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Introduction xiii —Ixiv

History of the Manuscript ......
Reconstruction and Description of the Manuscript .


III. Examination of the Character of the Text . . . xiii

Text 3—104

Appendix 105 — 108


THE collation of the fragments of the Purple

Sarumsahly was undertaken at the
recently discovered at
instance of the Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. I

visited St Petersburg for this purpose in the Easter Vacation of

1897, and again in the Long Vacation of the same year, as I
had been unable in the limited amount of time at my disposal
to complete my collation during my earlier visit.

I have found it necessary to limit the scope of my Intro-

duction. The first chapter is occupied with a discussion of the
history of the manuscript and its several portions, so far as this
can be ascertained from the very fragmentary notices we possess
concerning any of its portions, or can be deduced from notes and
indications in the manuscript itself I have endeavoured to
distinguish carefully between these two grounds
any con- for
clusion, though I consider the evidence for the date and extent
of the first collection (p. xvi), derived from internal sources, and
the evidence for the second dismemberment, founded on a com-
parison of notes in the manuscript with a note in the Codex
Beratinus (p. xviii), quite as satisfactory as an express tradition
would have been.
The second chapter deals at first with the evidence available
for a conjectural reconstruction of the manuscript. The argument
here is straightforward, except wdien the position of the KecfxiKata
of St Luke has to be determined (p. xxvii). I believe the manu-
script to be somewhat earlier in date than the Codex Rossanensis
(S), which is placed by von Gebhardt late in the sixth century,
and to have been written in Constantinople (p. xxxix).

The third chapter contains a discussion of the relation between

the texts of N
and S. I consider that there is little doubt that
both MSS. were copied from the same original. The differences
are neither numerous (p. xliii) nor difficult to explain (p. xliv).
Those which present most difficulty can be attributed with con-
siderable confidence to a mistake of the scribe of N (p. xlvi).
The discovery of the fragment at Sarumsahly supplies us with
the text of more than half the last two Gospels in the recension
which for the first two is represented by %^. I have concluded
this chapter with a few examples w^hich illustrate on the one
hand the very mixed character of the text, on the other its
agreements with the best uncials. In this last part I have

considered it sufficient to use Tischendorf's apparatus.

Perhaps some explanation is needed of the form in which the

text itself appears. A photographic reproduction of the whole
was, in the circumstances, out of the question. The difference
in usefulness between a plain printed text and an edition in
uncial types, such as Duchesne's edition of the Patmos leaves, is
not material. With the concurrence therefore of those to whom
I was responsible, I decided for the plain printed text. The
spelling of the original is retained but not its abbreviations
(pp. xxxvi, xxxvii). I am myself responsible for the collation of
the St Petersburg and London leaves — in both cases from the
original —and for the collation of the Vienna leaves from the
reproduction of them in von Hartel and Wickhoff's edition of
the Vienna Genesis. The existence of this reproduction, easily
accessible to scholars, accounts for the omission of a facsimile
in my own edition. For the correction of the proofs of the
Vatican leaves I am indebted to the kindness of Mr N. M'^Lean
of Christ's College. For the Patmos leaves the Abbe Duchesne
has allowed me to reprint his transcription ^ The variants of S
are reproduced at the foot of each page of the text. For the
insertion of this apparatus I have availed myself of the permission
of Professors Harnack and von Gebhardt to use their edition of X.

' Of N two Gospels only Hi leaves out of 219 survive.

in the first
The r. and 8 v. has been verified by i^hotographs which
collation of Tat, 4
were taken during a viHit to Patmos by Mr T. C. Fitzpatrick of Christ's College.

At the end of the text in an appendix will be found a

collation of Belsheim's edition of the Codex Tmperatricis Theodorae
(2»'^), which, I believe, will be found useful.

To Dr Armitage Robinson and Dr Rendel Harris I am


indebted for much help and encouragement given me from the

very outset of the work. Mr F. C. Burkitt and Mr J. D. C.
White, both of Trinity College, have also helped me with criti-
cisms and advice. I have to thank Sir R. N. O'Conor, the British
Ambassador at Constantinople (formerly at St Petersburg), Mr
F. G. Kenyon, of the British Museum, Mr T. W. Allen, Fellow
and Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford, Mr Stavrides of Con-
stantinople and Dr von Tiefenau, of the Imperial Library at
Vienna, for their kind aid in obtaining or giving me information.
To the managers Hort Fund I am indebted for a grant
of the
towards my expenses and to the members of the Russian
Archeological Institute at Constantinople for a copy of their
pamphlet on the manuscript.
But my thanks are due especially to Monsieur A. F. Bytchkoff,
Librarian of the Imperial Library at St Petersburg, and his son
Monsieur V. A. Bytchkoff, not only for permission to collate and
publish the collation of the manuscript, but for the kindness
which has been shewn to me by them in common with my other
Russian friends on many occasions. Of their kindness, as well as
of thatwhich I have experienced at the hands of English
residents at St Petersburg, I shall always retain most grateful

May, 1899.

p. 34 in Mc ix 25 read eireTifirjafv for eTreTifiiaeif

p. 40 in Mc xii 15 read i5ws for eiSws

,, add to apparatus xii 16 om eanv S
,, in Mc xiv 31 read ixe .v. airodavLv for /*.. .v. airodavtv

p. 77 in Jn i 27 add eyu before a^ios

p. 107 in iv. 3 for |

ra read 5 ra
,, V. 9 for Xeyewv read Xe7a>j'] Xe7ea>»'

,, vi. 45 read om to 1°
for xi. 1 read xi. 2
for xii. read xii. 5
in xiii. 28 read om avrrjs 1"

History of the Manuscript.

Recent History of the St Petersburg Codex.

Rumours of the existence of a purple manuscript of the

Gospels in the neighbourhood of the Cappadocian Caesarea have
been current some years. In 1883 such a manuscript was seen
at Sarumsahly by Professor Demetriades of the Propaganda. In
1886 a notice of it written by him appeared in the ^KK/cXyaLaaTLKr)
^AXTJdeta^, and in the same year at the suggestion of Professor
Giovannopoli negociations for its purchase were begun by Dean
Burgon through the Rev. W. H. Simcox and Mr H. D. Grissell^
Though these negociations soon came to an end, others were
opened by the American and English missionaries in the neigh-
bourhood. With a similar object one of the leaves of the Codex
was sent by the owners to Constantinople, where it was seen by
Dr Rendel Harris and photographed by Dr Albert Long of the
Robert College. In 1896 by the courtesy of the Foreign Office
some information concerning it was sent to the Universities of
Oxford and Cambridge, together with a statement that it had been
purchased by the Emperor of Russia.
The purchase of the manuscript was due to the members of
the Russian Archaeological Institute at Constantinople ^ who had

^ 'E/c. 'AX. 1886, p. 412. My authority is the pamphlet mentioned in note 3.

2 Mr Grissell's letter to the Times May 11, 1896.
^ I wish to acknowledge at once and fully my indebtedness, both for facts and
for many pertinent suggestions, to a pamphlet published by the members of that
Institute during the short stay of the manuscript at Constantinople. Much of my
C. C

learnt of its existence through M. Smirnoff. Aided both by the

generosity of their Sovereign and the interest of the Imperial
Ambassador at Constantinople, they were able to carry through
the difficult negociations necessary for its acquisition. It now
rests in the Imperial Library at St Petersburg, where by the
courtesy of the Librarian M. Bytchkoff, and of his son, the Keeper
of the Manuscripts, I was able to examine and collate it\

Identity of the Neivly Discovered Manuscript with Codex N

of the Gospels.

As soon as the first particulars in regard to the new discovery

reached England, the conjecture was hazarded that it was a part
of the manuscript known as N of the Gospels^. I am reserving
for another place an account of the reasons which justify
the conjecture, as well as a detailed description of both the
St Petersburg portion and the other fragments of N. For
the present purpose it will suffice to say that the conjecture is
without doubt correct and that the discovery adds 182 leaves
to the 45 already known and edited

own work was done before I was able to read this pamphlet, and I have been com-
pelled to dissent from some of its conclusions ; but I have found it invaluable both

in testing in carrying forward my own results.

and The pamphlet BlIOBL —
iiarMeHHHH nypiiypoBHR KO;'^elvCI> eBanrejiifl— was originally pubHshed

separately: it now occupies pp. 138 172 of the first volume of the Proceedings of
the Institute.
^ The price paid for the codex was £1000 (Turkish). The negociations were
carried on through M. Levitsky, the Kussian consul at Konieh. The peasants
crowded round his carriage when he left Sarumsahly, to obtain a last opportunity
of paying reverence to the sacred treasure he was taking with him.
See Dr J. Armitage Robinson's letter to the Times^ April 27, 1896, in which

he also mentions a surmise of the late Dr Hort, that the rest of N would some
day be found and that not far from Ephesus.
^ See pp. xxiv, xxxii IT. The ms consisted originally of 49 numbered quires, con-
taining 4G6 leaves. Of the 45 leaves known before 1896, thirty-three from quires
iTj' id' k' and Kft' are at I'atmos and contain Mc vi 53 —
vii 4, vii 20 —
viii 32, ix 1 x 43, —
xi 7 —
xii 19, xiv 25 —xv 23 six from quire
6' are at Rome and contain Mt xix 6
13, XX 6—22, XX 29 —
xxi 19; four from quires ty' and /xr' are at London and con-
tain Mt xxvi 57 —05, xxvii 26—34, Jn xiv 2 —
10 and xv 15 22 and two from — ;

quire XV arc at Vienna and contain Lc xxiv 13 21, .39 49. The Roman, London —
and Vienna leaves are known to have been in their present localities at the dates

Summary of the Earlier History of the Manuscript.

The recovery of the St Petersburg portion of Codex N is

important not only because it gives us a considerable addition

to the text, but also because it supplies materials wherewith to
reconstruct the history of the manuscript. It will be convenient
at once to give a brief sketch of the results of such a reconstruc-
tion. The codex was written probably at Constantinople and
certainly before the end of the first quarter of the seventh century
Like other volumes of its class it was for a time the property of a
wealthy, perhaps imperial, personage or was counted among the
ornaments of a splendid church. At a later period however it
was torn in pieces half its leaves were either scattered or

destroyed and among them those now at Rome, London and


Vienna. The other half comprised the newly recovered portion

of the codex, the portion now at Patmos, and a few leaves since
lost. There is evidence which will be given later for assigning
its destruction to a date in or near the twelfth century. Its
destroyers may have been Crusaders.
There is also evidence to show that the second half of the
manuscript, which remained in the East, was itself again broken
up. One part of it, containing roughly speaking what is left of

the Gospel according to St Mark, was permanently separated from

the and is now at Patmos another, containing, again, roughly
rest, ;

speaking what is left of the Gospel according to St John, was

seen last century at Ephesus the third, containing the remainder,

if not actually in the same place as the latter, was never far

removed. Out of these last two parts was put together appa-
rently in 1820 the collection which has recently been discovered.
Since its formation however four leaves have been lost. Between
1820 and 1847 it found its way from Ephesus to Sarumsahly.
The story of its purchase at this place by the Russian govern-
ment has been given already.

1594, 1631 and 1670 respectively. Probably they were there earlier. Tradition
assigns a much earlier date for the arrival of the Roman leaves. The discovery of
the Patmos fragments is recent.
1 I am inclined to place the date at least half a century earlier.


The First Collection after the Dismemberment.

On folios 9, QQ, 109, 147 of the codex at St Petersburg, in the

right hand bottom corner of the verso stand the words o^ov v.
This numbering by fifties establishes the fact of the existence of a
collection of larger bulk and of earlier date than that which we
now possess, and at the same time throws some light both on
the extent and the date of that earlier collection. Folios 1 — 10 of
the codex contain a portion of the Gospel according to St Mark
and are bound out of their original order. If they were in their
proper place as quire tf (the gathering is signed), we should

have as an examination of the table on pp. xxx, xxxi will shew
between the beginning of the codex and the first o^iov v forty-
eight leaves. These together with two leaves known to have been
in existence in 1820' make up the number fifty, and that without
counting either the Roman leaves in quire 6' London
or the
leaves in quire ly'. Between the first ofiov v and the second we
have in the codex sixteen leaves. If we add to these one which
has been lost and the leaves now at Patmos, we
since 1820,
again make the number fifty. Between the second o^ov v and
the third we have in the codex forty-nine leaves and between ;

the third and fourth thirty-eight. Of the twelve leaves, lost from
this last batch of fifty, one has been lost since 1820.
An examination of these figures shews that the number of
leaves surviving in or near Asia Minor in 1820 corresponds in two
batches exactly, in another very closely, with the numbers which
they contained at the date of the collection. It is fair to argue
from this correspondence that w^e have in the portions now at
St Petersburor and at Patmos taken toorether the bulk of the
leaves originally contained in the collection that is to say, 215- —
out of some 240 —and that the Roman and London leaves were
never a part of it, but were lost before it w^as made.
With regard to the inclusion of the Vienna leaves in this
collection it is difficult to speak with certainty. They come
between the third o/xoi; v and the fourth ; when the manuscript
was complete, there were in this part of it fifty-eight leaves, of

• See p. XX.
- In 1820 the number was 219, see p. xx.

which fifty survived at the time of the collection. Was the loss
of eight due to the loss of separate leaves scattered throughout
the quires, or to the loss of the quaternion Xtj'^ in which the Vienna
leaves are found ?

The date of the collection is fixed by the date of the hand-

writing in which the notes are made. It is, of course, precarious
to argue from the shape of a few letters written in a cramped
position, but there seems no reasonable cause to doubt the
accuracy of the dating of the hand given by the scholars of the
Russian Institute, who assign it to the xii — xiii century^. I
have shewn several English scholars a tracing of the script and
they are sufficiently confident also in assigning it to the twelfth
century, though it may in their opinion be either late eleventh
or early thirteenth.
This would push back the date of the destruction of the
manuscript to the period of the earlier inroads of the Turks on
Asia Minor and of the first Crusades
I am however with the Russian scholars in regard to
at issue
the extent of the collection, which they maintain was of much
greater size than I have represented it as being. Their arguments
are as follows :

In the original condition of the manuscript there were 169
leaves between the beginning and the first ofiov v, and 116 between
the first and second : of these 285 leaves 97, or, if the Roman and

London leaves-* are included, 105, now remain. If, as is quite

1 This quire was not a part of the second collection. Quire Xf' is numbered a,
quire \d' of the manuscript is quire j8 of this collection. See p. xix.
^ Proceedings, p. 157.
3 It is interesting here to note that the destruction of the Codex Beratinus (see
p. xviii) is Campania (see Batiffol, Manuscrits grecs de
ascribed to the Franks of
Berat d'Alhanie (Paris 1886), pp. 18, 122, 123), that is to say, the Western Christ-
ians. The Vatican leaves are connected with the Crusaders by the tradition (see
which claims them as a gift of the Queen of Cyprus to Innocent VIII. This
p. xxii)
Queen was descended from Guy de Lusignan, who was a Crusader.
* They hold that these leaves as well as those at Vienna were of the collection.

I make the numbers 165, 110 and 275 respectively. The larger numbers are based
on the assumption that the quires were all quinions, which in all probability was
not the case. See p. xxv. The 97 leaves include the 33 at Patmos, but not
the three lost since 1820. The number 115 {Proceedings, p. 160) must be a


possible, one or more of these was marked with ofiov v,

lost leaves

we should have a collection considerably larger than I have

suggested as probable. This view is indeed quite tenable, but
against it we may urge that the numbers of leaves still remaining
in the three batches of fifty in 1820 were 50, 50 and 49 respec-
tively, and that there is no trace of the words ofiov v on the
surviving leaves of quires r' and f', where on this theory we
might have expected them^

The Second Dismemberment of the Manuscript

The first piece of evidence on this point with which we have to

deal is a note in the Codex Beratinus-. This is a manuscript of
about the same date as N
and the Codex Rossanensis (Xy. It is
written on purple vellum in silver characters, and accordingly
presents a similar appearance though it offers a different text. It
has been edited by M. Batiffol, who assigns the note in question to
a hand of last century. The note is as follows aWa koI to eva^y- :

yeXcov tov ^eoXoyov to ypa<l>ev iv Trj Udr/jLw, Xvrd eiai ra tovtov

ypdfi/jLara, Kadojt; tovto ecopaKa olKeloL^ ifiov 6(f)ddk[iol<i iv rfj

'E</)eo-ot). The writer of the note, it is clear, had seen at Ephesus

a manuscript which on account of its appearance he was led
to compare with the manuscript at Belgrade in Epirus with
which he was familiar. There is a close resemblance between
the latter manuscript and N, and while a portion of N was found
some while since at Patmos, a larger portiou still has just been
brought to light in Asia Minor. It is highly probable therefore that
it was N, or a part of N, that was seen last century at Ephesus by

^ See pp. 157 — 160 of the Proceedings of the Institute. From the remaining
notes in the same hand, \iira^ovTai. on folios 18 and 26 and XetTei Terpadcov on folio
34, I find it impossible to draw any conclusion. The manuscript was at one time
in a state of great confusion.
2 Batiflfol, I.e., pp. 18, 19, 123.
' Like these two mss
it has been mutilated. Its symbol is *. * and 2 contain
only the two Gospels. 2 is a purple ms of probably the late sixth century, and

is preserved at Rossano in Calabria. Its text, which is almost identical with N, has
been published by von Gebhardt {T. und U. i. 4). The miniatures have been
published by the same author in conjunction with Prof. Harnack (see p. xli, note 5)
and quite recently by Dr Arthur Haselofif {Cod. Purp. Ross. Leipzig, 1898).

the writer of the note\ We

have next to ask how much of the

k manuscript was seen by the writer of this note. It may have

been the first collection, or it may have been a part of it. The
following considerations would point to the latter conclusion. On
folios 112, 124, 131, 139, 146, 156 and 166, at the foot of the recto
on the left, stand the letters a, 7, 8, e, ^, rj, 6 respectively I On
folio174 stands a symbol like a T. The letters have been placed
either on the first leaves of gatherings or on the first leaves which
at the time of this numbering still survived. They show that
the portion of the manuscript in which they occur once existed
as a separate collection. As this collection contains what is still

left of the Gospel according to St John, and practically that alone,

it is perhaps to it that the writer of the note in Codex ^ refers.
The exact words which he uses to evayyekiov tov SeoXoyov —
would be quite appropriated
The sequence numbering the quires
of the letters used in
shews that X?;', containing the Vienna leaves, /xS', /jue and //<r',
containing the London leaves, were lost before this collection was
made. The date of it is not later than the eighteenth century,
the date assigned to the note in <I>, nor, I think, earlier than the
twelfth century collection'*.

The Second Collection.

This Johannine collection however was not permanently

separated, nor did it wander far from the rest of the surviving
1 There is a tenth-century cursive lectionary at Kirkenjee near Ephesus, round

which a tradition still lingers that it proceeded from the pen of St John. If such a
connexion is implied in the note in <E>, the tradition may have been passed on to it
from N, when N was carried inland. At all events allusion to this later manuscript
is excluded by the nature of the writing.
2 It is safe to assert that originally /3 stood on a folio which came before
folio 118 in quire \d'. It is to be noticed that 5~' is omitted. The meaning of T is

hard to determine ; it may be an iota of a peculiar shape, or it may stand for

3 The collection contains all the leaves from ofiov v 3° onwards.
^ This latter assertion is probable though not beyond dispute. If, as I think,
the Vienna leaves were not in the first collection, the assertion is justified. Other-
wise it may be questioned though it is always the more possible solution of the
problem. The shape of the e is against an earlier date, though all that was said
on p. xvii about the palaeographical evidence applies here with redoubled force.
No argument can be founded on the size of the leaves.

leaves of the manuscript. For after the loss of the leaves now
at Patnios^ and some others, the two parts came together once
again \ This second collection is practically that which was dis-
covered at Sarurasahly. Its date is probably the year 1820, the
number which is written in Turkish numerals on the inside of
the cover in which was numbered throughout by
it is bound ='.

pages, the first fifty-two in Turkish, and after that in Western

numerals I can suggest no reason for this change of symbols

there is no indication of a change of hand. This numbering

however reveals the fact that four leaves have been lost since it
was made^ The authors of the Russian pamphlet ascribe this
loss to the cupidity of its custodian ^
At the other end of the volume, also on the cover, is a note
signed and dated, which gives all that is further known of the history
of the codex, until negociations were entered into for its purchase.
It is the attestation of Gerasimos, then Archdeacon of Caesarea and
now, according to M. Levedes, metropolitan of Angora, that in
1847 he saw the codex at Sarumsahly and that no one knew its

date or origrin. The note is as follows :

avTO TO lepov evayyeXiov irore iypd(prj kol irore evpeOrf ayvo-

ovcTLV a7ravT6<; ol kcltolkol Ty)<; ^(opw^ ^apfjLrjaaKki-). Kara to

ao)p,^' iX6(oi^ iyo) 6 iv lepoScaKovoLf; iXd^carof; Vepdaip.0^ Moura-

\d(TTio<; €L<; TTjv ')^(opav ravrr^v kol deodp-qaa^ rrjv dp')(aL0T7]Ta
Ti]<; Upas pi^Xov arjfieKovco Kav rov ')^p6i'ov Kal to €to<; /caO' o
dyvoelrat irapd irdyrccv rj 'y^povoXoyia (ico/jl^' OKTco^piov kB'. 6
rov dyiov }s.aLaapeLa(; dp')(^LBcdKOVo<; TepdaLfxo<;.

^ Whether this took place before or after the separation of the Johannine collec-
tion we cannot say.
- It should be remembered here that the Patmos leaves correspond roughly

speaking to the Gospel according to St Mark.

3 The numerals are followed by a note probably Turkish, though written iu Greek
characters which I cannot get deciphered.
* These leaves stood between folios 40 and 41, 43 and 46, 57 and 58, and 137
and 138 of the St Petersburg portion of the codex.
The losses of the manuscript were due either to looting (as with the Beratinus,

aud perhaps the Rossanensis), or to accident or, again, to bribery of its guardian

from time to time. Some leaves were disposed of as gifts to persons of eminence,
in order to secure their goodwill. They were intended to be used as amulets. I
am told that during its stay at Sarumsahly the manuscript was credited with heal-
ing powers.

This note is followed by another in a different hand giving

further information about the writer of the first.

vvv Tou avTov BrjX: rov dylov ^a^cav^ov tepoSidKovo^ Vepd-

CTt/JLO<i. CLTTO ^Ivv^icTa €TOV^ 1860 /JLTJVO^: (T67rr6/jL^pL0V^.

History of the other fragments of the Manuscript.

There are unhappily few indications of the history of the other

fragments of the manuscript after their separation from the portion
which has been recently recovered.
The Patmos fragments were discovered at Patmos in 1864
by M. Sakkelion, the libi'arian of the monastery of St John the
Divine. Holding that they were part of the same manuscript
with the purple leaves at Rome, London and Vienna, he considered
that the latter had been stolen from the monastery at Patmos I
This view, which was possible so long as the Patmos leaves
formed the bulk of the leaves known, is rendered improbable by
the discovery of a considerably larger portion of the manuscript on
the mainland, and is hardly consistent with the words of the Abbe
Duchesne, who writes '
M. Sakkelion les a retrouves au fond
d'un coffre rempli de vieux papiers^' They were collated for
Tischendorf by M. Sakkelion. They were also transcribed and
edited by M. Duchesne in 1876. I have availed myself of the
Abbe's permission to use his transcription for the text of the Patmos
fragments in this edition^ It is No. ^^' in the Patmos Library.
The Roman leaves are mentioned in the Inventario of the
Vatican Library, which was written between 1594 and 1600.

^ The only other notes in the manuscript are the signature '
Me^dSios dpxi-Sid-

Kovo's,'' written with a hard point in the same place and by the side of this last note,
and an Arabic note on the verso of folio 120.
^ tI 5' 8XKo virovoeiv irapix^T'^^ ^'f tovtov el fxr] otl rrj rov jSij8Xto0uXa/fos dyadrj
Triarei KaTaxp(i/J-€V0L oi /card Katpbv eirLaKeirTo^evoi ttjv ixov7]v ^ivoL wepLTjyTjTal dire-

KOTTTov XeXrjdoTus TO, <j){)XKa rod Xafiirpov tovtov t€vxovs eh fiapTijpLOv ttjs i7n(TKe\peojs

avrQu ; Har/ita/CTj BL^XcodrjKri, p. 51.

^ Duchesne, Archives des missions scientifiques et litteraires, Parisiis, a. 1876,
ser. iii, vol. 3, pp. 386—419.
* A summary of the differences of the two transcriptions will be found on
pp. xliii, xliv.

This is the earliest date at which their presence is ascertained

There is a tradition that they were a gift to Pope Innocent VIII.
from the Queen of Cyprus. This is true of another manuscript,
Vat. 1208, which is kept in the same case. Innocent was pope
from 1484 to 1492 ; Catherine de Comaro, Queen of Cyprus, sold
the island to Venice in 1487 ^ They were described by Bianchini
in 1748-, collated for Scholz by Gaetanus Marinus, and edited

with the Vienna and London leaves by Tischendorf in 1846'.

They were edited again in facsimile in 1887 by Cardinal Cozza
Luzi, to commemorate the jubilee of Pope Leo XIII.* The
number 200 is written on the verso of the fifth leaf This portion
of the manuscript is called F by Scholz. It is No. 3875 in the
Vatican Library.
Of the London leaves nothing is known except that they
formed part of the original Cotton collection now in the British
Museum, and were therefore in England early in the seventeenth
century; Sir Robert Bruce Cotton died in 1631. They are
bound with another vellum leaf in which is framed a small piece
of papyrus. The papyrus however gives no clue to the history of
the leaves and as a matter of fact has nothing to do with them.
They were collated in1715 by Wetstein, and copied by Scrivener
in 1845. Tischendorf's edition of them appeared in 1846^ They
were called I by Wetstein. Their press mark is Mus. Brit.
Cotton. Titus C. xv.«
The two Vienna were in the Imperial collection
leaves at
certainly in 1670, as mention is made of them by Lambecius'.
They were at that time bound up with the Vienna Genesis, of

^ The Russian pamphlet (p. 163) states that some leaves are in the Kykko
monastery in Cyprus. From enquiries kindly made for me on the spot I gather
this is not the case.
* Bianchini, Evang. qiiadr. Romae a. 1748, pars 1, vol. 2, p. di* — diii'.

3 Tischendorf, Mon. Sacra inedita Lips. a. 1848 proll. § 3, pp. 10 — 12, text.

pp. 11 — 36, facsimilia tab. ii, num. 2, 3, 4.

* Pergamenc Purpnree Vaticane di Evangeliario. Romae, 1887.
^ Tischendorf, I.e.

^ Thompson and Warner, Catalogue of Ancient MSS. {Greek) in British Museum,

p. 22.
^ Lambecius, Commentariorum de aug. hibliotheca Caesar. Vindob. ed. nit.

opera et studio Adumi Franc. Kollarii. Vindobonae, vol. (lib.) 3 (a. 1776) coll.


which they were wrongly supposed to be a part. There is no

mention either of them or of the Vienna Genesis in the catalogue
published by Tengnagel in 1609; but they may both have
reached the Imperial library Fugger collection
through the
which was acquired in 1656 ^ They were copied by Treschow in
1778^ Their variants were given by Alter^. They were edited
by Tischendorf in 1846-^, and agaia in facsimile in 1895 by
Ritter von Hartel and Wickhoff in their magnificent edition of
the Vienna Genesis ^

1 An Italian note in the Vienna Genesis and two scholia, also in Italian, on
pages 1 and 2 would point to Italy a,» at one time the home of that manuscript.
The would point with still greater precision to Lombardy or
dialect of the first note
Veglia. The twoTienna leaves of the Gospels may also at that time, as later, have
been bound with the Vienna Genesis, but except that they were subsequently found
together there no evidence of this. {Die Wienei' Genesis herausgegeben von Wil-

helm Eitter von Hartel und Franz Wickhoff. Vienna, 1895, p. 99.) In a letter
which I have just received from Dr von Tiefenau of the Imperial Library, he tells
me that he does not think this manuscript was part of the Fugger collection.
2 Hermann Treschow, Tentameii descriptionis cod, vet. aliquot Graec. N. F.
Havinae a. 1773, pp. 124, 127.
3 Franciscus Carolus Alter, Nov. Test, ad cod. Vind. Graece expressum 1787,

vol. 1, pp. 999—1001.

^ Tischendorf, I.e.

^ The dates which the leaves reached Western libraries taken by them-
selveswould point to a later date, perhaps the fall of Constantinople, for the first
disruption of the manuscript. The palaeographical evidence however given on
page xvii appears to me conclusive for the twelfth century, a date with which these
other facts are quite consistent.

Reconstruction and Description of the Manuscript.

Identity of Source of the Different Groups of Leaves.

In the preceding investigation the identity of source of the

scattered fragments with which we have been dealing has been
provisionally assumed. It is capable of easy and complete proof
Such a conclusion is almost made necessary by the external
resemblance which exists between the various portions of the
manuscript : they are all written on purple vellum in silver (or
on each page there are two columns of
occasionally gold) letters :

sixteen lines the columns are of the same measurements more-

: :

over, the leaves hitherto discovered all come from different

portions of the Gospels. This evidence, strong in itself, receives
confirmation from the following facts. On an examination of the
printed text, as it is given on p. 22, it will be seen that folio 181
of the St Petersburg portion exactly fills the gap between the
third aod fourth of the Roman leaves — the word airoKpidecf; being
divided between Rom 3 and Pet 181 and the word Tropevofxevcov
between Pet 181 and Rom 4. Similarly on p. 29 it will be
seen that the Patmos leaves takes up the text of
first of the
St Mark's Gospel from the word at which folio 10 of the
St Petersburg portion leaves off. It is to be noticed also that
the probable amount of text between Pet 117 and the first of
the Vienna leaves, and between the fourth of the London leaves
and Pet 156 is such as would occupy three and two leaves
respectively of a similar size to those in the manuscript*.

* is made from the Textus Receptus.

This calculation It should be noticed
that theLoudon and Vienna leaves are on this showing all conjugates, and that
the Roman leaves are all from the same gathering.

Reconstruction of the Manuscript.

We now proceed to an attempt to reconstruct the manuscript.

49 numbered quires, of which Nos. 14, 23,
It consisted certainly of
and 49 were ternions, Nos. 27 (or 28), 80, 37, 38, 42 and 48 were
quaternions, while the rest were quinions. There were also
gatherings (one or two or more) at the beginning of the manu-
script outside the These contained certainly the lists
of the Ke(f)d\aia of St Matthew probably also the Eusebian :

canons (the sections are given in the margin of the text), and the
letter to Carpianus. They may
have contained miniatures, also
but of the existence of these there is no evidence. The analogy
of the Codex Rossanensis^ —
a manuscript closely resembling N
removes all difficulty which might seem to be raised by th'e
supposition of gatherings outside the numbering. There is evidence
of the existence of lists of /ce^aXam^ : their natural and usual

1 Von Gebhardt (Codex Rossanensis, Texte und Untersuchungen i 4, proleg. xi,

Note 11) writes: 'Fol. 10* ist mit A'bezeichnet, fol 20* mit B, und so fort. Eine
Unregelmassigkeit findet sich, ausser den angefiihrten, nur in der 12. Lage, aus
welcher vor der Beschreibung ein Blatt ausgeschnitten wurde. Die letzte, mit IH
bezeiehnete Lage besteht jetzt nur noch aus 8 Blattern (fol. 181 — 188).' The last

part of this note removes any which might be felt owing to the irregu-
larity of the quires. There are quires of unequal size also in the Codex Impera-
tricis Theodorae {2^), itself a purple manuscript. Against the suggestion made in
the pamphlet of the Russian Institute (p. 155), that the missing leaves of the quires
contained miniatures which have since been cut out, is the fact that, though the

subjects are often taken from the scenes of the Passion (where in N some of the
gaps occur), miniatures are regularly found at the beginning of a Gospel and not in
the middle of the text. It is easy to account for the irregularity of the gatherings
in question, not only by the accidental spoiling and destruction of a leaf, but by
intention ; for if, as is here the case, each Gospel is to begin with a new quire, a
quire of smaller size may be at times all that is necessary to complete the Gospel
which precedes. The signatures are in the upper right-hand corner of the recto.
2The evidence for this statement consists in the survival of three tiny frag-
ments of the sixth folio of quire kj'. They measure respectively in millimetres 38
by 49 (to 51), 46 by 15, and 41 by 28 (to 30), and are used to patch folios 73, 64
and 2. The first contains
[^' T]e/)i TU}u 56[/ca XcTrpuu]
[^a 7r]epi tov Kpi[Tov ttjs aSt/cias]

[1/3' 7r]e/jt TOV 0a[/)t(ratou Kai]

TOV T€\(i}[vov]

place is which they

at the beginning of the several Gospels to
belong^ moreover in the case of the present manuscript, while

it fits in better with the arrangement of quires iB\ Ky' and Xtj'

to have the K€<f>('i\aia of each Gospel in the normal placed there

is no room for those of St Matthew's Gospel in quire a, as the

three leaves which precede Pet 44 are occupied, and that com-
pletely, by the text of Mt i 1 — 24. A quire therefore contain-
ing besides other things the K€(f)d\aLa of St Matthew must have
stood before quire a.
would be tedious to enter in each case into the various
reasons which suggested the table of reconstruction w hich follows.
They were, briefly, the existence on certain pages of the quire-
signatures : the arrangement of conjugate leaves still united ; and
a comparison of the number of words contained in a leaf of the
manuscript with the approximate space (calculated from the
Textus Receptus or, when available, the Codex Rossanensis) which
had to be filled. It will be noticed that the text of each Gospel
begins with the first page of a fresh quire. The KecpciXaia of
St Mark and St John occupied one folio each, namely, the sixth

The second
[^7' Trepi eirepuTTjaavTOS tov]
[^5'] irepi TOV ti'[0Xoi;]
The third
oS"' irept To[v Tratrxa]
0^' Trepi T<a[v <pi\ov€iKr)(TavTU}y tis]

or}' rrepi Tr][s e^air77<rews tov


They are all from the same column of the same page, the opposite side of which
was blank. Tliey contain portions of the K€<pd\aia of St Luke (see p. xxvii). The
writing is in letters half the size of the uncials of the text. The Greek numerals
which mark in each case the number of the «ce0d\ato»' stand in the margin.
In addition to these there is preserved, also as a patch, a small portion of
the leaf preceding folio 11, with a few letters on it from verses 19 and 24 of
the sixth chapter of St Matthew's Gospel [drjcravlpovs [ewt rrji] yrji and Kara
There are also two patches with no writing on them, the one
[<f>popr]a](i 'ov.

measuring 45 by 38 mm., the other 45 (to 63) by 38. The writing materials
are in every case the same with those of the manuscript.
> The K«pd\aia in2), and 2p*^ stand at the beginning
<I> of the Gospels to which
they belong.
' See p. xxviii, note 2.

folio of and the eighth of quire \rj' those of St Luke

quire iB', :

occupied the verso of the fifth and the recto of the sixth of quire
Kj. In its complete condition the manuscript contained in its

forty-nine quires 446 leaves ; of these 227 still remain ; among

those which are lost are four leaves containing K€(j)d\aia.
I have had the advantage of testing my results throughout by
the work of the Russian scholars to whom I have referred. Our
results agree except in three particulars. To one of these, the
number of leaves in a quire, I have already made allusion^ A
second is and Ky', where the task
the arrangement of quires A-/3'

of reconstruction, which elsewhere is on the whole straightforward,

presents some difficulty. The gap between Pat 25 and Pat 26 is
one of eleven leaves Pat 26 is therefore the second leaf of quire

K^\ and not the first In agreement with this is the fact that

the first folio of quire Ky' is undoubtedly Pet 180, which has
on it the signature of the gathering^ The second, third and
fourth folios of this quire were taken up with the text of St
Mark, which may have extended to the fifth, though it did not
in any case occupy more than a few lines of its recto. Then
followed the Kecfxikaia of St Luke. The first of the fragments '^

which contain a part of them has a broad margin at its top.

One side is blank. The first Ke^akatov on the fragment is
Ke(f)aXaLov ^'. The sixtieth KecfxiXaiov stood therefore at the
head of a column. is room
column for the remain-
There in this
ing twenty-four KccfxiXaia, ^' to 7r7', and all the Ke^dXata of
St Luke would occupy four columns the column in question and —
the three preceding it^ If therefore this column was the second

^ See p. XXV, note 1.

2 Their arrangement of these quires is

"26 -••""
'^P "27 "28 "29 '^^30 "31 "32 "33
Ky — — — — — — — — — —
making quire k^ a quinion.
' This leaf is bound with the true verso in the place of the recto : the signature,
which is far from distinct, is in the upper right-hand corner of the present verso.
^ See p. XXV, note 2.
^ This is quite clear on a calculation of the space which the K€<pa\aia might be
expected to occupy, founded on an examination of the fragments of the KccpaXaia
which survive. The space each KecpaXatov would occupy can be determined with
sufficient accuracy from what we know of other manuscripts.

column of the recto of a folio, there would be room for all the
K€(f>d\aia of St Luke on the two columns of the page to which it

belonged together with the two columns of the verso of the folio
which preceded it^ The Gospel of St Mark ended certainly on
the recto of the fifth folio if not on the verso of the fourth-.
There is doubt that the KecfxiXaia of St Luke occupied

the verso of folio 5 and the recto of folio 6 of quire Ky\ the
verso of the latter leaf being left blank before the beginning
of the Gospel following.
A third point of difference — the position of the K€(j)a\aLa —
has already been dealt with^

^ If it was the first column of the recto, the Ke(f>a\aia would extend to one
column of the recto of the preceding leaf: if it was a column of the verso,
one side of it could not be blank.
- Folio 1 of quire Ky ends with Mc xv 42. Mc xv 42 — xvi 20 occupy 55 lines of
the T.R. as given by Scrivener, or rather less than three leaves of N. Z contains as
far as xvi 14 ; There can be no doubt that N contained the last
the rest is lost.

twelve verses of the second Gospel. There is some reason to think that N omitted
Mt xii 47 and Lc ix 56 but contained Mt xvii 21.
3 The reasons given on p. xxvi for placing them at the beginning of the Gospel
appear to me worth while to notice, as arising from the
sufficient; but it is

investigation of the arrangement of quire Ky' that their position at the end would

involve an uneven number of leaves (or a spare leaf unaccounted for) in quire fid'
certainly, and probably in quires i5' and \r]' that is to say, in quire fid' six leaves

for the text and one for the K€<pd\aia of St John; in quire X77' seven leaves
for the text and two for the K€(pa\aia of St Luke. It seems likely that, as with
St Luke, so with the other Gospels, the page which preceded the beginning of
a Gospel was left blank.

The Table of Reconstruction.

In the following table the leaves of the St Petersburg portion

of the manuscript are indicatedby figures alone: the leaves at
Patmos, Rome, London and Vienna, by P, R, L and Y respectively,
with fio^ures attached. A short horizontal stroke indicates a
missing leaf of the text : a similar stroke within square brackets
a missing leaf which contained KecpnXaca. The Greek numerals
in the left hand margin indicate the numbers of the quires
those of which the signatures are still extant are printed
in capitals. The column on the right contains a statement
(sometimes approximate only) of the place at which the text
contained in the quire began. One or more quires preceded a
and contained the KecfxiXaia of St Matthew and other matter.


— — — 44 — — 45 — _ — Mt I 1

fl _ _ _ ___ _ _ __ivlO?
y _ 11 12 13 — — 14 15 16 — VI 17

A' 17 18» 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 - ix 31

t' — 26*^ 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 — x 38

^ _ 34c 35 36 37_ 38 39 40 — xii 46

^' — — 41 42 — — 43 _ _ — XIV 15

r{ — — _ _ _ 46 47 48 — — XVI 23

e' Ri — — — R2 R3 IBl R4 R.5 Rfi XIX 6

4' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ XXI 19

t„' — — ___-_ — __._ XXIII 13?

^ — — _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ XXV 7?

_ _ — — — — — —

ih' ______
Li L2

_ _ _
XXVI 43?


U — — _ _ _ _ Mc 1

tr' - — — — — — — — _ — III 9 (?)

IZ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9<i
10 V 20

,ri p^ _ _ P2 P3 P, P, Pg Py - VI 53

id' Pg Pj, PjQ P,j Pjo P,3 Pi4 Pi5 Pic Pi7 IX 1

* ^18 ^19 ^20 "21 i

22 "23 "24 "25 ^ ^'^

KCl — — — XII 19

Kp 1 3(5 1 27
28 ' 2» * 30 ^ 31 ^32 * 33 ^^^ ^"

Kr' 180 — — — [— [— XV 33t

^^; _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ — — Lc 1

Ki — 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 — II 15

_ _ — — —

,^' ________
57 58 59 60 61

iv 1


;,^' _ _ _ _ 66^ 67 — 68 — — VIII 33(?)

X' _ 62 — 63 64 65 — — ix 49

Xa' — 179 — — — — — — 182 — XI 6

AB' 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 xii 29

Xy' 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 xiv 12

AA' 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 — xvi 23

Xf' — — 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 — xviii 43

Xr' — — — 105 106 107 108 109^ 110 111 xx 40 (?)

Xf — 112S 113 114 115 116 117 — xxii 49

Xt;' __ _ Vi — — V2 — [— xxiii 50§

X(9' — — 118 119 — — 120h 121 122 123 Jn i 1

^' „ 124i _ 125 126 127 128 129 130 — iii 14

MA' 131^ — 132 133 134 135 136 137 — 138 v 10

/x/3' — 1391 140 141 142 143 144 145 vi 49

Mr' 146°^ 147° 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 vii 50

^ib' — — _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IX 32

tie' — — — — _ _ _ _ _ _ XI 41 ?

/xr' — — L3 — — — — L4 — — XIII 22?

MZ' 156« 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 xvi 15

MH' 166P 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 xviii 36

fi6' 1741 175 176 177 178 — xx 15

The following notes occur on the folios indicated by the letters affixed

Xiwa^ovTai ^ XLira^ovrat "^
XetTrei Terpabtov '^
oixov v ® o^ov v
^ ofxov V s a ^ Arabic note '7 ^8 '
e "*
f " o^iov v

* At the end of this quire stood the K€(pa\aca of Mark.

t At the end of this quire stood the KecpaXaca of Luke.
One of these quires was a quaternion.
§ At the end of this quire stood the KecpdXaca of John.


Extent and Contents of the Recovered Portions of the Text

Out of the 462 leaves on which originally the text was written
227 have been recovered. The following table will show at a
glance the distribution of these leaves.
Matt. Mark Luke John
Original number in Gospel 135 84 141 102 = 462

Recovered before 1896 8 33 2 2 = 45

in 1896 ... 39 11 71 61 = 182

Total 47 44 73 63 = 227
Proportion recovered to
contents of Gospel ... -348 -524 -518 '628 -491

Before 1896 only 45 leaves, about one-tenth of the original

number, were recovered. The leaves recovered in 1896 come
chiefly from the Gospels of St Luke and St John. This is the
more satisfactory, because, as the recent discovery tends to bring
out more clearly, we have in codex S a text practically identical
with that of N
and of S we have the
: first two Gospels almost
complete, but nothing else.

Though the and the contents of

particular portions recovered
each leaf can be ascertained from the printed text which follows,
it will be convenient to give that information at once in a tabular
form. Where several leaves are consecutive, their contents are
grouped together.

i 24 -TToiija-fv — ii 7 rjpio^r]^ Pet 44
ii 20 -pfvov — iii 4 aKpidfs Pet 45
vi 25 dvvaadf- vii 15 npna-fxf- Pet 11 — 13
viii 1 avTov — 23 tfiou crto-- Pet 14 — 16
viii 31 ayfXf/i/— X 28 ylrvxv^ <"» Pet 17 — 25
xi 4 -noKpiBfii — xii 40 rpi^ rjpt- Pet 26 — 33
xiii 4 K(iTf(fiay(v— 37 tts aXfv- Pet 34 — 37
xiii 41 Tovi ayytXov^ — xiv 6 yrvopLfvcav Pet 38 — 40
xiv 31 -TO avTov — XV 14 Tv(f)\<i)v Pet 41 — 42
XV 31 K(o(f)ovi — 38 T(TpaKi(Tx*-Xft- Pet 43

xviii 5 oi/o/xari— 25 airoboBrjvm Pet 46 — 48

xix 6 etcrii'— 13 Trpoarjve- Vat 1
XX 6 avTots Ti—xxi 19 kui 1° *Vat 2—6 Pet 181
xxvi 57 -Tcpoi — 65 Step- Loiid 1

xxvii 26 Tov 8e Tv — 34 kui yev- Lond 2

* Pet 181 contains xx 22 -Kpideis—29 eKiropevo-

V 20 oa-a—vii 4 Kpareiv -^Pet 1 — 10 Pat 1

vii 20 cKTTopevofxevov viii 32 \oyov — Pat 2 —

ix 1 -rots- afirjv —
X 43 oXX os Pat 8 — 19
xi 7 avTco—xii 19 adeX^tos 1« Pat 20—25
xiv 25 Xeyo) vpiu —XV 23 edibovv av- Pat 26 33 —
XV 33 evarrjs — 42 yevopevrjs Pet 180
* Pat 1 contains vi 53 yrjv — vii 4 Kpareiv

ii —iv 3 kul cnrev
23 yeypanrai Pet 49 — 56
iv 19 eviavTov — 26 tijs (tlSco- Pet 57
iv 36 eyevcTO — 42 ox^ol ol Pet 58
V 12 KaOapicrai — 33 km
/xe ttl- Pet 59 —61
ix 8 — 20 8e cm
Tiv(ov o Pet 66 — 67
ix 28 Km napaXa^cov — 35 aKovere Pet 68
ix 58 kXivul — x 4 ^aXkavTiov Pet 62
X 12 -pov —34 avTov km
€<TTai Pet 63 — 65
xi 14 -XaXrjaev — 23 kut efxov Pet 179
xii 12 enreiv — 20 eav- drjcravpi^oiv Pet 182
xii 29 -pi^eo-<9e—xviii 31 irapado- Pet 69—97
xix 17 -aiav —xx 30 arcKvos km
e;(cov e —
Pet 98 104
xxi 22 'pM —xxii 49 avrov to
€K8iKr}(r€(os —
Pet 105 111
xxii 57 avTov Xeycov — 41 xxiii eTrpa^a/xe/xot Pet 112 — 117
xxiv 13 -xovaav — 21 ravrrju Vind 1
xxiv 39 TTvevpa — 49 vpis ku- de Vind 2

i 21 ov— 40 r)iJL€pav Pet 118—119
ii 6 -VM Kara — iii 14 o^ii/ ev Pet 120 123 —
iii 22 pi€Ta ravra— 29 e/cei-
Pet 124
iv 4 -jxevrjv (Tvxo-p —V 2 e^ovaa Pet 125 — 130
V 10 €(TTLV 19 KM CLTTCV Pet 131
V 26 -K€v — 30 eariv
€)((iv vi yfypa/x/xe- Pet 132 — 137
vi 39 aXXa—49 v/xojj/ c- Pet 138
vi 57 -a-ei di f/ne —ix 32 rjdvvaro Pet 139—155

xiv 2 fxovni TToXXm — 10 ai/roy Loild 3

XV 15 -Xoy oi'K— 22 vvv Sf Lond 4
xvi 15 8ia TovTo — xxi 20 o tf okoXov- Pet 156 — 178

The Arrangement of the Leaves of the St Petersburg Portion.

It will be apparent from an examination of the above table

that there is some confusion in the present arrangement of the
surviving leaves of the manuscript which are preserved at St
Petersburg. Pet 1 — 10which contain part of St
(quire tf)
Mark's Gospel should follow Pet 181 and be followed by Pet 180.
These two leaves instead of standing at the end of the volume
should come together with quire tf betw^een Pet 48 and 49.
Pet 44 and 45 are also out of their place they contain a part of —
the second and third chapters of St Matthew and should stand first
of the extant leaves of the manuscript. The remaining leaves are,
with two exceptions, in their right order: Pet 66, 67 and 68
should follow^ Pet 61 ; and between Pet 68 and 69 should come
Pet 62 two leaves now bound at the end of
Qo, together with
the manuscript, Pet 179 and 182.

The Binding of the St Petersburg Fragment.

The manuscript at St Petersburg is bound in green velveteen

with silver ornaments. These silver ornaments are, according to
an authority whom I consulted at St Petersburg, probably of the
last century and of Levantine origin. The arrangement on each
side of the volume is the same, and consists of a central medallion
with four corner-pieces. On the front the central medallion repre-
sents the Crucifixion : on the Saviour's right stands the Virgin,
and on His left St John. Jerusalem is depicted in the back-
ground beyond it the sun and moon are seen in the heavens.

At the foot of the cross is a chalice, a skull and cross-bones.

Upon the cross is the superscription I . N B
. . I. The four corner-
pieces represent four saints, each of whom has a book in his hand,
with a legend giving some of the letters of his name. They are
intended apparently for David, Solomon, Isaiah and Jeremiah.

David occupies the upper left-hand corner of the design with

Solomon in a similar position on the right. Isaiah and Jeremiah
are below David and Solomon respectively.
The medallion on the back of the volume represents the visit
of the three women to the empty Tomb. The women stand on
the left, the angel opposite to them on the right. The angel's
stole is crossed. In the background behind the angel rises
Calvary with the three crosses. In the centre above all, is the
Risen Lord with a banner in His hand. The representation is

traditional. The four corner-pieces in this case represent the four

evangelists, each of whom carries a book and pen. At the top, on
the left, is St John with the eagle, on the right St Matthew with
the angel. St Mark with the lion is below St John. St Luke is
represented with an ox.

General Description of the Manuscript.

With the exception of certain particulars to which special

attention is drawn our further description of the manuscript will
refer to the whole, and not to one or other only of its several
fragments^ The manuscript is written on vellum of such extreme
fineness that not only does the writing in some cases shew
through, but it is very difficult to detect, even with a glass, which
is the rough and which the smooth side of the skin. The vellum
has been stained purple, and in many leaves still retains the rich,
deep colour which had when it was new. The material used for

writing is as a rule silver. Gold is used in the abbreviations of

the sacred names, ^9, i?, v^, x^, 7c^, irrfp and irva^.

^ It is fair however to say that it is irapossible to form any idea of the original
beauty of the manuscript without seeing the portion of it preserved at St Peters-
burg. The leaves at London, Vienna, and, as I understand, Patmos and Eome, are
comparatively torn and faded. Of those at St Petersburg the majority are in
good condition, and many are excellently preserved. The leaves on the outside
of a quire have naturally suffered most. The leaves most deteriorated are 1 10, —
n— 16, 44, 45, 173—182. I have noted 41—43, 46—48, and 139—165 as excellent.
No. 112, which has a on it and would form the first leaf of the Johannine collection
(see p. xix), shows no marks of any especial exposure.

Gold is also used in Mt xiii 27 (/ce), Lc ii 40 {ttpi), iv 1 {-rrvs ayiov), xii 47 (kv),

Jn ii 12 {fx of fiera), vii 39 {aytou extra ser. litt.), xix 5 (o TrtXaroj extra ser. litt.).
Silver is used in Lc iii 38 (^i;), xiii 13 [dv extra ser. litt), Jn vi 27 (vrjp extra ser.
litt.). In Lc xii 36, k€ (gold) is corrected by the addition of a small silver v. In Mt

The size given for the leaves at Patmos is 333 by 26 cm., for
those at Vienna 29 by 265, for those at Rome and London 33'3
by 28-5 (Cozza Luzi gives 33 by 27) and 32 3 by 26-8, respectively.
Some of the leaves at St Petersburg measure 31*6 by 26 '5, but
some are slightly smaller. What the original size of the leaf was,
it is now impossible to say. In one instance the upper margin is
52 cm. Nvide, and on folio 173 the fact that the letters 7rpo<s
have been cut away bears witness to an additional 2 cm. on one
side. Perhaps 34 by 29 cm. would not be wide of the mark.
There are two columns on a page, each measuring 23*2 by
103, with a space between them of 1*9 cm. There are sixteen
lines in a column and 10 to 12 letters in each line. For the
guidance of the scribe 32 horizontal lines have been drawn, which
extend from one side of the writing on each page to the other.
They are 7 mm. apai't. The writing occupies each alternate space
beginning with the second. The longer letters and the capitals
extend above or below it. The capitals which fall at or near the
beginning of a section project from the rest of the column about
one cm.^ They are about twice the size of the other letters. In
the side-margins stand the Ammonian sections with the numbers
of the Eusebian canons, and in the upper or low^er margins the
tltXoi, which, with the exception of the numbers, are w*ritten in
gold. Three small fragments of the list of tItXol which preceded
St Luke's Gospel have been preserved
The writing is continuous, in the sense that the words are not
necessarily separated from each other by a break. The beginning

xiii 51 (kc) the k is in silver by mistake, the e in gold, and the word is followed by a
space for one letter, there is no erasure. See p. xlvi of the Introduction and
pp. 9, 12, 14, and 53 of the printed text.
These capitals have been represented in the printed text where they occur,

whether at the beginning of a sentence or of a word. Where, however, in the

manuscript they fall in the middle of a word, they have been transferred to its
beginning. This is the case in Mt xii 14 ^apiaaioi (p), xii 39 Atok/m^cu (k), xxi 15
l5ovT€s (t), xxvi 60 ToTcpov (r). Mc xiv 44 AeSwArct (5 2°), xv 7 Xeyofievoi (7), xv
12, XV 14 IliXaros (t) bis, xv 20 E^ayovaiv (^). Lc x 1 A7re<rrt\ci' (X), xviii 29 Ai/rois

(t), xxii 20 UoTTjpiov (0 2"), xxiii 33 At7;\^oi', xxiv 40 Eitcc (jt). Jn iv 17 AireKpiOrf

{d), also xvi 31, xvii 1 EXaXrjaef (\ 2"), xviii 37 Enrev (t). The capitals at the
beginning of the chapters do not represent capitals in the manuscript itself.
See p. XXV, note 2.

of each section marked not only by a capital, but where circum-


stances allow by a space such as would contain a few letters.

These spaces occur at the end of a line\ Breaks in the sense are
also marked in the middle of a line by a small space and, as a
rule, a single point which is level with the top, the bottom, or
the middle of the writing. In a few cases a double point is used.
There is no trace of the semicolon, I believe, or of the comma.
The syllable-divider is common. As a rule we find a single point
above v, and two points above t\ The marks and " are rare. '

A curious feature of the manuscript is a single point which

stands above a letter, and is used apparently as breathing,
accent, syllable-divider, or it may be for other purposes^. It is
possible that the materials employed in writing determined the
shape of this mark.
The manuscript presents the usual abbreviations. It has
seemed quite unnecessary to represent these in the text.
A short stroke above the letter to represent z^ is common, as
is also the abbreviation for Kai,\
The words ^eo?, Trarrjp, crjo-ov^, ')(^ptaTO<=i, KVpco<;, vio<;, TTpev/Jia,

avOp(07ro<;, ovpavo<;, with their cases, are almost invariably abbre-

viated. We have also VfjX and hdh for co-parjX and SaviS, and Trjjl
or IXrjJZ {TfjXjl in Mt ii 1) for lepoucraXrj/jL ^ We have also the word
in full.
We find moreover the following grouping of letters :

TjT, T|r°, T^°% iJt" and Tf*^ in TrpoaeOero (and nrporepov), Trpocj^rjrrjf;

(and Trpo/Sara), tt/^o? (and eiJuirpoaOev, TrpoaKwyrat), irpcorov and

TTpaKTcop, respectively.

T in reTpap-^rji^. ^^f for Trarrjp.

^ in €/jLavTov, ravra and avTo<;.
Ti°\ n°, n°^ and ah^ in iroirjaov, airo, 7roXkaL<; and aire'X^ei

isH, N, hni, NY, N, SH, NsH, HsH, MsH, NM and usH in eOvT] (and ar€pr)<;,

1 There is not always a stop at the end of a section.

2 In some cases the two points have become a single straight line.
^ In the text the stops are represented but no accent or syllable-divider,
The abbreviation for -ai is not found.
^ eiXrjii occurs in Lc ii 41 for ets lepovaaXrj/x.

€K€i,vr}, yevrjaerai, BiaKOPTjaaL, uepov rjp^aro, avoL^ov tj/jliv), qlvo-

iTOTT]<; (and vo/jlov), ttjv (and ajroWvfieirjv, r)v Koavvrjv), Lcoavvov,

oEvvcDfievoL, Lwavvrjv (and (^covrjv, e\er}p.oavvriv, Trecjivrev/jLevrjv),

iwavvTjv, €Lpr)v7]v, /jLvr)fjL€L0Vy fxavva and fjbaySaXijvr], respectively.

Ml, VH, Mc, VM, ^, M and M in /jlol, /jurj (and firjvaf;, e^Bofirj-

Kovra, firfhe, a/jLrjv, Sf)(^OTOfiT]a€L), o<j)da\/jLO<s (and fioa)^o<;), €prjp,(o

(and 7)ixa<^), /jlov, Koa/xov, and Bai/jLovia (and (Ofioaev), respectively.

A in BaKTvXo) (Mt xii 28).

t' in ifiarcov.
a' in TratBtov.

The cases of itacism are numerous, but they are of the

ordinary kind. The most frequent are the substitutions of t for

et, of €L for L, of ac for e, of e for at, of co for ov, and ov for co.

V is found several times for 06, as well as tj for 6 and to for o,

and vice versa. x^P^^ ^^ found for x^ipoi. In addition to the

itacisms the following instances of spelling deserve notice : €/jl

firjOXeepL, €/jL 7rapa^o\at<;y e/x'Trpoadev : evKa6€Tov<;, TravirXijOet,

awTTVLyL, auvxaprjrai, crui^^pwi'rat : paKKOv<;, €K6po<;, e^rjXOare,

TrapaXrjfKpOrjaerat,, reaaepa, recraepaKOvra, eKaOepiaOrjaav, ovOe-
vo<;, Bi,yvvei<;, apa(j)o<; : aTreKarearaOrj, aveco^ev, rfveco^ev : yofi/no-

pa<;, yofjLOppot<; : ^T]6aa€iSa, ^TjSaaiSa, ffrjd'aaiSa, ffrjadeaBa, firjd-

a^ayr] : Ka(f)apvaov/jL (but also Kairepvaovfi): acXcoa/j,, aiKwav. This

list may be increased by adding to it the obvious blunders of
the scribe recorded in the footnotes to the pages where they
In the text the usual height of the letters is 7 mm. At the
end of a line they occasionally decrease somewhat in size, but
without any tendency to become oval or rectangular and at the ;

beginning of a section they are nearly twice the normal measure-

ments. The letters p and y project below the line, while and (\>

vp project both below and above. The letters are without ex-
ception free from any sign of slanting, and, with the exceptions
noted above, of a regular size, e, 0, o, and c, moreover, are round,
and H, M, N, and n, are square. The horizontal stroke of A is
thin but it broadens towards the extremities, which project

beyond the two down-strokes of the letter. A similar thickening

is seen in the horizontal stroke of r, e, n and t, and in the curved

lines of e and c. The horizontal line of e is somewhat above the

centre of the letter, and extends completely across it ; that of
e divides the letter into two equal parts, but does not extend
beyond the circle, oo is nearly closed. The upper bow of B is much
smaller than the lower : both bows are united at the centre of
the vertical stroke. The upper part of the bow of p is joined to
the top of the vertical stroke but does not project beyond it on
the left. The vertical stroke of k is not joined to the rest of
the letter, the upper stroke of which is thinner (though broad-
ening at the top) than the lower. The left-hand stroke of A,

and the upper part of the loop of a, join the right-hand stroke
at a distance of one-third from its upper extremity : the lower
part of the loop of a joins it at the same distance from the
bottom. The left hand stroke of y is thickened at the end ; so
also are both ends of the stroke which crosses from left to right
in x>
this stroke being moreover at times somewhat curved. I is

made without lifting the pen, and is by no means as uniform in

shape as the other letters. In z the horizontal strokes are broad-
ened at the outer ends, and the upper stroke projects on the left

beyond the rest of the letter. I do not give a facsimile because

such an excellent reproduction of the Vienna leaves is accessible
in the edition of the Vienna Genesis, to which I have already
made repeated allusion.

Date and Provenance of the Manuscript.

With regard to the date of the manuscript von Gebhardt

says :

'Das Alter dieser Handschrift ist sehr verschieden geschatzt

worden. Home hielt sie fur das alteste neutestamentliohe Manu-
script (Ende des 4. oder Anfang des 5 Jahrh.); Scholz dachte
an das 7. oder 8. Jahrhundert ; Casley wiederum schrieb ihr ein
hoheres Alter zu als dem Codex Cottonianus der Genesis (saec. v.);
Tischendorf endlich entschied sich fur den Ausgang des 6., spates-
tens Anfang des 7. Jahrhunderts (Mon. sacra inedita sive reliquiae
etc. Prolegom. p. 12)^'

1 I.e. p. xxiii, n. 12.


There is nothing, I think, in the above description of the

letters taken separately to prevent the handwriting being a book-
hand of the sixth, and even somewhat early sixth century. When
it is examined in a reduced photographic facsimile it is seen to

bear a close resemblance to that of the Wiener Dioscorides^ and

that without making any allowance for the difference in material.
Moreover the handwriting appears firmer and less \vom than
that of the Codex Rossanensis, and is therefore if anything pro-
bably somewhat earlier-. Further, there is nothing whatever in
any of the abbreviations which have been mentioned above to
prevent the adoption of this date ; nor is the fact that occasionally
an accent or breathing is inserted by the original scribe to be
regarded as strong evidence against it.

We are however in this manuscript with the

same problem as is presented by the Codex Guelferbytanus (P),
the Codex Zacynthius (H), the Codex Rossanensis (S), and the
Codex Beratinus (<I>). In all these manuscripts there are ad-
ditions either in the margin or at the beginning of a Gospel in
a hand of a somewhat different character and apparently later
date. In the case of N we have three fragments of the list of
the K€(f)d\aLa of the third Gospel and (in the margin of the
leaves) the section-numbers and the tltXol. The hand in which
they are written differs to some extent from that which is found
in the text. The letters are barely half the size of the letters of
the text. have lost none of their squareness, but e, 0, o
H, M, N, n,

and c are inclined to be oval. The shape of oo is also very slightly

different. The other letters present no remarkable variation, and
in no case do any of the letters lose their upright appearance.
It is possible to deal with this difference in the hands, which must
* This manupcriiit is generally assigned to the first quarter of the sixth century.
The evidence, which is given at length in Gardthausen {Griechische PaUieographie,
p. 150), turns on the identification of the 'lovXiava, whose portrait is given in the
manuscript, with the daughter of Flavins Anicius Olybrius and Placidia who lived
at that date.
' This manuscript von Gebhardt assigns to the sixth century {I.e. p. xxvi). The
discussion of the date occupies pp. xxi — xxxi. An examination of the facsimile of
one page of ^ recently published by Haseloff confirms me in this opinion of the
priority of N. The writing in 2 is irregular ; there is a slight loss of squareness
and roundness in the square and round letters respectively and a slight tendency
of all the letterH to slant. The shape of cj in 2 is also in favour of a later date.

be of the same date, in two ways. Either the date of the writing
in the text must be brought down to the apparently later date of
the writing in the margin, or the appearance of greater lateness
may be explained by the cramped position in which the notes are
written, or by a lack of care in writing them arising from a notion
of the scribe that their contents were less important. The latter
explanation is the one adopted by Tregelles\ von Gebhardt^ and
Batiffol^ as the explanation of the similar problem in the manu-
scripts they have edited, and it is made all the more probable by
recent discoveries of papyrus-uncial. The upright nature of the
writing is strongly in favour of the earlier date.
The corrections of the manuscript are (with perhaps one
exception^) by the same hand as the text.
Of the provenance of the manuscript there is no tradition.
1 am inclined to suggest Constantinople. The magnificence of
the manuscript and the character of the text are in favour of
this assumption, and
though less obviously, is the fact that

most of the surviving leaves were in Western Asia Minor a

century or so ago. The two other purple manuscripts, moreover,
2 and ^, can also be connected with the same locality the ;

former by the close relations which are known to have existed

between Calabria and Constantinople the latter by the tradition ;

which by a strange irony ascribes its authorship to John Chryso-

stom^ The close connexion in text between N and % makes it
highly probable that they both came from the same locality.

1 Tregelles, Cod. Zac. 3J. London, 1861. Preface, p. ii.

2 I.e. p. XXV. ^ I.e. p. 25.

Mt xxvii 33 epix-qvevoixevov.

^ Von Gebhardt and Harnack, Evangeliorum Codex Graeeus Pm-pureus Rossa-

nensis, pp. vii, viii; von Gebhardt, I.e. p. xxxii. The Greek use was only discon-
tinued in the Cathedral at Eossano in 1416. Batiffol, I.e. pp. 17 if., 122. Compare
also Gardthausen, I.e.Chrysostom {Homil. in Joh. xxodii, T. viii, p. 188
p. 42.
ed. Montfaucon) says of the owners of such manuscripts, '/cat r] iraaa avrOiv (nrovdr)
Tepl T&v vjjAvuv T^s XeTTTOTTjTos, /cat TO tG}v ypa/xfidTcav /cctXXos, ov irepl ttjv dvdyvuaiu ...

To(rai;T?7 ttj^ Kevo8o^ias eTriSet^is. Ovdevbs yap d/coi5c«; (f>CKoTLfxovfxivov, otl olSe tcl

iyKeiixeva, dXX' otl xpi^aots ^x^' ypafx/xaaiu eyyeypa[Xfj.hov .^ Jerome calls the manu-
scripts 'libros — in membranis purpureis auro argentoque descriptos onera magis —
exarata quam codices.'

Examination of the Character of the Text,

The relation between X and 2.

The text of the manuscript bears a close affinity with the text
of the Codex Rossanensis (S), itself a purple manuscript of the
sixth century, containing the two Gospels. This affinity of

text was pointed out by Professor von Gebhardt at a time when it

was only possible to compare 41 leaves of N w4th corresponding
portions of 2. The following words express his verdict on the
question :

'Aus dieser grossen Zahl iibereinstiinmender Lesarten (a list of

readings peculiar to the two manuscripts had preceded this state-
ment) ergiebt sich, dass die beiden Purpurcodices ihrer gemein-
sanien Quelle sehr nahe stehen, und nichts steht der Annahme
entgegen, dass sie unmittelbar aus derselben Vorlage abgeschrie-
ben sind. Denn die Abweichungen zwischen beiden sind meist
ganz unerheblich und erklaren sich theils aus FlUchtigkeit oder
Willklir der Schreiber, theils aus der Einwirkung paralleler
Stellen ; sehr selten, und vielleicht nur da, wo in einer der beiden
Handschriften corrigirt ist, liegt eine Nothigung vor, zur Erkla-
rung der Varianten eine zweite Quelle zu Hilfe zu nehmen.'
In a footnote, moreover, he adds after a brief statement of the
more difficult discrepancies Jedenfalls wird es nicht leicht zwei

andere Evangelienhandschriften geben, die so selten von einander

abweichen und so auffallend mit einander iibereiustimmen, wie 2
und XV
^ Yon Gebhardt, I.e. pp. xlviii and xlix.

I am by the editors of the Codex Rossanensis to draw attention to the

preface in which they state the reasons which prevented a revision of their first
collation of the manuscript. The collation was made with Theile's tenth (stereo-
tyi>ed) edition of the N.T.

The discovery of fifty additional leaves of N from the Gospels

of St Matthew and St Mark puts us in a still better position to
form a judgment on this question. It appeared to me that the
most satisfactory way to bring out the few points of difference
between them, was to avail myself of Professor von Gebhardt's
kind permission to print the variants of S at the foot of the text
of N. I have not as a rule noticed either itacisms or other
differences of spelling, but with this exception, I believe that the
apparatus will be found to be a complete record of the variations
between the tw^o manuscripts, so far as they are at present
capable of comparison \
The total number of differences of reading registered amounts
to 151 (56 Mt + 95 Mc). There are also corrections in one or
other manuscript or in both which amount to 63 (46 -I- 17). These
however may be left for subsequent consideration. Of the 151
differences mentioned above 9 (2 + 7) may be neglected as obvious
blunders of one scribe or the other ^, and 44 (22 + 22) as in
themselves of no importance. This latter class consists either of
itacisms or of differences of -spelling.There remain therefore for
consideration 93 (30 + 63) —
or practically one for every page of N

recovered together with five cases in which the reading of one
manuscript or the other is open to doubts

^ I find that the reading of 2 (om. eaxLv) in Mc xii 16 has not been given a place
in my footnotes. It has been taken account of however in the calculations which
follow. Readings such as Mc viii 29 are counted as two.
- They are Mt ix 2 N, ix 13 (cf. however 'omnis autem substantia consumitur'
the reading of k in Mc ix 49) 2, Mc vii 33 N, ix 3 N, ix 17 N, ix 32 N, x 15 (diou) N,

xiv 36 (to e7w) 2, xiv 64 N.

These cases are Mt xx 23, xx 26, Mc viii 4, x 15 (o] oj 2), xv 36. In Mc viii

4, x 15 the reading of M. Sakkelion, as given by Tischendorf, agrees with 2 : the

is improbable in itself, and
reading given in the text unsupported by any other is

manuscript. In Mt xx 23, xx 26 N is torn 2 agrees with the best uncials against


N and the T.R. In Mc xv 36 2 is torn N agrees with the best uncials against 2

and the T.R.

Thecollation of the Patmos leaves of N supplied to Tischendorf by Sakkelion
differsfrom the edition of the Abbd Duchesne in the places here to be mentioned.
I take the latter's text as printed on pp. 29 —
44 as the standard and cite the
variants which I gather from Tischendorf's apparatus. In the places marked with
an asterisk the reading of Tischendorf is not quite certain. I have indicated agree-
ment with 2 by placing its symbol after the reading.
vi 56 Kpaawedov] pr tov 2 viii 4 rourois] tovtov^ 2 21 eXeyev] + av-

Out of the 93 cases, N agrees with the Textus Receptus against

2 in 44 (15 + 29)— in 20 (6 + 14) of these S stands alone, in 16
(6 + 10) with but a few manuscripts. S agrees with the Textus
Receptus against 45 (15 + 30)— in 18 (5 + 13) of these N
N in
stands alone, in 14 (6 +8) with but a few manuscripts. The cases
in which N and S differ from each other and also from the T.R.
are Mc v 36 (where there is much confusion of reading), viii 25
(most MSS om avTov), xiv 36 (where N reading tovto to Trorrjpiov
stands with D. 209 against most MSs), and xiv 40 (where there

is much confusion). In other words, where the manuscripts differ,

it is possible in almost every case to assign the difference either
to the aberration of the scribe or to the influence of a reading
already popular^

Tois*2 30 TovTov] avTov* 2 ix 13 utrum -qdeKyjcav (2) an rjdeXov legi velit

dubium 18 ^-qpaiveTai* 23 to ei Si'v?; 2] om. to x 1 av/jLiropevovTai] pr. /cai 2
14 irpos e/ic] irpos fie* 2 15 o* eav] os eav 2 xi 13 ov yap Kaipos] ov yap -qv

Katpos 2 18 ot ypapL/jiaTeis /cai ot apx'fpfts 2] Lectio cod. N dubia id. e^c-

ir\T}(T<jovTo 2] Lectio cod. N dubia xii 7 irpos eairrovs 2] + on* 16 eaTiv]

om,* 2 xiv 32 yeda-ri/xavei id. Tpocrevxi^/J-ai] irpoaev^ufiai 2 44 avaar^fiov]

+ avToi$* 2 53 avTwv] avTU) 2 54 avvKadrj/jievos Kai depfj^evofievos /jLCTa Tuiv

virripeToiv 2] avvKadrjuevos /x€Ta T(jjv virrjpfTuiv Kai Bep/xaivo/Jifvos* 65 rj/uv XP'-'^'^^ ''"'^

eariv o Trecraj ae 2] om.* id. pairicrfxaaiv 2 xv 7 (TTacriaaTwv] avaTacLacTTuv 2.

The divisions of lines in Duchesne's edition favour Tischendorf s reading in x 1,

xi 13, xiv 65; they favour his own in ix 13 (ijdeXrjaav), x 14, xiv 44, xiv 65
(most strongly), xv 17; in vi 56, viii 21, viii 30, ix 23, x 15, xii 16, they throw no
light on the question in xiv 53 avTui comes at the end of a line.

Of these readings, so far as the question immediately' before us is concerned,

19 deserve consideration. If Tischendorfs readings are correct they strengthen

the case for a common origin of the mss. Ten cases of difference of reading are
removed and probably four others, while five differences of reading may be intro-
duced, none of which are certain, and four of which from the way the evidence
is given are highly improbable. There are 48 differences in the 33 Patmos leaves
according to Duchesne, as against 44 in the other 63 leaves which survive of the
two Gospels.
1 2 stands alone in Mt ii 2, vii 5, viii 23, ix 18, x 5, xxi 13 {yeypairrai oti),

Mc V 37, vi 25, vi 31 (bis), viii 29 (bis), x 24, x 36, xi 32, xii 1, xii 4, xii 14, xii 15,

XV 19 — with but few mss in Mt x 10, x 14, xii 22, xiii 27 (tw oiKodeairoTrj), xviii 10
{tov €v tois ovpavois), XX 13, Mc v 29, v 40, vi 33, vi 36, vii 34, ix 28 (aiToi'),

xiv 32 (fws av), xiv 36 (aXX on), xiv 43 (om. evdcus), xv 41. The other instances of
agreement of N and T.R. against 2 are Mt ix 23, xii 38, xviii 6, Mc ix 45 (aoi

cffTip), xiv 35 (bis), xiv 72, xv 40, where except in Mc ix 45, xiv 35 (ciri Trpoauvoy),
xiv 72, and xv 40, the reading of 2 is that of the best uncials.
N stands alone in Mt viii 32, ix 36, xii 19, xiii 26, xxi 11, Mc vi 56, viii 16, viii

An examination of the differences also brings out the fact

that, while they are alterations which a scribe would be easily
tempted to introduce into a manuscript, they are not in them-
selves of much importance. They are either assimilations (18 +
28 = 46) to a phrase which (a) has been used recently (3 -I- 2 = 5),
or (6) is familiar (9 + 8 = 17), or they betray (c) the influence of
the parallels (6 + 18 = 24), or else they consist of (d) the omission
or addition word which the context makes unimportant
of a
(5 + 13=18), or (e) a slight change in a word (2 + 4 = 6) sometimes
dictated by the context. 8 (2 + 6) are due to a change of orders
Of the remaining 15 cases, in 5 the reading is doubtful
the difference is not serious either in these or in six others.
There are four which present some difficulty, but even these are
capable of explanation ^

21, viii 30, X 1 (bis, rjXdeu, om. Kai), x 4, xi 13 (om. rjv), xii 16, xiv 32 (irpoaevxoj/J-o-i),
xiv 53, xiv 65 {pairTLcrixacrLv), —
xv 14 with but few mss in Mt viii 20, ix 9, xiii 51,
XV 4, xviii 19, xxi 13 (eiroirja-aTac avrov), Mc vi 23, viii 20, ix 45 (om. ttjv), x 7, xiv 44
(om. avTOLs), xiv 49, xiv 50 (om. Trai'res), xv 34. The other instances of agreement
of S with the T.R. against N are Mt viii 1, ix 26, x 4, xiii 56, Mc vi 37, ix 9,
ix 38, ix 42, xi 23, xii 2, xiv 43 (ora, rwv), xiv 65 (eXajSoj/), xv where except in

Mt ix 26, xiii 56, Mc ix 38, and xiv 43, the reading of N is in agreement with the
best uncials.
1 (a) Mt vii 5, x 10, xii 22 ; Mc xiv 72, xv 14.
(b) Mt viii 1, viii 23, x 4, xiii 51, xiii 56, xviii 10 b, xviii 19, xxi 11, xxi 13
Mc V 37, V 40, vi 33, x 36, xi 23, xii 15, xiv 35 a, xiv 40.
(c) Mt ix 18 (?), ix 23, ix 36, x 14 (?), xv 4, xxi 13 b ; Mc viii 16, viii 20, viii 29
(bis),X 1 a, X 4, X 7, xi 32, xii 2, xiv 35 b, xiv 36 a, xiv 43, xiv 49, xiv 50 (?), xv 19,
XV 34, XV 40, XV 41, also vi 25.
(d) The article Mt viii 32, xii 19, also xviii 10 b ; Mc vi 31 b, vi 56 b, ix 38,
ix 45 c, xiv 43 b : a pronoun Mt x 5, xii 38, xviii 6, also ix 18 ; Mc v 29, viii 21,

xiv 44 b, also ix 42, x 4, x 7 ; in Mc xii we have

4 avrovs N, avrov 2 : a particle
Mc X 1 d /cat, xiv 32 av, also Mc xi 23 yap and Mt xviii 19 5e, xxi 11, xxi 13 on ;

in Mc vi 25 and ix 9 N has /cat, 2 5e.

(e) Mt xiii 26 (neut. plur. with a singular verb S, plural N alone), xiii 27 (dat.
after jrpocreXdouTes 2 alone with h) ; Mc ix 42 (homoioteleuton S), xiv 36, xiv 53
(Tisch. agrees with 2), xiv 65 {eXa^ov N, e^oKov 2).
The instances of transposition are Mt ii 2, ix 9, also xii 22, xiii 51, xiii 56 ; Mc
V 36, vi 31 a, viii 25, ix 45 a, x 24, xv 19, also v 37.
2 The instances of doubtful reading are ,Mc viii 30, ix 28 b, xi 13 b, xii 16,
xiv 32 b. The cases which present no difficulty are Mt viii 20, ix 26, Mc vi 23,
vi 36, vi 37, xiv 65 a. The remainder are Mt xx 13 {a-vvetpuvrjaas fioi N cf. syr^®*,
<rvve(pii}vr}aa aoi 2 cf. syr^'") ; Mc vii 34 {eareva^ep N, aveareva^ev 2, ovvov is the
word before, cf. viii 12) xii 1 (/cat coKodofXTjaev wvpyov N, 2 om. alone, probably
by homoioteleuton), xii 14 (t; ov N, 2 om. alone. Note rj ov dio/mev rj firf dojuep).

c e

The Con-ections of the two MSS.

We now come to a consideration of those instances in which
some alteration has been made in the readings of one manuscript
or the other by a second hand. Of these I have noted sixty-three.
Twenty-seven are quite unimportant, and seven more are cases of
itacisin. Of the remaining twenty-nine, in seventeen cases the
first readings of the MSS agree —S being altered ten times, and
N six, while in one case (Mt xxvi 60) both first readings have
been altered but so that the second readings are still in agree- ^

ment\ There are eight cases four in each manuscript in which, —
though the first hands disagree, the second hands have brought
about conformity ^ There are left four cases to be considered.
The first can be dismissed at once. The more I look at the
evidence for the reading in Mt x 15, the more convinced I am
that the reading of N is ecrrar 77; • aoho^wv and not ea-rac ttj'

croBofjLcov. If by any chance, and I regard it as quite remote, ttj

is right as the reading of the first hand, it may be explained as a

slip. The other three Mt hang together.
ix 27, xi 27 and xii 28 all

They are interesting both as being unique readings, and being the
most difficult to explain of the discrepancies between the text of
N and that of 2.
I am inclined to thiuk that certainly in Mt xi 27 and xii 28

and quite probably in ix 27 the intentions of the first hands were

in agreement. My reason for thinking so turns on the fact that
the words of the manuscript which are written in gold were
inserted subsequently to the completion of a page (or it may be
a leaf or quire) of the silver writing^ At the time of \\Titing a
• These are Mt xi 24, xii 3, xiii 27 (ra), xix 0(?), xxi 1, xxi 5, xxi 15, xxvi
60 {5e), Mc X 1, X 16 where 2 is altered, aud Ml ix 9, xi 22, xviii 10, xxvii 33, Mu
ix 23, X 19 where N is altered. For a discussion of the corrections see p. Ix.
' These are Mt x 19, xii 20, xviii 21, Mc vi 3 where Z is altered and Mt xii 15,
xiii 27 (5«), xv 32, xviii 8 where N is altered. These, with the exception of
Mc vi 3, are corrections of obvious mistakes, which are without any or with only
the slightest attestation. In Mc vi 3 2 reads ore . . . ktuv . .o . perhaps for o tow


This method indeed would be the natural one to adopt. Some direct evidence

is given on p. xlvii. In Mt xiii 51, moreover, a space has been left for two gold
letters (<ci). #c has been written (by mistake) in silver and e only has been inserted
(see p. xxxv, note 2). The space allowed for irrfp seems to be 34 cms., for vs 25 cms.

space was left of the size required for the reception of the word
to be inserted. It will be remembered that the gold writing is

practically confined to the sacred names, which are (almost without

exception) always written in that material. The space allowed for
each name and purposes
I have ascertained to be to all intents
uniform on each occasion of its occurrence Trrjp a word of three
letters occupying a space perceptibly greater than v^ a word of two.

Now in the passages in question N reads in Mt xi 27 ouSet?

€7rLyLV(0aK€L TOV TTpa €L /JLTJ O U? OvSe TOV VV TL^ eTTLyiVCOaKet eC fjLT] o

irrjp (with no other MS)^; in Mt xii 28 ev Sa/crvXco Ov (again with

no other MS, but with the parallel Lc xi 20) and in ix 27 Ice vie ;

hah (with no other MS but in accordance with a familiar phrase).

The readings in S in the corresponding passages are ovheL^
eiriyLvwcTKet rov vv ei fir] o injp ouSe top irpa rts emfyivwaKei ei fir)

vk (with the T. R.) ; ev tFpI Ov (again with the T. R.); and Tv vie
6v (with no other MS). The parallel passage to Mt xi 27 is

Lc X 22 where a similar variation occurs in N but with U and h^.

It was in the second collation of this passage that the fact which
1 have mentioned above first' attracted my attention. It is quite
clear that the gold letters have been inserted subsequently. They
have, however, not been inserted in the place intended for them
the three letters of Trrjp are cramped into a space intended for two,
and the two letters of iJ? are spread over a space intended for
threes In Mt xi 27 it is less obvious, but it is not less certain,
that a similar mistake has been made, and that the intention of
the first hand was to give a reading in conformity to 2 and all
other manuscripts ^ As for Mt xii 28 the ordinary reading ttpc Ov

1 I may draw attention to tlie following extract from Tischendorf ad locum :

Ijint 233 ^postquam scripsit : Nemo cognoscitjilium nisi pater etc. a.ddiditqne: Sic et
Mt posuit et Lc similiter et Mc (memoria fefellit) idem ipsum ; loh enim praeteriit
loc. hunc, pergit) : Hi autem qui peritiores apostolis volunt esse sic descrihunt
Nemo cognovit patrem nisi Jilins, nee jilium nisi pater ct cui voluerit fil. revelare.
At eodem ordine ipse Ir^"* 122. 234 g^ e Marcos^S; idem est ap CIem^<'°^ lust*'' et^P

Marc**''* •* 25 Epiph^aepe ^se(jquater alter, ord. tenet) al.

^ a reads only quis est pater nisi filius — the rest of the verse being lost. & is a
codex argenteus.
^ I regret cannot reproduce the evidence in facsimile.
that I
^ It is obvious because in three out of the four cases the word in question
stands at the end of a line, the fourth case is decisive especially as it is joined to
the partial testimony of the other three and the clear witness of the parallel.



would require a space of have indicated at the foot

five letters. I

of p. 14 the manner in which the words of the actual reading

SaKTvXd) 6u are ^vritten not only the word 6v which might have

been left out originally by accident but the ay of BaKTvXco is

written above the line. It is in this manner that we should

expect the words to be written if they were inserted in the space
left for the shorter reading. I maintain therefore and, I think,
with considerable shew of truth that the evidence points to the
shorter reading ttvI 6v — which is the reading of S —as the reading
of the exemplar and to the insertion in error from memory of
BaKTvXo) Ov under the influence of the parallels
Of the third case Mt ix 27 I am somewhat less confident.
The readings both of N and S in this passage are unique, but the
evidence would suggest that Tv vie hdh was the reading of their
common exemplar. The gold-writing in S is confined to the first

three lines of the first page of a gospel^. As the sacred names are
not written in gold, this manuscript ofifers less occasion than N
for an unimportant and accidental change in them, though such
an explanation of the unique reading Tv vce 8dB is not absolutely
excluded the scribe of S may have diverged from the reading of

the exemplar in reading cv, and the reading of N Ice may be right
or both may be wrong^ As however both manuscripts have a
reading longer than the ordinary, it is fair to assume that their
exemplar had a longer reading also, and if the choice is a choice
between the reading of N and the reading of S the peculiar
opportunity for error afforded by the method adopted by the
scribe of N in writing in the sacred names would lead us to prefer
the testimony of the other manuscript. In any case, however,
under the circumstances a difference of reading in this passage
between the two manuscripts would not be serious evidence for a
different original.
^ daKTvXd) 6v is as far as I can ascertain by experiment by far the most familiar
version of the passage. The letters 5aKTv\ are crowded. 60 is in gold.
2 See von Gebbardt I.e. p. xx.
' ice vie 5aS occurs in Mt xv 22, xx 30, xxvi 31. This may have been the reading
of the exemplar but it is, of course, quite likely tliat instead of comparing the
passage carefully with the exemplar the scribe trusted to his memory which here
played him false. The inference from the use of silver in the *:of kc in Mt xiii 51,
is that the exemplar from which N was copied was not a purple codex of the exact
style of N.


Readings attested hy N and X alone.

Wehave now to examine the instances in which the two

manuscripts agree together either against all other manuscripts
or against a very large majority. Of the first class there are 63
(20 + 43) instances, of which the following is a list\
Mt ii 4 Kai Tovs ypafiixareis
ii 22 GTreXdeiv €K€l
vii 11 TTOvrjpot. V7rap-)(OVT€S'. cf. Lc xi 13
viii 4 dcopov crov

viii 9 TTopevov : cf. Lc vii 8 (D X 209)

viii 10 aKOV(Tas Se ravra : cf. Lc vii 9

ix 4 idcov de : cf. Lc V 22 cTriyvovs de

X 7 rjyyiKev ecj) vpas : cf, Lc X 9
X 11 e^eXOrjre cKCLdev: c donee exeatis inde: cf. Mc vi 10 (cf. Lc ix 4
fKetdev €^ep^((r6e)
xii 10 e;^a)j/ rr^v x^^P" • ^^' ^^^ iii 1

xii 35 7rpo<p€p€L : cf. Lc vi 45

xiii 29 €<pTj avTois : cf. Xtyei avrois D it"*

xiv 5 eTridr] : eirei B*

xviii 16 aKovar] crov : cf. aov aKovarj L A 33 vv
xviii 17 Karacfipovrjcrd : cf. 1 Cor xi 22
xviii 17 earai
Xix 7 €V€Tl\aTO ijpiv

XX 31 OL 8e ox^ot €7r€Tiprj(rav : fF^ syr^^ et^^^^ (Mc, Lc eTrenpcov)

XXI 8 e/c T(ov devdpcov : cf. Mc xi 8 6k toov aypcov
xxvi 60 ovK rjvpov

Mc V 22 Tov iTjaovv cf. Lc : viii 41 napa tovs 7ro8as iijaov

V 22 Trapa tovs irodas : cf. Lc viii 41

V 26 TToXXa sine km q :

V 31 Kai XeyoviTLv cf. oi Se paBrjTai avTov \eyovcnv : avTco D 2^^ j^'^odd

V 33 TO yeyovos cf. V 14 '.

V 34 TTopevov cf. Lc viii 48 :

vi 35 7rpoar}X6ov...\eyovT€s : cf. Mt xiv 15

vi 47 oyJAias (S oxjreias) Sf : cf. Mt xiv 23
vi 50 p€T avTOiv o LTjaovs '.
cf. Mt xiv 27 cXakrjafv uvtols o irjaovs (codd.
vi 51 €v eavTOLS €k TrepLcraov
vi 53 Trpocroppiadrjaav exfi

^ I give the spelling of N. I have not as a rule considered it necessary for

my purpose to do more than employ the apparatus and method of Tischendorf.

Mc vii 1 ot (\6ovT(s : a b f qui vcneraiU^ q qui reniebant

yii 29 anev airrq o irjaovs g^ cf. Mt xv 28 o ujaovs
: : fiirfv avrrj

viii 3 (yXvBrjcrovTai
Wii 7 €nrev Trapadfivai avTois : cop coram iUis
viii 13 KaraXtTTcoi/ : cf. Mt x\t 4
viii 18 ovTTO) vofixe pro icat ov fivTjfiovevere : cf. vui 17
Wii 23 fTTTjpforrjafv

viii 32 eXaXei top \oyov

ix 3 XfVKavai ovT(os
IX 5 avrca pro rw irjaov

ix 13 »78»7 eXjjXveev: cf. Mt xWi 12: 17S7 »;X^€i/ C 1 209

ix 19 Xe-yet auro) : g^ q
ix 21 Tov narepa avrov o iTjaovs : cf. t. tt. a. o ir^aovs Xeywv 2**

IX 21 ycyovei
ix 28 (Xdovra pro t lo-eX^ovra : al pauc
IX 33 y€vap.(vos
X 5 €7reTp€\lr€v : cf. x 4, Mt xix 8
X 30 KOI TT are pas kgi fxrjTcpas : al*^i (73 238 COp /i. k. n.)

xi 26 o ei/ ovpavo)
xi 31 ot 8e eXoyi^oi/ro: it (exc. k) vg. cf. Mt xxi 25, Lc xx 5
xi 32 (OS 7rpo<f>T]TT]v (om. ovtcos) : cf. Mt xxi 26
xii 1 Xeyeiv avTois ev irapafiokais

xii 7 i8ovT€s avTov : al pauc c: cf. Mt xxi 38, Lc xx 14

xiv 27 yeypaTTTc yap : k : cf. Mt xxvi 31
xiv 36 ttXtjv dXX: cf. Mt xxvi 39, Lc xxii 42
xiv 46 avTOi pro ctt avrov
xiv 54 awKadrjpifvos »cat 6€pp.€vop.(vos fiera tojv virrjperoiv^
xiv 70 dr}\oi pro ofioia^d : cf. Mt xx^^ 73
XV 2 o Se iTjaovs aTronpideis: al pauc
XV 21 om. napayovra cf. Lc xxiii 26 :

XV 38 Kai 180V TO KaranfTacrpa: cf. Mt xxvii 51

XV 41 biTjKovovv sine auro)

III the following instances N and E agree together but with

few other manuscripts
Mt ii 3 TTaa-a rj i(po(ro\vp.a : Z al EuS
vi 32 ravra yap TrniTn : A al it"^ vg al : cf. Lc xii 30
^^i 3 ttjv 8c doKov rrjv (i> T(o cru) X* 235 Chr: cf. Lc vi 41
o^^aX/xo) :

viii 10 Tois aKoXovOovaiv avrui : C 13 28 33 235 435 b^ Chr verssi'i*^

cf. Lc vii 9
viii 13 ano rqs oipas fKfivrjs: C A 33 al* it' sah
viii 13 avTov (pro rov naiba) vyKvovra: 4> 33: cf. Lc vii 10

' TiEcb. gives the ordinary reading.


Mt ix 4 €L7r€v avTois: T> aF it^ sah syr^c^: cf. Mc ii 8

ix 9 (Keidev o irjaovs : D 124 cop it^ vg Eus
ix 28 eia-eXdovTi de : i<*

ix 36 o LTjaovs eaTrXav^vio-dT]: G al it^ syr^': cf. Mc vi 34 (codd.

x 25 eTTf/caXeo-aj/ro : S* 4 59
xi 24 TrXrjv Xeyoi v/xtv sine on : i<* et c
33 jj.

xii 9 €K€idev o irjcrovs: C E G al it-'' syr

xii 17 vTTo Tjo-aiov: C^ Chr
xii 23 XeyovTcs : U al pauc
xii 35 ra irovr^pa: LUA alP^'^^ 20 Q]^^ .
^f. Lc vi 45
xiii 13 XaXa> avTots: D 1 13 33 124 346 y^"' aP iti^i*^^ vg syr^u et^^h

xiii 31 €XaXr]o-€v : D L* 1 13 124 346 itpi syr^^
xiii 49 Tov aicovos tovtov : paiici
xiii 52 o Se trjcrovs enrev : C U al syr^ ^s
xiii 56 nap rjiJLiv : A al Chr
xiv 6 y€V€(Ticov 6e yevofxevcov : C K aP Chr Vv pi
XV 13 €L7r€v avTOLs : A al pauc
xviii 18 afxrjv yap : 157 syrP
xviii 19 TOV €v Tois ovpavois
: V al pauc Chr
xviii 20 oTTov: X^ Or Eus
xix 9 yafxcov: C* I A H 1 13 33 124 346 al : cf. Lc xvi 18
XX 10 Kai OL TrpcoTot : d^"- jtpler yg
x:x 21 7; Se Xeyei : M (B sah rj de einev)
XX 30 Kvpie iTjaov vie 8avi8 : 124
xxi 7 enadio-ev : II al (K al €Kadr](r€v) : cf. Mc xi 7
xxi 13 €7roiTj(TaTaL avrov. aP : cf. Mc xi 17 (T.R.)
xxvi 59 oXov TO avvehpiov: 28 aF^ fere it^odd yg al Or: cf. Mc xiv 55
xxvi 60 Suo Ttves : 157 al j)auc : cf. Mc xiv 57
xxvii 29 eOr^Kav. K A n 1 69 124 aU^
xxvii 33 yoXyoOav \ aP^ : cf. Mc xv 22

Mc V 21 Trpo? avTov. D 13 28 69 346 2p«

V 27 eiy TOV oxXov : 13 28 69 124 346
V 28 eXey€ yap ev eavTr] : DKH 1 33 209 2?^ it^ arra : cf. Mt ix 21
vi 9 evdebvaOai : L aP^ fere
vi 13 eBepajrevovTo : H al pauc : f g2 sanabantur
vi 14 ai hv\ya'\p.€is (vepyovaeiv : KAII^ 33 al plus^^ it^ syr^^r. ^f^ -y^^

xiv 2
vi 16 add. airo tcov veKpwv : C aP^ fere Or : cf. Mt xiv 2
vi 23 ecos-'v : LA
vi 45 add. avTov post irpoayiv : D $ 1 13 28 69 2i« aPf^ fere Or cf.

Mt xiv 22

Mc vi 56 difaoj^ovTo : 1 69 : cf. Mt xiv 36 buaoiOrjcrav

vii 23 (Kirop^vovTai : GKA 28 y*^^'" al»"«»

vii 32 ray x"P"^ • v 23, vi 5, viii 23, 25

«<* A 33 a : cf. Mt xix 13, Mc
viii 7 avTa €v\oyT]aas M W^^ 1 69 aP^ it (exc. q) vg sjr^^ :

viii 10 opjj (2 opia) De^ 28 syr«'» cf. Mt xv 39

: :

viii 24 Xey« D 13 69 346 al pauc


viii 28 aXXoi Se 77X101/ D 13 69 346 2p« c^^"" it^ cop^^e: cf. Mt xvi 14, Lc :

ix 19
viii 29 /cat anoKpiOeis : A 33 al^ it^
ix 7 (yf v€To de :

ix 12 7Tp(OTos: Sc D^ Aer ps<^r

ix 13 on 7;Xta$-: M^Ur 1 28 69 ali'i"s20 [^3 cop arm aeth : cf. Mt

xvii 12
ix 13 t;§t/ fXrjXvdfv : pauci : cf. Mt xvii 12
ix 21 a(t) ov: 13 124 346

ix 21 €K Traidodev : I 1 118
X 6 €7roir](T€v avTovs o deos koi (inev : D 13 28 69 124 346 c**^"" 2p« aP it*^

vg^ : cf. Mt xix 4, 5

X 24 T€Kvta: A 1 aF Clem
X 27 TovTo abvvarov : C^ D aP^ it'' syr^^^^ arm : cf. Mt xix 26
X 42 01 peyaXoi sine avrcov : 1 aF"^ fere : cf. Mt xx 25
xi 13 ft fjLT] cjyvWa povov : C'- 33 69 124 2p« it^ aeth, Or: cf. Mt xxi 19
xi 15 cpxovTai TTiiXiv :
49«^ y^"" al^^^ fere^^ it«»<i : cf. xi 27

xi 15 ras rpcnre^as Toav KoWv^Lorcdv €^()((€v (2 €^e\€a(v text) : 13 28 69

124 346 2pe arm cf. Jn ii 15 :

xi 21 €^T^pavdn : DLA 1 33 aPo Or: cf. Mt xxi 19

xi 32 (jyo^ovpeSa : D^ 13 28 69 124 2^ c^"^ o^^ aP arm aeth it«^*i v^'^'^

cop syrP : cf. Mt xxi 26

xii 1 av6p(oiros €(f)VT€va€v apneXcova : 433 {avOpcoiros tis f(f). (ip. '.
13 69
346 2P« sah syrs<=^) : cf. Lc xx 9
xii 2 8ovXov TO) Ktupfo : K II aP syr^^b

xii 6 Xeycov sine on : L A 1 33 al^ it^ sah : cf. Mt xxi 37

xii 7 om. on: D 1 28 2i^ it vg sah aeth : cf. Mt xxi 38, Lc xx 14
xii 14 add. eiTre ovv 7]piv : C* D aU^ fei-g jtcodd ^j-q^ syr^: cf. Mt xxii 17
xii 15 add. vnoKptrai : F G 1 13 28 69 2p« aP it<^«*i syr? arm: cf.

Mt xxii 18
xiv 32 add. aneXBiov post fcoy : M al plus^*^ aeth (U sA^^ av anfXOuyv)
cf. Mt xxvi 36
xiv 44 anayaycre avTov : D 13 157 2»^ aP it'^ vg^ cop syr*<"*' et^
xiv 45 ro) iTjcrov pro avrco : 28 al pane : cf. Mt xxvi 49, Lc xxii 47
xiv 50 rore 01 pa6r)Tai (2 text ot(): 13 69 124 346 al pane it^ vg
sah syri' arm : cf. Mt xxvi 56
XIV 58 aXXov a)(^ipOTroii]Tov 8ia rpioiv rjpepav 106 '.

xiv 64 add. navrfs post rjKova-are : G 1 124 2^^ c*^'" al*" fere sah arm
xiv 64 add. avrov post ttjs l:iXaa(l)r]pias : DG 1 al*'' it«^o<^ vg^

Mc xiv 64 8oK€i pro (paiverai: D 28 2pe: cf. Mt xxvi 66

xiv 71 om. TovTov : Bs^ K aP : Mt xxvi 72

XV 1 aTTTjyayov pro airrjveyKav : C D G 1 124 2P® al^ Or: cf. Mt xxvii 2

The evidence then which we have before us is as follows :

We have two manuscripts ditfering from each other in the 91

leaves for which they co-exist in 93 readings at the most ^
require notice. These differences can without exception all be
ascribed to one or other of the various causes which are recognised
as leading to error in transcription. The corrections also afford
important testimony of interdependence. The manuscripts more-
over agree against all other manuscripts in 63 instances, and stand
together with very few others in 84 more.
If we take this evidence in connexion with the fact that both
manuscripts are purple manuscripts and that the workshops from
which such editions de luxe would issue would necessarily be
limited in number, most difficult not to believe that both
it is

proceeded from the same workshop and were copied from the
same original.
The alternative of course presents itself that one manuscript
was copied directly from the other. It is not, however, at all
probable in itself that a manuscript of the nature of either N
or ^ would be used as a copy, and the occurrence of certain
words in each manuscript which do not appear in the other may
fairly be urged as a direct argument against such a supposition '^

^ See p. xliii ff.

^ N has Mt ix 18 (xov after ttjv xetpa, x 5 avrois after 7ra/3a77etXaj, xv 4 aov after
TTju ix-qTepa, xviii 19 he after ttoKlv, xxi 11 otl after eXe70J', Mc vi 31 ol before

^PXOfJi-evoL, viii 20 Kai before tovs eirra, ix 42 tovtoov after twv jxiKpwv, x 4 avT-qv after
aTToXvaai, xii 1 /cat wKodofx-rjaev irvpyop, xii 14 tj ov, xii 16 eariv, xiv 40 iroKiv after
KadevdovTas, xiv 43 evdeojs, xiv 49 tcju irpo<pr}T<j)v, xiv 72 5(s after (pojurjcre, xv 40 Kai
before yttapia — all of which words are omitted by 2. S ou the other hand has
Mt viii 32 tov before Kprjfxvov, ix 36 e<XKv\iJ.evoi Kai epLfx/xevot, xii 19 rats before
TrXareiais, xii 38 aurw after aTreKpidrjcrau, xviii 10 rots before ovpavoLS, xxi 13 otl after

yeypaTTTai. Mc v 29 avrrjs after rrjs fj-aarcyosy vi 56 tov before Kpaairedov, viii 21

avTois after eXeyev, ix 38 o before Lojavprjs, ix 45 ttjv before yeeppav, x 1 /cat before
av/j.iropevovTai*, x 7 avTov after tou iraTepa, x 36 irjaovs after o de, xi 13 tjv before
Kaipos*, xi 23 yap after a/xyju, xiv 32 ap after ews, xiv 35 eTri Trpocrojwop after eirecrev,
xiv 43 T(j}v before ypap-ixaTeoiP, xiv 44 aurots after ava(X7]iJ.ov, xiv 50 iravTes before
e<(>vyov — all of which words are wanting in N. The asterisk indicates a doubt as to
the exact reading of N (see p. xliii, note 3j.


1 do not think much can be deduced from the corrections made in

either manuscript ^

The Value of tlie Newly -discovered Codex.

At first sight the effect of the investigation just concluded

would appear to be to detract from the value of either N or S.
We could indeed in any case have congratulated ourselves that
no which might have made the problems of textual
fresh factor
criticism even more complicated had appeared but t"hat would ;

have been in itself but a small satisfaction. Fortunately, however,

the new codex, while it leaves the general outlines of the problems
untouched, supplies interesting information on certain of their
The Codex Rossanensis gives us the text of the recension it
represents for the Gospels of St Matthew and St Mark. N,
besides giving us enough of those two Gospels to establish the
identity of its text with that of S, gives us in addition more than
half of the Gospels of St what we may also
Luke and St John in
fairly claim to be the text of that recension On an examination -.

of the portions of these two gospels which have been recovered we

find the following readings peculiar to N^
^ It is worth while to note that the number of mistakes made by each scribe on
the assumption that both copied from the same exemplar and did not coincide in
any would be roughly speaking one in every two leaves of N, or
of their mistakes
one in every 3G or 37 lines of Scrivener's edition of the Textus Receptus. Taking
into consideration both the nature of the manuscripts and the character of the
alterations this is a high degree of accuracy.
2 Previously to 1896 we had only two leaves of St Luke and two of St John.
' The readings peculiar to N in the first two Gospels are the following :

Mt viii 32 Kara Kprj/ivov

ix 27 Kvpie vie 8avid
ix 36 om. r](Tav (aKvX/Jifvoi Kat epi/xficvoi

xii 19 ev TrXaremis

xii 28 ev daKTvXu} deov

xiii 26 tcpavrjffau

xxi 11 eXeyov on
Mc vi 56 KpaffTTfdov sine tov*
viii 16 cXoyii^ovTo
viii 21 e\e7ei' sine airrois*
viii 30 Tcpi TovTov*

Lc ii 44 €v TT) (Tvvodia avTov €ivai

iv 1 vTTo Tov TTvevixaros : a c \g^^^ a spiritu : cf. Mt iv 1
IV 22 ovxi- vi-os ovTos €(ttlv icoarjcf)

iv 39 dirjKOvei avTO) : cf. Mc i 13

V 27 €7rL TO) TeXoVLO)
IX 18 Kara^ovas Trpoa-evxofxevov
IX 32 om. Tjcrav ^€l3aprj[X€voi vttvu)
ix 34 idov ve(f)€Xr) (fxortvT] : cf. Mt xvii 5
xi 19 avToi vfioov eanvTai Kpirai '.
cf. Mt xii 27 (T.R.)
Xlll 3 TTaVT€S OfJLOLOS a>(TaVT(05
Xlll 18 eXcyev Se avTOLS
Xlll 27 Kai a7roKpL0eis epei
xiv 23 o oLKos sine fiov
XV 6 rovs yLTOvas avrov
XV 10 x^P^ yiveraL ev ovpavoa
XVI 8 €LaLV post (f)pOVip.(OT€pOt
XVI 26 p,€Ta^v vpcov Kai r]p.cov

xvii 2 €v TT] Bakaa-a-q : cf. Mt xviii 6 ev rco TreXayet Tr)s OaXao-ar^s

xvii 30 t; T]pepa ev rj

xviii 5 fxe vrroiria^T]

XVlll 8 ei/ Ta)(ei TroLijcrei ttjv €KBiK.rj(riv avroiv

xviii 11 o ovv (papLcraios : a b c f ff^ i 1 q stans itaque pharisaeus
xv^iii 18 Kai eTrrjpcoTrjaev avrov tls : G 1 13 69 346 avrov eis :

it vg go syr^*^ et^^*'^ arm aeth eum quidam

Xix 36 TTopevofievov de avrov rjdr] : cf. xix 37
Xix 43 napa^aXovcTLv
XX 4 add. irodev 7]v cf. : Mt xxi 25
XX 4 e| ovpai/ov sine rjv : cf. Mt xxi 25
XX 5 oi 8e SieXoyio-ovro {j^^^ SieXoyL^ovro cf. Mt xxi 25) Trpos
aXT]Xovs: cf. XX 14
XX 10 €v rco xpovco pro ev Kaipay

Mc X 1 7}\eeu: cf. Mt xix 1

X 1 (Tvixiropevovrat sine xat*
X 4 aTToXuo-at avr-qv : cf. Mt xix 7 (B C E F GH etc.)

xi 13 ov yap Kaipos (Tvkcov*

xii 16 TLvos eanv r] lkcov*

xiv 32 irpoaevx^/J-o-L*
xiv 53 (xvvepxovre avruiv wavre^ ot apxi-cpeis*

xiv 65 pairricrfMaaLV*
XV 14 X€7et

I have indicated with an asterisk where the reading of N is doubtful, see p. xliii,

note 3.

The following reading may also be noted : Lc x 22 ovdcts yivoa-KCL ns eanv o

warrjp ei ,0.7] o utoj /cat tis eartv o vlos et /jlt] o waTTjp : U a b.


Lc XX 14 oi y((^pyni (inov : cf. Mt xxi 38, Mc xii 7

XX 15 TToiTjo-fi sine avrois: cf. Mc xii 9
XX 16 f <cSa)crei : cf. Mt Xxi 41 eKdioaerai
XX 16 add, yaopyois post aWois: cf. Mt xxi 41
XX 19 Tov ox\ov pro TOP Xaov : cf. Mt xxi 46 tuvs o^Xovsy
Mc xii 12
XX 20 fivai diKoiovs
IX 22 add. (nre ovv rjfiiv : cf. Mt xxii 17 (NBC etc.), Mc xii 14
(codd. nonnulli)
XX 23 61776 aVTOLS pFO TTpOS OVTOVS I cf, Mc xii 15
XX 25 Kai anoKfjideis o irjcrovs pro o be', cf. Mc xii 17 (codd.
XX 27 fxTj eivai avaaracriv : cf. Mt xxii 23
xxi 27 6771 Toiv v€(p(\(i}v TOV ovpuvov pFO 61' vfcfxXT] '. cf. Mt xxiv 30
xxi 31 add. totc ante yivaxTKerai
xxii 6 icai OTTO TOT€ fCv'''' ^^- ^^^ xxvi 16
xxii 12 KGi eKeivos St£6t vfiiv avayaiov
XXll 14 OT€ §6 6'y6l'6rO
xxii 34 o ^6 607; pro fiirev: cf. Mt xxvi 34
xxii 39 (IS TO opos tcov eXaicov kotq to eSos
xxii 40 6771 TO) TOTTOi

xxiii 6 add. yaXyXaias (sic) post uKovaas : codd. multi yaXiXaiav

xxiii 17 (TvvT]6iav: cf. b secundum consuetudinem : cf. Jn xviii 39
xxiii 31 rt av yevrjTai

Jn i 27 add. avTos vfias ^anTKrei (v TrvfvfiaTi ayi<o Kai nvpfi : E FG

aP^ fere €K€ivos k.t.X. : cf. Mt iii 11, Lc iii 16
iii 11 ovdis Xap^avfi pro ov XappiavcTe : cf. iii 32
IV 51 add. i8ov ante oi 8ovXoi avTov
V 14 Kai Xeyei (pro finev) avTu)
V 30 a77 (paVTOV TTOlflV

V 44 Tr]v do^av ttjv napa tov pnvoyfvovs 6(ov: cf. i 18

vi 10 TOV apidpov avdpfs coy 776irraKt(r;(tXtoi : cf, Mt xiv 21
vi 12 ra TTfpKTcreva-avTu Ttov KXaapaTcov (codd. pier. KXaapara):
cf. Mt xiv 20, Lc ix 17
VI 23 Kai aXXa §6 rfKdov nXoiapia
VI 70 ancKpidrj o irjrrovs Kai finfv : N air(Kpi6rj irjaovs Kai fiirtu
vn 1 nepinaTd p(T avToyf o iqrrovs : cf. vi 66
Vli 26 add. rjpcoi' post oi ap^ovTfs
VII 48 ;; (K T(ov <f)(tpi(raio}v enicrTfvcrav (is avTov
viii22 add, Trpos (uvtovs post (Xeyov ovv oi lovdaioi : cf, vii. 35
vni 23 add. o irjaovs post Kai (Xfyev avrois
viii 27 6X6y6»' (pro fintv) avTois
viii 45 ov nioTfvfTf pe pro poi
ix 9 npoins avTov (pro avTO)) ((TTiv

Jll ix 15 naXii^ de rjpcoTrjcrav avTOv

ix 22 eav tls avrou )(pi(TTOv ofxoXoyrjcrTj

ix 31 afiapTfokoiv qvk aKovei o deos

ix 32 €1 prj T}v ovTos Trapa deov o avdpcoTros : cf. i 6
xiv 9 aireKpidr] pro Xeyei : a resp07idit
XV 18 6t o Kocrpos picreL vpas
XV 18 epicrijaev pro p€piaT]<€v
xvi 19 nepi TovTOv ^rjreLTe npos aWijXovs pro per aWrjXcov
xvi 24 ev TOO ovopari pov ov8ev
xvi 26 OTL epcoTTjao) rov jrarepa sine eyco
xvii 8 €ba)Ka (pro SeScoKo) aurots"
xvii 12 Kai ovs e^ccxas poi
XVlii 3 pera XapTra^cov kiu (pavoiv
xviii 16 OS rjv yvcopipos pro yvoiaros
xviii 24 om. SeSepevov
xviii 33 o TriXaros' TraXiv
XlX 1 Tov irjcrovv o niXaros
XIX 4 €7rLyva)T€
xix 20 add. eK ante rcoi/ iov8aia>v : xi 19, 45
xix 41 add. o irjaovs post ottou (aTavpcoBrj : xix 20
xix 41 ev CO ovSfis- TTcoTTore ere^?; : Lc xix 30
xxi 10 add. ow post Xeyei

These readings, for the most part, present the features which
would be expected from our previous knowledge of the recension.
They are either slight alterations which would easily suggest them-
selves to the scribe and which do not affect the sense, or they are
assimilations to the language of parallel or kindred passages. The
influence of the parallel passages makes itself felt even in the
treatment of the Gospel according to St John. The surviving
leaves of the Gospel afford but few passages in which we could
expect to trace its effect, but to it may be attributed not only the
peculiar readings in i 27, vi 10, vi 12, xix 41 but the following
readings which have the support of other MSS :

Jn i 26 /3a7rrt^o) vpas : cf. Lc 16, Mt iii 11 (codd. nonnulli), Mc

iii i 8
xix 6 aravpaxrov avTov : cf. Mc XV 14 (cf. Lc xxiii 21)
XX 18 aTrayyeXXovcra : cf. Mt xxviii 8, Lc xxiv 9


Character of the Text.

For the mixed character of the text of N it is enough to quote

von Gebhardt's verdict on the text of S. After a list of passages
in which S agrees almost without discrimination with the text of
MSS of widely different class he proceeds to say Fur die — *

Reinheit des Textes des Codex Rossanensis ist, wie schon bemerkt,
das Ergebniss kein gunstiges\' It only remains therefore to
by quotations from the gospels of St Luke
illustrate this verdict
and St John, and thus to supplement his list of readings of the
same recension from the gospels of St Matthew and St Mark'.
Following his example I indicate here agi'eements with X, C, D, A,
the Ferrar groups, and the cursives 1, 33, 157.

N Lc xiv 14 avTa7roBoeT](T(TaL 8e (T.R. yap): i<* 1 69 124 157 346

it^ arm aeth
x^^ii 5 kottovs: N*E*GR 1 69 131 209 :M6 (cf. xi 7, Mt xxvi 10,
Mc xiv 6)
Jii vi 42 7ra)s ovv ovtos Xf-ytt : ^^ it^

\'ii 12 r^v nepi avTov : &<D 33 249 254 if^^** syi^" etP et*"" arm
vii 28 o irjcrovs (v tu> if pat SiSacTKcor : &<D 1 69 254 it^ syi*^ et*""

arm aeth
xvii 6 eTTjpTjaav : ^ 33
xviii 20 add. /cat ante aireKpidr) : 5<*

xviii 36 T] c^irj /Sao-tXeia : t^D^^PP 124

xix 16 01 be TrapaXa^ovTfS top irjcrovv : ^<* Xa^ovTCs avTov

xix 38 T}Xdov ovv Kai Tjpav :
^5* it^ sah syr^ arm'"'*
XX 16 (TTpa(f)€i(Ta 5e: XII- it"*** sah cop

C Lc ix 31 fXfyoi/ 8f : C*D al^o its syr^^^ etP (N^ om. d()

XX 3 add. o itjo-ovs ante fintv : C 130^ et'** it^ ygcodd syr*^*"

XX 5 add. r^/xii/ post epei : C* it* vg<-»*i'^ cop*^^*^'^ syr<^" et"'' et'*' (cf.

Mt xxi 25)
XX 10 fi/ TO) : CQ al pauc
* He adds however {I.e. p. xiv): *Zugleich aber lemen wir, und daa ist eine fur
die Geschichte des Textes nicht unwichtige Thatsache, in 2 eine Handschrift
kennen, welche uus in den Stand setzt, eine nicht unerhebliclie Zahl von Lesarten,
die, obschon zum Theil durch alte Versionen bezeugt, in ihrem griechischen Wortlant
bisher nur in viel jiingeren Urkunden nachgewiesen waren, bis ins 6. Jahrhundert
hinauf zu verfolgen.'
2 I.e. p. xhi — xliv.
'have conformed to Gregory's practice and have reserved the symbol

for the Codex Beratinus. Von Gebhardt {I.e. p. xxxvii note) designates by this
symbol the ancestor of the Ferrar group. See p. xlix, note.

C Lc xxii 16 om. on : C*"^ DX

Jii xvii 12 edooKas: C
Lc ii 25 om. tSou : D syr^^h a^th
ii 43 a7r€fx€iv€v : DX 1 33 aF
xi 20 add. eyco post ei 8e: D aF' itco'i ^op aeth
xiii 31 ^r)TL pro BeXei : D aP sah syr*^^

XV 17 add. (o8e post eyco Se: DRU 1 13 124 346 iti'i*^"- vg cop syr^u
g^sch g^hr arm aeth
xvi 27 add. a^paafx post Trarep : DX vg^o^^ (cf. xvi 30)
xviii 17 add. yap post a/zr/i/ : D 11^*^

xxi 24 €v aTOfxari : DR aP°

xxii 16 om. on: C*^idDX
Jri V 19 aTTCKpLBrj : D 33, 47^^ al^
vi 18 77 5e pro -q re : Ds^" it^ vg syr'^*^ cop aeth
vi 30 (TV TTOieis '.
D it* vg o"oi (tu) Troiets
viii 14 add. o ante itjo-ovs : D 69 al
viii 49 add. o ante it/o-ovj : Dn2 69 346 c^cJ-

ix 6 add. avrov post eiri tovs o^^aX/zoi;? : D sah aeth

ix 12 add. avrois post Xeyet: D 13 69 346 it^od vgco^i syr^^h et^r

arm aeth
xvii 6 TO ovofxa (Tov :
P it vg
xvii 9 edaxas pro dedaxa^: D
xviii 11 eSooKei/ pro SeScoK6j/ : DA al pauc
xix 15 OL 8e cKpavya^ov : D^uppKYH w^cr

Jn i 26 add. vpas post ^aTrn^co : A c^^^ it-"^ vg<^°^ cop arm syr^
xviii 11 €8(i)K€v x^ro SedoiKcu : DA al pauc
Ferrar group.
Lc ii 26 irpiv T] iSeti/ : Kn 69 124 2?^ aPO fere
ix 11 ra irepi ttjs ^aatXeias : MU 13 33 69 aP^ fere
ix 17 €(f)ayov navTes Kai exopraadrjaav : 13 69 124 242 346 c^^^ it^

Vg syr<=" et^ch (^^f. Mt xiv 20, Mc. vi 42)

ix 18 add. avrov post padrjrai : MU 1 13 69 aP*^ fere it^ sah cop
gyj-cu g-j^utr
arm aeth
xviii 25 €VK07rcoT€pov sine yap : n* 69 131 al pane syr^*^^ arm
xix 21 add. ad fin. Kai (rwayeis oOev ov dieaKopTriaas : UA 13 69
262 346 alio (cf. Mt xxv 24)
xxii 25 KaraKvpLevovo-iv : UX 13 69 124 al^^ (cf. Mt xx 25, Mc x 42)
Jn ii 18 om. ow : 3 33 69 346 al it^ cop arm syr^^^

iv 41 add. eis avrov post (Trio-revaav : A 13 69 al pauc it''*^*^ syr^*^^

etP et^ arm aeth

viii 33 add. 01 lovBaioi post aTreKpidijaav avro) : XA 13 33 69 124
al pauc it* syrP et'^'' arm^o^d

1 Cf. Ju vii 12, 28, xviii 36 under «.


Jii XV lo add. avTov post o Kvpios : 69 157 z"*^""

XV 16 /if 1^61: A 33 69al'o

xvii 7 napa (toi : X 69 al

xviii 16 (Kivos pro o aXXor : 13 69 124 lfi7 aP^ it^«^ vg2 cop aeth
xix 15 add. Xfyovres post fxpau-ya^oi/: U barb'^^ 13 69 124 al
XX 20 TT]v nXevpav sine avTov : 1 13 2p* it^ vg
1 Lc xiii 4 om. tovs avdpainovs : 1 al plus^ vg^
xxi 32 om. on post aprjv Xeyco vp.iv: 1 11 127 248 g**^''

Jn viii 21 add. kul ovk (vpr)aeT€ p€ post ^rjTrjaeTe pc : 1 22 209 al

plus^<^ cop syrP

ix 15 add. firoirjafv Ktti post ttt/Xoi/ : G 1 22 2p*
33 Lc ii 33 kul rj prjrrjp sine avrov : 33
xvi 7 add. KaOiaas Ta)(€(os ante ypa-yj/ov : 33 36^^
Jn iii 27 o icoavvrjs : M 33 al pauc
V 28 TTjS (f)OiVriS TOV VIOV TOV OfOV pro Tqs (f)(jOVT]S GVTOV '.
157 Jn vi 1 om. ttjs yakiXaias : 157 8'**^ al pauc

Agreements with the Texts of the Better Uncials.

In the follo^ving instances, however, N is found in agreement

with one or more of the better uncials against the majority of

Lc iii 3 TTfpix^pov sine t^v : ABL

ix 16 Trapadfivai pro rrapaTiOevai : SBCX 1

xiv 10 epi pro fiTTTj : SBLX

xiv 34 cav de Kai to aXas : &5BDLX
xvi 4 (K TT}s oKovopias: KBD 1 69 124 346
xvi 6 Ta ypappara : SBDL
xvi 9 (KXiTTTj: S* et'=i^B*DLRn 1

xvii 7 add. avroi post epti : 5<BDLX

xvii 12 v7rj]VTT]aav pro aTrrjin-Tjaav NL : 1 13 69 157 209 346
xvii 24 1/ aa-Tpmrr] aiTTpanTovaa: ^^BLXF 1 69 106 157
xix 23 pov TO apyvpiov : 5^ ABL 33 157
xix 27 add. aurous post KaTaa(f)a$aTai : fc<BFLR 33 157
xix 45 TTOiXovvTas sine cv airrco : SBCL 1 69
XX 14 om. d(VT(: ABKMQn 1 209 al plus^o
XX 24 oi Se pro a7roKpid(VT€s d( : SBL 33
XX 27 Xeyoi/Tff pro avTiXtyovTfs : NBCDL 1 33 209
xxii 12 KdKfi: NLX
xxii 43, 44 om. 5<^ABRT 13*69 124
xxiii 11 /cm o rjpcj^rjs: SLTX 13 69
xxiii 27 at sine koi: ABC*DLX 33

Lc xxiv 18 ovofxari: fc<BLX

xxiv 47 ap^aixevof. XBC*LX 33
Jn i 27 om. avms eanv ante o ottlctco : &<BC*LT^ 1 33
i 27 om. OS efiirpoadev fxov yeyovev ante ov ovk ei/xei : i<BC*LT'^
1 13 33
i 27 ov OVK cLfxei €ya> : BT^^X 13 69
ii 11 apxqv sine Tr)v\ ABLT'^A 1 33
iil 2 bwarai ravra ra arjfxia : XABLT'^ 33
iii 4 viKodrjpos sine o BE*GL

iii 23 add. o ante iwavvrjs: B 44^^

iv 9 yvvaiKos (rafxapiTidos ovarjs '. 8<ABC*LT'^ 33
iv 14 add. eyco ante dcoaco 2° : &<DMT'^ 33 69
iv 20 npoa-Kwctv dei : «ABC*DL 33
iv 36 o o-7r€ip(ov sine Kai: BCLT^U 1 33
iv 46 €v Kava pro eis tt)v k. B (cf. : ii 1)
iv 46 rjv 8e pro kul r]v : J^DLT^ 33
iv 51 V7rr]VTrj(rav pro a7rrjVTT]aav : ^^BCDKL 1

iv 51 om. KttL airrjyyeCkav : BL

iv 52 (LTTOV OVV pro KOL eiTTOV '.
BCL 1 33
V 27 Kpia-tv sine Km: J^^^BL 33
V 28 aKOvaaxTLV pro aKOvaovrai &^LA '. 33. (B 157 aKovcrovaiv)
V 36 d€dcoK€v J^BLr 133 69 157 2?^

V 36 a TTOLO) sine eyco : 5<ABDL 1 33

V 38 €v vpiv pevovra: i^BL 1 33 124
vi 2 rjKoXovdei 8c pro kui t]ko\.: 5<BDL 1 33 69 124 2p«
vi 2 (deoopovv pro ecopcov : BDL (A 13 edeoipcov)

vi 5 (jyikiTTTTov sine roi/ : i^BDLA 33

vi 7 O (^tXlTTTTOS '.
vi 7 cKao-ros sine avrcov NABLn 13 33 69 :

vi 9 TvaibapLov sine ev NBDLn* 1 69 157


vi 17 ovTTO) pro OVK : KBDL 33 69 124 254

vi 17 TTpos avTovs eXrjXvdei o irjcrovs : B
vi 21 eyevero to ttXoiov : ABGL 1 33 69 124 2p«
vi 23 €K TTjs TijSepLados : B 127
vi 24 TrXoiapia pro nXoia : ^^BBL 33 69 124
vi 29 7ri(TT€vr)T€ pro 7riaT€v<Tr]T€ : t<ABLT 1 33 21'^

vi 71 TrapadibovaL avrov : BCDL 69 124

vii 23 add. o ante avOpcoiros : B 33
vii 34 add. /xe post evprjaere : BTX 1 2p«

vii 41 01 de (pro aXXoL 2°) cXeyov : BLTX 1 33

vii 43 eyei/ero ev tco oxXco : t^BDLTX 33 124 157
vii 46 eXaXrjaev ovrcos avOpoirros '.
^'^BLTX 33
vii 52 €K TT]s yaXiXaias 7rpo<pr}Trjs '. BLTX
viii 19 av r)biT€ : BLTX 1 33
viii 23 KaL eXeyei/ avrois: «BDLTX 13 69 346

Jn viii 38 a «opaKa a : X*BCDX 69 346

ix 6 avTov Tov TTjfKov : SB L 1 33
ix 9 om. Sc ix)st aXXot 2°: BCLX 33 124
ix 1() add. TTcos- oui/ ante jjvcai^Brjaav : KCDLX 157
ix 11 a7rfX(9a)i/ oi;i/ pro aTTfXdoiv Sf : KBL 1 33 124 157 2^* (DX
airrfKOov ovv)
ix 10 ovK ecTTiv ovTos napa 6(ov o avOpanros : SBDLX 157
ix 18 T)v Tv(f)Xos: NBL 157
ix 28 add. ol de ante (XoL^nprjaav : S'DL 1 33 157 2J'«

ix 28 paerjTTjs a : SAB 1 33
ix 30 €v TovTu) yap to OavfiacTTov : NBL
xvi 15 add. vpiv post enrov: S'L
xvi 29 Xeyovaiv sine avro) : S* et<= BC*D*An 1 2i*

xvii 4 TfXicoaas pro ereXetcocra : SABCLlI 1 33 246

xviii 34 ano aeavTov pro a(f) eavrov : SBC*L
xix 3 edidoaav pro edidovv : NBLX 1

xix 7 Kara roz/ vopnv sine r^/ioji' : SBD^"pi^LA

xix 10 anoXvae ae Kai (^ovaiav e;^a) aTavponre 0"f : SABE*
xix 20 p(Ofj.aL(rTL eXXr;i/io-rt : S'^BLX 33
xix 34 €^T)X3€v evdvs: SBLXY 33
xxi 14 Tois padrjrms sine avrov: SABCL 1 33 157

Corrections of the Manuscript.

The corrections in the manuscript which are worthy of notice

are few in number.
We have
Mt ix 9 TOV is added before Mar^foi/ with no other MS.
xi 22 Tvpu) Kai aiScovL is corrected obviously in error to on yrf a-oBofKovy a
reading unsupported by any other Ms.
xviii 10 (V ovpavois is added after oi ayyeXoi avTcop with most Mss. B
reads (v t(o ovpavco.

xxvi 60 OVK rjvpov is added after y\rfvhopapTvpa>v tt poa-fX^ovrotv probably

with the intention of bringing the reading of the manuscript into

conformity with the majority of mss. SBC*L omit.
xxvii 33 Xeyopfvov 2° is changed to epfMijvevopifvov. Xeyofievos is the
reading of S* et'^*' BL ; Xfynpfvov of some thirty mss ;
fifvos (or -ov) has slight attestation ; (pprjvfvopifvov has none.
Mc ix 23 TTia-Teva-ai is added after 8vvrj with many uncials. K*BCLa omit.
X 19 fiT] anoaTfpTjarjs (apparently) is added with SB^L and most micials
against B*KAn2.
Lc iii 24 tov laKO)^ is added perhaps from Mt i 16 after Kna-rjc^ 1".
Lc iii

26 The first hand has Koa-rjx (^^BL), icoBa (t<BL) in accordance with the

spelling of the best uncials ; the order, however, is difi'ercnt. Note

aefxei (N), affieeiv (tvBL), where a difference in spelling is easy. In
the margin is added tov iwavvav tov prjaa with the best mss,
iii 32 TOV IBooo^ is added after tov cojSrjd.

iii 33 TOV afiivada^ tov apa/x tov apvi is the reading of N, tov apvi being
cancelled. The T.R. reads tov apivaba^ tov apap. with N^. B reads
TOV a8p€Lv TOV apvei with tsL. Tisch** reads both tov apap and tov
iii 35 TOV e^epis added with all mss after tov (f)a\€K.

iv 23 and elsewhere <a(f)apvaovp (t^BD) is changed into Kcmepvaovp.

V 19 TToias (all uncials) is changed into nas (some cursives).
ix 31 8e (C*D al) is cancelled after eXc/ov with most mss.
XX 24 Tivos e^ei (B, most uncials) is changed into oi be edi^av kui ei tivos
(tsCL etc. ol ^e edei^av {i< avTco) Kai enrev the reading is however :

attested exactly by no other ms).

xxiv 13 €<aTov (^^ etc. Or) is cancelled with BL and most mss.
Tn i 27 o oTTio-o) (i<BC*LT'') is erased and in its stead are substituted the

words avTos eaTiv o onio-co, the reading of most mss.

id. OS epTTpoaSev pov yeyovev ov ovk eipei (most MSS) is read in the place of
ov ov< ecpei (fc<BC*LTb).
iv 27 Toi Xoyco is added after em tovtm without any known authority,
iv 53 o iijcrovs, which is inserted between the lines, was omitted originally
with b\* foss basm.
vi 27 o TTaTrjp is added in conformity with the reading of all mss.
vii 39 ajLov is added with L and many uncials, t^ omits,

vii 50 irpos avTovs is the reading of ^s* which alone has no addition of any

kind. N^ agrees with. KYAII. ts^BL reads o eXdoiv irpos avTov

viii 41 TOV deov is added in accordance with the reading of all mss.
viii 42 eyo) yap is changed into eyw yap Sta ttjv aXrjdeLav, but without any
xix 5 TTiXaTos is added after avTois on very slight authority.
XX 10, which was omitted, has been supj^lied in accordance with the
reading of all mss.

An examination of the foregoing shews clearly that the


value of neither N nor X can consist primarily in the importance

of the readings which they support. It is true that the recension
which they represent is found to give its attestation to a con-
siderable number of readings found only in the best manuscripts •

it is true also that this recension some readings the only is for

witness, and the only Greek witness of any antiquity for others,


which have been known to us hitherto through a version or

through a late Greek exemplar. The readings, however, thus
attested are not of much importance, nor do they as a rule
commend themselves as authentic. The value of the recension
must rather be sought elsewhere, in the light it throws on the
history of the text. A fair number of ancient readings still
survive, which have been rejected by later uncials and cursives;
a few have been deliberately rejected by the corrector in favour of
readings which subsequently became popular. This illustrates at
once the resistance offered by the ancient text, and one way in
which that resistance was overcome and the better readings
removed from circulation. The divergencies, moreover, from that
original standard — especially the unique readings of the recension
— mental tendencies which led to the reproduction
illustrate the
of the later text. While some alterations are obviously due to
carelessness, many may be traced to a desire for smoothness and
conformity. One is tempted to go further and to wonder whether
the lack of right judgment, which could prefer these qualities to
the vigour and incisiveness of the original writing, did not mani-
and ought not to be reckoned among the
fest itself in all things

causes of the anxiety which in the sphere of morals and doctrine

earlier owners of such manuscripts occasioned St Chrysostom and
St Jerome.


Desunt folia tria ah initio evangelii.

Incipit codex ad i 24.

iroLTjaev©9 Trpoaera^ev avTco o ayyeXot; Kvptov Kat Trape- Pet 44

Xa^ev Tr)v yvvaiKa avTOv -^Kac ovk eyivcocTKev avrrjv eco? ov


avTov irjaovv
II. Tof Se trjaov yevvrjdevTo^; ev ^rjOXeefJu T779 touSaia<; ev
rjjjLepat^; rjpcoSov tov jSacnXew^ ihov jxayoi airo avaroXcov irape-
yevovTo et? LepovaaXr)fM 'X€yovT€<; ttov earcv re^^et? ^aaiXev;
Tcov lovBatcov LhojjLev yap avTOV tov aaTepa ev tt] avaToXrj Kai
r)X6o^ev 7rpoa\Kvvr}aai, avTco ^a/coucra? Se rj . . Brjf; o ^aacXevf;
€Tapax^6r) Kat iraaa rj cepoaoXv/Jua jjueT avTOV ^Kai avvayayoiv
iravraf; tov<; ap')(^L6pec<; Kau tov; ypafi/jLaTei<; tov Xaov eirvv
OaveTo Trap avTcov ttov ^ptcrro? yevvaTat ^Oc Be eiirov avTco

€fjL l3r]6Xee/jb Tr)<; LovBaLa<; ouro)? yap yeypaiTTau Bta tov irpo-
(j)7)Tov' ^Kat (TV ^r]6Xee/ji' yrj covBa' ovBa/jLCi)<; eXa^taTr) et ev
TOt? Tjye/JLoatv LovBa eK aov yap e^eXeva-erai rjyovjxevo^ oa-Ti<;

iroL/jLaveL tov Xaov fxov tov iaparjX' ^Tore TjpojBr]^; \\

Desunt folia duo usque ad ii 20.

pevov et? yr]v laparfX TeOvrjKacrtv yap ot ^rjTOVVTe'i ttjv 'v/^f % . . Pet 45
Tov TraiBcov -^O Be eyep6eL<; TrapeXa/Sev to TraiBiov Kai ttjv

ii 1 lepoaoXvfMa 2 2 tov aarepa avrov S

4 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt ii-vi

fJL'qrepa avTOv Kai TjXdev et? jtjv laparjX- ^aKOvaa<; Be on

ap-^eXao^; ^aaiXevei tt]<; iovSaia<; avri rjpcoBov rov Trarpoq
avTov €(J)o^t]Ot] aireXOeiv CKer %/37;/xaTfcr^e£? Be Kar ovap
ave')(^(i3priaev ei^ ra fiepr) tt;? yaXiXaia<;' ^Kai eX6(ov Karo)-
KTjcTtv 6i9 ttoXlv Xeyofievqv va^apeO otto)? ttXtjpcoOtj to prjdev
Bia Tcov 7rpo(f)r}Tcov' ore va^copaiof; KXrjOrjaeTaL \

III. Ei/ raL<i 7jp,epai<; e/cetvaL<; irapayeiveraL L(i)avvT]<s o

fiaTTTiaTTj^i KTjpvaacov ev rrj epT]/i(i) tt;? lovBaca^ ^kul Xeycov

fjueravoeire ijyyLKev yap rj ^aaiXeia tcov ovpavcov ^Outo?
yap ecTTLV a pr)6€L<; viro rjaaLov tov 7rpo(f)T}TOV XeyovTO<; <f>G)in]

^ocDvTO<s ev TT) eprj/jLO) eTOLjiaaaTe ttjv oSov Kvpiov ev6eta<; TroieiTe

Ta? TpL^ov; avTOV ^Auro? Be o LcoavvT]^; ei^ev to evBv/ia
avTov airo Tpi')(wv KafiifKov Kai ^covtjv Bep/iaTivrjv irepL Trjv

0(T(f)vv avTov 7] Be Tpo(f>T] avTOV T]v aKpiBe^; ||

Desiint folia quattuor decern usque ad vi 24.

Pet 11 BvvaaOe Oeco BovXevecv Kac fiaficova' "^Aia tovto Xeyco vfiiv
firj fjLepi/jLvaTe ttj '^V')(t] v/icov tl (f)ayT)Te' Kai tl TriijTe' firjBe

TO) awfxaTL v/jLcop tl evhyarjade ov^^ec rj "^VXV ttXlov eaTLv tt;?

Tpo(l)7j<; Kai to (Tw/xa tov evBvp.aTO<; Ta TrcTeiva^efjiffXeyjr

T . . ovpavov OTL ov airipovaiv ovBe Oepi^ovacv ovBe avvayovaip

€49 aTTodij/caf; Kai o TraTrjp vficov o ovpavio^ Tpe(f)€L avTa' ou^
Vfxi<^ /laXXov BiacpepeTe avTcov. -"r^? Be e^ v/jl(ov fiepifivcop

BvvaTai irpoadeLvai |
... ttjv tjXlkl. . avTov irrj-^vv eva ^Kai Trepi

evBvfiaTOf; tl fiepLfivaTe' KaTa/xaOeTe Ta Kpiva tov aypov ttw?

av^aveL' ov Koiria ou . . vrjdeL' ^Xeyco .. v/ilv otl ovBe aoXo/icov
ev iraarj ttj Bo^tj avTOv TrepLe^aXeTO a>? ev tovtcjv' ^ei Be
tov ')(^opTov TOV aypov aijfiepov ovTa Kai avpcov et? KXL^avov.
^aXXofjLevov o 6eo<; ouro)? a/jL(f)LevvvaLv ov ttoXXco fiaXXov Vfia^
oXLyoTTLO-TOL' ^^ /JLTj ovv /jLepi/J.vT]€rr]Te XeyovTe^; tl (f)ayo)fiev rj t* i

Pet 12 TTLco/jLev 7] Tl TrepL^aXo/ieda ^'-TavTa yap iravTa Ta eOvrj \\

eiri- |

^7]TeL' oiBe yap o iraTrip v/jlcjv o ovpavLO^ otl ^p^fere tovt(i)V

airavTcov ^^rjTLTe Be irpcoTov ttjv ^aaiXeiav tov Oeov Kai ttjv

vi 31 irepipaXo/xeda] o in w eadem manu mutatum

vi 31 <payofjL€v rj ti triofi^v 2
Mt vi-viii text of codex n. 5

BiKaLcocrvprjv avrov Kau ravra iravra Trpoo-TeOrjaerac vfitv ^/jlt]

ovv /JL€ptfjLvr](T7jT6 66? TTjv avpiov 7] yap avpiov iiepi^vrjarj ra

€avTr)(; apKerov rrj rj/iepa 77 Kafcta avT7j<i'
VII. M?; KpLvere iva /jlt] KptOrjre ^ev co yap KpCfiaTC KpLvere
KpLOrjaeaOe Kat ev co /jberpo) fxerpLTe avTLfi6Tp7]6r)(reTaL v/jliv

*Tt Be ySXeTTt? TO Kap(f)o<; to ei^ |

. . o(j)9a\fjico rov aSe\(j>ov aov*
TTjv he 80KOV T7)v ev tco aco o^OaXjJLco ou KaTavoei<^ ^rj tto)? epeL<;

7(0 aBe\(f)(o aov a(f)e<; efc/BaXco to Kap(j)o^ etc tov o(f)6a\/jiov aov
Kau lBov 77 BoKO^; ev tco o(f)6a\/jL(o aov. ^ viroKpiTa eK^aXe
irpoiTov T7]v BoKov eK TOV o^OaXfiov aov Kai TOTe Bia/SXeyfrL^^

eK^aXeiv to Kap^o<; etc tov o^OaXjxov tov aBeX(f)ov aov. ^Mrj

BcDTe TO ayiov toc<; fcvaecv firjBe ^aXrjTe tov<; fiapyapLTa<; v/jlcov

efiTTpoadev tcov ')(^0Lpcov' /jLTjTTOTe KaTa7raT7]\\aovatv avTov^ ev Pet 13

T0L<; TToaiv avTCOv Kac aTpa(f>evTe<; p7]^ovaiv vfjLa<;. ^Atrtre

KUL BoOrjaeTac v/jllv ^rjTtTe Kau evprjaeTe KpoveTe Kac avoLyy-
aeTai vfitv ^Tra? yap atTcov Xa/ju/Savei Kac o ^tjtcov evpiaKer
Kai TO) KpovovTL av0Ly7]aeTar ^rj rt? eaTcv e^ v/jl(ov av6pQ)7ro<;
ov eav aLTTjarj vlo<; avTov apTov fiij XlOov einBcoaeL avrco ^^Kac
eav L')(^Ovv acTTjaec /jlt) o(j)tv eTTcBcoaet avTco' -^^et ovv vfjLC<; Trovrjpoo
virap^ovTe'^ oiBaTe BofxaTa ayaOa BoBovac tol<; TeKvoc^; v/jlcov

TToaco fjbdXXov TraTrjp |

v/jlcov ev tol^ ovpavot<; Bcoaec ayaOa
TOi^ auTovaiv avTov ^-YlavTa ovv oaa eav OeXrjTe Lva ttol-

OVaiV VjJLLV 01 avOpcOTTOL OVT(0<^ Kat fyU-t? TTOLeiTe aVTOL'^ 0VT0<;

yap eaTiv vofio^; /cac 01 7rpo(f>r)Tar ^^EtcaeXdaTe Bia T779

aTevr)<i 7rvXrj<; otl irXaTha t) ttvXtj Kat evpv)(^copo<; rj 0S09 rj

airayovaa et? ttjv airwXeLav. Kau itoXXol ecatv ol eLaep^^ofxevoL

Bi avT7]<i' '^^Ti aTevrj 7] irvXij Kai TeOXt/jUfMevr) rj oBo<; r) airayovaa
et9 T7]v ^(orjv Kai oXiyoi eiaiv ol evpiaKovTe^ avTrjv ^^Trpoae')(e ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad viii 1.

avTov aiTO tov opov^ r}Ko\ov6r]aav avTco o)(Xol ttoXXol* ^Kat Pet 14

lBov Xe7rpo<; irpoaeXOcov irpoaeKwei avrco Xeycov' KVpte eav

deXecf; Bvvaaac fie Kadapcaar ^Kat eKTLva^ Trjv %ei/3a TjyjraTO

vii 4 a0es] a- supra lineam eadem manu scriptum

vii 5 e/c tov o(pda\/xov 2°] to ev rw ocpdaXfiw S viii 1 avTov] avTu 2

2 de\T]i S

6 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt viii

avTOv o Lr}(rov<; Xeycov 6e\(o KaOapiaOr^TL Kai €v6€co<; CKaO

..Tov 7) Xe . . *Kai Xeyec av . . o irfaov^ opa /jltjS.vl eL7rr)<;

aWa viraye aeavrov Set^ou rco iepei Kac Trpoaeveyxe to Bwpov

aov TTpoaera^eu fJLOivarj<i et? ^aprvptov avroL^ ^^LaeXOovn
Be avTO) €t9 Kairepvaovfi irpoa avrco .... ovTap^o<; . . pa-
KaXcov . VTOV ^Kau Xeycov Kvpie o vrai? fjLOv ^e^XijTai ev tt) oiKta
irapaXvTLKo^ Blv(i)<s ^aa-auL^ofievo^;' ^Kat Xeyet avTco o Lrjaov<;
eyco eXdcou Oepairevaoi avrov ^Kai airoKpiOu^ o 6KaTOPTap-)(^o<i
€<pT) Kvpte ovK etfiL LKavo^ Lva fjLov VTTO Tr)v (TTcyrjv eiaeX6r}<i

aXXa fiovop etire Xoyo) Kau Lad-qaerai o 7raL<; /jlov ^ Kai yap eyco
avOp(07ro<; eifiL viro e^ovacav e')((iiv vir cfMavrov arpaTKora^' Kai
Pet 15 Xe7a) tovtco iropevov Kat Tropeverar kul aXXw \\
ep')(ov Kai
ep-^^eraL Kau rco SovXco /jlov Trocrjaov tovto Kat TroLer ^°Aacou-
©a? Be ravra o trjaov^ eOavpbaaev Kat enrev tol<; aKoXovOovatv
avT(o ^^a/jL7]u Xe7a) vfiiv ovBe ev to) iaparjX Toaavrrjv ttkttlv
Tjvpov Aeyco Be v/jllv on ttoXXol airo avaroXwv Kat Bvafiayv
r)^ov<7L Kat, avaKXiOrjaovre fxera a^paafi' Kat taaaK Kat taKwff
ev TTj ^aatXeta t(ov ovpavcou ^-ot Be vtot rrj^ /3aa-tXeta<; eK^Xrj-
Orjaovrat ei<; to aKOTO<; to e^wTepov eKet eaTat o KXav6/jL0<;

Kat I
o jSpvyfJio^ T(ov oBovtcov ^^Kat etirev o tr}aov<; toj

eKaTOVTap^T] viraye Kat o)? e7rt(TTevaa<; yevrjdrjTO) aot' Kat taOrj

o Trat? avTov airo ttj^ ajpa^i eKetvr]<;' Kat V7ro(TTpeyjra<; a
eKaTOVTap')^o<; et? tov otKOv avTov ev avTr) ttj copa rjvpev avTOv
vytevovTw ^^Kat eXOwv o t7jaov<; et? tt]v oiKtav ireTpov iBev
TT^z^ irevOepav avTov /Se/BXrj/jLevTjv Kat irvpeacrovaav ^^Kat rjy^aTO
T7j<; ')(^etpo<; avTTj<; Kat aiprjKev avTTjv o Trvpero^; Kat Tjyepdr) Kat
Pet 16 BtrjKOvet avTcov ^^O-v/r^a? Be yevo\\fievr)<; irpoar/veyKav avTco
Bat/jLOVt^o/jLevovi 7roXXov<; Kat e^e^aXev Ta Trvev/jtaTa Xoyu) Kat
TravTa<; tov<; KaKO}<; e^ovra^ eOepairevaev ^'ottox; irXypcoOrj to
pr)6ev Bta rjaaiov tov 7rpo<pT]TOv XeyovTO^; avTOf; Ta<; aadevta<i
7]/i(t)V eXa^ev Kat Ta^ voaov<; e^acTTaaev ^^IBcov Be o trjaov^

iroXXov^ oyXov; irept auTov eKeXevaev aireXdetv et9 to irepav

^'Kat irpocreXOwv et<s ypa/jtfjLaTev<; etirev avTco BtBaaKaXe aKoXov-
drjaco (TOt OTTOV eav airep')(ri -'^ Kat \
\e7et avTO) o trjcrovf; at
aXco7r7]Kai<i (fxoXeovf; e)(ovatv Kat Ta ireTtva tov ovpavov KaTa-
aKr}V(oaet<; o Be vto^ tov avOpcoirov ovk e^et irov ttjv Ke<f)aX7]v

viii 15 avTuv] sic ex errore scribae

Mt viii-ix TEXT OF CODEX N. 7

Kkivat ^^Et6j0O9 8e tcov fjLaOrjroov avrov etirev avro) Kvpte

eTTLTpe'^ov fJLOL irpcDTOv aireXdetv Kai Oayfrat rov irarepa fxov
^^O Be tr)aov<; eiirev avro) avrco aKoXovOei /jloi Kai a(p€<; TOV<i

v€Kpov<; dayjrao tov<; eavrcov v6Kpov<; ^'Kat e/n^avTC avro)

et9 TO ifKoLov 7)KoXovOr}(Tav avrco ol (JbaOr^rai avrov Kai lBov

Deest folmm usque ad viii 31.

ayeXrjv rcov x^^P^^' ^^f^cL'' etirev avroi<; virayere' ol Be e^e\- Pet 17

Oovre<; airrjXOov et? rijv ayeXrjv rcov ')(^0Lpcov' Kai iBov copix7](iev

iraaa r] ayeXr) Kara KprjpLvov ei? rrjv OaXacraav Kai aireOavov

ev roi<; vSaaecv ^^ot Be /SocrKovref; ecpvyov Kai aireXOovre'^ ei<;

rrjv irdXiv airir^yy iXav iravra Kai ra rcov Baijiovi^oixevcov'

Kai iBov Traaa ij 7roXi<; e^rfXdev et? avvavrrjcnv rco n^aov Kai
LBovre<; avrov irapeKaXecrav oirco^; fxera^rj airo rcov opicov
IX. e/jL\^a<; et? ro irXoiov Bieirepaaev Kai r)X6ev et?

Tr)v iBiav TToXiv ^Kat iBov irpocrecpepov avrco rrapaXvnKov

eiTi KXivr]<; /SefiXrjfjLevov Kai iBcov o i7]aov<; rrjv iTicrnv avrcov
etirev rco irapaXvnKco' Oapaei reKvov a^eovre aov at ajxapnai
aov "Kai ioov
rive<; rcov ypa/jb/jiarecov enrov ev eavroi<; ovro<;

^Xaa(j)r)jjLei' '^iBcov Be o i7]aov<; ra? ev6v/jLrjcT€i<; avrcov enrev

avroi<; ivan VfJH"; evOvfJuaOe Trovrjpa ev rai<; KapBiai<; v/jlcov ^n
yap eariv evKoircorepov enreiv a\\<^eovre aoi ai afxapnai rj eiireiv Pet 18

eyipe Kai irepiiran' ^iva Be eiBrjre on e^ovaiav e^et o uto? rov

avdpcoirov ein r?;? 77/9 a(f>ievaL a/jLaprLa<;' rore Xeyei rco irapa-
XvriKco' eyepOei^ apov aov rrjv kXivt^v Kai vrraye 6t9 rov oiKov
aov "^ Kai eyep6ei<; airriXOev et9 rov oiKov avrov ^iBovre^; Be oi
o-^Xoi edaufiaaav Kai eBo^aaav rov Oeov rov Bovra e^ovaiav
roiaurr)V roi<; avOpcoiroi^ ^Kat irapaycov eKeiOev o ir)aov<;

iBev avdpcoTTOv KaOrj/xevov em ro reXcoviov \

M.ardeov Xeyo/uuevov
Kai Xeyei avrco aKoXovOei fioi Kai avaara<; rjKoXovOrjaev avrco
Kat eyevero avrov avaKijjLevov ev rrj oiKia Kai iBov woXXoi

viii 22 avT(a bis scriptum posteriore loco erasum ix 2 aov at afxapriai

<rov] sic ex errore scribae 9 Mardeov] rov praem extra seriem litterarum

viii 20 kXlvt} 2 23 efjiPaivovros avrov S 32 /cara rov Kprjfxvov S

IX 2 (jov 1°] (rot S 9 Lrjaovi eKeidev S

reXcjvai kul afxapTOiXoi e\6ovTe<; avvaveKivro tco lijo-ov Kai TOL<i

fiad7]TaL<; avrov ^^ Kai iSovTe<; ot (f>apLaaLOL enrov tol<; fjLadrjTaL^i

avTou BLan fiera tcop reXcovcov Kau afiapTcoXwv eaOiei o Bi^aa- ;

Ka\o<; vfMCDp ^-O Be Ltjaovi aKovaa^ eiirev avTot^ ov ')(^p€iav i

Pet 19 e')(ovaiv oc ia^vovr€<; tarpov aW ol KaKco^ e \)(^ovTe<; ^^iropev'

OeiTe^ Be fiadere rt eariv eXeo? 6e\(o Kau ov Ouaiav ov yap

rfkOov KaXecrai BiKatov^ aXXa a/jLapTa)Xov<;' '^Tore irpoa-
€p')(ovTac avTo) ol fiadrjTaL iwavvov Xeyovre^ Biari 7)/jll<; Kac 04

<f)aptaatOL vrjarevofiev iroXXa ot Be /laOrjraL aov ov vrjarevovaiv

*^Kat eiirev avTocs o L7jaov<; firj Bvvavre ol viol tov vvfjL(f)(i)vo<i

irevOeLv e(f> oaov fier avTcou eariv o vv/xcpLOf; eXevaovTe Be ij/juepai

orav aTTapOrj air avTOv o vv/j,<pto<; Kac rore vrj<TT6v\(T0vaLv

^^ Of Set? Be eiTL^aXXeL eirL/SaXXet eTTL^XTj/jLa paKKov^ ayva-
(f)ov eTTL LfiaTLCD TraXaico epL yap to TrXrjpco/jLa avrov airo rov
CfiaTLOv KaL x^P^^ ^X^^/^^ yLveraL' ^^ovBe ffaXXova-Lv olvov veov
€L<; acTKOv^ iraXatov^ et Be in)ye p-qyvvvraL ol aaKOL KaL oii'o<:

CK^^LTaL Kai OL aaKOL airoXovvTaL' aXXa ^aXXovaLv olvov veov

€t9 aaKOv; KaLvov<; KaL a/KJ^orepoL avvrrjpovvTaL' ^^Tavra
avTov XaXovvTO<; avTOL<; iBov ap-^oov eiaeXOcov irpocreKweL avTOJ
Pet 20 Xeycov otl rj 6v\\yaTrjp /jlov apTL ereXevrrjaev aXXa eXOwv eTrt^e?

TT]v X€tpa aov eiT avrrjv KaL ^rjaeraL ^^KaL eyep6eL<; o L7jaov<;
TjKoXovdrjaev avrco KaL ol fiaOrjraL avrov. ^Kat lBov yvvr)
atjJLOppoovaa BwBeKa errj rrpoaeXOovaa oiTLaOev Tjyjraro rov Kpaa-
TreBov rov i/xarLov avrov ^^eXeye yap ev eavrrj eav fiovov
ayjro/jLaL rov Lfiariov avrov acodrjao/jbaL "-0 Be Lr]aov<; arpa-
<^et? Kac lBcov avrrjv eLirev Oapaet dvyarrjp rj irLarL^; aov aeacoKev
ae KaL eacodr) tj yvvrj airo rr)<; copa<; eKeL \
^KaL eXdcov L7jaov<i

et9 rrjv OLKLav rov ap^ovro^; KaL lBcov tov<! avXr]ra<; KaL rov
o^Xov 6opvj3ovp.evov XeyeL '^ava^cop^Lre ov yap airedavev ro
Kopaaiov aXXa KaOevBeL* Kai Kar eyeXoov avrov ^ore Be e^e-
PXrjBrj o^Xof; eLaeXOayv eKparijaev tt;? x^Lpo^ avrr)<; Kat
rjyepdr) ro KopaaLov '^KaL e^ifXOev rj (prjfXT] avrT]<; ei? oXr)v tt}v yrjv

€K€Lvrjv' ^'
KaL rrapayovrL CKiOev rco LTjaov rjKoXovdrjaav avra)

ix 16 fTTt/SaXXet 1° erasura 21 aypofiai] in w mutatum 22 c/cei]

sic ex errore scribae

IX 13 cXcoi' 2 id. *cat ovaiav Z 18 rrjv X'^'-P°- *"" ii/ttjv 2 23 tXtytvl,

26 77 (PrjyLt} avrrj 2

Bvo rv<^XoL Kpa^ovTe<; Kai Xeyovre^ eXerjcrov rj/jua^; Kvpte vie

BaviB II
^^RiaeXOouTC Be avrco ei<; rrjv ocKcav TrpocTTjXdov avrco Pet 21
01 TVcpXor Kat Xeyet avTOL<; o Lrjaov<; irio-Tevere otl Bvvafie
TOVTO iroLTjae Xeyovcrtv avrco vac fcvpce ^^Tore Tjyfraro tcov
0(l)6a\jjL(ov avTCOv Xeycov Kara rrjv itkttlv Vficov yevrjdrjTco vfiiv

^'^Kat 7)veay')(0r]aav avroav oi o(j)0aX/jLOL Kat eve/Bpi/jbrjo-aro avTOt<;

LTjaov^ Xeycov opare /jltjBl^; ytvcoaKerco' ^^ot Be e^eXdovre^

BLe(j)r]/jLi(7av avrov ev oXrj tt] yij eKecvr) ^^avrcov Be e^ep')(^ofjLevcov

lBov 7rpoar}veyKav avrco \

avOpcoirov kcoc^ov BaifMovL^oixevov
^Kau eK^Xr}devro<^ rov Bai/xovcov eXaXrjaev o Kco(f>o<i Kai eOav-
fiacrav oi o)(Xoi Xeyovre<; ovBeirore ecpavrj ovrco<^ ev rco iaparfX'

^Oi Be (papiaaiOi eXeyov ev rco ap^ovn rcov Baifxovicov eK-

^aXXei ra Baifiovta' ^^Kaf. Trepirjyev o irj(rov<; ra<; iroXif;

iracra^ Kai ra<; Kcofjua^ BtBaaKcov ev rai<; crvvaycoyaL<^ avrcov

Kai KTjpvaacov ro evayyeXtov rr](; ^acnXeia'^ Kai Oepairevcov
rracrav vocrov Kai rracrav fiaXaKiav ^^iBcov \\
Be Toy? o')(Xov<; o Pet 22
irjcrovf; ea'n'Xav')(yia6rj irepi avrcov on rjcrav «? Trpo^ara /jurj

e^ovra iroifxeva' ^''Tore Xeyei roi<; /jLad7]rai<; avrov o jiev

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avra Kai Oepaireveiv iracrav vocrov Kai Tracrav fiaXaKiav \

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Kai iovBa<; icTKapicor7]<; o Kai irapaBov; avrov ^Tovrov<;
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o\\Bov eOvcov firj aireXOrjre Kai et9 iroXiv crafiapircov /ult) etaeXOrjre Pet 23
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av ttoXlv 7] Kco/jLTjv etaeXdrjTe e^eraaare Tt9 ev avrr} a^io^; eo-riv
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v/JL(i)v 77/309 v/jLa<; e7riaTpa(f)TjT(o ^^Kat 09 av firj Be^rjrai Vfia<;

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v/jLa<; &)9 Trpo^ara ev fieaco Xvkcov yiveade ovv <j)povL/JiOL 0)9 ol

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v/JLa<; ^^Kac eirt Tjye-

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avTOL<; Kac toi<; eOveaiv ^^Orav Be irapaBwaovaiv v/jia<; firj

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TTvev/jua Tov irarpo^ vficov to XaXovv ev vjilv ^^irapaBwaei Be
aBeX(f>o^ aBeX(f)ov et9 OavaTov Kac iraTrjp TeKvov Kac eirava-
aTTjGovTe TeKva eirc yovec's Kac 6avaT(oaovaiv avTov<; ^Kac
Pet 25 eaea\6e ficaov/jLevoc vtto TravTcov Bca to ovo/ia /jlov o Be viro-

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yevTjTai cos BiBa<TKaXo(; avTov Kai o Aou\o9 09 o Kvpio^
avTov ec tov oiKoBeairoTTjv ^eeX^e^ovX eireKaXeaavTo iroaw \

X 15 corat •
777* ffQho^Jn^)v'\ dubium utrum ecTAi- ^H- coAomcon an
ecTAi TH- coAoMcjN parte sinistra litterae t erasa. Lectio prior preferenda
25 o$] in a» eadem manu mutatum

X 10 titiTf inrodrjuaTa 2 13 €iriaTpa<p(Tu} S 14 oaoi av fxij de^oyrai vfuii

fjLTjSe aKovauaiv S 19 Vfiiy sub lineam additum S id. XaXrjacTe] XaXrjcrrjTe Z

fidWov TOf? OLKiaKOv; avrov. ^^M?; ovv (fyo/SrjOrjre avTOv^

ovhev 'yap ecrnv Ke/caXvfjLfievov o ovk aTroKaXvcpOrjaerar Kau
KpvTTTOv o ov 'yvwcrO'qaerar ^''O Xe7&) vfJbiv ev ttj a Korea
eiirare ev tco (fxoTt Kac o et? to Of? aKovere Krjpv^are eiri rcov

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Tov Swa/juevov Kai '^v^V^ i^^^ II

Desunt folia duo usque ad xi 4.

'iT0Kpi6eL<i L7]aov<; ecirev avT0c<; iropevdevre^; aTrayycXare Pet 26

coyavvT) a aKovere Kac /SXeTrere' ^rvcj^Xoc ava^Xeirovaiv Kat

ycoXoL irepcTTaTovcrcv' Xeirpou KaOapt^ovre Kat Koxpoi aKOVovaiv
veKpoi eyipovTe Kai irKnyoi evayyeXi^ovre ^Kat fiaKapcof; eanv
0? eav /uLT] o-KavBaXiaOr] ev e/jLor "^tovtcov Be iropevofxevcov

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et? TTjv epT]p,ov OeaaaaOe KaXa/xov vtto ave/xov craXevofxevov
^aXXa TV e^rjXOare theiv \
avdpcoiTOv ev [JbaXaKOL<; ifxarLOLf;

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Xeyco vpiv Kai TrepiaaoTepov Trpocprjrov yap earcv
irepi ov yeypairrai' tSov eyco airoaTeXXay tov ayyeXov /jlov
irpo TrpoacoTTOu ctov o? KaTacrKevaaei ttjv oBov <tov efiirpoadev
(TOV ^^A/jL7]v Xeyco vpLiv ovk eyriyepTai ev yevvrjT0i<^ yvvaiKcov
fii^cov ccoavvov tov ^airnaTov o Be pbiKpoTepo^ ev ttj ^acriXeia

TCOV ovpa\\v(ov p^c^cov avrov ecrnv ^^Atto Be rcov t] p,epcov "Pet 27

Lwavvov TOV ^airTLarov eco<^ apru rj ^acrcXeca rcov ovpavcov

^la^erai Kai ^laarai apira^ovaiv avrrjv ^^7ravre<; yap oc
irpoipT^rat Kac o vopLO'^ eco<; ccoavvov irpoecpTjrevcTav ^^Kac ec

deXere Be^aade avro^ Yiarcv 7)Xca<; o p^eXXcov ep')(ecT6ac ^^o

e')(cov cora aKovecv aKoverco ^^rcvc Be op^occoaco rrjv yeveav

ravrrjv opoca earcv TracBcocf; KaOripcevoci ev ayopac; Kac
TTpoacpcovovacv roa erepot':; avrcov ^^ Kac Xeyovcrcv \
vpcv Kac OVK op')(r)aaade eOprjvrjcrapLev vpccv Kac ovk eKoyfraaOe*
^^rjXBev yap ccoavv7]<; prjre eaOicov pcTjre ircvcov Kac Xeyovacv

xi 7 aoKevoixevov] ov supra lineam eadem manu scriptum

X 28 aTTOKTevvovToiv S xi 5 codex Kadapi^ojvTai S

12 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt xi-xii

Sai/iovLop €\eL' ^^r)\Oev o vio<; rov avOpwirov €(tOl(ov tcai

TTLvcov Kai Xeyovaiv lSov avOpwrro^ (f)ayo^ Kat otvoTrorijt;

reXcovcov c^^Xo? /cat afiaprcoXcov fcai eEnKaiwdr) 77 (TO(f)La airo

Tcov TCKvcov auTT^?* ^'ToT€ 7]p^aT0 o iT](Tov<; oveiSi^etv ra^
TToXet? ev ai<; eyevovro at TrXecarat Bvva/JL€L<; avTov on ov
Pet 28 fi€T€V07]aav' -^ov\\ai <tol ')(opa^LV ovac aoi firjOaaiBa ore €l ev

Tvpco Kai (TihawL eyevovro at SvvafieLf; at yevofievac ev v/jliv

TraXai av ev aaKKO) Kat aTroBco fierevorjaav ^ttXtjv Xeyco v/jllv

OTL yrj aoBofjLcov aveKTorepov earai ev rj^epa KpL(7ea)<i rj v/ilv

-^Kai av Kairepvaovfi' tj ew? rov ovpavov vyfrcodeiaa eca? aSou

KaTa^i/SaaOrjaT] Ore ei ev aoSofioi^ eyevovro au BvvafjLeL<;

aL yevofievac ev croi e/xevav av fj^e^pi' tt)^ arjfxepov ^^irXrjv Xeyco

V/JLLV yr) aoBo/jLcov aveKrorepov \

earac ev rj/iepa Kpiaeco^; rj aor
-^Ei/ eKeivo) rco Kacpco aTroKptdeif; n]crov<; ecirev e^o/ioXoyovjxat,

aoL irarep Kvpie rov ovpavov Kai r7]<: yr)<i on a7reKpvyfra<; ravra
airo aocjxov Kai avvercov Kai aireKaXv^^a^; avra vrj7rioL<; ^vai
TrarTjp ore ovr(o<; eyevero evBoKia e/jL7rpoa6ev aov ^Uavra
fioL TrapeSoOr] vtto rov rrarpo^ /jlov Kat ovBei<; emycvaxTKeL
rov irarepa ei fir] o i/to? ovSe rov viov ri<; emyivcoaKeL ec firj

Pet 29 o 7rar7]p Kac co eav ^ovXerac o vlo<; airoKaXvyfrar ^Bevje

rrpo^ fie rravre<; oc K07rL(ovTe<; Kac Trecfyopnafievoi, Kayo) ava-
rravao) f/ita? "^apare rov ^vyov pov e<f> vfia<; Kat jxadere air
e/jLOV ort rrpao^ ei/it Kat rairtvo^ rij KapSta Kat evprjaere
avairavatv rat<; yjrv^aif; v/icov ^0 yap ^vyo<; p,ov ')^pr]aro<; Kai

ro (f)oprtov fiov eXa(j)pov ecrrtv

XII. Ei/ eKetvco rco Katpco eiropevOrj o it)(tov<; rot<; crafi-

^aatv Bta rcov cnropificov ot he padrjrat avrov eirivaaav Kat

rjp^avro rtXXtv ara')(ya'^ Kat eadieiv. -ot Be c^apLcratot tBovre<i

etTTov avrco tBov \

ot ptaOrjrat aov rrotovaiv o ovk e^eartv
TTOtetv ev aa^^arco' ^0 Be etrrev avrof^ ovk aveyvcore n
eTTOtrjaev BaviB ore errtvaaev Kat ot fier avrov ^ttq)? etaijXOev
et? rov OLKov rov Oeov Kat rov; aprov^ rr)<; TrpoOeaecof; e(f)ayev'

ov<; OVK e^ov rjv avrco c^ayetv ovBe rot<i pter avrov et /iirj roi^

xi 22 OTL yr) ffoSoficov] in rasura vocum rvpu) /rai a-iSujvt scriptum

xi 22 tXt;!* \e7u) vfuv rvpu Kai ffiSoivi 2 23 ffievov S 24 or: in

margiue additum post vfuv 2 27 tou viov ei /jltj iraTfjp ovSe top varepa rtj

e7ri7i>'a><rA:fi ei /jltj o uioj 2 : vide prolegg xii 3 aiToj in margine additum

post eirtvaaev 2
Mt xii TEXT OF CODEX N. 13

lepevaLV /jlovol<; ^H ov/c aveyvcore ev rco vofMco ore tol(;

cappaaLV oi iepeL<; ev rco tepco to (Ta/S/SaTov ^e^rjXovaiv Kai

avaiTLOi etacv ^Xeyco Be v/jliv on rov \\
cepov /jlc^wv eariv coSe' Pet 30

^et Se eyvcoKcre n earcv eXeo? 6e\a) Kai ov Ovatav ovk av

KareBiKaaare tov<; avaiTLov^i ^KVpio<; yap eo-rcv rov aa/B^arov
VLo<; rov avOpwirov ^Kai /lerajSa^; eeKeiOev o irjaov^ rjXOev

€L<s rrjv avvaycayr^v avrcov ^^Kai cBov avOpcoTro^; rjv eKet e')^(ov

Trjv ^etpa ^fjpav Kai eTTrjpayrrjcrav avrov Xeyovre^; et e^eariv

TOi? aa^^aaeiv Oepaireveiv vva Karriyoprjo-ccxTiv avrov "O
Be eiirev avroc<; rc^ earai ef v/xcov avOpcoTTOf; o? e^et irpo/Sarov
ev Kai eav evirear] rovro \
tol^; aa^^aaecv eL<; ^odvvov ou^et
Kparrjcreo avro fcac eyeper ^^Troaw ovv Bcacfyepec av6pco7ro(; irpo-

ffarov (tiCTTe e^eariv roi<^ aa^^aaeiv /caXo)? Troietv ^^Tore

\eyec to) avOpcoTrco eKrivov aov rrjv %€t/?a Kai e^envev Kai
aTreKarearadr) vycr]<; &)? t] aWrj' "ot Be ^aptaaiOL avv-
fiovXtov eXa^ov Kar avrov e^eXOovre^ oircof; avrov aTroXeacoacv'
^^0 Be C7)(T0v<; yvov<; ave^capr^crev eKeiOev Kai 7]/€oXov67]aav
avrco o-)(XoL /cat eOepairevaev avrov<; iravra<^ '^^Kac eTreri/jLTjaev
avroL^ iva /irj ||
(pavatpov avrov Trocrjcrcocrtv ^^07rct)9 TrXrjpcoOTj Pet 31

ro prjOev viro rjaacov rov 7rpo(j)7]rov Xeyovro^; ^^iBov o ira's jiov

ov 7]perrj<ra o aya7n]ro<; /jlov ei<; ov evBotcrjaev tj '^v)(r} fjbov

6rja(o ro irvevfia fiov evr avrov Kai fcpcaiv Tot9 eSveaiv airay-
yeXei ^^ovk epiaet ovBe fcpavyaaer ovBe aKovaet Ti? ev
irXareiac'; rrjv ^wvtjv avrov ^'^KaXa/iov avvrerpifJLiievov ov
Karea^ei Kai Xlvov rvcfio/xevov ov ajBeaeu ecot; av eK^aXr) et?

VLKO^i rrjv KpL(TLV ^^Kac rco ovofxan avrov edvrj \

^Tore 7rp0(77]ve')(^67] avrco BaifiovL^opievo^ ru^Xo? icat Kco(f)o<;

fcac eOepairevaev avrov coare rov rvcfyXov Kat Kco(f)ov Kai XaXiv
Kat IBXeiTLV ^^Kai e^tcrravro iravre^ oi o)(Xoc Xeyovr€<; fJLrjn ovro^
eanv o vlo<; BaviB. ^Oc Be cfyaptcraioi aKOvcravre<; enrov ovro^;
OVK eK^aXXec ra BaLfiovia ec /jltj ev rco ^eeX^e/3ovX ap')(^ovrL rcov
Bai/jLovtcov -^lBo)<; Be o crjaov^; ra(; evOvfirjaeL^; avrcov eiirev avroL^

xii 9 eeKet^ey] ex errore scribae 15 oxXoi] codex ox|Aoi Aoi

ad finem lineae extra seriem litterarum eadem manu additum et noA ad initium

xii 6 ixei^ov S 7 eXeov S 15 oxXot ttoWol S 19 rats TrXareiais 2

20 €K(ia\7]] '
vocis huius iu margine suppletae ultimam syllabam bibliopegus
abscisit ' 2 22 rov Kucpov /cat TV(p\ov S

14 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt xii

Pet 32 iracra fBaa-Ckeia fiepiaOeiaa KaO eavrrjf; eprjfiov^^Tat Kai iraaa

itoXl^ 7] oiKta fiepcadeiaa Kad eavTrj<; ov GTadrjaerar ^Kat et o
aarava<; zov aaravav eK^aWei ecf) eavrov e^epiaOr] ttco^ ouv
(TTaOrjaeTai rj ^aaiXeia avrov "^ Kai eu eyco ev ^ee\^e^ov\
€K^aX\(o ra Sai/iovca' oi vtoi vficov ev Ttvet eK^aXovaiv hia
TovTo avTOL v/jL(ov €aoi'T€ KpLTac ^€L Be ev BaKTvXft) 6eov eyo)
eK^aWo) ra Bai/jLovia apa e<f)dacrev e<j> vfia<i rj ^aaiXeia rov
deov ^T) 7ra)9 Bvvarat rt? eLcreXOecv ei<; rrjv otKtav rov la-^^ypov
Kai ra aKevTj avrov apTraaac |
eav fi7) irpwrov Br}(r7j rov La')(ypov
Kai Tore rrjv otKiav avrov Biapirao-er ^o fir] (ov fier efiov Kar
efJiov eanv Kai o /jlt] avvaycov fier e/iov aKopin^er ^^Aia
rovro \eyco vfXLV Traaa a/j,apria Kai ^Xaac^rffiLa a<j)e6r}aerai
roi<; avdpcoTToi,^ rj Be rov TTvevjjLaro^ ^\aa(f)rj/j,ia ovk a(^e6r]aeraL
rot<; av6pco7roL<;' ^Kat o? eav eiirrj \oyov Kara rov vtov rov
avdpooTTOv a(f)€0r)(TeraL avrco' 09 8 av eiTrr] Kara rov irvevp.aro'i

Tov aytov ovk a^eSr^aerai avro) ovre ev rovrco rw aLcovet ovre

Pet 33 ev rcD fjueWovrt ^t) iroirjaare ||
ro BevBpov KaXov Kac rov Kaprrov
avrov KaXov tj iroirjaare ro BevBpov aairpov Kai rov Kaprrov
avrov craTrpov yap rov Kapirov ro BevBpov yivcoaKerar
^yevvTjfjuira e')(^iBvrov ttoj? BvvaaOe ayaOa XaXeiv TTOvTjpoc ovre<;

eK yap rov rrepiaaev .... 9 T779 KapBLa<; ro arofia X Xer


^^O ayaOo<; avdpwiro^ eK rov ayaOov Oijaavfiov eK^aXXec ra

ayaOa' Kai o 7rovT)po<; av6p(07ro<; eK rov Trovrjpov Orjaavpov
irpo^epeu ra Trovrjpa' ^Aeyco Be vfiiv on Trav prjp,a apyov
o eav XaXrjacjaiv ot avOpwrroi \
aTToBcoaayaiv irepi avrov
Xo . . . ev rjfiepa . . . o'ea)9 ^eK Xoywv
... . cov . . . BLKaiwdrjar)
... eK rcov Xo . . . crov KaraBiKaaOrjar]' ^Tore aTreKpidrjaav
rtve<s rcov ypa/jup^arecov Kac (f>apiae(ov Xeyovre<; BcBacTKaXe
OeXofiev arro aov arjiiLOv iBeiv ^0 Be ATroKpideLf; eiirev

avroL^ yevea irovrjpa Kac fivy^aXc^; arjfjLiov eTTL^Tjret Kai arjfMiov

ov BoOijaerat avrrj et fir) ro arj/ieiov icova rov irpo^rjrov ^(oairep
yap T)v L(i)va<^ ev rrj KoCXeca rov Krjrov; rpL<; VH'^W

Desunt folia duo usque ad xiii 4.

o) ef
xii 28 5aKTv\<t) deov] codex AaktyA

xii 26 eaiTov] *
in rasura scriptum '2 28 ei 5e ev Tvevfxari deov 2
36 awoduaovffiv 2 38 aTreKpidrjaav avru 2
Mt xiii TEXT OF CODEX N. 15

KaT6(f>ay6V avra* ^aXka Be eireaev eiri ra TrerpcoSr) oirov Pet 34

OVK et^e 'yrjv iroWrfv Kai eu^eo)? e^avertXev Bca to firj e^ti^
ffado^; 77;? ^7]\lov he avariXavTO^ e/cav/jLarco-QT] Kai Bca to /jltj

eytv pL^av e^rjpavdr}' "^aXXa Be eireaev ern Ta<; aKav6a<; k..

. vejSrjaav Oat kul air ^av avra' ^ Be eirecr . . .ttc

TTjv yrj . ... KaXrjv Ka . ... Bov Kapirov fiev e/caTOV o Be e^rj-

KovTa o Be TptaKOVTa ^0 e^wi/ wra aKoveiv aKoveTco' ^°Kat

irpocreXOovTe^; oc fiaOrjraL \
avTco v irapa
XaXt? av . . . . ". Be airo t? etirev 9 oti v Botul
. . . vat Ta iMV(TTrjp . a Tr)(; ^aai\eta<; tcov ovpavcov eKeivou^ Be
ov BeBoTar ^^Ocrrt? yap e;\^6t BoOrjaeTat avTco Kai .eptaev-
drjaeTar o(ttl<^ Be ovk e^ec Kai o €')(eL apOrjaeTat air avTOv
"Afco. TOVTO e/jb irapapoXai^ \a\co avTOc<; oti fiXeTTOVTe^i ov
fiXeirovaiv Kat aKovovTe^ ovk aKOVovacv ovBe crvviov(7LV ^^Kai
avaTrXrjpovTat avTOL^ 77 TrpocprjTLa ijaaiov t] Xeyovaa \\
aKor} Pet 35
aKovarjTe Kat, ov firj avvrjTe Kai ySXeTrovre? fiXeyfr7]Te Kat ov
fiT) iBr]Te ^^e'JTa')(vv6ri yap nrj KapBta tov Xaov tovtov Kai TOi<;

axTiv I3apea)<; rjKovaav Kai t6v<; o<p6aXijLov<i avTCOv eKafjufivaav
firjTTOTe iBwcTiv T0i<^ 0(f)6aX/uL0i(; Kai rot? (oaiv aKOvcrcoaiv Kai
. 7} KapBta avvcoat Kai eir . aTpey^rovat Kat . . aofjuat avT .

^^T/jlcov Be fi . . . ptot oi 0^6 . . [xoi oTt ^XeTTOvat Kat Ta (OTa

v/Jb(ov OTt aKOvovcrtv ^"^A/jlijv yap Xeyco vjjLtv OTt iroXXot
irpo^T^Tat Kat BiKatot e|7r . . Vfirjaav .v a . . . /SXevre . . .at ovk
iBav .... Kovcrat . . . oveTe Kat . . . rjKovaav ^^ v aKov . . . e

..V irapapoX.v tov cnrtpo . . 0^' ^^iravT.. aKovovTO<; tov Xoyov

Tiy? fiaaiXeta^ Kat firj avvt . . T09 €/)^€ . . . o irovT^po'^ Kat apira^et
TO eairapfjuevov ev ttj KapBta avTov ovto<; eaTiv o irapa ttjv
oBov cnrapt<^' ^^O Be eirt Ta TreTpcoBrj a7rapt<; ovto<; ecTTtv o

TOV Xoyov aKOVcov Kat ev6v<; fieTa '^apa^ Xafi/Savcov avTov

^^ovK e^et Be \\ pt^av ev eavTco aXXa irpoaKatpo-^ eaTtv yevo- Pet 36
jjievrjf; Be OXf^ecoq rj BtcoyfjLov Bta tov Xoyov ev6v^ crKavBaXt-
ferat* ^^O Be et? Ta<i aKav6a<; (TTrapt^; ovto<; eaTtv tov Xoyov
aKovcov Kat rj /nept/jtva tov atcovo^; tovtov Kat 77 airaTTj tov
ttXovtov (Twrrvtyt tov Xoyo . Kat aKap7ro<; . . veTat' ^^O Be
eirt tt; . . aXT)v yrjv cr . . pt<; ovto<; eaTtv o tov Xoyov aKovcov
Kat avvtcov 09 St; Kap7ro(j>opet Kat irotet o fiev eKaTov o Be

xiii 14 pXefere S 20 evdeus S

16 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt xiii

€^r)KovTa o Se \
rpiaKOvra' ^AWr)v Trapa^oXrjv TrapedrjKev
avToc<; Xeycov OfiotwOr^ rj ^aacXeia rcov ovpavcov avOpwirod
aTTipavTL KoXov aTrep/JLa ev tcd aypo) avrov "^^ev Se ro) ku-
Oevhiv TOV<i avOpwrrov^ 7)\6ev avrov o €K6po<i Kac eirecnnpev
^L^apia ava fieaov rov (tltov Kau airrfKOev ^ore he e^Xaarrjaev
o ')(opTO^ Kai Kapirov eiroLr^aev rore ec^avTjaav kul ra ^L^avia
^T[poa€\dovTe<; Be ot, BovXol tov OLKoheairorov eiTrov avro) Kvpte
Pet 37 ov)^6L KoXov aTrepfia ea7npa<; ev ray aco aypo) irodev ovv e;j^et

^L^avta' ^^o he ecfyij avroL^ e-^Opo^ avOpcoiro^ rovio eTrotrjcrev'

OL Be BovXoL eiirav avrco 6e\c<; ovv aTreXdovre^; avXXe^co/jLev

avra' '^o Be ecf^rj avT0L<; ov firjirore avXXeyovTe<; ra ^t^avca
eKpL^warjre a/ia avTOL<; ^°. . . re avvav^aveadaL afjL(j)o-

repa fiexpi' '^ov depLa/iov' Kac ev Kacpo) rov 6epiafiov epcD

T0t9 6epiaTaL<^ avXXe^are TrpcoTov ra ^i^avia Kau Brjaare avra

€t9 Beo-/jLa<; irpo^ to KaraKavaat avra tov Be atrov avvayayeTe
6t9 T7]v airo I
^^AXXt^i^ Trapa/SoXrjv eXaXrjaev avToi<;
Xeywv ofjLOia eaTiv rj jBaauXeLa tcov ovpavcov kok/cq) aiva'7re(o<i

ov Xa^cov av6p(07ro<; eainpev ev tco aypco avrov ^^o /iiKporepov

fjLev eariv iravrwv tcov aTrep/xarcov orav Be av^rjOrj /jll^cov tcov
Xa')(avcov earuv Kai yiverai BevBpov coare eXdeiv ra Trercva
rov ovpavov Kac KaraaKrjvovv ev tol<; KXaBoL<; avrov ^AXXtjv
TrapajSoXrjv eXaXyaev avTOL<; OfioLa earcv rj ^aaiXeca tcov ov-
pavcov ^vfJLT] Tjv Xa/Sovaa yvvrj eKpvyjrev €i<; a\ei;||

Deest folium usque ad xiii 41.

Pet 38 rov<; ayyeXov<; avrov Kat avXXe^ovcnv e/c r?;? ^aaiXeta^

avrov TTavra ra aKavBaXa Kai Tov<i rroiovvra^ rijv avoficav
Kat ^aXovatv avrov<; et? rijv Kafitvov rov 7rvpo<; ^'^eKei earai o

KXav6fjLo<i Kac o ^pvy/jio<; rcov oBovrcov ^^rore ot BiKaiOL eKXa/i-

yjrovcTLV to? o 7)\lo<; ev rr) ^aaiXeia rov 7rarpo<; avrcov o e^cov
cor a afcovetv aKoverco ^YlaXiv o/ioia eanv rj ^aaiXeua rcov
ovpavcov 67)aavp(o KeKpvfJLjievco ev aypco ov evpcov avdpcoiro^
eKpvyjrev Kai \
airo rr)<; y^apa^; avrov vrrayi Kai rravra oaa e^e^ i

ircoXei Kai ayopa^ei rov aypov eKeivov ^YlaXiv o/ioia ecrnv

xiii 26 xopTos] eadem manu scriptum in rasura vocis ex^pos ex errore

scriptap 27 ?f] extra seriem litterarum eadem manu scriptum

xiii 25 ex^pos 2 26 e<pavr] 2 27 tw oiKodeairoTr) 2 id. ra in margine


additum 2 28 (iwov 2 30 *
o-uWolare codex ' 2
Mt xiii-xiv text of codex n. 17

rj ^aatXeia rcov ovpavcov avOpcoTrco eixiropw ^rjrovvTi Ka\ov<i

fjLapyapt,ra<; ^^09 evpcov eva ttoXutc/jLov /jLapyapiT7]v airekOwv
ireirpaKev iravra ocra €L'^€v kul rjyopaaev avrov ^'^YiaXiv

OfJLOca eanv 7] ^acrtXeLa tcov ovpavcov crayrjvrj /SXrjOeiar} et?

TTjv OaXaaaav Kat e/c 7ravT0<; yevov<; avvayayovarj '^^rjv ore

eirXvpcoOr) a\\val3i^a(TavTe<; ein rov acyiaXov Kat KaOiaavre^^ Pet 39

(TvveXe^av ra KaXa e^? ayyij ra Be (ra'rrpa e^co e^aXov ^^ovtco^;

ea-Tac ev tt] avvTeXeca rov atcovo<; rovrov e^eXevaovrai, oi ayyeXoc

KttL acfiopiovacv tov<; irovrjpov^; eK fxeaov t(ov BtKaccov ^^Kau

PaXovcTiv avTOv<^ e^,? rr^v Kafxivov rov irvpo'^ eKeu earai o

KXavOfiof; Kac ^pvy/mo^; rcov oSovtcov ^^Aeyec avToi<; o
ir)<rov(s avvrjKaTe iravra ravra Xeyovaiv avrco vac Kvpie ^^o Be
iTjaov; eiTrev avrot<; Bca rovro Tra? ypa/ji/Jiarev<i \

77} ^aaiXeta rcov ovpavcov ofioio^; eanv avOpcoiroo oiKoBeairorr}

o<7Tf9 eK^aXXec eK rov Orjaavpov avrov Kaiva /cat iraXaia' ^^/cat,

eyevero ore ereXeaev o C7jo-ov<; ra^ irapajBoXa^ ravra^ fjuerrjpev

eKetOev ^^K.aL eXOcov ei<; rrjv rrarpiBa avrov eStSacrfcev av-

rov<; ev rrj avvaycoyT] avrcov coare etcrrXiiacrea-Oai avrov<; fcac

Xeycv TToOev rovrco r) ao<pLa avrrj Kat at Bvva/uLet<; ^^ov^ ovro<;

eartv o rov reKrovo^; vto<; of^ tj ptTjrTjp avrov Xeyerat fiapta/jU'W

Kat ot aBeXcfyot avrov taKco^o^ Kat tcoar]^ Kat atficov Kat lOvBa^; Pet 40
^^Kat at aSeXcf^at avrov ov')(^et iracrat Trap rj/jttv etatv iroOev ovv
Tovrco iravra ravra ^'^ Kat eaKavBaXt^ovro ev avrco' O Be
i7jaov<; etirev avrot<; ovk eartv irpo(f)rjrr]<; art/jto<; et jxtj ev rrj

irarptBet avrov Kat ev rr] otKeta avrov ^^Kat ovk eirotrjaev eKet
Bvvafjbetf; iroXXa<; Bta rrjv airtartav avrcov
XIV. ¥iV eKetvco rco Katpco TjKovaev rjpcoBrjf; o rerpap'^rjf; rrjv

aKorjv trjaov "^Kat etire rot<i iratatv avrov ov\ro<; eartv tcoavvr}(;

l3airrtarr)<; avro<; r^yepOr) airo rcov vefcpcov Kat Bta rovro at

Bvvafjbet<; evepyovaetv ev avrco ^O yap 7]p(oBr]<^ Kparr]cra<; rov

avrov Kat edero ev <pvXaK7] Bta rjpcoBtaBa rrjv

icoavvrjv eBrjaev

yvvaiKa (ptXtirirov rov aBeX(f>ov avrov "^eXeyev yap avrco o

i(oavv7}^ OVK e^eartv aot e')(etv avrrjv ^Kat OeXcov avrov
airoKrtvat e(j)o^r}di] rov o')(Xov eirtBr] co<; irp0(l)7]r7jv avrov
ei')(ov' ^Veveo-ecov Be yevofievcov \\

xiv 1 Terpapxv^] P 1° supra lineam additum

xiii 48 a77ta 2 51 ravra iravra S 54 eKwXrjaeadaL 2 56 ravra iravra S

xiv 5 'post €(po^T]67] voces avrov airoKreLvai ex errore repetitae, sed punctis

C. 2

Desunt folia tma usque ad xiv 31.

Pet 41 TO avTOv Kat Xeyet avTco oXiyoTrLare et? ri e^iaraaaf;

^-Kat efi^avTcov avTcov et? to ttXocov eKoiraaev o avefia ^ol
Be ev TO) ttXolco irpoaeKwrja'av avTco XeyovTC's aXrjO(o<; Oeov
vto<; €L' ^^Kai BiaTrepaaavTe^ rjXdov eTTt ttjv yr^v yevrjaapcT
^Kac €7rLyvovTe<; avT.. ol avhpe^ tov tottov cklvov aireaTiXav
€69 oXrjv T7JV irept'xaypov eKeivrjv Kai irpoo-rjveyKav avTco 7ravTa<;

T0U9 KaKco<; e-)(0VTa^ ^Kai irapeKaXovv avTov iva fiovov ayjrovTe

TOV Kpaairehov tov LjiaTLov |
avTOV Kai oaoi TjyfravTO Btea-oy
XV. Tore 'Trpoa6p')(ovTe tco crjaov ot airo lepocroXvfKov
ypa/JifjLaT€i(; Kac (^apiaaior XeyovTe<; ^^LaTt ol fiaOj^Tat aov
TTapa^aivovai ttjv irapahoaiv tcdv Trpea^vTepwv ov yap vltt-

T0VT6 Ta<; '^etpa^; avTcov oTav apTov eaOiwaiv' ^O he

aTroKpi6ei<; euirev avT0L<; BcaTc Kai L'/xt? irapa^aLveTe ttjv ev-

ToXrjv TOV deov Sia ttjv irapahoatv vfiwv' ^o yap 6eo<; eveTiXaTO
Xey(ov. TCfia tov iraTepa aov Kac T7;i/ firjTepa aov Kai o

Pet 42 KaKoXoycov ||
iraTepa t] /xijTepa OavaTco TeXevTaTO) ^vfic<; Se
XeyeTe' 09 av eLirrj to) iraTpt rj ttj firjTpL Soypov o eav ef
efiov o)(f)€XT]67]<;' Kai ov /jlt) TLfirjaec tov iraTcpa avTOv rj ttjv

jirjTepa avTOV ^Kai 7]Kvpo)aaTe T7)v evToXrjv tov Oeov Bia tt;!'

irapaSoacv VfJLO)v '^viroKpiTai KaXo)<; TrpoecfyjjTevaev irept v/io)v

7)aaia<; XeYCoz^ ^eyyi^i /jlol Xao<; ovto<^ to) aTopuaTU avToav Kai

Toc^ ')(^iXeaLV fie Tifia rj Be KapBca avTO)v iroppw a'Tre')(eL air epuov
^fiaT7)v Be aejBovTe pie BuBaaKovTe^ BiBaaKaXLa<; evTaX/iaTa av-
6po)7ro)v ^'^Kat 7rpoaKaXe\aa/jievo<i tov o)(Xov euirev avTOi^
aKOveTe Kac avvceTe' "ou to eLaep')(opLevov et9 to aTOpua Koivoi

TOV av6po)7rov aXXa to eKTropevopievov eK tov aTopaTO<^ tovto

KOLvoi TOV avOpoyirov ^'"Tore TrpoaeXdovTe^ ol pLa67jTaL avTov
eiTTOV avTO)' otSa9 otl ol (^apLaaLOL aKOvaavT€<; tov Xoyop
eaKavBaXLaOrjaav ^^O Be airoKpLdeL^i eiirev avTOL<; iraaa

xiv 35 avT . .] membrana lacerata

superpositis improbatae sunt; rov o^ov, in ipso textu omissum, in margine

legeretur nisi vocem oxKov bibliopegus abscidisset ' S xv 3 €VTo\'t)v'\ 'inter
ivT et oX rasura trium litterarum' S 4 om aov 2" S 8 e77ift] e77ti(a
'correctio obscura in fine; vi(ietur ct ex o factum' 2
Mt xv-xviii TEXT OF codex n. 19

(pVTia rjv ovK ec^vrevcrev o TraTTjp /jlov o ovpavto<; eKpi^coOrjaeTar

a(f)eT6 avTOv<;' ^^OB7)joi eia-iv tv^Xol tv4)\(ov ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad xv 31.

K(o^ov<; aK0V0VTa<; Kat XaXovvra^;' kvWov<; vyt60<;' Kai %«- Pet 43

Xou? irepLiraTovvTa^;' Kat TV(f)\ov(; ^XeirovTa^ Kai eho^acrav

Tov Oeov LcrparfK,' ^^O Se crjaov^ 7rpo(TKa\6(Ta/jLevo<; tov<;

/jLadr]Ta<; avTov eiirev o'TrXay'^vL^o/Jiao ein tov o^Xov on rjhr)

7]/jL€pat Tpt<; TTpoafievovaov jjlol Kai ovk e)(^ov(nv tl ^aycoa-ov Kau

aiToXvcrai avTOV<; V7]aTt<; ov OeXco /mTjTTore exXvOcoatv ev tt] oBco'

^Kac Xeyovcnv avrco ot /bbaOrjrao avrov iroOev tj/jLcv ev eprj/jLta

apTOi ToaovTor wo-jre y^opTacrai O'yXov roaovrov* ^^Ka^
Xeyei avroi^ o trjaov^; 7roaov<; aprov^ ^X^'^^ ^^ ^^ enrov eirra
Kai oXiya L')(6vBeia ^^Kai eKeXevaev tol^; o')(Xoi<; avairecnv eirc
T7)v yrjv ^^Kat Xa^cov tov<; eirra apTov<; Kai rov^ i.\6va<i

ev)(apL(TT7jaa<; eKXaaev Kai eSay/cev toc<; fia6r]Tao<; avrov oc Be

fjLaOrjTaL rco o%Xct) ^'^Kac ecfyayov 7ravre<; Kat e'^opraa-drjaav Kat

7)pav TO Treptaevov twv KXacrpLaTcov eirra airvpiBa'i 7rX?7pet9*
^OL Be eadcovTe<; rjaav rerpaKtcr'^iXet \\

Desunt folia octo usque ad xviii 5.

ovofian fiov e/jue Be'^erar ^0<; B av crKavBaXiari eva ro)!^ Pet 46

fiLKpcov TOVTOJv Tcov iriaTevovTwv ei9 ejjue a-v/ji(j)epeL avrco Lva

KpefiaaOi] /i,yXo? ovlko<; ein rov rpa')(7]Xov avrov Kai Kara-
irovrLaOr] ev rco ireXayt r?;? OaXaao-rj^ "^Ovao rco Koafico
airo rcov (TKavBaXcov avayKT] yap eX6ecv ra aKavBaXa ttXtjv

ovat rco avOpcoirco eKewco Be ov ro aKavBaXov e/^^erat ^ei Be tj

X^^P ^oy H o TTOU? Q-ov (TKavBaXeL^L ae eKKO^jrov avra Kat

^aXe aiTO aov koXov aoc eanv eLa\eXdLv eu^ rrjv ^corjv '^coXov

7} KvXXov 7) Bvo ')(eipa'^ t) Bvo TroSa? e'^ovra ^XrjOrjvaL et? ro

TTvp' TO aicovLov ®Kat ei ocjidaXfio^; aov aKavBaXc^et ae e^eXe
avrov Kai ^aXe airo aov KaXov aou eanv /uLovo(f>6aX/xov et? rrjv

^coTjv eiaeXOeiv r) Bvo o(^6a\fJLov<i ex^vra ^XrjOrjvai, et? rrjv

yeevvav rov wvpo^' ^^Opare fjUTj KaracfipovrjaTjre evo<; rcov

XV 32 ox^ov inter lineas scriptum xviii 8 eiaeXdiu ecs] eXdiv eis parvis
litt. extra serieni litt. scriptum

xviii 6 wepi tov rpaxv^op S

20 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt xviii-xix

fiiKpcov TovTcov \e7&) yap v/jliv on oi ayyeXoc avrtov ev

ovpavoL<; Bca iravTO^ ffXeirovaiv to irpoawirov rov Trarpof; /lov
Pet 47 Tov " €v ovpavoL<; ^^rfkOev yap o vio^ rov avOpwirov ao)aai to
aTToXwXo? ^-Tl v/jllv BoKei eav yevrjTaL tlvl avOpwirw eKaTov
TTpo . Ta fcac 7r\avr]6rj . v ef avTcov ov^^c a(f)€t^ Ta evevrjKovTa
evvea' Ta oprj iropevdei'^ ^rjTL to
ein irXavcofievov ^^Kai eav
yevTjTat evpLV avTo afirjv Xeyco v/jllv otl y^aipeu eir avTco /laXXov

7] €7ri Toi<; evevrjKovTa evvea toi<; fir) ireirXavrifievoi^;' ^^ovtcd^ ovk

ecTTCv deXrjfia efiiTpoaOev tov iraTpo^; jxov tov ev ovpavoi<; iva
aTToXrjTat ev tcov /xiKpayv tovtcov ^^eav \
Be afiapTycn] et? ae o
a8eX(/)09 o"oi; viraye Kat eXey^ov avTov fieTa^v aov Kai avTOv
fjLovov eav aov aKovarj €KepSr)aa<; tov aSeX<f)ov aov ^^Kav
Be /JL7J aKovarj aov TrapaXa/Se fieTa aeavTov ctl eva rj Bvo iva
eiTL aTO/jLaTO<s Svo /lapTvpcov rj Tpicov aTaOrj irav prjfia ^^ eav Be
irapaKOvarj avToav eu'rve ttj eKKXrjaia eav Be Kat tt;? eKKXrjaiafi
KaTa(j)pov7]aet' eaTai aot wairep o €6viko<; Kai o reXwr?/?*
^^AfjLTjv yap Xeyco oaa eav BijaijTe eiri T7]<; 7779 eaTat
vfiiv \\

Pet 48 BeBe/xeva ev too ovpavco Kai oaa eav XvarjTe eiTL r?;? 7779 eaTai
XeXvfieva ev tco ovpavco ^^TlaXiv Be Xeyco v/jllv otl eav Bvo
v/JLCov av/jLcjicovqaovatv eirc T779 7779 wept iravTo^i irpayfiaTo^ ov
eav aLTTjaovTe yevrjaeTaL avTOL<; jrapa tov 7raTpo<i fiov tov ev
TOL<; ovpavoL<; ^oirov yap etaLv Bvo t) TpL<; avvTjyfievoL et9 to e/iov

ovofia eKeL etfit ev fieaco avTcov ^^Tore irpoaeXOcov avTco

TreTpo^ eiirev Kvpie 7roaaK€t<; a/jLapTijaet et9 ^fie o aBeX(f>o<; fiov
Kat a\^riaco avTco e(W9 eiTTaKi^ -'Xeyei avTco L7jaov<; ov Xeyco
aoL e&)9 eiTTaKt^; aXX eco<; e/3Bo/n]KovTafCL<; eiTTa' ^Ata tovto
opLOLcoBr) rj /BaacXeia tcov ovpavcov avdpcoTrco ^aaiXeL' 09 rjde-
Xrjaev avvapat Xoyov fieTa tcov BovXcov avTov ^^ap^afievov Be
avTOv avvaiptv Trpoa7]ve-)(^67] avTco ei<i o(f)LXeTr]<; fivpLcov Ta-
XavTcov '^'/iT] e')(ovTO^ Be avTov airoBovvaL e/ceXevaev avTov
KVpLO<; avTov irpaOrjvat kol ttjv yvvaiKa avTOv KaL Ta TeKva Kai
iravTa oaa €L^ev KaL ajroBodrjvaL ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad xix 6.

Vat 1 eiaiv Bvo aXXa aap^ fiia o ovv 6eo<; avre^ev^ev avOpcoirof
xviii 10 cv ovpavoii 1° parvis litteris inter lineas scriptum

xviii 10 om cv ovpavoii 1° 2 id. tov cv rots ovpavoii 2 19 iraXiv Xe7a> S

21 K( in margiue additum 2 id. afiaprrjarj 2

fit] ')(^a)ptt^6T(0' "^Xeyovatv avTco tl ovv /jLcov(r7j<; eveTikaro rjjjuv

hovvat, ^LJ3\iov aiTO(7Ta(Tiov Kai airoXvaai avTTjv ^Aeyec

avTot<; OTi ix(DV(Tr)<^ irpo^ ttjv aKXrjpoKapScav vjuloov eTrerpe'sJrev

VfiLV airoXvaau Ta<; yvvacKa^; v/jlcov air ap')(r)<; 8e ov yeyovev

ovT(o^' ^Aeyco Be v/jllv on 09 av aTToXvar) ttjv yvvaiKa
avTov fi7] eiTL TTopvca TTOiec avTTjv fjLOi^^evdrjvac Kat airo-
XeXvfievTjv ya/jucop fJuoL^arai ^'^Xe\yov(TLv avrco oc jjLaOrjrai avTov
et ovTCi)<; 6(TTLV 7] aiTua tov avOpcoirov /juera tt;? yvvaiKo<; ov
<Tv/jL(pep6t yafiTjaat ^^O Be eiirev avroi^ ov iravTe^ ^copovatv
TOV Xoyov TOVTOV aXX ot? BeBorar ^^etcriv yap evvov^ot OLTLve<;

€K KOLXeia<; /JLijTpo^; eyevvrjdrjcrav ovtox;' Kai eicnv evvov')(^OL ot-

Tive<^ evvov')(^tadr]aav vtto tcou avOpcoTTcov Kau eiaiv evvov')(OL

oiTive<; evvov^taav eavTov<; Bia ttjv /BaacXecav tcdv ovpavcov
Bvva/JLevo<; x^P^^ %a)/3etTa) ^^TOTe 7rpo(T7]ve\\

Desunt folia tria usque ad xx 6.

auTot9 TL (oBe eaTTjKaTe oXrjv tt^z^ rj/juepav apyor "^Xeyovcnv Vat 2

avTO) OTL ovBet<; 7]fia'^ e/xiaOcoaaTO' Ae^et avTOL<i' virayeTe
Kai vfjLL<; et? tov a/jL7reXa)va Kac o eav tj BcKatov Xrjixy^eaOe
®0i|rta9 Be yevofievrjf;' Xeyei, o Kvpto<; tov afMireXcovo'; tco ein-
T/ooTTO) avTov KoXeaov tov<; epyaTa<; Kat, uttoBo^; avToc<; tov
jjLLddov ap^afjuevo^; airo tcov ea-^aToyv €Q)<i todv TrpcoTcov ^
eXdovTe<; ol irepo ttjv evBeKaTrjv copav eXajSov ava BrjvapLov \

^^eXdovTe'i Be Kat, oi irpcoToo evo/jucaav otl irXeiov Xrj/jiylrovTe Kai

eXajSov Kac avTou to ava BrjvapLOV ^^Xa^ovTe<; Be eyoyyv^ov
KaTa TOV oLKoBea-TTOTov ^'^XeyovTe'i otl ovtol ol eayaTOL yjLav
copav eiroiTjcrav KaL iaov<; 7]/mlv avTOv<; eTroirj(Ta<; tol<; ^acTTa-
aaaeL to ^apof; Trjf; Tj/juepa^; KaL tov Kavacova' ^^O Be
airoKpLOeL^i eiirev eve avTCov eTepe ovk aBLKco oe' ov^ec BrjvapLov
<Tvve(f)(ovr]aa<; /jlol' ^'^apov to aov KaL viraye' OeXco Be tovtco tco
ea^cLTco II
BovvaL 0)9 Kac croL' ^^rj ovk e^ecrTLv jjlol TrocrjaaL o OeXco Vat 3

€v T0t9 e/JLOL<;' 7] 0(p6aX/jL0<; <rov irovrjpo^ ecTTtv otl eyco aya9o<;

CLfjueL ^^ovTCO<; eaovTe ol ea^cLTOL irpooTOL KaL ol irpcoTOL ecr^cLTOL
iroXXoL yap eLCTLV kXtjtol oXLyoL Be eKXeKTOL' ^^ KaL ava/SaLvcov
Lr)<jov<i et9 LepoXvjxa irapeXa^ev tov^ BcoBeKa ixaOrjja'^ Kai
iBeLav ev ttj oBco KaL eLirev avTOL<; ^^lBov ava/Sacvo/xev et9

xix 9 TToiei avTTiv /xoix^vdrjvai] /cat yafxrjar] aWrjv [xoixO'To.l (haec omnia in
rasura) 2 xx 7 a/xweXcava fxov (vide Prolegom p. liii) S 13 crwecpojurjaa aoi 2

i€po(To\v/ia Kau o vio^ rov avOpwirov TrapaSodrjcTeTat roif;

ap^iepevaeLv Kac ypa/ifiarevaLP \

/cac KaraKpLvovauv avTov _

Oavaro) ^'^Kac TrapaSayaouatv avrov tol<; edveatv et? to e/jr- i

Tre^ar Kai /jLaartycoaaL Kat aTavpcoaai Kau tt; rpiTrj rj^epa
eyep6r)aeTar ^Tore irpoarfKOev avrco 7} firjTrjp tcov vlwv
^e^eBacov fxera tcov vlcov avTTjf; irpoaKwovcra Kac acTOvaa tl

Trap avTov ^^O Be euirev avrr) tl OeXeu^' r) Be \eyet avTw

eiire Lva KaOtaayaiv ovtol ol ovo vlol fxov et9 eK ^e^^twi^ crov kcu d

Pet 181 ec<; ef evcovv/jLcov aov ev tt; jSaatXeca aov -'a7ro\\Kpc6eLf; Be o

njaou<; eiTrev ovfc oiBaTe tl aLTLcrde Bvvaade ivLeiv to TroTTjpLov o J
eyco fieWo) irLveLV tj to ^aiTTLajxa o eyco ^aTTTL^ofxaL ^aTTTi-
aOrjvaL' XeyovaLv avTco Buva/jueOa' '^KaL XeyeL avTOL<; to p.ev

7roTr)piov /xou WLeaOe KaL to /SairTLa/jua o . . . /Butttl^o . . /SaTrrt-

aO .... 6e' to Be .... cat e/c Be ... . fMOU KaL e . . . (ovv/jlcd k

eaTLv e . . . BovvaL' a . . . . <? rjTOL/jua .... vtto to "^Kai

aK T€9 (7 ^ 9 I

.poaKaXe evo^; av .eLirev

. . . . . . . . . aTe otl ol . . . ovTe<; t(dv . . . (ov

KaTa .... evovGLv oav KaL ol . . . . .. a\oL KaTe . . . aLa^ovaLv . . . (ov

^ov^ ov eaTaL ev W' o<; ea v v yev
... at vjjLcov BLaKovo^ '^ KaL 09 eav OeXr) ev v/jllv eLvaL Trpcoro^
eaTaL vfJLwv BovXo^' ^riairep o vio<; tov avOpwirov ovk 7]Xde

BLaKOvr)dr]vaL aXXa BiaKovrjaaL KaL BovvaL tt]v "^v^V^ avTOV

Vat 4 XvTpov avTL ttoXXcdv ^Kat eK'jropevo\\p.ev(Dv avToav airo
LepL^co rjKoXovOrjaev avTo) o)^Xo<; 7roXv<;' ^Kat lBov Bug
Tv<f>XoL Ka6r)/JL€V0L Trapa Tr]v oBov aKOvaavTe<; otl Lrjaov<; irapayi'

eKpa^av XeyopTe<; eXerjaov ?;yLta9 KvpLe Lrjaov vie BavLB' ^^ol Be

o')(XoL eTreTLpLTjaav avTOL^ Lva aLwirrjaovaLV ol Be /jll^cou eKpa^ov

XeyovTe<; eXerjaov Tjfxa^ Kvpie vLe BavLB' ^^KaL aTa<; Lijaov^

ecfxovrjaev avTov^; KaL eLirev tl OeXeTe iroLrjaco v/jllv ^XeyovaLv

avTO) KvpLe Lva avoL')(6(jL)(TLv rjfKDV ol ocpOaX/jLOL ^(T7rXay')(yLa6eL<;
Be o LT]aov<; T/yjraTO tcov oc^OaXjjLcov avTcov KaL evOecof; ave-
^Xeyjrau avTcov ol ocf)OaXfioL KaL rfKoXovOrjaav avTco'
XXI. Kat OTe rjyyLaav et9 LepoaoXvpua KaL rjXOov eL<; /3rjd-

ac^ayrj irpo^ to opo<; tcov eXaLcov TOTe aireaTLXev LTjaov^ Bug

/jLad7]Ta<; ^Xeycov avTOL^ TTopevdrjTe et9 tlv Kcopirjv tijv airevavTi

XX 21 di;o] '
d videtur erasum ; volaitne u(ot absque di/o ?' 23 om /xov

3"2 2G om 5e S xxi 1 pTjOcpayT] ('post d rasura unius litterae, cf

Mcll, l')2
I Mt xxi-xxvi TEXT OF CODEX N. 23

v/JLCov Kat ev6e(i)<; evprjaere ovov BeSe/jCevTjv Kai ircoXov fier avrir)^
\vaavT6<; ayayere /Mor ^Kao eav tl<; vfjuiv ecirr) n epecre on o

\ Kvpio^ avTcov II
)(^peLav ex^i'' €vde(o<; Be airoa-TeXket a urou?* Vat 5

I ^TofTO he oXov yeyovev iva TrXrjpcodrj to prjOev 8ca rov 7rpo(f)r}Tov

\eyovTO<; ^ ear are rrj Ovyarpc atwv cSov o ^aauXev; aov ep^erai,
<TOi Trpaf? Kac €7rL^e^rjKco<; eirt ovov Kat eirc ttcoXov vlov vtto-
^vyiov ^IIop€v6evTe<; Be ot fJbadrjTai Kai TroLrjcravTe^; KaO(o<;
irpoaera^ev avTOL<i o trjaovi "^rjyayov T7]v ovov Kac tov ttcoXov
Kac eiredrjKav eiravco avTcov ra c/jbarca avrcov Kav eKaOiaev
\ eiravct) \
avrcov ^o Be TrXoaro^; o^Xo<; ea-Tpcoaav eavrcov ra
Lfiaria ev ttj oBq) aXXoL Be e/coirrov KXaBov<; e/c rcov BevBpwv
Kai earpcovvvov ev rrj oBco ^Ol Be o')(Xoi oi irpoayovre^ kul
1 01 afcoXov6ovvTe<; eKpa^ov XeyovTe<; (Daavva tco vico BavcB evXo-
yr]fievo(; o ep')(ofievo<; ev ovofjuarc Kvpiov (oaavva ev rot^ vylrccr-

Toi(;' ^°Kat eccreXOovro<; avrov et? lepoa-oXvjxa ecnaOri iraaa rj

7ro\t9 Xeyovcra rc^; earLv ovto<;' ^^Oc Be o')(Xol eXeyov otl

ovTO<; e(TTLv i7]<rov<; o '7rpo\\(l)7]T7j<; o airo va^aper rrjf; yaXiXaim' Vat 6
"Kat eiarjXOev o orjaovi et<; to tepov tov Oeov Kau e^e^aXev
iravTa<^ rov<; irwXovvTa'^ Kai ayopa^ovTa<; ev tco lepco Kac Ta<;

1 Tpa7re^a<; tcov KoXXvficaTcov Karearpeyfrev Kac ra^ KaOeBpa^; tcov

ircoXovvTcov Ta<; Trepcarepa^;' ^^Kat Xeyei, avTOi<; yeypairrai o

\ oiKO<i /jlov OLKO<i 'Trpoaev')(7)<^ KXTjOrjaerai, v/ubCf; Be eirocrjcraTai

avTov cTTTiffXaLov XrjaTcov ^^Kat irpoarjXOov avTco ^(coXol Kai
TV(j)Xoc ev TCO lepco Kai eOepairevcrev \
avTov<;' '^^IBovTe<; Be ou

ap')(^Lepec<; /cac oc ypafJu/uLarec^ Ta Oavfiaaia a eiroirjaev Kai tov^

I iraiBa^; tov<; Kpa^ovra'; ev tco tepco /cat XeyovTa<; coaavva tco vlco
BaviB rjyavaKTTjaav ^^/cac ecirov avTCO aKoveL<; tl ovtol Xeyovcriv
Be t7](Tov<; Xeyec avrou^ vai ovBeiroTe aveyvcoTe otl etc aTO/jLaTO<;
vrjiTLcov Kai OrfXa^ovTcov KaTrjpTicrco atvov ^''Kat KaTaXtircov
avTOv<i e^rjXOev e^co t?;? 7roXeco<; et<; ^7]6avtav Kai rjvXLaOrj eKer
^^TTpcoca^ Ae eiravaycov et? Tr]v iroXcv eTrecvacrev' ^^Kac \\

Desunt folia ut videtur triginta duo usque ad xxvi 57.

Tepoi avvri')(d7]aav' ^^o Be ireTpo^ HKoXovOei avTCO airo Lond 1

fxaKpoOev eco<; tt;? avXr]<; tov ap^Lepeco<;' Kai eiaeXOcov eaco

eKa6r}To fiera tcov VTrrjpeTCOv iBeiv to TeXo<; ^^Oc Be ap-

xxi 5 cTTi 2*^ erasum 2 8 e/c] e videtur ex k factum S 11 om otl S

13 yeypawTai, otl S id. avTov eiroLrjaaTe S 15 /cat rous TratSas Kpa^ovTas
('oas in ras scrip. Codex Tovi Kpa^ovTas sed tovs punctis superpositis im-
probatum') S
24 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mt xxvi-xxvii

')(^i€p€L<i Kai OL irpea^vTepoL Kai o\ov to avveBpiop e^rjTOvv

y^revhojiapTVpiav Kara rov irjaov ottw? avrov OavaTwaovaiv* ^

^Kai ovK T}vpou TToWcov yfrevBofiapTvpcop TrpoaeXBovTwv

Tarepov Be 7rpoa€\6ovTe<; Bvo TLve<s yfrevBofiapTvpe^; ^^enrov
ovTo<^ 6(f)rj Bvva/jL€ KaraXvcrai top vaov rov Oeov Kai Bia \

rjfjL€pcov OLKoBo/jLTjaat avTov ^Kac avaara^ o ap^Lepev<; eiTrev

avTco ovBev airoKpLVT] n ovtol aov KarafiapTupovaiv ^o Be

i7)(70u<; eaicoTTa' Kai airo/cptOeL'; o ap^i€pev<; eLirev avTco e^op-
KL^co ae Kara rov Oeov rov ^covto<; Lva tj/ilv eL7n}<i ec av ei o
^(piaTOf; VLo<; rov Oeov rov ^(jovto<;' ^Xeyet avro) o LT]aov<i

av etTra? 7r\r]v Xeyco T/jllp airapTc oyjreaOe top vlov tov

avOpcoTTov eKaOrjjjLevov eK Be^Kov tt;? Bvpa/xeco^ Kac ep')^oixepov
€7rc Tcop ve(f)e\a)P rov ovpapov ^Tore o ap)(cepev(; Biep\\

Desimt folia quattuor usque ad xxvii 26.

Lond 2 TOP Be irjcrovp (f)payeWo)aa<; irapeBoyKep avT0L<; tpa arav-
poiOr] ^^Tore oi arpaTtoyraL tov Tjye/JLOPO^; 7rapa\affopTe<;
TOP LYjaovp et? TO TTpaLTCopiop avprjyayop eir avTOP o\r]p ttjp

(TTTipap "^KaL eKBvaapTe<; avTOp TrepieOyKap avTco 'xXapLvBa

KOKKLPrjp ^ Kai 7rXe^apTe<; dTecpapop e^ airapOwp eOrjKap eiri

TTJP Ke^aXrjp avTov Kai KaXa/iop ep r?; Be^ia avTov Kai yo-
pv7reTT]aapTe<; e/xTrpoaOep avTov epeirai^op avTco X€yovT€<;' X^^P^
o l3aaiXev<; tcop lovBaicop' ^^ e/JL7rTvaav\Te<; et9 avTov
eXajSop TOP KaXa/iop Kai eTVTTTOp ei<; ttjp KecjyaXrjp avTOV ^^Kai

OTe epeire^ap avTco e^eBvaap avTOP tijp yXapivBa' Kai epeBvaap

avTOP Ta ifxaTia avTov Kai airrjyayop avTOP et? to aTav-
pcoaar ^'-e^epxop'epoi Be rjvpop apOpcoirop Kvprjpeop opofxaTi
crifjLOPa TOVTOP nrjyyapevaav ipa aprj top CTTavpop avTOV
^^Kai eXOopT€<i et? tottop Xeyopepop yoXyoOap o eaTip Xeyo-
/lepop Kpapiov TOTTO^; ^^KBwKap avTco irieip o^o<; fieTa ^oX?;?
fjiefjiiyfiepop Kai yev\\

Desunt folia septein usque ad finem evangelii secundum

XX vi 60 8. m. addit ovk -qvpov post irpoaeKdovTuv litteris V0 vocis varepov in vk
mutatis xxvii 33 Xeyofxevov 2° in epfirjuevofxcvov mutatnm litteris ep/xTj extra
seriem litterarum additis

xxvi 50 oTTws in rasura scriptum 2: id. davaTuauaif {ava et u<tiv in rasura) S

60 Tro\\u}v] + 5e in margine additum 2 id. irpoaiXOovTuv ov T}vpov (omnia
haec excepta syllaba irpoa in rasura) 2) 04 KaOrjficyoy ^

Desunt folia viginti ah initio evangelii usque ad v 20.

oara eTTOLTjaev avrco o i7)aov<; Kai 7ravT6<; edav/jua^ov ^^Kat Pet 1

BiairepaaavTO^; rov orjcrov ev rco TrXocco iraXiv et? to irepav

<Tvvr}')(6r} o')(\o(; ttoXu? Trpo? avrov Kai tjv irapa ttjv OaKaacrav
^'^icai iSov epx^rat et? tcov ap)(^L(Tvva'ycoyci>v ovofJiarL iaeipo^ Kat
ihcov TOP LTjaovv TTLTTTei TTapa Tov^ iroha<^ avTov ^^/cac irapeKaXei
avTov TToWa Xeycov on to dvyaTptov fxov ea^aTco^ .... tva
eX6 . . . 7ret67]<; .... Ta<; ^^etpa? otto)? croyOrj Kat ^rjcreTai ^/cac
airrjXOev fi€T av\TOU /cat rjKoXovOec avTco 0^X09 ttoXu? /cao

(Tvve9\il3ov avTov ^^Kat yvurj Ti<; ovaa ev pvaet acfiaTO^

eTTj Bco . . fca ^^TToWa . . . ovaa vtto .... cov laTpoov av7](T . .

. . .ap avT7]<; iravTa Kai /jltj . . v (0(f>e\7)6ei<Ta aXka fiaWov et9 to

X^'pov eXdovcra '^'^ aKOvcraaa irepo tov irjaov ekOovcra et? tov
o')(kov OTTiaOev rjyjraTO tov tfjuaTiov avTov ^^eXeye yap ev eavTrj
OTL Kav Tcov LfJuaTLCdv avTOv a^^rofxe (rcoOrjcro/jLe' ^^ Kac ev6e(o<^

e^r]pavdr} rj irrjyrj tov ac/JbaT0<; avTrj<; Kat eyvw t(o \\

acofxaTt OTt Pet 2
mre airo tt)^ /xaG-(TTtyo<^ ^^Kat €v6eco<; trjaov; eirtyvov^ ev
eavTO) Tr)v ef avTOV Bvvafitv e^eXdovaav €7ri(TTpa(f)et<; ev tco
oxXo) eXeyev Tt<i fiov rjylraTO tcov t/jLaTtcov ^^Kat Xeyovatv avTco
at /jiadrjTat avTOV ffXeiret^; top o^Xov avvOXt^ovTa ere Kat
Xeyet^; rt? fiov rjyjraTO ^^Kat Trepte^XeireTO iBetv T7)v tovto Trott}-

V 23 ff membrana lacerata 29 fxaa-a-riyos] <t 1° bis seriptum ex errore


V 28 aipio/xaL S 29 ttjs fj^aariyos avrrjs 2

26 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mk v-vi

aacrav ^-q he ^vvtj (fio/SijOeiaa Kai rpejiovaa tjBveia to yeyovot; eir

avTT) rj\Bev Kai TrpoaeTreaev avrco Kac eiirev avrco iraaav T7;i/

a XrjOeLav ^o Be eiirev avrrj dvyarep rj 7ricrTi<; aov aeacoKCv ere

TTopevou €69 eipr^vTjv Kai ecaOec vytr]<; airo T7}<; ^aanyo^ aov
^Et6 avTov \a\ovvTo<; ep')(^ovTaL airo rov ap')(^iavi'aycoyov \e-
yoi/Te<; on t] Bvyarrjp aov airedavev rt aKv\\eL<; rov SiBaa-
KoKov ^O he iTjaovf; aKovaa<; ev6e(i)<; rov Xoyop XaXovfievov
Xeyei rw ap^iavvaycoyco' /xr] (fyo/Sov fiovov Trtareve ^ Kai ovk
a(j)7jKev ovheva avrco avvaKoXoudrjaac et p,?] irerpov' Kai caKoy-
Tet 3 ^ou Kai i(oavv7)v rov \\
aheX<pov lukcj^ov ^Kai e/j^cxat et? rov
OLKOv rov ap')(^Lavvay(t)yov' Kai Oecopc Oopv^ov Kai KXaiovTa<; Kai.

aXaXa^ovra'^ TroXXa' Kai eiaeXOwv Xeyet avroi's tl dopv^iadai

Kai KXaierar ^ro Trachiov ovk aireOavev aXXa Kadevhei Kai
KareyeXwv avrov ^^'o he eK^aXwv iravra^; irapaXap.ffavet lov
TTarepa rov iraihtov Kac ttjv p,r)Tepa Kai rov^ fier avrov Kai
eiaTTopeverat ottov 7)v ro rraihiov avaKipievov ^^Kat Kparr^aa^ tt/?

'^eipo<; rov rraihiov Xeyei avrrj raXida kov/jl' o eariv fied^jpfirj'

vevofievov ro Kopaaiov aoi Xeyco eyeipe ^-Kai evdew^ avearrj ro

Kopaaiov Kai rrepie-TTari r]v yap ercov hcoheKa Kai e^earrjaav
eKaraaei p^eyaXr] ^^Kai hieariXaro avroi<; iroXXa iva fn]hei(; yvca

rovro Kai eiirev hoOrjvai avrrj (j^ayiv

VI. Kat e^nXBev eKiOev Kai TjXdev ei<; riju rrarpiha avrov
Kai aKoXovOovaiv avrco oi /xaOijrai avrov Kai yevo/xevov aap-
jSarov ^7)p^aro ev rrj avvaycoyrj hihaaKeiv Kai rroXXoi aKov-
Pet 4 aavre<; e^eirXTja^aovro Xeyovre^; rroOev rovrco ravra' Kai rt? 7}

aocpia 7] hoOeiaa avrco Kai ai hvpap,ei<; roiavrai hia rcov ^(^eipcov

avrov yivovrai' ^ou;^ ovro<^ eariv o reKrcov o vio<; /j,apia<;

aheX(f)o<; he laKco^ov Kai icoar} Kai lovha Kai aifxcovo^' Kai ovk
eiaiv ai aheX(f)ai avrov cohe tt/jo? T]fia<; Kai eaKavhaXi^ovro ev i

avrco' *K\eyev he avroi<; o i7]aov<; on ovk eariv 7rpo(f)T)rr]<;

arip.o<; ei /xtj ev rrj irarpihei avrov. Kai ev roi<; avyyevevaeiv

avrov Kai ev rrj oiKeia avrov \
^Kai ovk ehvvaro eKei ovhepiav
hvva/jLiv rroirjaai ei /jlt) oXiyoi^; appcoaroi<; e7rei9ei<; ra<; ')(^eipa<i

eOepairevaev ^Kai eOavjia^ev hia rrjv ainariav avrcov Ka/

V 41 ned7jpfx.T]vcvofi€Pov] -q 1" in c niutatum

V 36 Tov \oyov evdeui S 37 avru ovSeva S 40 KaraKeifjievov 2

vi 3 TfKTOjv o] 'inter re et ktuv rasura trium vel quattuor litterarum, itemque
post KTU)v duarum fere litterarum ; post o erasum a '
tk vi TEXT OF CODEX N. 27

Trepirjyev ra? Kcofjia^; kvkKco SiSacrKcov ^Kat TrpocrKaXcTac

TOV<; 8a)Se/ca /cat rjp^aro avrov^ airoareXkecv 8vo Svo Kau ehihov

avTOi<; e^ovaiav rcov Trvev/JLarcov rcov aKadaprcov ^Kat irap-
TjyycXeu avroK; iva fiTjSev epcoaiv et? ohov ec fjirj pafihov fxovov
fir) Trypav /jlt] aprov fjufj et? Tr)v ^wvrjv ^ ')(^ci\Kov ^aWa' utto- Pet 5
SeSefjL€vov<; aavBakeca Kai pur) evhehvaOai Svo ')(^tTcova<; ^^Kac
eXeyev avToo<; oirov eav 6i(Te\6r)r6 et? onctav €K€l pbevere ecof;

av e^ekOrjTG etctOev "Kat oaoi eav pur) Se^ovrac vpua^ pLi^Se

aKovacocriv vpicov eKTropevopuevoi e/ceidev eKrcva^are top %ol'i^ tov

VTTOKaTCO TCOV TToScOV VflCOV 6^9 pLapTVpLOV aVTOt<; api7)V Xe^ft) VpiCV
av6KTOT€pov eaTUL aoBopLOL<; T) yopboppoi<^ ev ijpuepa Kpiae(o<^ 77 tt;

iroXei I
eKecvrj' ^^Kat e^eXOovre^ eKrjpvaaov iva ^^pLeravor)-
crovcnv Kai Batpbovia TroXXa e^e/SaXXov Kai 7)XL(f>ov eXato)
TToXXof? appco(Trov<i Kai eOepaTrevovro ^^Kat ijKovcreu o
^aaiXev^ 7)pcoS7)(; ^avepov yap eyevero to ovopua avTOV Kau
eXeyev on i(oavvr)<; o ^airrt^coi/ e/c ve/cpcDV yyepOr) Kai Bca tovto
at Bvpuei^ evepyovaeiv ev avTco' ^^AXXot Be eXeyov otl 7;Xta?
eartv aXXoL Be eXeyov ore 7rpo(f>7)T7)<^ ecniv w? et? twv irpo-

(l)r)Tcov' II
^^aKOvaa^; Be o 7)p(oBr)<; enrev on ov eyco aireKe^aXiaa Pet 6
L0i)avv7)v 0UT09 ecTTiv avTO^; r)yep6r) airo rcov veKpcov ^^Avto<;
yap 7)pcoBr)<; airoanXa^ eKparycrev tov Koavvrjv Kai eBr)aev
avTov ev (f)vXaK7) Bia ijpwBcaBa T7)v yvvaiKa (^iXittttov tov
aBe\(f)ov avTov oti avTr)v eyapL7)(Tev' ^^^Xeyev yap Lcoavvr)^;

Tco 7)pa)Br) OTi ovK e^eaTiv aoi e^eiv ttjv yvvaiKa tov aBeX(j)ov
aov. ^^7) Be r)p(t)Bia^ evi')(ev avTCO Kai rfOeXev avTov airoKTivai.
Kai OVK r)BvvaTo '^'^0
yap \
r)p(oBr)<^ ec^o/Stro tov L0)avv7)v iBa)<;

avTOV avBpa BiKaiov Kai ayiov Kai avveTr)pei avTov Kai aKov-
<Ta<i avTov TToXXa eiroiei Kai rjBeco^ avTov r)KOvev ^^Ka^
yevopievr)<; 7)piepa<; evKaipov OTe r}p(oBr)(; toi^ yeveaioi^ avTOv
BiTTvov eiroiei toi^ pieyiaTacriv avTOv Kai roi? ')(^iXeiap')(^ot<; Kai
Toi'^ 7rp(0T0i<; T7)<; yaXiXaia^ ^^Kai eiaeXOovar)'^ Tr)<^ 6vyaTpo<;
avT7)<; TT)^ r)pcoBiaBo<; Kai op')(r)aapLevr)<^ Kai apeo-ao"r)<; tco ijpcoBr)

Kai Toi<; avvavaKipievoi<; ei\\7rev o /SaaiXev^; tco Kopaaico aiT7)o-e Vet 7

p^e o eav 6eXei<i Kai Bcocrco aoi "^Kai copboaev avTT) otl eav pie

vi 14 bvfieLs.'] sic ex errore scribae

vi 9 virobeb-qiievovs S 22 deKrjs 2

28 TEXT OF CODEX N. ^Ik vi

aiTriar) Scoaco aoL ew? rjfiLav Tr]<i ^a(jCK,€La<; /jlov '*rj Be efeX.-
Oovaa etirev rrj firjTpi avrrj^; rt aLT7]aa)fjL€ rj he eiirev ttjv

Ke<f>a\7]v Lcjavvov tov fSaTTTcaTov ^Kat eiaeXdovaa €vdv<; fiera

(TTrovBr]^ Trpo? tov ^aacXea' rjr'qaaTO Xeyovcra' 6e\(o iva 809

fjLOL e^avT7j<; evrt TrcvaKet rrjv KecpaXrjv tcoavvov tov ^aTTTcaTov
^^Kai TreptXvTTO^; yevo/jLevo<; /SaaiXev; Sia tov<; opKov<; \
Tovi avvavaKifxevov^ ovk rjOeXijaev adeTrjcrat avT'qv "^ Kai ef^ew?
aiTOGTiKa^ o ^acn\6V<; aireKOvXaTopa eireTa^ev evex^r^vai ttjv

K€(j)a\r)v avTov ^O Be aTreXOcov a7r€Ke(f>a\La€v avTov ev ttj

(pvXaKT] KaL TjvejKev ttjv Ke(f>a\r]v avTOv ein irivaKeL Kat

eScoKCv avT7]v tco Kopaacco Kat to KOpaaiop ehwKev avTrjv ri)

fjLrjTpL avTr]<^ ^Kac aicovaavTe<; ol fjLaOrjTat avTov rjXOov Kai

rjpav TO TTTcofia avTov Kat eOrjKav avTo ev /jlvtj/jllco' ^'Kat
Pet 8 avvayov\\TaL oc airoaToXoi 7rpo<; tov crjaovv Kac aTDjyyiXav avTco
iravTa ocra eiroirja'av Kai oaa ehiBa^av ^^Kat euirev avTot^
BevTe vfiL^ avTOL kut lBluv et9 ep-qfiov tottov Kai avairaveaOaL
oXtyov rjcrav yap oc ep)(^ofievoL /cat ol v7rayoi'Te<; ttoXXol KaL
ovBe (^ayeiv evKaipovv ^-Kat aTrrjXOov et? eprjfjiov tottov ev

TCO ttXoico KaT iBiav ^Kac iBov avTov<; virayovTa^ Kat, eTreyvco-
aav avTOv<; ttoXXol Kat, ire^j] airo Traacov tcov iroXewv awe-
BpafjLov eKei Kat TrporjXOov avTot^; Kat (tvvtjXOov irpo^ avTov

^*Kat e^eXOwv o irjaovi tBev o-)(Xov ttoXvv Kat ea7rXav)(^viaOrf

eir avT0t<; OTt rjaav &)? irpo^aTa fxr) e)(^ovTa Trotfieva' Kat r)p^aTO
BtBaaKeiv avTov^ iroXXa ^Kat rjBri (opa<; ttoWt;? yevo/jLevr]<i

TrpoarjXOov avTw ot fiadrjTat avTOV XeyovTe<; oTt eprifxo^ ecTTtv

TOTTO?* Kai TjBri copa ttoXXj] ^airoXvaov afrou? iva aireXOovTe^

€t9 TOf? kvkXo) aypov<^ Kat Kco/Jta^ ayopaaoyaeiv eavTot<; apTov<;*
Pet 9 T^ y^P (pctyovatv ovk e^ovcTLV ^0 Be \\
a7roKptdet<; etirev avToi^
BoTe avTot^i v/jLt<; cf)ayeiv' Kat Xeyovatv avTco a7reXdovTe<; ayopa-
(tco/jL€v BtaKoatcov Brjvaptoiv apTov<; Kat Bwawfiev avTot<; (f)ayetv
^O Be Xeyet avTot<; ttoo-ov; apTov^ ^X^'^^ virayeTe Kat etBeTe Kai
yvovTe^; Xeyovatv avTw irevTe Kat Bvo t')(6va<; ^ Kat eireTa^ep
avTOt<; avaKXtvat 7ravTa<; avp^iroata avjiiroata eirt tco -^^Xcopco

'^opTco ^'^Kat aveireaav irpaatat irpaatat ava CKaTov Kat ava

7revT7]K0VTa' *^Kat Xa/Scov tov<; irevTe apTov^ Kat tov<; |

vi 23 airrjffrji 2 25 €iae\6ov<xa de S 31 auroi Vfxeis S id. rjaap

yap epxofJicvoi 2 33 irptxnjXdov S 36 eavrovs 2 37 dwfxfp 2

Mk vi-vii text of codex n. 29

lyOva^ ava^\6yfra<; et? rou ovpavov evXoyrjaev kul KareKXaaev

TOv<; apTov<; /cat eScBov toc<; /jba67)TaL<; avTov iva irapaOcoaiv

avTOL^ fcat TOf 9 Svo i')(6va<i e/juepiaev iraaLv ^^Kai ecf^ayov iravre^;
fcai ey^opraaOrjcrav ^^fcac rjpav Kkao-fiarcov ScoSeKa KO<f>tvov'^

7r\r)p6c^ Kau airo T(ov L')(6vci)v ^/cat rja-av oi (payovref; tov<;

apTov^ irevraKLa^eiXiOi avhpe^ ^^Ka^ €v6ea)<; Tjvay/caaev rou?

/j,a07]Ta<i avTov efJb^rjvaL et? to ttXocov kul irpoayiv ||
avrov et? Pet 10

TO irepav irpof; ^rjOaaiBav eax; avTO<; airoXvar] top o-)(\ov

^Kat aTTora^afieuo'^ avTOt<; airrfKdev et? to opo<i Trpoaev^aaOai'

*'^OyjrLa<; Be yevofievT]'^ rjv to ttXolov €V fjueaco T7]<; OaXacrarjf; Kac

avT0<i /jbovo<; eiri T7j<; yrj^ ^Kat iBev avTOv<; ^aaavi^opLevov^ ev t(o

eXavvcv tjv yap o av6/jL0<; evavTco<; avToo^; teat irept TeTapTrjv

(f)vXaKrjv T7j<; vvKTO<; ep^^^eTai irpo^ avTov^ TreptTraTcov eirt tt;?

daXaacrrjfi' Kac rjdeXev irapeXOeiv avTOv<; ^^ot Be \

cBovTe^; avTOv
TrepcTraTOVVTa ein t7j<; 6aXacr<Trj<; eBo^av (jyavTaorfxa ecvac Kac
aveicpa^av ^°7ravTe<; yap avrov cBov Kac eTapa^Ofjaav Kau evde(o<^

eXaXyaev /JueT avrcov o l'r](Tov<; Kac Xeyet avTOt^ Oaparjre eyco

ecfii /jLT] (^ojBiade ^^Kat ave/Srj tt/jo? avTov<; et? to itXolov Kac
eKoiraaev o avefjbo^;' Kai Xtav ev eavroc^ eK Trepiaaov e^iaravTO
Kac edavfia^ov ^^ov yap avvrjKav eirt tol(; aproc^i' rjv yap avTcov
7) KapBta ireTToypcofMevr] ^^ Bia7r6pao-avTe<; rfxOov eiri ttjv ||

yrjv yevrfG-apeO Kai irpoaopiMKrOrjaav eKer ^^Kat e^eX^oi^Twz/ Pat 1

avTwv e/c tov ttXolov €v6eco<; eiTLyvov7e<^ avrov ^^TrepiBpa/jLOvref;

oXrjv TTjv 7repL')(^copov eKeivrjv rjp^avro eirt tol^; Kpa^arTOC<i tov<;

KaKco<; e')(ovra<; rrept^epeiv oirov tjkovov ore eKeu earcv ^^Kac
OTTov av ecaeTropevero et,<; Kcofxa^ rj iroXec^ rj aypov<; ev raL<;
ayopat<; endow rov^; aaOevovvra^ Kai rrapeKaXovv avrov ova
Kav KpaarreBov rov tfiarcov avrov a-y^ovrat Kai ococ av Tjwrovro
avrov Bieo-oj^ovro |

VII. Kat avvayovrat irpo^; avrov oc (^apiaaioi Kav rLve<;

TOiv ypa/jL/jLare(ov oc eXOovre^ arro lepoaoXvixcov '^Kai iBovre^
rcva<; rcov fjbadrjrcov avrov Koivai^ '^^^epacv rovr earcv avcrrroc'^
ea6Lovra<^ rov<; aprov<; e/jbefjuyfravro ^oc yap' (^apiaacoc Kac
iTavre<; oc covBacoc eav jjurj irvy/jcrj vc^frovrac ra<; '^ecpa<i ')(^ecpa^
OVK eaOcovacv Kparovvre^ rrjv irapaBoacv rcov rrpeo-^vrepcov

vi 53 yewTjaaper S 56 Kav] 'inter k et av erasum p' S id. KpaaireSov]

pi TOV 2 vii 3 vtxj/uvTai. S

30 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mk vii

^KaL airo ayopaf; eav /jlt] /SaTTTcaovTaL ovk eadtovaiv Kai aXka
TToWa eariv a TrapekajBov Kpareiv ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad vii 20. i

Pat 2 eKiTcpevofievov eKeivo kolvol tov avOpcDirov ^eacodev yap €k ttj^

Kap^La<; rcov avOpcoTTcov ol BiaXoyLafjiOC ou KaKot eKiropevovTar

fjL0L')(^6LaL' iropveiaL' (^ovor "xXoTrar irXeove^taL TrovrjpcaL Bo\o^
aaekyeLa' 0(pda\fjLO<; 7rovrjpo<;' ^\aa(j)7}fieLa V7repT)(j)av€ia acfypo-
avvr) -'Travra ravra ra Trovijpa eacouev
Oi eKiropevovTai Kat kolvoi
TOV avdpcoTTOv -"^Kat eKetOev avaaTa<; airrfKOev €t9 ra fxeOopia
Tvpov Kat aiScDvo<; kul eiaeXBwv et? ocKiav ovBeva r)6e\€v \

yvcovat Kac ovk rjBvvrjdT) \a6eiv ^aKovaaaa yap yvvrj irept

avTov Tj<; €L')(ev to OvyaTpLOv avT7]<; Truev/ia axadapTov eXOovaa

TrpoaeTreaev irpo^ tov^ 7roSa<; avTov ^rjv he rj yvvTj eXXrjvi^
avpa(f)oivLfCLaaa to) yever Kai rjpcoTa avTov Lva to hatfiovtov
eK^aXrj €K tt;? dvyaTpo^ avTr)<;' ^O Be trjaov^i enrev aavTTj*
a^e<^ TTpwTOv '^opTaaOijvat Ta TeKva' ov yap KaXov eaTiv Xa^eiv
TOV apTov Tcov TeKvcov Kac ^aXecv tol<; KvvapLoc<;' ^tj Be aire-

Pat 3 KpiOrj Kac Xeyec avTw ||

vac Kvpce Kac yap Ta Kvvapeca viroKaTO)
T7)^ Tpa7re^r}<; eaOecec airo tcov yjrt^eccov tcov iracBccov ^Kai
ecirev avTrj o cr]c70v<; Bia tovtov tov Xoyov viraye e^eXrjXvdev to
Bacfiovcov €K T?;? OvyaTpo^ aov ^ Kac aueXOovaa €C<; tov olkov
avTr)<; evpev to Bacfiovcov €^€X7]XvOo<;' Kac ttjv SvyaTepa ^e/SXrj'
pevrjv eirc tt;? kXcv7]<; ^^Kat iraXcv e^eXOcov eK tcov opicov
Tvpov Kac acBcovo^; rjXOev Trpo? Trjv OaXaaaav T779 yaXcXaia<i
ava /leaov tcov opicov BeKairo Xeco<i ^'-Kac (l)epovacv avTco Kcocpov
/jLoyycXaXov Kac irapaKaXovacv avTov cva eircOr) avTco Ta<; ')^eipa<;

^Kac aTToXa^o/jcevo^; avTOV airo tov o')(Xov KaT cBecav e^aXev

Tov<; BaaTvXov<; avrov €c<; Ta coTa avTOv Kac irTvaa^; ijyjraTo tt;?

yXcoaar]<; avTov ^^Kac ava^Xeyfra<; et? tov ovpavov eaTcva^ev

Kac Xeyec avTco ecfxpada o eaTCv Bcavoc^OrjTC ^Kac evdeco^ Bcijvoc-

')(6riaav avTOv ac aKoac Kac eXvdi] o Bea/jL0<; t7j<; yXcocr<rr}<; avTOV

Pat 4 Kac eXaXec op6co<; ^'Kac Bc\\ecrTcXaTO avToc^ cva fxrjBevc ecircoacv

oaov Be avTO<i avTOC<; BceaTeXXeTO avToc fiaXXov irepcaaoTepov

CKTjpvaaov ^ Kac V7rep7repcaco<; e^eirXr^aaovTo Aey ovTe<; KaXco^
vii 27 aoLVTii ex errore scribae 35 at a/coat Id rasura litterarum 01 o<pda\

vii 24 edvvrjdtj 2 30 €^e\T]\v0(i}s S 33 8aKTv\ovi 2 34 aveareya^ev 2

Mk vii-viii TEXT OF CODEX N. 31

iravTa ireirotTjKev Kat rov^ /c(o^ov<; iroiei aKoveuv Kai rov^

aXaXov<; \a\iv
VIII. Ez/ e/cecvaL<; TaL<; 7}/j,€pac<; ttoXcv ttoWov o^Xov ovto<;
Kac jJbT] €)(^ovTcov Tt (fiaywatv 7rpo(7Ka\e(ra/ji€vo<; tov<; /jLa6r)Ta<;

Xeyec avTOL<; ^a7rXay')(^i'c^o/x€ eiru tov o')(\.ov otl rjSrj rjjjbepai TpL<;

Trpoa/JbevovcTLv jxot, Kai ov\ic e')((iicnv ti <j)aycoatv ^/cai, eav airo-

Xvao) avTov; vrjarec^ €i<; olkov avrcov eyXvdrjcrovTai ev ttj oSco
TLve<syap avrcov /lafcpoOev rjKacriV' '^/cai, ajreKptOrjcrav avrco ol
IxaOrjTat avrov iroOev tovtol<; Swrjcrerat, rt? coSe ')(ci)pTacrat
apTcov €7r ep7]iXLa<^' ^Kai e7r7]pcoTa avTov<; iroaov^ ^X^t^ aprov^
OL Se enrav eirra' ^Kat iraprjyyiXev to) o')(\o) avaireoreLv eiru

T7j(; 7779 fcai, \a/3(ov tov<; eina aprov^ 6V)(^apL(7Tr)o-a<; e/cXacrev Kac
eBiBov roi<; /JLadr)Tac<; avrov tva iraWpaOcoaeiv fcac rrapedrjicav ro) Pat 5
o-)(X(o "^Kac €i^ov L)(^dvBeLa oXiya Kac avra evXoyrjaaf; ecirev
irapadeivat avroi^ ^e^ayov Be Kai eyopraaQriaav Kai rjpav
irepLCG-evjJbara KXacrfiarcov eirra arrvpiBa^ ^rjaav Be ot (fya-

yovre<; 0)9 rerpaKLcr^eiXiOL Kai. aireXvaev avrov<; -^^Kat 6/uL^a<i

ev9ew<^ et? ro rrXoiov fxera rcov fiaOrjroiv avrov rfKOev et? ra oprj

BaXfiavovOa ^^Kat ^^rfkdov oc (f^apcaacoc Kat rjp^avro avv-

^Tjreiv avrco ^7]rovvr6<; rrap avrov arj/jbtov airo rov ovpavov \

irtpa^ovref; avrov ^^Kat avaareva^a^; rco irvev/jiart avrov

Xeyec n rj yevea avrrj arjfiiov e7n^7)rr a/jirjv Xeyco vfiuv ec

BodrjaeraL rrj yevea ravrr) (ttj/jllov ^^Kai KaraXiircov avrov;

e/x^a? iraXtv et? ro irXoiov aTrrfkOev et? ro rrepav ^^Kau
eireXaOovro XajBeiv aprov<;' Kac et /jlt] eva aprov ovk ei^ov P^^O
eavrcov ev rco irXoico' ^^Kat Bcea-reXXero avroi,<; Xeycov opare
^XeTrere airo r7]<; ^v/jlij^; rcov (papiaecov Kat T779 ^v/jLr]<; rjpcoBov
^^Kai eXoyt^ovro tt/do? aXX7]Xov<} \\ Xeyovre<; ore aprov^ ovk Pat 6
€')(^o/jl€V' ^"^ Kat yvov<; tr]crov<; Xeyet avrot^; rt BtaXoyt^ecrde ort
aprov<; ovk e^ere' ovirco voetre ovBe avvetere' irerrcopcoiJLevrjv

ey^ere rrjv KapBtav vjjlcov* ^^o(pdaX/jLov<i e')(pvre<; ov ^Xeirere Kat

cora eypvre'^ ovk aKoverc ovrrco voetre ^^ore rov<; irevre aprov<;
eKXaaa et<; rov<; 7revraKt<T')(^tXetov(;' ttoctol'? KO(f>tvov(: rrXi^pet^

KXaap^arcov rjpare* Xeyovcrtv avrco BcoBeKa' ^^Ore Be Kat

viii 17 Kapbiav vixuv"] vfiup bis scriptum, 1° erasum est

viii 2 exovaiv S 4 tovtovs S 10 opia S 16 dieXoyi^ovTo S

20 ora /cat S

32 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mk viii-ix

Tov(; eiTTa ec<; rov^; T6rpaKL(T')(^L\€iov<; iroacov (tttv piBwv irXTjpo)'

fiara KXaa/iarcov rjpare' oi he eiirov eirra'^fcai eXeyep tto)? ovttco

avvetere' "Kai ep')(^eTaL et? ffrjdaaLSa' Kai (pepovaiv avro)

TV(f)Xov Kai TrapaKaXovaiv avrov iva avrov aylrrjraL' ^Kat
eTriXa^ofievo'^ T7]<; ')^eipo<; rov TV(f)Xov e^rjyayev avTov e^o) r?;?
Kco/jLT)^ Kac 7rTvaa<; et? ra o/i/jLara avrov €7ri,6eL<; Ta<; )(^6ipa<;

avrco eTrrjpcorrjaev avrov et n jSXeTrer ^Kai Ava0Xeyjra<; Xeyei

^Xeirco rov<; av6pQ)7rov<; on w? SevSpa opco rrepLTrarovvra^;'
Pat 7 -^€Lra iraXiv \\
eTreOrjKev ra<; ')(^€Lpa<; avrov em rov<; o(f)daXfxou<;

avrov Kac eTrotrjcrev avrov ava^Xeyjrai Kac aireKarearadrj Kai

evejSXeyjrev rrjXavyw^ airavra^' ^^Kai airearCXev avrov et? olkov
avrov Xeycov /jirjSe et? rrjv KcofjLijv etaeXdr]<; fjLrjBe etTT?;? rivL ev rt)

KOLtfjLT] -''Kat e^rjXOev o LTjaov^ /cat, ol /laOrjraL avrov et? ra^

K(o/jLa<; KaLaapLa<^ rr}<; (juXtTrrrov Ka/ ev rrj oBco eTrrjpcora rov^
fiaOr]ra<; avrov Xeycov avroL<; rtva fie Xeyovaiv ol avOpcoTTOc etvai

^Ol Be arreKpiOriGav' L(oavvr)v \

rov /SaTrriarrjv aXXoi Be TjXcav
aXXoi Be eva rcov 7rpo(f)7]ro)v' ^Kat avro<; Xeyec avroL's v/jll^

Be riva /le Xeyere eivar Kat a7roKpi6eL<; o rrerpo^ Xeyei avroD

(TV ei o ')^pL(Tro<; ^^Kat eTrerifiTjaev avroL<; Lva /irjBevL Xeycoacv
rrepL rovrov ^^Kai rjp^aro BcBaaKcv avrov<; on Set rov viov rov
avdpcoTTOv TToXXa iraOeLV Kai airoBoKLfiaaOrjvai' vrro rcov irpea-^
Pvrepcov Kai ap^iepewv Kai ypa/x/xarecov Kai arroKravdyvai Kai
fiera rpi^ rjfjLepa^i avaarrjvai ^-Kai irapprjaia eXaXei rov Xoyov ||

Deest folium usque ad ix 1.

Pat 8 TOt? a/jiTjv Xeyco v/jliv on eia-iv rive<; rcov coBe earrjKorcov oirive<i

ov fj,rj yevaovrai davarov eco<; av iBcocriv rrjv ^aaiXeiav rov Oeov

eXrjXvOveiav ev Bwa/xer -Kai fied rj/iepa<; ef TrapaXa/jiffavei o
iTjaov^; rov irerpov Kai rov laKco^ov Kai icoavvrjv Kai ava<p€pei
avrov<; et? opo<i Kar iBiav /jiovov<;' Kai /jierefiopcpcodr}

e/jLTTpoaOev avrcov ^Kai ra ifiaria avrov eyevovro ariX^ovra

XevKa Beiav w? Xtw^' oia yva(f)€v<; em r7]<; yrj<; ov Bv\varai,
XevKavai ovrco*; *Kai co(l)6r] avroi<; r)Xia<; crvv ficovcrei Kai rjaav
avXXaXovvTe<; rco irjaov ^Kai airoKpiOeif; o 7rerpo<; Xeyei
avrco pa^fiei KaXov eariv 7jiJLa<; coBe eivai Kai Troirjacofiev

viii 21 cXeyevl + avTois 2 25 avrov ras x^^P°-^ ^ 29 o trerpoi \c7e1]

aifxuv Trerpoi ciirev Z 30 irfpi tovtov] wepi avrov Z ix 3 deiav] \iav 2


aicrjva^ TpL<i av fitav icai fKOvaei fxiav Kai TjXia ixiav ^ov yap
rjBei n XdXrjaeo rjaav yap eK(f)o^or "^eyevero Se vecjieXr) eirt-

(TKca^ovaa avTOL<; Kau rjXOev (j^covr) €k t7]<; v€(f)€\r)<;' ovto<; eariv

VLO<; /jlov o aya7rr)T0<; avrov aKoverc ^/cao e^ainva irepi-

fiXey^a^lxevoi' ovKeri ovheva euhov et /xr) top trjaovv jjlovov fied ^^^ 9

eavTCOv ^Kat Kara^atvovrcov avrwv airo rov opov<; BtecrTcXaro

avTOi^ Lva /jLTjSevec Btrjyrjaovre' a lBov ec /jltj orav o vto<; rov
avOpcoTTOv €ic veKpcov avacrrr)' ^^Kac rov Xoyov e/cparrjaav
7rpo<; 6avTOV<; auv^7]T0vvT6<; re eamv to e/c ve/cpcov avao-T7]var

"Kat eTTTjpcorcov avrov X6yovT€<; on Xeyovcnv at, ypafjufxareL^ on

rjXcav Set eXOeiv irpcorov ^^O Se aTTOKpiOet^; eiirev avTot<;
\r}Xta<!; (lev eXOcov Trpwro'^ airoKaOiCTTa \
iravra Kac ttci)? yey pair-
Tat eiTL Tov VLOv Tov avdpojTTOv iva TToXXa iraOr] Kai, e^ovOevriOr)'

^^aXXa \ey(o v/ncv on 7jXia<; tj^t] eXrfKvOev Kai €7rocr)o-av avTco

\ocra 7]0eXr]crav /cadoy^ yeypairTai eir avTov ^'^Kat eXdcov

irpo^ Tov<; /jLad7]Ta<; iSev o^Xov iroXvv irepi avTov<; Kai ypajx-

fiaTeif; crvvi^riTOvvTa^ avroc^ ^-^fcac evd€co<; ira^; o o^Xo<; thcov

avrov e^e0aix(3r)6r]' Kai irpoarpeyovre'^ Tjarra^ovro avrov ^^Kai

eirrjpdorrjcrev tov<; ypa/jbfiareLf;' n avv^TjrcTe irpof; avrov; ^^/cai,

a7ro\\fcpL66i<; et? €k tov o)(Xov eiirev BtSaaKaXe 7)veyKa rov vtov Pat 10

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Kai ^rjpeverai' Kai eirrov roL<; /jLa6rjTaL<; crov iva avro eK-
fiaXwaiv Kai ovk ia')(yaav' ^^O Se airoKpiOei^; Xeyei avrco
(o yevea aTriaro^; 6<09 wore 7r/?o? v/uLa<; ecro/jiai' eo)? rrore ave^o/jiai

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rrvevfjua earrapa^ev avrov Kai irea(Dv
eiri rr)(i 77;? eKvXiero a(f)pL^cov' ^^ eTrrjpcorrjaev rov rrarepa
avrov ir)(Tov<; rroao^ '^povo'; ecrnv acj) ov rovro yeyovei avrco
\o Be eirrev e/c iraiBoSev ^^Kai rroXXaKei'^ avrov Kai et? irvp
effaXev Kai et? vBara iva airoXearj avrov aXX ei ri Bvvaaai
fforjdTjcrov rj/niv (T'TrXay')(yi<T6ei<; ecj) rjfjia^' ^^O Be irjcrov^ enrev
auTQ) ro ei Bvvrj' rravra Bvvara rco iriarevovri' ^'^Kai evdew^;

ix 17 aoKov sic 23 bvvri] Tnarevaai in margine scriptum eadem manu

IX 9 Kara^aLVOvTiiiv 5e S 11 eTrjpioTovv 2 17 Trvev/xa aaXov]
rvcvfia a\a\ov text. In margine *
littera a vocis Trvevfia erasa ; videtur volu-
isse TTpevfia \aXov '
c. 3



Pat 11 Kpa^a<; o irarrjp rov iraihiov fi€Ta SaKpv\\ci)v eXeyev TrKrreva)

Kvpie ^or)deL fiov rrj aTriaria' ^lBcov Se o nj(TOV<; on eTricrvv-

rpe'^ei o')(\o<; eTreTLfJuaev rco Trvevfiarc tco aKadaprco Xeycov avrw

TO Trvevfjta to aXoKov Kat Kct)(f)ov' €70) ctol einraacrw e^eXOe e^
avrov Kat /jLrjKeri, 6i(T€Xdr)(; €i<; avrov ^Kac Kpa^av icai iroXXa
(TTTapa^av avrov e^r]X6ev Kat eyevero coaec veKpo<; ware ttoXXou?
XeyeLv on arreOavev ^O he Lrjaov^; Kparrjaaf; avrov tt;? ')(ei-

po9 Tjyipev avrov Kai avearr}' ^Kat eXOovra avrov et9 olkov

OL fiaOrjrai avrov \
eTrrjpcorcov avrov tear iSiav on 7)fiei<; ovk
rjSvvTjdrj/jLev eKJBaXeiv avro "^ Kai eirrev avroi<; rouro ro yevo(; ev
ovBeveL Svvarai e^eXOeiv ei fit] ev Trpoaev^rj Kat vrjana ^Kai
eKeidev e^eXOovre^ irapeiropevovro Bia r?;? yaXiXaca^; Kat ovk
TjOeXev Lva rt? yvw ^^ehihacTKev yap rov<; fjLa6r]ra<; avrov Kai
eXeyev avroL<} on o vio<; rov avdpwirov TrapaSiBorat et? ')(^€tpa<;

av6pu>7rcov Kau arroKrevovaiv avrov Kai arroKravOei^ rrj rpiTri^

Pat 12 Tjfiepa avaarrjaerai ^-oc Se 7]v\\yvoovv ro prj/ia Kat e(f>o^ovvTO

avrov eirepwrrjaat' ^^Kat rjXOev et<; KaTrepvaov/jt Kat ev rrf

otKta yevafievo<; eTrrjpcora avrov<; rt ev rrj oSo) rrpo^ eavrov^

hteXoyi^ecrOe' ^ot Be eatcoTrovv irpo^ aXXrjXov<; yap BieXe^Orjaav
ev rr) oSo) rt<; /jll^cov *^Kat Ka6taa<; ecfxovrjaev rov<; BcoBeKa
Kat Xeyet avrot<^ et rt<; OeXet rrp(joro<^ etvat earai rravrcov e(T')(^aro^

Kat rravrcov BtaKovo<; ^Kat Xa^cov TratBtov ecrrrja-ev avro ev

fiecrcL) avrcov Kat evayKaXLaafie\vo<; avro etrrev avrot^' ^09 eav €9
TCDV rotovrwv TratBtcov Be^rjrat errt roi ovofjtart fiov efjte Be-)(^€rai

Kat 09 eav e/ie Be^Tjrat ovk e/jte Be')(rjre aXXa rov arroartXavra
fie ^KireKptdrj Be avrco t(oavvr)(; Xeycov BtBacrKaXe etBafiev nva
ev T(o ovofiartaov eKJSaXXovra Batfiovta 09 ovk aKoXovdet rffiiv
Kat eKwXvaafiev avrov ort ovk aKoXovOet 7)/itv ^O Be iijaov^
etrrev fjurj KcoXvere avrov ovBet^^ yap ecrrtv 09 Trotrjaet Bvvafiiv em
Pat 13 TO) o\\vofiart fiov Kat Bvvrjaerat ra')(y KaKoXoyrja-e fie' "^09 yap*

OVK eartv KaO v/icov vrrep v/kdv eanv *^09 yap av irortaff
viia<s TTortjptov vBaro<i ev ovo/iart ort y^ptarov eare afirjv Xeya
v/itv ov /IT] airoXear) rov fitaOov avrov *-Kat 09 av aKavBaXtarf

ix 37 Post Se^rirat rasura litterae, ut videtur, 5

ix 28 cjrrjpiOTovv 2 id. avro] avrov 2 32 -rjyvoovv S 37 ^X'T^

bfx^''^^^ 2 38 naavvqsi] pr o 2


€va Tcov fjLifcpcov TovTcov Tcov TTKTTevovTwv 6^9 ^fxe' KoXov eaTiv
avTco fjbaWov ec irepiKire \cdo<; /xfXt/co? irepc rov rpa^rjXov
avTov Kac ^e^Xr^rai et? rrfv Odkacraav ^^Kat eav aKavha-
\i^7] ae 7} ^eip crov airo\KO'>^ov avrrjv Kokov croc eartv kvWov
ei? Tr)v ^corjv eiaekOeiv rj Ta<; Svo ')(^eipa<^ e^ovra aireXdeiv et?

Tqv yeevvav e^<? to irvp to a^/SecrTov '^ottov o (tkcoXt]^ avTCOv ov

TekevTa rcai to irvp ov afBevvvTe' '^^Kai eav o ttou? aov CTKavha-
\€L^r} ae airoKo-^ov avTov koKov ecTTiv aoi eiaeXOetv €c<; tt/z^

^(orjv ')(cc)Xov 7} Tov^ 8vo TToSa? eyovTa ^Xr^Orjvai et? yeevvav et?
TO irvp TO acr^eaTov '^^ottov o aKcoXr]^ avTcov ov TeXevTa Kat to
TTvp ov (J^evvvTar ^"^ Kai eav o o<j)6aXfio'^ aov \\
aKavhaXi^r} cre Pat 14
€K^aXe avTov KaXov aot eaTLv pLovoc^daXfJiov eiaeXOetv €t<i ttjv

0a(TiX6Lav Tov deov rj Svo o^OaXpuov^; e^ovTa ^XrjOrjvac et? T7]v

yeevvav tov Trupo?* ^^Ottov o ctkcoXt]^ avTcov ov TeXevTa Kai
TO irvp ov o-^evvvTar '^^ira^i 'yap Trvpi aXtaOrjo-eTai Kai Traaa
Ova La aXi aXtaOijcreTar ^'^K^aXov to aXa^ eav Se ro aXa<;
avaXov 'yev7]Tai ev tlvl avTO apTvcreTat e^ere ev eavTot^ aXa<;
/cat eLprjveveTat ev aXarjXoi<^'
X. KaKc6ev avaaTa^ rjXOev et? |
Ta opca T7]<^ iovSaLa<;
Sia TOV irepav tov LopSavov crvfiTropevovTat iraXtv o')(Xoi Trpo?

avTov Kai 0)9 icoOet iraXiv eStSaaKev avTov^' ^K^ac irpoa-

eX6ovTe<; oi (f)apio-atoc eirripwTT^aav avTOv ec e^ecTTcv avhpi yv-
vaLKa aiToXvaai i7ipat,ovTe<^ avTov ^O Se airoKpiOet^; enrev
avTOi<i Tfc vfJbLv eveTiXaTo /Jb0)var]<; '^oi Be eiirov /jicovaTj^ eTreTpeyjrev
^L^Xtov airocTTaaLov ypayjrac Kac aTToXvaat avTTjv ^Kai
aTTOKpidei'^ LTjcrov^ ecirev avTot^ irpo^ ttjv ||
aKXrjpoKapScav Pat 15

Vficov eTreTpeyfrev v/jllv Trfv evToXrjv TavTrjv ^awo 8e ap')(ri<^

KTL(Te(o<; apaev Kai 07]Xv eiroirjaev avTOv<^ o 6eo<; Kac eiirev

'^eveKev tovtov KaTaXi^^ei av6p(07ro<; tov iraTepa Kai ttjv

/XT]Tepa Kac irpoaKoXXydrjaeTac tt] yvvacKet avTOV ^Kai eaovTai

oi Suo et9 crapKa fjucav cocrTe ovkctc ecacv Svo aXXa /jua aap^'
^0 ovv o 6eo<; avve^ev^ev av6pct)7ro<i /jltj ^wpt^erw ^°Kat ev
TT) oLKta TraXiv oc fjuaOrjTac avTov irepi tovtov eTrepcoTrjcrav

ix 42 om TovTwv 2 45 aoi eariv 2 id. 8vo] *

5 super tt scrip-
turn '
S id. 7ee;'j'aj'] pr ttjp S x 1 Kai. eKeidev 2 id. rp^devl
epxerai 2 id. 8ia tov irepav] om 5ta (ante tov rasura trium litterarum) 2
id. av/xTTopevoPTat.] pr /cai 2 4 om avTijv 2 7 tou Trarepa] + avrov 2
10 e-iTTjpuTrjaap 2


avTov "Kat Xeyet avTOi<; \

09 eav aTToXvcrr} rijv yvvaiKa
avTOv Kat ya/JLTjcn] aWrjv /ioi')(^aTar eir avrrjv' ^-Kai eav yvvrj
aiTokvari top avBpa avT7j<; Kau ya/jLTjdrj aWco /jLOLy^arar ^^Kat
7rpoa€(f>6pov avTO) TraiBca iva ay^rrjrai avTcov ol Be /jLadrjrai
eTreTLfjLcov tol^ 'rrpo(T(f)€povaLv ^^lBoov 8e o L7jaov<; rjyavaKTTjaev
Kai etTrev avTOL<; ra TraiSca epx^crdat irpo^; e/xe fjurj kcoXv-
ere avra rcov yap toiovtcov eariv t) ^aatXeca rov deov ^^afjLrjv
Pat 16 Xe7ft) vfiiv o* eav /jlt] Be^Tjrat rrjv ^aaiXei^av rov Oeov o)? Blov
ov fiT) eiaeXOrj et? avrrjv' ^^Kau evayKaXLcrafJLevo<^ avra tc6l<; ra^
y^eupa's eir avra KarijXoyL avra' ^"
Kac eKiropevofievov avrov
€£9 oBov TrpoaBpa/jLcov ei? /cat yovv7reTT]aa<; avrov eTrrjpwra avrov
BiBacTKaXe ayaOe re ttolijctco iva ^(orjv accoviov fcXTjpovo/jLrjao) ^^0

Be Lr}aov<; eiirev avrco re fie XeyeL^; ayaOov ovBec^; aya6o<; eu firj

ei<; Oeo<; ^^ra? evroXa'^ oiBa<; firj ^ot^euo"?;?* fjurj (povevcrrj^i firj

KXeyfrrj^;' /it] yfrevBo/jiaprvprjaT]^ /jltj aTTOcrrepijo-rj^; rifia |

rrarepa crov Kat rijv firjrepa aov o
^"o Be a7roKpiuei<i
oe aTTOKPtOt eurrev avra
BiBaaKaXe ravra rravra e^vXa^apbrfv eK veor7]ro<; fiov ri en
varepco ^^O Be Lrjcrov^ efjL^Xeyjraf; avrco TjyaiTTjaev avrov k(u
eiirev avrco et 6eXei<; reXio<; eivai ev aoc vcrrepei vrraye ocra e;^ei9

TTcoXrjaov Kat So? Trrco^ot? Kat e^^et? Orjaavpov ev ovpavo) Kat

Bevpo aKoXovOei /jlol apa<; rov aravpov "O Be arvyvaaa^
eiTL ro) Xoyo) airrfK-Oev Xv7rov/jLevo<i' rjv yap ey^cov Krrj/juira
Pat 17 7ro\||\a' ^Kat 7repLffXe\jra/jL6vo<; o Lrjcrov<; Xeyei rocf; ^aOrjrai^
avrov 7r&)9 Bva'KoXa)<; oc ra ')(pr}fjiara e^ovre^ et9 rrfv ^aaiXeiav
rov Oeov eiaeXevaovrai' "^ol Be ixaOrjrai eOafi^ovvro eiri rot^
Xoyoi<s avrov O Be iTjcrovs TraXiv a7roKpiOei<^ Xeyet avroi^i
reKvia ttci)? BvctkoXov ecrnv rov<; ireiroiOora^; eiri y^pripbaaLv et?

rr)v /SacTLXetav rov Oeov eicTeXOeLV' "^evKOirwrepov eanv Ka/jLr}Xov

Bia rpv/JiaXta<; pa(f)t^o<; eiaeXdcv tj irXovaiov et? rrjv ^aaiXetav

rov Oeov eicreX^Oetv' ^ol Be 7rept,(Tco<; e^eirXijo-ovro Xeyovre<; irpof;
eavrov<; Kai ri<; Bvvarac acjOrjvar -^eyLt/9X,e>/ra9 Be avroL<s

iTjaovi Xeyer irapa avOpaiiroL^ rovro aBvvarov aXX ov irapa

Oeco iravra yap Bvvara ecrnv irapa rco Oew ^Hpfaro Be
X 19 /JLT] airo(TTepr]ffr]s rifia] ffTeprjarjs rifxa in margine scriptum eadem manu

X 11 ^tf !S 15 0] OS 2 i<l. S.ov] vaiSiov 2 K) KarrjXoyi]

rjvXoyei (inter aiTa et T7i'Xo7ei rasura trium litterarum) 2 19 om fii}

airoaTiprjarji 2) 2-1 airoKpideis iraXiu Z


irerpo^ Xeyeiv avrco' l8ov 7]ixeL<; a^rjKajiev' iravra Kai 7]ko\ov-

67]<ja^ev (TOL ^^Kat airoKpidei^; o ir]aov<; enrev a/nrjv \€<yco

v/jLLV ovSi<; ecTTLv 0? a(f)r]K€V oi/ciau rj a86\(j)ov(; 7} aSeXc^a? rj

irarepa rj /jLrjrepa' tj yvvacKa rj re/cva' rj aypov<; eveKev efxov

Kai eve^Kev rov evayyeXcov ^^eav fir) Xa^r] eKarovTaTrXacriova 'Pat IS

vvv ev TO) Kaipay tovtco' o(,Kca<;' Kai aSeX^of? Kai aSeX(f>a<;*

Kai irarepaf; kuc /jLr)T€pa<;' Kai reicva Kai aypov^;. fxera Bicoy/jiwv
Kai ev TO) aicovi rco ep'X^ojjbevw ^cor)v aicoviov ^^ttoXXol Se aaovre
TTpcoTOi e(T')(^aTOi Kai oi eo-'X^aroi irpcoroi' ^^}laav Be ev ttj oSco

avapaivovre^ ei<i iepoaoXvpLa Kai 7)v Trpoaycov avTOV<; o ir)(Tov<;

Kai eOa/jL^ovvTO Kai aKoXovOovvTe<; e^o^owro' Kat irapa-

Xa/Scov iraXiv rov^ \
ScoSeKa rjp^aTO avTOi<; Xeyeiv ra jxeXXovra
avTco avfjbPaiveiv ^^ori iBov avajSaivo/jiev et? lepocroXv/jia Kai o
vio<; Tov avOpcoTTOv 7rapaho6r]aeTai toi<; ap')(^iepevG-eiv Kai ypa/m-
fiareva-iv Kai KaraKpivovaiv avTov davaro) Kai TrapaScoaovaeiv
avTov T0t9 edveaiv ^^Kai e/xTrai^ova-iv avrco' Kai ixaaTiycoaov-
(Tiv Kai eiMTTTvaovaiv avrco Kai airoKrevovaeiv avrov Kai rrj

TpiTT} 7)ixepa avaaTrjcTerai' ^^Kat Trpoa-iropevovre avrco laKco-

y8o9 Kai ico\\avvr]'^ vior ^e/SeSaiov Xeyovre^; BiSacrKaXe OeXofiev Pat 19
iva eav ere airrjaco/Jbev iroiTjar]'; tj/jLIV ^^O 8e eirrev avroi<;
ri OeXere iroirjcrai fxe v/jliv '^^oi Se eiirov avrco' S09 7]/J>iv iva et?
eK Be^icov (TOV Kai et? e^ evcovvficov crov Kadicrco/jiev ev rrj Bo^tj
(TOV ^^O Se iTjcrov<; eiirev avroi<;' ovk oiBare ri airiade
hvvaaOe meiv ro Trorrjpiov eyco ttivco tj ro /3a7rrio-/JLa o eyco

^airri^ofiai I3a7rricr6r}vai ^^01 Be eirrov avrco BwafxeOa' o Be

i7](Tov<; eiirev avroi<; ro jjiev |
Trorrjpiov o eyco ttivco TTieade Kai ro
fia-TTTia/jLa o eyco /SaTrri^ofJie PaTrricrOrjcreaOe' ^^ro Be KaOicrai eK
Be^icov fjLov Kai e^ evcovvfxcov ovk ecTriv ejjiov Bovvar aXX oi<^

TjToifjiacTrai '^Kai aKovcTavre^ 01 BeKa rjp^avro ayavaKTiv Tvepi

laKco^ov Kai icoavvov ^^O Be irjcTov; TrpoaKaXecTajjievof; avrov<i
Xeyet avroi<; oiBare on 01 BoKovvTe<; ap^eiv rcov eOvcov Kara-
KvpievovcTiv avrcov Kai 01 /jieyaXoi Kare^ovaia^ovaiv avrcov
ou^ ovrco<; Be ecrrai ev vfiiv' aXX 09 ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad xi 7.

X 34 e/xTTTucroucrtj'] Inter r et u rasura litterae

X 30 dicoyfMov S 36 8e irjaovs S

Pat 20 avTco ra tfiaTLa avrwv Kac eKaOiaev eir avTO) ^ttoWol Be ra

Lfxana avrwv earpcoaav ev ttj oSco aWoL Be crTv^aBa<; eKoinov
e/c T(t)v BevBpayv Kai earpcovvvov ev ttj oBco' ^Kat ol irpo-

ayovre^ Kac oc afco\ov6ovuTe<; e/cpa^ov \eyovTe<; waavva evXo-

yr]fxevo<i ep-^o/jLeifo<; ev ovofjuart Kvpcov ^'^evXoyrjfievr} rj ep)(^op,evrj

^aatXeca ev ovofMarc /cvpiov rov iraTpo^i tj/jlcov BaviB coaavva ev

TOL^i vyjnaToc^;' "Kat ei(Tr)Xdev €t? LepoaoXvpua o cr}aov<; xai

et9 TO iepov Kat \

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(Dpa<; e^T]X6ev et9 /SrjOavLav pueTa tcjv BcoBeKa' ^-Kai ttj

eTTavpLov e^eX6ovT(i)v avrcov airo j3r)6avia^ eirivaaev ^^Kat iBcov

avKTjv airo pLaKpodev e^ovaav (j)vXXa' rjXOev ei apa tl evprjaei
ev avTTj' Kai eXdcov eir avTrjv ovBev evpev ei pLij <f)vXXa pbovov ou
yap Kaipo'i avKcov "Kat airoKpLOei^ ecirev avTij' /x7;/ceTi

€K aov et? Tov aicova' pijBet^; Kapirov (f)ayor Kac tjkovov oi

Pat 21 puadrjTat avTOV \\
^^Kac ep^ovTac iraXiv €t9 cepoaoXvpia' Kai
eLcreXOcov o trjcrov^ €^9 to iepov rjp^aTo eK^aXXtv tov<; tto)-

XovvTa<; Kai, tov<; ayopa^ovTa<; ev tco cepco Kat Ta<; Tpairei^a^ t(ov

KoXXv/ScaTcov e^e)(^e€v Kac Ta<; KadeBpa^ tcov ttcdXovvtcov Ta^

7repLaTepa<i KaTearpeyfrev ^^Kai ouk 7](f)L€v cva Tt9 BteveyKrj*

(TKevo's Bta TOV iepov ^"^Kac eBcBaaKev Xeycov avT0i<; ou ye-

ypaiTTai otl o olko<^ pbov oiko<; Trpoaev^rj^ KXrjdrjaeTai iraaw
Tot? eOvecnv v/jLC<i Be eiroirjaaTe \
avTOv airrfXauov XTjaTcov
^^Kat rjKovaav ol ypapLpLaTei^s Kat ol ap\^iepeL^ Kat e^rjjovv 7r(o^

avTov aiToXeawaeiV ecfioiSovvTo yap avrov otl ira^ o o-)(Xo<;

e^eirXriaaeTo eiru ttj BLBa)(7] avTov ^^Kac oTe oyjre eyevero

e^eiropeveTo e^co T779 vroXeo)? '^^Kac irpcoei irapaiTOpevopievoL cBov

Tr}v avKrjv e^Tjpa/jbevijv €k pi^cov -^ Kat avapLV7]a6eL<; o ireTpo^

Xeyet avTco pa^^t tBe rj crvKt] rjv KaTijpaaco e^rfpavdrj' "Ka*
Pat 22 aTTOKpiSet'^ o irjaovif Xeyet avTot<; e^^re ||
irtaTtv deov '^afj.rjv

Xeyco uyLtti^ OTt 09 av eiTrrj ro) opet tovtco apOrjTt Kat ^XrjdtjTi
6^9 T7JV daXadGav Kat ptTj BtaKptdrj ev ttj KapBta avTOV aXXa
irtdTevar) otl o XaXet yetveTat eaTat avTco o eav etirrj' ^^Bta

TovTo Ae7fw iravTa oaa eav 7rpoaev)(^ofjLevot atTtade

xi 8 ecrrpucrac] Inter f et 0- rasura litterae i 10 Kvpiov in rasaiA

duarum vel trium litterarum auro scriptarum argento scriptum

xi 13 apa] *
syllaba pa supra liueam scripta' S id. Kaipo^] pr rjv 2 t
15 c^exf'^f ('fort, e^^x^f codex vide Prolegom. p. liv ') S 23 afJL7]v] + yap Z
Mk xi-xii text of codex n. 39

iriaTevere on, Xa/ju^avere Kai earai VfMLV ^^Kai orav (tttj-

KTjTac Trpoo-evxo/jLevoL a(f>c6T6 ei n e')(eTe Kara tlvo^ iva Kat o

iraTTjp v/jL(ov o ev TOi<; ovpavoi,^ acpr) vfiiv ra irapairTW^iara vficov

^®et Be v/jLL<; ovfc a\^LeTe' ovSe o Trarrjp v/jlcov o ev ovpavo) a(j)r}(Tec

ra TrapaiTTco/jLaTa v/xcov ^''Kat ep-^ovrac ttoKlv et? cepoao-

XvjjLa' Kai ev tco cepco TrepiTraTovvTOf; avrov ep'xpvre 7rpo<;

avTov OL ap^Lepei<; Kau ot ypa/x/jbarec^; Kac ou nrpeaj^vTepoL' "^^Kat

Xeyovatv avrco ev Troia e^ovaca ravra iroiei'^ Kai rt? aoi rrjv
e^ovaiav ravrrjv ehwicev iva ravra iroiei^' ^^O Be Lrjcrov;

aTTOKpiOeL^ euirev avroL<s eirepwrrjao) Vfjua^ Kay a) eva Xoyov Kai,

airoicpi07]re jjuol Kai epco v/jllv ev irota e\\^ov(TLa ravra ttocco ^^ro Pat 23

^airr idjMa tcoavvov e^ ovpavov rjv r] ef avOpwircov airoKpiOrjrai

jjLOU' ^^oc Be eXoyt^ovro tt/^o? eaurof? Xeyovre'i eav eiTTcofiev ef
ovpavov epeu Bcarc ovv ovk eTTLO-revaarai avro)' ^'^aXX etTTco/jiev

ef avdpcoTTcov (po^ov/jLeOa rov o)(Xov rravre^ yap eL')(ov rov

Loaavvrjv o)? TrpoipT^rrjv' ^'^Kat .a7roKptOevre<; rco cyaov Xeyovatv
ovk oiBafJuev Kai, o crjaov^; Xeyec avroc<; ovBe eyco Xeyco v/julv

ev TTOia e^ovcria ravra ttolo)

XII. Kac rjp^aro Xeyeiv avroL<; ev rrapaPoXaL<; \

e^vrevaev a/jbireXcova Kat TrepceOrjKev avrco (f>pay/jiov Kat copv^ev
viroXrjvLov Kat a)Ko8o/j,7jcrev rrvpyov Kai, e^eSoro avrov yecopyoL^
Kau aTreBrj/jiTjaev "^Kab arrecmXev irpo^ rov<; yeo)pyov<; BovXov ro)
fcaipw Lva irapa rcov yecopycov Xa/Sr] airo r . . Kapircov rov a/j,-

7reXa)vo<;' ^ol Be Xa/3ovre<; avrov eBtpav Kai, aireanXav Kevov

^Kao TraXcv airearcXev tt/oo? avrov^ aXXov BovXov KaKivov Xtdo-
^oXr)aavre<; eKecpaXaicocrav Kat aTreariXav rjrc/jLcofjievov \\
^Kac Pat 24
iraXiv aXXov arreanXev KaKivov aireKrivav Kau rroXXov^; aXXov<;'
T0U9 fJiev Bepovre<; rov^ Be arroKrevovre^' ^erc ovv eva viov eywv
ayairr]rov avrov arreartXev Kai avrov irpo^ avrov<; ecr-^^arov

Xeycov evrpairrjaovre rov vcov fiov "^eKetvot Be ol yecopyot

LBovre<; avrov ecirov 7rpo<; eavrov; ovro<; eariv o kXtjpovo/jLo^;

Bevre airoKrivco/jLev avrov Kai, rjfjLwv ear at rj KXrjpovofMta ^Kat

Xa^ovre^ avrov aireKrivav Kat e^e/BaXov avrov e^co rov \

7reXcovo<; ^rc ovv irocrjcreL o KvpL0<; rov a/jLireXcovof;' eXevaerat Kac

aTToXeaec rov<; yecopyovi eKeivov^' Kai Bcoaei rov afiTreXcova

xi 28 TTOLTii S 32 ecxov] exovaiv 2 xii 1 om /cai WKodofirjcreu

TTvpyov S 2 Tov KapTTou 2 4 Trpos avrov S 7 air OKTeivofiev S

40 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mk xii-xiv

a\\oL<i' ^'^ovBe rrfv ypa(f)7)u Tavrrjv aveyvcoTe \l6ov ov aireBoKi-

fiaaav oc oi/coBo/jlovvt€<; ovto<; eyevrjOi] et? KecpaXijv ycovia^;
^^irapa KvpLov eyevero avrrj Kac eariv OavfjuaaTT) ev o(f)6a\fioi<i
7]fjL(ov' ^-Kac €^r}Tovp avTOv /cparrjaai Kac ecpo^ijdrjo-av rov
0)(Xov eyvwaav yap on irpo^ avTov<; rr)v 7rapa/3o\rjv enrev Kai
Pat 25 a<f>€v\\T€<; avrov airrfKOov ^^Kau aTToareXovacv 7rpo<; avrov riva^
T(ov (f)apLa€cov Kac t(dv TjpcoBcavcov Lva avTov aypevacoaLv Xoyw
"Ot Se eXdovTCf; Xeyovaiv avrco' BcBaaKaXe oiBa/Mev ore aX7}6r)(;

er Kai ov fxeXi aoi irept ovhevo<; ov yap ^eirei<; eL<; irpoawirov

avdpcoTTcov aXX eir aX7]6eia<; Trjv oBov rov deov BiBa(7K€L<i' etTre

ovv r]/iLV' e^eanv KTjvaov KaiaapL Bovvai rj ov Bwfiev t] fir)

B(o/jL€V' ^^O Be €iB(o<; avrcov rr^v VTroKpidLv ecirev avTOL<; ri

fjLe TTtpa^ere vrroKpiTaL (peperoc fioi Brjvapiov Lva iBco ^^ot Be
7]vey icav Kai, Xeyec avTOi^ tlvo<; ea-Tiv rj lkoov avrrj Kai t) eTTLypacprj

at Be eiTTOv avrco Kaicrapo<;' ^^Kat airoKpiOei^ o irjaov^; enrev

avTOL<; airoBore ra KaLaapo<; Keaaper Kat ra rov 6eov ro) Oea
Kac eOavjjbaaav eir avTW ^^Kat ep^^ovre aaBBovKaioi irpo^
avrov OLTLve<; Xeyovaiv avaaraaiv fir) eivar Kai eirrfpcor-qaav
avTov XeyovTe<; ^^BiBacTKaXe fMcovarjf; eypayfrev rjfjLiv on eav nvo^^
aBeX(j)o<; \\

Desunt folia undecim usque ad xiv 25.

Pat 26 Xeyco Vfiiv on ovKen ov firj ttico eK rov ye.vqiJbaro<; rTj<; a/jnreXov
€0)9 tt;? T]/jiepa(; €KeiV7)<; orav avro ttivco Kaivov ... 77 ^aaiXeia
. . . 6eov -^Kai v . . . aavre<; e^rfxdov ei<; . . opo<; rcov eX. .(ov
^ Kai Xeye . . . roi^ o njcrov^i on . . . t€<? aKavBaX . . OrjaeaOai ev
efMoi ev rrj vvKri ravrr)' yeyparrre yap rrara^co rov rroifieva Kai
BiaaKop7ria6r](70vrai ra rrpoffara "^aXXa fiera ro eyepdrjvai fi€

TTpoa^co v/jLa<; et? . .v yaXiXaiav ^. . e rrerpo^ Ec^ . . uto) ^oi

ei 7ravre<; aKavBaXiaOrjaovre \
aXX ovk eya) ^Kai \67et avra
o i7]a-ov<; a/irjv Xeyco aoi on av arj/xepov ev rrj vvKn ravrr) rrpiv
7) Bi<; aXe/cropa (jxtyvrjaar rpL<; aTrapvrjar] fie "O Be rrerpo^
eK rrepicr . v eXeyev fia . . ov eav Berj fi. . . v . airoOaviv aoi ov fiff

ae airapvr)aofie' a)aavra)<; Be Kai 7ravre<; eXeyov ^Kai

ep)(ovraL ei<; ^(opiov ov ro ovofia yeaarj/iaver Kai Xey . . T0t9

xii 13 airo<TTe\\ovffi S 14 om 77 ou S 15 Sf etSwr] eiSws Sc Z

xiv 25 yevrj/xaroi S

Mk xiv TEXT OF CODEX N. 41

^6 .... 9 avTov Ka6 ... re (ohe e . . . irekOcov 7rpoa'€V')(^(o/jbar ^^Kac

ira . aXa/jL^avet rov . erpov Kai . aKCd^ov Kai ||

ccoavvrjv fied eavrov Pat 27
KaL rjp^aro eKOafi^eiaOe Kai aBrj/jbovetv ^^Kat Xeyei avTOL<;
7re/)tXu7ro9 eaTcv t) '^f %'7 fjiov . . . Oavarov .... are (ohe Ka
. prjyopetre' ^'"Kai TrpoeXOcov /ilk... "Eiirecrev eir . ... yr]<; Kai
irpo . r]V)(6T0 Lva e . Svvarov eaTiv irapekOrf air avrov 7] copa'

'^^Kai eXeyev a/30a o Trarrjp iravra Svvara aoi irapeveyKe tovto

TO TTorrjpiov air €/jlov ttXtjv aXX ov re eyco OeXco aXXa n o-y
^"^ Kai €p)(6Tai Kai evp . Kei avrov^ KaOevSovra^; Kai Xeyei rco

^ irerpco aifMcov Ka\6ev^ei<^' ovk ia^vaa^; fjuiav copav yprjyoprjcrai'

^ypT^yopeire Kai 'Trpoaev')(ea6e iva fir} eiaeXOr/re et9 iripaG-fiov
To fiev TTvev/jia Trpodvfiov r) Be aap^ aadevri^ ^^Kat iraXiv
aireXOcov ir . . . rjv^aro rov av . . . Xoyov eiircov ^^Kai VTrocrrpeyjra^;

evpev avTov^; KaOevSovra^; TvaXiv rjaav yap oi ocfidaXfioi avTcov

Karapapwopbevofievoi Kai ovk TjBiaav n avr . . . 0Kpt6(0(T .

\ *^Kai ep')(erai to TpiTov Kai Xe.ei avTOi<; Ka.evSeTai to .oiirov

Kai avaTraveorSai' ||
a'iT6')(eL rfxOev rj (opa iBov irapaBihoTe o vio<; Pat 28
Tov avOpcoTTOv ei<; %tpa9 tcov afiapTcoXayv '^^eyipecrOe aycofiev
iBov 7rapaSiSov<; pue rjyyiKev ^^Kai €v66co<; €tl avTOv
XaXovvTO<; irapayiveTai iov8a<; €t9 tcov BcoBeKa Kai jxeT avTov
o)(Xo<; 7roX,f9 fieTa pLa-)(^aip(ov Kai ^vXcov irapa tcov ap')(^iep€Q)v
Kai ypapbjjbaTecov Kai tcov irpea^vTepcov ^^Ae* BcoKei Be o
TrapaBiBov^ avTov avao-rjfjiov Xeycov ov eav (piXrjcrco avT0<; ecTTiv
KpaTTjaaTai avTOv Kai airayayeTe avTov aa<^aXco^ ^^Kat
eXBwv evdeco^; TrpocreXOcov tco iTjaov Xeyei avTco \
pa^/Si' pa^^i'
Kai KaTecfuXrjaevavTOv ^^ot Be eire^aXov avTco Ta<; ')(^eipa^

avTcov Kai eKpaTrjaav avTov ^''Efc9 Be Tfc9 tcov Trapeo-TijKOTcov

(nra(7afjLevo<; ttjv pba'X^aipav eiraicrev tov BovXov tov apxiepe(o<;
Kai a(j)iXev avTov to coTiov ^^Kat airoKpiOei^; o irjaov^ eiirev
avTOi<; 0)9 eiTi Xrja-Trjv e^rjXdaTe fieTa pba^^^aipcov Kai ^vXcov
avXXafiiV pie' '^^Kad rj/jiepav ijpLijv 7rpo9 vp.a<; ev tco lepco Bi-
BacTKcov Kai ovk eKpaTrfcraTe pue aXX tva TrXrjpcoOcoaiv ai ypa(f)ai
TCOV 7rpo(f>7]Tcov ^'^ToTe Oi pLaOrjTai a(^evTe<; avTov e<j)vyov

xiv 32 ews] + av 'Z id. Trpoaev^ojfxai S 35 TrpoeXdojv eireaev] irpocTiKdiav

eireaev etn irpoaunrov S 36 to iror-qpLov tovto S id. ov to eyo) deXb) a\\ otl
(TV 2 40 om iraXiu S 43 om evdeoji S id. ypafM/uLaTecou] pr Tcav S
44 ffv(X(Tr)iJ.ov] + avTOLS S id. av 2 49 om tojv Trpo(pr]TO}v S 50 totc]
ore text, (in margine ' fort, totc codex; vide Prolegom. p. liv') 2 id. €<pvyov]
pr iravTes 2

42 TEXT OF CODEX N. Mk xiv

Pat 29 ^^fcat et9 ||

Ti9 veavLCTKO^ rjKoXovdrjaev avrco Trepi^e^rj/jLevoti

(TcvBova eiTi yvfivov Kai KparovaLV avrov ol veavtaKOf "o 8e

KaTaXiiTcov tt)v acvBova yv/jLvo<; e^vyev aw avrcov' "Kat
ainjyayov rov crjcrovv tt/do? top ap')(^Lepea Kai (TVV€p-)(ovTe avrcov
7ravT€<; ol ap')(^t€p€L<; Kai ol Trpea^vrepoL Kai ol ypafifULrect;'

^KaL 7r€Tpo<s airo fjuaicpodev 7]Ko\ov6r]aev avrco eo)? ecrco ei9

T771/ avXrjv rov ap)(^L€p€(o<; KaL r]v avvKaOrjiievo^ KaL OepfjLevo/jLevo^

/juera twv VTnjpercov 7rpo<; to c^o)?' ^^Oc Be ap-)(^LepeL(; KaL oXov

TO avp eBpLOu e^Tjrovv Kara rov Lrjaov fiaprvpLav et9 to dava-
TcoaaL avTov KaL ou)^ evpLCTKOv ^ttoXXol yap e-^evBo^aprvpovv
Kar avTOV KaL taai aL /xaprvpLaL ouk rjcrav *^Kat TLvai^
ava(TTavT6<; eyfrevBo/jLaprupovv KaT avrov Xeyovre^; ^otl tj/jll^
T)Kovcra/jL6v avrov Xeyovro^; otl eyco KaraXvao) rov vaov rovrov

Tov ^(^LpoTronjTov' KaL aXXov a)(^Lpo7roLT]Tov Sta rpicov rjfiepcov

OLKoBo/jL7]crco ^^ KaL ouBe ovru>(; lctt] tjv 77 fiaprvpLa avrcov ^Koi
Pat 30 avaara<; apx^'^p^^'^ ^^9 fieaov eirrjpcorTjaev rov irjaovv \\
ovK arroKpLvrj ovBev rL ovroL aov Kara^apTvpovcrLV ^^0 Be
ecTLcoira KaL ovBev aireKpLvaro YiaXuv o ap')(^Lepev<; eiTTjpcoTa

avrov KaL Xeyec avrco av 6l o ^pL<Tro<; o vio<; rov evXoyyrov

*^0 Be Lr)aov<; eLirev eyco eL/jueL' KaL o\jrea6aL rov viov rov av-
dpcoTTOv eK Be^Lcov Kadrj/jievov T/79 Bwa/iecof; Kai €p\ofievov fiera
Tcov vecf^eXcov rov ovpavov ^^O Be ap)(^Lepev<; BLaprj^a^; rov^
'^LTcova<; avrov XeyeL' tl XP^^^ ^X^/^^^ fiaprvpcov ^rjKov-
aaraL rravre^; rrjf; l3Xa(T(f)rj/jLia<; avrov rL v/jllv BoKeL Ol 6* \

7ravre<i KareKpLvav avrov eLvaL evxov Oavarov ^Kat 7)p»

^avTO Tive<; e/xTrrveLv avrco KaL irepLKaXvirrLv ro Trpoacorrop

avrov KaL KoXacpL^eLV avrov KaL XeyeLV avrco irpoc^rfTevaov
rjfjLLv xpf'<^'^^ '^^? earcv o rreaa^ ae' KaL ol vTrrjperaL paimafJiaaLV
avrov eXa^ov *^Kat ovro<; rov rrerpov ev rrj avXrf Karca
epx^'^CLi' /Ata rcov TraLBLaKcov rov apxt'€peco<; ^~ Kat LBovaa rov I

rrerpov 6epfj,€vofievov efM^Xeyfraaa avrco XeyeL Kai av fiera rov

Pat 31 va^aprjvov Lrjaov rjaOa' '^0 Be rjpvqaaro Xeycov ovk oiBa ovBe

eiTLCTra/jLaL av rL XeyL<; KaL e^ijXOev efo) 6^9 ro rrpoavXiov

Kai aXeKrcop e^covqaev ^^KaL rj TraLBLaKTj iBovaa avrov TraXcv
7)p^aro XeyeLV tol<; TrapearrjKoaLV on ovro<; e^ avrcov eariv
^°o Be iraXiv rjpvr^aaro Kai fiera fXLKpov rraXiv ol rrapearcore^

xiv 53 avTu S 6-4 evoxov ^ 65 pairia/xaaiv avrov efiaWov Z


eXeyov rco irerpoo aXrjday^; ef avroav eu Kac yap yaXiXato^; et Kac

rf XaXia aov BrjXot "^^o Be rjp^aro avaOefiarL^etv Kac ofivveiv otl
ovK oiSa Tov avOpcoTTov ov Xeyerai "^^Kau eic Bevrepov aXeKTcop \

6<l>(ovr)(Tev' K.aL ave/uLvrjo-Orj o irerpo'^ to prjixa o enrev avTco

j o i7j(T0V<; on irpiv aXeKToypa (j)cov7]o-6 Bc<;' airapvijaT] /xe rpt?*

/cat, eTrt/SaXcov eKXauev

> XV. Kat €v6€0)<; eTTL to Trpcoi avfi^ovXeiov 7rotrjaavT€<; ot
ap')(^iepeL<; fieTa tcov irpea^vTepcov Kai ypafjupiaTecov Kai oXov to
(TvveBpiov Br](ravT€<; tov trjcrovv ATrrjyayov fcai TrapeBcofcav
TO) iriXaTco' ^ eTrrjpcoTrjaev avTov o irtXaTO^ av et o

fiacrLXev<; tcov tovBatcov O Be irjaov^ a7roKpt6et<; etirev avTO)

(TV Xeyea ^Kac KaTjjyopovv ||
avTov ot ap')(^iepeL^ iroXXa' avT0<; Pat 32
Be ovBev aireKpLvaTO' *0 Be 7nXaT0<; TraXtz^ e7rr]pa)Tr)<Tev

avTov Xeycdv ovk aTroKpivrj ovBev ecBe irocra crov KaTafJuapTV-

povcretv ^o Be irjaov^ ovKeTi ovBev aireKpiOr)' coaTe Oavfia^ecv

TOV TTiXaTov ^KaTa Be eopTrjv aireXvev avTOi<; eva BecTfjutov

ovirep TjTovvTO' "^rjv Be o Aey ofjLevo<; ^apa^l3a<; /juera tcov


(TTaacacTTcov BeBe/Juevo^; OLTive^ ev tt) aTaaei c^ovov ireiroirifacTav'

^Kai ava^07]cra<; o o^Xo^; rjp^aro aiTiaOav KaOco<^ aeu eiroiei \

avTOL<s ^o Be TTiXaTO^ aireKpiOr] avTOL<; Xeycov 6eXeTe airoXvaco

! VjiLV TOV j^acTiXea tcov lovBatcov ^'^eyivcocTKev yap otl Bca (j)6ovov
irapeBoKecaav avTov ot ap')(^LepeL^' "Ot Be ap'^cepet^; aveaiaav
TOV o^Xov iva fjbaXXov tov ^apa^jBav airoXvar] avTOL<^' ^^o Be
! TiiXaTo^i airoKpcOeo^; iraXiv eiirev avTot'^ tl ovv deXeTac ttoltjctco

ov XeyeTat ^acnXea tcov LovBaicov ^^oi Be iraXiv e/cpa^av
(TTavpcoaov avTov ^^oIltXaTO? Xeyet avTot^ tl yap KaKov
eTToirjaev oi, Be TrepicrcroTepco^ eKpa^av crTavpcocrov avTov
^°0 Pat 33
Be TTiXaTo^ ^ovXoixevo<^ tco o^(Xco to o/cavov 'Trocrjcrac aireXvaev
avToi<; TOV ^apa^/Bav /cat irapeBcoKev tov trjaovv (^payeXXco(Ta<;
Lva aTavpcodrj ^^Oi Be cTTpaTOcoTat aTvrjyayov avTOv eaco ttj^;

avX7]<; ecTTLV TrpaiTcopiov /cat crvvKaXovaiv oXrjv ttjv ainpav

^^ Kai evBvovatv avTOv iropc^vpav Kai irepiTideaaeiv avTco irXe-
^avTe^ aKavOivov (7Te(f>avov' ^^Kac rjp^avTo acnra^eaOai, avTov
Kai Xeyeiv %atpe o /3a(riXev<; tcov LovBaccov ^^^Kac eTViTTOv avTov \

Triv Ke^aXrjv KaXa/xco' Kac eveiTTvov avTco' Kac TcdevTe<; Ta


V^B xiv 72 om dis S xv 7 avvaracnaaTCiju S 10 irapedojKKrav S

14 \e7ei] eXeyev S 19 t7}v Ke(pak-r]v avTOV 2

fyovaTa TrpoaeKwovv avTco ^Kat ore eveire^av avrco €?e-

hvaav avTOv ttjv 7rop(f)upav Kac eveZvaav avrov ra cfutTta ra
iSeca Kai K^ayovatv avrov iva aravpwaovaLV avrov "^
ayyapevovacv riva ai/jLcova Kvprjveov ep')(^Ofievov aypov rov
rrarepa aXe^avhpov Kai pov(f>ov tva ap-q rov aravpov avrov
--Kat <f>epova'LV avrov em rov yoXyodav rorrov o eartv fiedep'
/jL7)v€vo/jL€vo(i KpavLov ro7ro<; ^Kac eBcSovv av\\

Deest folium usque ad versum 33 eiicsdem capitis.

Pet 180 €var7]<;' ^Kat rrj copa rrj evarr) ave/Sorjaev o LTjcrov; (fxovr] fieyaXr}
Xeyo)!/* eXooL eXcoi Xafia cra^ay^davei o ean fiedeppLrfvevo^evov
6eo<; fiov o 6eo<; jjlov et? n /x€ €yKareXc7r€<; ^Kat riv€<; rcDV
rrapecrrrjKorcov afcovaavre^; eXeyov lBov rfXiav (j)cov€r ^Apa-
fjLcov 8e 6L<; Kat yefiLcra'; (nroyyov o^ov^ Trepcdeif; KaXafico error i^ev
avrov Xeycov a(f)eraL ihcojJLev ec ep')(eraL r]Xca<; KadeXeiv avrov
^O Be Lrjcrov^; a<f)eL<; (pcovrjv fieyaXrjv e^errvevaev ^Kat ihov
ro KararreraafJLa rov vaov ea-)(^La6rj \
ef? Bvo arro avco6ev eco^

Kara)' ^lBcov Be o Kevrvpicov O rrapearr^Kw^^ ef evavria<;

avrov on ovr(o<; Kpa^a<; e^eirvevaev etrrev aXr]d(o<; o av6pa)7ro<;
0UT09 uf09 7]v 6eov ^Viaav Be Kai yvvaiKe<; arro fiafcpodev
Oecopovaai ev aL<; rjv Kai fiapia rj /juayBaXrjvr) Kai fiapia rj

laKco^ov rov /iiKpov Kai koctt) fnjrrjp' Kai ^^aaXcop,?] ai Kai

ore rjv ev rrj yaXiXaia tjkoXovOovv avrco Kai Bitjkovovv Kai
aXXai TToXXai ai avvavajBaaai avrco ei? lepoaoXvfia "Ka»
rjBrj oyjna<; yevofjLevr)<; \\

Desunt folia tria usque ad finem evangelii. ^

XV 34 e^orjaev Z 36 vepideis [re KoXafio)] (membrana lacerata periit) 2

40 ijv ixapia rj fiaydaXrjvr] S 41 TjKo\ovdr]<Tav 2

Besunt folia undecim ah initio evangelii usque ad ii 23.

yeypaTTTat, ev vofico Kvptov ore irav apaev Biavvycov firjrpav Pet 49

ayiov TO) KvpLCD K\r]6r]cr€TaL. .'^^Kac Tov Bovvac Ovcnav Kara to
€tpr]/jL€vov ev vo/i(o Kvpiov ^6vyo<; rpvyovcov 7} Bvo veoaaov^
Treptarepcov ^^Kat tjv av6pa}iro<^ ev cepovaaXrjfM' co ovo/xa
(TVfiecov. Kai o avOpoairo^ ovto<; BcKato'; Kat evXa^rjf; irpoa-
Be')(oiJLevo<^ TTapaKkrjaLV tov taparjX Kat irvevfia ayiov rjv eir

avTov -^Kau 7]v avTco Ke'X^pr)fxaTLaixevov vtto tov TTvev/JLaTO^; tov

ayiov fJLT} iBecv OavaTOv irpiv 7) iBetv tov ')(piaT0v Kvpiov ^ Kai
rjXOev ev t(0 Trvev/iaTL et? to lepov \
Kai ev T(o euaayaytv tov<;

yovet<; to TracBtov irjaovv tov 7rot7](Tac avTov^ KaTa to eiOtafxevov

tov vofjLov wept avTOv ^^Kat avTO<; eBe^aro avTO et? Ta<; ayKa\a<i
avTov Kat evXoyrjae tov deov Kai eiirev. -^vvv airoXvei^ tov
BovXov aov BecFTTOTa KaTa to prjfia aov ev etprjvr] ^°OTt lBov
01 o(f)6a\/jLOL fjLOv TO acoTijpcov aov ^^o rjroLfiaaaf; KaTa irpoacoTTov
iravTcov tcov \ao)v ^^(fxo^ et? aTroKaXvyjrcv edvcov Kat Bo^av Xaov
(TOV KTparjX' ^^Kac rjv o twarjc^ Kai rj fJLrjTTjp dav/jLa^ovTe<;

eiTi Toi<; \aXov/JLe\\voL(; Trepi avTov ^Kac evXoyrjaev avTov<; av/jiecov Pet 50

Kat eiirev 7rpo<; fxapcafM ttjv fjLijTepa avTov iBov ovto^ KetTat et<;

TTTcoaiv Kai avacTTaaiv ttoXXcov ev tco ccrparjX' Kat et? arj/juecov

avTiXeyofievov ^^Kac aov Be avTr]<^ ttjv '^jrv^^rjv BceXevaeTac

pofi(f)aia' OTTO)? av a7roKaXv(f>6a)aLv eK ttoXXcov KapBccov Bia-
Xoyta/ioi. ^^Kac tjv avva 7Tpo(j)T]TC<; 6vyaT7]p (f>avov7jX eK
(l)vX'r]<; aarjp avTrj TTpojSejSrjKVia ev rjfxepai'^ 7roXXai<;. ^rjaaaa
fieTa avBpo'i eTrj eiTTa airo Tr)(; 7rap6eveca<; avTT]<i : ^Kac avTt)

XVP^ €0)9 eTcov I

oyBorjKovTa Teaaapcov rj ovk acpcaTaTo airo
46 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk ii-ii

Tov lepov v7](Tr€LaL^ KaL her)<jecn Xarpevovaa vvKra Kat rj/iepav

*^Kac avTTj ttj wpa einaTaaa avOay/jLoXoyetro tco deco Kai
ekaXet irepi avrov iraai toi<; irpoahe^ofievoL'; Xurpcoacv ev
lepovo-aXrjfi ^Kat &)? ereXeaav iravra Kara tov vopxiv
KvpLov ir7re<TTp€yjrav et9 ttjv yaXiXaiav et? ttjv ttoXlv eavrtop
va^aper' ^To 5e TraiBiov riv^ave KaL eKparaiovro Trvevfiari
TrXrjpovfievov ao(f>ia<; fcat %a/3/9 6eov rjv err avro *^Kai
Pet 51 erropevovTO ol yovea av' tov kut €to<; eiepovaaXrifji ttj eopTrj tov
'rraa')(^a' ^'}^at ot€ eyevero ctcov BcoBeKa ava^avTO)v avTwv
ei<; iepovaaX7]/jL KaTa to e6o^ rr/? eopTTjq ^Kai TcXiwaavToyv Ta^
rjp.epa<s' ev toj v7ToaTp€(f)iv avTov<; airefietvev irjaov^ o irai^ ev
LepoaoXvfiOL^ Kai ovk eyvu) icoar](f) kui rj /irjTijp avTov **vofn-
aavT€<s Be ev ttj avvohia avTOv eivat rjXOov rjpLepa^ oBov Kai
ave^TjTovv avTOv ev toi^; avyyevevcrc Kai toi<s yvco(TTOi<;' *^Kai

fir) evpovTe<; avTOv vireaTpeyfrav ef? lepovaaXTj/j, ^r)TovvTe<i av-

rov ^Ka£ eyeveTO fi.W 7)(iepa<i Tpei^i evpov avTov ev to) lepto

KaOe^o/ievov efifieaco twv SiBaaKaXcov Kai aKOVovTa avTcov. Kai

€7repo)T(t)VTa avTOv<; ^'Fj^taTavTO Be iravTe^ ol aKovovTe^
avTov €7ri TTJ avveaeL KaL rat? airoKpiaeaiv *^KaL lBovtc^ '

avTov €^e7rXayr)o-av. KaL Trpo? avTov t] p-rjTTjp avrov eLirev

reKvov TL eiroLaaafi ijfiLv ovrccx; : iBov o Trarijp aov KaL eyo)

oBvvcofxevoL etrjTovpLev ae *^KaL eLirev 7rpo<; avTov<;' tl oti |

Pet 52 e^TjreLTe fie ovk rjBeire otl ev toi<; tov |I irarpo^; fiov BeL eivat

fie' ^Kai avTOi ov avvrjKav to prjfia o eXaXrjaev avTOL<;' "Ka*

Kare^T] fier avrcov KaL tjXOev et9 va^apaT' KaL tjv viroraaa^o-
fievo^ avroL<; : KaL tj fiTjrrjp avrov BierrjpeL iravra ra prjfiara
ravra ev ttj KapBia avTT]<^' ^-KaL LT}aov<; irpoeKoirrev ao^ia Kai,

TjXLKia Kai "x^apiTL irapa 6eo) KaL avOpwiroL's'

III. El/ ereL TrevreKaLBeKarco t?/? Tjyefiovia<; ri^epiov Kai- I
aapo<; r}yefiovevovTo<; ttovtlov TriXarov rrjf; LOvBaLa<;' Kai rerpap-

^ofz/T09 rr}<i yaXiXaLa<; rjpayBov ^lXlttttov Be \

rov aBe\(f>ov j|

avrov rerpap-^^^ovvro^; rt;? LrovpaLa^ Kai Tpa-ycDVLTiBof; '^(wpa^

KaL XvaavLov ^rr)^ (ra0LXLVTj(; reTpap\ovvro'i' eiri ap\Lepe(i)<i

avva KaL Kaia(f>a eyevero prjfia 6eov eiri L(oavv7)v rov ^a^o-piov
VLOv ev rrj eprjfKo ^Kat T]X6ev eL<; iraaav irepLxoypov rov
lopBavov KT]pvaao)v /SaTTTLafxa fieravoia<; €t9 a^eaiv afiapTLCOV.
*fl9 yeypaTrrai ev ^i^Xco Xoywv rjaaLov rov 7rpo(f)T]TOv Xeyovro^
iii 2 T7}% aa^iXLvtjs ex errors scribae
Lk iii TEXT OF CODEX N. 47

(f)(ovr) ^oo)VTO<; ev tt) eprj/jbco eroifiaaaraL rrjv oBov /cvpiov evdeiaf;

iroie II
^rpL^ovf; avrov iraaa cpapay^' TrXrjpoydrjaeraL' Kat, Pet 53

irav opo(; Kai l3ovvo<; raTreivwOr^aovraL icai ecTTai ra crKoXta

et? evOetav Kai at, Tpa')(^eiai et? o8ou9 \eLa<; ^Kau oyfrerao iraaa
aap^' TO crooTrjptov rov Oeov ''EXe^ez/ ovv tol^ vol<;

o')(\oL<; PaiTTLaOrivaL vir avrov jevvrj/xara e^tSvcov ti<; vireBei^ev

vjJLLV (f>vycv ajTO tt;? fieWovar]^; 0/07779' ^Troirjaarac ovv KapiTOv<;
a^iov<; Tr}<; fj,6Tavoca<; /cot /jlt] ap^rjaOe Xeyecv ev eavroLf; irarepa
, €'X,o/jL6v tov I
yap v/xiv ore Bvvarat ^eo? eK rcov
\i6(ov TOVTcov eyeipaL reKva rco a^paa/ju ^HBr) Be Kat rj

a^Lvrj 7r/309 tt/i^ pc^av rcov SevSpcov Keirar irav ovv BevBpov
/XT) TTOLovv KapTTov KaXov eKKOTTTerat Kai et<; irvp ^aXXerar
^"Kat eTTTjpcoTcov avTov oc o'yXoc Xeyovre^; re Troirjo-oy/jiev

[ ^^KTroKpiOeif; Be eXeyev avroi^ o e')((i)v Bvo ^tTft)z/a9 fieraBorco

, Tft) /jLr},e')^ovrL Kai o e')(^cov ^pco/xara ofioidy^; Troteoro)' ^^HXOov
Be Kat reXcovat ^aTrrtadrjvat Kat enrov 7r/509 avrov Bi\\Ba(TKaXe Pet 54

Ti irofqaoiiiev' ^^O Be etirev 7rpo<; avrov<; /jurjBev irXeov irapa

TO B barer ay jjuevov vfxtv irpacraere ^^^injpcorcov Be avrov Kat
(TTparevo/jievot Xeyovr€<; Kat 7)fiet<; rt Trotyo-cofiev Kat etirev 7rpo<;

avrov; fxrjBeva Btacretarjre /jtrjBe avKOcj^avrTjarjre Kat apKetaOat

Tot9 oyjrovetot<; vjjlwv ^^TlpoaBoKO)vro<; Be rov Xaov Kat Bta-
XoyL^ofievoyv iravrwv ev rat<; KapBtat^ avro)v irept rov tcoavvov
fiTjirore avro(; etij o ')(^ptcrro^ ^^AireKptvaro tcoavvTjf; iraatv
Xeycov eyco puev \
vBart fSairn^cd t»/xa9' ep'X^erat Be ta^vporepo<;
fiov ov ovK eifjLt tKavo<; Xvcrat rov tfxavra rcov VTroBrj/jtarcov avrov
avro'; v/jLa<; ^airrtaet ev Trvevfiart aytw Kat irvpf ^"^ov to
TTTVov ev TTj
X^^P^ avTov Kat BtaKaOaptet rrjv aXcova avrov
Kat avva^et rov atrov et9 T7)v aTrodrjKrjv avrov to Be a^vpov
KaraKavaet irvpt aa/Searo)' ^^UoXXa fxev ovv Kat erepa
TrapaKaXcov evrjyyeXt^ero rov Xaov ^^O Be 7]p(oBr}<; o rerpap-

XV^ eXey')(^ofjLevo<; vir avrov rrept r]p(oBtaBo<; T779 ||

yvvatKO(; rov Pet 55
aBeX(f>ov avrov Kat irept iravrcov cov eirotrjaev Trovrjpcov o T]p(oBr)<;
^^7rpo(Te9r)Kev Kat rovro eirt iraatv Kat KareKXtaev rov tojavvrjv

ev rrj (f>vXaK7j ^^"E^yevero Be ev rco ^airrtadrjvat arravra rov

Xaov Kat trjaov ^aTrrtaOevrof; Kat Trpoaev^o/xevov avewxOrjvat
rov ovpavov ^'^Kat Kara/37]vat to rrvev/xa ro aytov croyfiartKco
etBet (oaet ireptarepav evr avrov Kat (jicovrjv ef ovpavov yeveaOat
Xeyovaav av et vto<; ptov ayaiTJ/rof; ev aot evBoKrjaa
48 TEXT OF CODEX X. Lk iii-iv

^Kai avTO<; i)v \

o Lr)aov<; (oaei ercov rpiaKovra ap')(^o^eio<; co?

€vofii^€TO' -^ufo? Tov io)a7](f> Tov 7]\c Tov fiardav rov XevL rov
fJ'€\-)(c TOV Koavva tov t(oarj<f> -^tov iiaTTaOiov tov a/xo)? tov
vaovfi TOV €(r\ifjL' tov vayyai ^tov fiaaO tov fxaTTaOiov tov
ae fleet tov io)cnj(f> tov lov^a ^tov ^opo^a^e\ tov adXadnfk tov
vTjpL ^Tov tie\')(^L tov ahhi tov Kcoaa/JL tov eXfiaBafi tov rjp ^tov
Pet 56 icoar} tov eXie^ep tov iwpifi \\ tov fiaTdav tov Xevi ^tov av/iecov
TOV iovSa tov icoo-r]d> tov iwava tov eXiaKtfi ^^tov fieXea tov
fiaivav TOV fiaTdav tov vadav tov ha^ih ^-tov leaaai tov (D^rfh -

TOV aaX/jLcov tov vaaaacov ^tov afiivaSa^ tov apajx tov apvi 1
TOV eapcofi tov (f>ape<; tov lovSa ^tov laKco^ tov laaaK tov
affpaa/jL tov Oappa tov va')((iyp ^tov aepov^ tov payav tov
(paXe/c TOV aaXa -^tov Kaivav \
tov ap<Pa^ah tov (ttj/j, tov vcoe

TOV XapLex ^tov fiaOovaaXa tov evwy^ tov lapeB tov /jLeXeXerjX

TOV KaLvav ^tov evo)<; tov arjd tov aBa/x tov Oeov.
IV, l7](Tov<; Be 7rXr]pT]<; 7rvevfiaT0(i ayiov vireaTpeyfrev airo
TOV LopBavov Kai rjyeTO vtto tov TrvevfiaTo^; e/9 ttjv eprj/JLov

-7ip,epa<; TeaaepaKOVTa ireipa^ofievof; vtto tov Bia^oXov Kai ovk

e^ayev ovBev ev TaL<; 7]fi€pai<; eKewai^' Kat crvvTeXea6ei<j(ov
avTwv vaTepov eirivaaev ^Kat eivep \\

Desunt folia duo usque ad iv 19.

Pet 57 eviavTov Kvpiov BeKTOv "^Kai 7rTv^a<; to ^l^Xlov airoBov^ tco

vTTTjpeTT] €Ka6iaev kul ttuvtcov ev tt] avvayoyrj oi o(f)6aX/ioi.

T)aav aTevi^ovTe<; avTO)' ^^Hpfaro Be Xeyiv tt/do? avTov<; oti

arifjiepov TreTrXrjpcoTat t] ypa(\)7) TavTT] ev tol<; coaiv v/icov ^Kai

iravTe^ e/iapTvpovv avTO) Kai eOavpLa^ov ein toi<; Xoyoi<; t7j<;

y^apLTO^; toi<; eKiropevofievoi^; eK tov <rT0^aT0<; avTov Kat eXeyov

ov')(^i vio<; ovTo<; eaTiv icoaTjcj)' ^Kai enrev Trpo<; avTOVs 7ravT0)<i

epeiTe /jloi ttjv \

Trapa^oXrjv TavTTjv laTpe depairevaov aeavTov
oaa TjKOvaafjLev yevofieva ev Kairepvaovfi' iroirjaov Kai (oBe ev

tt; TraTpcBi aov -^^nrev Be afirjv X67ft) vfiiv otl ovBei<; irpo-

iii 24 i(j}crr)<f> 1°] tov la/cw/S parvis litteris inter lineas additum 26 cefuei]
in rasura p. m. lua-rjx id. iwo-tj^] in rasora p. m. (rena id. toiSa]

p. m. luSa In summa pagina panis litteris tov luavpav tov prf<ra additum
32 tov u^rjS] TOV ^000^ parvis litteris inter lineas additum 33 tov apvi
punctis deletum 35 tov <pa\€K] tov c^ep parvis litteris inter lineas additum
iv 20 avvayoyq] o in w mutatum 21 TavTij ex errore scribae 23 Kaxep-
vaovfi] ire in rasura litterarnm <f>a

^7jTr}<; S€KTO(; eaTLV ev ttj TrarptBi, avTov '^^Ett oXr)6eLa^ he

Xeyo) vficv iroWau ')(7]paL rjaav ev Tai^ rj/jLepac^; rfKiov ev tco
LapaTfk ore eKkeiadr] o ovpavo<^ em err} rpoa Kai /jL7]va^ ef* o)?

eyevero \cfio(; fjieya<; eiri iraaav rrjv yrjv ^Kat 7rpo9 ovBe/Jbtav
avT(ov eirefJUi^OT] 7)\ca<; ec firj e^9 (Tape(j)Oa Tr)<; acSco \\

Deest folium usque ad iv 36.

eyevero ^a/i/3o9 evrt iravra'^ Kai (TvveXaXovv tt/oo? aXkrj\ov<^ Pet 58

Xeyovre^ rt<; o X0709 ovro<^ on ev e^ovaia Kai hwajxet eTrcracraei,
TOi<; aKaOaproL^ TTvev/Jiaac Kac e^ep')(^ovraL' ^'^ Kai e^erropevero
i;^09 irepi avrov eo<; iravra roirov r7]<; 'TrepL')(^copov ^^Avaara<;
Be airo Tr)<; avvaycDyrj^ ecarjXOev ec<; rrjv OiKuav aL/jLcovo<; irevdepa

Be rov (tl/jLcovo<; tjv avve')(0[JLevrj rrvperco fjueyaXco Kac rjpco-

rr)(Tav avrov irepL avr7](;' ^^Kao e7rcara<; eiravo) avrrj<; eirerifxr]-

aev rco Trvperco \
Kac acprjKev avrr]V' 7rapa')^p7]/jLa Be avaaraaa
BtrjKovet avrco' ^ Avvovro<; Be rov rjXoov iravre^ oaot ei,')(pv aoOe-
vovvra<; vo(toc<; 7roiKtXai<; Tjyayov avrov<; irpo'^ avrov o Be eve
eKaaro) avrcov ra<; ')(^eipa<; einOeL^ eOepairevcrev avrov<;' ^^e^rjp')(^ero

Be Kai Baipbovia airo ttoXXcov Kpa^ovra Kai Xeyovra on av ei

'x^pi(Tro<^ o vio<; rov Oeov Kai eTTirifJLcov ovk eia avra XaXeiv
on 7)Beicrav rov ')(piarov avrov eivai ^^Tevop,ev7]<^ Be r)/jLepa<;

e^eXOcov eiropevOr] ei<; eprj/jiov roirov Kai 01 o)(Xoi \\

Desunt folia duo usque ad v 12.

lie KaOapiaai ^^Kai eKriva^ rrjv %efcpa 7)yjraro avrov einrcov 6eX(o Pet 59

KaOapio-drjn Kai ev6eo)(; 77 Xeirpa aTrrjXdev air avrov ^^Kai avro^

iraprjyyiXev avrco /xyBevi enreiv aXXa a7reX6cov Bei^ov aeavrov
TO) lepei Kai TrpocreveyKe rrepi rov Kadapia/JLOV aov Kadco<; irpoa-
era^ev /jLcovcrr)^; et9 fiaprvpiov avroi<;' ^^Airfpyero Be fiaXXXov
X0709 Trepi avrov Kai avvrip')(pvro o')(Xoi ttoXXoi aKOveiv Kai
OepaTreveaOe vir avrov airo rcov aadeviwv avrcov ^^Avro<;
Be 7]v VTTO
^((opcov ev rai<; epr]/JLoi<^ Kai 7rpocrev^o/jLevo<;' ^"^Kai
eyevero ev fiia r(ov rjfjLepcov Kai avro<; 7}v BiBaaKcov Kai rjaav
Kadij/jLevoi (fyapiaaioi Kai vofJioBiBacrKaXoi 01 rjaav eX7)Xvdore<i
e/c 7racr7;9 Ka)/jL7)(; t?;9 yaXaia<; Kai iovBaia<; Kai lepovaaXrjfjb Kai
BvvafjLi^; Kvpiov r)v ei<i ro laaOai avrov<; ^^Kai iBov avBpe<;

15 /xaKWov ex errore scribae 17 7aXatas] s. m. correxit yaXiKaias

c. 4

^€povT€^ eirt K\iinj<; avdpwrrov 09 771^ iTapa\e\.vfxevo<; Kau e^rjTOW

avTOv eiaeveyKCiv Kai Oeivat evoaiTLov avrov ^^Kai firj evpovre^
Pet 60 TTOcaf; eKreveyKwaiv |I avrov Sea rov o-)(\ov ava^avT€<; eiri to
hcojia Bia ra)v Kepap-cov KaOrjKav avrov avv ray kXivc^iq) ei^

ro jieaov efJLTrpoadev rov ir)aov ^Kai iBcov rrjv moTLV avrcnv

euirev avrco avOpwire acjyecovrac aot at a/JLapriat aov -^Ko*
rjp^avro BcaXoyc^eadac ol ypa/ifiareif; Kai ol ^apiaatoL Xeyovre^
Tf9 eariv ovro^ 09 \a\er ^a(T(f)7]fiia<; rt<; Bvvara a<f>t€vat afiap-

rta<^ €1 fiT) /jLovo<; o Oeo^ - £77^77^0^9 ^e o trjaov^; rov<; BiaXo-

yLa/iov; avrcov airoKpiOei'^ eiirev 7rpo<; avrov^ ri hiaXoyiteaOe
ev raL(; KapBLai<; v/jlcov ^ri earcv evKoircorepov eiTreiv a<f>€0)vrai

aoc ac afxapriar rj etTrecv eyeipe Kai irepLirarer ^iva Be etS^/re*

on e^ovatav e^ei o vio<; rov avOpwrrov em rrjq 7779 a(f)ievai

a/jiapria<; eiirev ro) TrapaXvrtKco aoi Xeyco eyeipe Kai, apa<; to

KXtviBtov GOV TTopevov 669 Tov oiKov (Tov ^Kttt 7rapa')(p7)fia

avaara<; evaymov avrcov apa<^ e<f) KareKeiro aTrrfXOev et9 rov

Pet 61 OLKOV avrov Bo^atcov rov 6eov '^Kai eKcrraaL<; I| eXa^ev airavra^
Kai eSo^a^ov rov 6eov Kai errXrjaOrjaav ^ojBov Xeyovre<s oti
iBofiev rrapaho^a ar)p.epov ^Kai fiera ravra e^rfxdev Ka4
eOeaaaro reXcovrjv ovofiari Xeveiv KaOrjjievov erri tg) reXoviM
Kai eiTvev avrco aKoXovOei fioi ^Kai KaraXiircov rravra avaara^
r]KoXov6r]aev avro) ^Kat eiroirjaev Boyv^ peyaXr)v Xevi^
avrco ev rrj oiKia avrov Kai tjv 0^X09 ttoXvs reXcovcov Kai a/xaf}'

rcoXcjv OL Tjaav fier avro)v KaraKei/ievor ^ eyoyyv^ov '

ypa/jL/jLarei<s avrcov Kai 01 <j>apiaaioi rrpo'^ rov<; pLa6rjra<; avrov

Xeyovre^ Siari p.era reXcovcov Kai a/jLapro)X(ov eaOiere Kai irivere'

^^Kai aTTOKpiOei^; o irjaov; eirrev 7rpo<^ avrov; ov XP^^^ e^ovaiv

01 vyiaivovre<; larpov aXX 01 KaK(o<; e^ovre^; ^ovk eXrjXvda
KaXeaai BiKaiov^; aXXa afjLaprcoXov; ei<; fieravoiav ^Oi Be
eirrav 7rpo<; avrov Biari 01 fiaOrjrai icoavvov vrjo-revovaiv irvKva
Kai BeT]aei<; woiovvrar ofioi(o<; Kai 01 rcov <f)api(Tai(ov 01 Be ao$
eaOiovar Kai m \\

Desunt folia viginti tria usque ad ix 8.

Pet 66 rivwv on ia)avi^<i eyrjyeprai €k veKpcov vrro nv(ov Be on rjXia^

e(f)av7] aXXcov Be on 7rpo(f)rjr7]<; ei<; rcov apxp-Kov avearrj' ^KOi

V 19 TTotas] 8. m. correxit irwj 26 cicarao-ts] trTcurts infra lineam scriptum


eiirev rjpcoBrjf; icoavvrjv eyco aireKe^aktaa' rt? 3e ecmv ovro^ irepL

ov eyco aKovco rocavra Kai e^rjrec tSetv avrov '"Kat vtto-

arpe'^avre^ ol ajrocTToXoc SL7]<y7](TavTO avrco' ocra eTTOcrjo-av

Kat TrapaXa^cov avTov<; V7r€')(^(0pr}aev /car cSeiav et? roirov

€p7)/jLov TToXeco? KoXov iievr)<; ^rjSaaiSa ^^ol Se o')(\ot fyvovT€<i

7)Ko\ov6ri<Tav avrco icai Se^afjuevo^; \

avrov^ eXaXet avTOL<; ra
irepL Tr](; ^aai\€ca<; rov Oeov Kac tov^ XP^^^ eyovra^ Oepaireta^
Laro' ^^H he rj/iepa rjp^aro Kkiveiv TlpoaekOovre^; he ol
Bo)Se/ca eiTTOv avrco airoXvaov rov o')(Xov iva arreXOovre^ ei<? ra<^

kvkXco Kcofxa^ Kai rov<; aypov^ KaraXvacoaiv Kai evpcoaeiv em-

cnncriiov on coBe ev ep7]fjLco roirco ecrfxev. -^^EtTrez^ Be rrpo^
avrov<^ Bore avroi^ vfitfi cfiayecv ot Be eiirov ov/c eiatv ij/xcv

irXiov ec firj irevre aprot Kat Bvo i')(6ve<; ei jiT^n rropevOevre^

ly/xt?* II
ayopaacojjbev ei^ iravra rov Xaov rovrov ^pcofiara' ^'^rjcrav Pet 67

^ yap cocrec avBpe^ TrevraKia'^^etXcor ^CTrev Be 7rpo9 rov<; fjuadr)-

ra<; avrov KaraicXivare avrov<; KXiaia^ ava irevrrjKovra' ^^Kai

eTTOirjaav ovrco<^ Kai, aveKXcvav Travra^' ^^Aa^cov Be rov<;

irevre aprov^ Kai rov^ Bvo c')(6va<; ava^Xe'\^a<; et9 rov ovpavov
evXojTjaev avrov^; Kat KareKXaaev Kat eBcBov roL<^ fiaOrjTat^;

irapaOeLvai rco o')(Xco' ^"^Kai, e(l)ayov iravre^ Kai exopraaOr] aav

Kai 7]p67j ro rrepLaaevaav avroi<; /cXaa/xarcov Kcocf)cvoi, BcoBeKa'
^^Kat eyevero ev rco eivai avrov Kara/jLova<; Trpocrev^ofJievov (Twrj-
crav avrco ot jxaOr^rat avrov Kai eirr^pcorr^aev avrov; Xeycov rcva
fie Xeyovcriv ot o')(Xot etvat' ^^ot Be arroKptOevre^; etrrov icoavvrjv
rov jBairrtarrjv aXXot Be rjXtav aXXot Be ort 7rpocf>7]rr]<; rt? rcov
ap')(^atcov avearr] ^^^tjrev Be avrot^ Vfjut^ Be nva fie Xeyere
etvat AiTOKptOet^ Be atficov irerpo^ etirev rov XP^^'^^^ "^^^

6eov Be errt ||

Deest folium usque ad ix 28.

Kat irapaXa^cov rrerpov Kat tcoavvrjv Kat taKco^ov ave^rj et<; Pet 68
ro opo<; TTpocrev^acrOat' "^Kat eyevero ev rco Trpocrevx^crOat
avrov ro etBo<; rov Trpoacoirov avrov erepov Kat o tfiarta-
fio<; avrov XevKo<; e^aarpairrcov ^Kat tBov avBpe^ Bvo avv-
eXaXovv avrco otrive^; rjcrav ficovcrr]^; Kat 7]Xta<; ^^ot o(^6evre<;
ev Bo^T] eXeyov Be r7]v e^oBov avrov rjv rjfieXXev 7rX7)povv ev

ix 15 aveKKivav] p. m. av€K\tvas 31 Se deletum est


52 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk ix-x

Lepovaa\r]/jL' ^O Be 7r6Tpo<; Kac ol aw avrco SiaypT]yopTjaaV'

T6iayp7)yopT}aavT€<i Be cBov ttjv Bo^av avrov Kac rov^; \
avBpa^ Tov<; avvearcora^; avrco' ^Kat eyevero ev to) Bia'^^wpi-
t^eaOai avTov<; air avrov enrev o Trerpof; irpo^ rov crjaovv eiri-

arara fcaXov eartv T^/xa? coBe etvac Kat 7roir]aa)p,ev aKtjva^ Tpi<;

fjLiav aoL Kai fiiav fxwvaer Kac fiiav rjXia firj et5&)9 o Xeyi
^ravra Be avrov Xeyovrof; iBov ve<^e\r) (f)0)riv7) erreaKiao'ev avrovf;

e(f)ol37}67jaav Be ev rco eKeivov; eiaeXOetv et? rrjv v€<j>€\t]v ^Kai

<f)a)vr] eyevero etc rrji; ve(f>e\r}(; \eyovaa ovro<; eariv o vlo<; /lov

o aya7r7]ro<; avrov aKOvere ||

Desunt folia tria usque ad ix 58.

Pet 62 KXivat ^^ecrrev Be rrpo^; erepov aKoXovOet fioi o Be eirrev KvpiC'

emrpe-yjrov fioc arreXOovri rrpcorov dayfrat rov irarepa fjLov

^^Lirev Be avrco o tT]aov<; a(j)e<; rov<; veKpov<^ Oayfrac rov<; eavrav

veKpov<; av Be arreXOcov BcaryyeXXe rrjv ^aaiXeiav rov 6eov
^eiirev Be Kat erepo^; aKoXovOrjaco <tol Kvpie irpwrov Be ein-
rpeyjrov fiOL arrora^aaOat roL<; ei<i rov olkov /jlov ^'KiTrev Be
o Lrjaov<; rrpof; avrov ovBeL<; eTrt/SaXcov ryv xeipa avrov err

aporpov Kac ^eTTcov et<; ra orrcao) ev0ero<; ecrnv ei<; rrjv ^aai-
Xeiav I
rov Oeov
X. Mera Be ra ra aveBc^e'
. o KvpLO<; Kai erepovf; e/3So-

fjLTjKovra' Kai KireartXev avrov^ ava Bvo rrpo rrpoawrrov

avrov 669 rraaav ttoXlv Kai rorrov ov nj/ieXXev avro<; epy^eaOar
^eXeyev Ovv rrpo^; avrov<; o fiev Oepta/jLO<i 7roXv<; oi Be epyare
oXiyor BerjOrjre ovv rov Kvpiov rov Oepia/iov otto)? CK^aXi)
epyara^ eL<; rov Oepuafiov avrov ^Trrayere iBov eyco arro-
areXXo) fyita? &)? apva<; ev fieaco Xvkwv ^Mt; ^aara^ere ,

/SaXXavrcov \\

Deest folium usque ad x 12.

Pet 63 pov ear at rj rrj TroXei eKeivrj ^^Ovac aot 'y^aypa^tv ovat act
^rfOaaecBa' on ei ev rvpco Kat aiBcovei eyevovro' ai Bvva/ieL<;'
at yevofievac ev vficv rraXat av ev aaKKO) Kai arroBco Ka6r)p,evot,
fjberevorjaav ^^rrXrjv rvpo) Kai aiBcovei avexrorepov earai ev rrj

ix 32 hiaypii)yopri[(TavTeLa'yprrj'yopiri\<TavTi%[d€\i5ov'\ litterae uncis incluBae erasae

sunt littcra < 1" in 5 mutata x 13 codex (vovto 11 rasura litt. Xc post vXriv

Kpiaei Tj v/jbcv
^"'Kat av Kairepvaovfju' rj eo)? rov ovpavov
vyjrcDdecaa eo)? aBov KaTa^t/3aa6r]<Trj ^^O a/covcov v/jlcov 6/jlov

aKovec Kai o adeTcov vfjLa<; e/jue aOerer o Be efie aOercov aOerec

Tov airoarCkavTa fie' '^'^TireaTpey^av \
Be oc e^BojjbrjKovra
/jLera ')(apa^ \eyovTe<; fcvpie Kat ra Bacfiovca viroTaaaeraL rjficv
ev TO) ovo/juarc aov ^^l^cTrev Be avTOL<; eOewpovv tov aaravav
(!)<; aaTpajrrjv e/c tov ovpavov ireaovra ^^cBov BcBco/jLet vficv ttjv

e^ovaiav tov iraTLv eiravfo o(f)e(ov Kac crKopTrccov Kac ewe iraaav
Tr)v Bvva/JLCV rov e')(^dpov Kat ovOev Vfia'^ ov fjurj aBcKijarj' ^^irXrjv

ev TOVTO) firj ')(atpeTe otc ra wvevfiaTa vjiiv VTroTaaaeTar %at-

peTe Be otc Ta ovofiaTa vjxcdv eypa(p7] ev tol<; ||
ovpavoc<; ^^Ev Pet 64
avTT] T7J copa TjyaWcao-aTo o crja-ov<i rco irvevfiaTC Kac ecirev

e^o/jLoXoyov/jLac croc iraTep Kvpie tov ovpavov Kac T979 7^9 otc
aireKpvyjra'; TavTa avro aocficov Kac avveTcov Kac aTreKaXvyfra*;
avTa v7]7rcoc<;' vac o TraTrjp otc ovtco<; eyeveTo evBoKca efxirpoadev
(TOV '^-Kac o-Tpa(^ec<; 7rpo<; Toy<i /jia6r)Ta<; ecirev UavTa /jloc

irapeBoOr] vtto tov 7raTpo<; /jlov Kac ovBec; ycvcoaKec tc<; eaTcv
o iraTTip ec /jltj o vco<; Kac tc^ eaTCV vco<i ec /jltj TraTrjp Kac
(o eav ^ovXrjTac o vco<; a7roKa\Xvyjrac' ^^ aTpacpec^i 7rpo<;
Tov<; /jLadr)Ta<; KaT cBecav ecirev fiaKapcoc oc o(j)6aX/jLO0 oc ^Xe-
7rovTe<; a ^XeireTe ^^Xe^cw yap v/jlcv otc ttoXXoc irpocprjTac Kac
^aacXec<; rjOeXyaav cBcv a vfjLc<; fiXeireTe Kac ovk cBav Kac
aKovcrac a aKOveTe Kac ovk rjKOvaav ^^Kac cBov vo/jlc..<; tc<;'

aveaTTj eKTrcpa^cov avTov Kac Xey(ov BcBaaKaXe tc 7rocr]aa<i ^corjv

accovcov KXr]povo/jL7j(T(0' ^^0 Be ecirev 7rpo<; avTOv ev tco vofxco tc

yeypairrac 7r&)9 avaycvcoaKec^ ^^O Be airoKpcOea ||

etTre . Pet 65
. yaiT7]ac<; Kvpcov tov Oeov aov ef 0X779 ttj^ KapBca^ aov Kac
ef oX?;9 T?;9 y]rv')(r]<; aov Kac ef 0X779 T779 ca')(yo<; aov Kac ef
0X779 T779 Bcavoca^ aov Kac tov TrXrjacov aov 0)9 eavTov ^ecirev
Be avTco opd(o<i aTreKpcOr)^ tovto wocec Kac ^rjarj' ^^O Be
deXcov BcKacovv eavTov ecirev 7r/?09 tov crjaovv Kac tc<; eaTCv
fiov TrXrjacov ^'^vTToXa^cov Be crjaov<; ecirev AvOpcoiro^; tc<;'

KaTeffacvev airo cepovaaXrjfjc ec<; cepc')((D Kac Xr}aTac<i Trepieire-

aev oc Kac eKBvaavTe<i avTov Kac 7rXr]ya<; e7rc6evTe<i airrjXdov \

acpevTe^ ecfjcrjOavrj Tvy')(avovTa' ^^Kara avyKvpcav Be cepev; tc<;

KaTe^acvev ev T77 oBod eKecvrj' Kac cBcov avTov avTciraprjXOev

X 22 vide prolegg.
54 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk x-xii

^o/jLocco<; Be Kai \€vit7j<; <yevofievo^ Kara tov tottov eXOwv Kac

iScov avTiiraprfKOev ^aa/jLaptTL<; Be tl<; oBevayv rfK,6ev Kar avrov
Kai lBcov avrov ea7rXay)(^vtadi] ^Kai irpoaeXOwv KareBrjaev ra
Tpav/juara avrov e7n')(^ea)v eXacov Kai olvov eiTL^L^aaaf; Be avrov
eiTL ro lBlov Krr}vo<; rj'yayev avrov et? iravBo^tov Kac eTrefieXrjdrj

avrov Kai, ||

Desunt folia tria usque ad xi 14.

Pet 179 \a\rjaev o Kco(j)o<; Kai eOavfiaaav ol o')(Xor ^^Tti/e? Be ef

avTcov eiTTOv ev ^eeX^e^ovX' ap^ovrt rcov BacfMOvcayv' eK^aXket
ra Baifiovia' ^^Rrepoc Be Trcpa^ovre^ aijfjicov Trap avrov e^r)-

rovv e^ ovpavov ^"Auto? Be iB(o<; avrcov ra BLavorjfjuara e . . ev

avroL<; tt . .a /BaatXeca 60 . . vrrjv fMepcadecaa epTjfiovrac Kai
0LK0<i eiTL oLKov TTLTTrL' ^®et Be Kai o aarava^ ecj) eavrov Bie/JLe-

pcadr)' TTO)? araOrjaerat rj ^aaiXeia avrov on Xeyere ev ^eeX-

^effovX eK^aXeiv pie ra Baiip,o . ca' ^^ec Be eyco ev , eeX^e^ovX
eKJSaXXo) ra Batpovia' ol vlol v/jlcov ev nvei eK^aXovacv Bia
rovro avroL vpicov eaovrat Kpcrar ^ec Be eyco ev BaKrvXco deov
eK^aXXco ra BacpLovta apa ecpOaaev ecj) vpua^ rj /SaacXeca rov
Oeov-^orav o la'^vpof; KaOcoTrXca/jLevof; (f)vXaaeL rr)v eavrov avXijv
ev eLp7]V7) ear IV ra virap^ovra avrov 22,
'-eirav oe
Bi o L(j')(yporepo^

avrov eireXOcov vcKrjaT] avrov rrjv TravoirXcav avrov aipet e(j> t]

eTreTTOidec Kac ra aKvXa avrov BcaBcBcoaiv '^o pLrj cov fier e/jLOV

Kar efJLOv j]

Desunt folia sex usque ad xii 12.

Pet 182 eLiretv ^^^iirev Be rL<^ avro) e/c rov o^Xov BcBaaKaXe eiire I

TO) aBeX(f)a) fiov pLepcaaadaL per epov rrjv KXijpovopLiav ^^O

Be eiirev avro) avOpcoTre Tt9 yLte Karearrjaev BtKaarijv rj pLepcarijv

e<t> vp,a<; ^'^EtTrev Be 7rpo<; avrov<i opare Kac (^vXaoaeade airo

7raar}<; irXeove^eua^i on ovk ev rw irepLcreveLV nvc r) ^oorj avrov
eanv eK rcov V7rap')(ovr(iov avrov ^^EiTrev Be Trapa/SoXrjv

7r/309 avrov<; Xeycov AvdpcoTrov ri,vo<; irXovatov ev(f)op7]a€V

7} 'XJ^pa ^^Kac BteXoyc^ero |
ev eavro) Xeywv n Trotrjao) on ovk
e-)((iy TTov avva^G) rov<; Kapirov^ p,ov ^^, euirev rovro iroc-

7)(Ta) KadeXo) pLOV ra<; aTroOrjKa'^ Kai pa^ova^ oiKoBopLTjaco Kai

avva^o) eKec iravra ra yevi^piara p,ov Kai ra ayaOa puov ^^Kai
epo) rrj "^v^tj pLov "^v^t] 6;^et9 iroXXa ayaOa ajroKeipieva ei<i

xi 20 I'/xasJ V in 1] mutatum
xii N. 55

i errj TroWa' avairavov ^aye' ine ev^paivov ^'^FitTrev Be avrco

6eo^ a<f)po)V ravTr] rrj vvktl' Tr}v '>\r'VX7)v aov aTrairovatv airo
(70V a he 7)T0Lfiaaa<; tlvl earao ovtco<; o Orjaavpt^cov eav \\

Deest folium usque ad xii 29.

pi^eade' '^^ravra yap iravra ra edvT] eTri^rjrer v/jLcov Be o TraTrjp Pet 69

oiBev ore %/?'?;

fere tovtcov airavToyv ^^irXrjv ^rjTcre rijv fSacn-
\eiav Tov Oeov Kat ravra iravra Trpoa-Tedrjaerac v/jllv ^^Mrj
<f)O^OV TO fJLLKpOV TTOtflViOV OTL evBoK7](TeV TTaTrjp VflCOV BoWttL
v/jLLp t7]v ^aaCKetav ^^YLcoXrjaarat Ta v'TTap')(ovTa v/J,a)v Kai
Bore eXerj/jioavvrjv ULocTjaare eavTOL<; /SaWavToa fxr) iraXai-
ovjieva drjaavpov aveyXcTrrov ev tol<; ovpavoL^' oirov KXeirrrj^;
ovK ey\yc^ec' ovBe arj^; BLa<^6eLpei' ^^oirov yap earLV o Otjaavpof;
v/JLcov Kac T} KapBia v/jLojv earat ^^^crTcocrav at, o(r(f>ve<; v/ulcov

irepLe^cocr/jLevai' Kac oi XoL')(yoi Kato/juevoc ^^Kat VfjLC<i ofjuotot

av6pco7roc<; 7rpoaBe)(^o/jLevoL<; tov Kev eavToav iroTe avaXvarj eic

Tcov ya/jLcov tva eX6ovTO<; Kac KpovaavTOf; ev6eco<; avoi^coaiv

avToi ^^M.aKapLot oc BovXoc eKcvoc ov<; eXOcov o Kvpio<;
evprjaeL yp7]yopovvTa<; afirjv A-67ft) v/ullv otl Trepi^coaeTat Kac
avaKXivei av\\TOv<^ Kai irapeXOcov BcaKovrjac avTOC^;' ^^Kac eav Pet 70
eX^?; ev ttj BevTepa (pvXaKrj Kac ev tij TptTr} (j)vXaK7] eXOrj Kac
eupT} ovT€o<; jxaKapcoc ecacv oc BovXoc eKivoc ^^Tovto Be ycvco-
(TKeTac OTC ec rjBr] o ocKoBea7roTr}<; iroca (opa o KXe7rT7]<i ep')(eTac
eyprjyoprjcrev av Kac ovk av a<prjKev Bcopvyrjvac tov ockov avTOv
^ Kac v/iic(; ovv ycvecrdac eTocfxoc otc t) copa ov BoKCTac o vco<; tov
avdpcoTTov ep')(eTac* ^^^cirev Be avTco o Trerpo? Kvpce 7rpo<;
r]/jLa({ T7JV T7)v 7rapa/3oXr)v TavTrjv Xeyea \
r} Kac irpo^ 7ravTa<;'
^^ecirev Be O Kvpco<; Tt? apa eaTCv o TrccrTO<; ockovo/jlo<; o
(j)povc/jLO<; ov KaTadTTjaec o Kvpco^ eirc tt;? depa7rca<; avTov tov
Bovvac ev Kacpco to acTojiieTpcov' ^^ /jLafcapco<; o BovXo<; eKLV0<; ov
eXOcov o Kvpco^i avTOv evprjcrec TrocovvTa ovTco^i ^aXrjdco^ Xeyco
vficv OTC eirc iraacv tocs V7rap)(^ovaiv avTOV KaTaaTrjaec avTOV
^^Eaz/ Be ecTTT] o BovXo<; eKcvo^; ev tt] KapBia eavrov ')(^povc^ec o
Kvpco<; fjLOV ep')(^eadac' Kac ap^rjTac tvtttcv tov<; iracBa<^ Kac Ta<;

7racBc(TKa<;* ac(T\\dcecv re Kac ttcvcv Kac jxedv . KeaOac ^^rj^ec o Pet 71

Kvpco<i TOV BovXov eKcvov ev rjjjiepa t] ov irpoaBo Kac ev copa rj

xii 36 Kev] k€ aureis litteris scriptum : v argento scriptum et charact. minore

,41 TTjv bis scriptum 46 irpoado ex errore scribae
56 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xii-xiii

ov yiv(t)(T/cet Kat Sc^^oTO/j-Tja-rj avTOV Kai to fiepo^ avrov /lera

T(t>v aTTiarcov drjarj' ^'^Kklvo'^ Be o BovXo^ o yvovf; to OeXrjfia
Tov Kvpiov eavTOv Kac firj eroi/jLaaaf; /jL7)B€ 7roc7]aa<; irpo'; to
BeXrjfxa avrov BaprjaeraL 7roWa<; ^o Be /irj 'yvovs iroLrjaa^; Be
a^ta TrXijycov BaprjaeTac oXtya^ Travn Be eBoOr) ttoXv ttoXv
^7]Tr]6T]aeTai vrap avrov Kai o) irapeOevro rroXv 7repia\aorepov
aLTTjaovaiv avrov ^^irvp rjXOov ^aXeiv em rrjv yrjv Kat tl OeX(o
€L tjBt] av'T](f)6rj ^^arrrcafMa Be e')((o ^arrrLO-OrjvaL Kai tto)?

avve^ofjie eo)? otoi; reXeaOrj ^^BoKcrai on, eiprjvTjv iraperfevo^r)v

Bovvai ev ry yrj' ov^ec Xeyco vfiiv aXX rj Bia/iepca/jLov ^-eaovrat

yap aiTo rov vvv irevre ev oiko) evL BiafxefMepLa fievor rpi<; em
Bvatv Kai Bvo em rpiacv ^^BiafiepLaOrjcreraL Trarrjp em vco) Kat
VLO^ em rrarpr fJLyrijp em Ovyarpr Kai Ovyarrjp em fjLrjrpc
Pet 72 irevOepa eiri rrjv vvfjL(f)7]v eav\\rT]<;' Kat vv/jL(j>r] em rrjv rrevdepav

avrr)^ ^E\e7€ Be Kat roc<i o')(XoL'i orav cBijre ve^eXrjv ava-

reXXovaav arro Bvap^cov ev6eco<; Xeyerai ore ofi . . o(; ep'^era .

.,c yiverai ov..<i ^^Kac orav ..rov rrveo yerai or. . . . acov
earac Kat yiverai ^vrroKpirai ro Trpoaoyrrov rov ovpavov Kai
T7j<; yr)<i oiBare BoKi/xa^eiv rov Be Kaipov rovrov tto)? ov Boki-
fjua^erai' ^'n Be Kai acf) eavrwv ov Kpiverai ro BiKaiov ^^D?
yap V7rayi<{ /lera rov avnBiKOv aov \
err ap)(^ovra ev rrj oBca

809 e . yaaiav amrfXXa-^Oai air avrov /xTjirore Karaavprj ae rrpo^

rov Kpirrjv Kai o Kpuri^ ae irapaBo) rco rrpaKrcopei Kai
TTpaKrcop ae /SaXr] et? (pvXaKrjv ^^Xeyo) aoi ov fit] e^eXdijf; eKiOev

e&)9 ov Kai ro ea-)(^arov Xerrrov . . oBco^;

XIII. . . prjaav Be nvai^ ev avrco rco Kaipco arrayyeXXovre^

avrco rrepi rcov yaXiXaicov (ov ro aijia mXaro<^ epa^ev fxera
r(i)v Ovaicov avrcov ^Kai arroKpidei'^ ir}aov<; . . rrev avroi<;

Pet 73 BoKirai on oi yaXiXai\\oi ovroi . . . . rooiXoi rra ra<^ rov<;

yaXiXaiov<; eyevovro on roiavra rreirovOaaiV' ^ov')(ei Xeyco vpav

aXX eav firj p,eravor}re 7ravre<; o/jLOio<: coaavrco<; arroXiaOe
*H eKivoi Oi BeKa Kai OKrco ecf) ou? eireaev o rrvpyo^; ev rco
aiXcoa/jL Kai . rreKTivev avrov<;' BoKire on ovroi ocjyiXerai eye-
vovro rrapa 7ravra<; rov<; KaroiKOvvra<; ev iepovaaXrjfi' ^ov)(^i

Xeyco vp.LV aXX eav firj fieravorjre rravre^ op,oico<; arroXiaOai'

^KXeyev Be ravrrjv rrjv rrapa /SoXtjv avKTjv ei^ev ri<; ev rco
ap,7reXcovei avrov rrecfivrevpLevyv Kai rjXdev ^rjrcov Kapwov ev

avrrj Kai ov^ evpev ^EtTrei^ Be irpo<^ rov apureXovpyov iBov

Lk xiii TEXT OF CODEX X. 57

^^ €KKoyjrov avryv ivart Kai Tr}v yr}v Karapyr ^O 8e airoKpL-

Oei's Xeyet avrco' Kvpte a(f>€<; avrrjv Kat tovt . . . eTO<; . . . orov
(TKaylro) irept avrrjv Kat /SaXco Koirpia ^ Kav fiev TroLrjarj KapTrov
€L Se /jirjye et? to H^/^et? avrrjv ^^Hv Be BtBacTK . . Fetli
ev fica Tcov . . . aycoycov ev rot? aa/S^aaiv ^^Kac lBov yvvrj irvev-
jxa e^ovaa aaOevia^ err] SeKa Kat oktw Kai rjv crvvKvirrovaa
Kai 1X7) hwafievrj avaKvylrai €t<; to Traz/reXe?* ^'^iBcov Be avTrjv
irjaov^; irpoaecj) . . . aev Kat eiirev avrr)' yvvai airdXeXvaat, Tr)<;

acrOevca^ aov ^^fcat eireOr^Kev avTTj Ta<; '^eipa^; Kai irapa'y^prj/jia

avcop6o)6r) Kai eBo^a^ev top 6eov ^'^ A.iroKpiOeL'; Be o cipx^~
auvaycoyo'; ayavaKTwv otl tco aajS^aTco eOepairevcrev o ir}aov<;
eXeyev tco o^Xco* e^ r)fxe\pai, etatv ev at? Bt epya^eaOe ev TavTat<;
GUV ep')(0[xevoL BepaireveaBe Kai fxr] ttj rj/juepa tov aa^/3aT0V'
^^ATreKpiOrj ovv o Lr}aov<; Kai eiirev avTco vTTO/cpiTa eKaaT0<;
v/jL(i)v TO) cra^^aTco ov XveiTOv ^ovv avTov rj tov ovov airo t7j(;

(f)aTvr}<; Kat array ay cov TroTt^er ^^TavTrjv Be OvyaTepa ajBpaafX'

ovaav 7JV eBrjcrev o aaTava<; cBov Be/ca Kat oktco er?; ovk eBei
XvOrjvat aiTO tov Beap^ov tovtov ttj rjp^epa tov aa^^aTOv
^''Kat ravTa XeyovTO<; avTOV KaTr^a^vvovTo iravTe^ oi av\\TCKec- pet 75
fjievoL avTco' Kat ira^ o o^Xo^ e-^^aipev em iraatv Tot<; evBo^ot<;
TOf^ ytvofjLevoL<; vir avTov ^^KXeyev Be avTot<; Ttvet o/jtota

ecTTtv 7) (SacrtXeta tcov ovpavcov rj Ttvt ofiotcoaco avTrjv ^^O/jtota

ecTTt KOKKCO atvaireco'^ ov Xa^cov avOpcoiro^ e^aXev et<; ktjttov

eavTov Kat rjv^rjaev Kat eyeveTO ei? BevBpov /jteya Kat Ta ireTtva
TOV ovpavov KaTe(7K7]vcocTev ev Tot<; KXaBot<; avTov ^^YlaXiv
etirev Ttvt op^otcoaco ttjv ^aatXeiav tov Oeov ^^op^ota ecTTtv ^vp.rj

7JV Xa^ovaa yvvrj |

eKpvyjrev et<; aXevpov craTCt Tpta eco<; ov
e^vp^coOrj oXov ^-Kat. BieiropeveTO KaTa TroXt? Kat Kcop,a<;

BtBaaKCOv Kat iroptav irotovp.evo^ et? tepovcraXrjp, ^^Fitirev Be

Tt^ avTco Kvpte et oXtyot ot aco^opLevot o Be etirev irpo<^ avTOv<;

etaeXOetv Bta Tr)<; aTevrj^ irvXrj'^ OTt iroXXot Xeyco

vp,tv ^7]T7}(Tovatv etaeXOetv Kat ovk ta'^vacoatv ^^Acj) ov av
eyepOrj o otKoBeairoTrj'^ Kat airoKXtcTTj ttjv Ovpav Kat ap^rjade
e^co ecTTavat Kat Kpovetv T7;z^ Ovpav XeyovTe<; Kvpte Kvpte || Pet 76
avot^ov iqpbetv' Kat a7roKpt6et<^ epet vp^iv ovk otBa v/xa^ irodev

xiii 18 codex Tjt

earai' ^rore ap^rjadai, Xeyeiv €(f>ajOfjL€v epwirioi/ aov kuc eiri-

ofiev KaL ev rai^ TrXanaif; 7]/jlq)v e8i8afa?' ^Kai airoKpideLf;

eper Xeyco v/xiv ovk oiBa v/ia^ iroOev eare aTroarijTe air e/iov
iravTe^ ep'yarai Tr)<; ahiKeia^' ^€K61 eare o KXavOfio^; kul o
^pvy/jLO<i Tcov oBovTcov Orav oy^rjaOai a^paafi Kai laaaK
KaL laKcoff' Kac iravra'^ tov<; 7rpo<f>T]Ta<; ev rrj fiaaiXeia rov 6eov
vfia<; he eK^aXXo/ie vov<; e^co ^ Kau rj^ovaiv airo avaToXcov Kai
hvafKov KaL ^oppa KaL vcotov Kai avaKXr^drjGOVTai, ev rr) jSaai-
Xeia Tov Oeov ^^KaL lSov KiaLv ea-)(jCLTOL oc eaovrai TrpcoroL'
KaL eiaiv irpcoroL oi eaovrai ea)(^aTOi' ^^ev avTTj ttj Tj/iepa

TTpoarjXdov Tive<; (fyapicraLOL Xeyovre^ avrco e^eXOe KaL iropevov

evrevOev on 77^0)8779 f^rt ae airoKTivai' ^-Kat airoKpLdeL^
eiirev avT0i<; iropevOevre^; eiirare ttj aXwTnjKeL Tavrrj ihov e/c-

Pet 77 ^aXXo) BaLfiovia KaL LaaeL^ €7rtTe||Xa) a-rjpLepov Kai avpLov Kai
T7] TpLTTj reXeLOVfie ^ttXtjv BeL /xe (T7]/j,epov KaL avpLov Kai ttj

e')(pfievTj TTopeveaOaL' otl ovk evB6)(^eTaL wpocpTjTTjv airoXeade e^co

Lepov(7aXTj/jL' ^lepovaaXTjfi' LepovaaXrjp,' tj airoKTivovaa Tov<i

7rpo(f)TjTa<; Kai XiOo^oXovaa tov^ a7r€aTaXfjL€vov<; Trpo? avTrjv

TroaaK6L<; TjOeXrjaa eiTLavva^aL Ta TeKva aov ov Tpoirov opiL<;

TTjv eavTTj<; voaaLav viro Ta<; iTTepvya^ KaL ovk TjOeXrjaaTaL

^ihov a(f)ceTaL v/iiv o olko<; v/jlcov epijpLo<; Xeyco Be vfiiv on ov
fiTj I
/le lBtjtc 60)9 av rj^ei ore eLTTTjTe evXoyTj/jievo<; ep-)(Ofievo<; ev
XIV. Kai eyeveTo ev too eXOeiv avTov et9 olkov tlvo<; tcjv

apxovTcov TCOV (j^apLaaLcov aa^^aTov (f>ayLv apTov KaL avTOL

Tjaav TTapaTTjpov/jLevoi avTOv -KaL lBov avOpdnro^i tl<;' tjv vBpo)-
TrLKO<; evirpoadev avTov ^Kat airoKpLdei^ iTjaov<; eiire 7rpo<;

TOL'9 vofjLiKov<; KaL (^apiaaLov^ Xe7a)i^' et e^eaTL ro) aafiffaTO)

OepaireveLv ol Be Tjav')(^aaav' ^kul eTTLXajSofievof; laaaTO avTov

Pet 78 '^^^ aTreXvaev \\

^KaL airoKpideL^ 7rpo<; avTov^ eLirev tlvo<; Vfioyv

VLO^i TJ 0ov<; €69 (ppeap evireaLTai KaL ovk ev6eo}<; avaairaarj

avTov ev ttj Tjjxepa tov aa^fBaTov ^KaL ovk ia-^^yaav avrairo-
KpiOTjvaL avTco 7rpo9 TavTa' ^eXeyev Be 11/309 TOL'9 k6kXtj-

fievov<; irapa^oXrjv eire^cov 7r&)9 Ta<; 7rp(OTOKXLaia<; e^eXeyovro

Xeycov 7rpo<; avTov<;' ^OTav KXTj6rj<; vtto tlvo<; €49 ya/jLov<; fiTj

KaTaKXiOrjf; et9 ttjv TrpcjTOKXLaeiav firjirore evTL/jLCOT€po<; aov tj

K€KXTj/jLevo<; VTT avTov ^ KaL eXOcov o ae KaL avTov j

KaXeaa<: epi
aoL 809 TovTCt) TOTTOV KaL TOTe ap^Tj fieTa ea')(yvTj<i tov ea^aTov
Lk xiv TEXT OF CODEX N. 59

TOTTOu Kare^eiv ^"^aXk orau K\r]dr]<; iropevOeu^; avaireae et? top

e(T')(aTov TOTTOV cva orav eXOrj o KefcXrj/cco^; oe epi croc cjioXe irpoa-
ava^rjdeL avcorepov Tore eare aoi So^a evcoinov iravrwv twv
o-vvavaK6L/jL€vcov aor ^^Otc 7ra? o vyjrcov eavrov raTrecvco-
drjaerar Kat o Tairivcov eavrov vylrcoOrjaerar ^'^EXeyev Be
KUi TO) KeKXrjKOTL avTOV orav ttoltj^ apcarov rj BecTTVOV pur]

(fxovec Tov<; (pL\ov<; crov pLrjSe tov^ aBeXcj^ov^i aov pb7)herovi Pet 79
avyyevec^ crov pLijSe yiTova<; TrXovcnov;' purjirore Kat avroc ere
avTifcaXeaovaetv Kao yevrjraL croc avTairohcopia ^^aXX OTav 7roc7]<;

Bo'^rju KaXeo tttco^oi;?* avairipovi' ')(^coXov<i TV<pXov<i ^^Kai pba-

KapLO<; ear] ore ovk e')(ov(7Lv avTairoBovvaL aoL avraTroBoOrjaeraL
Be aoL ev rrj avaaraaei, rcov Blkulcov ^'^ AKovcra<i Be tl^ tcov
crvvavaKLpuevcDV ravra etirev avrco /j,aKapto(; 09 (^ayerai aprov
ev TTj jSaaiXeca \
tov Oeov ^^O Be ecirev avrco avOpcoiro'^ TC<i

eiroirjaev Bvttvov pueya Kat eKaXeaev iroXXov^ ^^Kac aTreaTtXev

TOV BovXov avTOv T7J copa rov Blttvov ecircv tol'^ KeKX^qpievoi'^

ep-)(^eade ore tjBt] eroLpLa earcv iravra' ^^Kau rjp^avTO airo pLca<;

irapatTLcrOat iravres O TrpoiTO^i enrev avrco aypov ijyopaaa

Kau €%&) avayKTjv e^eXOetv Kat uBeuv avrov epcoro) ae e^e pue

TraprjrrjpLevov ^^Kat O erepo<; enrev ^evyrj ^ocov rjyopaaa

irevre Kai TTOpevopai BoKcp^aaac avra epcorco ae e^e pue 7rapr)-\\

rr)pLevov' -^/cac Ere/jo? enrev yvvacKa eyrjpia' fcat Bta rovro ov -p^^ qq
Bvvapue eXOetv ^^Kat irapayevapuevo^ o BovXo<i €klvo<; aTrrjyyiXev

TO) Kvptco avrov ravra' Tore opyiaOeu'^ o ocKoBea7ror7}<; euirev

rco BovXco avrov e^eXde ra^eay; et9 ra<; irXaria^i Kat pvpta'^
T?79 7roXea)9* Kat rov^ 7rr(0')(pv<^ Kat avairtpov^' Kat ^&)A,ol'9 Kat
TV(pXov<i etaayaye coBe '^Kat etirev BovXo<; KVpte yeyovev
0)9 enera^a^ Kat ert ro7ro<; eartv '^^
Kat etirev o KVpto^ TTpo<=i rov
BovXov e^eXOe et^ ra<; |
Ta.9 oBov<i Kat (ppayp^ov^ Kat avayKaaov
etaeXOetv tva yepbtadrj o otKO'^' ^Aeyco yap vpttv ort ovBet^;

rcov avBpcov eKtvcov rcov KeKXrjptevcov yevarjrat ptov rov Btrrvov

'^^XvveiTopevovro Be avrco o^Xot iroXXot' Kat arpa(pet<i etirev

7rp09 avrovi' ^'^et rt^ ep^erat 7rpo<; pte Kat ov pttaet rov irarepa
avrov Kat rrjv ptrjrepa' Kat rrjv yvvatKa' Kat ra reKva Kat rov<i
aBeXcf)ov<i' Kat ra^ aBeX(f)a<i ert Be Kat rrjv eavrov '\jrv)(^^r]V' ov
Bvvarat ptov etvat p,adr)rr]<; |j
^^Kat oart<; ov ^aara^et rov pet 81
aiavpov eavrov Kat ep^erat oirtaco puov ov Bvvarat etvat puov
xiY 28 ras i° erasum

60 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xiv-xv

fia6rjTri<i' ^Tt9 'yap e^ v/icov Oe\a)v Trvpyov oiKoBo/irjae' ov)(eL

irpWTov Ka6€iaa<; yl/r](l)L^€L tt/i/ Bairavijv eu e^et ra €L<; airap-
TKTfJLov "^ Lva fjL7]7roT€ devTO^ avTov OefieXiov Kai firf l(T')(^vovto<s

€KT€\e(Tac iravref; oc 6ewpovvT6<i ap^ovrat avrco efiire^eiv

^\6yovT€<; on ovto<; o avOpwiro^ jjp^aro oikoSo/jliv Kac ovk

eia'^vcrev eKreXeaar ^^rj Tf<? /3acrtXev9 iropevo/jievo^ avv^dXetv
erepo) ^aaiXet avv^aXeLv et? iroXe^ov ov\')(6l Kadeiaa^ irpcoTov
^ovXeverai ec BvvaTO<; eanv ev BeKa ')(^LXeLa<nv airavrrjaai to)
fi€Ta eiKoai y^iXeiaBiov €p')(Ofi€vco avrov ^€C
eir 8e fJLrjye en
avTov TToppco ovTO<i TrpecrjSiav a7roanXa<; epwra ra irpo^; €tpr)in)v

^OuTQ)<; ovv Tra? e^ v/jlcov 09 ovk airoTaaaerai iraaiv tol<;

eavTov v7rap')(^ovatv ov Bvvarat fjLOv etvac fxaOr^TTj^' **KaXoi/

TO aXa<? eav he Kai to aXa<i /icopavOr] ev tlvcl apTv6T](reTar
^ovTe et? 77;z/* ovTe et? Koirptav evOeTOV eaTiv e^co ^aXXovaiv
Pet 82 avTO o e')((Dv coWra aKOveiv aKoverw
XV. YLaav Be eyyc^ovTe^; avTco iravTe^ ci TeXcovai Kai oi
afiapToyXoi aKoveiv avTov ^/cac Bceyoyyv^ov 01 <f>apiaaioi Kai

Oi ypafjL/jLaTec<; XeyovTe<;' otl ovto<; a/jLapTcoXov<; TrpoaBe^eTat Kai

(TvvaiaOeLei avTOi^ ^^iirev Be 7rpo<; avTOV<; ttjv Trapa^oXrjv
TavTTjv Xeycov ^Ti^; avdpa)7ro<; ef vfjiwv e')((Dv CKaTov irpo^aTa
Kai a7roXeaa<; ev e^ avTwv ov KaTaXenreL Ta evevrjKovTa evvea
ev TT) epr]fjL(t) Kai iropeveTe ein to a7roX(oXo<; eco? ov evpr) avTO'
^Kai evpcov \
eTTiTiOrjaeiv ein T0v<i a)/jLOv<; avTov 'XjaLpwv ^Kai
eXOcov €t9 Tov oiKOv (TvvKaXeiTe tov<; (piXov^ Kai tov<; yiTOva<;
avTOv Xeycov avTOi<; avy^^^apTjTe fioi OTi evpov to TTpo/SaTov fiov
TO aTToXcoXo^i' ^X67co v/iiv OTi ovT(o<; X^P^ eaTai ev to) ovpavo)
eiTi evi a/jLapT(oXa) fieTavoovvTi t] ein evevrjKOVTa evvea BiKaioi^'
0iTive<; ov %/3tai/ e^ovaiv /jLeTavva<;' ^H Tt<? yvvrj Bpa^f^a^
e^ovcra BeKa eav airoXeari Bpa^l-^V^ fiiav ov^^i aiTTei Xv^yov
Pet 83 Kai aapoi ttjv OiKiav Kai ^rjTei e7rt||/xeXa)9 eo)? otov evpr] ^ Kai
evpovaa avyKaXei Ta<; (f)iXa<; Kai Ta^ yiTOva<; Xeyovaa avv-
^ap7;Tat /xof OTi evpov ttjv Bpax/J'V^ V^ airooXeaa' ^^ovTcof; Xeyay
vfjLiv %a/3a yiveTai ev ovpavco evcoTTiOv tcov ayyeXwv tov Beov

eiTi evi afMapTwXo) /leTavoovvTi' ^^Kiirev Be avOpcjirof; Ti9

eiX^v Bvo viov<i' ^'Kai enrev o vecoTepo<; avTwv t(o iraTpi iraTep
Bo<^ /jLOi TO eTTi^aXXo'i r?;? ovaia<^ Kai BeieiXev avTOi<; tov ^lov
^^Kai fieT ov TToXXa? rjfiepa^ avvayayoiv airavTa ve(OTepo<i
xiv 31 (rw/SaXetf bis scriptum xv 12 u ^epos supra c7ri/SaXXo$ tt^s scriptum

1^609 aTreSrj/jirjaev |
et? ')((Dpav fxaKpav KaKei Bceo-KopTnaev T7]v
ova Lav avTov ^cov acrcdrco^ ^^hairavr^aavTO'; he avrov iravra
€y€i'6T0 Xt/A09 L(r')(upo^ Kara ttjv ')(^copav eKCvrjv Kai avTO<; Tjp^aro
varepiaOar ^^Kai TLopevOei^; eKoXkijOrj evi rcov ttoXitcov t7}<;

'^(Dpa'^ 6KCV7)<; Kai eirefiyfrev avrov et? TOV<i aypov<; avTOV ^0(tk€iv
'^ocpov<; ^^Kac eireOvixei ye/jLcare rrjv KOikiav avrov arro rcov
Keparicov (ov rjadtov ol x^P^^ ^^* ouSet? eSiBov avrco ^^e/9 eavrov
he eXOcov enrev ircoaoL fjbicrdeLot rov 7rarpo<; fxov irepKraevovo-LV Pet 84 ||

aprcov eyco Be coSe Xi/nco airoWvixai ^^avaaraf; Tropevaofie tt/oo?

rov rrarepa /jlov Kac epco avrco rrarep Tjfiaprov et? tov ovpavov
Kai evoiTTLov aov ^^Kai ovKeri eifiL a^io^ /cXr}67]vat vlo<; gov ttoc-

7)(T0v fie 0)9 eva rcov /uLcaOtoyv aov ^^Kac avaara<; rfkOev TTpo<i rov
irarepa avrov Ert Be avrov fiaKpav aTre^ovro^ iBev avrov
irarrjp avrov Kai eaTrXayx^cadr] Kat Bpa/icov eirerreaev eirt

rov rpa^V^ov avrov Kac KarecpiXrjaev avrov ^^^CTrev Be

avrco vto<; rrarep rj/juaprov 6t9 rov ov\pavov Kai evcowcov aov
Kai ovKeri eifiei a^to<; K\r]6r]vai, vco<; aov ^l^Lirev Be o iTarrjp
7r/309 TOL'9 Bov\ov<; avrov e^eveyKare aroXr)v rrjv rrpcorrjv Kai
evBvaare avrov Kai Bore BaKrvXcov et9 rrjv %6ipa avrov Kat
vrroBrifxara et9 TOL'9 7roBa<; ^^Kat eveyKOvre<; rov fioa^ov rov
airevrov Ovaare Kai ^ayovre<; evcppavdcofxev ^'^on ovro^ o vlo<;

fiov veKpo<; ijv Kat ave^rjaev Kai airoXcoXco^; r)v Kat TjvpeOr]' Kat
Tjp^avro ev^peveaOai' "^^tjv Be o vio<; Avrov o rrpea^vrepo^ ev

aypco II
Ktti 0)9 epxplJi'evo^ rjyytaev rrj oLKeca rjKovaev aviJL<f)covLa<; Pet 85

Kat xppcov ^^Kao TrpoaKaXeaa/juevo^; eva rcov iraiBcov errvvOavero

TO rt, av eiT) ravra ^''o Be eirrev avrco on o aBeXcfto^ aov TjKei'

Kat eOvaev o rrarrip aov rov fjuoa^pv rov atrevrov ort vytevovra
avrov aTreXajSev ^^copytaOrj Be Kat ovk rjOeXev etaeXdetv O
ovv Trarrjp avrov e^eXOcov irapeKaXet avrov ^^O Be airoKpt-
6et<; eiirev rco rrarpt avrov tBov roaavra errj BovXevco aot Kat
ovBeirore evroXrjv aov iraprfKdov Kat e/jtot ovBeirore eBcoKa^ \

ept(f)ov tva fiera rcov (jytXcov /jlov ev(f)pav6co ^^ore Be o vto<i aov
ovro<; o aov rov ^tov fiera
Karacpaycov rcov iropvcov r)X6ev
eOvaa^ avrco rov fjuoa^ov rov atrevrov ^^O Be etrrev avrco
reKvov av iravrore fier e/juov et' Kat rravra ra e/xa aa eartv
^^ev(j)pavdrjvat Be Kat x^prjvat eBer ort o aBeX<po<; aov ovro<;
veKpo^ 7]v Kat ave^rjaev Kat a7ra)Xft)X&)9 V^ Kat rjvpeOr)'

32 correxit s, m, aTroXwXwj

XVI. EXe^ei^ Be Kai irpo^ tov<; /laOrjraf; avrov avdp(oiTO<;

TL<i 7)v 7r\ov(TLo<; 09 €L)^€v oiKovofJLov KUL ovTO<; Bce/SXrjdT] avTO) II

Pet 86 0)9 BiaaKopTTC^cov ra v7rap')(ovTa avrov ^Kai (fycovrjaa^; avrov

eiTrev avrco' tl tovto aKovto irept aov a7roSo<; rov Xoyov t?/?

OLKovo/jiiaf;' aov ov yap hwrjarj en OLKOPO/ieiv ^EtTrey 8c

ev eavTO) o olkovo^jlo^ tl iroirjaco on o /cvptof; fiov a(j>€peiTe rrjv

OLKOvofjLiav air aKairnv ovfc ia')(^v(i) eirenv aia')(yvop.e

^eyvwv n Trocrjao) iva orav fieraaradco e/c tt;? oiKovo/JLia<;
he^ovrat fie et? rov^ olkov<; eavrcov ^Kat irpoaKaXeaafievo^
eva eKaarov rcov ')(peo(pt\eT(ov \
rov Kvpuov eavrov eXeyev rcj

Trpcorco rroaov ocf)LX€t<; rco Kvpio) fiov ^o 8e eirrev eKarov ^arov<;

eXeov Kac enrev avrco Be^e aov ra ypafju/xara Kai Ka6Laa<;
ra')(^e(D<i ypayjrov irevrr^Kovra' "^Yjinra erepco etrrev av Be
rroaov 0(f)iX€t'; o Be eiirev eKarov Kopov; atrov Kai Xeyei avrco
Be^e aov ra ypa/jL/xara' Kai Kadtaa'^ ra'^eco'; ypayjrov oyBorjKOvra'
^Kat eirrjveaev o Kvpco'i rov olkovo/jlov tt;? aBiKeia<; on (ppovificj^

eTTOLTjaev on ol viol rov accovof; rovrov (j^povL/jLcorepoc eiaiv irrrep

Pet 87 rov<; ||
viov; rov (fxoro^; et<; rrjv yeveav rrjv eavrcov ^ Kayco vficv

Xeyco TTOLTjaare eavroL<i c^iXov^; eK rov fiafxcova r?/? aBiKeia<;' iva

orav eKXiTTTj Be^covrai vfiaq et? ra<i aLcoviov<; aK7]va<;' ^^O
7rLcrro<; ev €Xa)(^carco Kai ev rroXXco maro^ eanv Kac o ev
eXa')(^Larco aBcKOf;' Kac ev ttoXXco aBiKo<; eanv "et ovu ev rco
aBiKco fia/jLcova inaroL ovk eyeveaOe' ro aXrjdivov n<; vpav
marevaet ^^KaL et ev rco aXXorptco maroL ovk eyeveade ro
Vfierepov n<^ vpav Bcoaei ^^OvBeL<; oiK€rr}<; \
Bvvarat Bvaiv
KvpLOL<; BovXevecv et yap rov eva /jLiarjaei Kai rov erepov
ayaTTTjaer tj evo<; avde^erac Kat, rov erepov Karac^povrjaar ov
Bvvaadac 6eco BovXevecv Kat fiaficova' ^*Hkovov Be ravra
rravra Kat ot (paptaatot (f)tXapyvpot v7rap')(ovre<i Kat e^e/jLVKrrj-

pt^ov avrov ^^Kat et-rrev avrot^ v/it<i earai ot BiKatovvre^;

eavrov<i evcorrtov rcov avOpcorrcov o Be Oeo^ ytvcoaKet ra<; KapBta^
vfjLcov ort ro ev av6pco7rot<; vyjrrjXov ffBeXvy/ia evcomov rov
Pet 88 Oeov \\
^^O vofio<s Kat ot 7rpocf)T]rat eo)? tcoavvov arro rore rj

^aatXeta rov Oeov evayyeXet^ere Kat Tra? €t<; avrrjv ^ta^erat

^"^KvKOTTcorepov Be eartv rov ovpavov Kat rrjv yrjv irapeXOetv
7} rov vofjLOv fjLtav Kepeav ireaetv ^^Ila? o airoXvcov rrjv

xvi 13 codex Karacppovrjaai

Lk xvi-xvii text of codex n. 63

'yvvaiKa eavTov Kai ^a^ioav erepav fiOL')(^ev€i' Kac vra? o avro-

XeXvfievrjv airo avBpo<; ya/xcov jJbOiy^eveL' ^^Avdpo)7ro<; Be ti<;

7]V ir\ovaLo<^ Kai eveScBvaKero irop(^vpav Kai ^varaov €V(f>p€-

vo/jL€VO<; KaO Tjfiepav \a/ji7rpo)<; ^^tttcoI^t^o? Se tc<; r]v ovofJLaTC
Xa^apoq' 09 e/3e/3X?;TO tt/oo? tov TrvXcova avrov eiXKcofievo'; ^^Kat

€7n6vfi(ov ')(opTaadr}vaL airo twv ylrc^eicov rcov TrtTrrovTCOv airo

Tr)<; Tpa7re^r]<; tov irXovcTLOv. aXXa Kai oi Kvve^ ep')(^o/jL6voi,

aTreXc^^ov ra eXKrj avrov ^'-eyevero Be aTToOaviv tov irroy^ov

Kai a7rev6')(^d7]vaL avrov viro rcov ayyyeXcov et? tov koXttov
affpaa/j,' arreOavev Be Kat o rrXovaio^ Kai 6Ta(f)rj ^'^Kac ev tco
aBr) eirapa'^ tov<; 0(f)daXfjL0V(; avrov virap^oiv ev j3aaavoL<; opa
TOV a^paafi airo fxaKpoOev ||
icat Xa^apov ev tol<; koXttoc^; avrov Pet 89

^/cai avro^ (jicovrjaa^; ecrrev irarep ajSpaafX' eXerjaov jxe Kai

Tre/jLyjrov Xa^apov iva ^a-^r] aKpov rov Ba/crvXov avrov
vBaro<; Kac KaTa'^v)(r] ttjv yXcoaaav fjuov on oBvvco/jLac ev rrj
^Xoyei ravTT)' "^eirrev Be K^paafju reKvov /jLvrjadrjrc ore arre-

Xa/3e9 ra ayaOa crov ev rrj ^corj aov Kai, Xa^apo<i' o/jLOLa)<; ra

KaKa' vvv Be coBe irapaKaXetrao av Be oBvvaae -^Kac eirc rraaiv
T0VT0L<; fiera^v vficov Kac r)/jLO)V' ^aoryita fieya earr^pcKrac otto)?

oc OeXovre^ Bca/3rjvac \
evOev 7rpo<i vfia^ fjcr} Bvvovrac fjLijBe ot

€Kc6ev 7rpo<; rj/jcaf; Biairepcoacv ^"^YiCirev Be epcorco ovv ae

rrarep a^paafju' cva rre/i'^r]'^ avrov et? rov ockov tov 7rarpo<;
fjLOv ^^e^co yap rrevre aBeXcfiov^ ott&x? BcafMaprvprjrac avToc<;
cva /jLT] Kac avroc eXSwaiv et? rov rorrov rovrov rr)<; ^acravov
^Aeyec Be avro)' a^paafju' e^ftXJt ficovo-ea Kac tov<; rrpo^rjra^;
aKovaarcocrav avrcov '^^o Be ecrrev ov')(ec Trarrjp afipafi' aXX
eav rc<; airo veKpcov rropevOr) irpo'; avrov^ /jceravorjaovacv ^^ ecrrev

Be avro) \\
ec /jccovaeco^; Kac rcov vrpocprjrcov ovk aKOvovacv ovBe Pet 90
eav Tt9 eK veKpcov avaarr] Trcadrjaovrac
XVII. Ecrrev Be irpo^ rov; fjLa6r)ra<; avevBeKrov earcv
rov /JL7) eXOcv ra aKavBaXa' ovac Be Be ov ep'y^erac '^XvacreXe<s
avrco ec fjLvXo'^ ovcko^; rrepCKecrat rrepc rov rpa^rjXov avrov
Kac eppcrrre ev rrj OaXaaarj rj cva (TKavBaXcarj eva rcov /uLCKpcov
rovrcov ^Ilpoae')(^ere eavroc<; eav afiaprr} et? <re o aBeX(j>o<;
aov eircrcfjcrjaov avrco' Kac eav fieravorjcrT] \
a(^e9 avro)' ^Kac
eav errraKec^ rr)<; 7]/jLepa<; a/jbaprrjaT] et? ae Kac e7rraKec<; r7]<^

25 TeKPov'] littera r supra /x et e inter lineas scripta

64 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xvii

7j/jL€pa<; eTTLarpeyfrT) Xeycov /jLeravoco a(t>7jo'L<; avro)' ^Kai eiirov

OL aTToaroXoc t(o Kvptco 7rpoa6€<i tj/jLcv Tnarcv ^etirev 8e o LT)aov<i

€c e')(eTai Tnarcv w? kokkov aivaireoi^ eXeyeTac av ttj avKafiLvto

TavTTj €Kpc^codr)TL Kac (f)VTev67]TC ev T7] OaXacrar) Kat vtttjkov-
aep av v/jliv "^tl^; Se ef vfjL(ov BovXov E;)^&)i/ aporpLOjvra
Pet 91 7} TTOifjLevovra 09 eiaeXOovTL eK rov aypov epec avTco €v\\6€(0^

irapeXOoiv avairecraL' ^ aXX ov^et ept avrco eroifiaaov tl hnrvrjacd

Kat Trepc^coaafjLevo^ BiaKovi fioc ew? av (^ayo) Kac ttloo Kac /juera

ravra (payeaat Kac Trieaac av ^fir) %apti/ ep^et to) BovXco €klv(o
ore eTTOCTjaev ra Biara-^^OevTa ov Bokco' ^^outo)? /cat, vfit<i orav
7roc7](T7]T€ TTavTa ra BiaTa)(^6evTa v/jllv Xeyerai BovXot a-)(pLOL

eafiev on o(f)cXo/i€v Trotrjae TreTrocrjKafiev "Kai eyevero \

ev TOO iropeveaOau avrov et9 t€pov(TaXr)/jL Kat avTO^; Bi7)p')(^eT0 hia

fjLeaov aa/jLapi a<; Kat yaXiXaia^; ^^Kat eLa€p')(oiJLevov avrov ei^
TLva Kcofirjv virrjvTrjaav avTco BeKa XeirpoL avBpe^; ol earrjaav
TToppcoOev ^^Kai avrot, rjpav (fxovrjv Xeyovre^; trjaov eircaTaTa
eXerjaov r]ixa<; ^^Kau ecBcov etirev avToi<; iropevOevre^; eTTLSt^are
eavTov; rot^ lepevaetv Kat eyevero ev tco virayeiv avTov<;
eKa9epLa6rjaav' ^^ei<; Be ef avrcov lBo)v on taOrj virearpeyfrev
/lera (f)(0V7]<i fieyaXrjf; Bo^a^wv rov Oeov ^^Kat eireaev em irpoa-
Fet 92 cDTTOv irapa tovs TroSa? avrov \\
ev)(^api,(TT(ov avrco Kac avro<i
7}v aapiapcrr}^' ^"^ AiroKpcOecf; Be crjcrov; ecirev ov)(ec' oc

BeKa eKaOepLaOrjcrav' oc Be evvea rrov ^^oi/^ evpedrjaav vrrO'

arpeyjravre<; Bovvac Bo^av rco 6eco ec firj aXXoyevT)<; ovro<:

^^ Kac ecirev avro) avaara<; rropevov 7] Triarc^; aov aeawKev ae*

^^7rep(orr]6ec<; Be viro rcov (fyapcaaccov irore ep^erac tj ^aacXeia
rov Oeov aTreKpcdrj avroc<; Kac enrev ovk ep'x^erac i] ^aacXeia
rov Oeov fjcera 7rapaT7]p7]aea)<;' ^^ovBe epovacv cBov (oBe r) cBov eKei
lBov yap 7] ^aacXeca rov Oeov \
evro^; vfjccov earcv "EtTrei/
Be TTpof; rov^ /jbaOrjra^; eXevaovrac rj/jcepac ore eirLOvfirfat^rac

ficav rcov rjfiepwv rov vcov rov avOpcoirov cBecv Kac ovk o-\lrea6ac'

^Kac epovacv v/icv cBov coBe rj cBov eKec o ')(^pcaro<: firj ircarevar}-
rac /jLr)Be a7reX67)re' /jcrjBe Bcco^yrac "^flaTrep yap rj aarpairr)
aarpairrovaa' e/c rrj^ vtt ovpavov ec^ rrjv vir ovpavov Xa/xTrec

ovr(i)<i earac Kac o vco^ rov avOpwirov ev rrj ij/jcepa avrov

^^11 pcorov Be Bee avrov TroXXa TraOecv Kac airoBoKcpLaaOrjvac airo

xvii 6 eXe7eTat] + rasura litterarum at

Lk xvii-xviii TEXT of codex n. 65

T^9 y€vea<; ravrr]^ ||

'^^Kai Ka6o)<; eyevero ev Tai,<; r]/ub€paL<; vcoe Pet 93

ovT(o<; eare Kat ev TaL<; 7]fji€paL<; tov vlov tov av6p(07rov ^"^rjo-Otov*

eiTLVOv' eya/jLovv e^eya/jn^ovTo ci')(pt t;? rjfiepa^ eiarjXOev vcoe

€t? TT]v klI3(i)tov Kat rfkOev o KaTaK\vafio<; Kat UTTcoXeaev airav-

ra?' ^^OfjLocco^ Kai w? eyevero ev Tac<; rjiiepaL^; Xcot' rja-dcov

eiTLVov Tjyopa^ov eircokovv e(j)VTevov coKoBofiovv ^^rj Be rj/juepa

e^rjkOev Xcot airo aoSoficov effpe^e irvp kul Olov aTr ovpavov
KttL aircdXeaev a7ravTa<i ^^Kara ra avra ecrrat tj rj/juepa ev tj o
uto? I
TOV avOpayirov aTTOfcaXvTTTeTar ^^Ej/ e/civT) ttj rj/juepa

09 eaTac eirc tov Bco/-LaTO<; Kat Ta (TKevrj avTov ev ttj ocKeia

fir) KaTa^aTco apat avTa' Kai o ev tco aypco o/jlol(i)<; /jutj eiri-

aTpey^aTco et9 xa ottlctco' ^^^vrjjjboveveTaL t7]<; yvvaiKO<; Xcot

^09 eav ^rjTTjo-r] ttjv yfrvx^jv avTOv crcoaac airoXeaei avTTjv
KUL 09 eav aiToXeaei avTTjv ^cooyovrjcret avTrjv ^^Aeyco v/jllv

TavTTj TTJ vvKTC Bvo eaovTttt eiTL KXiV7]<; fiLa<; ec<; irapaXTJix^Or]-
crerat Kai o €Tepo<; a(f)e\\67]creTar ^^Evo ecrovTac aXirjOovcrai Pet 94
ein TO avTO fjLta 7rapaXr)/ji(f>d7]aeTaL Kai rj eTepa a(f)e67]aeTar
^^Kat aTTOKpiOevTe'i Xeyovcnv avTco irov Kvpie o he etirev avTOC<;
oirov TO (Tcofia eKei avva')(jd7](70VTaL ot aeTor
XVIII. l^jXeyev 8e Kai, irapaffoXrjv avToc<; 7rpo9 to Blv irav-
TOTe iTpo(Tev')(^ea6ai avTov; Kai /jltj eyKaKiv ^Xeycov K.piT7]<i

Tfc9' ijv ev Tivei TToXei tov deov /jltj ^o/3ov/jLevo<;' Kai avdpcoirov
fiT] evTpe7ro/jLevo<;' ^XVP^ ^^ '^^'^ V^ ^^ "^V 'JroXei eKivr] Kai Tjp^eTo
avTov Xeyovaa eK^iKrjaov fie airo tov avTiBiKov fiov ^Kai
ovK TjdeXev eiri ')^povov' Mera 8e TavTa eiirev ev eavTco ei

Kai TOV Oeov ov (fioffovfiai Kai avOpcoirov ovk evTpeirofiar ^Bia

ye TO irape^eiv fioi kottov^ ttjv ')(7jpav TavTrjv eKBiKrjaco avTrjv
iva fiT) et9 TeXo9 ep')(^ofievr} fie VTroTTia^r)' ^EtTrei^ Be o KVpio<^

aKovaaTai ti o KpiT7)<; tt]^ aBiKeia<^ Xeyei ^o Be 6eo<; ov firj

TToirjcTT) TTfv eKBiKijcTiv Tcov eKXeKTcov avTov Tcov ^ocovTcov 7rpo<^

avTOv r]fiepa<; \\
Kai vvkto^ Kai fiaKpoOvficov eir avToi<; ^vai Xeyco Pet 95

vfiiv oTi ev Ta^ei Troirjaei ttjv eKBiKrjcriv avTcov ttXtjv o vio<i

TOV avOpcoTTOv eXdcov apa evprjaei ttjv tticttiv ein TTjq yrjv
^EfcTrei/ Be Kai irpo^ Tiva<; tov<; 7re7roi6oTa<; ecj) eavToi<i oti eicriv
BiKaioi Kai e^ovBevcovTa^; tov<} Xoi7rov<; ttjv irapa^oXrjv tuvttjv
'^^AvdpcoTTot Bvo ave^Tjaav ei^ to lepov rrpoaev^aaOar o ei<;

(^apiaaio^ Kai o eTepo<; TeXcovrj<; "O ovv (fiapiaaio^; aTaOei^;

7rpo9 eavTov Tavra 7rpocnjv')(^€TO \
o 6eo<; ev^apiaTco aoi oti ovk
C. 5
66 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xviii

eifiet wairep ol Xoittol t(dv avOpcoirayv apiraye^' aBi/cor fioi^or i

7) Kac 6)9 ovTO^ reXcovTjf; ^-vrjarevco St? rov aa^^arov airo-

BeKarcD iravra oaa Krco/jLar ^^Kai o TeXcovrj^; /iaKpo6ev €<TT(o<i

ovK rfOeXev ovhe rov^i o(f)6a\/iov(; et? rov ovpavov eirapar aXX*
erviTTev et? to arr^Oo^ avrov Xeycov o 6eo<; iXaaOrjri /jlol to)

afiapTcoXco' ^^Ae70) vfiiv Kare^r] ovto<; BeSiKaicofievof; ei^

Tov OLKOV avTov 7} ^ap €Kcvo<;' oTi 7ra<; o vyjrcov eavrov raTrivco-
Pet 96 6r](T€\TaL o he raTrivcov eavrov v^wOrjaerai' ^^Tlpoae^epov
Be avTco Kai ra ^pe<f)7j tva avrcov aTrrrjTaL t8ovT€<; Be oi fjLaOrjrai
eTreri/iTjaav avT0L<;' ^^O Be L'r)aov<; 7rpoaKaXe<Ta/xevo<; avra
eiirev a<f)€Tac ra TraiBia epxeaOau irpo<; fie teat firj KcoXvere avra
T(t)v 'yap TOiovTcov eartv 77 ^aaiXeta rov deov ^"^afirjv yap Aeyo)
VfJLLV 09 eav fiT] Be^rjrar rrjv ^acnXeLav rov deov o)? iraiBiov
ov firj eiaeXdrf ei<; avrrjv ^^Kat eTrrjpcoTTjaev avrov ri<; ap^wj;
Xeycov BcBaafcaXe ayaOe rt iroii^aaf; ^corjv \
aicovtov KXrjpovo-
fiTjaw ^^^Lirev Be avroo o irjaov; rt /le Xeyei^: ayaOov ovBeif;

aya6o<^ et fir] et? o Seo'; -^ra<; evroXa<; oiBa<;' fir} fioL')(evar]^ firf

<f)Ovev(Tr]^ fir] KXeyjrr]<;' fir] '\jrevBofiaprvpr](;' rifia rov rrarepa

(TOV Kai rr]v fierepa aov -^o Be ecirev iravra ravra €<f>vXa^afirjv
e/c veorr]ro^ fiov ^'-aKOvaa<i Ae ravra o irjaov^; eiirev avrw
en ev aoi Xiirei iravra oaa e-^ei^; 7ra)Xr]aov Kac So? irrcD-^oL^;
Kai 6^ei9 6r]aavpov ev ovpavco Kat Bevpo aKoXovdei fiot '^0 Be
Pet 97 aKovcra^ ravra irepLXviro^ eyevero p rjv yap TrXovaiof; acpoBpa'
^lBcov Be avrov o ir]crov<; rrepcXvirov yevafievov enrev tto)?

BvaKoXa)<; 01 ra '^pijfiara e^^oi^re? eiaeXevaovrai et? rr]v ^aai-

Xecav rov deov ^evKOTTcorepov eari KafirfXov Bia rpvfiaXeia^
pa(j)LBo<^ ecaeXOeiv r] irXovauov et? rr]v ^aacXetav rov Oeov eiaeX'
6eiv '^ecTTov Be ol a/covaavre<; Kac rc<i Bvvarac a(iy6i]vac' ^o Be
ecirev ra aBvvara rrapa avOpwiroc^ Bvvara earcv irapa rco deoa

^EiCTrev Be o Trerpo^i cBov r]fic^ a<f)r]K . fiev iravra Kac . koXov-

Orjaa ev . (toi |
^o Be ecirev Afrot? afir]v Xeyco vficv ore ovBec<i

earcv o? a(f>r]Kev ocKcav r] yovec<i' rj aSeX^ou?' r] yvvaiKa r] reKva

eveKev rrj<; ffaacXeia<; rov Oeov ^0? ov fir] airoXajSr] iroXXa-
rrXaacova ev rco Kacpco rovrw Kac ev to) acoyvc rco €p')(Ofiev(0

^ci)r]v ac(i)vtov KXr]povofir]aec' ^^HapaXa^cov Be rov<s BcoBeKa

ecirev 7rpo<; avrov<i cBov ava^acvofiev et? cepoooXvfia Kac reXe- 1

adi]aerai iravra ra yeypafifieva Bia rwv irpocjiyrcov rco veto

rov avdpwirov ^-irapaBo\[

Lk xix TEXT OF CODEX N. 67

Desunt folia tria usque ad xix 17.

cTLav ex^yv eiravcd BeKa iroXecov ^^Kau rjXOev O S€VT6po<; Pet 98

Xeycov Kvpte rj fivaf; aov eiroLrjo-e irevre fiva^ '^^eiirev Be /cat,

TOVTO) Kai av ytvov eiravo) irevre TroXecov ^°/cat erepo^; rjXOev

\e'y(i3V Kvpte iSov rj fjLva<; aov rjv €C)(ov airoKLjjievriv ev (tov-

Bapco) "^^ecfyojSov/jLTjv yap ae on av6pco7ro<i avaTr]po<; er epet?

ovK eOrjKa^' Kai Oept^ei^ o ovtc e(77recpa<;' Kat avvay6C<i oOev
ov 8t€(TKop7rt(Ta^' ^^Aeyec avrco €k tov o-TOjiaTo^ aov KpLvco
ae TTOvrjpe BovXe 7]Bec<i ore eyco avOpcoiro^ avarrjpo^ \
ecfiec acpcov

OVK edijKa Kac 6epc^cov o ovk eairipa' Kat avvaycov oOev ov

BieafcopTTcaa' ^^Kat Bian ovk eScoKa^; /jlov to apyvpiov fiov ein
Tpaire^av Kat eyco eXOcov aw tokcd av eirpa^a avTO' ^Kac tol<;

irapearcoaiv eiirev apare air avTov rrjv fivav Kat Bore tco Ta<;
BeKa fjLva<; exovTC ^^Kai eiirjov avrco Kvpie e;^et BeKa fxva<;'

"^Keyco yap v/jlcv otl iravri tco exovTi BoOrjaeTai' airo Be tov

fir] exovTO<i Kat o e^j^et apOrjaerat air avTov ^^IIXt/z/ tou?

exOpov<; fiov eKtvov^ tou? iit) \\
OeXrjaavTa^ fie /SaatXevaat eir Pet 99

avTov<; ayayeTat coBe Kat KaTaacfya^arat avTov<; efiirpoaOev

fiov ^Kat etiTcov Tavra eiropeveTo efiirpoaOev ava^atvcov
et? tepoaoXvfia' -^Kat eyeveTO w? rjyytaev et9 ^rjOcjyayrj Kat
^r)9avtav' irpo<; to opo<; to KoXovfievov eXatcov aireaTtXev Bvo
Tcov fiaOrfTcov avTov ^^etircov virayerat et<; ttjv KarevavTt kco/jltjv

ev rj eiairopevofievot evprjaerat ircoXov BeBefievov ecf) ov ovBet<;

ircoiTOTe avOpcoircov eKaOtaev XvaavTe<^ avTov ayayerat fiot'

^^Kat I
eav rt? vfxa<i epcoTa BtaTt Xvere ovtco<; epetTe avTco oTt o
Kvpto<^ auTov xp^^^ ^X^^' ^^AireXdovTe<; Be ot aireaTaXfievot
evpov KaOco<^ etirev avTot<i' ^^Xvovtcov Be avrcov tov ttcoXov etirov
ot KvpLot avTov irpo<; avTov<;' Tt Xvere tov ircoXov ^ot Be etirov

OTt o Kvpto<; avTOv %ptai/ e^j^et* ^^Kat 7]yayov avTov irpo^; tov
trjaovv Kat eirtpty^avTe<^ eavTcov Ta tfiaTta eirt tov ircoXov
eire^t^aaav tov trjaovv ^^iropevofxevov Be avTov rfBrj vireaTpcov-
vvov Ta tfiaTta eavTcov ev ttj oBco' ^eyyt^ovTO<; Be avrov rjWBr] Pet 100

Trpo? T7] KaTajSaaet' tov opov<^ tcov eXatcov ijp^avTo airav to

irXrfdo^ TCOV fiadrfrcov ^^at/^oi/re? atvetv tov Oeov (f)covr] fieyaXr)
irept iraacov cov tBov Bvvafiecov ^XeyovTe<i evXoyrjfievo^i o epxo-

xix 21 et] p. m. ee 23 fxov to apyvpiov fiov] sic


fievo'^ 0acn\ev<; ev ovofian Kvptov eipijvr} ev ovpavw Kat ^o^a I

ev v^L(TTOL<; ^^Kat TLve^ Tcov (f>apcaat(av airo tov oVKov

ecTTOv 7rpo<; avrov BcBaaKoXe eTriTi/jLrjaov TOi<; fiaO'qraL^ aov
*^Kat aTTOKpiOec^ enrev avTOL<; a/jLijv Xeyco vfiiv on eav ovTot tj

aico'7rr)(Tov(TLV oc \i6ot KeKpa^ovrar ^^

Kat o)? |
r^y^yiaev iBcov T7)v
iroXiv eKXavaev eir avrr) ^-Xeycov on ei eyvco^i Kat av Kai ye
ev TT) aov ravrr] ra 7rpo9
r)/jLepa eiprjvrjv aov vvv he €Kpv0rj
airo o(f)6a\/ia)v aov ^orc rj^ovacv ijfiepaL eiri ae Kau Trapa^a-
\ovaiv 01 eyOpOL aov y^apaKa aoc Kai TrepcKVKXoyaovaip ae kcu
avve^ovat ae iravToOev ^Kat eBa(f>iovat ae Kat ra reKva aov \

ev aot' Kat ovk ac^rfaovatv ev aot \t6ov eirt XtOw av6 cov ovk
eyv(t3^ TOV Katpov T779 eirLaKOTrrj^; aov ^Kai etaeXOcov et<; to
Pet 101 tepov ijp^aTo eK^aXXetv |I tov^ 7r(oXovvTa<; Kat ayopa^ovTa<; ^Xe-
7&)i^ avTot<; yeypaiTTat oTt o otKO<; fiov otKo<^ 7rpoaev-)^7)<; eaTtv v/jli^

Be avTov eirotrjaaTat airrfXatov XrjaTcov *~Kat t]v BtBaaKwv 1

KaO r)fjLepav ev to) tepco' ot Be ap^t^epet^; Kat ot ypafifiaTet^; e^rjrovv

avTov aiToXeaat Kat ot TrpcoTot tov Xaov ^^Kat ou^ evptaKov to
Tt TTOti^acoatv o Xao^; yap aTra? e^eKpe/xaTO avTov aKovcov 1

XX. Kat eyeveTo ev /ita tcdv r^fxepcov eKtveov BtBaaK0VT0<;

TOV Xaov ev tco tepco Kat evayyeXt^o/ievov eTreaTrjaav ot \

apy^tepet^i Kat ot ypafjifjLaTet<; aw Tot<; 7rpea^vTepot<; ^Kat etirov

Trpo^ avTOv XeyovTe<; etrre Tjfitv ev irota e^ovata ravTa 7roiei<i

7} Tt9 eaTtv o Bov<s aot ttjv e^ovatav TavTijv ^ XiroKpiOet';

Be o t7)aov<i etirev Trpo*; avTOV^; epcoTrjaco v/ia<; Kayco eva Xoyov
Kat etTTaTat jiot *to ^airTtafxa to tcoavvov iroOev rjv ef ovpavov
7) e^ avOpcoTTcov ^ot Be BteXoytaovTo 7rpo9 aXr)Xov<; XeyovTe^ eav
etTTcofxev ef ovpavov epet rjfjitv BtaTt ovv ovk errtaTevaaTat avTa
Pet 102 ^eav Be etTrcofiev \\
e^ avOpcoircDv 7ra? o Xaof; KaTaXtOaaet t]p.a^

Treirta/jLevo'; yap eaTtv t(oavvr)v 7rpo(f)r)Tr)v etvat' Kat aire'

KpiOrjaav firj etBevat TroOev ^Kat o tyaov; etirev avTOi^

ovBe eyo) Xeyco vfitv ev irota e^ovata TavTa Trotw ^Hpfa

Be iTpo<i TOV Xaov Xeytv ttjv irapafioXrjv TavTrjV avOpcDiro^
ecpvievaev a/xTreXcova' Kat e^eBoTo avTOv ye(i)pyot<; Kat aireBrj'

fjtijae y^povov^ tKavovi ^'^Kat ev tco '^povco aireaTtXev 7rpo<; tov^

yecopyov<i BovXov tva airo tov Kapirov tov afiireXwvo's Bcoatv avT(0*
Ot Be yecopyot Bt\pavTe<; avTOV e^aireaTtXav Kevov ^^
Kat irpoaed-
€T0 Trffji-^frat eTepov BovXov ot Be KaKetvov BtpavTe^ Kat aTt/xaaavT€^
XX 'J J7^^aJ sic ex errore scribae

e^airecmXav fcacvov ^^Kat irpocreOeTO Tre/jiyjraL rpirov ot Be

Kai TOVTOv Tpav/jLaTca'avTe<; e^e^aXov ^^E^Trey ^e o Kvpwi
Tov afJuireXcdvof; re 7rocr)o-co irefi^o) rov viov fxov rov ayaTrrjrov
iaco<i TOVTOV l8ovt6^ €VTpa7rr]<70VTar ^^ISoz^re? Se avTov oc
ryecopyoc eiirov 7rpo<; eavTOV<; XeyovTe^ ovto^ eaTLV o KXrjpovo/xo<}
airoKTLvco/jievavTov cva Tjficov yevrjTau 77 KXrjpovojJLLa ^^Kat || Pet 103
€Kl3aXovTe<; avTov e^co tov a/jL7r6X(ovo<; aireKTivav tl ovv TrocrjcTei
Kvpto<; tov a/jL7r€Xcovo<; ^^eXevaeTau Kai aizwXeGei tov<^ yecopyov^;
rovTov<; Kau tov afiTreXcova €kSco(T6c aXXoc^ yea)pyoL<; Akov-
aavTe^ 8e etirov fir] yevocTO' ^''o Se €/jLl3Xeylra<; avToi,<; etirev tl ovv
eaTtv TO yeypajJLfJievov tovto' XlOov ov aTreSo/ccfjiacrav ol olko-
BofjLovvT€<; ovTO^ €y€V7]6rj €i<; K6^aX7]v ycovca<i' ^^Tra? ireaayv
eir 6KCV0V tov XlOov (Tvv6Xaa6r]a6Tar ecf) ov B av ireaTj XiK\/jbr](T€0

avTov ^^KaL e^rjTrjcrav oc ap'-)(^L6peL<i icai ot ypajJUfxaTeu^; eirt-

^aXeiv eir avTov Ta<; ')(6Cpa^ . ev avTij tt] copa Kau e(^o^r]6r}aav
TOV o')(Xov' eyvwaav yap otc tt/oo? avTov<; ttjv TrapaffoXrjv
ravTTjv ecirev ^^Kac 7TapaT7]pi)cravTe<; aireaTiXav evKaOeTov^
VTTOKpcvofxevov^ eavTov<; eovac BcKaoov^; tva eirtXa^covTac avTov
Xoyov €i<; to irapaBovvai avTOv ttj ap)(7) Kac tt) e^ovcna tov
rjyefjbovof;' ^^Kac eirrjpcoTrjaav avTOV X€yovT€<; BiBaaKaXe'
OiBafiev OTC op6(o<; Xellyet? Kac BcBa<7K€C<; Kac ov Xafjc^avec^ irpoa- Pet 104
(DTTOV av6po)7rov aXX' eir aXijdeia^; Tr]v oBov tov deov BcBa(TK€C<;
I ^^ecTre ovv rj/jccv e^eaTcv Kacaapc cj)opov Bovvac rj ov ^^Kara-
( vor}(Ta<i Be avTcov ttjv iravovpycav ecire avT0L<; tc fjue ircpa^eTe
^^eiTcBec^aTac /jloc Brjvapcov tcvo^ e')(ec CKOva Kac eTrcypacprjv oc

Be ecTTOV Kacaapo^ ^^Ka^ a7roKpcOec<; o cr)aov<; ecTrev avToc<;

airoBoTe tocvvv Ta Kacaapo^ Kacaapc Kac Ta tov deov to deco
^^Kat ovK ca"X,v(Tav eircXa^eaOac avTov prjfjLaTO<; evavTcov tov
Xaov I
Kac dav/jcaaavTes eirc ttj airoKpccTc avTov eacyrjaav
^'^UpocreXOovTe^i Be Tcve<; tcov aaBBovKaccov oc XeyovTe<; /jlt) ecvac
* dvaaTaacv eTri^pcoTrjaav avTOV ^^XeyovTe<;' BcBaaKaXe /jLO)var)<i

eypayfrev 7)fjicv' eav tcvo<; aBeX(f)0<; airoOavr] 6%a)i/ yvvacKa'

Kac ovTo^ aTeKvo<; airoOavri cva Xa/3r) aBeX(j)0(; avTov ttjv

yvvacKa' Kac e^avaaTrjarj cnrepfxa tod aBeX^co avTov ^^Evrra
ovv aBeX<j)oc njcrav* Kac o '7rp(OTo<; Xa^cov yvvacKa airedavev
i aT€Kvo<; ^^Kav e\\

XX 24 TLvo^ cxei] s. m. habet 01 6e e^i^av /cat ei rtvos in rasura vocum rivo^ €x«
70 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xxi-xxii

Desunt folia quattuor usque ad xxi 22.

Pet 105 pat €KBcK7]a'6co<; avrac ecaiv rov TrXrjadrjvaL iravra ra yeypafi-
fieva "^Ovac 8e Tai<; ev yaarpL €^ovaai<; Kat Tai^ drjXa^ovaai^
ev €KLvaL<; TaL<; 7)fjLepaL<^' Earat yap avayKT) /leyaXr) eiri riy?

yq^ Kat opyr) tq) Xaco tovtcj "^Kac ireaovvTat ev aro/iaTL ^a)(^ai,''
pa^ Kai aL'X^jJiaKtoTLaOrjCTovTaL 6i<; iravra ra eOvr] Kat lepovaaXijfA
earai irarovixevri vtto eOvcov a'^pt ov TrXrjpcodcoacv Kacpot ed'
vcov ^^Kat earac arjfjLca ev tjXko /cat aeXrjvr} xac aarpot^

/cat eTTt T7]<; yr)<; avvo')(r) eOvcov ev airopta '^^xou? |

6aXaaar)(; Kai
aaXov ^^a7ro'\lrv')((i)VT(ov rcov avdpcoTrcov airo (po/Sov Kat 7rpoaSoKta<;
Tcov e7rep')(^ofievcov tt) otKovfievr]' at yap hvvafxet^ rcov ovpavwv
aaXevdriaovTat' -'Kaf- Tore oyjrovTat rov vtov tov avOpcoirov

ep'X^ofievov eirt tcov vecjyeXcov rov ovpavov fiera Swa/jteayi /cat

ho^7)<; TToXXrjf; -^ Kp')(pfiev(ov he tovtcjv ytveadat ava/cvyjraTe

Kat eiraparat ra^ KecpaXa^; v/jlcov Btort eyyt^et rj aTroXvTpcoat^
vficov ^^Kat etirev irapa^oXrjv avrot^ ethere rijv avKijv Kat

Pet 106 iravTa ra BevSpa' ^^

orav \\ Trpo/BaXovatv t;^?; fiXe7rovTe<; acf)

eavTcov ytvcoaKerat ort tjBt] eyyu? to 6epo<; eartv ^^ouro)? Kat Vfit^

orav thr)Te ravra ytvofieva rore ytvcoaKerat ort 6771^9 eartv 7]

^aatXeta rov Oeov '^-A/xrjv Xeyco vfitv ov fir] TrapeXOrj t) yevea

avrrj eci)? av iravra yevqrat ^^o ovpavo<; Kat rj yr\ irapeXevaovrat
ot Se Xoyot /jlov ov jxtj irapeXOwatv ^Tlpoae^erat he eavrot^
/jLTjTTore ^apvOcoatv v/jl(dv at KapBtat ev KpeTraXrj Kat fiedrj Kat
lieptfJbvaL<; ^t(orLKat<; Kat ecpvetBtov e7rt\arrj ecf) v/JLa<; tj rj/jtepa L

eKtvT)' ^0)9 7rayt<; yap eireXevaerat eirt iravra^ rov; KaOrifxevov^

eirt TrpoaooTTOv 7raa7]<; rrjq 77^9 ^' Xypvrrvtre ovv ev iravrt
Katpco heofievot tva Kara^icoOrjrat eK(f)vyiv iravra ravra ra
pieXXovra ytveaOat Kat araOrjvat e/jtirpoaOev rov vtov rov
avdpcoTTov ^Hv Be ra<; r}/jtepa<; ev to) tepco BtBaaKtov ra<; Be
vvKra<i e^ep-^^ofxevov; rjvXt^ero et<; ro opo<; ro KaXov/ievov eXaicov
Pet 107 '^Kat 7ra9 o \ao9 opdpt^ev irpo^ avrov ev rco tepa) aKovetv ||
XXII. Hyyt^ev Be rj eoprrj rcov a^v/jtcjv rj Xeyofievrj Traa^a*
^Kat e^rjrovv ot ap-^tepetf; Kat ot ypafjL/jLaret<; ro ttco^ aveXwaiv
avrov e(poPovvro yap rov Xaov ^EtarjXOev Be aarava<; 6t9

tovBav rov eirtKaXovfjievov taKaptcorijv ovra eK rov aptOpLOV rcov

BcoBcKa' *Kat aireXOcov avveXaXrjaev rot<; apx.^epevaeiv Kai
ypap^puarevaetv Kat arparyyot^i ro 7ra)9 avrov irapaBco avrot^
Lk xxii TEXT OF CODEX N. 71

^ Kai €)(^ap7](Tav' Kai avveOevro avro) apyvpiov Souvat ^Kai airo

Tore e^rjTC ev\Kaipiav rov irapahovvai avrov auTOc<; arep o^ov
''7)X6ev Be H ij/nepa t(ov a^vficov ev r) eSei 6vecr6ac to Traa^a'
^Kai aireaTikev ireTpov Kai tcoavvr]v eiircov 7ropevOevT€<; eroi-
fiaa'aTai tj/jllv to 7rao-^a iva (payco/juev ^Ot Be ecirov avTco

TTov 6eXeL<; eTOLjiaacoixev ^^o Be eiTrev avTot<; cBov eiaeXOovTcov

v/jL(ov et? T7]v ttoXlv avvavTTjaec v/jllv av9pco7ro<; Kepa/Jiiov vBaTO<;

fiaaTa^cov aKoXovOijo-aTac avTO) et? ttjv oiKecav ov eav eiaTro-

peveTac ^^Kai epecTe tco oiKoBeaTroTT) t7j<; oiKia^. Xe||7€t o 8t- Pet 108

Ba<TKaXo(; ttov ecTTLV to KaTaXvfjia oirov to iracrya jxera tcov

fjLadrjTcov fjbov (^a<y(o ^^Kac eKeivo<; Bi^et v/jllv avayacov fieya
eaTpcdfievov Katcei eTOifxaoraTe' ^^aireX6ovTe<^ Be rjvpov Kadco<;
eLprjKev avToi<; Kat TjTOCfiacrav to Traayaya' ^^Ore Be eyeveTO
7) (opa aveireaev /cat ol BcoBeKa airoaToXot aw auro)' ^^Kat,

ecirev 7rpo<; avTOV^ eTTiOvpua eireOvfJurjaa tovto to iracrya (payecv

jieO vfjicov TTpo Tov fie yap vjullv ovKeTC ov /nrj
iradeiv ^^Keyco
(jyayco e^ avTOV €Ct)9 orov 7rXif]\p(o6r) ev tt; ^aaiXeca tov 6eov

^''Kat Be^afievo<; iroTrjptov evyapicrrrjo-a'^ eiirev Xa^erai tovto

Kai Bta/jLepiaaTai eavToc<; ^^Xeyco yap vficv otl ov /ult] ttco) eK tov
yev7]/jLaT0<; t7j<; afiTreXov e<w? otov t] ^aaiXeta tov Oeov eX6r)'

^^Kai XajScov apTov evyapi(TT7]aa<; eKXaaev Kai eBcoKev avTOi<i

Xeywv TOVTO eanv to a(o/j.a fiov to virep v/mcov BiBofxeuov tovto

iTOieiTai et? t7)V e/xrjv avafivrjaiv "^^ o)aavTco<; Kai to Uorrjpiou
jxeTa TO BiTTvrjaai Xeycov || tovto to iroTripiov rj Kaivrj BiadrjKT) ev Pet 109

Tft) aifiaTi /JLOV TO virep v/xcov eKyyvofxevov '^^irXijv lBov t] %€ijO

TOV iTapaBiBovTO<; fie fxeT efiov eirc t7]<; Tpa7re^rj<; '^^Kat o fiev vio^
tov avOpcoTTOv TTOpeveTao Kara to copicrfievov ttXtjv ovai tco
avOpcoTTO) eKivco Bi ov TrapaBcBore ^^Kat avTOi rjp^avTO avv-
^rjTiv Trpo? eavTov<; to rt? apa eirf ef avTcov o tovto fieXXcov
TTpaacreiV' "^^^yeveTO Be Kai (j)iXoviKeia ev avTOi^' to rt?
avTcov BoKec eivai fii^cov ^^O Be eiTrev avTOi<; oi /BaaiXei^;
eOvcov KaTaKvpievovaiV avTcov Kai oi e^ovaia^ovTe^ avTcov
evepyeTai KaXovvTai ^^f/z-t? Be ovy ovTco<i' aXX o fxi^cov ev vfiiv
yeveaOco co<; o vecoTepo<; Kai o rfyovfievo^ a)<; o BiaKovcov ^"^Ti^i yap
fii^cov avaKifievo'i tj o BiaKovcov ovyei o avaKifievo^ eyco Be
eifiei ev fiecrco vficov co<; o BiaKovcov '^^vfxi^ Be earai ot Btafiefxevr}-

xxii 13 Tracrxaxa] x^* bis scriptam ad finem columnae et ad init sequentis


KOTe<: fi€T €/jLov ev TO/? 77ipa<TfMoi<; fiov '^Kayo) BiariOefiai vfiip

Pet 110 KaO(o<; SieOero /loi o irarrip fiov /BaaiXeiav ^-iva ea deierai Kai,

TTivrjTai fJi€T €fiov €7ri T779 rpa7r€^T}<; fiov ev rrj ^aaikeia fiov.

Kai KaBrjaeaSe eirt Opovwv Kpivovre^i ra? BeoBeKa (f)v\a<i tov

LcrparjX' ^^Klttcv Be Kvpio^ aLficov (tl/jlcov lBov crarava^
e^errjaaTO vfjLa^ rov aiviaaai 0)9 tov airov ^e^w Be eBerj6r]v
irepc GOV iva /jlt] eKXiTrrj tj irLGTi'; aov Kai av Xlore erri-

(jTpeyjra'i ar-qpt^ov tov<^ aBe\(f>ov<; aov ^O Be enrev avT(o

Kvpie fiera aov eroi/jLO^ eifieL Kai €6? (pvXaKijv Kat ei<; Oavarov
TTopeveaOar ^o Be \ e(f)7] Xeyoj aoi irerpe ov fir] (jxovrjar] arjfiepov

aXeKTwp' Trpiv tj rpL^ airapvyjarj firj eiBevac fie' ^Kai enrev

avTOC<; ore ajreariXa vfiw^ arep fiaXXavrLOv Kai ir-qpa^; Kat
VTToBrjfiaTCDV fiTj Tiva varepTjaaTar at Be eiirov ov6evo<; ^Et-
Trev ovv avToi<; aXXa vvv o e)(^cov ^aXXavriov aparco o/jlol(o<; Kai
TTTjpav Kat o fjLT] e^cov TTcoXrjaeL to ifiaTiov avTov Kai ayopaar)
/la^aipav' ^Aey co yap vfiiv otl eTt tovto to yeypa fip.evov
Pet 111 Bet TeXeaOrjvat ev efiot to Kat fieTa a vo/jlcov eXoyiadij Kat yap Ta
Trept efJLOV TeXo^; e^et' ^Ot Be etirov Kvpte iBov fia')(aipe Bvo
coBe' o Be etirev avT0L<; tKavov eaTiv ^Kat e^eXdcov e7ropev6rj
et<; TO opo<; tcov eXaicov KaTa to e^o?* rjKoXovdriaav Be avTco Kai
01 fia6r]Tat avTOV ^'TevofjLevo<; Be eirt too tottco eiirev avToi^
TTpoaev^eaOat jitj etaeXOtv et9 7ripaap.ov ^^Kat avTo<; airea-
Traadrj air avTCJV coaet XtOov ^oXtjv Kat 6et<; Ta yovaTa Trpoarjv-
XeTo ^Xeycov iraTTjp et PovXet irapeveyKetv to TroTrjpiov tovto
air e/jLOV |
ttXtjv /jLT] to OeXrjfia fiov aXXa to aov yeveadto
*^Kat avaaTa<; airo tt]^ Trpoaevxv^ eXOcov 7rpo<; tov<; ixadrjTa^i

evpev avTov<; KotpLovp-evov^' airo t7;9 Xv7n](; *^Kat eiTrev

avTOL^ Tt KaOevBeTat avaaTavTe<; irpoaevxeaOai iva firj eiaeXdrjTe

€i9 TTipaa/jtov ^"Ert avTOv XaXovvTo^; iBov o)(Xo<; Kat o Xeyo-
ptevo^ tovBa<s et^ tcov BcoBeKa Trporjp-^eTO' avTovs' Kat rjyyiaev to)

tTjaov <f>tXr}aat avTov ^O Be irjaov^ etirev avTcj lovBa <f>iXr]-

ptaTt TOV vtov TOV avOpcoTTov 7rapaBtBa)(; ^^tBovTe's Be ot Trepi

avTov TO II

Deest folium usque ad vers 57.

Pet 112 avTov \e7&)i^* yvvat ovk otBa avTov '^-Kai /leTa ^pa^v eTepo<; tBcov

xxii 45 Koi/jLovfievow] ov 1° deleto, w sec manu sapra scriptam

Lk xxii-xxiii TEXT OF codex n. 73

avTOV 6(^77 KaL av e^ avrcov er Se Trerpo? etirev avOpwire ovk

€ifi€L ^^Kat Bta(TTa(Trj<; coa-ei copa<; fiia^ aWo^; Ti<? Settcr^fptfero

Xeycov eir a\r)Oca<; Kac ovto<; fier avTov rjv Kai yap yaXCkaio^^
eaTLV ^'^ecTrev Be 7rerpo<^ avOpcoire ovk otSa Xeyec^;' Kai
7rapa)(p7]fjLa ere \a\ovvTO<; avrov ecfxovrjaev aXeKTcop' ^^K.aL

(TTpa(^ei^ o Kvpco<; evepXey^ev rco Trerpco' Kai VTrefivrjadr) irerpo'^

Tov Xoyov Tov iTjcrov w? etirev avrco |

ore irpiv aXeKTopa ^covrjaai
a7rapvr)(Tr} fie TpL<;' ^^Kac e^eXdwv e^co irerpo^; eKXavaev ttlk-

p(o<;' ^^Kat 01 avBpe<^ oi (Tuvexovre^i tov irjcrovv eveirac^ov

auTco BepovTe<; ^^Kat irepLKaXvy^ravre'^ avTov ervirrov avrov to
TTpocrcoTTov Kai eTrrjpwTwv avTOv XeyovTe^ 7rpo<j)7]Tevaov tl^ eaTiv
iraiaa'; ere' ^^Kau erepa iroXXa 0Xao-(j)7]/jLovvTe<; eXeyov et?
avTov ^Kat 0)9 eyevero rjfiepa avvrj^Orj to irpecrpvTepiov tov
Xaov apxiep^t^ Te Kai ypafifJiaTei,^ Kat rjyayov avTov et? to
avveBptov eavTcov XeWyovTe'; ^"^ ei av ec o p^/9tcrT0? eiTre r} fjucv Vet 113
Fiiirev Be avTOL<; eav vfjitv eiTrco ov fir) iriarevar^Te' ^eav Be Kai
epcoTTjaco ov firj aTroKpLdrjraL fiou 7] airoXvcTTjTe' ^^airo tov vvv
Ecrrai vto<; tov avOpwirov KaOrnxevc^ eK Be^icov Trj<; Bvva/jLea)<;

TOV 6eov "^^eiTTov Be 7ravTe<i av ovv eu vlo<; tov Oeov Be 7rpo<;

avTov<i e(f>7]' v/jLi<; Xeyerai on eyco eifit "^Ot Be eiTTov tl eTi
XP^^T^ ^%oyLt^^ /jiapTvpLa<; avTOL yap rjKOvaafjiev airo tov aTOfiaTo<;
XXIII. Kat avaaTav airav to 7rXr]So<; avTCOv rjyayov avTov
eiTL TOV TTcXaTov' ^7]p^av\To Be KaT7]yopiv avrov Xeyovre<; rovrov
evpofjbev Biaarpe^ovra to eOvo^ tj/jlcov Kai KwXvovra Kaiaapei
(^opov<^ BoBovar Xeyovra eavrov xP'-^'t^^ fBaaiXea ecvac ^O
Be TTiXaro'^ eTrrjpcorrjcrev avrov Xeycov av et /3aatXev<; rcov tov-
Batcov Be aiTOKptdet<^ avrco e<j)7] av Xeyet<i' ^o Be irtXaro^ etirev
irpo^ Tov<; apxi^^pet^; Kat tou9 oxXov<; ovBev evptaKco atrtov
eu rco avOpcoirco rovrco' ^Ot Be eirtaxvov Xeyovre<; ort ava-
aetet rov Xaov BiBaaKcov KaO oXt]<; t?;? tovBata<;' ap^ajxevo^ airo
T7j<i II
yaXtXata<; eco<; coBe' ^irtXaro^ Be aK0vaa<; yaXyXata<; eirrj- Pet 114
pcoTTjaev et o av6pcoiro<; yaXtXato^; eartv ^ Kat eirtyvov<; ort eK rr]<;

e^ovata^ rjpcoBov eartv aveire/jtyjrev avrov irpof; rjpcoBrjv ovra Kat

avrov €V tepoaoXv/iiot<; ev ravrat<; rat<; 7j/jtepat<i' ^o Be UpcoBrjf;

xxiii 4 eiTrei'] rasura litterae

o post tt 6 7a\7Xaias] ya\ extra seriem


ihcoif Tov irjcrovv yap OeXcav e^ iKavov y^povov

e^^aprj Xeiav rjv

L^eiv avTov Bia to aKoveiv iroWa irepL avrov Kai 7)\7ri^€v tv

arjfiLOV iSeiv vtt avrov yivo/ievov' ^eirrjpwTa Se avrov ev Xoyoi^
LKavoi<^ avro<; Se ovhev arreKpivaro avrco' ^^ LurrjKeiaav \
he oi

apytep€i<; Kat oi ypa/jLiJLar€C<; evrovw^ Karr^yopovvre^ avrov

^^Y^^ov6evr]cra<; Be avrov Kac o r^pwhr]^ avv toi<; arparevfiaaiv
ai rov fcat e/jL7re^a<; rrepi^aXwv avrov ea-Or^ra Xa/jLirpav aveirejiy^rev
avrov TTLXarco' ^-eyevovro Be c^lXol o re 7riXaro<; Kat o 7)p(oB7}<; ev

avrr] rrj 7]/jLepa fier aXXrfKwv rrpovTTTjp-^ov yap ev e')(^dpa ovre<i

iTpo<; eavrov<;' ^"'mXaro^ Be (7vyKaXeaa/JLevo<; rov^ apy^Lepei^i Kai

TOf? ap-)(ovra<i Kai rov Xaov ^^eirrev 7rpo<; avrov<; rrpoar^veyKare

Pet 115 fioL il rov avOpcoirov rovrov w? arroarpecpovra rov Xaov Kai iBov
€7&) evcoTTLOv v/jLcov avaKpLva<; ovBev evpov ev reo avdpcoTro) rovrco
atriov cov Karrjyopecre Kar avrov ^^aXX ovre HpcoBrj^; ave-

Tre/jLyjra yap vfia'^ rrpo^ avrov Kai lBov ovBev a^iov davarov
ecrriv rrerrpayiievov ev avrco ^^TratBevaaf; ovv avrov arroXvacd'
^~^vv7]6iav Be efx^ev arroXveiv avroL<; eva Kara eoprrjv' ^^Aj/e-

Kpa^av Be rrav TrXr/OeL Xeyovre<;' aipe rovrov arroXvaov Be tj/jllv 4

rov papa^^av ^^0(jri<; rjv Bta araauv riva yevapLevrjv \

ev rri

TToXei Kai <}>ovov l3€/3Xr]fi€vo<; et? (f)vXaK7]V' '^YlaXtv ovv o

7ri\aro<; 7rpoae(j)(t)vr]aev OeXwv arroXvaai rov trjaovv -^oi Be

e7re(t)(i)vovv Xeyovre<; aravpcocrov aravpcoaov avrov '^O Be

rpcrov etrrev Trpo? avrov<; tl yap KaKOv erroLrjaev oi/to?* ovBev

airiov Oavarov evpov ev avrco iraiBevo-a^ ovv avrov arroXvaco
^Ol Be erreKivro (j)covac<; fieyaXaL<; atrovfievoL avrov aravpcoOrjvar
Kat Kano-'^vov at (f)covac avrcov Kac rcov ap')(^Lepecov' '"'O d€

Pet 116 7nXaro<; eWrreKpive yevecrOai ro airrjiia avrcov '^aireXvcrev Be rov

Bia araaiv Kac <f)ovov ^e^Xrjiievov ei? rrjv ^vXaKTjv ov rjrovvro
rov Be LTjaovv rrapeBcoKev rco OeXrjfjiarL avrcov -^Kac o)?

aTTTjyayov avrov emXa/So/uLevot ai/jLcovo<i rivo<; KvpTjvaiov epx^'

pevov air aypov eTreOrjKav avrco rov aravpov (f)epeiv omcrOev rov
trjaov '^HKoXovdec Be avrco rroXv 7rXrj6o<; rov Xaov Kai
yvvaiKcov at eKOirrovro Kai eOprjvovv avrov '^Xrpa(f)c<i Be

7rpo<i avra<; o trjcrov^ ecirev dvyarepe<i lepovcraXrj/jL \

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err ep,e ttXtjv ecj) eavra<; KXaterac Kat em ra reKva v/jlcov ^ori
iBov ep')(ovraL ijiiepai ev aL<; epovaiv /xaKapiai, at crrtpat Kat at

xxiii 12 irpovirr^pxov^ X^" inter lineas scriptum eadcm manu

Lk xxiii-xxiv TEXT OF CODEX N. 75

KoiXiaL at ovk eyevvrjaav Kac iMacrroi ol ovk eOrjXaaav '^^rore

ap^covrai Xejecp rot^ opeaLV ireaare e(j) 7;/x.a9 Kac tol'^ jSovvoi^
KoXvyjraTe rjjjLa^' "'^on et ev tcd vypco ^v\co ravra ttolouctlv ev

TO) ^7]pco Tt av yevTjrar '^'-llyovro Se Kai erepOL Svo KaKovpyou

avv avTco avepeOrjvar ^Kai ore AtttjXOov eirt rov tottov
TOP KoXovfievov Kpa\\viov eicei ecTavpcoaav avTov Kai tov<; Pet 117

KaKoupyov<;' ov fiev e/c Se^ccov ov he e^ evcovvficov ^O Be

Lr](rov<; eXeyev iraTep a^e? avTOL^ ov yap oihaaiv tl ttolovctlv
Aia/xepL^o/jLevoc Be Ta i/jLaTca avTOv e/SaWov K\r}pov<; ^ Kai co-tt)-

K€i Xao^ Oecopcov e^efMVKTijpL^ov Be Kat oi ap')(^ovTe^ crvv avToi<;

\eyovTe<;' aWov<; eacoaev acocraTo eavTov ei ovto<; eaTLV o ^yoio-ro?

Tov Oeov eKX€/cTO<;' '^eveire^ov Be avTco /cat ol (TTpaTCcoTac irpoa-
ep')(oiJLevoL Kat o^o<; irpocrcjiepovTe^; avTco ^~ Kau XeyovTe^ \
eo av eo

o ^aaiXev^ tcov covBaccov acocrov oeavTov ^^Yiv Be Kai ein-

ypacj^T] yey pa/jL/jL€vrj eir avTco ypa/jL/jiaaiv eXXTjvcKoc^ Kac pco/jLacKOL<;

Kac e/3pacKoc<;' ovto<; eaTcv c7]aov<; o /3aacXev<; tcov covBatcov

^Ef-9 Be tcov KpejjLacrdevTcov KaKOvpycov e^Xao-^rjpbec avTov Xeycov
ec av ec o ')(pcaTO<; acoaov aeavTov Kac r]iia<;' ^KTTOKpcBec<; Be
eTepo<; eTrerc/ia avTco Xeycov ovBe cf>o/37] av tov Oeov otc ev tco
avTco KpcfiaTC ec ^^Kac rjjxc^; fiev BcKacco<i a^ca yap cov eirpa^a-
fie/jLOc II

Desunt folia tria usque ad xxiv 13.

')(ovaav aTaBiov^ eKaTOv e^rjKOVTa airo cepovaaXrjfjb rj ovofjca Vind 1

e/jCfiaovi' ^^Kac avTot cojjlcXovv irpoa aXX7]Xov<; irepc iravTcov

TCOV av/jLl3el3rjKOTCov tovtcov ^^Kac eyeveTO ev tco o/jLcXecv

avTOV<; Kac avv^rjTtv Kac avTO^ o crjaov^ eyycaa<; avveiropeveTO

avToc<; ^^oc Be o(f)6aXfMoc avTcov eKpaTovvTo lov /jltj eircyvcovac
avTOV eiirev Be irpo^ avTov<;' TLve<; oc Xoyoc ovtoc of? avTC-

^aXXeTac Trpo? aXXi]Xov<i 7repL7raT0vvTe<; Kac eaTe aKvOpcoiroc

^^XiroKpcOei^ Be et? ovofiaTc KXeoira^; ecirev 7rpo<; avTov av /jlovo^ \

TrapocKec^ cepovaaXTjfi' Kat ovk eyvco<; Ta yevo/xeva ev avTrj ev

Tat9 rj/jLepac<; TavTac<;' Kat ecirev avToc<^
"rs^ac avToc^ iroca' oc oe
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avTco Ta vrepc crjaov tov va^copacov o? eyeveTo avrjp 'Trpo(f)riT7]^'

BvvaTO<; ev epyco Kac Xoyco evavTCOv tov Oeov Kac 7ravT0<; tov

41 ewpa^aixefjLOL] sic p. m. litteris ol erasis, fi

2"" in v mutatum xxiv 13
Karov et punctis impositis et obelis per singulas litteras ductis improbatum
76 TEXT OF CODEX N. Lk xxiv

Xaov ^OTTO)? re irapeBcoKav avrov oc ap^iepet'i kul oc a/a^oi^re?

TjjKDv €i<; Kpifxa Oavarov Kat earavpwaav avrov ^t;//^*? ^^ rfkiri-
^ofiev OTL avTo<; ecrriv o /leWcov Xyrpovadat tov LaparfK' aWa
ye aw Traaiv TOVTot<i rpcrrjv Tavrijv \\


Desunt folia duo usque ad xxiv 39.

Viud 2 TTpevfia aapKa Kai oara ovk 6')(eL Kado)^ e/ie Oeaypeire €-)(OVTa' ,

^KUL TovTO eiTTcov eSc^ev avTOL<; Ta<; ')(^6ipa<; Kai tov; TroSa?* !|

*^^Ti Be ajnaTOVVTcov avrcov airo Tt]<; ')(apa<; Kac Oavfia^ovTcov

etirev avrot^ e\eTaL tl ^pcoat/jiov evOaBe ^ol Be eireB^Kav avro)
i^^uo? OTTTOv /iepo<; Kai airo ixeXiaaiov fCTjpcov ^Kat \a^a)v
evcoTTLOv avrcov ecpayev '"EtTre^' Be avroc<; ovtol ol \oyoL
fiov ov<; eXaXrjda 7rpo<; vfjLa<; en cov aw vfiiv otl Bei 7r\rjp(i)d7)vai
Travra ra yeypafifieva |
ev rco vofico /jLO)vae(i)<i Kai 7rpo(f>7]rai<;

Kai yfraXfioL'; irepi efiov ^rore Birjvoi^ev avrcov tov vow tov
awievai ra<; ypa<f)a<;' ^Kat Y^iirev avTOi<; otl ovrco<; yeypa-
wrac Kai ovtco<; eBec iraOeiv rov ^piarov Kai avaarr^vai eK
veKpcov TTj rptrr) rjfiepa *' Kau Kripv')(^dr]vai eirt rco ovofiari
avrov fieravoLav Kai ac^eaiv afiapricov ef? Travra ra edvrj

ap^afievoL airo iepovaa\T]/jL ^'V/jLi<; Be earat fiapTvpe<; rovrcov

*^Kat lBov eyco aTroareWco rrjv eirayyeXiav rov 7rarpo<; fiov
ecj) v/jLa<; vfit<; Be /caj

Deest folium usque ad finem evangelii.

xxiv 47 KTjpvxB'nvaL] super litteras kt) linea dacta est, quemadmodam super
Kv et similia duci solet. Hoc loco igitur per errorem ducta est

Desunt folia duo ah initio evangelii usque ad i 21.

ov ^eiTTov ovv avTO) ti<; ei iva aTroKptaetv Scofiev toc<; 7re/jLyjra<7cv Pet 118

rjfia^ TL \e7efc9 TTEpt, aeavTov. ^^E^t; eyco cj^covr) ^oo)vto<; ev

TTj 6p7]/ia) evdwarat rrjv oSov Kvpcov KaOco^; etirev r)craLa<i o
7rpo(f>7}Tr}<; ^Kac ol aTrearaX/jievoc rjaav 6k tcov ^apKrecov
^Kac 7]p(0Tr)aav avTov /cac eiTrov avTco, tl ovv jBaim^ei^ et

av ovK ec ^(^pLa-To^ ovBe r)\La<; ovBe irpo^rjTT^'i ^^ATreKpcdr]

avTOL'i o L(oavv7)<; Xeycov eyco ^aTTTi^co vfxa<i ev vBart. yttecro? Be
vficov ecTTTjKev ov v/jLc<i OVK ocBarac ^0 OTrcaco \
ixov ep'^ppuevof;
ov OVK ecf^ec a^L0<; ova Xvaco avrov rov LfiavTa tov VTroBy/jLaro^;
avTo<; vfia^ ^aimaeL ev irvevfJcaTi ayico Kau irvpec ^ravra ev
^r)6avia eyevovro irepav tov topBavov ottov 7]v to)avv7j<; ^air-
Ti^(DV. ^T?; eiravpLov ^Xeiri tov c7]aovv ep^^^ojmevov Trpo^
avTOv Kai Xeyec. cBe o afivo^ tov Oeov o epcov ttjv a/juapTcav
TOV KO(7/jbov. ^^OvTo<; eaTcv irepi ov eyco eiirov OTrcaco fxov
ep')(^eTaL avrjp 0? efiTrpocrOev fxov yeyovev otl Trp(OTo<; fxov rjv ||

^^Kayco OVK ecBcv avTov aX\ iva <f)avaipa)6r] tco ccrparjX' Bca Pet 119
TOVTO 7]\dov eyo) ev tco vBaTC ^aiTTC^cov. ^^Kat ejxapTvpTjaev
tcoavvT]<; Xeycov otl TeOeafxac to Trvevfjua KaTa^acvov oj? irepi-

(TTepav e^ ovpavov Kac efXLvev eir avTov ^^Kayw ovk ecBcv avTov
aX\ o TreyLt^/^a? fie ^airTec^iv ev vButc eKeuvo^ fioc eiirev e^
ov av iBr}<; to Trvev/jLa KaTa^atvov Kac fxevov eir avTov ovto<;
e<TTLV ^aiTTL^wv ev TCO irvefxaTL tco ay tco ^Kayco ecopaKa Kau
i 27 otnaij)] s. m. habet in rasura vocum oTrto-w, auros eariv o oTnaw [lv o

oTiffu extra seriem litterarum) ov ovk et/iet] litt. ov ovk et erasis, s. m. habet
yeyovev ov ovk ei/xei [irpoadev fiov yeyovev ov ovk extra seriem
OS efiirpocrdev fjiov

"'"" " " ei

78 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn i-ii

/jL€fiaprvp7)Ka ore ovto<; eartv o uto? rov Beov |

^T?; eiravpiov
ttoKlv €iaT7}K€i L(Davv7]q Kai eK T(ov fiaOijTcov avTov Bvo ^Kai
6/jL^\eylra<^ rco irjaov Tre pcTrarovvTL Xeyec iSe o ap,vo^ rov Oeov
^ Kai r\KQvcrav avrov oi Bvo iiaOrjTat XaXovvro^ Kai TjKoXovOrjaav .,

T(o iTjaov ^^arpa(f)€i<: Be o irjaov^ Kai 6eaaafjL€vo<; avTov<; aKoXou-

Oovvra's Xeyec avTOi<; n ^TjTirai ^oi Be enrov avrco pa^^i o
Xeyerai /jLeOep/jLrjvevo/jLevov SiSaaKaXe ttov fievi^ ^Xeyei avTOi<;
€p')(^ea6ai Kai iBerai rjXOov ovv Kai iSov ttov fievei Kai Trap avreo
efjLivav rrjv rjfiepav \\

Desunt folia duo usque ad ii 6.

Pet 120 vai Kara rov KaOapiafiov tcov iOvBaicov )(^ci)povaai ava fJL€Tpr]Ta<;

Bvo rj Tpi^' "^Aeyci avroi^; o i7]aov<; ye/iiaarai Ta<; vBpia<i

vBaro^ Kai eyefnaav avTa<; eco<^ avo) : ^Kai Xeyei Avtoi<;
avrXTjaarai vvv Kai (peperai ro) ap)(^iTpiKXivco. oi Be ijveyKav

^n? Be eyevaaro o ap')(^LTpiKXivo<^ to vBcop oivov yeyevrjfievov Kai

ovK rjBei TToOev eanv a Be BiaKovoi rjBeiaav a rjVTXrjKOTe^s to
vBcop' (j)o)Vi TOP vvfJic^Lov o ap')(^iTpiKXivo<i ^^ Kai Xeyei avTco Tra?
av6p(jL)7ro<s koXov oivov nOrjaiv Kai orav fiedvcrdco-
TrpcoTov top \

aiv rare rov eXaaao). av reTr}pT]Ka<i rov KaXov Oivov e&)9 apn.
^^TavTTjv eiroirjaev apxv^ '^^^ cnjfMicov o irjaov^ ev Kava Tr]<^

yaXiXai^ Kai e(f)avep(oaev rrjv Bo^ap avrov Kai eiTiarevaav et<?

avrov Oi /ladrjrai avrov ^"Mera rovro Kare^rj ei<; Kairep-

vaovjJL avro<s Kai rj /jLTjrijp avrov Kat oi aBeX(f)Oi avrov. Kai oi

fiaOrjrai avrov. Kai eKei epavav ov 7roXXa<; yfiepa^ ^^Kat

677^9 r]if ro iraa^a rcov iovBaioiv. Kat ave^rj o i7jaov<;

Pet 121 €i<; iepoaoXvfia ^^Kai rjvpev \\ ev rco iepco tov<; ircjXovvraf; ffoa<;.

Kai TTpoffara. Kai irepiarepa^; Kai rov<; Kepfianara^; KaOrj/ievov^;

'^^Kai TTOiTjaa^ o)? (f)paye\Xiov eK a^vvicov 7ravra<; e^effaXev ex
rov iepov ra re irpo/Sara Kai rov; l3oa<i Kai rcov KoXXv^icrrcov
e^e)(^eev ro Kepp^a Kai ra<; rpaire^a^; avearpe\]/ev ^^Kai roi^ ra<;

7repiarepa<; rrwXovaeiv enrev apare ravra evrevOev. /jlt) iroieirai

rov oiKov rov 7rarpo<; fiov oiKov efiTropiOV. ^"^KfivrjaOrjoav Be

Oi p.aO'qrai avrov on yey papuxevov \

eanv o ^rjXo<; rov oiKov
aov Kara<f)ayerai fie ^^ArreKpiOrjaav oi iovBaiOi Kai enrav
avrco. n arj/JLiov Biyvvei<; rj/xiv on ravra TroiCi^. ^^ AireKpidr]

ii 17 Ate additurn
Jn ii-iii TEXT OF CODEX N. 79

irjcrov; Kai eiirev avTOt<^ XvcTarai rov vaov tovtov Kat ev Tpi(Ttv
rj/jLepac^ eyepo) avrov. ^'^ecirav ovv ot iovSaLoc reaaepeKovTa Kat
ef erecnv coKoSofirjOTj o vao^ ovto<^ Kai av ev rpcatv ruiepau^
ey€p€L<; avrov. ^^6Kivo<; Se ekeje irepi rov vaov rov acofiarof; avrov
^^Ore ovv TjyepOr} 6K veKpcov efivrjaOrjaav ol jxaOr^rai avrov on
rovro II
eXe^yev Kai emarevaav rrj ypa(j)rj Kat, rco \oyco co etrrev Pet 122

Liqcrov'^ ^^n? Se r)v ev rot? lepoaoXv/jLOc^; ev rco Traa^a ev

rrj eoprr] ttoWoc emcrrevaav ec<; ro ovofxa avrov Oecopovvre^i
avrov ra arj/juia a eirooec ^Avro? Be o ltjctov^ ovk emarevev
eavrov avroL<; Bca ro avrov ycvcoaKcv iravra<; ^^Kat ore ov %/3taz^

etx^v Lva ri<i /uiaprvpTjarj rrept rov avOpcoirov avro^ yap eycvo)-

aKev rt rjv ev rco avOpcoirco

III. Hz/ 8e av6pco7ro(; eK rcov (^apiaatcov viKoBrjjjiOf; ovo/iia

avrco ap')(cov rcov covSaccov ^Ovro<; rfkOev 7rpo<; rov irjcTovv

vvKro^ I
Kai eiirev avrco pa/3^o oiSa/jiev on airo Oeov eKrfkvOa^
hihaaKaXo^i ovSi<; yap Bvvarac ravra ra ariixia rrocecv a av
TTOLei^; eav /jltj t) o ^eo? fxer avrov ^KrreKpiOr] o irjcrov<; Kat
eiirev avrco afjLTjv a/iirjv Xeyco croi eav fir] ri? yevvrjOr) avcoOev
ov Bvvarai iheiv rrjv ^aaiXeiav rov Oeov ^Ae7ei tt/oo? avrov
VLKoSrjfjbo^ TTft)? Bvvarat av6pco7ro<; yevvrjdijvai yepcov cov /jlt}

Bvvarai et? rr)v KOiXiav rr)(; fjbrjrpo^; avrov Sevrepov etaeXOiv Kai
yevvrjOrjvai' ^ArreKpidrj o ir]aov<; a/Jbrjv a/ji7]v Xeyco <rot eav
fiV II
Tfc9 yevvrjOri e^ vSaro<; Kai rrvev/jiarof; ov Bvvarai etaeXOeiV Pet 123
et? rrjv ^acnXeiav rov Oeov ^ro yeyevvrjfievov eK rrj^ crapKo<;

aap^' ecrriv. Kai ro yeyevvrj/jievov eK rov 7rvev/Jbaro<; Trvev/jua

ecrnv. '^/jlt) Oavfiaar^^; on eiirov aoi Bet vfia^ yevvrjOrjvai avcoOev.

^ro irvevfia ottov OeXei rrvei Kat rr]V cfycovrjv avrov aKOvei<;' aXX
OVK oiBa<; TToOev ep')(erai Kat irov vrrayei' ovrco<; ecrnv rra^ o
yeyevvT] fjievo<; eK rov irvev/narof; ^ ATreKpiOr) viKoBr}fjio<i Kat
eiirev avrco 7rco<; Bvvarai ravra yeveaOat: \
^'^ AireKpiOr) o i'qaov^
Kai eiirev avrco av ei o BiBacrKaXo<; rov icrparfX Kai ravra ov
yivcocTKei<;. ^^Kjxrjv afxrjv Xeyco aoi. on o oiBafiev XaXovjiev
Kai ecopaKafjbev fiaprvpovfiev Kai rr)v jxaprvpiav rjfjLcov ovBi<i

Xajjipavei ^^et ra emyia eiirov vfiiv Kai ov mareverai rrco^ eav

ear CO vfxiv ra errovpavia mareverai ^^Kai ovBei^ ava^efi7]Kev ei<;

rov ovpavov ei /jlt) o eK rov ovpavov Kara^a^ o vio<; rov

avOpcoirov o cov ev rco ovpavco. ^^Kat KaOco<; /jLcovar)<; v\jrcoa€v

80 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn iii-iv

Deest folium usque ad vers 22.

Pet 124 Mera ravra rfkOev o crjaov; kul oi fiaOrjTat avrov et9 njv
lovSaiav yrjp Kat €K€c Bierpi^ev fjuer avrwv Kau e^aTrn^ev
^Hv Be Kai LwavvT]^ ^aTm^cov ev aivcov eyyv; rov aaXei/jL'
ore vBara TroWa i)v €K€L Kai Trapeycvovro Kat e^aTm^ovro
-^OvTro) yap 7)v ^€l3\r}/jLevo<; et9 rrjv (f)v\aK7)v o L(oavvrj(;.

^¥r/6V€T0 ovv ^rjrrjac'; €K tcop /jLaOijrcov tcoavvov fiCTa tovBaiov

irepL KaOapLo-fMov ^Kai rjXdov 7rpo<; top iwavvqv Kat eiirav avrco
pap^L. 09 7}v fiera (tov irepav rov lopBavov \
co av fi€/jLapTvp'r]Ka<;

cBe ovTo<; ^aTrri^ec Kau 7ravT€<^ €p')(^ovTai tt/do? avrov. ^Aire-

kplOt] o iwavvq^ Kat enreu ov Bwarai av6pco7ro<s Xafi^aveiv
ovBev eav /jltj tj BeBofxevov avrco €k tov ovpavov "^^Xvtol
v/jLei<; fjLOL /jLaprvpeire otl ecTrov ov/c €l/il eyco o ^pfcrro? aW
on ajrearaXp-evo'; et/jLi e/jLTrpoadev eKeivov. ^O €)(^cov tjjv

vvfic^r^v vvjK^LO^ ecTTLV o Be (f>t\o<; tov vv/Ji<f)LOV' o eaT7]KQ)<; Kat

aKOVCOv avTov. xapct y^aipet Bca ttjv (fycovrjv tov vvv(f)tov avrrj
ovv 7] x^P^ V ^H'V 'n'eirXrjpoyTat ^^eK€t\\

Deest folium usque ad iv 5.

Pet 125 fjLevqv av^ap' ttXtjo-lov tov ^w/^iOL' ov eBcoKev taKco^ t(oa7](j>

TO) vto) avTOV ^7]v Be eKet 7777777 tov iaK(o/3 O ovv L7}aov<;

K€K07rtaKco(; eK tt;? oBotrropeta^ eKaOe^ero ovto)^ eirt ttj Trrjyr)'

(opa 7)v CO? eKTT}' "^Yjpx^Tat yvvq eK Trj<; aa/jLap€ta<; av-

TXrjaat vBoyp Aeyet avT?) o Lr^aov^ Bo<; fxai Trietv ^ot yap
/jLa67)Tat avTov aTreXrjXvOetaav ef9 ttjv iroXtv iva Tpo(f>a<i

ayopaaayatv ^Aeyet ovv avTW rj yvvrj r) aa/iaptTt<i' tto)?

av L0vBaLO<; (ov Trap e/JLOV irtetv aLTet<; yvvat\KO^ (Ta/jLaptTtBo<;

ov(T'r]<s. ov yap avvxpcovTat tovBatot aafiapeLTat<s' ^"Attc-

Kpcdrj o tr)aov<; Kat etirev avTrj et 7jBet<; ttjv Baypeav tov 6eov
Kat Tt9 eaTtv o Xeycov cot S09 fiot irtetv av av 7}T7jaa<; avrov
Kat eB(OKev aot vBcop ^(ov ^^ Aeyet avrco 77 yvvrj Kvpte ovre
avTXrj/jLa e^et9 Kat to (fypeap eartv jSaOv iroOev ovv €%€t9
TO vBwp TO ^(i)v ^'P'Tj av fjLet^o)v et rov 7raTpo<; ij/jlcov taKO)^' 09
e^wKev Tjjjitv TO <^peap' Kat avTO<; e^ avrov eirtev Kat ot vtot

Pet 126 avrov Kat ra dpe/JL/jtara avrov ||

^^ ArreKptOr] trjaov^ Kat
etirev avrr) 7ra<; rrtvcdv eK rov vBaro<; rovrov Btyjrrjaet iraXiv
'^09 B av TTtT) eK rov vBaro<; ov eyco Bcoaco avrco' ov firj Btyjrrjaet

iii 2*J vvv<piov] vvv per compendium extra seriem litterarum scriptum

et9 TOP aicova aWa to vScop o eyco Bcoo-o) avTCO yevrjo-erac ev

avTO) TTTjyrj vBaTO<; aWofievov et? ^(orjv accovcov ^^Ae7et 7rpo<;

avTov rj yvPT] Kvpce So? fioc tovto to vScop iva /jlt] Bcyjro) /jbrjSe

ep')(oixai evOaBe avTXecv ^^Ae7et avTrj o irjaov^ viraye (pcovr)-

aov Tov avSpa aov icat eXOe evdaBe' ^"^

KireKpiOr] r) yvvrj Kau
eiirev avTco ovk €)(^co avSpa' |
Aeyei avTr] o trjaov^ KaXco<;
€i7ra<; otl avBpa ovk eyw ^^irevie yap avBpa^ ecr^e?* Kai vvv ov
e^et9 OVK eaTLv (tov avrjp' tovto aXijOe^; €cp7]Ka<;' ^^Ae7e^
avTO) T) 7Ui^77 Kvpie Oecopco otl 7rpo(j)r)T7](; et av ^^oc iraTepe^
rjficov €v T(D op€L TOVTco iTpoaeKVvr)aav Kai f/xet? XeyeTe otl ev
lepoaoXvfjiOL^ eaTCv o totto? ottov irpocrKweiv Sec -^Aeyei
avTTj o C7j(70v<; yvvat TrcaTevaov fioi otl 6p')(6Tat copa ot€ ovt€
ev TO) opec tovtw ovTe ev cepoao\v/jioc<i TrpocrKwrjaeTac tco ||

iraTpt ^'v/jLeL<; irpoa-KweiTe o ovk oiSuTe' r}/jLeL<; TrpoaKvvovfiev Pet 127

oihafiev OTL rj ao)Tr]pca eK twv lovSulcov ecTiv "^^aW ep^eTac
(opa Kac vvv ecrTcv OTe ol oXtjOlvoi, irpoaKvvrjTaL irpoaKwrj-
aovaiv TO) iraTpt ev irvev/jLaTL Kac aXr]6eca' Kai yap a TraTTjp
TOLovTov<i ^7]TeL Tov<^ irpoaKVvovvTa'^ avTOv ^^0609 6eo<; Kai

Tov<; irpoaKwovvTaf; avTOv ev TrvevfiaTt Kai, aXrjdeca Bee Trpoa-

Kvveiv ^^Aeyet avTco rj yvvr)' ooBafjuev otl jxeaaLa^; ep'^eTai
Xeyo/jievo<; ')(^pL<TTO<; oTav eXdr] eKeLvo<; avayyeXeL tjixlv \
"^Keyei avTr) o Lrjaov^ eyco eL/ML o XaXcov aoL' ^"^KaL eiTL
TOVTCO rjXOov OL fjuadrjTaL avTOV KaL edav/jua^ov otl fxeTa yvvaLKO<;
eXaXer ovBeL<i fievTOL eiirev tl ^r}TeL<} r) tl XaXeL^ /iieT avT7j<;

^^A(j)7]Kev ovv TTjv vBpLav auT?79 V yvvr]' KaL aTrrfXOev eL<; ttjv

ttoXlv KaL XeyeL tol<; avOpcoiroL^;' ^^BevTe etSere av6pco7rov 09

eLirev jjlol iravTa oaa eTTOLrjaa" fjbrjTL ovto<; eaTLV ')(^pL(TTO^

^^Fi^rjXOov OVV eK ttj^ iroXeco'; KaL rjp'^ovTO irpo^ avTOv ^^FiV

Be TO) fMtTa^v TjpcoTOVV avTov OL fia6r)TaL avTOv Xeyov\\Te<i pa/3^L Pet 128
cj)aye ^^O Be eLirev avTOL<; eyco ^pcoaLV e'X^w cfyayeLV rjv f//,et9

OVK oLBaTe' ^^^Xeyov ovv ol /uLaOrjTaL 7rp09 aXX7jXov<; fxrjTL'^

rjveyKev avTco c^ayeLV* ^XeyeL avTOL<i o L7](tov<; efiov ffpcofjua eaTLv

Lva TTOLTjaco TO 6eXr)fjLa tov irep^'^avTO'^ fjue KaL TeXeicocrco avTOv
R TO epyov ^^ofp^ VfjLeL<; XeyeTe otl eTL TeTpafjLr)vo<; eaTLv KaL o
6epLa/jLo<i ep')(eTaL' lBov Xeyco v/jllv eirapaTe tov<; o<^OaX[jiov<i

v/jLcov KaL OeacraaOe Ta% '^copa<; otl XevKaL eLCTLV Trpo^i OepLafxov

iv 24 deos 1**] deos auro scriptum et erasum. s. m. habet irvevfia 27 ctti

rovTco] + Tw X07W extra seriem litt.

c. 6


^fcai Oept^cov fiiaOov Xa/i^aveL Kat avvayei Kapwov
et? ^(jdTjv aicovLov Lva o aTreipcov o/iov ')(aLpT) kuc o depi^cov ^ev
'yap TOVT(D o X0709 eariv aXriOtvo's on aWo<; ecrriv o (TTripcov Kat

aX\o<i OepL^wv ^eyco aireaTeCK.a vfia^ Oepi^etv o ov^- vfiei<;

KeKOTTcaKare' aWot KeKoiriaKaaiv Kai v/i€l<; et? rov Koirov avrcov

€t(r€\7]\vdaT€ ^€fc Be Tr]<; TroXew? 6K€lvt]<; ttoWol eiriarevcTav
et<> avTov TCdv crafMapecrcov Bia top \oyov T779 yvvaiKOf; paprv-
Pet 129 povar]<; on eiirev fioL iravra \\ oaa eTTOirjaa' *^Q,<; ovv rfkOov

7r/309 avTOv 01 cra/Jiap€LTar Tjpcorovv avrov fjuecvai Trap avToc^'

Kac epLLvev €K€L Svo rj/jiepa^' ^^ Kau ttoWco TrXetou? eTriareva-av |
€69 avTov Bia top \oyov avrov ^-ttj he yvvaiKL eXeyov on ovKert
Bia rrjv crrjv \a\iav Trtarevo/jLev avroL yap aKrjKoafjLev Kai
oihapLev on ovto<; eanv a\7)6co<s crcorrjp rov Koafiov o '^piaT0<;

^^Mera he ra^ hvo r)fiepa<; e^rfKdev eKetdev Kai airrfKOev ef9 rrjv \

yaXiXatav ^Avto<; yap o i-qaov^ e/iaprvprjaev on tt/jo^t;-

T779 I
eu tt; cSia irarpihi nfirjv ovk e)(^ei' ^Ore ovv rjXdev
€69 T7;z/ yaXCkaiav ehe^avro avrov ol yaXCkaioL iravra eopaKore<;
oaa eTTOLTjaev ev cepoao\v/ioi<; ev rrj eoprrj Kai avroc yap rj\6ov
€69 TTjv eoprrjv ^^YiXdev ovv iraXiv o Lrfaovs ev Kava r7]<;
yaXcXaia<; oirov eTrotrjaev ro vhwp olvov Hv he re; ffaai-
XLKo<i ov o VLO<i TjaOevi ev Ka<^apvaovfi' ^~ovro<; aK0vcra<i on,
i7]aov<; rjKet eK rT}<; tovhata^; eL<; rrjv yaXcXacai ' a7rr]X6ev 7rpo<;
Pet 130 avrov Kat rjpcora avrov tva Kara/STj Kai LaaTjrac avrov \
VLOV TjfieXXev yap aTroOvrjo-Kcv ^E67r€^' ovv o ir)aov<; 7rpo<;
avrov eav /jltj trjp^eia Kav repara chrjre ov firj iriarevarjrar
^^A€7€t 7r/309 avrov o ^aaiXtKO<; Kvpie Kara^rjOei irpiv 7; airo-
Oaviv ro iraihiov fiov ^Aeyei avro) o crjaov^ rropevov o vio<i
aov ^7} Kat eiTLO-revaev o avOpcoiro^ rco Xoyco cj etirev avrco

irjaovf; Kat erropevero' ^^H^?; he avrov Karapaivovro^ chov

OL hovXoL avrov VTrrjvrrjaav avrco Xeyovre<; on o vio<; aov ^rj'

^^eirvOero ovv rrjv copav Trap avrcav ev rj KOfiyjrorepov ea')(ev'

eiTTOv I
ovv avrw ore €^^€9 (opav e/3hofi7]V' a^rfKev avrov
TTvpero^i' '"^eyvca ovv o Trarrjp avrov on ev eKLvrf rrj copa ev rf

enrev avrco o cr]aov<; on o U609 crov ^rj' Kai emarevaev avro<i

Kai 7} oiKia avrov oXt)' ^Tovro iraXiv hevrepov arj/xiov
eTTOirjaev o irjaovi eXdcov eK rr}<; iovhaia<s €69 ryv yaXiXaiav
iv 40 Ka<l>apvaovix] s. m. Kairepvaovfi 48 itj/jlcio] b. m. liabet arjueia
id. repara] ra inter lineas scriptum 53 irjaovi inter liueas scriptum

V. Mera ravra ijv eoprrj rcov LOvSaicov Kai ave o trjaov;

6t? lepocroXv/ia' '^earcv Be ev tol<; i€po(To\v/iiot<; eirc ttj irpo/SaTLKi]

Ko\v/jL^r]6pa 7] 67rc\6yo/jL€vrj eppataret ^r)a6eaBa irevre aroa^

6^0 vera II

Beest folium usque ad vers 10 eiusdem capitis.

€(TTiv' Kai ovfc efecTTt aoc apat tov Kpa^arrov crov "O Be Pet 131
aireKpiOr} avTot<; O 7roi7](Ta<; fie vycr} eK€ivo<; /loc etirev apov
TOV Kpa^arrov aov Kai irepiiraTeL ^'-Hpcorrjaav ovv avrov
TL<; earcv o avOp(07ro<; o ecTTcov aoc apov tov KpajBaTOv crov Kai
TrepLTraTei' ^^o Be caOec<; ovfc rjBer tc<; yap crjaov^; e^evevaev
ecTTtv o
o)(\ov ovTO<; ev tco tottco' ^^Mera TavTa evpccrKet avTov o
LTjaovf; ev tco iepco Kai Xeyei avTco iBov vyLri<; yeyova^ firjKeTi

a/xapTave iva /jlt] %^/50z/ aoi ti yevrjTai' ^^a7rrj\\6ev ovv o av6pa)7ro<;

Kai avTjyyiXev toi^; LovBaioi^ oti irjaov^ eaTiv o 7roi7]aa<; avTOv
vyiT]' ^•'Kat Bia tovto eBicoKov tov irjaovv oc lovBaioi Kai
e^rjTovv avTOv airoKTivai oti TavTa eiroiei ev aa/S^aTO)' ^^O
Be irjaov^; aireKpivaTO avTOi<; o TraTrjp fiov ew? apTi epya^eTai
Koyco epya^ojjLai ^^Bia tovto ovv fiaWov e^rjTOvv avTov oi lovBatoi
airoKTeivai oti ov /jlovov eXvev to aa^^aTov aXXa Kai iraTepa
iBiov eXeyev tov Oeov laov eavTov ttoiodv tco Oeco ^^ KireKpiOrj
ovv i7]aov<; Kai eiirev \\

Deest folium usque ad vers 26 eiusdem capitis.

K€V e')(eiv ev eavTco' -"^ Kai e^ovaiav eBcoKev avTco Kpiaiv iroieiv' Pet 132

OTI vio<; avOpcoTTov ecTTiv ^firj 6avfia^eTe tovto oti ep'^eTai copa
€v 7] 7ravT€<; oi ev toi<; fJLvrj/ieioi<; aKovacoaiv tt]^ ^cov7)<i tov viov
tov Oeov ^Kai eKiropevaovTai oi Ta ayada 7roi7]aavTe<; €i9
avaaTaaiv ^w?;? oi Be Ta (f)avXa irpa^avTe^; et? avaaTacriv
Kpio-eco<;' ^^Ov Bvvafiai eyco air e/iavTOv iroieiv ovBev Ka6co<i
aKOvco Kpivco Kai tj Kpiai<; tj e/j.7] BiKaia eaTiv Oti ov ^tjtco

TO OeXrjixa to e^iov aXXa to deXij/xa \

tov ireji'^avTO'^ pie*

^^Eaz^ eyco puapTvpco irepi efiavTov rj fxapTvpia fiov ovk eaTiv

aXr}6rj<^' ^-aXXo<; eaTiv o fiapTvpcov irepi epLOv Kai oiBa oti
aXrjOTjf; eaTiv rj fxapTvpia 7]v fiapTvpei irepi efiov ^^Tfxeif;

aireaTaXKaTai irpo^ icoavvrjv Kai /jue/iapTvprjKev tt; aXijOeia'

^eyco Be ov irapa' avOpcoirov ttjv /lapTvpiav Xapb^avco aXXa
V 1 aj'e ex errore scribae 28 davixa^ere] re inter lineas scriptum


ravra Xeyco tva vfi€c<; acoOrjre' ^E/ceti/09 tjv Xu^^z^o? o

Pet 133 Kaiofxevo's Kac (f>aLVCL>v vyiei^ 8e rjOeXTjaaraL ayaWiadrjpaL \\ Trpo?
(Dpav ev TO) ^wTi avTOV ^eyco Be e^co tt]v fxaprvpiav fjLL^cov rov
Lcoavvov ra yap epya a BeBcoKev fiot irarr^p iva TeXt&)cr&) avTa*

avra ra epya a ttolco fiaprvpet irepi ejiov on irarr^p /xe

aireaTaXKev ^' Kai o irefiy^a^ pie Trarrjp avTO<; fjLefiapTvprjKev irepi

efjLov OfTe (fxovTjv avTov Trcorrore aKrjKoare' Ovre etBo<;

avTov eopaKare ^Kac rov Xoyov avrov ovk e-^ere ev vfiiv /leiovra*

OTL ov airearCKev eKeivo<; tovto) vfJLei<; ov TriareveTe' ^^pavva-

rai ra<; \
ypa(^a<^' on vfjL€i<; BoKeire ev avraL<s ^coijv aicovcov
ey^eiv Kac eKeivai eiaiv at fiaprvpovaac irepL e/iov ^Kat ov
OeXere eXOeiv 7rpo<; fie iva ^w-qv e^V^^' ^^Ao^av irapa avOpco-
ircov ov XapL^avo)' ^-aXX eyvcoKa v/j.a<; on rrjv ayairrjv rou Oeov
OVK eyerai ev eavroL^ ^'£70) eXrjXvOa ev tcj ovopxtn rov
Trarpof; fiov Kai ov Xafi^avere fie eav aXXo<; eXOrj ev no ovofian
rco lSlco eKeivov Xijfiyjreade ^ttw? BvvaaOe vfiei^; TnareveLV Bo^av
Pet 134 irapa aXXrfkwv Xafi0avovTe<; Kai rrjv Bo^av rrjv irapa \\ rov
fiovoyevov<; Oeov ov ^rjTecTe' ^^fir) BoKcre on eyco KaTTjyopijaa)
Vficov 7r/309 rov irarepa eanv Karrjyopcov vficov ficova-q^; et? ov
vfiei^ TjX'TTLKare' ^eu yap eTrcaTevere ficovaet, eiriarevere av efior
irepL yap efiov eKivo^ eypayfrev ^'ei Be T0i<; eKeivov ypafifjuaaiv
ov TTLarevere ttw? tol<; efiot^ prjfLacn iricrrevaeTe'
VI. Mera ravra airriXOev o n]aov<; irepav rr)<i daXacrarjf;

rrj<; n/3epLaBo(; -rjKoXovOet Be avrcj o')(Xo<; ttoXu? on eOewpovv

avrov ra aijfieia a eiroiei eiri rcov aaOevovvWutv ^avrjXOev Ae
6i9 TO opo<i iTjaovi Kar eKei eKaOrjro fiera rcov fjLadrjrcov avrov
^Hv Be e77t'9 ro rracyya t] eoprrj rcov lovBaiwv 'E7ra/)a9 ow
rov^ o(^6a\fiov<^ o Lijaov^ Kai deaaafievo^; on iroXv^ o^^®** ^PX^"^^
irpo^ avrov Xeyei nrpof; (^lXlttttov iroOev ayopaawfiev aprov<; ua
(f)ay(oaLv ovror ^rovro Be eXeyev ireipa^cov avrov avro^; yap rjBei

n efieXXev iroieiv' ' AireKpiOT] avrco o ^^X^tttto? BiaKoaicov

Pet 135 BrjvapKov aproi ovk apKovaiv avroL<^ tva e\\Kaaro<; fipa^v ri

XajSr]' ^AeyeL avrco et<i eK rcov fiaO'qrcov avrov avBpea<;

aBeX(f)o<s aifi(ovo<; irerpov ^eanv TTaiBaptov coBe €^eL irevre
aprov^ KpiOivov^; Kai Bvo oyjrapia' aXXa ravra n eanv ei<;

roaovrov<i ^"^iirev Be o njaov<; iroir^a-araL rov^ av6p(07rov<;

avaireaeiv rjv Be ')(^opro<; ttoXv; ev rco roirco' aveireaav ovv rov
apiOfiov avBpe^ &)? iTevraKia')(^iXLoi' "EXa/9ei/ Be rov<; aprov<i

irj<Tov<; Kac ev')(^api<TT'r)aa's eBoo/cev tol<; avaK€c/jL€voc<; oyLtotco? Kat

K Tcov I
oyjrapLcov oaov rjdeXov '^II? Se eveir\r)a6r]aav Xeyec
oi<; fjLaOr)TaL<; avrov avvayayare ra jrepcaaevcravTa tcov K\aa-
arcov Lva fir] re aTToXrjTar '^^ avvrjyayov ovv fcac eye/jLcaav BcoSeKa
ovL^ovs /cXacTfiarcov 6k tcov irevre aprcov tcov Kpcdcvcov a
irepteaevaev toc<; /Se^pcoKoacv ^^Oc ovv avOpcowoc lSovt€(; o
TTOLrjaev cnjfjLcov o cyaov^ eXeyov otl ovto^ eaTcv aXrjOw^ o
^po(f)rjTr]<;' o ep^o/jLevo^; et? tov koo-/jLOV' ^^l7]aov<; ovv yvov<;
TL fieXXovatv ep^^eadac Kac \\
apira^tv avTov cva Trocija-ovaiv 'Pet 1Z6
\avTOv ^accXea ave^^coprjae TraXiv ea to opo^ avTo<; jjlovo'^'

^^n? he oyfrca eyeveTO KaTejBr^crav oc jJLaOrjTai avTOV eirc ttjv

OaXaaaav ^^Kac avajSavTe^; et? to irXotov rjp'^^^ovTO irepav Trj<;

6aXaaa7]<; et? Kacpapvaovfi Kat aKOTca rjBrj eyeyover Kau ovttco

7r/309 avTov<; eXrjXvOet o L7]aov<; ^^rj Se OaXaaaa ave/jLOv pbeyaXov

7rv60VT0<; BcTjyeipeTO' ^^KXrjXaKOTe^; ovv 6)9 (TTahtov^ etKoau
irevTe r] TptaKovTa Oeojpovacv tov crjaovv irepLTraTovvTa ein Tr]<;

OaXaaarj'^ nai eylYf? tov itXolov yivofxevov Kac ecpo^rjOrjaav

^°0 Se Xeyec avTOt<; eyco eifxi, /jLtj (j^o/ScLaOe' '^^rjdeXov ovv Xa/Secv
avTov et? TO ttXocov Kat evdeax; eyeveTo to ttXolov eirc Trj<; yr}^

6^9 r)v virrjyov' ^^T?; eiravpuov o o-^Xo^; o ecrT7jKco<; irepav Tr)<;

OaXaaarjf; ihov otc TrXocaptov aXXo ovk tjv €K€L ec /jltj ev Kac otl
ov (Tvveca-rjXOev TOi<; pbaBr^Tai^; avTov o irjaov^; et9 to ttXolov
aXXa fiovoL ol fiaOrjTac avTOV aireXOov ^^Kai aXXa Be rjXOov
irXoiapca' €K T779 TijSepcaSo^; 6771^9 tov ||
tottov ottov ecjyayov tov Pet 137
apTov €V')(^apc<TT7](TavT0<; tov Kvpiov ^^oTe ovv cBev 0^X09 otl
L7)a-ov<; OVK eaTtv eKec ovSe ol /laOrjTaL avTOV eve/Srjaav avTOL et?
Ta TrXoLapta KaL rjX6ov et9 Ka(f)apvaov/J>' ^r)TovvTe<i tov Lrjaovv
^KaL evpovTe^ avrov irepav tt]^ 6aXaaar]<; etirov avTco' pa^pL
TTOTe coBe yeyova<; '^KireKpLOrj avTOL<; Lrjaov<; afjirjv a/jLrjv

Xeyco vfjiLv ^rjTeLTe fie ou^ otl tSere arj/ieLa aXX otl ec^ayeTe €k
TCOV apTcov KaL e'^opTaaOrjTe' '^' epya^eaOe /jlt) ttjv ^pcoaLv Tr]v

a7roXXv/jL€V7]v' \
aXXa ttjv ^pcocriv t7]v fievovaav et9 ^co7)v aLcoviov

rjv o VL0<^ TOV avOpcoTTOv v/JLLv 8cocT6L' TovTov yap TraTTjp 6acf)pa-
ytaev o 6eo^' '^^^lttov ovv 77/309 avTov tl irotcofiev Lva epya-
^(OfieOa ra epya tov Oeov -^AireKpLOrj ltjctov; KaL eLirev

vi 13 KovKpovs ex errore scribae 15 avrov 2° extra ser. litt. parvis litteris

scriptum 27 iraTrjp parvis litteris et argenteis inter lineas scriptum
86 TEXT OF CODEX X. Jll vi

avTOfs' TOVTO ecTTiv TO epyov rov 6eov iva TrcaTevrjre et? ov

aireaTeCkev €klvo<; ^I^cttov ovv avTco' tl ovv av ttolci^ arjfieLov
Lva iBcofiev Kai Trtarevawfiev ctol tl epya^rj ^^Ot Trare/se?
7]/jL(i)v e^ayov to fULvva ev ttj eprjfjLco Ka6(D<; eaTiv yeypafifie ||

Deest folium usque ad vi 39.

Pet 138 aWa avaaTrjao) avTov ev ttj ea^aTTj rjfiepa' ^Tovto yap
eaTLv to deXrifia tov TraTpo^ fiov tva Tra? o decopcov top vlov Kai ^
TnaTevcov ef9 avTOv €)(7] ^corjv aicoviov Kai avaaTijaco avrov €70)
ev tt; eaxaTV VH'^P^' ^Ryoyyv^ov ovv ol lovBaiOL irepL avTOV I

OTL eLirev ey(o eifiL o apTO<; o KaTa^a<; eK tov ovpavov ^Kai

eXeyov ov^ ovto<; eaTcv o vlo<; ccoaTjcj) ou^ rjfiei<i oiBa^ev tov
TTaTepa Kat ttjv fxrjTepa ttw? ovv ovto<; Xeyec otl e/c tov ovpavov
fcaTa/3e/3r]Ka' ^^ATreKpidr] ovv \
o LTjaov<i' Kai eiirev avTOL^'
fjLT] yoyyv^eTQi fieT aXXrjXcov ^ovBei<; BvvaTat eXdeiv 7rpo<; fie'

eav fjLT} o iraTrip o Trefiyjra^; fie eXxvo-rj avTov Kayco avaaTrjaw

avTov ev tt] ea-)(aTr] r^fiepa' ^^eaTLV yeypafifievov ev to/? 7rpo(j>rj-

TaL<; Kac eaovTai 7ravTe<; hihaKTOi Oeov Ha? o aKOvaa^; irapa

TOV 7raTpo<s fcac /ladcov ep-)(eTai 7rpo<i jxe' ^ov')(^ otl tov iraTepa
eopaKev ti<; eL fir) o cov irapa tov Oeov ovto<s ecopaKev tov TraTepa
^~A/i7jv a/irjv Xeyw v/jllv o 7ri(TTev(ov et? e/ie e^et ^cotjv aLcovLov

^E^o) eLfieL o apTo<; r?;? ^o)?;? *^ol Trarepe? vficov e\\

Deest folium usque ad vi 57.

Pet 139 creL Bl efie' ^^ovto^ eaTLv apT0<; efc tov ovpavov KaTa^a<i' ov
Ka6(D<; e(f)ayov ol iraTepe^ vficov to fiavva KaL aireOavov o Tpayywv
TovTov TOV apTOv ^7]aeL eL<; tov aiayva' ^^TavTa eLirev ev (Twaycoyr]
SiSaaKcov ev KaTrepvaov/j,' ^UoXXol ovv aKovaavTe<; e/c tcdp

fiaOrjTcov avTov enrov aKXr)po<; eaTLV o \0709 ovto<; tl<; BvvaTaL

avTov aKOveLV ''^EtSo)? he o Lrjaov; ev eavTO) otl yoyyv^ova-LV
TrepL TOVTOV OL /jLaOrjTaL avTOv eLirev avToi<; tovto v/jLa<; a KavBaXL-
t,eL' ''-eav ovv 6ecopi]TaL tov \
vlov tov avdpwirov ava/SevovTa oirov
rfv TO irpoTepov ^'^to wvevfia eaTLV to ^coottolovv H aap^' ovk
co(})eXeL ovBev Ta pij/jiaTa a ey(o XeXaXrjKa VfiLv irvevfUL

eaTLV KaL ^oyq eaTLV *^aXX' eLdLv ef vfiwv Tive^ oc ov irLaTevovaLV

vi 29 TOV dfov] deov extra seriem litterarum scriptum 45 deov extra

seriem litterarum scriptum
Jn vi-vii text of codex n. 87

IrjBec Tap ef a/3^?79 o crjcrov^; rLV€<; ecatv ol fMrj irLarevovre^ Kai

lTt9 €(TTiv o irapahwawv avrov '^^Kac eXeyev Sea tovto eiprjKa
v/jLcv on ovBeL^ Bvvare eXOecv irpo<; fie eav fir) r) BeBofievof avTco
€K Tov irarpo'^ fiov ^e/c tovtov ttoWoc tcov /jbaOrjrcov avrov
a7rr)\\\6ov et9 ra oTrcaco Kat ovk en fier avrov TrepLeTrarovv' Pet 140

^ eiirev ovv o t?;crou? roi? ScoSeKa' /jltj Kac v/jll<; Oekerat virayeuv
^ATre/cptOr) avrco (ti/jLcov irerpo'^ Kvpte tt/oo? Tcva aTTeKevaoixeOa'
p7]fxaTa ^(or]<; aiwvLov e')(ei^' ^^Kac r]fi6t<; ireinaTevKafxev Kat,

eyvcoicafjiev on av ec o ')(^pcaTO'^ o vlo<; tov Oeov tov ^wvto^

'^^AirefCpLOr) avTot^ o L'qaov'i Kai eiirev ovk eyco v/jLa<; tov<; ScoBeKa

e^eXe^afMTjv Kat e^v/jicov et? Sca^oXo^; eaTiv ''^eXeyev Be tov covBav

(tc/jlcovo<; c(TfcapccoTr)v' ovto<; yap e/jLeXXev \
TrapaScSovac avTov
6t9 cov e/c TCOV BcoSeKa'

YII. Kat TrepceTraTet /xeT avToyv o crjaov^ ev tttj yaXtXaia*

ov yap TjOeXev ev tv/ lovSaia TrepLiraTLv otl e^rjTovv avTov ol
LovoauoL airoKTLvar ^Hz/ he 6771/9 77 eopTij tcov tovhaicov rj

a-KrjvoTTijyta' ^eiirov ovv Trpo<; avTov ol aSeX(f)OL avTov /xeTa-

^TjOeL evTevOev KaL viraye ei<; Tr)v LovSacav Lva KaL ol fiaOrjTaL

(TOV Oecopr)(TovaLV ra epya aov a iroLeL<; ^ovheL^ yap tl ev icpvTTTco

TTOLeL' KaL ^TjTeL avTo<=; ev TrapprjaLa eLvaL' \\ ei TavTa woLeL^ Pet 141

(f)avepcocrov aeavTov rco kocf/hco ^ovSe yap ol aSeXcfyoL avTov

eTTLcrrevov et9 avrov ^XeyeL ovv avroL<; o Lrjaov^; KaLpo<; o €//,09

ovirco irapeaTLV o Be KaLpo<; o vfieTepo<; Travrore earLV eroLfjLO<;

"^ ov Bvvare o Kocr/jLo<^ /jllctlv vfia^' e/JLe Be [XLcreL otl eyco [xaprvpco
irepi avrov otl ra epya avrov irovrjpa ecrrLV ^v/xeL^; avaffrjre
6^9 TTjv eoprrjv eyco ovirco ava^evco et9 rrjv eoprrjv ravrrjv otl
o e//,09 KaLpo<; ovirco TreTrXrjpcoraL' ^ravra Be eLrrcov avro<^ epuLvev

ev TT) yaXLXaLa' ^^[1<; Be ave/Brjcrav \

ol aBeXcf)OL avrov et9

rrjv eoprrjV' rore KaL avro<; ave/Sr] ov (f)avaLpco<; aXX co<; ev

KpvTTTCo' ^^OL OVV LovBaLOL e^7]rovv avrov ev rrf eoprr] KaL eXeyov
TTov earLV eKLvo^' '^'KaL yoyyvcrfjLO<^ ttoXv^; 7]v irepL avrov ev roL<;

o^Xofc9* Ol fjiev eXeyov otl ayaOo^ ecrrLv aXXoL Be eXeyov ov

aXXa irXava rov oyXov ^^ovBeL<^ fievroL irappijcrLa eXaXeL irepc

avrov Bia rov (f)o^ov rcov LovBaLcov ^^HS?7 Be T7j<; eopT7j<;

/jLe(Tovar]<; ave^rj o Lrjcrov<; et9 ro Lepov KaL eBLBacrKe ^^KaL eOav-

LovBaLOL Xeyovre^; 7rct)9 ovro^ ypajjupbara OLBev jjur] Pet 142

lJLefia67]Kco<;' '^^A.ireKpLOr) ovv Lrjaov^ KaL eLirev avTOL<^ rj efir]
88 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn vii

TO 6e\7]/jLa avTov iroLeiv yvcoaere irepL rrj^i hi^a-)(7)<; irorepov ek

Tov 6eov earcv t] eyco air efiavTov XaXco' ^^O a(j) eavrov
XaXcov TTjv ho^av rrjv ihiav ^rjrc o Be ^rjrcov tt)v So^av tov
Tre/MyjravTO's avTOV ovto<; aXrjOrjf; eaTLv kuc aScKeia ev avTO) ovk
earcv ^^ov /JLo)vaT]<; SeBcoKev v/iiv \
tov vo/jlov Kau ovBeL<; ef vfiwv
TTOcei TOV vo/JLOv TL fJL€ ^r}T€LTe aiTOKTLvar ^AireKpcdr] o o)(Xo<;

KaL ecTrev Bac/JLOVLOV e;^et? rt? ae ^r)T€L airoKTeLvar ^^Attc-

KpiOr] o L7](Tov^ KaL eiirev avTOL<; ev epyov eiroLTjaa Kai Trai^re?
Oav/ia^ere' "Bca tovto /jL(ovaT]<; BeBcoKev vfjuv ttjv TrepLTo/nju ov^
oTi eK TOV /xoxjeo)? eaTtv aXX' eK tcov iraTepwv Kac ev aa^^aTO)
TrepCTe/jLVETe avdpcoTrov -^eo TrepcTo/jbrjv Xa/JL^avec o avdpcoTro^; ev
Pet 143 aa/S/SaTco Lva fir] XvOt) o vo ^oXaTe otc oXov
/jlo<; /jL(ovaeo)<; e/jLoc

avOpcoTTov vyirj ewoLrjaa ev aajS/SaTO)' '^firj KptveTe KaT oyjrcv

aXXa TTjv BcKacav Kpcatv KptveTe ^'^^Xeyov ovv TLve<; eK twv
cepoaoXvfjLCTcov' of^ ovto<; eaTtv ov ^rjTOvatv airoKTUvat ^Kat
7)Br] TrappTjata XaXet Kat ovBev avTO) Xeyovatv firjiroTe aX7]6co<i
eyvwaav ot ap')(^ovTe<; rj/icov OTt ovto<; eaTtv o ^ptaT0<;' '-^aXXa
TOVTOV otBafiev iroOev eaTtv o Be ')(^ptaTO<; OTav ep')(eTe ovBet<;

ytvcoaKet iroOev eaTtv \

'^^^Kpa^ev ovv o trjaov^ ev T(o lepco
BtBaaKcov Kat Xeycov Kafie otBaTe Kat otBaTe iroOev etfiet Kat
air efiavTOv ovk eXrjXvda' aXX' eaTtv aXrjOtvo^ o ire/i'^a'; fie ov
vfit<; OVK OtBaTe' -'€70) Be otBa avTOv OTt Trap avrov etfiet KaKetvo<;

fjte aireaTtXev '^^K^tjtovv ovv avTov irtaaat Kat ovBet^ eire-

^aXev eTT avTov Ta<; ')(^etpa<;' OTt ovttco eXrjXvdt rj (opa avTOV
^^Fjk tov o')(Xov ov TToXXot eirtaTevaav et<i avTov Kat eXeyov o
Pet 144 '^ptaTo<s OTav eXOrj firjTt TrXetova aTjfxeta irotrfaet \
(Ov ovto*;

eirotrjaev ^-rjKovaav ovv ot <j>aptaatot tov o')(Xov yoyyv^ovTO<; rrept

avTov TavTa Kat aireaTtXav ot ap^tepet<; Kat ot (f)aptaatot
v7rr]peTa<; tva irtaawatv avTov ^'EtTrei' ovv o trfaov^ eTt

fitKpov ')(^poi'ov fied vfjLcov etfiet Kat virayo) irpo^ tov Trefi'^fravTa

fie '-^ZTjTTjaeTe fie' Kat ov^ evprjaeTe fie' Kat ottov etfiet eyco

vfif; ov BvvaaOe eXdetv ^'Ktirov ovv ot tovBatot Trpo<; eavTov<;

irov ovTo^ fieXXet iropeveaOat' oTt rjfiet^; ov^ evprjaofiev avTov
fit] et9 TT)v Btaairopav tq)v \
eXXrjvcov fieXXet iropeveaOe Kat
BtBaaKtv Tov<i eXXT]va<; "^Ti? eaTtv o X0709 ovTo<i ov etirev
^TjTTjaeTe fie Kat ou;^ evprjaeTe' Kat oirov etfiet eyw vfit<; ov

vii 22 fjLuxreus] p. m. videtur /iwi» voluisse, littera <t in rasura litterae

V scripta
Jn vii-viii text of codex n. 89

BvvaaOe eXOetv ^'^Ey Se ttj ea'X^arr] rj/xepa t?; fieyaXi] rrjf;

eopTr]<; eio-rijKeL o irjaov^ Kai eKpa^ev Xeycov eav Ti<; hi'^a

epx^o-Oco TTjOO? /jue Kai iriveTco' ^^o TrcaTevcov €t9 e/xe KaOco^ eiirev
7] ypacfyr) iroTafioi eic tt;? KOikia^ avrov pevacoaiv vSaro^; ^o)vto<;
^^TovTO Se etirev irepi rov TTvevixaTo^ ov e/jieWov Xafi^avecv
01 II
TTtaTevovre^; et? avrov ovttco yap rjv irvevjia ayiov on irjaov; Pet 145
ovBeTTco eSo^acrOrj' ^^ttoWoc ovv eK rov o^Xov aKovo'avT€<; rcov
Xoycov TOVTCdv eXeyov ovto<; eartv aX7]0(o<; o 7rpo(j)r]T7]<; ^^AXXoc
eXeyov ovto<; eariv o ')(^pcaTO<; ol Be eXeyov jxtj yap e/c tt;? yaXi-
Xaia<^ o ')(^pL(7T0<^ ep'X^ere' ^^ovk tj ypa^rj eiirev on e/c rov airep-
IJbaro^ Sa/ScS Kao airo PrjOXeejJb Tr]<; KcofiT]^; oirov rjv Ba^cB o
^(^piaTO^ ep')(ere '^^S'X^icr fxa ovv eyevero ev t(o o^^Xco Be avrov
'^Tlv€<; Be rjOeXov ef avrcov irtaa-e avrov aXX' ovBet^; eire^alXev eir

avrov ra<; ')(eipa(;' '^^XOov ovv oc VTrrjperac 7rpo9 rov<; ap^tepec^;

Kai (papLcracov; Kai eiirov avroc<; eKivoi Buan ovfc rjyrjyere avrov
^ArreKpcOrjaav oc VTrrjperar ovBeirore eXaXrjaev ovr(o<; av6p(07ro<i

ft)? ovro<; o av6pco7ro<;' ^^aTre/cpiOrjaav ovv avroi^ ol (jyaptaacoi,

fiT) Kai VfjL€i<; TrerrXavrjade ^^/jlt) rt? €K rcov ap'^ovrcov t] eK rcov

(f)api(Taia)v eincrrevaav et9 avrov ^^aXX' o 0^X09 ovro<; o /jltj

yeivcoo-Kcov rov vo/xov eiriKaraparoi eicnv ^^Aeyei viKoB7]/jLO(;

7r/309 avrov<; o eXOcov irpo^ av\\Tov vvKro^' et9 div e^ avrcov '^^/xt; Pet 146
vofjio^ rj/jbcov Kpivei rov avOpcoirov eav fxr} aKovcrr) irpcorov rrap
avrov Kai yvco n iroici' ^'^ KireKpiOr^aav Kai eirrav avrco firj

Kai av eK rr}<; yaXiXaia^ ei epevvrjaov Kai iBe on eK rr](; yaXi-

Xaia<; Trpocfirjrr)^ ovk eyipere'
VIII. ^^UaXiv ovv avroi<; irjcrov^ eXaXrjaev avroi^ Xe-
yoav eyd) eifxei ro ^0)9 rov Koafiov aKoXovdcov e/xoi ov
/JL7J TrepiTrarrjar] ev rrj aKona' aXX e^ei ro ^0)9 T7)<; fft)7;9'

^^KiTTov ovv avrco oi (j)apiaaiOi av irepi aeavrov fjLaprvpi<;' \

7} /laprvpia aov ovk eanv aX7]d7]<;' '^^KireKpidrj o irjaov<^

Kai eiirev avroi<; Kav eyco fxaprvpco irepi efxavrov aX7]6r]<^

eanv rj /juaprvpia /xov on oiBa iroOev rjXdov Kai irov virayco

VfJLi^ Be OVK oiBare irodev ep')(^o[jbe rj irov virayw ^^vfjii<; Kara
rr)v crapKa Kpivere' eyo) ov Kpn'co ovBeva ^^eav Be Kpivco eyco
r} Kpiai<^ rj efir} aXr)Or]<; eanv on /jlovo^; ovk eifiei' aXX' eyco

vii 39 ayiov] parvis litteris et argenteis extra seriem litterarum scriptum

46 vTTTjpeTai] 7} ex € factum est 50 -tovs o ekdwv irpos av- parvis litteris
ad finem paginae scriptum viii 12 avrois 1° erasum
90 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn viii

KaL o 7r€/ji'\jra<; fie irarrjp ^"^Kat ev rco vo/jlo) Be t(d vfieTepco

yeypaTTTat ore Buo avOpcoTrcov rj fiaprvpLa aXrjdrj^ eanv ^^eyco

Vet 147 €i/jL€L II

ixapTvpwv irepi efiavrov KaL fiaprvpec irepi e/xov o

Tre/jL-yjraf; fjue TTarrjp ^^eXeyov ovv avTco irov earcv o TraTjjp aov
XireKpiOrj o LTjaov; ovre efie ocBarat ovre rov jrarepa fiov ec

€/JL€ TjBcre' KaL rov irarepa /jlov av TjBtre -^Tavra ra prj/jLara

eXrjXrjcrev o Lr]aov<; ev tw <ya^o(f)vXaKeL(o BLBaaKODV ev rco Lepco

KaL ovBet<; eirLaaev avrov on ovttco eXijXvdeL rj copa avTOV
-^KLirev ovv iraXLV avTOL<; o Lrfaov^ eyco virayco KaL ^rjrrjaeTe
fie KaL ovK evprjaere fie KaL ev rrj afiaprLa vficov airodaveLaOe'
Ottov eyco vTrayco vfieL<; ou Bvvacr\Oe eXOeLV -eXeyov ovv ol

LovBaLOL TT^o? eavTov^i' fiTjTL airoKTeveL eavrov otl XeyeL oirov

eyco virayci) vfiL^ ov BvvaaOe eXOeLV ~'KaL eXeyev avTOL<; a
Lr]aov<; vfiL^; eK rcov Karco ecrre' eyco eK rcov avco eLfieL vfiL^ eK

Tov Koafiov TOVTOv ecTTe eyco ovk eLfieL e/c rov KOCTfiov tovtov
^eLTTOv ovv vfiLv OTL aiToOaveLaOe ev raL^ afiapTLaL^ vficov eav
yap fi7] TTLaTevarjre ore eyco eLpeL airoOavLaOe ev raL's afiapTLai^s

Pet 148 Vficov -^eXeyov ovv avrco av rt? eL' KaL eLirev avT0L<; \\

ir)aov<; rrjv ap'^rfv otl Kai XaXco vfiLV -*'7roXXa e')(co irepL vficov

XaXLV KaL KpLVLv aXX o irefiy^a^ fie aXr)6rj<^ eaTLV Kayco a

rjKovaa Trap avTOV Tavra XaXco et? rov KOdfiov -~'ovk eyvcoaav
OTL TOV irarepa eXeyev avTOL^' ^KLirev ovv avroL^ o L7}aov<;

OTav vyjrcoarjTe tov vlov tov avd pcoTrov Tore yvcoaecrOe otl eyco
eLfieL KaL air efiavTOv ttolco ovBev. aXXa Ka6co<s eBLBa^ev fie o

TraTTjp TavTa XaXco' ^KaL o irefiyfra^ fi€ fieT efiov eaTLv ovfc

acprjKev fie fiovov o Traryp otl eyco Ta apeara avTco ttolco Trav-

TOTe ''^TavTa avTov \

XaXovvTo<; ttoXXol eiTLarevaav et? avTov
'^^]LXeyev ovv o Lrjaov; Trpo<; rov^; 7re7rLcrTevK0Ta<; avTco LovBaLov;'
eav vfiL<; fiivrjTe ev tco Xoyco tco efico aX7]6co<; fiadrjTaL fiov eare
'^^KaL yvcoaeaOe ttjv aXrfOLav KaL r) aXyOeLa eXevOepcoaeL vfia<s

'"^^aTreKpLdrjaav avTco ol LOvBaioL airepfia a^paafi ecrfiev KaL

ovBeveL BeBovXevKafiev TrcorroTe Kai ttco? ov XeyeL<; otl eXevOepoc

yevrfaeadaL' '•^A.ireKpLO'q avT0L<=; o l7jctov<; afitjv afirfv Xeyco

Pet 149 VfiLV otl Tra? o ttolcov ttjv afiapiLav 3of||A-09 ecTTLv T7)<i afiapTLa<i
Be BovXo<; ov fieveL ev rrj oLKeLa et9 rov aLcova* o vlo<; fievei

6t9 TOV aLcova ^'eai> ovv o* uto? f/xa? eXevdepcocrrj ovtco<; eXevOepoL

viii 20 ortj extra seriem litterarum iufra scriptum

Jn viii TEXT OF codex n. 91

eaeaOar ^'^ooBa on aTrep/jua afipaafi eare' aWa ^rjTcre fie

airoKTivar ore o X0709 o e/xo9 ov %«p6f. ev vjjllv ^^eyco a

ewpaKa irapa ray irarpi /jlov \a\co' /cat v/jll^; ovv a ewpa/care
irapa tco Trarpt v/icov iroteiTe ^^ATreKpcdrjaav Kac etirav
avTco o Trarrjp tj/jLcov a^paa/j, eanv Ke<yeL avroi^ o irj-

(Tov<; €C T€Kva Tov ajBpaajX' rjre ra epya rov a\^paa/jL eiroceLre

av ^^vvv he ^Tjrcre jxe airoKTivai avOpcoTrov 09 ttjv aXrjdecav
vuLV XeXakrjKa r}v rjKovaa irapa tov Oeov tovto a^paafi' ovk
eiroirjaev ^^vjii^ iroLeire ra epya tov iraTpo'^ vjjlwv ^lttov
ovv avTco 7)/jLL(; eK 7ropvta<; ov fyeyevrjfjieda eva iraTepa e')(oixev

TOV Oeov '^^FiiTrev avToc<; o crjcrov<; ei o Oeo<; iraTrjp v/jlo)V

T]v 7}y airaTe av efie eyco yap etc tov Oeov e^rjXOov Kac tjkco' ovBe
yap air e/xavTov eXrjXvOa aWa eKcvo<; fxe airedTiXev "^BcaTt
T7}v XaXcav ttjv efi7]v ov ycvcoaKeTe otc ov BvvaaOe a/covecv \\ tov Pet 150
Xoyov TOV e/jLov ^VfJbi^; e/c tov iraTpo<^ tov Sia^oXov eaTe Kai Ta<i

e7rL0v/jieta<; tov iraTpo'^ v/jlcov 6eXeTe iroLeov eKLVO^ av6pa)7roKTOvo<;

rjv air ap')(^rj(; Kac ev ttj aXrjOeta ovk eaTrjKev otc ovk eaTLV
aXrjdeia ev avTco OTav XaXec to i/reuSo9 eK tcov cSeccov XaXet
OTU -yfrevo-TTjf; eaTuv Kau o iraTr^p avTov ^^eyco Be otc ttjv aXrjOetav

\e7ft) ov TTCCTTeveTe fxe' ^tl^ e^ vficov eXey^^ei, fie irept afiapTia^'

et aXrjOetav Xeyco StaTt v/jic<; ov incrTeveTe /jbor ^^O cov eK tov

Oeov Ta prjixaTa tov Oeov aKover Soa \
tovto vpa^; ovk aKoveTe
OTC eK TOV Oeov ovk eaTe* ^^ATreKpcOrjaav ol lovBatoL Kai
eiiTov avTco' ov KaX(o<^ Xeyofiev tj/ulc^ otl o-a/jLaptT7](; eo crv Kac
BacfJLOvcov e')(^ec<i' ^'^ KireKpcOrj o crjaov^ eyco Bac/jLovcov ovk e^o)
aXXa TCfio) tov iraTepa /Jbov Kac v/jlc<; aTCfia^eTe fie ^^eyco Be ov
^TjTco TTjv Bo^av fiov eaTcv ^tjtcov Kac Kpcvcov ^^Afir)v a/iyv

Xeyco vficv eav tc<; tov Xoyov tov efiov Trjprjaec OavaTov ov firj

Oecoprjcrrj 669 tov accova' ^^Fjcttov ovv avTco oc covBacoc vvv

eyvcoKafiev \\ otc Bacfiovcov e^ec;' ajSpaafjC' aireOavev Kac oc Pet 151

TTpo^TjTac Kac av Xeyec<; eav tc^ tov Xoyov fiov TijpTjar] ov firj

yevarjTac OavaTov ec<; tov accova' °^fir] crv fic^cov ei tov 7raTpo<;
r]ficov a/Spaafi' octtc^ aireOavev Kac oc TrpocjyrjTac aireOavov Tcva
aeavTov 7rocec<;' ^^AireKpcOrj crjaov^ eav eyco Bo^a^co efxavTOv

viii 41 TOV deov extra seriem litterarum scriptum: tou ad finem lineae,
\0€ov ad initium sequentis 42 eyio yap] s. m. habet in rasura eycj
/ap 5ia TTJV oK-qdeiav. Haec verba parvis litteris extra seriem litterarum scripta,
jxceptis litteris av, quae magnae sunt et in rasura verbi yap scriptae
92 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn viii-ix

7] Bo^a /jLOv ovSev eariv earcu o irarrip /jlov o ho^a^cov /jl€' ov

vfjLi<; Xeyere ore 6eo<; tj/jlcou eaTcv ^^Kai ovfc eyvcoKare avrov €70) he
otSa avTOv /cat eav eiTrco avrov eaofxe ofioco^ vjjuov
ore ovk ocBa \

'^jrevaTT]';' aWa oiBa avTov Kai rov Xoyov avrov rr^pw ^ajSpaafi
o rrarrjp vfxcov rjyaXXcacraro Lva ihrj rrjv rjfiepav rr]v €/jl7]v Kai
cBev Kai e')(^apr)' ^'^litov ovv 01 iovhatot irpo^ avrov irevrr]-

Kovra errf ovttco e^et?* /cai afipaa/i €(0paKa<; ^'^Kiirev ovv

avroc^i o irjaov^ afjurjv a/jbrjv Xeyco vfiLV rrpiv a^paaji yevecrde
eyo) ec/jLer ^^rjpav ovv Xcdov^; iva ^aXovaiv eir avrov njaov^; 8e
e/cpv^rj Kai e^rjXOev e/c rov uepov Kac SieXdcov Sia fxeaov avrcov
Pet 152 eiropevWero Kat Traprjyev ovrco<;'
IX. Kac irapaycov cBev avOpojirov rv(f)Xov €k yevrjrrjf; -Kat
ijpcorrjcrav avrov ot fiadrjrai avrov Xeyovre*; pa^^c ri<; rj/iaprev
ovro<; 7] ot yovet<; avrov tva rv(pXo<; yevvrjOr]' ^A7r6Kpc6r)
LT](TOV<i ovre ovro<; ij/xaprev ovre ot yov€L<; avrov aXX' tva (pave-
pcoOr] ra epya rov Oeov ev avrco' ^e/ie Sec epya^ecrOe ra epya
rov irefji'^avro^ fie eco? rj/iepa eariv ep')(eraL vv^' ore ovBet^
Bvvarac epya^eadac ^orav co ev rco Koa/jLco 00)9 ec/jLet rov Koafiov'
^ravra \
etircDv ewrvae xa/xe* Kai eTrocrjo-ev irrjXov eK rov tttv-
afxaro^ Kai e7re)(^pLaev avrov rov tttjXov em rov<; o(f>6aXfiov<i

avrov ~Kat enrev avro) viraye vtyjrai, et9 rrjv KoXv/x^jjdpav rov
atXcoafi' o epfxr^veverai a7re<rraXfievo<;' airrjXdev ovv Kat evcyjraro
Kac 7]X6ev ^Xeirwv ^ol ovv yirove^; Kai ot 6i6eo)povvre<; avrov
ro rrporepov on 7rpoaerTj<; rjv eXeyov of^* ovro<; eariv Kadrj-
/jLevo<; Kac irpoaatrmv ^aXXoc eXeyov on ovro<; eanv aXXoi on
Pet 153 ofjLoco^i avrov \\ ea-nv eKeivo<; 3e eXeyev on eyco eifMC EXeyov ^^

ovv avrco ttco? ovv 7]ve(i)-)(0rj(Tav aov oc o(p6aX/ior ^^aTreKpiOrj

eKtvo<; Kac eiirev avOpwiro^; Xeyo/jLevo<; tr]o-ov<; ttijXov eirocrjaev Kat.

e7re)(^pLaev fiov rov<; ocpOaXfxov^; Kac eiirev /jlol viraye et? rrjv
KoXv/jL^T]6pav rov acXcoav Kac vcyjrac aireXdoiv ovv Kac vcyjra-
fjLevo<; ave^eyjra' ^"ecirov ovv avrco rrov earcv eKCvos' Xeyec avroi<;
OVK ocBa' ^^Ayovacv ovv avrov 7rpo<; rov<i ^apcaeov^ rov rrore
rvcpXov ^^rjv Be aa^^arov \
ore rov tttjXov eirocrjaev cTjaov^; Kac
aveco^ev avrov rov<; 0(f)daX/jL0v<;' ^'^UaXcv Be rfpcorrjaav avrov
Kac oc (papcaacoc 7r&)9 ave^Xe'^ev o Be ecrrev avroc^ tttjXov
errocrjcrev Kac eTreOrjKev fioc ewe rov<i o(p6aX/iov(i Kac evcyjra/jcrjv

Kac ^XeTTco' ^''eXeyov ovv eK rcov (jyapccraicov rcve<; ovk eanv ovro<s

irapa Oeov o avOpcoiro'^ ore ro aa^/Sarov ov rijper aXXoc eXeyov

Jn ix-xiv TEXT OF codex n. 93

TTft)? BvvaraL av6pa)7ro<; afiaprayXo'^ roiavra arj/jieia iroieiv Kat

(T')(^L(7fia Tjv €V avTOL^ '^'^ AejovaLv ovv Tco Tf(^Xft) TToXiv av
TL Xeyei^ \\ irepL avrov on aveco^ev aov tov<; ocpOakfiov^; o Be Pet 154
eiTrev on 7rpo(j)r]Tr)<; eorrtv ^^ovk eiriarevaav ovv ol tovSacoL irepi
avTOV OTi 7]v TV(f)\o<; Kai avej3\e>^ev' ea)<; otov ecftcovi^crav tov<;

<yov6t<; avTov rov ava^\6yjravT0<i ^^Kat rjpcorrjaav avTov<} Xeyovref;

ovTO<^ ecTTLV VLO^ v/Jbcov ov vfjbi^ \ey€T6 oTi TV(f)\o<; ejevvrjOr) ttox;

ovv apTL pXeiTL ^^ATre/cpLOTjcrav Be avToi<; ol <yoveL<; avrov

Kat ecTTOv otBafiev ore ovto<; earcv o vlo<; tj/jlodv kul otl tu^Xo?
eyevvrjOr) '^^7ro)<; Be vvv ^Xeiret ovk oiBafjiev \
rj rt? Tjveco^ev avrov
T0U9 0(f)6aX/jL0V(; rjjxi^ ovk oiBafiev avro<; rjXcKeiav e%et avrov
epcorrjaarar avro<; irepi eavrov XaXrjo-ei' '^'^ravra enrov oi yovet';
avrov on, ecpo^ovvro rov^ yap avvereOivro olcovBaoov^;' r^Brj

lovBatoL' iva eav n^ avrov ')(^pLarov o/jLoXoyrjo-r) airoavvaywyo^

yevrjrar ^^Bca rovro ol yoveL<; avrov eLirov on rjXLfceLav eyev
avrov epcorrjaarac ^^^(l)(ov'r]aav ovv eK Bevrepov rov avdpco-
TTOV 09 r)v rv(j)Xo<; KaL eLirav avrco' Bo<; Bo^av rco \\ 6ew r]fjiL<; Pet 155

OLBafiev on o avOp(07ro<; ovro<; a/jLaprcoXo<; earLV '^^ AjreKpLdrj

ovv eicLVO^ KaL eLirev eL a/jiaprcoXo<; earLV ovk OLBa' ev OLBa orL
rv(^Xo^ cov aprL fiXeiroi' '^^YjLttov ovv avrco rraXLV rL eiroLTjae
aoL TTO)? rjveco^ev aov rov<; o^OaXfiovs ^^ aireKpLOrj avroL<; eLirov
v/JLLV rjBrj KaL ovk rjKOvaare' rL ttoXlv deXere aKOveLV /jltj Kac
vfJLL^ OeXeraL avrov pbadrjraL yeveadaL' '^^ol Be eXoLBoprjaav avrov
KaL eLirov av fia07]r7]<; eL eKLVov rjfjiL(; Be rov /xcoaeco^; eapuev
/jLadrjraL '^^rjfXL^ \
OLBa/xev orL fxcoaeL XeXaXrjKev o deo<; rovrov
Be OVK OLBafjuev rroOev earLV ^'^
ATreKpLdrj o avOpcoTro^ Kac
eLirev avroL^;' ev rovrco yap ro Oavfiaarov earLv orL v/xl^ ovk
OLBare rroOev earLV KaL 7]V€co^ev /xov rov<; o(j)OaX/jiov<;' ^^oLBa-

fiev Be orL ajxaprayXcov ovk aKoveL o 6eo<; aXX eav rL<; Oeoae/37]<;

r) KaL ro BeXrjfia avrov ttolt] rovrov aKOveL' ^^eK rov aia)vo<; ovk
7]Kova6r) orL rjveco^ev rt? o(f)daXfjiov<; rv(f)Xov yeyevrj/xevov ec
fiT] rjv ovro<^ rrapa Oeov o avOpcoiro^ ovk 7]Bvvaro ||

Desunt folia viginti duo usque ad xiv 2.

fiovaL TToXXaL eLaLV eL Be purj eLirov av v/jLLv rropevofxe eroLfiaae Lond 3

roTTOv vfiLV ^KaL eav iropevdco KaL eroL/jiaaco rorrov v/jllv iraXLv
ep')(opbe KaL TrapaXi^/iylro/jie vfjia<; 7rpo<; e/xavrov Lva oirov eLp,L

ey(t) KaL v/jll^; r^re ^KaL oirov eyco virayco OLBare KaL rrjv oBov

94 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn xiv-xvi
oi8aT€' ^Aeyei avrco 6a)fjLa<; KVpie ovk ocBafiev irov V7rayi<;
Kac 7ra>9 BwofieOa ttjv oSov eiBevar ^Ae7€t avrco o LT)aov<;

eyw 6L/JL6L 7] 0S09 KQL 7] a\r]6ta Kai 7} ^cot] ovSl<; ep-^^^erai irpo^

rov irarepa ei /jlt] Be e/iov "et eyvcoKetre \

fie Kau rov irarepa
fjLov eyv(OK€LT€ av Kai airapn ytvcjaKerai, avrov Kai eopaKare
avTov ^Kayei avrco (^tXtTTTro? Kvpie Bl^ov ijfiiv rov irarepa
Kai apKeu tj/ilv ^ATreKpidr] avro) o irjaov^; rocrovrov ypovov
fjLed vfjLcov €ifi€L Kai OVK €yva)Ka<; fie (ptXcTnre' o ecopaKCd^ e/xe

ecDpaKev rov irarepa Kai 7ra)<; aoc Xeyec^ Sc^ov rjfiiv rov irarepa
^^ov inarevei^i on eyca ev ray irarpt Kai o irarr]p ev e/jLoi earcv
ra prjfjLara a eyco Xe^o) vfiLV a<i> efiavrov ov XaXo) o Be irarrip
ev efioL [levoov avro<; ||

Desunt folia quattuor usque ad xv 15.

Lond 4 \o? OVK oiBev rt irotet o Kvpco^; avrov v/Jba<; Be etpijKa <f)L\ov<;

ore iravra a ijKovaa irapa rov irarpo^; /jlov eyvaypiaa v/ilv

^^Ov')(^ vfiei^ fxe e^eXe^aaOai aXX eyco e^eXe^a/iTjv vfia^ Kai
edrjKa vfia^ cva f/xt? vTrayijrac Kac Kapirov (^eprjrai Kai o
Kap7ro<; v/jlo)v /juever \va on av airTjaTjrac rov irarepa ev

roa ovo/iarc fiov Ba)T] vjjllv ^'TauTa evreXXofiac v/jllv iva

ayairare aXXr)Xov<i' ^^ec o Koa^io^ fnaeo v/jLa<; ytvcoaKerac on
efie irpcorov v/io)v e/jLccnjaev ^^ei eK rov Koafiov rjre \
o Koa/io^
av ro cBlov e<f>LXer on Be eK rov Koa/iov ovk earai aXX eyca

e^eXe^a/jLTjv v/jLa<; eK rov Koa/iov Bca rovro ficaei vfia<; o KoafJLO<;

Xoyov ov eyed ecirov v/jllv ovk eanv BovXo<;

^^MvTj/jiovevere rov

fiL^oov rov Kvptov avrov Et e/j,e eBtco^av Kau v/ia^ Blcd^ov-

CTLV ei rov Xoyov /jlov err/prjaav Kac rov vfierepov rrjprjcrovaiv'
^^AXXa ravra iravra iroLijaovacv v/jllv Bca ro ovo/ia /lov orL
OVK OiBacTLV rov ire/jLyfravra fie' -et firj HXOov Kai
eXaXrjaa avroL<; a/iapriav ovk ei^oaav vvv Be ||

Desunt folia duo usque ad xvi 15.

I'et loG A<a rovro eLirov v/iLv orL eK rov e/iov Xa/iffaveL KaL avayyeXeL
v/iLV ^^/iLKpov KaL ovKerL Oecjpeire fie Kac iraXiv fiLKpov kgl
o-yjrecrde /le Kai on virayco irpo<; rov irarepa ^"'Kiirov ovv €k
rwv fiaOr/rcov avrov irpo^ aXXr)Xov<; n eanv rovro o Xeyei
Tj/iiv /iLKpov Kai ov Becopire fie Kai iraXiv fiiKpov Kai o-^eaOai

XV 22 ctxofoi'] era obelis improbatum

Jn xvi-xvii text of codex n. 95

fxe Kai on vTrayo) 7rpo<; rov irarepa' ^^ekeyov ovv rovro n eariv
Xeyei to fitKpov ovk oiBafiev n XaXer ^^Fijvco ovv o L7]aov^
OTL 7}6e\ov avTOv epcorav kul eiirev avT0i<; irepi tovtov \

irpof; aWr]\ov(i ore eiirov /jLCKpov kul ov Oewpeire fxe Kat iraXiv
fXiKpov Kai oyfreaOac fie' ^'^A/jltjv a/xrjv \e7&) vfiov ore kKuv-
arjTai Kat OprjvrjcnjTaL v/JbL<; o Se Koafxo^ 'xaprjaerar Vfii^; Be
XvTTTjaeaOe aXX' t] Xvttt) vficov et? X^P^^ yevrjaerac ^^v yvvTj orav
TLKTL XvTTTjv e^6t OTL TJXOev T) (opa avTT]^ OTav Be yevTjo-rj to
iraiBiov OVK ert fivrj/novevec t7j<; 6Xf\jreco(; Bia ttjv x^pav otl

eyevvTjdrj av6pa)7ro<; et<; tov Koafiov ^'^Kao vfxt^ ovv Xvtttjv fiev
vvv e^TjTat TraXtv Be oyfrofiat u/ia? Kac x^pTjWaeTai vficov rj Pet 157

KapBia Kac ttjv x^pav vfjbwv ovBec<; epei a(f> vficov ^^Kat ev eKivr)
TT) Tjfjbepa ejie ovk epcoTrjcreTat ovBev afjLrjv afirjv X67ft) v/xcv o
eav aLT7](T7]TaL tov iraTepa jjlov ev tw ovofxaTt fiov Bcoaeo v/jllv*

^^e(o<; apTi ovk eTrjaaTat ev tco ovofiaTc /jlov ovBev aoTLTe Kao
Xrj/Jiy{rea-dat cva rj Xapa Vficov rj TreTrXn^pcofievr)' ^^TavTa ev
7rapoL/jii,aL<^ XeXaXrjKa vfitv' aXX epx^Tat (opa oTe ovk eTC ev
7rapocficaL<^ XaXijaco vfitv aXXa irapprjaoa irepu tov iraTpo'^
avayyeXo) vjjuv ^^ev eKetvr} ttj rjfiepa ev t(jo \
ovo/jbaTC fiov aiTij-

(TeaOar kul ov Xeyco v/ullv otl epayTrjao) tov iraTepa irepL v/jlcov
'^''avTO<; yap o TraTrjp <j)LXeL v/ia<; otl vfiL<; efxe irecj^LXr^KaTe Kat
ireTTLCTTevKaTe otl eyco irapa 6eov e^rfXOov '^^e^r}X6ov irapa tov
iraTpo^ KaL eXrfXvOa et9 tov Koafiov iraXLv acfyeLrj/ieL tov KoafjLOV
KaL TTopevofjie irpo^^ tov iraTepa ^^AeyovaLV ol jiaOr^TaL avTov
iBe vvv 7rapp7)(TLa XaXeL<;' KaL TrapocjuLLav ovBefiLav XeyeL<; ^^vvv
OLBa/iev OTL oLBa<; jravTa KaL ov XP^^^ e^et? Lva tl<; ae epo)Ta'
OTL airo deov e^r)XOe<i' ^^
AireKpLdri Pet 158
avTOL<; o L7]aov<; apTL iTLaTeveTaL ^'^lBov ep^^Tai (opa KaL vvv
eXrjXvOev Lva aKopirLdOriTaL eKaaTO<; 6t9 Ta LBeLa Ka/jue jxovov

a(j>7jTe KaL ovk eLfieL /jL0V0<i otl o TraTrjp yiter efjLov eaTLV ^^TavTa
XeXaXrjKa vfiLv Lva ev e/iOL eLprjvrjv exv^^f^' ^^ '^^ Koafjuco OXl'^lv

ex^Tar aXXa OapaeLTe e^o) vevLKrjKa tov Koafiov

XVII. TavTa ^XaXijaev o Lrjaov<; KaL eTrrjpev tov<;

o(f)daXfiov<; avTov ei? tov ovpavov KaL eLirev TraTrjp eXrjXvdev

rj copa Bo^aaov crov tov vlov Lva KaL o vlo<; aov Bo^acrrj ere

xvi 17 Trarepa inter lineas aureis litteris scriptum 20 Xwrjo-eade] drj

inter lineas additum. s. m. XvTryjdrjaeade voluisse videtur

96 TEXT OF CODEX N. Jn xvii

•KaOayf; \
eBo)Ka<; avrco e^ovaiav 7rao7j<; aapKO<; iva irav o B€B(OKa<i
avTO) Sa)(T€L avTOL^ ^(i)7]v aLwvLov '^avrrj he eariv rj aiayvLO^ ^cor)

Lva 'yiv(£>(TKOvaLV ae top /jlovov oXtjOlvov Oeov Kai ov aireaTiXat;

Lrjaovv 'y^ptarov ^e<y(o ae eho^aaa eiri r7]<; 7779 to epyov reXf&xra?
o Be8a)Ka<; p.oc iva TrocTjao)' kul vvv ho^aaov fie aot 7raT7)p irapa
creavTO) rrj Bo^ij rj ecx^ov irpo rov top Koa/xov ecvac irapa aor
^e(^avep(oaa to ovo/xa aov toc<; apdp(o7roL<; oi»9 eBcoKa^; fioc eK tov
Vet 159 Koa/iov (JOi r)aav Kai e/jLOt avTov<i SeSwKa^; Kai tov \oyov aov

eT7]pr]aav 'vvv e'yvcoKav otl ttuvtu oaa SeScoKa^ fioi irapa aot
etcTLv ^otl tu p7}/jLaTa a BehcoKa^ /xoi ehcoKa avT0L<; Kat avTOL
eXafiov Kai eyvwaav a\r]6co<; otl irapa aov e^rjXdv Kai eiriaTev-
aav OTL av fie aTTeaTika^ ^eyco irepc avTcov epcoTco ov Trepi tov
Koafiov epcDTOi' aWa irepc (ov eSwKaf; fioi otl aoL eiaiv ^'^KaL Ta
efia iravTa aa eaTLv KaL Ta aa efia KaL BeSo^aafie ev avTOL^'
Kat ovK eTL eLfieL ev too Koafiw Kat ovtol ev tco Koafico eLaiv Kac
€70) 7rpo9 ae ep')(Ofie iraTrfp ayLe Ttjprjaov avTov<; \
ev tco ovovo-
fiaTL aov ovs eB(OKa<; fioL Lva coaLv ev Kada)<; rjfiL<;' ^'-OTe rjfirjv fi€T

avTcov ev tco Koafxco' eyco eTrjpovv avTov^ ev tco ovofiaTL aov Kai
0U9 eBcoKa<; fioL ecj^vXa^a' KaL ovSeL<; e^ avTcov aircoXeTO et firf o
VLo<; T779 aircoXeLa^; Lva rj ypacfirj TrXrjpcodr]' ^^vvv Be 7rpo<; ae
ep'^ofiaL KaL TavTa XaXco ev tco Koafico Lva e^'^^i'V tv^ X^P^^
T7}v efirjv TreTrXrjpcofievrfv ev €avT0L<; ^^^/yco BeBcoKa avTOL^; tov
Xoyov aov KaL o Koafio<; efiLatjaev avTOv^ otl ovk eLaLv eK tov
Pet 160 Koafiov KaOco^ || eyco ovk eLfieL eK tov Koafiov ^^ovk epcoTco Lva
aprj<; avTov^ eK tov Koafiov aXX' iva Trjprfarj^ avTOV^ ck tov
TTovrjpov' ^^'eK tov Koafiov ovk eiaLV KaOco^; eyco eK tov Koafiov
OVK eLfieL ^' ayLaaov avTovi ev ttj aXrjOeia aov o X0709 o ao<;

aXijOeia eaTLV ^^KaOco^; efie aireaTLXa^i eL<; tov Koafiov Kayco

aireaTLXa avTovi eL<i tov Koafiov ^-'KaL virep avTcov eyco ayLa^co

efiavTov Lva coaLV KaL avTOt rjyiaafievoL ev aXrjOeLa ^^ov irepL

TOVTcov Be epcoTco fiovov aXXa KaL irepL tcov iTLaTevovTcov BL\a
TOV Xoyov avTcov €69 efie' "^^Lva 7ravTe<i ev coaiv Kadco<^ av TraTrjp
ev efioL Kayco ev aoL' Lva KaL avTOL ev rffiLv ev coaLV Lva a Koafio<;

TTiaTevarj otl av fie a7reaTLXa<;' '^-Kai eyco ttjv Bo^av rfv eBcoKa^

fioL eBcoKa avTOL<; Lva coaLV ev KaOco^; rjfiL^ ev eafiev ^eyco ev

avTOL^ KaL av ev efioL Lva coaiv TeTeXLCOfievoL €t9 ev KaL Lva

xvii 8 e^-qXdv sic ex errore scribae 11 ovovo/j.aTi sic ex errore scribae

Jn xvii-xviii text of codex n. 97

f^iVcoaKT] o KO(Tfio<i OTi (TV /J € a'ire(JTiXa<; Kai rj>yair7](Ta^ avrov^;

Kadw^ eyLte 7)ya7r7)aa<;' ^^Trarrjp Of? SeBco/ca^; jxol 6e\(D uva ottov
ec/JLc e7<u || fcac eKivot coacv fier efxov iva Oewpaxjiv ttjv So^av t7]v Pet 161
€/iJLr]v 7}v eSoDKa<; fiOL on 7)ya7n]aa<; fie irpo KaTa/3o\r)<; Koafiov
^7raT7)p BcKacac Kai o /coafiof; ere ov/c eyvco' ejo) Se ae efyvcov Kai
ovToi eyvcoaav on av fie aireanXaf; ^^Kat eyvco puo-a avTOi<;
TO ovofia crov Kai yvcopcaco cva rj ayairrj r}v r^yairrjaa'^ /xe ev
avTOL^ rj Kayo) ev avTOL<^'
XVIII. Tavra ecTrcov o irjaovs e^rfkOev aw rot? fiaOrjrai,';
avTOV irepav rov yetfiappov rcov KeBpwv ottov tjv kt^tto^ et? ov

eLcrrj\\6ev avTO<; /cat at jJiaOrirai avrov '~7]Set Se Kai lovha^ o

7rapahihov<^ avrov rov tottov on 7roX\aK€i<; avvTj'^Or] o irjaov^
eKei jxera rcov /jLa6r)T(i)v avrov ^O ovv iovha<^ irapaXa^cov
rrjv airipav Kai eK rcov ap'X^iepecov Kai (papiaaicov VTnjpera^;'
epxerai eKei pera \ap,7ra8cov Kai <^avwv Kai ottXcov ^irjaov; ovv