified for his acts, jumped from cross to Heaven and Lucifer like the flash felt from the Skies. The one born blind received his sigh and he saw God and spoke to Him, and the pharisees lost it saying that he is a sinner and he drives out demons (Mattehw 9, 34). They asked for a sign (Luke 11, 29) and they were trying to kill Lazar, the one resurrected from deads in the fourth day. The blindness of malice, standying forever against the Truth, has no cure, but it has punishment. God will not punish the broken and humble heart. Thats why facing the pride, He said that the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of the rights and that is more rejoicing in heaven for a sinner who repents. (Luke 15, 7) God looks for our retunr, but He cant do that, if we dont agree too. Thats why He put us on all kinds of ways and calls us through all kinds of trumpets and if He must He talks to us with the canon too.


What God allways looks for us is our salvation, our spiritual return to Him back Home, even if we are still in this life too. The humans bonded by the unknowledge, with short minds and weak faith aim eathly life and all their sorrow is only for the bodies. (Jesus Sirachs wise 41, 14) While this form of life exists people will be mixed: the ones from the New Testament, the sons of grace, with the ones from the Old Testament, whom only the law of the fear keep them in order and the ones without any testament, the ones of the unjustices and the uncureless disorder, the sons of the bad one. The one who loves the good and beautiful things inclines by free will towards divine Grace, being guided by the Providence through the lucidity of wisdom. And the one who is not inloved by those is pulled from sinning against his/ her will - and this is done by the right judgement through various ways of punishment. The first, the one who loves God, becomes alike God helped by the Providence, and the second, the one who loves the material, is stopped by the Judgement to end in damnation. (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers to Talasie, op. cit., pg. 252) The entire overcoming regarding the inability of this people is that, in their sights bluntness, they insist to see and to sustain this life as a suficient purpose. People dont want to say the mountain of this world to raise from the way, to move apart and drop in the sea and so to open their sight to the spirits kingdom. And for that it is enough even a faith as the size of a popper grain. Rarely you can find someone who gives death a religious sense, to gladly wait it as a safe salvation from the kingdom of the sin. The words of the saint teaches us: For the first mistake the law of the sin represented by the pleasures of the senses, slid within the body, and for that it was decided the death of the body, ordered for eradication of the sins law. The one who knows that death comes because of the sin, to eradicate it, is glad within his/ her soul when sees the sins low extinguised from his/ her body, through diferent wants for receiving in spirit the happy future life. Because he/ she knows that cant reach until there if the law of the sin, sustained by the will inclination toward it, is is not first voided from the body, like from a pot. The one who doesnt receive the events which bear him/ her away from passions, that one runs away from what he/ she wouldnt have to run (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 309 -310). Thats why until we dont have the same opinion about our eartly lives and about the one from beyond as God has, we will not have peace in our souls, neither peace among us, neither health in our bodies and no human order. We must obey Gods most knowing wisdom, Who aims, in all that He does , that us to


become wiser, even if we understand or not that. When we obey and our will is the same as Gods one, in that moment we receive peace in our soul, no matter what happens to us. Because He is the Master of life and death, the creation obeys Him and the hell is scared of Him. All earths inhabitants are nothing in front of Him; He does what he wants with the army of heavens and the inhabitants of earth and nobody cant stand against His anger, or tell Him <<What are You doing?>> (Daniel 4,32) When He wanted to save Adam and all the right ones, He pulled them out from hell and He can take out of death claws on anybody He wants. Thats why the Parents said, caressing the people: Even if you are as sinner as a devil, dont despair regarding Gods power, because anyone, being in death danger, if he/ she will call the name of God, will save his/ her soul because in the condition death will find him/ her so the eternity will be. See why, not knowing our ending, we are in debt to allways be in penitence, so that to count forever. God searches us, He calls us, He shouts us, but if we dont want to understand, He starts to search us with dangers and sorrows. The confessing of a saint Saint Ephraim, having a great literar talent, was telling the monks how he became aware of God by a danger: When I was a child around 14 years old, I was very naughty. One day my parents sent me to a town, out of the citadel. On the way, in the middle of the forest I saw a poor mans pregnant cow which was eating grass. So I took some stones and I started to run after it (and the cow was about to give birth), so that it felt down the earth, in the deepest place of the forest and died. So, I let it to die and I continued my travel; and during the night the wild animals ate it. I also met in that forest the poor man who owned that cow and now he was trying to find it; and he asked me: <<Son, have you met a pregnant cow in this forest?>> And I answered him in a very disrespectful manner and then I blamed him very badly. It happened that after a mounth, my parents sent me again to that town. During my travel, the night found me on the way. So some shepherds found me and they told me: <<Brother where are you going on that time?>>. And I answered: <<My parents sent me to the town near the citadel and Im going there>>.And they said: <<Its night, come and sleep with us and tomorrow morning youll continue your travel>>. So I went and I stayed with them and during the night wild animals invaded the stall and dissipated the herd in the forest. So, the owners of the herd catched me saying :<<You are the one who brought the robbers


and they entered and dissipated our sheeps>>. And I swore I was nothing to do with that. But they didnt believe me and stayed there accusing me: <<You are the one who robbed and dissipated our herd!>> Then they tied my hands and submitted me to the bishop. And the bishop ordered to be taken in the prison. There I found two tied men, one was calumniated for murder and the other one for sexual immorality. And we stayed 40 days together in the prison; and after 40 days a scared youg man came in front of me and said with gently voice: Ephraim, what are you doing in this prison?>> And I aswered : <<Lord, your appearance scared me and I am powerless>>. And the young man said: <<Dont be afraid, tell me your reason>>. So, due to his gentile voice I dared saying, with my eyes in tears: <<Lord, lord my parents sent me to the town near the citadel and the night caught me on the way, and some shephers found me and took me with them to spend the night together. And in that night the wild animals came in the stall of the sheeps and dissipated those in the forest. And the owner of the sheeps caught me and said: <<You are the one who brought those who entered and dissipated our sheeps>>. So they tied me and submitted me to the ruler. Lord, I am not guilty of that, they calumniated me.>> And he was smiling and told me: << I know too you are innocent and they calumniated you. But do you know what you did some days before that? Didnt you you chase with stones that poor mans pregnant cow and didnt you kill it? So know that is not unjustice from God, but Gods judgements are deepest that the deep. And beside that I want you to know that those men who are with you in the prison and not guilty of what they were tied for. But allure them and teach them that they are not locked here for nothing, so that to know that God is right and He loves the justice.>> So telling me those, the young who revealed to me, was gone. When night was gone, I called the men who were in prison with me and I told them: <<Brothers for what reason are you locked here in this prison?>> Then one of them said: <<I am here for murder but I am innocent>>. The other one said: <<I am here for sexual immorality but I am innocent>>. And I told them: <<It is true; but you have some hard sins you did and for those you ended here, with Gods allowance>>. Then the one caught for murder said: <<Ill truly say my sin. Few days before that, I was crossing the bridge, the one out of the citadel and after me two men were coming. And they started to argue and to fight themselves and one of them pushed the other in the river and then run away. And I, being there I could have helped him not to die and take him out of water. Because that man called me and begged me to help him, but I didnt want and I let him drown. After an hour, fighting with the waters and couldnt get out of the river, he was taken by the waters and died; and I


stayed and watched him. This is my sin; and I know that for that God let me to be calumniated and to be thrown in the prison, because there is no unjustice from God>>. The one who was calumniated for sexual immorality said: << Ill tell you too my sin. Two years before that, it happened that two soldiers, brothers, received a big heritage from their parents and they had also a sister, who was widow. They hadnt split yet the heritage from their parents. The brothers, didnt want to give anything to their sister and they were looking for a reason to let her without her part of the heritage. So they both calumniated their sister, saying that she was a whore and they have witnesses to confess that. And the widow sworn that was no true. But the brothers, decided to bring a witness to confess their sisters sexual immorality. So both came to my home and asked me: <<Stay in font of our sister and confess against her, along us, and say that you know she really did sexual immorality and so we can take her out of parental heritage and you will receive 50 gold moneds.>> And I stayed in front of the widow and I said that I know she did sexual immorality, which actually wasnt true at all. So I take her out of her part of heritage. That was my sin, and as regards the guilt of sexual immorality I am accused of and I stay in prison for, I am innocent>>. Then both of them said to me: <<But you, brother, why do you stay in prison for?>> And I answered them: << Two months before those, my parents sent me to that town part from the citadel and the night caught me on the way. I met some shephers and they took my to spend the night with them. In that night wild animals jumped in sheeps stall and dissipated those in the forest. Then the owners of the herd, caught me and said: <<You brought the robbers who stole us and dissipated our herd>>. So they tied me and gave me in the hands of the ruler. Thats why I am in prison>> . Then those men said to me: <<Is it possible that you made a mistake too and for that God allowed you to be allured and be thrown in prison?>> I answered then: << Ill tell you the real truth about what Ive done. I was very naughty because of my sins. So, one day, my parents sent me to the town near the citadel. On my way, I found out in the forest a pregnant cow. So, I took some stones and I started to chase the cow deep in forest, until in the end, at night the cow died. That was the cow of a poor man. After killing the cow, I returned and I met the owner of the cow, who was crying and searching for his cow. And he asked me: <<Son, have you seen arround here a pregnant cow?>> And not only I disrespectfully answered to his question, but I also blamed him with the worst injuries. That is my sin.>> Next day the ruler had to judge us and so he brought in front of him the torture tools and


he order to strat our inquiry. So the servants of the prison came and tied us with iron chains all over our bodies and took us in front of the judge. The ruler order the prisoners to be taken in front of him, they undressed the one accused by murder and put him in the middle. When he was asked to confess the guilt, he was negating, saying that he was innocent; the ruler ordered that man to be punished, and after a time of punishment it was proved that man was not guilty and the ruler ordered his release. Then the ruler order the second one to be brought, the one accused of sexual immorality. And that was undressed and tortured too. I was very scared knowing that my turn will come tooSo, I was crying and whining, and because of feer my soul was weaker. And the workers and the servants were laughing of me, when they saw me crying and they said: <<Young man, why are you crying? When you did the wrong ones, you were not scared; and now you cry, when is nothing to do anymore. Dont be afraid, you will soon enter in the middle>>. Hearing those, I was almost mealting by fear. So, the second man was punished and proving that he was innocent they released him too. Then the ruler ordered to be taken back in prison, tied in iron chains for 40 days. In the 40th day, the servants brought three tied men and put them in the prison, locked in trunks. And those men stayed there in that way for 30 days. In my dream the angel who revealed to me before, came again and said: <<Ephraim, did you ask those men why are they here in prison?>> I answered :<<I did my Lord>> and I told him everything those men related to me. Then he told me: <<Do you see the right judgement of God? And to know that, find out that those three men, who are locked today with you, are the two ones who accused their sister of sexual immorality and took her part of parental heritage, the ones about the man released from prison told you before. And the other one is the person who pushed that man in the river, the one about you were told before>>. And saying that he departed from me. So, when morning came, I called the three men and I told them: <<Gentleman, brothers, tell me why are you real here?>> Then the two brothers said: <<Believe me, brother, that for our sins we are locked here. One of us killed somebody, the other one was caught doing sexual immorality with a married woman, and we both are guilty of murder>>. And the third one said: <<And for my sins, I killed>>. And I said to them: <<Are you really guilty of those or you are only accused of those acts?>>. And they answered: <<Brother, truly we say to you that we are guilty for our sins.>>. I wanted to be sure that they told me the truth, so I told them: <<Brothers, is it possible that before you made other mistakes and for those now you felt in those accuses?>> . Then the two brothers said: <<Believe, brother, that we have a sister, who is widow and she is very faithful to God, and we wanted her part of parental heritage and we calumniated her of sexual immorality and we brought liar witnesses against


her. So, we took her part of heritage>>. The other one said:<<I was crossing the river along another person and we started to argue, I dropped him in the water and he died>>. I also told them about me, and also about the two men who were closed before in the prison, about the one who confessed against their sister, and about the one who could save the one from drowning, but he didnt. Hearing those, the three men were very afraid and they were amazed by Gods right judgement and said: << God is only One, Who makes miracles! >> So, all of them were hardly crying, waiting for their end. The next day, in front of the people, the ruler came to judge them. The torture tools were brought again and the ruler ordered that the prisoners to came for investigations. So, the one incharge with the torture, came to the prison, put chains of our necks and pulled us in the middle of the citadel, to be taken in front of the judge and all the citadels inhabitans were running to see the view of the punishments. Being there, the ruler ordered the two brothers to be undressed and put in the middle. And the two of us, remained to be punished later, stayed in front to see the torture well suffer too. The servants incresed my fear saying: <<Believe young man that even you escaped the tortures from the last investigation, now you will feel those on your own>>. Hearing and seeing those, I felt a great fear and terror. The ruler ordered that the two brothers to be hanged by the wheel and after some hours they confessed the calumniation and unjustice they did to their sister and the fact that they are guilty of sexual immorality and murder. And the ruler ordered to cut their right hands and to be hanged in forks. So, after the payment for those two was given, the ruler ordered to be brought for investigation the other one. The ruler ordered that man to be undressed and hanged by the wheel. After a while of torture that man confessed his guilt of killing someone by pushing in the river. The ruler ordered that his both hands to be cut and then to be hanged in forks. After that decison, the ruler said: <<Undress the young one and bring him in the middle!>> The servants, took off my cloths and gave me some rags to dress in and they put me in front of the judge. I was bitterly crying and praying to God, saying: <<God Almighty, save me from that disaster and Ill be a monk and serve You!>>. And the ruler ordered the servants, saying: <<Lay him in four parts and lash kim with ox whip!>> But the one who was sitting whit the ruler said: << Lord, let this for later, because is lunch time>>. So the ruler ordered to be tied in chains and put in prison. Then for the third time, that young man revealed to me in my dream and said: << Ephraim, are you now convinced that God rules the world with right judgement and that there is no unjustice from God?>> And I answered: <<My Lord I am convinced that Gods works


are wonderful and His Ways are innumerable>>. So I started to pray him, with many tears: <<My Lord you have done rightness with your servant and with your apparition you have consoled my weakness. Have mercy on me, your servant and take me out of this prison, to be worful to become a monk and serve Lord Christ>>. And he smiled and said:<<It was normal that you have stayed in good behavior and not be thrown in that prison; but with your bad behaviour, entering here, what can I do to you? But dont be afraid; you will not endure too much. Because another ruler will come, and that one wants to release you>>. And saying that he vanished. Being in great sorrow, I tried to understand how those will end for me. After five days another ruler came. That one knew my parents. After seven days of being at command, asked the one incharged of judging if there are any persons in prison. And that one answered that there is a young man accused by a certain fact, in the eight day he ordered my judgement. So, sitting in the judgement chair, he ordered to be taken to judgement place. The servant came to the prison, inchained my neck and pulled me in seeing of all the citadel to judgement. The ruler ordered to be undressed by my clothes and dresed in rags and to be brought in front of the judge. When the new ruler saw me, he recognized me, but according to laws bitterness, he recognized I was calumniated and released me. Then the servants untied my chains, dressed me in my cloths and let me go. Being save, I immediately went to the mountain to an abbot, I told him everything and he named me monk. Those, my brothers, I related you, so that you, along me to praise God, the One Who wants that all people to be saved and come to the truth of knowledge. (Saint Ephraim Syr, Words and Teachings, Bucharest, National Printer, 1926, pg. 3-7) The deals of wisdom with death When people dont answer anymore to Gods loving call, they encounter the bitterness of His rightness, when, to punish the malice, He allows the wars. Then anyone life is in danger of death both those from home and those on the battle field. Lets search, in the existent limits, the cause of wars, by which many are cleaned by their wrongdoings through their tears. To answer that, we take as helpful thought the Gods will, that looks for everyone to be saved and to receive the true knowledge. Thats why, God, the mercyful One in His rightness, through dangers relents the slackness or stubborn ones but still good people so that they want the same thing as God, that meaning the salvation, the only thing that really matters. The second helpul thought is to consider the received ones from God as good, and everything God does and arranges for us, knowing that nothing


happens without Gods will, so we have to be glad by His decision, even if we dont understand that. The third thought is that in involuntary sufferances the martyrs are redeemed, by the voluntary sufferances the pious ones are redeemed; and so on through the wars sufferances, much more persons are redeemed on battle filed than at home. In general, people believe that in wars the bad ones perish and the good ones escape. It is and it isnt like that. One of the saints said: I am the goats and only God knows who are the sheeps. Then only God knows - and as He knows , He does too if useful for anyone is that life or the movement into the other one. Then God, in His Omnipotence, uses the bad ones, the unbelivers, the ones without any God, and even the devils to redeem the unreclaimed one. So, if someone full of sins, being adviced by his three friends, gets in a big want and need. The sorrows melt his body and then his mind, in a certain degree and so he/ she finds God, as the only way of escaping from danger. Now he/ she prays for the first time or maybe as never before. So, due to deaths circle arround his/ her life, God in His Supreme Knowledge, sees that he/ she was redressed on the good way for the rest of the life if he/ she will be good in an unseen and wonderful way, He escapes him/ her from death. If He knows that later the human will have a better penitence, He will allow more and harder dangers, saving him/ her from all, because the sorrows wash away the sins stains from our unseen cloth and later He takes him/ her out of sufferances melting, even towards the life without a body, or turning him/ her back to earthly life, as a wise person. The ones who are not constant in good and then they would return to bad ones, forgetting about the promise they did in sorrows times, God takes some out of their vainly life in the moment when according to Gods knowing, they reached the best penitence in their life, so that in that condition to be considered for ever. Those are the ones who win the salvation, God accepting them with a certain level of penitence. The ones who passed through sufferences and became more powerful and have constancy in good and through them God knows, that other will receive the salvation, and He escape them and let them to return home. If they return to bad habits and multitude of sins, God calls them to school again. And so He does everytime it is needed and for everyone needed. With Gods knowing, for the bad ones, without any redressing, God has two unknown secrets and those two judgements: or He quickly lose them, in a furious way, in order to not increase the wrongdoings and so be more punished; or by their malice, He wants to reward, to


expiate, to return, or to save some of the ones remained home, who are dilatory regarding the penitence, or stubborn to the advice and prayer of the good ones. God, takes out from vainly life the third type of people, the good ones, whom He knows they will fall later into wrongdoings, making harder or even losing their salvation and thats why He calls them earlier, until their unmalice to transform into malice; or maybe God likes them and after thesting those, He found that they are on His side and are worthful, as it is written: Wisdom 3: 1. But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them. 2. In the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thought to be a disaster, 3. and their going from us to be their destruction; but they are at peace. 4. For though in the sight of others they were punished, their hope is full of immortality. 5. Having been disciplined a little, they will receive great good, because God tested them and found them worthy of himself; 6. like gold in the furnace he tried them, and like a sacrificial burnt offering he accepted them. 7. In the time of their visitation they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble. Thats why if some is bad, without any cure and he doesnt receive any of the humans sorrows, it must happen that God abandoned him and let him to progress in bad ones to receive the eternal punishment, - alike the ones said for Saul. Another secret of God is this one: He doesnt punish here and immediately everyones malice; same as He doesnt praise here and immediatley everyones goodness. If He would do so, then people would do good for fear; the salvation would be reluctantly and not as an act of love and freedom. Then, if He would punish immediately the bad ones, God would be a coward, a forceless, diminuated to a human measurement or at least of an angel, and He would make us to consider Him that He is afraid by eveil and He defends His domination as humans do. That fact that He allows the bad ones to act up on their own, and let the people fearless by the furious punishment, that proves us His Omnipotence, allways quiet against evil under that omnipotence, we are protected, through the virtue of faith, we also quietly stay,


receiving the evils spanks and spits, as a proof of malices incapacity in front of Gods omnipotence, Who strenghten us with His peace. Viewing that He doesnt immediately punish the malice, but He prepares a powerful temptation, to be perfect too, for a sure punishment during the Judgement Day. And if, sometimes, He furiously punishes a wrongdoing, He does that to stop a little the bad between people and not to decrease the faith of the beginers ones and not to lose among people the knowledge about the reward according to acts. So, even if it is rewarded or not, even the good, or bad, a thing is indubitable: a sure and eternal reward is coming and that good wins the bad. Then, through the patience of many unknown persons, the Gods omnipotence and rightness, allways break the gates of hell with the power of the seen and unseen Church. See why our entire prayer and concern must be that God to receive in the right ones places, the ones that go ahead us, escaping, with Gods allowance, by the cover of the vainly life. One of Gods servants, mourning about the peoples width of sight and narrow faith, that they think only about those from here, said that: No matter how unusual may seam to us, the truth remains the same: that God sent us in this world to learn how to abandon it and to look for the real life. For the ones who love God there is no pain, no danger except for the sin and there is no death; they must be followed with the same self- abandon and lifes abandon, when time would ask that. 2 Corinthians 4: 16. Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 5: 1. For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. 2. Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling. So, only the unbelivers must be mourn, that they died in unfaith, as ones out of God and against God. But is good to be known that life in danger took out many from deads number and God received them from the hands of death in the Kingdom of life.


Mercy judgement Usually people come back to God when they encounter dangers, that meaning when the divine justice reaches them from behind and they have to respond for what they did. It is not bad to return to God even then, in the 11 clock; but it would has been better to return, by free will to your eternal arrangements and not to be pulled by hand or pushed by the last bar. If we would be more sensitive, we would see that the most merciful God, tantalises us with love from the morning of our lives, the Holy Sacrament of penitence, so that not to reach full of wrongdoins in the evening of our lives. The Sacrament of penitence represents the mercy judgement God does with us the sinners, when we go by our free will and we confess our mistakes. The priests bear the priesthood of Christ; by their forgiveness, God forgives, by their voices, God speaks to you. Through them, God calls you, no matter how sinner you are. Great is the Sacrament of penitence, not only because it transforms you from bad to good, from Gods enemy to friend of Him, and also because such a great thing is covered under the humbleness face. The unlimited mercy of Father, to save His sons by the bitter judgement, of rightness according to facts, sends, decreasing from Heavens, to His Son, the Only begotten, to do for them a mercy and fearless judgement and reconciliate them with Him again. Maybe because this mercy judgement it is so humble, allmost none of the ones with the mind full of science and smoked by pride, cant come to its saving benefaction. How can they come, if they know everuthing and rule over the people, how can they kneel down in front of a simple priest and say all their mistakes and sorrows?! No, pride cant do so, to come by free will to humbleness. Thats why they face the bitterness of justice which boils them in their own juice until the bons of pride get weak. The sacrament of penitence or the confessing is the second christening: the one of the tears. There are three types of christening which clean us by everything: first, by which we enter in christian collective, is the Christening from water and from the Holy Spirit, according to Gods before knowledge. This is not repeating. The second is the christening of penitence, or the one of the tears, which we can do and must be done whenever we have the conscience full of mistakes in front of God, the people and ourselves. The third christening is the one of the blood, which if it comes by itself, without our searching, it washes away our sins, especially if it comes after we confess God, the One in Trinity and His Holy Church. This is a gift God offers from time to time, to some of people, especially in the period of oppression for


the right christian faith. That one will not repeat and it doesnt depend on us, when it comes but only when we receive it. Saint Cyril teaches us (Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, op. cit., pg. 96 -97): If someone doesnt receive the Christening, he/she will not be saved, except for the martyrs, which receive the Kingdom without the water. When the Saviour saved the world from the cross and when his rib was stuck, from that wound water and blood got out so that in peaceful times, people are baptized with water and in oppression times the baptise is done with their own blood. The Saviour names the martyrism as christening, when He says: Are you able to be baptized with the baptism of suffering I must be baptized with? (Mark 10, 38) It is amazing how for earthly reasons, thousands and millions of people go to death singing, but for the Emperor of Heavens, hardly from time to time, you can find some persons who peaceful and gladly step to death. Through the Sacrament of penitence, you pray God, Whom you confess to being there present His servant, interpreter of His will to you and your guarantee to God to forgive your multitude of mistakes, listing all of those, based on your consciences help. And God is so good that He forgives all your debts, but only if you forgive from your heart the mistakes of your brothers. If you dont forgive, God doesnt forgive you either. And we must endless forgive eveyone, from all our heart. The ones from old times were praying for the ones who tortured them and they were hugging the leggs and blessing the ones who were taking them to death; others said that we should buy with gold the blames and sorrows we receive from humans. Everything you have to do is to agree those, for God, and He helps you: because it true that is not in our nature to love from all our heart the one who kills us in all sort of ways, that is above nature. This is the understanding and the limit of Gods mercy judgement: recovery of endless love, turned back from all sins towards God and all people. That Holy Sacrament works for humans reuturn to babies lack of malice. The council from hell In an old book, from the Saint Mountain, a skillful confessor in advices, wrote a story, which contains the following teaching: A priest with fear of God and concerned about his belivers, was struggling day by day to turn back the stayed ones from the way of loss and to strenghten them in Gods words. With all of those, he painfully noticed that all his efforts were vainly. His belivers dropped only the hypocrisy; and they were laying in the same sins, as he found them before.


His service was

useless, his preaches too, his daily advicsa and the ones given after

confessing were useless too. Nothing moved those from the mud of sins. What could the poor priest do? How to redress them? Because he struggled hard in Gods works, knowing that he was responsible for those people souls and he was tossing day and night, asking God to show him why cant he attract people to salvation? In a Saturnday night, after the evening service, he was sitting on a rock, being upset, pressed by the concern for his priesthood responsability and he was very sad about his useless efforts. While he was sitting, lost in his hard thoughts, God opened the eyes of his sore soul to a scaring vision: a mob of dark creatures, black as coal, was revealing to him as a cloud darked by dirty spirits. It was a council of devils, conducted by Satan, their greatest and baleful master. Suddently, from the middle of the council, a devil voice shouted so loud that the sky boiled: <<You, devils mubs, advice between you and think with your crafty minds and tell me: how could you easily cheat people to fill with them the kingdom of gloom and the hungered belly of hell?>> To that command of the biggest ruler, the dark mubs of devils, started to think about delivish advices. After short time, from the crowd, involved in thinking at cheats, a devil, black as mazout, came out in front of Satan and said: <<Your dakness, lets sneak in humans minds the devilish thought that there is no God; so if there is nobody to fear of, they will easily fall in our hands, they will do only what we want and we will fill the hell with them.>> Listening that advice, Satan thought about, then answered: <<With that lie few will fall; because the One from Aboves things: the sky and the earth and all that adorn those, prove His existence. Another came with a catchier advice. Then, from the dark cloud, another devils leader came out and said: <<Your darkness, my opinion is to say people that God exists, but after death there are no soul and judgement and so there is no punishment or reward. Tell them that there are no heaven and hell so they are free to eat, to drink and do all their body and hearts pleasures, because, tomorrow maybe theyll die and after death there is nothing and theyll be sorry they didnt do all their pleausres in their life.>> Satan thought about that devils words and then said:


<<Neither with this cheat you will not win to many: because among people there are some wiser, who know that there is God and of His rightness stay the reward or punishment according to the facts. And also there are many who know that soul exists after death too and will go to the last judgement, according to Scriptures writtings. With that cheat there will some to fall in our claws, but not so many. I want many people in all the hells caves! shouted Satan and flopped so loud with the buck, that all the devils mubs hicupped by fear. Then from the crowd, another devils leader came out and prideful supported by his tail, stunk the folowing proposal: <<The most darkness master and father of lie, praise be your concern of filling up the hell with the stupids and the immorals from earth! I listen very carefully our camarads proposals about humans loss, so dear to us, all your devils, and seeing that you are not pleased with those, I invented a bigger cheat: why dont we praise humans for their faith in God, souls immortality, last judgement and reward according to facts? Why dont we tell them that there is heaven and hell, which last forever? But, after saying all of those which they know too well lets whisper in their ears once, twice, thousands of times: good people, dont rush with penitence! There is still a lot of time. First live according to your desires. Let the penitence at the end! Dont rush!>> While listening, Satans eyes were lighting by devilish joy. He pridely got up from his flaming throne, dark as rosin and tappping that devils leader on the shoulder, his voice shouted once, that the entire darkness of hell shaked: <<You, stinky spirits of my kingdom, dissispet on eath surface, as fast as a thought and as a sweet poison insinuate in humans ears the whisper: << Good people, dont rush with penitence or truly confessing. There is still lot of time: tomorrow, after tomorrow, at oldness. Until then, make your asignment to God and soul, only formally. Fisrt take care of earthly concerns, the same as before. You have plenty of time for real penitence, because you will not die tomorrow!>> And, to Satans order, the spirits of hell dissipated with the speed of thought over the entire earth, to cheat the dilatory ones in the lie of loss, with the postponing of penitence for tomorrow, after tomorrow, oldness The vision was faded and the priest, concerned of his belivers fate, finally understood the cause for their dilatory in decision of really saving themselves. Formally they did their christian obligations, but, charmed by the alluring whispers of devils, they considered the priests advices are better for the old ones. As regards themselves, they considered that they have enough time: tomorrow, after tomorrow, at oldness..


See the dangerous advice which embroils humans in the bad ones and push them in all sort of sorrows and in the darkness, and tomorrow, or after tomorrow, forceless, they are good for nothing. God forgives the unknowledge, but not the craft. And the human with crafty thinking is the one who gives by free will his/ her youth to devils, ramaining that for God to give only a destroyed oldness. But would his/ her oldness be thrown in the same place like youth? The wildness of the elements If humans still dont come back from bad ones, not even after the bitterness of sorrows, then over the darked world will come the sorrows above nature: The heavens will be shaked; I will not shake only the earth, but the sky too, says the Lord! (2 Peter 3, 10). Because : Death and blood, split and sword, crush and fight, for the lawless ones all of those were created for and for they the flood was done (Jesus Sirach Wisdom 40, 11-12) Up in Heavens, the unseen helm of the world decides what will happen down on the earth, with all and everyone. But what comes to happen on earth from here have the origin, so in everything, anytime, on us depends what is going to be from the right judgement. Because it depends on how the balance between up and down is held. We have the confessing of the angels, sent in Sodom to Lot, under the appearance of two men, that the same as from earth raise to skies the facts of blatant sins, so from skies descends the answer, because the sodomy of the inhabitans was calling to skies and tortured the soul of the right one: Genesis 19: 13. Because we are going to destroy this place. The outcry to the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it. 14. So Lot went out and spoke to his sons-in-law and he said, Hurry and get out of this place, because the Lord is about to destroy the city! But his sons-in-law thought he was joking. Their facts didnt let them to believe, and made that everything to seem a joke and so the Lots sons-in-low perished, proving to be unworthful of Gods word. But we have the confessing of God Himself, the one given to Noah, before the flood: I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. (Genesis 6, 13) And see that the barriers of skies were opened and the flood began.


And for the future times we have another answer from heavens, which hangs over the actions of earth: Revelation 14: 12. Here is the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. 13. And I heard a voice from heaven, saying to me: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. From henceforth now, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours. For their works follow them. 14. And I saw: and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sitting like to the Son of Man, having on his head a crown of gold and in his hand a sharp sickle. 15. And another angel came out from the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat upon the cloud: Thrust in your sickle and reap, because the hour has come to reap. For the harvest of the earth is ripe. 16. And He that sat on the cloud thrust His sickle into the earth: and the earth was reaped. 18. And another angel came out from the altar, who had power over fire. And he cried with a loud voice to him that had the sharp sickle, saying: Thrust in your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vineyard of the earth, because the grapes thereof are ripe. 19. And the angel thrust in his sharp sickle into the earth and gathered the vineyard of the earth and cast it into the great press of the wrath of God 20. And the press was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the press, up to the horses' bridles, for a thousand and six hundred furlongs Avoiding to dare for any interpretation, a thing is absolutely sure, that wrongdoings drive humanity into a history full of sorrows more and more aplocalyptic. Antichrist He is the one who will come in his name not in Gods name he is Jewish and he will be a despot over the entire world. Because that one will accept to be emperor over the brightness of all earthly emperors. (matthew 4, 8-9) Christians, by name, due to sins multiplications, which bring the spirits fade (1 Thessalonians 5,19), will be so weak with their hearts and minds (Revelation 21, 8), so that by fear they will reject Jesus and will receive all the evil wish and will taste all the malice of evil because faith doesnt belong to everybody (2 Thessalonians 2,3). Their life, weaked by sin,


will permit Satan to dare and to work through all kind of powers, miracles, false wonders and godless cheats, prepared for the sons of loss, because those ones didnt received the love of the truth to save themselves. Thats why, because they love the sins more than they love God, God sends them powerful cheats in order to believe the lie and to fall under the punishment (lie) all of those who didnt believe the truth and agreed the unjustice (2 Thessalonians 2,9-11). The Jews from old times, pushed by that one, crucified the Lord, prickling His heel (Genesis 3, 15) and they could do nothing else; contrariwise, God, getting down the cross to the ones from prisons, broke the eternal locks and He made a great capture from the rapacious hell. Since then, the enemy circles like a mad lion, inflaming his tools, that at least Saviours acts and teaching to be covered by unfaith. Not succeding in that, he goads his servants and the one of them, this repeating for each generation of humans, since the times of Saint Apostles (1 John 2, 18), until the days of the most complete Antichrist, from the last time, when Elijah will preach (Malachi 3, 23), hoping that maybe they will be able to erase the Jesuss apprentices from the earth by oppressing them, hanging them, murdering them, crucifying them and killing them in all kind of ways. More, as Father says, this Antichrist who is not pleased only with his unfaith, but he also wishes everybodys unfaith will have no peace until the day he would manage to kill God and to throw Him from the heart and mind of the last remaining beliver on earth; and he, fool, doesnt crave for a biggest pride, that of killing God and His place to infiltrate in humans soul, like a sword of hell, his beast face. That one is not pleased only to cheat humans with postponing their penitence for tomorrow, or after tomorrow, or at oldness, but he fights as a mad, asking: 1. Gods death; 2. death to His teaching; 3. death for christians, His apprentices; 4. ruin of His Church and stop the eternal Holy Sacrifice, which is the Holy Liturgy. The last tortures of Antichrist, by whom all Satans forces will work, will exceed all the oppression christian had to face, during the time, from the begining until nowadays. Only the hate of an oppression over the christians all over the world, will determine them to let aside any religious dissentions and to be one as at the beginings. They will not be saved by the historys wraths roll until they will not listen and fulfilll, at leat at the end, the Saviours last appeal in the world. Maybe in those times bearly will be some christians; but no matter how few they will be, those must pass through what would had been better for nowadays christianity and to become an integer..


The common danger appeared in the world, the unity of christians is tardy. God, until when? So, when the wrongdoings will clench the humans mind and their hearts will become so wild, that theyll say they dont need anymore God and Church and Priests, and the wildness and hates madness (Luke 6, 11) will cover the entire world, then the end will come. Because of the Holy Liturgy, the world still exists As the Sacrament of penitence or confessing represents the mercy judgement of God, hidden under humble face, and the ones who love the humbleness receive that gift, so the Saviours Holy Sacrifice, hides, again under humble face, the sacrament of ruling the world. The old ones knew the reason for why Antichrist doesnt reveal in their times, because Saint Paul talks about this secret in a hidden way but he doesnt name it (2 Thessalonians 2, 6). It is the Holy Liturgy, or forever Sacrifice, about what God spoke through Daniel (Daniel 2, 3) and then He Himself taught us. This is the one which stops the coming of Antichrist, or the man of unrightness (2 Thessalonians 2, 3), except for the time allowed by God. Because for the multitude of wrongdoings, God Father would have to end this world many time ago, but God Son, the One Who is the love for humans and all nature, allways brings Himself as Holy Sacrifice in front of God Father, intermediating for His mercy. Son of God endures for us an endless crucifixion; The Lamb Emperor stays as a guarantee for us in front of the Father, putting Himself as a continuous sacrifice, as mediation prayer for the poor world. Because if it wouldnt be the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Christ Jesus, the Emperor Bishop Himself, continuously offered by free will as salvation price for humanity, staying with love and favour for the world, since long time ago Father would had drown the earth in humans blood and burned it with fire, unleashing the urgies. (2 Peter 3, 7, 12) So, the blood of the lamb from the Holy Communion still helds the soul within the bones and the world alive. As the Sacrament of penitence is a gift of Heavens, hidden in humble face, for salvation of each soul in part, so the Holy Liturgy, the great sacrament, again hidden in humble face, saves the world or protects it from Antichrists wraths. See why, everyone should come to the Holy Liturgy, because this gift exists on earth for keeping the world. Briefly, I tried to say everything that can be said about such a great sacrament of God, hidden in the Holy Liturgy, which is done in Heavens and on earth, and which is the reason


why God still helds this world. But the Holy Liturgy is much richer in sacraments, which can not be said in human voice. God descends among people and raises people to Him, on the ladder of the Holy Liturgy. The prophet of fire So, while there still are people who look for penitence and the Holy communion, Satan is powerless: God stops him. But when humansminds will be so dark, that they will forbit the Holy Liturgy with all their will, wishing the unfaith, in those days will stop the endless Sacrifice and will start the ugliness of the devastation, as it is said: Daniel 12: From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Is the time of the three and a half years, when Elijah the most furious prophet will preach and will herald the seven cups of Gods wrath the last ones by which the Gods anger will end (Revelation 15, 1). For then shall be great tribulation, as never before since the beginning of the world to this time, and never after (Matthew 24, 21-22). In those days: Daniel 12: 10. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. ( what time it is: the approach of the second coming) The ones without any law blamed the God of Heavens for their pains, which tortured them so hard until bitting their tongues, but they didnt regret their mistakes, as Apocalypse says. (Revelation 16, 10 -11) When the last times will come, when the malice will be complete, Elijah, the prophet of fire will preach (Malachi 3, 23) the second coming of the Saviour. That message, the biggest joy of christians, will cause death danger for the real prophet; because the ones of the unjustice will kill him the same as they did with John the Baptiser, who was in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1, 17), at the first coming. But just when the enemies of the Altmighty believed that killing the last prophet, they finally ended with God, see that Elijah comes to life


Jewish will admit the madness of their adversity and the cheat of the Antichrist and with great fear and shake, they will return and will receive Christ Jesus Lord, according to Scriptures writtings too. Antichrist, the liar prophet, through the unclean spirit who works within him, revolts all the worlds emperors to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty (Revelation 16, 14), in the valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 4, 12) at the last war and the biggest bloodshed on earth. The Holy Cross from the sky Lighted in slave, shinner than the sun, the sign that was spoken against (Luke 2, 34) and blamed, it will reveal, in spite of all its enemies, the blessed sign of good win against the bad. Then, in those scaring days, on earth and in all the body, God Word Himself comes to call eveyone, for the last time, not to penitence, but for the judgement. Then God and the plan of salvation are not anymore to believe but to be seen. And regarding Antichrist, by whom all the force of Satan worked: 2 Thessalonians 2: 8. And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. Daniel 12: 1. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days. It is Lords biggest and most tremendous day, day of joy for His called, chosen and faithful followers (Revelation 17, 14), day of unspoken joy, the day of retun Home, in the native land (Jeremiah 22, 10) and the end of crying. Day of joy, seeing the win of patience, seeing the resurrection of the faithful collective, seeing the legacy prepared by God since the begings of times for the ones who loved Him and remained in His love until the end. And all kinds of sacraments, known only by God, will be revealed then. However, the other ones, will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory (Luke 21, 26 -28); the One Who is our love, will dissipate our fear, but will increase the agony of terror (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 6) for the ones who oppressed Him and crucifyed Him for His love for humans and now they must receive eternal punishment for their acts. And judgement will be, because the wrongdoings brought the flood and the wrongdoings damage and hurry the judgement.


Thats why, seeing that the peace was taken from earth (Revelation 6, 4), but time (Revelation 10, 6 7) wast taken yet, with Gods voice (1 Peter 4, 11) we call humans all over to penitence, because a day was set for worlds judgement (Acts 17, 30-31)! And that day can be anytime. See in a facile description, the voice of Saviours prayer for the future christianity all over the earth, catched, as it was possible, in the sound of those seven trumpets And regarding Antichrist it can be written about him in other manner too



Human, creation of a big importance The world, the seen Universe of material shapes and the unseen Universe of the pure spirits, represent the expression of Gods goodness. It was created to enjoy divine goodness. Its creature, given to all the component things, from the first mineral until the angel, it is a sharing creature. Life of all creatures participates to joy in God according to their existence level and the capacity each of them received. This level of existence and this involvement capacity represent the principle of hierarchy based on what this world was created. Human has in this hierachy the central position. By body, the human belongs to the material world, by soul belongs to the spiritual world. In the great cosmos, human represents a micro-cosmos, as our Churchs theologian schoolar, John Damascene, named it. Spiritual creatures of creation, made after Gods face and appearance, are free, that meaning they possess own will. Angels are free, humans are free. Keeping them in the absolute harmony of lifes joy is let at free will. The joy of living within divine light, or according to the legendary term, in Eden, is much higher as it is a willingness act, in the virtue of spiritual freedom. The same the sufferance of decay from the paradiziac harmony will be bigger, viewing that is a free act too. A part of angels decayed from the celestial harmony due to their pride. Human colapsed by disobeying the order established by God. If the initial worlds paradisic harmony is the work of God by Word, the evil which poisons the world has its roots in the sin of the first man. A stone felt in the lake; but its fall doesnt concern only the stone, but is affects the entire lake, which agitates till the edges. In the new condition of decay from paradiziac harmony, human suffers. He is aware in all his body about the evil, the pain and death. And also he notices those in the surrounding environment. His sin affects the entire world and the entire world suffers with him. Because the human, as a micro-cosmos, is a compendium of the element which form the world and that makes that the evil from him to reflect in external world. The history of decayed humanity is formed in a great part by the history of an on going sin. It looks like the messy reverse image of legendary Eden. Two strong feelings increase the sadness and pain of decayed human: the feeling of being out of spiritual worlds superior harmony and the denial of totally acceptance of the misery condition within he expiates his punishment.


The embodiment of the Saviour and the expiation of human sin by crucifixion open again the door of spiritual Eden. By Logos the world initial harmony was created, by the incarnated Logos it will be recovered. Christianity is the second creation of the world. The church is the organ by which the divine Graces energies efusse again. Its door is the reopened gate of Eden. (Nichifor Crainic, Orthodoxy and Ethnocracy, Ed. Cugetarea, Bucharest, 1937, pg. 54 -56) Decayed angels Before the creation of human and the seen world, in the unseen world of angels a mad new situation happened: Lucifer and his cohort wanted to be above God (Isaiah 14, 12-15). The other leaders of celestial armies were against that madness. But Lucifer felt like the flash (Luke 10, 18) from Gods face, transforming from lighted angel into a dark devil. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath. (Revelation 12, 12) He is the one who prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5, 8). Between him and the soul it starts the unseen war. Emptiness of human nature within Adam The first man, created according to Gods look and affinity, had all his being turned to God, Who was reflecting within him as sun in a drop of dew. The mind, the desire and agility, or the thinking, love and will, were united in the same sight of contemplation for God. And the body, made of earth, not having within it the passionate desires, accompanied that contemplation. That was the old background for human to raise from look to affinity of God. The enemy had his first war with Adam in Eden and through him, he fighted with us, because we all were within Adam (Romans 5, 12). It is the first war lost by human. His defeat is repeated by the entire human kind, for thousands of years; and what Adam did, each of us do too. It is clear that in the middle it was a disobedience, a bend of the designation, given to human by God (see also Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers to Talasie, in Philokalia, ed. I, vol. 3, pg. 25, 62, 149). See the vicious circle which is hardly closed arround human nature by the Reigns and Lords of Darkness (Colossians 2, 15), who dress in secret within the feeling beyond nature and turn it towards a work against nature and against obedience to God. See how, by a bad


advice, the decayed angels ruined the heaven of natural virtue. We will see at proper time, that in the same time with that they also extinguished the light of knowledge. Is how Adam turned human nature from the short way of perfection, embroiling in the deepness of foreign obedience, fact that brought him the expulsion from Eden into that world. Much labor was created for every man, and a heavy yoke is upon the sons of Adam (Jesus Sirach wisdom 40, 1). Because the killer caused a great crush, inserting within the creation the devastation of death and the entire historys tragedy. See, in other words, the devastation done over the human nature: Natures fall in tempation is the same as a crush which separated the human in many parts. So, the mind was allured with pride and vainly slave, believing the cheater, that the human will be like God, knowing good and evil (Genesis 3, 5); the love an the feeling turned to body, which inflamed by passionate desires; the will and agility transformed in panic and shame and observing his nudity, he hid from God. And when God called him by name, He didnt see him, but only heard, viewing that his conscience sight was now turned from God towards himself, because he saw his nudity. Hence, when he had to confess his mistake, the mind was so weak and the heart hit by the self love, so his decayed knowledge considered God as guilty for his devastation. In this way our ancestor received the payment for disobedience, he had no longer the joy of seeing God and he was expelled in that world, dressed in garments of skin (Genesis 3, 21). Since then our nature face two splits: 1. inner split: with God and with itself 2. external spilt: with people and with all nature That split follows us like a punishment law given to the nature; it darkens our face alike the Gods one. But our soul is not totally darken, because we still have the conscience, like a star which didnt fade from the Heavens sky, and allways remembers us about our celestial origin and tantalises us for rehabilitation. From that split come all the war and agitation of the two laws, that meaning the war between the law with the evil doing, by which Saint Paul was complaining that work within him (Romans 7, 23) So it happens that we make a quadruple mistake: against God, against ourselves, against the neighbour and a agaisnt entire nature. The sin or the decay of nature made us to lose: peace with God, inner peace, peace with people and peace with entire nature. We became so wild that almost God to fear because of us. See why even the beasts run away from the human.


About nature and against it The powers of soul: mind, love and will, according to old structure (Isaiah 58, 2), worked and aimed towards God. This souls aim to God was its natural work; and based on that effort we had to raise from face to affinity with God. So we were considered in Gods plan, obedience and sight. After the sin, the catchy one, since the begining held the power of soul sticked to the seen ones <<and there is nobody to understand and to look for God>> (Psalm 13, 2-3; 52, 3), because the acolytes for the human nature limited the power of reason and mind to the shape of sensitive things and they hadnt any understanding for the ones above the nature (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 310 -311) Since disobedince, along the powers of soul, not being anymore united in God, but separated and inflamed by contradictory thoughts (Romans 7, 23), dont work according to nature, but frequently, if not allways, work against nature. According to Saintss word: the entire stuggle of that devil was and still is to cut off our souls love for God and to stick it to anything else, except God. Thats why, the enemy, to acomplish his unjustice target, allures the soul with the first temptation, the one through pleasure, bringing us well looking and good-tasting baits (Genesis 3, 6), specific to each destroyed power of the soul, in part; and pushes the body to do and continuously to repeat those. The enemy wants to carres us, as ones deprived of Gods sight, which he robbed from us, teaching us to love the pleasure of senses, knowing the crafty one that so the love for God is extinguished and it darken the mind from seeing Him. Because not God is the One Who doesnt love us or doesnt see us anymore, but we are the ones that dont love or dont see Him anymore, because He is among us, he is wall of hostility for the sin (Ephesians 2, 14) and beyong the wall are us: a bunch of pieces, allways crushing by the wall. Obedience for a foreign spirit turned our love towards this world and the body. The agility or the will, which according to their nature had the purpose to aim like a bow the love for God, and towards devil to aim the anger, like an arrow, the devil transformed that nature in hate, so that the beast human, as flashes threw in the face of his/ her brothers and in the face of Holy God, blaming and casting everything to devil or even on himself/ herself. And the poor mind, which according to its nature had to reflect God, the throne of God within human, His Holy place (2 Corinthians 6, 16), becomes dark by the pride or inflames it to stay against the truth, or in many other ways breaks it and puts inside the ugliness of the desolation or the idol (fix idea ) of the sin.


When reason is whitout mind, and the ardent anger and irrational desire, then the unknowledge, desire for oppression and imorality become masters of the soul. From those rises the habit of sinning with the act, interlacing with different pleasures of senses Everything unnecessary and redundant is immoderacy. And that is the devils way to the soul. But on the same way that one shamely leaves when nature is adviced by restraining. Or again, the way is formed by the natural desires, that when are over fulfilled bring the devil in our soul, and when are fulfilled according to necessity retun the devil in his country. In that country is the custom and indurated confusion of the viciousness, wherein he allways lives and where he takes all those who love material things (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 192 -193). Is so how the enemy installs in the mind, which doesnt protect the gate of desires and he bends it so hard that the mind calls the bad as good and the good as bad; the dark as light and the light as dark; the wisdom as madness and the madness as wisdom (Isaiah 5, 20), and then invents that there is no God (Psalm 52, 1), but only nature, and if there has to be a God that one is the human. See the poor mind absolutely cheated and the devil with a glorious smile, that he could insert the lie in humans mind, the same as when he took the human out of heaven, assured him, that if he eats from the forbidden tree, will be: like God, knowing good and evil (Genesis 3, 5). How to know anymore!? Look what a devilish mind is: from good to ungood, which consideres lie as truth and the truth as lie and throws with dirties in God, enjoying the devils. See how it looks a mind ferociously tied, pulled in foreign slavery and losing the greatest gift from God: the free will and right judgement. And the body, which according to its nature had to accomplish with its work the Gods advice and the advice of the right judgement, now obeys the advice of wrongdoings, being slave for the passions against nature, which soll it, robb its powers, ruin it by deaseases and make it debile for the efforts of increasing from look to affinity. See the deepness of passions and wrongdoings wherein the enemys war dives the souls of the ones who love his things and dont care about God: The war of devil with the soul: a. with the heart: - by ardent anger: 1. killing 2. sodomy 3. oppression of the poors 4. holding the workers payment


Those are sins which call to Skies, sins against the neighbour. Those stone the heart. - by desire: 1. love for money 2. greed 3. sexual immorality - by hasty: 4. anger 5. envy or jealousy b. with the mind - it darkens it: 7. pride or vainly slave (Those sins complicate the mind) Those seven sins from above are the seven heads of the sins made against ourselves. 1. hesitant faith 2. despair 3. suicide Those are sins against the Holy Spirit. - it inflames it: 1. heresy 2. sitting against the truth - it ruins it: 3. madness Those three sins make impossible the penitence. Se also the twelve steps of falling, by which our strenghts drift within each of those brake of passions and sins: The war of devil: a. the battle: - with the mind: 1. the bate 2. the override 3. the union - within the heart: 4. the fight - with the will:


5. the agreement - with the body: 6. accomplish by work 7. custom or habit 8. the second nature b. the victory - darkens the mind: 9. the despair - inflames the mind: 10. the heresy. Sitting against the preached, shown and proved truth. - ruins the mind: 11. suicide 12. madness Hence, if things would work without any barrier, according to enemys killing plan, for long time, human lives would become a real hell by going mad, being diabolized, killing one another and then killing themselves. Rebuilding the human nature within Christ Jesus But, in order that devastation to be broken: The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work. (1 John 3, 8) For a complete elucidation of humans rebuilding and the greatest of Saviour embodiments purpose, for winning the war that human nature lost it in Haven, we reproduce some pages of a high deepness and beauty written by Saint Maxim the Confessor: The Only Born Son and Word of God, becoming real man to take out the humans nature from that want, took from the first embodiment of Adam the lack of sin and lack of impurity; and from the birth, introduced after that in human nature, because of the sin, He took only the ardour feature, but without sins. The evil forces, because of the sin, had their powers hidden in the ardour feature, received from Adam, as in a necessary law for nature. Seeing within the Saviour the ardour feature of Adams nature, due to the body He had and imagining that Lord received too the law of necessity, alike any regular human, and not moved by His will inclination, they threw their bates on Him too, hoping to convince Him too, that by the ardour according to nature (by natural affect) to see the ardour against nature


(affect against the nature) and to do something on theirs liking. God allowed them the first attempt of temtations, by pleasure and made them to catch in their own cheats and banished those from the nature and He remained untouched and unreached by those. In that way He win the victory of course not for Him, but for us, for whom He became a man giving all the victory for our advantage. Because He hadnt for Himself that attempt, as He was God and Lord and free be nature of all the ardours, but He received that attempt to attract to Him the evil power from our tempations and to win it through the bate of death, the one which was expecting to beat Him, as Adam, from the beginning. So from the first attempt He faced the Powers and Authorities (Colossians 2, 15), who came to allure Him, banishing them away from nature and healing the pleasure side of ardour feature. By that He annuled within Himself the Adams proof by which He agreed by free will with the pleasures ardours and with the will inclined to pleasure, even not saying anything, was awaring the enemys mastery over Him by the facts He was doing, not being able to untie from the chain of pleasures, by fear of death. Therefore, after wining this first attempt through pleasure, He ruined the plan of the bad Powers, Heads and Authorities, Lord allowed those to conceive the second attack, to come with the remaning temptation, the one through pain. In that way, He wanted that by totally throwing those within Him, the dirty venom of their evilness, to burn it like in a fire entirely destroying it from nature. Because human was running away from pain, due to cowardice, as one allways terrified by fear of death, and for that staying in the slavery of pleasure, only for living. After Lord annuled the Powers and the Authorities by the first attempt of temptations in the desert, healing the pleasure side of entire nature ardour feature, He ruined those again during death time, eliminating also the pain side from nature ardour feature. So He took on Him, our facts, as if He was guilty and not us, because of His love for humans; better said, He wrote in our judgement, as a good He is, the greateness of His victoris. Because alike us, taking without any sin the ardour feature of nature, by which the bad and destroying Power uses to work through, He runined those during His death, when those came to allure Him. While His soul was getting out, He was victoriuos over them and He nailed those on the Cross, as ones that didnt find anything alike their nature in His ardour feature, viewing that they expected to find something human because of His ardour feature which He had by nature, due to the body. So, He really released by His Holy body taken from us, the entire human nature by the malice contained there, due to the ardour feature, kneeping under by the nature ardour feature itself, the crafty power which was within it (in the ardour feature) and


was ruling over the nature (Saint Maxim the Confessor, idem, pg. 62-66, See also pg. 333 -345). Caught in the vicious circle between the sin and its payment, the Lord Christs embodiment and death, brought humans another birth and changed the sense of death, transforming it into death of natural sin and resurrection way. Continuance of the victory, through Sacraments The victory of the Saviour is unique. Without Him nobody can win a second victory against evil. But with Christ it is possible; but there is no other winning, it is the same victory, which drips in time and increases the fighters. Because Christ Jesus fulfillls what lack us: He gave us a second birth, forgiving us the first one; He built up our nature to recover the virtue and He lighted our minds to rebuilding the knowledge both necessary to stick more our love by the truth than this life. So he gave us too the victory over death, because for us who live within Jesus there is no fear of death, but death is the definitive unbound by the sin. For us, death is not a defeat of nature, but a killing of the sin and salvation of the nature. In that way we say we win but in reality Christ Jesus is the winner, the One Who lives within us through Sacaraments and He wins and stuggles for our salvation; and if we insist too with love in necessities for God, also His affinity rises over our lives. So He offered Himself to each of us, as soon as we entered this world, through the three first Holy Sacraments. The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world (John 1, 9). Those are: Holy Christening (Baptise), Holy Oil and Holy Communion, and Knowledge of God, at the age of understanding (John 17, 3). By the Holy Christening, Christs Church born us from up (John 3, 3) in the christians collective or Gods apprentices. By this we receive the erase of the ancestral sin (Romans 5, 19 and 6, 22), because we all were within Adam when he sinned (Romans 5, 12-14). Building up the nature in purity condition, received by Christening, will be accomplished step by step, everyone co-working with the Grace given by Christening. By the Holy Oil we receive the presence in us of the Holy Spirits gifts, according to Gods knowledge and plan for everyones life. That sacrament well force us in the new life received at Christening and causes that the talents hideen in everyone to develop into good. And by the Holy Communion we receive Lord God Himself and our Saviour Christ Jesus, as the Saviour escapes us from the danger we encounter with our lifes enemy and destroyer.


At Christening we also receive from God on our guardian angel, who is responsabile for us and for the gifts we were given, during our life and in the moment of our exit from the earthly life. Our unseen Saviour is clothed with us and we are clothed with Him: For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ (Galatians 3, 27) The first man was of the dust of the earth and he is dressed with the second man, who is of heaven and becomes celestial (1 Corinhians 15, 47). The first celestial man is Christ Jesus: the new Man, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4, 24). Our spiritual being unifies with Christ and He becomes our Spirit. See briefly what is the cure for our nature or the renewing of human. All christians are baptised and still they dont save themselves. Why? See why: the gifts of Christening stay within our unseen being, waiting the proper time when the mind is able to understand, when by Chruchs preach, we find the celestial treasure hidden in our beings soil. For strenghten those, see the words of Saint Mark the Ascet: By Christening the Grace is given to us and stays hidden in an unseen way, waiting for our obedience and fulfillment of commands, for why we receive that power (Saint Mark the Ascet, About Christening, in Philokalia, ed. I, vol 1, pg. 285 and ed. II, pg. 247). The truth that Christ Jesus is our Way to perfection is explained on all the aspects by the Holy Parents of the Eastern. Not only that Jesus commanded us the Christening, but even His command contains God. God is hidden within His commands. And the Ones who look for Him will find Him based on those commands fulfillement (Idem, pg. 249 and pg. 247). If Christ Jesus would be only within the Command of Christening, stronger He will reveal in achievement of that command and the perfection of the Sacrament. So, it is very natural that the Saints to connect our salvation in Christ first by the fulfillment of the commands. It can be said that: any effort for fulfillment of the commands is a necessity of the virtue. So, if God is hidden within His commands, of course He is hidden too in the efforts for acquiring those virtues. He is the power or the soul of virtuess efforts. Saint Maxim says that: The virtues being inside each of us is the unique Word of God, because the being of all virtues is Lord Christ Jesus Himself (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Ambigua, P.G. 91, 1081 qouted after prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, Christian Ascetic and Mystics course, Bucharest, 1947, pg. 25). If by commands God allures us from exterior, as attractive principle, by virtues, Lord dispalys within us, as impulsive principle. The command would be Gods Word of impulsion from outside and the virtue would be Gods Word of impulsion


from inside. And the presence of Christ in the Holy Sacaraments remains a doctrinal truth. Here we talk about feeling, the display of Christ from Sacraments in our real life. Because if God is hidden since Christening in the deepest place of our being, as a Forward, impulsing us to fulfill the commands, by those on our spiritual faces it reveal Gods features. So, those features get clear under the advice of a force, which works from inside to outside, force which is represented by Christ Jesus Himself, abode in our deepness, not accesed yet by the conscience. Christ Jesuss presence becomes more clear within us, showing more light in our external behaviour too. See what Saint Mark the Ascet says: This temple, that meaning the holy place of the body and soul, has also an inner place of the iconostasis. There Jesus entered as an Forward (Hebrews 6, 20), living since the Christening witin us (Saint Mark the Ascet, idem, ed. I, vol 1, pg. 287 si ed. II, pg. 282 -283). Viewing that, oh, human, baptized in Christ, give only the work for what you have taken power and get ready to receive the apparition of the One Who lives within you (Idem, ed. I, vol, 1, pg. 295 and ed. II, pg. 290). If since the beginning Christ is hidden within the commands and He is burried inside us through Sacraments, while we anchor by the commands chain, with His power we have within us, we receive from that work the virtues; and through those, as a multitude of rays, the face of Christ gets to light, reflecting from inside to outside on our face too, in proportion as we get out of the waves. Thats why Origen and Saint Maxim the Confessor consider the way of the pious christian, which extends from obeying the commands until the knowledge, as a secret way of God within us, from the descent on earth under the humble face of a slave to His ascent on the Tabor mountain, where He revealed in all His divine slave. We get up from ascetic needs to mystic contemplation: with Christ, by Christ, to Christ (Prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, Ascetic and Christian Mystic Course, Bucharest, 1947, pg. 26). It is very significant the triple dive of the one who is baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity. That total dives mark the death of Lord for us and the death of the old human, the human of the sin. Only by the price of this death we deserve to be unction with the Holy Oil, by which according to Gods plan, we receive the Holy Spirit gifts and the unification with the new Man, the One come from the skies, through the Sacrament of the Holy Communion. By those Sacraments, Christ comes to us, makes a place in our soul, becomes one with it and awakes it to a new life; and once He is in our soul, Christ kills the sin within us, He gives us His Own life and part of His Perfection (Nicolae Cabasila, About Life in Christ, Sibiu, ed. I, 1946, pg. 21). Based on the signification of Christening, which repeat the death and resurrection of God, within each of us, or the death of the old man and resurrection of the new


Man, Christ Jesus, there are revealed to us two senses of that Sacrament: the positive one and the negative one. Christ, abode within us from Christening, powerfully leads not only our effort with decorating our nature with virtues, not only the positive work to strenghten by will the new human, but also He leads the negative work of killing the sin, to weak by will too the old human. Because the new human grows and extends within us, only if the old human decreases and gives up. For increase the power of that spiritual process, it is taken the meaning of Christening as participation of the baptized one to Lords death and resurrection. But the Sacrament of Christening is not just a timely achievement of a secret death and resurrection of the baptized one, but it is also the beginning of a process by which death and resurrection continue until perfection (Prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, idem, pg. 27). Perfection - finality of human We are all humans; but human only few from time to time: the one who doesnt belie his divine origin; and Human (with capital letter H), there is only one, Christ Jesus, who being God transformed in Human, for us the humans. Until Him we knew about our divine origin, that our soul is immortal, that there is only one spiritual and unseen God that was known also by Zamolxiss dacians from our territories but once Christ Jesuss coming as a Human among humans, in history, the human nature is structurally fixed. Christianity is the second creation of the world, according to Saint Dyonisus the Aeropagites conception, sorbed also by Nichifor Crainic in Paradise nostalgia. Lets develop a little those from above. From infance by Christening we enter in Christianity. Then the christianity is innoculated within us. We are born for the second time from water and Spirit the Christening; then we are oiled on the forehead, the eyes, the ckeek, the mouth, the neck, the shoulders, the hands, the ankle with the second christian Sacrament Holy Oil; then we receive the third Sacrament following the order those are given to us the Holy Communion with Lord Christ. And years pass, the baby becomes a child, a young, a student, an assistant And unpredictible, spontaneous situations appear and awake the deepness or call the deepness we werent aware of. Those situations may provoke real crisis of the mind or the conscience. Not solved in time in the light of existencial supreme ration, those can lead to


disequilibrium, to suicide, to madness, or a taedium vitae which doesnt make the difference between good and bad, which is a spiritual desaster too. Attention! We are invited by an unseen order of things to appeal, to bring to the light sphere of conscience the latent resorts of our being too, which actualized overpass by force and beauty eveything we gathered until here and by their intrinsical beauty and power, to render us the peace and equilibrium, which our human mind no matter how much could be trained with science and philosophy cant rearrange by itself. In reality, situations, no matter how courious would be and those can be much more than that are just external excitations, which provoke our metaphysical mechanism: our spiritual development we practical and really get aware by the other dimension of existence, whom humble biological support can be ourselves too. We have a biological birth and growth; its our inconscient, irrational, almost irresponsible age. Here the instincts watch the order and life as reflex not as purpose. The intention, with all the regret, appears due to the blind forces of nature, which affect us from the first moment of our lives. From here comes the great incapacity of ration to order for it a better adjustment of life. From here comes the rare but nobile question, which some young people wonder: for what reason, for what purpose do I live? What do I have to do with myself? So, if we are lucky and our ration by itself awakes us to the metphysical resorts of our soul, that happens due to an act of humbleness of ration, when its honestly admits its limits, its cheats and its incapacity to give us the peace and equilibrium in front of the evils forces and the magic of chaos. The evil, the madness and the chaos are not literature: are realities, which sometimes frontal hit and aim to devour its relative equilibrium. Clearly see, sometimes with a lucidity unique in life that from that only God can save you. And you have God plated, latently inoculated in your spiritual structure. You have the Human God, absolutly superior to your earthly condition. By that you are too a son of God , but you didnt know that, you didnt encounter any situation to exceed your natural powers, and Someone form you to make that sorrow situation inoffensive. Its clear that only God is above, is stronger than any evil, madness or chaos. And that power, by Him, He gave us too. He gave us the power to be sons of God. If someone is aware and lives that inner evidence on the other plan of existence too, nothing bad can happen to that one anymore. They cant be killed, because within them the divine presence is a force which makes useless any toss of evil over them. That can be proved by the great tyrants from Romans history, who


wanted to ruin in a spectacular way the existence of christianity, imagining for 300 years the most atrocius deaths for christians. But the christians didnt die in spectacular way, they died in simple and humble way by sword. And more, the survival in unthinkable tortures and miraculous healings, awoke in pagan torturers an amaze which caused their recognision of Christ, baptizing in that moment, in their own blood: the baptise of martyrism, which assured definitive saintity too. After all this is the finality of human: the development in spiritual dimension (offered by the understood sacrifice and accepted one) of the perfect man Christ Jesus. So perfection is our final aim as a command if there is any to understand and to engaje on that. Faith is a risk of ration; but it is not a cancellation but contrarywise an illumination of it. It is an absorption of the soul from beyond this world, in the divine way of existence. Aware of that end of limits, without being dead and you live and experiment in the world the feeling of spiritual feedom at unthinkable intensities. Actually in the middle there is a resurrection of spirit according to the plan and the existences divine ration level, in general, and you resent as a freedom from the prison and terror of that sensitive world. Now you get away of fear. The world can reach only your biolgical prison; - your new reality, absolutly evident, is saved by that. Those are inserted in Jesus words: Me, the Truth, Ill set you free! and Dont be afraid by those who kill the body whicg doesnt pay anything by that and furthermore they can do nothing to you! So when situations determine you to see the bounds of ration, the present cataclysm, the unleashed evil forces, dont be afraid, you are not alone: Someone unseen, within you, stops the chaos, and raises you be more than a human, borrowing you some of the divine aura. (Dont lose sight that here are decribed the majore christianitys characteristics and purposes, within a fundamental, total conception about life and world. And what are drafted here are only briefly general lines compared with their infinite richness and beauty in their authentic living). An illumination of ration, due to Christ habitation within the soul, is not intriguing, because Christ Jesus is named in greek language: Logos, Word, Gods supreme ration. That means our ration receives an extension of the view to the level God Himself sees the finality of His creation. We see with Gods eyes; we think with divine mind, we understand in the divine light the sensitive ones from here and the existences external ones. Natures immanence is traversed by the divine transcendence the effect of Grace and the perfection has no end.


Jesus at twelve years old, in Jeruslam Temple, was confessing God as His Father. His knowledge, regarding the Scriptures, proved that those were the same as the ones who insuflated the prophets to write those, so He was talking with the wise of the Temple from His own and for His ones was coming to fulfill and that inferior zone of the world and life. But He respected the reckoner of human incapacity, starting to preach religion at the age of 30, the age allowed by the Temple for that purpose. It is worful to remember the fact of conscience clarity of His divine filiation, at an age when humanss children didnt end with games. But He was not born by the blind will of instincts to come with the gross veil of the sins over the eyes of the mind, but His eyes were unspoiled for seeing the absolute world. Thats why the only conception, without any mistake and saved by relativity has only God The Absolute -, the begining and teh end of the world. He is the only one whom conception transform the chaos into cosmos. When someone dare to let himself/ herself to be lead by the Providence, through a spur of love for God, that meaning to consciously overlap the human condition under the Graces actions, of course can see better even from here the payment of his / her perfection through a feeling of release, as a resurrection from deads. Time, causality, world, life and all the customs of knowledge, full of contradictions torture, remains down to earth, as an egg shell when the chicken comes alive from that or when from a hairy caterpillar apparently looks like dead in the sstage of chrysalid - but then comes out and flies like a butterfly, in the colors of the rainbow. The same happens to us in that lifes conditions, a candle with oil and snuff, but still not lighted. When we understand what we really are, that we have an affinity with God, Who lives in our spiritual structure, then we can freely choose a lifes conception to hang on even that is not on our hearts pleasure, but God fires up the candle and lights our life with the christian conception about world and life. Usually, christian conception is not so respected neither by the faithful one or by those who theologically know it pretty well, until its finality keeping for selfness a good part of life. In other words, there are few people who risk all their life for God, for Gods cause in the world. That proves only the human weakness by the illness of selfness and not the weakness of the Christian, as a value or light of life. S ee how Saint Simeon the New Theologian, a saint from Xth century, decribes the humans deification:


As human, I Know that I dont see anything of the divine ones and I am absolutely aparted from those. But through adoption I see myself made God and I participate to the unntouched ones. As human I have none of the high and divine ones, but, as one, who had the goodness of Gods mercy, I have Christ, the everyones benefactor. Because in the light of Christ The Light of the Spirit I see what I see. And those who see, see in that light the Son. The One seen by Stephen when the skies were opened and the One seen by Paul when he remained blind (in that moment he didnt believe, he wasnt baptized, and he was about to oppress Christs Church, so spiritually he was blind and that blindness temporary reflected on his body), really staying in the middle of my heart So what was inserted ( or using the word from before, what was innoculated) in our spiritual being, in some, from time to time, arises as a lighting confirmation, as a star which lights the contemporans who are stubborn to believe with the hearts, the renewings towards the deification of the human. As regards this unbelievable prespective of humans value, it is good if we make it more brightful by a contrast of words. Because as some praise until Heavens the value of human, there are other who try to descent till the earth all its meaning. Physical achievements are all his/ her value and immortality. See other aspect. If the human travels within any attention for his/ her transit, that can lead to a crisis, a disequilibrium, a devils possesion: the prade of an evil spirit, or some evil powers, which take him/ her out of humans. But also there are cases when the possessed ones are philosophers. For instance, Nietzche, revolted against God, wanted to write everywhere the damnation of christianity because it makes weaker within human the power of insurgence over the super human, his creation. He ended crazy. I cant relate here some quotes of the great christian saint and writter, Simeon the New Theologian, who sees the most vaste interpretation of the love for humans, by which we stay, we grow or we fall from christianity. We know that based on that spiritual feature, the love for humans, you achieved a practice that books couldnt offer and you grew in to realize important discoveries. Finally: the discovery of christianity within you too. By enduring the attempts and by loving the enemies because that is love for humans: to love by heart everyone, good or bad, to give your soul each day for them, - this will make you a child, an imitator of the Lord and will show you as a real face of the Creator, an imitator of divine perfection. And then the Creator remeber what I say: will send you His Spirit and He will live and will bodily inhabitate you and will fill by light and you will be full of brightness


and He will make you integer again. He will do the perishable to be unspoiled and He will built again the old house of your soul. And that makes the body integer and totally unspoiled and will make you as God, with the Grace, according to the archetype. If you are christian, as celestial Christ, so you have to be too. The divine Spirit being God, the ones He takes inside Him, He rebuilts, renews and make them as new in everything in an uncomprehensive wayalike Christ. If you will become celestial from here, how do you imagine that youll live with Him in Heavens? So, the first steps begin with the draft of a christian conception which respected as an inner evidence to all level we are capable of and situation ask us to! Unseen war So that the kind of people to continue after the selection of death, God put in human nature fundamental laws called instincts, such as the instinct of lifes conservation and the instinct of lifes perpetuation. Those we have in common with all the creatures. We have also superior instincts, specific to humans, but not in the same proportion for everyone. To the others creatures, the instincts are fixed rules for life. Only humans can interfere with the will, freedom and conscience to modify the nature of those fixed rules. That modification of instincts function, when is not kept in its original condition, can be made in two opposite senses: towards their disorder when the instincts become passions and in opposite direction, towards their convertion and sublimation by virtue, by methodic fight, by needs. The dotation of human nature with the gift of freedom may lead towards the arbitrary and slavery of passions, or towards the release, through needs, from those tyranny. Viewing that, since the beginning, we must define the two sides of human nature. One is phisyc, biological and the other one is spiritual and temporary lives within the prison of this body. The body and the soul still formed an integer and in the end well return to the accomplished unification, as we were imagined by God at the beginning of creation, but that happens at the end of history, at the collective resurrection. All this period from each physical death and all the history of this type of life, decimated by death, it is a continuous unseen war between the good and the bad from the


human; - the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and bad, eaten according to the snakes advice. The existential laws inserted in the nature the instincts through the poison of sin become passions: 1. passion for nurture greed, drinking; 2. passion for property greed of money, theft; 3. passion for reproduction immorality (sexual immorality); 4. passion for domination pride. How does an existential nature law bacome a passion? See the answer of a christian medicine professor: Fulfillment of any natural instinct creates pleasure. Human, from all the creatures, wants to separate the biological function of instinct into two parts: he/she wants to split the purpose of the instinct by the pleasure which accompanies that, choosing the pleasure and refusing the purpose. Human manages this distorsion, intentionally searched arbitrary -, but damaging the health, disordering others superior instincts, with inevitable heritable consequences etc. The Holy Parents named the first passions as devils (Saint John of the Ladder in Ladder names the 7 or 8 first passions), which by their compelling character, their adamic origin, their capacity to ruin the equilibriu of the mind and to turn it against God: the devil of greed, the devil of immorality, the devil of pride and others devils of the nervs. A psychiatrist neurologist identified for each passion described by the Holy Parents, an endocrine gland. It is true that a biological background of the passions and their consequences is formed also by the endocrine glands and their functional equilibrium or disequilibrium affect the entire human being. As regards the adjustement of the four passions we noticeed that are released by those, we remember the three monastic votes that stay against the passions. We dont aim by that fight only the simple release of the instincs from passions, but the total release of the monk by any constraint of any instinct of this life. According to the right judgement, as much we do is to eat, to clothe and to protect our body by bad weather. We want this body to be healthy and to last in that world as much it is planned for it, with the purpose of being human support for the deificated human. When someone sees his/ her purpose only for this life, he/ she sees nothing. Passions darken the world beyong horizont. He /she became only biolgical nature, only body. When within the human this alternative of the body, which poach for itself the natural forces of the souls too, the mind, or even the


conscience, become stronger, then the unseen war between good and bad inside the human takes a clinical, psycho-analytic shape. First the psycho- physical construction of the human, in all its ensemble, it is very complicated and within an extremly complicated inter-ralationship. Still the humans functional mechanism, from his creation, is under the control of two leading directions: the censorship of ration and the testimonial of the conscience. Inside the brain there is a censorship center ( medically named as inhibition) which disposes by the entire necessary bio- chemical mechanism (neuro psychic, neuro endocrine, neuro motor, neuro-static), capable to aprove or to stop everything which must first pass through this information center. And what do come here? Here come all the information from inside and outside the human body: sensations, representations (memories), wishes, fears etc. and above those there come also the consciences directions. This is the place where thoughts arise in the mind, as Parents says, and the mind sees whom must be accepted or rejected. Here is established, is reflected, sometimes in a second, what must be done. Because this center of the brain works in two moods: by deliberation, if it is time, or by reflex, if life is in danger. Moreover, here is being set up also, in splited seconds, and when is case, to totally interrupt the humans stage of conscience and movement, according to accidents gravity, or someone susceptibilitys degree. Some are so weak that they lose conscience only by seeing some drops of blood. The second lifes surveillance direction has no biolgical support, and it is related to spiritual and religious life of the human: the conscience. We say again that the instincts, in their nomal functioning not the damaged one - all are related to the common purpose of sustaining to life the human threatened by death. Those are blind forces of nature and aim to impose the mind. Between minds censorship (the inhibator center of the brain) and the power of imposing the blind force a tension is created, a fight, even an war, or total disequilibrium. While someone doesnt get out of the instinctss order, those dont fight with the human, because those receive the approval, the satisfaction of their specific purpose. Viewing that the big majority of people have disordered the normal function of those blind forces of nature looking only the pleasure those offer, but denying their role -, humans ended to be slave of passions. In case of slavery, minds censorship is very weak , the passions rule the mind and human lose the freedom. The one who ended slave of his/ her passions has no more the


testimonial of the conscience for his/ her acts - the conscience is in a sort of sleep, even the conscience never sleeps; human is in a phase of unfaith, forgetfulness of God, human lives in sins. Because sin means: conscience moral defeat by Satan through bodys passions. So, the force of instincts blind forces of nature, otherwise in service of arranged life-, increases when degenerates in passions, because from now on it aims to totally ruin the light of conscience too. But the concience, by its nature, doesnt allow ever the vice and the sin, by its nature doesnt accept to be defeated, even if its brake is not considered by the decayed nature which committs the sin over its barrier. From here arise the remorses - your calimer, whom you have to reconciliate on the way, because it doesnt get quiet until the human doesnt rejudge his/ her mistakes and doesnt turn back from sinning, to may receive Gods forgiveness. When moral defeats continuously come and are very dense or very grave, then come the sanctions of the conscience, harder than remorses: the minds disequilibrium in easier or deeper forms, from those mind can be health again and the other more severe forms as schizophrenia, paranoia, acute madness, and in the end, suicide. All of those are the organic effect of consciences surrender, as spiritual organ of the human, and so, his/ her dipping into darkness and work. That is the gloomy perspective of living in sin. Thoughts no matter how crazy those are, still are not defeats and sins, no matter how hard those impose, working the mind. Sin begins from the approval of the act and commission of that act. With those presented here, it also gets clear the difference alike an abyss between the body and the spirit of the sin and the new being and the Holy Spirit. When the old human allways stay nasty with his/ her biolgical rights in front of the celestial human and wins, then the difference between the two natures which habitate interlaced within us, reaching to an unlimited contrast, Gods Spirit departs from human and severe collective punishments come over the sinning life. So we have the reason of the flood: My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years (Genesis 6, 3). Also the sodomy perversity, which outcry to the Lord(Genesis 19, 13), attracted over Sodom and Gomorra the fatality of fire, which burnt the earth 400 metres under the sea level, creating the Dead Sea, radioactive until nowadays. Now, get closer to a concrete analysis of the tension between the mind and the passions. Which is the biological mechanism, lets say, of the reproduction instinct? We choose this one, viewing that it fights against virginity vote.


This instinct has as material origin an endocrine gland, which throws a chimical substance in the blood, which creates eroticism at brian level. That eroticism process is compossed by the apparition on minds display of thoughts and images for satisfying this instinct. Those ask for approval. Censorship resists and it rejects those. Conscience which protects humans life under a transcendental perspective too brings the Name of God which burns the devils and brings the Lords Cross: sacrifice self- abandon, abnegation of pleasure - As weapon against devil, Your Cross You gave us, church sings. When those fortude, powerful, brithful thougts are sustained with all our faith and knowing for sure that Jesus Himself fights with Satan instead of us, then inside the organic a chemical reaction happens, and the enocrine substances from the blood which created eroticism to the brain, are now neutralized by the antibodies intervention. In that way thoughts and images and representations get lost and the equilibrium and the peace cover the mind, alike the silence Jesus redressed when He came on sea to His apprentices, surrounded by the furious waves, which then were calmed again. To calm down a torment of thoughts sure brings the confessing: Truly you are the Son of God (Matthew 14, 33). The confessings impregnated with faith in God, caused by a divine evidence, have as consequence the convertion, the displacement of blind neutralized force into a high quality and high value energy: the love for God and for humans, in general and there is no more any bodily love for any human. So the religious life gets powers from the human incapacity. See an occasion for winning at high level. And still the waves of the sea furious because of passions came again and hit the ship and the harbor The body is detached, its forces are blind. The endocrine chemism is defeated assimilated, neutralized only after a collision, a crisis; to the origin, the glands, the hormons, are creted over and over again. Satan is not definitively beaten; just in the Kingdom which will come people dont get married anymore. The fight with thoughts begins again. Human gets tired; the inexpectation can be sharp. But God didnt abandon you, even if on the minds display appeared thought and blasfemy images against God and you find yourself in the position of not being able at least to pray. The patience of the war itself is your last pray.


The commands and the freedom By Christening we get off the slaverys collar, we become free by the sins

oppression. The New Testaments commands are the commands of freedom, the commands of the Grace, not the ones of the law. But if we dont fulfill those, we lose our freedom again. The New Testaments commands assure us the freedom of the spirit and disobedience lead us to be again under the tyranny of the sin. So, see that again from the helm of the mind hangs the success or the fail of Gods efforts for our perfection. Holy Christening is perfect but doesnt make perfect the one who doesnt obey the commands, says Saint Mark the Ascet. Faith doesnt mean to be baptised in Christ, but to fulfill His commands (Saint Mark the Ascet, About Christening, in Philokalia, ed. I, vol.1 , pg. 279 and ed. II, pg. 275). How great is humans freedom wished by God, that not even Satan can oblige the human to do something (Idem, pg. 280 and pg. 276). So, a perfect clean of nature, realized by Christening, waits the time of the mind too, when the cleaning is done effectively by commands (Ibidem). Our salvation is not just a gift from God, but also an act of our freedom. Of course, according to how the human was obliged to suffer the slavery of the bad powers, also God could release everyone and make as unchangeable with our nature, without our approval. But He didnt do so, but by Christening He routed us out of the slavery, cancelling the sin, by cross and gave us the commands of freedom, but following or not the commands depends on our free will. Thats why, by obeying the commands we show our love for the One Who released us; and by not considering the commands or not obeying those, we prove to be ruled by pleasures (Idem, pg. 282 and pg. 278). Even we are endowed with the Christenings gifts, still we didnt escape from the war of lures. The lure, not being a sin, is allowed by God to test the balance of our freedom. Saint Mark the Ascet explains us: Christ through the cross and the Grace of Christening releasing us from any restrains, didnt block the projection of bad thoughts in the heart. That because some of those thoughts, being hated by us, to be immediately erase; some, being loved, to remain in the same degree as love from them; and so the Grace of God and the humans will to reveal what human loves: the necessities caused by the Grace or the thoughts caused by pleasures (Idem, pg. 290 and pg. 286). Here stays the reason why, even we are baptised, still we dont need the second Christening, the one of penitence, because we are not alike the unchanged angels. By Christening, after Christs gift, we were given the perfect gift from God to fulfill all the commands, but then if the one who received that gift in secret manner and didnt use it to fulfill the commands, then that one is mastered by the sin, not the sin of Adam but his/ her own sin, due to the lack of obedience for


the commands, because taking the power of the work doesnt mean the accomplishment of that work. The lack of fulfilling the commands comes from unfaith. And the unfaith is not a foreign sin, but is the sin of the one who doesnt believe, becoming then mother and begining of any sin (Idem, pg. 293 -294; pg. 289). And those who partially accomplished the commands, based on that measurement will enter in the Kingdom. But those who want to reach the perfection must fulfilll all the commands in a large manner. And the commands which encompasses all the other commands is the abandon of the own life, which represents death (it be understood that death for Christ and for the Goospel). While someone lives within the body and do not agree to self- abadon, he/she is not protected by the thoughts attack, for the lack mentioned before (Idem, pg. 295; pg. 291). We understand from here that death is a command too, which save us forever by the natures changeability. With that thought we get closer to Saint Maxim the Confessors conception. Talasie asked him: According to Saint John: <<The one born from God, doesnt sin, because His seed remains in him and he cant sin>> (1 John 5, 18), and the one born from water and Spirit was born from God, how can we, born from God, by Christening, sin?. Among others things Saint Maxim, answered that we have the Grace of adoption as potency and the Spirit doesnt create an inclination of the will without will, but the wished ones transform until deification (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers for Talasie, in op. cit. , pg. 31-32). And in the third scholium of the same answer he explains: There are revealed two ways of birth. First is the one with the body, of the entire human. By that birth, inside the soul is sowed the perfection of adoption, in potency. The second way of birth is the one by free will and determination. By that the Holy Spirit accompanies us along the inclination of will and transforms it until deification, entirely unifing that with God. The first face of the birth lets the possibility of the borns ones to incline to sin, if they dont want to transform into act, the potency of the adoption sowed in them, and stay through passions sticked to the bodily ones. Because the determination of the will is the one which disposes a thing. The potency of the adoption is like a tool, which is unused if the will doesnt decide it for to us. This kind of birth allows the born ones to sin; for the second type of birth that is impossible, once the wills inclination and the determination are deificated (Idem, pg. 35). Long time ago, Saint Paul wrote to the Romans: For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed and to be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God (Romans 8, 19-22). After centuries, nowadys, Blondel wrote: Our spiritual aspiration doesnt appear by a sort of spontaneously generation; its roots are descending by all the movement of the universe and life, which is already within a divine advance, made with the purpose of


arranging the coming of the spirits; its roots are ascending by the penetration (infusion) of divine transcendence which lights the mind and allows to be searched even through the insufficiencies of the immanent and contingent order (Maurice Blondel, Laction, Libraire Felix Alcan, Paris, 1936, vol. 1, pg. 420). After all, see that the attempts and concerns of a certain period have a purpose: those provokes us to find the sense we have from God, as last eternal support of appeasement and on the other side those conduct us to finding ourselves, as reborn in God creatures and reached to the freedom of spirit. During the entire path from commands to knowledge, from ascetic to mystic, we are not alone. The ones out of the Way would be out of the Word. Earthly life of Christ is a permanent actuality, repeating with each of us, so as a teacher accompanies each child on learnings stages. Each of us can be, if he/she wants, contemporany with all Christs life, or better said, He becomes contemporany with each of us, but more than contamporany: He becomes an intimate during our entire lifes trajectory. I said that faster Christ makes contemporany with us, due to the fact that each of us life has its uniqueness and doesnt lose that aspect. But Jesus, participating to all our lifes sorrows and making those easier, fights along us with the temptations and with our sins, He struggles along us, accoring to virtue, appears in our body while our real nature comes out from the stains of the sins (Prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, Ascetic and Christian Mystic course, pg. 26). Saint Maxim the Confessor says: Until the end of the world He secretly endures with us due to His goodness and each of us level of sufferance (Saint Maxim the Confessor, P.G. 91, 713, quoted by Prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, Ascetic and Christian Mystic course, pg. 26). We know that there is a communication exchange between human to human; that humans, based on their level of interest, they pass one to another in secretly way their burdens, their pains and joys; one can feel the other moods, receiving that one inside him/ her or that one getting inside the other one. If human reaches through the sensitivity of love to know and to understand his/ her neighbours, much more can Jesus realize that, as the climactic Man, the accomplished Man in love for humans, the Man Whom perfect purity without any sin, any individualism or disinterestedness, offers Him an unique sensitivity. He is close to everyone, He notices with a supreme accuracy the stage within everyone and nobly participates so without any sin to each hearts vibrations, to their good hopes and fights against evil, making those stronger. Even before someone determinately go on the way which leads to salvation, He watches him/ her and attacts to Him, waiting any occasion, any good tool. He watches says also Saint Maxim the Confessor everyday to win those who will be saved (Idem, P.G., 17, pg. 26-27). See Who is hidden in the greatest treasure, buried in each humans soil. The dug treasure, the


redeemed soil, that is the human put in the value of God, or in spirit with God (I Corinthians 6, 17). See how the Creator of the beings, our Saviour, endures a decrease of Him in Spirit, suitable for our human measurements, for each period, for each generation, until the end of times. And He struggles with humbleness to determine us to choose by free will to ascend to His divine measurement. He descreases Himself to human measurement, offering Him to our minds to compare His price and if the mind will find Him, to raise the human nature to His divine humbleness measurement, that meaning that us to be gods by gift. See the confessing of Saint Maxim the Confessor: By the gifts of the goods beyond times and beyond natureby those God is permanent inside the right ones. Happy is the one who by wisdom transformed God in human inside him/ her. Because after accomplishing that secret, he/ she suffers his/ her transformation into good through the Grace, and that act will never stop to commit (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers for Talasie, op. cit. , pg. 73). See how God rules the world and still, with great humbleness, knocks and waits to the door of His creation to be opened and Him to be received inHe is born in some, in others increases in the same time with age and wisdom, in others preaches, in others does miracles and at last He changes some into divine light; and in others many of those He is suffering Commands effects stop the wills crisis It is inherent that the will is also the energy we sustain on within the unseen war. That listens by the knowledge, which leads its fights; and knowledge is attracted by love, which warms everything, to God or to sensitive world. The humans of will are the heroes of faith and the saints of christianity. Those are the ones who endured until the end and they saved themselves. But we, to reach being strong and constant in good will, have to deal with a multitude of wishes and souls directions, which harm us from all sides and tires us with all kinds of contradictions. Thats why by union of all souls directions towards a single good direction gives human a great power. But it is very hard to reach that power, because there are many directions which are against and then a war inside human starts to defeat the enemies. See how Blondel describes that strategy: Inside the human there are a multitude of directions, desires, wishes more or less concerted or divergent, a multi-psychic, about which it was said that are alike a huge people, under the mastery or ruled by the ration or will, people wherein you may fiind either docile, ordely inhabitants, or contray people, tools for disputes. What was called ascetic or spiritual


fight is nothing more than the manifestation and the appliable method of that inner history (Maurice Blondel, op. cit., vol. II, pg. 194). Body easier obeys the command of the will (for instance: I bite my finger when I want to), but soul doesnt obey and resists. That because against any defined and determined attitude, it raises the discontents party, due to the spirit of contradictionAny initial effort is like a declaration of war against the inertness and alive forces dispersal, which also have the instinct of conservation and the one of independance. Those awake within us foreign moods of conscience or hostile to that, new wills which raise against the will. And when the voluntary effort gathers within a partial bunch of the offensive forces, then the aslept powers and secret wishes are revealed. Because in front of a stated decision subsists the reality of the removed directions, but still alived and capable of work. Those dont fade, dont get weak by themselves. So, the wished purposes agreement provokes a coalition of the hostile powers, which dont limit anymore just to produce a simple impression within the usual conscience or to remain in virtual stage. Those gather and from defensive pass to offensive (Idem, pg. 195 -196). The fight begins only in the moment when human decided to have a life closer to divine commands. Blondel decribes well those things, but is amazing why doesnt he see that bad directions are stimulated by bad spirits, or why doesnt he see that good aspirations are lead and attracted by a good transcendent force. Probably that happens because the romanocatholicism considers the affects and the concupiscence deeper and more organic tied by human nature, while orthodoxy doesnt consider those created in the same time with nature, but entered in nature after the fall. Blondel still has some more intereseting considerations from where it can be understood the thesis of Saint Maxim, according to what before human raises on the highest level of contamplation, he/she must pass through the phase of fulfilling the commands, through the phase of aquiring the virtues, through the phase of facts. The phase of contemplation is the phase of inner peace. But human cant rest in the joy of contemplation until he/she didnt win within himself/ herself the contradictions, the bad directions, until he didnt unify and didnt consolidate his/ her being to love only the good. And that can be done only by long term action, by acts directed to good, by winning the constant custom to do the good. Because the simple though of doing good ar simple wish of doing good, whitout doing that, not only that is far away from the realization of that harmony, unity and safety, but on the contrary, it awakes the adversity of opposite directions. A theory man knows that he is a


weak man, worked by inner contradictions, allways increased by the reflection which doesnt pass to acts. Bearly the act throws a decison in the balance of those inclinations, which repeating, definitively bring the win of good directions. Not for nothing etymologic the virtue means masculinity. It brought life a masculine solution. In that way the voluntary activity, continuously breaking the inner equilibrium of life, shows what is misty agitating under the surface of apparent feelings. No doubt, the automastism, already led by an ambiguous reason, gets to the point where it provokes new contrasts of images and desires, which make possible the exercise of reflexion; but the initiative of thinking and the effort of determinated action are the ones which constrain the avoided directions to dispaly through the intense, persistent protest of those we would wanted to not take into consideration or to destroy. See why action, alike a trenchant sword, opens to the view an ingress until the tenebrous depths, where the great directions of our inner life are preparing And sometimes even the ardour of the will makes to be born, as by a disturbance phenomenon, the incapacity and indecision. Who havent ever felt in the most critical conditions this pain of inactive incertitude!...It can be said that it is enough to want, and as soon as you stop wanting and benefit by an open decision, in the shadow an ocult power and insincere influences to reveal, being capable to lead us almost without our willThere are cases when you cant even make a step without a thousand enemies to stay against us and to assault us. And our deepest feelings are also the ones, alike some strangers, split us and amaze us. What most we wanted scares us soon as we are about to acquire. We are afraid to leave the misery condition we stay inAnd sometimes is suficient to fear by an act, so that suddently a crazyness to push us to do that act (Idem, pg. 196 -197). This is the condition provoked by the directions which are threatened by action with imminent extinction. That is their last assault, a desperately one. That s why when the action is done, it falls like a winning sword, like a threw dice. But, who doesnt step to it, cant cross over to the tops of perfection. That one remains in That great crowd of people who cover the flowers of intention and who never bring the fruits of acting, without they even realize this continuous failure (Idem, pg. 198). Lets remember the damnation Jesus said to the fruitless fig. Most of the times human is like a painting, allways with the sword raised aganist the enemy, but never hits. When does he/ she do whenever he/ she likes, going until the limit of his/ her most certain and insistent decisions, without any deviations or delays?...More the


decisions increase, and those are larger, higher, floating over the accomplishments aspects and over the precise reforms, more those are dangerous; because human imagines that this is enough for amelioration and doesnt do anyting else but to see everything in a more and more delusive fantasySo in our actions there is an habitual deficiency. We never do what we want to do, how we want to do; unpredictible oppositions, collisions, contrasts consume, hack and deviate the will. Usually you know yourself, but each moment, in any singular ocassion you ignore yourself; and this is the moment which decides the facts. Often our desires hide our really desires. There are two hearts within the human heart; and neither of those know the other one thoughts. But, by the simple fact ot making a decision and that an effort was tried, the inner situation changed; the guest hidden inside us is revealig (Idem, pg. 200). But those are features of stages before doing the action or of some actions which were not done with all your heart. The normal function of action is to assure the cohesion, to convert and to build the diffuse forces into a personal edifice, to prepare the future expansion of our being, who consolidates inside, only by actioning over it to better spread and generously offer with more expansion, if each of us life has more intensity in itself. This architectonic role of action cant be highlighted enoughNo matter what kind of power would be in us to take initiative in the moment when an act is approved, in the moment this is accomplished, then an intimate collaborattion, associates even the opposite directions and establishes an effective solidarity between all parts of physical and mintal organism. Dispersing the central effort of thinking and the one of freedom in the confusion of that organism, it may look that the action diminuates in a certain degree and mashes the intention, whitout that obscure diffusion to be balanced There is unity in our complex organism, only by cohesion, and cohesion only by collaboration. Action is the cement by which we are built up: lazzyness produces decadence, death produces decomposition. Fiat of the will is not only the decisive hit which cuts off all thinkings attempts and gives a unity to a still floating and multiple representation, which radically separates the present from the past and the real from the possible; also, under a determinated and particular shape is the general function, or so to say generator of organized lifeIn the work which moves the organs, there is an inevitable link between the organs There is only a single way to encompass, to order and to use the dissipated energies within us and even the rebellious impulses of concupiscence: the one of catching in the system of a general activity and to make them to converge by work to individual lifes integrityThe young one, to dominate his/ her senses and to prevent the monstrosity of an unequal culture, by which sometimes the nervous function equilibrium breaks, needs action, offering to his/


her young forces the uniforme expansion which mantains in their natural hierarchy. The pupil forms his/ her intelligence and mobilizes the mental activity only by an exercise, and more specific, a systematic exercise of his/ her brain capacity (Idem, pg. 212 -213). It is important not only to notice the utility or necessity of an action, but to see also the unity which moderates and produces. No doubt, action is efficient and normal only if it is a synthesis and see why physical and intellectual education must be general: <<Special bestial>> was a scholar proverb. Human is a human, based of what he/ she has as universal life. Willy, nilly, the action has universal character an no matter how closed we would consider that, it allways exerts sub specie universi, etiam in singularibus. To work only with the head, as cerebral ones, it often means to let the beast to live and to grow within our bottom side, among the pack of unhealthy desires and degenerated tastes. More someone is incapable of action, more he/ she becomes rabidly in the flame of desires, because the equilibrium between dreams and daily practice breaksIn work, the physical capacity to endure the efforts is the sign, the price and the support of the inner bravery of a will used to exceed the measurement. The hard life of the peasant is less useful to maintain the nation with food he delivers, than the powerful sap of his nature and character offered to human by the contact with the earth; and if we must worship those active members who bravely get involved in the necesarry tasks, we do that because in the force, the beauty and the health of physical work they also express and realize the mintal healing, inner peace and wills vigour. So not conserving our forces we better maintain ourselvesIt is a wrong tactic to fall under the drowsiness, to offer to much attention to yourself, to spoil yourself: although by consuming our energy, even it looks like we sacrifice or mortify it, contrariwise spread, more you have it. Action can be done only by starting an inner fight and by defeating since the beginning the contradictory system which formed against its initiative. It involves our entire organic and mental life, since the moment it starts. But if it is true that this total and exclusive union of the act contribues to the mutual dependance of the body and of the soul, is that done by affecting the vaste richness of thinking or the infinite power of freedom? No. By submitting the will to the width simplicity of an unique solution, action is for it the way for expansion and for enriching (Idem, pg. 215 -217). A big effort we do, a manly decison we sustain, give us a feeling of awakening and alive lucidity. While you dont act, you dont know yourself. Until you dont act, you live and think like in a dream, like in a short moment of lucidity between two sleeps, without having by consuming the energy we repair and amplify it. In this domain of volunteer action, more you


enough power to raise and open the eyes for seing and starting. This atitude must be firmly damned because it opposes the most sincere and essential movement of our nature. But how can we know everything agitates within our inner universe, how can we know if our attention is enough clear, an intention enough precise, an ardour enough alive, a real will?... The assurance and the criterion of sincerity represent the act which cuts the incertitudes and displays the most intimate secrets which you ignore or hide inside yourself. The act is a descovery of our deep condition. Dispaying the evil we tend too, even the weaknesses can serve as a prophetic and refreshing warninga such important discovery viewing that it is in contradictory to the false idea we have about our merit. Thats why rather by observing our acts than our thoughts, we may hope to see how we are and become how we want to beActions which come from the deepness of unconscious life must serve to study the directions which influence us, sometimes without our knowledge Not only that actions serves to show us what is powerful inside us, or sometimes what is powerful than us, but often, in our inner conditions of chaos and disinterest, action is a solid center, which becomes like a peace of character. Many times we wish after we did or because we did! Child has an alternative life of opposite desires and capricious movements; he bulids and destoys, getting quickly bored of anything: he is an alive anarchy. In order that within him a system to be formed and his forces to gather into a bunch, he must learn to firmly follow one of his direction, exclusing the other onesOtherwise he ends by not knowing what he wants anymore In that way we manage, by action, to want what seamed to us not wishing at the beginning, what we didnt want due to lack of courage and force, what we would wanted to want After long deliberation, the decision is allways the result of a moment. Then, once this critical moment passes, the act realizes its consequences no matter the oscillations which preceded those (Idem, pg. 218 -221). We must pass to action, even that we are reluctant to do that. Then it comes the pleasure for that act. Even you dont feel eveything you say or do, when you have just a wish of the real wishes, when the words and the acts comes less from the hearts abundance and more from a dry and disgustful constraint, those produce an effect on us, descending step by step in the reality of the conscience, becoming our lifeWho doesnt tie, unties. It is not enough only to wish when you can, and as you can, because you will not wish for long time. So that any done action, it used a sort of constraint, to gather and discipline the dissipated forces; because


action is the sign of a civil war with deads and injured ones; because we march only be destroying with our feet legions of lives, the fight is declared no matter what we do; and if we dont stay against our wills enemies, they unify against the will. We must beat those; the one who runs away from battle will necessary lose freedom and life. Even in the best ones there are hidden treasures of malice, impurity and mean passions. Those adverse powers do not have to be let to gather into customs and systems; those must be split by attack; here it is necessity to unify the faithful forces against anarchy, before the coallitions, the complicities and betrayals to formAlso, to protect ourselves by the last moment of crazyness and by the masked consciences sophisms, which prove that a certain act is allowed and a certain pleasure is lawful, we must be accustomed to take the offensive and do more than avoid that is not right; we have to be able to forcefully respond the previous experience: <<Even it is lawful, I want to drop it>>. Against the involuntary movements it is not enought just to want, because you will be surprised and even your purpose will miss: it is not enough just to resist, because youll be defeated. Without wainting, you must directly act against the enemy, to provoke it, to awake by fight new consciences stages, to defeat its resistence and to catch until its origin the source of revolutionary movements. Agere contra. Voluntary action is the principle of actioning, more and more wanted and freely. And never the work is done and either the conquest definitively consolidated. This alive construction is allways instable and ready to spread. So allways, those allies ready for weaknesses and abandons must be rewarm with a new breathing and allways must be focused the souls ardour like within a furnace, to mealt all the elements necessary for acting, which must be molten in a single block. To be actioning doenst absolve someone to act: there are no annuitants in moral life (Idem, pg. 222-224). An union of the will, and furthermore of all ours soul features can be made only by the pray. Toward continuous prayer Matthew 18: 19. If two of you on earth agree about anything (salvation) they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Those words have another meaning, except for the one of the letters: the earth is the


body, actually the heart; the two ar three are the powers of the soul, which if agree on earth, gathering in a single though, God will be in the middle of them. The union of souls power on the earth of the heart, means love, because only love can unify the separated ones. And love, when askes something from God, Father answers the two or three ones, offering His love from heavens, represented by His Son, and so we find God, Who is love, among us. The miracle of the gathering the souls powers, separated by the sins killing act, it is possible only in the name of God. Continuous prayer of the blessed name: Lord Christ Jesus, Son of God, have mercy of me, the sinner, according to Saint Pauls advice: You allways pray, realizes the miracle of unifying into love the separated ones, due to the sin. We insist in all kind of ways on the Christs union with each of souls powers, and also we insist on the powers, because salvation the only good thing we really need is a work of the mind, the will and the love; more it is a harmonic combined and increased work; souls powers also increase, not only gather. Under the work of the blessed name, the powers of the soul: mind, love and will, come back to loves light to God, to Whom those were built for and because of the crafty one those were against. The blessed name brings us again from the slavery against nature to the work according to nature. Saint Maxim the Confessor explaining in 2 Chronicles 32, 2-3, place 2, the story about king Hezechiah, who covers the springs of the citadel, among the elders and the people, so that to ruin the Assyrians attack, teaches us: The armed mind has along it as elders or leaders the followings: the capacity of mind, the capacity of desire and the impulsive one Helped by those three healthy and unlimited powers, the mind gathers a lot of people, that meaning the pious movements and thoughts which naturally come out from those. And the waters outside the citadel, that meaning the waters outside the soul which form the river which crosses the middle of the citadel, are represented by the thoughts from the soul, sent by each sense to the appropiate sector of the sensitive world, during the natural contemplation. From those conscience of the sensitive ones is formed and that crosses the soul, alike a river within a citadel. While the soul is not crossed by that knowledge, it doesnt drop the faces and the illusions of sensitive things, used by the crafty and ruining power to fight against the soul. Thats why Hezechiah said: <<So when king Asur arrives to not find plenty of water and to conquer>>.Its like the alert mind would say to its powers, during the attack of the passions: << Lets stop the natural knowledge and stay only in prayers and bodys torture, by practical philosophy (from those the pray is represented by kings ascend to the temple of God, and the


torture of the body by Hezechiah dressing within sack clothes), so that by the ideas of sensitive things, the crafty one to insert within us their faces and figures. Because by that inside us would be born the passions for the seen ones and the rational work from us would stop to cross by sencess intercession towards coherent realities and the crafty one would manage to ruin the citadel, that meaning the soul and to pull us in Babylon, that meaning the confusion of passions.>> Hence, during the passions attack, the one who closes the senses and totally abandons the minds natural moves directed toward research of the outside one, that one covered alike Hezechiah did, the water springs outside the citadel and stopped the river which crossed the citadel. To do that, he was helped by the said powers and the crowd of people, that meaning the pious thoughts of each power. By doing so, the soul won and blushed, by Gods hand, the crafty and tyrannical power, came against him, and so he killed by divine command, through the tenable mind to defeat the passions, alike an agel defeated an army of 185.000 of passions soldiers. And this number shows the custom with the sin, which entered within the three powers of the soul by sensitive shapes, and also the work of senses directed towards them too. Viewing that, the mind, which wants to dissipate by knowledge the unseed fatures, must not be busy during the crafty devils attack with natural contemplation or anything else, but only to pray, to milden the body by toils, to extinguish with all the forces, the earthly thinking and to watch the walls of the citadel, the virtues (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers for Talasie, in op. cit., pg. 182 -184). The gifts from the Saint Christening advice us, inside through the conscience, and outside through the Church to fulfil Gods commands. Acomplishing the commands, which keep the life clean and give life to the one who obeys those (Neemia 9, 29), has this purpose: to dig out the treasure or to awake the powers sowed in us during the second birth, to awake to the life in Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit. Because God is within His commands and through those He comes to us and moves us in Himself; and otherwise: by wrongdoings the enemy inserts within us and we get to be alike that one. So the ones who get to the limit of death not respecting the commands, that one will not save himself/ herself, due to the fact that they didnt find out the treasure, but also the talant of trade they burried in the soil (Saint Mark the Ascet, About Christening, in op. cit., ed. I, vol. 1, pg. 294, and ed. II, pg. 289). While we go in the waves direction, in the direction of the nature inclined to sin, we have no fight, we dont end in the traps of the enemy (2 Thimoty 2, 26); we really think we are going to the right direction, we end our days in happiness and we peaceful descend to hell (Jov 21, 13)! But once we find out our gifts and we awake and see what we have to be, the


powers of hell will hurtle to deal with us for our disobedience. But they will not hustle with all the wrath of malice, because God doesnt allow them that, and they will come with all kinds of catches and traps, with lies and terror and many others hates. On the other way, theyll use their tools (John 8, 44), to cheat those, who would do everything devils would teach them, - if all would depend only by them. Thats why the wise one says: My son, if you come to serve the Lord, prepare the soul for temptation. (Wisdom of Jesus Sirach 2, 1) The Holy Apostles, removed from this world by Saviours love and even they saw in the world they were not of the world (John 17, 14), still were warned by Saviours word through Peter: Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. (Luke 22, 30-32) From that we understand that the unseen war, between the soul and the devil, is allowed by God to happen in this life. That war has its rules we must follow so that at the end of running, God to admit our winning, the one helped by Him and according to our power, so that we dont lose our time, our salvation and our humbleness. A Holy Parent said: If you take the temptations there will be anybody to be saved. The war of tempetions is the fire which clears what we are: woods, rocks, copper, straws, tow or dust and ashes(Genesis 18, 27) the gold of humbleness cloth of God. Spiritual war looks like the war of the world. Both unleash you from that life. Only the temptations, the sorrows and all kinds of attempts of the unseen war manage to decrease our taste for this world and bring us to a sort of death for that world, represented by total humbleness and basic starting point for the continuous prayer. Saint Maxim the Confessor said that Alike the body which by death dissociates from all the lifes things, so the mind when it dies, on the top of the prayer, breaks up by all the worlds thinkings. If the mind will not die by that death, will not be able to find and to live with God. And the highest step of the prayer, according to some, is the one when the mind is apart from the body and the world and became during the prayer totally imaterial and without a shape. Hence, the one who keeps undamaged this condition really is within a continuos pray (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Heads about love, in op. cit , pg. 68). Still it is well to describe also the war in its elements, from humans side, when he/ she plans it according to Parents advice, so according to law, and from enemys side, when the cheated one doesnt ask anybody and believes his/ her mind, which gets step by step until the last breakage of madness.


Battle according to the law The ones who aim in this life only to be happy and to have a healthy body, those have no war with the devil: devil has those without any war. Because while those look only the rest and vainly happiness, that one will never awake from the enemys spell (2 Timothy 2, 26), which keeps them well anchored in that sensitive world, by which by absence of mind the devil takes those to sure loss. Thats why a Holy Parent said that the most dangerous cage is the one where in you feel good: you will never get out from there. The war begins only with the ones who want to rebuild the happiness of the lost Heaven, effort for why they learn to detach from all the rest and vainly slave of this world. And so it begins: All the passions or the works against the nature first arise in the mind, the finest part of our unseen being. Here it comes a thought or a face of this world and stays like a bait. And the mind, if it is not teached or warn about foreign work, like an untaught lamb, sees the wolf and goes to it, thinking it is a sheep. And if the wolf is crafty too, it dresses under the sheep skin and the por lamb, not being skilled through experiences, capers within the stumps of the hungry wolf. The first meeting between the lamb and the devil is the one at the edge of the bait the devil shows to the mind. If the mind doesnt take into consideration the bait, the enemy insists, shows it more brightful, to make it to be loved by the mind. This is the second step of the war, or the oppression. If the devil managed to steal the mind with the bait and made it to be the same, we now have the begining of the union. But the mind realizes that it was robbed by a foreign thought and it stays within anything else than the place according to nature; and when it realizes that and where it stays, we have the decisive battle of the thought. Will the mind agree to follow the bait or will it turn back to itself? Here is the fight, and the moments are expensive; and most of the times one or somes entire life depends by the unseen battle of a few moments. If we are late for battle, it may happen that, without knowing, our mind to be surrounded by the desire or the impulse, attacked by the devils flames. Hence, soldier of Christ, the fight must be quickly carried according to the law. See how Saint Mark the Ascet described the burst of the unseen war: The bait thrown by Satan is the apparition of a bad thing under the exclusive shape of a thought. It uses the fewness of our faith as occasion to reach our mind. Because we received the command not to concern anything else except the protection of our hearts by all and to look for the Kingdom


of Heavens within us, when the mind drifts away from the heart and the said searching, it offers place for the devils bait and it is capable of receiving that ones bad whisper. But not even then the devil has the power to incite our thoughts by force, because if would be like this way, the devil would not spare us and he would insert us only bad thoughts for not allowing us to think at something good anymore. He has only the power to show the exclusive shape of a thought, in its initial form, sinning meanings, to temp from inside us, offering the occasion to balance to what he wants, or to Gods command, viewing that those ones are in contradiction. So, if we love him, we immediately move our thoughts towards the showed thing and our thinking passionately starts to be concerned about that: but if we hate it, we cant delay, because we hate and bait itself. And if the bait insists even when it is hated (because this happens too) this is not because of a fresh agglutination, but because it is consilidated by an old custom. Thats why it stays unmoved, like a simple thought, being blocked by the annoyance of the heart to progress to a developed thinking and to passion. Because this isolated apparition, being hated by the one who pays attention to himself/ herself, has the power to oblige the mind to stay in the passionately multitude of thoughts, only if the heart is sticked to pleasures. So, if we totaly abandon the adhesion to pleasures, we will not be harmed anymore by the apparition of the simple thought of the old customs, and the conscience will not have anymore doubts regarding the safety of the future ones. Because when the mind knows the lazzy hostility of this custom and confesses to God the old reason, immediately this tempation is removed. And the mind will have again the power to watch over the heart and to guard it with all the efforts, traying to get inside its deepest and undisturbed rooms, where are not clues of bad thoughts which push the body and the soul in the abyss of voluptuousness and throw in the fountains with pitch -, on neither a large way, tesselated with words and faces of worldy wisdom, to charm the ones who step on it, no matter how wise those would be. Those clean rooms, from the deepest of the soul, which also are the house of Christ, dont receive any of the empty things of those times, even they are rational or not, except for those three, the apostle named as: faith, hope and love. So, the one who really loves the truth and receives the effort of the heart, may not be alllured outside neither by the old customs, in the way we already showed before, but to watch over the heart and to cross more inside and to get closer to God, without any fear of attention and assiduity. Because that one cant fag with the heart if he/ she takes into consideration the spreads of though and bodily pleasures, so being allways close between some inner and


external boundaries. Especially because often those spreads and pleasures deviate the thought and act too. Hence, its is true that the bait, as simple thought, exerts a forced power when it insists, even if it is hated. But the additional thougts that will come depends by our free will. Those were showed also by the ones how didnt sin alike Adam did, since they couldnt block the bait, but the friendly talking with that they totally abandoned. (Saint Mark the Ascet, op. cit. pg. 303 -305; pg. 298 -300) Since the Old Testament it is known the war of the thought, about David wrote: Oh, daughter of Babylon (by that menaing <<Satan, Satan>>, doomed to be destroyed, shall he be who repays you takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock! (Palsm 136, 8) The thoughts of the evil one, his illusions, his idols (his fixed ideas), his baits, those are the babylonian babies, or devils cubs, as Saint Maxim the Confessor names them. And the rock is Christ or the faith in Him, the basis of the souls citadel, the corner stone, which the builders of those times didnt notice (Matthew 22, 42). And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4, 11-12). By this rock we must hit the baylonian babies. And the one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him (Matthew 21, 44). Thats why Saint John the Ladder said: There is no powerful weapon on earth and heavens than the name of Christ Jesus!. The sky is the mind and the earth is the heart, where in must continuously spin the pray of the holy name: Lord Christ Jesus, Son of God, have mercy of me, the sinner, this returning as a weapon allways pointed against the enemy. Therefore God exalted Him (the Saviour) to the highest place and under the earth. (Philippians 2, 9-10) That word may mean also the following things, according to the letters understanding: the Sky is the saints, the winning Church the angels; the earth, the inhabitants of the earth, the fighting Church and the one thrown on earth, having great wrath; the ones from under, the ones moved from that life, but who are not inside the winning Church, but in the prison of the wrongdoings or the hell. Another meaning can be that one: the sky is the mind, the earth is the heart with all its desires, and the ones from under could be the ones from the subconsciousness, we usually are not aware of, but we carry within us. If during the war time, or better said in the moment of fight we hit the bait with God name, saying the prayer, well see a wonderful thing: the Emperor Himself fights for the and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth blessed with what you have done to us! Bleessed shall be the one who


soldier alike in the seen war. Because our Emperor fighted to death and even death on a cross (Philippians 2, 8), and by that He broke the locks of the hells gates, winning for His soldiers and releasing them. And since then, God wins, wherever His name is called. And: His name is love. See what Saint Mark the Ascet teaches us, regarding this great importance of this moment of fight: Human, know that God looks within everyones hearts; and for those who hate the first emergence of the bad thought, He comes to help them and make them justice, as He promised and He doesnt allow the multitude of thoughts to invade and stain their minds and conciences. And the ones who dont stop the first germs of bad thoughts, by faith and hope and they stick with pleasure by those, based on the reason that they want to know and test, He leaves those ones as ones who dont believe and wish to help by themselves to be hit by the following thoughts, which He doesnt break, due to the fact that their bait is loved, instead of being hated since the first emergence. (Saint Mark the Ascet, op. cit. , pg. 311 and pg. 306) On stairs to damnation Even the time of fight has a great balance: if the mind doesnt faithfully remember about Lord Jesus.., it happens that it agrees the bait of the enemy. Here is the boundary between the fight according to the law and the fall into wrongdoings. So the fallen mind into the land of the wrongdoings, gives its approval for the will, which is under the crafty ones spell. The will allways decides on the minds advice and never before: - at least this is how things happen in the conciences facts. Thats why it is said that for any decision we have the freedom of the will, we have the possibility to choose whatever we want. The gift of free will was given to us by God, as a great honor and by that we can increase until divine measurements. See why all the entire stuggle of the souls powers manumission from the passions against nature brings actually the freedom to be called children of God (Matthew 5, 9), children of the truth, which release the ones who stay within the truth (John 8, 32) and not in lie and within the father of lies (John 8, 44). By the gift of free will we can raise from look to affinity. For rebuilding or for the new creation of human, God came among people, and for the same purpose He stays with us, with each generation of humans, and by all kind of ways He struggle to untie the freedom of our will from foreign chains; and we, the unable ones, after a while we surrender to harder chains. Love bavels the freedom alike a balance.


If the mind will find itself loving a foreign bait and the crafty advice, will bavel the balance of free will to the bait and foreign advice. So through the breach within citadel walls arises and multitude of enemies, which were waiting hidden outside and will now enter. And quickly begins the deplorable devastation of the souls citadel: doing the act and repeating that, until it becomes a custom. The rootedness of the custrom of sinning leads towards the agreement of the soul and the body until the incapacity to oppose or even to not wishing to stand against anymore. So it happens that working against nature, becomes humanss second nature the one of the wrongdoing, or the law of the sin (Romans 7, 7). This is the same with losing the gift of the free will. Still, the human, when the powers become weaker, realizes that he/ she is slave of the enemy, because once the babylonian babies were little and he/she was laughing about those, now the babies are mans and he/ she feels who they rob the powers and due to sinning, the power of the will to oppose is faded. When he/ she had the entire powers he/she didnt listen the advice, and now when he/ she doesnt have them anymore, would want to retun those to God, but has no where to take them. All his/ her youth energy gave it to the wrong side, and he/ she struggles to offer the ruining oldness to God. Sometimes God receives the remaing parts, only if there are any rests of the powers for the last battle, harder than the first one, a battle for life or death. Because the enemy who devastates through passions, when finds out that the mind, pushed by consciences call, wants to revolt against his slavery, the devil comes with great oppression, proving the soul that there is no way out. And as punishment of the soul, for daring that, the devil tries to push it into a harder agony: the spirit of despair. This spirit slavery is so hard that the soul, gathering the last forces, fights the battle of despair. Then the souls is between life and death. Some escape, some live in that way, more deads than alive; and others, not bearing anymore, due to the fact that their minds become dark, commit the last sin: suicide. And in the end, because of pain, somes mind is totally lost and they fall into madness. We must say that each of leading passions may take the creation of God until the last decay, that being the suicide, the madness or even the devils possession. For instance, the greed for properties, the greed for power and the smoke of pride, how many did those lose their minds? The deseases caused by sexual immorality, how many did those cause their suicide? Whom from the drinkers did end well, for not abandoning that passion? But even lazzyness can do crazzy things when it sees itself in danger.


From where do come so many devastion? From a moment when the mind is without God, the moment when the enemy inserted the angle of hell, crafty hidden within a bait of a sensitive thing from this world. The enemy tempts everyone with the bait of pleasure for the thing they like more: the one prone to body, will be tempted with the sexual immorality; the one prone to thoughts, will be tempt with those times wisdom (1 Corinthians 1, 20), because of that, many lost from God and few returned; the ones hungry of Gods Word will be tempted with the Bible (2 Peter 1, 20), so nowadays many travellers to hell have the Scripture in their hands. All that look for pleasures, no matter their types, will not escape from dangers, because by any pleasure a snake is twined. The traps The entire effort of the enemy is that one: to untie our love and knowledge of God and to give, by passions, as object for attention, the nothingness and the absurd. Thats why the crafty one, has no doubt to reduce to nothingness and absurd the virtues too. Thats why is is enought to manage to make a movement of the last purpose of the virtues, and by that he reduced to the nothingness of vainly slave and to the absurd the efforts of the virtue. See that through an artfull turn of the crafty one, he throws the virtues within the broken sack of the passions and instead he gathers empty words from humans and his sinister laugh. Hence, it is necessary to be made a deep difference between the thoughts. As a standing example, regarding those, we have the explanation of Saint Maxim the Confessor, in first place from 1 Ezra 4, 1-3. The historical context is that one: Judeans return from the babylonian slavery and their rush to rebuild the temple. Their enemies approach and ask them to be let to help in rebuilding too, because they pray the same God. But the leaders of the Judeans, Zorabel and Jesus (Joshua), refuse those help. This incomprehensible denial has a deep meaning, explained according to its spiritual sense, described by Saint Maxim, based on historical context. ,If Zorabel and Jesus (Joshua) mean active and contemplative mind and if Judass enemies are the powers of the mind, then viewing also the meaning of the ones who are enemies of the mind, we find there the vainly slave, the pride, the duplicity and the wish of be to peoples liking, which come closer to the people, bearly released by the babylonian slavery of the passions confusion, saying: <<Well build together with you the temple of God>>. Because none of those crafty devils ever block the ambition of virtuos human, but removing the lacks of virtues, advice to bigger and bigger efforts, being ambitious along the ones who


make those efforts, to reach them hearts, after he/ she lost the constant measurement of moderation and to lead them, without humans to notice, to a different target than he/ she considered having. Thats why the crafty ones say: <<Alike you, we obey your Lord>>. Because the crafty ones dont hate the purity and they are not disgusted by sharing helps or receiving strangers, or saying psalms, or reading prayers of the greatest teachings, or sleeping on the floor, or watching, or any others aspects which define the life according to God, until their purpose or the cause for what they stand for is accomplished. Thats why the ascet notices more quicky the other devils and easier escape from their harm. But that great mind can dicover those devils who seam to help human walk on virtue way and to build together the temple of God? The mind can do that only through the active and alive word of God, which penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow (Hebrews 4, 12), that meaning to know which thoughts or facts belong to the soul or those are forms and natural movements of the virtue, and which there are spiritual, or forms and natural movements above nature, which belong to God, offered to nature by the Grace Because nothing in all creation is hidden from Gods sight. Because Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him (Hebrews 4, 13), not only what was done or said, but also future thoughts and facts. Because the Holy Scripture says about future thoughts and facts, and not about past ones, that there is no hidden creature. Because those we know and are revealed to others. So much more those are revealed to God, Who knew long time before all the endless times So, who, without having that word abode in the deepness of the heart, is able to escape from the hidden catches of the devils duplicity against us and stay alone and build the temple of God, alike Zorabel did? Because that one firmly and loudly says to the crafty spirits of the pride, the vainly slave, peoples liking and the duplicity: <<Well not build with you the temple of our Lord God, well build by ourselves the temple of Israels God>>. Only the one who has that word, knows that devils interfering causes the damage and the collapse of the entire building and stains the Grace and the beauty of the efforts directed to God. Because none can build that for God, being helped by any of the mentioned devils. Because, in that work, he doesnt have God as purpose to accomplish the virtue looking to Him. So, not because of the envy the ones escaped from foreign slavery didnt allow to build the temple together with those, but because they noticed the traps hidden within devils pretended friendship, who wanted, by good, to bring unnoticed the death through the sin; by the right ones to sneak the bad temptations (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers for Talasie, in op.


cit, pg. 291 -294). But traps dont end here. All the battle field is covered by traps and there are many who fall into those. Some cut their minds in Scriptures In time, Satan became more skilled in bad one. When he can turn someone against God, he works on that with a joyful smile on his face (1 Peter 5, 8); for the one loves God, but travels without any advice or question, he teaches him/ her how to love God, and compliments him/ her, that is on the good way, -without that person to understand that in his/ her faith a fine grain of enemy power was inserted there. The crafty one notices what God does and he does the same. God sends servants, he sends too; God sends apparitions, he does too. God preaches love for humans without differences and limits, he preaches too. In other words: he fakes all that Goes does and lose people with his cheats. He is so daring, that even he fakes the divine light, not in the sense that he can approach to change the real light, because it would burn it and he cant stay within that light, but he fabricates a light too, used to cheat whom he manage to do so or the one who dare to look for divine gifts, before getting the constant humbleness. So the masquerades as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11, 14) and as a fake christ (Matthew 24, 24) and cheats many saying: I am christ!(Luke 21, 8) And Ill send you to preach this and that Especially nowadays there is the time, the Saviour warned us about: Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, I am he, and, The time is near. Do not follow them! (Luke 21, 8) Thats why is better to expound, according to our power, on that killing cheat of apparitions, because since a time many cheated ones arise and they make a lot of disturbance among people. See how that trp comes: The crafty one has two types of baits, according to humans love, which can be balanced towards loss, ot towards salvation. There is a bait of salvation wherein many cheated one felt, saying that they are saved, when they didnt chose or fighted according to law. There is the bait of sanctity, there is the temptation of the mission or being sent by God and also is the temptation of being a martyr. In all of those cheats fall the ones who avoid the endurances, the narrow minds, who say that there is nothing else to do but to believe and to consider they already reached the sancity, the mission, the martyr and the other inventions of the cheated mind.


They do an effort too: the one of reaching the gifts above nature, before the proper time and tempting God. So there is no wonder that they fall in the slavery of the minds cheater, to torture them. Some, fast to anger, due to their nature or some deseases, not having within their hearts the right judgement, cry in their hearts for gifts above nature, pushed not by any virtue but by the self-love. Those having love without mind, God allows the bad spirit to completely deceive them (2 Thessalonians 2, 11) as the ones who dare to get close to God, having impure hearts. Thats why for that daring, God allow the devil to punish them. So, when there is such a punishment agreed by God, Satan searches him/ her taking the liar face of Christ and speaking to him/ her with kind voice, compliments him/ her, by which quickly wins him/ her and maybe forever, as the one, who being on the narrow way (Matthew 7, 14) which through pains gets to the Kingdom, looks for spiritual pleasures. See him/ her with the bait in his/ her throat. Since now, after experimenting the school of loss, when his/ her trust will be totally won and consolidated, by matches of signs he/ she believes in himself/ herself and in his/ her christ and even capable of killing, sustaining on the Scripture. See how the devils baby of the self-love, become a man and helped by liar apparitions come from his father, the father of lie, distorts poor humans mind, so that the sin will look like divine virtue. And more, killing the ones who dont have the same faith he/ she has, he/ she will consider to do a service to God (the god who cheated him/ her) (Numbers 25, 7-13) When you talk to a such person, you will be amzed by his/ her certainty and safety, sometimes even the tie with his/ her words judgement and you can notice so quickly that you talk with a cheated and mindless one. That happens, until you notice the first break of the mind, from where all the enemys cheats can be revealed. You have to catch the bait he/ she swallowed, often is represented by the fail into compliments, by which the father of lie caressed the baby of self-love, created by the cheated one with so much fervour. And there is no wonder, because a philosopher says: it is enough to receive in your mind a single preconception, so that any desaster you think about you reach to it by logical manner. Thats why Church included within minds sins the preconceptions too. A testimonial from the Scriptures of the said ones will clear us better. It was the moment of liar prophets from Elijah and king Ahav times. Elijah the prophet annunced to the king the remonstrance of God, the sorrows and the death will have in the times of his followers.


3 Kings 22: 1. And there passed three years without war between Syria and Israel. 2. And in the third year, Josaphat, king of Juda, came down to the king of Israel. 3. (And the king of Israel said to his servants: Know ye not that Ramoth Galaad is ours, and we neglect to take it out of the hand of the king of Syria?) 4. And he said to Josaphat: Wilt thou come with me to battle to Ramoth Galaad? 5. And Josaphat said to the king of Israel: As I am, so art thou: my people and thy people are one: and my horsemen are thy horsemen. And Josaphat said to the king of Israel: Inquire, I beseech thee, this day the word of the Lord. 6. Then the king of Israel assembled the prophets, about four hundred men, and he said to them: Shall I go to Ramoth Galaad to fight, or shall I forbear? They answered: Go up, and the Lord will deliver it into the hand of the king. 7. And Josaphat said: Is there not here some prophet of the Lord, that we may inquire by him? 8. And the king of Israel said to Josaphat. There is one man left, by whom we may inquire of the Lord; Micheas, the son of Jemla: but I hate him, for he doth not prophecy good to me, but evil. And Josaphat said: Speak not so, O king. 9. Then the king of Israel called an eunuch, and said to him: Make haste, and bring hither Micheas, the son of Jemla. 10. And the king of Israel, and Josaphat, king of Juda, sat each on his throne, clothed with royal robes, in a court, by the entrance of the gate of Samaria, and all the prophets prophesied before them. 11. And Sedecias, thc son of Chanaana, made himself horns of iron, and said: Thus saith the Lord: With these shalt thou push Syria, till thou destroy it. 12. And all the prophets prophesied in like manner, saying: Go up to Ramoth Galaad, and prosper, for the Lord will deliver it into the kings hands. 13. And the messenger that went to call Micheas, spoke to him, saying: Behold the words of the prophets with one mouth declare good things to the king: let thy word, therefore, be like to theirs, and speak that which is good. 14. But Micheas said to him: As the Lord liveth, whatsoever the Lord shall say to me, that will I speak. 15. So he came to the king, and the king said to him: Micheas, shall we go to Ramoth Galaad to battle, or shall we forbear? He answered him: Go up, and prosper, and the Lord shall deliver it into the kings hands.


16. But the king said to him: I adjure thee again and again, that thou tell me nothing but that which is true, in the name of the Lord. 17. And he said: I saw all Israel scattered upon the hills, like sheep that have no shepherd; and the Lord said: These have no master: let every man of them return to his house in peace. 18. (Then the king of Israel said to Josaphat: Did I not tell thee, that he prophesieth no good to me, but always evil?) 19. And he added and said: Hear thou, therefore, the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the army of heaven standing by him on the right hand and on the left: 20. And the Lord said: Who shall deceive Achab, king of Israel, that he may go up, and fall at Ramoth Galaad? And one spoke words of this manner, and another otherwise. 21. And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said: I will deceive him. And the Lord said to him: By what means? 22. And he said: I will go forth, and be a lying spirit, in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive him, and shalt prevail: go forth, and do so. 23. Now, therefore, behold the Lord hath given a lying spirit in the mouth of all thy prophets that are here, and the Lord hath spoken evil against thee. 24. And Sedecias, the son of Chanaana, came, and struck Micheas on the cheek, and said: Hath then the spirit of the Lord left me, and spoken to thee? 25. And Micheas said: Thou shalt see in the day when thou shalt go into a chamber within a chamber to hide thyself. 26. And the king of Israel said: Take Micheas and let him abide with Amon, the governor of the city, and with Joas, the son of Amalech; 27. And tell them: Thus saith the king: Put this man in prison, and feed him with bread of affliction, and water of distress till I return in peace. 28. And Micheas said: If thou return in peace, the Lord hath not spoken by me. And he said: Hear, all ye people. 29. So the king of Israel, and Josaphat, king of Juda, went up to Ramoth-Galaad. 30. And the king of Israel said to Josaphat: Take thy armour, and go into the battle, and put on thy own garments. But the king of Israel changed his dress, and went into the battle.


31. And the king of Syria had commanded the two and thirty captains of the chasexual immoralitys, saying: You shall not fight against any, small or great, but against the king of Israel only. 32. So when the captains of the chasexual immoralitys saw Josaphat, they suspected that he was the king of Israel, and making a violent assault, they fought against him: and Josaphat cried aut 33. And the captains of the chasexual immoralitys perceived that he was not the king of Israel, and they turned away from him. 34. And a certain man bent his bow, shooting at a venture, and chanced to strike the king of Israel, between the lungs and the stomach. But he said to the driver of his chasexual immorality: Turn thy hand, and carry me out of the army, for I am grievously wounded. 35. And the battle was fought that day, and the king of Israel stood in his chasexual immorality against the Syrians, and he died in the evening: and the blood ran out of the wound into the midst of the chasexual immorality. 36. And the herald proclaimed through all the army, before the sun set, saying: Let every man return to his own city, and to his own country. 37. And the king died, and was carried into Samaria: and they buried the king in Samaria. 38. And they washed his chasexual immorality in the pool of Samaria and the dogs licked up his blood, and they washed the reins according to the word of the Lord which he had spoken (among thsoe was also Elijah). The spirit who came out and stayed in front of God, became a liar spirit within the prophets mouths, whom God said: Go and do what you said!, which is the same with the one who asked Gods permission to test Jov, to show the patience and constance of the right one. Jov 1: 6. One day Gods angels came in front of God and among them there was Satan too. 7. Then God asked Satan: <<Where do you come from?>> And Satan aswered God:<<I circled the earth up and down>>. With Gods allowance, Satan sieves and gathers the ones who look in that world only the pleasures, even the spiritual ones, only to catch them, if they didnt abandon the self-love or any misery of that world, after so many preaches of Church. Because that passion makes human to fall, hit by the compliments arrows and so the human gets with cheated mind and taken out from the judgement of humbleness.


See that those who didnt realized the cleanliness of their lives, the adulators from king Ahabs court, He allowed to be deceived by the spirit of lie and their advice it was a temptation for king who loved the vainly slave, and in that temptation the king had to fall, for his sins. Alike those cheated ones who slapped the real prophet of God, so nowadays liar prophets have an amazing daring and slap the humbleness, considering themselves as having a great importance, and so they call themselves as: John, Elihaj, Christ, Son of Man. Right claim obedience from humans because God sent them to say things, that froze your heart by hearing and the buzz the ears. Based on the following signs it can be seen that their mind is harmed: 1. They consider themselves so great, alike all the heretics (the lost ones) of times, who were curssed by the Church, by the holy synods. 2. They fall into compliments, having a liar humbleness. 3. They hold themselves above the Scripture (one of them even broke mine), above Church and the saints. 4. They die for being listened and believed by people. 5. They boil in anger when they are not taken into consideration. 6. Often they speak in spirit with thespirit who carries and teaches them. 7. They absolutely deny to control to priests what the ones heard from their spirit. 8. With all of those, some show an unusual devoutness, confessing Christ, the Mother of God, also they make the Holy Cross, they knee, they kiss the icons, they also take the Holy Communion (!) and swear they are Gods humans, and they are not cheated. 9. They pretend to be prophets and spread fear among people. Many of tehir prphecies happen in reality, but many dont. That depends on the prevision powr of the spirit who tells them those, due to the fact that has no body and catches earlier what God prepares for the humans. But this is no prophecy. 10. In the name of their god, they are capable to kill someone, supporting on the Scripture, wherein Avraam was capable of such obedience, and Phinehas dis the same and that was consideredardour for his God (Numbers 25, 7-13). (With the deceipt of obedience until killing someone, the enemy tested many people, in all times, even the ascets). So, being so prompt to obey and to believe in their spirits advices, whom they believe is Christ, they are a ganger for the people; terrorists of the simple souls.


11. They jump from a thing to another and connect things without any correspondence. They wrongly explain, they deform the truth and preach from the Scriptures, more themselves than God, quickly leading to a crash and damage of their minds. 12. Being in their surrounding you feel agitation and danger, because many of those were closede witnin amadness house or they must be taken there. There is no blandness of their faces. We dont blame them, but we protect ourselves and teach others to do the same and we are sacred how deep they cut their minds in Scriptures (2 Peter 1, 30). Still, as much aspossible, we have to try to understand them, explaining the truth of the things and the works of the crafty one. It is known, that inside the human, who does the thoughts and the wills of the bad one, that one entered. Or, otherwise: through the love the bad ones, or the grain of that love, the enemy enter within the citadel; that meaning through the wrongdoings. When he sees that he cant deceive the human with the bad ones, he jumps on the other edge, to the right ones side, looking to cheat the human. He says a compliment for his/ her great faith in God and for loving the virtue, and push him/ her without any question or measurement to make efforts in that way. One that was awake for prayer, and he was struggling to insert in his heart a great opinion about himself, because he is awaken by the angels to do the prayers. Or if the targeted one is not so pious, he allows him to smoke, to drink, telling the necessary thoughts, that those are not sins. One was cheated by the devil who appeared in the shape of Christ and told that man: because of you the sun still appears!. Then for 25 years the devil taught him to consider as being the son of the man from the Scripture and the right judge, who will separate the goats from the sheeps and will create the Kingdom of God on earth, and that during his life will be the end the judgement, which will be done through him. (Actaully it was only the end of his judgement, which he saw not to himself, but only outside to everyone). Everytime when the faith came over him, he was passing after a certain act, to the madness house. The strand of this love, even it balances to sins, or to God, the enemy looks to catch it by the limits, because the devil is not ashamed to pretend to be God, only to catch anyone he can. Thats why the Parents said that allways the extremes belong to the devil. That meaning that even a great love for God before time can be a reason for fall: an eartly, passionated, restless, anxious, unclean and trasnfixed love. Watch the mind! Because the unseen war tests everyone and it didnt spare either the Apostles love for God! So, to beter undertstand this fine aspect and the purpose for the


written ones, we use the icon of the three loves, of the three apprentices of Lord: Peter, Judas and John. Mistakes of love and right judgement Those Lords apprentices, because of their ardour love, made a mistakes during their apprenticeship. Two of them redressed, the other felt. So, during a travel, when the people from a town didnt want to receive them, the disciples James and John saw this, and they said: lets pray like Elijah did to call fire down from heaven to destroy them (Luke 9, 54). The honor and value God had in their hearts, and also their ardour, werent constant and they didnt have the right judgement and so they burnt a mistake. The Saviour turned them to blandness and right judgement, teaching them: You do not know what kind of spirit you are of (Luke 9, 55). Peter, after his beautiful confessing of God: You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16, 16) and after Saviours compliment, said in such way to protect Peter by the danger of eulogy and self opinion, - when Jesus started to tell the Aposteles about His pains and crucifixion, Peter, in his love, didnt stand for that judgement and quickly said: This shall never happen to you! (Matthew 16, 22). Then as the one who doesnt know the secrets of God Who keeps the balance of the right judgement with the power of ardour love and those were humanly understood, receives those rebuke from God: Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me!(Matthew 16, 23). Of course Petere was not Satan, but a thought of Satan entered and expressed himsell through the mouth of Peter, - because it was a breach, a disequilibrium between his souls powers: knowledge, love and agility. And it is seen that he didnt redressed with that alignment. Being older and harder to be cured, his love still wasnt moved like Johns one: the entire love only for the Saviour, and he kept something for himself too. The Saviour knew him and predicted him the three times abdication in the court of Caiaphas. Peter again jumped on saying that he will not do that. But in the end he had to admit that he received three more slaps in the face, because he wasnt giving all his love for God, as he promised, but he kept a part for himself. The Holy Preach says that Peter cried and regreted those so much that the tears cut furrows in his cheeks. Judas, disciple of the Saviour, had also mind, love and will, but in his manner, which give us a teaching lesson. Judas wanted that the Saviour to love what he loved, that meaning to make a earthly kingdom of Heavens, and Jesus to be the Emperor, and he to become great councillor and money keeper, because he was so humble, being sent unshod, without


traveler's bag but only with a walking stick (Mark 6, 8) to preach a Kindom whom eyes of earth couldnt see it, and because he didnt have any money. Being him in that way, is like he shared the same thoughts of his people. Thats why the Saviur loved him and gave him the same gifts as for the other ones, still he remained the uncured hebrew, loving a God of those times (2 Corinthians 4, 4), and he sold Jesus, who wasnt matching his earthly love, for 30 pieces of silver, money which Judas could make for 3 years of work. The two ends of his love were caught by the devil. He loved himself, and he loved God, only if God was assuring him the content of self-love, - thing that the real God couldnt fulfil. Thats why he renounced. The Saviour tried everything to redress his injured diciple, but for nothing. He also gave him the Holy Communion with Himself, but instead of healing Satan entered more powerful into him (John 13, 27) and the Saviour, gave up and with human voice said to Judas: What are do doing, do it sooner! because the devils cant do anything without Gods allowance. Judas has a monent of awaking, but then he was no longer his own master and now his new master was stronger and pulled him to the payment of hangingand didnt allow him more time See what great danger the self-love is, the love which doesnt offer to God and obeys the advice only with duplicity: big sorrow and hard burden for the Adams sons. The union of the two or three ones in the name of God is an unseen miracle within the soul, is the coming of agility, the knowledge and love to the peaceful balance of the right judgement, which knows the secret and the measurement, we look for with any occasion as a gift and longing of God. For our understanding, we need more heart in the mind and more mind in the heart, because otherwise, without the union of the blessed name, both heart and mind get crazy. Measurements Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me (Luke 9, 23). The one who cant ask and obey the advice of a spiritual parent, or doesnt look for God, will not find Jesus. If still he/ she wants to trail God, but having the mind and the heart stained by pleasure and faith, will encounter only cheats. Thats why the confessors are disposed, to balance the spirits which cross their mind, to know each individ measurements and where his/ her balance inclines for.


Long time ago the Prophet of Jordan said: A man can receive only what is given him from heaven (John 3, 27). But the same say the cheated ones. How can we catch the last cheat? It is very easy to catch. The ones who really have the gift from God, come to confessors to ask, while the cheated ones dont want to do that and they consider themselves above any gift. They dont know anymore that without humbleness instead God youll find the cheater; without asking youll not enter the gate, but jump otherwhere and you are considered a robber. measurement. For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. (Romans 12, 3) That says to us Saint Paul, who even saw powerful light from the skies and heard the real voice of Christ Jesus, Who discovered him the purpose of His holy unseen apparition, still, for insurance and for teaching the humbleness, He blinded him and sent His servant to Damascus (Acts 22, 6-11). That one, awared by the Saviour (Acts 22, 10-16), received, explained and renewed him with the Christening. The same Paul, after a lot of teaching, effort and preaching, after others apparitions, signs and kidnapping to Heaven, still went to Jerusalem to meet the other Apostles and tell them his gospel, which he was preaching, so that not to be cheated and all his effort to be in vain. (Galathians 2, 1-8) He was adviced in that concern by the humbleness and not by doubt. In each of us God enclosed the calling for all the purpose and role, which at proper time He will have among humans. So: Ephesians 4: 11. So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. The aspiration without question and the opinion exceed the


He unifies the separated ones, He measures the gift, He calls us to work the vineyard, He helps each of us, if we dont forget to call Him; and for perfection of the collective, He lights the servants. Among the ones sent by God, there are humans who have the gift of seeing beyond, to hear voices and words above nature. But when the moment of a great importance for them comes, when the eye of sight and the ear of hearing the ones from beyond open, must not be late to look for the advice of a confessor, who will protect their heart and mind by foreign joy and will foster them under the cloth of humbleness. Because if they dont do so, no matter the received gift, they may fall into cheat. See how: we are not aware by Gods gifts hidden inside us, but Satan sees those: and as a crafty robber, watches the time when the gift for God opens, and if he will not find this covered by humbleness and right judgement, he will throw his devastations over Gods arrangements. So, insure the gift received from God with the question and foster it with the humbleness, and more dont get out of any of God unkown servantss advice. The greater you are, the more humble yourself, and you shall find favour before the Lord.(Widom of jesus Sirach 3, 18). Because if you are not prone to that judgement, then a fake christ will reveal your sights gift and to your ears Satan will speak, pretending to be Christ and totally deceives you. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24, 24) The false christs and prophets, Saviour aware us, are the crafy ones beyong eyesight, who masterly work to be receive by people. They roaring walk and look for someone to see and to listen to them. Is not their time close, because they badly do their onws!? Salvation is for the cheated ones too: when theyll know thair cheat and will regret that. But Judas didnt have any left time. Shortly see the reasons and the concern Eastern Churchs preach avoids apparitions and protects its sons, because those are not necessary for salvation and the perfection we are called for, leaves behind any apparition. Revelation is complete, and we expect the missing ones for the second coming.


Evangelic advices or the commands of perfection The command of perfection was given yet to the Hebrews by the old Law, but especially it was given to christians by the new Law (Levites 11, 44 -45). The perfection and the sanctity are the ones which measure our closeness or distance from God. Thats why the warriors of the spiritual war are arranged in three cohorts: the called, chosen and faithful (Revelation 17, 14) or with another names: as beginners, increased and completed. But is was elected a cohort of christians who find inside them the implusion and the calling for the spiritual life, as the only worthy purpose of that life. Those are the monks. The same when they go to war, people leave behind all the concerns, not confuse them during the fights, so the ones who struggle for salvation leave behing any earthly concerns, for the Emperor of heavens. If at the entrace in this life, the commands and the blood of the lamb are enough, for reaching the perfection the evangelic advices become commands. The evangelic advices are also commands for those who have the capacity to fulfill them. And many have this capacity, revealed by the lifes situations, but few perfect that due to the lack of perfect advicers. Among evangelic advices or the commands of perfection the first one is to abandon the world. Who abandons the world will not hang in the wind between the price of the entire world, if someone will give it to posses until the end of times, and the price of the soul, clean and brightful by Gods slave, in the after life. Compared to that slave, all that belong to the world are garbage (Matthew 16, 26 and John 2, 17). World abandon is a convinction, which you may have staying in the middle of the world, and also which you may lack staying in the middle of the dessert. But those who aim for salvation must have this convinction. So, the monks, wanting to learn the knowledge of salvation (Luke 1, 77) or the art of redeeming from those from here and to move towards the ones from beyond, promise those three ones: the poverty, the virginity and the obedience. Those promises, caused by a constant conviction, will ruin in turn all the passions and save the assiduous one from all the traps of the enemy; because those are the evangelic advices and following the Saviour. So the poverty represents the souls separation from any greed for posesions and love for money, and also the separtion by the thought of property. The one who has the soul untied by those, if will have possesions to take care of, will not lose his/ her balance, if happens to lose the possesions.


The virginity stays against the entire sexual immorality. This efforst aims to bring the nature to peace and purity, as normal stage that nature had once. The obedience represents the harder promise: to be martyr for life. All called it so. The hardness of that is caused by the natures stubbornness, wild because of the sins, but also because of the decrease of the advicers. If the advicers dont have their words covered by an increased spiritual life and the passions to be faded, they dont have the resources to push you to perfect obedience, but the power of measurement or the measurement of the power. It is about an obedience which stops the obedient ones mind to think about the word and rushes to accomplish that even with the price of his life. The obedient has no duties with life, peaceful because his spiritual father took him the concerns for life and dispensed him by all the dangers of thinking. Perfectly you may obey only a saint. But those run away from the servcie of commanding. Still for the benefit of the spiritual life it has a great importance to obey anyone; because obedience is arranged to stay against the passions of the mind: the pride, the opinion and vainly slave, and who wants to escape from those will not think about the sanctity of his superior. The perfect obedience is the famous cut of the will which many times is the same with the cut of the head. The perfect obedient has no wars with the sorrows caused by selflove and no fights with the care for life, which explused him from heaven. The obedience represents denial of youselve and taking up the cross daily and following the Saviour (Luke 9, 23). It teaches us the humbleness, which kills all the passions and calm the soul. It fades any disquiet and stops any initiative, so in time, all the energy must convert into spiritual virtues. This obedience fades the personality from the world context and if is something worthful within the obedient his dotation transforms into sanctity, which many times only God knows it. So the obedinet raises a personality of the spirit, when he manage to pass over his bonds as if he would be other person. Inside each human there is a measurement of his/ her, as Saint Paul assures us (Romans 12, 3); nobody must pass over that, but also not be lazzy to reach it. The revealing and the fulfilment within our nature of all the gifts received from birth, from the Holy Spirit, is what we call perfection, according to each personss measurement. Each is gifted and sent to accomplish a certain role among people. The revealing and understanding of that role or hidden destiny from each of us, according to Gods foreknowledge (Romans 8, 29), cant be done without the knowledge and attention of a skillful confessor, who has the concern and the art to blot out all the barriers and incapacity for leaving the place clean for Gods good intentions, hidden inside you. The confessor or the abbot, helps and reveals all Gods


intentions inside His sons, given to them according to the measurement of their faith, theyll have. Thats why all the assiduous ones must find a confessor, because as regards spiritual aspects, everything that doesnt come from advice and is not protected by the humbleness, leads to cheat and a loss, bigger than passions itself. By his knowledge my righteous servant will redress many (Isaiah 53, 11) By that friendship between the confessor and God, about we dont haggle now, he will return or will attract humans will to Gods will, making him to wish what God wishes too. Then you will have the obedience Christ Jesus had too (Philippians 2, 8) and the righteous, Gods servant, will turn your love to God, and youll love too what God does: then well have the same mindset as Christ Jesus (Philippians 2, 5). The confessor will turn our mind too from so much empty travel outside and will make it throne of Lord Christ in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2, 3). But to those stages nobody to dare going by himself/ herself, because he /she will not make it and will end badly. All the gifts enclosed inside our destiny are allowed with sufferances and well reach as many gifts as much sufference we can joyfully may endure. We can do good, proportionally with the sufference we raise with it. We can bring only so much joy to people, proportionally with the sufferance we endure instead of them. So much brightness will reveal the love for God and for humans inside us, or so powerfull will be the mercy and the truth inside us, proportionally with how much hate we joyfully bear for God and for humans. And so on. It is good to know the fact that Gods gifts offers a great power to whom serenely suffer any opposition from the way of the gift and quietly endure all the barriers which step by step will fall according to an unseen divine arrangements. The fight of the beginner is the fight to escape from the passions; the guard of attention to the sensess gates, so that not enter the babylonian babies, who will transform into men, and will be harder to take out. So when those appear, to crush them by the Rock, so not reaching to fight with them. The avalanche of thoughts dont discourage the beginers; all their concern must be not to struggle to much with the thoughts. It is impossible not having thoughts so impossible like wishing to stop the wind, but with Gods arrangements, will come also times without torments. The beginners may see how Saviours name escape them from the oppressions of the crafty oness baits those cause them to be indebted with a great humblness to God, knowing that He fights instead of them. The part of the beginners is the effort to ruin all the springs of


the passions inside their hearts, and also the concern to not ascend with the mind in the sky of the opinion, where big torments happen and break the wings of the mind. Because the mind is often attracted there and being under the spells effect may easily be moved by foreign joy. Thats why the Holy Parents aware us to be against this kidnapping of the mind, because beyong there are great dangers which may break the beginnerss mind. The beginners must guard with the mind at the souls gates, so that dont enter in the citadel as a fire the foreign joy. The time for efforts is shorter for ones, longer for others, easier or harder and for the majority last for the entire life. But for the ones who dont judge anybody, the Saviour says that they will enter the Kingdom without efforts (Luke 6, 37). Without drying the bad springs, without taking out the passions from roots - and then the place be burnt by the tears of penitence without fining the digs that the pigs of the passions made in the nature: hills and valleys there is no way of receiving Jesus and to pass to the second cohort of the fighters, the ones of the increased one. The cohort of the beginners stays under the happiness of total poverty. There is nothing left to offer passions for the heart, regarding themselves or something from that world. As regarding the passions, their only possesion, by the free will effort, they dissipated, they became poor and made alike a lily in the wildness. The ones with pure hearts The measurement of the increased ones stays under the happiness of virginity or the ones who have pure hearts. Because there is a difference to promise that you will stay virgin and to really get to be in the stage of innocence and purity. The ones who turn their anger and desire from those from here, which would cause their staying against nature, those ones escape from the man or woman inside them and come to the stage of a virgins soul. The soul reached in the stage of virgin enjoys the lily of the Announciation of Christ birth inside it. In that time, arranged for revealing the gifts received through the Holy Oil, it happens that the soul must pass though attempts without its will, which doesnt hang on it but come through the divine decision, fulfilling what was missing for the elucidation, the soul itself agreed to have through free will efforts. In this time, the Holy Spirits above nature power works over the assiduous ones efforts. But, dont forget: this happens only after they, through free will efforts, took all the souls powers from the slavery of the work against nature and get those back to the work according to nature, to which purpose those were given for. Once having this conversion and inner harmony of the powers, it comes the above nature


work which helps the increment and the fructification of the Holy Spirits gifts, according to Gods plan for everyone. A new baby was born to nature, which He returned to the stage of pure virgin. And the Child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favour of God was upon Him (Luke 2, 40). He is the morning star rising in the hearts of the faithful ones (2 Peter 1, 19), according to Peters sayings. He is the Light God your light Who was covered by the darkness of your unknowledge during the passions times, and will arise as dawns and will fasten your healing (Isaiah 58, 8-12). Upon your old ruins new walling will be made, to which you will use the age-old foundations (Isaiah 58, 12): Jesus Christ. The word]lds light and your light will get bigger and bigger, Baby Jesus transformed in the cohort of the completed ones as perfect man and comes, bending His head, under His creations cluster of dust, showing us the humbleness as a baptise. The Spirit of God, the true light: Christ, the light which lights any human who comes into this world (John 1, 9), helps the soul to really know what it is in front of Gods holiness. In the light of the eternal truth, it sees the multitude of sins, the beats of the robbers, the cuts of the wrongdoings and the delay of healing. While the divine light of self knowledge increases within it, in such degree it sees how much damages was done during the time when it was not aware of itself. So it happens that under the holy work of the Grace, the assiduous ones see themselves more sinners because Someone Saint is within them and shows them that. See a word of Saint Mark the Ascet: More you increase today the virtue, more you are indebted for the day of yesterday, showing the capacity of nature. Because by the progress of today it was proven than there is no increment or decrement of the nature but of the will (Saint Mark the Ascet, About Christening, op. cit., ed. I, vol 1, pg. 302 and ed. II, pg. 297). Viewing that, the saint are certain of their sins. Thats why judging themselves to deserve the hell, receive from God the Heaven and salvation as a gift. The cheated ones dont see their sins but their virtues. While the saints are convinced sinners of their sins due to the fact that the holy power of Christ is inside them and by admitting the incapacity the gift is received the cheated ones are sinners locked within unknowledge, but convinced by their salvation, because inside them the outside drakness consolidated and made them to declare themselves above the Church and the saints. Those are the ones who dindt pay attention and increased to self-opinion; seeing Gods gift and pretending to have it, they broke their minds wings.


The perfect ones dont feel only the spike of the sins, but also find within tthem all humanity sins whispering. In the perfect ones the holiness of God reflects, as in a mirror and again within them the entire human nature feels its pain and sin. Hardly for them the almighty God allows to have the war with the human nature,a harmful and continuously war to burn it with the Spirits sword. But their sight is not directed to Him, because all their being is absorbed by the gift and they transformed within a not flaming fagget and moved by Gods love, even they are still in this world, they burn the master of this world within the heart, alike a fire sword. This unsuspected feeling of the incapacity, what for Christs grace is developing, makes us to understand the movement from here of a Pious Parent: When his time to leave this world was close, he was surrounded by the Parents and his face shined like the sun. And he told them: <<See Avva Anthony came>>. And his face became brighter. <<See the Cohort of the Apostles who came>>. And his face was shiner. And it looked like he was talking with someone and the old men begged him to tell them whom he was speaking with: <<Whom do you speak with, Father?>> - <<See the angels came to take me and I pray to be let just a little for penitence>>. And the old ones told him: <<You dont need penitence Father!>>. And the ancien said: <<I really say that I dont know myself to be started the penitence>>. And the Parents knew that he reached the perfection. And his face was so brightful that they all feared. And he said to them: <<See Lord came and says - Bring me the ascets pot!>>. And in that moment he died and became like a flash and all the place filled of nice smell (Pateric, ed. III, Ramnicu Valcea, 1930, pg. 211 -212) Accompanied by those voices, he crossed in the other side, with great humbleness, him who reached the perfection through efforts. The steps of love - the steps of perfection Saint Isaac Syrah named the perfection to be an abyss of humbleness; but the same could say about love, linking it to the name of perfection. Because love determined God to decrease from Heavens and to become a man, - and there is no bigger humbleness than God to live within people, due to His love. So those are the signs of those inhabited by God: an endless love and an abyss of humbleness. Because: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did (1 John 2, 6). And love within the Spirit of Christ, has three steps: 1. To love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 19, 19);


2. To love your enemies more than youself (Matthew 5, 44); 3. For love to lay down ones life for ones friends (John 15, 13). Until the measurement of love for the enemies all christians, who want to be saved must reach; while to the third stage of love few reach. The perfcet ones, being a junction of God with human nature, God reflets with the greatest purity within human nature and the human nature reflects in God and they feel the sufferences for the humans pains and sins to unsuspected divine measurement. Thats why they want to sacrifice for those, to be punished in their places so that people, their brothers to be forgiven. So it was Saint Paul. Those sons of the Father come into this world to fulfil the same faith The Born One Son of God did. All of those agree to follow Him during the entire path. Love made Jesus to die, love gave Him the victory against death. Love is the only power which beats death. And the force that entered inside us and determeined us to give Him our entire life was not His word, but His sacrifice (Prof. Fr. D. Staniloaie, Christ Jesus or the rehabilitation of human, Sibiu, 1943, Tip. Arhidiecezana, pg. 241 and 307). This is the perfect love, love as sacrifice: the fire that inflames the world, shakes the gates of the hell and awakes the hate to come against it through the second temptation, the one of the pain. And the ones who loves in this manner, stays in a peace above nature, because: His mind coheres with God and stays with Him and by prayers and love becomes wise, good, powerful, humans lover, mercy, long patience, actually carries inside almost all divine features (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Heads about love, op. cit., pg. 66). That why he doesnt lose his balance when friends will leave him in oppression times and will stay against him and will blame and will condemn him alike a cheater, even those from his house. His mind and all his being, in the condition of simplicity, will be able to pass the hardest test when during the torment of the enemies hate, God will lose him too, showing him the taste of hell and leaving him in the sinners hands, to show that neither the wrath of the bad can unleash him from his love for God! This is the fire of the biggest test those who reach the perfection will endure, because God Himself hides from their faces and they fall in waters of hate, which aim to swallow them. But nothing can unleash them from the love for God (Romans 8, 38 -39): neither the pain, the angels, the life, the death, the hell, they prove to be above, because the perfection of love has no boundaries and limits. All this blessed way stays under the Churchs advice, as the one who born us for the second time and none of those who retun Home revolts against it. Because through the Church


we were born as sons of God and now we have a part of Christ, according to each gift. Christ is complete only in the Church, within His seen and unseen collective: and to Resurrection and the renewal of the world (Matthew 19, 28), Christ will stay in everything, perfection having no limit. In the Church humans above nature, or gods according to the Gift, are born from up and grow on the earth, winning the wars.



I search the roots of the pains Words haggle Because of words misunderstandings many adversities arose between people. Not all understand by the same word the same thing. In what concerns the thoughts the misunderstandin is even bigger. The ear of the listeners seams to be a twiner of words and the mind, a spool of ideas. It happened that things as clar as day light to be understood otherwise. History stays as proof: the One Who most suffered because of the peoples misinterpretations and stranded minds, was God Himself. No matter what would be said, He knew to speak clearly; but many understood that the one who was speaking to them was an insane (John 10, 20), a demon (Mathew 12, 24), a Gods blasphemer (Matthew 26, 65). Thats why the condemned Him to death. The danger, not being finished, has a reverse form. Many, nowadays, say that they honour God by profaning His cross, saints, Church, Sacraments and because He became real man, even they balst His Own Holy Mother. (Revelation 12, 13-17). Those do the same thing, they condemn Him to death. The following couples of terms haggle: the soul with the body, the reason with the instinct, the science with the faith, or better said the unfaith with the faith. And Gods creatures rencounter with Him: the decayed angel and the decayed human. The decayed human, while stays in his/ her decline, that means that he/ she doesnt want to understand the difference between sin and virtue, but according to his/ her mind, all is nature and nothing more. What it cant be seen it doesnt exist. God, imortality, resurrection, judgement, devil and hell those words are good only to faint the mind, good for stupids. (Although I dont know how would like the man who judge in that manner and for instance would say that the pyramids of Egypt do not exist because he didnt see those!). yes, he/ she is the measurement of the world; I didnt know that. Who does it keep him/ her in the shadow, and so to believe the earthly ones while nobody revolted against the pyramid of Egypt- and to deny the eterneal and celestial ones? Those type of people dont believe either what they see. It would be more useful to be blind, but to be blind without noticing and to preted to be able to see. Unfortunately this is the tragedy many people live, but especially those who are limited by science and were grown only in knowledge. It is not good in that way, and as we aim a harmony between souls 149

capacities, the same we must aim for a harmony between various domains of knowledge and a synthesis of those with life. Too much science approaches human to God, less science draws humans away from God and science too. And humans value depends on how much closeness to God did he/she manage to get. God gave human a great value, but he/ she must earn it. But if he/ she doesnt want that, God has no guilt. Science, philosophy, medicine and the other disciplines of human concerns, even the law, which also use the cross in the court room, all of those cant prove if God exists or not. All those sciences disciplines are useful when those admit their limits and when dont cross in another area of existence, where those dont have the right capacity and research tools. In science, the scientist who research the unknown by theoris and then verifies those to see if those bring light or correspond to reality or not. The scientist is helped by theory, thorem, notions, experiments, conclusions, which form a basis for new researches. The truth of things is more than that; it exceed the humans limits, measurements. Revelation has nothing to do with time; its not the case that the Church to adapt to times tendencies, because all the sciences must reach what God revealed. Regarding the faith, the religion, there the saint has other ways to fiind the truth. To him is reveled a greater world, the foundation of this world. In his knowledge, he has no theories, no machines, but his life is involved in that. His clean life is the way of knowing a reality which the researcher scientist never can catch. Science doesnt involve life, thats why it cant understand or create it. But the sancity involves that life. And the accomplished saint, who involved His life and showed that He can create it, by resurrection from deads and giving sight for blinds (Luke 7, 22) is only Jesus. Why does the medicine not recognize Him? This doesnt even mention Him. Maybe because Jesus has a stunning measurement, which may cause fear to humans rush. Thats why, for knowing life from the point of view of temporariness and the one of the eternity aspect that exceeds the humans power and knowledge - God Himself came to us and told us those from beyond science, philosophy and medicine, no matter who accomplished those would be. Faith has its revelation to which the human of the faith dont haggle. God allways accompanies us and while we know Him, our biolgical and psychological life is more and more impregnated with the truth and the light of knowledge. This is knowledge the beliver has


after a much shorter way, compared to the scientist, who can reach that knowledge only if he/she pushed the science to all edges and admitted its incapacity. God reveals to humbleness. So, if we must understand or use something, we have to stop the haggle. So, I try a harmonious explanation of seventh command of God a problem of biology based on the knowledge I have. This command is a warning measurement of God, by which we will prove that He looks for stopping the degeneration, the damage and all the sorrow of human being. Children fall among bandits Near the man felt among bandits there were incapable passing on turn: the Law and the priesthood of the Old Testament. Neither could help him. The mercy Samaritan (Luke 10, 33), a man from other kind came; the man without sin, Jesus, took the injured one and put it on His animal. In hidden way, that means Gods embodiment in human nature; the man without sin, our real neighbour, capable to carry us Home on his back from the bandits. The one felt among bandits was entrusted to the Church, so that its servants to watch him, washing the wounds, from generation to generation, with wine and oil. The Church was given two coins for spending: the Old and the New Testament, according to necessity, the law, which advices to penitence, bitter like the wine and the Grace of the Seven Sacraments, rising from Jesus, the tree of life, as an oil which anoints the wounds cleaned by the bitterness of penitence. Both completely heal the human. The fall among bandits represents the human natures fall from Heaven into this world (Liturgy ritual, Bucharest, 1937, pg. 220); the fall from perfection. Because: After disobeying the command within the man the affinity with animals became lucent and obvious. Because it was necessary that after the dignity of reason was covered, the human nature to be righteously punished by the irrationalitys features (of the beastliness ones), which was atrackted by its own will with great wisdom God arranged that by this way human come to the knowledge of his greateness as reasoner creature (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Answers for Talasie, op. cit., pg. 20-21). Is time when: The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. (Genesis 3, 21). The known way of birth came because of the fall; because according to the Holy parents, and especially according to Saint Maxim the Confessor, it would have been possible another way of reproduction, without passion and without sin. Because of his sin, Adam had to die and the human race to vanish; but God saw that in time, many will be saved from


beastliness, God convicted them to bodily birth, which consists of passion and sin (Saint Maxim the Confessor, op. cit., pg. 62). The sin has its origin in the passion or the pleasure for this type of birth, as a punishement law given to nature. The nature and the will were tied by a bad chaining. Because, more the nature were struggling to stay in this life, more it was tied in the chain of the sin law and death was increasing too. Human was allowed to fight death, by which he reached by free will. The langour for God returned in ardour passion for the body. The mind, dark from God, felt in the brake of the senses which stick to pleasure, considering those good and run away from pains, considering those bad. The pleasure is the bait the thief cheats the human to get down from Jerusalem in Jericho. On this descendant way all the powers and the rulers of the kingdom of the air (Ephesians 2, 2) were waiting and were struggling to enter like an infinite wave into the passionate part of the nature, that meaning within the desire and the impulse and to slope those against nature. The will was pushed to want only the crafty ones temptations, the pleasure and to avoid the burden from God, the ones of giving birth to sons. The mind, which once was seeing Gos within it, now is temple for the idols, instead of one God now having many faces of the unclean passions (Saint Maxim the Confessor, op. cit., pg. 276). So when the mind doesnt have anymore the sight for God, the ruler of this world (John 14, 30) is involved in the shapes adressed to the senses. The mind, being a flaming power, as the one which had to shelter God within it, as burning fire (Jeremiah 20, 9) now invents and turns on the pleasures of the body, so itself being tied by the passionate link with the senses! (Saint Maxim the Confessor, op. cit., pg. 309). See how the law of the sin, represented by the pleasure of the senses entered in the mind, and because of that it was decided the death of the bodies, so that the malice to be mortal (Genesis 3, 22 and Molitfelnic, Bucharest, Religious Books Typography, 1937, pg. 217). Since then, the mind advices againts nature or offers the advice of the wrongdoings. Fire of disgrace is the law of the body says Saint Maxim and the stimulation by the custom with the passions is its light; and ardent fire of disgrace when the passions are working. Or shorter: the fire of disgrace is the sin; the light of disgrace is the custom with the sin; and the flame is the work. So, it is not proper for the mind to get warm to this fire, not to be lighted by this light, not to be burned by this flame. Because what is light and pleasure for the senses is deepness of dark for the mind (Saint Maxim the Confessor, op. cit., 252). Senses are able only to produce loss and catch only the impurity of the body (Idem, pg. 366). So the mind puseh into those, is not only against nature, but also against God too. And a


an insane mind due to the senses and the desires against nature by which all the enemy desire hostile to God: (Romans 8,7) works through what kind of advice does it may offer except for those of the bandits who kill the ones who get down from Jerusalem to Jericho: the children who come into this world? Doesnt the coming of Jesus to the wedding from Cana may have a deeper meaning? Doesnt this have a big importance viewing that here He shows the first proof of His divinity? Doesnt from here on must we consider God present to the wedding? Is that God has no involvement in biology? No work? No sense? No lead? Did He give the laws and then did He adandon the world? Or do the laws exclude God? Why did he raise the marriage to the rank of Sacrament among the seven ones, and why did He give the Church the task to take care as responsible and in right for to watch very carefully the fruits of this Sacrament, those buds of life, the children? Isnt it because He wanted they to be His sons, with full manid and body and not to be babies of the wrongdoings? Step by step we will be enlightened by those multitude questions. But we need some knowledge of biology. A monk thinking at peas Once there was a gardener in a monstery of Brno, in Czech country; his name was Gregor Mendel and he was a monk in the last century. After a while he was not content to be a simple digger so he had the impiety to fiind the secreys of the herbs life. He had white and red roses; he crossed their pollination and he obtained for the second generation of hybrids pink roses. Those in the third generation had three kinds of flowers: red, white and pink a quater were red, a quater were white and half were pink. The combination between the red and white character will then be called conjunction; and the decompose of the elements into next generations will be called disjunction. This situation reduced to the proportion formula would be 1-2-1. The character or the color is a factor which is compressed within the paternal and maternal reproduction cells, looking like that:

Fig. 1. The chart of hybrid process (Dr. Rene Jeannel, Course of general biology, University Editure, Cluj, 1930, pg. 161)


So those factors of the characters, whitin the impregnation process,

give the

disjunction of the parental elements and also the proportion 1-2-1. So the fisrv law of Mendel appeared or the Law of the parental charecters disjunction within the hybrids, which more detailed says: When two individuals intercross, and are differentiated by a single character, all the hybrids of the first generation are alike, they are an intremediate kind between the two parents (mix), or they are alike only to one parent (dominant). Those hybrids will have as progenities a quarter individuals of pure parental type, a quater individuals pure maternal type and half of hybrid type (Dr. Rene Jeannel, Course of general biology, University Editure, Cluj, 1930, pg. 161). This result make us think to the easiest probability calculation. Taking two coins, for the two roses characters and throwing those, the probability of fall will be: number-number, number head, head-head. So 25% probability for each of the two pure positions and 50% probability for mixed positions. Exactly the proportion 1-2-1. Dont forget that between the roses there was only one distinct character: the color. Lets see what is happening when more characters are crossing and are inherited in the same time. Because mendel, had to watch the vegetables too, not only the roses and so his eyes sticked to peas. But the peas gave him a lot of trouble. He had two species of pea: one with yellow and smooth grains and the other with green and ridgy grains. Here, different from the roses, he had two different characters instead of one, so two different characters for each species of peas. So, crossing the pollination, in autumn, for the second generation he obtained, for his surpise, only peas with yellow and smooth grains. It is seen that happened alike the dream of Pharo, the yellow pea swallowed the green pea. This assimilation got a name and cause the apparition of two more terms: dominancer and recessiveness. The dominance would be the capacity of some characters to win against other characters and to put those in shadow for a time; and the weakness and shadow possition of the other characters would be the recessiveness. Talking about peas, the pair of characters yellow smooth is poved to be dominant over the pair green- ridgy. In the third generation, for his amazing, he obtained four kinds of peas: one yellow and smooth, other green and ridgy, the third green with a yellow stain and the fourth yellow and ridgy. Counting all the grains for all kinds of peas and reducing those by a common divider, the crop he obtained for the third generation had the 9-3-3-1 proportion or according to the following chart:


Fig. 2. The chart of hybrid process to peas, when the parents are differentiated by two characters (R. Jeannel, op.cit, pg. 167) (The two pairs of characters: 1. yellow smooth; 2. green ridgy)

How does this proportion of 9-3-3-1 may be explained? Very easy: if it is admitted that the two characters of each parent are independent and that the disjunction is done independently within the sexual cells of the dihybrids (is called dihybrid because the parents are differentiated by two characters). Sexual cells of the dihybrid will be of four kinds, because those will show the four combination of factors, which determine the characters: yellow and smooth, yellow and ridgy, green and smooth, green and ridgy. Those four types of characters will be formed in equal quantities, in four types of sexual female cells and four types of sexual male cells and will produce, in equal number, 16 different combinations.Due to dominance characters, 9 combinations will have the dominant green and yellow characters, three combinations will have the yellow and ridgy association, three combinations will rejoin the green and smooth characters and bearly one will have the green and ridgy type. In figures we have 4x4=16; 9+3+3+1=16; and graphically, taking into account the factors and the dominance we have:

Fig. 3

Experiments led to the second Mendels law, or the law of characters independent disjunction within hybrids. <<Each pair of characters independently sepatares and the hybrid


forms as many types of sexual cells as many possible combinations exists between parents characters>> Three pairs of characters will determine by their disjunction 8 types of sexual cells and 64 combinations of fecundated eggs, which will appear as 8 distinct types in the 27-9-9-93-3-3-1 proportion. For four pairs of characters will be 16 types of sexual cells and 256 possible combinations (Idem, pg. 168 -171) and so on. Our monk, disappointed of peas and lost within general biology, still he raises his thought from obeying digging to the hidden sectrets of God, even in a vegetables garden. He almost didnt realize that he dicovered the laws of heredity; later about those would been said that are nothing more than an application of the probabilitys laws (Nicolae Margineanu, Persons psychology, University Editure, ed. II, Cluj, 1944, pg. 149). Hence life has a mathematics and so an explanation and in that way it may be interfered in its variables. A fly causes the Nobel prize A monk can wait from an year to another, but that an American cant. His name is Thomas Hunt Morgan who, helped by a fly, founded the modern genetics, burden for what he received the Nobel prize. The fly is called Drosophila and it is a vinegary fly. It reproduces very fast because it doesnt have to many days to live and for that the American didnt have to wait for years, like Mendel had to do with his peas. Drosophila became famous and since 1910 it is mentioned in all universities among the world. Also it has enemies, especially at medicine universities. By crossing various types of Drosophila, this process had the following conclusion that the insects obey the same laws of heredity, Mendel discovered: the conjunction and the disjunction of characters within followers. The mice, the chickens and other animals confirmed that the laws of animal heredity are nothing more than the laws of probability calculation (Ibidem). That knowledge is the basis for selecting and finding new types of species, with new characters, which parents dont have. Because a change of the heritable factors is felt in the entire resulted organism and is equal to a new acquired character.


Chromosomal theory Those until here are experiments and not explanations. In our case, for reaching to an explanation is the same with a dive within the little living infinite, the same with the dead material, which little infinite is represented by the electron, which is no longer material but energy. The atomic theory in physics was proven to be enough explicable, helping the intervention within the materials composition, until the impermissible atomic dissociation. As regards the cromosomal theory in biology, remains to be seen until which level intervention in lifes organization will reach. If an explanation is possible, obvious it must be searched in the structure of the cell, because any living creature is formed by cells and has its origins from a single cell, where all the heritable factors, which condition the individual characters must be placed. (J. Rostand, Les Chromosomes, pg. 62, after R. Jeannel, op. cit., pg. 173). The American with the fly was not pleased only to study the external characters, resulted after copulation and he tried to get inside the genetic or causal mechanism of heredity. That why, helped by tools and colleagues, he managed to establish, in a manner that exclues any doubt, that the last elements, by which heredity of different characters depends on are tiny parts called gens, placed in the nucleus of the germinal cell. Id call them genesis, without being wrong, giving those a name for the second time, because according to the Genesis, they have the role to give birth and to organize the characters of future generation. With the shyness of the decency Get closer to the human. Some embryology concepts help us to get deep into the little biological infinite and get us closer to the explanation of several secrets we are interested of. See the form and the section of a human spermatozoon.

Fig. 4.


It is formed by chromatic elements: chromatim and nucleolus; and achromatic elements: linine nuclear juice and nuclear membrane. When the cell is ready for division, in the physiologic process of fecundation, the grains of chromatim unify and form a chromatic ball which will split in independent fibers, with different lengths, but still in approximately equal pairs named chromosomes. Those are formed by grains named microsomes, placed in strand like a chain (dr. Rene Jeannel, op. cit., pg. 181). Those microscopic grains are the gens-esis from Genetics. The chromosomes are differentiated only in the fecundations process of maturation and there are 23 pairs and one is left alone; this is the X chromosome which determines the sex. Also there is an undeveloped Y chromosome. (Those were the information regarding genetics until the period between 1946 -1950). The pairs have the following shapes:

Fig. 5

For human race we have in the fertilized egg (zygote) a total of 48 chromosomes the same as the tabacco plant. That means that all the cells of the body are formed by a double stock (2N) of chromosomes, while the mature sexual cells have a single stock (N). Those sexual cells are not half cells as it may look like, those are complete cells; and the cells of the body are double (diploid). (Idem, pg. 181). For a better understanding, hereby a fecundation chart for echinoderms, after the characterstic phases and a much more simple presentation of the elements:


Fig. 6. Fecundation chart for echinoderms: A. penetration of the sperm cell in the ovule to the level of the attraction cone, after the expulsion of the two polar globes; B. the head of the sperm cell rotated with 180 degrees, the sperm cell center being positioned to the central zone of the ovule and arround the spermocenter an sphere was formed; C. the spermic nucleuss transfer into the male pronucleus and the spermcenter duplication; D. the 2 spercenters, the sons, each with its own sphere apart one from the other; E. male pronucleus completely developed sticked to the female pronucleus and the two sons spermocenters are aligned on the pronucleus agglutination extension plan; F. male and female chromosomes are differentiated in each pronucleus (prophase); G. disparity of pronuclei membranes and chromosomess disposal to the equator of of the first segmentation axle after those divided in the direction of their lenght to ouble their number (metaphase); H. emigration of half of chromosomes number to the opposite poles of the egg (anaphase); I. the formation of the two nuclei sons, each having 4 chromosomes, 2 parental and 2 maternal (according to Boveri, modified by Dragoi: Histology, pg. 221)

Being here, it is good to watch- closer this symphony of the little biological infinite. For better understanding we have a draw with the chromosomes stocks divisions by geometric point of view during the fecundation process.

Fig. 7. A draft showing the chromosomial stocks composition during the fecundation. Up we have the male and female gamets, having a number of N chromosomes (3); in the middle the fecundated egg, resulted after the union of the two gamets, with 2N chromosomes, forming three pairs (I, II, II) each pair being composed by a paternal and a maternal chromosom. Down, we have the divison of the egg, showing the storage of 2N chromosomes within each daughter cell.


Fig. 8. Draft showing the chromosomes disjunction in the moment of sexual cells maturation. Up, first maturation division: maternal and paternal chromosomes of each pair come together and the number of chromosomes passes from 2N to N (numeric increase). The pairs alternative orient into the axle, so that the gamtes (down) receive either the paternal chromosome or the maternal one from each pair. In this example, with the stock of 2N=6, there are 8 possible combinations of gamets chromosomes, that meaning 8 types of gamest, differentiated by their heritable quality. (R. Jeannel, op. cit., pg. 181, pl. 31).

According to those data, we enlighten that for the human race all the body cells contain the double stock (2N) of the chromosomes, while the sexual cells contain only the simple stock (N=23 pairs +X or Y). Counting the total of the chromosomes for the human race, until now we have the following admitted situation: Ovule, Sperm cell, Egg = N+X (male) (N/2 +X) + N/2

(N/2 +X) + ( N/2+X) =N+X+X (female) And when the undeveloped Y chromosome appears we would have: (N/2+X) + (N/2 +Y) = N+X+Y (male) Viewing those, some says that chromosomes has no absolute constance. Nothing proves for them- that the chromatine, disseminated in the nucler juice, in the pause time, will be recompose in absolute identical elements to each celular division and that the number of the chromosomes, apparently the same for each cell of the body is allways exactly constant. Except for that isnt risky to bank on the reality of those nuclear elements, that nobody ever saw in alive condition and that are revealed only through fixing and coloring tricks, which of course damage after death the structure of living substance? (Idem, pg. 174 -175)


Some murmur saying that the observations available for a fly cant be applied with the same effect and stringency for the human. Break is good anytime. Still, they are indebt to explain the multitude of secrets and ardent needs, which only the fans of chromosomial theory are able to offer, al least until a certain point. Heredity, environment and destiny Those are head factors which draw the human persons differentials. Heredity can be the parents repeat within the sons. According to what can be seen, sons repeat the parent only with a certain approximation. So it is natural, viewing that the child is a synthesis of the two parents, a synthesis of the 4 grandparents, of the 8 great grandparents, of the 16 great great grandparents and so on. So, while the number of the ascendants number increases in arithmetical progression, their contribution into the descendants decreases in geometric progression. Graphically it may look like this: 1) 1/2 3) 1/8 2) 1/4 4) 1/16 5) 1/32 1/64

Fig. 9. heredity from the 2 parents; heredity from the 4 gradparents; 1/8 heredity from the 8 great granparents; 1/16 heredity from the 16 great great grandparents etc. etc.

So, in our person live more generations and a great number of persons. It is not bad to folloew their track; but according to the meaning- for now, viewing the genetic theory. Which is the transmission support of heredity? The gene(Ill allways say genesis); that infinitesimal grain of chromatine, from the chromosomes chain.


Fig. 10. Genesiss location on the double chain(diploid) of the chromosome, according to Jennings (N. Margineanu, op. cit., pg 150)

Genesis is a condensate center of living material, which will lead to: cells multiplication, getting the anatomic shape of organs and systems, physiologic rhythm, the harmony and the functional synchronization with neighbour organisms from other genesiss composition, also tthose time. Also geneses must know to do: architecture, anatomy, calculation of resistences, chemestry, physiology, active defence, preventive defense, musical harmony, resonance boxes, historical harmonization, forecast, safety service many of those. Shortly: the shape, the rhythm and the time; all of those give the tone for heredity. Is not such a great miracle if we think that for human, the number of geneses from the chromosoms is variable and van raise until thousands for a chromosomial chain. The number of chromosomes is constant; the number of geneses from the constant chromosomes is variable. Knowing the elements, lets listen since now on the symphonic poem of the mistery of a person, decribed by Jennings, biologist at Genetics Institute from California professor N. Margineanu of Psychological Institute of Cluj University presented us this decription in the Persons psychology book. It deserves to be known that fact that each of those thousands of geneses represents a particular substance, which has a different well- definite function and a certain task to accomplish. If one or another is destroyed or changed, the organic development, will be affected in certain degree; and the resulted individual comes with a change proper for his/ her charecters, like: color of the eyes, shape of the nose, height, temper and the other aspects.Also it is known that each kind of genesis has, in regular and constant manner, its place in the chain or winthin the chromosome. So the different geneses can be numbered and a genesis, lets say 4 or 47 is allways the same, has the same role to accomplish and is is located in the same place within the chromosomes


Also of the same importance has the fact that each of the two parents give us a complete serie of geneses, linked together in the manner previously decribed. So, in each cell, we have two types of geneses each completed within itself, as we saw in figure nr. 10. Hence, we are double regarding our geneses. Each of the two chains of geneses contain all the necessary material to form an individual, fact that has weird consequences. The mother gives us all the material (in genesis) to produce a certain type of individual; on the other side, the father gives us the necessary material to produce another type of individual. In that way, we begin our life as diouble creatures. Each of us are in a special way, two persons, well enough tied together to form an integer, although in many aspects the connections are not complete. This double nature of our heritable task has a lot of consequences over life Duplicity applies for each part of thousands of geneses, from where life begins. Each kind of substance is presented in each cell in two measurings: the pair of geneses. A genesis from each pair comes from the father and the other from the mother. Different pairs of geneses have different tasks in development. The two members of each pair of geneses have one or the same function. If one of the two geneses has to do with color of the yes, then the second one is involved in the color of the eye too. If one of the genesis has to do with producing and determination of a specific area of the brain, the same role has the other genesis too. If one influences the growth of the body, the other ones do the same too Now, an aspect of an extremely practical importance: even the two members of a certain pair of geneses have to fulfil the same thing, still they are different regarding the way this is done. The genesis come from the father tends to produce a certain color of the eye, while the genesis come from the mother tends to produce another color of the eye. Geneis from the father produces a deficient brain and so a stupid individual; genesis from mother creates a superior brain so a clever individual. A genesis may produce what is good and healthy; the other one what is invalid and weak The order of the nature of having two parents and the advantage of being duble is selfexplanatory. So, a genesis from father can be damaged; if it would be the only genesis to lead the work, the child would be invalid in that function; so he/ she would be an idiot or mental debile. But it may happen that the proper genesis from the same pair, the one which comes from the motehr to be normal; then that normal genesis will take the entire work so that the child to be normal; he/ she to dont be idiot or mental debile. In that way, the lameness of a single pair of geneses has no bad consequences or if it has those are so little that are not noticed. The duplicity of geneses acticity is an insurence measure; the individual has two


chances instead of one to normally develop each of his/ her functions. Only when geneses from the two chains, and form a pair, are defective that meaning that the genesis from the mother and the one from the father are defenctive only then the specific function of the child is defective too and so the child hasnt the right color of the skin, or the eye, or he/ she is stupid, or lazzy, or idiot or something like that Considering the duplicity of geneses based on this point of view, it is clear that the insurance those bring represents the bilogical reason for why we have two parents instead of one Normal genesis, which forms the organ and leads its function to normal conditions, it was named dominant genesis; and the defective genesis, whoch function is not exhibited, was called as recessive genesis. Genesis can increase the brain, based on intelligence function, this is the dominant genesis; and the one which stops it and produces the stupidity is the recessive genesis. Dominant geneses are 3 times more than receisivve or defective geneses (N. Margineanu, op. cit., pg. 150 -151). The mechanism of heredity Lets count some specific cases about how heredity works: Assuming a father with weak mind, with both geneses responsible for intelligence as being recessive and an intelligent mother, with both geneses as normal. According to probability laws at the bottom of heredity mechanism, children will be hybrids, meaning that they will have a receisivve and a dominant genesis. But viewing that the characters of recessive genesis dispay only when both geneses are recessive, but not when the other one is dominant, that means that dominant genesis asserts by itslef its action. Resulted children from those parents, will have normal intelligence like the mother, but they carry within them in latent manner the gene of weakness , which as well soon see may appear to their followers. Figure 11 represents the case:

(T= Father, M=mother, F= son)


Assuming that such a child, having as heritage this recessive genesis, grows and gets married with a partner that has two recessive genesis. According to probability laws, half of the followers will have both recessive geneses ans so they will be stupid; the other half will have only one recessive genesis and they will be smart. Figure 12 shows that case:

Assuming now that a follower from the first case (fig. 11), with one recessive genesis marries a partner with one recessive genesis. Viewing that the defections are not dispayed, both parents being normal, smart or physically healthy etc.: but both have the grain of damage in their genetic structure. According to probability laws, in their case when we drop two coins in the same time, well have 4 permutations and 3 combinations. The two coins may fall as we saw number-number, number-face, face number and face face, meaning 4 possibilitiesof arrangements or 4 permutations. The order is not important, but the fact that an element is at least different, the 4 permutations can be reduced to the following 3 combinations: once number number, twice number face or reverse and once face face. Figure 13 shows that aspect:

So a normal child (a) completely normal in appearance and inside, having the both geneses as dominant; another child (b) is idiot, having the both geneses as recessive, so without any hope for healing; and two children (c, d) have a recessive genesis and the other dominant, normal in appearance , like the first child, but inside half healthy and by marriage they may lose, having 25% of their followers completely idiots, in appearance and inside


Assuming that individual b, from the above figure, marries a partner with both responsible geneses as normal, but having also a pair completely recessive. The folowers of those parents, one fecetive in one aspect, the other in other aspect, will have inside them the grain of both deficiences, but in their actions will be normal from any point of view Figure 14 shows that case:

It is said that an actrice from the city of movies, Holywood, being concerned about the genetic ideas, regarding the human race recuperation, wrote to Bernard Shaw, who was in her eyes the most clover man in the world, suggesting him the sacrifice to marry him, with the hope that their followers will have her beauty and his cleverness and so being the most beautiful and the most clever children in the world. It is also said that Shaw rejected that offer, being afraid that things would hapen on reverse and the children to inheritthe intelligence of the acrtist and Shaws beauty. Judging according to the above case, it looks like the artist was right Two idiot parents, with both geneses for intelligence being recessive, their children will not be all idiots what, according to probability law, is perfectly natural. A coin having the sign of money on both faces, allways when it is thrown, will fall on money face and never on head Figure 15 shows this case:

How benefic is the arrangement that our reproduction to allways be done by the union of the geneses coming from two parents, can be seen in the following figure, where two parents are defective by a serie of geneses, but they are not defective for the same geneses in 166

the same time. In latent manner, children bear within them the grain of all deficiences of the parents, but they are perfectly normal, viewing the reality Figure 16 shows that case:

But things may also happen on reverse, so:

Based on the examples presented until now, we may conclude that the possibilitie for genesess arrangement ans so the possibilities for determine the biological configurations are unboundedly. Those are almost infinite. Indeed, the number of combinations which may be done with those 24 pairs of chromosomes, gets -as Th. H. Morgan showed until the astronomical number of 282.429.536.481 possibilities. Which, reported to earth population of aproximative 2 billions persons (Note: today 6 billions) means more than 141 times. While the heritable characters are not influenced only by the possible combinations with the 24 chromosomes, but also depend on the geneses within those, which number raises until hundreds of thousands, for each chromosome the possible combinations number we would obtain with the thousands of geneses exceeds the human imagination! (N. Margineanu, op. cit., pg. 152 -155)


Asking the science 1. Where from does it come the damage of geneses and so we have to deal with recessive geneses? 2. Where do those genetic accidents come from? 3. Who does keep the accountancy of the little infinite? 4. Who does count the possibilities and hasnt end yet the possibilities? 5. I would like to also know: which laws does the generator mother cell obey, when in the fecundation process discharge by the two polar globes half of its nucleolus), meaning the cut of the chromosomial formula from 2N to N or from 48 to 23-24 chromosomial pairs? 6. Same thing does happen with the paternal cell when it brakes its neck and passes through the same chromosomial deduction? 7. What account is it done, what decision is said, that the determination of expulsion is done based on those pairs material and not the others ones; because still were differentiated and so those woke up out from the symphony of life? - The hazard, the accident? Is that an answer? - The laws? Whose laws? Mendels ones? Do the laws belong to the one who fiind them or the One Who made them? Who does watch those laws to be applied, Mendel, Morgan, the science or their Author? What do you want to understand by the laws of life? That life offerend those to itself and obeys to them? Why the science, knowing the laws, doesnt create life too? It cant? No! Because the life and the laws exceed the boundaries of the science and can be covered and absolutely known only by the One Who created life from nothing. The author of life and its laws is God, Who knows and supports those, during the time. Any reality is not sufficiently explained, without reference to its author, Who is God and not the humans science. Thats why it happen to be so much disagreements, because the alive reality and especially the human is considered more according to his/ her material part, submitted to the senses, the analyses and the microscope. Enrirely, the human is more and more unjnown. Thats why, the ones limitted only until the unilateral knowledge, will imminently get deep into the arrogance which doesnt know anything - this happens to the sciences patch makers. To not know and to admit that, is not allways a guilt sometimes it is a virtue; but to know less and to haglle saying that you know everything, this is a disqualification and a shame and allways this is a guilt. The one who knows really more, that pushing the questions, reached to the limits of scientific knowledge, the consistency and the theoretical confirmation will lead that one until


the religions sanctuary. Indeed, lets assume that act as being fulfilled, that we pushed the researchs consistency so far that the science managed to know all the laws which govern the wolrds processes. Also lets assume that the theoretical spirit celebrated this success to unify into a well closed system all the relations and the causes which form the effects of the world and that for future scientist, the universe reached to be known, until its last secret, like a perfectly connected icone, like a closed circle of relations. In that moment still a question without an aswer from the science will remain: why does the universe has this shape; why does this closed circle, science managed to obtain, has those limits and not others, and after all, why is the world committed to those laws, which science by finding them, also established them and why the world doesnt obey other laws too? See some questions the science couldnt find an aswer, not even at the last edge of its researches. Also see a question, religion aswers when it is fervently affirmed the existence of a personal God, external to the world, but still crossing it, which He made out of nothing in the shape it is, by a supreme act of chossing from the infinite of possibilities and so, with affinity and love for this unique shape. Without any doubt, it may look for us that the spirit of the consistency and the truth felt with the last deepness, comes to confess not only the relativity of scientific spirit and its insufficiency in front of the last problems of the speculation and more than that. Both religious and scientific attitudes transform into ardour, sense for the mistery arround its domain, to which the scientific research will cover, with adoration for the Existence Who, staying outside the world, created it and rules it and sustains it with love. It can be seen - for the one who want to see that this manner for solving the argues between science and religion assumes no renouncement for the scientific attitude. In the great frame of the world mistery, both for the big infinite and for the little one, scientific attitude may continue to develop its own values. What must be controled, viewing the researches done until now, is the scientific arrogance, its narrow and myope dogmatism, vices that never are used by the real scientist. (Tudor Vianu, The philosophy of the culture, Ed. Publicom, Bucharest, 1945, pg. 92-93) Hence we understand that without being necessary to jam the Genetics to the impotence corner through the wrath of the question, the heredity problem has also another edge, beyond biology and possibility. Even the heredity factor, to be anough known, exceeds the positive science limits.


Laws and wrongdoings If science can catch the moment when the defective genesis appears within the parents, that would mean a real triumph for it. That, only if could be possible to observe the person at real time, and that experiment not to annoy him/ her from the normal lifes actions but more not even to know that is dreadfully watched by microscopes, rays, reactions, for years day and night, to be catch the moment when a dominant genesis transforms into a recessive genesis. Was that what doctor Carrel another American with French origins and at the begining a priest a man of an imposing synthesis of culture forms. Of course, humans science will never reach the absolute conditions of knowledge. Only God has the absolute conditions of knowledge, He knows everything. Only God absolutely knows everything without blocking humans freedom. Thats why because of the fact that He knows everything, He gave the human the laws for life and the power to wish or to to respect those dangerous honor for the wills freedom. So, if the human accepts to fit his/ her purposes as was thought by God, he/she lives according to his/ her nature with all the freedom. But if the human doesnt want to stay within his/ her natures purposes and will walk against lifes laws and so against the nature, then the human will viciate his/ her own freedom, will put in danger his/ her own life and will bring incapacity within the nature. While the human lives against Gods intentions, we can say that she/ he sins. So, the sin represents the disobedience for lifes laws through an abuse against freedom. This act has consequences. God warned the human and allays do that. Genetics 3500 years ago For the surprise of many people, the document exists and with a certain clemency the text explains the problem of heredity better than the modern chromosomial theory, because also shows the original factors of heredity God: the motive, the origin and the supporter of everything that moves, lives and exists (Acts 17, 28). See the compressed modern Genetics, offered by the Saviour Himself to Moses by revelation 3500 years ago on Sinai Mountain. There is no surprise: Jesus was the spiritual leader before His coming into human body. Then, there is no surprise that he taught Moses the secrets of heredity, because who could know better the human except for the One Who made him and gave the laws for life? This word is true even if God would had done only the first living cell and within it it would had included all the potential future possibilities for


development until present and future shapes still unguessed by us. If creation happened in that way then God is greater. We insist on the fact that jesus is the author of human as type and as person until the end of times. At this creation he works together with the earthly parents, leaving their freedom but warning them that by disobeying lifes laws they step on their childrens life. Deuteronomy 5: 9. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 10 but showing mercy to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. According to chromosomial theory, we saw how recessive geneses appear within the followers: according to heredity laws those are nothing more than probability laws. According to the Scriptures texts is clear that all the recessiveness appears in the parents due to their sins. The science, not having the tem, it cant answer the following question: how did the recessive geneses appear, by what accident or according to what laws? Or more generally: by what independent and previous to heredity process event do those defective infinitesimal grains appear in the chromosomes causing disastruos consequences for a potential follower? To briefly answer, the recessive geneses appear independently in the descendants and not according to probability laws, but according to the laws which hang over the wrongdoings. All humans acts, all their moves are noted somewhere within an unseen book and are also noted in his/ her seed and by that human bear along his followers with the burden of his/ her acts. The laws of life are the laws of the Author; if you sin against them, you dont escape without Gods rebuke. Se we dont haggle that God has no role in biology and that Jesus s coming to the wedding was just a diverse act without an inconceivable greater meaning for bringing and personal leading of each human that comes into this world. Before we exist as earthly persons, we exist as thought, as intention of God. Does who know if He has to bring in the earthly life, in time, as many human faces so that their number to fulfill all configuration possibilities offered by our genetic structure? Regarding the fact that we are somehow antecedent to our earthly shape, God told us about when He taught Jeremiah about those in the moment when he tried to defend himself from the mission God gave him to archieve on earth: Jeremiah 1:


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

before you were born I set you apart;

Se we are spiritual creatures with spiritual origin sent into this world into a flesh and bones prison to fulfill our destiny among our brothers and sons of God. Churchs disposals confirmed by genetics According to chromosomial theory we can understand some churchs rules as the one to stop the marriage between relatives. So for the relation of consanguinity, in direct line, marriage is stoppedfor ever; and in colateral line is is allowed bearly at the 8th rank.

This stuation transferred in genetic scheme would have the following form and interpretation:

(T= father, M= mother, C= children, veri= cousins)

According to the Scripture, from a primary ancestor some groups of recessive geneses will pass to the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren until the third and the fourth kind, due to the sins but those are in latent conditions. If the marriages with healthy persons regarding those aspects will continue, their dominant geneses will cover the appropiate damage and so the folowers will have the appearance of being healthy. 172

But if the followers of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th rank of relation will marry between them, then within their children will appear with maximum probability the recessive geneses of the ancestors in perfect pair and the deficiency corresponding to that pair will have no cure. See why the Church, noticing the deficiences the followers of the married relatives must endure, declares as guilty those marriages and stops them. The union of the possesions was the cause for a lot of beatings from God; or the beatings people had from their greed. Endocrinology, neurology and psychology The instinct or this irrational command of the nature regarding making children has its blessings and dangers. When the human is deceived getting out from the natures purposes doesnt get with no punishment and it is hardly punished. For undertsanding this automatic punishment for depravities the instincts gets to and pushes the humans to live against their nature, it wouldnt be wrong to know something about endocrinology and neurology. For instance all over our body we have around 7-8 glands with internal secretion. The study of those glands is called endocrinology and their secretions as hormons. Those are a sort of chemical substances, a sort of salts which have the role to make the nervs more agile, to incense different internal organs for work, to awake the thinking, to make more pleasant and interesting our lives in a single word hormons are agents which incite the life. In the blood there are also vitamins, cellular secretion of each separated tissue, toxins, germs and other substances. All together form our inner environment, the endocrinological environment or the humoral one. So that the organism to function in well conditions, this inner environment must have a normal, determined composition; and if it hasnt the organic and functional disturbances appear, an entire caravan of incapacities. Among those galnds are also the ones which make the human seed; those, different from teh others, have a double function: an internal one through the secretion of the hormons and an external one through the production of reproductive cells. We are interested on the effects, the failures and the conflicts. The glands which make hormons and are located in the bottom part of the body, have among other purposes the one of giving a very dynamic and cleear specific configuration of the entire body, as a man or as a woman. Then those have the role to incite the functioning of the other glands and the hotmons which have the task to sharp the mind and to activate other functions in other parts of the body.


All together have a role and a special influence on the nervous system and its capital, the brain. See how it may look a draft of a conflictual relation and also the relation of good agreement between the reason and the instinct. The following chart make as to understand which is the balance we must look for:



From this technical chart we can understand the followings: the instinct, even it is without mind, it cant act without minds permission and the one of some censorships. (That good! And thats bad because the minds domination itself is corrupt and the censorship is bought!). Then the hormons, as bullets of the instinct, have as a target the capital of the nervous system, the brain, and not following a specific way of them, but being in any moment in bloods structure and in the moment when the eye announces the reason, suddently the hormons dart at the gate of judgement forum, announciating the occasion and the commands of the instinct. Although, the eyes, the ears and the mouth are erogenous zones; there are gates of firestone and tinder where the external environment kick with the lighter the internal environment and inflame with the sparks of the desires towards the flames of the acts. The chart makes wonder about something. Genetic functions awake since our childhood, when the mind doesnt know how to stop those. Why does this aspect is on reverse? If we take into account the parents duty to watch and to warn their children, in time, about those new delicate news, of course that the responsability for the failures would be not of the children themselves or God, but also for the parents. Children sustain on their parents mind. From the endocrinological and neurological point of views, according to the nature is so how things must be: since childhood this forbidden energy has to spring and under its action the entire body to develop and to be dynamic and especially the nervous system. So, is proved that the hormons have a purpose but their actions must be accompanied by abstinence, because otherwise the healthy growth of the organism and the nervous system would be deeply damaged, both organically and functionally, even if the hormons would miss or the abstinence. It looks like in may aspects in various domains, the values come from the sustained conflicts, alike almost all the sparks. Invitations to right judgement Understanding the abstinence as a healthy condition of the nervous system, and the sexual immorality as a spur to disequilibrium, it is good to say that the biolgical and psychological limits of this natures commands, avoinding the suspicion misunderstanding the matter and as less it can, the protest and the storm of the anger.


There are people that would wish to live according to the right judgement but nobody dares to tell them that. Even the authors of the books regarding this natures command offer worse advices that the ones adequate to cattle. They dont consider the human from his/ her moral and spiritual nature. If they would guide them at least to cattle order those people would be wiser. The doctor, who belives that advicing the people, without taking into consideration the soul and God author and master of this world-, is until a certain point a good vet. But they are on the same direction as the ones who dont want to know about any judgement, any moral break, or any automatic unmerciful punishment of their libertinism, which finally will reach them. Ill use the orientation towards pshychology and spirit of modern medicine, by which it aims to be more a preventive medicine. So Ill not straiten anybody towards the Heveans gates, but I only help to clearify the problem and free decision of anyone to have a better earning, by fathoming the correspondence between the endorinological environment and moral environment and their reflection within the conscience. There is a correspondence between the body and the soul, between the quality of the body and the quality of the soul; an undulatory coalescence. Assuming a night with full moon and a quiet lake, wherein someone throws two stones in different points; there are seen the waters waves, cut into circles and on them stains of moon moving. That way would be the souls touch with bodys waves, even the soul has other origin, different from the body. And still those redound together. The hormons, by the body, influence the spirit; in a certain way for the man and other way for the woman. So the man aquires among the configuration of anatomic energy, the feeling of his virility. The intelligence wins the sensibility; the powers of the mind pove to be creative. With others is active; balanced more towards tyranny than obedience; more towards brutality than kindness. More the differential aspects are pronounced we have to deal a more aggressive character. It seems to me that here must be search also the supoport for the pride. Maybe here is the origin of the fact that especially men dont want to obey even God and they are angry dont find other word for express that anger except for blaming God and the holy ones. The aggressive character of the male is noticed as common aspect in animal character too. The human thinks with all his/ her organs. Foliculin, the female hormon, has a totally different action. So, among the anatomic configuration, specific to the destiny of being a mother, will keep some features from the childhood: fine voice, child appearance, children friendship; more sensible than intellectual, more receiver than creative. She feels through the instinct, not through judgements. Her mind


is the heart. She is gladly more inclined towards sufferance and obedience than towards oppression and domination and according to the Scripture, she is allways attracted (concerned) by the man (Genesis 3, 16). So if we would consider only the physiologic limit of the difference between man and woman, we would find a great dissonance. All the physiologic role of the man alike the entire animal world is only the adventure with the first parther met in their way. Man is polygamist from his nature alike the Jews from old times and the nowadays Turks. The wise Solomn had 1000 women, but those brought him only good - he became mad, in such manner that he abandoned God (3 Kings 11, 3-4). All the purpose and configuration of the woman is maternity. Even her salvation depends by the birth of sons if she insists with totally wisdom in faith, love and holyness (1 Thimoty 2, 15). Between the polygamist instinct and the maternity one it is a real biological conflict and cause for tragedies. What one wants doesnt match with the other ones wish. For that, humans received divine rules and mind, to live according to a nature arragement moral and spiritual arrangement, hierarchic ordered so that they dont act up, living against the nature, the moral, the spirit, in total anarchy, for that in the most of cases will pay with their heads of the ones of their followers. And we didnt end the correspondence between endocrinology, neurology and psychology, because it is necessary also the genetics, due to the fact that an entire convoy of sores oblige me to write their pain. We remember the order of the nature, that the entire organism and especially the nervous system well develop also because of genetic hormons too but only under an asbtinence censorship. Thats why, until the lagal marriage all youngs must be clean, virgin, both boys and girls. This miracle is also possible and necessary. More and more doctors agree with that. But even if none would say so, the human is a more complex reality then the sector studied by doctors and well see that things situation, in their reality, categorical impose the seventh break of God, to normalize in natural, moral and spiritual hierarchy the caprices of that anarchic instinct, blessed and full of curse.


Children born in chains Assuming a child, that to the first announcements of the instinct, falls into the vice of the onanism. Parents dont find out, he abuses and is more and more lonely, quiet, tires, doesnt learn anymore at school; memory minds brain cortex is touched; it is not fasten anaymore by the hormons that have the origin in that area, which naw is surrounded by the depravity. With other words, the mind is getting stupid and that is a fast way. The growth of the body ius slawed, the dark circles arround the eyes babble him for the one that knows to see. Imagination is not active anymore, he doesnt like to play anymore, he looks that he is old, serious and the hands, that were wrong are shaking. This is again a prove taht the nerves are in danger. If he hasnt the luck to receive an advice or at least a book, in time, the consequences of the vice increase, as it follows. I mentionned that genezic galds have a double function: an endocrine one, throwing hormons into the blood and an external one, forming the geneses cells. Immediatelly the vice or any kind of sexual immorality, at any age- the case is the same- clench the human, then the glands tissues, male or female, are over requested and obliged to deliver external material and so they are not able to produce anymore hormons needed in the blood. A disequilibrium in the endocrine environment is created. This disequilibrium reflects over the nervous system in the way that nervous cells, by not having the proper incentive agents, will degenerate in its functions and that person starts to be a dodderer; and if the sexual immorality continues the nervous cell dies. The sexual immorality kills millions of nervous cells. It must be known that all tissue heal except for the nervous cell. Once it is killed it never gets to life. Assuming that the old young wants to be accoring to societys rules and he wants to get married. He doesnt succede. He is not attacted by the woman and also the girls are not attracted by him. Why? The vices of the instinct faded his agility, his charm, those made him a dodder, he doesnt provoke love but mercy. With mercy and obligation you dont make a home. Doctors advice: women or marriage. Of course a vice will not get aut with another vice this matter stays within a vicious circle. But marriage, even it is done, bears the burden of the past and the rebukes of the future. So the man, due to all kinds of vices and the total or partial functional disequilibrium of the nervous system, will lose the nervous break of his functional rhythm and maybe never


will meci the functional rhythm of his woman who didint have those vices. Her burden and disgust starts from now, because she will allways be unsatisfied, and that will cause neurosis, regional pains and thoughts of looking in other place. Is not her fault that she will leave him, because the mans past is revenging. The man, depraved by the vices, doesnt fit his wifes maternity instinct and so he must pay: he will remain without followers and without the wife. But still assuming that it happens to have followers. Those will bear the following parental burdens: a weak health, old face, different uncured incapacities and those who will survive will be tortured by the fate and will have weak mind. How and why? See how and why: we now from above that the persons acts will be noted in two places: somewhere in an unseen accountability and second, more seen, in the chromatin grains, inside the chromosomes geneses, in the biological factor of heredity. Did the parent kill with the vices millions of nervous cells? Those nerver recover and the total of the distroyed ones and the health in the moment when a follower was called into this world, representing his situation, will also be noted in the chromosomes stock, with so many recessive geneses, that would not happened if he would had a better behaviour. Do you want a prove available to anyone? See it: I dont hit anyone, but on the contrary I stay along anyones pain. Lts say that a pair of humans had not deal with the youth vices so they dont have the nervous system damaged by that guilt. Still, lifes needs tire anyones nerves. This exhaustion of life is actually a tiredness of the force, the agility, the joviality resistence of the nervous system and the other tissues and humours. All of those are quickly noted in the hereditys genetic heritage, during the time and based on the measurement it is added. The biological factor of heredity condenses the stage of any moment and also the parents bio mental condition, separatelyy or involved in the process of reproduction. The test is given by the children taht comes after longer period of time. The children born at youth are more agile, faster, healthier, with sharper mind; while the children born when parents are older are slower, older, more clogged. They have no guilt and no cure. So are they genetic and irreversible built, creating the seen harmony with the given material, after an interval of time. Coming back to correspondence, we understand the mechanism how the grains of weed appear in teh chromosomial chain, the recessive geneses and the damages those may cause if they are not taken out by the healthier pair of geneses from the other parent. Also there are consequences of the sexual immorality and even enough hard from youth. Maybe it was suspected from here that the entire organism becomes weak, the glads remain obsolete, taken out from work with all the cosequences of this humoral disequilibrium. In that way in order happens the atrophy of different organs from the organism and so appear


the nervosity, the sterility and a general condition of illness or a predisposition to all kind of deseases. I dont talk about souls moods: fear, weakness of the mind, obsessions, fixed ideas, misinterpretation of ideas and a continue sufferance of the conscience. Is the souls reaction for his houses abjectness condition. The ones who drink their minds This is a fabulous and true expression. We remember about hormonseffect over the brain cortex: excite the desires. The same effect has the alcohol too, no matter its form or level of kick; it inflames the mind towards the same desires. It doesnt supply any benefactor hotmon but where it passes through it bemuses, it burns and it atrophies. It kills other millions of nerve cells and telephonic wires. All those facts gets active, alike the example before and pass as parental heritage to children. More severe: if the boys get addicetd to beverage since their youth, it happen to get sterile. Their genetic galnds will atrophy and will produce some cells incapable of reproduction. Nature protects itself as much as it can: it doesnt carry all the burden it receives. Even if they get addicted to wine later they still dont get away from punishments. Viewing that, the appropiate scientists discovered monstrous form of sperm cells, some having two heads, or two tails, or other forms all being caused by drinking (Jeannel, op. cit., pg. 153). Drinking registers its consequences until the genetic cell, having the size of 60 mils of a milimeter. What hurts is the following aspect: if a fecundation happens with that drunk seed, and that is more a rape than love, then the follower will be with maximum probability an epileptic nerve desease without cure. This is more sure if to the fear and disgust of the poor mother is added the beat accompanied by some injuries adressed to God. So, the disequilibrium in all aspects, disequilibrium in internal medium, disasters within heritable heritage, moral disequilibrium, and also wthat mother may have to add, at least the fear it is enough to get birth on that world instead of a peaceful child to one tortured by the devils and witness to the judgement against his/ her parents. The end of the drinker is in the dike ot within a madhouse. About is followers I will not say anything, mercy stops me; but still I have a warning mercy for the future, which pushes me to write.


Mourning within a caravan of monsters A christian writer and probably a doctor too, described the structure of an asylum from somewhere in the West, by following words: Children: doctor! Doctor! And Doctor D. was moving ahead, making road through the awful and the woeful crowd of little monsters: a failed, lost, wrong done, ugly and unfinished umanity, children whose chean or skull were missing, or they were only a trunk or a head, and they were little, disastrous disagreeable, ugly like some distorted pottery, full of gums, blains, crusts, festering falling from their eyes, their noses, ears and the skin from their heads. Short or tall, inocent invalids, they had skeleton arms and legs. Young beasts, too developed boys, with strong jaws, with bulging orchards, specially created in that way for future crimes future killers intended for that since the beginning and whose look were watching you without understand anything. The older ones who had some mind, were holding by hands the little one, who were completely idiots; they were taking carre of those, they fostered and adopted them. They were borne the little ones to doctor D. and his escorts. Around the three men, unclear shouts and screams exploted, the entire joy of the little poor ones to see the one who were showing affection to them. And even those who incapable to speak, were grumbling, were stammering, were bleating to the doctors an unclear and barbaric scream of love. With their little hands, alike some tentacles, they were clinging, they were touching, they were caressing and they were palpating the doctors. This view allways seamned to him like a bad dream. But the doctor loved all of them, those little poors, even on those who had the head alike a plunger, or alike a fish or huge bug. He loved even the ones customed with bad habbits, boys and girls who were playing with themselvesOn his passing, he was taking those apart, was watching their hands, he was looking at them as he was trying to hypnotize them, asking: - Did you behave well? - I did, doctor. - Will you behave well today too? - I will, doctor. - Good. Go and play. Look a piece of chocolate. Go! There were girls he had to tie up to stop them to continue with that bad custom. But even with the tied hands they managed to excite their senses with their heels. All the heritable sins were moving in the deepness of those abandoned souls, returned to the stage of beast and which were descreasing on the evolution scale.


Some girls who were more secrecy, more sinner, more immoral, liked to hide, to blush and to continue their habbits. The boys had ourang-outang faces and dangerous spurs in their games. Some lonely children were crying in the corners being uncaressed and wild for ever. A blonde child, with blue eyes, like Saint John, thin, nice, almost beautiful was trying to get closer to the doctor, clutched doctors hand from behind and slowly was asking: - Sir, I would like to return to my mummy..Sir, when can I go back to my mummy? Mothers! So often they abandoned those poor monsters, who came aut of them and disgusted them. Those were marriages between alcoholocs and evey year they were bringging to the asylum a new idiot child, a new garbage of society so that the next year to do the same. Also, in the entire asylum, the abandons were a rule so the ones left ther were not counted anymore. Some of the poor insanes from S. Cle Asylum died without seeing anymore the beloved face of the mother, the wife, the child, a face that was floating as a paintful apparition in their sad dark memory and was the only face that could awake within them a piece of conscience, a tear of luciditys despair (Maxence van der Meersch, Bodies and souls, Ed. Contemporana, Bucharest, 1944, pg. 163 -165) Discovering America - a big blight Five hundreds years ago, Columbus brought in Europe the news about discovering America and his sailors brought into Europe the syphilis. Their facts increased so for stopping the disastrous consequences of that desease, medicine universities created the department for syphilis study. Here we limit so some curiosities belongging more to the body that the desease. It recognized by all the bodys amazing fastness and adaptation power to any accident or conditions; almost an automatic adaptation. For instance, a woodcutters hand slids in the chainsaw, which works with some hundreds speeds per minute. He hardly felt that. AHe hardly felt that. A neurotic shock stops the blood to get into the brain, which produces the insensibility, and the organism stands differently in front of that, without any move, because otherwise would disturb the automatic defence. A wave of blood covers the wound and in contact with the air coagulates and forms a protective cap. As being ordered to do so, the fibrin from the blood transforms into little strings, which it huddles as a bung in the cut, wher it starts to repair, adhering and completing the cells. Local temperature increases, touching becomes paintful, to be assured the peace for organic defense. All this adaptation to the new situation proves an automatic service for lifes safety.


Another case. By certain conditions, some unwellcomed guests entered the blood the germs. The natures construction, the automatic service of safety already met them. Some cells from the blood surround them and start to fight and with good feelings eat their guests, from here comes their name the phagocytes. If there are too many guests, or those reproduce too fast, while the danger increases, the body temperature also increases, until 39 degrees, or even 40 degrees and when the battle is for life and death the temperature raises until 41 degrees. To that temperature the sentence for death for all the guests and germs was given. Afther that effort, the organism is recovering; the hallucinations caused by high temperature vanish and all get to normal. As regards the gem of syphilis, the attitude of safety service is enirely strange: it doesnt protect, it doesnt alarm and leaves opned all the ways, allows the germ to moves all over the body and leaves that to eat all that it wants and even the brain cortex. Thats why, the science had to take necessary actions against it because the nature doesnt want to protect itself from that germ. It that possible that this Troponema to be an insupportable punishment as a break for sexual immorality? Is that possible that against this punishment, defensive right of the nature to be taken? What do not protect itself? I strongly think to the aspect from prophet Jeremiah, where he says: "See, I will send venomous snakes among you, vipers that cannot be charmed, and they will bite you, declares the Lord (Jeremiah 8, 17). The germ of syphilis has the form of a running snakes. A thing is sure, that the organism has no cure or defense in its structure for this germ. It true that the science with long term treatment may clean the body by syphilis. But still is something to be told. That guest which aims to break the minds wires has its calendar. This act it shows in phases connected to number two: after two weeks or more after the sin, an ulcer appears in the inguinal area; after two months, it attacks the blood ways. In that period ulcers appear in other parts of the body or the forehead. After two years the heart, the liver and the kidneys are affected and very ill. Now it happens the sclerosis of the arteries, which become fragile and if an artery of the brain breaks it produces the apoplexy, an instantaneous death. But if it doesnt prodyuce any apoplexy and the construction of the arteries resist, then the syphilis draws back to the cerebrospinal fluid, which covers the entire spinal cord and the brain, this fluid, by its elasticity has the role to protect the spianl cord and the brain from hits, neutralizing and dispersing the accidents unpredicted pressures. After 20 years it displays its effect over the nerves, breaking the connections with command center, breaking the corespondence between


the sensation and the reaction, causing progressive paralyses and lose of some souls capacities. Who do those all happen? So, the transmission tool being damaged, the soul has no way to express. And so, step by step, the syphilis, by eating the brain cortex, pushes the spiritual capacity of the thinking into the dark abyss of madness. See the insupportable punishment the mind suffer for not abstaining from the desires: it is decreased from the throne of leading and entirely, body and soul, are lost and tied in the madness house. We dont speak about the syphiliticspsychiatry, but we mention that until a certain time, Treponema as the hormon is a great inciting agent for the brain cortex. That would be like taht: this killing agent, if it finds the nervous syste, and by that the brain, in maximum health and resistence, in its aim to eat it, all that it does is to mobilize, to activate in its intimate burning processes and so it becomes a very good environment for transmission of souls ideas and the unseen world. That makes that until a certain time the insame agent to be also an agent of the genius. But after a while, this genius is darken into madness. It is of course a burning fire that doesnt forgive, but burns the minds wings, different from the not burnig divine fire, which lights all the minds capacities without real burnining the truth genius of the spirit. The genius helped by the madness agent, almost all show a great pride, disobedience from od, a spiritual disequilibrium. Thay are the ones who say: There is no God!. The Scripture ascertains their reality and gives them the diagnosis: The fool said in his heart, There is no God (Psalm 52, 1). Hence the atheism is a mental alienation, the madness of the pride or the pride of the madness. Some say the same thing on reverse: I am God another madness. The tyrans, the terrorists, the other evil genius, othet luciferic pride. The tyran selfish, anouther alienation, no matter if the pathogen agent exists or not. The sciences chances are so reduced, compared to the contamined ones, somehow, somewhere, etc. For now is good that fact that for marriage, the laws ask for blood analyses; and stop the drinkers, the mad ones and the contamined with venereal deseases ones to spread the bad in the world. Human body has also a pasive attitude towards that cellular anarchy named cancer. Usually, those who never fast suffer from cancer. The cancer has no cure and appears without extend of this terrible punishment. It should be necessary a control for everyone and an absolute isolation of the


any explainations as a punishing break for the stomachs sexual immorality. It can be seen that by cancer it is punished the greed for food and the origin of sexual immorality. Hard punishments have those three outlaw loves: self-love, which enter the soul by the last ones: love for the body and love for the food. Saint Paul says to them: God is their stomach (Philippians 3, 19). This mysterious cellular anarchy named cancer, it seames to me that it comes from the same reasons as a social anarchy, which proves a disequilibrium in some unknown part of the organism or a debility within nervous system safety service. I guess that the cluster of cancerous cells have a different chromosomial form; in any case the recessiveness is sure. Why do the mutations affect kings too? Torment within dew drops I dont know if you saw the simple beauty of the morning. Those reflect the sun, reverberate the rays, reflect the earth and hang on a grass head alike some little shinny marbles. Kneipp, a good priest, more a balneologist ate mercy cooker for the poors, couldt find any treatment for the epilepsy except for the walking soem minute with no shoes over the grass so that the ill one to refresh the nerves, shaking to the earth and touching his feet by those lady bugs of sun. Is not the torment; I compare only the consceince with dew drops. Because actually in the conscience sphere reflect and brake, agitate and clash suns sparks with atrocious radiance of mazout. The situations, the facts and the predispositions we have, all are reflected, are compressed and are noted in our genetic structure but also in the consciences sphere. Here, within the conscience, are reflected the earths facts and over them, in the same sphere, then ar later, the serenity of the sky will light or the flashes of divine rightness. In organic structure, the recessive geneses, even in latent stage, are as absent, if those are doubled by the geneses of dominant pair. Is not the same as regards the consciences sphere. See a little analogy: since the Herzian waves of radios circle arround us and pass through us, and no mater whare we are we dont catch any of the news and stories from the world. Only the radios catch those and transform so that we to understand them. Alike that happens with the energy of the infirm germs of our genetic structure: the organism doesnt register this energy, but is registered in the consciences sphere and is traslated to us by a deep


conflict in our background. What we try here is a dive in the deepness, an existantial experience. A sort of psychoanalysis Almost al all ages is met this conflict to believe or not in God; that meaning the clash of healthy mind with the arrows of madness. Some are convinced by Gods existence, divinity of Jesus and the salvation; but from time to time, they are tortured by the atheism. There are some that are not tirtured by those thoughts even they heard of. Internal evidence of their faith is absolute. Others are haunted by torments and finally some are peaceful that they escaped from God: for they God doesnt exist. The truth is that the machine of their conscience doesnt catch anything, is damaged and the spirit reality is absent for them. What can be in the middle? Something alike a radio that doesnt catch the waves anymore. The waves exist, but for that persons those dont exist anymore. He has some broken lamps, burned bobbins, kicks and broken peaces etc. He is damaged somewhere. So a person suffers many ways of inner burns and breakages ans also suffers the burns of social environment, which shock his innocence and see it an atheist, in different levels. All is situation is noted alike the chromatin grains. The atheist harmonized to this disequilibrium. The seed perfectly reproduces him. Assuming that he is married with a woman, with not so much deranged mind and so off-balance in her moral environment and she is a faithful woman. The children are born with two contradictory predispositions: an unfaithful one, from the father, and a faithful one from the mother, according to the showed probabilities. The souls is not inherited, it is created by God. Faith is a character of the soul, but from God nothing bad comes. Then? Then the capacity of the soul to know and to recognize the Father or to abjure Him, depends also on the genetic construction of the body, wherein it will stay for a time. The content of the faith is learned; and the inclination to learn it or not is inherited. The soul inclines towards its origin: Anima naturaliter christiana. The souls inclination makes interferes with bodys inclination wherein it was sent. So, if it comes into a body where is only disequilibrium, it will not be capable to display the inclination towards the up ones and helpless will assit near a broken machine that doesnt sing but buzzes. All the consciences pains come from the feeling of those incapacities that lay deep inside us and they flare up until the seen facts surface. To easier the burden of a soul God sometimes spares it from the knowledge of the invalidity it must stay in. So we see serenity at idiots too.


Blasphemy thoughts According to the writtings of the ingenious ones, bearly a tenth of our brain is lighted and known in the spehere of conscience; nine tenth stay in the dark of the unconscience. It is given the comparison with a potato with a tenth of the total being lighted, -lights of must, the night; the rest in darkness. In that way are the blasphemy thoughts: inrush of mazout in the sun beam. Assuming that the same deaf genetic deposits show their existence and catch on the dominant energies; those are like a pair formed by the light with the shadow. Assuming that within a person there are those contradictory inheritages of two different dispositions; when that person for instance wanst to pray to God, along with the lighted energy of the conscience raises from the unconscience the contrary energys inrush. At the conflicts moment also the geneses hormons actions over the cortex is added and they provoke on the minds display a totally different imagine that the prays icon. If the respective person is older and did some adventures against the nature then the conflict increases also the spiritual feature of the memory. A sinner past is not passed away: it accompanies alike an identification record. The expiation is a must; so is assured and maintained the forgiveness by the memory, by enduring the beats of the past given to the mind. The first love is addressed to the parent. The first child had God as father. Love wants that what it loves to last for ever; it cant conceive that its object to die. For instance the peoples rulers bearly can be seen as mortals. In old times love made them inortal gods. That proves taht love has its sense in God Who is eternal and make eternal the one who loves God. But people are embroiled with the love for the body. This love is not equal in all cases with the sin, but lets say that anywhay it is infected by the sin. Because the sins stay in the body and the body pushes the soul towards corruption, by the ways mentionned before, we understand that it encounters a resistence from the divine inheritage of the soul, which looks to influence it towards virtue and holiness. The act of bodily love leaves a strong impression regarding the being, in that new area of the unconscience. Here, the act, abbreviated as a symbol, deposits as a conflict with the conscience. The moral censorship covers a dynamite deposit because it couldnt deny it. A blasphemy regarding God is the explosion of that deposit. See whay when men injure they use the word that is not written of the bodily love. The part of degradation and sin of that love, they feel in their body, boils over from the unconscience and with that they angrily hit the moral censorship and the love ideal on the cursed ones God. A curse is a


moment of devilish anger, a moment of minds darkness, censorship pays the previous lack of attention.

- is so how the conscience

The blasphemies prove that this love between the bodies was locked within a curse, a shame, a dishonesty. All, transformed into symbols get down inta the darkness of the unconscience. Those with weak censorship you genetically understand this weakness- get mad because a certain event, bloods afflux and bile to the brain will cause the darkness of the conscience and the blasphemys flaws start. So, some openly curse God; some curse Him when they pray. This situation terrify those who pass to this incapacity. It comes, as it can be seen. From heritable burdens, from done acts, from hearing, from the content of conscious and unconscious memory through a mechanism of imagess overlap and over the devotional ones the undevotional images, aroused by the hormons or at least by the contradiction mechanism. When the internal or external environment is favorable to the recessive geneses, their latent energy is not late to inflame through the subconsciousness over the conscience and so to eliminate it, to dark it and so on. In a contradictory situation is the body when it prays. Thats why some, not bearing the contrast, solve in the wrong manner this situation: they stop praying. But the saints, cleaning their body by the passions, managed to bring it in harmony with the superior aims of the conscience, so that their body has many of the characteristics of the soul. On the other side, many of the passions of the body become also characteristics of the soul too. The curses have the same origin as the blasphemies; the difference is that some are allowed by the mind and the other ones are censored. Thats why the guilt of the last ones is lesser. The blasphemies show an old guilt. They are a punishment, but they dont lead to madness, as many are afraid of. The curse show that the person in that moment is irresponsible, has a disequilibrium within the genetic structure, in side the humoral environment, inside the censorship service and inside the nervous system. This prison opens the gates and will embrace him/ her if he/ she will not pay attention. A mora dangerous balsphemy is the lie, the sin against the truth. There are so many bizarre constructions of the humans. Capable of real biological mutations. One can lie in the most normal possible way that sun stays hold; and after that wave passes he/ she doesnt remember anything and if you show him/ her the demonstrations he/ she will not admit anything. Inn inner power pushes him/ her to allways lie and to consider himself/ herself the honest person on earth. It is like a night would fall over his/ her mind and another person cursed, lied or stealed, in such advanced stages of contradictions some are clogged. This is


another defficiency of the wrong marriages where the other pasts bodily qualities werent considered. Those can be better seen to the parents of the ones who get married, because time revealed all the decreases or the characteristics and the like father, like son. The avarice, the envy, the greed, the drinking, the lack of faith, the lie, the depravity and all the other form the organism taht matches eachof those passions and then will be noted within the heritable factors and so the passions against the nature will appear within the followers alike the grains of weeds in the field of God. And when their turn will come, what do you want that those to fruit? The same or their behaviours or both will follow either the dominant manner of heredity, as the normal or pathologic characteristics will almost mandatory pass from generators to followers, or will follow the atavistic manner when characteristics hide a generation or two and suddently appear in the 3rd or 4th generation of people. Isnt that the way the history repeats? People from hell I dont talk about theological hell, but about the hell of teh abject life, about the connvoy of misery covered by the disfiguration and degeneration alike a pair of calws, pulling whoever thay catch into a huge crowd of poor and afflicted ones of the faith. The entire space that once was occupied by death is mastered today by illness and infirmity. The contagiousness deseases decreased dur to the preventive medical measures, but tehir place were taken by the degenerative and chronic deseases of the skin and the nervous, circulator, digestive and breathing systems; then the cancer, dental deseases and heritable ones. Teh deseases clutches the humanity at surface and in deepness both qualitative and quantitative. That was said by a medicine professor (M. Kernbach, Scientific spirit and the fundamental problems of contemporary medicin, Institute of graphic arts Dacia Traiana, Sibiu, 1942, pg. 7-8). I dont talk about those who get to the hospital suffering by one or more of the over 800 types of deseases. This number is so curious! Regarding the spiritual deseases, regarding the faith in the Bible, deviations from that faith lead to the creation of 800 religious sects ( 800 in 1946, nowadays arround 3000). Spiritual infections in their total are contless. As many heads as many nonsenses! The most impossible thing in the world is to unify the minds. Each is unique in the world; even if all humans from Adam until the end of the world would come to life again, you will not find two identical persons. This is genetically true. Those deeper and deeper unbalanced differences create a chaos between the humans, create wars, misery, the bonds of the hell which press the life and break it.


The lazars from the doors of the rich ones have no demand, but a patience prayer. Do those rich ones have healthy minds? Did God call them mad for nothing? Because called mad two types of persons: those who adandoned God and those who adandoned people from their hearts. Actually those are able only to make a hell from others life. Hate, as their spiritual beding, makes thousands of victims, because it fades God from others eyes too. Hate will raise against it more hate, the one of God and the one of humans. It is a climate of a vitiated environment, a snow blast, a wind of chaos. It creates from their lives an antechamber of hell. This is the external environment. Shall I say social environment? The environment: with those we understand the effects of lifes variables, smoothen by love or unclogged by hate. Human persons configuration is not set only by heritable elements but also by the elements of the environment. The human, as he/ she is, is the result of the interference between the two factors. Heredity doesnt establish fatal positions, from what we cant get out, but it sets more or less determined limits, regarding a feature or another, in the frame of the environment, which sets our position. (N. Margineanu, op. cit., pg. 158) The energy of growth and configuartions arrangements automatically appear in the chromatin as a reaction of that to an environmental differential. Our life and organism are not just a simple updating of native virtualities given to the geneses system, but a result of the interference between those virtualities and the environment wherein the geneses configuration is developed. In the middle of that there is also a little vicious but real circle: the structure of the geneses depends on alll the environments wherein those were configurated; their development depens on the phylogenesis and along those also depends on all future environment configuration during this development. Of course this idea cant be pushed to absurd, from an egg of a fly you cant obtain an egg of chicken. The environments actions can be stopped, it has well developed and flexible limits taht allw us as specialist to say that through a directive environment we may obtaina fly with one or three eyes. It is easy to deform the nature, it is easier that to take out the inserted deformation within the nature. With other words, the development powers, that the genetic system encompasses within it, never decreaes to a single one but to many and very many. Form those, the environment allways chooses a single one (Idem, pg. 160). Education is involved in that act of the directive environment; also religions have this duty. But sometimes whne come times when seem that everything is crashing, who can guide the torment? Many times the chaos is announced by the first living cell of the environment: the non- christian family.


A savage answer A teacher met a child on the road. The child was little, the time to go to school and go among people was not came. - Whom child are you? - I belong to the devil the kilogram answered. The teacher was stunned. - Whats your name? - Satan. - Where do you come from? - From hell. The teacher serched the orining of that atrocious answers and he discovered the following explaination: The mother of the child was arguing with the father of the child, who was a drinker and she told him: Whats up devil, did you come home drunk again?. To that the father stared his eyes, cluched his fists and accompanied by a multitude of curses came out his mouth. The scared child, was running crying to his mothers arms but that one was banishinh him saying: Go away satan, dont disturb me too in this hell of house. From here the child learned that his father name is devil, his name is satan and they all live in hell. A root of pains Until now we understood that the sin a a breaking of lifes laws; an insertion into life of a disequilibriumk approved by the mind. If teh mind allways do so, it gets weak and cant stop the increasing disequilibrium that invades the space of life with the strange phantom of living deads (Revelation 3, 1). Breaking a human law represents a crime and it is punished as it is known. Breaking the divine laws of life is called sin and it is punished as it was said and as it is seen for who sees. A great discrepancy is represented by the fact that mans instinct is in conflict with womans instinct. Mans instinct allways wants the woman as occasion for its genetic discharges. Womans instinct is represented by maternity. The child needs two years to separate from his mother, so according to natures arrangements and so she must be let in peace.


So what will the man do? Either he will pervert his wife, making her to also look for the passionate pleasures, trying to get lost from the purpose of her nature, or will transform her into a killer, pushing her to kill the defenceless creature from her womb, or will practice the onanism with his woman (Genesis 38, 9), protecting her of the purpose of pregnacy but dishonouring her so badly that it cant even be said. Some use sterilization, some to adventures or brothel. Such type of man will not save his wife through the birth of children (1 Timothy 2, 15), but he will condemn her with the killers and the immorals, among whom he also will be (Revelation 21, 8). There are few men who master their irrationable instinct with the reasonable touch of the soul, setting it according to its original purpose. And again are less those who transform their energy through abstinence and raise the sense of the nature to purposes above nature. So the pleasure searched only for itself, calls more and more often the renew of that act, until it gets to the breakage of the nervous system. Even more: it flames the organism and pushes it beyond all its functional possibilities; it provokes the breaking of any moral censorship and leads its servants to madness. For many of those needs, the parents of teh two sides are guilty too. For instance, I would like to know why the parents dont rush so hard to marry their sons as they hurry to marry their daughters. Their wrong act secretly or openly encourages the neo-malthusian gyp the onanism with the woman, avoidance, protection what represents an unguessed enlarged pest in all social environments. See that, after a short time, the punishments of this gyp come, especially to women: grave disturbances of the health, pains of the womb, mental and nervous disturbances, prefectly unknown for the doctors too. Is so that doctors say. From the womb the pains extend to the kidneis and below the womb, sometime to the leggs. The pains arise and increase during walking, when the woman sits or gets up a chair, when she raise a thing, or during intimate moments which sometimes cause grave conjugal misunderstandings. Those pains are also accompanied by nervours disturbances which deeply change the mintal and psychic conditions of the sick ones. The capricious disposition of the sick ones often becomes instable, irascible until the excess. From nothing may arise violent explosions, anger, lacks of judgement, which cant be stopped or controlled. It is a real humoral disequilibrium which makes the poor victim to pass from violent explosions to the deepest sadness, ans sometimes even to the idea of suicide. Those are the gyp and its consequence. Thats why we dont stay quiet and we expose those, being pushed by the mercy and helped by the science.


The explaination. During a normal conjugal act, the females genital organs consecutively pass through an intensive congestion phase followed by a suddent weakness phase that establishes the regular course in blood flow. The unfinished faked conjugal act without natural conslusion, lets a condition of flood within the vases which in time becomes permanent. Then follows a disturbance in the tissuess nutrition and then their anatomical damage. The multitude of those nervous wires of the hypogastric plexus, that start from the womb and unify with the cerebra-spinal system endure pressions, irritations, which at their origins are local pains but have reflex disturbances at distance; and in time those push the sick one into the psychiatric domain. Those continual congestions produce intense and deep damages into the tissues, which lose in that way their normal functioning. In that crafy way to definitive cureless sterility installs after a long period of wished sterility. Then vainly you wish children, fruits of life, because nature punishes you with this cruel return of things: it qualifies the act and it condemns the king to death. The last effects: decrease of birth rate, decrease of population. Etc. And so the kind disappear. It is like we would hear the voice of fire of the prophet Hosea, saying 4, 1-10: God has a charge to bring no faithfulness, no love, and murder, against you who live in the land, because there is no acknowledgment of God in the land. There is only cursing,lying

stealing and adultery; they break all bounds. Thats why the land dries up, and

all who live in it waste awayMy people are destroyed from lack of knowledge of God. When they will engage in prostitution they will not flourish, because they have deserted the Lord. That problem has consequences too and we are about to reach some vicious circles, for instance: childs features hang on the perversion level of the female maternity instinct. If the lust was incited that being a decay from the purpose of her nature, a conveniant perversion of the male the evolutions of the embryo in those intrauterine conditions, will bring on the wolrd a child who easily may fall into early and lately onanism and will be a crabbed child, heritable nervous and predicted to nervous deseases. All this burden has its roots only in that wrong awaken lust within the mother. Otherwise, if the motehr was not pusheg yet into that flame of lust and she was not disturbed by the man during pregnacy, or during the lactation period, the new child will be


less inclined to premature genesis awake, unattracted to onanism and almost never disposed to nervosity. So, if the motehr perverts the purpose of her maternity, she will bring on the world a children predicted to increasing pervertions which will destroy the nervous system or if they will marry, they will increase the decay and the sorrows. This is the detour circle and it finished with the fade of the kind of that one who steps on the cliff of pervertion against the nature. From there to here, it follows that during pregnacy and lactation periods, the man must abstain and not disturb the future life of the one who comes into that world waith a certain purpose from God. Mans depravity and womans pervertion make useless Gods purposes with the humans and thats why He gave as seventh command: Do not committ adultery. Natural children, or born in wrongdoings The polygamist instinct of the mandoes theis act too: it doesnt respect Gods command and as we saw it doesnt step back from murders too. That fact that the man cant abstain, degrades him, decreases him from the honour of being a human to the suborder of any male. This situation has also other cosequences, along those said above. If the human is built on many existential plans and many zones, any spurn, any disequilibrium of his harmonic condition has consequences. The human that darkens regarding God, the soul, the moral and spiritual arrangements of children coming into the wolrd, that human has no God and is interested only on his immorality, surely his/ her fruits will sume within all his/ her lacks of equilibrium regarding the great divine environment, we move in, we live and we exist. (Acts 17, 28) Moses, who knew genetics due to revelation. Gives us some adequate documents for the position we reached to, and so: Genesis 5: 27. Altogether, Methuselah lived a total of 969 years, and then he died. Genesis 6: 1. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them


2. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. With all of those the cause was cured bearly in the waters of the flood. But the malice passed into the followers through the deck of Noah and during davids times when God made a new reduction: Psalm 89: 10. Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away. What nowadays wouldf be the average duration of life, find out by looking to the necrology. But without any research, that fact is that there are no elders real elders, real faces of God among people. Lifes shortage comes over humanity as a payment for falling into depravity. Something more right than this it couldnt be. Did God endow the human with so wonderful gifts for that the human to rennounce those and by free will to decay to the role of male or female? Is is the entire aspiration of the human? By not being taught to a higher ideal or by not wishing to struggle for more, in the manner God formed an institution, the church, for this purpose of redressing and helping the human towards the kingdom of the spirit, is sure that the person is in disonance and in disequilibrium with God. You dont escape from God by the simple afct of not obeying or denying His existence, and dont respect His church, because He has a plan and demans you to accomplish it. Solomon as one who had to pay, foresaw the followings: Wisdom 3: 10. But the ungodly will be punished 12. Their wives are foolish, and their children evil; 13.Their offspring are accursed.For blessed is the barren woman who is undefiled,who has not entered into a sinful union;she will have fruit when God examines souls. 16. But children of adulterers will not come to maturity,and the offspring of an unlawful union will perish. 17. Even if they live long they will be held of no account, and finally their old age will be without honor. 18. If they die young, they will have no hope and no consolation in the day of decision. 19. For the end of an unrighteous generation is grievous.\


Wisdom 4: 3. But the prolific brood of the ungodly will be of no use, and none of their illegitimate seedlings will strike a deep root or take a firm hold. 4. For even if they put forth boughs for a while, standing insecurely they will be shaken by the wind, and by the violence of the winds they will be uprooted. 5.The branches will be broken off before they come to maturity, and their fruit will be useless, not ripe enough to eat, and good for nothing. 6. For children born of unlawful unions are witnesses of evil against their parents when God examines them. Those are biblic testimonials about the misery destiny of the wrongdoers fruits, due to the depraved and polygamist instinct. Through the word of prophet Ezekiel a merciful ray still exist for some exceptions. We are very interested on this aspect of redressing of amiserable heritage. In the followings it is about a wrongdoer father, but due to seen and unseen help his child understand the differenece between good and bad and keeps himself away from the actions of the father. Within him, is possible that the better heritage from the mother to be winner. So, if for such a parent: Ezekiel 18: 14. But suppose this son has a son who sees all the sins his father commits, and though he sees them, he does not do such things 17. he will not die for his fathers sin; he will surely live. 19. Yet you ask: why does the son not share the guilt of his father? << Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live.>> It is possible the lift of the burden of a miserable heritage, for happy exceptions.


It is not possible to be impossible The conflict or the disonance between the polygamist instinct of the man and the maternity instinct of the woman cant be defeated, cant be solved and cant be converted, except for the case when both sides live within christian teachings with all their powers. Christianity is the second creation of the world, the second creation of the human, a new creation of the nature. Jesus hrist accompanies the human with His teachings, through His Church, through His arrangements, by His word; He helps the human through His gifts, through His indwelling inside us, inside all as a present God; and more than those which were known until now Jeus Christ accompanies and even guides the creation of each human that comes into the wolrd, based on Gods presence all over the places and His omnipotence. He is the primary cause which configurated life in all its characteristics, so that each individual is unique among the humans. He decides, inside the little infinite, what qualities or failures must be ejected in the two polar globules, which contain half of the chromosomial number and not at all the chaos. He inclines to be one or the other of the possible configurations probable for us and sure for God ; He forms our destiny in such manner that a specific arrangement inside the little infinite to have huge consequences in our future configuration and facts. All of those Gods absolute accountability, Who creates the human in dependence with his/ her acts, which reach him/ her with his/ her last wrongdoingsand turns those over him/ her or He forgives them if he/ she tried by the fight with himself/ herself to obtain forgiveness. Escaping from that jam, by which You punish yourself with your malice and you beat yourself with your atheism this is possible by living the unseen presence of Christ within us, living the christian church with all our being. which allows God to take out from the heritable mechanism the recessive weed and during the struggling efforts of that person, to transform the recessive geneses into dominant geneses, things that God can do. The powers of the faith, enhanced by the powre and the bless of God, have an unguessed great influence over our eventual infirmities. This miracle of the redressing happens wherever enough faith exists so that to dislocate the recessive configuration into a dominant one, even by births way or straight. Gods power hasnt the limits of our incapacity and thats why everything is possible for Him. But if we dont want too He doesnt interfere; He made us, but he doesnt perfect the work without us.


Bearly a man, whom head is Christ (1 Corinthians 11, 3) will be able to stop the impulses of the pervertion and to watch undisturbed the fruit of life, during the proper time, since the conception until the complete detach from the mothers breast. A such type of man without any dissension, will keep the preach of the old laws of the church, which stop him during fast and holidays as one who knows what God blesses and punishes. We talk here with all the understanding and knowledge that men with a resistent nervous system are able to abstain. While the weak, the nervous and the disequilibrium ones become more abnormal due to the abstinence from their genetic desires. Strong persons become stronger through that form of ascetism. This was said by Carrel (Alexis Carrel, Human,the unknown being, Ed. Cugetarea, Bucharest, 1944, ed. III, pg. 151), a great doctor of his times. See why for marriage is not enough only the age, alowed by the law, but also it is needed the proper age for faith in God, by which guarding the boundaries of the law to be assured the mastery over the passions. The persons coming of age is decided by the mind and not by the instinct, by fauth and not by the unfaith, by abstinence and not by depravity. Our life has three stages during its development: vegetative stage until birth; the bio psychic stage without certain limits; and spiritual life. Many pass only through the first and teh second stages of life and they have no intention to reach the third phase. Being married to a such person, you will be in a continuous disequilibrium of the spirits requests. Those life will be a continuous curse adressed to the spirit and for the christian side will be a sort of martyrdom without a sure hope. The normal growth develops humans life to the spiritual phase, within intensive living of christian faith; bearly now, when teh young reach to live in the christian manner, they have enough guarantees that within their marriage will keep the laws of God and they will oppose the passion against the nature. Because no matter how much will be searched, will not be found another purpose of this instinct from God either than the conception of a child. Any deformation of this purpose is depravity and will decrease the christian life to the pagan life.


From human baby to celestial baby The christian church allways remembers its spiritual sons to not dive within the irrational emotions, as the last purpose of life and to not close the exit door from darkness into light, during their spiritual life. During the work of humanss recreation within Christ, the two parts must feel that they are called to teh honour of being collaborators of God (1 Corinthians 3, 9), Who aims through them a divine intention, dressed withi a human baby. A marriage that has this purpose is blessed by God Who raises the wedding from instinct to its spiritual role, to the honour of Sacrament. It is the only guarantee of a lasting and on Gods will marriage. During his travel into a foreign country to search a wife, Tobit said those wise words: And now, O Lord, I take not this my sister for pleasure, but in righteousness; therefore mercifully ordain that we may grow old together." (Tobit 8, 7) When God wants to embody a thought into the seen world as a new son of Him and to raise him to the perfection stairs of His creatures, He absolutely needs an appropiate marriage on earth. This situation of God we find in the Scripture under different forms. So, through the prophet Isaiah, the Word moans: The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, - How do the righteous get lost? - Very easy. They are not born anymore. -And is it humans guilt? Human must wonder why the righteous are not born anymore? -See that it is necessary, once the guilt is found; see that the righteouss vanish is a problem we are responsible of. The marriage has the word. From those until now, it was understood something regarding the heritable mechanism of the environment governed by religion and by education, and here, talking about the christian life, we find ourselves in full spiritual structure, that still hangs by the human factors of marriage. From that perspective we fully understand the word of Saint Paul, who conditioned the salvation of the woman by her destiny as a mother. 1 Timothy 2: 15. But women will be saved through childbearing - if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety (is so the old ones called the abstinence). and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. (Isaiah 57, 1)


Giving bith to children along such behaviour is something that is agaist the polygamist and without any judgement instinct of the man without Christ; it is not possible the achievement of the divine intention without a husband capable of the same faith and behaviour. The belief that what is possible and what we might think that is impossible it is an unguessed power; a sort of an enhacement of humans will with Gods will. We have proofs where we even cant guess: in the modern physics, as regards the powers of the souls over the physic world, so over the body. By the simple touch of an object its structure is somehow changed. By the simple directioning of the known energy of the soul over a thing, this is influenced and changed and it is not asbolutely identical with itself before the experience. It cant be said that is a severe determination of the material configuration, but at most an interdeterminism in physics. Those packages of energy bomb the living cell or the material, which gave those unpredictible mutations in the structure of their objective. It was written about the biology of the quantum. All those findings are linked to names, regognized all over the world. From here we pay attention to the fact that living organism easily registers a bombing of souls energy and causes to it the infinitesimal mutation according to the wish. And a little change in microbiology unleashes by enhacement, huge processes in the persons configuration and sometimes even in the societys configuration. So, how cant the curse of an old lady, almost peeled of material, thrown with the biggest wrath over a guilty, to not reach him and change his physical and psychic configurations? The directional thinking, alike an arrow, may cause organic damages to the target. And again: how cant a prayer said with love not to use and to change human from bad into good? How can prayer of a mother for her child, said with the fire of her being, not be usefull in the manner she wishes to? More: all the parents spiritual and bodily conditions, and especially those of the mother during the nine months are written within the child as inclinations or predispositions the child will have during his/ her life. Sorrows, bitterness, pains prepossess the child towards sadness, melancholy, unhealth. So all those must be avoided. During those times, if the mother steals a thing, the child will steal all his/ her life. If the mother drinks once, the child will drink all his/ her life especially drinking has heritable support. If the mother prays to God, her child will pray too. The dominant spiritual athmosphere of the family, especially during those times, and especially that of the mother will be a feature of the entire life of the followers.


Now is the time to do whatever you want with your child, now you are responsible to protect the child from all the bads, you wouldnt like to be upset with, because now its the only time when you can do that and the child will perfectly listen to you. So dont let yourself be corrupted by the weakness of your husband who doesnt understand the miracle your faith does, so that not to vainly cry later due to the wrongdoings of your child, because you didnt watch him/ her clean, during the time when he/ she had to be protected. So mother redress your behaviour to God, Who does through you a miracle of a combination of a human baby with a celestial baby, a reward of happiness for your efforts. With those efforts, any mother will save herself. See the spiritual phase of family life, enduring the holy laws for a divine purpose, about what the Holy Scripture says: Wisdom of Solomon 6: 10. They that keep holiness holily shall be judged holy: and they that have learned such things shall find what to answer. See why Jesus come to the wedding and the wedding guests come to the judgement.



Determinative words The Holy Scripture, through Paul the Apostle, spilts humans in two crowds: bodily and spiritual. Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to Gods law, nor can it do so. Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God. (Romans 8, 5-8) Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires (Galatians 5, 24). We have an obligation - but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it. For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God (Romans 8, 12-14). Because: It is Gods will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God; for God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life ( 1 hessalonians 4, 3-5, 7). In the times of that great sacraments administrator, Paul the Apostle, huge wrath was blowing over the christians. Thats why many were determined to perfectly abstain within marriage, to be allways prepared for the Holy Communion and the marthyrism confession. But Saint Paul, considering children as fruits of the marriage, allowed complete abstinence for the times of fast and prayers (1 Corinthians 7, 5). Fast was and still is on Monday, Wednessday and Friday, and the prayer and the Holy Communion on Saturnday and Sunday. In time, christian became weaker and so the Holy Parents addedin turn the four fasts, which are fast by all points of view. Since then the Holy Parents noticed that the human without any restraining decays and without fast he/ she cant restrain and so he/ she cant understand the spiritual ones. The prophet Joel since long time ago had said: Declare a holy fast... Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber (Joel 2, 15-16) But saint paul, taking into account the present wrath advices them: Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for a man to remain as he is. Are you pledged to a woman? Do not seek to be released. Are you free from such a commitment? Do not look for a 203

wife. But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this. The time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not; those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away ( 1 Corinthians 7, 26 -31). In the days of the last wrath, well get to the same advice. Until then, we notice that nowadays priests, having the same duty as Paul, dont watch sexual immorality as a sin that ruin the humans structure in extent and deepness and let that to do as it wants. They dont dare to take it out of the christian marriage Sacrament, thats why it leads to the poorness and lost of its fruits, the children. So it happens that : the teaching of the law by the priest being lost (Ezekiel 7, 26), people fumble in the multitude of unknowledge and lack of advice, which extended as a night of damnation over the poor humans. This is a dangerous sleep, from both sides. Because it is written: But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away (Mathhew 13, 25). So not without a purpose we aknowledge that the weeds of the enemy will run riot the sheeps against the shepherds What is happening within a human, at little scale, is happening also at large scale within the entire world. What happens in microbiology happens in macrobiology, in human society; with the difference that a little change within a person, with the extend and the lengh of time, can create among people a lost as never before. From the insignificant fact that the mind of a person with power was bent, is possible to lead to expulsion of millions of humans from Gods obedience. The fact the Jesus came to the wedding with His disciples (John 2, 2) proves that from the wedding the first divine miracle to good starts; from here a barrier against human nature ravage is raised. Thats why the wedding is raised from immorality to the honour of Sacrament, among the seventh ones, so that people to become perceptible and not to allow anymore within it the snakes of wrongdoings. For that, Saint maxim says: Anyone who sin cant defend his/ her sin with the weakness of the body. Because the union with God the Word consolidated the nature, untying it by the curse, and not leting us any defence for free strat towards the passions. Because the divinity of the Word, allways present through the Grace within those who believe in Him, fades within


the body the law of the sin (Saint Maxim the Confessor, Aswers for Talasie, op. cit., pg. 255). In the golden age of christianity, living within Christ was more powerful and nmore extended among christians; that made easier their battle with the passions; but nawadays, when God became derisive (Jeremiah 6, 10) even among christians, to talk about the fight with the passions means to get yourself into a spot. Thats why, today, no matther how much will cost that daring, we must relent people to a cleaner life, - because of that hang a lighter faith and so the salvation. For that as help I find their own misery and the terror for consequences, as bigger miseries. That way is athe one of a cobbler, because living within Jesus would spare us by talking. But those who live withn jesus are rare if they exist; those must be born, thers no other way; becaseu no matter with what or how it comes, the faith will manage to bend and to fade. The knowledge of salvation (1 Timothy 2, 4) lighted once as the sun within the people and today bearly a star is seen, because the people stay in the dark (matthew 4, 16) and in the shadow of death. The knowledge of salvation must be fire again among the people. Minas (talents) destiny If we agree that inside any person that comes into this world, God hides a thought of Him, a plan that he watch among the peole and according to it, the meci of the one who receive the necessary features to accomplish it, and so we are present to a great secret. God leads the things in many ways. From those we choose for explaination only two: the lead over the human minds awareness and power, the lead through the simply omnipotence of His will. The second is the lead to which he ties the human serving too; the lead that depends by the human, is determined by the human and is human loving. So the freedom of God made by love and hangs on the freedom of the human. Such a freedom has only the right one, because he/ she won the love of God. The sinner is the slave of the sin, his / her will is not free. What he / she thinks is freedom is a disequilibrium in Gods creation. For that, while the right one knows a personal God, full of love and close to people, the sinner feels a hard, hidden, aggressive, omnipotence and far away God. But there are sinners totally enemies of God, who dont even allow to be called sinners. Thos dont work together with God. Maybe over their work divine correction must come. Is so that we feel a mighty God, Who redresses, over the wills of the humans. The


equilibrium of creation and of life, damaged by the humans wrongdoings. This action of God, by which he constrain the facts of the people with the consequences, we call as penance. The penance is a type of Gods vigilance for the persons destiny and destinies of the people. But even if the bad is punished by itself, divine love still offers the possibilty to get of the malice dead end which punishes itself: if someone will consider to stay as good for his brothers against God. Those ones, provided by God with this task even before they were born (galatians 1, 15; Jeremiah 1, 5) and sent o acomplish it, they are His servants to whom He gave His wealth to take care of it. Luke 19: 12. A man of noble birth (Jesus) went to a distant country to have himself appointed king and then to return. (Second coming as Emperor and Judge) 13. So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas Put this money to work he said, until I come back. 14. But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him to say, We dont want this man to be our king. 15. He was made king, however, and returned home after long time (Mathhew 25, 19). Then he sent for the servants to whom he had given the money, in order to find out what they had gained with it. The minas are talents: the endoements with gifts, missions, spiritual and civil tasks; the craft of art; the craft of science, of any science, the gift of managing well the wealth; shortly the values of the culture: moral, politic, theoretical (science), estetical, economic and religious values (Tudor Vianu, op. cit., pg. 30). And the servants are humans gifted with all values of talents. And without any question, it is undertsood that all the values, the talents should trade among people for God, because as a hierechy of a values exists so there is an Hierarch of those. But, the parable says that some of the gifted ones didnt want to recognize the master, 80% revolted agaist the master of the wealth. Those are the ones who considers as theirs the gifts given by God. They bloat with the boasts, they fume their minds with the pride and take out God from their trade. All their efforst are equal with the burial of the minas within the earth. By not working the values according to the sense God planned them, means to get out the hierachy and to do anarchy.


So 20% stay in hierarchy and 80% in anarchy: exactly the situation of 20 sheeps in the middle of 80 wolves. And the miracle of God is that the sheeps win the wolves! We have as testimony the history of christianity. When luciferic pride covered the mind of the polical powers, represented by the emperor of Rome or the one of Byzantium, then he asked the people not only obedience but also worship. He considered himself as a god, ordered to be made a statue of him, took that to Pantheon and asked people to worhip it. But christians didnt worship the idols. The god emperor was clashing the God of the christians. And because he couldnt eliminate Him, he was killing the christians without any judgement, burning them being alive, crucifying them; the christians, without any guilt, were making the fake god angry because of their patience. Did a disaster happen? There was christian guilt. It didnt rain; christians are guilty; there was fload, christians are guilty; the barbarians surrounded the empire, christians were guilty, - throw the christians to the lions!... See the values witin a conflict: political power, covered by the pride, planting its claws in the neck of humbleness and still it was seen the pride defeated by the humbleness. Paul was teaching the christians: Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God (Romans 13, 1). The custom of the claws has deep roots. In the history of Egypt, while the Pharohs were respecting the faith, their dinasties lasted thousands of years. As soon as they raised their hands over the priests, they were finished; their temples turn off the light of science, their pyramids ramained monuments of death and the dinasties vainished. One of the Pharaoh ends with all his army in the Red See waves (Exod 14, 28). The mental disequilibrium of the pride contaminated almost all the values and created war between those. In the value of politics the pride cause the tyranny, terrorism, dictatorship; in religion, the inquisition, the despotism, the protestantism; in science and economy, the materialism; in art, the sensualism; in all it inserted the anarchy towards God, their Ierarch. So what those will say when they will be asked about?


Viewing through the veil Dont be wrong tthought that the right one appears only in religion. This can show in any of Gods values or minas. But if this bearly appears in the religion, this is because bearly here it is known something about humans hanging on God. So the carrier of any value if will reach to know about his hanging on God will become a right one. Right is the human of God, even if he is a priest , an emperor, a scientist, an artist, a money keeper, a rich, a poor. One thing is asked for that: to know himself as having spiritual origins and all the endowment from God. There are many rights that dont even know they are right. For them the unknowledge is a great cover of dangers as the ganger of falling into pride of those aware of their virtue. In their holy unknowledgement they are simple as flowers, they dont know anything about their beauty. For those who have a responsability for the people, it is necessary to know their hanging from God and they must return Him the honour and the task they have among people. That stops this normal situation is the veil from the mind, which is the sins divisive wall from God. Everyone sent by God in that world is endowed and capable to be right. But, by passing through the earthly birth, they are charged with parental burdens, which tired them and bend them till the ground. Then, weak by the efforst of life and the environment, hardly they will decide to represent the cause of God. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." God said to Jeremiah (jeremiah 1, 5), who tried to let go his mission of being a prophet. The prohet Jona adandoned God, Peter did the same; emperors and preists did so too. It is seen that is a risk of life to hang on God. It is a strange shame in people to become better. And the daring of serving God and advice them to do the same, many times put people in danger. Is the sheeps fear by the wolf. But if Jesus would had been scared by the people and the hell, what would aour hope become? The secret of Jesus was that His body was hiding God; and our secret, the christians one, is that our being is hiding Jesus. This is the miracle that the sheeps win the wolves, no matter how big the pack is. To see with your eyes this miracle is only a way: clean life according to the nature which is helpful for humans and for God too, to help us. There is no regular way to break the wall and to thin the veil that detach humans by God and inserts the chaos within the creation. Because the sin of depravity and those of the entire wrongdoings impede or make impossible the appearance and perfection of Christ within us. Because only if Christs life


will reveal within us, we will know the traget towards we must aspire to and we will understand our purpose on earth. Inside the children, born from a clean marriage, tip the balance for good features and they are not defeated by the bad contexts of the envuironment, which they may find and perhaps they are meant to be againt that environment. Since their childhood they are more transparent for God and by that it is seen that they have the calling to be His disciples; and if time will ask that they will be martyr too. A scientist, who confesses God in his domain is often a martyr; a nations leader, if declares himself to hang on God is also a martyr, as if hanging on God would be a great guilt or weakness. And so happen to all gifted to God, when they dont agree the worlds advice , to rob God by the gift he gave for good work they must fulfill in the world. More the veil done by sins and layed over the consciences eye is thiner, more the gifted ones find sooner who they are and what mission they have from God. Jesus, as a real human, had no divisive veil, so that when He was 12 years old he said to Saint Jioseph and the Holy Virgin, in the most possible natural manner: Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house? (Luke 2, 49). He was in the temple of Jerusalem, surrounded by the old law theologians, asking and aswering them from the Scriptures. So the saints, the right one by excellence, due to the measurement of their faith and thei inherit lagacy from parents and increased with their own efforts, are a living lecture. Because they have inside them God - The Word, the One Who calls to other people His will through them. Arround those faith consolitates and extends and many are saved. By them the anarchy is stopped, by them the equilibrium and harmony are redress and through them the others see God. The holyness is that transparency of God in His creature, that great respectability friendship of the soul with his Father the only normal and inherent situation of human and humans.


The right one between the love and the sword The disequilibrium, the chaos and the anarchy are approximately the same thing; a contortion, a degeneration, an accident, a collective sin. The disequilibrium or the sin is not a reality with own support, but are the claws of the chaos in the neck of reality, a watch of nothingness which wants to swallow inside it all that exist. God wants to stop the assault of the chaos winthin the being, but respecting the freedom of the human, He can do that only if He will win the humans conviction for His intention. He win the right ones for that cause. The unright ones, loosing their freedom while they serve the sin -, he cant win through the freedom they dont have anymore, thats whay for those the only remained thing is the sword. By the sword we understand here: the bitterness of justice, the law, the authorities, the governance, the punishment and even sord punishment. When someone, with his/ her sinner facts, falls from the love of the Father, then he/ she encounters His justice and bounden will be redress to the way, alike a slave. He gaves him/ her also time, to let him/her redress by free will; but if he/ she doesnt notice, then He takes the time and he/ she will suddently fall under the justice. A great power of recovering for those felt from Fathers love have the right ones, who stand for their brothers in front of the lifes Master. They are the balance between God amd people: obtaining the penitence from the humans and the mercy from God. When the right ones are missing from the people, love cant fulfill so the justice must be fulfilled then. Many had this mission as intermediate between God and humans, but especially Jesus, and since Him, all the administrators of the Sacaraments, the Apostles and their legal followers. The priests, update through the sacrifice without blood, the Holy Communion, the constancy of this intermediation. Thats why the priest it is understood that he must be a right one is named more than that; he is the angel of Lord Almighty (Malachi 2, 7) (Who is also Jesus). The angels of the Church from the Apocalypse were seven bishops, who received redressing for some lack of attention. The priests have the concern to melt the humans during the time for retund, so that not to fall from mercy to the crush of the justice. They received the great gift to forgive in the name of God. Great and crushing gift. Why dont the humans understand it? The easiest and driftless thing is to condemn the priests. To be right: priests service is holy, their gift is from God, is saint. Their earthly nature offer occasions for madness, be right again: they havent other way to come into that world but birth through earthly bodies wherein formicate as snakes the impulses of the wrongdoings and those corrode alike the


worms the inclinations of the passions, and so they will be subdued by this heritage and will not be able to fulfill their mission on earth without any shadow. Their call is enveiled, they will doubt in decisions (Isaiah 28, 7), being defeated by the world, instead they to defeat the world. Of course that those by their life will not let the people to believe and so will allow the sheeps to become wild against their shepherd and will bring joy to the wolves. Arround them the dark of unknoledge will become more powerful and will stats the hungry, not for bread, but for the Word of God, the bread from the Skies. The salt of the earth will be underfoot and so: what happens to the people happens to the priest too (Isaiah 24, 2). But the people will pay for this bad consition of things, because the entire decay starts from the parents. See how much the mercy from God hangs on the humans. But justice dont hang on people, those must sufffer it without any haggle. Gods love and sword continuously work and in the same time for everyone: for each, according to the needs; that not only because humans are mixed, but also because each individual has his/ her own times when the mercy shines for him/ her and also times when the sword oppress him/ her to come back to the mercy stage. In all that turn of things, the priest and in general the right one, has the task to explain the secrets of divine plan, relenting both sides, the human and God. Many times the right ones cop it, because he receives arrows from both parts. The right ones who dies comdemn the wrongdoers who livetheyll see the end of the wise one, but they will not understand what advice God had with that one (Wisdom of Solomon 4, 16 -17) . If we acceopt what Carrel says, human person extends in many ways and beyond his anatomic edges. We are also spiritual persons. Love and hate are realities. A broken love can cause sometimes death. A resurrected love is a resurrection. If we could see the wires that connect each others, the form of the humans would be strange. Some people would exceed a little the surface of their skin, others would extend until a bank account, others to the body of anyone, others to the bar, others to the wealth. Some would seem to us to have the hands pointed over the sees and the countries, until their families, until the mountains and the sky of the country where they were born, until their freinds, until an old house. The nations leaders, the great benefactors would be alike some giants who extend multitude of arms over a country, a continent or the entire world (Alexis Carrel, op. cit., pg. 264). Who knws, if the parents has a purpose when they adviced their disciples to have their soul gathered where their body was; because, having the soul dissipated they received many damages and were not improving. Who knows, if the testimonials of some seer Parents about the fire column that was raising from a spiritual progressed one to the sky, was not this


concentration of the happy one personality: the mind within the heart and both within God, receiving the shape of a fire column. There are many things we dont know, compared to what we know about the human; but that we surely know is that the spirit is not limited by the four dimesnions of the seen world. The helm from the distance Why does God blame the humans for the fact that the right one is not born and that they dont notice that? The answer is the following: the right ones are Gods tools, by whom He advices the nations and by them He make possible His mercy over the people; so if He hasnt them, people will face the wrath of His justice, according to their facts. The familiy, with its fruits heavy with wrongdoings, brings God to an impasse; thats why people have to aswer for their facts and they are in the same danger like the fruitless fig (Luke 13, 6; Mark 11, 13). I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. (Ezekiel 22, 30) The first right that stood in front of God for others was Abraham (Genesis 18, 23). Other was Moses, who even straiten God to forgive the people who did a great sin, by worshiping the golden calf, saying: But now, please forgive their sin--but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written. (Exodus 32, 32) And God obeys the human. Another right, Jesus Navi, Moses s follower, entering the land of promise, during a fight with the Amorites, he prayed that the sun to stay on its place and it dis, until God allowed him to win the enemies. And never before or never after was such a day when God to obey in this way the voice of the human (Jesus navi 10, 14) confesses the Scripture. Ussualy people start with their facts some unseen storms; those return to their heads too, but in the most possible seen way. God, before knowing the end of each, arranges for eveyone expiations in this world. God is long term patience and merciful but he doesnt let anything unpunished (Naum 1, 3). But He does nothing without showing His secret to His servants (Amos 3, 7). See the right ones as messenger of Gods will, as before seer, beyond fourth dimension, the


time. The Holy Scripture would be a copy of the unseen Book from the helm of the world. The right one reaches to the origins of the Scriptures. So, God adviced with the celestial army, deciding and end with punishment for king Ahab and shows His secret to the prophet Micheia (3 Kings 22, 19). The bitter punishment of the emperor of Babylon, who abused by his power and became so prideful, sustains upon the wish of the angels and on the command of the saints. (Daniel 4, 14). Daniel understood this secret, and he advices the prideful emperor to redeem his sins, fact by which the unseen punishement, thata hanged over him, would be avoided. And God, the One Who obeys the advice of His servants (Ibidem) gave him 12 months to redress. But the emperor, not used to obey, didnt want to redreem his sins by free will, according to the mercy way, and so the law of justice, of the redeem without wanting, reached him. He didnt want to redress his mind thats why his mind was taken from him and he was expelled from the people and for seven years he fed with the oxen (daniel 4, 24, 26, 29). Being planned by God to be emperor of Babylon, he shouldnt become prideful and to ask people to worship him, a temptation above the power, which was extended over the Jewish people, that God gave him into slavery and not for getting lost. Beside that, he was a scary despot, so that his soldeiers shoulders were bare and because of the effort to build the great city of Tyre, everyone got bald (Ezekiel 29, 18). He had to behave as a servant of God and not as a despot, making so much disturbance among Gods creation. The wrath he unleashed over him, stopped his wrongdoings so that after the punishment times passed, he saw his purpose and hanging from God. See the wisdom confessing of this despot of the old history, given by himself: At the end of that time (the seven years of madness), I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven, and my sanity was restored. Then I praised the Most High; I honored and glorified him who lives forever. His dominion is an eternal dominion; his kingdom endures from generation to generation Everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride he is able to humble. (Daniel 4, 31, 34) The helm of the nations is done from the hights too. It is an expiation of the nations. That was first revealed to Abraham: Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there. But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions. In the


fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure. (Genesis 15, 13-14, 16) When the right time came, when the Jewish returned from Egypt, Solomon sees other secrets of the expiation Book, by looking back in time. See how God judged the Egyptians: From the 10 punishments, the hardest was the night which lasted for 3 days, with its scary fears, which came from hell over them (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 14). During that night their hidden sins were revealed. It was the icon of the darkness that would cover them in the end. Thrown in a part or another on the earth and half deads, they discovered the reason why they had to die. Because the apparitions which scared them were revealing that thing, so that not to die without knowing: why they suffer so much (Wisdom of Solomon 18, 19). See also the end of Gods judgement with them: the military disater of the Pharaoh: Wisdom 19: 1. 2. 3. As for the ungodly, wrath came upon them without mercy unto the end: for he knew before what they would do; How that having given them leave to depart, and sent them hastily away, they would repent and pursue them. For whilst they were yet mourning and making lamentation at the graves of the dead, they added another foolish device, and pursued them as fugitives, whom they had intreated to be gone. 4. For the destiny, whereof they were worthy, drew them unto this end, and made them forget the things that had already happened, that they might fulfil the punishment which was wanting to their torments: 5. And that thy people might pass a wonderful way: but they might find a strange death. While God was merciful with some He was stafing the others, because the measurement of their wrongdoings was fulfilled. And so that the ones who received Gods mercy to pay attention, others secrets from the Book of nations helm were revealed to Moses, while the people was getting close to the lad of promise. God counts Moses all the wrongdoings of sexula immorality, from what He awares to protect the people, and finally He adds: Leviticus 18: 24. Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled.


25. Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. 26. But you must keep my decrees and my laws. The native-born and the foreigners residing among you must not do any of these detestable things, 27. for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. 28. And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you. See that the inhabitants with depraved life are not protected by any borders or weapon when God preordains them for punishment, but for a clean life God protects them as no one else in the world. The nations have a hidden destiny in God. When those follow their destiny, God protects them, when they betray Him, they must prepare for punishment. But they didnt obey and from generation to generation they became worse, see how the voice of Hosea thunders: Hosea 4: 1. Hear the word of the Lord, you Israelites, because the Lord has a charge to bring against you who live in the land 2. There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgment of God in the land. 3. There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; and bloodshed follows bloodshed. 4. Because of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away. Being so used to the sins they didnt obey; thats why more wrath came over them, by adding more wrongdoings until through prophet Jeremiah, God announced them the fall of Jerusalem and the going into slavery. It is intersting that historical moment, when the prophet fights with the king to melt him surrender without any resistence and save his life, but the king due to his duty as a king prefers to die but never to surrender. This premonition, which was a consequence of people and the king decayed life, God explains to Jeremiah, saying: Perhaps when the people of Judah hear about every disaster I plan to inflict on them, (Jeremiah 36, 3), perhaps they will listen and each will turn from his evil way and then I will relent and not bring on them the disaster I was planning because of the evil they have done (Jeremiah 26, 3). But for these words Jeremiah was almost killed (Jeremiah 26, 11). Because Gods word was offensive for them (Jeremiah 6, 10) and they mocked the messengers of God, and


despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy (2 Chronicles 36, 16). In those times Jeremiah was praying: We acknowledge our wickedness, Lord, and the guilt of our ancestors; we have indeed sinned against you. For the sake of your name do not abandon us! (Jeremiah 14, 20) But he received the following answer: Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before me, my heart would not go out to this people. Send them away from my presence! Let them go! And if they ask you, <<Where shall we go?>> tell them, This is what the Lord says: <<Those destined for death, to death; those for the sword, to the sword; those for starvation, to starvation; those for captivity, to captivity! >> (Jeremiah 15, 1-2). And I completely closed the way of the prayer (Lamentations 3, 8), and they He brought the devastation.

He brought up against them the king of the Babylonians, who killed their young men

with the sword in the sanctuaryThen they set fire to Gods temple and broke down the wall of Jerusalem; they burned all the palaces and destroyed everything of value there. And those who escaped from the sword, and they became servants to him in Babylon (2 Chronicles 36, 17-20), in the slavery that lasted 70 years. To that great mourning a bigger one is added: The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children: they were their meat in the destruction times (Lamentations 4, 10). Why so much wrath? Jeremiah wonders. And he receives the answer with its origins, a deep answer: Your prophets have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away your way! (Lamentations 2, 14) It is true that reavealing the wrongdoings is the most dangerous preach, but also the only one which may actaully do something. All run away from that. Not even for winning God they dont want to be in conflict with the people. They have no power! Why? See why: And among the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen something horrible: They commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that not one of them turns from their wickednesses. Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty (name of Mesiah in the Old Testament) says concerning the prophets: <<I will make them eat bitter food and drink poisoned water, because from the prophets of Jerusalem ungodliness has spread throughout the land>> (Jeremiah 23, 14-15).


Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture! declares the Lord! (Jeremiah 23, 1). Why did God struggle with the killers of the right ones for 1500 years, sending His servants day after day, in the mourning (Jeremiah 7, 25), that meaning in a time when still was time to avoid the punishments which hung over them and the wrath, which was decreasing like the fire over their wrongdoings? The lily from the cross Within this nation a great destiney was hidden: since the begining of times hidden Secret and not known even by the angels. It had to, it was written in the unseen history, that when time was there, among people to raise the lily of the human kind: the Holy Virgin, Mother of God. It was necessary the re-building of this creation, inlided with no cure towards the payment for the sin and to the cruel death. Through the Judean people the christian age was scheduled, as Gods last struggle, the last remaining action. The only resolution, which makes possible the life of nations, finds among the Judeans nothing else than their most murderer act, that from the yard of Pilate and from the Hill of Golgotha. The lily of the Annunciation, come down among people due to His love, was crucified by the Judeans on the cross. With that murderer act, they were out their destiny, for what God stuggled so much so long time and pushed their nation under the wheels of the curse. Thats why: For the Israelites will live many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred stones, without ephod or household gods. 5 Afterward the Israelites will return to faith and they will come trembling to the Lord and to his blessings in the last days (Hodea 3, 4-5). Until the time will come, the curse they asked in the yard of Pilate hangs over them: His blood is on us and on our children! (Matthew 27, 25) Thats why they are so hated by all nations because this is the burden of the curse they themselves asked for their followers. This curse hurries them to embrace all the antichrist of times, until the last one whom they will make king. Also the wished times will come, but even for them the revealing of the antichrists is a cursed destiny. When they will be aware of that, they will come trembling to the christian faith. So until the end of the days, when they will return too, their legacy is ours, the new Israel, the Christian nations. Until then for them the blood of Jesus is curse and anger. On the contrary, for us, the blood of Christ is the heal from the anger (Romans 5, 9). The proof of the


greatest love for the humans the Saviour pass through death for us has the power to save those who receive it and is damnation for those who dont want to receive it. Some stay under the grace, some under the sword. All over Gods world, there is no other powerful preach than the Saint crucified because of the hate and Who forgives His killers. This shows something all-powerful and endless: perfection. They didnt understand, thats why they spend those endless days, hunger days: not a famine of food or a thirst for water, they will stagger from sea to sea but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord. And and wander from north to east, searching for the word of

the Lord, but they will not find it (Amos 8, 11-12). Thats their famine for thousands of yers: God doesnt speak to them anymore!... All the tragedy of this nation, who deadly is in conflict with Jesus Christ, is a great lesson of God showed to the christian people until the end of days. History will repeat with all the nations who will do what they did. The same acts bring the same consequences, so produce the same history; for that you dont have to be a prohpet at all. Responsibles The fact that God did everything from is side for the humna, even the sacrifice on the cross, proves that human has a huge price, unbelievable huge. The human has the dimensions of divine intention; the center and the synthesis of His creation: the seen world combined with the unseen one. See why we are indebt to live according to this divine intention; to live in the same time both as seen persons and as unseen persons; because human has the value showed on the cross. When the human lives according to his/ her real value, he/ she is subject of history, while when he/ she renounces to his/ her divine dimensions he /she is object of history, among any other objects; the human doesnt bear a name but a number. So, the meaning is the humans descent from the simple economic value than his/ her degradation to the order of cattle, who will get wild and push their leaders until the madnesss edges. That is the fact of some who would throw the lilies to garbagge, worshiping more the garbagge than the smell of the lily. For the decay of the human from the name to a number, all the endowed ones by God will be responsible, all those who have the gifts, responsabilities, aggrandizements, powers and all sorts of graces.


King David, once endowed with the gift of mastery and the one of prophecy, received a great punishment, only because he dared to count the people (2 Kings 24). The gift of prophecy was taken away from him for a while and 70 thousands from his people died and he was the one who was wrong, not the people (2 Kings 24, 17). So the precursors and the keepers of the power will be responsible, even for the sword coming according to the justice, as Ezekiel, the prophet of the secrets said to us: Ezekiel 33: 1. The word of the LORD came to me: 2. Son of man, speak to your people and say to them: When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, 3. 4. 5. and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head. Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head. If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves. 6. But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someones life, that persons life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood. 7. Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 8. When I say to the wicked, You wicked person, you will surely die, and you do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for [a] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 9. But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin, though you yourself will be saved. (Ezechiel 3, 21) The right ones have this hard and full of dangers duty when they must answer for the mistakes of the people (Lamentations 2,14; Jeremiah 14, 10; Isaiah 58). By his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many (Isaiah 53, 11). Thats why he must be ron pillar and a bronze wall (Jeremiah 1, 18) and like flint (Isaiah 50, 7) and also he must be the good shepherd, who lays down his life for the sheeps (John 10, 11).


Indeed, this duty can be done only be somebody who adandoned life and loves God. Thats why Peter says, that is hard for the righteous to be saved (1 Peter 4, 18), judging the difficulty of that task. Because nobody is right without having a purpose from God or any work to fulfill. The salvation of the right one depends by the fulfillment of his destiny from God and is put in dager by the sparing of his own life, when he does that in prejudice of the divine intention. Neither God had other stronger word than the sacrifice itself. The sacrifice is the closest approach of God love and will to the humans freedom. It is the touching boundary between the divine will and the humans freedom. And within His disciples sent from time to time, is also Him the One Who repeats His word and remembers about the price human has in front of God. He, lived with all the beings sincerity is the only way which may bring peace among people and good assent; all the other solutions different from the living of christianity hurry the apocalypse coming. The science without God, against the human, started to do the last madness: the unleash and the inflammation of the elements. 2 Peter 3: 10. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare. The wrongful administator So the purpose of the administrators is to return back to God the great crowd of people to the native land (Jeremiah 22, 10). But they have also enemies who accuse them before God day and night (Revelation 12, 10) for wasting their possessions (Luke 16, 1). Because since the enemy was thrown on the earth he consider himself as master of all the world kingdoms. The enemy is not ashamed not even by Christ and says to Him: I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours. (Luke 4, 6-7). It is understood that any benefaction, any use of the world according to the law of love for humans is a damage, a great prejudice for the mastery of this mad angel. You know haw are the insanes: they consider themselves as something of a great importance and ask people to worship them, they consider themselves as emperors and masters, because their desease requires that; and much more Lucifer, the doer of madness demands that. So any love, inside his supposed kingdom is a lost; and any hate according to his evil wish- is a good act. But


the kingdom in reality belongs to God, the entire world belongs to God and if that is managed with hate, not with love, it happens that the adminitators will be in great debt to God. Any obedience of the real master of the world is a damage in the kingdom of the mad mastre and any obedience of the mad master of the earth push humans under the burden of a debt or mistake done against God. So, if according to the reality, the property and the mastery of that world belongs to God then the human is a sort of lodger, a sort of an adminitrator and nowise the absolute master of the world. Because if the human would consider himself/ herself as absolute master of the world then will be alike the mad angel faith. To avoid the humans from that decay, God named him as wrongful administrator, due to the fact that he hasnt the absolute property rights, but only the relative property. On the other hand, He did so to protect him to fall into the madness of the evil angel. So, as soon as human consider himself as the absolute master of the world, he clashes with God, he rejects God, he removes Him, he expropriates Him and by those he has the same opinion as Lucifer. The poor human doesnt realize that, by receiving the temptation, will be crushed under the ruins of his/ her own mad love. When the human ssticks to the being, the properties, the slave, those become mammon, which means money and richness. So you cant serve God and mammona in the same time. With all of these, God appreciates the accused administrator who made friendship with the unjustice mammona and promises him to accept him into the kingdom when he will dissipate it, according to the divine law of divine love it is understood that it reffers to the scatter of the mammona. From here we can see the purpose of the richness: the poorness doesnt save you, neither the richness condemns you; and alike the richness doesnt save you, neither the poorness condemns you, but it depends on how you have the soul as regards the richness and the poorness. If you are poor and your thinking aims towards wealth, see that poorness doesnt save you. If you are rich, but your heart is unleshed by your wealth, see that your richness doesnt put you in danger. It depends on how your soul is regarding that aspect: in regards to one or another you may be saved or condemned. The mammona of injustice has a great defender: the golden calf, which bucks all that would try to scatter that to the poors of the world. The master of the calf accuse the wrongful administrators in front of God, Who by dissipating the calf through the love for humans, those became wiser than the children of light (Luke 16, 8). Poor God, has no place to put His head on, because the rich ones and the crafty pen of the scribes (Jeremiah 8, 8) expropiated Him from the right of owner and author of this world. Who knows if He still has the right to feel angry and to broom all their thoughts together with


their mammona too. Because the property right comes more from the statute of author then the property act. So, when God shakes the mammona (richness) is a sign that it was not well managed by the people and He calls them to account; because He said : Be for the poors ones like a father! (Wisdom of jesus Sirach 4, 10). So, having the absolute rights above the economic value, He may name administrator on whoever wants, even on those who reject Him. With this almighty planing, by which God do His will, using also even his enemies, God slaps from tiime to time His confessors to awake them from their heartlessness which they keep the Lazars to their doors. The Parents said that our only real fortune is represented by our sins. Because according to them, you own only the thing you have done out of nothing. And accomplishing that aspect, God did the being out of nothing, and the being did the sin. So, viweing that reality, human doesnt belong to himself or to other human and he belongs to God. On the other way as author of the sin cause the fact that it reclames and it follows him/ her , as object of property as ballast of the accident which may lead the human to the stage of adandoning God and be against God, as author of a terrible novelty the sin without noticing that by that he/ she returns under the bitter tiranny of the nothingness, the chaos in all aspects and maybe forever. This is the awsome novelty, that human could do what God cant, that mening the evil. The fact after all judgement, the sinners are locked in the tortures of endless chaos, is not a revange from God, but an approval of the feedom and viciated decision of the human, so that he/ she be together in the infinite eternity with his/ her beloved creation the sin. The sin, this real unright mammona of the human, must be scatter; we must ask God forgiveness for those earnings and also His help to scatter that. The priests are the adminitrators of Gods secrtes who decrease for their brothers this mammona, forgiving a part of the debt. Thats why Lucifer raises great accusations against them in front of God, day and night and inflames against them all the wraths of the adversity. They triumphed over him 11). Thats why, Saint John Chrysostom was right when he said: The torments that tempest the soul of the priests are more than those which are on the sees (Saint John Chrysostom, About priesthood, Craiova, 1941, pg. 61). The administrators of the secrets, the servants of the Holy Liturgy are also continue sacrifice in the name of love, burn in that world for its salvation. by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death (Revelation 12,



A sister of life We are not born by time but by the eternity. So it happens that we have within a piece of dust the other world too. Even we live for a while dressed by this world, still we have moments when brother dream and sister death circle arround us and split our being into two parts. We have moments when we are released by the bonds of the four dimensions of the seen world and we suddently wake up into another manner of existence and we get inside another way of knowing. See the next story: Somebody was relating, saying: It happens that I was a poor man, with wife and children and I had no assests. The world was so bad and nobody was helping me; thats why I thought to do the same and go robbing. So one night I left to accomplish this planned action. But not being skilled for that, I was caught bu the guardians, who tied me and put me into jail. After some time they judged me for robbery. They judged me and condemned me to death. Thats why I was taken out the city , tied up with my hands at back, we stopped near a forest, where they had to hang me by a tree. When they put the strap arroud my neck, I startled and I was awoke. I was wet be sweat, but saved by the strap. What did happen? I was spleeoing on my back and from the ceiling a piece of the plaster felt right on my neck and that awoke me. So, I lived an entire story, which encompesses so many things during many days, all together in a single moment. In the records of an elder from the Holy Mountain, it is written the following story: An invalid came to Kapsala. He was suffereing from many years and he lost his patience. His soul was getting weak so in tears he was praying God to short his life. An angel came and said to the invalid: - Well brother, God, in His endless mercy listend your prayer: He will short your earthly life if you agree that for an year of sufference you will endure on the earth - by which you would clean like gold in the fire to spent three hours in the works of hell. Your sins request your cleaning through the pains of your own body, so that you to survive as an invalid for one more year, because for you, as for all the belivers, thare is no other way to Heaven, except for the way of the Cross, which was shown by God the Human, the One without any 223

sin. The way of the Cross makes you to suffer. So try to see how are the eternal agony, endured by all the sinners; but you will suffer only for three hours and then you will escape from there through the prayers of the Church. The poor one started to think: - To suffer one year more on earth is a long time! Beter I suffer three hours of sufference on the other world; and he said to the angel: I agree to go to hell. The angel took the soul and locked it inside the hells prisons. - After three hours Ill come to search you, the angel said with his softening voice. After the angel left, everything became dark, a darkness alike the pitch, a terrible jam, a racking noise of moans of the sinner souls, evil spirtits with flaming eyes who with their horridness, were encasing him and frozen his being, and he couldnt do anything to protect; all of those were catching him with claws of terror and were diving him into an indescribably fear. He couldnt see anything, even the sufferance and the sobs were shouting all over the palce. The firing eyes of the demons were shining in the dark and those were seen above their malformed shades, who were darting over him, ready to break him and to devour him with a beast swallow. The poor soul started to cry because of the fear, but nobody was answering to his calls, except for the echo of the abyss, devasted by the beasts. Te hours becaem years. He even thought that hundreds of years passed since he was in those works and the angel didnt appear anymore. So he was clenched by despair taht the angel will not come back and suddently he greted his teeth. Nobody heard him, because all the sinners from the caves were busy with their own sufferances; and the wild demons were ridiculing their pains. Just when he grated his teeth for the second time, the sweet light of angelic slave was descending above the tortured ones and with celestial smile asked: -How do you feel brother? - I woulndt believe that angels lie too! the poor one moaned, having the voice full of pain. - What do you mean by that? Peaceful the angel asked. - I mean that you promised me to take me out of here after three hours and hundreds of years passed since I suffer here! - What do you say? Hundreds of yers? Said the angel smiling. An hour passed since I let you here and you have two more hours to stay.


- An hour passed and I have two more hours! IS it possible that only an hour to be passed? I cant endure those pains anymore, I have no power. If it possible and God wants, please take me out from here. I want to suffer non earth years and hundreds of years, but even until the judgement day, but please take me out from here: have mercy on me. In that way the poor soul was painly crying, raising the hands towards the angel of light, who answered: -God, as the Father of clemecy, had mercy on you and takes you aut of here; but you brother, when you get back to eath, remember that no matter how great are the sufferances in hell, comparred to those from the earth and that is better to accomplish your penintence until you are in the body then after. When the angel finished his words, the poor invalid awoke on the earth, surrounded by the sun, and the previous hour was looking more to an hour.. he was happy as the one saved from hell. Those kind of tricks does the sister death in other occasions too. For instance, is known the fact that those who are suddently in danger to death, see their entire life in a moment. The entire content of the memory is unleashed as a torment and falls over the consceince and floads that and then they forget everything: they lose their conscience. This fact of seeing the entire life of years in just one second, is of course a feature of the soul and not of the body. If the mix betwen the body and the soul wouldnt be curbed by Gods will, the features of the soul would be like falshes, which would burn in a second the piece of dust, wherein Gods blast stays. But we are a blast of Gods love. So, according to our body, we are a drop of dew, comparred to the endless cosmos, which entirely fits into our conscience. When sister death unties us by the body, it makes us a great good, even without we to wish or to know. Everything is bad in this world: unknowledge, incapacity, darkness, the sin with its thousands of claws, stop through death. The evil is condemned to death, so death helps us. Not the body is the evil, but through death, the evil is killed for good, thats why the body will resurrect from deads. Within the death is the resurrection. For now, death is for the soul a real escape from the prison, and for the body, death is the break of the evil that styed in the mechanism of the passionate births. So, when will be the resurrection of the deads, the bodies will receive that cosmic mutation and will not be limitted by the times barriers, like now.


Humans run, how much they can, from the creeps of knowledge a knowledge of themselves in relation with to God, in relation with eternity of the soul, in relation with good and bad. In a single word, they run until death from any existential knowledge. So, what they dont know, being masterd by a biological laziness, they think that doesnt exist and they stay in that thinking during the earthly life. The situation sudently changes during the time of death. All the things they had to know during their life, but they run and denied those, now invade them with a fatal evidence. During the earthly life knowledge depended by the freedom of the human: if he/ she wanted to know, he/ she could know; if he/ she didnt want to know, he/ she remained in unknoledge. But immediately after deah, this freedom stops and the soul knows without wanting, what it avoided when it was dressed in the body. This knowledge has two great moments: the one of death, when the soul is untied by the unknowledge and the moment of resurrection when the body is untied by the unfaith too. Because the unfaith has its origins more in the cohabitation of the soul with the body. But it has to join the conscience and the faith too. The death unties the soul from the body and so the soul gets to the knowledge of its spirituality and immortality; the resurrection entirely unties the body from death and unfaith. The death and the resurrection fulfill, as regards the conscience and the salvation from the bad, what not even the most impressive efforts of the holiness can do. Until we dont pass through those gates, our knowledge is just a piece. Customs from the sky When the time for soul to get aut of this world comes, it retreats from the body and comes towards the head. Thats why those who had an intense spiritual life, have serene face due to an unsual light. For many of the saints from the dessert, during the time of their souls exit, their faces were shining like the sun. The soul is a spiritual being who hasnt the limits of the body and who is not stopped by the barriers of the body. During that time, a peaceful conscience shows a serene face, while a disturbed conscience shows a terrified face. Thats why the Wise one advices: 1. Remember now your the Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not 5because man goes to his long home 6. (Remember your Creator) before the silver cord be loosed


7. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12, 1,5,6,7) Soulss detachement from the body is done for three earthly days, starting from the moment we call as death. The service of the burial corresponds with the complete detachment of the soul from the body. When the souls gets out from the earthly tent, it passes into the world of the unseen beings, alike it, among good angels, if it was good or among the decayed angels, if its acts wre bad. Different from the earth where there were hours, days and yers, beyond is a continuous today, a lighting eternity for the soul who acquired the holiness, or a dark eternity, the black eternity for the soul who loved the deterioration. Now the soul discovers the duty of knowledge. If the soul dindnt reach and didnt want to reach on the earth to the completeb knowledge of itself, it is necessary to know itself, as spiritual being, beyond the grave. The soul must realize what it earned; it must admit and pronounce its judgement, before God judges it. On earth it had the help of the divine Grace from the Holy Sacraments, which helped it to know itself and to judge its behaviour. Beyond, it cant know itself by free will, because the mission to discover the sould deterioration belong now to the decayed angels. The demons, the masters of evil on earth, will now reveal all the bad acts of the soul, who will adnit those and will be terribly scared. By this recognition it will prevent the judgement of God over it. So all the mistakes recognized in front of the spiritual confessor, with defeated and humble heart and for what the soul did the punishment, will not be a barrier, when the soul passes through the customs of the skies, because the power of God erased those from tehri books. To this awful search of the soul, the guardian angel is present, who accompanies the soul during this travel. The customs of conscience are for the middle souls, who will see Gods face even if will be condemned. The enemies of God, the atheist, who get crazy, saying with hate that there is no God, will not pass anymore through the customs, they being totally the sons of loss. Those souls will be pulled out from the bodies by a big crowd of devils and the damned soul has not even the solace to see even for far away the face of the guardian angel, if that unbeliver was baptized. Alike the good angels dont approach the soul who gave itself to loss, so the bad abgels will not approach the saints souls, who in a contemplation condition, raise to God as a


flame of fire. Now, the soul bows to God, its father, not because of the faith, but because of seeing Him. Those who have pure hearts will see God this is the happiness. The knowledge must be complete for the stage wherein the soul is now. Thats why it is lead by the angel to see the heaven, the happiness of the right ones, the reward of good acts, but more it is lead to see its good acts, or those wich it might do, but it didnt. Now the soul will understand what endowments Father gave it, what it could do, and from those what it really did. Now it knows its measurement from God and how much did the soul fulfilled it. In the 9th earthly day ( the 6th day from the burial) the soul comes back to God and bows Him. On earth, the Church does the prayer for the nine day since the death of that person. The relatives and friends, within the Churchs collective, raise a prayer to God and love for their brother, to be arranged in the crowd of the right ones, among good angels. After this second bow of the soul, from Gods command, the soul will go to see the hell too, the sufferences of the sinners, the gnash of the teeth, the eternal fire, the external darkness, where is the cry of the last despair. Beyond there is no time, like here on earth, but the eternity. Still, this travel of the soul through hell last arround 30 earthly days. During this time, the soul entirely knows the payment for the sin, the consequences of the wrongdoings it did. If it accomplished the penitence for those, it will fear less; if not did the penitence, and the death caught it in those sins, its fear will be terrible. Now it knows its place according to justice, wherein will work suffer and is shaking by fear. Individual judgement of the soul After seeing the hell, the soul will retrun for the third time to bow God. Now is enlightened. It saw the good and the bad. Now it doesnt say like on earth that there is no heaven and hell. Now it doesnt say like the minless thief: I dont believe that a prison exist!. And just because you dont believe, does it mean it doesnt exist? But if it is real, what are you going to do? If you think that the hell exist and it isnt you didnt lose anything. But if is it? You lost yourself, you lost everything! See why the Parents said to us the terrestrial ones, that because we didnt see either the Heaven or the Hell, we haggle with the faith. We understand in a certain degree the ardour of the Apostle Paul, who was kidnepped to Heaven (2 Corinthians 12, 3): with those he was sure about the absoulte existence of the spiritual kingdom, about he was more sure than the existence of all seen ones (Ibidem); that was the rush of an unseen before apostleship.


In the unseen kingdom of the spirits, during the 40 earthly day, it happens a great judgement regarding the soul, who was enlighten in so short time, that in an tens of yers on earth. The church from the earth prays to God for the third time, for the soul who waits the judgement from the Emperor of the world. The master of life holds the keys of death and Hades (Revelation 1, 18). So, if the soul, during the earthly life, was a good soldier of Christ the Emperor, then it enters the collective of the saints, the good angels, enjoying all the efforts and sufferences gladly edured on earth for Christ. But if it didnt live for Christ but only for itself and for all the deceits of this world, it will stay with the devils, in the place for work. So, the individual judgement, for each soul, happens during the 40 day after the soul move from its tent of clay. The decision of God regarding where the soul will go in the Kingdom of the light or will de damned in the kingdom of the pains, it is a provisory decision and will be so until the Last Judgement. That is definitive and endless. A description of hell First lets see a theological description. Within Gods kingdom nothing unclen enters. So, we can imagine how few are those who remain in the Kingdom, even since the individual judgement, for the endlesss eternity. And all the rest? - All the rest even faitful, if they didnt clean through the penitence by their sins, by their pride, vainly slave and all the others, they pass into the unseen world in a condition, lets say of illness, but they didnt lose the possibility to be also in the collective of Christs Church. But until then? - Until then they suffer in hell. Because in hell there are many types of damned ones. Some are there for ever, some until the last judgement, when the fighting Church from the earth takes them out, by prayer and mercy. If you want to redeem here on earth you can do that. It is an act of the free will. Beyond, there is no free will. Those who during life were slave of the sin, by their own will, even since here they lost the freedom of the will. So, in their stage of freedom death caught them, in that stage will stay, as long as God will decide. Did the soul leave this life with spur for penitence? This pur will be considered as good, and even it didnt have time to do it, will stay in hell; but in hell it cant continue the


penintence by not having the freedom of the will and its sufferance will be considered by God and in a certain time, God knows when, that soul is forgiven too. The soul cant do the penitence in hell also because there the Grace of God doesnt work there. So, if someone would be taken out from hell, that would be because of the relativesefforts and the prayers of the fighting Church, God consideres as an act of love for humans, which passes beyond the boundaries of the grave and he will fulfill with those what was missing from the penitence of the damned soul. Without the freedom and without the Grace, any sufferance pays nothing, as less the sufferance from hell. That sufferance, even bery big, doesnt fruit any hope based on that. But the freedom, the love and the Grace of those from the earth may melt God to take out iof work the soul who didnt reach to perfect holiness. Because, as nothing unpure enters in the Kingdom of God, so nothing good, no matter how less would be, cant stay in hell for ever, being understood by this good also the prayers of the Church. Love descended God into a body, love broke the locks of the hell, love deliver from death, and doesnt let you to come into darkness (Tobit 4, 10). It is about a love showed by acts. Thats why we say that love hasnt the limits of the human, neither the space, or time; it never ends, is strong, that even passes beyond the grave and reaches to the beloved one; it breaks the hell that cant oppose it and crosses the sky. The love is Gods feature, by which He created the seen and unseen world and all the creatures that recognize Him as Father is crossed by love. If we would stay in this endless love, would redound over us our divine origin, the face and affinity of the sons with the Father, we would have within us a multitude of divine characteristics, by Grace and not by nature and first of all we wouldnt be so limitted in so many aspects. See the purpose of the living ones improvement, not only for our personal salvation, but also the salvation of tghose from prison, who left the earthly life with the pentince started but unfinished. Really, the love is the shorter path and the one above any path to perfection (1 Corinthians 12, 31); by that we have inside us the Kingdom of Heavens. The body lives, if it is inhabited by the soul; and the soul lives if it is inhabitated by God. So, there are humans, who have inside them alive souls and there are humans with dead souls (Revelation 3, 1). The death of the body is its detach from the soul; and the death of the soul is its deatch from God. So, a living body can be inhabitated by a living or a dead soul. The stage of the soul beyond the grave is the continuance of its earthly stage, even the one for life or death. The one who resurrected inside his/ her soul the conscience and the love for God, while he/ she was still on earth, that one resurrected forever; and that one who killed those inside his/ her soul and death caught him/ her in those, that one is dead forever. That one


killed the Kingdom of God inside him and replaced it with the kingdom of endless pians wherein they entered since the earthly life. The body hasnt a consistence or a basis on itself, but it exists based on the soul, this spiritual, immortal and with divine origins being. And what gives the soul the seal of spiritual being is the function of the conscience, the conscience of self, in relation with God, its Father and all that come from this kinship (Acts 17, 29). This spiritual being received the body as a tool, not as a companion. And if someone doesnt listen to the conscience, but listen to the animalism, it happens that the voice of the conscience becomes weaker, the mind becomes darker and so the facts of the body put their dark seal on the soul. The soul, by its lack of concern, becomes a tool of the body. The soul, deceived by the cohabitation with the animalism of the body, will bear the pains of reversal of the roles immediatey after the detachment from the slavery of its tool. Before was seen that any bodily act was first a spiritual act. A fall into depravity is first a fall into the spirit. In spirit stay the inclination and the fall. And that comes from the cohabitation of the body wherein the alluring one retreated and wors it with desires. But the alluring one can do nothing without the approval of the spirit. This approval blacks or solls the face of the spirit; it makes it more and more dirty by the passions by the desires against the nature. And in time, the body becomes weak and saturates from the desires, while the soul being immortal, gets used to those and tries to fulfill those even when the body is no longer able to do so. There are bodily passions which have effects on the soul and there are spiritual passions which impact the body. The vainly slave, the pride, the elation, the craft, the selfopinion and many others can be seen from far away in the external appearance of the body. This impurity of the face, the soul will pay for, due to its agreement with the passions against nature provoked by the enemy, by an indescribable torture. Still Ill try. So, in the case when the body hacked its master, when the stains of beastliness embeded in the immortal being of the soul, when the soul inflamed by the desires of the body, all those desires accompany the soul and allways fire it, pushing to fulfill the fact, even if it doesnt have anymore the tool of the body as before in earthly life. The soul, in earthly life, didnt have a such heavy burden in carrying the desires, because those were fulfilled by the body and so the soul had the delusion of those ones achievement and so the content of the rest. But as soon afther the body dies, the desires, those drops of mud thrown from the body on the soul, will provoke in the detached soul by the body, a flame of desires, which torture it, at least as the thrist to death would torture someone who cross the Sahara without finding water.


The soul, expelled from the body, due to its death, will be tortured in the manner of each passion it had during the earthly life. So any return of the wil, so any act, is impossible beyond. So easily we can understand that each passion the soul loved, by not having now how to fulfill it, allways flames, increases and each moment that passes, it tortures the soul harder. The soul, even tortured by the vainness of the flame, has no longer the freedom of the will to eacpe from those pains, as it had on earth. If it didnt want to escape by the desire when it could, now, when time passed, it got not to wish that, and obliged crops thebitter fruits of wished slavery. The tortures of the increasing desires and while the desires increase also the tortures increase has no salvation, viewing that the soul is immortaland cant kill itself, to not feel anymore the flame that burns with an increasing speed. One who loved the money, one who was greed for wealth, a greed for food, a drinker, a lust do not escape from the tyranny of his desires and those endless torture him and increase while it cant be satisfied the body is missing, and the conscience allways calls the damnation from God and the vainness of his sufferance. The envious, the arrogant, the narcissist are full of hate for people and for God. Their hate allways increases and crashes their minds, pushing them into a furious anger, but totally incapable. And the biggest torture is that the malice sees itself vainly increasing and tossing without being able to do something. All the feat of those passions is the endless torture until the absolute madness of the soul. The soul burns like in a see of fire. The conscience continuously says the punishment from God, shows it the right ones souls in heaven which increases its sufferance but it cant see those who are in the same situation tortured by the flame of the same desires; all that it can see are the furious faces of the demons, who rush the burning flame. In earthly life, the Grace worked over those who were sanctifying and inside them the love was increased and when their body was detached from the soul, by staying in the Kingdom of the Grace, that enhaces, perfrceting the love inside them; by contrast, in the hell stage of the conscience, in the kingdom without the Grace, the demons work over the tortured souls and enhace the hate within those. This hate that cant do anything, this toss of the furious incapacity, the hate of the demons who torture the souls and see that they dont realize anything, this hate burns, this infernal hate is the unextinguished fire which doesnt light anything. Those souls, cheated by the desires of the world, the vainly slave and the pride of life (1 John 2, 16), deceived by the self-love which adviced them to fulfill all the desires, see now sunk in the burning hate which consolidated over them asa great kingdom of evil. In this


infernal kingdom they were taken by the self-love, the first cub of the devil and father of all deceit. In a such kingdom will suffer all those who didnt completely take out the self-love from them and caressed it with all the pleasures and death caught them with unwise mind and unclean heart. They leaft with hope, this is what theyll have. And if there is someone of their relatives or followers to fulfill for them the fats of love, because those cover multitude of sins and take them out of death ( Tobit 4, 10). And if God doesnt put in someone mind the thought to accomplish the mercy and the penitence for them, is the sig that he has no intention to take them out from tortures. For those who will be taken out from tortures the fighting Church from the earth prays too and interferes along God and the winning Church from heavens. The collective of the Saints, lead by the Mother of God interfere with great ardour the enlighting of us from the earth, because is easier for us the salvation from hell while we still are here in the earthly life than after death when we will be dropped from the wedding of the Emperors Son, with tied hands and leggs (Matthew 22, 13), this meaning without the freedom of the will to may change and withoutb the possibility to work for our penitence, while the powers of the soul are tied up. Until the last judgement as Saint Nikita says the above world is not finished yet, it wauts for the fulfillemnt, it waits the return of the first born of Istrael, who see God. Because the above world is improved by the perfection of those who run towrds the knowledge of God. And once completed, it decides the ending of the bellow world, the end of the belivers and of the unbelivers (St. Nikita Stihat, About knowledge, love and lifes perfection, Philokalia, Bucharest, 1977, vol. 6, opg. 352). The sign of Jonah The One Who most stuggled to enlight the humans with Gods knowledge and the future ones, was the Son of God Himself. The nobility and the masorets of Israel, bitten by the viper of malice, were full of hate, coveredc their ears and chuncked their cloths anytime Jesus called Himself as previous to Abraham and the world. Full of hate agaist jesus, that he was breaking their despotic governace over the people they were blaming, due to their pride, were locked in the madness of the unfaith, which doesnt receive any knowledge about eternal life. Thats why they were arguing with the Saviour, because no sign of His divinity reached their bad hearts. But still they were asking for a sign.


The Saviour made eyes where those were no eyes from birt, he resurreceted Lazar and the Jewish wanted to kill them both, for not letting any remaining sign. Those unfaithfull Jewish and their folloers couldnt be cured by the Saviour, because any spiritual desease has cure and forgiveness, but the sin to stay against the preached, proven and showed truth, has no redress and no forgiveness. They continuously stayed against the Son of God, asking for a sign, so that by that to be obliged to believe. But they didnt want to believe, they were tempting God, thats why Jesus aswered them: A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Matthew 12, 39 -40). But the unbelievers from then and from all the times dont give up neither with the sign of Jonah. And the sign of Jonah is the miracle of Lord Resurrection, assurance for our resurrection too and the base of the christianity. But enlarge a little the sign of Jonah. The blessed God, in His endless knowledge, by which he knows everything before the world to exist, He knows that the malice of the unfaith will be defeated only when each of the people will pass themselves through the sign of Jonah. And will not pass only three days and nights, but days and years until the sign to defeat them will come, this being the resurrection of deads. My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel. Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken, and I have done it (Ezekiel 37, 12 -14). This divine miracle will happen during the second coming of the Saviour, - according to the Holy Parents will be in a Sunday, alike the resurrection of the Lord. The groom comes unexpected in the middle of the night, when nobody think specific to the deads resurrection and the second blessed coming of the Saviour. Will be a time of deep night over the minds of the humans. And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full (Daniel 8, 23). See the sign of Jonah, all the huamans from all times and places will pass through, when the fear will be so big that many would want to die, but they cant, - the lament is for nothing;


and so will be pulled from hell and from graves to respond to the terrible day of the last judgement. Wisdom od Solomon 4: 21. They will come with dread when their sins are reckoned up, and their lawless deeds will convict them to their face. Wisdom od Solomon 5: 1. 2. 3. Then the righteous man will stand with great confidence in the presence of those who have afflicted him, and those who make light of his labors. When they see him, they will be shaken with dreadful fear, and they will be amazed at his unexpected salvation. They will speak to one another in repentance, and in anguish of spirit they will groan, and say, "This is the man whom we once held in derision and made a byword of reproach 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. We fools! We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor. Why has he been numbered among the sons of God? And why is his lot among the saints? So it was we who strayed from the way of truth, and the light of righteousness did not shine on us, and the sun did not rise upon us. We took our fill of the paths of lawlessness and destruction, and we journeyed trough trackless deserts, but the way of the Lord we have not known. What has our arrogance profited us? And what good has our boasted wealth brought us? All those things have vanished like a shadow, and like a rumor that passes by; .................................................................................................................................................... 13. So we also, as soon as we were born, ceased to be, and we had no sign of virtue to show. In that day there is no place for haggle between the faith and unfaith, tehn all see, - they dont have to believe anymore. Then, but totally too late, the soul, receives its body forever, will complete its knowledge it didnt want to receive during the earthly life.


Measurement of responsability In that dreadful day of knowing God will be a wonderful sight: the facts of everyone, secretely done, will be revealed and are seen not only by the guilty one but also by all people, together with the angles, they will see each other facts and those of everybody. More over: people will see all the consequences of their acts, within their followers and their ancestors. They will see the Word of God, they had to obey and receive, and not to create so much damnation over so many people. The Word of God will judge themaccording to their facts. They will see all the words they said during their earthly life, and they will see all that they thought and they wrote and the consequences over the people. Parents will see all their acts inside their children; all will be displayed in that day. See why a right and eternal judgement is done in front of alll the witnesses, from all times, to see their acts and to know the consequences and rightfully to receive the eternal payment. Then the sailors of Columbus will see the herd of insanes, for whom they will be responsible, for the fact that they brought with their deed the germ of madness. Luther will see himself as the cause of multitude of sects and the cheated ones will protect against the wrath of judgement saying: Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?. But they receive the answer: I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers! (Matthew 7, 22-23). And among the workers of the wrongdoings will go all that listened to them. And so on, each will see and will crop the incredible huge fruits of tehir acts, even good or bad. Because the earthly life was the time for seeding and the future life the time of cropping. Judgements laws The judgement day of the human and the renewal of all things (Matthew 19, 28), when will be new heaven and a new earth, because all that exist will burn (2 Peter 3, 13). In the same time with the renewal of the cosmos by fire and the humans is renewed by the fire of judgement. So, on earth there are a multitude of human laws; for Gods judgement there are only two laws: the law of loving God and the law of loving people, wherein the entire Scripture is encompassed. Instead of folders, there are the books of death and the Book of Life, wherein all the facts of humans are written.


During the judgement day this word is perfectly accomplished: the mercy and the truth walk in front of You (psalm 88, 15), because then humans will be asked about: 1. the acts of love and 2. the confessing of the right faith, according to the word: If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Fathers glory with the holy angels. (Mark 8, 38) The mercy and the truth, the love and the courage of confessing God, and on the other side the lie and the hate, separate humans in good and bad, alike the sheopherd splits the sheeps from the goats, the sheeps in the right side and the goats in the left one. Gods love doesnt forget neither in the judgement time the poors he loved, putting Him in their places and blessing those who had mercy: For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me - truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. The acts of love for humans brought those in Gods Kingdom of love. And to those from the left side, for the facts of self love, which steps over people and doesnt consider God, He will say the damnation: Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Because: For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me. And those will defend themselves saying: Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you? Whatever you did not do for the poor ones, the My little brothers you allways had among you, you did not do for Me eiher! ((Matthew 25, 31 -40).


Lucifer and Antichrist But, among those from the left side will also be someone else: Lucifer or Satan with his angels. The last one judged will be Satan (2 Peter 2, 4), the biggest snake that cheated so many people. He, Lucifer, who was once an angel, will be judged by the saints (1 Corinthians 6, 2), so by the christians. Because the saints, being under the burden of the body, aquired the holiness, while him, as spirit, lost it and along him losing rivers of humans.. But Lucifer, in the madness of revolt, wishing to be above God, neither in the judgement day will not surrender so easy, because the pride never redresses and he will defend saying: - What do you want from me God? Dont you see I am above You? That there are more humans who served me that those who served You? Satan, Satan (Daughter of Babylon), doomed to destruction I wishfully wait the day of the dreadful judgement to see how the Almighty God will reward you according to what you have done to us (Psalm 136, 8). Because then, our Saviour, the Rightful Judge, with the breath of His mounth, will throw all: hell, death, devils and Antichrist, into the lake of fire, which is the second death (Revelation 20, 11-15). So it starts the Gehenna of tortured consciences and buring bodies by a dark and endless fire, a fire that is different than the one we know, as the fire painted by painters is different from the real one. God cuts the flame of fire into two parts; with burning power, but unlighted, will burn the sinners, and the lighting power, but not burning, will shine the saints. So some are enlighted but not burn, alike an eternal Sun, and some are burn but not lighted, and will stay in the dark and darken forever And the Gehenna will last as eternal proof for the entire creation of Holy God, so that no one to fall into the temtation of the novelty of the sin, which perfecting its malice ruined so many beings.


For a timely mistake, eternal punishment? This question shoots in almost all the minds. Truly, because you dindt have mercy with the poors, the little borthers of God, because you didnt give them food, you didnt dress them, you didnt receive in your home, you didnt serch in the prisons, only for those, done in a short life, is it possible that God to give you to the fire and the devuils to torture you forever? What sceret may answer that question? Still there is an answer: The hungry, thirsty, the naked, stranger and ill one, and more the one from the prison, in the secret meaning, are not the poors but the Saviour Jesus Christ Himself, we have within us, since the baptize. If during our lives, when our mind is complete, we dont turn back from the external and temporary ones to the inner and eternal ones, to our being born from God, to the Christ Who inhabitates deep inside us, but closed to each human; if we will not search the gift of our birth from the Holy Spirit, then Jesus Christ stays inside us hungry, thirsty naked, stranger and ill because of the pain of our darkness and above those, in a cage wherein formicate the worms of our passions and the snakes of the wrongdoings. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you - unless, of course, you fail the test of being a real christians? (2 Corinthians 13, 5) says Saint Paul, insisting upon the Corinthians. See that comes the light Each of us, even if we know or not, even if we believe or not, carry inside us the Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit at the basis of our spiritual being. Jesus Christ, the One with the Cross is the corner stone, the basis of our spiritual construction. This is real for the baptized ones. But because of the increase of wickedness, the love for God of most will grow cold (Matthew 24, 12), when the the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth (materialism) choke the word, making it unfruitful (Matthew 13, 22) , then the faith will fade and will be reveled those who werent baptized and will not have the basis on Christ and neither in Christ. From here we understand that the same situation as those who wren;t baptized, have the sectarians, who drop the first and the only Christening, since: there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism (Ephesians 4, 5). So the second christeningis the abandon of the first and sigle Baptism. Woe! Their days and their eternity. Hence, you see a revealed answer.


Now we know Who is hungry and thirsty for us, now we know Who we keep in prison for life, if we didnt abandoned Him by our fee will, or due to the cheat of the devil, and so we crucify Him day and night, as long as we live. Saint Paul teaches us: For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each persons work. If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be savedeven though only as one escaping through the flames. (1 Corinthians 3, 11-15) It is clear. As regards the presence of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit within us, as basis and our life according to God, we can have two attitudes: either the betrayal of Judah, either the love of John. Those will decide opur eternal destiny. Even if would live the years of Methuselah, we would do the same. Hence: There is no unjustice friom God, when He gaves us eternal punishment for a little decision. Calling for ressurection Gods secrets first speak: Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life (John 5, 24). Soul of God decide for the word of your Father! When the Saviour sent the twelve disciples, tecahing them to preach the Kingdom of Heavens, among other commands he gave that one: Resurrect the dead ones (Matthew 10, 8). This command we, the priest, also have, as followers of the Saint Apostles, as present disciples of the Lord. But, God was not concerned about the bodies, but about the dead souls who have a reputation of being alive, but not living the christian teaching they are dead (Revelation 3, 1). To find Christ, the One with the Cross inside you, your divine basis and to built your life on it, to develop Christs life within your life, this is your resurrection from deah, before the collective resurrection.


Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them (Revelation 20, 6). Verily, verily, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live (John 5, 25). Here it is about the resurrection of those dead who have the reputation of being alive. It is not about the collective resurrection, when the bodies will come to life too, that why he says: THOSE WHO will hear, will come to life Because the voice of the Son of God is the voice, Who by the Churchs priests, His disciples and messengers from all times, call the deads to resurrection.

The bell tower of Prislop Monastery designed and built by Father Arsenie in athonit style in 1952


Jesus Christ calling - By Father Arsenie Boca

You, the ones who didnt know what good in life was, And you neither knew what the holy warm which thaws the ice heart was, You, who groaned and cryed because of pains, And the song of happiness from your heart was faded, Come, Jesus, the Lord of the world, continuously calls you, And He offers His hands to you to calm the torment. You, for whom the life was only a penance, The smile a pain and the laugh a moan, You, who hid the past under cold stones, And cry the lost happiness for ever, Come, wiht tears in your eyes, but looking up, You will find relieving in Jesus arms. You, all, who searched in your lives to forget the sins, Within the cup offered by the pleasures, And you were deafs to the voice came down from the skies Today, while there is still time, come back to Jesus; Tell Him your sorrows and He will give you force, The burden of your life will be shared with Him. You, who havent knew what the truth was, And in your wanderings say that the sky is empty, Sick of wisdom, oh, you the ones who struggle to ruin But not to rebuild what you have broken, Pray and then it will not be hard to feel God In sky, around you and within you. No matter who you are, come, come to Him, Nobody He ever banished, Mercifull He accepts you and offers His hands to you, With His heavenly love Jesus surrounds everyone, To His chest getting warm by loving Him, Jesus is ressurection, come to Him, come! 242

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2. Saul and David 3. How a debt begins 4. Payment time 5. Confessing 6. Attempts 7. Through the fire of humbleness 8. The light of sufferance 9. Censorship of the envy 10. The sun of humbleness 11. The ones that have no problems 12. Planning the fall 13. The power which do not listen 14. Through Parentss interpretation 15. The fall of a king 243

16. Spiritism 17. The last payment for disobedience 18. Despots in penitence Chapter III. THE SEVEN TRUMPETS (page 55 page 88)

2. God prays 3. The voice of conscience 4. The call of the word and the silence brought to account 5. The biting calling 6. The answer of the people 7. The time of danger 8. What God looks for 9. The confessing of a saint 10. The deals of wisdom with death 11. Mercy judgement 12. The council from hell 13. The wildness of elements 14. Antichrist 15. Because of the Holy Liturgy, the world still exists 16. The prophet of fire 17. The Holy Cross from the sky Chapter IV. THE UNSEEN WAR (page 89 page 147)

1. Human, creation of a big importance 2. Decayed angels 3. Emptiness of human nature within Adam 4. About nature and against it 5. Rebuilding the human nature within Christ Jesus 6. Continuance of the victory, through Sacraments 7. Perfection - finality of human 8. Unseen war 9. The commands and the freedom 244

10. Commands effects stop the wills crisis 11. Toward continuous prayer 12. Battle according to the law 13. On stairs to damnation 14. The traps 15. Some cut their minds in Scriptures 16. Mistakes of love and right judgement 17. Measurements 18. Evangelic advices or the commands of perfection 19. The ones with pure hearts 20. The steps of love - the steps of perfection Chapter V. HEREDITY AND SPIRIT (page 149 page 201)

1. Words haggle 2. Children fall among bandits 3. A monk thinking at peas 4. A fly causes the Nobel prize 5. Chromosomal theory 6. With the shyness of the decency 7. Heredity, environment and destiny 8. The mechanism of heredity 9. Asking the science 10. Laws and wrongdoings 11. Genetics 3500 years ago 12. Churchs disposals confirmed by genetics 13. Endocrinology, neurology and psychology 14. Invitations to right judgement 15. Children born in chains 16. The ones who drink their minds 17. Mourning within a caravan of monsters 18. Discovering America - a big blight 19. Torment within dew drops 20. A sort of psychoanalysis 245

21. Blasphemy thoughts 22. People from hell 23. A savage answer 24. A root of pains 25. Natural children, or born in wrongdoings 26. It is not possible to be impossible 27. From human baby to celestial baby Chapter VI. SACRAMENTS ADMINISTRATORS (page 202 page 221)

1. Determinative words 2. Minas destiny 3. Viewing through the veil 4. The right one between the love and the sword 5. The helm from the distance 6. The lily from the cross 7. Responsibles 8. The wrongful administator Chapter VII. LOVES KINGDOMS (page 222 page 240)

1. A sister of life 2. Customs from the sky 3. Individual judgement of the soul 4. A description of hell 5. The sign of Jonah 6. Measurement of responsability 7. Judgements laws 8. Lucifer and Antichrist 9. For a timely mistake, eternal punishment? 10. Calling for ressurection Jesus Christ calling (page 241)


LORD RESURRECTION Painting by Ieromonk Arsenie Boca Church from Draganescu village, near Bucharest (Romania)